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File: c491c930d981727⋯.jpg (35.99 KB, 495x411, 165:137, losers.jpg)


ok, no more memes. what is the best linux distro for the desktop?

e.g. which one are you using?



All of them


Which ever one has the coolest name.

The similarities of every distro ends with packages and package managers, unless stated every single fucking distro still uses the same kernel, GNU utilities and the same shell for the user. Defaults will never matter to the usual /tech/ anon because he is too autistic for a desktop environment but not autistic enough to use the tty alone


Distros don't matter, find one you like and then pair it with a DE or WM you like.



>not using framebuffer instead of X




gtfo, please


>systemd is great, totally not a botnet

>systemd is great, I had to fiddle with shit because I wanted to use openNTP instead of timesyncd, only to find out it's not possible

>I LOVE huge cocks, I LOVE windows, I LOVE not being able to choose, not being able to use free, libre software my way

Yeah, closed source/fascist goyims gtfo.

Linux is already doomed.


File: deff3ac6143aee1⋯.jpg (77.67 KB, 832x689, 64:53, image_(59).jpg)


easy on the meds there


Linux will never be the top desktop operating system simply because it is "free" software. People are less motivated to work for "free" and without money. The software produced tends to be released half-finished when only one set of features are complete, relying on others to finish the work. Usually others do not contribute at all, so most projects die or barely remain functional.

Until there is proprietary funding into Linux programs, userspace and kernel, it will never become _the_ desktop operating system.

What evidence do I have for this?

First, look at Android. The only reason why it is so heavily abundant is because of that big proprietary money that Google, the telecoms, and the manufacturers put into it. Do they release all their code back to users? Hell no they don't. Most of it is proprietary. They don't have to release it back.

Then look at Ubuntu. Arguably the most successful Linux distro on the desktop, but that's only because of Canonical's ability to raise funds and invest into their own products. It's different enough from Linux to really be on its own merits at this point.

I could find others, like RedHat, SuSE, etc, but I won't.



thanks bill


>hurt durr one size fits all!

To answer your question, the best Linux distros are the ones without GNU/Linux.

Alpine, Void, etc.


Kali Linux is the best and Ubuntu is second and CentOS is third.



File: 0664f1d41ea4b9b⋯.jpg (109.09 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, 0664f1d41ea4b9bb3aac678192….jpg)



As long as the distro has systemd unaudited private code made by literal redhat cianigger spooks you're just as well better off using Winblows(((TM)))


<Red Hat has friends in the clouds. That could help it get a piece of a Pentagon contract.

Red Hat leaders have been talking to defense officials about its JEDI cloud-services contract and think the company is "extremely well-positioned" to supply the project's back-end workings, Red Hat Chief Financial Office Eric Shander said in a recent interview.


Been using AntiX, it's decent





systemd is an init, as such it's just one piece of a system that is easily interchanged.

Doesn't matter. and in the end it's a choice, like every distro.

It's just another grain of sand in the desert of *nix distros.



>easily interchanged

Where were you when dbus or any other part of systemd-project used on non-systemd systems can render non-systemd systems unoperable? And I mean in long-term, there's no way devs will somehow make it compatible with the dbus fork that would follow rendering whole gnu/linux completely dependent on (((redhat))). Because, let's face the facts, 90% of people running linux are either lainskiddies, literal white niggers or corporations. Would some dev not conform? :) they already conformed by their software being dependent on dbus etc




>easily interchanged

Except it's not. Distros ship with systemd build their packages around systemd with systemd service files, changing init will result in complete rewrite of every single service file.



File: 4a01df21c500d5a⋯.png (360.38 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, anonscrot.png)


joke's on you anon.



KDE Neon user edition built on Ubantoo 18.04.

Plasma Desktop, easy to use, capable of running steam gaymen, integrates with sjwzilla furryfox. Would recommend for normalfaggots and Microsoft cucks



Manjaro KDE edition because it just works


PCLinuxOS is great! No systemd. They make it easy to make a DVD of your OS. You make a normal install tweaked the way you like it. I do it on an external drive and then remove it unless I am making a new DVD. Then I run only from the DVD. When you shut down or reboot, nothing nasty sticks to it. You start again clean. When there have been enough updates to be annoying, you do the updates on your master O/S on the external and then you make a new DVD.

I am hard on my O/Ss and used to be always reinstalling them. Now I just reboot. Saves me a ton of time.

I like Matte but there are several desktops to choose from.




Install Gentoo.




GuixSD is without systemd and without binary blobs, however it's at version 0.16

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