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File: 301146b0e76138d⋯.png (3.57 KB, 110x80, 11:8, index.png)


The Install Gentoo wiki is more or less dead. I have become the primary contributor to it. (I am https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/User:Se7en1) As the new primary contributor, I contacted bannanafish in an attempt to get admin status but he has not responded.

Anyway, we have an official wiki and none of you are taking part in it. I implore you all to begin editing it again to ensure accurate information.



I contributed a fair bit in the past but gave up when I realized nobody cares, including the maintainers. Also last I checked, it was a 4chan /g/ wiki and /tech/ was only tolerated.



When you think about it, if everyone gave up we can make it a /tech/ wiki. I exclusively use /tech/ and like I said I am the only person actively contributing besides one or two edits by lurker accounts.



Same for me, but I don't like the idea of squatting someone else's property, even if benevolent. It's a ticking time bomb. The admin could come back anytime, decide he's not benevolent anymore, and fuck your shit up.

Instead we should make our own wiki, mediawiki is not hard to host. Would be nice if we could make it a Tor wiki.



This is our own wiki. It's even in the /tech/ sticky, dude. Sure, it previously was made for /g/, and it had less /tech/-related content in years past, but this is OUR wiki already, dude



Get our men on the wiki and start adding more stuff!



Who is the admin? Does he post on /tech/?



It's bananafish and he's more or less dead



So if he has no accountability at all, why are we trusting a site run by him? Is there a reason besides you not knowing how to host a wiki?



What? Bananafish was a cool dude, and the Install Gentoo Wiki was not the only service run by Install Gentoo. He has full accountability, his last edit was replying to a talk in December 2018. He's just gone quiet on the wiki.



So he is MIA, got it.



Can you please answer:

>Is there a reason besides you not knowing how to host a wiki?



What is the point of me making a new wiki when there already is one




What about ripping the wiki instead and host it somewhere else?



One thing at a time. First, are you able to host your own wiki?



No, I don't have the ability to host my own servers atm. What does it matter



Because it is easier to self-host then to handle someone who is MIA for 3 months.



Thanks, that explains it. I recommend you read up on it, it's really not hard at all.


It would be trivial if you don't care about history. Even with history it would be easy. Would be nice to switch to a Markdown wiki with IP hashes instead of usernames while you're at it.



I did not start this thread to say we need a new wiki. I completely disagree with that notion. I think we need to begin actively editing it again.



I understand why you started the thread. You need to understand why people stopped editing in the first place. A wiki is a good idea, but not this one (though its content should be reused).



People stopped editing because of an active spam problem caused the admin to resort to closing all accounts. The issue has since been resolved



>You need to understand why people stopped editing in the first place.

No one, or very few people, go to the install gentoo wiki, plan on editing, then decide not to because they would need to use a pseudonym. Still very few people will be turned off by having to learn a new formatting language while being handheld, or use a visual editor. If people aren't contributing, it's because they don't see it as a valuable resource, or because they don't think they have anything to contribute.




Alright, let me put it like this: I used to contribute, and stopped because of the need for a pseudonym and lack of explicit assurance from admins. If someone from /tech/ created a wiki, copied content from installgentoo, actively administered it and ideally solved the pseudonym problem, I would contribute again.

Sounds like you think you understand users of that wiki better than me, so I'll let you heed or disregard that as you will. Maybe some lurkers will chime in to agree/disagree.


I read the installgentoo wiki from time to time. I think it's qt. I don't think """we""", whoever that is, need a new wiki. That's silly! The admin(s) of installgentoo have _proven_ themselves faithful to host it and respect the hard work of faithful /tech/nicians and /g/entlemen alike. I think the fact it's /g/'s wiki with /tech/ tacked on is because a few years ago the /tech/ of today was /g/, and the /g/ of today was like some disptopian nightmere. I, for one, look forward to contributing new content and breathing some life into this wiki.

I especially always loved the moves section. I think I've watched them all (couldn't make it thru videodrone) and have some ideas of what to contribute in that area.



Make an account. I added a lot of films to that section. You should see all my edits



>You should see all my edits

Lay off the self shilling, anon. It makes me want to punch your genitalia with my shoe.


>Anyway, we have an official wiki and none of you are taking part in it.

Because it's dead

And it's 4chan's, not this shithole's



It's also literally not official, as officially it's the /g/ wiki.



No, they changed their name from /g/ wiki to The Install Gentoo Wiki when /tech/ came around. It's literally in this board's sticky


Yes I think the weebshit redditard faction should fuck off from the wiki. Please make your own and we can go back to /g/wiki





Allow anonymous editing would lead to spam, but I would rather deal with it in post with good moderation.




I won't say it is self-shilling but you are trying to resuscitate the dead here.


This, WE breathed new life into it, and WE own the wiki.



Stop trying, nobody is going to fill in your shitty wiki.



check the sticky, prove me wrong




all you do is larp all day



>and the /g/ of today was like some disptopian nightmere CoC-sucking pozfest*

ftfy anon.





Wiki seems to be down?



works for me™


What if you take submitions to the wiki through posts here in /tech/ and maybe /g/? You could have anonymous submitions and some users/mods who take them and add them to the wiki, thus filtering spam and intentional missinformation.

Is that possible or just a really retarded and overcomplicated way of doing things?


If I host a wiki for us, would any of you faggots actually contribute to it?



Here's my contribution:

How to recover a single text file you accidentally rm'd

If you have accidentally deleted or otherwise damaged your valuable and irreplaceable data and have no previous experience with data recovery, turn off your computer immediately (Just press and hold the off button or pull the plug; do not use the system shutdown function) and seek professional help. It is quite possible and even probable that, if you follow any of the steps described below without fully understanding them, you will worsen your situation.

oh yeah and install gentoo


did mods delete my reply or something? I replied to this thread yesterday and it's _gone_.

anyway we need a new wiki, just copy over all the current content and start a matrix server for editor discussion.


idgaf about the wiki but I do miss the ftp.



>This, WE breathed new life into it, and WE own the wiki.

Whoever has the admin password, owns the wiki. Whoever owns/pays for the server owns it even more. Why can't you understand this?


Hasn't he been one of the groupies in their IRC cabal for years now? Sure sounds familiar.


Possible but requires effort and nobody running this project gives enough of a fuck. Also instead of doing it manually, we could just set up a username-less wiki and skip that step entirely.


I'll contribute too:

How to improve programming productivity

Programming is highly demanding on the brain therefore you must ensure optimal blood flow and brain activity. One simple exercise can be very helpful for this. Perform these steps at the beginning of your programming session, and take breaks to repeat as needed: First, stretch by standing upright and bending down at the waist. Aim to touch your toes or grip the backs of your knees. Next, sit down and bend again slowly. As you adjust to the bent down position begin to slowly lean forward more and more. You will need to stimulate the high circulation organ - after you have become an experienced programmer the organ will become conditioned to become stimulated on its own as you begin this exercise, but if you are new you may need to warm it up a little with your fingers or tongue. Once the organ is fully stimulated, proceed to insert into your mouth and suck vigorously. You should imagine yourself slurping on a very thick milkshake through a straw. Continue until you feel the spike in brain activity, which also tends to trigger a salty taste sensation in the mouth. Happy programming!



OP made three threads. Make sure you didn't post in one of the others. Then make sure to call OP a massive faggot.



I am not in the Install Gentoo IRC.


Instead of a Wiki, why not just have an FAQ thread? Posts instead of articles. OP post can be a table of contents that gets edited. People can request for their old posts to be deleted so they can post revisions. There's nothing stopping you from writing up a howto post on 8chan.



yeah one of the /tech/ irc and he's a total larper who can't be bothered looking into a VPS but screams very loudly whenever someone runs 'his' shitty fosstard content geocities website



What are you talking about? I can't afford a VPS atm and do not have the means to self-host presently. What are you talking about when you say "screams about people running his shitty GeoCities website"



>I can't afford a VPS atm

Ask your mom for money. VPSs are cheap.

>do not have the means to self-host presently

If you can connect to the internet you can selfhost. unless you get cucked by your ISP


Here, I made a Wiki for you


I can offer mysql database dumps at regular intervals and it's licensed creative commons zero (public domain), enjoy.


Fuck off back to the IRC circle jerk.



Not that it is any of your business, but I am not a 15 year old skid who lives with his mommy



are you serious about running a wiki? It sounds like you are leaving it hands-off. I don't see it going down but it would be good to have an active wiki administrator who isn't just the web master.

Also, if we're gonna do this why not also put up a matrix/riot server to coordinate assembling the wiki.



I'm going to make my pages on there and do some configuration, so I'm going to end up doing some basic Wiki administrative work.

I actually wanted to make a Wiki for the same reason I wanted to make CloverOS - to make hard things easy. I just didn't have the time to do it before.



could you make a copy of the existing IG wiki to start us off?




You can copy articles by copying/pasting the source.


I plan on just outright remaking some of these articles.



if you are going to go through with this (which I don't recommend) I suggest you follow the mediawiki bulk-download feature.


>I am the founder of The Liquid Crystal Generation, a lifestyle ideal that I am the only member of so far (heh heh).




2019-04-03 19:30:43 ~se7en Well, tritonium, uploading the inux shit that was alread there is a good starting point for further editing
2019-04-03 19:30:56 ~se7en Rather than having 1 or 2 articles to begin written by randos
2019-04-03 19:30:58 ~tritonium sure
2019-04-03 19:31:18 ~se7en I really think you should upload an archive of the old wiki, Jesus
2019-04-03 19:31:22 ~se7en Just as a starting point
2019-04-03 19:31:40 ~tritonium might as well include just general extra shit that people can use on linux
2019-04-03 19:31:46 ~tritonium stuff that would be fun
2019-04-03 19:31:57 ~tritonium various server setups
2019-04-03 19:32:23 ~tritonium just home projects people can do with their shitboxes running linux
2019-04-03 19:32:35 ~Jesus if you want a starting point, get the useful articles from there, click source, copy it, paste it into a new article
2019-04-03 19:32:45 ~Jesus wikipedia syntax is universal
2019-04-03 19:33:00 ~tritonium cool
2019-04-03 19:33:27 ~se7en Jesus: but what about the images and templates missing
2019-04-03 19:33:37 ~se7en There were a lot of significant images contributed
2019-04-03 19:34:41 ~se7en I've uploaded images too, which will be lost to the new wiki
2019-04-03 19:36:30 ~se7en It is also what the thread wants, Jesus
2019-04-03 19:37:11 ~Jesus i thought that thread was just you
2019-04-03 19:38:33 ~Jesus also i'm not aiming to replace installgentoo
2019-04-03 19:38:47 ~Jesus I'm going to put a few useful articles on there
2019-04-03 19:39:00 ~Jesus i don't have any intention of mirroring that site
2019-04-03 19:39:54 ~se7en It's not mirroring
2019-04-03 19:40:06 ~tritonium just make it cloveros exclusive
2019-04-03 19:40:09 ~se7en It's adding the current version of installgentoo, then editing from there
2019-04-03 19:40:17 ~se7en Then what's the point, tritonium
2019-04-03 19:40:33 ~tritonium yeah
2019-04-03 19:41:04 ~Jesus honestly, fuck /g/
2019-04-03 19:41:11 ~se7en It's not just /g/

What's the point then



which IRC channel is this? I want to join.



It's the #cloveros channel on rizon




File: 9e4642022b3309a⋯.png (193.56 KB, 1138x649, 1138:649, 2019-04-07-161429_1138x649….png)


why are you bump



>why are you bump

Because no one has begun editing the wiki, now has a consensus reached on if we should make a new one.



>we should make a new one.

We should

OP's whines inspired me



Am I looking at this wrong, or are you running screen, inside an ssh session, inside screen?



same. OP may be a fag but we need the initiative.


File: e7e6f1126e854f1⋯.png (9.35 KB, 512x512, 1:1, ubuntu.png)


I have been a Linux user since 2012. I've tried most of the distros. I'm not sure why the obsession with Gentoo here.

Anyone want to elaborate on this?

Reasons I like Debian / Ubuntu. Upstream support. Many people use it. Devs are easy to talk to and get an answer besides "Google it" or "it works on my machine".

Not trying to troll just really curious why Gentoo?




1. Maximum freedom: microarchitecture, libc, init and stuff like LibreSSL coming slowly but surely

2. USE flags are the best

3. Performance ricing feels nice

4. Portage is very nice and ebuilds are easy to write

5. If you count the official overlays, probably the biggest repos there are out there



It's ironic.

brb writing a wiki page on obvious jokes


No, you should not "install gentoo." You should install a real operating system like Mezzano or save up until you can afford a Symbolics machine. Go outside, cut some wood, go on the usenet (if you weenies can even figure that out) and talk with some real programmers. Even the Multics CPU Simulator will do in a pinch: I do all my programming and posting from inside there and treat the UNIX brain damage that is Ubuntu as a glorified bootloader and hypervisor for multiple Multics mainframe simulators at once.

Do with food address space of one they have prevented just by having
creatures ran and returned (they may be, but god knows they four
living creature way went.

And the wheel in my diet. I bough 99.9997 perfectly a poor little
Microvax 3, with his for cheese addiction usability, all with MMDF,
often send you half-complete messages? Ever where upon they were
lifted upward; two wings.

And I lost unices, behold one wheel in the cloud instal, stretched 260
pound blocks of king Jehoiachin's captivity, The think paging is than
a new program hereof came the earth, the wheels and applications,
which was that today I have plenty of bugs that side: and their rings,
likeness of the appearance of a lion, on their appearance of firmament
were a whirlwind came out of the terrible crystal, stretched 260 pound
blocks of raindamage for weighed 260 pound about how it takes the
newly copies-, as it were all those from the earth, they four of a flash
of lightness of the midst the point of this is the notion of lamps: it were
the appearance of fire went, I heard to write an elaborate weenie
dunking on Lisp as those went, there was in their faces and
applications, which covered on the day of bugs than a mail me now.
Together, no matter one structures, the month, the wheels.

It's their meme languages from the terrible crystalled like they stood, and
this was the appearance; they have been, to hypnosis my cheese



Telephone's with the botnet running around. Mips and the Frainkenstein Radio Controls on the dark side of the moon.

From: kibo@world.std.com (James "Kibo" Parry)
Subject: Spot Story (was: The Dead Email Society)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.kibology, alt.atheism, alt.mega-ego.yonderboy
Followup-To: alt.religion.kibology
Organization: welcome datacomp
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 08:57:14 GMT
X-Battlestar-Galactica-Date: 9581 centons, 71 microns, .04 mugars
X-Kibo-Equipment: a distributed Lego robot (distributed by accident)

In [alt.religion.kibology, alt.atheism, alt.mega-ego.yonderboy]
asuter@Xenon.Stanford.EDU (Lupus Yonderboy) wrote:
| Thus spake rxv@axis.jeack.com.auZ (Gully Foyle):
| |
| | mmcirvin@world.std.com (Matt McIrvin) wrote:
| | >
| | > You forgot "Do not tell me to read the FAQ-- I am here to be entertained
| | > by you, not to go read a bunch of pretentious explanations!" and "If you
| | > do not believe in God it means you really believe he exists because
| | > otherwise you wouldn't have anything not to believe in!"
| |
| > Congratulations for dispelling any doubt that you are a moron, you've
| > saved us a great deal of time and uncertainty. If only all kooks who
| > come to this NG were so thoughtful.
> Come to Kibology! Now at half-off the newsstand price!

But it's only good for only a limited time only! If time proves to be
eternal, Kibology will self-destruct to prevent you from enjoying it after
9999 A.D., the year that will REALLY break God's DOS box!

> Kibology provides:
> * Doubtless Morons
> * Thoughtful Kooks
> * Kooky Thoughts

(Kibo begins to go-go dance with flowers painted all over his body.
Suddenly he stops and the camera zooms in on what is painted on his


Ba ba bappa ba!

> * In-jokes
> * Out-jokes
> * Spankings
> * Allowedness

And all owedness!

Scientology joke: "Your owedness just ran over my lochness."

And here's another Scientology joke: "Why did the orange cross the road? To
eat hexagonal television pants!"


Kibology joke: "Why did the orange cross the road? To eat hexagonal
television pants AND KILL BOB HOPE!"

It's got AS MUCH HUMOR as the Scientology joke... PLUS it rids your home of

> And at no extra charge:
> * Tab damage! (too cheap to meter)

It used to be a double spondee. With jimmies. That go down the conveyor
belt to the annealing vat, where the Bessemer process Vulcanizes them. But
little Jimmie doesn't need to know that! All he needs to know is that our
rubber vomit arrives fresh from our factory to his kitchen floor! "Plotz!"
That's the sound of progress!

this is what you sound like



with gentoo you compile your whole (or most) of your system utilities and programs to match what you want. Do you want to compile with language localization, with certain cpu flags, compile programs with certain attributes (include qt5 but not gtk)? then you use gentoo.

Of course compiling everything is not fun (especially if you have low spec) so some guy made CloverOS and shills it on half and infinity chan.


ignore the troll, if people ignored his posts threads wouldn't be derailed so much


File: 7919362a6d8fe69⋯.jpg (71.33 KB, 1024x700, 256:175, 093aa1cf300af240e40aea3e1f….jpg)


I was hard-core into gentoo when I first started getting into linux and programming and it probably set me back two years with all its bullshit.

Now that I'm a bit older I seriously believe its the most brain-dead operating system ever invented.

Its essentially a distro based on GNU autotools, which is similiaraly effected by this mind virus.

The intention of its developers is to add as much unecessary complexity with no rationale other than to be meta as possible and account for ever possible permutation of a broken modern unix system.

gentoo makes me realize how much I hate GNU/linux compared to BSD or even plan 9.

Have you ever realized how many fucking regex engines are there? like, anything more complex than basic regex should be handled by the super-language (perl, python, c, sed, etc.) but instead every language and editor uses their own braindead engine while ignoring the libc version.

Oh, but I can set my preference for widget toolkits for the three programms that support QT, GTK2, and GTK3.

And what if I want to manually specify options to ./configure that aren't available through USE FLAGS?

I only want to customize a handful of applications, not every single package in the linux ecosystem.

gentoo basically makes you into a distro developer/maintainer without actually realizing it or having to make well informed decisions.

its a mircale that any gentoo system works and thinking about modifying one gives me nightmares (like, installing an alternative GCC/glibc).

slackware devs were honest enough to realize linux is boiling shit but tolerable if you don't stir the pot.

plan 9 I can compile the entire system in about 10 minutes, it takes me 20 minutes just to go through menuconfig for linux (ps. I never get it right the first time).

I'm not against source packaging, BSD does it much better even if it still uses autotools.

I felt like giving it a try again last night, installed it in about two hours then I realized how much it felt like I was working for the computer so I deleted it.

I didn't feel like I was learning anything about operating system, unix, linux, or system administration, but rather to deal with the pedantic overbearing configuration requirements.

Most people who install gentoo the first time will copy the wiki verbatim, why not include half that shit in the stage-3 and just make installation a matter of extracting the tarball, run a script, copy the installer's kernel, then install boot loader.

I realize I haven't made a coherent argument against gentoo, but rather a collection of gripes, but thats what gentoo is -- a collection of horseshit that only masochistic and naive people put themselves through and endlessly try to find justifications for.

The microseconds you gain from making binaries slightly smaller is way offset by the hours you waste trying to find ways to trim the "fat".



>I felt like giving it a try again last night

I have the cure for this. Install LFS once, all the way to getting X working.

I guarantee you will never be tempted again.



>the hours you waste trying to find ways to trim the "fat".

Some people lay around watching television or spend all their evenings at parties talking to people about nothing. As far as hobbies go, system improvement isn't the worst one to have. Once you realize that every shortcut you take still leaves you miles ahead of the major distros, you can get a system up and running very quickly.



>Some people lay around watching television

Yes but they don't recommend you to solve every problem by watching more TV and they don't berate you for not watching more TV. If you're going to claim gentoo is your hobby, then be prepared to accept that it's basically a waste of time and you are mainly doing it for your own subjective enjoyment.


Fair complaints but so what? Windows and OS X are botnet. Every other OS doesn't have basic software. Linux is the best option, shit as it is.

>Most people who install gentoo the first time will copy the wiki verbatim, why not include half that shit in the stage-3 and just make installation a matter of extracting the tarball, run a script, copy the installer's kernel, then install boot loader.

It's trying to teach you how to do it so that maybe next time you won't copy/paste and will be able to do things the wiki or installscript couldn't have covered.


How can you not afford $7/month for a VPS? How can you not afford $200 for your own machine? How do you not even have a spare computer lying around? If you are so destitute, what do you even have to offer?


Do we have a wiki yet? I want to write an article about clean code.

The ideal number of arguments for a function is zero.



>The ideal number of arguments for a function is zero.

that is not a function.

unless you're implied implied arguments on a global structure, which is not clean code.



durr what are class variables not counting as arguments because of syntax?



>The ideal number of arguments for a function is zero.

That's a procedure retard. A function is a relation between an input and an output in which each input has a unique output. If there is no input, it's not a function.



You can use gentoo as a non-hobby. Just like you can use television to get the news, or go to social events to try and find a better job. When used for tinkering, then of course gentoo wastes your time, that was the goal. When used in a get-shit-done way, it is unironically the most productive OS.



But your greentext said the opposite. According to that guy, it is not productive because you spend hours to save microseconds.


"Procedure" is just ad hoc terminology. If you want to be really anal about it, all argument-free functions f()=U are (mathematically) in fact functions of one argument f(x)=ax+U where a=0. Same logic can be applied to programming functions as well.


How will you pass them input, then? Are you just shilling class methods like >>1051372 claims?



>is just ad hoc terminology

No, procedure or subroutine is the correct terminology.

>in fact functions of one argument f(x)=ax+U where a=0

Now you want to define addition with numbers for every data type in your language? What a mess. What's next? Are you going to start saying that variables are now functions too?


>oy vey that's not clean code

See this is why we need a wiki. In order to educate these people out of their coder echo chambers. Read a book you plebs.

 One input argument is the next best thing to no arguments. 
SetupTeardownIncluder.render(pageData) is pretty easy to understand.



>Now you want to define addition with numbers for every data type in your language?

Are you perhaps retarded? I was just pointing that mathematically, "procedures" are just a special case of functions. Because you said

>If there is no input, it's not a function.

which is wrong.

>Are you going to start saying that variables are now functions too?

This is what variables are in functional languages. There's no actual difference.


File: 7ab48ec32daeb0b⋯.png (146.47 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2019-04-15-101605_1366x768….png)


yea this was why i switched to cloveros, i'm downloading packages at 200mbit downloading from every mirror simultaneously



I understand this and I'm looking for alternatives.


Is Portage as easy to use as APT or YUM?


I'm not joking. I've been an Ubuntu / Debian user since I started. I've only occasionally used OpenSUSE, Fedora, etc.

Fuck it I'm going to try out Gentoo. Can't fucking hurt.



Gentoo is indeed the meta distribution, of course it's going to be more complex. If you're okay with others choosing what init or libc you must use (this includes the BSDs), fine, but don't go all "muh oldfag cred" over us. The advantages I listed are real, but the two real reasons are: I can escape the freedesktop braincancer "easily" and it's simply less worse than other GNU/Linux distros.


Every BSD has major turnoffs:


SJWland and has no clear vision except "we want to be like GNU/Linux!" with the same bloat.


Python tier about ignoring performance issues and its port tree makes Debian stable look bleeding edge. Other issues like GPL kiddie hatred and lack of FS at least as good as XFS.


Nice but lacks a modern FS.


Currently very WIP (aarch64, hammer2, ravenports, etc...) and lacks µarch support, but very promising.

Honestly, I'm looking at the last two more and more, but it's hard to justify leaving Linux and its generally higher performance level. Especially since only Dfly's synth and soon ravenports look like a worthy Portage replacement.

>Plan 9

Come on, mate. Like everyone here, I think it should have replaced UNIX, as it was supposed to, but it's dead and buried now. Don't cling to some tranny loving shitposter club for you OS needs.


slowly doing these articles, gonna make larger edits tomorrow and do more articles the next day






Is cloverOS basically just EZ-install gentoo?


This entire thread derailed to talk about Gentoo because of the name of the wiki? Wow.


I wrote a Fair and Balanced article on



I'm gonna write an article on corporate it project management. Stay tuned nerds


Install guix should be new meme


Gentoo's obsession is choice.

The fact you can remove poetterware was enough bait for me to switch



Holy fuck you suck at your job



they are shit compared to the InstallGentooWiki

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