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File: 039733b64022d61⋯.jpg (1000.8 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, image.jpg)



So I've been looking into GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) and how it can be used to generate human-like faces


The tl;dr is this;

There's a database of say, human faces

Then there's basically a random image generator

The image generator starts spitting images to a neural network that compares the images it spits out to the database of real human faces, the neural network then reports to the image generator how likely or unlikely that image resembles a human face from 0 (not likely at all) to 100 (very likely)

At first the image generator spits out nothing but random noise. The neural network then begins reporting a lot of 0 percents to the generation software

Over time the image generator begins figuring out how to gain higher and higher scores with the neural network. After thousands of generated images the image generator gets closer and closer to 100 percent and the faces now look more human. What was once just a random image generator has turned into something that can literally create photo-realistic faces out of thin air.

My concept for a GAN run CP bot is to reverse the process.

Build a database of CP (controversial, might need some approval body) the train the neural network based on this database like normal. BUT instead of having an image generator, we simply feed it images other people have reported as CP (say, on an imageboard) and then the neural network compares the image, if its greater then 90 percent likely to be CP, then the bot bans the user. If its less then that, the AI flags a human moderator to check on it to see if its a false report and take appropriate action.

Basically use GANs to take some burden off of human moderators, very useful for websites like 8chan itself, without having to have a continuous growing internal CP database which would be more impractical and perhaps more controversial

What do you guys think of my idea?


Sounds like an awful idea. Facial recognition is shit already but using it for cp? It's going to mark facebook family pictures as cp 9 times out of 10.



Just don't feed it softcore shit I guess would be the only solution around that. But the results speak for themselves above. GAN based facial recognition can be very accurate




Or alternatively, allow moderators to modify the algorithm by flagging false reports to the AI at first to make it more streamlined and accurate



Thank you OP, this is what I needed for my bot army for upcoming elections. Unique profile pics.



The reality of pictures like the above is that they are not inventions of the GAN, they are essentially replicas of one of the training images that has been encoded into the GAN. The GAN has simply modified it enough to make finding the original image without using a GAN nearly impossible, ironically.


>newfag doesn't know that NCMEC already has this and has implemented it into the NSA PRISM program


I'll just feed it bullshit shit data and or targeted individuals of US senate so I can disrupt the US government. Thanks OP :^)



>Build a database of child pics

Like... instagram?



won't that lead to a bot that generates CP?


The proper solution to CP is to legalize it.



Won't that lead to a bot that censors cuckime OP?



Yes it would, but all images produced by such a bot would immediately be detected by the same algorithm that generated it and it would immediately be banned online easily so it would be silly posting such images online. Pedos could use the bot to generate CP offline to jack off too I suppose but as long as no real children are directly involved its really no different then loli I guess. Just don't post the images online because people can easily mistake them for the real thing



Its not that simple. The GAN isn't merely copy+pasting faces, the facial features are all generated on their own so the faces don't even resemble any found in the original datasette. Its all different


>Using GANs to create CP

wouldve been a better thread



>The solution to CP is to legalize it

The solution to rape is to legalize it

The solution to murder is to legalize it

The solution to antisemitism is to... nah that one is going too far


File: 19f1c44e147f0e3⋯.jpg (142.4 KB, 1181x897, 1181:897, bb930a9351f741941b13c13589….jpg)


Pedos pls leave



General Anarchy is what you're describing




I wasn't even joking when I said this. This is true. This should have been the end of the thread.


File: 15ceba06739085f⋯.jpg (37.99 KB, 474x632, 3:4, th.jpg)


It's the bourgeoisie who fuck children though



pedos are getting smarter as time goes on, you'll just have old shit getting reposted all over again using unneccesary power.

really pointless, its like LEA taking down pedos that collect CP. there are million other pedos like them>>



Aren't the bourgeoisie part of the working class though?

Pedophilia exists independent of wealth because pedophilia exists within a natural part of human attraction. It says in the Bible that 14 is the natural age.



fuck off mikeee



Literally who?

Again I shouldn't really say pedophilia since you're adult when you're 14.



No. They own capital and get their income unearned in form of rent, profit, dividends etc. unlike wageslaves who have sell their labour.

>Pedophilia exists independent of wealth

Sure, but the rich have the means to actually to fulfill their desires.


File: c61c2d5e3cc7b1d⋯.jpg (245.29 KB, 1500x999, 500:333, greta.jpg)




Pedophilia is more preeminent in poorer countries you retard



>it should be illegal to question an arbitrarily assigned group b-because reasons

Your nose job was botched, Malachi.



I think it needs an adjustment.

Not legalization, but the law on simple possession fucks things up such that child pornography is now a weapon to blackmail people, bring down websites, or fuck with legitimate Tor usage.

If someone is going to build an AI that identifies child porn, so no one has to manually deal with the problem, it's going to need a lot of actual child porn as training data such that it can properly differentiate real porn from something like the album art for Virgin Killer by The Scorpions.


File: 2b66ce38a37a498⋯.jpg (43.75 KB, 619x573, 619:573, win10 photodna.jpg)

Just use windows 10



You could also just create CP that didn't exploit children. If you expand that to create videos, you can actually create fake CP that is CP but didn't actually involve any real children, so we can provide pedos with something that satisfies them but doesn't victimize anyone, kinda like sex robots were to rapists.

>inb4 v& because too progressive for Trump's america>>1063472



they already arrest people for possession of cartoons in various countries though.


File: 67e89bd8084fbfd⋯.png (142.36 KB, 708x1278, 118:213, roperope.png)


>so we can provide pedos with something that satisfies them

Rope ...or a bullet.



>not licensing everything under the sun is anarchy




I was only pretending to be retarded




ooor... you could criminalize all sex from unmarried couples.

Problem solved.


Why can't a sicko use deepfakes to create CP?



but what happens when pedos start using it to make CP instead?




Thats fine, it would be no different then loli as no actual children are harmed. It could easily be mistaken for the real thing online, but thats mitigated by the fact the algorithm will also have the easiest time detecting and banning them vs real CP



Completely useless, since no law enforcement agency goes against the root cause of CP. In fact they protect that cause, because it's tied into politics, media, censorship laws, religions, and high society. If you want to stop CP, you need to answer JQ first. Nothing anyone does will help any children from getting sexually exploited as long as we not collectively face the elephant in the room...the jews.



That does absolutely nothing about pornography.



oh look another pedophile grasping at straws to justify his petabytes of cp collection.

>"buh buh it's muh GAN training set!"

likely story. i don't care, your encryption won't save you, and when the order comes down to raid your house captain of my swat team kiddo maybe itll be you come in one piece or maybe it'll be that you reached for a gun.


File: 707c95d02ff85d8⋯.jpg (13.46 KB, 232x185, 232:185, 707c95d02ff85d8cade24427b2….jpg)

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