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Recently got a BB Passport and thought the OS is pretty nice to use. The complete lack of support however makes it impractical for daily use unless you only call and text.

Android apps barely work, they're slow, make the phone runs hot and is prone to crashing. The Android runtime is stuck at 4.3

The BB developer website still has docs for BBOS 10 development. There's also a section describing its architecture, basically a POSIX-compliant microkernel OS



I have several Blackberries, and the passport was absolutely one of the best. Unfortunately, QNX is entirely proprietary, so there isn't much you can do with it.


Fun fact: QNX is a real-time operating system. Very few OSes are. Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS: none of them are RTOSes. There's something called RTLinux but I've never heard of anyone using it. For real-time stuff, people use either QNX or VxWorks.

Among other things, Porsches and figher jets run QNX.

The Blackberry OS based on QNX added a bunch of shit on top of it, just like how Android is Linux-based but has extra stuff too. The Android compatibility added to BBOS was never that great, it was just Blackberry admitting that they failed to get developers to make apps for their platform. It was a last-ditch effort and even that didn't save them. That being said, many new apps are made with very old API levels (as in, apps developed in 2018/2019) because lots of phones are still running old versions of Android. I think ICS/KitKat are as old as developers will go for backwards compatibility.



Many apps are technically compatible but android apps in general just don't run well.

Clover for example lags like hell and crashes constantly. And it's one of the lightest android apps I've ever used.



Interesting. That's probably just stock broker heritage in the case of BlackBerries though, or does it have any practical benefits?



You mean QNX's benefits?

The link in OP describes that.


Should I get a BB10 phone or wait for Librem 5? Is Librem a meme?



I wish some billionaire would buy Blackberry and make all the software, including QNX, FOSS, at least for non-commercial users.



You probably shouldn't get a phone with a dead locked-down OS.



But I don't trust google or apple


BB products look like they're high quality and apparently are the only ones approved for diplomatic missions by the US state. Yet, they're locked down and.it's basically impossible to do anything custom on them.



BBOS 10 will have all its support ended by the end of 2019.

This may mean that new phones cannot be activated and current ones cannot be restored, because the activation/bb protect servers will not be available then.

App development will also die off completely, as a developer token is required to sideload unsigned apps. The token expires every 30 days. Obviously tokens won't be available past the EOL date.

The OS is locked down, no modifications possible without and exploit of sorts. This means the software will rot over time with no way of adapting it to current APIs and standards.

Unless someone steps up and release some kind of exploit to allow modifications to the OS, along with some documentations to kickstart modding, the OS will die for good comes EOL, unlike some other EOL'd OSes that still get some community attention.

The practically nonexistant community means it probably will never happen though. Hell BBOS 7 will probably last longer.


The Passport does feel like it's well built.

They're locked down for security. Though that won't do much for an EOL'd platform.



Idk anon I daily my passport (ATT) and it performs fairly well. Sure, it lags occasionally and had its "learning curve", so to say, but now when I pick up an Android it just feels... gross. Also QNX is really super cool. Too bad we can't use for home computing.

I use clover, yaairc, facebook messenger, GB Whatsapp, Bible, VLC, etc. Sometimes clover randomly crashes, and it doesn't handle the 8ch capcha terribly well, but other than that it's fine. I use a few other android apps too and a few bb10 apps.


Signatures have been successfully spoofed anon so not sure what you're on about. You will be able to install apps after 12/31/2019.



You could develop software for it?


I got a Q5 not so long ago. It's pretty comfy. Physical keyboard, the screen isn't fucking huge, and for some reason it's a lot less sluggish than the shitty, much newer android phone I used to use.



it's shit. literally the only reason it exists is because it's a designated topic for peons in canada to talk about

<this just in: blackberry stocks falling

>at dinner table

>grunt grunt blackberry stocks falling again


>Among other things, Porsches and figher jets run QNX.

vehicles are also shit, and so is anything else that has PUT SOFTWARE IN EVERYTHING MUH REMOTE CONTROL CARS MUH GORILLIAN LOC ECU



Then get a real phone instead of ""smart"" spying garbage.

Even better: don't get a phone at all.



Spoof how?

Say I write a program, how do I load it without signing it?



But wouldn't QNX be terrible for home computing, being an RTOS? On your computer now they weight the scheduler to things you're more likely to notice, like UI stuff, with an RTOS the thing is deterministically stepping through each process, which is great if you have to send a packet periodically or have a regular step time in your PID loop for hardware control so it actually does what you think it does so you still show up on the mobile network, but kind of shit for user responsiveness.


My first blackberry was the 8820, with wifi and all, it lasted a while, and since 2014 or something I'm with a Q10, it's really a solid stuff, felt many times but not a scratch. at least it still gets the job done. It's a phone, get email, I can write this post, chat on IRC, transfer photos from my DSLR with the memory card via FTP to my site, it's got a terminal, and power management really allows the battery to last for a while, so it makes me think.

What kind of degen faggot buys apple/samsungs that lasts one year?

was tempted for a passport too, but it's kind of large, and thus not much needed.

Also speaking of QNX I did work a bit with it when I was in college, studying development environments and things like that. I have my copy of RTP.6.1.0 and did a complete rip of its icons a while ago, and did it again recently.


something free software will never get.



what do you use for irc?

haven't found anything satisfying



Literally Google it my man.


I honestly have no clue as I've never used an OS that wasn't essentially JustAnotheLinuxClone, MacOS, or Windows (haiku but that's early beta as shit). It's just a cool system, though. "Home computing" I mean enterprise shit. Like maybe a home server? Also, I guess I have used 9front.


Not >>1028823 but I've only gotten YAAIC (from the bb10 store) to work well. I was so excited to use Revolution IRC on my passport, but alas it doesn't work well with the 4.3 environment.



All I can find is how to install a published bar file.

Which means it's signed.


File: f215db065822f64⋯.jpg (153.31 KB, 950x534, 475:267, https---blueprint-api-prod….jpg)

Why are we even talking about this?

Just get a BB Key2, and be done with it...

I don't see why not unless you're one of them legacy hardware types...



I've had Q10 for a while, but I got an iPhone last week.



For the OS of course

I only got this Passport to use while waiting to get my v30 fixed, but thanks to that I got to know an interesting platform.

When I first tried ios or wp they didn't feel anything special for me, I don't see anything from I'd like to also have on android.




You are pretty much spamming every thread now. Please stop.


Is there really no hacking community for BBOS?

There is even a community of qnx hobbyists though small.

There is a recent exploit for many SD SoCs that lets you load unsigned sbl/xbl. BBOS itself isn't encrypted so people could do some basic RE and maybe disable the integrity checks.


>>1029666 (nice trips)

>no hacking community for BBOS

A lot of BB owners were (and still are) normalfag business people who don't know their way around computers



This is not the point of a Blackberry which is, to begin with a device you use to place and receive calls, send and receive emails, text messages and not replace a proper computer. Mine doesn't even comes with a webcam like on the iPhone.



Holoirc works like a charm on the BlackBerry 10. It's a droid software but BB10 lets you control what the programs can access.


Keep your Q10 around, you'll be happy when your apple shit's glass breaks!


I have no idea why a brand that have developed its own OS manages to kill it in profit of their rival company. It's really cuckoldry at best.

Even the design is bland.



Fucking microsoft lost to android and ios

The mobile OS market is just impossible now.



Android has some crazy fucking percentage of the marketshare, so good luck to anyone who's trying to compete



It's no longer supported on phones. They're trying to use it for industrial controllers and the such. Also yes, while I could develop software for it, I would much rather have a FLOSS OS to develop for and hack on.



>Why are we even talking about this?

So that I can get retroactively mad about finding out there was yet another dead phone OS that could have replaced the garbage we're stuck with.

I own a Key2 and like it physically, but I'd much rather be running anything than mostly stock Android on it. Anything.

Maemo, Windows Phone, Sailfish, BB10 with an updated Android compat layer.

It's not fair that I can either get a physically good device or a shitty device with broader software options.

I wonder how much money I have to give BB to give me bootloader access and port sailfish myself.



Android on BBOS has always sucked anyway.

Huge battery drain, slow, buggy and crashy.

An actual Android 4.3 phone with similar specs would run much better.

I have a Moto X 2014 that came with 4.4 and has similar specs (less RAM and slower emmc) and Android apps were smoother.

You shouldn't be hoping for Android apps on BBOS since that invalidates the point of wanting BBOS (instead of just Android).

As for bootloader locking, there is a exploit for SD devices older than the 855 (IIRC). There is a bug in the pbl/bootrom's verification process. This means you can load any sbl/xbl/program you want. You can patch BB's bootloader to disable signature checks and load your own kernel or whatever.

There is also a bug on some phones that will cause the pbl to load from the sd card if the main emmc is not accessible. This is caused by a configuration error I think and may not work on BB devices.

As for sailfish, I don't see why you'd want to port it. There are already many other devices that can run it. I tried it a few months ago and didn't find anything special about it.



I keep all my phones. Q10, Z10, seven Nokia phones and three Motorola phones (candybar form factor).


Just imagine how cool would it be a system without apps, but with donwloadable plugins without UI of their own that would integrate into the system's mainframe.




"LOL" --KingTerry



Fuchsia is everything described there.

>Microkernel, no systemd

>Build from the ground up by the last white people alive in /tech/


>Everything integrated into the system

And then jews will use it for evil and destruction.



>does it have any practical benefits?

RTOSes guarantee that things will happen within a certain amount of time.

There are some cool data structures that might be relevant here, like priority queues.

Windows, GNU/Linux, and macOS just execute everything equally. So some unimportant process might make an important process take longer.

In a real-time operating system, you not only get the end result you want, but you get it when you want it. Time is just as important as accuracy for a lot of calculations, especially military or aerospace stuff.



Just get you a phone with hardware switches to turn off recording features. Otherwise: pretty much every phone on the market today has a cucked baseband processor set as master CPU. That means you can't do dick on it without having to be paranoid about who's listening in. They have full memory access.

Avoid if possible, if not: be smart.



you can physically remove any microphone and camera from the phone and get one with removable battery(they exist and you should not have any reason to buy those $1000 phones that dont have that feature) then only power it when you need it. then you can get a prepaid sim and only power it on in some place thats not your home if you are really paranoid. the botnet wont really get anything useful if you do that and dont store anything in the phones memory


This is probably one of the few "popular" platforms that people have had no interest whatsoever in hacking.



Get a better phone. I almost never have any problems with any apps on my v35.




I love Aboriginal culture. I think it's bad to hate Aboriginals.


Where are all these shills coming from?

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