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File: 18465cb8b5d560d⋯.jpg (29.85 KB, 670x503, 670:503, 18465cb8b5d560d825cd85ddf6….jpg)


Greetings /tech/,

Is it possible to "own" your own website without needing to "buy" the domain name and pay for server hosting?

How does this specifically work?

I have hear the name "ICANN" mentioned, what part do they play in domain names? and why do you have to register with them in the first place?

Is there a way to have an "unregistered" website hosted on a home server?

Would there be any legal ramifications to this?

Please help me to learn.

>pic unrelated



yes, just host your own server (that is, buy a physical computer and place it on the internet with some web server, nginx for instance) or use a free hosting.

You can of course connect with its internet address if you have one.


Yes it's theoretically possible but in practise, that domain name won't be recognized in the real world. That's because the world DNS servers respect ICANN's authority.



To clarify a bit,

Would it be possible for me to make my own website, host it on my own home server, and have it be accessible through the WWW without getting fucko'd or it not working?

like if I decided to create "dankassmemes.com" or .net .org .info, or whatever, would it

1. be able to be connected to via the internet


2. cause ICANN or whatever to come fuck my tender sweet asshole over some kind of communications violation

places like godaddy.com (domain name services) charge you money for this (the only reason I can figure out is 1. registering your shit with ICANN, and 2. hosting your stuff)



so does that mean that if I were to type into the search bar "dankassmemes.com" that nothing will come up because the DNS servers will see that it isn't registered and disregard it?




You can setup your own private dns. Anybody who uses your private dns will be able to see your domain name, but other dns servers wont propagate it for you unless registered.



>how do I research web hosting

The questions you ask indicate you would get "fucko'd" with - especially if you posted or advertised on here.

If you set up your home web server you would have an IP address but no (domain) name connected to that IP. When you "buy a domain" you are renting a collection of words. You may have to pay to have those words pointed to your web server (mapping the domain) depending on who / how you bought the domain name from. Otherwise you edit the records yourself to map the domain (point the words to) your IP address.

You may need a static IP address from your ISP, since they may periodically assign you a different one (e.g. you reset your modem/router and they get you a new one)

It is essentially getting your 'name' associated with a phone number in an address book. You can change your phone number (IP address), but your contact details (domain registration records) would need updating, so when someone calls your name in the contacts (domain registration redirects connections for your domain name to your IP address) your phone rings (the connection comes to your web server)

Go watch some ICANN videos, seriously.

And read through ALL of any service contracts. Cheap places like godaddy own the domain you register with them, and sub-lease it to you. So if you wanted to move hosts you're fucked unless you pay megabuck$, since they control the domain.



Yes, get a real """domain name""" such as .onion or one on i2p or freenet.


domains are botnet, use straight ipv6 addresses like a whiteman




daily reminder that godaddy is botnet



IP addresses are botnet too. white men use public key based keys. you must be a slav or jew something, which is not white


s/based keys/based names/



slavs are white



>you must be a slav

>which is not white

Sick of this nig-tier D&C. Kill yourself.


For ghetto web server you can use a free dynamic dns provider to assign a public name to your ip.


>search for domain names on godaddy

>find a nice one

>come back an hour later to buy it

>its been taken




Not OP but am I correct in this assumption :

You can host your own Web server, and access it through the Internet with that server's address, right? You don't actually need a domain name if you have the IP. How do you find out what the server's Internet facing address even is and how does it get assigned?

I guess the last part is more of an IP question so I'll have to read on my own.




Shoo leddit



You dumbfuck! Godaddy is botnet!

They do domain harvesting - they buy up domains they think people are interested in buying/using - so when you searched they said "ah that ledditor will want to buy this", so they bought it before you did.

Check the domain name records. I'd be suprised if you don't find godaddy as the domain registrar (though they may use a shell company to hide it because they are shady fucks like that)


File: 4879c94dd5da58e⋯.png (3.12 MB, 1650x1907, 1650:1907, 1528467579183.png)


Yes. Browser is nothing more than a HTTP(S) protocol interface which also renders the content graphically(also includes JavaScript compiler but eh). HTTP(S) protocol is built over TCP/IP which means that it uses IP addresses for access to servers. The shiney domain is just an alias. Those aliases are linked to IP addresses by the means of your DNS. If you paid your DNS sheekels to add your custom domain to their lists, you wouldn't have to search for providers. If you try "ping" command on an URL, it will ask your DNS for the IP address and use that. Otherwise you get "URL couldn't be resolved" or a similar error.



Why didn't the namecoin thing ever take off? Wasn't that to create a blockchain based domain name authority, with no centralized authority?

Does it not scale or something?



anyone who's not using a free name should kill themselves anyway. what fucking forced americunt idea is a market of domain names. we could have a secure naming system but no retard goyim have been sold the idea of brand names for websites


case in point


it's the jews



>it's the jews

Do you mean Namecoin is run by jews, or that the jews are preventing it from becoming popular?



Namecoin works. I'm using OpenNIC, and can browse .bit domains fine.



>Namecoin works. I'm using OpenNIC,


>By using .bit/Namecoin through OpenNIC, you are not benefiting from Namecoin's decentralized and secure nature. OpenNIC's service resolving these domains is only intended to be used for testing purposes with non-sensitive data if you do not have the knowledge, time, or resources to set up a local resolver.



Yes, let me repeat. I am using OpenNIC to access namecoin domains, I am not running a namecoin client.


My deeper point, if someone missed that as well was that these alternate domain systems are out there and working, but people need to use them. OpenNIC is a pretty easy sell to everyone.

So the answer to what happened to namecoin is: What do you care you don't use namecoin?



the latter


what the fuck, such a cuckmode exists?




>Ugh, that's such a scam! Pouty face!!!!



Important to remember that most modern ISPs will block incoming http request and hide the computers on your network behind a NAT. You'll also have to call and ask for a static IP if you don't want to have to keep re-registering your domain and set up port-forwarding to get out from behind NAT


>Is it possible to "own" your own website without needing to "buy" the domain name and pay for server hosting?

>Is there a way to have an "unregistered" website hosted on a home server?

if you have a home server it's not free, you are paying anyway, for:

-hardware cost (including fixing or replacing parts that died)

-electricity cost

-heating and air conditioning cost (server cannot work at very low or very high temperatures)

-building cost (need a place to store the server)

-internet cost

but yes, you can have a website on home server if you have IP address without NAT (visible and accessible from outside). if you don't have that, you will have to pay to your ISP to provide you unique IP

you won't have a domain, people will have to visit it by IP address (or .onion address, .onion domains are almost free)

also good luck hosting your website in your home when someone will upload CP on it


>places like godaddy.com (domain name services) charge you money for this (the only reason I can figure out is 1. registering your shit with ICANN, and 2. hosting your stuff)

you can get an .onion domain if you don't want to pay domain niggers. but then nobody will visit your website because nobody uses Tor



>because nobody uses Tor

using hidden services isn't a requirement for using TOR friend.


You can use the free .onion domain names.



Also See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_tasting


Your only real cost is for electricity and the initial hardware cost. I doubt OP is going to be running a site big enough to require him to upgrade his home's air conditioning system, expand the size of his house, or flood his current internet connection.

>also good luck hosting your website in your home when someone will upload CP on it

Just make sure you don't have a small fleshlight laying around when you get raided.


but connecting to a .onion does


There are some free subdomain services, but because they're free it's difficult/impossible to run a reliable mail server as spammers get the domain added to blacklists. They're fine for a small site/server if you really can't get some cheap name from a registrar.

Most consumer broadband uses dynamic ip addressing, so whenever the router is reset/the lease expires, the ip changes. If you're hosting from home you'll want a static IP, some ISPs can provide you with one as a consumer, if they don't you can switch to a business plan and request one or more static IPs. Then forward the relevant ports for whatever you're hosting. letsencrypt.org lets you generate free SSL certs for your site so normie browsers don't shit the bed.


Is it possible to register a domain directly instead of going through a reseller like domain.com?




Just walk in to the ICANN headquarters and tell them your there for business. When the boss comes to escort you to his office give him a firm handshake. Tell him you're there for business and would like to purchase one of his fine quality internet names. Make sure your wearing your best suit.





Yes it is. You become your own registrar, but that's more expensive than just paying a registrar to do it for you.



>Yes it is

No it isn't retard. You still have to go through ICANN to get it registered. I'm pretty sure you still have to pay fees to ICANN and whoever owns the TLD you are making the domain for.

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