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File: 7740c40d443d445⋯.png (22.49 KB, 128x128, 1:1, palemoon_logo.png)


Holy shit. This is big. I had to stick to icecat / ungoogled chromium just for that, but Pale Moon's UI and philosophy is just so much better. Didn't test it yet but if it it as good as uMatrix, then I'm jumping ship!



>This is big.

wrong, retard.



Nice argument. We finally have the opportunity to get out from the Big G and M's chains. Of course it is big.



Palemoon has had uMatrix since the beginning. Version 1.1.4 is when they stopped supporting the old plugin system or whatever I believe.



>muh ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((botnet))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

kill yourself


Are they still based on pozfox 52? If so kindly fuck off, moonchild.


>DONUT STEEL browser

>based on failfox


why does this browser always make people so angry



They're Google and / or Mozilla fanboys, perhaps?



>>muh ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((botnet))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

>kill yourself



Pale Moon locked out AdNeuseam in the past so I'm not willing to trust its developers or their "good will".




It works and keeps people out of the botnet. That's the exact opposite of what our resident shills want everybody to use.



Well, you can't have perfection. But what Google and Mozilla are doing is 100 times worse.





>disabled by default and can be enabled in 10 seconds from about:config

>locked out



<Because this extension causes direct and indirect economic damage to website owners, it is classified as malware, and as such blocked.

>this developer incorporated an authentic extension as malware into his blocklist which will be shipped to all palemoon users by default

>but you can just disable that list in 10 seconds everyone should know that moonchild locks out extensions based on his ideological view and manually remove his bullshit egss dee

>this is totally fine



That's actually some good news. Thanks anon.

With all the high horse riding fur faggatory, I lost hope for this project for the past years, but this is a step in a good direction.



that thing is garbage tho. i tried it once and the browser would freeze sometimes and the cpu usage would be very high when it didnt



>Instead of not showing and ignoring ads

>You just let the plugin do the clicking for you

>Basically you are helping whatever ad network saying "see, loadsa clicks, gib more monies"

>Since you don't know what the exact network selected, you are open to directed false click to help boost whatever network is in control

smdh, just hide and ignore ads famlam.


File: dbcf3199877ae18⋯.png (354.16 KB, 1577x713, 1577:713, (((palemoon))).png)


A browser that neglects privacy and security is shit.



If you actually cared about privacy you would be using the tor browser



I am using it.



Based. The only issue with it is you can't post images here



I still use palemoon 27, but moonchild went full retard and completely ruined it with palemoon 28, so fuck him and fuck all nu-moon shills.



>it can be enabled if you permit all malware so it's okay



>this much butthurt




>he didn't follow Spyware's mitigation guide



Pale moon still hogs resources. It will go up to 1,200M of RAM and put a heavy load on my processor. Not that other browsers are any better.

Is there a single regular browser that doesn't require a supercomputer to run nowadays?


Old as fuck news.


>Can't change a homepage

inb4 muh principles, it's not a religion ffs.


The first fucking revision of 28 was to remove the remainder of the telemetry code.



Just use a browser that properly hibernates tabs like Viavldi and this is a non-issue. CPU usage I get but I don't get why you wouldn't want to use your RAM. Caching makes browsing better.



>Can't change a homepage

You can make the same argument against anti-Firefox retards. Why not use Firefox then when it's objectively better and has actual addons?



tbh moonchild is really autistic but palemoon perfectly fine.

He gets really hot and bothered regarding anything branding related too, for instance, there was a complaint about the irregular naming scheme used for the dot files and a request to have located in .config rather then the home directory.

But, moonchild being moonchild didn't like the idea of renaming the default directory from ".moonchild productions" to ".moonchild" so he discredit the entire post asking for standardization with common linux practices.

tl;dr: moonchild gets upset over small things.

It's the entire reason bsd doesn't have a palemoon version.



suckless surf and qutebrowser run well, but they have their own problems.



And you can also make use of an older version of NoScript, as im using in my browser ( Iprefer it to Umatrix), but this is still great news because you can now have an updated version of Umatrix. Since Vanilla Firefox went quantum, many addons ditched their old version compatible with palemoon, including Umatrix & Noscript. But now finally we have a good scrip manager on Palemoon.


Give me one reason why Pale Moon is in any way better than GNU Icecat and then we'll talk



XUL addons, much higher speed, independent engine, 100 times better UI, more customizability by default, custom addons, Flash Player works on it, no autistic LibreJS included.



I'll have CPU load issues even with a tab or two in most browsers, especially on my older laptop. I may try vivaldi, but I don't think it can be secured as well as pale moon to not send out data.

One of my laptops has 1GB of memory which should be enough, but browsers now try to use it all up.


I might try them, but like you said they have problems too. I'm curious what makes it so hard to make a regular browser that works nowadays. I don't remember it being this bad 10 years ago.




I just use this addon.



Oy Vey! Not using google approved browsers is literally annudah shoah!

I completely forgot about this fork, I remember I gave up on it because ublock is not available at the time.

Oh boy, pentadactyl is still usable, goodbye qute and surf. Tbh I don't visit much BloatWeb anymore, the last bloat site I visit was youtube and I replace that with invidio.us.


I use uBlock and a simple addon that lets you toggle javascript via icon. Usually I have javascript just turned off, which pretty much takes care of everything by itself. Back when I used Firefox, I used uMatrix, it's a nice plugin. The best solution still is just to not browse shitty sites that rely heavily on javascript and leave javascript off. After a while you'll find they're not really worth visiting to begin with. The micromoon theme together with the Redmond theme for GTK2 gives it a comfy Win95 feel, back when the world still was simple and ok.

Always wanted to try icecat but I have the feeling Palemoon has more thought and work put into it's fork and probably has more telemetry removed.



Because GNU Icecat is literally Firefox ESR with a few about:config changes and default addons that are useless if you use umatrix. It's the very definition of a useless fork.




Security hole

>flash player

Jesus fuck. Flash is a massive security hole which leaves you open to over a hundred different remote attacks which you literally can't defend from.

>better UI

PM has a shit UI. FF quantum is currently the best UI browser on desktop.

>custom addons

Literally not an argument, especially since most addons won't even be available.


Librefox is better than IceCat. There's no reason to use a million different libreJS workarounds and slow down your browser instead of just using uBlockOrigin to block js by default and manually allow it on certain domains.



>Security hole

If you're retarded, yes. For others, we can have addons that do more.

>Jesus fuck. Flash is a massive security hole which leaves you open to over a hundred different remote attacks which you literally can't defend from.

You don't have to use it, but the option is there.

>PM has a shit UI. FF quantum is currently the best UI browser on desktop.

Okay, you are trolling then. Carry on.



>PM has a shit UI. FF quantum is currently the best UI browser on desktop.

Flat Material Pajeet Ladies and Gentlemen, I think Pajeets genetically love flat ui is because they've been shitting on flat surface for millennia.


>pale gay



>the option is there.

Same with regular Firefox.

>you are trolling then

No, I'm not. PM UI is a clusterfuck and wastes screen space. Chromium browsers look like shit compared to ff, especially when you're downloading anything and they make a permanent sub-window at the bottom.


Flat theming has nothing to do with it. Make a non-flat theme then, but don't use a shit layout.


File: 6144b39f0e00d1b⋯.png (261.64 KB, 765x570, 51:38, 2019-03-02-023630_765x570_….png)


>PM UI is a clusterfuck and wastes screen space

>don't use a shit layout.

What wasted screen space? Shilling a bit hard eh? Do you also use rust by any chance?



Nice status bar.




by default it used the classic ui with huge buttons and an always visible statusbar on the bottom. its something that firefox was some 40 versions ago




Stop posting, idiot.


File: a1f1d86354807ce⋯.png (8.98 KB, 1356x68, 339:17, icecatui.png)

File: 9da80a782c4b96f⋯.png (23.67 KB, 316x510, 158:255, ffmenu.png)


Default icecat UI is fucking ugly. Not to mention the menu, holy crap!



Aside from the blank shit next to the URL bar everything looks great, yes.



Looks like vanilla Firefox.


File: 9843ae8b62bcfe2⋯.png (85.45 KB, 1280x388, 320:97, informativeandminimalistbr….png)

r8 my setup pls



gray, boring



That's it?!


File: 569bf958f7015d4⋯.png (127.39 KB, 1362x608, 681:304, pmsetup.png)


well...I like the fact that you've got it all so stuck together, saving space.

also, using XFCE I assume? my nigga, now rate mine



>ungoogled chromium

Do you have brain damage ?

Umatrix stopped working with because the umatrix dev continue to work on FF, platform which stopped using XUL.


>We finally have the opportunity to get out from the Big G and M's chains. Of course it is big.

My trust has fallen off palemoon the moment the developer censored an addon from working.

I have more trust in Icecat which doesn't stop addons (even proprietary ones) from being installed.

To the contrary of Icecat. Google and mozilla are monitoring very closely palemoon, if they want him to stfu they'll do it.

If you want a ethical browser use Icecat, if you want Icecat to dominate it needs money.


It is.


Feels nostalgic.


I recommend searx.


>noscript & umatrix

Why ?



>noscript & umatrix

>Why ?

That's Stylem (Stylish fork), not noscript haha.



>Google and mozilla are monitoring very closely palemoon, if they want him to stfu they'll do it.

What do you mean by that? I'm beginning to be worried...


Does pale moon audio work or is it broken like firefucks.



It has alsa support if that's what you mean.



But when will it get a container tabs fork?



What it means is that palemoon was doing something so right that the kikes started to watch it closely and start blackmailing the devs to control them. Hence why it got forked from firefox 52 ESR to appease the kikes at jewgle and pozzfox. If you want to fork palemoon before the 52 esr fork make sure you distribute it anonymously and update it anonymously over censorship resistant methods like I2P/tor/ipfs. Or hell just use physical cdrom disks uploaded to a central server that then gets p2p'd to distribute updates and keep yourself anonymous. That's how serious the even remote possibility of privacy is to pozzfox and jewgle, you shouldn't ever be able to not be stolen from.

OP is a faggot though.






Funny you never mention default before that, how convenient :^)

Now show me pentadactyl on firefox quantum, I'm waiting.



>Now show me pentadactyl

Not him but are these extensions as good as pentadactyl?




The ONLY argument against Mozilla is "muh default settings are spyware".



i like the minimal ui in firefox tho. the screen space is for content not the programs ui so something with huge buttons and toolbars that take 10+% of screen space is bad design.



proprietary binaries and they got mad at the openbsd port noob who couldn't read licenses




That's literally just "muh defaults"



at least read the article - try the "shitty developer attitude" section if you still trust mozilla



>shitty developer attitude

Sounds like literally every project.



So that's why I can't find it on some repositories? Huh, didn't know there were some license shit going on with the project. What a bunch of fags.



personally i hate their ui, it goes for the metro chrome look which sucks.

lack of legacy addons.

It also requires rust to compile which is slow as fuck.




It's not a liscence issue but a trademark one. Pale Moon is free but the name "Pale Moon" is trademarked and so you can't use it when it's labeled that way without permission or something.



i like the new firefox ui and chrome ui. the ui is not supposed to waste space like it did in old firefox. theres barely any space for content on laptops like the x220 so i dont want some huge useless toolbars that cover half of the screen.



Firefox still has a MUCH better UI than Chrome. The most annoying part of Chrome browsers is that they make a gigantic pop-up panel whenever something is downloading. You can still customize Firefox a lot more out of the box than Chrome, I literally couldn't live without the 2 bookmark buttons and the few addon buttons I have next to the URL bar which don't waste any vertical space, while Chrome (or at least Brave) hides addons in the menu and can only show bookmarks in a panel below URL. Plus the sidebars are a time saver and very convenient for anyone who has more than 10 bookmarks.


File: 3b2a612c7e5eab8⋯.jpg (69.68 KB, 952x520, 119:65, palemoon.jpg)

r8 my setup

i use faggot CSS darkenizer because youtube doesn't support night mode unless i use jewgle chrome



File: 6aacc10d71283f9⋯.png (434.42 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, yt.png)


nice try botnet shill



thanks op, that's good news. hopefully he will also fork ublock orgin.



That's turbo retarded. Does any other free piece of software have these same problems? I would like to avoid them if possible.



they just copied that from firefox



Dude, get your damn text encoding sorted out



It's probably just random chinkscript anyways



Right, because those little unknown character boxes are way more aesthetically appealing.



its just some random crap like font awesome that wont work properly because i have downloadable fonts disabled. anything worth reading works



You could set a system wide font with proper gook rune fallback, you know. I mean maybe I'm crazy, I just like to feel like I'm using a proper, fully featured OS sometimes.



>>we are strictly against allowing extensions that cause direct damage

Do you understand the implications here?

What happened with Adblock? The websites can detect it and just put a big header with "please turn off your adblock to view content"

Palemoon user agent doesn't even have good compatibility with eveything and having AdNushit just makes the problem even more complicated so its good the devs addressed it clearly. It's not like you can't disable the blocking which is just steps away from about:config, you're just whining like a baby.

False "ad clicks" also kill MOST and usually google ads and if you have an ad yourself it will automatically get flagged and you'll lose all your shekels = this is real and you can try it yourself.


Try clicking your own ads a bunch of times with the same browser and IP or change that since they have good way to track. You will be demonetized immediately.



>unicode eyelet



No. Actually they were cool, it's the bsdfags who got triggered immediately and acted unprofessional and tried to decide things without the palemoondev's decision because they don't know how to respect license shits.

There's also problems with the compatibility but that can be solved by the pm dev.

Suggested to just for it with a new branding but then this follows:

The classic "I was wrong and I won't admit it and I'll just reject it even if it has been resolved and this browser who has quote no userbase anyways unquote to flex on you because I was wrong and too embarrassed to admit it." - saltybsdfags.





The tabs could do better with tree style fork.

Also, can you tell me about your font and configs?



Oh thats why my customization and XUL injected scripts suddenly fucked up. I have to downgrade this shit, do you know the last good version? No wonder they were threatened by George Soros.

Brought to you by fake news.



autism and contrarianism



Fonts are defaults, XFCE Kiwi window borders and MurrinaVerdeOlivo controls. Pale Moon theme is Stratum. Want any more information?

Never used tree tab stuff, will check it out.



A bunch of things:

It is the only actual Firefox fork that has progressed beyond removing some blobs.

Moonchild (main dev) uses wolves as his "avatar" in the same manner people did it in the 90s, no further evidence of him being a furry.

Reccomending users not use a ad-clicker extension pushed by /pol/acks.

Critizing NoScript for being "placebo" while also complaining about users who claimed "Pale Moon didn't work" due to NoScript.

OpenBSD drama (a dev wanted to compile and offer Pale Moon using their own binaries while not following licensing and getting pissy when Pale Moon devs gave him the option to just do it using a different logo and browsername instead).

Mozillafags threated by a nonbotnet browser.

Chromefags who find the default interface "ugly/old" (not knowing you can easily customize it).


That is what happens when your computer is being used as a DDos machine.


Do you still have a titlebar when you are not maximizing the browser window on that custom usercss?


Pale Moon isn't forked from Firefox 52 ESR, Basilisk (another browser) is.


Is it safe to run i2p on it?



>palemoon 28 isn't firefox 52 botnet

Read the github you faggot.


>This generation is no longer maintained

>This repository and incarnation of Pale Moon is no longer maintained. The new home for Pale Moon (v28+) is in the UXP platform repo where it is one of the included applications with the platform

UXP = firefox 52 esr = basilisk thingy = palemoon. Palemoon is just a UI now for modern firefox. All the debottned things palemoon had like the rendering engine without css3/always on javascript and no telemetry went away with the v28 hardfork on firefox 52.



So wtf is debotnet approved?


palemoon is cool, the author has prime autism but it's the harmless and good stallman kind of autism, not the "we need a diversity commissar and a coc and my name is lucy now" autism. It's also it's own engine and the only browser variant these days that really deserves the title "fork", all the other ones are more or less reskins with a few config options changed. Criticizing the interface is like criticizing linux for gnome being the only window manager of choice, there are tons of choices and options to change the appearance of the browser. More than you get with current day firefox. It's also still works with GTK 2 and doesn't pull in all the cancer GTK 3 does. Palemoon also recently removed all the call-home mozilla telemetry all other browsers and forks have. It also doesn't have shit like WebRTC. Not toggled off, literally doesn't have it in the code.

I use it with uBlock (which still recieves new versions for XUL) and a plugin to toggle javascript with an icon. Just lol if you don't have javascript completely disabled 99% of the time.



The rendering engine is still their own. And it has XUL support which means a bunch of extensions FF will never get. But even if it was only UI, it's still better than anything else out there.



>adding css3/always on javascript

>is a good thing

Go back.


>disable javascript in about:config

>use firefox 52 esr or palemoon 28+ with support for css3

>css in html can make javascript calls (((for rendering))) that bypass the about:config option





kys tranny



where is the proof CSS3 can execute javascript? I've never heard of that and can't find anything on it.



See https://archive.fo/mTiBp and note how the functions are CSS3 specific and not in older versions of the engines.


Not a faggot you faggot.


i2p runs on java.. whats the big fear...g.guys?


Dropped palememe right after their devs said anyone who wanted more stuff to avoid browser fingerprinting was a drug dealer or pedo. Maybe if Moonchild and friends got their knots out of their ass it would be an actual competitor to other browsers.


reminder that there's still not a single linux browser which supports video decoding in hardware


File: 176633ec9329e8b⋯.png (49.6 KB, 855x524, 855:524, Screenshot from 2019-03-12….png)

this any good? couldn't get it to run.



archive please?


File: e6dd1f0578630eb⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 528x597, 176:199, 1552084554779.jpg)


>Moonchild (main dev) uses wolves as his "avatar" in the same manner people did it in the 90s, no further evidence of him being a furry

he's an open furry http://www.moonchildproductions.info/anthro-art.shtml

so what? He's still the most "based" developer out there, his hobbies or taste don't matter as long as he delivers the goods


File: 7cf80c3378bdbeb⋯.jpg (23.11 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 7cf80c3378bdbeb0f8d4dfac2e….jpg)


I don't care how based it is. I'm not using software written by a degenerate.

my loss



Project is rigged and I don't blame him though he's still pretty based. He's a wolfkin hence the "pale full moon". Now he's forcing himself to make Basilisk and it's probably not even his thing I think. I'll look into basilisk and get the easter egg. There's probably a message or warning they left there I think.

It's because the Soros/Basilisk/'Lizardmen' infiltrated the project.

Imagine receiving death threats from the elites because of being so based. Now I'm pretty sure palememe is currently compromised as other foss projects are like Debian (receiving big threats before the Jessie update to systemd).

Ian Murdock explained that the project could have another version without that damned init like crux/slack but (((they))) didn't like that so he had to be shutdown when he said something like not trusting or to audit systemd or making quick decisions like this and since he started the project so he should have the biggest slice of what to decide.

It's either you follow their orders because some cia nigger already confronted you or they kill you and the shift happens anyways or you hide and live the rest of your life with V2k. Maybe if you're brave enough you could just go full Terry and run over 'em niggers.

Downgrading to 27.9.4 later.


File: ebedbe71aa23390⋯.jpg (892.99 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, basilisk2.jpg)

File: de1f4e82875826b⋯.png (12.35 KB, 537x115, 537:115, basilisk1.png)

File: 566b71c163b96d1⋯.jpg (41.17 KB, 960x540, 16:9, george-soros-EU-Superstate.jpg)

Soros = Saurus




Am I witnessing /tech/-Alex jones?



Ian Murdock had left the Debian project years before they adopted systemd.



>didn't read the mailing lists about systemd talk before they were deleted




fuck off nigger. palemoon is a great browser. keep using goygle jewme you faggot



>Reccomending users not use a ad-clicker extension pushed by /pol/acks.

he did more than that faggot

he flagged the extension as malware and prevented it from being installed without jumping through hoops

the palemoon dev loves the botnet and sjwism; and he's a furry, he should be gassed



relevant proofs




Since proponents of this extension will likely be unhappy or have questions as to why, and likely want to be vocal about this addition:

After investigating the AdNauseam extension's behavior and the results for web publishers, the extension has been added to the Pale Moon blocklist with a severity level of 2 (meaning you won't be able to enable it unless you increase the blocking level in about:config to 3). For those unfamiliar with this extension: it generates false ad "clicks" to ad servers in an attempt to generate "noise" for the ad networks in a protest against the advertising network system as a whole.

While the premise behind this is similar to poisoning trackers with false fingerprints (which we are proponents of, ourselves), and we normally let users decide for themselves what they want to do with their browser, we are strictly against allowing extensions that cause direct damage (including damage to third parties). There is a subtle but important difference between blocking content and generating fake user interaction.

As such, this decision to block was made because of the following reasons:

Generating fake clicks on ads will flag publisher accounts with "invalid traffic". If this kind of traffic persists, it causes damage for the website owners who run ads:

One facet of damage caused is direct devaluation of ad locations on any and all websites visited by people who have this extension active. This lowers the direct revenue website owners receive for legitimate clicks.

Another facet of damage caused is direct punishment of publishers who generate more than a minimal amount of invalid traffic - ad networks will in response cull anything that can't be strictly verified as legitimate clicks (often in their sole discretion).

In extreme cases, publisher accounts may even be shut down entirely.

Generating this kind of traffic does not achieve its intended goal (providing protest against ad networks or causing advertising to fail for ad networks) since the ones punished are the publishers (those who rely on this revenue) and not the ad networks.

While it is not considered "click fraud" (because the publisher isn't benefiting from users generating false clicks with AdNauseum -- the opposite, in fact), it is causing problems for the overall health of the Internet economy, especially those who need this kind of revenue to keep their sites and services free to the public.

Because this extension causes direct and indirect economic damage to website owners, it is classified as malware, and as such blocked.

This won't be reconsidered unless and until such time as the "ad click generation" feature has been removed from the extension.

Improving Mozilla code: You know you're on the right track with code changes when you spend the majority of your time deleting code.

"If you want to build a better world for yourself, you have to be willing to build one for everybody." -- Coyote Osborne




it is malware. it made the browser very slow and sometimes even completely unusable



your an idiot and should consider neutering yourself to improve the human race



>the palemoon dev loves the botnet

>and sjwism;

>and he's a furry,

{Citations Missing}

>he should be gassed

Oy Vey; Jvde

So the only great alternative of Jewfox does not like AdNauseam.

(((You))) can force its install and their stance on AdNauseam do not change my high consideration towards thier work a single iota.

Gas yourself, Jvde




the one true thing is that he's a furry. And that should be irrelevant if you want to get yourself the best internet browser.




nobody is installing your browser moonchild



The extension was complete malware tho. Simulating clicks will block the 'proprietor of ad' from abuse they didn't do and reduce any of their gained earnings to zero without notice or even plead.




Even more reason to avoid having anything to do with that malware extension.

Malware = does undesirable shit to hardware, data, or revenue.

Damages harmless ads that you could already block with umatrix and adblock with custom lists. With the addon you're not just blocking it but you're destroying the ad itself. Good luck being in a watchlist m8.














>tfw no qt black gf


>tfw no qt black gf

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