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File: 381d61c343f8493⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1014x844, 507:422, terry-quotes.png)


>TempleOS continued


DivineSystems fag here,

The plan is to make TempleOS usable in the future. First release is already out.

need help documenting and making tutorials. AHCI support is first goal.


We have no options left, as time goes by more and more computers will not be able to run TOS.

There will be people who'll just tell me to use a VM, but that's cucked. TempleOS was made for easy hardware access, but running in a VM just limits it to virtual hardware.

Newer computers don't have IDE drives and are not legacy compatible. Can't change that.

The goal is to try to integrate these things while keeping the line count down.


What is your goal in using TempleOS? Is it because you want to play with a software toy? Is it because you want to use it as a practical operating system to run your application software that you use for your daily computing needs?



I want to make TempleOS a viable operating system.

Even if it is a toy, at least let it be a modern toy.

It's embarrassing to not be able to boot it on a computer with SATA drives.



>I want




What's your opinion about the Central Intelligence Agency and African Americans?



Too bad man. I'm gonna get more and more people to start using TempleOS. What else would God want other than more people to come to his Temple? You're glowing, my friend.



CIA niggers probably got Terry captured.

They can fuck right off.



Stay cucked in VMWare/VirtualBox.


I saw this a few months ago and was really excited by it. Keeping TempleOS alive and functional is noble but necessary. I don't know anything about how to build or document Mr. God's holy temple but I support the project 100%. Just wanted to leave some words of encouragement.

Oh, and fuck CIA niggers!



This makes no sense. There is no value in Terry being imprisoned. He's just a schizophrenic who writes a toy OS. What value is there in imprisoning this kind person? Inb4 he's God messenger



Is there any way to halt the text and only allow it to scroll in the window you are typing in? I always found there was too much to look at at once. It may have worked for terry because his attention was constantly switching with each passing second due to his illness, but for a sane person it's quite painful.



Good luck command line crusader

Slay the CIA nigger



Quite honestly, your best bet is to start from scratch and treat TempleOS as a prototype. The guy who wrote the Gameboy emulator on TOS reports that TOS is a lot of spaghetti code. Also, TempleOS as a whole O/S doesn't really make sense on a PC; it was designed to be a standalone console like the C64.

HolyC is cool. The TOS rich text terminal is awesome. Why not work on the HolyC compiler and make it available for more architectures? Why not build a terminal emulator/REPL based on the TOS terminal? Heck, I'd even contribute to a project like that.


Thumbs up if you found this thread from yourdata.forsale!


File: 5083e251c2fd14e⋯.jpg (995.99 KB, 1008x1218, 24:29, ifonlyyouknew.jpg)

>mfw in the near future TempleOS will be subverted and CoC'd



my thoughts exactly



Will you add networking like that one other fork?



No. There's Shrine for that.




God's Temple is already finished.

This isn't technically TempleOS anymore.

Also what makes you think there's going to be a CoC?



Divine fucking intellect.


The only acceptable way to add functionality to templeOS is to something like the way the original windows was a shell around DOS. God's temple must be preserved in an unmodified form, and there must be a way to drop down into the original user environment. Anything else and you're a CIA nigger.



>Also what makes you think there's going to be a CoC?

Nobody thought the Linux kernel would get a CoC and here we are lads



>spaghetti code

source? and justifications?



>source? and justifications?


Take 5 minutes and skim that GrBlot() function. Just about makes me want to vomit.



I don't need anything but food and water. I want is justifiable until you see a need.


If I can make a suggestion, lets make the most optimal version of a hypervisor like esx.

We know everything is getting cucked, if we control the bare-metal os we can control vm-os/bare-metal network and have more control over what data flows out of our os.

I'll help where I can but this isn't my specialty and I'll take a log time to get good enough to make something functional to get a POC working to get someone interested in contributing.

I installed rEFInd and have a bunch of oses on my mbook but it'd be GREAT if I could just get something ESX-like and switch between those operating systems but as a VM is fine so long as I have full peripheral use.



This looks like an area where TempleOS can be improved. Make spaghetti code like this more streamlined and modular in order to reduce the line count. With fewer lines, this leaves room for other features to be added such as AHCI support.



This is viable. Just working on fixing a little bug reduced the line count.


Why not just rewrite the whole OS with this in mind?



if you know how to use barebones computer OS's you don't need 3rd party applications because all of the tools can be made with some creativity. the classic example is a spellchecker thats made of a tool that first sorts a text into it's constituent words, then a tool that matches them into a dictionary, then a tool that tells which ones aren't in the dictionary. nigger



There is a solution:

One note: The audio/videos are explained in American.

Those who enjoy English may read the lengthy explanations given here previously. American was chosen for the audio/video for those who do not like reading. Hopefully this choice of dialect will be most understandable for The People.

Video: https://openload.co/f/mT_AH3xmIUM/TruthAboutLinuxandGPLv2__.mp4

Audio: https://ufile.io/sdhpl



Nice trojan virus, bro.



>This looks like an area where TempleOS can be improved. Make spaghetti code like this more streamlined and modular in order to reduce the line count.

That is several orders of magnitude more difficult than just rewriting it. Refactoring someone else's spaghetti is a tortuous process, especially the code of someone as intelligent and insane as Terry A Davis. It's a fool's errand.



That was a cool video on UNIX bro




Honestly, rewriting TempleOS will just be more spaghetti code. Using the system is elegant and it's better to just rewrite the parts that needs to be rewritten. Terry Davis made it clear that he didn't want a clusterfuck, and he made a system that works on his own. Cleaning up code is usually jobs for teams



The main goal of TempleOS is to be clean, simple and easy. It takes a lot of thinking, insight, time and effort to do complex tasks in a simple way and put it all together for a single cohesive computing environment. Terry didn't spend that much time on TempleOS relative to its scope. 10 years and 1 guy's worth of man hours, and it unfortunately shows in some areas. But, TempleOS has lots of room for improvement while still preserving the goal. And if the goal can't be adhered to, don't do it until you have the insight and the effort to put in.



God put a lot of restrictions on TempleOS that need to be observed in order to maintain its identity as TempleOS. Eg, no networking stack, 64-bit only, ring 0 only, 480p resolution, 16 colors only, no encryption, etc, etc. Cleaning up spaghetti code is fine, but OP made it sound like he wanted to add functionality that doesn't belong in the Temple.




> viable operating system.

But didn't Terry say that TempleOS is supposed to be modern version of Commodore 64 (kind of) and that it's supposed to be dual-booted with another OS or used in a VM? I think that making it boot on more hardware is a great goal, but making it bloated itsn't.



Here's what he said little over a decade ago, back when it was LoseThos: https://archive.fo/ZG6l5

>LoseThos is primarily for making video games. It has no networking or Internet support. As far as I'm concerned, that would be reinventing the wheel and you can do that instead by dual booting another operating system. Similarly, it's not for desktop publishing or multimedia.


absolute fucking cancer


bumped from the abyss


where free&open_BSDs have failed, u intend to succeed ?? the fanatic delusion called "linux is bloated" is hypocrisy! i'll tell u why... even after installing a 'workable' / 'usable' version of templeos, you'd still wanna install spotify!! so basically what am saying is, "FUCK_OFF" :D


systemd ported to templeos when




go away jew; white men are having a discussion



It has got nothing to do with being a Jew, you DUMB_FUCK. Please get tested for AIDS (the cons of being white).



Why do you think he was anything other than a rogue MKULTRA victim?



>you'd still wanna install spotify

Go back to reddit. I bet you also use Windows 10.




>designed to be a standalone console like the C64

It would feel wrong to me to change TOS unless Terry specifically said it was okay. Maybe we should focus on making the hardware for the OS, not the other way around.


File: 891425405d755ab⋯.jpeg (157.03 KB, 858x1280, 429:640, divine.jpeg)


>This makes no sense. There is no value in Jesus being imprisoned. He's just a schizophrenic who likes fish. What value is there in imprisoning this kind person? Inb4 he's God messenger


>Latest commit e03f038 on 8 Jan




this. op clearly only wanted to try for attention, failed, and hasn't done shit besides make a github repository with a bunch of explicitly un-Terrene "commandments" added.



Those commandments are from God nigger.

Terry asked God and those were his responses.


File: 1c866a4346c5161⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 429x592, 429:592, 1c866a4346c51619f3bb116ea1….gif)


well there should be a source then

rest of my post is still valid, op is an attention whoring cuck who only wanted to use St. Terry for attention.

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