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File: bb2fc43b7e05035⋯.png (906.14 KB, 2000x1123, 2000:1123, 1_1K8ftQtP9MSfz8iJyCTMxQ.png)


I heard that Tencent is buying reddit. What are some good sites that replace /r/vim and /r/neovim? And don't say "just use emacs" because you'd be wrong.

Specifically looking for a resource that details current plugin development. If it wasn't for these communities I wouldn't know about half of the nice plugins I have and I'd be some VSCode plebian or EVIL user.





dup btfo


duuuuude I love reddit too lmao







Start a thread here.

I'd tell you to try shilling but I don't want to catch a soy infection by directing people here.

Or find what other communities/mailing lists those guys hang out in

Some of the best add-ons are just git repositories and you can find them by searching. No need to ask plebbit.



>And don't say "just use emacs" because you'd be wrong

Not to be that fag but what exactly is there that you can do with (neo)vim but definitely not with Emacs?



brag about being a minimalist


Chinks can't make reddit any worse than it is.


<implying Tencent is going to acquire 100% of leddit (owned by a Jewish media conglomerate) despite being mostly blocked in China

>falling for (((shitty clickbait)))

All in the first sentence.


The only good site that replace /r/neovim is Neovim's official Gitter (from the makers of GitLab) discussion room.




Reddit is just insufferable. It doesn't matter how much the subs specialize, it ultimately comes down to: Orange man bad vs. Le Baste Don is muh Empra, check out this black guy in a MAGA hat!





> >>>/vim/

That board is a stillborn, one useless thread with three useless replies.


Stop ricing and start writing.




Someone over in the GG thread on /v/ posted an archive of the front page today and the admins are bowing to bugmen pressure which is causing a shitstorm.



Emacs is the most minimalist OS though.



>sjws bowing to bugmen

Why should I care?



Nothing. The only difference is that EVIL mode doesn't work as well. Both of them at this point have the same feature set. Even vim8 is getting there.


>tfw you don't even have a reddit account and have been on 8chan since before the exodus and was introduced to the site through fapchan.


It's not ricing. I have completely streamlined my development workflow. The only thing missing right now is proper Jira integration. I have even removed the terminal emulator out of the equation by using a headless solution.


>>1029288 There are too many SJWs and feminists so Reddit is the worst place. Chinese can't make it worse!


Why not post there and find where else people frequent?



Nice argument.


the emacs way is the only way for the true enlightened



This, but unironically. Chinks > Reddit-niggers



>tencent is going to start banning all the TUI text editor development news

Seriously though, what new developments are there? The top posts on /r/vim for this month are dominated by mechanical keyboard fags. The top posts on /r/neovim are for minor aesthetic changes and writing plugins in rust. It's a text editor with a shitty plugin system, what news do you honestly expect?

>I use vim btw



The problem is, if they do, everywhere else will be flooded with reddit cancer if they kill it.




die faggot

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