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I recently got given a HackRF One and a Baofeng. What should I do with them, /tech/? What do you do with radio? Are there IP-based mesh networks I can join?



Nothing. The FCC has regulated away the usefulness of RF for anything but ragchewing with boomers.



How disappointing.



Surely there is some cool shit to do....




Set it to 915 MHz and pick up the ISM bands. Or use it for transmitting at about 400Kbps over a few miles.


Listen in on military communications.



>What should I do with them

Get a second one, get the bigger antennas for both, see how far you can get and still have signal. Standard antenna is known to be good for 2-3 miles. Bigger antennas 10-20 in the right conditions. If you live near an airport, get chirp and program a few of the local airports channels RX only, then listen to airport shit for the hell of it. Its pretty boring, but its hilarious to hear people who are in professional voice all day break professional voice when they need to. Program one channel to you localr weather radio frequency. Keep one channel the default channel, you would be amazed what people talk about on a commonly used public frequency that comes with every radio without bothering to change it.

IP over Baofeng sucks ass tho.



>ISM band

>IEEE certification

>not beyond


I don't think mesh can work right now. It's either gonna negative SINR with all the devices connected to it not to mention those glowers on payroll who can just toy with your little 'gibson' project and gangstalk on you all-day long yesterday.


set up a random number station on a legal frequency


Find your local police station amd stsrt talking to them.


Get your ham license and play with big boy toys. Alternatively, find your nearest airsoft range, park somewhere within range, and fuck with all the players as they're guaranteed to be little faggots.



I've seen people hooking up radios to Android devices through the 3.5mm jack. Not sure what that was about, though.



What are you saying, you euros need certification to use the ISM bands?


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