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File: a6b1a327f659e2b⋯.jpg (104.96 KB, 838x720, 419:360, 1529959884175.jpg)

File: 88887aa11c35f48⋯.mp4 (4.11 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 88887aa11c35f486f37523cdae….mp4)


The old thread passed the bump limit so I figured I'd make a fresh one. Discuss your old hardware. Are you fixing anything?

I have an IDE to mSATA adapter and an mSATA SSD coming in the mail to fix my thinkpad.


Is it really necessary to start a new thread when the old one reaches bump order? People can still find it by searching the catalog, right?



I'm proud, I've never had one of my threads reach their bump limit before.



I guess not necessary, but it's on its way down anyway.



No one is going to look for old threads in the catalog. Don't be autistic.


File: 5dd37d23c2e1028⋯.jpg (493.46 KB, 1024x791, 1024:791, 1453929025752.jpg)


It was a good thread mate


What would you guys say is the single best computer from the '80s? To be more specific, if you only had space for a few computers an had to pick one from 1980-1989, which one would you keep and why?


The Amiga. Well built, room for expansions and the software selection is really good. Just buy a PC '90-'91 tho, don't try to upgrade to an AGA model.



so like the one in the picture I posted? I have no experience with Amigas but a lot of experience with DOS. I figured I'd try to get a PC XT or something since I don't have much space, and I wanted to have one computer for 1980-89, and one for 1990-99. I do play a lot of DOS games but I suppose many of those were ported to the Amiga anyway?

by the way, why a '90 or '91? if possible I'd prefer something from earlier simply out of historical significance I guess.



Nice peripherals which were designed for business, not some cheap-chinese sci-fi spaceship control knockoff to appeal to niggers playing shoot'em ups.


File: e34499bf2a2ba78⋯.png (40.79 KB, 800x600, 4:3, gwdeZ.png)


Amiga 3000 for me. I almost got one in 1994 too. It was only like $700 because the guy had already switched to PC (and C= was in bankruptcy). I wanted the 25 MHz model though, and his was only 16 MHz, and without any memory expansions or anything. Also no monitor (A3000 can use VGA monitor and he kept it for his PC). Well I fucked up, and always regret not buying it. Those are really hard to find now too. Well everything Amiga is expensive now, so I just give up. I just have ARM board now. At least I'm not a PC lamer anymore. :D



The Amiga 4000 was pretty much the last nail in Commodores' coffin, which is funny since it's worth so much for all the hipsters now. I have a lot of OCS era expansions for the Amiga (I'm the anonfag in the last thread who talked about how he got them when Commodore went bust) and I would not recommend one. Disregarding the Battery/Capacitor damage they have, they're consistently undervolted by (shitty) design and therefore unstable, AGA/Zorro III is buggy/unfinished and getting expansions for them is difficult and expensive and they're just not lots of fun and you'll regret getting one. If it absolutely has to be an Amiga, Get an A500. Some german guys designed a small 68k 16 Mhz + IDE Port expansion for it. If you google around and know a little bit of EE, you could rebuilt it yourself. (The hardest part would be getting the 5V RAM chips it has, but I'm sure the chinese have that stuff.. also maybe the 68k chips, no idea if/how rare they got now) Then get an SDCard-Floppy emulator. You'll be able to run all programs that are interesting to run if you have no nostalgic investment. Just please don't cut up the case for the Floppy emulator. No matter how apt you are, it'll looks like shit. With some (reversible) soldering you can connect it to the external floppy port and the Amiga will recognize it as drive 0. (which is important as drive numbers are hardwired into most games)

Well, I assumed with your question you meant "if you could go back in time". If you're actually looking for a system to use now, I'd go with a PC, the software selection is a lot bigger. If you want something truly nobody uses and doesn't need any space (albeit from a later time) I'd get an earlier Cyrix/NS MediaGX Thinclient. Tiny energy-saving computers that can be had for a pittance on eBay and they're somewhere between a P166 - P233 MMX performancewise. You can get lots of stuff running on them. If you want something with more historical relevance, an IBM PS/2E. Tiny, fanless system with fast IBM 486DLC CPU and optional FPU. Needs the fitting, IBM approved ECC RAM though. I have one - cool, high quality system. Love it.



198X: C64C

199X: iMac G3, complementing 200X

200X: P3 PC, complementing 199X

This is the most versatile setup for my interests. The G3 can be swapped out for a P3 and the 200X P3 can be swapped out for a PPC Mac Mini but the other way around is preferable since it gets you OS 8 rather than OS X.


File: f4e13c36b8ebd1a⋯.jpg (530.24 KB, 2576x1936, 161:121, 20181006_002.jpg)

Can we all agree that Dell Precisions are GOAT next to Toughbooks and IBM ThinkPads?

I have two more Precisions but don't have a pic of them. Currently fucking around with a beater M6400 as we speak.



God I would love a PowerBook. Apple might be shit, I wouldn't say no to a Pismo with a G4 swapped CPU board.


File: 2b35c71315779a0⋯.jpg (892.19 KB, 2576x1936, 161:121, 20180218_005.jpg)


Speaking of old hardware, here's a Compaq ProLiant I sold last year with a Pentium II in it. Great machine, not so great is that HP paywalls everything because muh enterprise.



what do you mean? they paywalled drivers or something like that?



You need to have a account or some shit with HPe to acces old ProLiant drivers, pretty fucked up stuff.



jeez. what a shitshow. you would think they wouldn't feel the need to bend you over for 30 year old drivers.



>not some cheap-chinese sci-fi spaceship control knockoff to appeal to niggers playing shoot'em ups.

what system are you talking about here anon



Look at anything marketed towards gaymers.


File: 10f4a5a693c5b3c⋯.jpg (39 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 00i0i_gB2gULr4h9L_600x450.jpg)

Should I grab these? 35 bucks for both of them on CL. I would have jumped on it, but it's a city away and not easy for me to get to.



it also seems like the Amiga 500 can run an emulator for the c64 and early DOS games.

>thin client

I could only find one of those on ebay at the moment. also hard to find the ps/2e rather than a regular old ps/2.

I guess if I were to get something I'd probably go for an Amiga 500, then. It uses 3.5" diskettes, right? I have some lying around that I could use, but I guess writing to them would be a problem. if I put a game onto one from a PC would the diskette even be readable by the 500?

for 1990 and newer I'd probably build a nice DOS PC with a Pentium MMX or something. Well, I might not even actually build it because it seems like buying a tower on ebay is cheaper than sourcing all the parts.

I just saw a video online where an Amiga 500 is connected to the Internet and got it working with email too.


and with the right packet driver you can get a DOS computer online as well.



The one on the right is a Satellite 430cdt. I don't know what the one on the left is, T9i60ct?



Do it. I had loads of the Pentium era Toshibas over the years and they're solid machines.



For 35, do it. You could probably sell one for more than that on ebay anyway to make up for your perceived losses traveling a city away or whatever.



A 486 and Pentium?

I'd say go for it.



Looks like a consensus has been reached buddy. I'll be expecting you to post pictures once they are in your posession



Many 4xx Toshiba laptops are great because thay have true Yamaha sound chips, very versatile processors and can accept either a FDD or a CD drive. They're also valuable to a niche of mechanics because some span of some sports car has hardware that has a hard time interfacing with anything else. 'd do it for that price so long as it takes less than 3 or 4 hours to fetch.


I just want a Compaq Presario with Windows 98SE and a Pentium II.



One more day until my stuff arrives. I can't wait to reinstall windows XP and devuan on my thinkpad.

Played with devuan in a virtual machine and XFCE runs alright on 256MB,but its cutting it close. Are there any other light weight DEs similar to XFCE that I could use? I like XFCE because I can make it look like windows classic



What makes you say apple might be shit? The Power line-up was a beautiful line of interesting computers, much more exciting than another IBM clone. The apple of today is not the apple of the 90s/2000s.



Not him but most Apple products are painful to maintain. Dozens of screws, a CD drive, ten connectors, your neighbor's car's alternator, all coming out just to access the HDD. Many flat or tower profile Power Macintoshes suffer from this as well or have their own problems. It only got worse after Jobs came back (iMac, 1998). It's like he barged into the design and engineering departments and beat the shit out of them until they agreed to bury the wear-and-tear parts down under as many boards, shields and cables as possible.

That said, while I dislike Apple Computers (big C), I certainly do not dislike Apple computers (small c). System 4, OS 8.1 and Panther/Tiger are important operating systems to me, along with appropriate hardware. Though I was never much of a Mac user, I used a few of them and the ecosystem was a catalyst for many things I hold dear. Then there's also the basic appeal; everything from early Macintoshes to their newer, pre-aluminium consumer hardware was simply stunning. The company's historical lineup and evolution is the most accessible viewport into the history and evolution of consumer computing, the Internet and all that entails. I just wish I could play around with them as easily as you can play around with most of their competition.



I found an older macbook 1 or something (not sure, probably before 2005) and it was pretty nice, but hard to open up. I just wanted to see if I could fix it up and I cut my hands and got metal splinters in my fingers jusy trying to open it because its all glued together and stuff.


Is it really worth buying a PPC Mac? I use SSH with my T42 already, but I feel a desire to buy a G4...


File: 354dee95b5a7917⋯.jpg (392.68 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, kmandla.jpg)


Trinity, LXDE.. or how about just running a window manager with your choice of applications (IceWM with SpaceFM etc)


File: 5f91e6de5166356⋯.jpg (304.44 KB, 1880x2256, 5:6, g4-quicksilver-700.jpg)




The iBooks are a pain to service, PowerBooks easier, Power Macs the best (but loud)



>Amiga 4000T

It's a 90s computer




It's certainly pretty difficult, but at least it's doable... unlike neo-Apple machines.


File: d0e777dfaa18525⋯.png (4.56 KB, 305x128, 305:128, !.png)


What you should get depends entirely on what you want to do. If you're going to use a non-Apple OS and are just trying to escape x86, I'm sure there's better alternatives. An ARM single-board PC probably comes close to a G4 performance-wise at a lower watt rating.





>An ARM single-board PC probably comes close to a G4 performance-wise at a lower watt rating.

Part of the appeal is the lack of botnet, but mostly it'd be a vanity purchase... IMO the best "modern" IBM ThinkPad was the T42, and I get great use out of it with SSH. I'd do the same with G4. OpenBSD support seems to be good, right?



> running a window manager with your choice of applications (IceWM with SpaceFM etc)

can you explain this a bit more? I'm not very experienced with Linux DEs and stuff. how would this work?


I didn't intend for it to be pic related, just wanted to post a nice image


the T40 series was really good IMO but I think it had some build quality issues. my T40 feels less stiff and sturdy than my T430. the palmrest is cracked and the screen connector has issues. It's 15 years old and I don't know what the previous owner did, but still. the SSD will be a nice upgrade, but having empty PCMCIA slots lets the left side of the palmrest flex a bit too much.


File: 69fcd0c6db40195⋯.jpg (316.49 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1549577120798.jpg)

Stupid question and might be offtopic but

What are these coils for in my PSU (it's for an old ass PC I'm about to clean up) and what are the chances it will give me the big ol zip zap? It's from around 2004, never been opened, and i plan to

Model and brand is ISO-450PP

It wasn't powered on since November



It's probably a transformer.

You can discharge the caps by placing a load on it, like a fan to one of the molex connectors, and then i think you short the power switch pin with the ground pin on the 20 / 24 pin connector. The fan will either spin for a little bit or nothing. If you haven't had the thing on in the past 15 years, I highly doubt there is any charge left in the caps.



It was on last time in November



>4 months

They might have a small charge on them, but I'd definitely discharge them before opening it up to be careful. Just look for an ATX header pinout, either 20 or 24 pin, and connect a wire between ground pin and power switch pin.


File: ae97de42d07e51d⋯.jpg (121.2 KB, 800x450, 16:9, The-Most-Colorful-LEGO-Mil….jpg)


Think of your favorite distro like painted and sometimes softly glued together LEGO bricks...


File: 946d8f06cf35902⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 3712x2380, 928:595, IMG_20190208_001725.jpg)


Alright, thanks

Can you help me identify which one is which?


File: 1d43ce867fdecde⋯.png (24.39 KB, 436x316, 109:79, atx-pinout.png)


Are you sure that psu is from 2004? I never ran into one with a separate CPU plug from then.

Anyways, you have the 24 pin header, so look at the ATX 2 side of this picture.

See where it says PS_ON# for pin 5, the green wire? Stick some insulated wire into that pin then stick the other end into one of the black wires that say COM (that means COMMON).

Don't forget to have a load like a fan hooked up to one of the molex connectors.

It shouldn't take but an instant to discharge the caps.



Whoops, it's not pin 5, it's pin 16 for the PS_ON#.


My 68k Mac Peforma is probably the cleanest engineered system from that time period I've ever seen. It doesn't have a single screw. I kinda want to buy more 68k Macs but the need for more than one escapes me. I thought the other day that all these black and white apps the old Macs had would be perfect for an eInk screen. The retro scene in my country slaughtered the 68k Macs for their CPUs and FPUs.

The Amiga 500 has Hardware emulation for everything up to 286. I know of two expansions, a 286 one (with 286 CPU and glue FPGA) that clips to the 68k cpu socket, and a 8088 one (with 8088 CPU) that goes where the memory expansion goes. It also has 512 kb of RAM which can be used as memory expansion when the PC is not active. Also a clock.

Funnily enough, both manage to be faster than PCs from that time period because of the Amiga graphics chipset. You are limited to 32 colors though.


File: 884b86cb3a9e716⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 31KCH-XqE6L._SL500_AC_SS35….jpg)


molex is the 4 pin that looks like this right?

And I wire it to yellow and black if the fan is 12V, right?

Thanks a lot for your help anon



>The retro scene in my country slaughtered the 68k Macs for their CPUs and FPUs.


How is the tube on these old AIOs holding up, by the way? I imagine phosphor degradation is less noticeable in B&W than in color.


File: c984f92aaccfac3⋯.jpg (7.12 MB, 6000x4000, 3:2, IMG_0052.jpg)

Picked up an Amiga 1200. Shown here disassembled - I need to replace the floppy drive, clean the case, and disassemble the keyboard to replace a busted stem.


File: a2ba49e725ab515⋯.jpg (6.22 MB, 6000x4000, 3:2, IMG_0057.JPG)

And also fix this.. thing. The guy that owned this before apparently had to fix the LED board, and not only did he not install it right-side-up, he did the worst soldering job in the known multiverse.



File: 85a32cb16421dfa⋯.jpg (16.31 KB, 400x300, 4:3, IMG_0191.jpg)


PS: Any clever way to connect these hyperdrive devices into standard CF readers?



My socket A Sempron machine has a seperate CPU power connector on the motherboard, so it's not entirely unheard of during that era. Besides, I'm pretty sure P4s used those ever since socket 478.



It has been 15 years. Maybe I just forgot.



Yeah that's molex. From quick websearch, it says yellow is 12V.



nice. but

>LCD monitor

step it up anon



You also want to replace the SMD-Caps, they should all be leaking to some degree by now if the previous owner didn't replace them. Very common failure mode for A1200.



it's sacrilege i know, but it seems the junked CRT market here has dried up. Not gonna bother looking online, because fuck everything about shipping CRTs.




I had a 13 inch CRT shipped from ebay. I actually paid only 45 bucks total for it, so not too bad. The thing is its a TV not a monitor. Either way I got really lucky.

When I have more money though I wouldn't mind dropping a couple hundred on a nice monitor, but for now I have to wait.



You could get the fastest G4 (1.42Ghz) in the last PPC mac mini.

It works with Tiger and NetBSD supports it well. I run NetBSD on one and its rock solid. I had over a year uptime on 8.0_beta and only rebooted to put 8.0 on. It's my main file server and torrent machine with a bunch of 2TB external usb drives hanging off it with a usb hub.

I use the mini because of power consumption. I have a G5 DP Power mac and that fucker can use 800watts at full tilt.


File: 45a7b262ae61dab⋯.jpeg (566.52 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, IMG_8637.JPG.jpeg)

File: 970de93d22e70fa⋯.png (348.38 KB, 450x800, 9:16, VICMAN.png)

File: 4e8c306e1e96c7c⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 460x276, 5:3, IMG_8620.JPG)


> if you only had space for a few computers an had to pick one from 1980-1989, which one would you keep and why?

My gramps old VIC20 has really been growing on me lately. It's actually the 1st computer I ever used. I have tons of 8bit machines and if I had to pick only 1 I would keep the VIC.

My latest quest is to port KERMIT to it. Kermit was implemented in basic on the Tandy M100 so it should be possible on an expanded VIC.




whoa. some of these are pretty cheap on ebay. Like 60 bucks, not bad. Only problem is most of them are untested, which means they were tested and don't work.

I also don't have any extra monitors, just my TV, so I guess I'd have to get a composite video cable, right?

and why the VIC-20 over, say the C64? is it just for personal reasons?

>My latest quest is to port KERMIT to it

this looks pretty cool too.


File: d51dda6da719953⋯.jpg (543.09 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Commodore-Vic-20-005-Mothe….JPG)

File: af8dae6442b0ed4⋯.gif (3.98 KB, 439x348, 439:348, vic20boot.gif)

File: 0de59b4debcba60⋯.png (332.16 KB, 1096x714, 548:357, VICMANstop.png)


>>and why the VIC-20 over, say the C64? is it just for personal reasons?

Nostalgia and sentimental reasons i guess. There C64 is a better machine in every way since it evolved from the vic.

The things the vic20 has going for it is its a very simplistic machine so it isn't hard to understand every aspect of it. They even give you the schematic in the programmers manual. The community for it is small but dedicated and helpful. There has also been some neat hardware and homebrew software put out for it in the last few years. I just picked up a great multicart/ramcart for it.


I also have a

>VIC datasette

>VIC1541 drive

>VIC modem plus that "smart" 1200 CBM modem shown above

>HES 5 slot expansion interface

>RTTY/Morse code interface and a MFJ Packet TNC

>> just my TV, so I guess I'd have to get a composite video cable, right?

It has composite out and they came with RF modulators so you could tune it in on an old TV. The resolution is so low (22col text lol) anything would do.



these old linear regulators are really inefficient. I brought the heat down a lot in an old C64 just by replacing it with a 7805 switching-mode drop-in replacement. Just should get a high quality one, they produce virtually no heat at these power levels. Also takes off some load of the power supply


File: 894a09ec8c1783a⋯.png (53.59 KB, 243x296, 243:296, v.png)




File: 9a75cd95f2b393d⋯.jpg (230.2 KB, 1470x1250, 147:125, VICMAN_want_food.jpg)


> 7805 switching-mode drop-in replacement

Thanks ill look in to that. I never knew there was such a thing.

I also want to get a heatsink of the 6560 and I read about replacing a few of the other large chips like the 6502 and 6522 with modern equivalents (Rockwell?) that run cooler. The machine does get toasty.


>>1029097 replying to a post from the old thread

AMD's first socket with 64-bit CPUs was socket 754 from what I'm aware, and as far as I know- there aren't any 64-bit CPUs for socket a. Given that Sempron is among the last CPUs released for the socket, and is actually newer than the original Athlon 64- the likelihood of there being 64 bit or SSE2 versions is slim.


How far is it possible to go with replacement chips like that?



Apple certainly pumped out a lot of shit case designs. The case for the 8100 will always stay with me as being a fucking nightmare. However there were some designs that got it right.

Performa 6200

Remove 4 screws at the back and the motherboard would pull out on a tray. There was even a built in handle to pull on. It was a nice idea but the design of the rest of the case still made changing drives difficult.

Power Mac 7200

Working on this was almost pleasant. The entire top part of the case would lift off if you held down the two buttons at the front. This gave full access to the motherboard and drives.


Put it on it's side and press down on the top to open. No tools required

G3 and G4 towers

Pull up the lever on the side to open the side panel. It was like a hinged door.


File: a0c7f6d180ec742⋯.jpg (12.42 KB, 500x375, 4:3, SID.jpg)


>How far is it possible to go with replacement chips like that?

Not that far in CBM machines since Commodore owned their own fab: MOS.

Lots of the MOS chips in the vic20 and c64 are irreplaceable since MOS died with Commodore.



arent there any chink clones of it?




"It's Still in Production

Did you know that descendants of the 6502 are still in production? The Western Design Center, Inc, founded by Bill Mensch of Motorola and MOS fame, sells modern versions of the 6502 in both the classic 40 pin DIP package (appears to be pin-compatible with the original), as well as more modern surface mount packages. These are being used in all sorts of commercial devices, including external sound interfaces from companies like MOTU, medical devices and scanners, hand-held games and more. Bill Mensch is one of the holders of the 6502 patent, so who better to work on it today than him."



I hate ecelebs faggots for fucking up the prices on old hardware. Normalfags look up the model names on old computers because its easy and they see the prices on ebay and videos from shills fawning over them who are manipulating the market so they can sell shit they picked up cheap at a (((high markup))). Normalfags then ask ebay prices are for their nasty untested craigslist post. Same shit at the thrift stores but worse. This is enough to make me an emulatorfag! Sorry for ranty blogpost but this pisses me off. All Im left with is a 486 laptop.



good thing that i got my hardware before those fags were a thing



>I hate ecelebs faggots for fucking up the prices on old hardware. Normalfags look up the model names on old computers

That is only temporary.

All this nostalgia buys are of a certain age group, that were young when the specific hardware was desirable. Now older they try to revive their youth, get the stuff they could not have when they were young. That is not limited to computer, but true for many different things.

That stuff is losing it’s value again, when the relevant generation dies out.

Very rarely does stuff keep its value over time, usually luxury products that were expensive from the beginning.

> This is enough to make me an emulatorfag!

Me too, that is a function of not having enough space and no high value kit to begin with



Yes the 6502 is everywhere. I am talking about stuff like the SID, VIC-I and VIC-II.

You can get the PAL version of the VIC-1 (6561) from chink surplus because they where used in tons of things but the NTSC version (6560) is hard to find. There are counterfeits going for $25+ that are just random chips that where laser etched "MOS 6560-101" that don't work at all.. The CIA (6526) are also no longer made and go for $40-$50 2nd hand.

The main supply of real SID chips (6581) seems to be cannibalizing other C64s. There are counterfeits that kinda work


And there is an effort to recreate them with fpga's and the SwinSID project.

The C64 PLA chips have been reproduced successfully.

C64 uses a 6510 not a 6502 for the CPU. Those are still easy to find because they where made by a few companies but I don't know if a compatible DIP version is 'still in production'.



Do the people that bought that shit up because their favorite YouTube whore mentioned it sell it later at a loss or just trash it because they're normalcattle retards who couldn't figure out how to fix it after they inevitably break it?



>buy an old Mac

>use a non-Apple OS

That'd be silly. The point of getting one of those is running classic Mac programs that never got ported to other systems, like many games by Ambrosia and Pangea.


Are there any vintage laptops with some basic wireless networking capabilities? I want to get the oldest laptop I can that can run OpenBSD on it and use it for emails via mutt, lynx browsing, and other simple things. Found a Thinkpad 365x but I doubt I can get that thing on the internet.



ThinkPad T23 had a integrated WLAN option, or you could get a Pentium II era laptop with PC Card and use a 11B WLAN card.



For some reason I thought that the original c64 had the 6502 chip and that the c64c had the 6510 chip. But of course you are right and all c64 had 6510. But how can the 6502 be faster than the 6510? It can't be, right? This is what wikipedia says:

"MOS Technology 6510/8500

@ 1.023 MHz (NTSC version)

@ 0.985 MHz (PAL version)"


"MOS Technology 6502

@ 1.108404 MHz (PAL)

@ 1.02 MHz (NTSC)"




The problem with old built in wireless gear is it's always just WEP. You will have to find a PC Card that supports WPA2.


File: c0dfd2e724675b8⋯.jpg (72.48 KB, 623x432, 623:432, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


>But how can the 6502 be faster than the 6510

The 6510 is a custom 6502 with added IO lines. Commodore was able to do cool shit and lower chip count because they owned MOS. Everyone else had to work with off the shelf parts or spend big money to have custom chips made. CBM just had to pick up the phone and call their fab. Thats why Commodore machines are full of IC's that where only used in those machines.


File: 4316f5a3c9bb672⋯.png (349.11 KB, 508x335, 508:335, the pain never stops.png)


All of the things that could have come from them having a fab, and they did nothing with it. It still makes me mad that Commodore could have flexed their muscles and utterly dominated the market (or at least drastically change it), and instead they just sat around with their thumbs stuck up their asses.


File: 1937a63e041027b⋯.jpg (75.38 KB, 1200x639, 400:213, MOS_6502.jpg)


>and they did nothing with it.

I don't know what you mean by this. They did dominate under the Jack Tramiel years and they drastically changed the computing world. The c64 was the greatest selling computer of all time. Before that it was the vic20. All loaded with MOS chips. The Amiga was also loaded with custom chips made in house. And they had their competitors all coming to them to buy the 6502. Look at all the machines that where based off of that cpu. If you purchased an Apple2, Atari, Acorn, etc then CBM got paid. They also licensed the design to companies like Nintendo for the NES.

It is amazing though how quickly Irving Gould killed CBM. MOS actually emerged from the CBM implosion but the US EPA shut them down because a trichloroethylene tank leaked.



Ethernet -> small wireless router or something maybe?


I remember some programs here in PAL land switching the C64 into NTSC mode to be faster. This would kill graphics output which was acceptable though. I don't remember if it make an actual difference or if the program authors just thought it would. I actually don't even remember if this actually was a hardware hack or something that could be done by software. (hey, it was a long time ago)

A small guide for the prospective /tech/ C64 owner:

There was a worldwide shortage of 74xx TTL logic ICs in the 80s for a bit, MOS spun their own then to keep up with the high demand for Commodore machines. They love to break and are a very common defect in C64s. Thankfully, they're easily replaceable.

Commodore's CIAs are so failure prone in the C64 because they weren't protected in any way by users' shenanigans, static discharge at the joystick ports (by touching them with your fingers when fumbling in the dark for the power switch, for example) or some careless electronics engineering at the user port was enough to kill them. Same goes for the SID which also has direct lines to the joystick ports for paddles and an audio input at the video connector which not many people know about these days. My tip is to buy plastic caps to put on the ports if nothing is plugged in. The early SID also literally cooks itself to death sometimes with die temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Celsius, so I'd always heatsink it. There's a huge variance in these chips, even in how they sound.

What many people who buy replacement ICs don't know is that the Amigas' CIA (which break far less often as they're integrated differently into the computer) can be used in an C64 without problem, as they're basically the same chip. Commodore never changed that design until the end in any dramatic way. Doesn't work the other way around though.

The massive death of PLAs in early C64 models was almost certainly a manufacturing error, a failure to bond the ICs correctly, so they'd literally rot away internally. In early days they were replaced by EPROMs (as the PLA is basically a truth table) which pretty much worked in most cases but is not a good replacement and might or might not be bad for other ICs. It's better to use a modern PLA replacement these days.

Chips that come afterwards in how often they seemed to fail were the RAM (there always certain manufacturers like MT) the color RAM for the VIC II (which was later integrated into the PLA) and the VIC II itself. The RAM chips should still be easily available from electronics suppliers. The color RAM can be replaced with a static RAM part which uses less power and is less prone to go defective. The VIC should get a heatsink. Some models of the C64 came in a metal cage which metal pieces pressing down on these chips, making the metal cage act as heatsink. There were tons of revisions of the C64 mainboard.

I've rarely seen a 6510 fail and usually it was because of users' shenanigans. That's probably why nobody yet came up with a way to replace the 6510 with anything else. (except in the accelerator cards, obviously) There simply was no need.

In general the later, cost reduced C64C/II board is better as it is a lot less susceptible to failure. Commodore had aced the game of manufacturing C64s and it's ICs then, they're also much more highly integrated machines and the ICs were done in a different manufacturing process and don't get so hot. The VIC II in those late machines produces a clearer, less reddish picture, but has it's own bugs and particularities you can google. (You'll also never get a completely clear picture out of a C64, no matter how much stuff you replace, there's crosstalk directly on the die of the VIC) The later SID had a bug (actually no, it had a bug fixed the earlier SID had) which made sound samples produced through a trick a lot of earlier software used inaudible. It's reversible by a small hardware hack though.

Source: I used to repair these things for a living.

Usual Amiga failure points were Paula (Paula did the serial ports and floppy drives besides sound, also buttons at the gameports - lots of chance for that chip to get murdered) Denise (video) and the CIAs, defects were a lot rarer here though and usually operating mistakes by the user. We are all used to plug whenever and however with USB ports now, but with these old machines it's not a good idea. If you want to pull something out or plug something in, turn them off first. That's how you'll avoid most of the damage you can cause. Also static discharge. These old ICs are not well protected against it. You can rub a modern PC mainboard on the carpet and probably nothing will happen, this old stuff is a lot more susceptible though. These machines are not idiot proof, so use common sense. If I had to choose a computer for reliability I'd choose an Amiga 500 or 2000. (with their power supplies reworked) Well taken care off they'll survive you.


File: 75575fcb827ca21⋯.jpg (484.64 KB, 1101x800, 1101:800, 20170510-022220-image2prg-….jpg)


Tramiel is the key. More than once I've posted "OP is a Jew, but a cool Jew, like Jack Tramiel."

After he was kicked out, Commodore management was just a bunch of Gordon Gekkos just trying to strip-mine the place, and the company's survival lasted beyond the Amiga's launch was pretty-much just from the massive capitalization the company had.

But fuck the Amiga, though. $1000 for an ethernet card.. When the the free BSDs and Linux arrived, and otherwise IBM PCs/Windows could into TCP/IP for like 1/3rd the cost it would take for an Ami, 'everyone' knew they had to jump ship.


File: b42a886b1b406cb⋯.jpg (243.4 KB, 1200x618, 200:103, 20170507-002550-c64-esp826….jpg)

File: c7b4e4dd4453591⋯.jpg (289.08 KB, 1058x800, 529:400, 20170507-054159a-charlcake.jpg)



It was always my impression those really aren't too effective, as the case makes for static air. When I find a small v.low noise fan, I'll be trying that instead.


>>1030110 She looks yummy. I wanna rape her!



>In general the later, cost reduced C64C/II board is better as it is a lot less susceptible to failure.

Does this mean that this was fixed for the c64c and no longer an issue:

>Commodore's CIAs are so failure prone in the C64 because they weren't protected in any way by users' shenanigans, static discharge at the joystick ports (by touching them with your fingers when fumbling in the dark for the power switch, for example) or some careless electronics engineering at the user port was enough to kill them. Same goes for the SID which also has direct lines to the joystick ports for paddles and an audio input at the video connector which not many people know about these days. My tip is to buy plastic caps to put on the ports if nothing is plugged in.



Not sure but you could put electrical tape over unused ports if you're worried.


File: e491fbd7893bfe4⋯.jpg (110.35 KB, 650x641, 650:641, jacktremel.jpg)

File: 8df549b7d699f71⋯.jpg (153.68 KB, 550x395, 110:79, steve_jobs_bill_gates_1997….jpg)


The world would be a very different place if Irving didn't out jew Jack.

>C= stays well managed

>Jack sees the TED machines are released for $49 like he planned.

>Half the world becomes Commodorefags

>C128 gets a better organized design

>Amiga project is better focused and affordable

>C= continues to be a home computer powerhouse

>Bill Gates doesn't have to bail out Apple since there is no anti-trust worries with C= there.

>Broke ass 1990s Apple facing pressure from C= and PC's finally goes out of business

>The early linuxfag "fight the evil M$ empire" drive isn't there.

>no iFags

>BB style PDA's continue

>Half of /tech/ is shitposting from their Amiga 9000's the other half on Windows that was never influenced by mobile (win8) cancer.



GTFO my thread fag



Well, my stuff came in the mail. I accidentally a SATA drive adapter instead of IDE, so now I have to wait until the 20th for that to come in. Back to waiting.


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File: bf36add49c69825⋯.jpg (55.71 KB, 415x486, 415:486, writethedocs.jpg)


That girl in the photo is now 47 years old. Have fun.


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Eww. Old pussy worst pussy.


Bump because mongoloids can't figure out how to make a thread without posting 4 times.


I jusy checked and the delivery says it'll be here by tomorrow. I'll finish my exams, pick it up, and relax at home by bringing my thinkpad back to life.



Had to forego the drive caddy because the adapter was too large, but I managed to fit it in.

I'm posting from it right now, actually. Devuan XFCE and it boots faster than ever before. it's also pretty quiet and very usable. Next on the list is probably a new palmrest (old one is cracked), a couple PCMCIA cards that could be of use, a RAM upgrade, a new screen (old one has vertical lines because of a poor connection) and maybe a new ultrabay drive. in no particular order.



More RAM and if it's a 15" model, a FlexView UXGA display from a T42p/T43p.


File: 7ef5548b2e13ecd⋯.jpg (463.08 KB, 948x1280, 237:320, a9878d7fde81e673f0a18ec90c….jpg)


Fuck off. Tramiel was only a kike business man. All he did was put a price on the C64, which was already agonizingly slow compared to the IBM machines and speccy/acorns, he didn't innovate technology at all.

Even fucking Jobs had the balls to push out shit like the graphical interface to the Lisa and the Mac. Tramiel was a greasy kike from the beginning and totally fucked up the Atari line, which made the 68030 Falcon into a stillborn with wasted potential. The biggest lie- next that he was in the Holohoax- that he ever produced was that he saved Commodore.




I will definitely upgrade to the maximum 2GB RAM, but I only have a 14" model. Any displays for that size?

I was also considering upgrading to an LED backlight. But at some point this is going to cost me as much as it costs to get a used t400 or something. I don't really care though as long as it gives an old computer a new lease on life.



14.1 models have the non-IPS SXGA+ display as option. Be sure to get the right LVDS cable.

Don't bother upgrading it with a LED backlight, that only makes sense with T6x's and up.


File: 6d3bea63fe15cc2⋯.webm (2.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Maniac Mansion Theme C64.webm)

File: 757d84441f77c4d⋯.webm (1.64 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Maniac Mansion Theme PC S….webm)


>the C64

>agonizingly slow compared to the IBM machines

Well yeah, but compare their prices. The original IBM PC cost almost 3x at launch, and had horribly limited graphics and audio. Especially the audio, compare webms related.



the fuck am i reading. neither IPS nor LED backlight nor anything that has those as an official option is old hardware.



would you rather I replace the screen on my T40 with another T40 screen rather than another option, then?



>Don't bother upgrading it with a LED backlight, that only makes sense with T6x's and up.

why's that?




8088 MPH pushed the IBM PC + CGA + PC Speaker combo to its limits. I wonder if the tricks shown in this demo could be used in practical multimedia applications (of the time)



read siege by james mason



Back in 1995 I had an ascii console demo on a 386 Linux system that played a MIDI tune which ended up going to a PC speaker PWM driver...



Yes, by the time the 386/486 was around they were powerful enough to do PWM on the PC Speaker (used up alot of CPU cycles). They had to do some tricks to make it work on an 8088:



File: 40ab2c72c70419c⋯.jpg (212.57 KB, 800x1159, 800:1159, timeline_graphics.games_19….jpg)


Impressive, but the sound is still garbage. PC gaming was a joke before sound cards became widespread.



386 is way more powerful than the 8088 though.



There is/was an AppleII demoscene, too.



Still going strong, but I remembered why I didn't like linux. The performance on this thing is absolutely abysmal. Even with i3 it feels slow. Using XP was a much smoother, faster experience. I will probably be installing XP soon so I can continue to dual boot with devuan.



> I remembered why I didn't like linux. The performance on this thing is absolutely abysmal.

yesterday's /g/

today's /tech/


>poor performance = bad linux

You're using the wrong distro faggot



there's some fast linux distros but none of them are complete products like windows 3.1 is



Windows 3.1 was not even an OS, it was a graphical shell on top of DOS.



I mean it had its own enhanced mode kernel and introduced the windows API, as well as driver interfaces that were not compatible with dos


File: 93f2e05df19e343⋯.png (14.55 KB, 640x480, 4:3, B0N3D00D and pLaTeDeWd.png)

File: acdb9ff09589d33⋯.png (20.38 KB, 640x480, 4:3, NEW12.png)


I'm deliberating on getting a CF card and a PATA adapter for my 486, as the 1GB HDD in it is failing. I seldom use the system anymore, as I don't really enjoy games, and the novelty of browsing the web in Windows 3 is ruined as most web hosts block old browsers. Even Geocities.ws. Otherwise, any site full of Javascript will just cause Netscape to say fuck it.


I'm waiting for an Atari BASIC chip to pop up, to see if that's why my XEGS crashes when you press RETURN while in the BASIC environment. Pressing it on the test screen or in a game doesn't lock the system up; the key responds normally.


I've got to do some research to see what's not working in my Mac Plus. It does nothing when I power it up, as in, acts like it's getting no power. Likely busted solder joints or something, but I'm not going to reflow everything if that's not the solution. The last time it worked, it didn't shit out any magic smoke or anything, and was in storage until recently. Still useless without a sixty fucking dollar mouse, so I don't have much reason to un-fuck it at the moment.


Not powering up any of my systems or disk drives until I acquire or build replacement power supplies that won't blow the goddamn motherboard apart if something fails. Fuck Commodore and their shitass power supplies. The first rule in electronic engineering is FAILSAFE.



Remind me again, how did they get away with making unrepairabls PSUs filled with epoxy?



I've used countless distros. If you're so smart why don't you tell me (yet another) distro that will be fast and solve everything? Sounds like you are just mad about stuff that doesn't matter. Just because I said its slow on my machine doesn't mean that I'm personally attacking you. Stop associating your life and identity with a piece of software of all things and find something more worthwhile to do with your life



>Bon3D00d and pLaTeDeWd

Is that a rip off of zombie and mummy?


File: c8aa29954e72851⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, IS WINDOWS 98 BLYAT.jpg)

Working on getting period-correct peripherals, I don't have any beige keyboards, god forbid I have to use a trackball mouse ever again, and I have a friend that has a beige monitor just like in the pic, but he's being an absolute kike and wants $50 for it.


>AMD Athlon XP+ 2600 @ 2.13GHz (2002)


>ATI Radeon 9600 Pro (2003)

>1GB Corsair DDR1 (2003 or somewhere around there)

>Two WD Caviar HDDs (80GB, 40GB) (Also around 2003)

>Windows 98 SE (1999)

>MSI 52x CD Drive and Generic 48x CD Drive

>3.25" Floppy Disk Drive

>Dell 1280x1024 @ 75Hz (2002)

>Advent Stereo Speakers

>Generic USB Chinese Gaymer Mouse

>Dell PS/2 Keyboard

>I'm just listing shit off now to look cool

Most of the devices in it are later than 98, but installing XP wouldn't fit with the beige case, so I'm considering upgrading it to 2000 for better compatibility and using another old machine I have strictly for DOS.



Beige keyboards are really easy to find though. As for mice I like my microsoft intellimouse. I got it at goodwill for 3 dollars. Not sure about monitors though.

What are you going to use it for?



was going to go to my local flea market tomorrow, there's a shop there with some older hardware that might have some good stuff. Might check out my local thrift stores too.

Probably going to use it for older vidya when I'm home at my parents' house. Right now all I have is Scrabble and Clue, I don't even know where they came from. Internet works but most sites outright refuse to load, including KernelEx download pages. Got an ISO of Oregon Trail, but haven't found a good mounting program, so I couldn't get it to install properly.



>PC version adds a black guy for no reason



I wouldn't worry about XP not going with the beige case. Beige was still pretty common in the early XP era, least until 2003 or 2005 maybe.

The XP machine my family had was a P4 from Best Buy using a generic beige case.


File: 223d4de70d4cf16⋯.png (107.07 KB, 283x576, 283:576, Purely a cohencidence.png)


It would have been anti-semetic to hold that fucker accountable, is the reason I guess? Incidentally, I'm a survivor of the Nth Chrono-Conflict that happened one hundred and twenty years from now, but in an alternate timeline. Some asshole in my squad set off an APM while I was attaching my PDS-1 unit to the squad leader's SD-8 Accipiter drone. My SAB-1Bs took the brunt of the impact, but I still walk with a limp.


B0n3d00d and pLaTeDeWd is like, the first webcomic I ever saw, in the heyday of Ultima Online. To this day, I will sometimes greet people with "sup, thou?"

Never heard of Zombie & Mummy. Doesn't sound very tongue-in-cheek.



Zombie and Mummy is an early net comic by Olia Lialina which was made to satire the mediocre web comics of the time, especially Geocities. It was bad on purpose




I've always associated beige with 9x and earlier, everything after 2000 is when the gray/black cases started being used. My first XP machine was a huge gray metal beast, so that's probably why.



Good luck at the market buddy


Well, why do you think it's called the PC version?


File: b4f2871475a9f71⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20160304_194428.jpg)

File: 9b7e1ecff23c35a⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20170704_130745.jpg)

File: c3732c074446719⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20170720_141015.jpg)


I've had the best luck in finding old tech at thrift stores out in the sticks (far from hipster holdouts), and plain old garage sales. Craigslist is hit or miss, and typically pricey, and the same goes for ebay. Still, if you want something specific... I drove halfway across my state for a Pentium 1 system in pristine shape. The only problem with it is that its DALLAS chip has a dead battery. I have the equipment to unfuck it, but I really don't want to pull the motherboard, desolder the chip, grind it open, solder a CR2032 socket onto it, and put a DIP socket onto the board.

PowerISO is the program I use for ISO mounting. It's served me well over the years, and to the best of my knowledge, lacks the cancer that DaemonTools has/had.


>link button on the home page comic is not standard 88x31

DISSATISFACTORY. Neat I suppose, but it seems newer than BD&PD due to all of the 1.X stuff on the site. I'll add a link to it on my own ancient webternet page.



My first computer came in a white and lavender case, with matching speakers, and it was a Win98 box, so to me, beige is Pentium 1 and earlier. But eh, it's all subjective.



Zombie and Mummy's last update was in 1998, I believe


well boys, I haven't heard back after applying for multiple jobs. How on Earth am I going to get some extra money to build a PC? the worst part is monitors are expensive as hell now. (on eBay). Sure I could try to find one locally but it's a crap shoot now. If I did find something I'd pick it up, but the only sure thing will be eBay and that will cost me a pretty penny.

I figured if I can find an okay deal I'll be spending around $100 to buy a monitor online. okay, not too bad if you do some looking, but hopefully I don't get jipped by the seller. I'm pretty confident in eBay though.

I was thinking of buying parts separately, but when you add up the price of a video card, sound card, motherboard, it goes up pretty fast. same with RAM and everything. ironically, CPUs are pretty cheap, you can get Pentiums and 486s for less than 20 bucks. but then motherboards can be way more.

Then once you try to get a case it makes it not worth it. I realized that you're going to be better off just buying a complete system. looks like a complete system from a 486 to a Pentium 3 are typically less than $150ish, and you don't have to waste time hunting for things, worrying about compatibility or anything like that. you can still upgrade. and you save another computer from the trash compactor, while the people selling overpriced components will probably still get those sold.

so honestly $300 and I think it's doable to have an overkill Pentium 3 machine. Too bad I don't have money...

it sure is fun daydreaming about it though. I'd like to try out some of those graphical shells they have for DOS like DESQview and maybe even run an SSH or Telnet server. if I could actually have a DOS machine running an SSH server or an IRC chat server that I could actually use with my friends or otherwise, I'd be really happy



I haven't gotten a call back about a job application/resume submission since 2008. As far as monitors go, check craigslist and your area newspaper classified ads. If they're available online, they'll be MUCH easier to search through. Hell, if you were in my area, I could just give you one.

A complete system is typically the best way to go for the lowest price per part.

My first computer (AMD K6-2 300) is in the same model case as my newest computer. Weird as hell to see them both at the same time.



>I haven't gotten a call back about a job application/resume submission since 2008.

not to be rude but how does this even happen? how many jobs have you applied for? I've only applied for 3 or 4 in the last month or so.

>Hell, if you were in my area, I could just give you one.

I appreciate the offer, I don't get back home for a couple months though (I'm in university).

>My first computer (AMD K6-2 300) is in the same model case as my newest computer.

did you have an extra case or was it from an old computer you upgraded? I was thinking it would be cool to have two systems in one case. check this out:


it would be neat to have one of these hulking cases. they remind me of SGI stuff. you could put your regular PC stuff on one side and your old machine on the other and use them on the same monitor and keyboard or something like that. I haven't been able to find any of these old cases for sale though.



>not to be rude but how does this even happen?

I have an electronic engineering degree, graduated magna cum laude, and I was a manager for an AT&T support center for nearly a decade. If I leave that shit out, it looks even worse than being overqualified. I think a small part of it is that I have no presence on social networking. If you want to do a background check on me, you have to go through law enforcement. I live in an area where it's mainly retard jobs (food service and the like). Why hire someone who's 40 and has got a STEM degree to run the drive-thru window, when you could hire any number of potheads who won't cut and run when the magical career fairy farts in from out of the ether to provide gainful employment?

Disclosure: I don't remember most of what I learned, since I've had almost no opportunity to utilize it beyond small soldering tasks and game console mods here and there.

>did you have an extra case or was it from an old computer you upgraded?

I bought a bunch of Cooler Master EM-330 cases when they were $40 on Newegg some years back. I still have one more in a box that can be used to build a new system, but a newer case design would probably be better, since the one I have now isn't conducive to mad-scientist-level cable management.



> I was a manager for an AT&T support center for nearly a decade.

that's interesting. when was that and what did you do there?

sounds like a crappy situation though. I bent the knee and made a linkedin profile. I looked at the profiles of people I knew from school and I realized they make themselves seem a whole lot better than they really are, so I figured I'd do the same and bullshit my way up like the rest of them. So I'd play with some CAD software for half an hour and then on my profile I'd say "Solidworks Experience." MATLAB, python, Linux system administration. It's based in reality but I kind of made it seem more professional than, "oh yeah I like to play with operating systems and stuff as my hobby." And I think that's what most people are doing. Hell, the job I got in my last year of high school was one I lied for. I applied at two burger joint locations, on the first one I was honest and I mentioned that I'd probably be going to college somewhere as it came up in conversation. I never heard back, and I had a friend who was hired there. I found out that since I mentioned that about college it meant they wouldn't be able to work me while I was in college so they didn't hire me. My friend of course lied and made some shit up about staying at home or maybe going to community college which at the time we thought was funny because community college is for idiots, right? The irony is that now I've seen for myself what a shitshow college can be and I wish I'd went to a community college for two years with my friends then been able to transfer somewhere else.

Anyway at the next interview for another location, I lied and said I was seriously considering a nearby state college and said that I'd like to work in college for some extra money. I was hired. the job was a shitshow and apparently I got the store with the crappy managers in the area, and I quit at the end of the school year but at least I made some money for the summer.

anyway since 2008 is a pretty long time, how have you been getting by in the meantime?



>anyway since 2008 is a pretty long time, how have you been getting by in the meantime?

The aforementioned AT&T job. I was trying to get a different job from day one. Even had my college sending my resume out to companies actually in my field, but never once got any contact about it, outside of the status updates from the college letting me know which companies they had contacted.

>when was that and what did you do there?

I quit in June of last year, but I worked there for ten years prior. I was in essence, an idiot wrangler. I would authorize overrides for credits and adjustments, price overrides on hardware, provision special features and plans, but much of the time, I was tasked with handling belligerent fucks on the phone who refused everything offered to them. Sometimes, they were legitimately upset, due to having been lied to by the faggots in the stores, or the fucking retards in the centers in the Philippines, and I could sort them out by doing shit like abusing the adjustment policy. I once gave a woman about $1200 in credits because she had spent all of her money on her husband's heart medication, and needed to keep the phones active for contact with the doctor while waiting for his surgery to be scheduled. Everyone else told her to deal with it, but I unfortunately have scruples. She ended up getting about a full year of free phone service due to that credit. Those kinds of incidents were barely 1% of the shit I had to put up with. Most of it was the company flipping out because those calls counted against my handle time. They expected me to have an average call time of 12 minutes or lower, when most of the calls would be 45 minutes or longer due to people screaming until they ran out of energy and finally let me speak. Years of being pushed from both sides, with the constant risk of being fired for shit I had nothing to do with, was pushing me to kill myself. No companies were even calling me to tell me that they weren't going to hire me, and one former co-worker who directly asked me to work with his company, and wanted my resume as a formality, left me hanging for six goddamn months, and kept stringing me along when I would contact him for status updates. So I had to quit before I shot myself. I have plenty of guns capable of turning one's head into hamburger helper and bone chips. Since then, my brother's been helping me keep shit together, and I've been helping him out with the use of my car, and whatnot.

Never, ever work at a call center for more than a year. It's only a "keep the power on and the car running" job, not a "save money and buy a modest home" job. I was even told by my bank that they won't give home loans to people with such jobs, and my tenure of ten years was almost unheard of. Five coworkers who had become my friends died from heart failure or cancer while working in my center. I don't know how many people ate their own guns. It was hell.



Oh, duh, the main reason(s) I quit was because they voided my saved up Paid Time Off with no compensation or warning, demoted me, gave me two pay cuts, froze my pay so I couldn't even get merit-based raises, and then hired someone who had been working for the company for 30 days, over me, for an IT position I had been seeking for five years. I had even been tasked to perform IT work shortly before this had happened. I was frequently called to move literally hundreds of computers, organize the cables, DBAN the drives and restore them from network disk images, and in extreme cases, repair physically damaged equipment that the company would not pay to replace, like multi-hundred dollar bluetooth headsets for the IP phones.


File: cdd95bc9e0ba9ec⋯.jpg (1.96 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, IMG_20190316_105219.jpg)


>go to goodwill to look for beige keyboard


got some good older vidya at the flea market though

>Rise of Nations

>Far Cry 1

>Unreal 2: The Awakening

>Deus Ex: Invisible War

>Diablo 1 and 2

all but Diablo 1 and 2 came with the box and manuals, got it all for 5 bux, gud deal



Anything of value at goodwill stores gets swiped by the staff, or sent to the warehouse for sale on their website, where the money-grubbing fucks charge you separate shipping and handling charges. There are rare exceptions, like when the value of the object is unknown to all by the most serious collectors/hobbyists. Yardsales are really going to be your best option for ancient computer stuff, and I recommend checking in nicer neighborhoods. That's where I got a pair of tower systems, a 486 and a Pentium 1 system, although they had been stripped of their hard drives, memory, and pretty much every expansion card. The 486 has no IDE, and doesn't have a drive controller card. Pain in the ass getting a good one these days.

I haven't seen beige anything in Goodwill in over a decade, but don't forget about Salvation Army Thrift Stores, and unaffiliated thrifts! I got a SHITLOAD of PS2 games a couple years back at a SATS. Decent stuff, too, like RE4, San Andreas, and Devil May Cry.



Yeah I've noticed they've started selling a lot of shit online. Didn't find any keyboards but I did pick up a GearVR set with the controller for $5.25, should be able to sell it on JewBay for a bit more than that at least.



POSIX OSes have always been slow by design nigger



>voided my saved up Paid Time Off with no compensation or warning

If I were you I'd have probably taken it up with an attorney. That doesn't sound right to me, getting screwed like that.


well that's lame. In my experience to find good stuff at goodwill you need to go regularly. In high school I'd stop by once or twice a week. Prior to that I would go occasionally and usually find nothing. Once I started going more often that's when I was able to pick up good CDs, tape decks and CD players and some other random stuff.

Haven't been to the local flea market though. I'll try to go on my summer vacation though.


I've actually never seen a PC at the goodwills near my home. No laptops or desktops. And I've never seen a good yard sale unfortunately, maybe I just don't look enough.

My neighbor who since moved out (but still in the area) came over to my place last year back when I was home for winter break from college, and he went into my room and saw all my cassette players and computers and stuff. He told me when I come back for summer break to get back in touch because he has some audio equipment he bought a long time ago (and he tells me it was pretty high end), so I'm excited about that. He doesn't use it anyway.

Another person told me he has some old computers in his garage, I'll see if I can help him clean out one of these days...

What do you do with your 486 and Pentium systems? just games?



>If I were you I'd have probably taken it up with an attorney.

Attorneys cost money, especially when you're pitting them up against a multi-billion dollar international corporation.


>What do you do with your 486 and Pentium systems? just games?

Build them up and max them out, then let them collect dust, I suppose. I have another 486 I use to test all of the icons and DooM stuff I make, to see if it all works and looks proper on an older computer. I don't really like playing games anymore, as that damn job has killed me.


I have a metric fuckton of Pentium and 486-era systems. Are they valuable yet? I used to keep the cases and just switch around the internals back then and then eventually threw the cases away which I regret now, some of them were pretty compared to some of the ugly shit you get now. There's nothing like that subtle this-is-a-sciencey-device-not-consumer-crap beige professionalism an old case radiates. Surprised nobody makes them anymore. This black-silver crap today is ugly, especially the silver always looks ultra cheap.


Used to earn quite a bit of money and was successful in programming until I couldn't leave the house one day because I was so depressed and stressed out because of the lack of private life and permanent crunch and pressures of corporate assholes that I literally could not handle another day. It was survival. I'd either go there and put a bullet in my head in full view of everyone or I'd stay away. I never put a foot in that building again. I'm on disability now and my old "friends" pretend I don't exist and my family talks of me in hushed tones. Heh. Now I solder on old mainboards, read old SciFi books on my cheap 10 year old ereader and write small programs for antique systems. At least I didn't chop my dick off and call myself Samantha.

The whole tech world is complete garbage. Never work in tech. It's a nice hobby, nothing more. Therapy got me to the point that I can program on the game I always wanted to write now and don't want to kill myself every day anymore, but I have no intention of ever doing all that insane PR you need to publish it. Maybe you'll be able to download it somewhere some day. That's how far I'm gonna go. This life is over. I wish my parents wouldn't have pushed me in the 80s to follow my interest in computers into an education, but rather would've forced me to go outside sometimes.

It's gonna be lots of fun if they'll be able to replace all the menials with AI in 10-20 years down the line. Become a plumber or something kids. They'll not build a robot for that anytime soon.


File: 006d55d4ce22851⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20180914_184517.jpg)


Preaching to the pope. I was getting into computers in the eighties, but becoming a ward of the state kinda' stymies one's accessibility in life. I keep an exit ticket in almost every room of the house. Built this bare-ass GI-style 1911-A1 a couple years back. Distraction helps a lot, but I tend to do it wrong. I dive headfirst into a project, and don't take breaks, then get fucking sick of it. Even with video games. I'll get about halfway through, then just stop playing, most of the time. It's more a chore than fun, anymore. Failing health ain't helping my job options at the moment, either.

Anyway, a working 486 or early Pentium board tends to go for quite a bit on ebay, but more as a complete computer.



>Attorneys cost money, especially when you're pitting them up against a multi-billion dollar international corporation.

totally forgot about that...

>I don't really like playing games anymore,

I don't even want a computer for games honestly. I like the computers more than the games.


>Are they valuable yet?

looks like a typical PC will go for about $150 on eBay, and that's about how much I'm willing to fork over at this point. that is if I had any money. I'm going to apply for some shitty on-campus job at the IT department...but as a receptionist because all the actual positions are full. $7.50 an hour, but better than zero I guess. I'd probably bring a bunch of books and my computer and just read, post online and do some homework while I'm waiting around. I probably won't even hear back from them anyway though.

my fantasy is to work in support on campus and be a total bastard operator from hell as much as is possible. even though it's not realistic.

>The whole tech world is complete garbage.

I think so too. every time there's a new "advancement", if you actually look at it it is difficult to see how it makes the world better in any way. most are actively making it worse.


>Failing health ain't helping my job options at the moment, either.

what's going on buddy?


Found a Heathkit AG-10 sine-square generator in a dumpster on campus last week. That unit is going to be great on the bench once I clean it up. Also found a friend-of-a-friend involved with my county's annual e-scrap drive, and next time I'm home from uni I'm thinking of seeing if they'll let some stuff slip out the back for a little underhanded cash.


>wants $50 for it.

Is that really what they're going for? I still see these fuckers getting dumped in ditches. The beige stuff actually getting hard to find? I've been passing over a lot of beige keyboards and mice of that period at junk shops. Would it be wise to start hoarding them?


Does Salvation Army not do the online sales shit like Goodwill? I had a relative who worked at Goodwill. He'd let me know if good shit was going out onto the floor so I could drive down and get first pick. Shame he quit because that job is a bedbug infested hell. They also have a retarded policy where if they plug it in and it doesn't work they send it to their shitty bulk sale warehouses. More than once he told the manager to stick it out anyways because I'd buy it, and the managers went along with it because sales value was a metric they were lagging on and corporate is getting pissed at their under performance.


File: cb424c403c9ad86⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20170622_232512.jpg)


>what's going on buddy?

Ventricular arrhythmia, eye injuries, knee and back injuries, all getting worse over time.


>Does Salvation Army not do the online sales shit like Goodwill?

Not in the same way, if they do at all. Non-goodwill thrift stores tend to have better stuff, but it's always a crapshoot.


A truly PTSD-inducing event that people are mercifully unaware of until they have to deal with it.

A few years back, I was crossing my entire state and hitting every thrift store I could find on the way out and back, in a tight circuit. After too many times of coming back with nothing, I just gave up. I largely hunt for computer parts, peripherals, any VCR with s-video ports, 1st-party game systems, peripherals, controllers, and any games that don't gnaw ass, useful books (I have quite a few mid-nineties Dummies books on DOS, Windows 3, and later books on Win2K TCP/IP and the like) and I guess Lego crap if it shows up.

This is an example of some of the crap I picked up on one trip about two years back, but this was not typical.



well get a period correct monitor while you're at it. nobody sane was using LCDs in 2001. I have that a 15" version of that Dell LCD in my stash of test LCDs and it's shit. Literally a calculator screen. Almost every LCD ever made (at least from 2008 and before) has 75Hz support BTW, not sure why. Niggers have been saying "LCDs are as good as CRTs now" since 1998. If it was ever true, it was only after 2015 or so when strobed backlights came out.


I have an IBM 122-key terminal keyboard connected to my regular PC. (would've uploaded a picture but this faggot chinese basketweaving imageboard doesn't let me with tor) It's the most robust keyboard I ever owned and I've been using it daily for about 4 years now. According to the sticker on the underside, it's from 1985, so probably older than a good part of people posting on /tech/. It hasn't yellowed, neither have the keys become shiny with typing like they often do with keyboards, neither has any lettering rubbed off. It's still like on the first day.

You can theoretically connect it via PS/2 but in practice that did not work well in my case because it does a few weird things, like not signaling key-up. Somebody wrote some code that fits into a teensy microcontroller that makes it possible to attach it via USB which works a lot better. The adapter is also programmable to change the keyboard layout. I overwrote capslock with CTRL. With a bit of xmodmap you can use all 122 keys which is nice for macros. I once had to connect it to a Win10 machine (ew, I know) and quite funnily, it recognized all the additional keys properly. Paid $30 bucks for it. Have written this post on it, too. Every few months I take it apart for cleaning. It was built to be taken apart for that.

Unicomp has gotten the rights off IBM to reproduce the keyboard, but it's like a hundred bucks and I didn't hear glowing reviews about the build quality, which I guess is not surprising as there's only garbage for a quick buck produced nowadays.

This was a bit harder to find but around my parts you can get old cherry keyboards for very cheap, both USB and PS/2, companies throw them out all the time. (sometimes they're the kind with card readers integrated) They're nice keyboards and you can replace the keycaps if you feel like it. I also recommend not looking in stores, everything of value has been picked through, they're there to make a profit after all. Since all these bargain stores got a wiff that people pay retarded prices for old computer crap they'll try to charge you a hundred bucks for some old and shitty casio calculator. Not worth looking there at all.



>Unicomp has gotten the rights off IBM to reproduce the keyboard, but it's like a hundred bucks

That's actually not too expensive for a high-end keyboard. Far worse keyboards with faggy colored lights cost even more.


I want to build my own computer with a z80 or something along those lines. I have the book "Build your own z80 computer" but to be quite frank I can't even understand most of the book. I guess I'm not ready to pore over schematics and figure out what stuff I need to get, but at the same time I don't just want to buy a kit online and snap things together.

Should I learn more about electronics or something? I thought if I tried to build a basic computer it would be a good learning experience and maybe as a goal I'd try to load something like DOS onto it.



You should always start with the basics before digging into anything complicated, otherwise it will seem like a monolithic task, rather than a set of specific tasks with a specific structure. Burnout is far too easy to reach of you dive headfirst into something, and do nothing else but that. Seems to be why people tend to abandon fitness training, learning a new language, or going to college after years of being out of school.



I figured as much but what is something more simple that I can do? what would you recommend?



Well, if you're just building from a kit, reading an online electronics primer and watching some soldering videos should suffice. If you're trying to reinvent the wheel and design a Z80 computer, that's a whole other kettle of fish. It will require serious electronic engineering study, and computer logic study as well, since you'd be having to worry about gates, latches, race conditions, debounce circuits, and a bunch of other annoying shit I can barely remember from college. Just a case of "use it or lose it", for me.

That DIY book sounds like something meant for a person in a digital electronics class, after having completed several lab projects. Doing something like that will give you another feather for your cap (and resume), but it's rooting around in the past. You can get the same credits for future employment by putting together an SJW-Pi kit or something. Sorry if it sounds like I'm pushing you away from something you're interested in; I'm just completely burned out and bitter.




what do you think about this? http://cpuville.com/Kits/Single-board-kit.html

I guess it's more "pleb" than doing it all yourself but I think it would still be a nice project. maybe I could save money by finding the components myself as well.

>design a Z80 computer,

yeah I guess not. at least not now anyway.

>(and resume)... credits for future employment

? I'm not doing this to be employed. I'm going to be a mechanical engineer, this has nothing to do with a resume. I just want to do it, if I could have a computer running CP/M it would be really cool.

>I'm just completely burned out and bitter.

shitty jpb or what? what happened?



>what do you think about this? ... I guess it's more "pleb" than doing it all yourself but I think it would still be a nice project.

Seems neat, and you will still have built it when it's done. I don't say I carved an AR-15 from a block of aluminum when I say I built one, and I don't say I used Mjolnir as a forge hammer to build my 1911 from a cube of iron and charcoal, but I built each of those guns one piece at a time. I don't recommend doing that with an AR-15 unless you have a proper workshop, as I nearly lost an eye when my bench vise exploded into pieces and went through my safety glasses while I was torquing the barrel down.

> I'm not doing this to be employed.

It's handy to have a personal portfolio of accomplishments. I resurrected a computer some fucking retard worked on, by using a carpet ripper to straighten the processor's pins which had been mashed flat by the retard who last "fixed" the computer. I got paid all of four fucking dollars for that effort, and my boss charged the customer $200 for a new processor. Most jewish thing I have ever witnessed in person, from a black woman of all abominations.

>shitty jpb or what? what happened?

Never work in a call center. Every negative stereotype about various types of people will be proven true so often that you won't ever doubt any others you hear, even if you know that Latvians don't really use the potato as a form of currency.



I might do it then when I have some more money and time.

>Never work in a call center.

don't worry, I won't. I also won't work in fast food again. I never knew how goddamn stupid people are.


>Ventricular arrhythmia, eye injuries, knee and back injuries, all getting worse over time.

holy shit man. are you going to be okay?

that TV game looks pretty cool though, and the tapes seem decent. I get good sound of out my TDK tapes.



I just installed XP aside devuan XFCE. well, what do you know, it works and is actually usable. linux doesn't even have graphics support so I can play a TV episode in VLC at maybe 10 FPS if I make the window 200px wide. XP managed to stream online videos with minimal stuttering, once I install VLC I should be able to play 720p videos just fine.



Oh, and another thing. Someone maintains a fork of Pale moon for XP called New moon or something. I tried that out and I'm extremely impressed. I've never had a browser run this quickly on my old thinkpad. with a video streaming and another webpage open in a second tab, it was using ~70% CPU mostly on the video I guess. It was using about 200M of memory, which is still a lot, but on my t430 I have 3 tabs open, 2 of which are 8ch, and it's using 600+M. I have to say I like this new moon fork.



>holy shit man. are you going to be okay?

As long as I've got my forty-five

I choose how long I stay alive

>that TV game looks pretty cool though

It's a Coleco Pong system just barely older than me. Needs a lot of components replaced, as while it works, there's a lot of streaking on the white objects, possibly indicating some fucked capacitors causing signal degradation. Well, it's over forty years old, some wear is to be expected, I suppose. It's in better shape than me.

>New Moon

Sounds neato. I have a Win Vista system (Dell Inspiron 530, a gift from a former coworker) that could stand a lighter, leaner browser, so I'll keep that in mind. The system is borderline worthless, as it's a Dell, and has fuck all expansion card slots. Like, one PCI Express slot for a video card, and I forget if it has any 1X slots, but I know there's only a couple, period.



The kit might be the way to go, since if trying to get all the parts non-locally, shipping will likely eat into any savings you might be expecting. You'll still need to get the board so you will already be paying for that shipping.


>> 1044533

You may find some memory savings with a different DE or even use a WM. Check out this page, it'll give you an idea of some options and in the conclusion section, it has a nice graph to show the usage of each one.


LXDE looks pretty comparable to XFCE, but has half the memory footprint.

One thing to also check out if graphics are running slow, is the video driver. If the machine isn't using 2D HW acceleration, videos will run like shit. I have a laptop from around 2000 that if using the generic Linux VGA driver, will look like a slideshow, but if forced to use the correct driver, will have smooth playback.

Something like /var/log/Xorg.log should tell you what driver it's using.



CF is an easy choice, since it's just a PATA drive internally. It really does suck compared to a modern flash drive, though. If you can't find an adapter, you can just rig it with some wires - the pinout is mostly the same as a standard IDE connection.


I took a job like that as a second job (I was deep in debt). I lasted two weeks before I decided that the National Guard would be much less likely to kill me.



Another angle to consider is the MSX - it was a sort-of open standard for Z80 computers, with better graphics and sound than the typical S100-ish CPM machine. Playing around with emulators might give you an idea of what they can do. It might be a good idea to have a specific goal in mind, as well, so you will be able to keep up your motivation. Nothing leads to burnout faster than realizing that you are wasting your time on a pointless exercise, especially since building a computer board is quite difficult (my first one took two respins to make it bootable, and four to make all the peripherals usable.)


File: 781d8950fea1db6⋯.png (19.94 KB, 350x283, 350:283, 57667-20574b.png)

This..now monstrous looking thing, as my first pc. Many hours on AIM, WinMX, Kazaa, Limewire... years of my youth, down the drain.



>It really does suck compared to a modern flash drive, though.

I'm ten years behind the tech curve as it is, so I won't be missing anything. As long as it's faster than a 25 year old hard drive, it's a net positive. Pain in the ass having to abort software installations due to write failures. The 486 can see my Win98 system, which was my first computer, so at least network storage is no big deal.

>I lasted two weeks before I decided that the National Guard would be much less likely to kill me.

Hell, being a cop or a dentist is less likely to kill you than a call center job, in direct defiance of their known high suicide rates. Call center suicides are kept hush-hush for a reason.


Similar to mine, which originally had a lavender and white case, and matching speakers. Companies seemed to have a fetish for purple back in the late nineties and early 2000s.

Anyway, time enjoyed isn't necessarily time wasted. Time spent being homeless and clawing one's way back up to living indoors and eating from a plate is wasted time.


File: 8e8dac57d160136⋯.png (617.72 KB, 1023x752, 1023:752, the future of computers -1….png)

Anyone ever actually use an IBM PS/2? How does it compare to the AT and clones of the time?



I used a PS/2 model 60 or something. 22 or 25MHz 386, no 387. All proprietary IBM bullshit, and one day the system failed so hard, it would only boot into basic.

Damn that Tron!

Never used an AT or XT, and I didn't have a computer that was mine until I was 20.



>nobody sane was using LCDs in 2001

and nobody sane is using CRTs in $CURRENT_YEAR



>total bezel front area larger than actual screen area




Get out of my thread.


File: 5ace38efed4100d⋯.jpg (49.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


I had a few since my employer only used IBM at the time and upgraded every year. I had a 8086, 286 and 386. The achilles heel was the shit harddrives. They all failed and you couldn't just replace them with a standard drive.

I still have piles of microchannel cards...but like a fool I saved none of the keyboards.


File: 119ecd60027d331⋯.jpg (477.69 KB, 1024x795, 1024:795, depositphotos_158567052-st….jpg)


>All proprietary IBM bullshit

Ah, that brings back a memory from high school. I was chatting with some fellow nerd classmates about computers -- which were just becoming mainstream here in Huezil, so most of us poorfags didn't have one. But one guy who had an IBM advised us to avoid it, as the non-standard fuckery made it super expensive to fix or upgrade anything.


I have an IBM PS/2E, or Model 33. It has an IBM 486SLC2@50 Mhz. (basically a 486 cpu core with more internal cache and 486 instruction set, but only 16 bit bus) It was IBMs attempt to build a machine that's small and low-power as possible. Doesn't even have any fans. Nope, not even the internal power supply that puts out about 25W. As you can imagine, It's quite heavy as that is hard to cool. It has feet at the bottom you can take off to mount it vertically on a wall. It has an ED 2,88 MB floppy drive and came with a riser card that had a PCMCIA interface card (also made by IBM) mounted which was made for this specific model and would provide pcimcia slots at the back and front. You could connect PCMCIA modems, sound cards and so on and the card has a mechanical, magnetic locking mechanism on the PCMCIA slots you can trigger in software to lock the card down.

It also has onboard XGA graphics (remember those) and 4 MB onboard EEC RAM. I added another 8 MB, you can only use "special" IBM SIMMS, normal SIMMS don't work. Maybe they changed the pinout, dunno - I got the RAM very cheap because nobody could do anything with it. I also added an external FPU, you need to find a 25 Mhz one that can run asynchronous to the CPU, (because of the multiplier) AFAIK only intel FPUs can do that.

It's a very custom machine. The floppy connector is a weird flat flex cable and I'm sure one day I'll break it. The HD connector is standard IDE but IBM used some custom power connection cable I had to crimp. (as the original drive was dead) Somebody tried some very amateurish repairs there but it was easy enough to clean up. The case is sadly a little bit damaged, but nothing too obvious. The BIOS and the "diagnostic disk" you need for everything (up to setting harddrive stuff) is absolutely the worst. Because I got a faulty memory stick (bought originally 2 SIMMs) the machine got convinced it had faulty memory (it disabled a big part of it's memory then) and I could not convince to re-enable it and had to take it apart and take the CR2032 out.

I heard there are SMD caps on the bottom of the mainboard and one day I have to take it out and see if they're leaking. Also should probably take a look into the power supply. It's all just not easy to access which is the problem. One day I'm gonna throw a soundcard in and use it for VGA era games, although it's almost a bit too fast for that.



ECC not EEC, and also the locking mechanisms lock down the PCMCIA cards not the card itself, I didn't make that clear. That's what I get for trying to post quickly before leaving.



FDDs kept failing on the system I used, but at least it lived long enough for me to play DooM and use Paint Shop Pro 3, as well as make crazy shit in QBASIC. I was given a modem, but I didn't know MCA slots existed, and at the time, I was only dimly aware of ISA and PCI.


File: e44c9e84d5b53c3⋯.jpg (3.3 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG_20190302_004308.jpg)


Really hoping the fad of IBM keyboards being so popular dies again soon tired of the various types of keyboards costing more than 300 dollars shits fucking rediculous



Just get an Unicomp for $90, then.



Don't those have worse QC compared to the originals?



I made a review of my x200 laptop. Overall it's a great laptop for programming and if you don't want run any proprietary software. I live in youth hostels and share airbnbs in eastern europe so I needed a small cheap laptop, and the x200 is great. High recommend if anyone is considering buying it.



I'd keep my Apple IIgs which I got as a kid in the third grade and still have, it's in great working shape and has been upgraded with a CFFA. I'll be doing the Apple IIpi thing to it too soon.



I never heard anything about that. maybe they do. I know they're made in the same factory and stuff though.


>hit by a car

are you feeling better? not usually something people just walk off.


what pi thing? (I hope you're not gutting it to put a pi inside)




weaker QC and it's still a model m, it's not a model f, but the keyboard will still work it's more autism shit like the case having blemishes & printing on the keycaps may be randomly off



OH no Ithat ones mine and I'm just lamenting how inflated thee market is now and how annoying it is to try and collect the various models



The Apple2Pi hooks into your Apple 2 and provides a merged computing experience, an emulator on the pi works in lockstep with your Apple II and provides you the ability to control it with your Apple II's mouse and keyboard, while providing a modern video out as well. It's also easy to go between your Apple II's disks and the Pi, and so on. You can mount virtual drives and disk images on your Apple II with it as well. It's a complete fusion of an Apple II and a Raspberry Pi, no permanent changes necessary to your II. You just plug the Pi in through an expansion card adapter in a slot and away you go.




yeah my left arm still hurts quite a bit, especially my wrist, since I broke the fall with it. Other than that I'm still scrapped up on my legs and arms.

I was crossing a cross walk and I guess the driver was distracted but noticed me at the last second because they slammed on the breaks and 'bumped' me. Unfortunately the person drove off and I was laying on the street in pain lmao



Good luck anon, remember arnica is good for deep tissue and bone injuries.



oof it hurts

did you play amazon trail

did you upgrade the ram to play diablo

did you have the purple ape unironically




autism, if you're buying something to 'collect' it, you're autistic




that's actually pretty cool honestly. I like when people make new expansions for old hardware.



top kek



oh the memories.... i had a sound blaster on my old Pentium 120 machine on the old ISA bus, it was ear popping loud..

when i built a new PC when the CPU speed passed the Ghz barrier i bought a SB live and it was shit

i have just used on-board sound from that day on......


File: 8a83b70f59e9a18⋯.jpg (27.75 KB, 640x480, 4:3, uJFKNuk_d.jpg)

File: 8df271e9f06ca50⋯.jpg (2.56 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, Uzgp5ib.jpg)


File: dbe25a46276870d⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 6000x4000, 3:2, hngd3piwvul21.jpg)



are these yours?


anyone own a word processor?



Nope, I wish.

The one on the left is a CNC controller and the one on the right is a electronic type-writer.



Anyone willing to help?

I have a PII with a SB16 CT2950 using FreeDOS 1.2

For some reason the IRQ is assigned to #10 but this is way too high for most programs. There are no jumpers in the card to configure IRQ/DMA numbers. Not that I see anyway...

How can I manually assign these values?



BIOS or Windows' Device Manager.



and if that doesn't work, try to put it into another slot. Yeah, that stuff was a pain in the arse.

Also what the fuck happened to /tech/? This idiotic spamming really is starting to make the board unreadable.


File: 807e56350501fef⋯.jpg (69.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, X20.jpg)

File: 0a9ae02f6e93f5b⋯.jpg (25.23 KB, 640x572, 160:143, ѝ20.jpg)


looks like they removed the spam from this thread at least. either that or I hid the spam and forgot about it. either way I'm good right now.

I've been in college for months now and I've been thinking when I get back home that I'd buy a tower PC for DOS, but I just remembered that I have a thinkpad x21 in storage in my closet at home.

Last time I checked it powered on fine, but it wouldn't boot because of a fan error or something. it's really dirty, has broken plastic, and the plastics on it are sticky and degrading. I need to scrub off the palmrest and lid and everything when I get back.

Looks like I'll be able to get a new fan assembly on ebay for maybe 15 bucks. a pair of hinge covers are $30 right now. I guess I'll live with a cracked hinge, then. Docking stations for it are pretty cheap as well at about $15, and then I'm thinking I should get both an external CD drive and external FDD. the FDD will probably run me about $20, and one of my friends has a couple CD drives. I'd probably give him $10 for one of them. I might pick up a nice ps/2 mouse, some new thermal paste, and if the thing actually works, I might get some fresh windows 98 stickers to really complete it. because why the hell not?

So that's a basic setup, and that would run me about $60 to $70 if I just get things online fast, or maybe a bit less if I can get some deals. I was planning to spend maybe $150 on a tower PC with a P3, and then another $100+ on a nice CRT monitor. if I can just use my x21 it won't be as great of an experience, but it'll be less than a quarter of the price and I won't have to worry about parts compatibility or desk space or anything like that. I just hope that I can fix this fan error easily and it isn't something else.

anyone had "fan error" or something like that on an old thinkpad? I can't remember the exact error message since it's been a few months but I think it was something along those lines.


File: a7d6330c63aeae0⋯.png (455.82 KB, 597x450, 199:150, donthitonmesilly.png)

Don't hit on me silly boys XD


File: 5ecff25a00fd15f⋯.png (221.77 KB, 500x356, 125:89, womenvsmenphotosblackhole.png)


>trap's day out at the museum



>LCD is better in every way than CRT

where is proofs?



Have you tried not having down syndrome? Also, pulling your waterhead out of your ass and opening your eyes might help too?




So not a single argument in favor of your asinine position? Classic.

Enjoy your shitty scaling, terrible input lag, and dogshit viewing angles- and the sky high price for any technologies which even attempt to mitigate those very real issues.



man im old im still using a 4th gen intel processor LoL!





stop shitposting in my thread. get out.


this is the old hardware thread. why would you be in here calling CRTs dogshit? we don't care, we like it anyway. just leave the thread.



>literally no argument, does not understand tradeoffs between CRT and LCD (aka calculator screen) technology

well enjoy your blurry holographic pokemon card then

what >>1058260 said



input lag doesn't actually cost anything to fix - it's just the monitor vendor (not the panel manufacturer) being incompetent.


File: d7b30c945335b44⋯.png (43.01 KB, 800x442, 400:221, vintagelaptop.png)






Generic black / silver grey cases for custom built PCs have been around since 1998/99, but back then they were still pretty niche and expensive, and there wasn't many options available.

Black / silver grey cases gradually gained more space in the market over the following years, especially among the gamer / ricer crowd. But I remember pretty well that PCs with these kinds of cases only started becoming really ubiquitous around 2006/2007. So for me, I tend to associate dark cases mostly with Windows Vista / 7.

The last brand new PC I've built with a beige case was an Athlon XP with 1 GB ram and a Geforce FX 5600 Ultra back in late 2004. Black cases were already widely available but the cheapest models still cost over twice as much as a pretty good and spacious beige case and I didn't care enough to pay the premium.


File: 4f0f89c4becd1ce⋯.jpg (991.1 KB, 2668x1394, 1334:697, cockona.jpg)


my god


File: 5326bb89e5dac9f⋯.jpg (92.74 KB, 512x512, 1:1, beautiful.jpg)


File: 738d1bb03ad6113⋯.jpg (30.25 KB, 624x440, 78:55, GRiDCompassInSpace.jpg)



none of those.

i wasn't into computers then really, i just thought it was a neat tool. didn't know how to change ram, or.. any of that really. total normie use only.



File: 89b2b218364591c⋯.jpg (52.35 KB, 494x700, 247:350, 1f6897c537cccc4a48ec42c9c6….jpg)

Any suggestions on restoring old machines? I have an old Windows 98 machine that needs a new graphics card but should other wise be functional as a retro gaming machine.

Is there any modern extras to include that would make my life easier? Is it worth getting an SD card reader installed rather than say a floppy drive?



Wish I could take it apart and upgrade it to modern standards. Or that the company was still around to do a modern throwback themselves.


File: 1cddad2a4f670ad⋯.jpg (27.25 KB, 217x326, 217:326, disgustings.jpg)



What's wrong, anon? You don't like colored displays or.. sd card slots? You probably haven't gotten any sunlight in a while, I forgive you, anon.



i dont like people who destroy these old computers just to put some shitty modern intel gamer parts in there



I'm actually the guy who originally posted it. And the nasa pic. I personally wish they did release something like it with a modern touch, just saying. I like the way it operates, but I'd like to she that design return. And if it does, why would I want it with intel chips? And not some Talosll laptop equivalent?(IBM)

I don't see the issue.


File: f940170d253fd9c⋯.jpg (141.11 KB, 750x750, 1:1, GRiDCASE 1590 Web Image 20….jpg)

Dude..they are still in business.


I was browsing around posting in the thinkpad and toughbook thread and found em. Not nearly as aesthetic, but tough.


File: 9a1ecb01f7049ba⋯.png (20.62 KB, 235x235, 1:1, 9a1ecb01f7049ba255f3edf095….png)

>See an interesting video about a quad p3.




what did they mean with this


File: 0755aca9fcf70d9⋯.jpg (137.31 KB, 847x514, 847:514, 1495837786543.jpg)

File: 7cb59d74a86d9db⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, hxn1kyax04s11.jpg)



Unicomp is fucking garbage they still Havent made a repro of the Model M Spacesaver Keyboard cause they claim they lost or broke the modls which is fucking bullshit when it doesnt take a fucking genius to reproduce a mold



>waaahh I don't like unicomp because they don't cater to me :(



>Is that really what they're going for?

no, that's just my friend being a literal jew because he can, he makes absurd demands like that for all sorts of shit


File: 9b88d7ed320f4e2⋯.webm (15.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Druaga1.webm)


Same guy here, upgraded it to 2000 a couple weeks ago after I realized that all the hardware in it (as well as the gaymes I have for it) came out post-Y2K, and 2000 is just worlds easier to use than 98 and still somewhat competent out of the box for the modern world. I have another older machine that's more period correct for 98 so I'll probably use that one instead.


File: b416e4a594deabe⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.47 KB, 800x547, 800:547, aa569cb3e31d63e55a9d315e64….jpg)

Anyone own the Macintosh Plus? What's your views about it?



>you have to be a PMC or government to buy one

>literally just a glorified toughbook



File: b5be72d5491f506⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 1024x544, 32:17, glow.jpg)


maybe the botnets are disabled on them. cant allow such things for the regular consumer.




probably not.

I could probably get one broken from some PMC.



dont governments get special access to sources of these things? sure you cant remove things like spectre from them but the me is just software and can be disabled if it can be enabled.



>the me is just software

no, it's hardware


Oh boy, King Manchild made a video about some archaic UMPC from 2007.

Expect prices to skyrocket fivefold in 3... 2... 1...


File: 62c21d41d5a97af⋯.jpg (765.21 KB, 2576x1936, 161:121, 20190504_004.jpg)

Blogpost aside, I got my mSATA-IDE adapter in the mail for my Precision M40. Pic related, my current collection of Precision MWS.

Left to right: M40, M50, M90, M4300


File: fcd78e38f068179⋯.jpg (83.27 KB, 1354x640, 677:320, 1522851426874.jpg)


File: 6ad9c6fb4c24a2f⋯.png (826.63 KB, 600x600, 1:1, absoluutprachtig.png)


>i'm business-grade durable in bed

my fucking sides coke!


File: 541903c0aa0373a⋯.png (120.6 KB, 359x258, 359:258, 1507442923578.png)

Is it worth grabbing an old Dell reburbished machine from ebay and slapping a GPU in it? I'm looking at making some cheap retro PC gaming machines. I can't see it being any cheaper than £30-50 which I can get one of these machines for if I buy all the components loose. Plus a years warranty is better than old hardware with no idea how it was treated



go for it if you want to.



nice. these mSATA IDE adpters are great. my PC boots XP in 20 seconds.


File: 283e91434954739⋯.png (462.52 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1.png)

I've been going back to a 4:3 screen after using a 4k screen for a while now since that thing just caused me tons of problems. My tiling window manager became kinda useless then (and to be honest, I wanted something that just looks nicer, It was efficient but kinda drab. Also not all programs I use could deal with it well) so I looked around for something lightweight and stacking. I ended up finding icewm and saw it's win95 skinning capability which I found to be lacking. I built a bit on it as a joke to see how close I can get (by ripping fonts out of windows 95 and such) but I've been using this desktop setup actually for over a week now. It's comfy and very utilitarian. It just doesn't get in your way and there's no crazy design paradigm or other to stumble over every ten minutes. The 90s were peak usefulness in user UIs. Todays UIs are a college soyboys vision of the future but a bitch to look at or actually use for more than five minutes. Now a few things are off. I couldn't for the life of me find a way how to select a font in wine (might need to do the fontconfig nasty) The taskbar looks the most off and there's not much to be done. The icewm included tilebar buttons are funky, especially the close button. I still need to rework the skin of palemoon to actually use windows icons. PCManFM is also extremely basic but the only file manager that I could find that didn't have nasty dependencies like dbus.

I know not strictly retrocomputing related, but I found this thread might appreciate the screenshot the most. Does anyone have links to nice icon sets from back then in this simple pixel art style? I've been looking for a while and there's so much garbage out there it's difficult to find the good ones.

Next thing I wanna look at is window maker, which copies nextstep. That UI had some nice ideas.



4:3 is fine as long as its not a 15" 1024x768 thing. i always remember those disgusting things when someone talks about 4:3 and i hate them



Wouldn't it be simpler to emulate if you don't want to mess around with the hardware?



1024x768 is hardly worse than current high end screens. your average retard thinks motion blur, judder, and mpeg artifacts are fine yet he will claim "4K IS BESTORZ EVERYTHING ELSE OUTMODED"

[4 captchas were solved to make this post]



Yeah, I fell for that shit. That 4k was nothing but trouble. Also, conveniently enough graphics cards of older computers have trouble with driving such resolutions, which will force you to buy new hardware. None of these screens do nearest neighbor upscaling either, but some blurry filtering mess (even if the resolution would fit exactly multiplied) so you're pretty much forced to run things like games at the native resolution, making that pressure to buy new hardware bigger.

Support for HiDPI screens (not all 4k screens have automatic high pixel density, but mine did) is also very, very poor across the board. Everything's either gonna end up tiny and sharp or big and blurry. There's also litte use for all that pixel space otherwise and widescreens just are hard to fill so you end up with huge areas that are just one solid color and useless. The only pro argument I have to leave to that screen is that if properly configured, outline fonts were looking fucking *sharp*, but so do bitmapped fonts on lower resolutions. Not enough of an upside for me to stick with all these shitty downsides. Also when using properly hinted, quality fonts and the right configuration, stuff looks fine on 1600x1200 too. 1080p is not that far off pixel-count wise, but going back to saner UIs after all these years you notice pretty quickly that widescreens are retarded for computer stuff.

I went with every screen update there was and there was always something that bothered me about these screens, only to find out that this old (but high quality) screen that was standing around on my shelf was all I'd need. I wasted years on this. Don't be me.

(also this CAPTCHA garbage that's going on right now makes me actively not want to bother posting, good job)



>1024x768 is hardly worse than current high end screens.

I still remember way way back in 2005, when I was rocking dual 1600x1200 19" CRTs. Man those things were heavy. But they were beautiful. And they were quite colour-accurate.



>Way back in 2005

Just no mang u aint cool


Fucked about and got my Toshiba MSX up and running. Played Pac-Man on it for shits and gigs, and probably going to run through its BASIC course. Need to redo the OS for my Amiga 500 since when I was fucking about with themes, one crashed the entire HDD and now it can't boot.



>Just no mang u aint cool

Who said anything about trying to seem cool? I'm just plain old.


>way way back in 2005

>way back in 2005


>tfw you realize you post with a bunch of children that never soldered anything for their computer because they actually needed it for some work project, typed a listing off a magazine or recorded computer programs off the radio on tape

>tfw you realize you'll never have a discussion with random strangers about wherever or not computers will catch on again nor will you feel like you belong to some kind exclusive club by meeting somebody who also happens to have a computer by chance, frantically exchanging specs and knowledge

>2005, way, way back

>feels bad man



Hey dad I found your vic 20?



lots of old people use the internet now. they just dont come to the childrens forums



That taskbar gave me cancer



Use https://veselcraft.ru/ffie/ for Pale Moon, SpaceFM and XFE are both acceptable file managers without poetteringware dependencies and the latter comes with a good Windows skin builtin.



>someone who experienced 2005 is old


anyone here use an old cellphone? I'm thinking of buying a StarTAC off of eBay or maybe a Nokia.



If they did as an adult, then maybe




i've been feeling the same thing about retro games.........for years :/



Bad idea. 2G is dead and 3G is being phased out already. Old cellphones don't have the right chips to get signal anymore.



Prices will drop when the generation that feels nostalgia for these things starts to die out. Happened with everything people felt nostalgic about in the past too. Even the most "sought after" hardware and software (except a very few exceptions) will end up on a trash heap, thrown there by some disinterested descendant of the original owner.

The downside of that is you'll be dead too. :| Nothing is forever!


Yes, old standards are phased out and these phones soon won't work. There are some modern dumbphones when you google around, though.

Energizer (yes the battery company) also makes rugged phones with buttons that are supposedly quite good. (they also make a smartphone that's basically a huge brick of battery that lasts for days) I'm pretty sure they all aren't that "dumb" and run some form of android though. They're all not save in the paranoia because of the way their modems work. Just don't put any data on it you don't want people to have.




fucking JUST. I just want a phone that doesn't have a camera or anything is that too much to ask? everything modern is full botnet anyway and looks lame. might as well go back to landline only at this point or become a hermit.



>is that too much to ask?

Yes, it is. You'll get a camera, a remotely accessible microphone, a secondary camera, the ram of a small laptop, a bloated OS full of factory shill software and a google account. And you'll like it, not just like it, you'll worship it.

Now beg for it, slut



Actually going to try building my own with a microcontroller. The cellular module will be botnet of course, but at least the ability to separate the rest of my phone from the modem will be nice and I'll also be able to completely power off the modem when I don't want to use it. Too bad we can't have analog anymore.

then I can make my own case and make it look like a StarTAC or something schway like that.


File: 6506cd2c6829be6⋯.png (172.18 KB, 1280x857, 1280:857, DRS - LXI.png)



Fair warning, 4G breakouts are expensive as a motherfuck.



Any old 3G-capable dumb phone will still work. You may need a SIM card adapter to use them, though.



yeah I just looked online, $80+ for 4G vs. $3 for a GSM module. that's a shame.

I do have this ATT "mifi" 4g wireless hotspot thing though, I forget where I found it. I opened it and it looks like there's a big old modem chip on it, I'm thinking if I could find out the documentation for this thing maybe I could solder in some lines and pass it AT commands. i have no idea how, though. I guess I'd need to know the pinouts or something? I might post a picture of it, maybe someone knows how I could use it.


I found a Motorola Razor V3 in the closet, 3G. Actually considering getting that activated. not sure what network I'd need, though.


File: aacf1e7789639ea⋯.jpg (2.72 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190519_125538.jpg)

File: 38aa7977145d3f8⋯.jpg (2.61 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190519_125542.jpg)

File: 6c9acdb55c1a133⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190519_125547.jpg)




here's the module I tore out. wondering if it could be used in any way.>>1064234



>I found a Motorola Razor V3 in the closet, 3G. Actually considering getting that activated. not sure what network I'd need, though.

Whatever company comes up on the boot screens, unless you get it unlocked. Even unlocked, it would have to be with a GSM carrier like T-Mobile or AT&T, or some prepaid company that uses GSM in your area. On top of that, you might need a smartphone IMEI for registration purposes, as many companies like to throw out old shit as if people can't make a phone work for a decade.



it was on Cingular but upon inspection it has an ATT SIM inside, so I assume it was working on ATT some time ago anyway.

I was considering TracFone as well. Although it probably will be a problem activating it because, I'm sure, the morons will question why I'm using it in the first place.



whats this activation that you are talking about? a sim card just works in any phone that you put it into. no need to tell anyone about such things.



Cingular is AT&T. The former bought the latter and changed its name. It will work on AT&T until UMTS gets shut down, but that's been the LTE fallback for years, so it's likely to stay up for a long time. The SIM in it is dead, and has to be replaced. You can get a micro or nano SIM adapter pretty cheap online, as AT&T likely doesn't do 2nd gen SIM cards anymore. As far as unlocking it goes, they probably don't have the unlock codes in the system anymore, but any 3rd party should be able to suss it out fast enough.

No one gives a shit about what phone you're using, outside of curiosity. Just tell them you're doing a project for a Youtube video that needs an old phone that works.


Is there a modern OS that will run good enough on a Pentium 166 with 32mb RAM for IRC and maybe no-JS browsing (using Dillo)? NetBSD is pretty sluggish and constantly swapping to disk with these limitations.


Buy a recent feature phone and burn out the camera with a big laser. A landline would be cool but its expensive and you have to give them a whole lot of information about yourself when you could just buy a cheap prepaid phone with cash and use a fake name, then throw it in the trash when you don't want it anymore.



>Pentium 166 with 32mb RAM for IRC and maybe no-JS browsing (using Dillo)?

>NetBSD is pretty sluggish and constantly swapping to disk with these limitations

>NetBSD sluggish

You're doing it wrong. I can get Ubuntu running responsively on a phone with less hardware. RTFM.>>1068733

> Pentium 166 with 32mb RAM for IRC and maybe no-JS browsing (using Dillo)? NetBSD is pretty sluggish and constantly swapping to disk with these limitations



I have one of these, it powers on and everything. Sadly it gives an error, the flash drive is shot and I'm afraid to try to use the floppy until I clean it. The screen is very intensely bright.

Once I clear all my Laserdisc players off my bench I'll take it apart and give it a good cleaning and reseat all the connectors and pray that helps.


The *BSDs and NetBSD especially are not a good fit for these machines because of their one-size-fits-all philosophy which makes these old boxes struggle a lot with recent versions because of increased code complexity. I'd suggest gentoo unironically. The compilation you do obviously on a stronger machine. You can set compiler flags that fit the exact processor architecture to get the most out of it and then you can really reduce the amount of cruft strategically with USE flags and removal of packages you don't need. Hell, if you want to build an one-off system you can even remove GCC and portage if you like. Stick to older and more lightweight software that's feature complete. With Gentoo it's also relatively easy to go back in time and use old GCC versions and kernels that might work better. (Little hint about compiling: -Os might actually work faster than -O2 or even -O3 on these old machines as it reduces code size which helps because they have small caches)

Instead of compiling locally or using distcc to update or add packages (which will both be absymal) you might want to mirror the system on your modern-day machine as VM, do all the compilation there and just copy over the binaries. Another way would also be to make "/" network-accessible and chroot in from a stronger machine. This is gonna still be very slow though.

Try to also to bump up that memory as far as you can, modern OSes are mostly memory hungry.

Or use DOS. There's still a shitload of software out there and with a serial cable you can jump into the modern world on your more modern computer on demand. A lot of the simpler terminal-based linux software also runs in DOS, e.g. the editor mg. There's also a GCC toolchain for DOS floating around somewhere to compile your own programs and I brought the language lua to an old Pentium with DOS that way. There's also Windows 95 which probably was one of the best user experiences (e.g. doesn't get into your way and just let you do your thing) we ever had and probably will ever have. There's a lot of trickery with that too to make it do more modern things.

I think there's even something that let's you forward X11 to Win95 - which is another interesting point. If you get Linux running decently you might be interested in setting up a basic X11 server and forward your programs from other machines to it. (Just don't use SSH as the encryption overhead will be too much, just forward them directly via TCP port) I did this way into the '00s with an 486 which had 8 MB of RAM, worked well because the graphics card was directly supported.



File: fe5719e3adc3044⋯.png (49.91 KB, 525x700, 3:4, v1.png)

File: 87fb2c73ed61413⋯.png (42.4 KB, 525x700, 3:4, v2.png)

File: 587d071abd4f304⋯.png (72.32 KB, 525x700, 3:4, v3.png)




Reminded me a bit of a Victor V286P i used to have.



>SpaceFM and XFE

they're shit

wtf is SpaceFM anyway, it looks like a more fucked up bloated version of pcmanfm which is also shit



nice LARP retard


Yeah, Windows 95 seems like the most useful OS for my Pentium machine. Could you elaborate more on the trickery involved in getting it to do more modern things?


File: ca1f6ac162e5cd0⋯.webm (10.52 MB, 426x240, 71:40, 1995.webm)


The short answer is to look into KernelEx, it's sort of a compatibility layer for Win98 (not for 95, sorry! But they're mostly the same anyways feelswise) to let it run 2000/XP Era software. There are quite a few modern programs that can end up running just fine this way in Win98. I think the most interesting it would do with your system is to enable your Win98 to run current Notepad++. You can also get some old versions of modern browsers running, but that will just not work well on Pentium-era hardware.

There's also a "modern" browser targeted at Win98/2000, it's called K-Meleon and recently based on the Pale Moon engine which is probably the most lightweight browser engine that exists right now. There's also a relatively recent version of Pale Moon backported to 2k which works with KernelEx too. This is all kinda uninteresting for you because all that shit won't run usable on your Pentium, but hey.

I personally liked using 98lite back then, it's a Windows 98 "installer" that removes stuff you might not need and also integrates the much faster Win95 explorer.exe into 98.

Original development on KernelEx was abandoned but I think somebody picked it up again a few years ago. There are quite a few people left feeling very strongly about Win9x.

This is by far my most favorite thread on /tech/ - you people need to post more old junk.


File: 5a3ae19f868042f⋯.jpg (3.18 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, IMG_20190623_152227.jpg)


Will check out kernelEx, I've used kmeleon on win xp before and its great. I can see why people really like windows 9x, its robust and the interface is nice. As far as more old junk goes, I found a Micron Electronics ClientPro Pentium III and this 17" Micron 700DX monitor (on the left) and it powers on but there is nothing on the screen, not even static. Looks like the horizontal output transformer (Toshiba C5387) is shorted. The monitor looks identical in styling to a Viewsonic Optiquest V95 I once had, albeit smaller.


Why do retro computer sites like, god forbid, Vogons, attract the mentally ill like furshitters or horsefuckers? https://archive.is/8E2T6



Back on topic: what would be a good machine for Windows 98 that has:

>CardBus because WLAN


>a non-shit display, so no STN/HPA pls

>hardmode: 3D acceleration

I was thinking of looking out for another Precision M40 like I already have and running Win2k on and install Win98 on it, but those are very, very rare.


File: 57c2edb20e0e45d⋯.jpg (174.96 KB, 580x432, 145:108, 4368314776_c8223ea75e_o.jpg)

How do I install this?


Picked up a Commodore 128, and a odd IBM portable clone running a 8088 CPU that I can find fuck all information on.



8088 and other computers of that generation are really, really basic. Just reverse engineer. You can easily find datasheets on the ICs used. (if it's a later one it might integrate lots of ICs into a single one you can probabily easily find a datasheet on too) From there on and equipped with a cheap 5$ multimeter, it's usually trivial to find out what jumpers etc. do. You can sometimes even find generally interesting shit that way. Found interesting clocking settings that way on an industrial card with a 486-era chipset. To google the, often declassified and easily available, datasheets of the chipsets and find out how it all works is half the fun on these old machines. Just remember to take notes because I guarantee you you will forget all that shit a year down the road.


Doesn't exist. Go with a desktop. Notebooks from that era neither usually have 3d acceleration nor non-crappy displays.



3D acceleration isn't a hard requirement. I was thinking of a ThinkPad 770 or maybe even a X2x.



Meant the computer in general since couldn't find a ID number for it, and the name doesn't bring up fuck all. Probably will have fun just looking about inside the thing.



If you absolutely need some sort of 3d acceleration you can make a dock with a passthrough GPU to a monitor that does the accelerated stuff. With that old of laptop your best bet would be a expresscard passthrough for better bandwidth then usb 2 .


File: 540ee90d265cd14⋯.jpg (12.94 KB, 439x442, 439:442, gastwatdefuck.jpg)




>on a Pentium era laptop



Maybe he bought such a laptop off a time traveler unloading faulty electronics after a bad trip?



I have a Thinkpad T42 dedicated for Windows 98. To my knowledge it's the last Thinkpad (or laptop in general) to officially support and have official drivers for Windows 98 on the T42's website. https://thinkpads.com/support/Thinkpad-Drivers/download.lenovo.com/lenovo/content/ddfm/T42.html

Compatible Wifi PC card here. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F172730540597



T4x is garbage, GPUs fail quite often on them.



>T4x is garbage

Take that back.


>This is by far my most favorite thread on /tech/ - you people need to post more old junk.

I'm OP. Thanks pal



R5x > T4x because GPUs fail much less on them.


I have a circa 2000 IBM Pentium 75 I am restoring.

I've upgraded the CPU to 100 mhz and put in some more RAM.

Running Win 95 really well,except I can't find the drivers to run the OEM soundcard.

Otherwise, it's running really well, quite fast with Win 95.

Gonna get some old games to run.

I also have an old P4 that I run Puppy Linux on.



That would be more like circa 1996



You could probably use (or make yourself) one of those parallel port DAC sound cards. Those tended to have some support in DOS at least.



A fair number of early 90's DOS games supported those, I think. Oddly enough, also Duke3D apparently.


Anyway it's something to try if OEM card can't work.


Can anyone help me out?

I just cleaned up the fan on my T20 thinkpad and reapplied thermal paste, so it's finally running again. However, I want to install a new operating system on it. Considering some version of DOS but more likely 98se to take advantage of the Pentium 3 in there. But it does not boot from USB or PCMCIA, and it doesn't have CDD or FDD, unless I buy a dock and external drives for it which I don't want to do right now.

my ideas are to either 1) try a network boot which I think would be hard to figure out for 98se at least documentation-wise, or 2) put the IDE drive into my T40, install 98se, and put the drive back into the t20.

the problem with option 2 is that the CDD on my T40 is dead, and IIRC 98se has problems booting from USB (driver issues). I'll give it a go but I'm not sure if it will work.


I heard about that issue. I still really like my T40, though. I have plenty of issues getting driver support for the video card under linux which is why I mostly use XP on it. it's slow to draw even the basic desktop on linux so it's practically unuseable at times.


File: f474d2a3d26885e⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20190603_120526.jpg)


VOGONS is a good place to check for legacy drivers, and the forum is very helpful when it comes to identifying unknown cards and boards.


Take the HDD out, connect it to another system, and system format it for DOS, Win95, or Win98, so it can boot to a command prompt when it's back in the original system. Once it's formatted, copy the installation files for the OS, and any drivers you like, into appropriate directories on the drive. When you're done, move the drive back to the original system, and it should boot to a command prompt. From there, start Win98's setup. Pain in the ass, but hey, it works, and saves hours of dicking around.

Also, my not Win2K with a P3? You'd need to copy EMM386.EXE onto the drive (and run it after booting) to be able to start its setup, but Win2K served me rather well for a long time.

I had to replace the dying HDD in my 486 with a CF card. An inevitability, but not a huge problem. In hindsight, I should have maybe gone for a two-sided adapter, and maybe bigger CF cards, but I didn't want to run into an issue where the weird HP BIOS didn't like it.



>Take the HDD out, connect it to another system, and system format it for DOS, Win95, or Win98, so it can boot to a command prompt when it's back in the original system. Once it's formatted, copy the installation files for the OS, and any drivers you like, into appropriate directories on the drive. When you're done, move the drive back to the original system, and it should boot to a command prompt. From there, start Win98's setup. Pain in the ass, but hey, it works, and saves hours of dicking around.

thanks man, I'll try this. will let you know how it goes...

>Also, my not Win2K with a P3? You'd need to copy EMM386.EXE onto the drive (and run it after booting) to be able to start its setup, but Win2K served me rather well for a long time.

I think if I were going with 2000 I might as well go with XP since they're both NT based anyway, although 2000 is still cool. The T20 I have already has XP on it though, and I already have another XP computer I use daily so I feel like I've got my early NT based systems covered, I guess. Really I want something DOS based for the fun of it. Also it originally came with 98se so I thought it would be nice to put it back.

>I had to replace the dying HDD in my 486 with a CF card. An inevitability, but not a huge problem. In hindsight, I should have maybe gone for a two-sided adapter, and maybe bigger CF cards, but I didn't want to run into an issue where the weird HP BIOS didn't like it.

how's it working out? I replaced the HDD in my laptop with an SSD and mSATA to IDE adapter and it works great.



holy mother of JUST. not only is the CDD on my T40 dead, it now for some reason refuses to boot from USB even though it is specified in the BIOS startup sequence. I tried multiple drives even ones I have used less than a month ago and it refuses to even show them on the boot selection list. They still work fine and can be accessed once I boot into XP or linux, the system just won't recognize them for booting.

if I can't boot from USB on my T40 then I won't have any system to use to format a new HDD or copy files over.




Yeah, I suppose, since XP has far better driver support. I preferred 2K until I had a Pentium 4 and a decent amount of RAM, myself.

>how's it working out? I replaced the HDD in my laptop with an SSD and mSATA to IDE adapter and it works great.

Works fine, but it's not much faster than a regular HDD. I miss the whine of the drive spinning up, but if I really cared, I could just leave it in the system with only the power connected.


Will the USB drive you're trying to boot with, boot other systems? It's a little outside of my realm of familiarity.



>no CDD

Go get yourself a UltraBay DVD drive, they're cheap.



for the T20 I'd need the ultrabase dock. there was one on eBay some time ago with CDD and FDD installed, but I didn't buy it then. Nothing is up now, just regular docking stations. I suppose I could get an external drive and an ultrabay FDD or DVD drive too and use that to boot the T20, but now that I'm having these boot issues with my T40 I'm getting worried something might be going wrong with it and I don't want it to die on me.


>I miss the whine of the drive spinning up, but if I really cared, I could just leave it in the system with only the power connected.

amusing idea. Too bad you can't refurbish an HDD at home, that would be neat.

>Will the USB drive you're trying to boot with, boot other systems? It's a little outside of my realm of familiarity.

I haven't checked yet, I could try on my T430 and see how that goes.



>for the T20 I'd need the ultrabase dock

nigga what, the T20 already has a UltraBay. Do you have a X20?



kek yeah I'm retarded, I meant X20 this whole time. and now that I checked again on ebay the x20 ultrabase is still up. almost 40 bucks including shipping though, not sure if that's worth it for something to just mess around with.



Holy shit those things are overpriced, there's a seller in Israel asking €90 for one with free shipping.



who would have guessed that one. kek.

Looks like I'll have to mess around with some sort of PXE boot or something for the X20 and I hope my T40 doesn't have cancer or something like that.


File: ac21853ddc4e824⋯.jpg (826.02 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20190602_203752.jpg)


>Too bad you can't refurbish an HDD at home, that would be neat.

Well, you can, but it's terribly impractical, and getting new platters specifically for old drives is so far beyond economically feasible that it's not even worth thinking about at length.

It was mildly annoying backing the drive up for the transfer. I miss having PATA on my motherboard.



>dont do this thing

How do I do this thing? Like I always thought that replacing hard disk platters was as simple as inserting them into the drive in a clean/sterile room or enviroment and tricking the hdd firmware into reading it properly. The trick being to use platters of the same/similar thickness/size/material the material should be the same because china along with size being standardized. and using exactly the same number of platters. When it comes down to it, HDD is just a very clean spinning magnetic disk with a reader and motor for spinning. Along with a method of reading from the read head and forcefully spinning the disk which is usually abstracted by S.M.A.R.T firmware which is fucking botnet.

<getting new platters specifically for old drives

I thought it was the motor or the reader head that fails on hdd's before rust even attacks the metal disks, with the exception of the disks getting bent somehow. I don't know how you would replace the motor/read head but anon could just take the broken HDD's metal disks and put them in a comparable drive with exactly the same amount of metal disks and reported hard drive space. I don't know if filesystem level data is stored in hdd firmware or upon the disk platter itself though. That and finding the exact same kind of old hard drive with a working motor/read head might be more difficult then finding out what failed on the old one once opened up. But I don't know as I have never done such a thing.

I would hope its stored on the disk platter or you would be in some deep shit for disk recovery. I'd imagine fucking up your clean room enviroment, leaving dust/particles in the hdd, and handling metal disks without gloves would be all sorts of retarded and painful. With the design of newer HDD's you might need to heat up the outside container before taking it apart if it doesn't have screws which most wouldn't I'd think. It's too bad there's not libre software for on disk firmware of HDD's so you could theoretically use whatever size disks as long as you programmed how to spin them and access the read head into the firmware. It exists for SSD's though which is weird cause I would have thought the newer technology would be fucking botnet buts its the older HDD that are so.



>Well, you can, but it's terribly impractical, and getting new platters specifically for old drives is so far beyond economically feasible that it's not even worth thinking about at length.

maybe one day we'll have the ability to do that as hobbyists. a man can dream.

>I miss having PATA on my motherboard.

Me too man.

Currently trying to PXE boot my x20. First ran into an ARP timeout error, managed to get past that and am now having issues getting a file loaded onto the client PC from my TFTPD server. I need to transfer a pxelinux.0 file over but my server seems to attempt multiple transfers in parallel and all of them hang at 0%. Farther along than I was before but still a lot of issues. Who knew putting 98 onto a laptop would be this much of a pain? Almost getting to be not worth it.



Actually now that I think about it. Wouldn't cy+4 HDD's be using the exact same disk platers from china/taiwan and its just the hdd firmware artificially limiting how much space can be used? The reasoning being that a 3.5 inch drive from the same manufacturer or even different ones with one holding 500GB and another 1TB weigh the exact same on a scale. Or maybe I am missing something.



Yep manufacturers do artificiall limit drive sized based on botnet firmware https://archive.fo/L2Bkm . But I still can't find libre HDD firmware or editors for said firmware to fix this problem.


What about compatibility of old operating systems with 512e AF HDDs?

Anything based off of DOS (be it MS-DOS, Win9x, or FreeDOS) seems to not be able to work with MiB-aligned partitions. How about 2k/XP/2k3, and older Linux/BSD?



Also, if doing a multi-boot setup which includes anything older than Win7, is trying to get AHCI working on each OS worth it, or just stick with IDE compatibility mode?


File: ea2e2a93492d8e5⋯.jpg (16.79 KB, 450x282, 75:47, dom.jpg)


Tried win98se on a 2GB DOM and it didn't like the C: partition starting at sector 2048 aka 1MiB - win2k did though




If you are interested there's an unofficial driver called UniATA with possible, partial 9x SATA support in the future but as it is only for Windows NT users:



I wanna share a thing I've just used to make an old Cyrix MediaGX boot off it's USB ports - The plop boot manager (https://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/download.html) can be added to BIOS EEPROMs or on an EPROM you can plug into the empty EPROM sockets you find on old network cards as PCI Option ROM and it adds a few nice features, like booting off USB. Made my life a lot easier with that computer and soon a few others. Booting off USB 1.1 is of course slow as molasses, but it still beats the alternative of floppy disks or IDE adapters in how much easier it gets to install an OS. Just plug in the USB stick and go. It also simplifies boot selection if you have multiple OSes installed to multiple drives. All you need is an EPROM burner which should be something every retro computer affectionado should have, there are some very inexpensive ones around that work well enough. It also adds the option to boot from CD/DVD (IDE) or PCMCIA if your BIOS doesn't support that by itself. If you use it for booting, it also removes the 128 GiB limit of old BIOSes and supports up to 2 TB. You can also use it to boot off a network server, naturally.

I spent some time lately with my NEC PC8300. That thing is actually really cool as sort of digital typewriter/mobile terminal. (via serial port) I wish I could get one of these LCD screens to hook up to some ARM SBC. No dice though, they just do not exist at that size. (anymore?) Anything that comes close you can only get at "industrial part"/"contact us" prices. (also no, not gonna cannibalize a classic device) Might as well though, such an old school LCD screen is probably a bitch to drive.



>empty EPROM sockets you find on old network cards as PCI Option ROM

Noting this for future reference as I have a few old as fuck machines. Thanks anon!




thanks for the tips


File: 55a0e1a454d1a18⋯.jpg (481.4 KB, 1836x2035, 1836:2035, IMG_20190708_085853.jpg)

File: c523a777674c3c4⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20190708_085923.jpg)



I have to take the DALLAS RTC chip out of this bastard so I can do something with it other than keeping dust off of the carpet under it.



i had something like that for my first computer, and I used pretty much those programs too. I was told about winmx when napster was going down. Mine was an Hp pavillion like mx420 or somsehting really. it was a celeron, so there wasnt any agp upgrade slots, i didnt really pick it out, my dad insisted to get it over the pentium since it had the cd burner. 50 dollars higher tho too. also, that probabaly costed me 200 dollars more in video cards as i tried to get it to play games. and sd ram instead of ddr or maybe rdram they had back then in pentiums.



reading this saved me from going the widescreen lcd route. i have an old crt 1600x1200 75hz that does me fine, 21inch.


File: 854616f24efd246⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2848x2128, 178:133, crts 001.jpg)


>optiquest q115 21"



What do you do with such computers nowadays (apart from running vanilla Doom in DOS 6.22 rather than in DOSBox)?



everything can be done since the larpers here use computers only for work. your simple cli text editor will work just fine there and your minimalistic cancer free code can be compiled on it too. can probably even shitpost with lynx


Yeah, when you take graphics and stupid outline fonts out of the equation, suddenly the costs for web browsing go way, way down. 8ch really needs a gopher version. Reddit has one. The internet as it is today is fucked because we let non-tech people make decisions.

Also all these old computers have serial ports. Everything with a serial port can remote connect to any other machine so that's all you need. You could even control microcontrollers via serial. If you're clever about customizing a gentoo installation you can also run a fairly modern linux based system on anything post-pentium. even X is often fine speedwise when the resolution is only 640x480 or 800x600. The kernel still supports many old graphics cards, including e.g. 3dfx and matrox. X drivers do exist too. In that way, some of this older hardware is better supported than the "hacker""news" approved ARM SBCs. You can even often use old software versions, when it's not about internet security, it often barely matters.

Also, strictly a parallel port is nothing but a GPIO port but in name. So you could even do these soy latte "make this LED blink" Rasperry projects on an old system where on modern systems you for some reason would need a quadcore and a 2 gb software stack.

If you don't want to get Linux up and running you can use FreeDOS for which a lot of software exists and also can be compiled for. Coding for hardware control in DOS is easier as it doesn't make you jump through loops as modern OSes do to access hardware. You can also compile the lua interpreter for DOS, for example. You can compile micro-emacs for DOS. Grafx2 (pixel art program) runs in DOS and in Windows9x and is much better than any modern alternative. Or just use Deluxe Paint II. Old office programs for Win9x are pretty much just as good as new ones for most use cases like writing the occasional letter or doing some table calculation and such. If you do get linux running, there are lightweight programs that would run on such an old machine too. (Only problem with linux is really that it's a memory hog)

FreeBASIC (has nothing much to do with basic, it's more akin to a proper language like C at this point really) expressively supports DOS directly and comes with "batteries included" regarding graphics, with lib support like for allegro. If you don't need a simpler solution, then there's also always C.


FYI Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows Update on 2000/XP this friday, get your updates while you can!



Is there an archive of updates?


File: 664f16a6e213c6d⋯.png (2.77 MB, 1920x976, 120:61, ClipboardImage.png)


Not that I know of, so i'm sysprepping some XP installs.



thought that it already was for 2000. their site wont load in the browser that comes with 2000.


File: 985d073aaf77440⋯.png (15.34 KB, 852x130, 426:65, 3Ldx79P.png)


You'd need at least these updates to use WU under W2k.



thats the reason then. i only have the default internet explorer and it wont support modern crypto and might crash if you feed it modern websites


File: 8611bdfd06af47b⋯.png (209.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, icons.png)


I occasionally make useless content for Windows 3 and maybe Win9X. Wallpapers, icons, mainly for people to dick around with on their old systems, or in DOSbox or whatever. Almost nothing in the way of code due to being banned from any and all technical classes in HS, and having no access to programming classes once I turned 18 and had to work full time ever since. I've been very slowly making a useless EE tool for Windows 3, to display component values based on resistor color codes and the like. More recently, it's become relatively easy to teach yourself, but when you're as old as I am, new information doesn't stick too well without past experience to form a scaffolding for it, and no one will hire you for multiple reasons.

You can do anything on an old computer that you could do when they were new, and more, since people are still making software to a limited degree, for old computers, and in some rare cases, new ISA cards. That said, I wouldn't fuck around trying to make artwork on a 486, since I can more easily do so on a new system.


Try Retrozilla or some other similar browser? I only have RZ on my Win98 system, but being restricted to 128MB of PC133 RAM on a 300MHz processor makes browsing modern sites a hassle strictly due to hardware limitations. Not that I think it will play with WU, though.



And since I forgot to be clear, I mainly use old systems to test old hardware and software, but I primarily own this stuff to preserve it, as old tech is seen by most as useless garbage.

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