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File: 39b39bfe0d1d7e0⋯.png (23.98 KB, 655x683, 655:683, normalfag brain.png)


This is your brain when you are normalfag.

The comment was made in relation to iPhone sales declining by 10%

Those shit people are sending billions of dollars for shit products to shit companies.



It cant be normal to be an idiot


>$1000 worth of social recognition

>for $1000 you should be demonstrating your affluence.

>I could pay $1k+ for the iPhone, but it's going to wow nobody.

What the fuck am I reading?

are we the same species with those people? do we have same brain?


Let them have Apple as fashion accessory. How many fashion companies were once valued over $1 trillions in market capitalization and lost half for selling a $1K fashion accessory?

Besides, with the folding Samsung coming out, watch for Apple to release the folding iPad and killing off the Mac since the MacBook is entirely what's holding them back from doing that.


Just wow them and be done with it.



or this one:

>we now evaluate it based almost strictly on its merits, and not as a lifestyle accessory



people who can afford to spend $1000 on a years-durable luxury good:

>masked elder of all court Jews, 500 years old thanks to the blood of murdered Christian babies

>a billionaire

>a millionaire

>a soy gargling transpersyn writing Communist Rust documentation (before suicide)

>an Airman First Class in the military

>a single mother with child who works part time and is supported by welfare

wow such social recognition

Steve Jobs understood it


>[38 points]

>Damn. Couldn't agree more.

>Well said

>This is great insight!

the sheep agreed


when will we finally kill all normalfags? anyone here would be interested?




> Steve understood this at a gut level

Bullcrap, under Jobs Apple products were getting cheaper than before. They were still quite expensive, but the prices were either constant or going (slightly) downwards. It was Tim Cocksucker who raised prices to compensate for dropping sales numbers.


>are we the same species with those people? do we have same brain?

You might be on to something there...


File: 675c9005a74e54c⋯.jpg (121.49 KB, 971x1050, 971:1050, krldmj7a8bh21.jpg)


Yesterday I saw a woman with an iPhone X, she had one of those adapters for headphones and it looked hilarious.

Imagine paying 1k for a phone that doesn't have the features you need just for clout. Consumerism at its finest.


>>1034444 (checked)

I love watching macfags at uni have to pull out a different adapter for every single kind of connector they encounter, largely because of the thin device meme.

But seriously if you think about it this is the same mentality niggers have when they wear gold chains and whatnot. And when Joe Blow down the street buys a luxury vehicle on credit. It's that magic spending economy the Keynesians keep telling us about.


File: 5a66b415ddb794a⋯.gif (151.78 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 5a66b415ddb794aae705c90dbd….gif)


Meanwhile, all my meetings have become hell since they always forget their adapters, have to borrow, search for, or call someone from IT to bring them one... and they stare at VGA connectors like they've never seen one before, week-after-week.

Just had a friend ask for laptop suggestions. He needed something "cheap", but it had to be from a big name store because he had a gift card. Gay, but whatever. Spent hours with him combing through a garbage selection. Then he decides he can't even wait for them to ship it from a warehouse; it needs to be available right now by his house. Okay, well, that cuts their already worse selection down more. Then he finds out their warranty plan doesn't cover Macs, and he would have to pay for Apple Care. I sent him Louis Rossman videos about why that's a scam and he watched them.

So naturally he impulse-bought a MacBook Air that weekend.

He just started taking his first programming course and decided he needed a laptop and the first thing he buys isn't a used ThinkPad or even an XPS or something. He buys a MacBook Air. An overpriced, underpowered toy.

It's a fashiong accessory. It's a way to pick up chicks. He said he didn't want Linux because OSX "lets you sync AirPods so you can see their battery life".

These people are brainless cretins who don't care about productivity.

The really sad part is he asked someone "with experience in the industry" (wtf am I then?!) and they said Macs were fine.

I pointed out this was because the only way to get a bash terminal on a polished operating system ten years ago was to buy a Mac and MacBooks used to have good hardware. Neither is true anymore.

Didn't matter. Mean he was justified in his impulse buy, so he did it.

Apple Stores would make great internment camps; the people who belong there go voluntarily.



My reaction exactly, what the fucking fuck.



>are we the same species with those people? do we have same brain?

Welcome to the world! Where were you hiding all the times?

Let me introduce you to the SOCIOPATH.

You are going to encounter many more of them.


>people who can afford to spend $1000 on a years-durable luxury good:

>masked elder of all court Jews

The jew is selling that phone within a year at a small discount to:

>a single mother with child who works part time and is supported by welfare

She will suffer the greatest depreciating, loss of value.

The jew might own APL stock and gain more than his little loss, by making it a status symbol.

Most people follow a cargo cult of emulating the ruling class.


>Yesterday I saw a woman with an iPhone X, she had one of those adapters for headphones and it looked hilarious.

Doesn't matter. For most people you are talking about "sour grapes".



>He said he didn't want Linux because OSX "lets you sync AirPods so you can see their battery life".

That was the most goyish thing I've read in a long time



Can we take a second to observe how badly designed the AirPods are? There's absolutely nothing stopping them from falling out of your ears.



This must be a joke, right?




>Federal taxes

Amazon pays a shitton of state and local taxes being in Seattle



>unironically defending a corporation that turned an $11,000,000,000 profit last year not paying any federal taxes

I love you "muh free market" retards



thats probably not in usable cash



Yes, I'm sure they invested it all into illiquid assets. I really can't comprehend the rationale behind defending something like this, what possible benefit do you think arises from amazon not paying tax?



It's not even free market. It's straight-up socialism. Cities are giving Amazon subsidies and tax breaks at the expense of taxpayers, smaller businesses, and their long-term economy.



Nobody gives a shit about funding ZOG.



>are we the same species with those people?

Unfortunately, yes.

>do we have same brain?

It's not about brain, it's about soul.

NPCs all lack souls.


File: ce6164e8ec305c5⋯.jpg (276.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ce6164e8ec305c52dfa33e7812….jpg)


At least that normie is getting conscious about signalling via consumption. That's better than average instinct driven cretin.

Also, 1000$ is opulence? Are things that bad in burgerland? Or it's a nigger?



>These people are brainless cretins who don't care about productivity.

just like linux fags who use their shit OS because MUH OPEN SOURCEZ while spending 10 hours to do basic things



no, what we're saying is that the value these people say they get from Apple is surprising and contemptible.

for you to say the same thing about linux fags, you'd have to know what value they get out of it. Nobody's ever said "I like Linux because I can collaborate with office documents with the least amount of personal time investment by myself or the people I'm collaborating with."


File: e340773477ab8e2⋯.jpg (87.44 KB, 576x764, 144:191, 1538521828200.jpg)


I love how all the normies refuse to believe that certain Linux setups will let you work almost as fast as you can think. Then when you watch them try to multitask it's beyond fucking painful.

>Slowly dragging windows and manually resizing them into place all the time

>Constantly switching between mouse and keyboard, sometimes loses track of mouse

>Fingers on WASD most of the time, no idea how to touch type

>No way to manage more than 3 windows at a time

>Has to navigate multiple GUI menus with no description, only vague symbols to change one minor setting. Each one with a 3 second animation and meme quote as it loads



>bitching about how Amazon doesn't fund the state of Israel, food stamps, or endless wars in the middle east


The rationale for cities like NYC giving Amazon tax breaks to setup its second HQ is that giving them a $3B tax break still means you get to tax them on $17B as well as all the tax from its tens of thousands of employees, and the potential gentrification of undesirable parts of the city. One thing that people don't realize is that for every dollar that a person earns in a place like NYC is soon as that dollar has gone through something like 10 people the government has almost all of it through taxation.

Also large cities don't give a shit about small businesses, its much easier to deal with a small number of huge companies than a huge number of small companies.


Amazon paying tens of billions in SALT to Seattle and Washington state rather than the same amount to the federal gov means the wealth concentrates in Seattle. If Amazon was in a city and state which didn't have SALT then they would be paying federal tax instead.



Daily reminder to stop calling these people “normalfags” or “normies”. They are not fucking normal.



Excuse me, but the basic things take just the same amount of time. It's the complex bloat-but-necessary stuff that takes forever. Like including microcode or programs that can interpret obscure file formats.


File: 83bfeb50bcc9217⋯.png (116.11 KB, 1382x761, 1382:761, You should have called him….png)

This is your brain when you are OP.

The comment was made in relation to OP being on Reddit

Those shit redditors are sending billions of retards for shit posts to 8/tech/.



>spending 10 hours to do basic things

Only retards do that. What you should do is first spend quite some time setting everything up to fit you personally and then using it with maximum productivity. Just like literally with anything.



>>bitching about how Amazon doesn't fund the state of Israel, food stamps, or endless wars in the middle east

<Corporations and billionaires shouldn't pay for these things

<YOU should you silly goy

based magapede



Nice false dilemma, kike. Are you telling me if Amazon pays more in taxes, we're going to get tax breaks all of a sudden? When has that ever happened exactly?



> that pic

> Blames Amazon not paying corporate taxes, not how they squandered all of the trillion dollars (not an exageration) that the federal government pours into social programs on paying college educated liberal bureaucrats a "living wage".



People have been observing this since the dawn of apple earbuds. They are literally designed to fall out of your ear, so you are always touching them.. This makes you feel 'lost' without them... old advertising trick. If you wanted earbuds that actually didn't fall out of your ear, you'd simply get a pair with foam tips. But people don't want that. They want giant white dildos hanging out of their ears as a perceived status symbol.



You leftists: it's other people's greed that you ran out of money, after spending more than the combined profits of the Fortune 500 companies this year on your pet causes.



It's sad, but most people are just worthless nigger cattle. 50% of whites have an IQ lower than 100. 50% of American niggers have an IQ less than 85.

The good news is, these retards aren't likely to share the same hobby as you, and you can enjoy that without much interference. The bad news, is that the dumb masses ultimately breed out their betters, and we have to go through the civilization collapse <-> rebuild cycle.



>law: stupid people breed more than smart people

historically the opposite is the case. this is only occurring today because A) fertility-destroying ideas are fashionable, and B) modern society is very good as concentrating elites.

When fashionable ideas encourage fertility again, it'll be the "dumb masses" who are slower to adopt them and worse at applying them.



Historically a wealthy man would have more children than a poor man, yes. But, there would be many, many more of the poor, even if their individual families were smaller. The problem with today's society in terms of filtering out retards, is that it's very easy for a stupid person to thrive. You don't actually need to think too far ahead to live in a major U.S. city. A nigger for instance, just needs to know that if he swipes EBT before he walks out the store, then the cops won't hassle him. His building (which he doesn't understand) is heated, allowing him to survive even in the freezing temperatures of Chicago.



>>1035143 So stupid Muslims make many children.


















Your reaction when, you realize that we are the only smart people on planet... So stupid normies, will gonna over breeding us, and become, all people on here... And worst is that, is cannot be stop ever, so we now gonna die... fuck life are suffering...


Kill yourself normie!!!

You not belong here!



Stupid muslims are at-least smart enough to keep control of their own civilization and recognizes the positive benefits to himself of marrying cute young virgin girl children over 30 year old prostitutes.

Something the white man can't figure out, and infact recoils at the thought of.



This thread is 8chan as fuck, noone on reddit would think to have this opinon, because they are stupider than us.



You can start any time you want.



>we are the only smart people on planet

>that fucked up grammar

>four sets of ellipses

>using the politically correct version of 'normalfag'

Just fucking kill yourself.



How the fuck are you old enough to be posting on /tech/ if you don't know that apple products have always been the hipster product of choice? Very very few people needed an apple product for it's actual purpose. But they were expensive and "rare" which made them a status symbol. Now apple products lack the hipster edge the trend setters don't like them as much. As we would expect from them.



>Open open source program

>Menu designed by programmer

>Can't find a damn thing

>Documentation is 2 years and 7 UI changes out of date

>No idea what half the icons are because they're grey on grey and hard to even see

>Ask for help online

>"Lol fag you just want Winblows by Micro$oft" go back where you belong

>Go back to closed source software because it actually works as opposed to being a cluster fuck of half finished projects with zero user testing and feedback to improve the design for novices.

It's easy to shit talk both sides fag. I've used open source software that's great and awful. Open source has massive issues the same way closed source does, but none of those problems you listed are about the software. It's about the user being inexperienced or the interface being poor. You even meme how everyone has to type the exact same way. I don't type in the traditional way and yet I can type fucking fast. I type in a style that I learned naturally and that suits me. Having your fingers resting on WASD is not a default wrong way to rest your hand. If that gets you minimal wrist damage then it's objectively correct for that person.


Techpill me on why normalniggers want huge ass phones. Why don't they just get a laptop?



This is one of the saddest, retard-nigger posts I've ever read on this board. I can't tell if it's a joke.



Nigger it's a known problem for open source software to have UI problems. GIMP's latest release made all the tools the same colour icon in a minimalist style compared to the older (and a preference you can change back to) uniquely coloured icons.


File: 5bcff08c113fd83⋯.jpg (93.31 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 5bcff08c113fd8394e3a0d719d….jpg)

you could have easily faked this convo on reddit and I would believe that someone had it

these people exist to be taken advantage of, either by us or by (((them)))

I think it's unto us to take advantage of these idiots



Huh, I didn't know that tax evasion of this magnitude was being conducted. I feel that this absolutely needs to be fixed, but it needs to be fixed carefully. We wouldn't want to drive such a massive business out of our country.



the jews will never allow that




Damn, imagine if all Jewish businesses left to go Jew someone else.



>Techpill me on why normalniggers want huge ass phones. Why don't they just get a laptop?

Even a large phone is far, far more portable than a laptop.



>Huh, I didn't know that tax evasion of this magnitude was being conducted

I know you're memeing but watch this, pretty much every major bank and accounting firm is complicit in tax evasion




You don't need to learn how to hack. You need to accept that you will get caught and embrace your ability to flee glow niggers.




Are you faggots retarded?

How does OP obtain a screenshot of reddit without being on reddit?

Why does his screenshot not have subpixel rendering for the fonts?


now I forgot to sage thx faggots



>without being on reddit?


>not have subpixel rendering





You're 100% retarded any you know it.

Why would you render 1bpp text when you have a 24bpp monitor?



shut the fuck up. noone here gives a fuck about tax. it's literally an extension of the middle ages. your average normalfag thinks this: "oh we can't have no tax, that would be too much freedom"

now >>>/reddit/


I agree with this. iPhones are a display object for primitive display behavior. Fuck apple.



Comparing the interfaces of Win10 and Mint, I say that pic is backwards.






He's not wrong though. The entire point of "high-range" phones is to show off how much money you can waste on a phone. Everyone could do just fine with a Moto G, Samsung J or any of the "mid-range" phones.

When Apple had cheaper options, like the iPhone 5c and the iPhone SE, those were the most popular and the regular iPhones always outsold the "Plus" versions. The "plus" and "X" models were all about the bragging rights and showing off.

Now there is no cheap iPhone, so regular people (i.e. those who don't want to spend 800+ $ on a phone) won't buy it, and those who can buy it won't because they cannot show off an iPhone XS since the XR looks and functions exactly the same.

In short, consumerism at it's finest.


File: 0cbddfe5a08140a⋯.jpg (986.87 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, 1551061832336.jpg)

File: d4daf9d72127a0e⋯.jpg (129.25 KB, 1080x809, 1080:809, 1551062638354.jpg)

File: 7822cb00ac1f701⋯.png (874.22 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1551070200252.png)


We all know its women who destroy the tech market like everything else they touch



>Are you telling me if Amazon pays more in taxes, we're going to get tax breaks all of a sudden?

>t. 12 year old that's never itemized his taxes.



I care about taxes Bezos bootlicking shill.



Nah chicks can be alright.



I think it's important to clarify terminology here. There are two types of common anti-aliasing methods for fonts: grayscale anti-aliasing and colour anti-aliasing. Usually when people mention subpixel-rendering, I think of colour anti-aliasing, but you seem to use it in a more general sense, encompassing grayscale anti-aliasing as well. Grayscale anti-aliasing renders pixels in grayscale. The value is typically between 0 and 255. Colour anti-aliasing on the other hand takes advantage of the physical layout of sub-pixel elements in a modern monitor (i.e. the red, green, and blue portions of the pixel). This may or may not work, but for me personally, that has never looked good. Maybe it's just my monitor.

OP's picture, however, uses neither type of anti-aliasing. I don't use anti-aliasing on small fonts either on my computer. The reason for me is simple: Anti-aliasing at low font sizes makes fonts look less clear and more blurry. Also, if your monitor is far enough, your eyes kind of filter the pixeliness of the font away, so text doesn't seem that blocky to you anyway.

Fonts are actually, in my opinion, one of the biggest weaknesses for Linux desktops. In Windows 9x to Windows XP, fonts looked good by default. In Windows 9x, the UI in general looked good by default. In Windows Vista, Microsoft enabled big icons and anti-aliased fonts by default, which for people like me makes things just look ugly. At least they made it easy to disable, but sadly the UI was ruined greatly.

On Linux however, not only is it not trivial to tune font rendering, but the fonts themselves just are not as good. And this is not merely a personal opinion. Try to make a good pixel font that has the same height in pixels as Tahoma 8pt. You will notice, that most of the glyphs will have a strong resemblance to Tahoma. I believe this is because Tahoma was designed with low resolutions in mind, making it very good at low sizes.

Some negatively autistic people may ignore all of this and say that looks don't matter, but they are wrong. Looks do matter, a lot. Looks are the first thing that people see. Making a good product look unappealing is dishonesty. Making a bad product (most modern Apple products) look good is dishonesty as well. That said, Linux is pretty shit-tier in many ways, so maybe it's better that the UI looks shit as well.



>how they squandered all of the trillion dollars (not an exageration) that the federal government pours into social programs on paying college educated liberal bureaucrats a "living wage".

Never heard of this, where can I learn more?




of course this person is also a fan of the extremely disappointing and inferior deus ex sequel



This kind of makes you want to set up some sort of STEM supremacist movement. Why work in the tech industry or any other job that requires scientific or technological knowhow in any form if the society you're working for is full of superficial people like this, values them and their opinions more than your expertise, and elects them to political office? The situation is so bad that it doesn't even matter if the post is fake or not because it's believable enough. This pic is the normalfag in its purest form. You can't even get a place to do STEM things in peace away from them because if you work for a major tech company or other research-heavy organization, a normalfag will have a supervisory position over you, tell you what to do, take most of the monetary value you generate for himself, and fire you for wrongthink, and your hobbies other than STEM have all been destroyed or co-opted by normalfags as well. If it takes the kind of backlash that a STEM supremacist movement would involve to stop this, so be it. This is intolerable.




Very, very, VERY quickly going down the shitter as .gov shovels money into forcing niggers and women into it. They're also beginning to use the term STEAM (science, technology, engineering, ART, math) which is contrary to the entire reason STEM became a thing in the first place. Honestly I don't know any industries for a thinking man to go into anymore. I'm in medicine myself, and I'm outnumbered by women doing their usual catty bullshit everywhere I go. Philosophy and psych full of faggots. Art full of women. Language arts full of women. Actual STEM full of poojeets and chink bugmen.

Agriculture is the only field of study I know of that is straight, white males by a large margin.




This is why we take the blackpill. There is literally no reason not to abandon hope. Suicide is the only option for us at this point as we get outbred by leftists whom will eventually become the entire world.

We have no life. We have no land. We have no future. We are lost, forever.

You better beg to your kike overlords for mercy while you still can, because we have nothing left to live for.



It's always fascinating that there are people who consider themselves intelligent but don't know how to communicate with people even slightly different than them.



Women drag their personal lives into workspaces, homosexuals act like women, and minorities smell weird.



The second you add women to any group it completely fucks up the dynamic. It starts to become competitive to get in her pants and full of back stabbing. The more women you add the worse the back stabbing gets. It's not "slightly different" it's an entirely different dynamic people who want to get work done don't want to deal with.

Same is also true for other racial groups. You can have 1 asian bugman who will work with the group, maybe 2, maybe. But as soon as you get 3 it becomes "us" and "them" within that group. Instead of having a single functional group you now have internal conflict based on racial lines. And that's with Asians, other groups have more of an us vs them mentality where a single nigger will chimp out and claim racism if he doesn't get his way because he's got such an us vs them mentality around his chimp genes.

You can come from different backgrounds and get on fine. You can't take drastically different mindsets and get on. It just isn't going to work no matter how much propaganda they push.



> It starts to become competitive to get in her pants

Not even that. Women, in my ample experience, are all hyper competitive with each other for status. They can not work together as a team without trying to tear each other apart for the position of top bitch even when it doesn't confer any actual status or income. I'm sure you've seen it where a group of women, ostensibly friends, will have one of their number leave earshot and immediately conversation turns to that person's shortcomings. All women secretly hate each other is why. Middle-management shrikes will get lower leveled females fired not to protect any sort of job position but just out of some baseless spite.



If that's true why don't you KYS instead of posting bullshit here?


File: 26c15d8dea71830⋯.png (74.59 KB, 416x435, 416:435, NPC.png)


>Trillion dollar Business should not pay taxes when average people do


File: 1901f221be93b48⋯.mp4 (11.54 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Apple Introduces Revolutio….mp4)



die already (((jude)))



Geology, astronomy?



Where's the 'we shouldn't be paying taxes' part? You kikes never seem to suggest that as an option, you just try to frame it like we should be outraged when other people avoid being punished.



File: d1ce8b9b6037ee3⋯.webm (3.19 MB, 638x360, 319:180, The New Mactini - The Pet….webm)


You act like this is anything new. Normalfags ruin everything they touch.

(Not really related, but does anyone have a link to an old Apple forum where users claimed the release of the iPod would be the nail in the coffin for Apple?)


I was just watching that the other day. (I miss old Onion.)



>apple car

>"sucks her dick"


>CoCks everywhere

>pays whole two months because 4%

>actually zero

>fuck it were slimmin it down

>pics in a cloud

>power on/off every intersection w/ top of the line chink shit

absolute normalfag




Prove him wrong. You can't.


This. Normalcattle cannot and will never be saved. They will remain eternally loyal to the Big Tech cult. There is nothing you can do to stop Google and co.'s eternal supremacy.




That seems fucking retarded, even by redditor standards.


Good question.

You probably don't want to know, in all honesty.



Asses and elbows.


File: f9f3be99c4143b1⋯.jpg (45.4 KB, 240x240, 1:1, f9f3be99c4143b184e9782976d….jpg)



One thing I noticed with the niggercattle is their incredible capacity to do the exact opposite of what is reasonable, right, or virtuous, which is very clearly shown here.

There is no way people do this because of coincidence, the jews are behind this behavior.



We can't just flee to some industry without any groups such as women or minorities who are likely to be liberals. They'll just keep following us wherever we go and instituting their hiring quotas. We have to take a stand and drive the liberals out.


File: 6d3be24aa828ba1⋯.png (3.29 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 6d3be24aa828ba179aac66738b….png)


>Defending Amazon

Is this what (((Bezos))) makes you do for you to not be put in the cage?



do Genetics


File: b6fc9a88437311e⋯.png (750.51 KB, 500x948, 125:237, babybust.png)


>We wouldn't want to drive such a massive business out of our country

They can move their headquarters, but their factories remain right here.. Too bad nationalization of industry is Communist, hehe.



That first sentence sound so much like bait.

Also I think they should invest in jpeg ship in Star Citizen, they can have a lot more recognition this way.



>The room is the most expensive part

$10,000 for a room less accommodated than your average Motel 8.



>$40k for having a baby

At those prices it's way cheaper to travel somewhere else just for the hospital.



>$1000 iphone will get me my recognition and social status

This is just poor peasant LARPing as rich hipsters. Truly pathetic.

What happened to cars and properties?



>Prove him wrong. You can't.

You haven't an hero yet so you're objectively wrong. Livestream your suicide is the only way to prove you're right. Pactice what you preach please blackpill-sama.



He's too much of a coward to kill himself.



>What happened to cars and properties?

Desirable cars and properties are out of reach for most millennials.

1 in 5 millenials will never own their own home due to debt and those that will likely only manage a one or two bedroom shoebox apartment in a less desirable part of their city.





Just have it at home than.



just get one of those nice tech jobs then. that way you can earn more than enough money very quickly



It's called autism

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