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File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.


File: ebfce624bf6023a⋯.jpeg (14.29 KB, 400x300, 4:3, serveimage.jpeg)




It also has a bunch of bloat pre-installed, and even (((flash player))) from what I recall. Good distro otherwise.


File: cfa769f99661cbd⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1134x11243, 1134:11243, without-systemd.org.png)



Is it possible to have an encrypted filesystem mounted by a logged user running syncthing o rsync on it, but at the same time have it completely unaccesible from the root user? Maybe if said filesystem is mounted on a vm or some other kind of container?


File: 7b892e0d6b586fa⋯.jpg (335.01 KB, 1827x2656, 1827:2656, e4kuDWtYb6_fml8P-3mjYUiF3x….jpg)

For reasons unknown, my (outdated) Firefox 56 x86 suddenly decided that I can't keep my unsigned addons anymore. I had a similar issue on more modern versions on other devices and just solved it by setting xpinstall.signatures.required to false, but now for some reason it just up and disabled all my other add ons. What can I do to get them work again?



moz just pozzed all the addons, a googhell search might help with this. might need a new browser.



Wasn't there a link to a legit windows 7 torrent on installgentoo wiki? What happened?


File: 3ed1ed023e5125b⋯.gif (838.79 KB, 500x233, 500:233, 1J4P.gif)


Very nice, but once the tomb is opened and working as a regular folder, root would have access to it. I need it to be accesible only by the user who decrypted it, no one else ever.


File: dd7b6931422dbdc⋯.jpg (14.34 KB, 255x245, 51:49, 0620a95d1c2cd9ad6695974ae7….jpg)


>root would have access to it. I need it to be accesible only by the user who opened it

Then open it as root.


Later /tech/. Thanks for the discussion. Even you UNIX Hater, regardless of how pissed off you made me. I hope your OS endeavor sees something come to fruition.


I have issue with my network card.

I can't connect my PC to my router.

All was working, and some day it doesn't work anymore.

It still work to connect to other networks.

But I can't connect to my router...

What could it be ?



Hello, I've switched from firefox to waterfox and have preformed the mitigation guide as stated on the spyware watchdog. I have also made additional changes mentioned on the privacytoolsio site. Are there any other changes in I can make to improve security?



If there are no obvious solutions I might switch to palemoon. Although I have some reservations about it, mainly due to poor addon support and crashes.


There was a thread here some weeks ago warning about how supposedly Sandisk USB sticks and memory cards have some integrated botnet and should be avoided. For some reason the thread was deleted soon after it was posted so not much was said there. Anyone knows what's up with that?


How to make Windows 7 hibernate when the partition where bootmgr is on is not active? Somehow XP doesn't have a problem to hibernate when a the NTLDR partition is not active.



Which operating system are you using?



my palemoon addons.


CanvasBlocker Legacy 0.2

Eclipse Moon 1.04



usb stick?

one thing about tomb files is, you can rename them, and they become completely different files, until you AGAIN, rename them, and they become their tomb file again. Which is an extra layer of protection.



for exp:

rename secret.tomb.key to "file", and it will become an apple file, rename it back to secret.tomb.key, and it will be able to decrypt again.



Thank you



they also have a dark theme for the browser, which is nice.

Dark Moon 2.3.1



and of course, you can change the search plugins too


I recommend startpage, it also has a dark theme in the settings


What is the problem with systemd? is it security or just stability?



oh, and, you have to tell the setting not to filter search results, otherwise you can't find 8chan unless you bookmark it.




sudo apt-get install youtube-dl



searx also has a dark theme, and supposedly it's safer?

you can try that too.



Well I might as well put everyone else on a vm and keep the host's root user account credentials to myself. I wonder when, if ever, my coworkers will know they are on a vm.



Maybe I should explain my situation better: At my office there is a server we use for running test code on some network devices. Since it's running 24/7 I thought about bringing in an external hard drive and use it to sync (with syncthing) my personal files with what I have at home. That way I would have all my stuff backed up somwhere else. The problem is that while I can have the external hard drive encrypted with Luks, it needs to be decrypted and mounted for rsync to work. At that point any of my coworkers with sudo powers could take a look at my dank memes and other shamefull material.

Maybe it's not possible unless I put everyone on a vm.




Why do this at all? Why not just save the files on your phone and plug in a USB to your machine, then simply unplug? Do you absolutely need it to be in a stable location? Why not simply carry the files with you and use a phone app for file encryption.



oh, and Adblock Latitude 5.0.1

no more adverts.


File: fc77e60c94a4d87⋯.jpg (262.54 KB, 1005x994, 1005:994, blog-0281295001389910674.jpg)

What does /tech/ use for lossless (as in ZERO loss) jpg rotation?


I have source files of old Allegro game. There are .h, .c and some data files, no makefile. Readme.txt just tells to compile every file. How do I go about it? I used gcc -M but output is ugly, it contains a lot of stuff from /usr/lib/ and /usr/include/ - is this desired behavior?



You could just go to Ebay and buy a legit key for 5 to 10 bucks, and say fuck it.


File: bb93927b2a680f3⋯.png (50.15 KB, 400x320, 5:4, Screenshot_2019-05-05_18-5….png)


I fixed this, for those of you who also need help with it. I just blocked the .css and .js file it couldn't load. Now it loads instantly.


Can somebody get my ip address through instagram? vis versa. In general where can packets be found on image boards with out admin permission?



AntiX is such a fucking great distro for shit computers.



Because of autism it's around 2 tb of files I would like to sync overnight and have whatever I put in it in both places without having much to think about.

I know there are other solutions, but it still bothers me that you can't have total privacy against a root user. I'm sure there are cases when this is absolutely necessary. For example on a commercial server hosting VPSs.



try irfanview



you may need "wine" installed to use it.

alternatively, try "feh"


Does anyone have a TV with eARC and have it working properly? I've been having issues with multichannel audio.


What's the best way to add userscripts to websites? I know of greasemonkey and tampermonkey. The former won't put errors to the browser console, and the latter doesn't make the script files available so I can't access them from my own text editor.


Give me a quick rundown of Salix OS and DSL (damn small linux) pls.


File: c25c0a81b2d6a13⋯.jpg (77.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 486.jpg)



Just a cut down Slackware


Too darn old, go with Tiny Core if you're on a 486DX


File: 8291f8862a120ef⋯.png (90.89 KB, 1108x414, 554:207, ClipboardImage.png)

What OS do I install if I want to pay $0, want as little spyware shit or possible government surveillance I can get, but still be able to play video games?

Do pirated copies of windows 7/10 actually work without a key or is it a waste of time?


File: 08e67fb52c89cc5⋯.jpg (352.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, the-conversation.jpg)


Old or new games? Any linux or BSD distro. If Windows is important then stick to 7 SP1. Don't pirate, just download a legit ISO and activate it with daz loader or a kms tool.



I'm not >>1061914 but would you recommend void Linux? I have the Iso downloaded.



Windows is not important unless it impacts on performance.

>Old or new

A handful of recent games but mostly early 2010's and gamecube emulation.

Should I get a beginner's OS like Linux Mint?



Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu budgie, Mint Xfce, Mint Cinnamon, LMDE. Don't install 3rd party shit when you're asked, use a minimal install option if you have the option to do so.

Why are you asking about windows if you want as little spyware as possible? Anything after w2000/XP is backdoored.

If you want to use an activator use this >>1058803. But afaik w10 works fine even if not activated.


>would you recommend void Linux?

If you have to ask then no. Don't use it.



I suppose what I want in an os is what everyone wants: less bloat than Windows, no spyware, fast and secure.


What's the easiest way to trigger a command on multiple PCs over a network?

I've got 16 VR pcs at the arcade I work at and I want a way to call a force shutdown on all of them at once. Right now I have to remote into them individually and shut them down which is a super big pain in my fucking balls.

I know for a fact I can either send a command directly over a network (eg: "shutdown -s -f -t 00") or at the very least call a file (eg: a shutdown batch file stored on the computer), but I'm at a loss for how exactly to do it.

So what's the easiest way? The inefficiency is killing me.


Anyone here have any experience with qemu/kvm? I keep experiencing a constant 1 second latency spike every time I move my mouse or use my keyboard. I have PCI passthrough enabled for a USB controller card and a GPU, my CPU is an FX-8350 and I have CPU pinning enabled as well as isolcpus, nohz_full and rcu_nocbs enabled on the pinned cores. I also tried setting the qemu instance to FIFO scheduling with max priority via chrt. Nothing works.

I can't think of anything else to do. S-someone please help...



Er, a latency spike every 1 second*


File: 1119be1d62db9df⋯.gif (2.49 MB, 300x300, 1:1, mitosis.gif)

Hi anons!

Are there any free as in freedom widely used tools for software testing, automation etc. or at least free as in beer for home use to learn? It would be cool if they had a GUI interface, but if something like that doesn't exist, that's ok, give me everything you know. Shit corporations use for testing software appreciated.


Where did all of my fucking Firefox add-ons go Anon Tech Support dude?





Look in the couch cushions.


I installed manjaro, everything went well until I started to install shit, now all the usb devices stop working after a few minutes I log in manjaro, I think the last thing I did was update the kernel.

Should I abandon this shit and use normal arch_ I-m still fairly new to linux tho.



What would be an objective "most secure" distro? Like which ones are inherently secure and/or can be made more secure with system hardening?



Small update, I removed the kernel 5.0.7 and now it works normally.


whats the current best free antivirus antimalware auto protect for windows 7?



Common sense. All AV software is a scam.


File: ddce4688a8ff49a⋯.png (17.22 KB, 946x336, 473:168, Sans titre.png)

Looking to play h265 files in seamonkey, pls halp.


File: 88e873b89cf5918⋯.png (156.13 KB, 500x576, 125:144, allied-tanks-advance-throu….png)

>dad pays for some deep web identity search service

>sends me a text saying they found my email password and I need to change it

>call bullshit because there's no way they can scan the whole deep web

Is he right or is this just boomers scamming boomers?


OpenBSD 65. Playing video as a normal user causes "i915 access denied" errors, and I regularly get audio/video stutters. Playing as root seems to eliminate this problem. I am assuming this has something to do with access to video acceleration for non-wheel users?

Is there something special I need to do in order to enable access to the video card?



>whats the current best free antivirus antimalware auto protect for windows 7?

Clamwin and clamav are free (as in freedom), but they're just virus scanners.

But for "I'm stupid, prevent me from installing untrusted software" look here >>1062073

AV software is a malware itself, because it is mainly nonfree software.

And why would you need an antivirus, windows is a malware anyway, better install GNU/Linux.


File: 3e5cb2a9bfcd564⋯.jpg (2.88 KB, 216x28, 54:7, mc.jpg)

I need to organize and copy a lot of folders and files between two hard drives. I was going to use tmux + midnight commander to leave it running, but running mc on tmux puts my cpu under high load. So much so, is barely usable.

Is there another alternative similar to mc? I'm using ranger with two tabs, but is not quite the same.


File: d362cd50012c65e⋯.jpg (107.52 KB, 482x774, 241:387, 1555908032833.jpg)

Java bullshitology coming through.

I'm learning my way around Spring and I think I fucked up with Spring Security.

Scenario is as follows:

> DB with tables items, users, user2item

>guests may view all items, but not edit/delete/add

> user1 has CRUD access to item_a_1, item_a_2, etc

> user1 has CRUD access to item_b_1, item_b_2, etc

How df can I implement RBAC so that every user may only have CRUD functionality for their designated items?


Is pclinuxos /tech/-approved?


> As of late 2016, Windows updates are combined into inseparable batches. This means that you cannot remove bullshit telemetry "updates" reliably. The only options are to run Windows with known vulnerabilities, run Windows with microsoft spyware, or to not run Windows at all.

Does Ancile script still effectively disable telemetry with a fresh new install of fully-updated Windows 7? Installgentoo appears to contradict itself in that regard.



It's very likely that nobody knows. Microsoft's telemetry is ever-changing and largely undocumented. If this is a problem, stop using Windows.




I should have clarified; i am just looking for "the best" virus scanner. something to update, run, and get an infected machine clean. i dont care about auto protect or "phishing protection" or any of that. i just want it to scan.

currently when i come across an infected machine i run mutliple anti viruses. i usually start with eset's online scanner, followed by malwarebytes, followed by kaspersky, then super anti spyware.

i know most of these are very dated and were once good in their prime but are kind of a joke now, but i havnt kept up on the best.

i'll give clamwin and clamav a try but would welcome other suggestions or if you would like to elaborate on why you chose these.



After a small amount of research (correct me if i'm wrong) but tell me if i have this right.

Clamwin is the core and both clamav and clamsentinel are additional components that work alongside clamwin and add functionality.

clamwin is all you need to do a manual scan

clamsentinel adds an autoscan feature that just scans atuomatically instead of clamwin's manual function

and clamav adds autoprotect features like hijack protections and "safe" browsing and whatnot.

for maximum functionality i'd install all 3.

if i want just to run a manual scan just install clamwin.

and if i want to secure a PC from getting all fucked up by a shitty user, i'd install clamav and clamsentinel?

for my purposes right now i only need clamwin, but the other 2 are if i want more active protection. do i have that right?


Is the linux bootsector part of the kernel or supposed to be provided by the distro?



Add yourself to video group?



If you're the admin you should be in the wheel group


<svg viewBox="-50,-30,100,60"
<circle fill="#fff"r="22.5"/>
<path stroke-width="6"stroke=
V0H12V15 M-15,12H0V-12H15"



How can I share files between my Xubuntu laptop and a Windows laptop through an ethernet cable?



search for samba shares


Sorry if this sounds dumb..but I did a tripwire --check; last night and it said 872 violations,

then I did one this morning and it said 897 violations. I did not download anything since yesterday should this be a concern?

> Rule Name Severity Level Added Removed Modified

--------- -------------- ----- ------- --------

* Other binaries 66 38 2 2

Tripwire Binaries 100 0 0 0

* Other libraries 66 366 0 2

Root file-system executables 100 0 0 0

Tripwire Data Files 100 0 0 0

* System boot changes 100 17 0 17

Root file-system libraries 100 0 0 0


Critical system boot files 100 0 0 0

* Other configuration files 66 38 1 24


* Boot Scripts 100 8 0 11

Security Control 66 0 0 0

* Root config files 100 320 0 8

* Devices & Kernel information 100 2 30 11


Invariant Directories 66 0 0 0

Total objects scanned: 22457

Total violations found: 897


File: 802d0e6a320c3cb⋯.png (158.86 KB, 790x397, 790:397, d2c98ca9dca7b4e9401251b9ef….png)


I downloaded the cfis package and used that, I think its basically the same as samba. Thanks anon


newfag here. I've heard about others bitching about how firefox has gone to shit lately; what browsers do you all use/recommend? what's "safe"?



You won't get a consinse answer, because as far as I know there isn't any. All browsers have their pros and cons and there isn't one which is perfect. You can either stick to Firefox or prehaps use a fork like waterfox or palemoon. However these aren't perfect and you will encounter problems. My suggestion would be to experiment, as you've used Firefox I recommend the two forks above



Oh yes and regarding safety, most software isn't fully secure, so I would recommend reading the mitigation guides on spyware.neocities.org as a starting point



im sure someone will yell at me, but any browser can be safe if you use the right extensions, assuming whatever browser HAS the extensions.

i like palemoon because i like the security options specifically available for it.. with it i use ublock, clean links, decentraleyes, eclipsed moon, encypted web (https anywhere fork), noscript (mostly disabled, but keeps some security features, then i use it "as needed"

though im currently having an issue and considering moving to another browser because firefox recently made it so palemoon cant use their site to download old versions of extensions anymore and XPI files are hard to come by. however the palemoon team usually links something that works similarly... for example you cant get "noscript" anymore, but there are 3-4 similar programs you can install instead... same thing with https anywhere.



>1) Is there any linux/windows tool to extract files from an incomplete image?

Don't know but I think there should be. As long as the header is intact or if the filesystem's file table is also intact

>2) I noticed that I can still see the filenames while hex-editing, never done it my life but I'd really like to have a go at it, so in general, where's a good place to start learning how to poke around in files and otherwise are there ways to recover data i.e. a .doc file from an image using information retrieved by hex editing?

Those file names are meaningless and you might as well just look at the $MFT file which has all the file names and address but no one knows how to read that. It's better to use a tool that does that.

>3) What are the best price:size ratios on external hard disks, with the best brands and all that jazz?

go with wd/toshiba/hitachi

>4) I was tempted to store nonsensitive information on the cloud just for safekeeping, but I've found that Mega has horrendous upload speeds and a lot of limitations when trying to upload multiple files. Should I even bother with cloud storing in general and if yes what are some good services that allow me to do so, possibly for free but I don't mind to pay a little if it's actually secure?

cloud is free so why not? as long as you keep it safe and not susceptible to takedowns (copyrights)

it's a bit hassle though so you might as well just buy a fresh disk to duplicate files.




Try testdisk and getdataback


I've updated Vivaldi and now I can't get the old menu for the .webm back. I've looked into the flags but they seem to have removed the option to disable the modern media controls. Is there another way to bring the old media controls back?


I have a coaxial cable with internet connection entering one part of my house attached to a modem, and then in another part that isn't connected to anything. Is there a way for me to convert it to ethernet with a modem/router/etc?


Slackware Linux (current) is not detecting the disks in my DVD drive. lshw -C disk shows this: "sr0 11:0 1 1024M 0 rom " but I can't mount it - the disks are not detected. Salix linux (based on slack 14.2) did detect them by the way, so what's the issue? New kernel fucked something up?



Not a solution, but try booting into a live environment to see if it is your system. You could also try downgrading kernel.


I have an old Samsung with a broken (black) screen, but I noticed today that it boots and can be detected by my computer. It doesn't have USB debugging enabled however, so I can't really do anything with it. I tried doing a factory reset (blind) by clicking the same number of clicks they did in the YouTube video tutorials, and it worked, but USB debugging was still disabled by default.

Is there a way to enable USB debugging somehow? It's needed for anything ADB/FastBoot/SDK as far as I can see. I'd like to play around as much as possible with it (rooting it, installing custom rom) and possibly connect an external screen to it but I don't see a way to do it without the USB debugging.

Do any of you also have an idea of how to use data recovery software on phones, from your machine? None of the things I've used can see the phone as its own partition, even though it's mounted. Should I dd a mirror image of it, and then do data recovery on that?

Any ideas?


I wanted to start coding in Lua, but I can't get the basic .exe to run properly in the command prompt wangblows, ie: just type Lua and then as Python, it should name what version it is and "all rights reserved". I've installed it and deleted it around five times from different sources, the folder where it's installed has been in both system and user's variables PATH folder, tried changing it from cmd, It still is not recognized by the command prompt.


File: a8e3ac9af95caf2⋯.png (51.45 KB, 181x188, 181:188, 1541344764415_01.png)

I want to switch to another OS from windows 7. Recommend me something that'd be easy to use and doesn't suck that tranny CoC thing.



Linux (GNU/Linux Mint) it is easy as fuck for newfags. I don't know if it has a CoCk, but even if it had, it would be still better than windows anyway.


File: 670799d5ace381d⋯.png (293.33 KB, 501x345, 167:115, nigger.png)


Not kidding: Windows 2k/XP



windows 7



Doesn't the CoC apply to all the linuxes?



I'd like something foss


File: 29f666f73b34831⋯.gif (14.28 KB, 432x360, 6:5, SWaddict.gif)


OpenBSD or Slackware perhaps? Linux in general is going mainstream so social justice types are not far behind



I thought OpenBSD was hard to use. Is Slackware CoC-free?


Why is two separate RAM better than one with the same storage?


File: f49ff4a5525040a⋯.png (5.46 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 1.png)


Yes, but as a former Windows user you want to get a beginner distro like Xubuntu or Mint. Everything works out of the box and you can learn and explore the system at your own pace and then select a distro that suits you in 2020 or 2021.



Two sticks give you higher performance because you have more bandwidth with two channels.



I see. I'll settle for one of those for now. Thanks


File: e80b7f540ed49b2⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1363x1733, 1363:1733, Sayori Neko Works - Chocol….png)


I figured out the issue.

For some reason even though "echo $SSH_AUTH_SOCK" returns the location of the agent socket which is valid, when I run "ssh user@host", it's as though the variable isn't there. I have to use the command "env SSH_AUTH_SOCK=$SSH_AUTH_SOCK ssh user@host" to ssh.

I made a shell alias for that.

If any of you have the same problem now you know what to do.



>Is he right

Imo it's bullshit, ask him what's your password is.

There's load of ways to get passwords.

Quick reminder:

-Always use random generated passwords (use dice and alphabet).

-Always use a new password for each new services (emails, games etc....), don't trust the people who store your password.

-Never use proprietary software.

-Never use a smartphone.


Is there literally no pozzed browser alternative? Someone told me Pale Moon has blocked access to AdNauseum and told me to get Brave instead. But Brave's site is totally mainstream shady, and their offices are in San Francisco and London. Waterfox doesn't update, too, so I can't go back to that. I don't know anything about Vivaldi. What can I do?



Kinda have to ask, what is pozzed to you? Because if it is "shit people work on this browser" or alternatively "gets monetized to hell and back" then yeah you are probably out of luck.

If it's okay that webshit, as browsers are attract some "people" you still have icecat and qutebrowser offering either a firefox spin or a chromium spin respectively both have worked out alright for me.

There is also ungoogled chromium if you want their plugin system without google.




Please stop using that word. Botnet is a more appropriate term.

There's Icecat that works just great on GNU/linux.

As for windows, Icecat is not supported anymore. But someone compiled an unofficial version of it https://github.com/muslayev/icecat-win64/releases

I tried it it works normally but you need to install a visual studio dll dependency.


But I'm suspicious about a random exe existing on github, especially when there's no detail on how to reproduce his work.

I would like to know if someone could please help me understanding how to compile icecat on GNU/linux and also windows.

I've compiled small software on Debian based distributions, I even installed a gentoo once, but never went far.


Privacy/security practices when buying USB devices? Should I go for a well-known company but risk the botnet or a cheap generic but risk a sweatshop owner downloading my credit card. Only pay in cash like other computer components?


Does anybody know how to hide the OS, Host status, from port scanners? For example, if somebody is on my network and is trying to figure out my system, is there anyway to keep them from obtaining my system info?

I've been using nmap and sometimes it is not confident about the ip scan, and will reply with a "AGGRESSIVE GUESS" of what that OS is, based on the ip scan, I'm sorry If this doesn't make sense, but i'm just trying to add a layer of protection to my system for funzies





What about K-meleon? A tor anon mentioned it not too long ago?


what are some cell phones that dont emit radiation( or what can limit the amount dramatically?) Also, I'm curious to know of any cheap phones that don't use third party chinese software to run their apps.

What are some good tech cell phones that arn't smart?



Dead ones don't emit radiation. Are you retarded per chance?



I managed to type, so not retarded. I already knew phones emit rads, but I'm looking to see if its possible to reduce emission with less g's.



How does asking a question make anybody a retard? I mean I'm basically trying to find ways to prevent harm to myself from mobile devices that are proven to emit radiation waves. Are you retarded? Being an asshole doesn't make you smarter than me, if you're not going to help then fuck off back to pol.



They all emit electromagnetic radiation. That's how they work.



true enough. i've found enough info on them anyway at this point :)



The only way you could know what exposure is like is to find TX power of the cellphone. 5G is still well below ultraviolet and even infrared light frequencies, but if that frightens you stick with old tech. 3G 4G whatever.



Not him, but...

>I already knew phones emit rads, but I'm looking to see if its possible to reduce emission

That's disingenuous. That's not the question you asked. The question you asked was


>what are some cell phones that dont emit radiation

Which is, in fact, retarded, as all cell phones, that function as cell phones, emit some kind of electromagnetic radiation. In fact, even if you disable Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular data on the device, they still emit radiation if you can see what's on the screen, because visible (to humans) light is electromagnetic radiation.

Sorry, but you're certifiably retarded. The best thing you could do for the human species is suicide before you reproduce.

Please kill yourself.



To follow up on what this guy said, the only danger with non ionizing radiation is heat and cellphone are a few watts max. Google radio duty cycle to get more information.


File: ba4263d31d15903⋯.png (44.8 KB, 925x286, 925:286, CHINA.PNG)

I need to set up SSH at several remote locations. I have a cell modem for internet because the locations are very remote and it would be impractical to set up wifi "normally" at all of them. The problem is, port forwarding seems to not function. I think I set it up correctly on the router. Linked a static LAN IP to my device and set it up to forward incoming traffic on port 22 to that device. SSH functions over LAN, so it should be running.

I suspect my carrier blocks inbound traffic, though no one could tell me when I called them because they're all a bunch of monkeys who don't know anything. Sent them a mail and they haven't gotten back to me yet. If that IS the case and there's nothing I can do about it, I need options on that. I was thinking of using ngrok to tunnel through, though I'm not sure that's the best. Anyone have any experience with ngrok? Is it good? Are there better alternatives to what I'm trying to do? Smarter solutions?



Why not change the ssh port to one that works? Leaving the default 22 will have chink bots knocking at your door 24/7



Should probably change port, yeah, but I'm not sure any ports work. I tried setting it in the 15k range and it still didn't work. Guess I'll have to wait to hear back from my provider


Is it possible for me to put two different OS's on the same physical machine on two different VLANs? I want to put my dual-boot gaming Windows disk on a totally separate VLAN from my normal working Linux disk.



I'd recommend Trisquel, it's ubuntu based and a lot easier than ubuntu and has better security per default, it uses the a very lightweight mate desktop that makes it very comfy.


Only inconvenience is that hardware manufacturers are uncooperative, so you can't use amd gpu based systems and intel wifi, there more but these two represents the two major hardware incompatibility.

Otherwise I'd recommend ubuntu Mate (but it's a bit buggy, comfy otherwise) or kubuntu.




>Linux (GNU/Linux Mint) it is easy as fuck for newfags

Please stop shilling mint it's a horrible distribution.

On a ladder of lesser evil k/ubuntu mate distros are the lesser evil, but mint isn't a far away border from MSwindows.


> but as a former Windows user you want to get a beginner distro


>or Mint



I have my Windows OS in my SSD drive and it has all the defult folders like pictures, users, blah blah blah, but my Hard Drive had nothing. How do I make a exact copy of all those folders for that drive?



Maybe you can have your router distinguish between your windows and linux install based on hostname.


Copy them? You will have to elaborate on your problem



Thanks for showing off your power level. Woah! double strike with the edge! tRY READING MY entire question, including what I typed between brackets.

>or what can limit the amount dramatically

implying I already know they emit rads. Nothing disingenuous here.Try to think before you type, becasuse you sound like a massive cunt and autist. Good day sir.



I use an amd gpu so I guess that won't work for me. Which would you suggest, mate or kubuntu? What about xubuntu?


Reading SICP right now. I'm looking at the following code to calculate factorials:

(define (factorial n)
(define (iter count product)
(if (> count n)
(iter (+ count 1) (* product count))))
(iter 1 1))

Everything works fine. But I'm trying to rewrite the "iter" procedure using "let" and "lambda" statements. I can't wrap my head around it. What do I do?



I would recommend xubuntu first. But that's because I haven't tried kubuntu in ages, but I have good interactions with kde softwares like k3b.

Try both. But you should also try Trisquel even if AMD gpu is not supported, it's not that it does not work it's that 3D acceleration is not supported because it requires binary blobs, 2D acceleration works just fine tho.



after fumbling around with it, i think i'm just retarded. apparently i can't recursively call the "iter" process with a "let" statement.



Okay, thanks


What are the risks after buying new USB peripherals?



So I've downloaded the source code from the link provided on the fsf directory:


git clone git://git.savannah.gnu.org/gnuzilla.git

After reading the first hundred lines of the makefile I decided to launch it to see how it goes.

Basically it's going to download the ff source code then apply it's configuration, it won't compile the source code but configure it so that you can compile Icecat afterwords.

I'm working on Trisquel and I had to install bzr, mercurial and devscripts otherwise the makefile wouldn't do it's job. The longest part is the "rebranding" part, it takes "find" 10 min to approximately do it's job depending on your hardware.

Be sure to install these software otherwise when you're going to relaunch the makefile it's going to say that the "output" folder already exist and you'll have to delete it. Or maybe there's a way to continue where it halted?

After that you get a source code name Icecat thats waiting to be compiled.

As I understand it you can also make your own modification to the makefile.

Icecat 38 was the last supported Windows version.


Does anyone ever tried to crosscompile for windows platforms ? Or directly used GCC one windows ?


I haven't tried k-meleon yet, hopefully normies can like it.


File: 950e865d7982c90⋯.png (113.15 KB, 841x1455, 841:1455, keep alt.png)

I want to keep a running "to do" list with my wife that lets us add and check off items from our own devices. Any non-botnet options that you know of? What would you do?





File: 8cf3d7b63ea2907⋯.jpg (160.67 KB, 1483x1101, 1483:1101, 71FdC0lUpHL._SL1483_.jpg)

"Female" audio jack on my motherboard is fucked. Are there any downsides to using picrelated?



I looked into them years ago, and the sound quality on even the best ones was absolute garbage. Maybe they've improved. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can give you a better answer.


The Ethernet cable functions good on my laptops, but not on a new puter which is some retarded windows 10 os, it doesn't recognize it and the diagnosis says it's damaged or some shit, but it fits the port so i think it is driver/software issue..

Should i reset the modem and uninstall driver? Senkyu if you help


File: e726e9437f07f5e⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 498x246, 83:41, tenor.gif)

i'm confused as fuck right now.

i tryed to call my mom using what app, and some random stranger answered.

when i checked the phone number i found that my mom had two phone numbers in my contact list.

i'm sure as hell i didn't put two phone numbers,, she only has one phone.

i'm using an iPhone btw.

how could've this happend?!

could what's upp modify/add phone numbers on my phone?, was my mom hacked or was i?



File: 9a6194e67d461df⋯.jpg (22.02 KB, 398x500, 199:250, 9a6.jpg)



There's some extra overhead and latency because it's USB, but it's otherwise equivalent to typical onboard audio. Which is to say not very good.


I need a really simple GUI application in linux. What GUI API should I use? SDL, XCB, GLX?



Is there a list of pure assembly games / emulators / software ?


Can anyone recommend some free software options for linux for each of the following:

- Easily editable flowcharts

- A decent text to speech program (for reading through pdfs and other materials while I do other tasks)

- Something that can find duplicate or near duplicate files among my images, video, pdfs, etc. and choose which ones to keep.



File: be508f2cded8248⋯.png (13.77 KB, 480x177, 160:59, fuxx.PNG)

Could somebody please help me with this. I get this error when I try to log into my xfce session and Im immediately kicked back to the login screen. It used to work perfectly and it suddenly broke? I'm 99% sure the problem is related to xfconfd because I can't find it literally anywhere on my system. I reinstalled xfce like 5 times and I still get this error. Why would a vital binary be missing from the package? I cannot find any info on xfconfd and what it is either because google only yields a few results related to the error itself. And yes, I did try every suggested thing I managed to find in google with no results. At this point I don't even care about fixing it that much, I just wanna know WHY the fuck it's happening.


What's the /tech/ way to scan for malware on files?


>Something that can find duplicate or near duplicate files among my images, video, pdfs, etc. and choose which ones to keep.



Post the contents of the $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS



>scan for malware






$ ls -al /etc/xdg/
total 56
drwxr-xr-x 8 root root 4096 May 7 01:46 .
drwxr-xr-x 151 root root 12288 May 12 14:02 ..
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 May 12 14:02 autostart
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 May 7 01:46 menus
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 67 Feb 17 2017 sni-qt.conf
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Nov 24 2017 systemd
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jul 7 2018 Thunar
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 43 Jan 7 2016 Trolltech.conf
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jul 7 2018 tumbler
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 414 Apr 14 2016 user-dirs.conf
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 418 Apr 14 2016 user-dirs.defaults
drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4096 May 7 01:46 xfce4

I'm using Mint on a VM if that helps.


File: 77ac5e305d7632d⋯.gif (36.7 KB, 600x311, 600:311, 1211-magnet-flux-600.gif)

how efficent are linear shaft motors? i couldn't find any number googling.

whats the power to kinetic energy coversion?


Best DNS to use?

Currently using https://dns.watch/ is there something better?



Sorry, forgot to mention that i'm under Linux.


Seems ok, try running

find / -name xfconfd
, i never used XFCE so i have no idea how it really works, you could verify if there's custom configuration at ~/.config/. Also run XFCE directly on command line, the output helps a lot.


>>>/electronics/ is your way.

>>1063007 I've been using OpenNIC, but that one seem to be really good. I will try it.


File: 0d7edd0f0d80d92⋯.jpg (31.06 KB, 680x352, 85:44, 0d7edd0f0d80d92a42c75123f2….jpg)

what's the ideal distro for a windows baby that doesn't require too much fucking around to get working? I riced my windows install a bunch so i'm somewhat familiar with making that kind of shit work. I would prefer something that I can install and run ootb. I want a distro I can just transition into and use exclusively without having to jump between windows and linux, so something that's supported would be excellent.



>Pale Moon has blocked access to AdNauseum

i thought it was just a matter of allowing all add ons in preferences.

the issue i'm currently having in palemoon is being blocked by mozilla from downloading their addons even their old versions and finding a "most recent compatible version" xpi is difficult at best.



You'll have to test (or find reviews of) each DE to see what you prefer the most. That and the package manager are mainly the only relevant differences between distros.

>Xfce or Cinnamon

Linux Mint: https://linuxmint.com/download.php


Kubuntu: https://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/


Ubuntu Budgie: https://ubuntubudgie.org/downloads


PopOS: https://system76.com/pop

KDE, Cinnamon and Xfce (on Mint) are most windows-like by default. So you'll probably want one of those.

You can also try Manjaro with any DE, but I'd generally recommend debian based distros for babies.


File: ff7382bc1f29acf⋯.png (31.7 KB, 203x160, 203:160, Screenshot_20190512_215642.png)

I was trying to get wine to work and managed to create this problem. What do? I'm using KDE on Debian if that matters.



I had some weird glitches after updating something, try regenerating the font cache (fc-cache) and reloging/rebooting. There's also this qt bug https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-63792 which still seems to occasionally rear its head in KDE.




>After that you get a source code name Icecat thats waiting to be compiled.

See Thread >>1063170



What is a safe temp for CPU and GPU to operate at while gaming? I've tried searching around for this answer and no one seems to actually know.



Sent you a PM.



Good one. Seriously though is hovering around 70-80 C acceptable?


My ISP blacklisted 4chingz

VPNs are rangebanned none of the free vpns work.

What do anons please help



I've asked for a "browser without any asscancer in it" a while ago and someone recommended Ungoogled Chromium. I'm mostly satisfied with it, but it can't play .mp4. Maybe there's something similar with .mp4 support out there?



Hey, I don't have ungoogled-chromium installed ATM, but I don't see why it wouldn't play mp4. Anyway, Iridium Browser does play them (just checked) and it's also a privacy focused Chrome fork (but slightly worse than ug-c).



tried sigavpn or riseup?

anyway, if you just want to read, then startpage's anonymous view kinda works...or you can try a regular web proxy server (fuck that's ancient shit! but if it works, it works...)



Perhaps it's the SystemDicks.


$: npm install express

^This installs express, but doesn't add it to the package.json file as a dependency.

$: npm install express --save

^This does. I thought --save was implied and can be omitted, but without it the packages.json file is not updated. Why?



This inherently requires some kind of central store to serve you and your wife single version of the to-do list and update that version every time one of you make the changes. The alternative would be peer-to-peer. This would be cool, but I don't think something like this exists.

You can try OwnCloud or NextCloud and host them yourself. All the options your likely to find will be self hosted, or paid. For the paid shit, check their license agreement if you're going this route to make sure at the very least you're not the product. Shit sucks.



Oh yeah, and check F-droid for some options. I'm not sure, but I think you can host your own Simpletask.



Is there any way to remove Windows DRM from a laptop that came with Win10? And if not should I just kill myself?



You can run those "remove spyware" windows 10 scripts, but that's not gonna remove all the stuff baked in to the actual OS.




This should work but you'll have to run your own instance of nextcloud.



Found it.

npm versions below 5 require the --save flag to add the dependency to the packages.json file. Versions 5 and above don't need the --save flag and add it automatically.



I'm planning on using a gnu/linux distro and just want to know if that shit will stay there even after I switch.


Does anyone know anything about the GroupMe app? I was added to this app in 2014, but is there a way to delete messages? If I leave a group, will all my messages disappear or remain in the group? What about if I delete my account and info? Is there a way to delete your GroupMe account and info?



>Refuse to work on anything but what it came installed with

Yo, I might be fucked if that's the case. Never knew there were external usb wi-fi dongles for computers though. How the hell do those work?


With PHP 7 being 10x faster than Python 3 and 50x faster than PHP 5 is it now viable as a general purpose scripting language?

NodeJS is really fast too.



Never fucking the interpreter was created by kikes.

But my point still stands for NodeJS



Fuck that. Make some money and get Maxist-feminists to show you their inner prostitute.



I need a wangblows pro key to get some features and bitlocker. Thank heavens and hells for Fleabay kikes.



Brainlet, you forgot about sys-apps/net-tools and sys-apps/pciutils.

Read https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Wifi and https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Handbook:AMD64/Installation/Tools#Networking_tools

see what you have missed


I have a gift card scammer waiting for my 'wife' to bring the car home so i can go purchase $2000 worth of gift cards. They also take bitcoin, but i don't know what that is, lol.

Is there really nothing set-up to have fake/traceable gift card numbers to help catch these fuckers?

If there's really nothing like that, I could prob keep them going long enough and give them a link to a 'gift card activation' site or some shite, y'know... not long enough to get a convincing one made myself, but if any of you wonderful people have something on-hand and want to have fun trying to phish a scammer...


what are some good alternative firewalls for windows10? i use gufw for muh linux, but there must be some alternative for windows. what do you think?


my bash is acting slow

i try and load sudo to enter my pw and it takes like 10+ seconds.



Hey people, has anyone used the same /home partition for different distros? (say, Slackware and Devuan). Any particular problems with that?


Learning basic networking, how do you differentiate between different data other than just type checking your way through? or am i asking a stupid question?


it works most of the time, although if you have some configs like xinitrc and expect a spceific window manager, obviously it would just keep you in the tty. stop distro hopping


File: 7bc21bb96a77e6b⋯.jpg (54.3 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Illegal Angle.jpg)

Every time I've tried to install Linux (Debain twice, Void once) I've always had trouble installing Nvidia driver for muh 960. Every time I install it it just break xorg.conf and I have no way to repair it, so I just go back to Windows out of frustration every time. Is there any distro that actually has working Nvidia drivers?



Try GNU/Linux Mint. But on Debian, did you try installing linux-firmware, etc?

>sudo apt install linux-firmware xserver-xorg-video-*

That should work. Ah and to do that you need to enable nonfree repo.




Try PopOS. They have an iso with nVidia drivers.


In Scheme, what's the purpose of local variable definitions like let, when set! exists?

What's stopping from only using set! ?


What's the best email service to protect myself from CIA niggers? I was going to do ProtonMail but they use Radware, an (((Israeli))) based DDOS prevention service.



self host, not even joking


Is golang good for a C like language with modern features that isn't as obtuse as C++?




No, I meant something more along the lines of an internal iqdb or saucenao.


Also why is rust hated? It's really good for system programming with great typed structure.



Nope already tried that. As I said in my initial post, xfconfd is nowhere to be found in my system (even after reinstalling several times) which is the really baffling thing.


What VM software for a security hardened Linux setup is the most recommended by /tech/?


File: 3e34d38a2676fb2⋯.png (4.75 KB, 244x320, 61:80, 2 out of 10.png)

Startpage is dows for me, just says Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to startpage.com. The OCSP server suggests trying again later. Error code: SEC_ERROR_OCSP_TRY_SERVER_LATER

I'm using Firefox 51, but it got hit by the addon removal a week back so it might be firefox, startpage or just me depending on if anons are having the same happen to them. Startpage is my go to search engine

so I would appreciate some help.







>Is already fixed

Sorry for deleting 3 posts and for making 2 useless posts.

Mods can delete all 3 if needed.


How do you make a susucoin wallet. I built the fucking thing and it took more RAM to compile it than to land the goddamn moon rover. Dependency goosehunt for Linux shit.

But now I can't actually figure out how to use it.

How does wallet?


File: 8a5416a098b79c2⋯.png (160.31 KB, 420x420, 1:1, Doge.png)

What are the best most stable nVidia drivers after 385.69?



What kind of spyware can I put on out of date android phone to make it stream camera and/or screen feed to my pc?



How outdated?

Screen-stream on fdroid.



>is PHP now viable as a general purpose scripting language?

yes. it has always been



Devuan comes with non-free firmware by default.


>recommending some ciaware distro

you are glowing in the dark so hard right now.


No, imo. I recommend C/C++ if you want to use the language in "the real world" as C/C++ just have better documentation, tooling and 3rd-party libraries (C/C++ is also more widely used). I think D, Julia and Ada are superior to Go (and Rust). Nim is also a very interesting language.


>Also why is rust hated?

It's ugly and Ada already exists. Unlike Rust, Ada project isn't run by SJWs. Also, Ada is more mature.





it has to be running in the background while invisible to the user, might look like a system app in the apps menu






Ada is broken and created by Jews. The Areina 5 cluster disaster was proof.

Rust looks good because it's library support and documentation, which is really helpful for gamedev. Golang is the same but less-so.

Now it's a matter of Rust vs Go. What is better for gamedev?


File: 09d561ce8e8c960⋯.jpg (107.62 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 0012.jpg)

Seems I've used a 32-bit Linux OS on a CPU that apparently has co-op mode for 32-bit and 64-bit. How much performance have I been missing out on?


File: 266b0f253c6fe6c⋯.jpg (93.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, brabro.jpg)



Depends. A 32-bit distro may very well be faster if your hardware/needs aren't at that level (yet).



Huh. Running 32-bit Debian with xfce.

Pentium Dual-Core E5300 @ 2.60GHz


Rather small SSD

Haven't been able to run Proton at all when trying Steam, I guess that's exclusively for 64-bit systems




Your specs are certainly good enough, don't know about Proton but Wine is still supported on 32-bit. If modern gaming is your thing then by all means replace the install.


Looking to get into linux for the first time, debating whether to use a virtual machine or run it live on a usb to test it out before I install it on my main pc.


File: 883b76713afccef⋯.png (801.78 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm trying to find info on a new Samsung U32R59C monitor (pic related). The official Samsung page doesn't say anything about adaptive sync, but another site says it has freesync. Aside from that I'm trying to find info on if/when vendors will start stocking it. It's officially released and I've found some places that sell it but it's very fresh, one site in the UK just started stocking it today.

Any input would be appreciated.

The reason I'm interested in it is it's a 4k curved monitor

>inb4 curved meme

It's a VA panel and curved mitigates the gamma shift problems of VA. This is the one reason I haven't bought into the 4k meme yet, from first hand experience it's not worth it except if you're up close. And I don't like IPS.



Looking at https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/monitor/detail/1419/U32R59C#specs

It doesn't say anything about adaptive sync or freesync so I wouldn't buy it just for that in case the site that said it was just spewing bullshit (Which has happened to me before).



Nobody? I didn't want to waste a thread and couldn't find a thread in the catalog where I might get an answer. I really don't want to get into a new OS without being prepared, and even stuff like mint might give me trouble since I'm not used to linux. I was thinking of using a virtual box, until an anon said it was too slow, yet running with a usb would take some doing and a usb large enough. I would really appreciate some advice.



Try live usb first, irrc there is an option in rufus for persistent storage. Otherwise, you can also partition your usb stick with one data partition. Unplug you main hdd if possible, then it would be impossible to harm your files and original os. Learn to use a non-botnet search engine, don't think gnu/linus is/works the same as wanblow, they dont. Don't be afraid of the terminal, it is just text. Don't give up on any problem you encounter, you are learning what you had for wanblows and those knowledge don't apply any more.



I switched. here's some benchmarks

(lower is better) = (LB)

(higher is better) = (HB)

[32-bit result] vs [64-bit result]

>hardinfo benchmarks

Blowfish: 6.47 s vs 6.67 s (LB)

Cryptohash: 312.35 MiB/s vs 314.94 MiB/s (HB)

Fibonacci: 4.01 s vs 2.75 s (LB)

n-Queens: 9.19 s vs 8.74 s (LB)

FPU FFT: 3.15 s vs 3.14 s (LB)

FPU Raytracing: 17.18 s vs 5.99 s (LB)

>Python3 hashlib hashing (single-core)


.71 MHash/s vs .91 MHash/s (HB)


.38 MHash/s vs .57 MHash/s (HB)

>sysbench --test=cpu run

total time: 13.9749s vs 9.7255s (LB)

>sysbench --test=fileio --file-test-mode=seqwr run

>128 files, 16Mb each; 2Gb total file size; Block size 16Kb

total time: 78.9015s vs 16.4837s (LB)




Alright, I was thinking it might be better to use a usb but you've sold me. I've got a few laying around but how many much memory does a distro like mint take up? I don't have that many large memory usbs.



>how many much

Hahahaha, I really need to sleep more.




Nobody seemed to have the answer to this but I discovered it.

Simply change the "Computer Name" back to it's original name.

For example, let's say your bash shows up as "anon@thiscomputer:", then you went to Settings > Sharing, and changed your Computer Name to "blablah", now your bash shows up as "anon@blahblah:", go back and change it to the original computer name and bash will not lag 10 to 12 second anymore. Solved.


Is there a way to clone many apps on android the foss way?

I have shelter app and it's not enough and can only handle one extra app. I want to clone some apps for about 5x or more and still be able to login to it (without changing the app signature or breaking it). Also it would be a huge bother to update the app individually.

I tried lucky patcher but it's too slow and needs to patch and recompile executable of the app which means it becomes useless once the app had been updated.



>Ada is broken

Got any single fact to back that up? Ada is way more mature than Rust or Golang.

>Ada was created by Jews

Soydev pls, that's disinfo. Ada is designed by a committee.


Unironically C++ since it has better libraries



>a virtual machine or run it live on a usb

both. VirtualBox is fine. By installing it in a VM you can practice installing GNU/Linux. By testing booting from a LiveCD you can confirm that your HW is supported. Use something like Devuan (https://devuan.org/) since its installation .iso has proprietary firmware. I would advice against using Linux Mint, if you want to have everything OOB then just install Xubuntu (https://xubuntu.org) But installing Devuan isn't really any harder but just remember to select that you want to install the Devuan desktop and select XFCE from the list (use Space Bar to select options and Return to advance and Tab or Arrow Keys to change the highlighted selection if you run the installer in text-mode)




>Ichbiah was a descendent of Greek and Turkish Jews[1][2] from Thessaloniki who emigrated to France.[3]



>another rust shill who's still butthurt that xir language doesn't take off

Ada was created by a team and not a single individual. It's true that Jean Ichbiah was one of main designers of the original version of Ada. Have you even looked into Ada at all?



mint is fine for a complete newbie, cinnamon is windows like enough without going balls deep into kde, running on ubuntu has a fuckload of resources around when shit doesn't work.




Isn't that just Debian without systemd? Doesn't debian screw up your drivers?


I was thinking of using ubuntu for a bit but if this is a better version I might try it out

>Mint is shit

Really? I heard a bunch of anons say its good, the install gentoo wiki says its new friendly, and the only bad thing about it I found was that the security is shit is supposedly shit.



What IDE does /tech/ use? I'm not sure if I want to use emacs as IDE, because I'm beginner with both programming and emacs. Visual Studio is said to be the most-hand holding IDE out there, maybe even too hand-holding. I also don't feel like accepting Visual Studios data collection. At the moment I'm choosing between learning C++ or C#. It would be nice if someone could give me a little push to the right direction.


File: 88713e632a9d6cf⋯.png (36.38 KB, 240x240, 1:1, geany.png)


don't know if this counts but I like it

I only do html/css though


File: 48b7a93c0ebf9ed⋯.png (10.77 KB, 211x246, 211:246, 7c6.png)

So I fell for the linux meme and installed ubuntu and I can't get my fucking mouse to work right. The mouse pointer speed is so fast I can't hit anything and the scroll wheel speed is so slow it takes a fucking eon just to get to the bottom of a page. I can't find any way to adjust this shit and search results don't turn up anything helpful. Am I just a retard or something?



nevermind, i'm just a fucking retard. I fixed it myself, disregard my cock sucking.



>What IDE does /tech/ use?

Before I have been using geany >>1063916

but it was to slow for me.

Now I use emacs, and it's pretty good, especially the shortcuts and a lot of addons/modes etc. I can't program in elisp though. Learning emacs isn't that hard - it took me a week to learn basics.

>At the moment I'm choosing between learning C++ or C#.

Maybe for work, but for your project better don't use C#, because even though there are free as in freedom implementations - mono, some libraries, for example .NET are patented by Microsoft, that is you can't modify the library, because Microsoft can sue you. But it's your choice after all.


good youtube alternative?



Selfhosting with GNU Mediagoblin. The only irreplacable part of youtube is the community, make one and come back then.






ubuntu is an african word that means retard.



Thanks anon.

I will look install geany. I have a lot of stuff that needs to be done and can't be bothered to dive into emacs more deeply. I have downloaded Uncle Daves emacs tutorial series and I know the very basics of emacs. I will probably switch at some point when I have used emacs as a text editor for longer. At the moment I feel like C++ would be a great starting point for my programming journey, I already downloaded all the C++/programming related pdfs from >>>/pdfs/. Not sure if I should start with books or some online courses, I will see which one feels better.

First goal will be to create tetris.



File: a7a1990181d4e90⋯.png (177.39 KB, 316x321, 316:321, 1440237515673.png)

i'm seriously feeling like a retard right now. I've been using linux for all of a day and I literally can't get anything to work right. I just want the stupid fucking lights on my keyboard to work and to be able to adjust the DPI on my mouse, so I found openrazer. Only problem, my mouse isn't supported in the main branch or whatever, I have zero concept of coding. I found this github page where they say that the test branch of razergenie supports this mouse, but I have absolutely no idea how to install it. I figured out how the terminal thing works but this is talking about meson build files or some such shit and it's not formatted in a way for me to copy paste like a nigger.



if someone could explain to me how to make this thing work i'd really appreciate it.

i'm extremely frustrated right now, but honestly this is kind offun





- open a terminal

git clone https://github.com/z3ntu/RazerGenie.git

meson RazerGenie-master

ninja -C RazerGenie-master




honestly not sure if this post is for deterring people from linux, but otherwise, go buy read a book on linux fundamentals and have a good read. Go buy a shitty ass laptop and fuck around with it 'till your hearts content. You're not going to learn anything here.


File: db05fe353d2a91b⋯.jpg (15.59 KB, 246x255, 82:85, 5d3cac75c6767677aab0fbb648….jpg)


i'm not trying to deter anyone, i'm just trying to make shit work. When there's documentation it's really easy and for 99.99 percent of all problems there's a piss easy fix. At the moment i'm just struggling to get my system to a point where everything works. For me that's almost fun if it wasn't for the fact my mouse is pissing me off.


Hows Disroot for privacy email?



Just about the best you can get.



Care to elaborate?


File: f845c3642d0fe65⋯.jpg (60.68 KB, 560x420, 4:3, screenshot.jpg)

What's a tool capable of adding replaygain data which takes into account loudness to at the very least .flac files?


I don't understand something about the manpages.

If I type man signal, in the end, it tells me "See also: Section 2.4, Signal Concepts".

How do I ask man to give me "Section 2.4, Signal Concepts"?


File: d10b78178276612⋯.jpeg (134.05 KB, 830x831, 830:831, .jpeg)

When i turned on my computer today, Windows 8.1 wouldn't post. The CPU fan was staying at a high RPM and no display. I put a HDMI cable on the GPU going to one monitor and a DVI-D cable going to another to reinstall Windows. Using integrated graphics of the AMD CPU i installed the latest Windows 8.1 drivers and installation gave an error, but it always does that for me and it still worked fine. Once the GPU was recognized i played CSGO and Arma 3 to benchmark and it ran just fine. I turned off the computer and turned it back on and there was no image on both monitors and CPU fan stayed at a constant high RPM. I used a 800w power supply (doesn't have a rating) and a 700w gold rated power supply. I tried changing the bios but it still fails to consistently give an image once started. I kept a backup of the original bios just in case. Also this card won't work on my main computer? it only seems to accept NVIDIA GPUs. ( Tried R9 270x, R9 290) Both used to work on said pc.

I don't want to reinstall windows every time i want to use it, any idea why it's doing this?

*This GPU was used to mine


So do you need the stands and controllers to use an htv vive? Or can you get away with just the headset? I asked on /v/ but noone answered.



It has no logging or tracking, supports mail clients, is free, and is trustworthy (not a business or "organization" - and I'd know, I've talked to the guys running it).


Whats a good Temperature monitoring software. I've been using speccy but I don't really like it. CPU-Z any good?


File: feeb1b880963b01⋯.jpg (9.08 KB, 200x267, 200:267, ardcore.jpg)



1. Nope, not chaning default shell

2. Fuck yoiu

3. This is a huge problem with zsh and an suddenly NFS unmountable mount.

EX. I have some nfs mounted on some ip. That ip crashed, and now, when i use zsh, if i EVEN FUCKING COME CLOSE TO REFRENSING THAT MOUNT (like typing /mnt, so zsh tries to autocomplete) AND NOW MY E N T I R E ZSH shell freezes, trying to find /mnt, but it doesnt exist and i can realize this in dmesg with TENS OF FUCKING THOUSANDS of

 nfs: server *.*.*.* not responding, timed out 

So what do?????

• KMS?

• Cry more?



Just login to your default shell and then type the name of the shell you want to change to and press enter.

Like type


Hit enter and you are in a bash shell unless your OS is malware or something. SH is just a symbolic link to your default shell, change the symbolic link to change your default shell.


Anyone else find 8chan media to be incredibly slow lately?



Yes, everything takes forever to load and sometimes they just fail to load or stop halfway through. It's not like you can talk to the admins anymore even in /sudo/ so all we can do is hope for a miracle.


File: 123deb3d2624b79⋯.jpg (30.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, .jpg)

What's the best text editor that gives me this feature, whether with a plugin or otherwise?

To be specific, I don't care about autocomplete itself, I just want this popup that reminds me of the names and definitions of functions. I often forget the exact function name or arguments into it, so I just want to be able to see it without having to switch to a different file. And I want to see more than just the name, I also want to see the arguments, and ideally return value as well. In fact I'd prefer if I could turn the autocomplete off specifically, since I find it very disrupting when the popup hijacks tab/enter keys for itself.

I'm willing to switch to a different editor just for this thing, my programs are getting to the point where it's very hard to remember everything by memory.

TL;DR I want a popup that shows the name and properties of the function I'm typing out. Which editor can I get it in an how?



If youre dead set on using windows, and you insist on using something newer than 7, i'd use 10. i had nothing but problems using 8.


Soo... I fucked up a partition using fsck

any good way to recover it when even testdisk fucks up?

testdisk won't find my partition and photorec shits up destination folder with "recup_dir.1" (...) "recup_dir.9000" folders and most of them have crap like "0000000001.txt" "054634scgfsd.txt" etc.



Did you fsck using linux and failed? Testdisk could still recover that by deepscanning the thing and writing over the proper disk table over the disk. Just scan not sure which option but once you could see your old files completely on that partition table data you can proceed to write that over your disk and it's like nothing really happened. (though you might want to check for bad or pending sectors after)



fsck aborts after step 1 and testdisks' deep scan shits up around, like, 20 partitions and all of them say "partition corrupted" or "no files found" when trying to open


I'm worried I'll get in trouble for asking this, but fuck it:

My computer seems to "track" information about the IP address used by my internet connection, even when I change networks by going to a new house or location. I've followed instructions to change my IP address in the past, but there seems to be something about my computer that retains core information and still allows me to be tracked even when I use different networks. Is there any way to change this? I'm not very tech savvy, so I may not be explaining things very well.



I followed your advice and installed Windows 10.

Unfortunately this didn't fix the whole problem, but definitely helped. I have set the bios primary display to onboard because that's the only way i can get an image, connecting the GPU to a monitor once in desktop does give an image. I got an error twice, "Driver Power State Failure " when i left the HDMI cable connected to the GPU while attempting to start the computer, and on third attempt, i removed HDMI cable from GPU and when i got into the desktop, Radeon Settings said there was a boot problem and all settings were reset which never happened before.

*I searched if someone had a similar problem and found nothing. I think this means it is an isolated incident and either the GPU or Motherboard is at fault. (i am guessing, i have no idea what is going on)

*"If youre dead set on using windows"

You do have a point, i will try Linux and see if that helps.



YouCompleteMe on vim.



what do you mean by "tracked"?



sublime 3 will probably work better for you than vim


What custom OS do you guys recommend for a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo?



Oh, and the exact model is SM-G903F. Sorry I don't know shit about phones.


where are the anons who made dot chan (open nic)



Not a big fan of editors that are basically nonfunctional unless you first memorize a million hotkeys, but I'll give it a try.


I already use Sublime, the default autocomplete only shows names, and there's no functioning plugin that does what I want.


So, I was reading my install script for cloveOS and noticed that grub was recognizing my units as an i386 architecture.

The download was of course, 64 bit. I go to my BIOS and it says it's a 32 bit architecture.

I'm confused. Is there something I'm missing? I'm wondering how to edit these parameters in my BIOS.



I think I understand now, 32 bit CPU can run a 64bit program. But I could have sworn this was a 64bit CPU...



wait..it can only achieve that through virtualization.. perhaps then I'd need to install it in 32 bit to see the difference..still confused i guess.


Are there any end all/be all tutorials for learning to linux? I'm not entirely sure how I should word what I'm looking for.

Is there some kind of list that has every kind of functionality that any seasoned /tech/ anon should know how to do? I want to research and learn these things but there just seems like so much shit, with a lot of innocuous filler that I have no idea where to start in order to learn stuff that's actually useful and has IRL application. Pls help.


File: 73d328c5be317e4⋯.jpg (493.66 KB, 1200x803, 1200:803, old-skool.jpg)




You can run i386 distros on any x86_64 CPU but not vice versa - maybe you have a 32-bit UEFI motherboard, no classical BIOS?


File: 95db1ccacec1ee2⋯.png (350.28 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 111111.gif.png)



The ram seems to suggest a 32bit OS.



But of course, I'm running ubuntu 18.10, a 64bit OS.



I guess that simply indicates the amount of memory it WOULD consume if it were a 32bit OS..


File: f00e9962c93e811⋯.jpg (442.06 KB, 900x600, 3:2, grubbug.jpg)


I don't use GRUB myself, maybe it is 32-bit, but you're clearly running a 64-bit OS on a 64-bit CPU so stop thinking about it.



>3214 MB for 32bit OS

That's the 4GB memory limit (minus onboard graphics) if you decided to run something like XP Home:



What resources do you recommend for learning the basics of audio/video encoding as well as the pros and cons of the various codecs and containers? Also anything that would help me better understand things like bitrates and how to apply them effectively. I occasionally make recordings or transcode media so it would be nice to have a good fundamental understanding.






HAHAHAHAHA as IF Linux would have something like that, have fun researching for 7 years all the while being called a retarded normalfag by the users and still not knowing the half of it because it can only be learned through using Linux and running to all kinds of corner cases and researching them separately.



Really all I was asking for was a laundry list of things I would need to into hackerman lvl 1.

That's all.


File: 6ffc898cb7e3f96⋯.png (50.52 KB, 609x429, 203:143, speccy.png)

Have an intermittent problem of the system freezing completely if I leave it idle for a few hours with monitor turned off (no video output, media server not responding, etc). Nothing in event viewer points as to why, and on top of that, HDD temps are flaming. Any help would be appreciated.



install gentoo



Correct me if i'm wrong, but don't hard drives only heat up when writing data/being used?

How is your cooling setup? Do you have any fans at all and in the right places?

Give it a check with an AV, it may be some kind of virus fucking with your shit.


Question of the month brehs

Stay on trannybooted Core2Duo and risc to be pwned by script kiddies through fucking browser, or cuck to AMD & Lenovo and buy some A* E* new ryzen thinkpad?

What do



One fan as intake in the back, processor plugged in to a 240mm water cooler, radiator up front(upper fan intake from mobo, lower fan outtake to GPU), Vega pushing air out through dust filter in the bottom. Was working fine in colder temps, but place I'm at now is swinging between 28-37C, and only way I've been able to lower the temps is to open up the case (pic related is current temps). Malwarebytes popped up nothing, and the HDD is strapped to the front top of the case (Inwin 301).


File: 3349e99765996e8⋯.png (50.51 KB, 609x429, 203:143, speccy.png)


Forgot pic.


File: 78f4a79da1a5d31⋯.png (11.59 KB, 567x424, 567:424, 1438643962001.png)


basic unix autist tools:


Here you learn how to use everything else. Almost any software you use will come with a manual page. man is short for manual, and man itself has what is known as a man page. But be aware that lots of software include extra documentation in the /usr/share/doc directory, often in the form of compressed html pages you can browse locally.

Every other suggestion I have can be learned by reading man pages or web pages in /usr/share/doc/, with some exceptions, which the program's manual page will mention anyway.

>a pager

You need to know how to use one to browse manual pages, though they're useful for anything that floods your terminal with more than a screenful of output. There are many pagers such as less or more. I'll go ahead and suggest you learn less, it's what most people use nowadays and just a more featureful version of more.

>text editor

Grab and go text editors such as notepad or common GUI unix alternatives such as mousepad are what I personally call "tard computing". Any tard can pick them up and use them instantly, but you'll pay very dearly for that by losing efficiency you could gain by spending 30 minutes learning a slightly more complex editor that will save you massive amounts of time. Nowadays people either use something based on vi, likely vim, or emacs. I personally use neovim which is a fork of vim.

Text editing is a huge part of computing, so I really recommend you learn a non-"tard computing" text editor.

>a shell

Learn basic shell scripting and features from your shell to get whatever you want to do done, without much user interaction, and very fast.

Remember all those windows programs that do things like "hey this program can grab a folder full of flacs and turn them into mp3s" or "hey this program can mass rename files"? Well, with a shell you can do that and so much more without requiring a specialized piece of software, you just need commandline software that does a single task and you piece togheter any functionality that follows a pattern with shell scripting, and since all you need is the shell and a program that does one thing, you'll be able to do so much more nobody has ever made easily available elsewhere.

Just today I have used a simple shell script written on the spot to upload a bunch of games to multiple file hosts, organize them in alphabetical order, and then I posted the output in a pirate forum.

Most linux distros nowadays come with bash as the default shell, it's fully posix compatible (in that it'll run anything written for the theoretical shell specified on the posix standard) but it has some incompatible extensions of its own which add funcionality or user convenience. A minority of distros have zsh as the default shell, and people often switch from bash to zsh for its features.

I personally would recommend you just go with your distro's default to start with, because if it's the distro's default it'll already come configured for you. You can find the default by running the command "echo $SHELL" which will output in your terminal the value of the variable "SHELL", which should be set to your current shell.

>software that is commonly useful for scripting

This is a basic starter pack of programs that you will make use of commonly while shell scripting.

sort, find, parallel, wc, wget (or curl), touch, awk, sed, grep, cut, tr, xxd.

You'll commonly use these programs within other programs, for instance xxd can turn a text editor which can hook into a shell such as vim or emacs into a hex editor. That is the unix way.

>random software

Just run "ls /bin" and pick something there at random to read the manual page of when you don't know what to learn. Chances are it's useful.

>common software

Software people commonly use. I recommend p7zip for an unix alternative to 7zip, ffmpeg for general purpose encoding, mpv for playing video, cmus for listening to music, gnupg (a.k.a gpg) for encrypting files or messages aswell as authentication (for instance with SSH), openssh for remote access to your computer, wol for using the wake on lan funcionality on your PC.

All of those programs are popular enough that I doubt any single distro lacks them.

That's what I could come up with on the spot, these are all basic unix autist tools that the majority of unix autists should be familiar with.



Your HDD is at danger with such temps but since that's a Hitachi it's probably gonna take those temps better than others.

The optimal temp is 40C on drives.

Maybe add more fans inside since the HDD also generates heat, also NVMe might become hot too.



This is the common problem when you remove all fans and use water cooling, the heat your mobo and other components are making isn't dissipated properly.



Why not both?

C2D is cheap like you can get one for $20-40.

Ryzen 5 laptops are great though and probably much more secure. C2D might even also be affected with vulnerabilities if any you should be using older Atoms and Celerons.


File: c703af217125a3a⋯.jpg (80.89 KB, 750x400, 15:8, TySe0Z4bkKW.jpg)



Oh and another thing.

I think all you really need to know to "know linux" and unix systems in general, from an user perspective, is the shell, your terminal emulator and how to interact with either.

From there on it's all just looking for a good commandline program which does what you want and reading its manual page, then using your knowledge of the shell to perform your task as efficiently as possible.

I'm looking at this from the perspective of someone who uses a full on interface, if you're going to go commandline only, you'll want to add tmux to the list of essential software because then you can split a command line into multiple ones and it adds basic functionality that usually your desktop environment/window manager/etc provides such as copy paste. I personally learned tmux anyway because I often ssh into my computer when I'm not at home and my internet connection is too slow to forward my interface (i3), while forwarding just a command line takes only a few bytes per second of bandwidth and is all I really need when away.


File: fd150a3cc3b2ed1⋯.jpg (2.62 MB, 3879x3096, 431:344, setup.jpg)


Then do I get a case fan that cools only the HDD (top left in pic)?



*top right. The case is weird in that it only really accomodates one HDD right next to the PSU.




Absolutely top tier posts. Thanks anon!



Yes, your OS is the culprit.

I suggest you use Manjaro from now on if you're too paranoid about it but that paranoia is true, there's plenty of trackers everywhere. Linuxmint is Mossad Israel don't use it.

If you use Google Chrome, it sends out a unique ID every time it sees you online mainly for tracking purposes so Google Ads will still know who you are. Even if you set up a VPN, heck they even haven't implemented a secure webrtc.

Firefox also does it and what's even worse is when George Soros bought the whole thing, they put this new feature which tracks your "News" data which is what news you read or literally everything you browse. This is to takedown most alternative news websites that know too much and are threat to their next step of globalinvasion also to spy on you (news was just a cover), they have you covered on both sides, Firefox and Google Chrome I believe had this feature since yesteryear or even way before ESR 52 something.

Not to mention even other clever malwares like botnets might even be running on your PC right now. It could span from glowers to hacker groups or independent superhackers on omegle.

Now my personal question, is it ads? I assume there's only two things:

LSO cookies (flash cookie)

and browser fingerprint.

Browser fingerprinting is a clusterfuck. It's a lot more safer to use a separate space or a Virtual Machine/Emulator for browsers that can also fake your screen resolution.

Fingerprinting can span from making webgl javascript and others benchmark your PC specs and even make it spit a Unique ID. Most websites take that ID mainly google syndication and even facebook .net. I suggest you use Umatrix and manually block facebook dot net

Now on browsers, avoid the most common ones, mainly Chrome and Firefox. There's plenty of browsers on Manjaro's repo but plenty more with Arch linux.


I'm considering reading "Learning Python 5E" by Mark Lutz, but the book was published back in 2013. Has there been considerable changes since python 2.7 and 3.3 which would make much of this book obsolete?


not really a tech question I'm looking for a bit of advice , how do I get people to visit my new board or am I doomed to failure?




You are doomed to failure.



I am looking for a outdoor/hobo laptop, stability and a long lasting battery are the most important aspects, what can you recomend?



I can get a solid 8 hours out of my toughbook cf-31, with heavy use maybe 6+

Battery 0: Discharging, 97%, 07:58:32 remaining

They're durable, pretty stable. On eBay you can find them cheaper than other online vendors.


File: 1ecba8422875bb2⋯.png (709.45 KB, 1182x956, 591:478, 1ecba8422875bb256e34c8e6a0….png)

how the hell do I install hidapi?


i've been trying to follow the instructions but they don't make any sense to me. I have used windows my entire life and I know basically nothing about linux.



you go to the dir where those are and enter this




make install <----- as root, or using sudo

but running some random script with sudo is retarded imo

i wouldn't fuck with my / except with my package manager



thank you, that shit was confusing the fuck out of me.


Hi my Gentoo is broken, if I wanted to start a fresh install but reinstall all of the same packages how would I do that? Is there a simplified list of installed packages I can find somewhere?


Whats the best way to do webcam and voip with a single person?



Do you want to setup your own private comms or you just something that just werks?



The disk heating up might be that monthly defrag that windows does automatically but if it heating up happens frequently it might either be malware/bot miner or you have bad cooling.

I'd check if a live OS runs the HDD at around normal temps which should be 38-42. Other thing is if the HDD is going bad, check for the SMART levels of the disk.

Also think that place isn't good for the HDD since HDDs emit magnetic field while the PSU being right next to it might cause problems on the drive's life span.

Not sure but don't those fans cancel themselves out?


Does surf support userscripts?




The Gost Yard


h1 {

color: blue;




hey I'm very new with coding, but determined. I hit a stump. So css modifys html code. But when I run the text file in shell. the color isn't showing. can somebody here give me a nudge on whats wrong here? thank you very much.



Just works



<h1 style="color: red;">The Ghost Yard</h1>

this works.


CloverOS question.

My problem is the following. When I restart my laptop, clover resets back to it's original settings. I apply a wallpaper, the paper goes away, ephemeral changes. I log out of i3 and it bricks the OS, it doesn't for exp, give me the option of running i3 or awesome, it just bricks. I downloaded lightdm to see if that corrects the issue, it doesn't.

What am I doing wrong? Should I just be content with editing i3 config? Seems limited.



you need to put all the styles inside a <style> tag

but the best way is to use an external file <link rel=stylesheet href="style.css">


File: b99482bdca1d089⋯.png (120.92 KB, 758x872, 379:436, speccy.png)


Checked both drives with Malwarebytes, found nothing. At startup it begins with 36 C, but slowly climbs to kingdom come (rate depends on whether case panel is open or closed, which kinda defeats the point of the fans). Other than that, SMART levels seem fine. Can't do anything about the HDD placement, cause case was built that way.

Cooling setup works fine, essentially radiator and fan on top left suck in air while bottom fan on radiator pushes out hot air for the GPU fans to blast out the bottom.



meet.jit.si it's p2p if 1on1


What's the best and easiest way to download YouTube videos to archive them?





So I was looking at my company's source code for uploading our uptime on units for logging in an SQL Database. The init for the Azure Database class looks something like this.

def __init__(self):
# Establish connection to database
uid = base64.b64decode(b'x').decode('utf-8')
pwd = base64.b64decode(b'x').decode('utf-8')
connectionString = 'Driver={ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server};\
Connection Timeout=30'%(uid,pwd)
self.cnxn = pyodbc.connect(connectionString)
self.cursor = self.cnxn.cursor()
self.engine = sqlalchemy.create_engine('mssql+pyodbc://%s:%s@x.database.windows.net:x/x?driver=ODBC+Driver+17+for+SQL+Server'%(uid,pwd), echo=True)

Obviously, redacted the actual information, but I'm wondering about the uid and pwd lines. It's not quite plaintext, but you can easily decode it to be by just putting in the b64decode into Python somewhere and retrieve the usernames and passwords this way. Is this a safe way to go about it? I was taught it was bad practice to store passwords anywhere close to source code like that, especially when it's practically plaintext. Is there a better way of going about it?


Is there a way to fetch ssl certs from a centralized cert server instead of the website I'm connecting to?

It's a pretty retarded idea to have the server serve it because if it's hacked then the hacker can just replace the cert, and it also allows your ISP to know exactly what website you're connecting to because the cert is sent over plaintext as before the cert is sent there's no way to encrypt the connection.



Yes, quite bad practice. Good practice depends on the setup you're using, but amounts to having the credentials fed to the program at runtime (even at startup), either through environment variables, a config file, a database, or even just authenticate through PAM or AD (not usually a good idea to mix DB access credentials with system auth, though). You want the credentials stored completely out of the codebase because otherwise they are committed into version control.

Often what I'll do for my projects like that is have multiple executables, one core one that runs the logic of the program and another to manage settings. The settings file is usually something like json or yaml (through StrictYAML of course, because fuck raw yaml) so you can hand-edit it if you want or need, but you can also just work through the settings management program to work with credentials and stuff (which usually is stored in a separate file from the regular settings).

I've seen safe-ish systems done sort of this way by templating the files and having the username and password injected into the source code on deployment, but it's kind of a silly and hacky way of going about it.



It's not just the cert that's sent over plaintext, it's also the domain you're accessing, both through DNS and for SNI in your Client Hello. Collecting the certificate from elsewhere won't help you much at all at this point until ESNI fully rolls out. Firefox supports ESNI, but it won't solve the problem with the cleartext cert, and also depends on websites to properly respond in sort.

Even when you account for all that, though, rdns can fudge your expectations of privacy anyway because you accessed a particular IP. Even if rdns isn't mapped through, it's easy to create a simple lookup map based on people who are using plaintext DNS. The full map of all public IPv4 DNS entries could fit in a high-end laptop's RAM.

For now, your best bet is to be irritated and complain, research, and try to figure out better ways to protect privacy. It's either participate, hide what you can through TOR or whatever, or just wait and hope things get better.



>What are the best most stable nVidia drivers after 385.69?

Just stick with this version if it's not giving you problems, newer drivers are absolute garbage.

Story time. Until some weeks ago I was using a pretty old version (372.90 or some shit) and everything was working perfectly fine, but then I installed a game that refused to run with an error message asking me to update to 384.94 or newer. So I updated to the newest version available, 425.31. Did a proper update, first uninstalling the old driver with DDU while booted in safe mode, and installing the new driver after rebooting. Now the problems.

First, with the new driver there was a noticeable drop in frame rates across most games I usually play, but I could live with that. It wasn't a huge difference and I've always heard of Nvidia nerfing older generation GPUs in newer drivers (I have a GTX 1070), so this wasn't surprising in the least, and I could live with it.

I've also instantly noticed that with the new driver, Windows fonts were less sharp, being rendered slightly blurrier. I've checked font rendering settings in Windows and in the driver settings, and found nothing out of ordinary or changed settings. It wasn't related to Cleartype settings or DPI settings, it was something else. I've also verified monitor settings and refresh rates, and everything was as expected. Now that I think about it maybe it wasn't just the fonts, the entire desktop was probably slightly blurrier. Annoying but I could live with it, too.

However, the final straw is that my mouse started suttering - the pointer would randomly freeze for 1 to 3 seconds and then jump to where it was supposed to go, sometimes only once every 2 minutes, other times up to 2 or 3 times per minute. Happened both on desktop and while playing games, usually on games it would happen more often. After days wasted with all kinds of troubleshooting I found out that gpu drivers often cause this, and almost everyone with similar problems fix them by updating or rolling back video drivers.

First tried rolling back to 411.70, then 398.82, both didn't work since the mouse stutter persisted. 411.70 also still had the font blurriness problem, but not 398.82 - fonts and desktop were sharp like I was used to. Didn't give up and rolled back once more to 384.94, newest version I had been asked to update - and finally not only everything was fixed with my mouse working fine again and no blurry fonts, performance is great and apparently better than the older driver I was using before. So I'd recommend 384.94, never tried 385.69 but is probably fine too, I might give it a try.


Which distro should I use: Parabola or Hyperbola?


Can I get some advice on issues with getting visuals to show up on a cintiq pro 13?


My Cintiq tends to work for a while with no issues, then it ends up giving me no visuals. Just a little box saying "no signal". I don't know if the mini displayport on my laptop is bad, because I've tried my Cintiq on other computers with the same exact cables, and there were no issues. I even tried an XP Pen on my laptop, and I'm thinking that it worked fine mainly because it's HDMI rather than mini displayport.

Has anyone else had this type of issue before?


I've got a relatively fresh Gentoo install on my laptop, and I can't get firefux to display some unicode properly. Like the little symbols on the menubar here on 8chan show up as unicode boxes. I have unicode fonts installed, and my locale is a utf8 locale. It works fine one my desktop, which I've been running Gentoo on for years. What am I missing now that I didn't miss then?


Best email service so I can stop using gmail (?)



Yahoo is the best alternative and the lesser evil.


>However, the final straw is that my mouse started suttering

Clear message for goyim to consume the new gpu.

>rolling back

Probably the old driver got patched with this. Clear message, again.


Probably low voltage causes it to not be able to handle most devices plugged. Usually if the battery is at a lower percentages 0-10% the overall performance also degrades that is due to lower wattage of the AC adapter (lower amps during early charge).

Though did the laptop detect the display? If you use linux you can just read the dmesg and other logs and find out the problem immediately.



Is the cable into your Cintiq firmly seated or can you lift the cable and it straightens out? Over time the weight of the cable can distort the port and fuck it up. I've had nothing but problems over the years with Wacoms and for the price you're paying for a Cintiq it's absurd how poorly made they are.


How the fuck can I boot Windows 7 Enterprise in UEFI mode on my Precision M4500, but not on a Haswell (or Ryzen for that matter) desktop with UEFI CSM disabled? It just gives me a EFI missing something error after install on both desktop systems.

Another question: how botnet is Telegram?



cock.li :^)



Thank you for answering.


File: 982978a6881ef23⋯.png (814.59 KB, 1272x1125, 424:375, CPU temperature.png)

What's going on here? Speccy say's the CPU temp is 95 and ASUS suite is telling me it's less than half that.




If it's a linux os, open up a terminal and type

acpi -V

If it doesn't work, get acpi then run it.

It should display battery, thermal, cooling.



File: f20630679d3767f⋯.png (240.57 KB, 949x747, 949:747, everything is fine nothing….png)

My laptop is having extremely serious internet connection issues ever since last night. Most of the time when I try to visit a page or download something the connection will drop midway or a connection won't be established at all. I have to keep refreshing constantly in the hopes that maybe the page will completely load or the download will finish. I tested a couple of other devices and it only seems to be this machine having problems.

How do I troubleshoot this? I have a Lenovo Thinkpad G50 running Linux Mint 17.2, but I don't really understand Linux because the system is autistic as hell and the (((community))) is fucking useless in terms of meaningful support.



It depends on how you connect to the internet. Is it a direct connection using a CAT5 cable, is it wifi, or is it mobile broadband?



Wifi. Sorry for forgetting that important detail. (Fucking verification keeps shitting things up right now.)




You can also read the manual for nmcli.

Open terminal, type_

man nmcli

This will give you options, one being the option to turn off all radio signal to the unit including wifi and wwan, then turning it back on to see if it auto-corrects itself.



adding: you may have a hardware problem with that specific unit, if all others respond properly. It could be something as simple as checking the connection to the mini pci-e inside your unit. Or the card itself. There again, it could be countless other things, but it's a start.



Clear, step-by-step instructions in plain english you autistic faggot. I'm done playing this retarded game of telephone with CIA nigger enablers like you. RTFMfags need to suck off a shotgun.



I been looking for this for a few years now. Thanks.



File: 44c3d4fc6733cab⋯.png (491.58 KB, 800x770, 80:77, 1446571063887.png)

File: 08d96fc1e596edc⋯.png (98.06 KB, 673x555, 673:555, Screenshot_20190522_184038.png)

Which kCompositor scaling method is better for general performance, "crisp" or "smooth"?

I've aggregated searches across many engines, and answers seem fickle, or I am just misreading.

The only simple conclusion I've made about these scaling methods is that "accurate" is higher quality than both at the cost of performance. This came from both my own eyes and from what I found in searches.

Yet, I have yet to see a thorough comparing and contrasting between just "smooth" and "crisp". From my eyes, I can't tell which performs better or which looks better. So, I'm coming to /tech/ for help.

As trivial as an issue this may sound, I need a compositor for vSync when I have to use the integrated graphics instead of dedicated graphics on my laptop. But, I don't need scaling to be high quality so much as offering good performace for the graphics work I do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Crisp looks like nearest neighbor, so crisp. If it's being done hardware, it could go either way.



Thank you, that was my guess. I'd appreciate knowing where you found that "crisp" operates like nearest neighbor, too.

>If it's being done hardware, it could go either way

What do you mean my this? If "smooth" requires more filtering, how could it grant better performance than "crisp" with hardware?



>I'd appreciate knowing where you found that "crisp" operates like nearest neighbor, too.

I looked at it.

>What do you mean my this? If "smooth" requires more filtering, how could it grant better performance than "crisp" with hardware?

Things on a GPU that require more work often turn out to be faster due to optimization or how the work scales. If it's done in hardware, it probably doesn't matter either way.



>I looked at it

I'm jealous.

>Things on a GPU that require more work often turn out to be faster due to optimization or how the work scales. If it's done in hardware, it probably doesn't matter either way.

I already understood that completely. You said "it could go either way", which implies it could performance could go in either direction. It didn't seem to imply you meant that it would be neutral.


I'm using GNU IceCat. How do I make the background that shows up before stuff loads black instead of white?

I'm tired of getting flashed every time I change a page at night.


i installed gnome on debian and want to have the panel/taskbar on the left side like it's in ubuntu, how do i add it?



Thanks for replying! I can see if the Cintiq is any better when my laptop is plugged in, if that's what you mean. I'm not sure if the laptop detects an extra display whenever my Cintiq says "no signal". How would I check that on Windows 10?


Thank you for replying, and yeah Cintiqs are pretty poorly made despite their price and right now, just seems like more frustration than it's worth. :T I'm pretty sure all the cables are firmly seated.


File: fe8143b7fbdf5c0⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 480x480, 1:1, I am The Night.jpg)


>However, the final straw is that my mouse started suttering - the pointer would randomly freeze for 1 to 3 seconds and then jump to where it was supposed to go, sometimes only once every 2 minutes, other times up to 2 or 3 times per minute.

Check the processes in task manager. There should be a process ending in 32.exe or some such shit that will disappear the moment you click somewhere.

I used to get mouse lag/freeze when I would yank the internet cable out and it was trying to reconnect. Used to drive me nuts. Started doing it when I manually ended a process to free up more ram.

I updated to a 430.64 for Rage 2. Game was shit and I haven't had problems. I'm keeping my old driver as an instal as well as 309.08.

I'm getting pissy with Cemu using way too much ram and i think it's a GLCache shaders issue.


Is using a 32 gig memory stick solely for virtual memory via usb 3.0 viable?


n00b here. Will website load faster if I put all my css styling inside html instead keeping it in a separate .css file?


I like using firefox because I can minimize toolbars and other useless intrusions into the webpage / usable screen pixels.

How do you have your browser/ firefox set up?

I dont use chrome because I think its UI sucks. Also botnet.


File: 5ef262da8b97238⋯.jpg (19.75 KB, 326x352, 163:176, what_003.jpg)


>Clear message for goyim to consume the new gpu.

>Probably the old driver got patched with this. Clear message, again.


If that's what it is, it's a pretty retarded way to do it, since the first thing a good goy would try to fix this problem would be buying a new mouse. It is true that they gimp older generation cards on newer drivers though and it's not a recent practice, first time I noticed that was when I had a GTX 285 and soon after Nvidia released the GTX 400 series, I updated my drivers and noticed a severe performance drop for no reason.


I had tried all that. When the problem started my first suspicion was malware or miner, checked my cpu and memory usage (nothing out of ordinary), and ran several different virus removal tools, malware scanners and antirootkit tools, and they found nothing. Disabled weird processes. Disabled all my network devices in device manager. Nothing worked.

The mouse stuttering did go away completely whenever I was booted in safe mode, though. And it didn't go away completely but happened far less often, whenever I disabled all Nvidia related services and processes (the problem is that if you do that, you can't access the driver control panel and any desktop or game settings you had changed won't go in effect).

That's what tipped me off that the problem was probably video driver related, and doing a web search for people with similar problems confirmed that. For some people mouse lag/freeze/stuttering can be caused by a rogue process such as in your case, but for most it is gpu drivers (always Nvidia, ATI/AMD and Intel don't seem to cause this problem). I've seen some fix by updating to a newer version, most are only able to fix by rolling back to an old version. It also appears to affect more people using Windows 7 or 8. Using 384.94 for almost 2 weeks now and can confirm that the mouse problem did go away completely.



Oh okay, so I double checked. When my Cintiq is plugged in and turned on, my laptop's display settings (I use Windows 10) doesn't detect the Cintiq. What should I do?


Is GNUstep still actively developed and usable? I'm thinking to install the GNUstep ALT Linux starterkit.



Yes, GNUstep is actively developed, but don't know what kind of usability you think about. Just try it, it isn't even a DE/WM it just runs on top of X, so you could probably run it in parallel with your current DE/WM.



>n00b here. Will website load faster if I put all my css styling inside html instead keeping it in a separate .css file?

If your processor have more than one core and your browser isn't retarded, files can probably be loaded in parallel, so better split the files. And if you're not going to add more JS than actual content, your site will work smoothly.






File: 4d624e3e375db30⋯.jpg (58.65 KB, 345x587, 345:587, 1495575150810.jpg)

What's the best way to sandbox Firefox?

I don't want Mozilla having access to anything it doesn't need access to on my system.

I was thinking firejail + running it under a different user or a chroot jail.



bumping. please halp



all I can say is works on my machine (tm), sorry


File: 7d8e3bc258d0051⋯.png (103.23 KB, 814x560, 407:280, bullshit.png)


That's the thing. It works fine on my desktop, but I don't know what I'm missing on my laptop. Here's a pic


What's the difference between arch-linux and gentoo? I want to find a secure OS for doing /tech/ stuff but I want it to be secure and not require months/years of learning just to be able to use it.

So to recap:

>gentoo vs arch-linux

>pros and cons of previous

>must be safe

>must not be eternal asspain to learn how to use



>What's the difference between arch-linux and gentoo?

Gentoo is simply more flexible and doesn't make your choices for you.

>I want it to be secure

Arch uses systemd, which is a black box of 1.2 million lines of C code most of which nobody read twice, therefore it's inherently insecure.

The less bloat you have, the more secure you are and Gentoo makes it piss easy to trim bloat via USE flags.

You can also use the Hardened profile if you need some extra hardening (https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Hardened_Gentoo).

If security is your top priority though, consider taking a look at OpenBSD rather than GNU/Linux.

Needless to say, no matter which system you use, security mostly depends on good practices and you not being a retard.

>require months/years of learning just to be able to use it

It might take a week or so to get used to it if you're coming from windows.

Learn to use the command line and read the docs and you'll be fine.

I highly recommend you read this book, especially if you decide to go with Gentoo: http://swift.siphos.be/linux_sea/

It's written by a Gentoo dev and it's a good intro to Gentoo and GNU/Linux in general.

It's written with absolute newbs in mind.



I once tried having everything on a quality USB stick on my laptop (it had no HDD or SSD), but it took a long time to boot and had a lot of virtual memory corruption issues. After some time the memory stick got fugged permanently and would not even format.

USB sticks memory chips are not designed for constant read and write operations since they don't have proper wear leveling.


File: ec7f45f1272c655⋯.png (71.55 KB, 1378x728, 53:28, edgyHaxx0r.png)

How secure are password protected samba shares?

Can I keep script kiddies away from my network folders?

What about glowniggers?



Your laptop probably has USB suspend thing in the power options.

Could be fuckloose USB port just use a thin and sturdy object to push the two prongs downward that go with the two top holes of a USB


File: 38eabbc721bb257⋯.png (1.83 MB, 2000x1417, 2000:1417, Konachan.com - 273202 a.i.….png)



>Google niggers use portage so it means it's superior than anything else.

>Google might try to fuck with it sooner or later

>no systemdick which is good

>if you go full-blown compile from source you'll spend the whole weekend updating your shit-1.12 to shit-1.12-1 (minor security patch = your whole weekend/off)

>obscure architectures if you own a super anonymous haxor processor the thing above is N/A and you can even use it to seamlessly compile ports for your toaster or arm tablet


>convenient and prebuilt though they manage design choices like systemdick only~ which is a -_-

>can't use other architectures and dropped arm

>good for underpowered devices like laptops

>also great if you're a loonix gaymer streamer

>trizen + octopi are the most convenient package manager and gui combo

>can be like gentoo if you compile everything from source (literally any distro can)

Either way, both are hard to manage security wise which is what matters the most. There's not even a single good firewall logger for these so you won't know if you're one of those who got infected with mirai botnet rootkit through a web image or sneaky double compile.


File: 4b259c0a76c1b0c⋯.png (108.73 KB, 782x542, 391:271, 2019-05-24_2560x1024.png)

Cmake 3.13

gcc 9



what the fuck is going on?



>It is true that they gimp older generation cards on newer drivers

Such cunts. What is the optimal driver for a 1050ti?



I can only speak from my own experience that I just described, but being a GTX 10xx series same as mine, I'd recommend 384.94, or some other version prior to 398.82.



CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD doesn't actually set c++17 on its own, but instead gnu++17. You need to also switch CMAKE_CXX_EXTENSIONS to OFF.



Not. Do not have network shares of any sort available over the internet directly. Use a proper VPN if you want to mount remotely.



I don't have them exposed to the internet, but they are on a private network that some people have access to (the office).

What happens if one of them is a script kiddie, what happens if one of them is CIA? you never know



> I updated my drivers and noticed a severe performance drop for no reason.

This happened to my old laptop too which had the geforce go old shit.

After updating to the new driver it became slow unable to run left4dead and also the size of the driver is 3gb though I tried finding why and where is that coming from I couldn't



Is it CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS that I need to use to set c++17?



Nope, that won't get you compiler portability. For instance, here's my set of flags for standard C++14:


If you use something similar for C++17, it should work for you.




Thanks for the good posts lads.

A couple more small questions

What are the particulars of gentoo vs openBSD?

Will program compatability be much of an issue and are there solutions to it?

Can't really think of any further questions really, are there any certain key things I need to pay attention to or look for?





Trying to be a web developer, and maintain some kind of anonymity on the web is a pain in the ass, mostly because you spend most of your time sucking google’s dick, since they basically own the “clean” version of the internet.

Being a web developer, I spend most of my time in a browser. The industry standards are Google Chrome (fuck no) and Firefox (not as much, but still, fuck no); Looking for alternates that are as widely used and well maintained has been neigh impossible. Any suggestions?


Newfag here, looking for a programming languages I can dedicate by life to learning, and use for some big projects (basically, a language I can use for the rest of my fucking life); Thought about JavaScript (easy to learn) or Luna (similar to JavaScript); The biggest complaints about Python are that it’s to slow; any suggestions


What's the status of





And what are their pros and cons? Which will be greatly supported as well as be fun?

I know OCaml/Haxe has Heaps.io which is a really cool looking game engine and Golang as some good tutorials on OpenGL. Which will be better for me in the long run to tinker with first?


I've installed Void Linux on my hard drive, but chosen not to install a boot loader, since I don't want to use GRUB. I think my computer is UEFI. How do I install a boot loader / manager so that I can actually boot my installed system?


File: d0e269a303ad99e⋯.jpg (53.93 KB, 793x786, 793:786, 1527081290210.jpg)


My bootloader is unable to be unlocked on my Sony Xperia. Is it impossible to allow my bootloader to be unlocked, or will I need a new phone?


File: 5aadfe54ee645a5⋯.png (4.79 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


What differentiates C, C#, and C++ ?

Also what is Kali Linux good for?

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