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File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.


File: cc34b74698487cd⋯.jpg (98.77 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1499170536676.jpg)

there is this open wifi in my neighborhood.

i can connect to it normally, and access the rooter login page just fine (i don't have the password so i can't go beyond that).

but there is no internet.

after checking with Airodump, it shows large traffic and it also has 4 clients.

how is that possible ?, is the rooter using some sort of mac filter to only allow certain clients to access interweb ?



It's manually connected and disconnected from the Internet. It isn't permanently connected as is the traditional way to use wifi.



$ sudo apt-get install ungoogled-chromium

[sudo] password for username:

Reading package lists... Done

Building dependency tree

Reading state information... Done

E: Unable to locate package ungoogled-chromium


Will it be/Is it worth installing Windows 10 on a Ryzen setup over Windows 7?



>sacrificing your privacy for better performance

no, use windows server 2016 instead if you must



i think it is connected, i can see the data transfer, but i can't access it.


File: 768af0dc0f32054⋯.png (158.87 KB, 500x400, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


a-anon are you b-baka? didn't y-you see the g-github link I posted a-above? h-h-h-h-h-here, I'll h-help you..

t-these are b-binaries


t-there are s-s-s-sources


ps: i-i-i-i-i-install g-g-gentoo!!1!


Let's say I have a normiebook pro 3.0 laptop that I've been ignorantly using for the past couple years.

Is it possible to remove all ties to my former online identity by installing new firmware + OS, and either not going online or when I do, not signing into any of my old accounts and suing much, much improved operational security? I've read about this a lot, but don't use it much in practice (i.e I know about web browser fingerprinting, but haven't cared enough until now to check). Or will this laptop always tell the alphabet agencies/sophisticated agents who I am - and in that case, is getting a new one a clean slate? Or would I need a new IP with a FLOSS router + reputable VPN?

>inb4 defeatist says anonymity isn't possible anyway


File: 49973d67828d5cf⋯.png (45.33 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, pcissue.png)

My disc usage is on 100% most of the time eventhough there is appearantly nothing wrong with my pc... i tried all the common solutions that are available but nothing solved it hoping some anon can help me out maybe



Stop and disable superfetch.

Go to the start menu and type in services.msc then use that program.


File: 361a746e827bdcc⋯.png (58.59 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, pcissue2.png)


i already did this with no effect but i forgot to say that my percents are not steadily on 100 instead they jump from 0 to 100 every 5 seconds causing massive lag for my entire pc

the graph shows it in the pic


File: 504c168685e9c9f⋯.png (2.04 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


>Is it possible to remove all ties to my former online identity by installing new firmware + OS

w-who do you want to conceal your old i-identity from, a-anon? Normies? Professional doxxers? Advertisers? or the (((NSA))) boogeyman?

>Not going online

Cutting your i-internet connection is the only way you can be 100% s-sure you aren't being s-spied on. H-However next time you connect i-it'll probably b-begin dumping d-data.

>not signing into my old accounts

Signing out alone is enough to escape normies. Resetting your history, cookies, cache, VPN, assuming a false identity and never talking about your previous one is enough to escape doxxers and advertisers (as long as they don't know your address, phone and such)

>Or will this laptop always tell the alphabet agencies/sophisticated agents who I am

It will.

>and in that case, is getting a new one a clean slate?

No, you can never get a clean slate from a normal store. In order to get a clean slate, buy an IBM x60 from a REAL person, libreboot it, install free as in freedom software on it, get a FOSS router and route everything through TOR or other similar network. That's the only way to be as safe as humanly possible.

The NSA agents will know you (by name and address) are using TOR but, in theory, they shouldn't be able to know what you're doing or what you're sending and recieving.

>Reputable VPN

sure, if you can trust a company that can be sued and bribed.



That's just the NSA operator scanning your computer anon-sama. There's nothing to worry. You have nothing to hide, right, a-anon-sama?



Oh then I don't know what that is.

From my experience superfectch just maxes out the hard disk all the time.


File: 2411ee742a144d3⋯.jpg (222.52 KB, 430x463, 430:463, autism.jpg)


N-no i would never have anything lewd or illegal on my pc.. I promise im a really innocent a-anon


Thank your for your effort anyway !


Okay so I did something pretty dumb tbh, I wrote an API in python that relies heavily on keyword string substitution. Would it be possible to simply escape special characters in my inputs in order to prevent sql injection? I keep hearing that this is a bad way to do things.


File: b445d290d33bfa8⋯.png (462.73 KB, 477x693, 53:77, ClipboardImage.png)


>I promise im a really innocent a-anon

o-ok i t-trust you anon-sama

g-go to settings, notifications and turn off s-show me tips about w-windows

m-make sure to d-disable Windows Search, Superfetch and BITS in services.msc a-anon-sama

a-after that i-it should stop a-after a m-minute or two


File: 578264afc39a8fa⋯.png (376.25 KB, 718x400, 359:200, Nico_hugs_Maki.png)


U solved it! T-hank you so much Anon-sama



Then I can't use the package manager for updates.


There are VPN providers who physically remove the disks from their servers.


use xclip, xfce4-screenshooter, and curl, how is left as an exercise for the reader


File: b4cd4585354c610⋯.png (520.04 KB, 900x617, 900:617, ClipboardImage.png)


>Then I can't use the package manager for updates.

t-they update fairly in-infrequently anyways, s-so you'll never h-have the latest b-browser.

>There are VPN providers who physically remove the disks from their servers.

>physically remove the disks from their servers

w-what is that e-even supposed to m-mean??


y-you're welcome a-anon-sama



t-try s-shutter or this GNU+Linux port a-anon-kun https://github.com/Francesco149/sharenix



Stop stuttering anon

>they update fairly infrequently anyways, so you'll never have the latest browser.

Yes, I know, that's the point of running devuan stable.

>what is that even supposed to mean?

They run the servers from read only media, so it's physically impossible for them to store logs.


File: 96d193ede72d1db⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>stop stuttering anon

d-don't make f-fun of my d-d-d-d-disability

>They run the servers from read only media, so it's physically impossible for them to store logs.

b-but how can you be s-so sure a-anon that they're not another NSA s-subsidiary?




I'm that anon. Ultimately I did this. Please bully if something is wrong. My knowledge of this stuff is very limited.

ffmpeg -video_size 1920x1080 -f x11grab -i :0.0 -loglevel 0 -frames 1 -c:v webp -lossless 1 -y -f webp /tmp/boylove.webp | curl -F "reqtype=fileupload" -F "fileToUpload=@/tmp/boylove.webp" https://catbox.moe/user/api.php | xsel --clipboard -i 

rm /tmp/boylove.webp

Depends on xsel, ffmpeg and curl. Takes a lossless webp screenshot and uploads it to catbox.moe

I'm having an issue though, you guys see that I nigger rigged ffmpeg into saving to /tmp/ and then having curl read that file which is deleted after everything is done. Is there a way to avoid it with piping or something?

Also when I'm done shitposting, watching anime and playing videogames I'll use ffmpeg to make and output a beeping noise and add that to the script


Any recommendations on free and/or open source Android emulator? I need to install some sketchy Chinese / Russian apps for online shopping. (AliExpress and epn apps.)





ffmpeg -video_size 1920x1080 -f x11grab -i :0.0 -frames 1 -vcodec png -f image2 - | curl -F "reqtype=fileupload;fileToUpload=@-;filename=img.png" https://catbox.moe/user/api.php | xsel --clipboard -i

Should work



But you can buy using the online store. You can also contact the seller and pay via paypal for 10-20% discount for larger items.


Is there a good storage service like mixtape.moe, but with an upload limit of 7+ GB?




What's the biggest storage limit in such sites then?



>You can also contact the seller and pay via paypal for 10-20% discount for larger items.

I'm looking to buy a phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global).

I actually just installed aliexpress app on an old spare phone just for a measly $2 coupon. Buying through the epn and aliexpress app gets me like 6% cashback.

Would paying with paypal still afford me with any buyer protection?



install ipfs


File: a15602e66a5daba⋯.png (346.09 KB, 532x532, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


nya.is h-has a limit of 3gb, a-anon-san

void.cat has a l-limit of 2gb a-as well



Cool shit, thanks man.


anyone have that picture of the really cute guy from, i think, computer chronicles?

he had aviator styled glasses




I'm trying to build a librebooted system. I'm going to get the Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L motherboard (>tfw to poor to buy dual AMD opterons) this board would fit a core 2 quad Q660 but I'm not sure if it would be compatible with libreboot. Has anyone tried this?



im straight tho


File: 7b43d308aee2611⋯.png (160.91 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)


>Intel Q6600

w-why do you t-torture yourself, a-anon?


y-you really aren't a-anon-kun


Is ProtonVPN safe for the occasional torrent? I trust their email service, but there's a difference between a free email storage and a free VPN that can see everything.



>w-why do you t-torture yourself, a-anon?

Because newer intel quad core's aren't compatible with libreboot and I can't afford 2 Opterons.


File: ab10842518d1436⋯.png (149.62 KB, 362x346, 181:173, ClipboardImage.png)


i-is there any s-specific factor that is preventing you from s-saving up, anon?


File: b46583f04fc1cf8⋯.jpg (286.4 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, b46583f04fc1cf8d1106774634….jpg)

So I use a VPN and a virtual machine. I'm currently using network namespaces to segregate my two physical interfaces. I start openvpn in one of the namespaces and I start virtualbox in the same one.

What this gives me is a virtual machine that pipes all traffic through the vpn while still having normal network traffic without the vpn for everything that isn't the VM. I'm reasonably certain that I've gotten dns leaks dealt with and VM shows a different public IP than the one outside the instance.

With public IP and DNS leaks dealt with, what other security hazards are there?



The VM could be poorly constructed and leak metadata about for example your CPU.



>using a VPN for torrent

What are you, a faggot? I've been torrenting for years, never had any abuse notices. Anything without a US IP is fine, since those are the only ones they care about.



I'm cheap and I don't need 2 cpus and a server motherboard. Plus I allready have a Q660.



Although using a Free VPN is a fucking terrible idea and you should never do it, if you need to do it torrent in a VM/namespace so that's the only thing they see.


I've got an issue that's driving me fucking insane. I am trying to set my tmux status bar to GREY not black. I am using the linux tty console not a terminal emulator in X i do NOT have X installed i do everything via framebuffer

if i echotc Co it prints 8 however i KNOW that is BS because if i run ANY color script it will physically display more than 8 unique colors (specifically it has black,darkgrey,grey,and white)

I did all the set term shit for tmux, i launch tmux using an alias, i have my TERM env set to screen256 color

but no matter what i do when i set the tmux status bar color to "colour233" or "#080808" or "brightblack" it is always black. It does this for every other color too, its basically just not showing the bright variants of colors even though im using a font with only 256 glyph's and i know for a fact it will print colors out using escape codes. I am also using ZSH so that could be a contributor to the problem but i honestly have no idea please SEND HELP


>[ 417.253702] nvidia: version magic '4.11.9-ck SMP preempt mod_unload modversions ' should be '4.11.9-ck SMP mod_unload modversions '

If I compile my kernel with voluntary kernel preemption instead of preemptible kernel I get this when loading the nvidia kernel module. I'm on gentoo and using genkernel, recompiling the module doesn't fix it. Wat do?



Uni in my country automatically throttles you when you make a large number of connections with small download rates, IE Bittorrent transfer.


Haven't used bittorrent in ages, and I need a way to try some stuff before I spend money on it. What clients aren't cucked/botnet, and what sites can be semi-trusted?

Sorry for shitdumb question. I just haven't needed it in ages due to corporate buying all my important software lol.


File: dfe91d574067b9c⋯.jpg (15 KB, 500x280, 25:14, xbox-360-liveparty.jpg)

I remember back when I still used consoles and Netflix there was this cool mode where you could watch things with your friends.

It synced pretty well and I have been looking for something like this on pc for a frw days now. I have used a site called watch2gether

for some stuff but it has no support for files on my hdd. Dose anyone on /tech/ do this? I have 100s of GBs I'd like to watch with

people even if I have to host it myself. Also general file hosting/sharing thread.



Just stream it and watch the stream from another PC? Technically you could be able to make so you don't hear the audio from the movie and hear the stream without effecting it, but it will require more work.


File: 9b5784239a72840⋯.jpg (50.92 KB, 628x600, 157:150, 88.jpg)

Stuck on a filthy windows machine for the afternoon. At least is XP.

Need to get some shit done here. Anyone knows of a software, free at least as in beer, to get rid of duplicate files?

This shit is a mess.




That's not what -fs is for. -fs stops writing the file once it reaches your specified size.

Your webm was a 1.5MB file with bad quality because it used the default settings

If you want a video to have a certain size you should do a 2 pass VBR encode or if the file size is more important than quality a CBR encode.

From my experience vp9 with the libvpx-vp9 encoder is the popular video codec that misses the target bitrate the most, and then there's also muxing overhead. I personally encode at a bitrate 5% lower than the desired one and I rarely have to reencode due to overshoot. I also reencode the original audio and mux it into the webm repeatedly until I get the file size I want in case of undershoot, because audio encodes fast.


Try qbittorrent and for searching your torrents use the built in search engine which will look stuff up on a bunch of torrent sites.

When it comes to "trustable" websites you should just ensure you're anonymous and then in case they are indeed sellouts companies will have millions of better targets than you.

I personally use rutracker for anything not porn, pornleech for porn, rarbg for both and I also still go to piratebay because they're the one public tracker that still has most of it's old things.


I'm trying to reset my admin password on my Windows 7 desktop: I forgot it and have no reset disk.

Does anyone know how to properly do the first two steps: http://imgur.com/gallery/H8obU

I can't seem to get the dark screen with "Launch Startup Repair (recommended)" and "Start Windows Normally" prompts. I've tried both mashing F8 and holding down F8.


File: 218cde4480f77a8⋯.png (48.23 KB, 870x679, 870:679, screenshot.png)


And I've tried it without pressing any keys and turning it off right before the Windows 4 color logo finished loading (see pic.)




Do a hard restart. Turn off the electricity if a restart doesn't work. And it should work. Any irregular turning off the system should work.



Also just wait until it asks you to log in and then do a hard restart.


File: 66ccc16855b33c4⋯.jpg (53.03 KB, 610x607, 610:607, 1400042383586.jpg)


Thanks a bunch man




Deluge for Linux, qBittorrent for Windows.

nyaa.si or nyaa.pantsu.cat for anime torrents

rutracker for general torrents

rarbg.to for tv

thepiratebay.se for general torrents

btdb.in/btdig.com for obscure stuff

torrentproject.se to search by file size



Thanks for that! Website looks really useful in general as well.


File: 5ccfd741b33b7ac⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 286x180, 143:90, 5ccfd741b33b7acb6b51cb05cf….gif)

I started a thread about this and got a decent answer but someone said they would have a better one if I asked in this thread. I remember back when I still used consoles and Netflix there was this cool mode where you could watch things with your friends. It synced pretty well and I have been looking for something like this on pc for a frw days now. I have used a site called watch2gether for some stuff but it has no support for files on my hdd. Dose anyone on /tech/ do this? I have 100s of GBs I'd like to watch with people even if I have to host it myself.



>set up http server

>make your files available there or make a private torrent for them to download

>have them open time.is

>ask them to click the play button on a given time



>Just stream it and watch the stream from another PC?

yea but how?


File: 1df4fb5891b8186⋯.png (53.01 KB, 200x214, 100:107, 1498758046124.png)


>Ryzen 5 1600

>MSI B350M Gaming Pro

>Corsair Vengeance LED 2x16GB (CMU16GX4M2C3200C16)

>A-XMP Profile 1 (at 2933 MHz)

>can't hit 3200 MHz, been waiting for new BIOS update with AGESA to come out to try again

>it finally does

>update successful but XMP Profile defaulted to off

>now both XMP profiles are at 3200 MHZ with same timings (the fuck), tried applying profile 1 again

>mobo does three beeps, powers off then on, three more beeps and then it boots to windows

>"holy shit finally" as I double check with AMD Ryzen Master and CPU-Z

>my spider senses tingle badly

>I turn off PC, wait then turn on again

>it does the whole three-beeps-and-restart cycle like four times

>suddenly loud grinding sound, like when you shift the gears on a lathe wrongly

>PC defaults to 2100 MHz


Fuck, I really thought I finally got it. Now that it seems the XMP profiles are still fucked, I have a few questions since I'm new at overclocking.

1) Should I just wait for the restart cycles to end or do I manually turn the PC off? I admit I panicked back in April when I first heard that grinding sound and manually turned it off, which did reset the RAM configs

2) What the fuck was that grinding sound?

3) Are there any recommended guides on how to manually set the RAM timings? I don't wanna fuck up my RAM sticks, but I think 3200 should be possible with some fine-tuning now, or else it wouldn't have booted to begin with.


File: b7abafbb3d9d032⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 1500x1061, 1500:1061, ClipboardImage.png)


>1) Should I just wait for the restart cycles to end or do I manually turn the PC off?

Turn it off and never turn it on again

>2) What the fuck was that grinding sound?

It's the sound microsoft's dick made as it grinded against your butt

>Are there any recommended guides on how to manually set the RAM timings?

There are many documented cases where using the RAM sticks as urethral sounds increased their maximum OC

>I don't wanna fuck up my RAM sticks, but I think 3200 should be possible with some fine-tuning now, or else it wouldn't have booted to begin with.

That's right. You should try shoving the RAM up your dick, anon. You won't regret it!

pic related, you, microsoft is off-screen


File: d37de89e46be56e⋯.jpg (40.98 KB, 637x579, 637:579, cebfad026f5d465c842e534372….jpg)

How do i install Manjaro without all the bloat?

I got their official downloads and they all come full of packages i don't need or want in my computer, and i can't seem to remove one without having to start a chain uninstall of god's know how many other packages.

What i am looking is for something like Xubuntu Core, if you ever used it, it was basically a Xubuntu that only had the essential stuff to run a Desktop.



Download the vanilla net install openrc version.



Trust me i'd stop using firefox if the extensions i use for it where made in other browser, but they aren't, and i suck major ass at coding.

And i'd stop using Ubuntu if the only thing i need it for existed in any other distro.

It's a package named Overlayroot which basically loads the OS on a ramdisk, therefore any change made is never permanent, can be turned on and off by just changing a config line, i know you can manual this but sounds like too complex for my aficionado skills.


I'll give it a shot, thanks


Has wine Steam inb4 muh proprietary software stopped working for anyone else today? Do I need to add something to the configuration in winetricks to get it working again or something?



Subtitle files will only load if they have the same name as the movie file and are located on the same folder


I'm an autist that doesn't like change, so I wrote a script that changes all the

<text like this?

back to

>text like this.

I didn't consider threads updating though, so is there a way to get it to rerun the script every time I update the thread without having to refresh? Preferably in a way that works with Greasemonkey, because I noticed that when pasted into 8chan's custom JS field the script doesn't seem to run on the catalog.


File: f2bea9a5a0b4e7c⋯.png (149.53 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)


<I don't like change

<yet I want to change how the site works

a‎-a‎-are you b‎-b‎-b‎-bake, a‎-anon?


what are some books/courses i can read/do to help better my knowledge in servers (windows and linux), networking, and the like?

i already have decent skills in windows+linux (moreso windows, sadly) and i have a good grasp on hardware (besides networking, just basic stuff)



Not much of a /tech/ person really, but here is something I was given years ago when I was going to an interview for a job.




>loud grinding sound

Is it a loud grinding sound or the sound your fans make starting up? If it's the sound your fans make starting up it's harmless and it's natural to hear it multiple times while trying out invalid BIOS settings, if it's a loud grinding sound it's something unrelated to the memory. Maybe something got stuck on a fan or your hard drive took a shit, one way or the other you should look inside your computer to be safe.

>Are there any recommended guides on how to manually set the RAM timings?

Just go to the manufacturer's website and take a pic of the specifications of the memory with your cellphone or something, then reboot into your bios and input what it says on the memory configuration page of your BIOS. It's rare for a manufacturer to let you know every single timing but your motherboard should be able to just fill the unknown ones with default values and it should work and perform fine because some timings make unmeasurably little differences in performance.

>I don't wanna fuck up my ram sticks

Memory sticks are essentially made of a huge number of microscopic capacitors. Having a charge means 1 in binary and not having it means 0. As long as you're not overvolting what happens when your memory stick is unstable is it loses the charge before the charge is refreshed (there's a timing interval specifically for this, too) and it feeds wrong data. Harmless stuff, you won't damage your memory by configuring them wrong (outside of voltage). What might hurt is having this wrong data fuck something up, for instance in the ddr1 days I have corrupted a disk with unstable memory because the cpu wrote garbage to the filesystem.


What proxy works on halfchan?


File: 93c3fca8daf8dc6⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



n‎-nice malware a‎-anon-kun



Just download it, you fucking pussy.


File: dc961c423c6f090⋯.png (69.41 KB, 610x832, 305:416, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8f52c25610c00a5⋯.png (200.63 KB, 409x360, 409:360, ClipboardImage.png)


May Allah inflict on y‎-you the most terrible of pains.


File: a92a747a228fa27⋯.jpeg (906.65 KB, 1200x785, 240:157, 857578574647467578578.jpeg)


>Detection ratio 14/88

That's a designated aryanware, it just doing its job kebab-kun.


File: c1885ebade7f80d⋯.png (645.43 KB, 705x606, 235:202, ClipboardImage.png)



n‎-n‎-not funny!


w‎-w‎-w‎-w‎-w‎-w‎-what do you m‎-m‎-m‎-mean by this?



If you are scared of pdfs how do you expect anyone to help you?



i have that same setup and for some reason xmp-1 didn't work but xmp-2 did despite looking the same.

thing is now when i do a cold boot the BIOS now complains with three long beeps as well and does three retries before POSTing to the os.

>it just werks



Stop shitting up /tech/ with your retarded 12 yo posts. You should be banned. Go do your precious snowflake faggot troll routine somewhere else. Thx.


I have an old desktop I'm currently using as a server. The integrated nic only has a fast ethernet port, so I bought a gigabit pci card.

Would I be better off using the just the gigabit port or using both.


File: acc06b08ca2b88f⋯.png (778.34 KB, 680x680, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Stop shitting up /tech/

a‎-a‎-anon I'm i‎-i‎-i‎-improving /tech/ not s‎-s‎-shitting it up!!

>with your retarded 12 yo posts

i‎-i‎-i‎-i‎-i'm more mature t‎-t‎-t‎-than you!!

>You should be banned

n‎-no y‎-y‎-you!!!

>Go do your precious snowflake faggot troll routine somewhere else.

y‎-y‎-you fuck o‎-o‎-off and do y‎-y‎-yours somewhere e‎-else!


>too lazy to even type "thanks" properly

k‎-k‎-k‎-k‎-k‎-kill yourself, a‎-a‎-a‎-anon-kun!



Thanks a lot anon, I'll be sure to try either one or both of those :)


I don't know why but 8chanX doesn't work on Chromium. Should i try using an alternativ to Tampermonkey or there is a specific reason why it doesn't?


How good is DirectX 11 support in WINE right now? I'm going to be re-installing the OS on my gaming machine soon and I'd like to ditch Windows 7 in favor of a Linux distro but I have three games running DX11 that are holding me back from making the switch full time. I'd run them through a VM with passthrough but the CPU doesn't support it.


Please help

Firstly: linux mint 18.2, recently upgraded from 18.1

1. I keep getting linux kernel updates but they are level 4 so I did not install them and then I clicked "ignore updates for this", am I fucked forever or does it just ignore that specific level 4 update?

2. Steam in playonlinux does not work, at all, no clue or idea why, the debug log says nothing. Any ideas where to start? Yes, this is a recent wine + playonlinux reinstall



run your playonlinux on terminal and see what's the error.


why is mint is such a meme distro? did you compile a custom kernel from source?



no, I just installed the normal mint. it worked normally until the fucking 18.2 that ruined shit for no reason. for example my volume bar is no longer a black bar that fills up the higher the volume is, it's a light grey on white background bar that shrinks the higher the volume is, wtf

>run playonlinux in terminal

how do I even do that? but I already uninstalled it

I looked at the playonlinux.log and it didnt say anything. the only message was "initializing /directory/wineprefix/path/" and steam didnt give any error either, just refused to start for no reason. extremely weird

>level 4

I'm worried that I might never receive kernel updates ever, but I'm hoping that it's just this specific level 4 update that is ignored, so that level 1 or level 2 updates will still go through



In playonlinux, there's a debug option you can click in the left panel if I'm not mistaken. Select your steam client program in the program list then click "debug". It will run the steam on debug mode. It will also reveals the error logs if there's any.


Is Everychan the (good) app to use to browse 8chan in Android, or it have been deprecated by another app that I could have missed?



Dashchan is good.



yes, I did that, and in the error log there was nothing. it only said "initializing wine/version_number/path/to/wineprefix/directory" and then nothing else. no "crash", no "error", nothing





So a friend picked up a new laptop (HP notebook 15-ay103dx) and it came with Windows 10. I'm trying my best to unfuck that shit but the furthest we got was swapping back to legacy BIOS and installing Windows 7. The snag is that the kikes locked all of the drivers for that laptop to W10, so now I'm at a loss as to how to get it up and running.

The only drivers on the thing whatsoever are USB 3.0 drivers, since I bundled that into the W7 install. How would I go about getting drivers for the thing that are compatible?



Wait, aren't windows supposed to be the most compatible operating system ever? Why do you having issue with:

>muh drivers

How does it feel of using an OS that doesn't respect your freedom you fucking faggot.



>someone has a windows-related problem and explains it in a way that's in no way positive about windows

<wow you fucking faggot let me attack claims you never made

How is this going to help anyone? You're not even making a coherent argument for an alternative - the freedom is being restricted by the manufacturer and by Windows 10 here, and none of the freedom-respecting systems are particularly good with drivers.



>How does it feel of using an OS that doesn't respect your freedom you fucking faggot

I don't know, because I'm not the one with the laptop. That's why I need help getting him set up, because I've never had to bother fighting with said faggy OS before.



Why not just use windows 10 if driver compatibility is such an issue for you hmm? Or If you think that's a bad OS, you could just install gnu+linux distribution and it might work on your laptop just fine.


File: 0ed41f0175bef4e⋯.jpg (99.36 KB, 443x602, 443:602, 6gkhlj.jpg)


Nigger I run Arch on my laptop, but normalfags just want a computer that works without any of the W10 cancer, hence why I'm trying to help my friend get shit set up. Don't even try to pretend that gnu+linux is easier to use for the tech-illiterate.



Use Syncplay



Because Windows 10 is bad, and for a lot of use cases, GNU+Linux is bad for different reasons.

I personally run almost exclusively free software, for what it's worth, but really, it isn't viable for everything and everyone.


File: 35263ccb42c2303⋯.jpg (23.77 KB, 625x351, 625:351, GOqmWRa.jpg)


a-a-a‪-a‌ccor‪di‌ng ‌to ‌the‌ s-‌s-sp‪eci‪fic‪at‌ions‪ a‌vail‪ab‌le ‌h-h‌ere‌ htt‪ps:‪//s‪up‌port‪.h‌p.co‪m/r‪s-‌en/‌doc‌ume‌nt/c‪05‌392‌761 ‪t-t‪he ‪lap‪to‌p s‌hou‌ld n‪-no‪t ‌nee‌d a‌ny ‌d-d‌riv‌ers ‪as ‪th‌e de‪fau‪lt ‪Wi‌n7 o‪-on‪es ‪sh‌ould‪ wo‪rk ‪f-f‪ine‪..‌. m-‪ma‌ybe‌ yo‌u s‌houl‪d t‪-te‪ll ‪us‌ wha‪t ‌f-fu‪nc‌tion‪s ‌are ‪n-‌n-n‌-n-‌n-no‪t w‪or‌king‪. d‪-d‌oes‌ it ‪eve‪n s‪ta‌rt? ‪i-‌‪‪‪‪‪‌‪‪‪‪‌‌‌‌‪‌‪‪‌‌‪‌i-i‌-if ‪yo‌u'r‌e t‌alk‌ing‌ abo‪ut‌ the‪ b-‪bl‌ocke‪d ‌upd‌ates‪ t‌-the‪n j‪us‌t i‌nsta‪ll‌ t-t‪hi‌s p‌-pa‌tch ‪ht‌tps‌://‌git‌hub.‪com‪/‌ze‌ffy‪/w‪u‌fuc‪ ‌an‌d ‌it‌'ll‪ u‪-u‪nb‪l‌ock‪ t‪he‪m ‪bu‪t‌ i‌-i-i-i d-don't even k-know why you would w-want w-windows updates...



>Don't even try to pretend that gnu+linux is easier to use for the tech-illiterate.

If all he's doing is facebook or something then it doesn't really matter.



What are you doing?


File: 3c423c19c60447e⋯.png (695.41 KB, 713x605, 713:605, ClipboardImage.png)


>what are you doing

w-w-‌w-w‌-w-‌w-wh‪at‌ do‌ yo‌u m‌-m-‌m-me‪an,‪ a‌-a-a-anon??

just realized my stuttering obfuscator also fucks with links, so here they are again in working format





>stuttering obfuscator

>can't even do th right

Pretty shit anon did you make it yourself?


File: f68519bd1639f56⋯.jpg (52.64 KB, 464x464, 1:1, 1447471809578.jpg)


>pretty shit

i-i-⁣i-it‬ w⁣as ⁣d-d⁣-des‬ig⁣ned ‬to ‬be ‬s-⁣s-s⁣hit⁣ sin‬ce ‬a-⁣a-al‬l i‬t d‬oes‬ is‬ s⁣-s-s‬-sh‬it⁣ u-u‬-u⁣-un⁣icod‬e ⁣at ⁣s-s-‬s-s‬tri‬ng⁣s r⁣-r-⁣rand‬om⁣ly ⁣until they w-⁣w-w-work

i-i-⁣it's‬ p⁣ret⁣ty s‬-s⁣-stu‬pid‬ t⁣-t-⁣t-t⁣-t-t‬-t⁣-t-t‬-t⁣-t-⁣t-t-‬t-⁣t-t-‬t-tbh

when do I get to take it to the white house



God fucking damn I love this stuttering anime girl shit. I would pay to see this in a real anime and jack off to it in hentai. It's so fucking cute.


File: 32006b6a08b0263⋯.png (334.34 KB, 569x516, 569:516, filder moor.png)


I l-⁣l-l-‬l-⁣l-l⁣-l-⁣l-l⁣-l-l‬-l⁣-l-⁣l-l⁣-l-l‬-l-‬l-⁣l-l-‬l-⁣l-l⁣-l-⁣l-l-‬l-l‬-l-‬l-⁣l-l⁣-l-l‬-l-‬l-⁣l-l-‬l-l‬-l⁣ove ‬yo⁣u t-‬t-t-too, a-a-anon-kun!!!!



If you're thinking of trying to bond them or something, stop. The 100 port might be fine to use for a separate network, like for your botnet devices.



Do you need 10% faster speed badly?



How does one configure wifi for a minimal net install on a Dell Inspiron 3500? I can't use Ethernet as there are no ports for that.



I have the driver for the dongle installed, but I don't know how to configure the ip address with dhclient and I think I have the right information in /etc/network/interfaces



After a power failure I can't ssh into my main computer anymore from any other computer. I can ssh into any computer from my main computer. When pinging my main computer, I get a Destination Host Prohibited. I have a feeling selinux shat the bed, but I don't know. Any ideas?


I'm not sure this is the right place for my question, if not, please just ignore it or report it for deletion.

For quite a while now 8chan doesn't seem to clear my reply box and attached files after I post, which is quite uncomfortable to post and forces me to always add an image to every post if it occurs in a thread, since the reply box always looks like I have no image attached.

This happens both with and without activated 8chanX.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and perhaps has found away to counter it?



Do you have physical access? Something probably got corrupted


File: 7ca34601834f621⋯.jpg (79.06 KB, 700x627, 700:627, cosplay-alyson-tabbitha-ov….jpg)

How do I sabotage a modem discreetly so that nobody will know it was intentional?



Stick it all the way up your ass.


I want to download all mp4/webm and pictures from an entire thread on 8ch into one folder with as little time wasting clicks as possible in original quality.

Any tips? Im on win7



Wget for Windows


Anyone here who knows an app which allows taking VR photos of an object (i.e. a chair or laptop) itself instead of its surroundings? So basically the opposite of Google's Cardboard Camera (which takes a VR photo "outwards").


File: c95e4b1ff1707bc⋯.jpg (14.99 KB, 236x284, 59:71, tfw have to change file na….jpg)


>get 12V power supply

>open modem

>touch random pins on the micro inside for microsecond intervals (don't connect current to it too long or it'll burst into flames)

>close modem

save for fi­ngerprint­s nߺnߺnߺno one will be able to kߺknow it was yߺyou



File: b666cc581d786d3⋯.jpg (37.11 KB, 360x479, 360:479, Dogged.jpg)


I got myself a shitty BLU phone and it's stuck with Android 6.0, which is pure cancer.

Does anyone know how to downgrade it to 5.0 or upgrade it to 7? Or at least point me in the right direction?

Of course I got a lot of results in Jewgle but I ain't touching that shit just like that.


File: 3cc1e938ef0d272⋯.png (227.57 KB, 341x288, 341:288, you know you want to do it.png)


>Does not specify specific model

>Refuses to accept results of his own research

>Paying shekels for something he knew he would not like

Little known fact is that all BLU phones come with an additional OS hidden in a co-processor inside the main processors die that is only installed once certain conditions are met, those include

>phone is spinning at 1488 RPM

>phone is suddenly surrounded by mystery meat covered in new undiscovered species of bacteria

>the central nervous system of said mystery meat is emitting signals of distress, sexual arousal and embarassment

there's only one known way to accomplish that that is accessible to the normal man:

>tape the phone to a drill

>stick it in your butt

>post .webm

gߺgߺgߺgߺ­good l­uck­ aߺ­aߺaߺanon!



I'm new here faggot Thanks for the headsup

Model: BLU Studio G2 S010Q

>Accepting Jewgle search results at first glance

I might be tech illiterate but you're prime sub material, son

About buying shit you don't like, I lived in a shithole country, didn't have much of a choice given my income, and my job depended heavily upon a smartphone. The last one they stole it from me.

Rustle is top tier


File: 4ada7554c92ed33⋯.jpg (37.54 KB, 560x315, 16:9, kleebpoart.jpg)


>I lived in a shithole country

What country? India?

>didn't have much of a choice given my income, and my job depended heavily upon a smartphone

wߺwߺwere you a jߺ­jߺj­ߺjߺjߺjava programmer by any cߺcߺchance?

>Model: BLU Studio G2 S010Q

iߺiߺi cߺ­cߺcouldn'­t find­ aߺaߺa­ny sߺs­tock R­OMS­ with a v­ߺvߺ­ver­sio­n o­ther tߺthan 6.0, a­ߺaߺ­aߺa­ߺand i­t has nߺno a­ߺaߺ­aߺa­cti­ve com­mun­ity­ so­ no cߺcߺcߺcustom ROMS either...

tl;dr­: u­ߺunles­s you ­develo­p y­ߺyߺ­you­r o­ߺown R­OM ­the­ Andro­id ver­sio­n cߺcannot b­e c­ߺcߺ­cߺcߺcߺcߺcߺchanged


File: d6b16444ca26ed7⋯.png (561.39 KB, 1003x1205, 1003:1205, mattyburrito_s_gardevoir_g….png)

I've got an i7 7700k, and I bought myself a hyper 212 evo. Runs hotter than it did with the i7 2600 sock heatsink I originally had on it.

Idles around 40C. Running stress -c 8 takes it up to about 75C. Heatsink is nice and tight, I made sure to take the condom off of the bottom of the sink, and there's plenty of thermal grease on the bottom.

Any ideas? The heatsink itself isn't even getting warm.


File: b9783f086cd3545⋯.jpg (22.69 KB, 550x250, 11:5, gill ursalf.jpg)


>7700k runs hotter with 212 EVO than 2600 with stock

tߺtߺtߺth­at's n­ormal in ­the cߺ­cߺcߺcurrent day

>idle 40c

4790k on 212 EVO idles at 40c here

>stress takes it up to 75C

that'­s nߺnߺnߺn­ߺnߺ­nߺnߺnormal anon, Intel iߺiߺincluded a sߺspace heater fߺfeature in their pߺprocessors to help wߺwߺwarm the poor African cߺcߺchildren during Winter

>plenty of thermal grease

this mߺm­igh­t b­e a­ pߺ­problem sinc­e tߺtߺtߺtߺtߺ­tߺtoo much thermal gߺgrease­ me­ans too much­ tߺ­the­rmal r­ߺrߺ­rߺr­ߺrߺresistance, ideally it should only bߺbridge the imperfections in the sߺsߺsurfaces of the metal to improve tߺthermal coupling

>the heatsink isn't even getting warm

tߺtry­ wrapping it in a bߺbߺbߺ­bߺb­ߺbߺblanket desu


mobo is dead, copy of windows 7 is OEM, how do i Nose microsoft out of another activation for this donor motherboard.


File: bdd82ba053334cf⋯.jpg (64.31 KB, 872x916, 218:229, you're a faggot for even a….jpg)


>Uses OS with cuckold license

>Is surprised when he gets cucked

Install Gentoo.

WߺWߺWߺWat remo­ver­ or Windo­ws ­tߺt­ߺtߺtߺtߺtoolkit



not denying i did a dumb thing not getting the non-OEM version, I figured "that's years and years away, what's the worst that could happen"

do those unlockers actually work?


File: 9157ed683f1ce44⋯.png (274.26 KB, 506x588, 253:294, niggated.png)


>not denying i did a dumb thing not getting the non-OEM version, I figured "that's years and years away, what's the worst that could happen"

iߺit ­was­ of­ten­ nߺ­nߺnote­d by expe­rts­ tߺ­tha­t t­he dߺd­iffere­nce betwe­en pߺp­eop­les that ­couldn't form t­hei­r own ­cߺc­ߺcߺcߺc­ߺcߺcߺcivilization and those that cߺcould is that one pߺplanned forward and oߺoߺone did not.

>do those unlockers actually work

yߺyߺy­ߺyes but only if you gߺget them from the sߺsߺsource

seeing as you're such a baka I'll link 3, WATRemover is best for Windows 7 (and only works with it) imo, but cannot help with other microcuck products: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/outdated-unsupported-removewat.10895/

Migrosofd toolkit is for all windows versions and all microcuck office products: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/msmg-toolkit.50572/

KMSPico failed often for me and keeps processes running in the background, not recommended but try if the above 2 ones don't werk: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/kmspico-official-thread.65739/


Uhh is there some kind of software that will auto detect drivers I need for NIC and touchpads for laptops ECT? On windows 7.

I can download the drivers manually just wanting to know if there is some kind of driver download softeware (that isn't shit).


File: 8313fa98f3c526f⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 1061x600, 1061:600, Untitled.jpg)

My computer is sometimes going apeshit, the fuck is this?

So since today my computer suddenly started to mass click everything in sight in an instant and then freeze up. After restarting the computer the screen went black before Windows started, except for a green block and an N (see photo).

When I went into the BIOS my computer went apeshit again by constantly sending the message [return] so that the window kept appearing and disappearing. It only stopped when I did some input.

After that the computer worked again, but then after an hour went apeshit again and the cycle repeated.

The fuck is this? Virus scan leaves me clean. What hardware component is failing?


Can someone help?

My laptop gets to 90 degrees celsius (!) if I use it, and I have a fan that can get it down to 60-65 (which is where it normally operates).

My fan made some weird noises the past couple of days. No clue why, they started suddenly and stopped suddenly, as if one of the fans inside was malfunctioning.

Can anyone explain why my laptop overheats so fucking much and how to reduce it?

I'm on linux mint. Also on the nvidia panel, where it says

>this is a graphical representation of the current GPU core temperature relative to the maximum GPU core slowdown threshold temperature

the light is in the green-yellow area (60 degrees) but it gets to the red area for the 90 degrees. I assume that's bad. Can I mitigate this or minimize it?



Did you try a different keyboard? Someone hacked your keyboard firmware or something.




All I needed to do was reset my router and shutdown and turn on again (as opposed to restarting) and it works again.



Next time it happens I will try that. I highly doubt it's that though. As I also have that graphical issue and my computer refuses to boot the computer further than that.

Thanks for the input, and will definitely try if the issue persists without keyboard/different keyboard.


File: 8144042601f8556⋯.png (182.58 KB, 890x959, 890:959, screwup.png)


the problem could be thermal paste degradation, dust clogging up the vent or just summer high temperatures in general


this seems like the keyboard monkey virus, but it seems to be affecting your mouse too so wtf

something's wrong with my USB external drive, it appears everywhere (BIOS, manager, etc) but it doesn't show up on my explorer, i've tried clicking "change drive letter and paths" but it just tells me to refresh and try again, but everytime i refresh, the same message appears

it seems all i have to do is assign a letter to my disk, can somebody help me? pic obviously related



It's NTFS right? Either way, use a Linux livecd to check.



I'm having the same problem too you know. You need to change the thermal paste and do some cleaning on the cpu fan, at least once or twice a year especially for older laptop. As for heat mitigation solution, you can try running thermald daemon. It helps keeping the heat under control, but not that much though.


File: ebcd2b5a49006b6⋯.gif (6.51 MB, 466x466, 1:1, How to apply Thermal Paste.gif)



pic related, this is the correct way to change thermal paste.


File: 9df476bf222bcda⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 33.32 KB, 291x300, 97:100, megaredrage.png)


what's a linux livecd? i assume it's software but can i use it on windows?


what an absolutely correct way to change thermal paste pic related



How are you on /tech/ anon? This is overkill for your situation but under kill for others:

First go to this website: https://www.ubuntu.com/

Then download the iso:


Then go here:


Then read a guide somewhere when you get confused.





>greasing your cpu with mayo

I see nothing wrong with this.



>summer high temperatures

can't be, they were higher a few weeks ago and it wasn't this bad, plus it's been like this for months. now it's at 50 degrees but I only just started it

I forgot to mention it gets even hotter if I do actual stuff with it (e.g. play vidya or watch youtube for more than 10 mins)

>thermal paste degradation

do I have to do something about that? how do I know if that's even the issue?

>dust clogging up the vent

the laptop vent or the fans' vent(s)?

do I have to disassemble my laptop and clean it?


ah I see. but my laptop is obviously out of warranty (I think. I think the warranty is 3 years and this one was for maybe 5 or 6?)

are there any risks about this? can I fuck up the laptop? do I have to unscrew its bottom and fiddle with its insides? can I damage anything inadvertently?



i don't know how i ended up here, it just happened

i'm installing all that now, i guess i'll find out if it's NTFS or FAT32 by accessing the disk from ubuntu, right? where do i go from there?



>do I have to do something about that? how do I know if that's even the issue?

>do I have to disassemble my laptop and clean it?

yes, but don't disassemble anything if you don't know how to assemble it back, for the thermal paste, if it looks like a 3 day old stain rather than a cape of solid color, it's time to replace it

but then again, you'll have to look directly at the CPU and since it's a laptop i'm not even sure it has any thermal paste on it

sage for doublepost



>saging a sticky

what's the point?

>laptop has no thermal paste

so I dont have to disassemble it after all? I've never disassembled one before so I dont really know what a CPU looks like. should I look at youtube guides and tutorials? I dont want to fuck my laptop up



Do you even have a gigabit internet connection? Do you even use 1gb/s locally?



Laptops always have thermal paste. The CPU is a bare die (no IHS) with a copper plate and some heat pipes, just so you know what to look for.



>I've never disassembled one before so I dont really know what a CPU looks.

That's why people send their laptop to technician for a reason.


i'm this anon >>768434

i've installed ubuntu and i get that i'm supposed to mount the disk, however this error shows up:

NTFS signature is missing.
Failed to mount '/dev/sdb': Invalid argument
The device '/dev/sdb' doesn't seem to have a valid NTFS.
Maybe the wrong device is used? Or the whole disk instead of a
partition (e.g. /dev/sda, not /dev/sda1)? Or the other way around?

ofc i made sure that i wrote the /dev/sdb part right, any more help please?




Did you just install ubuntu into your secondary drive?

double check your partition drive using gparted if you're not confident on what you're doing.


File: e5991c76ed391ab⋯.jpg (55.86 KB, 529x529, 1:1, tfw no filter works.jpg)


>recommending Ubuntu

>one of the only distros that comes with spying pre-installed

a-a-a-are you b-baka, anon??


>do I have to do something about that? how do I know if that's even the issue?

n-n-not very l-l-l-l-likely a-a-anon-kun, b-b-b-b-b-b-but if you w-w-want to t-t-t-try you can p-p-p-p-probably find d-d-disassembly videos of your very own l-l-laptop on Jewtube

>the laptop vent or the fans' vent(s)?

e-e-e-e-e-e-extremely likely.. y-y-you can p-p-p-probably get a-a-a-a-away with compressed air at the f-f-fan inlet..



stop stuttering you slut


File: 3e40e4dfbc414f6⋯.jpg (75.84 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, p-pls.jpg)


>get called a slut instead of being checked

>enjoy it

cˍcˍcˍcˍcˍcˍcall me a sˍsˍsˍsˍsˍsˍsˍsˍslut again aˍaˍanonˍkun!!


File: 6816d91a8ea5049⋯.jpg (179.62 KB, 495x640, 99:128, 1311803017474.jpg)

Hey, guys. I am using Win10x64 Firefox v53 64-bit in safemode (all addons disabled) and still can't get inline image expansion to work on 8ch. Image hover works, which is a good workaround, I guess. I noticing when updating Java it said that the Java addon for 64-bit Firefox didn't exist. I don't know if that matters.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Everything tests fine in MS Edge so it's not a network/internet issue.

Thanks in advance.



>Windows 10


>Microcuck Edge

>Java addon




Fuck, what I really should have said was plug in your drive into another computer. If you didn't already have another computer, great that Ubuntu stick wasn't a waste. Open up a terminal and issue the command sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdxx. The way you find the device your portable drive is using is to issue the command sudo fdisk -l and the password is blank if there is a prompt. When it's done scanning, there will be a lot of information that shows up, but your drive should be at the very bottom. Look for the size of the drive given by fdisk and make sure the size you found is the same as the portable drive's. You will find that that there is a commonality between all the entries listed by fdisk and find that /dev/ with a a series of letters and number indicate the device and partition. The /dev/sda with a number after it indicates a partion while without the number indicates a drive. You want to be using the partition so do sudo netfsfix /dev/<insert device partition> (note the series of letters after /dev/ should start with an s). If there isn't a ntfsfix command preinstalled on the livecd, do sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g. Then try the ntfsfix again. If you don't trust me google this shit and read a guide.



Try doing the same command but append a one after it like, sudo mount /dev/sdb1. Your were mounting the entire device, not the partition.



>a-a-a-are you b-baka, anon??

The dude uses Windows, he's fine.



*I'm fine.


Is there a way to reinstall a package's systemd service and socket files using apt WITHOUT reinstalling a package? I fucked up my mpd service files and I need to reset them to default for my Debian upgrade to work correctly.



Ok so I figured it out, I had to add a ExecStart and a ExecStop setting to the service file for it to stop correctly.


im new to linux im on mint and have done the basic shit tutorials told me to do its all set up.what cool shit can i do goys?


File: b92a0c2e42d91be⋯.png (46.06 KB, 532x557, 532:557, big-ass-nose.png)



>666 trips



File: 6808a0707a87bd0⋯.png (62.17 KB, 479x558, 479:558, Screenshot from 2017-07-15….png)


i lost all my memes, didn't i?



You're not paying attention. Ntfsfix telling you that it's trying to mount a volume, but you gave it a whole disk. Same goes for fsck - disk itself doesn't have a filesystem.

> sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdxx

>The /dev/sda with a number after it

Try sdc1 or sdc2 or whatever volume you're interested in.



this looks scary


Good idea, thanks. But that means I'd have to spend $30-40, unfortunately.


Yeah I think I'll just send it in to some PC repair shop.

I'll probably have to wipe out all the files and folders and back them up with a USB. I presume those fuckers check your files right? Not that I have anything illegal, but if they see my /pol/ infographs I'll probably get arrested.



Why isn't your laptop encrypted?

Also stop sending shit to them. Find a guide and follow it. Do it on a day you have no plans so it's not rushed and take it slow and easy.

Each time you do it you will be more confident



do you even lsblk? read the manual

man lsblk


ED suggests that for tor, you should install vidalia, tor and privoxy.

I only have the tor browser bundle. Is it as secure, less secure than the method above, or more secure?

I have privoxy (am on linux so downloaded it from the software repositories), does it need setting up or anything?


I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and am trying to connect to openVPN. It connects successfully with no problems but my internet stops working so I can't do anything even though it connected. So I tried turning on the VPN through opera browser and somehow it works now, but only through opera when the extension is on.

Can someone help?


File: 8f80ddb2ec103fe⋯.png (57.5 KB, 638x340, 319:170, Screenshot from 2017-07-15….png)


Actually there are some errors that pop up in the terminal


File: 39f852adc0e7e00⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, subtitleblankmpv.png)

Can anyone help me, I'm having problem playing animu with subtitle on mpv. But on my mplayer works just fine. How do I fix this?



Did you turn the extension on in your other browsers?



No I've only tried it in opera, but other things such as skype don't work for some reason when the VPN is connected.



Skype still doesn't work when you enable the VPN in its settings?



It doesn't have a VPN in it's settings. All applications should work still when the VPN is on. It's just for some strange reason opera is the only thing that works once I start openvpn, and I have to have the proxy on or else it will just act like all the other applications and have no connection.





Update: I tried it on my other laptop and it does the exact same thing, I believe it's a problem with my router, but I still don't know how to fix it. It's been this way for a few months now.



Messing with tor browser isn't recommended due it being held together with duct tape and Hillary Clinton's Radio Free **** glue.

Vidalia is unmaintained, I'm not sure if it is trustworthy.

Reverse proxies need setup with tor, not worth it since tor abandoned privoxy for a reason.

ED is not reliable for tech, read the wiki in the sticky you bumbling moron


I'm trying to work on an email verification system for a backend.

I was thinking of doing it something like this:

user registers, column in the users table indicates that they aren't registered. Their email is sent a link with a pattern like this: website.com/verify/<encrypted text of their email>. I was thinking that once the url of that pattern was visited, the serverside logic could take the ciphertext present in the <encrypted text of their email>, decrypt it using the key, see whether it existed in the database, and verify that user if so.

However, I'm running into difficulties: as it turns out, it's pretty hard to pass ciphertext via a url lmao

what's the easiest way to do the thing that I want to do?

I mean it'd be pretty straightforward to just create an association between like a random 10 digit numeric value and the person's user id in another data table, and then ask them to visit website.com/verify/<10 digit code> but I was trying to pursue a more elegant (lazier) solution. can it be done?




Why is it hard to pass cyphertext via url? Is it too long or you don't know how to change url?



IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP were already enabled. I did see something unusual, when the openvpn connected discords voice chat stays connected and works fine as well - the chat does not work on it.


Any software that does Local Remote Desktop only?

I want to make my server headless and I want to control it through local network only.

Teamviewer is no-go as it can connect through the net...

Any recomendations?



I was going to offer an explanation of the problem but I don't really think there is one, I wasn't thinking hard enough about the problem, or in the right way.

Since all I'm dealing with are bytes in the ciphertext, at the very minimum, I should be able to get the integer or hex representations of the ciphertext characters and pass them to the url.



This could be a library issue, try reinstalling common packages between openvpn and discord.



So you're having internal issues to the scope rather than the upper layer? Fuck, I'm tired, I have no idea if you can decipher that previous question but fuck.



It can't be that because my other laptop does it as well, and it doesn't have discord installed, and it cant be ubuntu because the VPN works at my friends house on the same laptop.


is there a way to pixel sort on gimp?


File: 7b660acfe4bd5fb⋯.png (39.87 KB, 422x358, 211:179, UNIXnoob.png)

File: d71e46a0b2a8709⋯.png (26.93 KB, 424x260, 106:65, UNIXnoob2.png)

please be patient i have autism i'm trying my very best



>tor browser isn't recommended due it being held together with duct tape and Hillary Clinton's Radio Free **** glue

You're completely full of shit and have no idea what you're talking about.



>tor is duct tape

>tor is hillary

<calls others bumbling morons




So I figure out by changing the vo=opengl to vo=vaapi in mpv.conf fix the subtitle rendering problem, but then all the scaling enhancing features could not be applied on vo=vaapi. Is there a better way to fix this without changing the vo? I'm using nouveau as default driver. I don't like changing it into proprietary driver even though I think that could fix this issue.



>pic 1

You need to specify a directory to mount it onto. For example:

mkdir /mnt/usb1 && mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb1

This is because without the second argument, mount looks in /etc/fstab to determine where the block device should be mounted, and if such an entry does not exist, this error will occur.



2nd pic, i already tried that


I have thinkpad r40 and I'm wondering about support for librebooting or corebooting anyone have any experience in this regard?



>scope rather than upper layer


but anyway, I fixed the problem.

Any recommendations on a service to use (or whatever, really) to send emails programatically?


What's the best way to set up RSS feeds for craigslist free?

On GNU/Linux, of fucking course. I'd like it if it sent me an email whenever a new listing matches my criteria, and I use mainly Firefox and Qutebrowser on NixOS.


how do I check what URL a certain program is accessing in windows?


I have a 750w power supply in this current tower I acquired. It has an i7 2600k and a amd rx 480. Can I put another 480 in it?


File: ac58923579285af⋯.jpg (308.61 KB, 1396x1867, 1396:1867, ac58923579285afc0d354c909f….jpg)

>Linux Mint daily driver

>Plug 90% full usb into MacOS

>Folders show as 'unix files'

>Confused, unplug and replug usb

>This time MacOS takes 40 seconds to read usb

>Think usb isn't reading, unplug it

>Same second it reads

>Plug usb into Linux Mint

>Folders now show as plain text files

>0 bytes

>Usb now reads as 50% full

>Even though I can't access anything

What just happened? Is there any saving it?



OSX is the only OS I've ever seen have an issue with corrupting USB sticks because you pulled them out at the wrong time. It's fucked and you're going to have to format it. Next time remember to eject from OSX before unplugging.



Before that happened, MacOS was reading the folders as 'unix files'? Still is. Did MacOS corrupt everything the second I plugged the usb in?



Mac OS Sierra? Which format does have the pendrive?


having a hard time analyzing this program:


why are we calling fflush on stdout where we are? what's the effect?


File: 4bc00e79177b219⋯.jpg (144.86 KB, 1920x1541, 1920:1541, 1499110842658[1].jpg)

Does anyone have any super simple graphics libraries/header files to use in c++.

I'm new at coding and I want something really simple like


but I can't find it.



OS X El Capitan

Thumb filesystem type: msdos



I don't know. You could try HTML5/Javascript canvas api. Or just learn OpenGL with GLFW and GLEW.


File: 338aacc313a6bbc⋯.png (113.91 KB, 669x1042, 669:1042, ffmpeg error.png)

This has been happening whenever I try to convert larger files (720p tv rips and above). I'm sure it's my own mistake but it works fine in older versions of ffmpeg.

>2-pass webm first pass

<this happens



How much RAM do you have?




then never mind, i kind of thought it might be due to insufficient memory, but that's probably not the case here.



why does every MP4 i turn into webm comes out looking like SHIT and larger in size?

wasn't it supposed to be "le revolutionary new format xDD". its fucking shit, everytime, i follow the goddamn tutorials to a T, but it never works, i cant manage to make a webm that looks like the original MP4 and is "compact" in size, not even with mp4s where the video part is just a still image



2 pass encode and a little gitting gud kiddo.



i dont know how to do that.



mp4 and webm are container formats, they don't have nothing to do with video quality


File: e8c6989664d22d7⋯.webm (11.95 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, HOW TO WEBM.webm)


i usually follow this tutorial, but it doesn't work. all my webms come xbox hueg




im a filthy windows pleb


How secure is BitLocker on Windows for encrypting an entire hard drive?

Are there any better alternatives?

Right now I'm just putting all my sensitive files in encrypted RAR files, but having to extract and repackage them every time is annoying.



As with all proprietary """security""":

It's ok against petty criminals and niggers trying to steal your financial info. It most likely won't work against the alphabets, the gubberment, or skilled hackers.



Yeah.. Had a feeling this would be the case.

Anything more secure which also works on Windows?

I know the obvious answer is switching to Linux, but the software I use for work doesn't support Linux and dual booting is kind of a pain



Install gentoo or some other linux and run a windows VM w/KVM and (optionally) PCI passthrough of your GPU (if you have one). Then, use linux full disk encryption to protect all your stuff.

VMs are relatively fast and easy, and they allow you to use both OSes at once. It also allows you to exercise control over the OS running inside and potentially block microshekel updates etc.



I've always hesitated using VMs. The few times I've tried Virtual Box were always kind of messy.

But I'll look into it. Thanks.

Also, about the Windows updates, you can completely disable those in services.msi .

After that, Windows will never check for updates on it's own and if you try to do it manually you'll just get a big error message.

It's something I keep seeing on here, so maybe it's just a meme I'm not aware of, but it's really easy and takes like 10 seconds


File: 9a98ff6299efc78⋯.jpg (111.22 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Tasty aluminum.jpg)


Memezuela, land of the meems

No, I do shit over Freelancer and sold spare parts via eBay's equivalent here.

Thanks for the help onii-fam, here's a sexy slav


I think my ISP is blocking connections to Debian servers. Everything works fine, but downloading packages from Debian servers drops connections to 800 bytes/seconds or even less.

Is there a way to download from Tor? VPNs are not an option since I'm a literal poorfag and free ones throttle downloads, too.


Me and my Nokia phone got soaked in a storm. Everything is working fine but the ringer sounds odd (maybe water got into it?). This massively triggers my autism whenever I hear it. How do I fix this /tech/?


File: 2a91495e806bcf9⋯.gif (117.61 KB, 593x800, 593:800, only commodore amiga makes….gif)

I already asked in the programming thread and the only suggestion I got is some dumb meme languages no one has ever heard of, so I am asking again: I want to learn programming and have kept pushing it farther and farther, and I have to start now, but I don't know what language to learn, where to find resources for learning it and what IDE to use for it.

I was thinking of Java because it's not a meme language and is actually practical and used relatively widely, but I am unsure.

Please do not suggest meme languages used by 20 people world wide and please do not suggest something that's too hard.



How to access Debian repos via Tor:

1. Install apt-transport-tor

2. Edit sources.list (change "stretch" to whatever you're running):

deb tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian stretch main contrib non-free

deb tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian stretch-updates main contrib non-free

deb tor+http://sgvtcaew4bxjd7ln.onion/debian-security stretch/updates main contrib non-free

deb tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian stretch-backports main contrib non-free



Just learn Python and C. If you want to do web development, learn Javascript. Don't listen to anyone who sounds 'religious' about computer languages. They're all 1st year CS students trying to sound like experts or meth-addled nutcases.



Just find something with a cool logo and do shit with it. if it doesn't work out from there find another language with a cool logo. Hey, does that language have some cool history and it would look comfy as fuck running on a computer from the 70's or 90's? Pick it. Fuck, look at that you can call a function here, there and everywhere, pick that. Hey look, I can type one character and shit doesn't go boom, pick that. It's all about how you feel anon. Fucking, use your emotions anon. It's the only way to truly have a relationship.


It's been years since I used Android, so what are the most important apps to install? Which adblocker, firewall, etc.? Do I also need to root the device?

Does anyone have a 2017 infograph or something on this?



the install gentoo wiki has some stuff on this.

there's the good ol' adaway(needs root) and I think magisk has an adblocker too but I haven't tried it yet.


File: f8ae66c983ead2e⋯.png (42.33 KB, 448x322, 32:23, Screenshot_20170715_070828.png)

signs of cpu defect? bought some ryzen hardware to update my system and it's giving me issues that persist through any OS i run on it and even freezes within the bios if i let it idle enough in there.

tried stock bios, tried latest bios.

just returned and swapped out the MB/RAM. same model MB, different ram, slightly faster top clock.

system freezes, BSODs on latest 10 win or updated 7. full reboot or straight freeze w/ loonix w/ 4.10.0-26-generic kernel.

system slowdowns on boot, as if it's self throttling for no reason (normal temps)

internal audio not being recognized (pic related happened once too.) sometimes if the above is happening the audio with clip really bad.

did memtests a few time, prime95 just made my room hot. almost always freezes/BSODs when it's running idle after a consistent workload.

r7 1700

gigabyte AB350 gaming 3 on f6 bios stock, f7 for update.

16GB gskill aegis kit f4-3000c16d-16gisb


Anyone know where I could get the .exe installer for Windows 8? There used to be one on their site for buyers, and with 8.1 they've hidden that.

Having a problem with my PC, and long story short need to try a reinstall of Windows. No burnable DVDs, and safe mode won't let me run setups from a mounted .iso

Failing a Win 8 .exe, what's the best/easiest linux that I could download in the meantime



Should I post the settings and the version of ffmpeg used?



>windows 8

disgusting, might as well stop using it anyway

>best/easiest linux

gentoo is best linux, mint is easiest.

download linux mint iso and use rufus or something to write it to a usb. then boot and install dual-boot.

you can even install windows in a VM (virtualbox is easiest) using your windows iso, then just transfer all your files across.



yeah you should probably do that


We have a problem with a spammer on >>>/kpop/. He's been spamming gay, scat and bestiality porn for the past month cause he hates the BO. He honestly has issues.

We're going to be using a whitelist script that /fur/ created. That script automatically deletes non-whitelisted posts, but users won't see the posts deleted until they do a full browser refresh. So as an additional measure, I thought it would be cool to have the tab auto-refresh after a certain amount of user inactivity. So that way when he's on his spamming spree, no whitelisted user has to actually see any of his posts.

Here's the code I found after some googling:

(function(seconds) {
var refresh,
intvrefresh = function() {
refresh = setTimeout(function() {
location.href = location.href;
}, seconds * 1000);
$(document).on('keypress click', function() { intvrefresh() });
}(30)); // define seconds here

I don't know a whole lot about programming, and the code works okay as it is, but currently it doesn't count mouse-scrolling as an activity, so it'll refresh the page when you're scrolling down through a thread. Also, when it refreshes, it obviously sends you back to the top of the page.

So, is it possible to:

1) Make it consider mouse-scrolling an activity?


2) When it refreshes, it automatically goes to the bottom of the page?

Any other tips or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.



>consider mouse-scrolling an activity

Replace line 9 with the following:

    $(document).on('keypress click scroll', function() { intvrefresh() });

>automatically goes to the bottom of the page

Replace line 6 with the following:




Awesome. Works perfectly.





For pass 1

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -crf 25 -b:v 0k -c:a libopus -b:a 64k -speed 0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -lag-in-frames 25 -auto-alt-ref 1 -frame-parallel 0 -tile-columns 2 -quality best -metadata title="title" -threads 5 -g 600 -keyint_min 0 -f webm -pass:v 1 NUL output.webm

second pass

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -crf 25 -b:v 0k -c:a libopus -b:a 64k -speed 0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -lag-in-frames 25 -auto-alt-ref 1 -frame-parallel 0 -tile-columns 2 -quality best -metadata title="title" -threads 5 -g 600 -keyint_min 0 -f webm -pass:v 2 output.webm

It doesn't matter whether I use vp8 or vp9 or which audio codec I use in relation to the problem. It's only been happening since around july, versions before that don't have this issue for me.



Does it work on any other mp4s with the same setting? It's possible that this problem is because of a corrupted file or something.

Also try disabling threads. Threading may be a source of bugs, although I'm not sure whether it will fix the issue.



Try a stable build, ffmpeg developers say dev builds are usually fine on the download website but from my experience they really aren't.


anyone know a temporary phone number that youtube will take?



buy a burner phone. or you can go the lulzy route and send email to google support:














yeah burner phone sounds like the only way. i have an old shitty phone from a decade ago lying around, if i put a new sim in it could it be traced back to me?



Here is a new log (fresh new install):

[07/18/17 17:37:29] - Running wine-1.8-steam_crossoverhack Steam.exe (Working directory : /home/user/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/steam/drive_c/Program Files/Steam)

[07/18/17 17:37:34] - Running wine-1.8-steam_crossoverhack Steam.exe (Working directory : /home/user/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/steam/drive_c/Program Files/Steam)

fixme:ver:GetCurrentPackageId (0x32e490 (nil)): stub

fixme:process:ProcessIdToSessionId Unsupported for other processes.

fixme:winsock:WSAIoctl SIO_GET_EXTENSION_FUNCTION_POINTER: unimplemented DisconnectEx

fixme:ntdll:server_ioctl_file Unsupported ioctl c8000006 (device=c800 access=0 func=1 method=2)

fixme:winsock:server_ioctl_sock Unsupported ioctl c8000006 (device=c800 access=0 func=1 method=2)

fixme:winsock:WSAIoctl unsupported WS_IOCTL cmd (_WSAIORW(IOC_WS2, 6))

I also noticed that I have an undeletable "wine-devel" folder.




I was mostly just looking for it to get Windows reinstalled, since I knew they had a .exe available before. Managed to bum a Win 7 disc and got that running, but I'm still having problems.

Think it might be down to my graphics card, need a little bit more help trying to make sure.

PC crashes to black/blank screen after the "starting windows" screen (never get to a login, never get to the home page) unless I load up in safe mode. Thought it was my SSD for a while, but I've got Windows installed on my other HD so I shouldn't think that's making this problem.

PC ran fine after I installed Windows, while I was getting drivers and whatnot installed. After a restart, the problem started back up. Was looking around on my BIOS and everything seems to be fine there (basically everything has been at default anyway, temps all look good and everything is showing up as it should)

Is there a way to check what the problem is without just replacing parts? Some program I could run that would give me a diagnostic or something? Working on a very limited budget and can't just go buy a new graphics card to try


I try running tor browser on alpine and it won't work. As if I never did anything at all. Is busybox the problem?


File: 2bb379494f25667⋯.jpg (17.17 KB, 470x175, 94:35, Untitled.jpg)



are permissions and owner set? i had the same problem on gentoo so may or may not help. i'd run the binary and nothing happened. also try running it with the --verbose flag since it's not mentioned anywhere. that might help you identify the issue.



Just remove the graphics card and see if software rendering/integrated graphics will fix the problem. If you don't have any integrated graphics that may be a problem but you can usually use software rendering (which is very slow).



The problem is that I'm decoding a large file, any large file (I think, I've tried multiple), but again older versions work fine.



Nevermind, fixed.


Those fucking idiots at wine/steam broke it on July 6.

Only the latest wine version works, otherwise steam doesnt start at all.




Switch to wine-staging anon, it's more stable and compatible to most games and application.


I've been debugging what my nintendo wii reads from the USB ports with some game controller and i'm writing drivers for use in homebrew.

It turns out almost all of the buttons on the controller are pressure sensitive. It's HID compliant and most buttons have separate digital and analog values that change when they're pressed. Is this normal in controller design? Is it possible to get this I just discovered working on linux? Whatever drivers linux uses for my controller by default have never allowed me to use the pressure sensitive buttons as pressure sensitive buttons and it would be nice for ps2 emulation.

Also weird is that with the official drivers on windows there's never any mention of this either. Why would they go through the trouble of even sending that info if I'm probably the only one who noticed?


Any good program to hardsub videos, you know stamp the subtitle in the video instead of carrying individually, preferably something that can handle the .ass files made by Aegisubs?

I have been trying Xmedia and VLC and none of them had given me results.



>rip cd with cdparanoia

>convert it all to 192K opus probably overkill but i heard it's slightly better and it's still small anyway

>still afraid to delete wav/flac

Is there any reason not to if it's not super rare or something?


I know this is really advanced for /tech/, but why isn't Direct Energy Conversion more common?

I've been reading about it and it seems superior to other forms of energy conversion, for example most modern nuclear power plants use uranium to heat water which turns turbines. This is around 40-45% efficient.

DEC models, on the other hand are between 60-90% efficient. If you can get twice the efficiency, why aren't they more commonly implemented?



Worked like wonders but is kind of slow and it lacks a little of quality at the end, any tutorial to make it faster?



FFmpeg is rather complex, the website has books worth of information on the program.


I recommend taking awhile to read through a lot of it.


File: c7827f4904dcb61⋯.jpg (49.73 KB, 604x604, 1:1, 1 (3).jpg)

How drastic of a change would be changing Win 7 from IDE to ACHI be? Is a backup necessary?



Disregard this. Evidently, AHCI is already enabled and I am a retard.

Now I need to just figure why my drives aren't being detected.


I have a really old PC, it's around 6-7 years old now. I've had some problems with it before but it always ended up working again.

Problem now is that every cooling fan stopped working. The PSU, GPU and CPU fans. I have to put my ground fan turned on behind the case so the hardware doesn't get too hot. I'm currently unemployed so no chance of buying new hardware but I have a new-ish GPU that I can get from a friend, but I'm reluctant to accept it because I'm afraid it'll suffer from the same problems I'm having right now.

My point is: can I do something to restore the fans to a functioning state? I should definitely buy a decent PSU before everything else, but again, no chance of spending the money right now, anything that could help would be appreciated.

PS.: my GPU crashes constantly when playing anything above Source engine graphics. Makes a buzzing noise and the screen goes black, and then the sound that something has been removed plays and the screen stays on stand-by.




-generic, brandless PSU



What's the best way to sanitize data (ie delete files and make them not recoverable by forensics) in an SSD? Is one pass enough?



shred. one is enough, but do as many as you want if you're paranoid.



I have a good one for you /tech/

Last week my laptop was damaged innawoods, and the case broke

this week the graphics cable freyed and started a small electrical fire, melting the shielding

I patched it up OK, but now the screen is a red hue

until I repair the cable, is there a way to alter the RGB ballance or similar so the screen isn't so damn annoying



Unlike normal hard drives, there is no 100% reliable way to wipe an SSD. Even if you dd the whole thing with random data, as you would a HD, there can still be recoverable data on an SSD, USBstick, or similar forms of storage media. It is not advisable to keep any kind of sensitive data on an SSD.




Very angry bump


how do i use git to clone an older branch?



Making RSS Feeds or using RSS Feeds?


File: 35d460ad7ed83e8⋯.png (357.33 KB, 2545x1337, 2545:1337, Selection_002.png)

Is there a better alternative to screengrab? I really like how you can scroll down the page while saving a selection of the page rather than print screen and put images together. I hate firefox addons, a lot of them have bullshit like this.


Been trying to tweak LXDM, everything is the way I want it but it seems to refuse to use the background image I'm giving it. Whether I set it in /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf or using lxdm-config (even though it's basically the same thing). Tried JPG, PNG and symbiolic links to JPG and PNG, I just keep getting a dark gray background. Anyone have any idea what might be going on?



Turns out LXDM can't access files in /home for some reason now.



shift+f2 'screenshot --fullpage --clipboard'?


The Activate Windows watermark started to pop up on my screen. Is there any way to get rid of it permanently that doesn't involve me buying the license? I'm on Windows 8.1



This weird trick should help.



How do I change the default terminal in lxde? The one that comes up when you press ctrl+alt+t.


My CPU fan wasn't detected on startup once, but now it's being detected like normal after restarting and it's been spinning this whole time both during the non-detection and afterwards?


Anyone know an easy way to mirror a moto g3 to a pc screen? Getting it onto a tv is pretty much impossible since it doesn't support MHL cables and ideally I wouldn't download anything to the phone because half the screen's broken and basically goes apeshit now.


hey I am really new to java and I've been trying to do something and I wonder if there is a workaround to do it because I couldn't find anything on the net.

Basicly I have this method and I want it to work

public int b;

public void anyname (int A)




I want b to become 5 but I wasn't succesfull so far.


I got a Prebuild for cheap with have a AMD ryzen R5 1400 CPU, a NVIDIA gt710 GPU, 8 GB RAM DDR4 2133 MHz, 1000 GB HDD, and a A320 m motherboard. PSU is around 500W

Obviously, I want to replace the shitty GPU card, but im wary of bottleneck, so I want ot know what kind of GPU cpould I put there (preferible an AMD card)



make your int and void static nigger



public class Main
public static Object you;
public static void set_nigger (Object nig)
you = nig;
public static void main(String[] args)


How do I go about logging an IRC channel?

I don't have a computer that I can just keep turned on all the time and I don't have the money for a VPS.


File: 413e2488ba610d7⋯.jpg (111.27 KB, 640x422, 320:211, Anime_Woman_Cartoon_Japane….jpg)

File: a4daae320aeba83⋯.jpg (87.46 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Kangaroo_Google_Australia.jpg)

Some images from Fagioli articles.









I'm too retarded to get into Linux and I like playing video games. I'd prefer to stick with what I'm comfortable with if at all possible.



I just installed a new motherboard: MSI MicroATX 760GMA-P34 and I find that the fan on the GPU is not spinning. Now this is an old GPU AMD ATI Radeon 5550. I got it in 2012 and recently in the past couple of years, the card had been doing some fucky stuff such has the fan making noise and requiring wd40 to fix it. I forgot if on my last motherboard that it stopped spinning or not. But the card still works as I am using it right now to type this, the card is just getting really hot. Also, the case fan isn't working even though it's connected to 3 prongs, however I needed to unsheathe the cover of it though.



It would be cool to manually start the GPU fan but the tutorials seem to be GPU dependent. I am using Linux.


File: 39e497679a51072⋯.jpg (18.1 KB, 280x280, 1:1, metal gear solid.jpg)


Bumping my question sorry


File: 6f1d935a5c9cb84⋯.jpg (44.73 KB, 426x640, 213:320, adebayoojay-3.jpg)


You cannot bump this thread. It is already stickied and does not slide down the catalog like other threads. In fact, since this thread is cyclical, all you did with this 'bump' was cause another post at the top to disappear. Lurk moar.


File: cd56893c4ea9303⋯.png (268.94 KB, 592x533, 592:533, mmm.png)


I was bumping my question, not the thread.

By "bump" I mean being a faggot and replying to my own post so it's more likely to be noticed.




I fixed the case fan, I accidentally plugged it into the wrong place. The GPU fan is still

not moving.


File: 52b1d1b152576c0⋯.jpg (12.07 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 3bb9cb8c57c47f79adcd094906….jpg)

ok guys i found this thread so i don't have to make a new one

now i'm about to install windows 7 but i have a problem, i don't know how to install wireless driver that makes me able to use Driver Pack to continue install the other drivers!

i know that there's a program called driverpack solution but it's pretty pig for me to download it's over 16GB, the offline version

did any of you know any ways?


Does ecc ram work on non-ecc mobos? Everything I read about the subject gives me conflicting information or instead becomes some kind of argument to not buy them. I was given these and was thinking of building a pc around it.


File: bb38c089b4c1acc⋯.jpg (27.01 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1475853198687.jpg)



Search for KmsPico on MyDigitalLife forums. If you look elsewhere there's a high chance you'll get a malware-ridden one.


This app scan your drivers and downloads only the ones you need (or select) from driver pack


Make a restore point first, I got blue screen twice though it happened on pcs with windows XP. I had issues with a 7 once but that's probably because it was a chink oem pc, you should be fine if you don't have one of those.


File: 8e78a46edc904a6⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 450x600, 3:4, ready_faggot.jpg)

I am going to start a website. Nothing big. I am doing it more to impress a potential employee so that they can see I have some knowledge is HTML/CSS. The threshold is low where I live. You don't have to be a very good web developer to beat the guys here (living in the 90s by the look of their web sites).

I don't know how much hosting a site costs. Like I said it will not be anything big. I just want to show that I can make a modern looking site. I think for content I will present stories (since I used to write them for a newspaper). I will have a drop-down menu with categories like Home, Short Stories, Contact, About, Submissions. Something like that. I like the look of this site (http://www.thevillagechurch.net/) and want to go for something like that. Excuse the religion injection.

I just want to know for any faggots with experience what will something small scale like that cost in terms of server costs?


File: d9804256177b8bf⋯.png (50.25 KB, 538x490, 269:245, screenFetch-2017-07-22_19-….png)

Newfag question here, I've only recently actually gotten into /tech/ stuff, and got started on "Hacking: The Art of Exploitation." I noticed that the version of Ubuntu etc. that it's using is from 2008, so it's extremely outdated to the point that I can only run the piece of shit exclusively in a VM. It works exactly as printed in the book inside of the VM, go figure, but when I start testing things on my main system, it seems to be using totally different memory registers and instructions.

For example, pic related is what the book prints out, a.out being a basic Hello World script.

Code related is what Arch puts out, the source is exactly the same otherwise.

[[email protected] hacking_art]$ gdb -q ./compiled_c/firstprog
Reading symbols from ./compiled_c/firstprog...(no debugging symbols found)...done.
(gdb) break main
Breakpoint 1 at 0x67e
(gdb) run
Starting program: /home/cyrus/Projects/Programs/hacking_art/compiled_c/firstprog

Breakpoint 1, 0x000055555555467e in main ()
(gdb) info registers
rax 0x55555555467a 93824992233082
rbx 0x0 0
rcx 0x0 0
rdx 0x7fffffffea68 140737488349800
rsi 0x7fffffffea58 140737488349784
rdi 0x1 1
rbp 0x7fffffffe970 0x7fffffffe970
rsp 0x7fffffffe970 0x7fffffffe970
r8 0x555555554720 93824992233248
r9 0x7ffff7de8830 140737351944240
r10 0x4 4
r11 0x1 1
r12 0x555555554570 93824992232816
r13 0x7fffffffea50 140737488349776
r14 0x0 0
r15 0x0 0
rip 0x55555555467e 0x55555555467e <main+4>
eflags 0x246 [ PF ZF IF ]
cs 0x33 51
ss 0x2b 43
ds 0x0 0
es 0x0 0
fs 0x0 0
gs 0x0 0
(gdb) quit

Anybody care to explain to a complete moron why the outputs are so radically different, even using the same i686 architecture? The book was published in 2008, so maybe they're stuck on 32 bit still while the processor I'm using is 64 bit, and that's what causes the discrepancy?



install gentoo and figure out how to do the stuff in the book with modern tools



The libraries updated or something.


Is ProtonVPN a meme or can it be used? I just want to give my parents something to watch US Netflix with, so privacy isn't of much concern.


I've recently installed Arch on an Asus C300, a Chromebook. Everything works fine, except for the elantech touchpad. I've tried introducing kernel parameters i8042.reset, i8042.nomux and others concerning i8042 (kinda like here https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/28736/what-does-the-i8042-nomux-1-kernel-option-do-during-booting-of-ubuntu), but they did nothing. Tried removing xf86-input-synaptics and reinstalling it, no dice.

dmesg | grep elan output is this:

[ 2.055565] elan_i2c i2c-ELAN0000:00: writing cmd (0x0005) failed: -121

[ 2.055633] elan_i2c i2c-ELAN0000:00: device reset failed: -121

[ 2.055683] elan_i2c i2c-ELAN0000:00: device initialize failed: -121

[ 2.092169] elan_i2c i2c-ELAN0000:00: writing cmd (0x0005) failed: -121

[ 2.092233] elan_i2c i2c-ELAN0000:00: device reset failed: -121

[ 2.092283] elan_i2c i2c-ELAN0000:00: device initialize failed: -121

[ 2.128828] elan_i2c i2c-ELAN0000:00: writing cmd (0x0005) failed: -121

[ 2.128893] elan_i2c i2c-ELAN0000:00: device reset failed: -121

[ 2.128943] elan_i2c i2c-ELAN0000:00: device initialize failed: -121

[ 2.172113] elan_i2c: probe of i2c-ELAN0000:00 failed with error -121

How can I make it work? Should I prioritize synaptics over libinput? If so, how do I do that?



Iirc, Tor browser won't run as root, if that's what you're trying to do.


File: 1a9f147d88f02f6⋯.png (13.55 KB, 1085x63, 155:9, Capture.PNG)



i just installed the windows, but i faced another problem these ADS tabs (picrelated) keep on opening even though i using AD Blocker

even when no any browser working they opening itself

is this viruses?


File: 603b8e59b0f252b⋯.png (26.91 KB, 395x405, 79:81, 1467304244782.png)


Anon you are my hero. Thank you



>uses chrome on windows

>complains about possible viruses



I probably forgot some quotes

fuck sh

for arg in "$@"; do
if ! [ -f "$arg" ]; then
echo "$arg is not a file, skipping"
mime=$(file -b --mime-type "$arg")
if [ "$mime" = "image/png" ]; then
elif [ "$mime" = "image/jpeg" ]; then
echo "Unhandled mime type: $mime"
exit 1

if ! [ "$new_name" = "$arg" ]; then
mv -n "$arg" "$new_name" || {
echo "mv ded"
exit 1
echo "Renamed $arg to $new_name"



forgot sh has switches, replace the elsif shit with a switch


So I'm trying to install Gentoo on one of my currently unused computers. Unfortunately, I used the minimal installation media to install everything and I keep getting "efi variables are not enabled" when trying to install GRUB, even when booting from System Rescue CD, mounting everything up, and trying again.

My question is: do I need to restart the entire install process on a UEFI-booted device in order to be able to get GRUB to install correctly, or at what point in the installation process do I need to backtrack to to get it to work?



Just mount the files and chroot. I had the same problem and it worked. However, you should know that UEFI has its own bootloader, making GRUB useless (if you have made a GRUB partition, it might be possible to merge it with the boot partition, but I don't know how).



I know that, but sometimes the page is large or whatever it is, and it doesn't save the image.


File: 9afbc1d3a818fc0⋯.png (7.41 KB, 1453x68, 1453:68, Screenshot from 2017-07-23….png)


This is what I get when the page is too large, because it does work on smaller pages.


If i'm going to replace the processor, mobo and ram, am I going to need to reinstall windows?

Will change from FX-8350 to a Ryzen 1700



Wait, did you get those from my link? Or are you asking for help on an unrelated issue? You can try using Adwcleaner to scan for malware, it will remove any registry entry or service and will clean up your browser's profile



no u


If you start Windows in safe mode it will install the drivers for your new hardware but eventually you might have issues with the old drivers. You could try using some app to clean the old drivers and registry entries but honestly it will be more trouble and time wasted than simply reinstalling Windows.


I need help with getting windows 10 update working with minecraft, java seems to crash everytime. I was told this is a good place to ask :)


how the fuck do i get more space for the /?

I bleachbit everything, apt clean and still not enough.


What would be the best software to use for mucking about with .bin files?



- Delete log files, uninstall huge packages, whatever is using all the space

- Find out which directory has all the big files and put it on another partition

- Boot a live linux with gparted on it and increase the size of /



There is a command called file. Figure out the rest.



Have you tried reinstalling Java? Have you tried reinstalling Minecraft? Have you tried reinstalling both? Have you rebooted? Where in the entire process does Java crash? Have you tried reinstalling your operating system? Have you tried going back to Windows 7? Is there a good reason why you are using Windows 10? The fuck is wrong with you Alex Smith? Why the fuck are you clogging up this shit pipe with your normie fucking habits? Why the fuck do you put your name in front of the eyes of 100s on an anonymous fucking image board? Are you fucking out of your mind?



File: 1e7c6172c015e83⋯.jpg (38.74 KB, 680x660, 34:33, imafuckingmoron.jpg)

So I've been trying to compile dosemu on my machine and I've been running into errors concerning glibc, now I have glibc at 2.2.5 and dosemu says it requires 2.1.3 or newers so I wonder if anyone here can help me on this.

I would include a log but because 8chan is run by (((kikes))) and cuckflare it won't let me post a simple txt file.



Look into sysprep, it's the tool microsoft made for that situation.





Thanks, I'm running as a normal user. Tried this and got

./Browser/start-tor-browser: line 363: ./firefox: No such file or directory
(even though the file is there). Looked it up, apparently this happens when trying to run a 32bit executable on a 64bit machine. I am running the 64bit version though. (Trying to use the 32bit version I get an error notifying me of the mismatch, as expected).


File: 20dfb5a7893e019⋯.png (496.86 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 1457545642116.png)

If you use semantic versioning (e.g. Major.Minor.Patch) and you refactor large amounts of your code base which number, if any, do you increase? There won't be any changes in the API/interface so the user will never know of these changes.


File: ad1e08e1d04dc56⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1125x1200, 15:16, Asus-ZenFone-2-Laser1.jpg)

I have a smartphone. I got it as a gift.

How can I use it to increase my "productivity" (read: shitposting and watching videos) at my desktop computer?


Im fine using a Corsair 550W 80 PLUS PSU for a build like this?:

AMD RYZEN 5 1400

Motherboard ASUS PRIME A320M-K


8 GB RAM DDR4 2133 MHZ



File: 017aecece3b9f26⋯.jpg (5.96 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, tmp_20148-image-20170725_1….jpg)

I came home to the smell of burnt rubber, opened up my PC, removed my fan, and found it like this.

Am I fucked, /tech/? There's some black dust in some of the fans, too.



throw it away and use the time gained to shitposter even harder on your desktop


File: 66f2ff295beafb4⋯.png (283.33 KB, 480x451, 480:451, absolutely proprietary.png)

Two questions.

Is Scala a meme language, or is it actually practical? I really want to learn brogramming, but I really don't know where to start with what language, what IDE or where to find stuff to learn it.

And is Java open source? I know that there is OpenJDK for an open source implementation of the JDK, and some JVM open source implementations, but is Java fully FOSS?



>Is Scala a meme language, or is it actually practical?

Practical for non-retards. Prepare yourself for type theory and advanced FP.

>I really want to learn brogramming,

>but I really don't know where to start with

>what language


>what IDE


>where to find stuff to learn it.


For fuck sake. It was answered a million times here already. You wouldn't be able to comprehend Scala without understanding the essentials of SICP. Scheme itself is useless but is good learning and has a lot of top quality learning materials.

>And is Java open source?

Java Specification is public domain. You can write your own compiler and VM, but to call it 'Java' officially you have to pass TCK and pay royalties. The major implementations are based on OpenJDK which is GPL-ed.

IcedTea is a FLOSS-confirming package of OpenJDK by Red Hat with all trademarked stuff removed, it passes TCK.



Is Scheme actually practical? Is software actually built on it?



>it won't let me post a simple txt file.

how hard it is to convert it to a pdf or use pastebin?


- Check your PSU and coolers for burnt smell or melted connectors

- Look for swollen capacitors

- check under the motherboard for any burnt spot

- unplug everything but processor (and cooler obviously) and one memory stick to check if it still booting. It's best if you use old spare parts to avoid the risk of damaging your stuff in case the MB is fucked.



It's practical for learning. There's no Scheme job positions available, neither worthy software projects (Racket is an exception, but it ceased to be Scheme a lot time ago).


Is there a reason to learn ruby?

I heard its just python but worse



It'll make Python seem better when you eventually switch to it.


File: b8fb868d3be9271⋯.png (103.4 KB, 323x539, 323:539, text.png)

Hi /tech/, I need some help with with two things. One i need the identify the font in pic related and two I need a program that I can use to edit a video of which pic related was taken from. Long story short pic related is a app bus pass in my area want to make a .gif of the video. I want to change the "EXPIRES Jul 26, 2017 2:59 AM" to a month from now and the "Local Day Pass" to "Local Month Pass" so i can use the bus for free.

I have absolutely no knowledge of video editing or the software's but i can't imagine this is a difficult task, if someone could point me to an application and a how-to i would greatly appreciate it.


What sort of spying do the Australian government do on their citizens? Would they be keeping tabs on me for browsing imageboards raw?


Hey /tech/ I planning to create a text-based interface program.

Any guides or books to learn how to create this UI?


So, is ungoogled chromium more trustworthy than firefox?


File: 96f6326a806f1a6⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 867.24 KB, 500x244, 125:61, CP003.gif)

I have an old winXP with

>AMD athlon 64 X2 4400+

>4.00GB Dual-Channel DDR @ 200MHz (3-3-3-8)

>ASUSTeK Computer INC. A8N32-SLI-Deluxe (SOCKET 939)

>VX1935wm-3 ([email protected])

>1024MB NVIDIAGeForce GTS 250 (EVGA)

>465GB Western Digital WDC WD5002AALX-32Z3A0 (SATA)


>Realtek AC'97 Audio

what should i do with it? anyway to turn it into a fortress so i can navigate the web and download illegal torrents with content like pic related without society finding out?


File: a6764a110f87b03⋯.png (17.66 KB, 486x485, 486:485, 8ae.png)

I have a SynchMaster 2032mw that i use as monitor and tv for old consoles. While using it as a monitor doesn't cause any problems, if i connect a ps2 or wii through component cables the monitor will give me a black screen for a second, then refresh to normal.

I'm assuming that it's not a cable issue, since i tried different cables, but it happens only with component connections. I tried running games at 60hz and 50hz and the problem is still there.


File: 1f173da014bc775⋯.jpg (63.18 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1f173da014bc775653a4bd695e….jpg)

How scetch is this software? I really want to watch some blu rays but this seems a bit too good to be true. http://www.leawo.com/blu-ray-player/



You're right, the problem arises when I try to use these settings on the development version. 3.3.2 works fine with these settings, I think they're doing an overhaul of the .webm settings. If so I hope VP8M8 comes back with an updated guide.


File: 0b27a32670f5915⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1280x814, 640:407, ClipboardImage.png)

quick question!

I want to play with my PS2 through my computer, would this thing do? is less than 15 bucks right now, I just want 60FPS on passthrough with as little input lag as possible (I heard is not usually present with passthrough instead of live capture preview), otherwise I think it would be easier to get a new monitor and use a dual monitor setup on my rig.



Can't quite tell what card that is but I have had decent luck in the past with ati tv tuner cards. I even had a usb2 one with almost no lag.



PLX PCI6140-AA33PC or so it says on the chip.




This looks pretty old I'd take a look at some other stuff if I were you. Maybe something from Hauppauge?



OK, then I'll check some other stuff, I just want to avoid the hassle of having to turn around while I am multitasking.



If it has the same BLOBs as Chromium, definitely not.


so im working on a script and i cant seem to figure out how to use socks4/5 proxies


export all_proxy="socks5://"


this is what im doing yet i get the following error when trying to use curl


curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer


i would really appreciate the help



shit i forgot the syntax for code


is there a way to boot a live image like gparted live or whatever in ram?



 curl --preproxy socks5:// 

put this in .bashrc or .bash_aliases equivalent

alias curl='curl --preproxy socks5://'



not really what im trying to do

it reads off a text file filled with proxies and switches to a different one after being used


So which build is better?

Ryzen 1400/560 4GB or FX 6300/570 4GB?



first one.





File: d60f64841fb62fa⋯.png (54.46 KB, 845x429, 65:33, Screenshot_2017-07-22_17-0….png)


Use it as a server. I have one set up as a seedbox, file server, and other misc tasks

>pic related



Nice job blacking out your username.


File: 97a798593d7ca92⋯.jpg (75.7 KB, 450x234, 25:13, jewtube_official_logo.jpg)

tech, quick question, what's a good alternative for youtube?



Vimeo, liveleak, vidme.



Hi deder


A question about VFX software; Is the newest version of Boujou, supposedly a candidate for best match moving software, really SEVEN YEARS OLD? Shit's 32-bit and not even multithreaded.


i need a raw video delivery system that can be made fully portable. think camera, but just the part that "sees". where do i get that ?

i want to make a night vision helmet.

i have created a bunch of blueprints but have basically no info yet.

my plan goes as follows.

imagine flat goggles. now, imagine two IR led arrays fixed on both right and left sides of these goggles.

fix a kamera in the middle of it, then power the whole thing up.

obviously, the helmet has a screen that displays direct video feed inside.

i want the helmet to make a night vision device. to be able to see the IR'd up feed live. and it would actually be nice to have a way to record things too.

it goes without saying that i want there to be a switch aswell...

i want these things.

- a way to make it work

- a trustworthy schematic

- money...

- info about everything i need (parts, techniques and all)

- where to get them

- a way to make it all fit together, some wiring, and some motivation.

also, should i use a virtual helmet ? how do these work ? do you think this could be of any use ?



Didn't work. Any other way to get these things to work, without having to waste a disc on them?


File: cae547c25547661⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_1705.JPG)

I was having problems with audio and looked up how to fix it but it completely fucked Ubuntu up. Everything has unmet dependencies as you can see in the picture. I can't login normally because it tells me it failed to login to the session.

What do???



apt-get -F install for starters. Change your sources.list back then apt-get update. You're digging in the wrong area to set up audio.



apt-get -f install shows nothing was upgraded, installed, or removed.

Also I know I'm in the wrong area, I'm trying to fix what the guide commands told me to do.

Here's the guide if it helps:



#include <QApplication>

#include <QLabel>

#include <QPushButton>

#include <QVBoxLayout>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {

QApplication a(argc, argv);


QWidget window;

QVBoxLayout* mainLayout = new QVBoxLayout(&window);



QLabel* title = new QLabel("JACK'S ADVENTURE 3");



QPushButton* startButton = new QPushButton("START");



QObject::connect(&startButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), &a, SLOT(quit()));

return a.exec();


>why no work :^(



install gentoo


What's the PyCharm equivalent of Eclipse's SWT Window Builder?



Your ISPs are required by law to log all internet traffic. Use Tor and/or VPN.


Make sure H/V sync is being sent and received properly by your equipment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Component_video_sync


>straight outta china

>tempt people into installing closed source for free


scetch and botnet.


buy old set of NVGs and reverse engineer it



blow up / you partitioned the drive into / and /home did you? and reinstall


what's the singular of data?



a dato






they cost five fucking grand you runt






There are toy ones that work exactly like how you describe, with a IR-sensitive camera surrounded by IR-LEDs connected to a screen. They're cheap enough that some game (I think it was some CoD iteration) included them in one of their collectors editions a couple of years ago.



How hard is to install it?



Burger King gave them out with meals as a promo for Call of Duty.


File: ad21d901ee36e60⋯.png (110.99 KB, 333x331, 333:331, consider_the_following__me….png)



I'm replying myself, but so far i've seen solid alternatives for "video hosting and easy sharing" sites like youtube with privacy and without annoying watermarks (like liveleak has, which kind of turned me off for me).

Here is one that i'm starting to use:


It uses the "media goblin" framework:


vimeo , vidme : the DMCA shilling could be worse in those sites than mediagoblin. I'm not sure though, just speculating.


If I compile my kernel with "compress modules on installation" enabled linux fails halfway through booting and I'm left with choosing between pointing to where my gnu/linux installation is (doesn't work) or using a kernel shell. I figured maybe it was because I forgot ext4 support was set as a module and linux couldn't read the filesystem that contained the files needed to support itsel but it's not the case. Wat do?

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