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I wish it were so, but when I go to YT without js, it's just a bunch of gray boxes and circles where icons and thumbnails should be, and there's no place to search.



Lol, they switched it back. It was fun while it lasted... (about 20 minutes).


File: 15160fd6c5a6de1⋯.png (648.15 KB, 1323x1110, 441:370, 15160fd6c5a6de19c63c079917….png)


"thicc anime cutes" site:youtube.com [ Search ]


1. https://invidio.us/

search and download youtube videos without javascript

2. https://yt-dl.org

desktop app for downloading and searching youtube videos (and not only youtube)


>"ytsearch6: niggers are black" --get-id --get-title

instead of video url



That's British for "all correct".


It used to be if you spoofed your user agent as nintendo wii or sony psp it would give you a version of the site that worked without exploitscript. They got rid of that as far as I can tell, I think they are detecting browsers another way because it redirects me to desktop version when I spoof mobile user agents (yes I cleared cookies).


This is a good way of doing it.



You are giving them your screen size.


what the fuck are you guys talking about? I use youtube with w3m regulary and never ever had problems with searching the site. It works fine without javascript.



It already was



I got youtube-dl because I heard you can just use that to search and watch youtube videos instead of actually going on youtube

Can't figure out how to get it going though








youtube-viewer or mps-youtube






Just append ?disable_polymer=1 or &disable_polymer=1 to the URL.

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