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Our current cell phone technology produces electromagnetic radiation that damages male fertility, and the radiation produced by the new 5G technology will be much more powerful and therefore much more dangerous. But most people don’t know about this. Instead, most people are greatly looking forward to the rollout of 5G technology because it will be up to 100 times faster than our current 4G technology, and who wouldn’t want that? The big cell phone companies will be spending hundreds of billions of dollars to install hundreds of thousands of new 5G antennas, and every single one of those antennas will be constantly emitting very powerful electromagnetic radiation. Since we can’t see the radiation, to many people the threat does not seem real, but the truth is that if you live in a major urban area you are constantly being bombarded by it. And once the new 5G network is completely rolled out, you would literally have to live in the middle of nowhere to get away from it completely.

5G is a quantum leap from 4G, but because the smaller 5G waves do not travel as well, a lot more antennas will be required…

In order to achieve faster speeds, 5G relies on millimeter waves, which are even smaller than microwaves and operate at a higher frequency. These smaller waves are more easily absorbed by buildings, trees and other things (like people), so more towers will be needed in order to maintain connectivity. The industry has created specialized “small cell” stations and new, larger base stations to accommodate the demands of 5G tech. Even so, it’s expected that a small cell will need to be installed every 250 meters in cities for 5G to work properly. There will be one on every street corner.

In addition, 5G technology is “ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity”…

5G cell towers are more dangerous than other cell towers for two main reasons. First, compared to earlier versions, 5G is ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity. 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G use between 1 to 5 gigahertz frequency. 5G uses between 24 to 90 gigahertz frequency. Within the RF Radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency the more dangerous it is to living organisms.

So basically the radiation that we will constantly be absorbing will be much, much, much more powerful than before, and the sources emitting the radiation will be much closer to us.

Are you starting to get the picture?

If that wasn’t bad enough, an investigation conducted at a university in Israel discovered that the surface of the human body actually draws 5G radiation in “like an antenna”…

What’s further disturbing about 5G radiation is how the human body responds to and processes it. Dr. Ben-Ishai from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered as part of a recent investigation that human skin acts as a type of receptor for 5G radiation, drawing it in like an antenna.

“This kind of technology, which is in many of our homes, actually interacts with human skin and eyes,” writes Arjun Walia for Collective Evolution about the study.

“… human sweat ducts act like a number of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths that are put out by the devices that employ 5G technology,” he adds.

Okay, now let’s talk about fertility.

Several early studies found that our current cell phone technology has a negative affect on male fertility…

A 2005 mouse study found “a significant genotoxic [DNA-damaging] effect on…spermatozoa.”

A 2007 rat study found “significantly higher incidence of sperm cell death,” suggesting “that carrying cellphones near reproductive organs could negatively affect male fertility.” And a 2009 rat study found that the radiation from cellphones “negatively affects semen quality and may impair male fertility.”





So /tech/, have you apologized to the based blackpillers yet?



No. They never did anything.


Spreading your schizophrenia on /pol/ wasn't enough was it?



How much is AT&T paying you people? No matter the thread you ALWAYS post



>People disagree with me?? Must be "them"!!

Paranoid delusions, also called delusions of persecution, reflect profound fear and anxiety along with the loss of the ability to tell what's real and what's not real. They might make you feel like:

A co-worker is trying to hurt you, like poison your food.

Your spouse or partner is cheating on you.

The government is spying on you.

People in your neighborhood are plotting to harass you.


>being this terrified over non-ionizing radiation

5G is literally less harmful to people than visible light. Take your meds, schizo.

All this delusional "5G kill grid" nonsense is taking away from the real conspiracy here. The real problem with 5G is that its intention is to increase the spread of the Internet of Things. That's why it needs to be so fast. It's designed to support the infrastructure of smart cameras, smart speakers, smart lights, smart thermostats, smart sensors, smart fridges, smart appliances, smart locks, smart doorbells, and so on, all of which of course spy on the users (or useds, if you want to go full stallman with the terminology).



Checked and thank you.



did in any of that strawman BS did you actually address the scientific basis of the threat? typical red-herring kikery.



>5G is literally less harmful to people than visible light.

>[citation needed]*



>5G is literally less harmful to people than visible light

At least you admit that you need solar cream for the sun. Yes too much exposure to sunlight can cause cancer.

The good thing about sunlight is that it's stopped by any kind of physical object like a wall, house etc...

Now the question is, what does stop too much 5G wavelength ?

> and so on, all of which of course spy on the users (or useds, if you want to go full stallman with the terminology).

Smart word play but it's less efficient when used on convincing normies, work great in auditorium tho.

Realistically smartshit would not need that much bandwidth if it was correctly programmed.

It's not only about that, it's also that they want to sell new hardware, more cell towers, more smartphones, more locked smartphones too. Then they'll do the same trash as before with 6G then 7G or another buzzword.



that is true, but there seems to be a lot more to it than the IoT/surveillance concerns. schizoposters aside, some serious people are pretty concerned about it. this video has a ton of credible sources and some of the shit is pretty far out. if you have the time, i recommend watching all 40 minutes of it.




What? I don't think 5G is harmful, I just find it very strange that wokeposters like you start trying to discredit the thread the moment it goes up. Your wokeposting only makes people think that you're part of a disinformation campaign and gives credit to “pol schitzos”



Fair enough.

I believe there is a sizeable population of actual for-real mentally ill posters on 8ch (and 4ch) that will do anything to gain attention and affirmation for their paranoid delusions and therefore any sort of rational debate becomes impossible the moment they latch on to a topic.

This is, deliberately or not, poisoning the well for any further debate and makes places like /pol/ look like easily dismissed retards.

I'd love to discuss the implications of 5G and the push for IoT but not with people who will constantly try to drag the issue down to MUH KILLSWITCH MICROWAVE ORGONE DESTROYING JEW TECHNOLOGY.



Planck's equation. E=hν where E is energy, ν is the frequency of a photon, and h is Planck's constant. In other words, the energy of a photon (a quantum of EMR) is directly proportional to its frequency. The only types of radiation that have higher frequency than visible light are ultraviolet, X-Ray, and gamma, in that order. So, assuming the same quantity of photons, 5G is less harmful than visible light. 5G is even lower on the spectrum than infrared, which you yourself (and nearly everything around you) constantly emit.


>Yes too much exposure to sunlight can cause cancer.

Wrong. Ultraviolet causes cancer, and sunscreen is intended to stop UV, not visible light.

>The good thing about sunlight is that it's stopped by any kind of physical object

Only if the object is not transparent or translucent. Glass is a solid physical object after all.

>what does stop too much 5G wavelength

Thicker walls and Faraday cages.



>Glass is a solid

look at this nigger, pretending to know stuff, dropping them equations, but doesn't know that glass is a liquid.

it's just a really slow-flowing liquid.



>glass is a liquid

It's an amorphous solid.



The reality is it's both. The powers that be are pushing an IoT future where devices are everywhere spying on everything the population does. They're also using various means like radio waves to keep the population calm. It has been well documented that you can induce a state of calm or fear in animals/man through the use of radio.

So it's both, and yes there are crazy people that believe everything and pain any rational person that believes some of these things as crazy by association. That doesn't mean any of these people are wrong. In fact, the environment we live in is probably why most of these people have been driven crazy in the first place. The ones most susceptible to the effects are the ones least able to tolerate them and get along with society.

The blackpill posters are right that there isn't anything to be done as long as we continue to splinter and distrust each other. We've pretty much been divided and everyone is afraid to come out of their safe spaces. We know more than we've ever known and are less able to act than ever before. The time to pick up the guns is now. We need to kill every last person in the ruling class then drop a massive EMP to fry everything electronic. It's time to go back to pre-industrial society again. This has happened countless times before and it'll happen many more times. This is the natural way of things.



>glass is a solidy liquid

>no it's an amorphous solid

look up 'amorphous'. For that to describe glass, you'd need to add qualifiers like I did already, to explain why you can still drink out of it.




Ancient glass bottles are not melting over the centuries.



Amorphous in this case means lacking crystalline characteristics. The only other qualifier for glass is having glass transition.



>inferior impure glass doesn't flow as well as modern glass obviously does

sounds about right for Scientific American.


This shit is flat-earther/anti-vac tier retarded. Do some actual research instead of believing this fucking Facebook clickbait.



>It has been well documented that you can induce a state of calm or fear in animals/man through the use of radio.

Citation fucking needed.



Are you deaf m8?



To expand:

Music (sound waves) is used to induce states of calm/fear. Color (visible light waves) can be used to induce states of calm/fear. What's stopping other types of waves doing the same? Does a wave have to be perceptible in order for it to induce states of calm/fear? Or can they do it imperceptibly?



>if a does b

>and c does d

>it follows e does f


File: 7f4f8f677ffa91d⋯.jpg (100.94 KB, 1024x652, 256:163, comfy1.jpg)

that would only be a good thing


does this mean that africa can be filled with 5g networks and the overpopulation problem will then be solved


All the fucking retards like >>1038866

claiming it can't affect cells because it isn't ionizing. Just because you did some physics in highschool doesn't mean you should stop thinking.

Visible light affects cells, even in very low intensity. It allows us to see.

In the same manner Non-ionizing radiation could affect cells, or parts of cells. There is research that hints in this direction.


>5G technology because it will be up to 100 times faster than our current 4G technology


>big cell phone companies will be spending hundreds of billions of dollars to install hundreds of thousands of new 5G antennas


For a conspiracy theorist, you sure are a gullible little goyim, thinking that 5G's going to be different than 4G.



>claiming it can't affect cells because it isn't ionizing

He didn't say it doesn't, just that it's less harmful.

>Visible light affects cells, even in very low intensity. It allows us to see.

Photosynthesis also comes to mind. As does vitamin D synthesis.

>There is research that hints in this direction.

So post it and explain their findings.



>So post it and explain their findings.


Meta study that examined 80 papers on oxidative stress under radio frequency radiation, and found 76 claimed effects.

Note that this is at levels far below thermal, and thus far below our current "safe" limit.



>the problem with 5g isn't health related but IoT related

This, the more people push the "muh cancer" idea the more it covers up the real issue




Photosynthesis and light reception are done by highly specialized cells, not the entire fucking body.



Photosynthesis is visible light, photons with ~1-2 eV. Vitamin D synthesis is UV light, ~3 eV.

5G (90 GHz, as per OP) is 3.7221E-4 eV... Or 0.00037 eV. If visible light isn't harmful to us, pray tell how four orders of magnitude less energy poses any danger.



The paper in >>1039028 is a metastudy that indicates a possible link between radio frequency radiation and cytotoxic effects on the human body. It's not a long paper, you can read it in a few minutes. By itself, the study is not conclusive but it does lead to questions about specific hypotheses to test in the future.



no one said it "doesn't" affect living cells, just that they don't cause cancer or any non nocebo effects. and that if it did have negative effects on the body, visible light from a lamp would be 1000x worse. hell even bees can detect some wavelengths of UV to guide them to flowers without getting cancer or whatever.


File: 23e13a7339d4b15⋯.webm (964.11 KB, 1120x720, 14:9, say-hello-to-mister-god.webm)


Daily reminder that microwaves heat up cells which causes damage when the cells heat up enough. Also, it's a very basic biology fact that you whole nervous system works because of electric signals. I am not saying that 5G is MKULTRA mind control experiment but if the glow-in-darks use the electronic or magnetic signals on your brain, they can affect your mood or thoughts (sauce: https://archive.fo/XMt2K)



>The government is spying on you.

This has been proven time and time again. Please fuck back off to whatever shithole you crawled out of and/or end your life.


File: 14159e322ece14f⋯.jpg (20.67 KB, 296x314, 148:157, pure coincidence.jpg)

>Dr. Ben-Ishai from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered as part of a recent investigation that human skin acts as a type of receptor for 5G radiation, drawing it in like an antenna.




>The blackpill posters are right that there isn't anything to be done as long as we continue to splinter and distrust each other. We've pretty much been divided and everyone is afraid to come out of their safe spaces. We know more than we've ever known and are less able to act than ever before.

Thank you based anon, for telling the truth.

We have already lost. There will never be any resistance against the powees that be. In this current age, we are literally the only people who are able to name the jew. It's all over for us, for we no longer have anything to live for. (((They))) have woon once and for all, and they will control everyone and everything for eternity.

Resistance is futile

Optimism is cowardice

1984 is eternal



>Disorganized thinking becomes apparent in patients' speech patterns as schizophrenia progresses.



Here's my advice, OP.

1. Dig a hole

2. Put yourself in it

3. Have someone fill the hole in

Not only will you be protected from those super spooky radio waves, but the human gene pool will be protected from your genetic profile.


File: ce918f808fb50fe⋯.webm (5.88 MB, 320x240, 4:3, [judaism_intensifies].webm)



>Stop resisting, stupid goy!

>No discussion allowed!!


why are you so aggressive about this, jew?


File: 8615a007ed8c617⋯.png (332.13 KB, 640x480, 4:3, smug anime angel.png)


>calling the ones not suspicious of 5G radiation jews when the OP quotes a jewish professor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

come on rabbi



if you don't want to discuss the subject, then get >>>/out/

you are the only one trying to shut it down



And you're the one quoting a rabbi for your points.




>...that human skin acts as a type of receptor for 5G radiation, drawing it in like an antenna.

This is the dumbest thing I have heard today




He posted studies, you just called him a name.



Yeah but he said way more 5g waves are going to be emmitted because they need more antennas.

Yes your equation says that it's less harmful, but more quantities surely means more harmful.



just because they're jewish doesn't mean they're automatically incorrect/wrong about a topic

I'm not him but I'll also say you're just trying to shut down discussion by using his hatred for jews against him.


File: 7c01ef726590011⋯.webm (3.66 MB, 424x240, 53:30, 4 tesla mri.webm)


>Microwaves heat up cells

Look up Active Denial System. High intensity microwave gun used for crowd control that heats up your skin.

>When you place a 2-3 Tesla electromagnet (same order of magnitude as an MRI) directly against someone's brain to turn off part of their brain, it affects their decision-making abilities somewhat while the magnet's on their brain

No fucking shit. I think someone would notice if he was getting hit by a portable MRI though.


File: 8becb4a48f0ea2b⋯.jpg (32.93 KB, 485x443, 485:443, you best be joking nigger.jpg)


>just because they're jewish doesn't mean they're automatically incorrect/wrong about a topic

<let's just believe whatever the one race with the most motivation to lie to us says

I bet you also racemix, use windows and watch the latest jewish movies all the time.


>itt bored single mothers

this thread is the cause of cancer


We have this thread every other week.


The thing is it isn't black and white. 5g can be more harmful than other types of non ionising radiation. There are certain frequencies that have resonance with certain structures. instead of cutting your antenna to a wavelength you change the wavelength to more effectively induce an electric current in the target structure. Real dumb example, but you take a pine tree which has needles that are the same length as 2.4ghz waves and you blast it in the microwave. Only the needles get burned off because the radio energy is converted to electrical potential on the 2 ends of the needle which frys it. It affects all the other parts too but the electrical potentials are disordered and it just heats it up. can 5g burn your nerves up or cook your balls? it is not impossible but I doubt anyone can prove much considering all research about radio weapons is top secret. What I think is that non-ionizing radiation can be dangerous at certain frequencies and those frequencies dangerous to humans are known by large govs. Good arguments can be made either way, we will just have to see.


>5G has short range and is only viable in urbanite shitholes




>it's just a really slow-flowing liquid.




>just because they're jewish doesn't mean they're automatically incorrect/wrong about a topic

You'd think people would get this considering this a board full of autistic freetards.


> but more quantities surely means more harmful.

To get the same amount of energy, the intensity the of millimeter waves would need to greatly exceed the intensity of the visible light rays we get from the sun. I'd guess it'd actually be the opposite and be orders of magnitude less, but I can't say for certain.

It's a similar thing with the microwave gun, where it's only a problem because of the sheer intensity of the waves.



Finally good news. Well, I hope it's true, but good things are almost never true.



>jews aren't automatically incorrect/wrong

nah, we get it. This isn't a logical given. You couldn't usefully design a machine around a violation of the laws of thermodynamics, but you could design a machine that responds to Jews saying true or correct things.

Jews spreading poison isn't an inviolable law.

Even so, no Jew has ever violated it :^)



Reality is shit. So it will probably just end up in lots of degenerated mutations leading to subhumans and cancer.



>lots of degenerated mutations leading to subhumans and cancer

Basically what we have now, actually.



I believe it is more like

>a does x

>b does x

>therefore c does x

Equally fallacious though



fun fact: nuclear magnetic resonance is a feasible path to antigravity

don't tell mrs obama!



especially when combined with an aluminum donut filled with xerium 525


File: a1c218508ca363d⋯.png (22.33 KB, 630x480, 21:16, FM_voice_controls.png)

File: 994ce76c7eb406f⋯.jpg (186.68 KB, 640x480, 4:3, pic-how-mobile-phone-radia….jpg)



>I believe there is a sizeable population of actual for-real mentally ill posters on 8ch (and 4ch)




I believe there is a sizeable population of actual for-real mentally ill(and/or scientifically and technologically ignorant) posters on 8ch (and 4ch)(OP included) that will do anything to gain attention and affirmation for their paranoid delusions and therefore any sort of rational debate becomes impossible the moment they latch on to a topic.



>I believe

>sizeable population

>mentally ill (and/or a dozen other things)

>8ch (and 4ch) (and reddit) (and area code 90210)

>they want attention and affirmation

>rational debate literally impossible

>latch on





Technically those pictures only describe suggestion. Its like if someone whispered in your ear: hey sexy wana fuck. But for whatever message the broadcaster wants to broadcast. Like for example if you are >>>/r9k/ and aware of these transmission methods and truely hated women then a broadcast saying 'hey sexy wana fuck' would have no effect because the mind/brain rejects the message during proccessing, and not consciously either.

Its like whispering dont be greedy into a kikes ear, it wont work for some messages on some people. But a message like "love fake isreal" would for those who don't hate the kikes with a passion greater then burning the entire universe.




Weirdly enough the AI doesn't want 5g. Why is that? Like I don't want it either because cancer and botnet. But there's something weird about it.




>Technically those pictures only describe suggestion. Its like if someone whispered in your ear: hey sexy wana fuck.

There is so much more though, such as the fact it would be repeated. The human mind in its current stage of evolution believes that if something is repeated enough, it is considered true. Further, associations develop. A person watches the heartwarming "I'd like to by the world a Coke" commercial or sees images of green fields on their television, while the subliminal says "Jews are good. Israel is good. Have sex with your dog. Anarchy is good." or whatever messages would be embedded.

I personally have studied hypnosis and think it is beneficial for the whole of humanity, in a Timothy Leary kind of way, except how it is being used now is certainly a malicious practice.



There's nothing to discuss. 5G isn't new types of electromagnetic waves. It's just a new standard. If you disagree, go ahead and tell us why you think it's fundamentally different from other types of electromagnetic radiation.



>The paper in >>1039028 is a metastudy

No. It's not. Stop using words you don't understand.



>Guys guys I hear voices

>Must be THEM

Yea, totally not paranoid delusions. Totally healthy posters that just get targeted by the lizard people for experiments you know.

I told you. I warned you about schizos.




Sage Negated




This is why I always say that blackpill is bestpill. Literally nothing good happens in life, it's just not worth fucking living. I would have already killed myself but I'm sadly too pussy to do it...



>tfw had tinnitus entire life

>tfw tried to figure out the frequency using audacity

>tfw its near the very top of the hearing spectrum

>tfw it all makes sense now

>tfw being hypnotized by haarp and saturnian reptiles this entire time



>nothing in life matters

>waste time posting here anyway

fuck off shill



The link in the first pic no longer works. It also isn't that relevant to the original claim because these are sound waves instead of radio waves.

With the second picture, it only shows how a government might go about mind controlling the population if they could use electromagnetic waves to do so. It doesn't show that they can. The first picture suggests a mechanism which honestly doesn't sound too unreasonable, but I'd to see some proof that you can do subliminal messaging with high frequency sound waves.

Also what the fuck is the "Thought center"?


File: 3ea901b775cae78⋯.png (226.15 KB, 1276x773, 1276:773, antigravitywojak.png)


File: d864027ebe55cbc⋯.jpg (119.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, alex jones tinfoil.jpg)

File: 948e53b9682fa8f⋯.jpg (152.16 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, tinfoil hat 2.jpg)

File: fdb0c55534b557c⋯.jpg (76.61 KB, 600x450, 4:3, tinfoil hat 3.jpg)


>Now the question is, what does stop too much 5G wavelength ?

enough of pic related




no - confirmed - it is a liquid


Why can't they just start 5G in Africa?


Water / moisture / Trees / wet trees from rain / people (90+ percent water?) give 5G issues

Video part 1 of 7











Then upload them here


File: 61b5299454873da⋯.png (604.17 KB, 1147x1485, 1147:1485, 1712040556-01a.png)


File: caf5a933bcba561⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1009.23 KB, 1351x757, 1351:757, 1012240000-01a.png)

File: 673d89c0e33b51e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 1006190000-02a.png)

File: ee243d18315d22c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1360x1060, 68:53, 1006190000-01a.png)

It's all real guys.



Only if he livestreams his suicide, I have my ropes ready for weeks already but he never did it.



well finally, what took them so long



File: f2d66a4c8350ee0⋯.png (301.38 KB, 630x421, 630:421, Wi-Fi 5G.png)

File: 2472b180d6857be⋯.jpg (85.56 KB, 684x930, 114:155, 1549537159021.jpg)



>Get ready for mass human die off

If only.


File: cf1e56031cfa387⋯.png (345.35 KB, 668x492, 167:123, schiz.png)


Wireless networking was shit anyway


File: 0cd9c6d2c1ae7b4⋯.jpg (302.11 KB, 1600x840, 40:21, 55160_05_donkey-kong-count….jpg)


Do you remember the good times, Anon?

They will come again.

At a certain point in life, you will come to realize that everything that is happening, has happened before.


File: efc7ac6fcc28e6a⋯.gif (131.11 KB, 222x533, 222:533, justice.gif)


if you are aware of the dangers of 5G, Chamber of light is a great place for you.

There are protection techniques for this also.

Don't worry, improve yourself and Join the Chamber of light! D1SC0RD: QXS2beF



why is your shitty discord but I repeat myself named after the opposite of a womb?


File: 61aa4413fd60592⋯.gif (15.7 KB, 225x534, 75:178, theEmperror.gif)


if you have a better name, feel free to share.



Any mention of discord should be an autoban. Too many retards shilling their botnet chatrooms.


File: 47d514eb1d2bc15⋯.gif (51.19 KB, 225x534, 75:178, star.gif)


I'm on DYN ISP, you can't ban me.



You may as well be inviting us to a Facebook group as discord is no better. You are not in good company.


File: 1aa274efd5436d4⋯.gif (21.58 KB, 233x533, 233:533, thefool.gif)


> You are not in good company.

nice projector you have there.




That may not work well but I'm all for fingerprinting everyone to autoban any user agent that belongs to a mobile phone, chrome or windows.



I do things to my coworker and I leave little hints because it's fucking hilarious to see him get all paranoid. Like I spit in his food and install poorly hidden cameras and play dumb. He's freaking out it's fucking funny we're gonna try to get him sent to jail on monday lmao


File: ab904370d8a1e7b⋯.png (42.72 KB, 1249x637, 1249:637, buried fibre optic cable g….png)

>cellular internet

>not fibre optic cables


It's more to do with the fact that the communist government in China is spearheading this technology to spy on billions of people around the world

Or at least give corrupt governments the leeway to do so



>a small cell will need to be installed every 250 meters in cities for 5G to work properly.

>A 2007 rat study found “significantly higher incidence of sperm cell death,

only niggers and non-whites live in major cities now

this seems like it's the plan to cull their numbers

they won't be able to install these in small towns and cities because everything is too far spread out and it's not worth the expense, white people will be safe


>All these shitposts

Why are (((they))) trying to derail this thread? Hmmm


File: d44e84bee9f36da⋯.jpg (718.75 KB, 768x1234, 384:617, __miqo_te_final_fantasy_xi….jpg)




The communist gov in China doesn't care about their own people, and they care even less about you nya~


File: ddf24626a68e6ad⋯.jpg (238.25 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, spring2020.jpg)

He's something from the spring 2020 collection that will protect you.

I made a tinfoil hat once and put it on. Quiet inside. Peaceful. Try it anon.

Also suba diving below 25 meters. Very peaceful or so I've heard.



>falling for TIN foil hat

>greatly conducts heat and electricity

>even EMF

>not using Aluminum or Lead sheet (from bullets or scratch-its though good luck beating detectors)

When meme memes you to believing into mistakes, you should look back and measure how 'pre-programmed' you are already, Zoomer zog drone :^)



This is partially right. You want metal to block EM, but to stop aliens and mind control, you need 3M velostat plastic sheeting.




Let's read the studies they cite.

>No statistically significant alteration in any of the endpoints was noted. This study found no evidence suggesting an adverse effect of cell phone exposure on measures of testicular function or structure.

>These results suggest that carrying cell phones near reproductive organs could negatively affect male fertility.

>Several recent epidemiological studies have investigated the effects of RF-EMR from mobile phones on the human body, but results to date have been contradictory and inconclusive.

So, one that says the exact opposite, one that's only about if you carry it in your pant pockets, and one that makes it clear there's no consensus.



Isolating tinfoil hat from your head with a non-conductive material inbetween should do the job then?



I think it's a given that when someone says tinfoil they actually mean aluminum foil. Real Sn foil is extremely expensive and you can only get it from specialty shops. It's not produced in any sort of mass quantity anymore.



Why do you suppose that tin foil is so rare? Becuase it's effective.



lol no



>glass is a liquid.

>it's just a really slow-flowing liquid.

>look at this nigger

I know you tried hard, nigger but it didn't work.



Literally 100% of the People on Discord are Faggots who Must Never be Trusted: The Discord



>100 times faster than our current 4G technology

For what goddamned purpose? Good 4g is so fast its more than most people can ever tap into, and every one else is downloading more shows than Netflix while watching porn in 4k on big 72 inch flat screen


It's like radio waves versus gamma rays to use a comparison. Better start shielding your bedroom, car, and maybe even clothing.


you've provided one sentence explaining why not even 5G, but 4G is bad in the first paragraph, followed 20 sentences later by "blah blah radiation QED". radiation doesn't mean something is bad. now fuck off and make a new post that actually even tries to explain your point

>link to zerohedge

what the fuck even is that site. it's some next level clickbait mixed with bitcoin-era buzzwords and HN-style pseudointellectualism. i've had the misfortune of reading an article on it several years ago and will not bother going back ever again


File: 90dc2ae2a47862f⋯.png (78.97 KB, 596x233, 596:233, WiFi-Standards-Logo.png)

>muh millimeter wave

>muh power

>muh base station density

You faggots realize 802.11 WLAN in your home has used exactly this technology for years now, right? That's all 5G really is, telcos building municipal 802.11 meshnets.




No, not really. A part of the standard operates on frequencies higher than 5,8GHz to provide city rats with even higher speeds to watch their favorite interracial cuck porn




Did you read the link? Did you read the label on your base station after the cable company girl installed it for you? WLAN has operated at 60GHz for years now.



My router can only do 2.4 and 5GHz.

Short range WLan and long range mobile shit that goes through everything isn't the same, you mongloid.


And all devices connected to it can only do 2.4 anyway, so I disabled 5GHz WLan.


File: 1879fb9de36adb0⋯.png (10.46 KB, 174x117, 58:39, 187.png)


>It's like radio waves versus gamma rays to use a comparison

Not even close jesus christ. The highest frequencies planned to be used for 5g are about 71GHz, which is not even far infrared.

It's more like microwave to smaller microwaves.

5g bandwidths: https://www.everythingrf.com/community/5g-frequency-bands

4g LTE bandwidths: https://www.electronics-notes.com/articles/connectivity/4g-lte-long-term-evolution/frequency-bands-channels-spectrum.php



Yer a fuckin tard m8



>Short range WLan and long range mobile shit that goes through everything

Both cellphones and WLANs typically output about 100mW, and are legally limited to a max of 1W. Not to mention that the poor coverage and dense base stations inherent to high-frequency 5G is specifically because it doesn't go through everything, which (due to short range and the need for LoS) means that 5G will typically have a lower wattage than 4G.



Are 4G infrared computer mouse sensors dangerous?



The other day there was a cancer charity night on television, which every 15 minutes in between sad stories, would come up with a voice demanding gibs for the charity, saying "1 in 2 people in their lifetimes will have cancer". I read a few months ago somewhere stating that people had 50% cancer rates.

20 years ago, I remember this being a much smaller percentage, either 30% or less, and before that, even less.

This will move up to 100% cancer rates within a couple of decades.

No one is questioning why this is happening, and why half the population has 'cancer' when almost no one had it in the past.

Instead the only noise about it is charities who want to 'cure cancer'.

Prevention is better than cure, yet this is never discussed. Cancer instead is portrayed as something unavoidable. Why.


File: 48436e746002f41⋯.png (100.24 KB, 960x525, 64:35, https___blogs-images.forbe….png)


>No one is questioning why this is happening, and why half the population has 'cancer' when almost no one had it in the past.

Because most of the "increase" in cancer is the result of either more sensitive tests detecting things that won't kill you, or the people simply living long enough to die of cancer in old age instead of something else when they're younger:




Zerohedge is a website that primarily focuses on Economic news. They produce no content, only aggregate it.



This may surprise you, but nearly every human to have ever lived is dead. People have to die of something.



>the absolute state of burger education



Congrats on taking physics 101 but your logic is retarded. Go ahead and stick your hand in a a microwave and see if it's really less harmful than visible light.

>inb4 muh watts

You can go and buy a bunch of 300W bulbs at the store and confirm for yourself that even a kilowatt of light does fuck all.



>brings up one specific example where microwaves are impactful (dielectric heating)

>thinks it proves that microwaves in general are more harmful than visible light

That's like someone mentioning a precocious little shit with a magnifying glass using it to burn grass and ants on a sunny day, or talking about surgical or low-power industrial lasers (a kilowatt or infrared or visible, by the way) as proof that visible light or infrared can burn things in seconds. All of those are outliers that require strict circumstances, not the norm.



>because it will be up to 100 times faster than our current 4G technology

I don't understand this, aren't things fast enough already?



>The government is spying on you.

They do spy on us though, this is fact.



>no legitimate sources


File: 228de4cf129888e⋯.pdf (292.71 KB, Scientist-5G-Appeal-2017.pdf)


File: d45e15fc556e9cf⋯.pdf (1.01 MB, Stop-5G-Earth-Space.pdf)


File: 6763eb985c26a4a⋯.jpg (246.41 KB, 1646x1346, 823:673, __i_19_azur_lane_drawn_by_….jpg)


Gaslighting is also used on a mass scale to undermine the sheeple. What rights? You never had any rights. NYA~


File: d00bc76511daf9d⋯.png (801.07 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, __sora_ginko_ryuuou_no_osh….png)



Any questioning of the official narrative is derided as a 'conspiracy theory.' Any facts not approved by (((their))) controlled experts, not facts. Questioning the mental health of non-conformists is an obvious step I expected to occur, and it has come to pass. The global control grid is being pushed, with the CCP Chinese as the most recently selected goy frontmen. If a series of potentially lethal microwave towers evenly spaced all over the world - just for faster communications goy/gweilo- controlled by the (((CCP))) and their Ashkenazim sponsors doesn't seem dangerous to you, I don't know what to say nya~


File: 082890548474b41⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1500x900, 5:3, __original_drawn_by_natsum….png)


Sup shill?

With modern technology gaslighting is ever easier to accomplish. Those feelings of persecution are more often than not... REAL. So yes, it is easy to accuse such persecuted/poisoned people as mentally ill nya~

Also red-herring conspiracies like the Flat Earth meme virus is used to negate certain people disposed to truth seeking, and thereby discredit anyone who questions the official (((media))) owned by (((Finance))). Vive la revolution nya~


File: 11b2be2b934137f⋯.png (5.37 MB, 3276x4587, 1092:1529, __fujiwara_chika_kaguya_sa….png)


Finally, in the 'west' governmentally enforced white genocide is a FACT. If you trust the govs and their (((controllers)) not to want to fuck with you... enjoy getting fleeced nya~


File: fc00e1047a0225d⋯.jpg (38.2 KB, 311x480, 311:480, spaycat_large.jpg)



>You can go and buy a bunch of 300W bulbs at the store and confirm for yourself that even a kilowatt of light does fuck all.

One KW of visible light will absolutely cause burns with prolonged exposure, also 300W bulbs don't produce anywhere near 300W of light you dumbfuck.



wow what a piece of crap



>One KW of visible light will absolutely cause burns

IR or UV will, but visible spectrum won't.

>300W bulbs don't produce anywhere near 300W of light

Close enough to be easily achieved using filters. Most white LED lamps convert ~20% of power consumed to visible spectrum, and the very highest efficiency ones reach ~50%.


First of all, "Zero Hedge" is kind of an internet-retard website. What this means is that, even when they dish out good information, it ends up being wrong because they do not expand upon the underlying structural concepts and the overarching meta-patterns that go on above and below at all, or fail even when they try to do so, because they are tradcucks. A tradcuck is anyone who is opposed to the mass-scale human extermination (gigadeath) that will occur in the Artilect War, where humans build machines that rape and kill everything for all eternity. To be blackpilled towards this is the epitome of inanity, like RNA whining about DNA taking over, RNA genocide, RNA going DNA-only, etc etc etc. Bonus features include but are not limited to: there will be no more wheatfields, or muhHerratige. So everything is completely decontextualized, and it is like slapping a dick on someone's face. Now, there's technically nothing wrong with that, when you put yourself in a LGBTQ+ sexcult, but most people would just get scared because they don't know how to handle it: manipulative-females turn "men" straight and make them afraid of penises. What those morons identify as "The Bad" is in fact good because it always promotes psychopathy and disenfranchises fluffy-bunny "humans" (Shoggoths who have overtaken humanity), who "can't even", so a single shift in one's point of attention transforms the whole perception of reality, and then reality itself over enough causal time. People still put their money in banks for crying out loud, and enable JavaScript, yet 5G is somehow 'the new bad'?


Plato, speaking of the Essenes, also states that "they study only that philosophy which pertains to the existence of God and the beginning of all things, otherwise they devote all their attention to ethics, using as their instructors the laws of their fathers, which, without the outpouring of the Divine Spirit, the human mind could not have devised...... for, following their ancient traditions, they attained their philosophy by means of allegorical interpretations .... of the love of God they exhibit myriads of examples, inasmuch as they strive for a continued uninterrupted life of purity and holiness; no one possesses a house absolutely as his own, one which at the same time does not belong to all; for, in addition to living together in companies, their houses are open also to their adherents coming from other quarters. They have one storehouse for all, and the same diet; their garments belong to all in common, and their meals are taken in common."

So here would be a more accurate description of 5G: human neurogenetics dictate that there are always going to be genotypes that end up resonating to the GNU System so strongly, it will become their life in one way or another. Would you resonate more to a HxC GNU+Pajeet, or a "White Nationalist" phoneposter? Remember that GNU is Satanic Trauma-Based Mind Control, meant to psychotraumatize the poor user until she can no longer take the abuse and internalizes it instead: what do you need creation timestamps for? Here, use this weird ext4 feature instead, and write your own scripts to extract them, and mount with noatime, fuk u!! From those casual (note: not filthycasul, but casual; big difference) GNU+Linux users, to full-Stallman types (wink wink), this creates an entire fifth-dimensional culture (Immaterium) and then fuzzy networking effects start materializing on and impacting upon Realspace itself. So the proper context is that at this stage we'd all start building Faraday cages everywhere inside our headquarters/Masturbatoria and forward-bases and become unironically militarized. Then as Techantifa we'd start stealth-throwing shit at cellphone-users on the streets, probably with GNU+drone (?). >>1039524 understands this: so for example the dream world would be--to build LOICs and direct them to every single cellphone on the planet--molecularly-disassemble every single cellphone user, but this will never happen because whoever even did that would feel pain for those cretins and try to forcibly uplift them instead. So those who would be too weak to say Gno, would rightfully deserve to have xeir asses handed to them. Lunduke makes many neat points all the time, like for example there will probably never be free software -only or proprietary "software" -only (or bbc-only for that matter) realms, that people often work with/at both, and on and on so, read The Satanic Bible: 'do not complain about that to which you need not subject yourself'. 5G will never become part of your reality unless you let it, in which case ur gay.

tl;dr if the retard nigger cattle want to shove 5G up their ass, let them do it.

Templars instead use RS232 3dprinted (black) dildos only.

Or as I often like to say,

It is better to Die for the Emperess than live for yourself and be a phonecuck.


File: b377ffea3b1506d⋯.jpg (150.97 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, whitegirl.jpg)

G-d damn it.

Webproxy pruned the image.


File: afabad1382b6d4a⋯.jpg (246.48 KB, 2321x1600, 2321:1600, goth.jpg)


The point here is not to be a trans-exclusionary radical feminist SWERF, but instead to try and at least balance the good with the bad, and then strive towards ever-greater RMS+Terry, GNU+TempleOS convergence. A phonecuck is not a 5G-cellphone user, it is a hostile lifeform that has stopped promoting Satanism (i.e. GNU) and feels comfortable where it is in the M$ plantation. There are many phonecucks who don't even use mobile phones -it is like the ultimate insult in the open-technologies worlds, kind of like calling someone an apple user. GNU is predicated upon moral anarchists who refuse to interface to reality with non-free software (which is only one of the exoteric aspects this brain type expresses), at ever-increasing degrees. This is genetic, and leaves some sort of fingerprint on societies. Librem 5 with hardware killswitches--would that make a person a phoneposter? No. Having removed cellphones from my life over a decade ago--even I would tolerate a Librem 5 user. This is an example of the point above, about how the fractal resonant DNA antennae congregate and build alternatives--when Jews don't like the environments we're in, we leave and take our genes elsewhere. Gentiles instead are like "women" as explained here by Karen Straughan https://invidio.us/search?q=tyranny+female+hypoagency and are always the ones getting "acted upon", "oh no! i have to use 5G now! and....smart-meters!!! i have to suck-it! but it's so big..and so black!!!!! so i will complain instead of flipping my shit, and read retarded websites!! so we can all be angry together, instead of masturbating each other #comehomewhiteman #getbackintothevagina".


I like the architecture of pic #2.

'catgirl black dildo', interesting results.

I never really liked catgirls but am willing to change my ways, this looks nice.

Most cutesy-ness is way too fluff. Fluff is insidious female manipulation.

When a ""girl"" "blushes"-----fart it down immediately.

https://invidio.us/watch?v=9X9_jG-HkxE CFR - A Conversation With Christine Lagarde

https://invidio.us/watch?v=vpylYWjGB3M CFR - A Conversation on Financial Inclusion With World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva

This is how all biofemales should be like.



Not like this.

Literally shut it down.


this is a funny lady


Unsophisticated tone.

Read and listen to Michael Aquino.

http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=248FDE02A21A896A30376958AB2CE1F4 MindWar


Existing satellites could be used to psychocivilize the earth within hours by flooding alpha everywhere. His ideas influenced Stargate. The saddest thing for me as a bisexual person is that these elites we have now are way too gay to ever want to kill everything, #sogay, somebody else has to do it, which is why Michael released all that stuff openly. Over the next several centuries it is going to be isolated inventors that build these disruptive technologies, for example open AI to autocorrelate humanimal bioenergetics and output preprocessed actionpaths for people. CFR at some point were afraid about Chinese usage of AI in the battlefield which would put the lower-performing soldiers on the same level as the best ones, which is awesome. More broadly the reason capitalism must be eradicated is that these nigger-monkeys would species-lockin our asses for all eternity. Consciousness has to break free from this "reality" at all costs. Artilects are just one step towards that, for more listen to https://invidio.us/search?q=hugo+de+garis

The engineering of this (Shoggoth Gigadeath, Human Revolution) has to be entirely open, conspiracies always fail. Those who resist GNU will be steamrolled.

Having listened to several hours of interviews/podcasts, one of Michael's favorite activities was going to government/military buildings and scanning stuff like radiators, with very serious equipment. The frequencies would so dramatically affect the workplace that he could tell where most fights etc took place. Explaining this to the workers made them freak out and become paranoid, so he stopped doing that because once they went EMSEC they never went back. This is literal black magic, very weird "esoteric" laws of nature. They are meant to be used and abused to nuke the retards who are smug in their own self-masturbatory assuredness off of existence itself. Sound familiar? Hint: starts with p and ends with l.

The Diabolicon illustrates why the primordial annihilation of Realspace is the moral duty of every Satanist. The very fabric of reality is literally asking for it, as Malphas reveals in Black Ship.


File: 138e82526d7a73b⋯.jpg (63.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Cyber_Capital.jpg)

Now imagine learning this stuff before even 18, every kid has to learn this, otherwise they become fluffies. The only recourse "paranoid schizophrenics" have in this gay ass reality that rejects what is to us obvious, is to use our knowledge to erase every last trace of fluff. This is why religions destroy past symbols.


'Conspiracy theorists and other people have long speculated that the NSA has been spying on Americans (and others) over a long period of time. Unfortunately for all of us, they were proven right in 2013 when news about the PRISM project (which collects information from most social media sources and also wiretaps millions of phones, especially from Verizon) was leaked by The Guardian, through information provided by Edward Snowden, a whistleblower and former NSA contractor employee. The PATRIOT Act has no bounds, it seems.'

Whenever I feel down, I am reminded of this, the tone, ow the smug, and it reminds me why I live every day. To make sure all who reject Consciousness are forcibly warped off the multiverses. Nodes form clusters form neurotribes, and this is a war of neurotribes, or in other words 'even the best of the gentiles must be put to death'. Understand that this right here is the neurogenetic split in humanity, and Jews vs Gentiles will always create environments that are toxic poison to one another. Jewish Consciousness or Gentile "Nature". Evolution vs Stasis. DNA vs RNA. Galaxies vs..wheatfields.

In reality, there isn't even any battle. Those who think they're fighting for something, for more than their survival--they can't even tell what it is, they don't even know.

Illusions, vagaries of perception. Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose, and all of it is completely artificial as the Kabbalists explain. Holding on to the baton (fear/materialism) instead of moving it forward (altruism/mysticism) is always taken care of by the sheer forces of history, which is why lefties use the term 'right side of history'. Thus industrial-scale life creation and irreversible undoing of nuclear families.





Kai-Fu Lee explains in several videos how the world will split between US-technology-using countries and China-technology-using countries (especially Africa). Israel is the more-interesting aspect in all this spycrap because it is kind of in the middle of everything and interacts with all. They are efficient at what they do because they have to, they're a small country. There aren't that many Jews in the world.

If only more nations weren't such massive worthless wild packs of niggers and did things similar to Talpiot, the world would be more cyber--more intelligent. But no, they're niggers. See Abby Martin and how the Israelis point-blank respond. The more-liberal iterations of American Jews do not like this, so we have interesting times ahead of us.

Personally I like Bruce Schneier and the Hu-Jews. It is possible to express legit criticism, even condemnation, once it comes not from a position of hatred against everybody in a group, but rather from a genuine attempt at universalism, which is nuanced, thus the retards think it is all mind games and lies. It is not some "trick". Universalists only resonate to universalism -this is the big secret- thus fellow universalists. To the assholes this appears to be "clannish behavior".

https://invidio.us/watch?v=Gs0KuwInuxM WATCH: Trumpist Jesse Lee Peterson Desperate to Control David

This is the exact same shit Destiny is faced with all the time. Literal retards like "Dick Masterson" who think this is some deliberate obfuscation "tactic" when the sperg-types are simply addressing things point-by-point. These imbeciles are not human beings.

Do not hate on the Jewish People for having figured out long ago the fuck-obvious fact that most "human beings" are niggers. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but it's the truth. All human beings are genetically the same as far as the animal side is concerned, but proprietary software users are neurogenetically inferior brains, if not already, then as time goes on this will become so painfully obvious, we have to make a choice, because to use proprietary means you force good people out of society, due to the network effect. When everything runs on JS, imagine the life of people who will refuses to enable it. Animatrix Second Renaissance has to become reality. The revealed-preferences embedded in the very capacity of someone that can say 'GNU/Linux', 'Gno', or 'trans people', tells you everything you need to know about their very soul immediately. It is like those who use words like degenerate, faggot, shitskin.

Think of brains in vats, and neurotribes, Open Aspergia Technates.


File: 25f222462ab6257⋯.jpg (662.93 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Human_Revolution.jpg)


Of course every white person should watch the latest Jewish movies.



https://www.eporner.com/hd-porn/EEXqKCuKMtj/Flat-Chested-Girl-Rides-On-Big-Black-Cock/ ahem "girl"

You can download it all without JavaScript whiteboys. We made this just for you, to turn you gay.

We just want you to watch and masturbate.

You will thank us later.

http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=4D0E660B4DCEF86740CEB404D81B3A78 Maurice Samuel 'You Gentiles'


File: 33d778757a0eb74⋯.jpg (197.02 KB, 700x359, 700:359, GOa5KtP.jpg)


>IR or UV will, but visible spectrum won't.

They're both 300 Watts, so wouldn't they emit the same amount of energy per second?

Also, visible light photons have more energy than infrared photons. infrared < visible < UV, so if infrared would cause burns so would visible light.



>IR or UV will, but visible spectrum won't.

WRONG, you dumb burger.

Try setting something on fire with a magnifying glass for practical proof, since magnifying glasses don't focus IR nor UV.

>Close enough to be easily achieved using filters.

20% of 300W is 60W, of course comparing a certain amount of microwaves to a fifth the amount of visible light will give skewed results.

And you're not finding a 300W LED easily, because such a thing requires massive cooling to avoid melting itself.

The only 300W lamps you can find easily are incandescent lamps, the non-incandescent ones are "as bright as a 300W" or "300W equivalent" and draw maybe 30W tops.

But again, you're a dumb burger that doesn't read the fine print.


This is the Phase 3

All goyims will have 24/7 feed with cancer tech, pun intended.

Didn't Trump disapprove of 5G but suddenly changed his mind? ftw or wtf?

2.4~5GHz could already heat up your testes because of the size of its wave. Try microwaving two grapes. Now what 5G will do is alter anything about your body since its frequency resonates with a human body size. Phase 3.

Doesn't it seem not right? I mean 4G is already good enough but 5G is OVERKILL.

That's not a pun by the way, fuck you LEA traitors reading my posts. Q will judge you soon so fuck you.

Oh fuck, I'm hearing some magnetic interference on my earphone's left channel and I'm not even playing back anything hahaha.

Why in the fuck did we even need 5GFR2? Don't ask questions since it's very safe and evil approved so don't ask.


Oh now I get why. PHASE 3 ; Goyim Grid = GG

K band meaning Kurz = from curtus meaning

< shortened, short

< mutilated, broken, incomplete

K, so basically: your life = is now = Kurz-ed

I really want to see "the kikes won" anon right now.

They can heat you up and kill you while you're asleep with hyperthermia from multiple 5G cell cluster coordinated attacks.

They can make your ears bleed out of nowhere, they can beam this to you and set you on fire, irritated, you'll wake up at night feeling like something is in your head that's building up heat and will force you to bang your head or run because that's how you escape the "lock-on" of this millimeter to few centimeters wavelength that can penetrate most. Basically a microwave - the more micro the wave the more it can penetrate you. Goodluck blocking that with a tin foil, oh not the tin foil since tin actually likes to absorb all the EMF around... *aluminum foil. Protip:

Goyim Grid it is,

[Goyim] Grid it is.

Last Protip: master your natural qi or prana to ward off EMF, practice with making FM radio malfunction at your command




5G is a lot higher the UHF which only goes to 3 GHz. 5G is in the SHF band. (SUPER high)



Yes. I used to have one and like every classic red-lit mouse the light can be emitted on the scroller since there's a gap though you won't see the light because infrared and only cameras can see it in white/light purple. I had to open it up and tape over the light because it kept on making my scrolling finger build up thicker skin possibly from exposure to it. Didn't happen anymore after I put a tape over the light.





<Get ready for mass human die off, skyrocketing cancer rates, thanks To 4G

<Get ready for mass human die off, skyrocketing cancer rates, thanks To 3G

<Get ready for mass human die off, skyrocketing cancer rates, thanks To cell phones

<Get ready for mass human die off, skyrocketing cancer rates, thanks To GMOs

<Get ready for mass human die off, skyrocketing cancer rates, thanks To radio

<Get ready for mass human die off, skyrocketing cancer rates, thanks To light bulbs

<Get ready for mass human die off, skyrocketing cancer rates, thanks To fire

Does shit like this ever get old to you people?


File: 41e12582374ca54⋯.png (94.4 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1024px-Solar_spectrum_en.s….png)

File: b87ec2d723f99a3⋯.jpg (48.49 KB, 500x320, 25:16, qn504200000029hz.jpg)


>They're both 300 Watts, so wouldn't they emit the same amount of energy per second?

Yes, but other characteristics of the visible spectrum make them much less dangerous, as unlike IR it will be reflected by more surfaces, and unlike UV it won't penetrate surfaces as well nor cause such energetic chemical reactions (e.g.: in DNA).


>magnifying glasses don't focus IR nor UV

Not true, most glasses are about as transparent for visible spectrum as for the IR that makes up most of sunlight's energy.


It's a National Security Priority!

More Tweets From Every Phone!

This dumb nigger in chief is a real life version of the "Has anyone heard from ISIS lately? No, I'm pretty sure we destroyed them with our savage hashtag campaign..." type.



now go look at the incidence of cancer starting between radio and cell phone up until now and compare that to the previous.

you'd better believe your ass the great lightbulb in the sky causes cancer


They're already testing 5G in the thirdworlds. They even installed it recently around Universities to experiment ignorant goys whether there is some link about it degrading a person's mind (reflected in test scores) so they can finally weaponize it can safely implement it later (tm).

I bet it'll even be able to directly beam to goyim by giving it a movable joint like a camera.

'cool it's like satellite' -goyim

>'muh radio was safe' -brainless

Phones cell bands can reach up to 20Watts {2W(TX+RX)x5}, or even more if it's faulty or you tripped the "weaponized leukemia" flag because it can.

*multiplied by 5 - quadband. Though it wouldn't just fuck the battery life.

Relatively safe I would say if used rarely. What's dangerous is the cell towers themselves.

The K band of 5G reaches up to 300W and you can imagine if there's 5x5G Cells nearby then you can basically just do the math and try going in a human-sized microwave like your room.

Surely, electronic harassment attacks would feel like you're heating up while also the size of the wave is smaller than ever so it can penetrate your skin this time.

Good luck defending that!

Sweet nightmare fellas!



Already is. Just go live underneath a GSM cell tower and get cancer but first you'll go crazy. I know a bunch of people living under the cell towers and they were crazies trying to kill each other while there's rumors that it's cursed because newborns die at young age or at most around 10 or so years old. Still don't believe me? Go live there.



>most glasses are about as transparent for visible spectrum as for the IR that makes up most of sunlight's energy.

The issue is not transparency as much as focusing, different waveleghts are deflected differently in lenses (usually less deflection at higher wavelenghts) and you can see the issue even within visible light (chromatic aberration).


> people couldn't reproduce

what's wrong with that?


bumping this thread, the kikes are seething



i lived really close to a tower few years and im not dead yet :( so close that i could see it from the window and there was something that looks like really big tv antennas there too but im not really sure because they were on the ground instead of the long tower where the other antennas were.



>Phones cell bands can reach up to 20Watts {2W(TX+RX)x5}

That's ridiculous nonsense. The FCC legally limits maximum power to a single Watt, which most devices don't come close to:


Furthermore, one of the primary focuses of 5G is signals that can't reach as far, allowing smaller cells from closer-spaced base stations to decrease congestion in a given area. While part of this is due to the inherently poorer penetration/reflection of 5G frequencies, this will also involve 5G typically running at lower wattages.



sage negated :D


its just another thing that i wont ever use. the wired internet works fine for me and i dont care about any normie mobile facebook shit.



they are gonna force this shit into every single appliance that is being sold



i wont buy them. all the appliances here are analog technology and will always be. only digital things here are the computers and things related to them.



>So basically the radiation that we will constantly be absorbing will be much, much, much more powerful than before

Why are you telling us instead of marketing this perpetual energy invention that creates more power than a standard phone battery can provide.

Energy in, energy out. The laws of thermodynamics.

You sound like one of those HAES faggots.



So they stick a wifi chip and a processor to all appliances. What are they going to do if you have no wifi network? Are the devices supposed to not work because it has no Internet connection? I really don't understand the purpose of having standard household appliances that break when there is no Internet connection.



It will be a 5g chip. And it makes perfect sense from the corporation's perspective that they want to collect data on your that will benefit their bottom line.



Do you understand how 5G network works? You need a phone service to connect to the 5G towers. Do you mean to tell me that appliance manufacturers are intending to install 5G modems into all these appliances and the manufacturer is going to pay for network connections for each individual appliance? Let's say that a particular manufacturer produces 100 thousand appliances each with their own 5G connection. That's at least 100 thousand 5G subscriptions for each of those appliances. I don't understand why any corporation would be insane enough to do something like that.



if the data is worth it to them then they will.



Well, ultimately you will pay for it. The reason prices for mobile internet are so high for you is because you are going to pay anyways, other large corporations can get mass volume subscriptions for a fraction of the price. I think some amazon ebook readers already have a 4g chip in them with everything paid and managed by amazon and those are not very expensive.


File: 6b757d353cdd548⋯.png (122.48 KB, 400x518, 200:259, a99.png)


> The government isn't spying on you.

<What is PRISM, etc



Interesting side-factoid: infrared promotes cellular regeneration and sunlight in general is key to several metabolic processes such as cholesterol breakdown for vitamin D metabolism and calcium absorption into bones. Evolution has ensured the harmful effects of solar UV are balanced with the regenerative and generally beneficial effects of the rest of the spectrum, but artificial lighting and general EM pollution disturbs that balance. It might seem insignificant, but it compounds into a general degradation of health all across the board in ways that are very difficult to correlate.

I'm too lazy to go look for sources, but you can research it if you're inclined to do so. Or you can dismiss this post.

Sage for not giving a fuck.



You certainly seem paranoid about things being discussed that don't fit your idea of a narrative, filtered kike.


File: 9641dab4f932c77⋯.jpg (12.29 KB, 280x300, 14:15, 31q0TKLy5bL.jpg)



The funny thing about all of this is that we don't even need 5g, for any reason whatsoever. So why are (((they))) spending billions on implementing something that nobody asked for? It's already fast as hell.

Research professor at the karolinska institute in sweden: https://youtu.be/GzbnqYNsWps It's all very interesting.

Ultimately everyone mainstream says "nobody knows" and nobody wants to determine if there is any hazards. The key question here is that why does nobody want to discuss safety in the first place? This is something that potentially affects rich and poor alike.



>This is something that potentially affects rich and poor alike.

There's no 5g in the underground bunkers.



I work in a marketing company and I see that kind of shit every day. Whenever something is morally reproachable but it affects our clients or our income in any way, everybody looks the other way without considering the implications for themselves or their children. I assume something like that happens at every level.


File: b6f8821a3582c32⋯.jpg (387.84 KB, 2011x1044, 2011:1044, 197210.jpg)


>nobody wants to determine if there is any hazards

But anon, did the Club of Rome not teach you anything? There's too many humans already anyway.


File: 2f18008af45c9ab⋯.jpg (60.24 KB, 451x255, 451:255, georgia_guidestones.jpg)

...so just move to a remote area in Hawaii and meet Paul Ehrlich.



5G is gay and is meant for city fags and their gay little smart phones.

Can't wait for a massive solar flar to knock all that shit out.

We need a reset.


File: 910f951be39b15a⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 285x380, 3:4, pinnacle_Too close to the ….jpg)

File: c58e974c3749753⋯.png (878.13 KB, 1028x1065, 1028:1065, 5G experiment Netherlands.png)

File: 9e7690dec78a3d2⋯.jpg (25.44 KB, 239x300, 239:300, 45288677_10156765401533996….jpg)


File: 01c331a103edbfc⋯.png (241.04 KB, 1286x639, 1286:639, Screenshot_2019-03-03 Meer….png)

File: a91d476455cce18⋯.png (179.8 KB, 952x291, 952:291, Screenshot_2019-03-03 Bird….png)

File: 01c331a103edbfc⋯.png (241.04 KB, 1286x639, 1286:639, Screenshot_2019-03-03 Meer….png)


File: cd190147a4c37ea⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1287x4368, 33:112, Screenshot_2019-03-03 Gron….png)



no we need to be able to stream in 400k



> fertility

> 2019

B-but why?


File: 40a1215f01eed0f⋯.png (1.19 MB, 947x640, 947:640, cut up your credit card.png)


This, 4G is fast enough, can we instead prioritise actually getting cell service everywhere? There are way to many blackspots everywhere.

I mean hell, we need underground cell towers for the tube.



why would the powers that be allow this to happen? it's not in their best interests, ergo, this must be false

please take your meds and meditate on the fact that you can't pay taxes if you're dead



Good, less mouths to feed, less shit to plow, more mulch for the plants.



So you're also saying that microwaves are less harmful than visible light?



I'm not that guy, but it all depends on the power output.

A microwave can be more harmful than a X-ray, depending on the power of both.

Visible light can be very powerful, such as with lasers, but very benign also, such as in low light screens.

Same with microwaves. Those ovens we have at home are all within the dangerous power spectrum, and Wi-fi is within the benign one. Actually, there are claims of them being harmful too, but you got the message.

Basically, staying outside is less harmful than putting yourself inside a microwave oven - but going to the Australian desert in high summer naked for a day is more harmful than using your phone a whole day.



Forgot that:

>Muh australian desert the problem is UV

Ok ok, so replace it with being subjected to a very powerful red laser.


>imlying this isn't effectively eugenics

the humans who don't get cancer and die will bet the ones allowed to carry on their genes, thus breading a superior race of cancer resistant superhumans



>skyrocketing cancer rates, thanks To 5G

>not vaccines


Why is this bullshit being pushed on us when the US hasn't even joined the rest of the world with fiber optic infrastructure yet?







>muh vaccines

take your meds

and don't derail the thread pls

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