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>Turning a hard drive into a listening device doesn’t have anything to do with its data storage capabilities. Instead, the team leveraged the sensors that help control the position of the read head above the platters.

>Any vibration can alter the position of a hard drive, so a modern hard drive is sensitive enough to pick up even minute disturbances in the platter. Yes, even human speech shows up in the PES data.

Long story short, the signal needs to be loud and the attacker needs physical access, but HDDs can be turned into microphones now.


it can also be used like a tiny record player to play it back


>In a proof of concept experiment, the team installed modified firmware on the drives that could record the PES measurements. Using that data, the researchers created high-quality recordings of human voices. In another test, the PES data was sufficient to reconstruct music playing near the hard drive. It was so accurate that the music ID app Shazam was able to identify the song.

interesting, what hard drives have firmware open enough to allow modification and loading back onto the hard drive?

If this PES shit is that accurate to external noise it could also be used as an entropy source.

this requires further research



That's the thing; most of the firmware is already closed source, so we can't even know if this isn't the case.




>media jews using other media jews as sources



> their paper, obtained by The Register ahead of its formal publication, stated.

< just believe us goy but we're not giving you the research

>Addendum: If you're suffering deja-vu, the paper cites Alfredo Ortega's earlier work (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poktHJzvDX0) on using hard disks as microphones, although its authors claim they use a different technique to measure the effects of sound, and require a lower volume compared to other approaches.




>To prevent HDDs from being turned into microphones, the trio suggest hard drive makers sign firmware cryptographically and use TLS when distributing updates to prevent MITM attacks.

great, thanks china jews; instead of telling me which hard drives support open source firmware lock it down further and require botnet to verify a crypto signature like ME botnet




Download the firmware and use ghidra to reverse it.

Problem solved.



Does it say anything about the frequency range that can be picked up?



from the register article

>But... if they were to, the PES sampling rate (34.56 kHz) allows the capture of audio signals up to 17.28 kHz, which covers almost all of human hearing (20 Hz–20 kHz) and is significantly better than the sampling rate of the telephone system (8 kHz). Since the PES data amounts to air pressure readings, the researchers simply turned the series of PES measurements into linear pulse-code modulation values and then converted these samples into sound via digital signal processing algorithms.



>17.28 kHz

That's interesting.

I wonder how prevalent HDD's are though today. Most new consumer tech, at least for the past 5 years, have been using solid-state for storage. And besides, nearly everyone carries some form of cellular phone with them, and nearly every laptop has a microphone built-in.



SSDs still can't compete for the price-point of larger HDDs. Especially with software bloat and HD movies being a thing, most people I know have a PC with both: an SSD with a size 256 or 512GB that has the OS and programs that work better with rapid access, while the HDD (sometimes multiple) in the 2-4TB range stores most of the media and program data.

You're right about the laptops and phones, though. I built my PC myself so I know damn well there isn't a microphone in there, but it does have an HDD. Good thing I don't have a habit of talking to myself.


I could swear I heard of this a few years ago?



I could swear punctuation has rules?


That's a lot of fan noise to sort through.



This is why you should keep your HDDs in a NAS in your basement.


Go back to your reddit safe space hugbox.

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