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So what's your minimalist setup/workflow /tech/? Any of you glow-in-the-darks managed to get rid of X11? Have that perfect emacs setup? Doing your accounting on the microcontroller of a toaster? Hm? I'm curious about the bizarre and autistic workflows /tech/ has. Or good ones. I can imagine some folks here have interesting setups.

Not posting mine because everything I do is bloated. Also yes, I will kill myself, but not now.



X11 is bloat. All you need is nano, sed, awk, cat, screen and curl.

- https://n3t.host for more info




>not ed






1) a PowerBook g4 15" with MacOS 10.4 Tiger for mobile computing, or anything requiring X.

2) a BB10 phone because I must have email at all times unfortunately. Also use it for mobile note taking and to ssh into my main machine sometimes.

3) an old core2duo tower I got for free. Running Debian rn (no x server of course), however I am thinking of installing openBSD.

4) another old core2duo machine with (((windows 7))) I use for a DVD player/ emulation. Non networked of course.

I'd love to grab a g5 tower to install openBSD on for my main workstation. x86 is bloat, botnet, and unneeded.

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