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File: b00eb4781a3a665⋯.jpg (397.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ss5-2.jpg)


Since recently Rizon has started aggressively banning proxies and VPNs that used to work on their network despite already not being allowed.

Are there any IRC networks that are more lenient?






freenode + tor/sasl





>XGA screens



I want to go back to 2003.



freenode requires creating an account in clearnet first before allowing you to use tor/sasl, completely defeating the point.


What about gamesurge?



Don't be stupidly obtuse, wardrive until you find an open wifi network and then use that clear connection to make the account. Lazy jew!



Pretty sure that's Winzip.


Not completely. I can create the account for you if I think you're not going to be abusive. This is in contrast to something like Twitter where you can't reasonably take that approach because they'll do random checks.



rizon has blocked tor at least 2005. they probably just added VPNs because they finally got a list of IPs


You could always find a VPS that allows IRC servers and roll your own BNC.



those blocklists have always been easily available. the list maintainers even do it for free. the bans must be related to the spambots that have been active there and on other networks for a long time.



I am soon going to build a replacement to IRC.

IRC has 3 main issues:

1: Doesn't hide your IP from other users which opens you up to doxxing.

2: Complicated to setup an IRC server

3: Requires a client

All of these issues can be solved, and I will solve them. In a few months, you will know if it.



lol every pajeet tries to do that but irc just wont die



You laugh but I'm serious. You have already used one of my services before. And I will build this.



>You have already used one of my services before

irungentoo? Will this one be as insecure and broken as tox?



I don't know what those are, but I am not one to release broken shit. It either works, or nothing.



you might make something and people might even use it but nothing will replace irc



IRC is dead. Seriously, its absolutely useless today. It was a bad idea from the start. It will never recover. That I assure you.



too many normies are still there. i hope that whatever you make takes them away from irc so i dont have to see them ever again.



I acknowledge that it may end up being a normie magnet. In which case, you're welcome.

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