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File: 58e63a26c2d3ed2⋯.jpg (58.05 KB, 429x504, 143:168, 1542334508164.jpg)


Remember in 2008, we would be able to find general communities for various different hobbies, video games, technology, arts, sports, now all that has been swallowed up by giant corporations which breed homogeneous, unoriginal behavior due to being accessible by the unoriginal masses who obey the law of social norms.

Are there still any communities around?


the internet was killed by police states ("piracy", "cp"). it's been impossible to host anything since say 2011. you can't make a simple forum on any subject because it will be taken down by police because something one user posts. now the only way to use the internet is by giving facebook your cellphone number and an email which also requires a cellphone number and going and posting with your real name and being called a nerd if you know anything



Says some guy posting on a chan with hundreds(?) of boards that have existed for years.



I want to go back to the pre cellphone era, before iphones and dude fuck it before even slide and flip phones. There was a perfect level of technology for social interaction and we have passed it



No longer exists and you won't find them.

Everything is too centralized around Reddit these days. Anything that is moderately hobbyist has a large community over there.

The biggest problem imo, is gaming communities which are usually run by the devs (bonus points of the devs are owned by Chinese corporations (aka the Chinese government). Expect massive censorship of those games because of the Chinese influence.



The only online social interaction right now is either social media or "meme" sites.

If you mean real world interaction they still exist but if not you'd have to pick among these

>gamer community for pcfags

>social media or meme "apps" for phonefags


Either way it means you're normalfag.

Other communities are either hidden service or were never or unintended to be indexed on search engines. The problem with these is the communities are really small like back in 2008 there were plenty of decent hacker/cracker communities but right now you won't find any much (and the fastest you'd find for hack tools are now just some gay github trash repo).

Back then there were several keygen/flashgame/non-memeposting irc communities, so many OCs and GIF were everywhere until they got replaced with boring emojis.

I seriously think Japan's internet communities hasn't evolved into trash the fact that they don't like social media that much and still adopt the old layout of the internet (since they still use those x/html4 kinds of phones).


They're tring to kill anonymity. Next to it are the laws preventing you to host what is considered illegal content on their respective countries

>massive takedowns of pirate communities

>torrent sites and trackers dead or ISP blocked

>lolis banned on x country causing the a booru and its contents to disperse

And also

>content providers enforcing the demise of pirate communities though the content providers themselves lie and don't pay the right amount of royalties (kike middleman)


click here > http://iswc.pw/





Pretty much everyone agrees that all anonymity and freedom is on its last legs. I give it ten years before piracy completely dies odd, followed by hate speech. The world shall soon belong to the jews and china. They won forever and we will suffer eternally. There is nothing you can do about it.



It would be easier to help if you told what topics of interests you have.

Nice boobs btw.



only the mumble link works



>you can't make a simple forum on any subject because it will be taken down by police because something one user posts.

Indeed. It's always some infiltrating activist faggots that come to shit up every community with more than a dozen members. They never come to share their knowledge and experience, or to aid other members in their projects, or even to tell jokes. They only come to try to run the show, and spread their literal faggotry. People get tired of it, and are driven to the cliff that is fucking social media sites, where the faggotry is already in charge, and if you don't partake of it, you'll be branded a heretic.






that's entirely wrong... its so easy to host and socialize anonymously. Just move under ground and live amongst onionland. Theres some good communities out there still.

If you stick to the surface net drivel then yeah, you're gonna get the sanitized discussions and shitty communities thanks to the high population of the internet and wonderful groups like JIDF


I have little experience about internet social interaction before 2008, most of it around that time being on named bbs boards. The main draw for those communities was certainly a place of escape for people interested in those subjects, the funny usernames, the personalized signatures. It's all dead to, as OP has said, the homogenization and corperatization of internet social interaction. The web being easier to get on and do things has been for the worse, especially its effects on specific internet communities.

Mind you, there are still some smaller bbses that exist out there, same thing with irc chats and usenet groups. But it's all for nothing, most people just use that as an alternative means of chat once in a while. The telegram group or d*scord will always be used.


you were born during the wild wild west of the internet.

that's to say that you were born during the era where people with power are just starting to realize how dangerous a free web is.

it's going to get worse


Watch this:


What's this, no chink or jew is deleting this? Well, it's almost like all of you are incredibly whiny faggots! If you want a good community, make one. It's been as possible as ever before. The internet is much bigger than it's used to be. Of course popular places are overrun with idiots. Goes without saying. More interesting places like here will always also be more dead. Also goes without saying. The only thing annoying about this place here is the incessant, non-stop whining about how things "used to be", while it's in your own hands. The big problem with modern internet is that it's that big, so things are more fractured. This also can be an advantage though. Really not that hard to grasp. If you want things to be interesting, make an interesting post. Jesus.


File: 55e43ce72bdcada⋯.jpeg (115.72 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 55e43ce72bdcada414460e0ea….jpeg)


Anyone can say nigger on here, but your post would get nuked if you post sea peas (actually just anything with naked 3DPD). Remember /hebe/ used to live on this site. Things have changed.



Why not use Tor hidden services for everything? Why not make an old school style forum thats only accessible via Tor? Would probably be more interesting than clearnet centralized shit



I have no mouth and I must scream



I don't WANT it to be true.



Yes. May it be remembered as a jewel in humanity's history. A uncontrolled network where information flowed freely and through which everyone could see the very best and the very worst humanity had to offer before governments swooped in and started narrowing down the spectrum of what was possible.



>government has law against "hate speech"

>some nigger reports you for saying nigger

>they actually prosecute you for it

It's not your speech that gets deleted. It's you yourself.



8ch is literally one of the only places that don't follow the pattern of OP's complaint. and it doesn't have that many users. And most of it is just /pol/niggers posting inane shit too



9001x this



the people with power wanted to spy on their citizens by making the internet anon, you have it all wrong.


File: 0b314ca5fdf73c3⋯.png (16.29 KB, 206x312, 103:156, 7038.png)

I'd wager that few active Discord users were around for Netscape. Nobody I know who passes this Netscape test is today also attached to a significant amount of SaaS or botnet-likes (Skype, Discord, Telegram, Reddit...), with an exemption being made for public Internet services that were always compromised like search and mail. It just looks like there's a gold rush for new services because there's a lot of new users; over 10 times as many users than there were in 2001, in fact. "Old-fashioned" users are not leaving anything behind in favor of a "new fashion," they're either happy with what they have or they're just done with the Web as a social outlet. I stick to my (shrinking) communities and when they're done then so am I.



I can't watch some fucking video on youtube because:

>ERROR: This video contains content from Turner EST, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WxwLoPtpuc]

Fuck this cancer. Take corporations off the internet. Absolute free speech or fuck off. I'm pretty sure the creators of Xavier don't even care about copyright, but this is probably a block because of some song in the video or some bullshit. Absolutely no profit of any kind was ever saved from this block.



Discord is clueless millennial faggots who think it's okay for GUIs to have 10000ms of latency, for programs to show a red light to indicate it detected your're talking and is sending your speech to someone but actually is silently failing, and to require a cell phone number to use because you wrote a certain word that triggers it's anti-haxor mode. All of that on top of being webshit and the downloadable client is just an embedded web browser. If you go on any game right now for 10 minutes there will be some high school kid asking you if you have discord. Discord is absolute garbage software. The only reason anyone uses it is because their friends use it.


#proglangdesign is good




You know what I like, that youtube keeps the video up there and still violates copyright law, but because they only allow foreigners to watch, they let it slide.



>Why not use Tor hidden services for everything? Why not make an old school style forum thats only accessible via Tor? Would probably be more interesting than clearnet centralized shit

nobody will visit it, people are too dumb to install Tor Browser



>the internet was killed by police states ("piracy", "cp"). it's been impossible to host anything since say 2011. you can't make a simple forum on any subject because it will be taken down by police because something one user posts.

why not host it anonymously and in a country that won't give much fuck about it?

why not commit bombs and poison against police or government if they shut your site down?

if you are weak, you will be beaten and abused. we need to become strong, so they are scared to hit us


>They're tring to kill anonymity.

then we need to kill them, before they kill us. only one of the group will stay alive. all methods and weapons are allowed


>The world shall soon belong to the jews and china. They won forever and we will suffer eternally. There is nothing you can do about it.

they won't win if we destroy everything, all humans and world.

if we won't win then we will destroy everything, so at least it's a draw


>I can't watch some fucking video on youtube because:

>ERROR: This video contains content from Turner EST, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

>Fuck this cancer. Take corporations off the internet.

take corporations off the world. eliminate all rich people and capitalism. and all jews. The Final Solution




We are now beginning to realize that the blackpillfag was right all along. Nothing will ever get better, ever again. There is literally NOTHING we can do to atop the eternal decline. The whole internet, and the future of humanity, belongs to (((them))), for all eternity.

We fucking surrender. It's all over.



Dude, just give up. Things will never get better and we have literally nothing to live for. All we can do is sit here and cry about how shit the world is now, because we are impotent loser bigots with no power in this world. We are controlled, and will never fight back. It's all over.


>yfw the asses and elbows guy on /pol/ was fucking right the whole time

>yfw we should have listened





That video is now blocked worldwide. Can someone reupload to other sites or as WebM?



< First reply is always best reply.

>the internet was killed by police states ("muh piracy", "muh cp")


>it's been impossible to host anything since say 2011


it's also next to impossible to manage your own email router going without google et al blacklisting it within seconds?

If they don't recognise your email server, they er on the side of caution. My own domain has been blocked too many times to count ... and I don't even spam. Others on my server got sanctioned, and sanctions are by IP.

So, now you have to PAY someone just to reroute subscriber emails. Your local host is dirty

>you can't make a simple forum on any subject because it will be taken down by police because something one user posts


I am frankly surprised this place is still able to run.



>implying anyone other than /tech/ and /cp/ knows how to onion

But I need my discussions with 14yo Korean girls about the latest K-Poop trends!

No, seriously ...


It's not just that, it's when corporations realised there was money to be made, so they made the (((ptb))) shut every competitor down claiming "muh cp" so they had a clean-run.


I lol'd a little




>that pic

*drools remembering a better era*


>Can someone reupload

>Video unavailable: This video contains content from Turner EST, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

apparently no.

>XRA - E6 - S2 | DVD Special Feature: Fanmentary 3

definitely no.



to the incinerators with you (((kike))).



I don't think (((you))) know how to use the triple parentheses



you are exterminated like the (((roach))) you are.


>u-uh i got revealed, better imply that HE'S a (((jew)))!

the post



>it's been impossible to host anything since say 2011. you can't make a simple forum on any subject

This isn't true and there are still many communities on the internet. The problem is that they have few users. Back then and before, you'd host a website/services like voip about an interest/hobby and put the work in because you're dedicated, and the userbase would visit there, and other places because they proactively wanted to be there, sometimes even if that took learning how to use IRC or install software.

Now nearly everything is a feed/pseudofeed through a browser/app, Nearly all users get everything through them, so anything/anyone is disposable in a sea of attention seeking, You may still have an interest/hobby, but your dedication to digital homesteading will likely be fruitless as the best people at that thing are the ones people flock to, on those platforms. You might try anyway, but the deciding factor for success is now heavily dependent on social skills/social engineering instead of interest and passion, and will be the thing that prevents users from visiting, and siphon users off onto the larger platforms.

It's almost like the intention was to turn as much of the internet as possible from a communication system into a broadcast system.


>>post 2008

there is no "social interaction" post 2008, every one is in their gates communities leaking truths that fit them, always muddling the waters like morons



I would give it a try.



Luckily, some autist wrote a superior and FOSS client that allows access to all the features while using far less memory. So even if your friends are retardedly insistent on using diksord, you at least have a way not to get all the cancerous electron shit and datamining.


File: f0d6adceb848272⋯.jpg (435.81 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, UB_01.jpg)


Here here! And fuck these whiny bitches. It's so easy to start a new wild west network that NEETs can do it. I already posted about it:


(Yeah I don't remember EXACTLY how to do the link thing. Blow me. Was it >>>/b/8608834 ?)

Anyway in case the thread is gone, the tl;dr version is we just find individual anons and connect with each other directly in an informal, decentralized network using encrypted email & chat.

The network has to be based on some driving activity in order to give it legs, most likely piracy. Information such as contacts, and who has what, is manually maintained by the users themselves.

It's more chaotic, but less cucked. And all you faggots ARE waxing all nostalgic about wild west so...

They could even have their own crypto market for trading with each other and make temporary use of centralized platforms for things like file transfers or whatever.

Anyways if anyone else is interested then when I come back I'll post an email address. I can only get the onion version of protonmail because they allow you to use another email address as verification. The clearnet version forces you to use a phone number.

Tutanota lets you register without one but there's currently a 2 day waiting period before your address gets approved.

Any other suggestions for email providers?



If this thread stays up I'll see you faggots again in a few hours.



This is the ultimate proof that the only people who will win are kikes running the most popular websites and making the most popular content. Making anything on your own is a useless endeavour. DIY and passion projects are dead. (((They))) will have the whole internet all to themselves, and there's NOTHING we can do about it. Making anything on your own will result in a net loss as our enemies make profits like never before. We can never win this war. We will never win this war. We surrender, alone and powerless.


This be the truth. We have literally nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. (((They))) have us all under their thumb, and we shall never escape... Ugh, why didn't we just listen to blackpillfag?


So what did we learn today kids

>The internat is forever dead

>We can do nothing about it

>Resistance is futile

>Submit to your google overlords




...We should have listened...

*grabs gun* *cries*



> blackpill shilling

Go back to Israel.


>>1022493 I wanna rape Israeli girls for Palestinian people's sake! Allahu Akbar!


File: fdbf50371a634b4⋯.jpg (114.87 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, fdbf50371a634b4788d6a60d63….jpg)


> There is nothing you can do about it.

*chuckles in provo*



> loser bigots




> *grabs gun* *cries*

>cries *freakishly smiles and begins to laugh maniacally*




gonna get a seizure with that shitty graphic


we personally will remember, but humanity will forget. It's probably not the first time that a cool technology got seized by the rich and stripped away from the masses



Look at the knockers on this Kike



>implying you can't teach people to start using tor and bring people over there

>implying all tor users are pedos

Interesting and vibrant communities can spring up, I chill with a few fellow anons out there and it's nice having a group of tech fags who just want to learn more. We occasionally have randoms breeze through our public chat and come to meet a small portion of the tor community.

There's plenty of pre-2008 like places out in onionland. I hope to build more.



You do realize, the people too dumb to use tor are the problem right? Moving to onions is the right move.


Kys with that blackpill pls, we don't need you glowing ones draining the morale of people who enjoy freedom of an uncontrolled comms network


I hate discord, it's such a great datamine and a portion of their userbase is fully aware of it yet somehow don't give a fuck because for some reason they need an additional layer of chat on top of their in-game comms.

Oy vey the blackpill fags are flooding in as people express their dissent towards their global thought control machine. There's still tons of options and alternatives you just need to start using them! The only reason the internet sucks these days is because you kids are sitting around waiting for someone else to fix it. You want something to be different? Fucking make a difference, even if you pull 5 people to join your shitty site you're doing your part to make the internet a nice place for those 5 people.




What's your community?


The gal is @shiftymine on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/shiftymine/?hl=en), if someone wants to know.

This was mentioned earlier on the thread but the mod went on a power trip and deleted it for some reason. Schizo threads with nonsensical OP are a-okay tho.






Care to share a link, anon? I only know of a combination: a libpurple plugin for messaging and Harmony for account management. A single piece of software with all features would be better. Some popular topics only have this shit to keep up-to-date information with.


Niche communities are dead or too close-knit to join out of the blue. Accessibility is what killed them, to nobody's surpise. Maybe once the noose is tightened a bit more people will start populating I2P or Freenet.


I'm not that blackpilled, but anons need to learn how to separate your true power level online interactions from your normalfag interactions. Man is a social animal and you need to keep in touch with family at least. Do you think Aunt Jemima is gonna install fucking Tox? Or get her stupid Facebook buddies to do it as well?

But if you want to go full doomer, here's another reason: privacy is on its last legs, but what comes after is a lot worse. Privacy IRL becoming a thing of the past. If you think social credit and improved mass surveillance/mandatory electronic ID for managing everything is reserved only for Chinese bugmen, you'd be wrong - it's a beta test for worldwide rollout. So put in some identity separation and normal conversation simulation practice time in while you can.



We're a bunch of fags from /cyber/, our public tor chat is in the sticky over there. We have a few other servers we run as well like tor radio, Minecraft, IRC, Temporary image host,and our own git/wiki



>Privacy IRL becoming a thing of the past. If you think social credit and improved mass surveillance/mandatory electronic ID for managing everything is reserved only for Chinese bugmen, you'd be wrong - it's a beta test for worldwide rollout.

Exactly. And there's nothing we can do about it. Once the whole world adopts this in 5 years, there will be literally no way to escape it. It's over. It's all over. (((They))) will always win for all of eternity. We have nothing left. There is unironically no reason not to kill ourselves now.


>Maybe once the noose is tightened a bit more people will start populating I2P or Freenet.

The noose will never tighten. Nobody will flee. Everyone but us will remail eternally loyal. We have no choice but to kill ourselves.



>And there's nothing we can do about it.

Why is eurotrash the most whiny, piss-ant fucks in the world? Why do they give up at the quickest sight of difficulty or strife?



because the best europeans died in two world wars



Very true.



>It's over. It's all over.

What's over? The world? We'll still be here. Imagine the clown world that would develop with social credit compared to current year. I'll be laughing all the way from my derelict cyber shack near the dumpster.

>There is unironically no reason not to kill ourselves now.

Who's this "we", nigger? You can kill yourself right now, yet you're still posting. I want to see this shit all the way through, partly out of pure spite and partly because my ancestors survived much worse - including a torrent of mudslimes.

>The noose will never tighten. Nobody will flee.

You posted this on the basket weaving forum, that's in the middle of receiving refugees from gookmoot's 4Channel. Right now, the options for social platforms off the clearnet are too spam-prone. I mentioned I2P because it's not exactly fast and, in my opinion, an eepsite chan would be manageable. The problem is that the only people visiting are gonna be some weird slavic pedos, they're the only ones hosting websites there it seems. That and your average anon will be deterred by the difficuly of setting up the I2P daemon, locating peers e.t.c.


It's what happens when you're governed by people that have no blood or cultural relationships to you for your entire life or even multiple generations. Fucking miserable experience trying to talk to people around you when everybody is blackpilled to the point of "yeah, whatever, I'll just stick to me, make some money and that's it".


rateyourmusic is pretty good for music shit.

They are trying to launch a new site called Sonemic which also has a vidya gaem one and a movies one. It's currently in beta, the fully featured one will happen soon™.



>piracy completely dies







Nigger, faggots claimed piracy would die 40 years ago.

The reality is that it' more alive then ever with increasing internet availability.

Chinks have entire music download networks where you can download western music for free.

There's a million times more western music there then tapes in music stores 40 years ago.

Piracy can only go up from here. Now I read piracy and dies in one sentence.



>Just move under ground and live amongst onionland. Theres some good communities out there still.

Name a few



DN Avengers

NNTP Chan (not 100% tor)


And the one I mentioned earlier

You can also spend 5 mins trawling sites like fresh onions to find plenty of stuff


File: 462aa1e2d717340⋯.png (190.69 KB, 467x322, 467:322, oven_dog.png)



why are you in utah?


1995 was better for this



I disagree 2008 was the complete death of an amazing era, content was distributed amongst multiple places, YouTube had crazy and unique content producers, Flash animations and games were amazing.

Now, 95 was a different kind of era. Websites were simpler and substantially more diverse, there was much more exploration available, it was a true wild west much like tor today.



This is how the jew wants you to think.




Things will get better because the current order is unsustainable.


File: 314d72720680ae3⋯.png (270.12 KB, 900x280, 45:14, ClipboardImage.png)

This is what happened. I have a horrible feeling that it will take a generation to sort out, as all the phonefags remove themselves genetically.



What the fuck man. Every post I make on this subject you turn into this black pill thing. This isn't the first time you replied to me. Just so you know I haven't stopped trying. I just liked the times better when the government was utterly incompetent with regards to internet. I like governments incompetent and ineffective.



>It's almost like the intention was to turn as much of the internet as possible from a communication system into a broadcast system.

That's a very astute observation. Never thought about it like this.



Seriously m8? That was the whole point of the Web 2.0 and centralization, herding, compartmentalization of as much traffic as possible into "platforms". People mostly stopped making homepages and personal websites and gopher sites, Usenet became a ghost town, and 99% of the attention got hoovered up into the big centralized kike machine. And now we're at the point where they're brazen enough to enforce censorship via laws, via search engines, via DNS, via web browsers themselves. Now they 99.999% of people are tagged and bagged, of course. If they did it early on, people would have been more dismissive of the whole Web 2.0 bamboozling.



Will they ban you for saying niggers?



Give them no attention, they're part of a few people intent on disrupting discussions that can challenge the norm. Some are paid, some believe them and just go along with it, some see the reaction and just start trolling for free. If you get fags like that in your threads it means you're going in the right direction.


We still have the ability to host our own personal sites, just because the majority of people don't do it doesn't mean we can't start a resurgence.



Uncle Ted was right.



To be honest, the blackpill spammer is nicer than the rustfag evangelist.


wtf is up with OP girls nose, looks chopped?

Anyway, to bring back a good web experience, new protocols will need to be created.

HTTP has been co-opted by corporate interests so we now have the over complicated 2.0 bullshit that lets javascript rape your computer.

Perhaps some sort of DNS replacement that uses blockchain tech instead of a centralize authority like DNS. TOR seems pretty good, but people are still using HTTP2 with it.


I'm not quite sure why it's still commonly believed that Tor is difficult to install and use. One simply goes to the project's homepage, clicks on a button, then navigates to whatever place the package was downloaded to, extracts the archive and, again, clicks on a button to start the browser. How exactly is that difficult for anyone who's able to use a computer in the first place? Rather than the process of installing and configuring Tor being somehow challenging in itself, it's probably people avoiding it due to perceived associations with child abuse materials and whatnot, but in any event it seems to be a good barrier to entry. The people unable, or unwilling, to setup Tor or I2P are precisely the ones you do not want anywhere near your community.


>>1025030 My parents can use a computer and Internet, but they can't install and use Tor.




That's because most of generation x is only barely tech literate at best.


Oh, and I would recommend https://assemblergames.com/ but the admin is terrible so it's also dying.



>what are Recent Posts

>what is ongoing staff recruitment



Most of the big contributors left, admin is awol (again). Registrations have to be admin approved, password resets don't work, etc. The staff (mods who did it for free) all left at once.

It's been taken off life support basically, really weird to watch a community die in real time. I'm used to opening a neglected bookmark and getting a domain squatter or a 404.


File: 60bf4ad25938532⋯.jpg (142.16 KB, 641x474, 641:474, Osborne 1 with Gotek flop.jpg)


Not really, except for a very small fraction of people. Most of the others will follow the herd no matter what. And this really hasn't changed, human behavior is a constant. The herd is just in a different place now.


That's true of every generation, nothing special there about Gen-X.


I can't be bothered to care about Tor or I2P at all, ever. Been using computers since 9 yo, starting with an Osborne 1. I worked as Unix/Linux sysadmin and programmer, back before pajeets and SJWs invaded. Had to know your shit, had to be self-motivated. I still don't give a fuck about Tor and related crap. You want to know why? It's simple: people fucking suck! I don't want to go through all kinds of bullshit just so I have to deal with people. Fuck that, Terry Davis had the right idea, and I will do a similar thing (but in a different language and entirely different hardware) if the Internet gets more censored. One day I wake up and can't reach imageboards anymore? Oh well, c-ya! I don't give a fuck. I already don't go to the shitty social media places that are nothing but noise about boring and depressing politics and garbage. In fact, most forums I used to enjoy (game and tech related) turned to shit. It's pretty much mostly dead at this point from my pov. Short of reincarnating back to the old innocent days of dialup when people didn't seem so much like demons, I don't have any energy left to care about this.



>Not really, except for a very small fraction of people. Most of the others will follow the herd no matter what. And this really hasn't changed, human behavior is a constant. The herd is just in a different place now.

Personally I don't care for the herd, I'd rather be with that small fraction doing something interesting. The herd won't give you the dynamic range of perspective on topics that those who stray will. Are you interested in trying to find a group of people to host personal sites and services?

>I can't be bothered to care about Tor or I2P at all, ever.

That's unfortunate, tor is actually perfect for hosting personal sites within your own community of people.



stfu and gtfo you pos kike.



Would you say that everywhere you end up at online you eventually feel unwelcome?



No, I2P is because it was designed with the eepsites (hidden services) in mind and anonymous access to the clearnet was an afterthought. With Tor, it was designed first and foremost for anonymous access to the clearnet and hidden services were an after thought.

Polite sage.


Tor and I2P are the best tool making you anonymous!


File: 2b0f0de3e9c58e7⋯.jpg (30.63 KB, 500x465, 100:93, solution2.jpg)


No, the BBS scene and early Internet was comfy. But nothing today is. The imageboard thing was just a way for me to escape the SJWization of some forums I frequented. But here it's all anonymous and people constantly call you fagget or LARPer or whatever at the drop of a hat, that's the very culture of imageboard where nobody respects each other, and you don't even know who the fuck you're even talking to at any given time (a real honest dude or just another lame troll?) But the early days were different. You at least had a handle/alias/login name or whatever that you could come to know people by. And if you didn't like someone, you could just /ignore them, or *plonk* them into your killfile, and so forth. But now the proposed solution people here adopted and continue to push here is to make everyone as anonymous and faceless as possible, to go hide deeper and deeper with Tor and related shit. Well that sucks, man. I have a better solution: don't even play the fucking game at all. Anyway the imageboard format is retarded. Usenet did it better by letting you have full control over in the client, and many dialup BBS also did it better by giving you lots of options for sorting and searching, keeping track of which messages you already read, etc.


>>1025463 I wanna fuck your children because you're sooooo cute! As a result, your children may be also sexy!



Why not both? Forums give a more detailed discussion, but are susceptible to their own poison - faggots making it all about themselves. You can't killfile everybody that spreads the cancer, especially if you don't know the new types that same people spout over time. I haven't been around on the early Internet, but I imagine the comfiness had more to do with who was frequenting it: introverted, meek nerds. Access to these sites required some technical knowledge, after all.

With imageboards, you present your opinion and that's it. Outside of autistically researching typing patterns and word usage, your words stand on their own. However, I don't actually think that they are 100% unfiltered speech, not a single one in the past or present. Faggot and LARPer just generally draw the mark around accepted discussion topics, with some retards obviously taking it too far because they can't deal with what's been written down. They're good for clearnet and Tor because, if the address is public or easily found, you can't really control who joins.

And this is where the networks without or with limited clearnet access come in. I2P is alright, but deserted and, in my case, the peer discovery was way below usable. There's also something similar called Lokinet that's in development at the moment. It's supposed to store peer information on the blockchain, but I'm not sure that's exactly how it work. The trouble is how easy it is to find information these days compared to the early days. I guess another skill ceiling might be an option. Anon/forum languages when?


File: 0ee3e1e8f9481e2⋯.png (50.73 KB, 456x257, 456:257, cyanide.png)


>Exactly. And there's nothing we can do about it. Once the whole world adopts this in 5 years, there will be literally no way to escape it. It's over. It's all over. (((They))) will always win for all of eternity. We have nothing left. There is unironically no reason not to kill ourselves now.



You come across like some old man who just wants to lie down and wait for his death. Good for you I guess, but what are you doing in this thread? You know you don't belong, you know nobody will care about your fatalism, so you try to pawn it off as some kind of blackpill that we too should adopt. Except it's shit and there's no real point to what you say.


Dude just, KIK.

Closest thing to.. P2P chat like the elden days of WinMX and Kazaa. Just go to rooms, type a word you're interested in (your city, state, area, interests, etc) and you can find people that way. It's not perfect, but I've met people that way. There again, quality vs quantity. But nothing is perfect.



>public rooms

Not rooms



Yeah well I seem to be setting off these faggots. I believe governments currently think encryption is too dangerous for the public. In my country every time a judge is faced with encryption you can literally taste their indignation, they feel like they were robbed of their rights to investigate and judge something and essentially condemn the person somehow. At first I thought it was just us but the world over is like this. Fucking UK is trying to pass china tier laws. Australia DID pass laws. It's fucked up. That's when I realized the power of encryption: it can defeat governments and militaries. I fear one day government may require authentication of software before you can use it and only government approved software may run on hardware. That would be the end of computing as we know it.

Thing is when I say this lots of faggots come tell me its over and there's no way to fight back. For fucks sake. I wish there was a way to manufacture CPUs in one's home so that everyone could make their own chips that are actually trustworthy.



Why not get rid of fucking browsers to begin with? Every site sends a fucking file that makes a ridiculous user interface 99% of the time and its different for every site. Instead of letting the website dictate the terms, lets turn it around. Let's reverse engineer sites and build site specific browsers instead.

We make an application that views data structures, and then get data structures out of a site. Chans for example, would form a tree structure:





You'd get a list of chans and open the chan you want. Get a list of boards and select the one you want. Get a list of threads... And so on.

If there's a json API, we use it. If not, we scrape the data off the HTML. This has the side effect that data is displayed in structured, uniform manner, and no site is special snowflake enough to have its own shitty UI. It also functions as a whitelist for content: it only grabs what you're interested in, and doesn't even load ads and other shit that gets blacklisted by blockers. If people. No JS vulnerabilities because it runs 0 code from the internet. If a site uses JS to load data, we figure out where its pulling the data from and download it directly instead.



My point is if people can create and maintain a big ass list of ad servers and cosmetic patches to apply to sites and executable anti-adblock countermeasures specific to every site then they can surely build a "scrapper data base".



This is basically what youtube dl does as well. And it's maintained - you need to update basically every week or it will be broken.


File: 562fe116ad81698⋯.png (4.44 MB, 1272x1592, 159:199, Tunnels & Trolls.png)


No, I don't care at all what you do. Not at all. My only reason to even talk about Tor (I didn't bring it up, just commenting) is to say I'm not gonna use it even despite being capable enough. I already know it won't fix anything, it will be the same imageboard scene as here, and the blackpill shills and shariablue will follow you. So it's not because I'm afraid of CP, or because I can't set it up, like the other guy was saying. It's because I don't see it fixing anything, just making things more convoluted. And if there's one thing I despise, it's overcomplicated systems. That's why I avoid Web 2.0 javashit sites like the plague (which is most modern social media and related crap), and that's why I avoid Windows, Linux/Systemd, and even web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. So that means I also don't play modern games, watch HD video, and all that requires those complicated and botnet things. Yeah, so probably I don't even belong here in the first place since I share so little interests with anyone. Most of the things I enjoyed are dead and replaced with overcomplicated garbage.



>Most of the things I enjoyed are dead and replaced with overcomplicated garbage.

Seems like there's no point in living for you. Shouldn't you be agreeing with the blackpillers then?



You sound like me. I've put it aside for a while, but I got into hardware design for a period and even designed my own cpu without a soldering iron!, the next time I get a block of free time, I'll write a simple OS for it and be quite content.



Encryption scares those who do evil, encryption means they can't monitor global communications to see if people are plotting against they tyranny. They're right to be scared, I'd want to protect my criminal empire the best I could as well.

>I wish there was a way to manufacture CPUs in one's home so that everyone could make their own chips that are actually trustworthy.

The issue is the high level of knowledge you need in order to pull something like that off. Sure, you can make a shitty cpu at home with a breadboard and some components but it simply won't be as usable or supportable as the market standards.


Your disdain for Tor confuses me, you hate the overcomplicated javashit spyware that is the current internet yet you refuse to use an alternative network simply built on non-js, simple, easy to host webservices? I'm sorry to see you living in internet purgatory my friend :(



How botnetted are FPGAs? I'm learning to program them for a class. It seems to me you can write a CPU in verilog, then run it on an FPGA. This bypasses all management engines, and makes sure you can prevent the next meltdown/spectre before it happens.



There's only one open-source tool chain, but it's a hobby project. Otherwise it's possible for a big players like Xilinx to botnet their synthesized designs, but it is quite unlikely that they do. How would they know what exactly you were attempting to implement?

>prevent the next meltdown/spectre before it happens.

If you're a beginning student, your first CPU designs will most certainly not contain support for speculative execution. Most retards in uni courses fail to even get pipelining working correctly.



Aren't there some FPGA boards with helper ARM chips? Pretty sure those are botnetted.



Some FPGA's have ARM cores and other IP baked into them.



We need a way to self-manufacture these things down to our specifications and be SURE theat nothing else has been added to the hardware. Otherwise free software is just mental masturbation.



For plain FPGAs, it would be quite hard to add specific botnet, since the target application is too general. Probably the only thing would be a hidden antenna to 'shut it down' given a kill signal. If you had made a nice processor design, I'd be quite concerned about the plant which was processing your finalized ASICs. That's the optimal target for glowniggers.




Mobile chan browsers work like this and it's a vastly superior experience. I wonder why it's not more common on the desktop. Or maybe you fags are all using some advanced chan browser and not saying.



Because smartphones have a very limited set of OS options and the way you design the UI is very straightforward. Now go back to desktop. Even if you take just the trifecta (Windows/Linux/MacOS) and try to make your program work reliably on them, you'd want to fucking shoot yourself. The cancer of web apps and simllar shit is there for a reason. I wonder if an HTML/CSS engine with a very strict and limited feature set would make for a good cross-platform UI toolkit.


File: c939a365bf60e9d⋯.jpg (191.61 KB, 874x655, 874:655, tv2-QNX-tvscreen.jpg)


Web, schweb. ASCII is the future for unbotnetted freemen!




>This bypasses all management engines


this is your brain on memes




You are a good man, I feel sorry for you



Mate you said yourself you don't belong here. Maybe in other threads there is a place for you, but what are you contributing to this one? You are just typing paragraph after paragraph of the same blackpill shit that anyone posting in this thread would have automatically thought of.


He's not that wrong, you people are trying to solve a social problem with technology. It will not work. You can bolt complicated shit onto the internet as much as you want, the only result you'll get is either ghost towns because nobody is going to bother with your complicated webshit or the same retards you see here and on reddit.

The problem is the people, not the technology. It's entirely possible to do well designed internet pages or social exchange places with the technology we already have, it simply does not work because of the people. You make a "free speech" place where people won't get booted because of thought crimes and it's overrun by retarded trolls, nazi-larpers and people with an agenda to subvert the place for whatever political or ideological reason in 0.5 seconds. The demographics of the internet have shifted, it used to be a bunch of nerdy white guys who at least usually knew somewhat what they were talking about and were well educated and technology-interested. That was the mindset that brought them to try this new things, which also weren't as profitable to abuse as they're now. The world has changed too. Capitalism, without an ideological enemy, has geared into overdrive and has started eating itself. Governments and corporations see the internet as this powerful but dangerous thing that has to be subverted/controlled and every bit of worth extracted from, (see turbo-capitalism) when back then, they didn't understand it and also didn't care. Things like that, all these things add to change the landscape from what it was. You won't get it back by bolting another protocol on top of all of it.



The purpose of that Internet of the old that you're talking about has been to find people who are into your niche thing, since the rest of the people thought you were a weird nerd. Now being a nerd is actually acceptable, so there's no need to be a recluse. So long as it's not about uncomfortable topics of course. You can sperg out over the newest NVIDIA graphics card or the newest web app all you want, there are millions of likeminded people for you. But if you mention, say, Cloudfare being a glorified MITM and issues associated with it, you're a conspiracy theorist that's against progress in $current_year. Worse yet, if you stay on the clearnet trying to talk about it, you'll also attract people you've mentioned that will dilute whatever it is you're trying to say. If technologically-minded people are still around, additional layers to get around are not a problem. It's that there are lots of socially acceptable and productive technological fields and topics to be autistic about instead, so who are you going to talk to in the first place? I also disagree that it's a social problem people are trying to solve here, it's a sub-problem of keeping stupidity out.

There are also ways to discuss what you want in the open, judging whether a person is in the know or not by their language and words. China, for example, has their "martian" cypher of varying complexity.



this, CP is nothing but a weapon



Ahh, nutscrape. Those were the days.




Get a free speech hosting account. Install a forum of pictureboard script.



2008 Yahoo! was the most visited English language site on the internet.

MySpace was #3 on Alexa and you could still carry on a conversation on the internet. Facebook got popular and everybody moved over there. Then facebook got games and even the really dumb people moved over to facebook. MySpace graveyard. Facebook buys myspace and basically turns it into an arcive.

MySpace was cool before they started showing ads for race mixing sites the day after Obama was elected.

I'm remember YouTube being cool before it was bought by Google.

My opinion on the internet going to shit was around 2006 when Google went public. This is when Google basically put a strangle hold on internet advertising and everybody was saying Google it.

I hate when I'm trying to fix a software and Google search and I just get forum posts that say Google it.

I remember when you could "Googlebomb" a site to top of the SERPs an it was easy. There wasn't censorship AIs back then and we used to make money doing black hat SEO for companies or selling text links on LinkAdage. Then there was a crackdown on that when Google started PR greybarring everyone who sold text links. This was after Ad Sense pretty much fucked the market for other types of advertising.

Before AdSense really took off there were companies paying as much as $4 CPM for banner ads and websites could just put a code snippet into their site and cash in on ad revenue if they had any real visitorship. It was a lot easier to monetize back then. A lot of cool sites went away after Google destroyed the advertising market and it was just difficult to advertise.

I used AdSense on one of my blogs one time. It took two months to even make a $100 check whereas I used to make like $900 in a good week selling text links. It wasn't profitable for me to run the sites anymore. I let me domains expire and took a stone fabricating job at a local granite shop.



i knew it was over as soon as jay bee gallery was shut down




>teach people to start using tor and bring people over there

Yeah, then it would be too late when you realize your communities are now filled with retards, just like the place you told them to leave.


>anon why is my internet so slow?

>anon why are you using tor, are you a pedophile?

Seriously, if you found good communities then keep them to yourself. There is no point sharing.


That happened when world incorporated i mean net neutrality took into effect. They turned web 2.0 into six companies essentially, and it went from being a frontier into a slaughterhouse pin. Looks like decentralized is the way to go. For now. At least until A.I. takes affect.



> had a handle/alias/login name or whatever

You know where that leads to tho,and given the choice to browse here or Reddit,we are having this conversation here for a reason


This is one of the reason I am all for purity spiraling,the only way to separate yourself from all the normalfags is make it as inaccessible as possible kind of like trying to get into special forces

It's also why bullying and gore posting is important,if you can't stand it you shouldn't be here in the first place,but normalfags don't understand that,they don't know what it's used for,and what are the consequences of not following it.Eternal September applies to all aspects of life


>one day government may require authentication of software before you can use it and only government approved software may run on hardware. That would be the end of computing as we know it.

That is something that deeply affected my morality a long time ago,being a power user I make the tool do what I want it to do,not what someone else tells me it's for,If there is piracy I want the only barrier being there to be my morality,just like with killing,is it "illegal" yes but never impossible,Never Impossible



"Fixing" human nature is something that will always be hard,if you do it the wrong way you end up with communism,you can try to make the "good" ways profitable or morally superior and that would be fascism,or you can try to not fix it and keep it away by filtering



>or you can try to not fix

Adding:The problem with that obviously is,while you are not trying to change the nature,all other people are,and even if all you want is to be left alone,they will take over the entire world and then come after you at the end,Being truly left alone is one of the most expensive and hardest to achieve things


social interaction is ded in 2019 thanks to social media and retarded kids who grew up with it.


File: 38421dc91ed637a⋯.jpg (54.46 KB, 704x706, 352:353, rt05xxpau4r21.jpg)

I'm a zoomer, everyone in my generation is very isolated and lonely despite everyone being a click away, I don't know how we can fix things.



try actually meeting people. its not the same thing when you poke some screen so you get those feels



That would require people to meet

No one wants to meet anymore, it's always weird when you ask people to meet up now



>I don't know how we can fix things.

Wait for the next economic crash when all the unprofitable social media companies and MSM news go bankrupt.



Won't they just get bailed out?



>all the unprofitable social media companies

I'll be glad to never see you fuckers again, but how does this help us against facebook/google/etc?



The gov will be more busy bailing out banks. This is why so many business closed in 08.



You might as well make a modern lisp machine or smalltalk machine going down that road.


File: 0c1468dbd68861b⋯.jpg (78.33 KB, 1024x770, 512:385, e2ae7fba01fe40f875b38b9296….jpg)




anime, gun, tech conventions

tons of people to be around, talk to etc



There are a few old school forums left for hobby topics if you want to put the leg work in to find them. The bigger problem is the rules and our ideology clashing so harsh. I won't join a website with tranny options any where, I don't bother with no hate speech rules. Search wide enough and you will find what you're looking for though.


As much of a money grubbing faggot he is he's right about it being harder to monetize things now. Before you could write a good blog and google bomb it and get an income from your knowledge, now it's all networking and circle jerking because the search engines are propaganda engines instead of functional software. It's why you get so many awful results it's no longer functioning as it should and instead shows you 12 year old blog posts barely related to what you searched.


>Be me

>Nerd in his 30s

>Grew up loving sci fi, fantasy and eventually anime

>Hear of a local convention

>Decide to go along to see if there's any cool stuff there

>Everything is Funko pops or Steam punk junk shop fodder

>All the people are capeshit fans or wearing naturo headbands

>Realise the convention seen is utterly devoid of any sort of actual nerd influence

>It's nothing more than social media fodder where you turn up to buy a soy vinyl toy to add to your background for youtube videos

The only stool I saw remotely interesting was a generic book store and it turned out it was run by a pajeet.

>Tech conventions

SJW shit every where and nothing but start ups looking for a quick buck or ultra main stream shit which looks the same as it did 5 years ago with a different port.

If you're an actual tech nerd and a not a XD nerd then conventions have nothing to offer you. They're where normies go to buy bits of plastic.



I guess so, anon. I mean I used to go to em back when I was in my 20 somethings, now 33, and I've only been to a gun con recently here in South Florida. Ya know, I guess it depends on the size of the con, the location, and the generational differences in age groups. I noticed a lot of that ultra fandom bs too growing up and it turned me off of cons, so I started going to noise shows instead, turns out noise shows are just liberal meetups now a days; Satanists, gays, commies, etc (they were almost always that way; the girls are cute though, which is nice I guess). So I stopped going there. You can try church, good Christian church and meet people. But there's still good cons out there, at least down here anyway. There's always the mall...



>You can try church, good Christian church and meet people.

Christcucks are awful. I wish they were all like Terry.


Anybody here know how to trace an email/phone number/IP address? Trying to catch a theif. Phone number: 702-344-0940, email: ironcitylab.co.gmail.com, IP possibly



Fandom as a concept destroys anything it touches, corporate tribalism with absolutely no depth. It's just broken people searching for a "place they belong" and so act hyper aggressive to any one who doesn't accept the scummiest of the scummy. Any attempt to add a barrier to entry a drug addicted diaper fur couldn't pass meets with mass REEEEEEEEEing for a reason.

I'm sure comicon has a lot to answer for on that front. It's the most iconic convention so people see that shit and smear it all over everything else. And it isn't helped that now we have news coverage the way we do there's less reason for people who care about the subjects to go themselves. We've not waiting a month for the next magazine to come out, we have multiple blogs covering everything, places like this and reddit who collect all the blogs together and company live streams. Other than networking is there a reason to attend shows at all?

Churches are pozzed to fuck. Expect charity fund raisers for africa on every leaflet they can put up



Wish onion would catch on faster. I'm really fed up with clearnet bullshit and the control governments have due their power over domains.



Well, what can I tell you. The church I go to works for me. That said, yeah, everything is quickly known now a days, no gamer magazines, no anime VHS collection meetup, we're older now, anon. kek.

But let's face it, anime, internet, and gamer culture did it to itself, it wasn't a tribal force. It was the Dance Dance Revolution arcades at the theater, the forum, the imageboard even. Places like this create bad habits, detract from genuine productivity, encourage brotherly ignorance for predominantly useless causes, and there again, become inclusive of horrid intolerable behavior. You don't need to go outside to see it. Good luck though anon, all I can say.




It's not about Your being hard to install or to use, but the real issue is that sites take forever to load and who the fuck has time for that nowadays. I rather use le vpn as the information about me obtained via the service provider would be illegally obtained and therefore null and void in the case of a court proceeding of any kind. I must admit that I have not tried tor for some years now so it might have changed since last time



clearly they are not and you know it since you keep spamming that


>a million replies

>no one asks for sauce

OP, give sauce immediately



DDR didn't have shit on Pac-man fever back in the day. Kids don't realize that gaming was big way before the 80s and with normalfags out the ass.The only changes to modern gaming to old gaming is the graphics. The NES sold 60 million units and wasn't even big in Europe, the SNES 50 million and home computers in Europe was selling 15+ million each. The PS4 sold 90 million at this point. But that's not a huge growth considering they have no real competition outside of a PC. So you see about the same number of units sold in the market overall.

Every where creates bad habits, but conventions have become literal fuckfests where people online meet up to get laid or to pick someone up at the after convention parties.

Anime was always going to be fucked. Only retards like cartoons and cartoons in a different language is only going to attract the most autistic people and spread. Lack of real identity lead to the consumer tribalism we see now which is pretty sad TBH.

My church has a female minister. Enough said on that front.

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