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File: 3891c152a10ff36⋯.png (32.85 KB, 591x461, 591:461, Screenshot from 2019-03-16….png)


>making money just by using a browser


all other browsers are inferior now



>0.53$ have been deposited into your bank account

>being a paid shill

>telling everyone that you are a paid shill


the joke is on you


No thanks, I have enough botnet in my processor.




>monthly earnings 0.53$

Your mom will give you 10 times that if you do the dishes.




Wow look, better fuck off back to gopher now nigger.



If you beat and rape your mom, she will give you $1,000!


i unironically switched to brave and have no regrets



He's right, you know


>Proprietary cuckware



it's open source



wtf since when



What the fuck is a "BAT" and how do you claim these digital jew shekels?



>it's open source

It's "open source" spyware.

That's why I don't use this term. Free software is much better.


File: b1a13c69f6c2a96⋯.png (25.66 KB, 593x334, 593:334, jej.png)


That was $0.53 in less than a day, all by just browsing the internet.

Up to nearly a dollar now. Free money by literally doing your daily shit. >Get ~$1 a day from doing literally nothing

>you already are being tracked and already get ads why not get paid for it

>30 days in a month, 30$ a month, pretty much enough to pay for your internet bill, aka free internet

Every other browser is inferior





Be a good little shill and pill me on this.




Actually i dont know how to claim these digital shekels. Hold on, how do i delete a thread? i dont want to spread gay shit that doesnt work.



Damnit, i dont have the password





It doesn't seem to be 'fake'. It's just another crypto, and I assume you're going to be paid on the 5th of next month, but how? Did you set up a wallet? Is it built into the browser?



>Every other browser is inferior

20 mins later:




Get used to it. Tokenization is the latest craze. Crypto is not dead, just the speculators scurried off. The Dapps are coming,



Its an opt-in feature. I forget how exactly you set it up, but i do know you need the dev version of the browser, as the feature is still in development. I dont know how to convert the currency into real shekels either.





Since the beginning. How anyone thought this was proprietary is a mystery to me.



http article is shit

but brave is still malicious


Don't forget that Brave makes bullshit payments and donations in your name without your knowledge.



no it doesn't. you have full control over it.


So how does this work, I installed the beta build turned ads on and set it to 5 per hour, when do I get my tokens? What if I turn on ad blocking under brave shield defaults in settings? Will it still show the 5 per hour?





You lose that 1$ in hardware and time requirements to render those ads. And BAT can't be sold or used so it's worthless. It literally exists for you to donate it to sites.



You can't convert it into money. Stop using this meme.


So what happened to this shit impersonating content creators and stealing donations?



I think he meant they accept donations in your name, and you never know.

See here: https://twitter.com/tomscott/status/1076160882873380870?lang=en


You have got to be a special kind of stupid to use something like brave that is literally adware it itself.

"But it's open source"


when will the shilling stop?

>the shilling never stops


When will you stop talking to yourself?

>stop talking to yourself



if it has (TM) its probably bad for you



Thanks anon I told my doctor to fuck off with all those trademarked medicine



> Earn money by contributing to our (yet another one of many) bait-and-switch

> Not FSF approved

Into the bin



It's a fucking scam and not real money you fucking idiot. Might as well pretend dlive gives real money. You can't do shit with it.


It doesn't earn money. Stop bumping this shit.



inb4 the poisonous jew


You can actually get it payed out as far as I know but he's the kike who invented Javascript and is co-founder of Mozilla.

The one responsible for all your misery and the state of the web. He makes a lot more with this then you are with those small good goy shekels.

He's just making a profit off of you while you play work slave and do that for 50 cents like those Chinese comment writers for the CCP.



It does but you have to convert it to a cryptocoin first and then transfer it to your bank account.

After those transfers you will receive even less because exchange costs.

Most people like OP don't even have crypto so they can't get the payout.





Here's Ahmed being happy about those 15$.


Idea: Design a website revenue model in a post-ad world.



Donations or paywalls. Can't we just drop the idea of having to earn money? I mean with the widespread automation, capitalism won't live for long anyway.



its only good if there is none. it means that highly centralized botnet shit like facebook could not exist. people would have to host their shit on their own servers if they want that someone sees it or just turn off their computers and go do something useful instead.





fuck off faggot you dont deserve to use this word






Brave is spyware and send your data to their servers without your permission. They also used people identities without consoling or paying them.


>Using anything with Google's rendering engine

A total mistake. You may go on how open source it's all you want, it doesn't change the fact that you are contributing to Google's appropriation of the web. Use something based off Firefox's engine.

or even better, use a text-based browser and don't ever visit sites that don't work with them since they aren't even worth visiting.


There shouldn't be one to begin with. Websites should be p2p distributed and decentralized as much as possible, and that would kill any form of revenue model, so why even bother trying to come up with something that can't work.



why even use computers at all if youre going to limit yourself to text browsers? only boring nerd shit works in them and its only usable with a keyboard.



websites dont need revenue faggot. anything that gets revenue doesnt deserve to be on the web



>only boring nerd shit works in them

Like 8chan?



how do you solve the picture captchas in a text only browser


File: 1072a0090489f6b⋯.jpg (36.62 KB, 640x755, 128:151, brave.jpg)


In the ad scams I know they pay you after you reach some amount. The trick is to set the minimum high enough that you only have to pay a few people (who made you a lot of money anyway) and you pocket both what you made from them seeing the ads and the money they'd be paid if they had reached the minimum.

They do have to set a minimum though since transferring the money isn't free.



Hosting a website cost like 5$ a year. You don't need to torture others for that cash.


Websites should block Brave users for their own good.



Brave isn't currently collecting information from users. They don't even have telemetry. And they have said that this will not change in the future. It is the only browser remaining that blocks ping tracking by default.



you use Links in graphics mode instead of being another retard parrotting a false dichotomy



Just because it calls back to google for some fonts doesn't make it spyware you fucking paranoid tard. Why would you want to disable auto-updates anyways? That article doesn't point out any true spyware methods just 'muh Umatrix is bettur' you're equivalent to those redditors who think dropping a link means they auto won the argument.




Any evidence for that or just bullshit shilling?


File: 1baccb01bf48758⋯.png (34.53 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, t.png)


but thats not a real text browser

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