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File: 26a7205ccb42398⋯.png (28.24 KB, 810x456, 135:76, 531461-nordvpn-for-linux.png)


With the absurd amount of shilling that this gets from (((influencers))) I can't help to believe that NordVPN is some kind of honeypot and/or botnet. There is no way that they can be shilling to so many influencers and have so many organic "how do I use this service" posts on the net.

I am surprised cianigger is not posting regular threads on this subject stressing people to use obviously untrustworthy software.


do some research on nordvpn, I did. It's impossible to find out who runs it. The entire thing is pretty creepy.


vpn is techaids



Good morning NSA



I suppose you're going to tell me that TOR is perfectly fine and has no NSA backdoors?



The problem with TOR is that NSA owns a large number of the nodes, so if all the nodes you line up are NSA, then your cover gets completely blown. Use a VPN and you'll be fine.




feel free to use this website, it's probably one of the best vpns compared to others not located in any Eye's jurisdiction.



It's almost certainly honeypot. The only two vpn's I've heard good things about are cryptostorm.is and Mullvad; and it's been a long time since anyone recommended mullvad. Mullvad also seems to suddenly be a lot cheaper, what happened?



it even has ads on TV in my country - never seen VPNs advertised before




>some kind of honeypot

it came from sweden..


File: bcc6fee7c29a74a⋯.jpg (45.39 KB, 511x428, 511:428, bcc6fee7c29a74a45a406c2634….jpg)


its the same price it has been for about 4 years, when was it more expensive?

perhaps more customers + competition = lower price

t.mullvad user


i dont and wont ever use these vpns. they would see all my traffic and could possibly do bad things and since i dont even have root or any shell access to their servers i cant check if they log or not. the vpns i use are for secure communication between servers not for some 8chan shitposting.




you should use just TOR, if you want to be more anonymous.



Mullvad is fucking nordic gubbinments vpn you dumbniggie



But you can pay by cash and don't even need an email


File: e1ad8f734aa3caf⋯.png (59.67 KB, 569x348, 569:348, zemlin-microsoft.png)

Several strategies:

1. Browse so much different shit they have no idea what you're up to. Hope your ISP doesn't kiss and tell on you to (((rights holders))) about your torrenting. (Or use a seed box.)

2. Download your stuff from JewTube with youtube-dl.

3. Torrent normalfag shit no one cares about except (((rights holders))) through VPN, use Tor, GNUnet, I2p for everything else.

4. Use VPN from a place far outside your jurisdiction where you never plan on traveling to that it doesn't matter what they know. I think this is the advise Stallman has given, e.g. if you live under an American Occupied Government and you are not going to travel to China, then use a Chinese VPN, and if you live in China and never plan on traveling to America use an American VPN. Under NO circumstance use a VPN in the country as your residence.

5. Use Tor for everything. See >>1071855 and https://blog.torproject.org/bittorrent-over-tor-isnt-good-idea why that may not be good advice.

6. Wait for Christian Grothoff to release GNUnet 1.0.0. (The just updated their site so it doesn't look like shit anymore https://gnunet.org/en/ )

7. i2p for everything.

8. Only use the internet for paying bills, filing taxes, anything you're legally required to do. Could be expected or really suspicious depending on how old you are.


Clarification: That's a VPN comparison site. Otherwise great. Also see https://torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-services-keep-you-anonymous-in-2019/ .

(pic not related, just a reminder)


File: 86717cd90e19952⋯.png (559.58 KB, 850x464, 425:232, ussr anime puter.png)


I've been saying this all year. Nordvpn is also ridiculously slow compared to it's competitors.


>With the absurd amount of shilling that this gets from (((influencers)))

Just look up the page about it on their website.

Literally anyone can hook up with them and they get money based on how well their referall does.

Them being big or not is no proof for anything, and they haven't ratted anyone out (publicly in the very least).

OP is a shill, and no, I can't prove they don't harvest data on their users, just like anyone can't do on third party servers.



Shhh! Any massive company must be the result of a Jewish cabal, not a failed economic system that inevitably results in monopolies.



FYI /leftypol/, power attracts predators, that's inherent in any system, be it business or government. Our system is flawed, but it's not a system where you need an inhuman amount of trust and cooperation to even begin to work, let alone function. Dictatorships happen because one asshole games his way to the top for "good intention" except that he's an asshole who never had any intent to do anything good in the first place.



Hitler had a mission.



Fuck you too, /leftypol/.

I meant that NordVPN has nothing that implies that they are a honeypot, or any track record of backstabbing their users.

You should NOT trust any third party server(which nordvpn is, just like any other vpn server is) to run information that you seem critical(who you connect to, for example).

The only case against nordvpn is that they didn't have an episode like ExpressVPN's raid where to try to find tracks on an actual political murder the local government of whatever the shit country just raided their servers out of nowhere and still weren't able to find shit.


it sucks ass anyway. fought with customer service for a week to get my refund.



Just do a chargeback next time.


File: 055c22caa53eb65⋯.png (394.8 KB, 720x360, 2:1, Sandwich.png)

My dad uses it and I used his subsription for a while, it's godawful. The client is designed like a Fisher-Price toy, it's all big colorful buttons and is essentially retardproof, but you have absolutely no meaningful settings (proxy, portforwarding, killswitches, etc.). The actual service is fucking awful too, they have hundreds of servers across the world, none of them even have halfway decent speeds, I'm talking maybe 500kb/s if you're lucky. It also drops out at random and makes no effort to reconnect, it'll say you're still connected but nothing fucking loads. Torrenting off of it is a joke because of this, you can't leave anything running without having it cut out. Switched to a different VPN service after doing some research (not saying it here because it's fucking fantastic and I don't want anyone ruining it for me) and never looked back. My dad was actually pissed when I bought my own, because he think Nord is the holy grail of security and privacy. This was also a man that thought Android was less secure than Apple (as in they can just get infected one day and all your credit card info is now on le ebil deepweb), even though all security boils down to "don't be a retard".



>as in they can just get infected one day and all your credit card info is now on le ebil deepweb

That's true though. Your father is a wise man. You should pay him more respect.



nord runs ads on the local right wing radio station during hannity and the beached whale, its geared towards boomers so it must suck...any opinions on proton vpn?



> The client is designed like a Fisher-Price toy, it's all big colorful buttons and is essentially retardproof, but you have absolutely no meaningful settings (proxy, portforwarding, killswitches, etc

That's what you get for using windows.

On Linux you can use their client which has things such as killswitches or just use openvpn with it.



>(not saying it here because it's fucking fantastic and I don't want anyone ruining it for me)

PIA is probably the worst VPN you can use, might as well send a list of all the sites you browse to you ISP and let the cianiggers rape you.



You can use OpenVPN under Windows too.



Android is less secure though. All them security issues with the media renderer are pathetic.

RCE by opening a PNG... what a joke.

t.Android User



Ifag developers forgot to lock the phone when too many wrong PINs were sent through a USB keyboard. That should tell you something about the state of the codebase (or the retardedly easy to exploit backdoors that they put in for the glownigs). So much for

>muh FBI can't decrypt muh iFag

security theater.



never use anything shilled by influencers.



what is the pointed if you are already pozzed?





True that. I guess both are gay



That's a total lie. It has all that stuff and the speeds are top notch.



watch what? there is nothing there


Should I just bite the bullet and get Mullvad?


well we do know that it isn't doing the same shit that hma has done


i hear cryptostorm and mullvad best


File: 03c71607c62b597⋯.jpg (199.76 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 8762211111111.jpg)

Been using them for almost 1 year and it's due for renewal, so I'll give my experience and thoughts on them thus far.


- Good and easy customer service over chat

- Okish speeds

- Ok price

- Super easy to use


- Experienced stability issues, connection just randomly drops at times, especially on mobile

- A boat load of servers (at least in the locations I use) just randomly disappear, when you contact support they say that they're under maintenance, but tthey have no idea when they're coming back. Last time it took a month.

- Blocked by many sites that one might want to use, such as amazon etc.

I'm leaning towards going with another provider next year. While it's been good with Nord VPN I can't say I'm super satisfied.

Best VPN when it comes to ease of use and stability I've ever used was F-secure freedome. The problem with them is that they're a huge corporation and do say that they're willing to work with authorities.

I'm thinking of going double up. Take f-secure freedome for normie use and then another for non-normie use.


File: 1714fa7ae6252e3⋯.png (345.58 KB, 727x720, 727:720, coffee_hcw.png)

Let me redpill you on VPNS.

I was sued 2-3 months ago for sending a shota pic on a site for trolling I was arrested, I sent the images in 2017, and arrested after 2 years. Cyber departmant said that they have followed me for long time. I read all my investigation record and what I saw was shocking. I was a premium zenmate user, I also ask them "you log nothing right?" but seems like they gave all my info. But that's not the eye-opener but my vpn company was originally another vpn companies sub-company. Seems a huge number of vpn companies are originally another's.



did you do a lot of trolling like that?


File: 87baee3925e6529⋯.jpg (195.01 KB, 832x936, 8:9, 11848154.jpg)


No VPN will protect you, if you're doing something shady just don't use your own equipment. or use a laptop only for that and not with your own ISP


Because of the contact details

All companies tell you that they will work your data(sell it), and by most international laws they are forced to give such data to the police/gob. when requested and if they don't have it they will be held responsible

TOR was an incredibly good option until the nods got compromised


That is why decentralized vpns are the only way forward, whenever a vpn has a company behind it, it can be bought out, and whoever is willing to pay for your data will get it.





File: af3b7f508ec23b4⋯.jpg (582.64 KB, 720x1480, 18:37, Screenshot_20190603-004433.jpg)



don't be retard.

Normally, android is the biggest datamining honeypot, botnet. But if you root it and get rid of Gapps, it's literally awesome. I just customized my phone and I have:

>kali net hunter

>all gnu tools and ssh

>custom boot, gui, sounds

>firewall and sandbox on botnet apps

>mDNS crypt

>shred delete

>and moar twrp and magisk respositories.

You can even install a linux distro to phone and make a linux-phone.



I can smell your fucking autism from here



But is the good kind of autism



Which one would you reccomend?



I've managed to have my unrooted phone on 8.0 to have zero gapps and very minimal proprietary OEM crap. I don't have enough money to get something like a pixel 1 or nexus 6p to put copperhead/ lineage with root access but it's great for now.

OEM roms should always be avoided though, there are analytic apps in the kernel I'm stuck with.



underrated post



How to remove gapps without root? ADB?



It's not PIA


File: 6a909357cc806d1⋯.jpg (18.62 KB, 371x379, 371:379, JIDF.jpg)



I guess im autistic for using Discord, but im pretty sure it needs some kind of google botnet right? Was thinking of flashing lineageOS but I dont think it will be much of an improvement over OEM samsung rom if I have to install Gapps anyway. Still worth it?


ITT: (((VPNS)))

(((VPNS))) are all just fed honeypot backdoors



I could have sworn it was $15 at some point, maybe I'm just getting old and losing my marbles.


No record of NSA backdoors yet, but it is obviously a possibility. I've read that most people don't torrent using TOR due to the amount of bandwidth it consumes.


Never blindly use a VPN service. Mainly look at their website for sentences about keeping logs or something along the lines of "Report activity to authorities if necessary" (yes some VPN services do say this shit).


>Download your stuff from JewTube with youtube-dl

Youtube is filled with low-quality transfers and VHS rips.



This thread torrent-wise mainly consists of "VPNS bad TOR good" or "TOR good VPN bad". If you guys want a 3rd option use a P2P program such as DC++ to torrent.



Nah, it's because the Tor developers shit on torrents, maybe because they're afraid of exit nodes getting DCMA'd in addition to all the pedo related raids they probably have to go through.

But the fact is torrents work as well as anything else really. You just need to find http(s) trackers that don't block Tor. And peer discovery is impaired because Tor doesn't allow incoming connections, but in practice it works just fine.

>Mainly look at their website for sentences about keeping logs or something along the lines of "Report activity to authorities if necessary"

Main problem is that while that may technically be true (they don't KEEP the logs) they send a copy to a shell company for data mining and legal ass covering purposes.

While there might be no official record of a VPN giving out your info, that doesn't mean the VPN provider didn't cooperate with an investigation in exchange for no legal pressure and they eventually give up and give out the info after the case goes public, or get sued and have to pay the big bucks to the government. The feds won't give out their sources, because they want people to feel safe while still using compromised products (like a VPN provider). This is what they did with the iPhone case, and every fell hook line and sinker for muh Apple standing up to the FBI, while they could've handed over all the backdoors under the table and nobody would've found out.


>OEM roms should always be avoided though, there are analytic apps in the kernel I'm stuck with.

Really? How did you find out, packet inspection? Is the kernel's firewall unable to block those connections?


I fucking hate VPN's. They track your data and save. The worst part about all of them is they say that they are secure and protect from hacking. I hate nord in particular because they say their shit is military grade. A VPN is not military grade. TOR is military grade.


I agree with the first bit, but not the last. Just spoof your mac, use public library wifi, have all your traffic go through a computer of an unsuspecting macfag.



If you use Tor without an encrypted VPN your ISP still knows you're using Tor



Every torrent software uses P2P you fucking mongoloid. Using Tor and/or a VPN is so the torrent doesnt get traced back to you.



If I had to chose one right now, I would reccomend sentinel.co


All these shills saying VPN bad want you to be convinced to just use TOR, if you use a trusted paid for VPN that doesn't keep logs and has no history of selling you out 9 times out of 10 you're safe. Encryption is everything when you're online, do your research and NEVER use a free VPN



Use Windscribe tbh, if you get a custom plan you can pay for premium membership on only one country, which is $2 a month (you can pay monthly) and you get unlimited traffic in all other non-premium countries anyway. I'm not sure how trustworthy they are, but as long as you don't plan on looking up any of that good ol' cheesy pizza... I don't think you'll be in any trouble... plus they claim not to keep logs (X doubt)



Just googled a bit and found a Reddit post about it: https://www.reddit.com/r/VPNTorrents/comments/9adi37/i_investigated_the_nordvpn_ordeal_here_is_what_i/

>Their address is 50th Street, Global Plaza Tower: 19th Floor, Suite H, Panama [1]

>This address is used by shell companies. [2][3][4][5]

>So, now we can be establish that Tefincom is not the real company behind NordVPN.

>When you make a payment to NordVPN, your money apparently goes to a CloudVPN Inc.[6] This is weird, since NordVPN claims to be subject to Panama laws and CloudVPN is based out of the USA. [7][8]

>It gets better, check CloudVPN Inc's public records, and check out their 2017 original report under the history menu. [9] Listed as the president/director is Darius Bereika. [10] Darius Bereika is also the CEO of tesonet. [11]

>You read that correctly, the person who is the president of the company who manages NordVPN payments is the same person who's the CEO of Tesonet. If that doesn't bother you, keep in mind that Tesonet runs a data-harvesting service.

Now, it appears that Darius Bereika is also linked to Protonmail / ProtonVPN, according to this source:


...and to HolaVPN (the very HolaVPN which servers were used to attack 8chan 4 years ago) according to this source:


I haven't done more research about it, but with a simple search engine you can find dozens of articles exposing shady, sketchy links between many services pretending to protect your privacy.

Looks like a fucking nightmare. Honestly, if you need a VPN, just get a VPS and install OpenVPN on it.


File: 1ac17bad22d00c6⋯.png (221.32 KB, 1500x1278, 250:213, freebtc.png)


Using a VPN is literally paying to be subject to a man in the middle attack.




Look up MicroG, it's a FOSS replacement for Jewgle Play Services



The toy-like interface has kill switches even on windows. Who are you shilling for?



What if I just want to use unsecured public wifi without being sniffed by script kiddies? Do I just trust https with everything? Why not add another layer? What if I just want better anonymity in general and don't have anything to do with activities that get people vanned?



>Would people really do that?

>Just go on the internet, and tell lies?


anyone that still supports Q anon and Donald Trump and is recommending you a VPN you know it's dodgy as fuck

example X22 Report , that guy is just flat out kidding himself at this point with the lying, he's the kind of idiot that just enjoys knifing the people he's ripping off in the back


There sure is some effort here for people to give their naked IPs away.

You're just going to echo forever, MOSSAD.



But how else will I play Lost Ark?


File: 22a2ae0310516e3⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 200x133, 200:133, 1407868551756.gif)


Invest your spare change into Nord. Its a data gold mine that everyone with sub 70 IQ drools over. (((They're))) going to steal your info anyway, might as well get paid for it.


File: 223ebf02de59e76⋯.jpg (7.44 KB, 255x159, 85:53, 463111a1a79cae34689ad061d7….jpg)



use a relatively small vpn.



>doesn't know how Tor works

>posts as if he does anyway

I bet you use Ubuntu because "Linux doesn't phone home", too.



>your ISP still knows you're using Tor

Scrubs think this statement proves something.


>all this paid shit

are there any FREE VPNs?


File: 966fe8c32a5c3c6⋯.gif (961.68 KB, 171x172, 171:172, Wait.gif)


can someone tell me what this actually does


File: aadb5aeb172d44f⋯.png (236.62 KB, 1381x529, 1381:529, ClipboardImage.png)


never mind



Everyone assumed you weren't dumb enough to use one. It seems we were wrong.



that would be tor



misinformation is in full force on the chans these days kys



TOR is still a good option and there isn't anything stopping you or anyone else from making their own fucking nodes. From what I know best thing to do is bounce your traffic around as much as possible if you're doing anything illegal.



>linked to protonmail

Fucking dammit. Fucking dammit all to hell.



i knew that these things cant be trusted. only dumb normalfags fall for the vpn meme



Use a real email service like riseup or A/I nigger


my advice, learn opsec from criminals use the services that they use.


if you want to be secure use a librebooted thinkpad with a free OS like parabola or trisquel

if you use a vpn use openvpn, not their propriatary client

also if youre worried about the vpn just use tor in addition to the vpn

the vpn can protect you against infected computers on your own network. if you share network with your not so tech savvy family they can infect your computer through LAN so a vpn solves that



VPNs do that on purpose so they're not constantly harassed by law enforcement or journofags



People have gotten busted because law enforcement asks an ISP which customers were using Tor at a certain time and the ISP of course hands it over.



Nord speeds are typically slower for me, but torrents with enough seeders can still easily max my bandwidth. I don't use the client because I don't want all web activity going through the VPN. (Bank and work information is obviously me and would just make it more obvious I'm using the VPN. Other accounts I've used with my real IP don't use the VPN either because it's already profiled to my area.) I have a separate browser for anonymous/pseudonymous web stuff with Nord, though I typically use Tor unless I need faster bandwidth or exit nodes are blocked/restricted.

I use it because someone I know recommended it at the beginning of the shilling, and I didn't think much of it. I'll probably go with Mullvad after this expires.


Assuming this isn't bait, you don't do illegal shit on a VPN if your country's feds track that kind of shit.


Only a retard blindly trusts a 3rd party with illegal shit. I'm skeptical of Tor right now seeing how the devs want to fight against "hate speech" more than the drug/child trafficking their software is more frequently used for, but at least most cases of people getting arrested were for fucking up their own opsec, or not following recommended security/anonymity precautions.



How many cases were there of that happening? The only one I remember was some student making a bomb threat toward his school over Tor, but school internet logs showed he was the only Tor user at the time making him the obvious culprit.


Remember Proxychains? Is there a way to chain vpn's?



yes, if you own multiple vps then you can tunnel



this is why you keep it always running. even better if you run it on some remote computer instead



time correlation attacks happen more frequently if the user is already being actively surveilled by LE



dont use tor at home. public wifi or even better, borrow wifi from your neighbor. (by asking of course)



>People have gotten busted because law enforcement asks an ISP which customers were using Tor at a certain time and the ISP of course hands it over.

source, faggot. only example i recall is Eldo Kim, and he used wifi of the same school he targeted



if they know your isp then you are doing something wrong and might as well use clearnet connections instead.



It's based in Panama for the reason that it has no treaties with the USA in relation to sharing intelligence, cooperating with intellectual property infringements or the like.


If vpn(s) works, why are they still legal?



I was expecting it to run a jabbashit miner on the background.

It probably does in addition to that.



Ah! The Nigerian scam.


Most people here has got no real VPN knowledge.


Are there any good free VPNs for a poorfag?



doesn't have to mean anything if it's just a p/o box. you never know where shit gets actually stored and/or what they sell. that's why every vpn has to be taken with a grain of salt.



Tor and SoftEther you shit-for-brains


Why is PIA shit? What should I switch to?



Most freevpns i've seen block torrents, so no.



PIA is actually fine for the most part, worse thing about it is (((14 eyes))) aside that they have a good history of not backing down when it comes to user privacy, they absolutely don't host logs.

This does make them one of the more popular vpns so expect to be banned/blocked from almost all irc, email and many websites or other services.



What makes you think that wasn't a ruse? The FBI pulled the same trick with Apple, making people believe Apple would stand up for their user's privacy, when the FBI didn't need cooperation from them in the first place, since Apple devices had the USB keyboard backdoor (and probably many more that we don't know about).

Nothing prevents the FBI from working in private with a corporation without divulging it in court. It benefits both parties.



>based in Panama

Believing the lie of big-nosed man, I see.




calm down NSA, this is a VPN thread.


VPNs are fine if you are pirating, because there's nothing to gain for these companies by selling you out to some rando copyright lawyer. For everything else I wouldn't trust them.


File: b08a830f3cfbcd0⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1787x1006, 1787:1006, wdydwtc.jpg)


pic related

>Not simply buying a laptop at a flea market, removing all it's compromised components (wwan card and useless external devices), traveling via public transit to a free wifi location in an open environment full of people (park, university, conservatory, bloated parking lot if public transit isn't an option), backpacking your laptop, dressing-walking-typing different and concealing your face as much as possible (homemade facial hair, shades, big straw hat for shade, putty even if you wanna go spergmode), cross your arms, long sleeve shirt, don't leave fingerprints, and use Tails (bonus with a true random number generator USB for hardened passwords).

Just wrap it in tin foil MULTIPLE times (use gloves and don't drop hair, sweat, mucus, identifying substances or materials or blood into it by mistake, be careful not to overheat the unit) and hide it in your closet or some secret location in public if you're afraid of RF tracking, or even kill switches within the device (see: paranoia), use veracrypt, steghide, or tomb for files, rename tomb files and keys to double hide them, use long passwords, write them down on paper, keep em in your wallet. Severe paranoids remove both wwan and wifi card, only hook up to CAT5 in far away location from home with Tails (very limiting).

Use it for good.



Or, you can go with option b and just quit doing sneaky shit needlessly. Most people just waste time online anyway. So my recommendations were really for people ..who are most likely truly fearful of government surveillance, like the Chinese.



This, there are so many people that are juicier than your shitposting on /tech/ and your unique and hot takes on jews and homos. Millions of people online, literally nobody cares. inb4 somebody claims I'm some bioluminescent government worker. If I were, you wouldn't be worth my time.



NordVPN is a big sponser of TYT (The Young Turks). Cenk is shilling for them constantly on his show. That's pretty much all you need to know about NordVPN. They are far leftists and no friend of white nationalists. right wingers or conservatives. Its a honeypot to catch "nazis"


That doesn't matter because of the sheer number of people using a single node at any one time offers you a level of protection a single use VPN can't.


>you should use just TOR, if you want to be more anonymous.

For shitposting and browsing yes but not really anything else. The power of TOR is that literally 1000s of people are using the same IP at once. There is power in numbers which shields any one individuals identity unlike a single paid VPN which you are the only one using shows everything you're doing and links everything to you. You would be crazy to use one imo ....VPN's are honeypots (like NORDVPN) all of the your data is recorded and directly linked to you.



>That doesn't matter because of the sheer number of people using a single node at any one time offers you a level of protection a single use VPN can't.

t. someone who doesn't know how correlation attacks work


The thing is, they use the name nord, so people think they're swedish or something, they're from Panama. And they're also just too damn expensive



What email service is A/I? I can't find anything online.



>- Blocked by many sites that one might want to use, such as amazon etc.

not anymore. govt sites yes tho

i noticed a lot of nordvpn threads popping up lately. all with no solid evidence, only conjecture. probably just under assault by glowniggers who cant get cooperation with panama so they can meet their monthly quota of terrorizing americans for post words online.


It is not that NordVpn might be a honeypot or not. It is absurd to insist that you can actually protect your privacy on the Internet from the government. A vpn , at best, can help you access content that is blocked in your country/region , but a vpn, tor or anything for that matter can do nothing to hide your ip address from law enforcement. So dont you think you can actually hide from the fbi or law enforcement with a vpn or anything for that matter.



Agreed. It's cheap. Not the best one but has low price and good security. The speed is ok, but ping is not suitable for gaming.


What about ExpressVPN? Thinking about paying it... Is it at least "usable"?



Destroy the device after using. Shred it into million pieces then burn it. Wrap the product in paper and dump into public trash bucket. (I forgot the think that use to carry waste)



Yes. It's worth your money. I think it's a bit overrated.




No. No. This can't be true. No. No. No. Fucking damn it. Fuck this shit.



You're welcome. Have a good time.



kys shill


File: 6949177960813cb⋯.png (64.44 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bda31c615bd50c3⋯.png (35.1 KB, 728x90, 364:45, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this good?




Not recommending them, I haven't read anything, but here: https://www.autistici.org/


>Is a VPN in a jurisdiction with gag orders, which hosts multiple agencies who track basically the whole world through the internet by subpeoning private companied, a good one?


>give all your internet traffic to a single entity instead of splitting it for each individual place you go to

I don't get it



stupid people with money



Your ISP already does all that for the NSA/CIA/mossad, telephone/internet companies were gotten control of since the 60's


File: e94ef3f085da449⋯.gif (35 KB, 700x488, 175:122, 11113.gif)

I've given it some thought. The only thing that would keep people truly anonymous is trading their laptops with people globally, then those traders, trading with local traders in their neck of the woods, essentially scrambling hardware globally, continuously. Keeping units for no more than a month. Until by it's 10th hand, the unit no longer means anything. Users continue using free public wifi, keep taking precautionary measures, Using Tails (or Whonix-Qubes CLI, Log-killer, or whatever you 1337folks are up to now a days) disabling javascript, cookies, physically destroying webcam, wwan, wifi cards, internal microphones, using a non pozzed dongle, disabling history logging, keep browsing on safest modes of operation, block popups, minimize the browser as suggested by Tor/Tails etc. It would make it damn near impossible to track people. Think of a local meetup dedicated to hardware trading, that branches off independently as a PO box trading group.



And of course, avoiding cameras and physically hiding ones identity. Unless you can hack the camera system of your free wifi spot before you even get there I know some of you glorious bastards can do this, but common sense is usually the best line of defense.


File: f31b1e65e4b1323⋯.png (343.75 KB, 638x792, 29:36, 1440739195418.png)


Lol if you are going to use a vpn, the only use a vpn has is helping you bypass your isp from blocking your access to torrenting sites like PirateBay. Other than that, i dont think there is any point of using a vpn. Also there is no reason to suspect NordVPN is actually a honeypot.



i dont use wifi at all. it and all devices connecting to it are basically tracking beacons and any botnet devices thats close enough will send the data to one or more tracking servers.



>Just look up the page about it on their website.

do you have a link? i searched their site and didnt find anything about it



they'll know who is who by the accounts you log into. plus all the 2 step verification that will triangulate with your phone.

i still believe in VPN's tho


File: e8c3ac8f1020dd8⋯.png (11.26 KB, 290x307, 290:307, solitonradar.png)

File: ae06815a775af4e⋯.png (10.01 KB, 259x194, 259:194, jamming.png)


Can't track it in multiple layers of tin foil, in the hands of it's 5th owner, all the way in some place in Eastern Europe. Dodging cameras is a art.


File: ef8dec734b53fc0⋯.png (16.29 KB, 375x375, 1:1, shig.png)


>logging into accounts on a laptop

Don du dis.



There again, you can probably get away with it on Whonix-Qubes, I mean surely these guys bombing doxxes on here had to access twilio or some other bullshit service to find them, creating a fake account isn't the same as creating a real one. Besides, you can always create new accounts. So no big deal.


File: eeef1218ad99315⋯.jpeg (2.53 KB, 138x141, 46:47, serveimage.jpeg)



local trade




create monthly cipher

(a = 10, b = 4, c = 1, . = space, etc)

post it on 8ch or .onion




trade addresses using cipher via tox,

kik, or app that deletes texts automatically




PO BOX (package arrives)




loop back to start



And of course I don't recommend any of you do any of this.



These are all just free VPNs though.



If a VPN doesnt log your IP the gov would have an extremely hard time identifying you. The problem is many VPNs claim to have a no-logging policy but you can't tell if it's true or not.



> absolutely no reason at all, goy, trust me, i dont glow


File: ff67996ca500d16⋯.jpg (18.59 KB, 476x268, 119:67, Terrre_plate_Lune-ab39e.jpg)

Did someone said NordVPN??? Oh I forgot to tell you about my sponsor, NordVPN, because you know I live in the North myself.



how much did they pay you



That is why I said you should assume by default all vpns probably keep logs of your ip address and other identify info even if the vpn actually does not. Like i said earlier, i would only rely on a vpn to bypass content that is blocked in a certain country you might be in ie trying to access Youtube from China using a vpn.



Are there other decentralized VPNs besides these three?



What makes you think decentralized = the vpn is not a honeypot? You do realize Freenet is a decentralized p2p system , and the cops still managed to set up honeypot servers to catch people downloading cp from Freenet? Just because something is decentralized doesnt automatically make it any less prone to being a honeypot/trap set up by the cops. A decentralized system of communication is just as prone to being a honeypot as a centralized one fyi whether it is a vpn or p2p.



> just get a VPS and install OpenVPN on it.

I have an exoscale account and I've spent like 10 hours trying to do this to no avail. Is it really that simple because I can't for the life of me figure it out


I have it, regret it.

Phone complains that it's a drain on its battery because it's always stopping and starting in the back ground. I dig my phone. lol

Need a real VPN though I do enjoy Ghosterly.



>There is no way that they can be shilling to so many influencers and have so many organic "how do I use this service" posts on the net.

VPNs are a clusterfuck to setup. Why is it surprising that laymen would have trouble?

VPNs are a scam period. Only polniggers (and people who watch TV) are stupid enough to fall for this shit.


case in point


>Tor is insecure cuz all 3 of ur proxies can be NSA at the same time.

>Use 1 proxy instead

aaaaaand we absolute retard now


>Never blindly use a VPN service. Mainly look at their website for sentences about keeping logs or something along the lines of "Report activity to authorities if necessary" (yes some VPN services do say this shit).

>nwever bwindwy use a veeeepen serwvwice. Mainwy wook at thweir webswite fwo senwences awbwout kweeping wogs

Is this fucking yahoo answers?


File: baa3c84767df453⋯.png (6.31 KB, 189x137, 189:137, botnet.png)



This kills the botnet.



Also if you're using microG, install it on LOS or AOSP.

Otherwise, it would be useless since all stock roms are spyware/bloatware



And what makes you think the nsa owns a lot of Tor nodes?


I am just curious about what the OP is trying to use his vpn for.


All I know is:

Download movies without VPN, get scary emails from lawyers.

Install PIA, no more emails.



kys. you are literally paying someone so you don't get bluff emails. it's not illegal to watch warez. now the only irony missing would be if PIA gave their money back to the movie industry or copyright companies. also, this isn't a general VPN thread like you and half the retards here seem to think.



I got my parents' internet shut off by pirating movies ~15 years ago



sue your ISP, or disable uploading on your torrents



I got 2 years of PIA for like $30, I'm already set, thank you



$0.001 has been deposited into your account



The main reason i use a vpn to torrent is because my isp has recently blocked access to Piracy Websites such as Pirate Bay, and I need a vpn to bypass my isp from blocking me from torrent.



they cant really block the magnets. you could use tor to access the onion that piratebay has instead of giving money to the vpn industry.



Isnt Tor unsafe?



>TORtoise is military grade.

>but then if one is a pedo like you and only wants to download small files of violated children, speed don't matter



its not that kind of slow. usually the speeds are really good. its just the ping that is high so you might want to use something else for game connections.



look up "proxy bay"


Who can trust a fucking retarded compagny based on marketing. Their -75% promo on the main page is a trap for retard, the live counter reset itself if you delete cache. lol


File: 22702415162db18⋯.png (36.84 KB, 795x909, 265:303, nordvpn.png)


Well, I don't see anything about proxy in the settings but it does have a killswitch and the speeds are fine on gigabit.



/aus/fag here, used to slow speeds




What an insult



Torrented well over 30 illegally downloaded movies, never recieved an eMail



What if im lonely and I like recieving emails?



I haven't used it in almost three years, maybe it's gotten better, maybe it hasn't. It was shit when I used it though so I don't care that much.



Only if your isp sucks.

Move to a more local isp, you won't get nothing.


File: 929217f6cd48456⋯.mp4 (8.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, WARIO LAUGHING.mp4)



tfw local isp was sold to one of the biggest isps and they immediately added the blocks for piratebay that they have on their networks too. it worked fine before that because they seem to only require it from the big isps that everyone knows. its also not a simple dns block anymore because even the direct ip gives a timeout.


Hello, PIA fag here,

Lots of settings, read their Terms of Agreement and didn't see anything fishy at all,

Does anyone have anymore i fo on the vpn?

Should i switch?? Im genuinely worried about my privacy.


File: de39bda350f34bf⋯.jpg (432.2 KB, 1011x951, 337:317, rukots.jpg)

"Tesonet Data Mining Company Linked to NordVPN, Protonmail, ProtonVPN"



I don’t have a VPN? What VPN does 8chan recommend? What happened with Mullvad? It was a popular recommendation on image boards.

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