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File: ed52a6107ea4168⋯.jpeg (186.79 KB, 768x512, 3:2, eu.jpeg)




>Brussels, 4 February 2019

>The fourth evaluation on the EU Code of Conduct shows that this Commission initiative delivers successful results.

>IT companies are now assessing 89% of flagged content within 24 hours and 72% of the content deemed to be illegal hate speech is removed, compared to 40% and 28% respectively when the Code was first launched in 2016. However, companies need to improve their feedback to users.

>The IT companies reported a considerable extension of their network of ‘trusted flaggers’ in Europe and are engaging on a regular basis with them to increase understanding of national specificities of hate speech. In the first year after the signature of the Code of conduct, Facebook reported to have taken 66 EU NGOs on board as trusted flaggers; and Twitter 40 NGOs in 21 EU countries.

>The Framework Decision on Combatting Racism and Xenophobia criminalises the public incitement to violence or hatred directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin. Hate speech as defined in this Framework Decision is a criminal offence also when it occurs online.

>just ignore CoC, those are just private projects on GitHub

>just fork the project and remove CoC

>only edgelords can't behave themselves online, just be normal and don't sperg out

>there is no way this will affect you in real life

<EU adopts a CoC, breaking it is considered a criminal offence

<content is reviewed by trusted flaggers and NGOs

How long before they use that network of (((trusted flaggers))) and (((NGOs))) to enforce blocking on DNS or ISP level? In EU you don't adopt a CoC, CoC adopts you.


So will websites and videos that expose the jews' true nature and mudslime criminality be forced to switch hosts if hosted in the EU?



>hosted in the EU?

Hosted? If you can access it in EU it's illegal. Facebook and twitter are both complying already.



>trusted flaggers



From India.

Teams of them.

First-world countries are asking people who only technically understand a language they call English to police their thoughts.


all the euro cucks have to move away from europe now sad


>Vĕra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, said: “Illegal hate speech online is not only a crime, it represents a threat to free speech and democratic engagement. In May 2016, I initiated the Code of conduct on online hate speech, because we urgently needed to do something about this phenomenon. Today, after two and a half years, we can say that we found the right approach and established a standard throughout Europe on how to tackle this serious issue, while fully protecting freedom of speech. ”

absolute fucking wew



>Crimespeak is doubleplusbad. The only way to protect free speech is to eliminate it.



This isn't how it works, you stupid merimutt.



Are there groups of provocateurs spamming decent websites with 'racist speech,' just so Shlomo can fine the owner?

>Oy vey! You said the original gas chamber at Auschwitz had a small chimney! It's been there for 24 hours, this is OUTRAGEOUS. I demand immediately a fine of $6 million per unique user you exposed this to.



Your post has now been flagged for being hateful toward the most diverse country in the world. I hope you enjoy your thought correction "holiday", sweetie.



Man those Europeans sure are so progressive and free.


I live in a country that has this kind of "hate speech" law long before EU. First consequence of these laws were legal action by politicians against social media users for posting stuff that damaged their careers.

I liked the world a lot more when countries were ignorant and apathetic towards the internet. I think everyone should just move everything to tor because that's where real freedom is.



>staying online

<not moving into the shady, smokey corners of unseemly parlors, pubs, and bars

wew lad


>tfw no invite-only country to immigrate to that accepts civilized people with a wholesome, clean lifestyle

I wouldn't even mind non-Aryans being there as long as they meet the criteria mentioned above. Just keep the population under 20 million.



She's a fuckin femifascist, what a fuckin bitch. No fucking suprise since she's in the ruling party of Babiš, I thought social democrats were fucking worst when it comes to outright plebeian fascism, but ANO set a completely new standard how much can a political party run by billionaire be pozzed, by billionaire who owns all czech media except few, of which one is literal tzar propaganda and the second controlled neoliberal capitalist opposition run by coalbaron, who sponsored Kingdom Come (the "controversial" game "developed" by based soycuck Vávra).

/pol/ will tell you czech is based for not allowing immigrants, but when there is no freedom and most of the faggots will anonymously denounce you, because there's very strong communist sentiment and most people love police, not allowing immigrants doesn't fuckin matter when population is degenerated as fuck. Fuckin zogbots. Also reminder Czech is long-standing ally of Erec Jisrael.


At least on tor you are only dependent on tor protocol, which can be forked and preserved anytime, and not icann, dns, ca kikery etc.


Yeah, talking with drunk lumpen-cucks is fun and being served warm beer by shit-ugly barwoman is even better.


I say it all the time; don't care about race, just exterminate the plebs.



I do both. Memetics power is impressive when you find the good spots.



>Yeah, talking with drunk lumpen-cucks is fun and being served warm beer by shit-ugly barwoman is even better.

<not convincing drunks to abandon the botnet or wooing the barwoman to do the same

Come on, anon.


People enjoy a good meme no matter if it's online or irl. This is true. It seems contrary to the goal to escape the botnet by continuing to use the botnet though.



>not moving into the shady, smokey corners of unseemly parlors, pubs, and bars

<full of cameras and microphones and dozens of tracking devices

chances are you're always passively online



the migration topic is not about personal feelings but about political unity



>tfw African servers host all the red pills.





>tfw Wakandans are New Rhodesians wearing blackface



You have a point, but not everywhere has cameras, mics, and cellphones can easily be dropped into a toilet.



Jej, too late. I knew an English man who immigrated to the US in the 1980's for shekels. Last time he took a trip back to the good old UK he got kicked out of a pub for referring to a black guy as "colored". Wasn't even using it in a racist manner it's just the word they used to refer to blacks when he lived there. You aren't going to find anywhere with free speech unless you can remove the normalcattle.

I use the loli litmus. If a place would throw you out for posting loli then move on.



No, it is jewish AI systems form SPLC and ADL



Tumblr and Goybook both just hired a bunch of fucking poo-in-loos to do it.



Still no real definition on what is bannable. Are there any interesting studies done on the methods they use and what gets flagged? I know for a fact youtube bans certain words and deranks every comment containing them to the bottom. They also shadow ban from recommended to throttle channels based on dubious criteria.

>public incitement to violence or hatred directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin

Daily reminder that the media does this against whites on a day to day basis but will never get banned.



>tfw you will have to change your way of speaking to hack your way around the botnet AI

>tfw speech hackers will purposefully target certain speech patterns to trick the AI into blacklisting those patterns in order to cause mayhem by getting the AI to mass ban everyone who used said speech pattern

>tfw megacorps will start mass spamming their competitors brands in 'hateful' contexts to get their competitors' brands shadow deranked

Thanks for the cyberpunk future, EU.


File: 55e931c6d5a2db6⋯.jpeg (175.21 KB, 719x1111, 719:1111, doubleplusgood.jpeg)


>Still no real definition on what is bannable.

Only crimespeak is bannable.

>what gets flagged?

Crimespeak of course. Don't worry too much about it fellow citizen or someone might misjudge your interest in preventing crimespeak for wanting to engage in thoughtcrime.



>You have a point, but they can't be everywhere now can they?

oh, sweetie.

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