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File: a148490b20c0ab9⋯.pdf (2.31 MB, free-software,-free-societ….pdf)

File: 6ee7f8344d92c5a⋯.pdf (572.47 KB, php-the-right-way.pdf)

File: ff9c923728d9653⋯.pdf (3.47 MB, the-unix-haters-handbook.pdf)


Can we get a /tech/ book thread going? Post them if you got them.

I'm looking for good book for learning Lua programming, if anyone has one.


Amazing how the Unix haters handbook has an entire chapter dedicated to shitting on Sepples, yet it barely mentions the real culprit, which is C.

Most of the flaws mentioned are because of its C heritage, especially the preprocessor issues.

Not saying Sepples is good, it's a deeply flawed language, but overall it's less harmful than C and quite a few of its flaws can be justified by the intent of backwards compatibility with C.

But C has no excuses.



You're opinions are trash.

I would bet LARP money that you write Java.





File: 4d67fee7773a9a2⋯.pdf (1.63 MB, ARM7TDMI_Password_Removed.pdf)

File: 897f6050d0d94b6⋯.pdf (2.19 MB, ARM7TDMI-S Technical Refer….pdf)

File: aaaf0da5b448480⋯.pdf (915.07 KB, AGBProgramming Manual 1.22.PDF)


You don't really need one imo, you are better off messing with an implementation. Love2d and lualatex would probably be the least amount of work to set up regardless of your platform.

Books unrelated but more fun.


File: d731a847ab06c61⋯.pdf (160.2 KB, Compiler Optimizations for….pdf)

File: f05341e6c4c1cc1⋯.pdf (2.08 MB, Constant propagation with ….pdf)

File: 72f3a3a12318854⋯.pdf (474.13 KB, Efficiently_Computing_Stat….pdf)

Some more because papers are rarely shared on here


File: acf616879943245⋯.pdf (139.01 KB, An Infrastructure for Adap….pdf)

File: 0bd1267134cd7c4⋯.pdf (227.6 KB, Fast and Effective Orchest….pdf)

File: b76732c350593d7⋯.pdf (420.79 KB, Improving data locality wi….pdf)

at least going to post more compiler related stuff


File: 18f712e702d27f4⋯.pdf (248.73 KB, Tuning Compiler Optimizati….pdf)

File: cfb8f5e209d5da8⋯.pdf (1.5 MB, Automatic-SIMD-Vectorizati….pdf)

File: 527ced77154f14f⋯.pdf (3.75 MB, Compiler supports for VLIW….pdf)

some mo


File: fa6dd50b2ea81b2⋯.pdf (1.16 MB, ANTLR- A predicated-LL(k) ….pdf)

File: 04618710f8b1258⋯.pdf (3.51 MB, Automatic Parser Generator….pdf)

File: 8ab9d339a2c2781⋯.pdf (219.77 KB, Reflections on Trusting Tr….pdf)

it for now


I'll post a bunch of the good multics papers later if anybody wants em.


File: c8c2765e2e61c17⋯.pdf (4.77 MB, 9781785280009-LINUX_DEVICE….pdf)



I'll take em. Thanks faithful multics shill.



pls post thenm, anon-kun. i always thought multics was more advanced but more expensive OS (both in therms of required resources and price) that ünix was modeled after (but unix was meant to be less expensive and to have less features)


lol like who reads books? just lol use wikipedia, youtube, and stack overflow, like everyone else. books... lol. its like technology man, so that stuff is out of date as soon as it is printed. i honestly didn't know books were still even written, surely not printed. like lets say you want to learn some pretty complex math, like, i dunno the quadratic formula? You going to youtube that, and get an answer in 3 mins, right? How long it take if I read a dumb ass book ahahaha. like anything, its all there online. you don't need to walk around holding 5000 books anymore just to know something.



bad bait



Not my best work, I'll admit that.



Well, I still become infuriated since I know that type of persons IRL. Now I am having autistic screeching meltdown while lying under weighted blanket.



I thought classifying the quadratic formula as "complex math" was pretty rage inducing.


File: 6694efad1385d1b⋯.pdf (8.53 MB, Beginning Lua Programming.pdf)

File: 589feffaaf5fcb4⋯.pdf (1.33 MB, Programming in Lua, 4th Ed….pdf)


File: d3abba2aa3faa85⋯.pdf (1.84 MB, A GENERAL-PURPOSE FILE SYS….pdf)

File: e74b93d0cbc769e⋯.pdf (8.61 MB, A hardware architecture fo….pdf)

File: 5fbc84b18d1a49e⋯.pdf (283.46 KB, A Paging Experiment with t….pdf)



I'm not really a multics shill, I just recognize that operating systems haven't progressed since the 60s



File: 819566d7edf2b41⋯.pdf (337.17 KB, A SIMPLE LINEAR MODEL OF D….pdf)

File: 965deb0a0076d5f⋯.pdf (78.47 KB, Communications and InputOu….pdf)

File: 003d4ca3dd41fd1⋯.pdf (871.33 KB, ENGINEERING A SECURITY KER….pdf)

not posting honeywell specific documents because they are huge and easy to find



File: 28953081579d394⋯.pdf (146.37 KB, Introduction and Overview ….pdf)

File: 133f951a91517ca⋯.pdf (472.52 KB, Multics Security Evaluatio….pdf)

File: a2ff5a50cdb9d71⋯.pdf (1.66 MB, Multics—The first seven ye….pdf)




File: f833e5316ea7a1d⋯.pdf (619.44 KB, ONGOING RESEARCH AND DEVEL….pdf)

File: 059d60227b78951⋯.pdf (232.07 KB, PROGRAM NAMING PROBLEMS IN….pdf)

File: 7b4816e378ef97b⋯.pdf (484.81 KB, Protection and the Control….pdf)

a bit moar



File: c7fcf7a6d2d85c6⋯.pdf (433.33 KB, PROTECTION IN AN INFORMATI….pdf)

File: ac455c734283fcd⋯.pdf (92.41 KB, REMOTE TERMINAL CHARACTER ….pdf)

File: fce51730ca9320f⋯.pdf (271.14 KB, SENSITIVE ISSUES IN THE DE….pdf)

still moar



File: 28256b705f976bd⋯.pdf (70.6 KB, SOME CONSIDERATIONS OF SUP….pdf)

File: b5d39acc6b3bb97⋯.pdf (20.13 KB, System Design of a Compute….pdf)

File: 818808cc94cd5c6⋯.pdf (543.42 KB, The instrumentation of mul….pdf)

yet moar



File: a3e00f53b3a7795⋯.pdf (685.33 KB, THE MULTICS INPUTOUTPUT SY….pdf)

File: e2b58c90873a9d0⋯.pdf (1.25 MB, THE MULTICS KERNEL DESIGN ….pdf)

File: aa6d798c916535c⋯.pdf (6.58 MB, The Multics virtual memory….pdf)




File: 925c171b04e14fd⋯.pdf (3.75 MB, The protection of informat….pdf)

File: 13298203e53abc6⋯.pdf (284.38 KB, Thirty Years Later Lessons….pdf)

last set of multics pdfs, I'll share something else later


>tor users can't share pdfs

And here I was willing to share a portion of my library. Pedophiles really ruin everything they touch don't they?



Then post libgen or allitebooks links if the corresponding ones exist.


File: 574f6c480161c56⋯.pdf (1.18 MB, GDM_September_2000_Achievi….pdf)

File: a61f66054b059bd⋯.pdf (590.48 KB, GDM_November_1999_Putting_….pdf)

File: 7da1ab26a9cd59b⋯.pdf (181.52 KB, GDM_January_1997_Postmorte….pdf)

more random shit


File: ba21c038ebc7dbb⋯.pdf (2.54 MB, Real-time_sound_propagatio….pdf)

File: 32d212f3f255875⋯.pdf (241.12 KB, Sound Propagation in 3D En….pdf)

File: 3cf0050c81102d9⋯.pdf (2.3 MB, Sound Propagation in Hitma….pdf)

I'm definitely looking for some references as far as audio synthesis or dsp programming if anybody has any recommendations.


File: e24e460637bd4a8⋯.pdf (15.16 MB, Advanced Compiler Design a….pdf)

more compiler stuff


File: 11da47e0e9887fa⋯.pdf (7.55 MB, Building an Optimizing Com….pdf)

File: 272a5ea1be4d853⋯.pdf (1.4 MB, Compiler Design - Virtual ….pdf)

File: 8dc0f3681b65889⋯.pdf (983.06 KB, CrenshawCompilerTutorial.pdf)

a bit more compiler stuff, will post other stuff later



>the real culprit, which is C

Amazing how you find time to post in between sucking dick all day long.

Do you post and suck simultaneously?

Do you have a dick in your mouth right now?


File: 7ed75e191a10ebc⋯.pdf (595.56 KB, Inlinref.pdf)

File: 833099fd4c9665e⋯.pdf (2.1 MB, Libovr.pdf)

File: 80df68c1cb45acf⋯.pdf (4.69 MB, Libref.pdf)

PS1 hardware sdk manuals 1


File: 0ac33ee8e89bcb7⋯.pdf (932.03 KB, File Format 47.pdf)

File: d5b91a2c6ecbb87⋯.pdf (286.53 KB, Hardware.pdf)

File: 71e516738ac7188⋯.pdf (145.53 KB, os.pdf)

PS1 hardware sdk manuals 2


File: 2d831612b641c84⋯.pdf (1.69 MB, EE_Core_Instruction_Set_Ma….pdf)

File: d36ca23348cb625⋯.pdf (1.23 MB, EE_Core_Users_Manual_Passw….pdf)

File: 880ec6b114c7244⋯.pdf (553.42 KB, EE_Overview_Manual_Passwor….pdf)

PS2 hardware sdk manuals 1


File: 2cd41705c29be85⋯.pdf (1.85 MB, EE_Users_Manual_Password_R….pdf)

File: 37dbb0c9feefa27⋯.pdf (1.19 MB, GS_Users_Manual_Password_R….pdf)

File: b4b384657603618⋯.pdf (378.34 KB, GS_Users_Manual_Supplement….pdf)

PS2 hardware sdk manuals 2


File: 8ffed1dab11ee61⋯.pdf (1.39 MB, IntroToPS2Prog1-10.pdf)

File: 4afc200472fdf2e⋯.pdf (191.27 KB, Restrictions_Password_Remo….pdf)

File: 648fc9be78168d4⋯.pdf (558.48 KB, SPU2_Overview_Manual_Passw….pdf)

PS2 hardware sdk manuals 3


File: 84f9c93cdf7e853⋯.pdf (1.66 MB, VU_Users_Manual_Password_R….pdf)

File: 09780da95ba6a4d⋯.pdf (4.98 MB, CPU R5900.pdf)

File: a19dff7177b9c00⋯.pdf (3.86 MB, tx79architecture.pdf)

PS2 hardware sdk manuals 4


File: 3a23f6b5ec142d8⋯.pdf (127.8 KB, Hardware.us.PDF)

File: 035320408e770b9⋯.pdf (63.72 KB, Software.us.PDF)

File: 08ef8428f39260f⋯.pdf (5.13 MB, IBM Gekko User_05-25-2000.pdf)

Gamecube hardware sdk manuals 1


File: eee30c7b9c894b9⋯.pdf (3.72 MB, IBM PPC 750CXr User_1.3.pdf)

File: 65903f824842bda⋯.pdf (141.69 KB, IBM PPC 750CXr User_1.3_er….pdf)

File: c0e1dfc5f5e111d⋯.pdf (240.21 KB, IBM Gekko User_05-25-2000_….pdf)

Gamecube hardware sdk manuals 2


File: 588a27e934e3fd1⋯.pdf (669.98 KB, Open Host Controller Inter….pdf)

File: c0f27d5800bb9c7⋯.pdf (965.48 KB, Enhanced Host Controller I….pdf)

File: 29836768e254522⋯.pdf (5.27 MB, extensible-host-controler-….pdf)

I'll finish with some driver shit for now, shame stuff like the ISA\PCIE system arch stuff weights in at 22\35 MB a piece.


how many exploits and ip loggers are embedded in these pdfs



none that I'm aware of as far as my pile of shit, I can at least promise that much. I even went as far as removing the password preventing copying text out of them whenever I remembered to do so.



I opened them in a non-networked Tails session so those exploits and IP loggers don't matter, probably. Tor Browser explicitly advises you to do this every time you download a file.



how do those systems protect the bios/efi? it can be flashed and reconfigured from a running os.. not sure if there are any free software to do it with but theres proprietary software for windows that can do both.


File: f7b996f263714f1⋯.pdf (3.81 MB, Mark A. Ludwig - Computer ….pdf)

File: 4b69ddec9e9237c⋯.pdf (5.73 MB, Mark A. Ludwig - The Giant….pdf)


the pdf 1.7 format is publicly available for you to perform your own analysis, but somehow I don't feel like linking you to more large pdfs will make you feel any better. PDFs on imageboards are probably a terrible way to spread shit because they generally sit in a larper folder unread, which is the real shame here.



Nobody has time to make modified malicious bios image for all the thousands of different motherboard models. Also I'm pretty sure most motherboards don't allow flashing the bios without specifically booting into the bios first.


>ip loggers

Is there a way to make pdf file cause a connection to remote server without javascript? Like embedding remote content, eg. pixel tag like in html emails? With javascript even Adobe reader ask for permission before connecting to remote servers.



you could make a mega and post the link here


File: 63aacc7fc7b56f7⋯.pdf (456.69 KB, jag_v8.pdf)

File: 6f3eb960b34567e⋯.pdf (754.4 KB, stella.pdf)

File: 6a3559ad16a3dde⋯.pdf (10.14 MB, TMP95C265F_TMP95CS64F_en_d….pdf)


You would have to find a 0-day in something popular like mupdf or adobe crap that involve how badly things handle a giant bloated format, which I don't have time for no. But I don't think arbitrary code execution from a specially crafted pdf would be entirely outside the realm of possibility. Not worth it to me to mess with the 5 people who will bother to read any of what I posted.


File: 3c5b62c6384d2d1⋯.pdf (165.73 KB, Creatures Artificial Life ….pdf)

File: 689bb4dcf15bb40⋯.pdf (385.71 KB, Creatures Entertainment So….pdf)

File: 2e088467a4799e2⋯.pdf (13.97 MB, Diploma Tesis Motion Blur.pdf)


If there was something that I didn't have to register for that will host a 10gb file split up I'd package up my collection when I'm happy with it. Still missing some shit, and weak in a few areas. Hoping more ding dongs post from their hordes so I can read them\check references\etc and fill in the gaps myself.


File: f22731050a46caa⋯.pdf (586.16 KB, A Microfacet-based BRDF Ge….pdf)

File: af195d5a75d7e7a⋯.pdf (225.33 KB, A Practical Analytic Model….pdf)

File: 71c589bbedc73e0⋯.pdf (1.34 MB, A Ray Tracing Hardware Arc….pdf)

linking what was referenced in blender documentation 1


File: a5f7b97046d71fe⋯.pdf (346.05 KB, Improving Noise.pdf)

File: 13c70474b1a6737⋯.pdf (5.95 MB, Measuring and modeling ani….pdf)

File: a900a815646cb0c⋯.pdf (2.12 MB, Fast, Minimum Storage Ray-….pdf)

linking what was referenced in blender documentation 2


File: 2967f53c748225a⋯.pdf (497.84 KB, Optimally Combining Sampli….pdf)

File: 8c7343e7bf21148⋯.pdf (904.88 KB, Microfacet Models for Refr….pdf)

File: 613499810b3c540⋯.pdf (709.97 KB, Notes on the Ward BRDF.pdf)

linking what was referenced in blender documentation 3


File: ccfb102bbf9e298⋯.pdf (1.18 MB, Ray Differentials and Mult….pdf)

File: ce32118a1a45df2⋯.pdf (3.79 MB, Spatial Splits in Bounding….pdf)

File: c73fedd2bc332e2⋯.pdf (949.69 KB, Predicting reflectance fun….pdf)

linking what was referenced in blender documentation 4


File: 62c6ebeb2a512d9⋯.pdf (1021.35 KB, Tracing Ray Differentials.pdf)

File: b124c7bf486b60f⋯.pdf (1.69 MB, Understanding the Efficien….pdf)

File: 1675df72f78ff6a⋯.pdf (609.36 KB, What is the Space of Camer….pdf)

linking what was referenced in blender documentation 5

it for now



>>1030873 Is it your real IP address? How retarded!



the url used to be http://www.bombjack.org/commodore/books.htm but that is 404 now



OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@serverpronto.net


yeah that's his home IP.

I've already entered his address into peepatmydaughter.com and ringthedoorbellthenrunaway.com


>>1031124 It really sounds good! Peep at My Lewd Five-year-old Daughter!


File: b748dba1dc95895⋯.pdf (3.37 MB, The_LaTeX_Graphics_Compani….pdf)

File: 8a9fc501ed2857a⋯.pdf (8.86 MB, symbols-a4.pdf)

File: 309c883dcf3bc9d⋯.pdf (2.04 MB, LongTeX2.pdf)


Neat, anything that would be recommended reads? Could be for any reason, even if you like the formatting.



I got some but I still prefer dead trees. Apart from all the stuff I got for my degree I have SICP and Free as in Freedom. I'd recommend both even though they are completely different. SICP is well known as being a classic on the principles of program design; Free as in Freedom is the perspective of FSF and friends, especially Stallman, on the history of free (as in freedom) software




more Dennis-Jarvis source code

You can root around the archives as there is a lot more there, and also tons more at the domain level


File: 331cc8014a78671⋯.png (59.82 KB, 660x329, 660:329, Machine_Language_for_the_C….png)


The one about Machine Language for Commodore computers by Jim Butterfield. I have not come so far into it yet but its the one recommended by all if you want to learn machine language on the c64. It also has a cool font for the numbers :) pic related.

I want to learn stuff I can use on the c64 and machine language and Forth is what I find most interesting. Maybe mostly Forth though because that can be used on my laptop also.



Thanks. I enjoy looking around at sites like this one. I wish internet would still look like that.



Anything good to read for a brainlet who wants to build a layout engine?

Wanted to design a pluggable layout engine that takes CSS rules and builds a layout tree from markup. Anything I can read to get a good idea on theory and mechanisms, before I start taking apart other engines like KHTML or Gecko?

There's a lot of articles, blogs and toy engines, but they're all extremely bare.


File: 63b3b9a499a7e4a⋯.pdf (6.55 MB, Analysis-Synthesis-and-Per….pdf)

File: cca3b009f92fc07⋯.pdf (852.63 KB, fm_synthesispaper-2.pdf)

File: 0911dff730fb98e⋯.pdf (7.83 MB, Sound-synthesis-and-sampli….pdf)


On the surface, there isn't a very good reason for a book on that to exist. You implement specifications\standards then test them, thats it. With a small catch...

>before I start taking apart other engines like KHTML or Gecko

You won't have a choice, you are going to get fucked into emulating bugs in the most popular engine.

Standards and such if I didn't dissuade you, unrelated pdfs if I did.





>there isn't a very good reason for a book on that to exist

Makes sense. Thought maybe someone would have written SOMETHING on any kind of layout engine, for example efficient ways to calculate content boxes, line widths and all that jazz.

Much less specific to HTML rendering, and more on the broader ideas of how engines handle that actual placement of objects, and what's the best way to fiddle with a layout tree that's subject to live changes.

>Standards and such if I didn't dissuade you

I'm already ankle-deep in w3c specs. I'll keep the others around for reference tho.


File: 1a906d83ebb5aa3⋯.pdf (6.88 MB, Ecma-262.pdf)

File: 0daa10a574405dc⋯.pdf (802.72 KB, ECMA-402.pdf)

File: 1c30a2e90e1c018⋯.pdf (512.11 KB, ECMA-414.pdf)


Oh, and I have these too. You seem to have more reading to do as far as the DOM, but that would be in the linked specs


The problem I have with book threads is that there're an awful lot of books uploaded, but absolutely no discussion on what's actually worth reading.

For the simplest possible case:

>>1030515 uploaded 2 books on Lua programming; were I a beginner interesting in learning the language which should I choose? No idea.

I still think these threads have their merits, but maybe we should try a literature recommendation thread where people can post books/papers they've actually read with a few words on why it's interesting, rather than just dumping a folder.



Hey anon, it's almost like you need to use your brain to do research instead of being spoon fed! Maybe you should ask >>1030515 which one is best for beginners or >>>goback


File: 740207450bb104c⋯.jpeg (103.9 KB, 788x738, 394:369, autismgroyper.jpeg)


There's a command line tool for flashing BIOs. Though force writing a BIOs will usually brick a system if you don't have the right software.

Flash attacks happen in the wild. PDOS attacks that involve force writing of a BIOS are fairly uncommon but they do happen.

But yeah, I don't think there's a big market for custom BIOs bootkits. Would be a great persistence method if you are a serious hacker though.

But honestly the level of autism this requires is beyond most people's skill level.


File: a8879652803be67⋯.pdf (925.97 KB, Dynamic Recompiler.pdf)

File: 4bb0199675a8a61⋯.pdf (1.97 MB, High level emulation.pdf)


I can't be bothered for the most part. I'm not going to be able to inspire anybody to read anything I post, I share for the people already motivated enough to look up what they are about for themselves. Especially since I haven't read everything I have yet, and a good chunk of them aren't made to be read, just referenced.

I agree that a literature recommendation thread would be nice, but anything I would post that would be good for it would be things recommended/referenced elsewhere like a domain specific wiki or source code for a large project. As long as it doesn't waste time with lang related stuff, how many books does one really need for C/fourth/scheme that wasn't written by one of the designers/contributors? For C++/Java/python stuff you generally have to decide how out of date your book is when current documentation will generally suffice (as much as it can anyway). And lastly, the big ebook libraries are full of pointless garbage.


Also ignoring the obvious solution of trying to read them first. It's the fear of wasting effort even though more time is wasted trying to find the "perfect" way to start even though it hardly matters.

patents unrelated.


File: ba07839a18d6b96⋯.pdf (3.6 MB, KittPeakForthPrimer.pdf)


Post smalltalk/squeak pls



Anyone know of any book titles that are objectively bad or a waste of time and should be avoided? Is there even such a thing and how do you evaluate that? Should I just go with anything that falls in my lap?



I agree with most points, but still C++ is literally the best compromise right now for efficiency, abstraction, and real-world practicality on big projects. There's a very fundamental reason that C++ code rules in yuge datacenters today--not C, Python, Java, C#, or some other language--and that's computational efficiency. Basically, how many cycles does it take to perform Task A. Electricity costs are what matter most today (while still allowing a reasonably-small sized team of White men to maintain a big project).



File: bed50604548f568⋯.pdf (2.23 MB, The_Django_Book_-_Unknown.pdf)

Have the django book before the people took it down from the website.


File: 7f1e62d75c5cccc⋯.pdf (2.11 MB, wpg.pdf)

File: 9a1e75886837d16⋯.pdf (2.73 MB, c1893280.pdf)

PL/I autism


does anyone have C++ Templates: A Complete Guide 2ndEd?



sudo apt-get remove rust* libstd-rust* cargo*

sudo apt-get remove snapd* libsnapd*


Bump for knowledge



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