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File: ed24eef47a3b8b9⋯.jpg (7.96 KB, 474x355, 474:355, .jpg)


After years of experience, and using thousands of Laptops, I can honestly say, I'm an expert on which Laptops to buy and which are garbage as soon as they left the factory.

Let me list it off for you:

>Fantastic Brands:



-Samsung (Ironically)



>Horrible brands (stay away):





-Fujitsu Siemens (discontinued)

I made this because I want your opinion over my opinion, and if you have anything to say to make me change my mind over some of these brands and why. Like maybe some brands got better or worse over the years.


I got a new thinkpad recently. A few driver issues but hardware wise it's pretty nice.



Get rid of any additional software Lenovo put on it, and make sure it's an Intel/Nvidia and not an AMD laptop.

Those are the worst, unless you're running that new Ryzen CPU.


How did you manage to use thousands of laptops over the years? Do you mean fixing them perhanps? I can't make sense out of it otherwise.



If lenovo gets an Intel laptop they will ALWAYS add in (((vPro))) spy shit in it.

You're 100% better off getting and AMD shitbox. Even more so since Ryzen has the PSP built in.


its been said before




It's an analogy, I meant I used so many of them I lost track.


( ° ʖ °) Exactly mate, just testing ya t' see if I'm watched by good people, or morons.



Whats wrong with Acer specifically?



Had 3 of them 15 to 10 years ago.

Every single one died on me after 2 years of use.

They were loud, they heated up fast, the screens always had a short circuit malfunction after 2 hours of use where I had to perform a hard reset. And the final symptom is a permanent black screen, even after plugging it into the TV.

Did it get better, mostly the same, or is it insignificant these days?


I forgot to mention Toshiba as one of the Good Brands



One of the top 3 along with HP and Toshiba.

Why did you even made list when you only wrote brands you don't like for no reason, nigger?



I'm talking from experience you spic.

Maybe you have it different. If so, please emphasise on which brands you like, and which you hate.




I own a G55VW and the plastics quality is crap, the mouse buttons are rubber layered, and when the rubber wears out it makes the mouse pad impractical. I went through three sets in 4 years.


I've owned a few over the years, hit or miss depending on the model.

>-HP most I've had are low quality, I'll a agree, however I've only had good experiences with Probooks


Honestly never had issue with an Acer laptop, and I've only ever owned/used their lower end consumer line


unwanted truth: They are botnet, outside a few/older models, how can anyone defend botnetting the fucking BIOS?


I own a T580, love it. Can't really speak for other models as I've only ever used two other Fujitsu laptops.



Toshiba flooded the market with shitty walmart-tier laptops, I wouldn't call them good since they are Sony-wannabes trying to get a premium for fucking Pentium and Celeron soldered on garbage cuz muh brand.



Good, you get it.

I can honestly say, the only good ASUS models are the ones made in the workstation tier. Any model smaller than 15 inches (38.1 Cm) is already a recipe for extensive checking.

I agree with you over the rest, except the Acers I used were horrible at the time. Maybe a lot has changed in 10 years, that's what you are here to tell us.

Fujitsu was good for it's time, but it had problems when Siemens still existed.


Sony wasn't exactly good either. Toshiba were fast and somewhat reliable for the time I used them. One lasted me 5 years at best. Either I was lucky, or I had one of them top tier models, I don't remember at this point.



>Acers I used were horrible at the time

Honestly almost all my experience was with earlier models, core 2 and such, and with a few of their aspire one netbooks. But for what they were I never had an issue, I still have an old ZG5 with w7 on it, playing music as I type this.

I guess my other issue with Toshiba is that their laptops were always horribly bland in design, yes yes I know aesthetics aren't everything, but holy shit seeing them just made me want to run out and buy a fucking Alienware. Their Qosmio line was pretty decent though.



The HP business grade ones are awesome



I'm using a Huawei Matbook Pro X.

Best laptop I've ever owned. The screen is especially beautiful and high quality.






>Using default OS ever

Of course I'm running Linux. And it is an AMD, I figured it had to be better then jewtel


>botnetting the bios



I have an HP probook 470 that's been my daily driver (programming, music making and a little bit of gay ming) for over 3 years now and I don't have a single bad word to say about it. Amazing machine. Picture quality is especially good. Ran void, win10, gentoo, parabola and devuan on it and didn't have any unfixable problems.

Your bad opinion on HP might be because of the lower price range laptops. Same with acer. A friend has one and it's great. The only laptops that I know of that were shit are the cheap ones. When going into a solid price range does the brand even matter?



Sometimes, yes.

Especially depending on the hardware.


Toughbook and thinkpads all suck.



P.S. I think we can all agree that their printers were always a rip-off.



Bait, but i'll bite: Toughbooks are awesome until you need to replace something and are a end user, in that case you're basically fucked.



Toughbook can't even run fortnite



>Lenovo (ThinkPad) = horrible

>No Panasonic (Toughbook)

>No Getac

No wonder you used 'thousands', you apparently never got a decent one that would last.


>Toughbooks are awesome until you need to replace something and are a end user, in that case you're basically fucked

>Not knowing a way to get around this


>Toughbook can't even run fortnite

Bait, but I'll bite: It wasn't designed for nigger cattle



Old HP netbooks are good too. I have had one for 7 to 8 years now and it has been good to me. I find HP to have good OS support


>only laptop with a mech keyboard isn't even released yet or is gaming shit that weighs four hundred kilos


Who makes the best workstation laptop right now?



Just buy a Macbook Pro.



what, a 2015 macbook pro?

Surely you don't mean the newer ones with the shitty keyboards that suck to type on and then die if sneezed at.



I did post that as a joke, but admittedly from a 2015 macbook pro. I'll be looking into those "fantastic brands" when this thing dies.



>>Fantastic Brands:


Lol. You mean locked out of windows 10/8? It won't even let you boot linux because it rejects even UEFI signing keys.

Or you mean the ROG gaming line? It's shit. Bet they don't even sell 2080s yet nor i9s.


Inspiron overpriced throttleshit. Toughbook line is good but who buys that? CIA? Or is this another brand fanboy gaming shit?

Oh I remember now, it's Ayylienware amiryt?

Look for EVO. you can get 2080 i9 and I'd bet shit that ayyshitware don't even sell such spec and they're probably still selling overpriced 1060 Ti and can't even ship SLI with 64GB RAM

>-Samsung (Ironically)

Samsung is based especially the time when all manufacturers sucked intel's dick while they took a lot of awards with their A series line but that didn't last long. the batteries have 0% wear level after 300 full cycles and have more capacity though it's likely much more expensive if you buy their stuff on Korea. Best ultra(lowpower)book if you want to last up to 10 hours


??? is this some other gaming shit?


??? more overpriced gaming shit

>>Horrible brands (stay away):


True but is compaq even alive right now? HP had recalls every year. Either battery or some catastrophic gpu failure shit.


Actually based right now. Cheap gaming laptops than most and can get you a Ryzen laptop in the cheap.


Same as Acer



>-Fujitsu Siemens (discontinued)

Lifebook is based, fuck you.


>He doesn't know Toshiba and Panasonic



Just avoid consumer tier shit and get something enterprise level.



Asus is crap plastic. Rog is overpriced hype shit that can't even put up a good spec at a low pricepoint. Goodluck refunding for that dead pixel on laptop/monitor - Asus. mousepad is broken as fuck and jumps around.

Dell is crappy and throttle a lot and noisy

HP is some europoor shit that either had already killed/blown someone's hands or legs at some point.

Acer is high quality chinkshit. aka gateway or emachines

Lenovo is good but those there's still those who are assmad about getting owned by the chink cert mal/adware rootkit that some mr robot employee probably put there. No other laptop can be as quiet as these, good fans and very quiet drives.

Fujitsu is a decent japshit



>Oh I remember now, it's Ayylienware amiryt?


Inspiron at least has the clitmouse.



The problem with old AMD gaming laptops is that it's using similar 45W AC and board that's designed for intel/nvidia while the mobile gpu needs more obviously. The new ryzen line fixed this and actually destroys the intel/nvidia price equivalent now. Wait for mobile RX 580.


No one's working on AMD spyware. xfree86 intel+nouveau(or turned off) is the most gnu-foss you can get plus there's a lot more effort put into killing the intel spyware and meanwhile PSP doesn't have shit.



XPS is cool







No, just no.


My dad used an Acer laptop as his primary PC for 5 years, and it withstood lots of use and abuse. Only issues it had:

1) keyboard died around 2 years after he bought it - we bought a replacement keyboard really cheap through eBay, I installed it myself, problem solved.

2) With over 4 years of use, it started refusing to turn on sometimes (disconnecting the power, removing the battery and putting everything back solved this issue when it happened), and sometimes it would turn off on its own when we were using it even while connected to mains (it wasn't overheat - that was the first thing I checked - or power management issues). When this issue started becoming more frequent my dad decided it was time for a new laptop, this one was over 5 years old already after all.

Overall it left me with a good impression, considering how long it lasted and the abuse it took - it spent all its life in a beachfront location (sea air is terrible for electronics, in case some of you didn't know), and he would sometimes take it to heavy construction areas.

Now he's been using a Samsung for almost 2 years, not a single issue so far.

Acer is not my favorite brand and I do think they have poor build quality and poor design choices for most part, but still, I wouldn't rule them out as a good laptop choice depending on model and price.


Firstly, during the years I've seen lots of complaints on the internet about poor durability and low reliability of Dell laptops. Then I experienced it first hand.

One company I was doing support contract work a few years ago bought around 30 Dell laptops for office use (keep in mind most of them were used as if they were desktops, meaning they never left the office, most never even were moved from the desks they sat on).

With less than 1 year of use, most of them presented all sorts of problems - keyboards dying, USB ports failing, dead pixels on screens, screens dying, motherboards dying, random crashes and blue screens that ended up requiring memory or motherboard replacements.

At least they were still under warranty and Dell's customer service isn't bad. But they'd still keep breaking down, and the warranty would eventually expire. When the warranty period ended, we replaced them with Dell desktop workstations which are extremely reliable (I suggested switching to another laptop brand but the CEO didn't want to spoil the customer relationship they had with Dell).

All I know is that after complaints I've seen on the internet and my own experience, I'll never buy a Dell laptop myself or recommend them.




I didn't know they made anything other than shortwave radios.


About to buy an hp elitebook 840 g1. i lost my x220 thinkpad trying to get a replacement. i heard the elitebooks are of better quality. How true is that?




I used to like them but shilling for refugees is a big no-no.



that doesn't look bad.




lookin pretty new there fam

but yeah avoid intel



I assumed dell and HP the more likely candidates for this. If even lenovo is botnetting their laptops is there any hope for a laptop without? I'm thinking of getting an ASUS for work, does anyone have any advice?



never trust american or chinese companies

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