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File: 6e6efcc06949410⋯.jpg (69.52 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, john-carmack-vr-script.jpg)


I'm still completely in the excited-newbie honeymoon phase, but writing Rust code feels very wholesome.



Well for all his talents, he's always been a cuck.


This has the potential to be yuge for Rust!

How exciting! How exciting!


he looks like he injects nothing but soy

fuck this faggot


File: 5fbe6e6107e3328⋯.webm (14.01 MB, 320x240, 4:3, John Carmack (Armadillo A….webm)


LARPer spotted.

John Carmack has achieved more than you will ever in your wildest dreams.


Very interesting. I'd love to see his take on Rust once he's finished a hobby project in it. If I had to guess, Carmack probably isn't the type of programmer who'd be pleased with having his freedom restricted by the borrow checker, but the language, compiler and toolset are fairly mature and it does deliver on its "safer C++" promises for the most part.


>excited-newbie honeymoon phase


>writing Rust code feels very wholesome.

it's the ML elements that do that. Ever since Haskell, the evil powers of the Earth have been going to the well of Robin Milner's genius, so that they could sell it in a package with their idiocy.


Rust actually is a good language tho.


Nobody wants to write C++ anyway, it's just the only non-toy language that doesn't also have cum guzzling out of it's mouth.

The ideal language would basically be a re-write of C++ from the ground up to omit legacy shit and other stupid spaghetti that it has accumulated over time, and do small tweaks to syntax and other things to make it cleaner and nicer to use.

The problem is that whenever someone makes a new language they have their own super special snowflake idea based on their personal preferences of what the language should do, so it ends up working too differently.



The ideal language is Ada.

But, it probably needs an Elixir/ReasonML treatment to get popular.

Names_Like_This are particular hard to type without editor support.



>Ada shill shills Ada in a non-Ada thread again

Make an Ada thread already



oh man look at this guy


shilling the language imaginaryCplusplusrewrite in a Rust thread


If I only wrote C++, I guess I'd feel the same.



>fell for the antivegan shilling

Soy phytoestrogen does not disturb us unlike estrogen in milk. We are herbivores.



File: 4956d71eb961df9⋯.png (3.41 KB, 230x169, 230:169, Screenshot_2019-02-10 John….png)


File: c8660a1f6e3ce14⋯.jpg (252.11 KB, 800x650, 16:13, br02.jpg)


>has achieved more than you will ever in your wildest dreams.

>to get bought by jews.

>now he knows it's all bullshit.





File: 325e15564564aee⋯.png (41.21 KB, 736x334, 368:167, samefag.png)


Your eye of discernment is ... poor.


Y'all hatin' on Rust bcuz you can't get laid, prove me wrong

You can't, I win



I don't understand that argument. You don't have to use all that shit. You can write c++ with just c standard libraries if you really wanted to.



>you can just not use any features

Yeah, I could also just write C or assembly. The point is making a good powerful language that's comfortable to write and provides features that makes it easy to do things on the low level without bloat like garbage collection getting in your way and without excessively subscribing to some meme like functional programming or OOP.



Get out Steve, I thought you said you'd stop shilling.



Only fake soy pajeet tranny cucks need a language with more features than conditional jumps and substraction.



>without excessively subscribing to some meme like functional programming

Rust subscribes a great deal to that. What do you think would make it excessive? GC?



I lied



By excessive I mean it's not a big deal if it has support for it, but it shouldn't let it drive the design of the language.

GC is out of the question if you want to talk about C++ replacements. I don't know how obtrusive Rust's baby gloves are but it probably counts as well.



>the language, compiler and toolset are fairly mature

Not even close.


>it does deliver on its "safer C++" promises for the most part

Here's how to trigger a memory fault in barely 10 lines:



File: c76db1c59ab13eb⋯.jpg (384.3 KB, 1400x933, 1400:933, steve klabnik.jpg)



Fun story: I made this. It was fun being a Rust shill and pretending to be an anti-Rust shill to bump my threads and bait easy replies XD


File: 9f2a8c8d931da4d⋯.jpg (173.23 KB, 1110x837, 370:279, rust_homosexuals_vs_C _el….jpg)


So how's the sex change going?



>honeymoon phase



lmfao sounds like he doesn't like it much



Ada's problem is that there are too many rules for Pajeet to learn. I hope Ada never becomes too popular though, it's quite comfy to program in, and you're not likely to run into many retards using it, by virtue of its relative obscurity.


File: a1ecf133e2002b0⋯.jpg (179.08 KB, 1110x837, 370:279, 9f2a8c8d931da4d66d98fd3e56….jpg)



Not really, C++ programmers can be autistic but they aren't shilling for sodomy and dick-cutting mental illness 24/7.


>yet another Rust thread

>not posting in an existing Rust thread

Go back to your >>>/4um/



Not really. After Quake, id fell into obscurity and was eclipsed by everyone else. The new Doom isn't that revolutionary, and I don't hear anyone talking about it as they do other games.



Those aren't inclusive qualities. If you had equated can't suck dick because not using rust, then you would have a point because rustfags suck dick.


Poor Carmack is becoming senile.



You mean after Quake 3, right?




maybe but hes old now and old people do stupid things



What year was that, like 2002 when Quake 3 was released?



>he thinks a pre-9/11 game is a post-9/11 game

millennial detected.



John "I married a Gook and became a walking stereotype" Carmack cucks again.



Whatever, my point is that once the hardware caught up with performance, the actually software didin't matter as much as the textures and other static artwork. Other companies built on this surpassed id.



Are you even old enough to be on the internet, kid?



they would have more customers if their software didnt need hardware worth thousands.


translation: i am getting paid to write rust



caption it. C++:

>your ideal wife


>your ideal self



Sure. Uh huh. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Uh huh.


That's a load. People buy their hardware based on their absolute critical level of autism. They know that if they expect to play the newest games at the highest framerates, highest resoution, highest details, that they are going to need to spend the money on the latest and greatest hardware. This is true for all AAA games, not just id.

id collapsed because they had nothing left. Their talent either moved on elsewhere or dried up. It happens all the time to people. Sometimes they get a second chance at another big dream late in life, but for the most part, it's done, finito, kapput.



>Not really

Sure thing, kiddo. Try LARPing a bit harder.


it can be as wholesome as you want it to

doesnt mean it will work with 30 programmers in production environment

it wont, it CANT, because its for BABIES



>the same guy who thought MEGATEXTURES was a good idea despite being massive I/O bottlenecks and lack of video memory a consumer would have at the time of release

His recent innovations have been lackluster.


i think he knows what hes saying

its probably him seeing the "potential in 10 years or so" instead of current realities



I didn't know of anyone who played that, it was either Unreal Tournament or Counterstrike



That's how it is being a plebeian amongst plebeians.

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