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File: a1d3ebe5b0ef491⋯.jpg (29.97 KB, 729x480, 243:160, ychan.jpg)


im trying to download all of the photos off this board using ychan

how ever it seems to not be working right any alternative


just use downloadthemall



but i usey the brave browser oh well i guess i will got back to using firefox



shit i cant get it for firefox anymore



maybe if i install pale moon or waterfox i could


how about you make a shell script to do that



i would but im only using winbolws unless theres a way to make a batch file doing that



damm waterfox is now alot faster then it used to be


Ask this in the stupid questions thread, and I'll tell you ;)






stop using windows



i wish i could none of the disros ive tried seem to not see my hard drive for some reason



what distros have you tried? and what have you done to verify it cannot be recognised?



I tried manjaro and ubuntu as well as debian The partition or in the installer seemed to not see the hard drive even though I can mount it Hell I can even mount it and browse my files But I can't partition my hard drive for some reason I even disabled secure boot



Thanks man i Also made a video on it




I tried Waterfox. Turns out to be pretty slow.

Right now I use opera because it has a built in VPN. Also a Tor fan.



I know nothing about Win10. I have one that sits in the front room under the TV. Good for prerecorded movies.

Too bad Windows wont let you use the OS without Internet explorer. I simply never use the win explorer but every once in awhile go in and delete all data it still collects. FireFox n Opera internet of choice. I do change my Anti-Virus Apps like once a month, Different brands. All Open Source, of course.



oh wait your using wanbglows BASFHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH lOLOLOLOLOL!!!



Yeah I guess I could use that but Unfortunately I can't install Linux because the laptop I have is a piece of shit I had no problem installing U buntu on all of my other machines but for some reason I can't install Ubuntu On this lenovo laptop that I have


generally people download websites or parts thereof using httrack





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