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File: 2b1ec10feea47e0⋯.jpg (531.82 KB, 2254x1829, 2254:1829, Vergleich_2von2_Crossoverk….jpg)


I have warranty repairing these/replacing them. Should I keep these or get rid of them? Is there anything noteworthy coming out I should wait for? Thinking of a Dell Latitude this time, but I haven't kept up with tech in a while.

If not, where do you even sell shit besides eBay? Normally, I chuck shit like this in the trash. Bout to take a flatscreen TV down to the compactor for the crrrrush sound.

Thinkpad p50 Xeon e3 1505m v5, 64GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro m2000m + w/e intel card, nvme SSD. 4k screen. No dock.

Ideapad Flex 14 with SSD.

Have the stylus, have backup batteries for both, etc. I feel bad after living like the plebs to be throwing out thousands, but I have too much stuff I don't use and pretty sure the negros at the charity place just steal the shit I leave, so meh. Guess I'll try my jewcap on.


We have a goysumerism sticker I believe.



I should start proofreading my posts, damn.



>talking about thinkpads

<posts fucking RJ45's

sell that shit, buy an x200 and libreboot the shit out of it anon.

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