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File: 8ffd0d92d89f0a2⋯.jpg (84.14 KB, 1200x709, 1200:709, DbfMP2CX0AAbg96.jpg)


What are /tech/'s favorite alternative FOSS mobile operating systems? I would also like to hear a debate on which is better out of the following:

ubntu touch eelo pure os firefox os sailfish os lineage os tizen postmarket os kde mobile

pic related


File: ee43afd3af0655a⋯.jpg (48.24 KB, 650x650, 1:1, n9.jpg)

File: f49ad3090967f6f⋯.jpg (45.66 KB, 450x800, 9:16, b35.jpg)


Sad to see Maemo/MeeGo go (or rather morph into that Sailfish abomination). Kinda like the simplicity of KaiOS (Firefox OS fork) - still has some bugs though.



Pure OS (mobile version or not), KDE Plasma Mobile, and Ubuntu Touch: UBports edition have systemd, while eelo (/e/) is just a Lineage fork



I havn't really used many mobile distros (apart from android (I am planning to make the switch to extremist vegan level open source user(I hate google's practices despite being open android) , part of the reason why I switched to 8chan from 4chan), so I am not to sure about other things like sailfish. What's wrong with sailfish OS? Is it hardware or GUI or is it a bit buggy? I also heard something about KaiOS being closed source, and is based on Firefox OS


File: b58756ed26a4096⋯.jpg (77.14 KB, 474x769, 474:769, jdk.jpg)


Replicant and PostMarketOS.

The OS needs to actively try to remove the botnet the best it can.

I'd say I prefer PMOS mainly because it's not a "muh mobile OS" meme and an actual linux distro, but it's not very usable right now.



>UBports edition have systemd

No its not, for now it using Upstart.



what is pic related



>What is DistroWatch


The project also has CoCk



DistroWatch have wrong informations https://forums.ubports.com/topic/963/ubports-now-on-distrowatch/10

I'm using Ubuntu Touch on my tablet and smartphone as a daily driver, I have latest versions from RC channel and these devices have Upstart.



Maybe tell them to remove any mention of systemDick from their DW page for now (depending on user and dev feedback) with https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/ubuntu-touch-q-a-36-171 as proof.


File: 8408ed407976bdd⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 300x300, 1:1, lsb.jpg)


>What's wrong with sailfish OS?

The devs seem to be looking for the next big thing™ instead of making a good product - when I had a Jolla phone I even refused to update to Sailfish 2.0!

>about KaiOS being closed source

Partially, like with Sailfish the UI solutions are proprietary.




The both soufd like shit now


I went to go install lineage but my phone wasn't supported. I'm hoping the new Purism phone is good and might switch to that later


File: b1c20dd4b641894⋯.png (380.92 KB, 518x583, 518:583, christ.png)


in theory you could spin your own libre build of Sailfish/KaiOS - sans their blobs, with a custom window manager - but without access to the bootloader you're stuck with (((their))) shit


are there solutions for dualbooting ubports and lineage that's not shits yet


good idea bitch



Do you want your mobile to be a mobile phone? Don't touch postmodern os for another year to so.




The cellular chip inside most phones has transparent access to all system resources so installing AUTISM/Freedumbs on your phone won't do any good to anyone other than CIA niggers looking for potential targets.




what does the second pic have to do with anything? is it an open-source simple phone?



It's a recent "rugged" KaiOS phone with 4G support and a few jewgle apps preinstalled



kaios sounds like a good idea if it wasn't stain by google, opensource kaios rom when?



Librem actually advertises the fact they try to seperate baseband from their open hardware, and there's Osmocom if you want open source baseband but limited to 3G



when you take the time to make your own roms forked from it you sack of shit, if you learn , compile, install gentoo you ahould have it figured out (((IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT))) (((IT SEEMS KindA pOINTLESS I WOULdN"t DO IT MYSELF BUT IF YOU INSIST ON KAIOS WELL DIY)))



Anything that gives you the option/choice of running Android Applications (don't start a debate on privacy issues, I don't need much of that), and is NOT made by Chinese Data-Miners is good by my books.



There is a fork of kai os called gerda for the 8110.

It removes the spyware.




>site not functional without javashit

>currently in early alpha

What about posting screenshots of the website for everyone to see?


File: f71d7e47243424a⋯.png (221.94 KB, 1436x2967, 1436:2967, Screenshot_2019-02-04 Gerd….png)


Okay here's the screenshot of the entire site.

All of its external links: https://paste2.org/UKXaNpe2

<jewgle groups




I don't know yet since I'm still waiting for Pine64 Phone.


It's (((ARM))) that's shit because it doesn't have standardized BIOS and nobody wants to package all drivers into a generic android image.


File: e05065d445f8478⋯.gif (202.84 KB, 900x955, 180:191, huge-dancing-banana-2b.gif)


Thank you!




File: 90be7026923e878⋯.png (276.16 KB, 421x881, 421:881, shell-l5-1.png)


I'm expecting Librem 5 to be fantastic.

PureOS Mobile is going to be pretty much the only fully supported mobile Linux distro based directly on Debian, meaning we get the fullest Linux experience on the palm of our hands. On top of that it's probably going to be compatible with Android (even if not directly, there's Anbox). Plus major security features that make it Richard Stallman's dream come true. And it's going to come with [drumroll]... a Headjack! [clap clap clap]

What do you think?




>3GB RAM instead of 4+

>32GB storage instead of 64+

This will make it's docking mode useless since you can't use it as a desktop with these specs. 3GB is barely enough for web browsing.

Anbox won't run fine on it. Anbox stutters and lags even on desktops which have 10x more powerful CPUs than this thing. So don't expect to run android apps on PureOS. ChromeOS has a better implementation of android compatibility but I don't know what the performance hit is.

Battery life probably won't be good either.

It's ok, but I really think they should have made it with 4GB RAM.




3 things wrong with your statement:

1. RAM: 3 GB minimum (subject to change)

2. Card slot: microSD

3. I just read that their CPU is based on the ARM Cortex A53, meaning it will be compatible with Android in the same principle as Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish, Postmarket and Plasma Mobile.

Of course, it's purely optional and very proprietary.


tried pmos, kde plasma, and ubports on a nexus 7 2012, arch failed to mount root.

was a complete fail, I just wanted to run some music trackers.

the ARM arch exposes all the flaws in the linux desktop.

ubports has a chance, the development of gnome 3 was essentially an attempt at rebranding to suit mobile devices.

they all need touch based window managers and gtk+/QT need better support for mobile.



>3 GB minimum (subject to change)

I wouldn't be optimistic. Besides, 4GB is maximum their CPU supports.

>Card slot: microSD

This doesn't excuse 32GB main storage on a 600$ device.



>3GB is barely enough for web browsing

With your shit browser with no kind of selective content loading, which is to say normalfaggot browsing.


Drop the baby duck syndrome, nobody who wants to buy this machine gives a fuck.



>3GB for browsing

Where the fuck did we go wrong?

What do you need more than megabytes for? Videos maybe...



A good step forward, but I will never have an e2ee conversation with another phone because none else will use one for years even if I give them one for free.



Take your autism pills before posting.



>3GB is barely enough for web browsing

only if your using chrome on windows



I'm pretty hyped. I'm only buying the phone (Most likely flashing Pure OS mobile to my Nexus 5) if it supports F droid. I know they're asking a bit much, but it's not apple, they HAVE a headphone jack, and buying will be supporting purism and the FOSS movement.


OP here,

Just found out that /e/ is NOT approved by god RMS.


File: 690b3d0b9aa7b92⋯.jpg (17.3 KB, 255x390, 17:26, 690b3d0b9aa7b92a58a91c2700….jpg)

We really need that.

Fucking CIAniggers accessing my phone.

I wish i could install Gentoo


Rms does not like gentoo, by installing gentoo you are opresssing GNU>>1025002




I haven't filled my credit in 6 months.

I only talk to people using Viber.

It's basically the WhatsApp of the third world, and a ton better in a lot of features.

So I'm basically already covered in that regard...

Either a .tar or .apk, it's easy to update both without Google Play in that regard.


Of course it does, just do the same thing what you'd do on Sailfish:


Get the Yalp Store:


Or if you prefer to keep it a separate OS:




<uh-oh, my shit tactics got found out, I have to control damage now

Interesting. Who do you work for?



>you can't use it as a desktop with these specs.

Why the fuck would anyone use a phone as a desktop, if you already have a screen and keyboard/mouse at the spot you can have/bring a real computer there.

>3GB is barely enough for web browsing

You don't need above 3gb ram unless you do heavy video editing, play resource intensive 3D games or run multiple virtual machines. None of which you should do on a mobile device.

>So don't expect to run android apps on PureOS

Why would you want to run botnet applications on your libre phone?


Just pay like $10 for sd-card, not that difficult.



I'm hyped when will it come out ?

I hope it won't be a retarded price like the iPhone.



April 2019

Pre-Order price is 600$, Post-release price is 650$

It's pretty fair considering shipping costs and the fact that everything on the phone was hand-picked and made 100% botnet free.

They'll also have an option for all of their users to pay in rates of 50$ a month with a 20% interest fee.

And yes, it's 100% safe unlike your local providers.



>Why would you want to run botnet applications on your libre phone?

Freetard spotted, not everything developed on a less than perfect system is botnet.



the only "botnet" apps i want to run are peertube, mastodon, freindica, thunferbird and someother stuff that can only be on F droid.




>>100% botnet free

It will be the best option we have by far, but not quite 100% guaranteed. There's a reason the baseband is isolated.

I think it's reasonable to say its pretty safe but 100% is misleading.



4chan is as bad as the popular 8ch boards. You'd better be there for something niche.



clover supports 8chan, also the newfags on /b/ are to intersted in the porn than actually posts, regardless of quality any real threads mostly get ignored.



>modern hardware

>(mostly) open firmware, can be maintained by community for security updates even if purism move on later

>Alpine Linux

>can turn off wireless while not at home or work or etc. to stop eternal commercial tracking from other botnet devices

If postmarketos andor purism gets a mascot by then I'll mastirbate to them for a week straight



if that happens to poat TRIBUTE thread on 4chan's /b/ and 8chans /b/ with the code "FUkin NIGA ALpiNE ON MAcsot HOE, For my niggaer lienux'




Read the fucking conversation you retarded pieces of shit and tell me where I stated that I want to run android apps.



If you're unlucky enough to live in EU the price will be 25% higher because muh import tax.



>>/ausneet/ here, australia is basicly EU but a bit better and worse, will the same thing take place in here?



Unfortunately, yes. But the monthly fee option is something very rare for ordering directly from a foreign business where I live. Especially if it ships worldwide from North America.

They usually expect you to pay everything up front here.


Yes, and I know the worst parts. Especially the prices.

It's like combining British Culture with American Living Standards and Politicians straight out of Singapore's Big Nanny School.

But hey, it works...






how do i set it up?



Are you retarded?



fuck you!



>based directly on Debian

With or without systemD?



Why don't people like systemDick? I haven't looked into it to much so pardon my ignant



Pure OS is approved by RMS, so this would be the perfect phone for him



the cia niggas



True but not entierly. Installing a free OS still has other benefits, such as limiting the total amount of CIA_nigger_ware running in your device. Also, I am more worried about companies like Google, MS and Fagbook.



Open a searx instance and search "Arguments against systems" you ignant motherfucker.

Don't shit up the thread.




aren't all of them dead at this point? I might try out aftermarket when i get my old n5 back from a friend


This thread is already shit>>1030042


File: 53fcf90573fb2c7⋯.jpeg (12.26 KB, 219x265, 219:265, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)


>my ignant

>not muh ignant

newfag perhaps?



Let's see some of your threads genius








CIA Nigger, you glow in the dark. i know it's you



bumo bump oola








double nigger



Arnold scharwsanigger


Android is the best open source mobile operating system!



For now, when pureOS gets mobile forks system goodbye moonman to Android


/e/ is my favorite right now. After the Librem 5 launches I'll probably upgrade to that







Lol if any it would be Necuno to get the closest RYF certified phone and not Librem botnet (unless they step up their game and STOP larping as some privacy savior hype fest).


The only reverse engineered from ground up and partially working but usable stuff is Replicant's Samsung RIL which is sadly just still 3G and we're running out of time now that the world is planning to shut down 3G considering the fact around 95% of the world is 4G ready.

They're working currently on QMI RIL which is planned to bring 4G without the baseband botnet.



>he probably preordered Librem 5

>he didn't preorder Necunos



QT was exactly designed for mobile use so expect it to be ready once Neko Phone is out with plasma mobile.




Google used portage to easily migrate code into both ARM/x86 devices so that's where the compatibility is. The problem is you won't have sim toolkit for that toy.







Do you happen to be that obsessive reddit troll?

Anyway, what they are offering is far superior to competitors in their market. Its not perfect. Some of their marketing is exaggerated and preachy. It is still the best affordable and accessable option by a very large margin.

OpenBSD on EOMA68 isn't going to drag normalfags towards security, and unless you go full hermit and avoid most humans (good luck getting a job) then the insecurity or inprivacy of the people you interact with directly harms your own.



Why was this thread autosaged?


this whole issue does a pretty good job of demontrating the issue with free software. It just can't compete with proprietary corporate products.

Google can dump tons of money into developing hardware and software (android), since they know they can get money from OEMs and also sell user data to recoup the cost.

Purism or whatever can't do that, so they end up having to hike up the prices to cover their risk, which put their products out of the price range of most freetards. Best solution is to have some corporation sponsor development of a free operating system, kind of like how the linux kernel has paid devs contributing to it working for different companies.



Librem5 is about as good as it gets; it still has a low-level blob for DRAM PHY training though.

For some God-awful reason, the FSF has a exemption for proprietary blobs that can't be modified, so Purism is trying to lock down one of the i.MX cores to get through that loophole.

Read here if you want: https://puri.sm/posts/librem5-solving-the-first-fsf-ryf-hurdle/

Haven't heard much about Necuno, sounds like a slightly less powerful Librem5

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