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File: 4c3d7f29acfe9af⋯.png (43.95 KB, 481x344, 481:344, 0_FDdiWdrriXPKGNyf.png)


I am in great need of a chatting platform better than Discord.


-With text channels or some other way to organize text (categories being a plus)

-Ability to ban, kick, etc

-Easy to make multiple servers

-Voice chat

-Easy to invite others

-Private messaging

-Deleting text from trolls


Roles, emojis, bots, and other things to liven it up.

RocketChat sucks.

Matrix doesn't have text channels.


There's gotta be something better.


Mumble ticks pretty much most if not all your boxes.


File: 428f6ad2417df49⋯.png (172.51 KB, 290x290, 1:1, Thinking_Renchon.png)




And check out this server https://n3t.host/mumble.html



>lol but


>voice chat?

IRC + some open source voice service that you can plug into both server and a client so that it's seamless.

yeah, since several features aren't normally supported by IRC, you'll need to have your own server and client. You can start with a stock codebase for each, and then get most of your shit done with additional state and commands server-side. For example, the server can maintain a permanent log of each channel's conversations, and clients can make requests from the log when the user joins the channel for the first time, scrolls up past the log it has already, does a search, etc.

readable, trivial, easy IRC protocol + some sane extensions is 30% of what you want. Voice shit is another 10%. The remaining 560%, if you want people to use your product and not go back to Discord, is UX.


File: 300c245e1e19f46⋯.webm (1.95 MB, 540x960, 9:16, hit_or_miss.webm)


Git repo?


>>1028855 (checked)

I'm not interested in Discord, I've just read http://www.irc.org/tech_docs/rfc1459.html , wrote a server in Erlang, wrote clients in a few languages.

If I were to have a repo it'd target slack, because my company refuses to pay for slack, and Google Chat is coded entirely with cancer.



>dude just use IRC even if it does not fit your usecases, just use a plugin that I am not even going to mention

Delete /tech/



You mean the chat program that freezes every minute for two minutes for some weird reason, and that this problem has been reported since forever but nobody knows or wants to fix?



IRC is entirely extensible. The problem is that there is no push to extend IRC beyond what it currently is, a protocol for handling text requests.

In the early 90's, because IRC was pretty much it for chatting on the Internet, people were extending it all kinds of ways, that's why DCC and CTCP exist.

A few years go by and AOL releases AIM, Yahoo! releases Yahoo! Messenger, Microsoft releases MSN Messenger, ICQ pops up, and so on.

A few more years goes by and bandwidth has increased to the point where voice, video, and large data are easy and quick to transfer.

All those other clients, or new ones, met market demands for adding voice, video, and data for users once it was feasible to implement and easy to use.

What happened with IRC is that many users migrated away from the networks. A lot of that actually had to do with politics behind the ops for the networks, but some left because of boredom or found other chat programs to fit their needs.

Now all those IM clients, except for ICQ, are dead, and there are these social media fill-ins which are just garbage, but because they meet certain usecases people use them without much thought.

IRC could easily take over that role if money was involved, networks would play along, and people would invest their time and energy into extending the protocol within its already generously open requirements.



A brief history of the Anti-IRC Movement:

• 1998: IRC? lol anon, why don't you use ICQ instead, it's much better.

• 2002: IRC? lol anon, just install MSN, stop being such a nerd.

• 2006: IRC? lol anon, with Skype you can make phone calls for free.

• 2010: IRC? lol anon, Facebook Chat is all you need, everybody is there already.

• 2014: IRC? lol anon, you should try WhatsApp, you can even send voice messages.

• 2018: IRC? lol anon, that's prehistoric! you should checkout Discord and Slack, so much better.

IRC needs no extentions, it is fine for what it is. It is the idiocy of the general public that is the problem, which is why we also have Webshit, tech illiteracy, and Windows 10 is accepted as a stable system



<not mentioning the fact that it will forever be in plain text

shoo shoo fbi



Feel dumb for asking, but what exactly do you mean by text channels?

What exactly is matrix missing?


File: d248c0a02af28d6⋯.png (10.46 KB, 200x200, 1:1, keybase.png)


Keybase has all of those except voice chat. It also has some other useful features like large encrypted file sharing. Has anyone here tried it?



Just about every irc client supports ssl. If you care about it then just configure your server to only allow encrypted connections.



My formative years were spent chatting on ICQ. I had no idea, I was filling out my own profile in a Mossad database. I can't wait for that to come back and haunt me someday.



That just encrypts the transport.




while :; do echo -n .; done



What else would you like encrypted, exactly?



Well I'm more looking for other crypto related things like being able to prove that a user sent a message / pm'd me and it wasn't just the server.


File: 32eb73cfa0eb024⋯.jpg (69.62 KB, 500x364, 125:91, 32e.jpg)



>service allows users to send messages to each other

<gosh, how can this service possibly allow users to send cryptographically signed messages to each other?

remember when SMTP 2.0 came out because SMTP 1.0 didn't support cryptographic signatures?



try the beta I've never had this issue


File: 7c9f77b7f964ffd⋯.png (82.72 KB, 790x773, 790:773, wojak-treading-water.png)

>the svencoop channel on irc.gamesurge.net is never coming back because they migrated to discord



<J-j-just use a plugin

At that point you are just using the IRC protocol as your transport layer. IRC just becomes bloat and you might as well use a more efficient transport.



sure, and the appropriate time to get around to that particular optimization is... uh... never.



I looked at it maybe a year ago. It looked like it had promise, but it seems to be mainly for people doing FOSS work. Though I don't see why you couldn't use it for whatever. I know the client is free, but what about the server?


Wire might be a good alternative.


File: 713606eba2acf86⋯.png (520.9 KB, 596x445, 596:445, emacs_fingers.png)


Use mumble I highly reccomend u check out https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/3rd_Party_Applications there's cli interfaces, bots, webclients. Ive even met people from the ccc.de on mumble. You'll only find patrician tier communities. People that actually are passionate about free software and mumbles codebase is just waiting for you the make commits and fixes to stack up dat folio.





Its not as good as mumble uses shitty voice support check the code


File: 09a26c395b17625⋯.gif (3.9 MB, 480x270, 16:9, mfwppldontusemumble.gif)







If its good enough for the fsf its good enough for me mumble is irc 3.0 belive dat


File: 42779b00a640201⋯.gif (276.62 KB, 640x460, 32:23, both_clapped.gif)


Im also really digging this server you posted


Just use Wire. It's basically the same as Discord and Slack.


File: 7795f7d75a135bc⋯.png (31.82 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1549702559680.png)




>Deleting text from trolls

Thread disregarded


>There's gotta be something better.

Not until you make one. Make sure UI doesn't look like shit and shill it on places where people might be interested.




qTox working great for me on linux.

Being p2p and living right next to the friend I play with, it's hands down the best.



tox id: 56A1ADE4B65B86BCD51CC73E2CD4E542179F47959FE3E0E21B4B0ACDADE51855D34D34D37CB5



GNU Jami will eventually have these features, but not now.




didnt keybase (((accidentally))) send private keys to google?



>Using an online service that has the private keys to your cryptographic keyring

How stupid can people be?



I wonder what's the difference between Jami and GNU Ring.



None. Ring changed its name to Jami. They have some bullshit reason for the change in their FAQ, but I think it's because they didn't want to get sued by those Ring IoT fucks.


based n redpilled



Unironically use a phone. Fills all categories.


>Matrix doesn't have text channels.

u w0t m8?


test - win clasic



running on empty with mumble review.



>Rocket Chat sucks

What sucks about it?



Only things bad about it, is the memory leak and having to disable a couple of the features because they are tied to google


File: c581ca7f8bfa1d2⋯.jpg (33.08 KB, 500x425, 20:17, lolwutnigga.jpg)

>Matrix doesn't have text channels.


A friend tested Matrix recently and found up to a minute of lag when sending messages between two people on different continents using different homeservers.



Tell your friend to change his client's refresh rate.



>text-based chat

>up to a minute of lag

who gives a fuck?




why do normies need a new platform every year.. irc just works and still exists but some of those proprietary things are already dead.



IRC is not enough, XMPP is at least feature-complete (text, audio, video, group chat, history)



> why do normies need a new platform every year.. irc just works and still exists.


what's wrong with Tox?



It had really poor group chat functionality the last time I used it.



XMPP was made in 1999, it's not exactly new or anything



XMPP also uses xml, so it’s not ideal.




Which is why Matrix uses JSON



There have been attempts to get rid of it for twenty years, each service died or got obsolete, bloatware, or flawed by security flaws or botnet.

Nothing replaces IRC. I tried, too. I came to the same point where even at work, choosing between Microsoft; Google; BlackBerry messenger..

"Let's just run a IRC server for the company."

One afternoon of config and mailing and it was done. All smartphones, desktops use it in internal.



>IRC is not enough, XMPP is at least feature-complete (text, audio, video, group chat, history)

does XMPP support sending images? so can share CP images with pedo friends? I love CP


in your case it was simple because you could run IRC server at your company

what if someone needs group chat with bunch of people but not in office setting?



They add new features normies want or the previous one does something to piss them off. Discord was made by MS fucking up Skype so hard people left it. Discord made it easy to make chat rooms and servers so people flooded it using Facebook chat for IMs.

IRC is in a good place now TBH. It doesn't have the normies on it so you get away from them. It's only issue is finding rooms.



>They add new features

If you count monitoring all content in a chat program a feature.



And 'priority speakers' that even when turned off causes people to talk over each other because they can't hear each other, and 'the quiet room' that causes casters to occasionally wonder where their audience went. And if Buzzfeed makes an article about HAYTE ONWHINE Discord will pull your server.



at least rizon is full of normies and kids



Get gassed faggot.


> dosen't have normies

Which makes it hard to use it for projects and work.

Just use Riot. See >>1029038





They don't keep your private keys, in the early version of the android app they didn't exclude it from android's backup system so the entire thing was getting backed up to Google's servers.


It seems they haven't released the server but intend to in the future, I didn't know this so thanks for causing me to look into it.



It supports, bold, underlines, italics, and colored text, although certain channels may disallow them.


Are you one of those Web 2.0 people who gets into arguments about whether your software uses the internet as a platform?



Where'd the audio go?



its bloat



No calls, no group calls, no video calls, no screen sharing. XMPP is a joke. It's basically re-designed email. At this point you might as well use Oversec or DeltaChat with your email provider.

Matrix is objectively better.



halfchan fags



Discord has all of this and more. I think you're conflating whatever you think of whatever communities you've joined with the actual features of the service.


>>1028855 He is clumsy so he is cute. I wanna fuck his asshole and mouth!

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