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File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.



Are you highlighting the sections you want to sort first?



What do you mean "highlighting the selections"? It's a column in a table. Sorting of other elements like lists works as intended. It's specifically tables I have troubles with. Is it something in the Org-mode perhaps?



I tried it with a table and it worked perfectly for me. I just put the make in the column and did it.



Hey! I just got the money to start buying these books. The Kernighan-Ritchie book (2nd Ed.) costs 20GBP alone! And I'm talking about used versions. Where are you pulling those numbers from, when you say that the totality of all these books should be in the ballpark of $20?


File: 0fa8096baa76bbc⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 55fd1f69114abf5abce749e2a6….gif)


How to disable this kind of webpage loading ? I noticed there are more and more sites using this shit. Is there an extension to force to load the entire page at once ?



Well, I just bought the books off of Amazon for £30 (to be fair though, £7 is just P&P). That's still more than I expected, based off of your post but nonetheless, thanks anyway.



I'm not sure how much you want that because there's a lot of webpages out there that have 'infinite' scrolling. Maybe something to simulate going to the bottom of the page once and back up again, but not 'the entire (psudo-infinite) webpage at once'



Yeah, inf fact it is only for one particular website which recently implemented this stupid "tablet" interface on the whole website.

Sadly, there is no extension or script (to use with greasemonkey for example) to escape this nightmare. They say "it is more convenient" for our customers but it is not as I have to endlessly scroll down with my mouse to display the content. There is even a 1 second "delay" when I'm scrolling down...



The reason websites do this is because it wastes less resources for you and for them. Your website loading times would quadruple if you enabled something like this.



It is slower for me. Now fuck off jew.


File: c568a59e7d0ddc7⋯.jpg (37.26 KB, 297x302, 297:302, Pomf Eating Question.jpg)



Tnx m80s, any others?



The fix is to disable javascript, and restrict yourself to sites that gracefully fall back to the old ways (very few), or do not use such invasive rendering methods to begin with.

Javascript was a mistake, and in the hands of incompetent meme framework webdevs, it is a boiling vat of aids.


How do i print the space invaders art on terminal?



please respond


I've got an .exe in Windows 7 that runs on startup even in safemode, and I don't want it. It was created when I got a trojan malware infection (dumb, I know), so it's gotta go. I can see it in my system32 directory, but I can't delete it since it's running, and I can't kill the process in task manager or cmd.exe or process explorer (I get the "Access is Denied" pop up box when I try, even when running them as administrator).

Malwarebytes doesn't pick it up on scans.

Is there some way to boot into windows so you can just plain delete a damn file? Or some other way to get rid of this?

Oh, and this .exe spawns another .exe I can see in task manager, except this .exe is located in some super sekrit hidden directory windows explorer refuses to let me even look at.



safe mode, or just boot into your installation of GNU/Linux



nuke and pave, then install gentoo.

never trust a compromised system.



Pocketbook's devices are pretty hackable and they're quality hardware with probably the widest format support on the market. Check out their lineup at https://pocketbook-int.com/



Ah, you mean software. Check out zathura.




>photo editing software



>video editing software





From scratch? At minimum sepples for the engine and GIMP and Blender for the art. And many years of your life. However your time would be better spent using (and improving upon) an existing engine. Check out Flare:



File: 260775f1afe8c37⋯.jpg (26.1 KB, 539x960, 539:960, homer.jpg)

I was reading an article about reverse engineering information sent by a wireless keyboard to extract information on how much battery it has left.

Now I'm wondering this, do all wireless devices send information on how much battery they have left?



Nope. They die on you in that very moment you need them the most.

Therefore, never compute without a cable.



Depends. Something like a keyboard is going to tell the OS its battery level so it can warn the user when its low, so it doesn't die randomly on them.



...unless it is chinkiest chinkshit



I don't think all wireless keyboards will do that though, right? It has to be built into the keyboard itself


Never EVER trust a fucking battery.



I found a way to do it within Windows, actually.


>nuke and pave, then install gentoo.

>never trust a compromised system.

I guess I'll do that soon. After I deleted the .exe it came back on its own anyway.

System isn't causing me any problems right now, but I'm not going to be doing any online banking or anything important on it until I format/reinstall.



I used a webclient to download the media content.




twittervideodownloader.com justwerks 4me


I want to know if from my unix laptop I can ssh/rdp into a gaming computer at my house to play mmo's off it, since I'm using an arm laptop at the moment and would like to access my gaymes without configuring a fuckton of software on the already cramped emmc chip.

And how I would go about setting this up on both ends, like firewall perms for the windows machine I'll be connecting to. At the moment I'm thinking of running the windows machine as a win7 box and the os I'm using on my laptop right now is NetBSD but I may switch to Devuan.



For MMOs you might be able to get away with VNC. It's slow, but I used it to play EVE Online on my Android tablet ten years ago. If steam runs on devuan you could try their In-Home system, which is supposed to work for faster games and also works with non-steam games.



Run adwcleaner and then roguekiller. If that doesn't do it you can try booting a live distro from a flashdrive and manually try to delete the file but is very likely it will recreate itself via compromised registry entries as soon you reboot. In that case is better to reinstall the OS than combing the registry for leftovers



I'm going to be running some legacy WoW Clients for private servers, some Chink/Vodkanigger games and maybe FFXI if I find something similar for what I have with WoW. Latency is an issue and everything I have is free/pirated. Thus Steam is out the window.



You can use steam to launch any application.


I think invidio.us is kill


File: 05e619799cf60df⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 426x398, 213:199, too old for this shit.jpg)

Does anyone have experience with torrenting over a Cox network? I used to do it 24/7 over Verizon with a VPN and had no problems, is Cox more unforgiving with this kind of stuff? I would still use a VPN, obviously, but is there any way they would know?



Even at multiple years of experience with C I wouldn't attempt such a project without trying to interface with as many libraries as possible that will do most of the work for me.



works for me


How can I fix initramfs v1.27.2 ?


What are some good ways to archive threads on 8chan over tor?

I'm especially interested in ways to download all files in a thread while also keeping the posting order of images intact. Could anyone suggest any solutions?



>over tor

use torsocks



better use seamonkey or pale moon instead of a generic automated rebrand/fork

>With JS disabled I have the same good fingerprint as Tor has. With JS enabled I get "one in 1 million browsers have the same fingerprint as yours."

use userscripts like greasemonkey or similar.

when using social you're better off with an android virtual machine of any kind (then the less harmful app binary or some open source API implementation)

>Would it be a good idea to set my browser to be the same size as a default Tor window? How would I do this?

yes. I've been thinking of the same thing for a long time. you could set your window manager to do that and it works with KDE.

Tbb defaults at 1024x768 if I'm not mistaken.

If you could then you should write a userscript or an addon that lets you do this even when your preferred browser is at full screen. There is a similar feature in the Inspect Element and it's called 'responsive design mode' that lets you pick a resolution of your liking.



The disk is not usually the system hog.

It is likely your OS or processor/memory. Most winfags I met have malware and worms in them as I know where to look at stuff. Some of them make the entire system slow as fuck.

70k files shouldn't fuck it up that badly especially if it's a PC.

Maybe you have file indexing turned on (and indexing its file contents). That's the only thing I can think of if the hardware is decent enough.


File: f7f386e58700d5b⋯.png (30.68 KB, 189x189, 1:1, 11484763.png)

i desperately need this software in my Linux, there is no alternative to it


its no longer maintained and the official repository says it cannot be added because its unsigned.

what should i do?


Does Chrome send data back to google even on offline webpages?



/tech/s generic canned answer for this would probably be something like:


But honestly if you're using Chrome anyways should you really care?



I'm curious about it because it would be hilarious if Google did that. Isn't there a way to see what is going out over your network so you could do an offline test of nothing vs viewing some random html?



Probably something like wireshark



It does. It uploads usage stats and hardware statistics every now and then. Uploads anything you type in the search/address bar, even if you don't search for it.

Uploads voice data if you're logged into Google account.


>Tor Browser Bundle 8.0 no longer hides user-agent

Should I just stay on 7.5 forever then?



Are you sure about that? The user agent is just

User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0
What's wrong with that?



Try Webcamoid. If that does not suit you then fork WebcamStudio to kikehub or gitlab.



I thought of that too, but I'd have to block non-tor traffic to ensure the DNS requests are sent over tor, right? Does Hydrus work over tor only? And do you have any recommendations for general-purpose mass downloaders with GUI?



It does, but I noticed it says I'm on Linux now while it used to display win32. I don't use windows so I'm not sure if this is how it will work everywhere.



i tryed it it didn't work.

how do i fork?


Hiw the hell can I get a Linux Distro running on this piece of shit laptop that I'm stuck with? It's an Inspirion 14, 25GB HDD but 20GB are taken up by Win10 and Dell bloatware, is there a way for me to use my phone or an SDcard to get a distro installed? How would I be able to make the elbow room for it? Should I just bin this travisty of technology? TASKETTE


Is there a viable alternative to libreoffice calc for linux? Calc's interface is terrible, and the charts are worse. It's pretty much unusable.



Try Salix - it has a live image you can dump onto an USB, and full install should just barely fit inside 5gb (mine takes 5.7 right now but I've added shit).



check the disk manager.

there should be around 10GB recovery partition (containing the windows OEM ISO), 2GB hidden partitions and other partitions so that might be a 50GB or 32GB.

Leave the EFI partition. or just fucking post your disk manager screenshot in this fucking imageboard duh?



why not?


I'm a bit confused about how C strings inside of a function don't get popped off of the stack when exiting the function scope. In this code example, I would expect a different outcome than what happens. If returning a const char*, wouldn't it just return a copy of the local address of the string? Even when returning a pointer to a pointer of the C string (which I've done here), it has the same outcome. Can anyone explain this to me?

#include <stdio.h>

const char** getStr()
return "This is a string";

int main(void)
const char* str = getStr();
int x = 1;
printf("%s", str);

return 0;



You're not returning a pointer to a pointer, just illegally casting a const char * to a const char ** and back again (which the compiler presumably just ignores).

Now as for why it works: string literals (ie. "strings in quotes") are globally scoped no matter where they're declared, and as such has the same lifetime as the process itself. It's not on the stack. If you wanted it on the stack you'd have to declare a function scoped variable and initialize it with the string literal (char str[] = "This is a string").



Ah I see. Thanks.


If I wanted to create fast applications what lisp dialect should I use? What is one that has good library support?


File: dd0bd4d90c11ffe⋯.png (267.61 KB, 536x724, 134:181, ClipboardImage.png)

What are these shitty paywall sites doing to successfully repair my video that I can't seem to do myself?


I've been running EaseUS data recovery tool on a harddrive for about a day now and 0 results have come up at about 10% finished. I tried using another data recovery tool and it wouldnt even start. The data isn't super important but it'd be nice to have. Any chance there will be files in the remaining 90%?


Why do debian sources have an association with the current distribution release I'm running?

Is it to prevent compatibility issues with my system-level software? (display server, desktop environment, whatever else)

Isn't everything except for the kernel a package though? Can't such dependencies be resolved?

Sorry if question is retarded




>trusting automatic updates

I shiggy diggy fam.

Wangdoze 7 shows

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0

while running on loonix shows as >>965816 said.

Contrast to the universal

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0

that was shown for 7.5.6.


They're even aware, but shipped 8.0 anyway because Firefox canned support for ESR 52.

The new UX design is ugly as hell anyway.



>trusting automatic updates

My critical messaging is done by a tor daemon that I run on my machine. I just use the TBB for anonymization.


File: 728afb3c8e8c763⋯.png (19.9 KB, 638x479, 638:479, pass.png)

Hie, I have a question about pass (the standard unix password manager):

I want to globally change my password, the one that encrypt every files. How do I do that?




You mean change the gpg key?



Yeah. I nearly never use gpg, so I have trouble with it.


How do I set an environment variable for the current user? I know how to set environment variable for the current shell, and for the current shell and all its child processes:

POO=in_loo  # current shell only
export POO=in_loo # current shell and child processes

But when i close my terminal window the variables are unset again (obviously). How can I set them once and for all? I know I can set them in ~/.profile, but that file is only sourced on login, so I would have to log out and log in again after every change. On that note, what is the difference between .profile and .bash_profile? Is the latter only used if I use Bash as my main shell?

Background: whenever I install a package in Guix I need to set some environment variables before I can run the newly installed package or log out and log back in. This is really annoying.



When what is sourced is a function of your shell and the parameters passed to it. UNIX had the Bourne Shell (/bin/sh) which had profile files, which are executed when a login shell is spawned. The Bourne Again Shell (/bin/bash), in an effort to be compatible with the Bourne Shell sources some or all of the original profile files are sourced by bash also. The key is to spawn a login shell to get either one to source its profile files.

A process's environment is inherited from its parent (unless it specifically overrides it using exec*e). If your shell doesn't modify it then the only way to "permanently set" an environment for new shells is to modify the environment of the process spawning it. You probably can't do that - especially since you most likely have a whole host of different processes spawning shells. It's however completely trivial to tell your terminal emulator to spawn login shells (pass -l to the shell)


I have now DOSBox running and I have installed a game, worked pretty easily. I would also like to play it without the CD; I could copy the CD contents to a directory and mount it in DOSBox, but that won't give me the CD audio. What is the proper way of making an image of the CD to have the game work without CD and have all the music?


So the TL;DR is: Either log out and log in, or launch a new shell with the -l flag.



I'm pretty sure that a user on GitHub which dumped all of those ASCII/ANSI art on a repo, but I can't remember his name



My pc has been fucked for a while. I've sent it out to be fixed 3 times and they either say it's fixed or they cant find anything wrong everytime and when I get it home I have the same problem within an hour at the most and usually within a few minutes.

What happens is the pc is running normally and then all of a sudeden the screen will go black and all the fans in the pc go mad and make a lot of noise. This never stops until I force a shut down with the power off button and it will continue to get worse everytime I try to use the pc until it just does it on start up instead of only kicking in after a few minutes.

What is the issue here? Nobody I send it out to can even diagnose the problem or what component could be causing it. What should I check/replace?



do not, buy a better computer, or ask jewgle for welp


I want to cut sections out of an audio file without re-encoding. Say I want to remove from 1:34-3:06 and 19:05-21:02, but keep the rest. How can I do this with ffmpeg in one command?



>I have now DOSBox running and I have installed a game, worked pretty easily. I would also like to play it without the CD; I could copy the CD contents to a directory and mount it in DOSBox, but that won't give me the CD audio. What is the proper way of making an image of the CD to have the game work without CD and have all the music?

Never mind, found the solution on the DOSBox wiki.



You can rerun a rc file by using the source or . built in.


My laptop (3 year old Alienware - it was a gift, I didn't buy it) has recently started groaning at me. It happens every few hours or so maybe, but the intervals are sporadic, and I haven't linked it to any particular program being on or other behavior. The sound seems to be coming from the center, possibly center-left, but it's hard to isolate. I haven't been able to get a recording of it, but it sounds like "eerragghhh.... eerragghhh.... eargg... eargg..." when it goes off, with some variance.

As asides, two issues that came up within the same two week span as the above: The sound card has been acting up, and doesn't let me ; my main SSD slowly heats up over the course of the computer running, and comes close to overheating unless I elevate the laptop up on little laptop stilts to let extra ventilation in. Which is proper form and all, but it wasn't necessary until just this past summer.

Also, the sound appeared, but then stopped for about two weeks. It just started up again four days ago out of the blue.

Question: Is something failing, or is my laptop possessed?


File: 5e20eb3fcb88b1a⋯.png (765.02 KB, 1278x720, 71:40, 5e20eb3fcb88b1ab05cf90497c….png)

I'm trying to download this video with youtube-dl, but it keeps giving me access denied errors. Other videos work, except the ones on this channel.

I'm on the last version, is there any way to fix this?




report an issue for it.


How can I check if my iphone has been hacked? It's been running really slow and lags and doesn't let me see power consumption by app any more. Only says use it more to see.



Clean out the dust, and maybe a fan is failing.


File: 2bd71625b558e17⋯.jpg (101.76 KB, 456x402, 76:67, 1517950892.jpg)




File: 1aa5416ef7ecace⋯.png (59.32 KB, 937x42, 937:42, taskbar.png)

My taskbar randomly keeps scrambling itself in the manner of picrelated.

A few minutes ago, it did it again, but this time a BSoD occured immediately after.

Is my graphics trying to commit seppuku?



check your logs.




Clean that out about every two weeks. It's part of life running a computer in a desert.


I popped the bottom off and dicked around a bit, and yeah, one of the fans is completely dead. Which I suppose indicates the "screaming" might just be it trying to start, or something along those lines. I ordered a replacement, so hopefully that'll end that issue; and even if it doesn't, at least I'll have two working fans. Thanks.



either wangblows corrupted itself, or your GPU is starting to die

do sfc /scannow

or buy a new GPU



CIAniggers are in


Wifi on laptop are disconnecting randomly.

dmesg says:

>deauthentificated from *** (Reason: 14=MIC_FAILURE)

What to do?



when wifi cards are shitting up it's usually a sign of GPU corruption for some reason.

this happens with both amd/intel laptops and any intelgpu or nvidia/ati,


After unlocking a Windows 10 session the open windows are messed up (size and position on screen different from what they were when the PC was locked). Wat do?

>inb4 hurr Windows 10

it's a computer at work


Anybody having suspend issues with Linux on an ATI T60? It's a 32-bit Core Duo model with the X1400.

If I echo mem > /sys/power/state the screen turns off and the machine becomes completely unresponsive, but the fan stays on and the suspend light stays off. I have to hold down the power button to restart it. Running pm-suspend at least gets the suspend light to blink, but the light never stops blinking and it still doesn't resume. I tested several kernels between and including 4.19-rc2 and 3.16.0 and found that all behave this way. I didn't test anything older because I started to run into compilation problems with a modern toolchain and didn't want to introduce additional variables into the equation. I recently tried a Debian 9.5.0 live USB, and it wouldn't even try to suspend when the button in Xfce's menu was pressed.

I have an X60 running the same kernel config and Gentoo userspace that suspends and resumes perfectly. These machines are almost the same hardware except that the X60 has an Intel GPU, which leads me to suspect that's where the problem is but I have no idea how to proceed.

Any ideas?



your gpu has gone bad.

I suspect novidia.


Can someone please tell me why this shit doesn't exit ?

I'm trying to write some sort of load system for the pdfs I keep track of.



shopt -s extglob

local CONF=~/.bio/conf/pdf.conf

local DEFA="You should first edit $CONF.\nThe syntax is the following: \nentry_name url_source.pdf page_number"

local CACH=~/.bit

if [[ ! -f "$CONF" ]]; then

echo -e "$DEFA"



local LIST="@($(cut -d' ' -f1 $CONF | tr '\n' '|' | rev | cut -c 2- | rev))"

case $1 in





local LINE=$(grep "^$1" "$CONF")

local URL=$(echo "$LINE" | cut -d' ' -f2)

local PAGE=$(echo "$LINE" | cut -d' ' -f3)

if [[ ! -f "$CACH/$1" ]]; then

curl -L "${URL}" -o "$CACH/$1"


mupdf "$CACH/$1" "$PAGE" &




cat "$CONF"




load "$@"



suspend issues usually happen on linux using older core duo on intel uxa mode xorg configuration.

press ctrl alt F2 then F1 or switch to tty something else back to your original one. alternatively just disable your ATI gpu completely as linux support for novideo and amshit are shit unlike a pure intel setup.

sometimes it could be that your bios has this setting that 'turn on when AC or USB is plugged in' for intel TPM variants so that could be the culprit on your debian test.

>light never stops blinking

have you tried to use another ram or do a ram test? it usually happens to me when my ram is inserted with improper contact or some kind of dirt.



the best way to clean the ram would be using a piece of paper to slide off the gold pins. You'll only be getting dirt that accumulated from the ram port of your laptop or atleast remove corroded metal if the manufacturer didn't use a lot of gold

the other way is to use another ram stick and then use the silicon part (turn it vertical or the other side) to completely remove ages of dirt by scratching them.

ram sticks usually don't go bad unless it got fried on a terribly shorted mobo which could only happen on desktop or when it overheated enough to fuck the soldering balls. laptop rams are very strong but be sure to do a memtest.




nevermind found it

kill -25 $PPID &

I wasn't even looking for an exit I just wanted to kill the term


File: d5915dbea85ce12⋯.png (106.86 KB, 246x357, 82:119, d5915dbea85ce12f904907047f….png)

I have an old computer with 2 hdds of 1gb each and with windows 98 installed

Which is the most lightweight and efficient distro that I can install in it? Just plan to use it as a work station






press ctrl+z


I opened up my laptop a few days ago, only to find the screen cracked with two circles of dead pixels around the cracks. I still have no idea how the fuck it got cracked in the first place, but that's not the point of this post.

Yesterday when I switched on the laptop again, the smaller of the two circles had mysteriously vanished, pixels fully functional again.

Should I hold out hope that the rest of the screen is going to fix itself? Or will leaving it on just damage it further?


Would blocking Cloudflare domains in a hosts file have any affect? I'm willing to not use sites that use Cloudflare (at least to the point where you have to fill in a reCaptcha), in part because I could never use them in the first place.

Is there a list with corresponding cloudflare domains that I can use for my hosts file?


Is there any way to have a draggable wallpaper in XFCE?

Or at least, any way to get feh wallpapers working in XFCE?


>open a new PDF in SumatraPDF

>it's at a good zoom

>but it's at "fit a single page"

>click "show pages continuously"

>it zooms in

>have to zoom out

>zooming out causes "show pages continouously" to be deactivated when I open another PDF



File: 13a75ed165b370e⋯.jpg (92.22 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 5ca4e3d665982cdc5fc2b6d2f2….jpg)

What's the best file renamer out there? I don't wanna go through the hassle of numbering songs in my playlist one by one.

Yeah I like to rename filenames directly, I don't really want another method. Making a playlist file with the songs properly listed is too much of a liability.



upvoting this question



This happens only in arch, tried ubuntu and win and it was working good.





How bad is x86 without ME/PSP?



Use zathura or mupdf.


I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 and when I play a midi file (for example by typing "aplay derp.mid" in my terminal) the MIDI playback takes over my sound card completely, no other sound can be heard over the MIDI music. I know Ubuntu is using Timidity, so what do I need to change?


Can anyone explain to me specifically why PulseAudio and dbus are untrustworthy? I know about the issues with systemd and Network Manager. I just need the other two to fill in the gaps in my information.

And actually give me a real answer this time you niggers. Seriously. Most of the time when I ask about something here I either get ignored completely or get some half-braindead meme response that's either a non-answer or missing very important details.


File: 89131fc1f248422⋯.jpg (3.65 KB, 217x217, 1:1, 0a163137dbb06f5afd6de7a3fb….jpg)

I fucked up my debian install somehow.

Everything was going A-OK before a restart. Now my desktop is gone(wallpaper+icons), but I can still see and use panels.

Pardon my ignorance but I don't even know where to look in xfce. I'm only 2 weeks off the Noobuntu boat and into this debian thing. What is broken and how can i fix it?



Why don't you just nuke the windoze to make space? Post output of fdisk -l by the way.



Calligra Sheets



What is some decent free DVD creator software?


How in the unholy mother of fuck can you get YouTube to play in the background (with the screen off, I mean) on android and its derivatives? I was using Newpipe, but it seems it and a bunch of other FOSS YouTube front ends have stopped working. This shouldn't be so fucking difficult.



I'd suspect the PSU. Maybe you have fucked grounding in your electrical installation or unstable mains voltage and the PSU can't keep the voltages stable enough with such input - but does just fine in the shops with better 'leccy.



PulseAudio is (poorly) solving a kernel problem in userspace and D-Bus is just a poorly designed IPC mechanism.

The only argument anyone could reasonably make about their trustworthiness is that they're such massive codebases that they're effectively impossible to audit, but who gives a toss at this point.

The problem with linux audio is that ALSA sucks, not that PulseAudio sucks. It's just a second layer of suck on the suck cake, for being so unbearably slow (for a system with soft real-time requirements no less), buggy, and CPU hungry.

The problem with D-Bus is equally fundamental: it's just COM from NT by another name and somehow even less useful. An OOP IPC mechanism primarily used from C (wat.), that requires a server, schema registration and in XML no less, and a protocol library so hugely dense with bullshit the documentation begins with this little gem in bold letters:

>If you use this low-level API directly, you're signing up for some pain.

What kind of mental retardation is this?



When I try to cut and paste my anime reaction pictures onto my phone, it says ( do you wish to replace this file ) I check apply to all future conflicts and say skip file.

What it does is that it ends up not cuting and pasting it anymore and just fucking quits the action all togeather. It didnt even cut a single one. so they are both in my computer and phone. wtf



1. Navigate to the anime directory

2. Open a terminal and type "rm -rf /phone/mount/point"

3. Smugly react online



pulseaudio sucks I think because of the security implications and HUGE latency and stutter (unless you have a nice kernel), terrible defaults like the audio quality is terrible (at least saves battery if you're mobile) compared to a windows with official drivers and maybe a dolby but then again windows audio graph also suck a lot of CPU.

meanwhile alsa also suck with support on multi audio but at least less latency but higher quality.

dbus is like a loose hack but it works but then again it sucks with security. I might not be correct but I think it can tap directly into the clipboard.


I am trying to decide between a VPN or a seedbox for torrenting purposes only. Is it inadvisable to use a seedbox because of all the information tied to the account? Which is better and why?



VPN paid in cash (Mullvad)

Seedbox at home 24/7 with small trash laptop or beaglebone/rpi with good torrent client and killswitch enabled



Mediocre caret browsing, literally no different from anything else, shill.





Is it possible to download Netflix videos for offline viewing on Lunix?

>why the fuck are you on Netflix

Some shit I can't find in torrents, and I'm not autistic enough to sell my soul to the aspies running private trackers. I'm planning on exploiting Netflix's free trial, failing that I'll try to leech off of a friend.


I try to convert video with ffmpeg but it always crashes at some point during encoding due to a memory access violation.

ffmpeg -i input.webm -c:v libvpx-vp9 -crf 21 -b:v 272k -maxrate 272k -c:a libopus -b:a 96k -speed 0 -lag-in-frames 25 -auto-alt-ref 1 -frame-parallel 0 -tile-columns 6 -row-mt 1 -quality best -sn -ac 2 -cpu-used 0 -threads 8 -g 9999 -colorspace bt709 -filter_complex lumakey="threshold=255:tolerance=128:softness=100",minterpolate="fps=60:mi_mode=mci:mc_mode=aobmc:me_mode=bidir" -pix_fmt yuva420p -f webm -pass 2 output.webm

What do?



Test your hardware. That could be a host of issues.

If you're lucky, it's a bug exposed by your flag combination (perhaps row-mt, which is fairly young, or your complex filter). If you're not lucky, it could be hardware failure. I've seen memory access violation issues with failing RAM before, as well as a failing CPU.

Experiment with different flags and see if you can find a combination that doesn't cause the violation, but still, also test your hardware.



Proprietary cuck.



Epic, you even downvoted him.



So Mullvad is the way to go for home use, or seedbox? This is for home use. Sorry your post is a little confusing to me.



play the video and record the screen with whatever popular screen recorder linux has



Are you sure it's not a hard drive corruption? Check bad sectors


Just found an application that removes and disables a large amount of the spyware on Windows7/8.1/10 (Doesn't remove all of the telemetry software so the guide is still needed for a full removal):




Mullvad is a VPN provider. You can pay in cash. Privacy-wise, it is recommended.

I prefer to keep entirely my shit at home nowadays.

Anyway, feralhosting, whatbox.ca are good seedboxes providers, they also provide an OpenVPN access with your slot. (Use that to sync stuff from your seedbox to your home hdd)

Make sure to pay with BC or other though.



When I say "seedbox at home", I mean I use a dedicated small pc (with tailored Ganoo Linux) for torrenting. It is behind a VPN


should i update windows 7? i'm on sp1



install gentoo



install security updates with WSUS Offline and use it until support ends in 2019/2020 then go linux



Would a youtube-dl browser extension be possible? By that I mean:

- Get all video links in the current page

- Display them upon clicking the extension button

- Download the videos upon clicking the specific links (with youtube-dl)


I don't think you have to use those features. Or set custom location.


IRC newfag here. I want to connect to freenode to ask a couple of questions about a specific piece of software, but I want to hide my IP address.

Do I have to temporarily reveal my IP address so I can register my nickname, or is there another way to do without without a bouncer or a proxy? I know they have a hidden service, but I might not bother configuring it if it's too much work. I thought using their web gateway would work but it showed my ip-address.



What do you think the guys on Freenode are going to do with your residential IP address?



probably nothing, but if there's a way to avoid it that'd be nice. It'd be good to know for future uses too. If I really cared I'd use their onion.


File: e55c39b2069a917⋯.png (2.03 MB, 963x1686, 321:562, directorschair.png)

So, I've always wondered why the Linux kernel runs at like 89MB on CLI boot. I've seen all these Arch/Gentoo ricers with their OS running at like 30MB of RAM usage even booted into X. How on earth can I do something like that? It just really bothers me that a UNIX like system can use more RAM than Windows XP. I know it has something to do with kernel optimization, but I have no idea about the specifics of stuff like that. Can someone point me in the right direction?


File: bd83e3f556816a9⋯.png (221.22 KB, 416x416, 1:1, bd83e3f556816a9de6ed6f5477….png)

Games are running super slow on my computer, even though I've got more than adequate hardware. I'm running a Toshiba from 2009 with windows 7, 2 Ghz, 4 gb ram, and I'm playing games that require less than half that (Morrowind, Age of Empires) and I can't play them without serious lag and shit frame rates. What the fuck?



>2 Ghz CPU

you know this means absolutely nothing?

Did you check if something else is using the disk or the CPU extensively? What OS are you on, can you list your running tasks (while the games are running) and check RAM/CPU/network/disk usage, can you do a basic benchmark to see if your PC is performing fine outside of games, do you have proper drivers installed?



I just use a runner to spawn a youtube-dl process. I have functions that do precisely what you listed via lnum on w3m on Emacs, except with wget instead of youtube-dl, but it's obviously not that viable for YouTube itself, which relies on js to even work.


File: 3c54ba3e86bef71⋯.jpg (540 KB, 2859x1794, 953:598, 08316682-photo-stephen-haw….jpg)

I need an OS with a web browser that can work on a Pentium 133Mgz with 64mb of ram.



Reminds me of when i had to get a web browser installed on my original xbox with linux on it. just get an OLD version of firefox or use w3m-img if you use terminal.



Running the first pass with the minterpolate filter fixed it.


File: 214ba1414caeb09⋯.png (54.45 KB, 711x122, 711:122, wtf.png)

>MSI software says CPU is at around 50ºC while idle

>Speccy says it's boiling at almost 100ºC

What the hell is going on, is the MSI software lying with the temp or is Speccy being insane somehow?



Touch it. If it burns you, it's 50C. If it burns you a lot it's 100C.



Would gentoo fit the bill?



A switch that's manipulated by a solenoid?



Install Gentoo


Any SBC's out there with both Serial ATA and gigabit internet with gud Linux support without it being throttled to shit because of some shit implementation, or even worse, using USB 2.0 to X converter chips.

So far my search has led me to either some Allwinner A20 based boards, but their S-ata is implemented in a niggery way so it has shit random write speeds somehow, and only has very basic GPU support (doesn't matter to me, gonna run headless/cli anyway), OR those ODROID-HC thingies by some korean outfit, though they're using USB 3.0 to X converter chips since the SoC in those were originally meant for smartphones.


Are there any real studies on the market share of distros in the gnu+linux market?


OpenBSD, or any linux distro if you install the commandline option.

Use a commandline browser like w3m or links. I recommend w3m.



DSL linux




Thanks for the advice. I ran memtest86+ for six hours and my memory passed five rounds of tests. What finally did work was blacklisting the radeon module and using VESA for everything. The lack of video acceleration is annoying. I guess I'll have to decide which broken feature I want to live with.

>linux support for novideo and amshit are shit unlike a pure intel setup.

This has been annoying me since I started fighting with Linux video drivers in 2008. It's been ten years and they still can't get it to work right. If anything, it's getting worse.


There are two parts to this: disabling unnecessary background processes and trimming down your kernel. The former is easily done with your init system's tools, and the latter will require reconfiguring and recompiling a kernel. Consult your distro's documentation for the best way to compile a kernel. Expect it to take several tries before you get something that you like. I recommend cutting down a working kernel rather than starting from scratch.

Gentoo also has USE flags to enable and disable features in your software at compile time. Your CFLAGS do have some impact, but for the most part CFLAGS don't make a big difference to the size of the generated code.

30 MB with X running is much easier to achieve with some of the BSDs than it is with Linux. OpenBSD will idle at less than 10 MB on a console the last time I checked.


MSI is probably reading from a sensor that they put on the motherboard, and Speccy is probably reading the CPU's bulit-in sensor. AMD's temperature sensors are well known to be wildly inaccurate on some systems. >>967832 is some solid advice.



APUs, and some FX's i think, have a weird sensor setup, it shows the temp offset or something. not a lot of programs display it correctly.

MSI is right, you can confirm it with AMD overdrive.


Can you get Gentoo to run on an old early 2000's server. I looked in the Gentoo handbook and didn't see instructions for a Xeon processor.



It's probably pentium 4 based.



It's a proliant dl380. It has a Xeon sticker on the outside. Does that mean it's still a Pentium 4?

Should I just use the AMD64 handbook?



Most server processors have a desktop equivalent they're related to.

Hell, even some socket 771 xeons works in socket 775 motherboards with two pins swapped around and some microcode filddling with the BIOS.

Anyway, any G number on a label somewhere? like G1 or gen1, that'll tell you the exact generation, which you then can look up typical specs of here:


Look out in the sidebar for your relevant generation.



It's marked on the front with a "G3".



Thank you, I opened the cover of this rack server as well. It has a 3.2 Ghz Xeon processor.

Can I still install Gentoo on it, which hand book should I consult? I though Xeon's had different architectures than x86 machines.

Which Gentoo handbook should I follow. The AMD64 one or the x86 one?



should be a generic x86 or i686 guide, use that.



tiny core linux


Anyone understand how registered memory ranks work? The manual says that if more than one quad rank DIMM is installed on a channel, then it reduces the RAM clock to 800MHz. Ouch. I don't want that. Could I possibly install a quad rank and a dual rank of different sizes in the same channel and avoid this penalty? Does having the same size DIMMs matter anymore?



I answered my own question. Old xeons can support either 3 RDIMMS at 800 MHz for each channel, or 2 RDIMMS at full speed for dual rank. Can't use 3 LRDIMMS on one channel.


File: a66e8f33cfdcd85⋯.gif (12.59 KB, 125x125, 1:1, 1505696573956.gif)

File: c2dadf25fc5e2c5⋯.jpg (56.57 KB, 800x600, 4:3, windows-xp-desktop-backgro….jpg)

New PC build, not displaying anything and no onboard speaker so I can't tell if it's hitting POST. Motherboard is an MSI H270, CPU is an i3-7700k; no debug codes and the keyboard capslock/numlock lights work when I press them. Also: while I'm not getting any images on the monitor, if I pull the video cord out the monitor goes from off/sleep mode to it's on/standby mode (displaying a standard test pattern, ala a DVD player on standby).

Any ideas on what I should try next? I think everything works, just not getting a signal. Already tried booting with/without the GPU.




Thanks for the clarification. I use a VM so it's like a dedicated box and I compartmentalize everything to a degree that I'm not too worried about privacy or security issues in that regard. I settled on the VPN and am using that with OpenVPN for the time being. It will cut my internet if it's not working properly so I'm pretty comfortable with my setup as it stands.

Thanks again.



What exactly do you mean? Have you tried booting with the monitor connected to the iGPU? What were the results?

If you can't get any sort of display output, does the board have a serial console available or is that just for server hardware now?


What's a good source for learning about cryptography?



A university with a good crypto department


Has anyone else been having a hard time streaming YouTube with mpv? Here's my config file:

# Streams


As you can tell, it's really tiny, yet it takes forever for the video to load, and it wasn't like that before. I didn't even specify a filetype. When I demand webm, it does the same.

For those of you that stream with mpv, can you share your configs with me? I'd like to see if it's just a me thing.



The only config change I have is to make it use hardware acceleration. YT works just fine



i have a macbook pro and my hardware just died i believe. won't boot up and won't show up in disk utility

My hard drive is still under warranty so it's possible i might be able to get another one. Is there any excuse or legit thing to say that will get them to send another hard drive without sending back the old one? i can do the data recovery myself and don't want to send it back




>wants to fix it himself

Good one you'll probably have to send the whole computer to Apple, contact their support



the hard drive is a western digital. the laptop is a 2011. I'm not using it because i love macs i'm using it because i can't afford newer stuff. i want a windows or linux in the future but i have to keep saving. right now if i have to buy a new hard drive it will set me back around 50 dollars of my laptop money

I just need an excuse that will make it so i don't have to send my hard drive back to western digital but somehow get them to send me a different one. there's gotta be a loophole somewhere



I read your post as the mac warranty not the HDD warranty Just use DD to back it up to another drive before you send it in



don't have another.



>i want a windows

serves you right


How do I set up a static IP on SuSE Linux? I know where to manually change the IP, but I don’t know what to put for all the configurations. Do I just come up with a random static IP? And what about the other values? Where do I find them? I already have a LAMP stack fully functional.



Nevermind fixed



you may have to bite the bullet and get a new drive.

$50 can get you a cheap SSD, which will really liven up that laptop


File: 36dd7f01a40d746⋯.jpg (55.18 KB, 225x213, 75:71, 3b033517e5944723be0a1123c8….jpg)

Best browser?



I'm just going to preemptively reply to the predictable, repetitive, ignorant browser arguments that this post is going to inevitably instigate by saying fuck you. Fuck you for asking that same obnoxious /g/-tier question knowing fully well you're not going to get an answer of even the remotest substance, and fuck you for wasting bandwidth on an irrelevant hookshit image to draw in an amount of attention drastically disproportionate to the quality of your post.



Yes, the toilet-bowl the Web is must be kept impeccably clean at all times. Good work, doing it for free and all.


Are you this autistic every day? Take a look at the fucking catalog and tell me this place isn't used to fighting about everything, nigger.



this place is extremely toxic



no it's not, you fucking nigger



still upvoting



The kernel is a package too.

>Is it to prevent compatibility issues with my system-level software?

Pretty much. Different releases are essentially different OSes that use different versions of the same packages or may use packets that the others do not.You might be able to force it to use other versions, but it was not built or tested that way and could break things and/or bring you to dependency hell. The table here gives an overview over some packages in different rleases: https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=debian


Hie, I have a question about pass (the standard unix password manager):

I want to globally change my password, the one that encrypt every files. How do I do that?





Pass encrypts using your GPG key, which is itself optionally protected by a password. So the question you should be asking is how to change a GPG key's password, which is handily answered by GPG manual.

rtfm fgt


File: ce2dd8f8fd679ce⋯.jpeg (497.06 KB, 1060x1116, 265:279, zuccmedaddyuwu.jpeg)

I haven't had a Kikebook account for at least a couple years now but at least in the past, I've still been able to visit pages and look at their content without actually engaging with it other than just viewing it (liking, commenting, sharing, etc.). However, recently I can't even visit pages anymore for more than a few seconds before they completely freeze up and I'm forced to close out of them entirely. I tried it with Startpage, DuckDuckGo and Jewgle and all three give me the same results. Any ideas for fixing this?



Honestly the worst attitude place on the web. Which makes it funny and predictable at times.


Is there a way to archive an entire 8chan board including every thread?



My favorite site: http://www.ciphersbyritter.com/. Warning: kind of advanced, but very worth it.


File: 38a3eda33533a79⋯.png (1.78 KB, 1280x39, 1280:39, 643.png)

Is pic related possible? Maybe through JS or something. I want more precision for the volume slider.


Can alterations be made to a video in real time while it's streaming? Could software mimic someones voice and face, say in a youtube video, and make them look like they're saying something they didn't actually say?



there's a couple of scrapers, but they're not maintained anymore.


File: ad9c6a8ead7a841⋯.png (13.34 KB, 336x330, 56:55, ad9c6a8ead7a841b843d80ed8d….png)

What is a good video editing and video making software for Linux distros?






Good job putting him in his place. We couldn't have done it without you, and we appreciate that you do it all free of charge.



No I'm talking about 2D animations, video clips, mixing of content etc, not 3D stuff



Isn't Blender capable of that?



You can hammer in a screw, but that doesn't mean there isn't a better tool for the job.


File: 82634a0b3f19194⋯.png (478.51 KB, 1241x954, 1241:954, Screenshot from 2018-09-14….png)

How do I block this shit with uBlock? Normally you can right click and select "Block Element" and it makes a short and tidy filter like "##.banner", but with the EU spying consent overlays that dim the page uBlock makes a long and mangled filter element that doesn't hide everything and usually breaks scrolling on the page.



I mean I CAN used LEGO Studios to make movies but that doesn't mean that it's the most apt tool to do so.

A shame though, I remember remixing shit with it and it was really funny.



I heard umatrix can block individual objects more efficiently but I've never tried it. Just use noscript to disable these.

Also it helps to have an outdated browser.


When will javascript ever get replaced?



I have a crude but functional script that uses wget for this. Pass the board's URL as a command line argument and it should download everything to the current working directory.

This was last tested in December. It probably still works, but there's a chance it'll need some adjustment.


wget -D 8ch.net,media.8ch.net -H --include-directories=/file_storage,/$(echo "$@" | cut -d '/' -f 4) --mirror --convert-links --adjust-extension --page-requisites --no-parent --accept '*' --timeout=30 "$@"


I want to replace my router running OpenWRT with a dedicated server and some APs. Is there any free sofware programs that will make this relatively simple?



Run that shit in a VM that's regularly snapshotted, just in case shit happens so you can easily roll back.




This guy again. I replaced the fan, and it's back to working fine. The weird screeching sound is still coming up, though. Just did it, in fact, and it did it for pretty long.



I'd image this would be something you setup and then almost never touch. Looking for suggestions as to what software to run on that VM


File: cc2aeaa655fd75e⋯.png (5.47 KB, 956x526, 478:263, 1536953605_scrot.png)

Why does this output an empty line instead of the expected value of the variable $DATE?

Shell is dash and date aswell as env are from GNU coreutils if that matters.




So this server will do only what your router used to? Install OpenWRT on the server, it doesn't only run on routers.


>be me

>entire batch of flash drives is suddenly mounting as read only

>cannot remount as read/write

>HOWEVER, I can write to the drives from the shell despite them being mounted as read only (???)

>mounts the same way on two devices

What the fuck?



just to explain a bit:

>when I try to make a directory or copy a file to the mounted device from the GUI file explorer, it says that it's read only

>however, when I mkdir or copy from the shell, it works fine



How complicated is it to setup on non-dedicated hardware? And can I add APs with OpenWRT?



Should be the same, all the per-device openwrt images really do is provide you with an image easily installable and cut down so it fits on the little storage routers have. From what I've seen they don't even bother setting compile flags for the device's specific hardware.

You can use a device running OpenWRT as an access point, and the access point can also run OpenWRT for that funcionality.









This shit is all very common postprocessing on 3D animations, hence Blender evolved tools to do it on the fly. You can mix 3D renderings and prerendered movie clips - or just prerendered movie clips codeword for "any video file" as you wish. The tools for video processing in Blender are very mature and featureful, though of course you have to deal with its monstrously odd UI.




when pajeets it was made for are nuked from the face of this earth



Because variable substitutions are expanded by your shell before the env command is run, not by the command ran by env. You can try running echo in a subshell ran by env thus:

env foo=bar sh -c 'echo $foo'

(-c parameter to sh means "run this one command and exit", single quotes tell your (main) shell to leave $shit within alone without expanding it, which will be done by the subshell)


How hard it is to create a social media?



Not that hard, if you have an army of CIAniggers backing you.




Oh alright, thanks.


How do I stop a given piece of software from updating in Linux Mint/etc when I use the update manager or whatever?

I don't want to manage it manually in the update list every time, I just want it to disappear from that list and not update.


Just curious, /pol/ is kvetching about some whale cunt named Joan trying to track them by using GUID filenames, and now someone's written a script to try and prevent this from happening. What do you guys think of all this?




>What do you guys think of all this?

Well, first of all, if your threat model includes a

>whale cunt named Joan

it's probably time to rethink your life and figure out where it all went wrong.

Second, imageboard filenames have long been an anonymity problem. On halfchan, filenames used to be (maybe still are) the Unix timestamp + a sequential number. If you reposted the image without changing the filename, anyone could tell exactly when you downloaded it. That could lead to trouble if you, say, downloaded the image through a VPN or Tor, but later posted it bareback. 8chan filenames obscure that, at least, since they're the SHA-256 hash of the image file.

Third, the /pol/fag's solution is going to be a headache for 8chan's administration, and it's going to cost them money. The current naming solution kills two birds with one stone: it gives files a name that's better for anonymity than the Unix timestamp type, and it allows 8chan to save on storage space. Obviously, they're not going to store multiple copies of the same image, they'll just serve the same image everywhere it's posted, and they already have the hash stored to make it easy. Bada bing bada boom. The /pol/fag's script is going to end up flooding 8chan's servers with multiple copies of what is essentially the same image, but with extra garbage added to change the hash.

I guess we should call the /pol/fag Ahab. He's obsessed with a white whale, and it's causing him to act erratically.



This isn't about the cookie policy popups - those are already blocked by the more comprehensive "Fanboy’s Annoyance List" (43k filters vs 1k filters). It's about the far more annoying eu consent to have your tracking data sold to 3rd parties popup bullshit. Don't know the proper name for it is.



but won't removing it from the mobo void the warranty?

just send it back I hope they won't fuck with your data (like some pajeet service center) but at least tell them beforehand that you have some kind of company data in there.



another suggestion is just get the contents of the drive or sell the entire macbook without the hard drive.

buy a spare drive for recovery then buy a temporary laptop



lol noob.

first of all root your phone. find a 'app background' app on f-droid there's one that lets you switch them off or force them on. that way even though the app doesn't have background running on its manifest/permisions it would still work.

alternatively you could just turn off your device's ability to sleep mode.



Might be your home's electricity is fucked. You should use a proper plug like let's say a you're using a failing power extender cord or your neighbor/you have a shitty failing home electronics around. Maybe use surge protected UPS/extender.

Otherwise, congratulations!

You are an Esper under the SLIder class.

Call a friend to use your computer the entire time while you're away from your home at least let's say 10 meters? Anyway goodluck and have fun with your not-so-usefull superpower.



that's stupid to do that all the time.

just use a VPN to solve all your problems.


File: 294043e3273569d⋯.gif (716.73 KB, 435x500, 87:100, 1471764915499.gif)


help help


File: 532324316f20523⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 350x350, 1:1, R-9806717.jpg)

I have no need for busybox or musl, I just want to compile and use that sweet vi clone with gcc but I have no idea how to do this.

Can someone help me ?


Found libbb.h but I have no idea where bb_config.h is.



Busybox compiles to single binary and not modular in its nature.

You're unable to compile a single component without doing some serious coding.

Also busybox's vi is an incomplete clone, you will be very disappointed with it if you have used vi before, it lacks macros for example and cannot run external command on file, even some movement commands are not implemented.

Consider nvi or the original Bill Joy's vi.


Has anyone had a problem with keyboard shortcuts in i3wm or possibly other WMs stop working when using ibus and switching to a layout different from english? Now I have to switch back to english every time I need to go to a different workspace or move a window. Previously I used setxkbmap to set up my keyboard layouts. At that time I only needed russian and english, and everything worked, but recently I had to use ibus-kkc which requires ibus.



It was the most minimal vi clone I could find. I don't care about most features. I just need line numbers and basic vi keybinds, no buffers, no integrated terms, no anything.

nvi hasn't received any attention in a while: http://repo.or.cz/nvi.git

and last time I tried nvi2 it would not build

neatvi is kinda ok but line number is a deal breaker


Question: Do you know a good website where I can get replacement parts for the PlayStation 4? I need to replace the ethernet port, but I can't find a website that offers them.


Windows 10's latest update completely fucked my computer. I always knew it was a mistake letting the faggots at the shop talk me into using it. But now I can't get hardly any of my games or programs to start, and I have to post this on fucking mobile because even my browsers won't start and I can't install any new ones. Even my fucking flash drive won't work. What do?


A couple problems showed up after I did a seemingly minor change on my PC. I removed an internal USB hub and replaced it with another one, removed and re-attached the same RAM stick, and swapped cables a bit (just fucked around with some 4-pin connections between the GPU and fans, nothing else).

My GPU (NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT) isn't showing up anywhere, either on the BIOS or on any OS. Also, my fans are going on 100% even when my PC has fully booted.

I assume a logical thing to do is, first of all, since this GPU has a BIOS and it's the very first thing it showed before it couldn't be recognized, that I'd have to flash the BIOS again for it to work normally. However, I am presented with a shitload of selections from different manufacturers (the list: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/?architecture=NVIDIA&model=9600+GT&interface=PCI-E&memType=GDDR3&memSize=512&page=1 ), and I don't know which BIOS to flash. I went by factory-default specs and narrowed it down to 2 choices:



Which of these 2 will serve me best? Should going with factory-default specifications do me no harm, or should I known about the graphics clock and memory clock beforehand? Since my current mobo manufacturer is Gigabyte, am I more safe in selecting the second one? If the BIOS I flash is older than the previous one, will I fuck something up? Pls help me out of this shitmess.

tl;dr: How do I make 100% sure I got the correct GPU BIOS?


Re-installing your previous Windows version is always an option. From experience, I know that Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit won't delete any old data and instead move it to a Windows.old folder.



Installing windows is shit idea. It doesn't respect your freedoms and is practically malware. I recommend the GNU operating system with Linux.



Its a work computer that came preloaded with windows 8, is that an option?

I'd rather not buy win 7 for it, and i dont even think id be allowed to anyways



No, windows 8 or 7 is a bad option. It has a unversal backdoor https://www.gnu.org/proprietary/malware-microsoft.html.

You can choose an operating system here https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.html



Try Lignux.



I don't say you should buy Windows 7. I just assumed that you want your previous Windows version back, and advised you that installing some of those gives you the option to keep all your old files intact. What you do is your business. If it's a home computer, just pirate it man.


See above.


I'm a brainlet and could use some help. I wanted to get a Lenovo M93p 10AB0030US Tiny Desktop (Intel i7-4765T, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 7 Professional.

If I get this should I immediately install Gentoo?

I also want to get my own internet service instead of using my families what is a good one to buy?



>It was the most minimal vi clone I could find.

My guess is that the traditional vi is still the most minimal in terms of LoC and dependencies.

nvi depends on curses.

>I just need line numbers and basic vi keybinds, no buffers, no integrated terms, no anything.

You literally mean nvi here.

>nvi hasn't received any attention in a while: http://repo.or.cz/nvi.git

Well, it's a pretty simple program, and it's 30 years old.

I guess it has reached a point at which the development stales.



Why would you want these?







I'm in the distro hopping phase of vi clones. From what I can see nvi also has multibyte support so I'm suspecting nvi2 was forked before that. neatvi was just the most recent started vi clone that I could find.


File: d3ec80fdb079cd0⋯.png (5.09 KB, 627x87, 209:29, Screenshot from 2018-09-15….png)

File: 330424a144ec469⋯.png (35.83 KB, 710x173, 710:173, imretarded.png)

i have a problem

i am retarded and i didnt pay attention in class

i cant get this damn thing to compile. doesnt detect it in the file for what ever reason the other pic is of my makefile



#include <strings>


#include <string>

in stringchecker.h



i didnt read the error message properly thanks



This is what happens when you don't remove the cock from your mouth when reading.


What is the best text-to-speech reader available for use on Windows 10? I have eReader Prestigio on my Android tablet and it works great but I need something I can use on the desktop that does the same thing. Bonus points if I can get a natural sounding voice. I want to know the best ones that are free as well as ones that cost money too.



>Windows 10

Well, don't expect much if you're going to use shitty software. Technically, emacspeak is a valid application for Windows, and I like it for obvious reasons. One of the not-so-obvious appeals is that it's actually a very high-quality audio desktop, and its scope is one of the broadest, which is nice if you're visual impaired. However, judging from

>Bonus points if I can get a natural sounding voice.

You're evidently not a serious user. This, again, isn't really advice so much as it is a suggestion, but most people who rely on tts actually benefit from having a more synthetic, discernable voice with predictable speech patterns. The difference is like written word to print; it will help immensely with the spead at which you read via tts. I'm talking two to three times the speed at which you read, which is really valuable even if you're not impaired.




I'm assuming that the model you listed was a desktop, in which case, you should really save your money and buy something cheap on Craigslist or at a surplus auction. Old surplus computers are the only desktops you should ever buy; everything else is an overpriced scam. Or buy an old enterprise laptop. Again, they should be as cheap as dirt. Bleeding edge hardware is a meme perpetuated by young people without good financial judgment. Buy cheap peripherals, cheap modules, cheap monitor–most of this you can get at a thrift store for under $5. If you know what you're doing, you shouldn't even break the $100 mark. Install [popular distro] and never have to worry overwhelming your hardware or any of the artificial hurdles that proprietary software likes to make to swindle you out of money. Take the extra money and invest in a nice chair, not an Ikea meme chair.

>I also want to get my own internet service

Why? If you live with your family, you probably only have one modem and router anyway. Besides, if you're in America, most ISP's have a monopoly in their respective locations, anyways. Spend the money on a VPN if you're so concerned about snooping. If you're talking about wireless, all carriers are awful, but I use ting.



>>Windows 10

Bro. I was on Linux when the FBI raided me. I am now tracked and kept under close observation and have to do weekly reports to them in order to retain the relative freedom I have. :(

The thing I'm using right now is an artificial voice and it even lets me adjust the speed it reads at to make it even faster.

All I can do is read sigh.


After glib2 update 2.56.2-1 => 2.58.0-1 on Arch I can no longer move files to the trashcan on partitions mounted in /mnt/. It happens regardless of the filesystem used, with all file managers and even when I type gio trash $file. I downgraded back to 2.56 to avoid this. Should I just wait or is there a way to fix the issue?


File: a4a30a7b921398a⋯.png (32.03 KB, 933x190, 933:190, axis.png)

i don't get it fellas, i swear i don't.

in the example says

>that axis has 3 elements in it, so we can say it has a length of 3

but in the example below it says that the first axis has a length of 2. Wtf they mean by that? i can clearly see 3 fucking elements in that axis (1., 0., 0.), both of the axis has a length of 3.



Come on man, it's a 2x3 matrix.


Guys, I'm between trying Funtoo and Gentoo, which one would you recommend and why?

Also, is it true that Protonmail is a Scam? What mail provider do you use?


could you guys help me about which linux distro to get and be free of the botnet. I mainly use my pc for gaming and programming.

I am also linux illeterate what are some good resources for learning linux



i know it's a matrix but that doens't have sense.

They use this coordinates as an example [1, 2, 1] and say that's an axis and that axis has 3 elements in it (1, 2, 1 or that's what i think) therefore we can say that axis has a length of 3, ok get it.

Now, moving the second example, they are separating the matrix in two entities, so we are no longer talking about the matrix itself, they even let us know that we are talking about 2 axes [1., 0., 0.] and [0., 1., 2.], but here is the think, how the fuck do you say that

[1., 0., 0.] has a length of 2, and

[0., 1., 2.] has a length of 3

what the flying fuck?


Seriously guys a link to anything that can read PDFs for me even if it's shitty would be nice. Right now I'm using Xodo but it can only do one page at a time (I have to highlight the text manually and right click and then select "read", I want something that can just read an entire book for me). Does anyone here use text-to-speech?



TextAloud found at: https://nextup.com/

You can find it and more voices on filesharing networks.



No you inbred. It states clearly that

>In NumPy dimensions are called axes.

You have a two-dimensional array (ie. it has two axes)



Does this rely on an internet connection to work?






>gentoo vs funtoo

I use Gentoo mostly because it's what I've always used. Funtoo's main claim to fame for a long time was syncing the portage tree over git, but for the last couple of years Gentoo's portage has been able to do that too. Their current biggest feature seems to be the ability to select multiple profiles. I don't see the practical value of this because you can override whatever you want about a profile in /etc/portage/*, but it could be convenient to some people. Funtoo's debian-sources package is also nice to have if you don't want to mess with the kernel as much as you normally do with Gentoo. Gentoo has a lot more manpower and presumably better QA because of it, but on the other hand Funtoo's repo uses Gentoo as an upstream so it might not be all that different in terms of quality. I haven't ever confirmed whether or not Funtoo has package signing, but I know that Gentoo does.


They have to be able to send and receive emails in plain text over SMTP, which means they can easily access any email they want at the time of transmission regardless of whether the mail spool is encrypted or not. That's just how email works. They claim to encrypt messages when they store them, and they use some javascript monstrosity in the browser to handle decryption. You should be using GPG or similar to encrypt your messages if they are important regardless of your provider so that they can't be read in transit. I don't trust protonmail any more or less than any other provider, but you should make your own decision based on your requirements.

I self-host my primary email on a cheap VPS and use cock.li for throwaways.



I'd recommend you go gentoo, funtoo is not much different nowadays, and at that point just go with gentoo.

I've ran both and I had funtoo on my main computer for a long time, but when they severely fucked up the funtoo-kits switch I hopped over to gentoo.



Thanks for the help man and sorry if my questions seem stupid, because I'm borderline tech illiterate. The reason why I was recommended that Desktop was due to the low power usage. I plan on running my computer and internet off a small solar power set up so I need devices that use a very small amount of energy.

I wanted either a laptop or cheap desktop with an HDMI cable port so I can plug it into this computer monitor (ASUS VE278H 27" Full HD 1920x1080 2ms HDMI VGA Back-lit LED Monitor).

Most devices, both new and old, require a large amount of power, by solar standards, so I need something that I know uses a small amount and is fairly decent. If you have any recommendations I would be glad to hear them, but building my own device is completely out of the question because I barely understand anything about computers or hardware.



kek now i get it, thank you :3



Do you care if your distro has systemdicks or not?



>i am also linux illiterate

he doesn't



No it's offline only.




I have no idea what it is so no.



Try Manjaro xfce.


I bought a ryzen 3 2200g and an A320m motherboard that had the ryzen 2000 series compatibility advertised on the box. I got the system built inside an old OEM case I had laying around but it just won't boot. I thought maybe it was a ram issue but my stick of ddr4 strix was listed on the amd compatibility list. I thought maybe it was shorting out but I don't see any evidence of that either. Both the cpu and motherboard have power going to them. I tried booting it with a GPU and that started to spin but then abruptly stopped.

I just can't get it to post. I've already contacted AMD about it to see if I could get one of those boot kits. Is there anything I can do short of returning everything and trying again?



did you connect the board to a speaker ?

board put out a beep error code



would go to settings - appearance and switch around and see if they come back


File: 55c087d03eb06b0⋯.jpg (244.6 KB, 400x483, 400:483, ehimefc.jpg)

Brainlet here, but which connector should the 1394 cable from my Front Panel connect to? I have a X370 Krait Gaming motherboard, btw


File: 11974e6bfc4017c⋯.png (71.15 KB, 183x150, 61:50, 2018-07-30 14_21_41-How Wh….png)

Any commands for wget to just grab all images or pdf's in a thread







Dam mouse double clicked :p

sorry, but I was too small brain to get that to work


File: 4ef64beec07da6f⋯.jpg (470.49 KB, 864x1169, 864:1169, 1212310688153.jpg)


Nevermind, need to install the new python, works like a charm now :p


File: 66a59858d2b2945⋯.png (68.2 KB, 1089x165, 33:5, 33.png)


well now I've got a quality of life question, how do you make it not download the numbering scheme for the file, but just it's uploaded name, right now my file names are looking a little big



Thanks. Can you also reccomend some reading material for things like the terminal.



> Using Micro$oft microshit ever


File: 1114fde8611e2c6⋯.png (341.93 KB, 485x431, 485:431, 1531323617134.png)


>I couldn't find a linux desktop enviroment good enough to transition from win$oft to linux



What didn't you like about KDE? Using it with a lot of virtual desktops is great.



Not him but KDE is a clusterfuck



less so than winblows tho



Not really. The UI of KDE is years behind everything else, including windows 8.1/7



>years behind everything else

Which in this case is an advantage, given the retarded direction UIs are going recently. I wish it could be as behind as KDE3 is. If only I had time to port KDE3/TDE to Qt5... *sigh*



>in this case is an advantage

No it isn't. That's why I specifically stated windows 7 (which is 10 years old) being better than KDE. The default theming isn't even the main issue of KDE, it's the utterly terrible layouts and positions of buttons and windows as well as a ton of inconstancy within the UI.


What are some old desktops, laptops, and computer monitors that use a small amount of power? I want a cheap computer set up, less than $600, where I have a desktop/monitor or a laptop/monitor with some type of cable connection.



>the utterly terrible layouts and positions of buttons and windows

...all of which is configurable. In fact, this might be why I like it, since I customised the shit out of it on my machines and I might not remember clearly how it looks out of the box.



No beeps. I got it to boot into the bios a few times. It seemed like it may have been an issue with my card so I tried plugging the hdmi cord into the board itself. That worked once but now just displays nothing. I didn't change anything so I don't understand whats happening at all. Maybe its the motherboard?




You shouldn't expect that everyone has 15-100 minutes to spare to unfuck the shit decisions made by KDE devs. That's exactly what's wrong with it. Shit out of the box experience.



How often do you reinstall the OS though? It already takes time, spending half an hour on top of that to make shit work just the way you like it is time well spent imho.

I agree about shit defaults however. This seems to be the product of blindly trying to copy whatever UI design trend happens to be current in the winblows world. At least, unlike winblows, it's decancerable.


the internet really turned to shit.

where are you guys get pirated software? all the sites I knew are dead



Your distro's package repository.



I would tend to agree, but I specifically need Visual CertExam Suite for going through exam dumps. every time I need this crap, they update to a new version so the current dumps don't work on the version I have


Trying to make a burner gmail account to share a Google sheet. (I was originally sending an excel sheet manually, but it's not really viable when I'm making a lot of small edits here and there.) Is there any way to create a Google account now without a phone number, or did Google put a stop to that? Any alternatives that don't involve resending the file everytime I make a small edit?



If you have the possibility try your graphics card in another box



should have a skip option below where it asks you for a gmail. infact i just made a gmail without even being prompted about a phone number


File: 0612c2e5ffce226⋯.png (52.36 KB, 891x808, 891:808, botnet.png)

File: 708ba3baad71b0d⋯.png (46.86 KB, 912x622, 456:311, can't skip.png)


I tried several different browsers with no luck. The burner phone sites I used are either blocked or used too many times.



meant to respond to >>971617


File: 4e245e7d64f2eb7⋯.jpg (19.13 KB, 300x325, 12:13, 1534891515642.jpg)

Can I replace any laptop battery with any other laptop battery as long as the connection is the same and it fits in the space?



You can try, the worst that will happen is either your computer won't recognize the battery controller and will either not read the battery stats right or will refuse to turn on, and/or you kill the battery itself.


Without going into much detail: I could use some cash, so I'm considering adding a "please donate if you like this" note to some of my Free Software projects. I don't expect to live off it, but having some extra pocket money wouldn't hurt.

What is the best way of setting up a donation system without getting jewed? I know about Liberapay, but that's for recurring donations, not one-time deals. I have found Ko-Fi (https://ko-fi.com/), it looks hipster as fuck, but I don't care as long as I am allowed to just do my thing while hiding my power level.


How do I make Thunar sort "stupidly"?

To grab a few examples from one of my folders, right now it sorts something like:





What I want it to do is put all files beginning with 0 before all files beginning with 1, and so on, regardless of what comes later, without it trying to guess what order they're "supposed" to be in. It's especially annoying since it ignores non-alphanumerics like _, which I used for years on Windows to bring certain files to the top of the list.


Alright /tech/ I just did something so stupid and amaturish that i'm kicking myself right now.

I accidently told dd to write over the wrong drive when creating a bootcd.

Now my entire 1tb drive is gone.

How fucked am i?

I've been looking up data recovery using testdisk but i'm unsure if i just assraped myself.




I found a retarded guide but in test disk the drive isn't showing up properly FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF


File: 7f049614541c1a0⋯.png (326.43 KB, 466x432, 233:216, whygod.png)

Is anyone there?



Just restore from a backup.

You have been backing your shit up to another drive, right?



I'm a poorfag, this drive is pretty much the only thing i have


I think my life is over.

Doing photorec right now and it's only found shit from the accident so far.

Nothing from my real drive



Just wait patiently, it might still be there. I've testdisked shit I didn't even remember existed.

If I can, what was the data? How valuable was it?



Getting my shit back, managed to find my shit rozen maiden files so a tleast it means things weren't badly overwritten during the process.

No names but i can easily add hashes or a time stamp to them later.


images, webms, swfs, flacs, some scripts, various dotfile and portage backups, all my animes and other asorted goods.

I honestly think my webm folder was bigger than my image folder so it's probably not going to take long for me to get most of my shit back, i just need to slowly extract shit to an external drive.

>How valuable was it?

Maybe not valuable to most people but this shit goes back YEARS so it's quite valuable to me.


I needed to sort my folders anyway


Has anyone else been having issues with invidio.us? Either the site doesn't load at all or I can't play videos that I can play on hooktube.



getdataback works wonders.

some are in a folder like this [ABC123-B12345] if the MFT table corrupted itself with the file names.

you have chance for recovery. I doubt you should save images like that since you can use hydrus.

why not use the cloud?



>since you can use hydrus.

>why not use the cloud?

I value my freedom more



get android phone like 4.2 jellybean

then restore it to factory setting

register to gmail


use a virtualbox or a bootable android x86 iso



ui of kde is far more advanced and it is windows 10 which is obviously the rippoff of kde plasma.

and most supercomputers in the world have and use kde ported into their respective architectures.

windows on the other hand is not supercomputer ready with its consumer crap x86 ia64 and arm only support unless you plan on routing all your compute into hardware proprietary gpu driver which is noob bitch.


File: 766df82ca36c1c8⋯.png (63.86 KB, 243x250, 243:250, 0518e6e0e16d7a975f98f290bb….png)

What's the difference between a gnome theme and a gtk theme?





I would guess extra gnome widgets, but idk if you theme individual widgets.



gtk will work in xfce for example


huh, got an e-mail involving copyright infrigement. This is a first for me mere coincidence too of course considering what I grabbed too.

I'm thinking I should be fine but any anons got considerable advice?


So I have a bit of a different question for you all today. I've been sort of itching to get into coding for a little while because I'd like to make my own applications and stuff. I don't like relying on other people, so it's my dream to eventually have a system built and maintained entirely by myself (I know it sounds unrealistic but please humor me on this). However from what I understand, it takes a sort of mathematically inclined brain to become a good programmer. Now it's not that I'm bad at math - I did fine in school and such - but I just fucking hate it, especially the more advanced parts like calculus and beyond. I hate it and it bores me to tears. Ideally I would like to stay away from operations more advanced than simple algebra. With that all being said, do you guys think it's a good idea for me to try and start coding, or will I just end up hitting some insurmountable block down the road due to my hatred of complex math?

tl;dr - how important is mathematics to code, generally? Which areas is it most important in, and which can you get away with not using it too heavily?


File: ef5d7ca2bb337d5⋯.png (147.13 KB, 978x1024, 489:512, gentoo.png)

Gentoo user.

How do you configure the way the kernel is saved in /boot when you run

make && make modules_install && make install (or by running genkernel all)

I need it to be saved as :




How do I do that ?

Arch does it automatically. It seems to be triggered by an install hook. Can't find the information on Gentoo handbook to do the same thing.



Combinatorics and algebra can be nice, but they are not important.

Computing algorithmical complexity requires low-level math, but it is important.

Computing derivatives is useless, unless for specific stuff, like machine learning or physics simulation.

Category theory all day everyday if you code in Haskell.



Thanks buddy. If I understand you correctly, I should be fine with my current abilities. And I don't plan to get into functional programming or anything like that either. Probably I will start with C, then C++ and Python.



What the other guy said, if all you want to do is just script things for fun and profit you will be fine with everyday math. You can also pick up on more advanced topics without having to go in-depth. For example, it helps knowing the basic terminology and concepts of graph theory just so you can understand terms like "node", "edge", "vertex", "acyclic" or "adjacent", but you won't have to actually learn graph theory.

Of course if you want to do something that directly involves math like graphics programming you won't get around it, obviously.



It's basically elementary school maths. Bools logic too, if you weren't taught that it elementary since it's usually taught in high schools despite being easy and important.

Anything else is special case use and can be learned afterwards.

>so it's my dream to eventually have a system built and maintained entirely by myself

This is completely impossible and you should just get into open source software.



>This is completely impossible and you should just get into open source software.

Well, to be honest I've been sort of inspired by Terry in this. Since the news of his death I've been reading more about him and his life. It reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. Now maybe he didn't create every aspect of the system by himself, but to create the entire operating system and software running on it is already immensely impressive to me. I don't expect to be able to create something as complex as he did, obviously, but it would be nice to create as much as possible by myself, while striving for that ideal (even if it's impossible) of having everything done someday. But, thank you for your brutal honesty, I truly do appreciate it.



I learned C as first language that I "really" learned and I think it was good choice now that I have written projects in c, c#, java, python, c++, javascript.

However if there is one thing I can recommend, is not to learn language for sake of it but rather because it works as a tool for building whatever you want to make. Eg. C# is comfy on Windows, java for Android, python for CGI and and to write fast scripts, c++ for games/simulators, c for low level, javascript for web.

I second what people above said about math.


File: 91a8e08ccb8a2b6⋯.png (5.57 KB, 246x88, 123:44, headerfile.png)

File: e2f5c13289a17f0⋯.png (16.54 KB, 541x283, 541:283, cpp_file.png)

please anons forgive me for my retardation and asking questions too much

I cant get my cpp file to over write my header file. the linker keeps giving me an undefined error when i try to call the function in my main program. This is because the cpp file is not defining the headerfile. I cant figure out why. I have been going at it for a while changing little things to get it to work. Im using the command

g++ stringchecker.cpp homework1.cpp

to compile it.



You need to actually pay attention to your compiler errors. I see a redundant closing brace in your check function, and I guarantee your compiler complained about that. You also use "input" in check, which is a variable that isn't ever declared.

A few extra nits:

* Never take in a non-const reference unless you plan on possibly modifying the input.

* Explicitly have your `check` declaration extern to signal intent.

* Don't return 0 and 1. This isn't C. Use true and false.

* For check, you want to return early for a 0-sized string, otherwise you'll be grabbing input[-1].

* Don't use i <= j. Use i < j. If i == j, then input[i] == input[j]; it's a redundant iteration.

* declaring i and j as int is not ideal. It won't usually break, but you want to make sure you use the type of s.size(), which is usually size_t. You can use std::string::size_type (and you really should in production code), but that's almost always size_t anyway, so for a small homework program like this, size_t would be sufficient.

* Insert some comments.

Here are the minimal changes to `check` that will allow it to work (but really, make those other changes I mentioned as well):

bool check(const std::string &s) {
for (int i = 0, j = s.size() - 1; i < j; i++, j--) {
if (s[i] != s[j]) {
return 0;
return 1;

Also, use code tags and paste your code in; don't put a screencap. If we are going to help you, you want to make it as easy as possible for us to do so. Our first instinct is going to be to try to compile it for ourselves, because regardless of how fast we are, the compiler is faster than us. We can't really do that if we have to hand-copy the text from your image, and most of us will give up on it immediately when we have to do that.


/tmp/cchM7BLk.o: In function `runner()':
homework1.cpp:(.text+0x8e): undefined reference to `check(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >&)'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:2: recipe for target 'homework1' failed

this was the error i was receiving. it doesn't seem to be compiling stringchecker.cpp because no matter what i type into it it wont give me a compile error and i cant figure out why.



#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "homework1.h"
#include "stringchecker.h"

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char **argv)
return 0;

void runner()

cout << "This program checks the input from a user to see if it is a palindrome."<<endl;
string usrinput = getUserInput();
cout << endl;
if (check(usrinput))
cout << "The input was a palindrome";
cout << "The input was not a palindrome";
cout << endl;

std::string getUserInput()
std::string buffer;
cout << "Enter a string: ";
getline(cin, buffer);
return buffer;
I forgot to include my main program



also forgot to put my makerfile

homework1: homework1.cpp stringchecker.cpp homework1.h stringchecker.h
g++ homework1.cpp stringchecker.cpp -o homework1


I've been asked to find all the domains in our enterprise that need to go behind cloudflare. I guess I would just put all the domain that are in the DMZ? How would I find all the domain in a DMZ. There's some online tool but they want money, is there an open source solution to do this for free?





homework1.h is not necessary. All a header file is supposed to be is shared definitions for multiple translation units to share code. You only need something like that if you want to call getUserInput or runner from other units. Otherwise, you can just put the runner() function declaration (which I don't really see the point of; that could all be in main) and getUserInput declaration above main, like so:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "stringchecker.h"

using namespace std;

static void runner();
static std::string getUserInput();

int main(int argc, char **argv)
return 0;

void runner()

cout << "This program checks the input from a user to see if it is a palindrome."<<endl;
string usrinput = getUserInput();
cout << endl;
if (check(usrinput))
cout << "The input was a palindrome";
cout << "The input was not a palindrome";
cout << endl;

std::string getUserInput()
std::string buffer;
cout << "Enter a string: ";
getline(cin, buffer);
return buffer;

In your case, what you need to do is make sure your check declaration is the same in stringchecker.h and stringchecker.cpp. The error you get there indicates that the way you've defined it is not the way you've declared it.

Here is the way I have it set up, with stringchecker.h:

#include <string>

extern bool check(const std::string &s);

and stringchecker.cpp:

#include <string>
#include "stringchecker.h"

bool check(const std::string &s) {
for (int i = 0, j = s.size() - 1; i < j; i++, j--) {
if (s[i] != s[j]) {
return 0;
return 1;

Note that both the declaration and definition have the same signatures. This is vital. This compiles for me




Where did you pick up using extern like that in header files? I've never seen it done. If you're declaring a function in a header it's already clear what you're doing and you're just adding noise.



H-Help anyone? I don't want to buy something then find out that its a shit tier computer or I spend too much money.



It is technically redundant, but it isn't that much noise and allows the reader to not have to worry about the static/extern rules, which aren't obvious to a beginner (global functions are extern by default, global variables are not). Whether you want to use them or not is up to you, but based on the other noise that is often found in header files (inline functions, macros, etc), being explicit about extern doesn't hurt. It signals intent to the reader, if you happen to have people manually reading your header files.

Another advantage is that you won't automatically lose extern visibility if you happen to switch a definition from a function to a function pointer (which is static by default, being a variable).

Tons of projects use extern like that. Lua does it (through a macro).

Being explicit by default can save you a lot of headaches at the marginal cost of greater verbosity.


What's the state of gaming on BSD (OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonflyBSD, FreeBSD, etc.)?



If I recall, your best chances are on FreeBSD, but overall it's not good. Depends on what kind of games you like.



Grand Strategy games, emulators (PS1/PS2 emus mainly) and a bit of cs:go. This is not a big concern on hopping to BSD, but it's obviously a drawback if I can't play any games or at least run them in Wine.



I believe there are indeed ports for wine, in FreeBSD at least. There must be a PSX emulator as well. Can't comment on GSGs or CSGO but I think you will probably be able to play a fair amount of what you're into. (Check the specific games first before installing just to be sure.)



>Tons of projects use extern like that.

I must not have been paying attention then. That's interesting. Yeah, can't argue with all that.


How do I set up a bridged connection with virtualbox and NetBSD? With Lincucks it just werks and gives me a connection.


How do I encrypt my external porn drive so I can view the files without needing to extract them first?

Apologies because my only experience with encryption is PGP keys and text , but not larger files. Quick rundown?

I have about 70 gigs of JAV (mp4) and 10gb of png and gif



try sending a sheet without jewgle... not too hard. use libreoffice.

and the answer is no, I tried using a burner phone site when I was spamming youtube accounts and not a single one of them worked. not a single one.

Pay a pajeet for his number


>wanna try out Nvidia Ansel

>driver update requires my email address

Why? Long story short, is there a way to get this Ansel thing without giving Nvidia my email address? Also, why does it need that JUST for GPU drivers?



Who the fuck cares. You're using a computer. Your privacy was sodomized the second you sold your sole to WinIsrael


How do I know if someone is spying me on the internet?



Why do you assume you have to give your real address... Just give them a fake one or something.


What do you mean? Like somebody is watching your router traffic? There is malware on your PC?


File: 0fea0ea9253a582⋯.jpg (454.86 KB, 900x527, 900:527, b8cc41f2c23fcd5970f74c3c49….jpg)

Where can i find the windows 98 driver for a Cirrus Logic GD 5434 ?



on FTP



>router traffic

Yes, that






> Cirrus Logic GD 5434

Are you really too f*cking dumb too google that shit?


I'm tired of all this distrohopping shit

any OS besides Windows 7 (currently posting from it) that just works, is libre, is fast as fuck (not like gnome, which works like 2 windows updates started at the same time), can into drive encryption and isn't BSD?

So far I've tried (*buntus and elementary with linux-libre kernel):

Parabola, MX Linux, Xubuntu, Debian, elementaryOS, Ubuntu, Lubuntu Ubuntu MATE, Trisquel, Trisquel Mini, Gentoo, GuixSD, TinyCore, Devuan, Manjaro, Kali, Mint, Heads, Fedora, Solus, Antergos, Kubuntu and Tails

Is there any hope for me or do I really have to make my own distro because them niggers can't even make one that meets all my kinda autistic requirements?


File: c546e9f58192b27⋯.jpg (30.54 KB, 360x450, 4:5, bob.jpg)


No. You usually stick to your first distro anyway, mine was Slackware.



welp, guess I just install soymentaryOS since that was my first distro


File: f0e084aca8e31d7⋯.jpg (203.79 KB, 1600x965, 320:193, mega65.jpg)


Don't punish yourself - pick whatever tickles your fancy but then stick to it! Learn the basics, git gud


Years of tiny mistakes have built up and I want to do a reinstall. I'm used to Arch, but I'd like to try something without systemd. It's a chinkpad X220 and I don't want to spend weeks installing, so source-based is out of the question. I'd prefer to have packages from this decade so Devuan is out. What are my options?


Im planning to move to a bigger ssd

so far so simple

but the partition is encrypted .. Can i expand it .. ?



Already id you fucking shit head, i only find viruses.



I'm in the same position. I've tried countless distros now and I still can't find anything that just werks like Windows 7 does.

Xubuntu is my favorite out of everything I tried though, despite the issues I had on it.


You might want to wait until they release 5.0 for the 18.04 base. I don't think they have any upgrade tool like the "official" Ubuntu flavors or Mint.



Download the drivers from Nvidia's site by entering your card manually instead of using the "Automatic Driver Update" link.




tbh I wouldn't be in this position if elementary didn't decide to fuck up everything that was cool in Luna, eh


File: b0dc177af6bee07⋯.png (40.77 KB, 779x859, 779:859, Normal.png)

I find out that Everychan is out of Google store and most of the Imageboards app are way to new and don't allow it on my phone.

Is there an Imageboard app that can work on a Android 4.2.1, the phone I use at night to lurk is very old and now Everychan doesn't allow me to solve captchas from time to time when I need it.



The Overchan(fork) website say it supports Android 1.6 and newer


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