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File: fcc3ebf178188c9⋯.jpg (52.99 KB, 580x580, 1:1, m_5553d2c1d6b4a161a40001d4.jpg)


>Dad: What the hell is a Li-nooks, son?

>Dad: Did you reformat my computer again with that damn Uhb-bun-ta, Anon! *cracks belt*

>Dad: Anon, you're not going to get a girlfriend with that weird shit.

>Dad: Get a job, freeloader.


>you haven't told your dad about Linux

>you use Ubuntu

>you haven't had a long conversation with your dad about how incredibly gynocentric the laws are and thus how his grandkids are going to have to come out of an artificial womb--when they make one

>you don't have a job


>you have no dad because your mother divorce raped him


File: f78ce1fd81c4cb3⋯.jpg (13.51 KB, 250x162, 125:81, 250px-Ken_Thompson_and_Den….jpg)


>Dad: What the hell is a Vim, son?

>Dad: You better not be doing open source and POSIX, Anon! (unloops belt)

>Dad: Anon, you're not going to get a girlfriend with that weird shit. (starts rubbing his dick up and down your back)

>Dad: Get a job, free rider (he pumps your ass on and off his dick while you moan in i3wm)


File: 8fc04387ecd44a0⋯.jpg (120.99 KB, 1278x993, 426:331, 1546900166151.jpg)


My dad has used Ubuntu for about a year but he's still scared of the terminal.



File: 34dce948b1af7c1⋯.webm (6.78 MB, 640x360, 16:9, java.webm)

Reminds me of webm related.


I force my parents to use fedora so I don't get a call every 3 days asking for help.


>A few years ago

>Dad: Son, the computer is broken again. It's probably something you did, you need to fix it now.

>It's another virus

>I tell him there's no way to fix the computer without installing Linux

>Assure him all his software will run

>Fix up the hardware, clean the thing out

>Install YLMFOS, xp clone

>Get wine set up

>Install all his Windows software

>Tweak the whole thing to basically look identical to his old xp machine with all his files and everything restored

>Dad uses computer for a week, no complaints, only had to explain something once, he literally just clicks desktop shortcuts which he can't accidentally delete because I made it impossible

>I come home one day to find him sitting in the dining room on a new laptop, it's an over priced piece of plastic chink shit from "PC World."

>Dad: Hey son, I've bought a new laptop. I need you to transfer all my files on here and get the wifi working.

>Me: But Dad, what about your computer?

>Dad: Oh you can use that from now on if you want.

>The wifi doesn't work. It's n and my Dads' ancient router is a/b only.

>He then apparently "has" to upgrade the router to something with 5Ghz according to pajeet on the phone from the ISP company.

>The new laptop is such utter shit, the heatsink draws air from under the laptop but it leaves almost zero clearance, so my dad leaves the thing plugged in and running all night sitting on the flat table and the fan burns out.

>Dad takes the thing back and they replace it and also sell him a laptop cooling pad, to keep the thing from burning out again.

>To add to his frustration, it came with Windows 8 and he doesn't understand how it works very well and he complains at me constantly to show him how to do things and I say "Sorry Dad, I only know how to use Linux."


File: 92120fd3c851a86⋯.png (66.95 KB, 1456x1108, 364:277, loungepepe.png)

I put Mandrake on me dad's computer in 2006, but couldn't figure out how to also boot Windows with GRUB so I deleted the MBR and told him a virus did it


>not having The Talk with your dad about his porn browsing habits and why that's the most likely way the computer is getting viruses (and questioning why he likes BLACKED.COM porn so much)

You don't need to install gentoo for that.





Apparently, installing a content blocker on the default browser and blacklisting every porn website aside from the most mainstream ones does wonders for a porn addict's computer. Learnt all of this from a friend.





Fuck off with your guro


File: d7b3fc510e27775⋯.png (1.2 MB, 720x1024, 45:64, assblast.png)


Oh god i hate that feel so goddamn much.

>anon can you fix the computer?

<why is everything green? where is word? "pen office" is this a bad word? put it back to how it was before.

<anon what are you doing with the printer?! you will break it if you keep doing that!

>the printer was not working properly so i'm checking the toner

<what the fuck is a "toonuhr"?! stop that, you don't know what you are doing you flunked college!


>Mom: What the hell is a Li-nooks, son?

>Me: it doesn't matter it just works and, btw, you don't have root and BIOS passwords anyway, so that's what you're gonna use from now on, want it or not.

>Mom: O....okay.

kind of like that if you do it the right way



The last two are facts tho.


I installed Ubuntu on my mom's laptop because she couldn't stop getting viruses every month while using wingblows.

She's happy with it and i'm glad i don't have to clean shit up anymore.


File: 98e5163000f4ee0⋯.jpg (216.36 KB, 918x597, 306:199, 1509086869861.jpg)

>dad is actually into computers

>build computers with my dad

>teaches me practically all the fundamentals and more to let me go off and fuck around with more complex shit

>"I know you're real good with computer, son, but just remember who taught you"

>dad proceeds to get divorce raped and I barely ever see him outside vacations and phone calls

Th-thanks Dad







Excommunicate your vile mother, reconnect with your father.



You must dispose of your "mother", honour thy bond with your father.

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