Welcome to the Botnet

<< Or, The Case Against Google Chrome

Google Chrome...
  1. Sends the name of the file you're downloading to Google for whitelist checking; stores your IP address associated with the file for a few weeks.[1]

  2. Every URL you even begin to type in the address bar is sent to Google, in whole or in fragments, for auto-completion purposes.[2][3]

  3. Connects to Google every 30 minutes to download a list of malicious URLs, so the fact that you even have Chrome open is transmitted to Google.[1]

  4. Asks you to login to your Google account, so your browsing tabs, history, etc. is stored on Google servers.[4]

  5. Connects to websites in the background before you are even finished typing them in, without your explicit instruction.[5]

  6. Contains an RLZ identifier, an encoded string sent together with all queries to Google.[6]

Summary: There is nothing, nothing, you can do in Chrome that isn't transmitted to Google through some channel.

Welcome to the botnet.

Recommended Alternatives

If you're thinking of switching to Chromium (Google's open source version of Chrome) instead, think again.
It still phones home to Google,[9] and for some time, snuck in a binary blob for voice recognition whenever you started it up.[7] This has been removed by the project maintainers,[8] but it should raise some concern over what else could be lurking in the code.

However, if you absolutely must use a Chrom* based browser, Iridium would be the best choice, as it is a FLOSS fork of Chromium stripped of as many botnet features as possible.

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