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South Korea government started to censor to foreign https websites. But it's similar to China, not North Korea.



Is it similar to India or Islamic states (Muslim countries)?


>>1030056 Kill the president, Jaein Moon!


Jaein Moon is a communist so he likes China and North Korea. Actually, he was born in North Korea and moved to South Korea when he was young.


>>1030061 His precedent president Geunhye Park was impeached by National Assembly and went to jail when she was a president. He should be impeached and go to jail like her!


<linking directly to leddit

>immediately bumplocked

>what is dnscrypt-proxy

>trustworthy paid VPN usage in Korea will inevitably surge




>Worst Korea out of the internet

Good, now we won't need to have their crap music and shitty webcomics shoved down our throats.




>>1030077 (checked)



I am a Korean who lives in Korea. What should I do if I block Tor as well as China?


>>1030109 You can use bridges to connect Tor Network. Every Chinese person also has to use bridges to connect to Tor Network.



Can you bring over to america a korean chick for me to fuck.


>>1030141 I might bring a 13-year-old Korean girl to America for you to fuck but it may take $ 20,000 and it is too much expensive just for fucking. So you'd better quit your plan. Rather, you'd better visit South Korea and hunt girls to fuck! It's easy if you are a white man and can speak English.



This is what happens when you let a bunch of Workaholic Parents who don't want to talk to you "until you doctor" and retire until they're 80 decide what's best for your country and your way of life.

Oh wait, that's most of Asia today!


>>1030186 I wanna rape every girl in Seoul!



I'd assume this has to do with declining birthrates. Better get out and find a woman if you want to pleasure yourself.


Korean girls are cute! Why are their pussys yummy? I can't believe how easy they are to fuck for foreigners, especially white men!


>>1030056 South Korea Expands Site Blocking Efforts with SNI Eavesdropping

February 14, 2019

South Korea will expand its site blocking measures with SNI eavesdropping, so HTTPS sites can be blocked as well. The new measure, which will also affect pirate sites, has generated widespread opposition. While it's more effective than standard DNS blocking, it's certainly not impossible to circumvent.


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