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File: b9b7fd1f0d18792⋯.jpeg (40.63 KB, 854x493, 854:493, cpp.jpeg)


Starting C++ development soon. Should I use Clion or VisualStudio?


File: 3b024fb97af9ae2⋯.png (10.79 KB, 300x300, 1:1, codeblocks.png)

C++ overrated.

Code::Blocks is an OK IDE. If you are brand new to coding consider learning python. It's easy. Learn programming logic. Then jump into something lower level like C/C++, Java, or and assembly language. I started out with BASIC when I learned to program. Moved to C++ when I switched to Linux. Learned other languages. Only recently discovered how easy python is and I don't have to convert const char to std::string and shit like perform a crypto operation against command line argument. You'll see when you start doing hashing functions or pretty much anything to do with strings that python is superior to C++ this regard.



>something lower level like C/C++, Java

>lower level


this is how I know you're a code monkey



>java isn't lower level then python




How is it? Python is bytecoded too (and has a JIT with Pypy).


File: f19d74a3d8d4250⋯.png (545.37 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, autismcpp.png)


Sorry I should have said C like rather than low level. What was I thinking. Oh yeah. Python is better than C++. That's what I was trying to say.


>Clion or VisualStudio

Straight outta /g/. Install a unix-like operating system and use GNU g++/clang with either Emacs or VIM. You'll surpass any GUI monkey if you master these.


File: 24dfc652d671b1f⋯.jpg (20.39 KB, 450x413, 450:413, stickman.jpg)


If it's a newfag using derps and doesn't know how to code said newfag would have to learn Linux then learn C++ without the help of an IDE with error correction



Correct. He would then give up learning to program or learn a webshit language like JS. Desired result achieved.


>>1032633 You might've programmed only "Hello, World!" or something, right?




emacs/vim is better for everything else but .net


vs code, king of current year editors, it's like sublime text but with actual support and community (tons of addons) emacs autists are too busy fermenting their piss in bottles and larping to ever code anything

also vs code completely BTFOs visual studio.



also it has intellisense which you will not find in any other editor

>in b4 just read le docs

not an argument




Never claimed that. Java requires the JVM(Java virtual machine) to run code. This is why I said it wasn't lower level. I made no other comparisons to the other languages listed.

Learn to read, you knuckle-dragging ape.



perl beats python on strings handling


neither, unless you're doing deep, systems-tier work that needs very subtle debugging capabilities. C-Lion in neither case.

Otherwise, just use code. All the developer benefits of Visual Studio and literally on every important platform, for free.



>Otherwise, just use VS Code*



File: 0bc9e7d31565a54⋯.jpg (36.17 KB, 560x480, 7:6, 0bc9e7d31565a548b4a93a6f82….jpg)

>shiling some ms shit

>on /tech/


File: 7d3c313763fe18c⋯.png (260.55 KB, 500x350, 10:7, regex.png)


What's a good language for Perl and regex programming?


File: d591820b0e25592⋯.jpg (76.38 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, regex-meme.jpg)


Good reference for perl and regex?



perldoc perlretut

perldoc perl



and then Mastering Regular Expressions. What this'll give you is mainly a much better sense of how efficient a regex is.



If you're still learning, Code::Blocks, because you won't use advanced features anymore. After learning it properly, switch to VIM.



>which you will not find in any other editor

Is it incomparable with the Jetbrains stuff?




>on a computer

explain yourself



Visual studio has always been better than jetbrains, just werks, etc. There's intellisense and also intellicode which is described as intellisense+AI. It only works for a few scripting languages in code so far but I would guess C++ is on the way since it's supported in VS community.



A text editor you fucking pylon.



>(((Visual Studio)))


yep that fits perfectly

you should just learn java and rust instead

and turn your dick inside out



>LARPing again



>no argument

>shilling botnet

>how do you do fellow goyim



>no unit testing




based, even though C++ is my language of choice.



>unit testing is somehow the job of an IDE

this is your brain on java





Imagine unironically using Visual Studio for anything.



This. VS Code is better in almost every way.



>go to open source file

>accidentally click 2M debug binary instead

>computer only has 16G of RAM and 12 cores

>text editor won't respond for 30 minutes

>browser gets OOM-killed

>text editor crashes



Just use Atom lmao


Code::Blocks with the latest Mingw-w64 should be enough if you're on wangblows.


>java and rust

The unholy alliance of poo and soy.




CLion and Visual Studio are both bad but CLion is better than VS I'd say.

CLion is considerably CONSIDERABLY less bloated than VS (which takes as much space as some top-end video games with lots of assets 40 GB+), but it only supports CMake build system. VS is also not so good with cross platform even though they have Xamarin (?, which I think is C# or maybe .NET which could also be C++ but I'm not sure, I haven't used it in a long long time)



Except for running inside fucking Electron.



Emacs and Vim can both have code completion support for a large variety of languages.

But it's okay, I can tell the soy gave you brain damage.


Neither, using VS Code is a better choice not only for Sepples but for many other languages like JS.



use visual studio only if you are making dotnet stuff or (((UWP apps)))

Code::Blocks and NetBeans are better IDEs. But I suggest using neovim or Gnu Emacs.




>never use things made by people you don't like

FLOSS autists would rather be stuck in the 90s than actually try to compete.



and if you decide to assasinate a microsoft employee start here













Fuck you Masonic shills.


Looks like some Soros-funded controlled opposition to me.


Masons, Masons everywhere...


Why is there so much racism in this thread?


>tfw no qt black gf


Masons, Masons everywhere.

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