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File: c3b00ae709ef6d4⋯.jpg (31.34 KB, 456x320, 57:40, JUST.jpg)


Are we living in the absolute worst time for technology so far in history?

>Windows is full botnet and a disgusting piece of bloatware

>Last "good" windows OS is at the end of it's run

>No Linux desktop has picked up the slack as hoped

>No phones are safe to use

>No phones are free

>5G on the horizon to both give you cancer and track your position at every street corner

>HTTPS cash-grab in full swing

>Every website must have gtag or fb pixel

>No advances in hardware for years

>No advances in network services in years

Has it ever been worse than this and what can be done to make things better?


File: fd869510d41ee94⋯.jpg (275.19 KB, 740x1130, 74:113, 1536640482754.jpg)

Bro you need hobbies outside of technology


Your problem is that you actually rely on proprietary software and you refuse to invest into free software. The solution is to invest your development time or development money into developing the free software you want to see. We free software activists have been saying this would happen for many decades.


File: e6b6c8e40af5eee⋯.png (98.79 KB, 900x596, 225:149, virtual_eye_pod_02.png)


This is one of the reasons why I made the future technology thread, anon.


There are several advances in hardware, but they aren't available to consumers yet. There comes a point when you begin to feel like a phone is just a phone. Sure they're great (and compromised), but what's next? In any case, I hear ya.


>5G on the horizon to both give you cancer and track your position at every street corner

isnt the radiation emitted from phones non-ionizing



It's both non-ionizing and the radiation strength is far too small to show evidence of affecting living tissue.


File: 6eca8aa2b15c9cb⋯.png (402.93 KB, 793x595, 793:595, 1212.png)



I'm actually more concerned about the tower and the phone battery, than I am the phone. I terms of radiation. But if ain't radiation it's botnet. They warn you not to keep phones near your heart, or in pockets, as to how dangerous it is, quantified over time, I can't say, every organism is different.




But fret not, at least on the hardware side things will improve dramatically for at least ~5 years.


>Windows is full botnet and a disgusting piece of bloatware

use linux then

>Last "good" windows OS is at the end of it's run

let it die

>No Linux desktop has picked up the slack as hoped

do we need to only use the popular stuff?

>No phones are safe to use

custom OS?

>No phones are free

do we really need phones? we used to live without them

>5G on the horizon to both give you cancer and track your position at every street corner

yeah that sucks

>HTTPS cash-grab in full swing

what's wrong with https?

>Every website must have gtag or fb pixel

no it doesn't, you're just browsing shit sites - try wiby.me search engine

>No advances in hardware for years

do we need new hardware?

>No advances in network services in years

do we need those? everything already exists...

I would worry more about the effects of automation on jobs, and AI in general (facial recognition, so called social credit system, biometric logins, environmental destruction...)


File: d9baf7612b57d7d⋯.jpg (181.76 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, serveimage.jpg)


Are you still using plastics?


The only area of tech that's improving in a good way right now that I know of is super mario romhacking. Which is a fun hobby for me and it's cool that this 30 year old game is being reused and modified in such awesome ways. Yeah it's very niche still but I can see the normals are coming to ruin it within the next few years.



Anything gives you cancer at this point kek

They tell you not to microwave anything on plastic plates, or with plastic covers. Can't be bothered to take precaution with everything. But no cellphones near sensitive parts is easy enough to remember.



The problem with plastic is when the plastic gets hot enough, it melts into your food thereby contaminating your food with plastic. That plastic isn't good for your body. The problem with microwaves is that heat spots normally form within the food during the microwave process. Before the food is properly heated, some parts of the heated food can get hot enough to melt plastic while the other parts of the food haven't received adequate amount of heat. This means if you simply let the microwave cook until all the food is hot, your chances of melting the plastic is very high.

You can microwave with plastic containers and plastic lids if you have the proper technique to minimize the melting of plastic. You microwave the food with short intervals. In between the cooking interval, take the time to mix your food in order to allow the heat spots to spread around instead of being concentrated at their spot. This technique is much more work on the microwave operator but it ensures a more even cooking process and preventing a build up of heat spots that will melt the plastic.


File: 8c684faad20fe97⋯.png (83.47 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, airfryer.png)


We've been using an air fryer a lot more lately. Supposedly that's a better method.



There's no such thing as an air fryer. That's just a bullshit term for a tabletop convection oven.


File: 562b6a3cf07a2f7⋯.jpg (18.9 KB, 315x326, 315:326, YAMERO.jpg)


And you've done nothing but sit on your asses and develop nothing but broken and unstable software while simultaneously demanding more money and to be taken seriously.


File: 88ea98727eb332f⋯.gif (413.4 KB, 346x499, 346:499, thats-not-a-wall-spiderman….gif)


Listen, here's neutral word of advice: If you really cared about the linux userbase and want people to get into linux/free software you would at least crack shit like DirectX and rehash nonfree micro$hill libs and bringing them into linux at full force @ 1:1 compatibility.

I don't care how you do it, but it will be the year of the linux after that, non free software will die if you do and we would all sleep well at night. Rest assured you will do a good deed and quell proprietary glow botnets like winblows 7 that's hindered users with their bullshit for so long. Bonus: you'll also make that fag bill gates cry.


>5G on the horizon to both give you cancer

What can be done about this? Even if you move to south east asia to avoid it and get a nice, virginal 18 year old asian gf, they're going to get it there eventually. Seems like fucking prime asian pussy and just accepting that you're gonna get cancer is what you need to do.



1. Fork it if you don't like the direction OR

2. Start your own projects from scratch that do exactly what you want it to do



What I want is for people to understand the value of freedom in software. What I want is for people to understand the value of investing yourself into the free software that you require. People cannot do this if they only know of one way - the way of proprietary software. The users are the ones who should be responsible for their own computing so the users should be the ones making the investments they need to get what they need in their personal lives.


File: 88807e36b7e4ce4⋯.jpg (324.34 KB, 1038x539, 1038:539, 567778656898756765875676.jpg)


I fully understand the need for freedom in software and i fully support it my friend, but my point is(assuming you are FSF related) is that you are not correctly driving the factors for success, people inherently NEED to be able to use what they want and to be given the power and option to do so, sofar linux has not provided this entirely. People(80%) need the extra incentive to go with linux and that's a part of the free market.

Most people aren't going to give up what they want/need to run in order to be free, whether it's work related or past time entertainment.

Nothing is worse than being forced to use a botnet because certain programs require it. But yet here we still are in 2019. Wine was a start but it's fucking shitty. Attempting cracking/rehashing making compitable directX and other proprietary shit like it for people would be a great service to the community and I'm sure a team of hackers are capable of this.

The question is do you want linux to succeed or not? Want to win? Do you want the proprietary botnet destroyed? I gave you the answer in >>1063392 of most plebian botnet users. It's literally the uncracked proprietary dogshit shit holding people back from freedom and no mediocre band aid like wine is going to cut it.


File: 8b3a6e78140031c⋯.png (45.39 KB, 957x225, 319:75, Dumb.png)


>you do the work brah :^)

>just make your own entirely functioning OS from scratch it's not our job even though that's all we've devoted our lives to for the past 20 years :^)



Who says you need to write a complete OS from scratch? You write the parts you want to see. You should reuse the parts that other people have written before you that you can accept. If your standards are so high that nothing that exists is acceptable, that's just your own problem.



>Most people aren't going to give up what they want/need to run in order to be free, whether it's work related or past time entertainment.

This is because society doesn't believe that freedom is highly important. Society is taught that expedience is most important and the idea of software freedom doesn't even exist to them. As a consequence, society considers proprietary software that works today is more valuable than free software that needs development today and will be perfect in the future.

My argument is that if they don't believe that freedom is most important, then they should stay where they are and continue to bitch about how the state of their proprietary software. I will continue to preach about freedom in software and why choosing proprietary software harms your freedom. When they bitch about their proprietary software, I will peer down from my moral high horse and exclaim that we've been warning about this for decades.

For me who has freedom, I will invest my time and money into developing the software I need for myself. In actual practice, I am satisfied with what I have right now, my present situation is bright; I personally don't need to invest much resources into my future software. For the case of other people, they will need to make the value judgement that their freedom is highly important and that they need to invest into their free software to get a future in which nobody



*they need to invest into their free software to get a future that they desire to see.


I'm happy with my choice of OS and software being not for everybody and a niche thing. Normies flooding in is the worst that can happen to your stuff tbh, because normies are retarded and will pull everything down to their level by sheer force of mass.

Then again I'm not one of those "linux experts" that's completely lost if stack exchange is down.



On of the coolest things about distros is just how many of them there are, all with their own different forks and versions. Even the list of non-systemd distros (Not even counting BSD, Solaris or other non linux OS) has close to a hundred different distros with all the forks.



> Are we living in the absolute worst time for technology so far in history?

Yes, yes we are. Welcome to the late stage capitalism and the age of intellectual property.



>muh capitalism

Reminder that communism is a faled ideology and is incapable of creating anything productive, only turning every non communist into slave and stealing their work.




>only ionizing radiation is dangerous, goyim!

>no evidence.

>stop asking questions!

>just trust us, goyim.



>prove-me-wrong tier post




>late stage capitalism

I'll correct you there commie golem, you mean late stage judeocracy.

PrismTM/howlermonkey/quantum and engieneered backdooring has nothing to do with "cabbitalism", it has all to do directly with Jewish and traitor paranoia.




Just wait until SHIFT comes, friend. No more technological infrastructure and power at every outlet to burden your life.



> not just microwaving steel mess treys



>late stage capitalism

Retarded commie, there's literally nothing wrong with people being allowed to trade with each other with a high degree of freedom, which is what capitalism essentialy is. Beyond the sophistry that you people use to promote your ideology, socialism is just restrictions on freedom and wealth-transfer from white men to women and brown people. Go back.



What is the name of that game?


Question that is related to the OP; but when you turn off your phone and remove the battery, does it "really" turn off. I frequently take the battery out, but I do this to keep it from accidentally turning on. Do most phones have separate internal batteries that power certain functions even after the main battery is removed.



Reminds me of this game I played once called Aberoth



And give it for who, the same person? Propetriary feudalists and tech bourgeoise must have their patents and source code distributed to people.



>capitalism is bad when you lose

Almost there, almost.



>everyone attacking microsoft is a commie

>support you local microsoft distributor



>Trade is capitalism




Go back, idiot.


make sure this thread isn't disinformation for anybody taking this thread seriously



>trade in any commie system

There is allocation of resources, not trade. Yes, trade is capitalism.


File: a33e3517ec5e826⋯.png (11.6 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, gentoo.png)

>ebay thinkpads

>anything i want from china is pennies

>gcc 9.1 with new optimizations

>emulators are more accurate than ever and have a ton of new features now

>chatting on irc in emacs on xmonad running gentoo on a $50 thinkpad

life is great brehs



Retard. That melted plastic is going to give you man tits and turn you into a soyboy.



>Propetriary feudalists

>tech bourgeoise

Take your pills, braindead leftyshit

>source code distributed to people

>closed source is muh oppressun

Here's proof that any communist is just a theft-obsessed nigger that wants everything to serve it's worthless self and will torture anyone who has any notion of individuality or self respect for it.


>twisting the point that hard

Here's a joke: workers' rights.


>I-i'm not a commie, i promise


>muh anticommunism is microsoft

>freedom is slavery

>support your enslavement and later starvation today for a miserable death for the sake of an non-existent goal of denying reality tomorrow

Communists are worse than rodents.




Nice samefagging, communist scum. Go back to your cancer containment. The main enemy of communism is reality.


File: 9e1d5aae5282efa⋯.jpg (123.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpvsnap-[Komorebi] Eromang….jpg)


You're cancer and so are the other posters like you but at the very least you fucks actually run gentoo (or any other acceptable OS) on decently free machines, I bet most of /tech/ is on windows and sees nothing wrong with it.



thats not really gentoo tho. its backdoored botnet built by some random glownigger and is based on gentoo


>No Linux desktop has picked up the slack as hoped

If you can't use Ubuntu as a desktop distro with more functionality than Winblows then you are a small brained babby.


File: 7d3687ce324140d⋯.jpg (291.26 KB, 1734x1287, 578:429, Operator-chan.jpg)


>>Last "good" windows OS is at the end of it's run

so what? you care about windows (((updates))) ? whoa dude, I better not tell you that microchips in your e.g. hard drive have soft that can't be updated (and you're basically running like, 8 year old software)

>>No phones are safe to use

>>No phones are free

Librem 5

>>Every website must have gtag or fb pixel

just block them ebil corporayshunz in /etc/hosts


>No advances in network services in years


agree with rest tbh



We are indeed mostly on windows, because we actually have lives and REAL coding to do.

t.Windows 10 and proud of it.


File: 64ea775119944cf⋯.png (12.15 MB, 2896x3418, 1448:1709, think.png)

emacs has its own tiling window manager

that i'm using inside tmux, a tiling window manager

which i have inside xmonad, a tiling window manager

i'm using 3 different window manager keybinds simultaneously

also i'm in two nested tmux sessions, once from my home server and again to my dedicated, i hid the green status bars because it was getting too much

this is a level of productivity far beyond your comprehension



Emacs makes a shitty OS with that 400MB right there. But a great line editor. Personally I prefer less then 300MB to run my GUI web browser and compositor, so that's bloat faggot.

>three different window manager keybinds

>not keybinding the keybinds based on the window you hover over.

>not four different keybinds

sage for partial shitpost


File: 8c6648a832de3bf⋯.png (988.47 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2019-05-19-022727_1366x768….png)



>being such a moron, all insults, no jazz

Pathetic cuck.

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