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File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.



You aren't booting into an ISO or anything when this happens right? Does this happen after every reboot and how long is it taking to come up with that message? If you did any disk checking utilities from within Linux you could have very well fucked up something with the filesystem and do chkdsk again with WinRE.



Nah, havent even created the bootable yet. This is from the WinRE administrative X drive command prompt. Only thing i did beforehand was change to the C directory. Id say not more than 15 seconds before it popped up.

Didnt do anything in linux like that. Exclusively just copypasted my C drive to external memory. Read that doing anything like that in linux should only be done to mostly healthy drives.

Ive only rebooted once so far, but ill give it another go or two.



Hold on, i can apparently revert pending actions. Lemme try that and the try a scan again.


Are there any known issues with Illumos (Open Indiana) and openvpn? Trying to get openvpn/mullvad working on hipster, and the ovpn script errors out with "cannot unplumb tun0, interface does not exist." Anyone?



No dice on revertimg the pending actions. Same error still pops up.


>take out 1tb harddrive filled to the brim with anime, video games, movies, music, books, and over 100,000 images to clean computer

>have not backed up anything since it's new and I'm still in the process of moving shit from multiple other hard drives

>plug it back in

>its not showing up

>its not even turning on

Is this acutally the end? I'm not even panicking right now because I cannot comprehend it dying from just that. I've tired different cables and a different computer but its still not coming on. Someone show me the light please or else I may go nuclear.



I meant 10 tb.



Shoulda put it in a static proof sleeve when you took ot out. Only thing i could think of would be some static discharge between taking it out, puttin it wherever, then puttin it back in. Slightest bit will fuck its day in half.


Function keys on keyboards seem to be underutilized, at least to me. I don't really know anybody that uses anything other than F5 and F11 (mostly to unfullscreen something when they accidentally fullscreened it). Also ctrl+alt+fkey on linux. And some of the functions like search/find people tend use to use the hotkeys instead, I'm assuming that even though it takes multiple fingers the hotkey combos are easy to hit on muscle memory while the f-key is not.

Are those keys mostly useless? Anybody do anything interesting or think something they provide should be used more?


Anyone have any solid information on bypassing or unlocking Apple watches of series 1. Just bought the watch and the asshole said it was unlocked... And it's actually locked, craigslist fucktard. Any info on it would be helpful. I've looked around the usual...google, youtube, ircs... etc.



Both the (S)ATA cable and the (S)ATA power cable are plugged in? If not, go to a specialist.



If you are doing all command line, I'd imagine they would be pretty comfy.



>What are some other ways I can de-google my android?

throw it in the trash



You seem sane but the anon makes me believe your pulling my leg.



Yes, because the signal changes depending on if numlock is enabled or not.

I imported the _util.xorg_keysyms(KEYPAD_KEYS) from pynput and printed out the list and found that numpad 5 sends the signal for 'Begin' when numlock is on.

Weird quirk but ultimately not the issue at hand, because I would like to use the keycode for the rest of the numpad as I have to do with number 5 but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that with pynput.

There's only 3 values for keycodes: vk, char, and is_dead. So 0-4, 6-9 only register their mapped keycode value (which are just the same as the number bar).

I haven't figured out a way around this by looking at pynput's source, so unless someone is more familiar with it than me, I may have to look into a different library for monitoring keyboard signals.


I want to get some text files off of termux in winblows 7. search parameters for this issue are not precise enough to get anywhere near what I want.

C:\Computer\Device\Internal storage\Android\data\com.termux shows nothing, which is bullshit because doing all forms of ls in termux shows the files I've been writing on and the folders they're contained in.

USB debugging is on.

my device is rooted.

what do I need to change in order to do this?

love you tech, thank you for actually helping me with my technology problems.



Are you going through File Explorer to the path? Or are you using `dir` in cmd?


File: 5a66b415ddb794a⋯.gif (151.78 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 1375857314515.gif)



Actually I may have figured out how to use a better library for this purpose, pynput is great and all, but not being able to differentiate the numpad signals from the number bar is a pain in my balls.

I just tried out evdev which will return various information about key presses, and even can output an easy to use key, so numpad 1 will return KP_1 but the number bar will return K_1, which is pretty much all I wanted.

It was just a pain in the ass setting up evdev, because it requires a ton of shit it doesn't indicate in the install instructions, like not telling you to download the setup.py script or how you should actually run it (the command it gives is functionally wrong, and I had to examine the source of setup.py to figure out why), but then evdev couldn't access /dev/input to receive signals from the keyboard because I wasn't a part of the input group for whatever reason, nor was there a udev rule for the input group.

It took like 30 minutes to get through all the things not mentioned in the docs before I could even test evdev.

Now I'll have to try refactoring my existing script to use the evdev library.


I have 11 rooms on the same floor that need internet access (1 pc per room).

Should i go wired or wireless? Can a wifi router handle 11 stations at once?



As for handling 11 stations, new routers likely can without problem. As for the signal, you have to consider that each wall attenuates the signal about -2dB to -3dB, which means the signal is losing close to half strength. That is definitely something to consider.



>As for handling 11 stations, new routers likely can without problem

My experience with mainstream routers is that they can barely hold 3 stations at once. Can you propose a better router?

As for the wall, it definitely is a problem. Fortunately they are very thin. However, it's either drilling-cabling-switching or wifi-with-signal-loss. Wat do?



I am not entirely certain about which make/model of router to recommend. I can't help you there except you might look into building your own. You could get a barebones microATX or ITX system and install some flavor of linux or BSD and run a few WiFi radios off of it. But, if you have 3 walls between your WiFi source and the receiver, that's -10dB attenuation or 1/10 signal power, that's almost going from 5 bars to 2 or 1. That means you will either need to jam out a 1W signal at the device and AP, or use repeaters after 1 or 2 walls.

Or you could look into getting a directional antenna for the router and the client station. I wouldn't go for a cheap antenna. I would recommend an antenna with a gain over 10dB. A 12dB gain antenna has a 16x performance over an ideal 0dB antenna. Be careful though. 2.4 GHz/5 GHz bands are microwaves. Check your local laws about the total EIRP levels allowed for the gain of the antenna and the output power of the WiFi radio.



Thanks for telling me about this, but I'm not sure how to get LSTB and I already have 7 on a USB, so I'm considering sticking with that. Know any way to get it?


/tech/, please teach me what I shouldn't do with an SSD.



You shouldn't cum on it.


File: 50ff7cea0422d2e⋯.png (112.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1508891346186.png)

Recommend me a /comfy/ distro and a DE/WM to install on my laptop

Currently got KDE Neon installed and while its nice and all, I want to try out something new because why the hell not


File: e94f0a37f613705⋯.jpg (50.02 KB, 500x471, 500:471, tecras1.jpg)

Got an old Toshiba Tecra S1 with a broken GPU

Trying to revive it by using the old oven trick

At what temperature and for how long should I put the board in the oven?



don't know but depends. just don't forget to wrap it with foil and remove any thing that would melt or burn


maybe try deepin the ass :^)


using it


if it's a new device I doubt it would work well with barebones win7 and updating to service pack would only lead to botnet.

try LTSB instead


how long did you not use it?

crazy ants, probably?

of you could open it up try looking for those nasty ants. if you still have warranty just turn it back to the dealer.

masaka, you have cp? if you'd go nuclear for that try summoning demon/angel to fix it for you. anything that surpasses the universal law can only br achieved through the diety. worked for me


use session manager addon next time and always do separate backups on several sd cards


you get bsod if you use earlier versions of 7 and vista. if you shrinked the drive using the ubuntu installer WITHOUT defragging first on windows then you are fucked. when do you get the bsod? after the loading screen or after selecting the grub one? If you dualbooted I recommend reverting back to the original windows boot. If you have EFI this wouldn't be a problem.


not that anon but I wanna know to do this with sdparm not hdparm. I tried doing this before but no luck.

is it okay to have that much idle?



>using it

Why so hostile?



not really. it's just that most SSDs are seagate and aren't reliable. i'd recommend the first step though which is getting an hgst or toshiba SSD or just buy phased out server racks with several TBs of SSDs


File: 271d36512f9db90⋯.png (126.83 KB, 341x347, 341:347, 757d5e1bd1a1e039dbcc695ed1….png)


>router on lan

Maybe I should explain better.

I want to use the openwrt router as a switch that is linked to the router connected to the internet, but the problem is that it can't access the internet (always gives error 404 or something), and I don't know what to do. I just want the simplest way to get it to work so I can install luci on it.



What about Samsung? 850 EVO for example.



samsung drives are basically a seagate franchise.

if you open up that baby, you'll see samsung lasered on its chips.

just don't treat it badly. IIRC it's the temps that you should be wary about. I'd recommend monitoring temps that would notify you realtime.



>samsung lasered on its chips.




What would too badly mean?

I plan to have the OS, most programs (including stuff like photoshop), browsers and some games. I have heard new SSDs are more durable so I shouldn't worry as much about writing on it, so temp files should be fine or?



>tempfiles OS and photoshop

SSDs are made for that. just keep the temps down and you'll be fine.

and read the user manual



temps = temperature

tempfiles = cache/temporary



I didn't confuse them.

What about a browser? That will be writing constantly stuff on it, especially if on a video site?

But do temperatures really get that high? And how high is bad? I really have no way to regulate the temperature. I guess I might have to buy a fan or two for the front of the case?



browser caching? why not force it to your ram?

cooler temps are always good for the lifespan and performance. there are simulated throttles when certain temps are met.

you should check it once you set it up. below 25C/77F during extreme load should be fine but keep in mind when summer comes.



>browser caching? why not force it to your ram?

I guess with the 16GBs that I will have now that's a good possibility. But otherwise it shouldn't be okay on the SSD too?

And I should certainly try to update the firmware before I install anything on it, right?

I know I should defrag or do cache wipes with programs such as CCleaner, but normal formating should be fine, right?



Don't forget to vent your fucking kitchen out, when you bake electronics to reflow the solder it will fill your kitchen with fumes. If you don't have a way to vent it, don't try it. Also you will want to let the oven run on the clean setting afterwards because the inside will smell forever otherwise.



Is your keyboard layout normal and have you tested on a different keyboard?



Does your file browser have hidden files enabled?




Is the router getting an IP assigned to it?



No idea.However I've managed to solve the internet connection issue by following this https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/recipes/dumbap but now I can't figure out the IP to access the router. Is there a quick way to figure it out?



Well you specified the ip, that's the ip that you use to access the router. Just make sure it is outside the range of the possible ips that the router it's connected to can assign. You are making a lan network within a lan network right?



bumping for interest



I've only tested one keyboard, and it's a normal layout. The problem was more with the pynput library than the keyboard.

I've since adapted most of my program to use the evdev library which is more versatile, but now I'm having trouble devising my own listener thread for the keyboard.

Since I'm only monitoring for numpad inputs, I've set up a a definition for tracking the keys once they're released, otherwise it spams the console while they're pressed, and the main loop for reading events is in it's own definition with a custom exception class to break it when I hit escape.

My second threaded definition is copied straight from my old code, but it's not being called triggered from the main loop:

def keyboardMonitor():
for event in device.read_loop():
key = evdev.events.KeyEvent(event)
if key == 'KEY_V':
if event.value == 2: #key is held
if event.value == 0: #key released
except StopReadLoop():
def do_thing():
while (not exitEvent.is_set()):
if (secondEvent.wait(0.1)):
print('doing thing')
print('not doing thing')
class myThing(threading.Thread):
def __init__(self):
def run(self):
class keymon(threading.Thread):
def __init__(self):
def run(self):
thingThread = myThing()
listener = keymon()


It is a new build and some old HDDs. When I press the power on button the fans start moving, but nothing is happening. Pressing the power off or restart does nothing. The speaker makes no sound. And I don't get to the bios. Any ideas what could be the problem?


File: 1198163adfe214a⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 3264x1840, 204:115, 20171111_130738_HDR.jpg)

Ok, I about had it with this machine.

What do I need to do?

I tried to install système then decided against it because of a phython 3.4.5 compile error. I wish to keep the fauchés files there in case I decide to do it again.



I cannot figure out how to use 'dir' with android devices, it seem to require a device letter that does not exist of these devices.

ADB does not recognize the folders or files either.


hidden folders are on.

I've managed to rescue a few files through saving it in a different android program, but there are others on another device that I still need to get off.

how would I use rsync in cygwin to get files as described in >>814856 ?


The CPU cable from the PSU doesn't have exactly the same holes as the ones on the mobo, but it goes in. Would that be a problem?


Ryzen 1600 here.

The Windowa USB starts up. I can't use the mouse, but I continued with keyboard. It can't read the HDDs and the SSD, though. It says drivers are missing. I am doing this through a USB2.

I tested the USB on another machine and it works.




After HOURS of fucking around with this, I did actually get it to thread the functions properly. so now there's a daemonized thread that is watching keyboard input and the second function is being called from it, then stopping once the daemonized process no longer receives keyboard input.

Weird issue is now I can't get the program to terminate. It checks if the escape key is released then raises my custom exception class, which should break it out of the loop, which it does, but then the program is still running and I have to ctrl-c twice to exit out of it, presumably from the threads not exiting. The errors I get are from python's threading module.



Reseat your memory or you have something fucked up with the caps on the motherboard. The latter is unlikely though.



Are you in a liveusb or are you root?


File: 1fb2ac283a2d35d⋯.png (273.32 KB, 600x583, 600:583, 1fb.png)

Why doesn't my Xbox gamepad work right in Linux Mint?

In Rocket League the camera always goes right down. The right trigger reverses etc. I try to reconfigure the controls but it just immediately sets whatever I click on to the right trigger.



Are you sure you've looked all around the board and haven't found an alternative?



import sys

You have sys.exit()?



/g/ told me it is okay to use only half of the 4x4, only the part that fits.


Anyone else having problems with 8chan on firefox? Having the same problem with paypal. Everything seems fine in FF safe mode. Went through each plug in and disabled manually, but still the same problem.



Root, got tired of chrooting after fixing the efi booting problem. ( muet need to install cinnamon and a desktop manager with this being in the way.) It's for my sister, maybe my brother too.

Btw a High of python packages are Gaumont to compile, dev-python/m2crypto-0.24.0 for networking.


Have another problem my x200 libreboot ThinkPad stalls for 15-20 seconds before the bios menu pops up. It's slower than some of the other computers. (i reflashed it to txtmode.)

What do?



I wrapped the threads in def main() and finish the program with:

if __name__ == '__main__':

but it still hangs after breaking the event monitoring loop.


File: 8b4a2e9ca1b79dd⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1513x2704, 1513:2704, 8b4a2e9ca1b79dde89f0774fa4….png)

It occurred to me recently that it would be really useful if I could do client-side filtering of search engine results to remove the mainstream media, clickbait, shills and make the internet 1.0 again.

I hate how for everything I search for I have to filter out endless lists of gawker domains and megacorps to find actual websites that aren't shekel grabbing normalfags.

Does anyone think this could be accomplished?



It's possible.


best github alternatives?


File: ed58f5fbe1870d7⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 4672x2784, 146:87, IMG_20171112_020627.jpg)

I got 3 of these? What do? Leave them or delete them?



It's a hard thing to objectively say.

Some people mind the blur, others like the extra detail even if it's made up with resampling algorithms.

In my experience most artificial images will look worse because they generally have sharp artificial lines, but real life images have soft color transitions that almost all resampling techniques create so it's very possible the resampled version is closer to reality. Also anything with subpixel rendering (computer text for instance) resamples horribly.

I wouldn't worry about it too much, even with a 1080p screen you would eventually watch 720p material. And the 1080p to 1440p resampling artifacts are harder to spot because of the generally smaller pixels.



All packages from the default repositories using the package manager should be safe.


I haven't used OpenSUSE so I can't speak for it but don't touch manjaro or anything arch.

Debian is the lesser of the 2 evils.


Just download any linux livecd and it should have the necessary drivers.


Run a stress test, see if your temps go that high again. If you get 80c with a watercooler with room temps below 28c and no overclocking you probably haven't installed it properly or it's damaged.

My core i7 4770 with the stock cooler, 1 case fan and 35c room temp maxes out at 67-75c.



If that's because the interface is shit you'll just have to deal wih it.

t. was in the same situation.


Heh I wouldn't worry about regulations unless I was jamming an 1km radius sphere around my house or lived right besides the FBI.


Have one.

It won't protect you at all but if someone was to break into an internet connection in your area they're more likely to do it with a non-hidden network.


Noob time.

Say I cloned the infinity-next code from github and I have a server ready, how to I get it to make a website like 8ch?

>inb4 who is this fucking retard and why isn't he banned yet

That's that programmer elitist shit I don't like. Just answer the question in a way a layman will understand.


I got a new external hard drive in the mail but it doesn't seem to show up for me using either fdisk or lsblk or anything. I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong or what. I plug it in via usb and it spins so I know it's working and getting power but I can't seem to find it at all... not sure what I'm missing here





ls /dev

either one of those should help you out



this is the last line in dmesg so this might be it but im not sure

[765085.232814] usb 4-5: new SuperSpeed USB device number 5 using xhci_hcd

it doesn't show up under /dev/ at all and i dont think it shows up in lsusb or at least none of the names match the name of the external so im confused



dmesg | grep usb

and print the results here


File: 61e7b790681dc38⋯.png (1010.55 KB, 936x904, 117:113, 1510452041.png)


this is what I got



How many times did you unplug and plug-in the drive?

>not enough bus power

That looks screwy.

RMA that device.



>How many times did you unplug and plug-in the drive

quite a bit.

>RMA that device




Unplug the USB device and run dmesg.

Plug in the USB device and run dmesg.

Notice the changes. Are there any messages saying "removable disk" or "[sdN] attached"?



no it just shows disconnect and connect of the same SuperSpeed USB device using xhci_hcd


File: 5bba526db10f86a⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, assuss utility.jpg)

how the FUCK do I install any operating system on this thing

It does not recognize USB as bootable

it does not recognize a DVD as bootable

the bios utility has a section where I can manually input where I want to boot from. When I try to select it, it fucking freezes.

I repeat, the bios utility fucking freezes

the computer is an asus vivobook with ENDLESS



I am thinking that drive is DOA. Or it's not compatible. Or you might need an external power source for the drive. Or you might need a USB 3.0 hub with its own power source.

Post the make and model here for the drive and maybe someone will have more experience with it.



alright well it's a Mexone B01MTNHJYW

the amazon description said it was formatted to fat32 from the factory so im not sure exactly what the problem is




Now that I'm more clear headed, the specific error I'm getting when I have to use keyboardinterrupt to exit the application is:

/usr/lib/python3.6/threading.py in _shutdown t.join()

in join self._wait_for_tstate_lock()

in _wait_for_tstate_lock elif lock.acquire(block, timeout):

So I guess it still isn't releasing the threads, I gave the keyboard monitor definition a similar conditional loop to the second threaded function:

while (not exitEvent.is_set()):
#keyboard monitoring functions
except StopReadLoop:
print('broke loop')

So in this, I know it's breaking the loop once it prints that message, the custom exception is raised and that all works, but I thought by calling *Event.clear() that I was releasing the threads.

So what I did was in main() where I start and join the threads, after each is started and joined I just added a print message, and found that it prints 'started <kbMon(Thread-2, started etc)>'

'started <myThing(Thread-1, started etc)>'

then when I hit escape to break out from the monitoring loop, it prints

'joined <kbMon(Thread-2, stopped etc)>'

and stops there, so it's still not stopping the other thread?


File: bc487dae58394b4⋯.jpeg (75.24 KB, 520x520, 1:1, 13342722.jpeg)

lets say i bought this fan, and used it too cool down my computer, would it be effective?

asking out of curiosity



im being 100% serious btw


File: bb5396cebfe5378⋯.webm (436.75 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 134-good-job.webm)



Wait, is it like, a big fan? The type that you use to cool people? It looks like that.


If you want to use it as a secondary fan just to remove the warm air out of the computer case - it would be marginally effective, but some difference would be there.

It just makes the job of your small attached-to-CPU fan a bit easier, since the hot air does not build up around it.

If you mean to use it AS the main fan, instead of the tiny one - no chance in hell. It's too big and slow to provide a strong and relatively-precise airflow necessary to cool all the folds of your heatsink. It would technically be better than having no fan, but way shittier than just using a dedicated CPU fan.

Unless you also plan on having a fucking massive custom heatsink, matching the fan in size. Then it could work.





yeah, it would remove warm air from the case and it is used to cool people


File: cfbf49ac9262246⋯.webm (1.59 MB, 640x360, 16:9, maximum_linux.webm)


Wew I just fixed it, man I needed those few hours down time.

In main() there's a for loop to start and join all threads in thread_list[], well in the loop to join them I also have to put the exitEvent.set(), it has to be called TWICE to exit both threads cleanly.

Now it finally runs smoothly and exits cleanly. I can finally move on to designing a shitty GUI for this.



please respond



whats wrong with github



Set it to legacy and try it.

If you desperately need to get it on efi then configure a boot medium with gpt after booting from legacy.



How do I set it to legacy?

I can't find anything of the sort. I tried searching after it, and people claim there is an option in the Boot menu to 'launch cms' but there is nothing like it here.




You mean csm.

Did you at least disable secure boot? It should work.



Disabled secure boot. Changed nothing.



I don't have any option labelled secure boot in my bios.



That's weird.

Well, I do, but it simply does nothing, at least not when it comes to either entering legacy mode or booting from external devices





What is the best set of apps for android to use ? I'm mainly looking for the basic stuff such as:

>file manager/explorer

>audio player

>video player

>internet browser

>book/comic reader

I just got a new phone and for now it only has VLC, MX Player, Perfect Viewer, the basic Files Manager, Chrome and the Office Suite.



I should have precised that I'm looking for free stuff, without adds.

I don't really have any problems with MX Player and Perfect Viewer but I would like to know some alternatives. The main issue I have with VLC is that I have music files into folders but with differents Albums titles in their metadata so in my music list I have some albums with a few tracks missing and then I have another album with the other ones in it. I know I can change the metadata but I don't want to do it for everything I have.


So I installed Windows 7, but my mouse is not working, the keyboard is. Doesn't even recognize flashdrives. How do I install drivers from this situation? I don't even have internet on the machine itself.



burn to cd or dvd

take out the drive, plug it into another machine and put the drivers on it, plug back into first machine, install drivers using keyboard



>Mexone B01MTNHJYW

The product description doesn't say it's compatible with anything but Windows. The USB controller might not be supported in Linux or you might need to recompile with a special driver/module in kernel. Sorry I couldn't give you a definitive answer to your problem.



>Buying windows

Don't be a faggot.

Google around, there's a reddit page for downloading and activating LTSB




Poweramp is a god-tier music player. Sadly it is proprietary and cost $5, but it's worth it.



>file manager

Stick with the default one assuming you're not on a stock ROM


How feasible would it be, in theory, to write a unified library for QT targeted at Web App rewrites? I know C++ & QT combined have what it takes already, but this is more like putting a "just werkz/"""best""" practices" spin on it.


File: 12eba57777e77f9⋯.png (55.74 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171112-171130.png)



Can't I just download an apk ? Is that safe ?


Thanks, I'll check this one out.

>the default one

Yeah, I only have this one and it sucks.


I'd like to create a small script that opens a terminal with neovim inside so that I could quickly edit selected files in Krusader. This is how my script looks:

urxvt -e nvim

but this simply opens nvim in urxvt. How could I open the selected file in this terminal with nvim?



I'm not sure whether the syntax will be correct, but you can just use the arguments you pass to your bash script:

urxvt -e nvim $1

If you want the option to open multiple files in different instances, you can just FOR loop over $@, so all arguments.



Sadly there's not a good cracked copy. And search for the stock cyanogen mod file manager.




urxvt -e "nvim whatever whatever..."


File: d2b99dc81f08b20⋯.jpg (100.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, c_2017-10-20-10-26-48.jpg)


>What is the best set of apps for android to use ?


>>file manager/explorer

Total Commander

>>audio player

Total Commander

>>video player

Total Commander

>>internet browser

Lightning or IceCat

>>book/comic reader

Document Viewer



It does not matter. Just delete all to remove the clutter.


Is it possible to use a WM like dwm or icewm along with spacefm and udevil to have a system capable of automounting drives without having systemdicks/gvfs/udicks/*kit/etc installed?




Not sure about the WM, you have to look for WM that can run on your init system.



>you get bsod if you use earlier versions of 7 and vista. if you shrinked the drive using the ubuntu installer WITHOUT defragging first on windows then you are fucked. when do you get the bsod? after the loading screen or after selecting the grub one? If you dualbooted I recommend reverting back to the original windows boot. If you have EFI this wouldn't be a problem.

No, EFI, dualboot, or drive shrink (truthfully dont even know what two of those even mean). Ran ubuntu off of a usb bootable solely to copypaste my C drive to external memory. First time i ever used linux, and its the only thing i used it for.

Bsod happens on start up, when the four colors start to converge to make the windows logo.


>use session manager addon next time and always do separate backups on several sd cards

Guessing thats a firefox extension? Ill look into it.


File: b68990e6c10c62d⋯.jpg (25.34 KB, 390x396, 65:66, mpv-shot0033.jpg)

What would I have to do to get high quality rips of my blu-rays?


Realistically, how much will it cost to get someone to code a forum for me?

One that looks like a chan in that it has auto-update and post numbers but it isn't anonymous (I am making it to get normie shekels).

I cloned the infinity code to see if I could do it myself but I am fucked if I understand a thing about it.



How much is your budget?

What's your planned timeline?

captcha: irsQng



Highest quality possible is creating a bdremux, that means copying and pasting the audio/video streams into a commonly used container such as matroska. The resulting file is not a reencode but a copy of the audio and video generally about the size of the blu-ray. The bluray isn't distributed as it is because it's a mess with a bunch of folders, split files and a bunch of overhead that the average user can't deal with, unlike a .mkv file that anyone can double click.

"High Quality" is a subjective term but if you don't want a bluray-sized file your only choice is a reencode which will lose some quality, how well you do it and how big you make the file dictates if it can be labelled high quality.



budget: I have $5000

timeline: ASAP



shoot an email to

advert (at) hackeddwarvesplanet (dot) pcriot (dot) com



This was also one of my attemps, but if the file is in ~/home/file name.txt then vim opens with two buffers: "~/home/file" and "name.txt". So a mix of your solution and >>818799 works:

urxvt -e nvim "$1$

Thanks, mates!




Disabling secureboot isn't the best choice. If you're dualbooting, secureboot disabled can cause problems with your microshaft windows install.

I suggest get a dvd that is supported by the EFI hardware which are: windows 8 and up or a bootable linux (not an old as fuck ISO!).

Try testing a linux dvd.

The most basic problem with not being able to boot is:

<your boot order of hardware is wrong

<should be: fdd (usb) > odd (dvd sata)> hdd (sata)> pxe (lan)

<boot order of software efi is also wrong

<should be: external usb > optical drive > hard disk (these are usually in the name of the device e.g, Ubuntu efi boot USB > PLDS DVD > WD HDD)

keep in mind the "Ubuntu efi boot USB" from the example will not show up in efi bios menu IF it isn't inserted before booting AND IF it isn't set to the proper boot orders. No luck? try finding the boot menu shortcut, usually F10 F12 or F8



did you modify your C drive? (deleting or copying stuff to it?) It is not suggested to modify your file system and bootables never come with ntfs3g by default or at least they come with FUSE which is not good. If you deleted or copied stuff to it using ubuntu then the problem might be from a corrupt $MFT


What free software is there that can actually monitor ryzen 1600's temperatures?

When I woke up today my PC seemed to have frozen or something like that. There was nothing on the screen (I have turned off sleep mode and stuff like that), I was clicking, but nothing would come up. And pressing the power off button didn't seem to do anything either, so I just hard restarted.


Is it worth learning lisp just for the (((lisp enlightment))) experience, or is it just a meme?


>Windows Explorer crashes

>file transfer is perfectly fine

>Windows restarts Explorer and in the process nukes the file transfer despite it still working, corrupting the files




Is it with any file or one specific file?



What languages do you actively write daily now?



C#, C++, a little bit of Python



You might try looking in the Daily Programming Thread and finding a project that you are for certain know you won't need any FFI or non-standard library and crank out that program to get a feel for the language.

Then if you want to go further, find another project that you know will require using the FFI or a library and write that.

Here is a great resource: https://www.xach.com/lisp/

I used quicklisp quite a bit.

I didn't make anything super useful, but I also didn't know any programming language besides webdev stuff.

I found it way too slow, but the REPL made it easy to debug so there was that.



Alright, thanks!



Same anon.

So seems like my temperatures are being detected, sometimes. On some restarts they are on some they are not.

Should I start getting worried?

What can I do to test shit out?



Yeah. That sounds like it could be hardware failure. I've gone through multiple computers with hardware failure ranging from old, shitty, leaking capacitors to GPU meltdown. If the computer still works, I wouldn't use it for anything that is data sensitive like tax, medical, family records. You could probably still use it for anything else but expect a performance hit when the hardware has to chug and rechug along because of fouled bits. Just keep monitoring it like you are doing now and take notice when it starts acting willy wonky. You'll figure out pretty quick if it can take the pressure or not.

I wouldn't leave it on all the time however.



The thing is that everything but the GPU is new.

Where should I think the problem is? The CPU or the motherboard?

Also my RAM CMK16GX4M2B3000C15, should be working at 15-17-17-35, but it is working at 16-17-17-35. And that's with the XMP profile on. In the bios it says it is made to work at 15, but it doesn't.



It's kind of hard to diagnose the exact problem. You say it overheated and stayed on for several hours like that? Were any fans spinning?

I would say it's likely something on the motherboard. Either the northbridge or the southbridge.

If you can use it, then use it, but don't use it for anything that is valuable like record keeping.

Just keep watching the temperatures and watching performance for your drives, network, usb, etc.



As far as I know it hasn't overheated.

When I saw I woke up and it was frozen it was actually a weird situation. I set up so my steam library would redownload and when I woke up nothing would come up on the monitor (no hibernation on). I ended up hard reseting it from the case button. The thing is nothing was even downloaded. It was exactly up to where it was when I turned off the screen (and only the screen) and went to bed. So whatever happened must have happened immediately after I went to bed.



All you are wanting is to monitor the temps? Did your mobo come with a utility cd-rom? Maybe download it from your mobo's website?

From what you describe it is likely a software problem, and your computer froze up. I don't understand where you are getting your concern though.



Actually I just realized that when it is not showing the CPU temperature it is also not showing more info for the RAM (just 16GB and nothing else) and no motherboard temperature. So maybe it is something related to the motherboard, if anything at all?

(30 minutes after writing the things above)

Okay, I think I learned most of my problems. In start I was trying to find something with Asus' name for mobo utility program. Turns out it was called AI Suit. Inside of it I found some another power saving shit. It is what probably put my PC to sleep. But then the question would if I didn't wait long enough for my PC to wake up before hard resetting it or what.

My CPU-Z results are basically the same as in here https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/amd-ryzen-5-1600-review,9.html

Around an hour ago I did get the no CPU temperature thing on Speccy and others, but since then I couldn't replicate it to see if the Ai Suit program would also not show temperate.

The only thing probably left is the RAM problem from here >>819107 I forgot to mention that the XMP profile sets the voltage at 1.4 and the bios makes it in purple colour. It is suppose to run at 1.35 for 15-17-17-35, which I am not getting anyway.




I use makemkv for making dumps of my discs then re-encode them with h264 to reduce file size without losing quality.

I've only used it for DVDs but it says it works for bluerays


I am using filezilla server and client to transfer some files. For some reason two of the folders have no listings in their directory, the rest are fine. Any ideas?



>did you modify your C drive? (deleting or copying stuff to it?) It is not suggested to modify your file system and bootables never come with ntfs3g by default or at least they come with FUSE which is not good. If you deleted or copied stuff to it using ubuntu then the problem might be from a corrupt $MFT

Actually, i deleted the suspect drivers through ubuntu, in an attempt to see if the problem would be fixed (to no avail of course), and then went back and replaced them. I also deleted some nonessential videos (anime) to save space when i copypasted the C drive to external memory, to make sure itd fit.

Whatever an $MFT is, itd be an additional problem relative to what caused the initial problem. Is there any other info i can give, and am i twice as fucked?


cinnamon keeps crashing in linux mint. "cinammon has crashed, do you want to use fallback mode?"

It keeps randomly happening. What do I do?


I cannot play .swf players on linux, at all, neither in any browser, nor locally. Help?



Strike that - I can open 1 file locally, 1 with a browser, 1 not at all.



Open cmd and just use windows' copy command.

Winblows exploder is fucking garbage, every time I drag something to it it stops working for about 1 minute. It makes me wish I commited murder-suicide when I had the chance on the odd occasion I have to use windrugs.


>select main folders in local disk C



>162GB free of 232GB

Please explain. Even if I add 16GB of pagefiles it still doesn't add up.


The fan on my laptop won't stop loudly spinning. Why could this be happening? I have nothing resource-heavy open that could cause this, it persists across reboots, dmesg shows nothing of obvious use. Wat do? How can I go about finding this problem?



Electronics can be defective on purchase. The industry target is something about 1%, but do you remember the xbox360 fiasco where about 10% were defective?

Either your motherboard is defective or your PSU is defective. If you want to check your RAM, run memtest86+ for a few hours, at least until a full first run of all your RAM.

When you say that sometimes you are getting readings and sometimes not, that sounds like a problem with an IC on the i2c bus of your motherboard. Not much you can do to fix that on your end except RMA and get a new one.



Disregard this, it stopped on a full shutdown.


I recently built a computer for the first time, and for some reason the thing has stopped working. For the first few days it worked fine until I made space for monitor/keyboard/mouse on my main desk but I didn't move the case itself. Here's what I have:

>Kingston SSDNow UV400 240GB ssd

>ASUS Prime B350M-A Motherboard

>Galax GeForce GTX 1060 EXOC 6GB

>AMD Ryzen 5 1600 w/ Wraith Spire

>Thermaltake 500W ATX OEM PSU

>Kingston HyperX Fury 2x4GB DDR4

It all just suddenly stopped. First it would freeze on the ASUS boot screen, now it doesn't even output an image. It worked with the monitor before I moved it on the desk.


Just got a new external hard drive to dump everything but muh games onto and free up crazy amounts of space. I want it to be secure, though. What's my best move?


File: 59460cc9e377646⋯.jpg (446.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, it's_a_trap.jpg)

I wan't to keep seeding music torrents (or parts of them) after changing some tags.

which libre torrent clients will allow me to do this? or at the very least, which won't fucking override my edits when i reopen the client?













What do you mean? Did you forget to take your meds again Steve?



If you mean secure by "even if the HDD fails my things are going to remain" then you need at least one more HDD for that job.


No such thing. And as long as you are already seeding the files, when someone requests seed for one of the changed files you will stop seeding the whole torrent because of the detected difference.


The problem is with your machine.



No, I meant more about encryption.


Is it possible to use GTK3 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?


The Windows install setup doesn't read the HDD on a z77x-ud3h motherboard with an i5-3570k CPU. What kind of drivers do I have put in the installer for it to fucking work? I never before had such problems with this mobo.





Disk encryption. If you mean redundant you'll need more drives.


Probably high temps.

Try out lm_sensors.


Try selecting all folders instead.



By "the main" I did mean all. I figured it out though. It was like ~16 more GBs of a fucking hibernation file. I removed that that shit. I am thinking of decreasing the pagefile too. 16GB is to much.


Is there a reason why the quick reply doesn't work on my end, images load in a different tab, my options are gone and can't undo it when I use pale moon? I'm currently using firefox until I figure out how to undo this


>>820001 (me)

Could someone at least recommend me a different browser?




>you will stop seeding the whole torrent because of the detected difference

that's dumb. torrents are divided in files, which in turn are divided in chunks. each of these is checksumed in the torrent file, separately. so there's no reason why a client couldn't serve some pieces but not the ones that are known to have been modified.


File: 3d3a51f7553180c⋯.jpg (62.27 KB, 525x429, 175:143, 1498222217342.jpg)

Running Firefox with pyllyukko user.js.

Tweaked everything but Twitter still doesn't work.

Any suggestions to what user_pref to change?


Suggestion: When you ask a question, at least say what OS you're using. A lot of questions go unanswered because of this.



It can if you disable the the download/uploading of the specific files.


My external monitor shift to the right and now there is a black stripe on the left.

How do I change it back.

I pressed auto config on the monitor and this shit happened.





A'ight Y'all.

>Fagbook Pro 6,2 (Mid 2010)

>Running fagOS High Sierra

>Want to switch to GNU/Linux as main OS

>VMs are working, but performance is meh with non-meme DEs (i.e. KDE, GNOME)

>Want to dual boot for now before switching completely

>Set up Linux partition in macOS

>Already ran a few different distros for a while some time ago (Mint, Solus, Manjaro iirc.)

>All worked pretty well, with minimal need for troubleshooting

>Want to try openSUSE

>Image boots, I select "Installation", green status bar, then some lines appear (~systemd)

>then I get a black screen with a static (not blinking) cursor in the top left

>Same happens with both rEFInd and "normal" OS choice (i.e. hold Alt after chime)

>Download Solus image because that worked pretty much flawlessly last time

>Same problem

>Could try a bunch of other distros to see if I find one that works

>Jewgle doesn't help.

>not sure if related: I removed the optical drive and installed a second Hard Drive (between Linux working previously and now), OS is on an SSD. However as I don't even get to the installation, I doubt that the drive setup (and/or partitioning) has anything to do with it.

I have backed up my data and a macOS install USB stick is prepared if I fuck everything up.

Wat do.


Is this script safe to run? Is it malicious?



I cannot paste it here because it says "message was too long".



Seems fine as long as you don't mind having it load those three @require scripts.




I just tested FF, Waterfox and Cyberfox and all are working fine. But Palemoon got its shit fucked up.



So I should delete those 3 lines?


File: 90c380c2e61c21c⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 700x437, 700:437, 90c380c2e61c21c55b253d15e8….jpg)

so, seems a lot of piratebay-associated torrentinos are down,

where do I get my bread and circuses from now?besides libgen


SQLite noob here: I have a small database that is being used to generate a part of a document which is then spliced into the document at build time.

My question is, how should I version-control the database? Should I just throw the SQLite file into Git and live with the binary file in my repo? Should I put a database text dump under version control and then as part of the build process build the database from the dump every time?



Nigga if you delete them the script won't run. You have to know if the 3 required scripts are safe. The first one definitely is, considering the host. Judging by what Google returns, the other two seem trustworthy too.


Depending on what you're looking for, private trackers may be perfect. There are places where people swap or sell invitations to closed communities.





this is not what i want.

nearly all files get modified, but each one only by a tiny fraction


Finally installed Ubuntu and Pale Moon, but every time I click on an image or webm, it opens it in a separate tab instead of just expanding it on the current tab I'm on. It also doesn't open up the Post Captcha on a separate tab when I need to do it. Instead it gives me a download option or something to open it with some other program. Why does it do this and how can I change it?


I'm on Ubuntu and Pale Moon. Clicking images or webms on any 8chan board opens it on another tab instead of just expanding it on the current tab/window. Also, typing the Captcha requires me to open it with another program instead of in-browser. How can I change this shit?



No, because it won't work then. If you really care, you can put them on a local webserver and change those lines to localhost.


Use text dumps if you want to put it into git otherwise the deltas are going to grow the git data to ridiculous sizes.



>no, it wont work



Does anyone know if there's a way to fix a white spot on a laptop screen without buying a new screen?



check if you disabled any "workers" related setting


File: d7a677328010378⋯.png (9.35 KB, 300x350, 6:7, d7a6773280103780e7d8ccc7ad….png)

I have firefox's scaling set to 125%, and don't want it to scale images as it looks like ass. is there a way to disable image scaling while keeping scaling for everything else the same? everything i look up is just about the general scaling.


File: 88cdcb095009eda⋯.png (1.76 KB, 800x50, 16:1, Screenshot_2017-11-16_09-5….png)


might want to toggle the first option in about:config to false, couldn't see an option to change the type of scaling (most likely bi-linear instead of sine scaling)



no dice.



Anon >>821315 had a good suggestion for anon's problem >>821239.

However, if no such option is available by default, the first solution is to get a copy of FF source, find where scaling is and set an if(0){} conditional around the image scaling part and recompile.

Or, a second solution, is writing a browser plugin that scales the text on a webpage and none of the media.

If this is beyond anon's present ability, it might work to put in a feature request on mozilla's bug tracker to state that an option should be available to choose media scaling or not. Or, perhaps someone might write the plugin.


File: 2544d15d2762fb2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.29 KB, 500x350, 10:7, hugespoiler.jpg)

How do I check to see if a disk is encrypted in freeNAS?



>If this is beyond anon's present ability

way beyond.

I'll lurk around their bug tracker, stupidly enough i didn't think about that.


Hey Guys. I am searching for a maximum capacity Mod for Witcher 3 on GOG

already found some and installed them but they won't work.

Maybe you have any websides?



I bought a Cisco 3560E-48TD switch for $40, but the thing is bricked so hard, the button reset doesn't work and I can't run flash_init. Plugging it in only gives me the SYST and SPEED lights while everything else is dead. Anyone got any ideas?


I have a first-gen Xbox 360 that freezes on bootsplash but all of the guts look good; is this a software issue or did I miss something? There was on capacitor that looked slightly suspicious but after cleaning it off it looked okay. And if it is a software issue, how would I go about rectifying that?


File: a5cfaeb428e6988⋯.png (567.21 KB, 585x528, 195:176, ceno9.png)


Does it have the original 360 dashboard OS on it?

That generation was notorious for loose solder joints, but what you are describing sounds more like software than hardware.


File: d17337abb69050f⋯.png (131.99 KB, 1052x525, 1052:525, GIMP is great, but drawing….png)


For how long will GIMP remain buggy and disorganized? I did something today (not pic related), and ran into a bug that should not be there had someone done a little fixing.

Is it because so few people are working on the project?



Can you replicate the bug? What version GIMP?



Latest, for macfags. The "add text" option works, but SHIT design and implementation-wise. Plus, every other time I want to move the text, I move the background/original image instead. Very frustrating.



>Does it have the original 360 dashboard OS on it?

No, I upgraded to NXE when it rolled out and the manufacture date is 6/6/09. The thing has been on the shelf for probably five or six years at this point and I was looking for something to do when I noticed it again and booted it up only to remember why I shelved it.

>but what you are describing sounds more like software than hardware.

I figured that's what it was. The internals confuse me a bit, though; is the firmware in the DVD drive itself? I can't get in to check any software versions or anything, but does that matter if you're just flashing the drive and not installing a JTAG?



I never personally flashed any 360, but the DVD drive has it's own firmware and the 360 has it's own firmware like a BIOS in a PC. Basically what's happening is the firmware loads up, sets up the hardware, and then calls the bootloader to boot off of the internal storage. If there is a hard drive attached, then it calls to boot off of it. If you can take the hard drive and hook it up to a computer to write over, you might be able to copy a fresh install of the OS onto it.

From >>821866 it sounds as if the OS is corrupted and that the bootloader is failing because of that, but whoever programmed the firmware didn't account for their own incompetence, so it freezes.



Latest sounds like 3.0. There is an option in GIMP somewhere that you can change to choose if you move the active layer - the one selected in the layers window - or the layer the cursor is over. It might be in the tool options after selecting move in the tools window.

It does have a learning curve.



For Mac it's 2.8.8



>If there is a hard drive attached, then it calls to boot off of it. If you can take the hard drive and hook it up to a computer to write over, you might be able to copy a fresh install of the OS onto it.

It should still be booting to the dash even with the HDD removed though, shouldn't it?

Actually, fuck; I just double checked and post-NXE the OS was on whatever storage device you had and not the internal storage so that might be it - although I'd expect it to still at least get past the splash and give me an error message instead of just freezing, so maybe that's not it. Anyway, it's worth trying. I can't open the HDD itself because I don't have a small enough bit so I guess I'll try to hunt down some NXE files and create a bootable USB. Failing that I don't know what the fuck to do next because some precursory googling turned up no NXE files anywhere. Maybe I'll just go buy a T8 so I can open up the hard drive and hook it up to one of the unused SATA cables in my computer.


ThunderBird is refusing to let me set up multiple Gmail accounts. All I want is a bunch of accounts set up for combating spam and what not, but I get a different error each time I fix the last.

Apparently the "incoming server already exists", so I change the port number and it has a heart attack, telling me the password is incorrect, despite being able to log in to a webclient just fine.

IMAP and POP3 are enabled through the webclient of Gmail, so I can't see any reason for it to refuse my connection.

Fucking Google. I just want a bunch of email accounts to be easily accessible for various websites so I can keep everything in one place yet separate.



nosquint addon

works on icecat ff and palemoon

edit add-on preferences for more options



White spots are fine. Just massage the area and apply pressure not enough to break it.


Are you on laptop? My laptop gfx card broke although it wasn't that fatal and could still use VGA and HDMI. If you notice there'll be a small line on that black bar which the monitor thinks as part of the signal it receives. My only suggestion is to force auto again or get another laptop, setup the same xrandr config on that laptop (Linux) then press your auto config and finally plug it back to where you wanna use the monitor. If you have windows then do the same stuff, set up your graphics resolution and refresh rate then press auto, unplug and plug it back on the other computer.


cuckmonkey fucked the main.js. lern2browserconsole



you can use aliases with your gmail address.






Those all get sent to your main address but you can filter them and immediately can tell which site it's coming from (and which site has given your address away)


File: a4c5c041f421639⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 400x286, 200:143, fug dis.gif)

Chinese needed.

How do I get fucking tone marks on my pinyin romanization? I tried dl'ing various """pinyin""" features onto my Mint, but they all revolve around turning roman syllables to Chinese logograms.



Are you setting up the same account multiple times or different accounts?


I need a good pdf reader that is not from adobe




File: a2f4749bba1c7e1⋯.png (89.66 KB, 1890x779, 1890:779, Untitled.png)

So I maybe should try installing an older version of the wifi drivers?



I would rather suggest upgrading to the newest version of the driver if you're not using OEM ware. The 18.33 release is originally from February 2016.


Older Intel network drivers have a notorious history of suddenly crashing after a Win7 update.



White spot or white pixel?

If it's a white pixel it's stuck and you have to show any rapidly flashing image, you basically have to tell it to change colors until it does.

If it's a white spot something else is up.


File: 3a3c14cefcc02a2⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 3672x3024, 17:14, Start_with_the_greeks.jpg)


I've been using i3 wm for awhile and have really been enjoying the keyboard-centric usage, window tiling, customizability, etc.

However, every now and then during a desktop r8 thread I get mad jelly over people using floating windows with comfy backgrounds.

So, I come here today wondering if there exist a wm that allows a select workspace, or workspaces, to behave with floating windows, while the remaining workspaces are tiled.

Thank you.



I downloaded the latest presented drivers from the lan card's developers (asus), but I guess they didn't keep it fully up to date.

Thanks for the info.




Well fuck. The installer crashes for some reason. It gives me a "has stopped working" on startup. Even the old one.


File: f49d61eab6d2826⋯.jpg (49.17 KB, 600x462, 100:77, Starscream.jpg)

Using QEMU/KVM (with libvirt), how do I properly setup vfio-pci with my secondary on-board Marvell AHCI controller so I can passthrough my dvd/blu-ray player to a Windows VM?

I'm having issues where I think UDEV is rebinding the device to the ahci driver, even though i've set it up the same way as other IOMMU groups I've successfully passed through (my GTX 1050ti). I've even tried pci-stub then rebinding to vfio-pci before starting the VM, but no matter what I do if I have the Marvell controller passed the VM hangs; assuming because something did a rebind to the ahci driver...

I've also tried the virtio-scsi device, and installing the virtio-scsi drivers in Windows. This was the closest to working as I got: it would pass through disc information like title and size, but still wouldn't play.



And what would be the best way to encrypt the disk? Bearing in mind that if possible, I don't want to have to slam in a long and secure password every single time I want to move or open a file on said disk if that's avoidable.



if you're using linux, cryptsetup is the best way to go. you make a partition, encrypt it, open it when you want to use it, close it when you're done.


Flag related.

I plan on installing a differenet kernel.

which is better?




I want

>good scheduler so no stutter during file management and watching vids

>no stutter/latency with music playback and realtime audio production

Seems that -ck is good but I have to compile it. How long will it take to compile a kernel with a 3rd gen i3?


I'm on laptop + external monitor and when my laptop boots I don't see grub boot selection on my external monitor.

How do I force it to appear? Nothing appears until it recognizes my crptsetup passphrase



if the option exists it's likely in your bios.



Probably the trackingprotection ones.


I block ads associating the URL to in the hosts file. Should I use or something else instead? Also, when using tor or i2p those URLS won't get blocked right?



for low latency the rt kernel is best.


How come Firefox now is superfast? After a week or two of it getting slower and slower and I thought it was just me.



Psychological tricks and microoptimisation for the most popular web apps.



The update disabled all your add-ons.


File: 4df8e765f68eaab⋯.jpg (4.21 KB, 150x150, 1:1, data.jpg)

Gamergate digs: https://files.catbox.moe/jdb0yd.zip

Volunteers wanted to clean up and host the webserver+search engine in /code/

You can expect to get DDOSed hard. Consider it a challenge.




You can toggle the floating state of windows in i3. It's in the manual.

But the real solution here is to stop optimizing for rice, and focus on what works instead of what looks pretty in desktop threads.






Can I get some help with this one?

I even tried to install it through safe mode. This time the driver installer actually started, but eventually it give me the message "The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed." I tried different things I found online, but nothing seems to work.



A while ago I had disabled all apps and it was still slow af specially when I visited jewtube.


File: 1ba964f050cffb4⋯.png (117.71 KB, 404x404, 1:1, 1ba964f050cffb43fd15dd22eb….png)

>no image bulk downloader after Firefox's app shoah


Can I downloads the 3x series of Calibre ebook manager on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)?

Everytime I try to build it, it gives my this message (i'll just put the end of it 'cause that's where the error seems to be):

from PyQt5.QtCore import PYQT_CONFIGURATION
ImportError: No module named PyQt5.QtCore



You need Python bindings for Qt. Probably forgot to install a package or use proper config flags.



I looked online and tried so many things. qt-sdk, pyqt5, etc. I kept getting the same error.

I dunno if I can revert if I install from source so I am not trying to risk it.

In the last year I have had to reinstall OS twice, losing everything because of something that broke in the system.

commands from Calibre site to install from source:

curl -L https://calibre-ebook.com/dist/src | tar xvJ
cd calibre*
sudo python2 setup.py install



Sounds like someone is using noscript


File: c80760d4ae065b0⋯.png (211.68 KB, 813x911, 813:911, Screenshot-2017-11-17 PSD4….png)

File: e417dc91afba710⋯.png (24.46 KB, 1252x196, 313:49, Screenshot-2017-11-17 A320….png)

File: 41e880840f8a5f1⋯.png (40.73 KB, 922x869, 922:869, Screenshot-2017-11-17 am4-….png)

I built a Ryzen 1400 build.

When I turned it on, system stays on but nothing else happens. No video signal at all.

My board is Gigabyte A320M-HD2

It's not the GPU, not the PSU, board and CPU are new. Which led me to think it was the RAM.

1st pic is my RAM stick

2nd pic is the compatibility list issued by Gigabyte for my board

3rd pic is AMD's DDR4 compatibility list for Ryzen

So... bottom line. My system doesn't work because my RAM isn't compatible with neither my motherboard nor Ryzen.

Is that what it is?



I'll assume it's uefi.. Does uefi need ram to work? If it was bios I would say if that's not displaying then the board is at faulty, not surprising as gigabyte are dog shit.



Take everything out except





boot computer. It should turn on. Those are required to boot and use the computer for diagnostics.


File: d45dfc5acc9a8a8⋯.png (26.11 KB, 1063x655, 1063:655, Screenshot-2017-11-18 GA-A….png)


This is what it says for the BIOS on the pic. I'm not sure if the board really is faulty.


I've tried to boot it on without the stick placed, but I don't get beeps from the mobo speaker.



How many sticks of RAM do you have?

Are you sure everything is seated well?

Take everything out.

If you have onboard graphics, use that, if not leave in the GPU.

Only put in 1 stick of RAM.

Plug in monitor and keyboard.

Turn on.

It should boot just fine.

The only reason it won't boot is if you have too much RAM or some weird configuration (only 3 slots filled when it needs a config of 2 or 4 or something) or you have the RAM in the wrong slot or channel and the motherboard doesn't see it.


File: 2cda544dfe4fabc⋯.png (128.09 KB, 707x1533, 101:219, Screenshot-2017-11-18 Patr….png)


It's just that one model. Tried different slots, tried without. Nothing. Just keeps turning on and no signal.

Like I said, my stick doesn't appear to be Ryzen compatible. This is a list of compatible sticks published by the brand themselves.

Again, the motherboard is brand new, so I strongly doubt I got a faulty one.

Seems like I will have to go check to see what the issue is in that case, since I only have this one stick.



Hope you get your problem fixed. If the board is brand new, why not swap it while under warranty?



If you were installing PyQt5 via pip, there's a possibility that you used Python3's pip instead of 2.


File: 4ac8ed8cdfdba35⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_20171118_041050510[1].jpg)


I think it might be the mobo, though.

I took off the ram, the GPU, disconnected drives, pretty much just left it only with the CPU on.

No beeps.

The speaker is supposed to be hooked up here, right? I haven't heard a single beep on any attempt I've made.




>The speaker is supposed to be hooked up

Yes. Make sure it's hooked up with the right polarity.

You need RAM and some video card (onboard or GPU) for the computer to boot. In POST it will error out because of a missing keyboard.

Are you putting the RAM in slot 1 of channel 1?



Is the PSU's cable for the CPU in?


File: 9998487ebce39b1⋯.png (627.93 KB, 960x752, 60:47, tmp_27011-c0ea069e48bcc305….png)

As a moderately intelligent Englishman, is it possible to make enough money online as a programmer whilst traveling around Eastern Europe? I'm not trying to make a fortune, just break even.

What languages would you recommend?

Is there too much competition from pajeets?


I am trying to install intel wifi drivers from here https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27205/Wireless-Intel-PROSet-Wireless-Software-and-Drivers-for-Windows-7

When I start the exe I immediately get "Intel PROSet/Wireless software has stopped working". I tried a few things online, but nothing worked.

I even tried in safe mode. This time the installer started up, but it gave me the message "The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed." I tried different things I found online, but nothing seems to work here either.

Any ideas?




>Well, the terminal tells me there is no PyQt5 under pip2.


> Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pyqt5 (from versions: )
>No matching distribution found for pyqt5



Are you 100% sure that's the correct driver for the hardware? Post the hardware specs pls.


3rd request for help passing a Marvell AHCI controller to a QEMU/KVM VM. Host OS is Slackware and something keeps rebinding the controller from vfio-pci back to ahci which I think might be the cause...



Grep both "pip list" and "pip3 list" for anything contatining qt in it. See if that produces anything meaningful. Why do you want to build it from source in the first place? There's a built version available for Linux already.



>Are you 100% sure that's the correct driver for the hardware? Post the hardware specs pls.

Yeah. Has the same icon as the one that I download from asus' site. I can't install that one either any more.

The name of the lan card is ASUS PCE-AC55BT. I should add that because of getting this error I tried uninstalling the driver and it worked, the driver was removed, but "Intel PROSet/Wireless Software" is still in the programs and features uninstaller. I get the same errors when trying to run it.

Also Windows 7.


Hi dudes!

Had anyone used OpenVPN 2.4+ with elliptic curves instead of RSA? Is it worth it?

I'm asking because repositories of Ubuntu 16.04 only have OpenVPN 2.3.x at the moment, and I don't know if it's worth the trouble to get the latest version instead of this.

As far as I understand, EC can do faster handshakes in less round trips at the same level of security, compared to RSA? (this could benefit clients who have shit connection)

or this is horse shit and it's okay to use RSA for now?



I ended up fixing this by installing through Windows Updater the newest .Net Framework 4.7.1 rollup update.

I know rollup updates are the ones I shouldn't install, but considering it was for .net and not Windows as a whole, should it be "safe"?


File: efffd15a6fecc74⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, eff.png)

Ho the fug do I get bluetooth audio to work with Alsa without relying on Pulseaudio?.


File: 22cf3d95de458a3⋯.jpg (70 KB, 796x934, 398:467, special-agent-pepe.jpg)

I have an IPhone 4S running IOS 7 and forgot the password. How do I break into it?

pic-related just for fun



Why the fuck would you ask here as opposed to just googling it


hey guys, I have a js assignment. I need to do a bunch of stuff, but I dont know how to advance with one of them. I need to hide characters within loaded images, specifically in the pixels.

I can load the image into a canvas and get the rgba values, as jpegs aren't transparent the alpha value is always 255, so I could modify that to fit in the hidden characters, the question is, will those changes remain when the user downloads the file?(they should be able to decode it later so it has to be saved to their computers).



Just test it and see.

Set the alpha of all pixels to 128, then download the image. If the changes remain it's easy to tell.



Yes, but it would be better to disable the service and download the offline installers and only activate the update service while installing them and be disconnected from the internet while doing so.



If you ask this question you don't need elliptic curves.



its an epic 4chan meme



I guess I have to get off my ass. I'll take care of some things and report back.



if it's pretty, it works well enough for me <3



well, it either doesn't, or I'm not saving this right


So I've become a bit used to using the linux terminal password credential manager pass, but I've been given a work laptop with Win10 on it (I can't change that) and I wanted to see if I can still use pass.

However I've been using homebrew/deb packages to install it on my mac / linux machines, but I was a little unsure how to do it in a windows environment. Can anyone help me out? It would be a lifesaver.


Where can I learn GTK+ dev with examples? The GNOME website tutorials are trash and brush over a lot of details.



https://www.passwordstore.org lists a windows client anon, Pass4Win.

also, it's just a shell script. Why don't you write your own copy, if you like the interface?


File: 2d706391f0ebcdd⋯.jpg (92.54 KB, 803x790, 803:790, 1411522308815.jpg)

I'm looking for a way to change my mouse sensitivity while I hold down right click. I spent most of my time playing flick shooters with a different scoped sensitivity than my normal one, so whenever I go into a game without having a setting for both it's basically unplayable. Anytime I've looked for a way to solve this by myself I have come up with nothing.



If you're on Windows, see if it's possible with Autohotkey. I hear it can do a lot of things.

If you're on Linux, you can probably set something up with xbindkeys and xinput. I would recommend using a keybinding, not the pressing and releasing of a mouse button, because it needs to launch a new process every time because the unix philosophy is kind of terrible.




This looks like it will work, thanks.


I have a HP Proliant server and I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing or how to get it to run or do anything and I don't have a clue about what's a good place to start or even keywords to search for. Any advice?


File: 69f6871e17d881f⋯.png (243.98 KB, 1840x1044, 460:261, Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at ….png)


I may be retarded but where does it list a client? This one? He said he was stopping development.

I honestly wouldn't know how to, I'm not comfortable enough in my own programming to write a script that I want to trust my passwords to.



ah, I didn't click through to see that it was just a github without even downloads of previous builds.

well the original is still a shell script. If you get cygwin or another unix environment for Windows, you should be able to run it directly once you've got the prereqs like gpg.


So I have a python script and pretty much every method is defined globally, but two classes that call the global methods.

I was considering moving my global methods into their appropriate classes, but kind of clueless as to how to set everything for those classes, so now I'm wondering if it's even necessary.

At what point does it become practical to move global methods into a class, and how many methods is TOO many methods?



(functions defined for classes are usually called methods, free-standing functions are just called functions. By "global method", do you mean function?)

There are almost certainly situations in which a class with the number of methods your classes have is reasonable. That doesn't mean that they're reasonable numbers for your particular situation. It's possible that it's best not to have classes at all.

Can you explain what your classes do?



"I want to move these functions into some classes." is a bad desire. Get rid of that first. If your program would benefit from having some other design, you should start with that design. If you've gotten some code-smell type feedback, "you have too many functions, your code isn't very OO", it isn't enough to try and respond to each item of feedback; you should look and see what you're missing, that led to it. And probably what you're missing is a mastery of Python's OO constructs. With that, you'd tend to think more in directions that use them, and you would have a different design.

Obligatory: Python sucks though. Try Nim.



I was under the impression that function was used synonymously with method and that outside a class made it a global method while it was a private method inside of a class.

The classes as they exist now are probably superfluous, because they call my global functions, which is kind of a function looping through calling a function calling other functions...

I mainly have numerous functions just for the sake of readability, where I can jump to the particular function I had trouble with and quickly figure out my mistake.

The classes I have made threaded, so maybe that's the only benefit that I have to them, but I haven't tried just threading the function outside of the class. I'm still trimming the fat of my script, but it's still 213 lines.


I was never really into OOP, but then I guess I never had a project big enough that I would consider breaking it up into lots of tiny modules to be necessary.



>I was under the impression that function was used synonymously with method and that outside a class made it a global method while it was a private method inside of a class.

Maybe in Javaish languages that are built around OOP. It's best for many Python programs not to use classes at all.

Can you try to describe the problem your program tries to solve, and what your classes are? If I have an instance of one of your classes, what does it represent?


Did the Firefox "update" fuck up user scripts too? The bar at the top doesn't look the way it should and is missing things like a post count. Greasemoney is still there but no user scripts section. Are those done for?



>Any advice?

Did you try drinking alcohol?



You need to update Greasemonkey to the WebExtensions version. There's a link on their site. I couldn't update it without uninstalling it first, but that might be fixed by now.

Some userscripts may break with the new version. I switched to Tampermonkey, which is currently a bit more reliable.



Didn't quite work. Reinstalling Greasemonkey wiped out Pashe's 8chanX script and attempts to reapply it (normally by clicking a link) just takes me to the raw .js file instead. How do I install it onto Greasemonkey manually?



My program is a digital soundboard that maps mp3 files to certain keys, so I have 6 functions to initialize the frontend (ncurses), and handle keyboard input, a 7th function is just for playing the files

the one class calls the function for playing sounds, the other class calls a function that is wrapping more functions for the keyboard stuff

then both classes are added to an array and a for loop starts them in my main function



Webextions are shit and cant access abou:addons so your scripts will never be there again. I dont know the new greasmonkey, but try going to its addon entry and clicking on options.



There is no "Options" button. Strange thing is that I installed the 4chanX script (yes I visit both, but sparingly) and that auto-installed just fine.



Can you add a toolbar button in customize and then click it?



If you're talking about adding a Greasemonkey button on the front, then yes I did that. No, there's no option to manually add a script.









So yes, I think the mobo is dead.

Unhooked everything, except CPU.

Only stuff connected were 8 pin CPU power, 24 pin motherboard power, CPU fan and speaker. Connected all properly.

I took out the CMOS and put it back on.

Tested on both a chink PSU and EVGA 500w bronze.

No beeps at all.

There's nothing else I can do, right?



Do all that again, but put your 1 stick of RAM into Slot 1 of Channel 1 and put in your GPU. Those are necessary.


Linux question.

Why do people and menuconfig say a preemptible kernel lowers latency?

What I'm imagining is, the kernel might get preempted when handling input instead of executing whenever, and on modern computers the kernel uses very little cpu time anyway.

Is there something I'm missing?



Is that really the easiest way to get a cli windows password manager? I like pass but I can be persuaded to be agnostic as long as there's a similar functionality with easier use.


Where do I start with setting up an HP server?



The manual is usually a good place. It provides some good information about the product you bought, it's capabilities, and for most purposes, general use.



The preemption are obviously not put in the parts handling input, but into the ones that cause latency, like system calls that may take long enough to be noticeable.



*preemption points


File: 5e958c541c128c4⋯.png (88.42 KB, 757x562, 757:562, nautilus.png)

Is there a way to get the File Upload window to display decent-sized thumbnails instead of thumbnails the size of a favicon?


No experience with XMPP, but I now want to start using it. Which client should I use? Anything I need to know?



Classes describe objects. What kind of objects do your classes describe?

Do they describe objects at all? If not, you probably shouldn't have used classes.

You can split things into separate files/modules and import them if organization is your goal.



The classes really aren't describing anything I suppose, I only have them because I assumed classes to be necessary to make threaded functions.

I just don't really know good practices from bad, but I'd rather reduce inefficient code above all else.

Spent a while refactoring so that I wasn't calling global variables in every function but rather passing them to functions from 1 that global is called.



>I only have them because I assumed classes to be necessary to make threaded functions

nope, that has nothing to do with reality



Yup you're right, just removed the classes and put threadname = threading.Thread(target=func())

and it accomplished the same thing.

Removed a bit of code meant to clean up the terminal after the curses frontend dies too, curses.wrapper does all the necessary cleanup so it was redundant.

Down to 198 lines just with that bit of cleanup.


File: 0cefca79330326b⋯.gif (268.23 KB, 952x517, 952:517, 1463684661.thaz_charizardg….gif)

File: 8fb015b57c3f6e1⋯.png (95.95 KB, 952x653, 952:653, Untitled.png)

When I try to play transparent .gif files, I get this crap. Is there some way to fix this or should I just use a different media player? I got FinalMediaPlayer and it works fine, but there's no option to loop, so that puts me off.



>Windows Media Player

>That fucking theme

Consider suicide.



I have noted your well-thought-out and organized complaint, and have filed your post of grievance under Section T of my personal files.

the T of course, stands for Trash



Why is it so hard to setup pci passthrough for an AHCI controller? Or why does virtio-scsi only partially work causing me to consider the passthrough method?


File: 461cdf76b68a818⋯.jpg (285.98 KB, 620x663, 620:663, steve_irwin_snek.jpg)

I've got a pre-2007 program that requires an activation code, don't wanna get down in the details but basically the company producing said software has gone off the radar and there's not even any serial numbers available. I'd like to know, how does one start dabbing into making keygens and the like? Is it extremely software-specific or are there some guidelines to help me get started?


File: b8d5d04950a8d75⋯.png (37.03 KB, 376x515, 376:515, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS.png)

Does anyone here know/remember what "Cobalt" was? Also known as "CFront"? Or does anyone have any information about this program? I think it used to be some kind of server hosting program but aside from that I've got no idea. Google and Internet Archive has nothing regarding it.


My android phone died when it reached 0% battery, now the recents menu and home button don't work, I can't change user, developer options suddenly aren't available to my user, and thr notification bar won't pull down.

How do I fix this? I shouldn't have browsed exhentai at 20% battery



Nevermind, a google search told me to create a new guest user and change to it and from it on safe mode and it didn't work.

But a few safe mode reboots it eventually worked.



Softice. look for the NOP. replace with the JMP to where the instructions continue (finding where, or even figuring out how to find where is the fun part)


At what point would you consider yourself knowledgable enough about a programming language to put it on your resume?



Fuck, only now noticed I quoted the wrong post.





File: f31d76022c3569d⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20171117_030745.jpg)

File: 3ab2cf7e3c4c4c0⋯.jpg (2.54 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20171117_030811.jpg)

File: c778bda40b7a9c3⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20171117_030721.jpg)

Kissless virgin semi-neet in need of some basic hardware assistance.

Got an 8 year old computer working again only to realize that the fan on the graphics card is busted. So I think I am gonna go ahead and replace it with a newer card, but I am a little tech illiterate, and want to be sure about a few things. First of all, how is it attached? Second of all, how do I figure out if a graphics card I want to but to replace it, say, this https://www.bestbuy.com/site/xfx-core-edition-amd-radeon-r7-240-4gb-ddr3-pci-express-3-0-graphics-card/5315800.p?skuId=5315800&ref=212&loc=1&ksid=8df186d7-b2e3-41f4-aa61-1bbf7b0a7f47&ksprof_id=8&ksaffcode=pg199154&ksdevice=c&lsft=ref:212,loc:2 for instance, fits in my case? Third, how do I figure out from the posting on my power supply how much wattage I can supply to my card, and how many PCI-E pins there are?

Bonus Question: Does anybody know of any decent graphics cards for under $75 that would have the right wattage requirements? I know, i know I could have looked this up online, but I have to ask.


File: bead5078958b599⋯.jpg (3.35 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20171120_030136.jpg)

File: e51dc05b924de47⋯.jpg (2.74 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20171120_031203.jpg)


Fuck, all my images are upside down. Wat. Anyway, here are some more. Will post more if requested, or when I do some tinkering tomorrow.



I forgot to mention that this is a computer that came assembled in a box from a store, so... are some desktop computers like that not modular?


File: bc991b1127cf92c⋯.jpg (47.82 KB, 640x723, 640:723, bc991b1127cf92c4a6d6497662….jpg)

How to install .tar programs? I'm running Linux Mint.



You need to use `tar xv file.tar` to extract it. Usually there is a `config` file. If there is, sometimes you can type `./config help` to get a list of configuration items. If you want to use default or not read the README and INSTALL texts, just use `./config`. After that type `make` to compile the software. To install into configured or default paths type `make install` after `make`. Does that make sense to you?



Those picture aren't of any help at all. The graphics card slot is either PCI Express or AGP.

Take out the card, and compare pictures of the pins to pictures online to find out which type you have.


Is this tutorial on Win7 password reset reliable?


It seems like he skipped a file renaming process in step 7, I'm not all that well versed in command prompt jazz, but wouldn't the two executables have to have the same name in order to prompt a file replacement dialog?

Or maybe there's an easier way of resetting a Win7 password? I forget, but couldn't you run cmd in Safe Mode or would I still need to log in?

And no, I'm not going to use any external software, I'm here to fix the computer, not infect it with shit.

I'm working part time for this firm as an entry level IT guy, and one employee changed his password on Friday, but couldn't log in with it today. I told him over the phone to try all the old methods of caps lock, trying a different keyboard layout, inverting capital letters, using the old password... nothing worked. So that's the problem I have to resolve now


Is it normal for Firefox 57 to have different cookies for every tab in private browsing?



There's usually a better way. Which program are you trying to install?



> better way

are you saying package managers? If the package doesn't exist in anon's repo, then anon needs to learn how to configure and compile software from source. Then figure out how to handle writing scripts for anon's preferred package manager. Anon needs to know how to compile from source anyways. WHy not learn now?



Perhaps it is available in their repo. Perhaps it's available in a PPA. Perhaps there's a .deb on the official site and they didn't know it would work because it only said "Ubuntu". Perhaps it's packed as Flatpak. Perhaps the tarball doesn't contain the source code, but a binary they can double click.

It's atrocious that compiling from source is considered normal. It shouldn't be the norm. It actually isn't necessary for many people - the only program currently on my system I've compiled from source is a cutting-edge version of Emacs.

If it turns out they don't need to compile this particular program from source then I think it's better if they don't.



If you can log in as administrator in safe mode, you can reset individual passwords for users. This only works if your users are not part of a network group, where their login data is not local.

The place I work at has computers on a network, so even if you have physical access to a computer, you cannot reset the passwords on the machine because everybody logs in through a windows server. Find out if that's the case, and if not try logging in as administrator to reset the user's password, if that fails I highly recommend hiren's bootcd since it has numerous tools for removing/modifying and bypassing the password.


I don't like Firefox 57. At all. And not just because it refuses to let me install the 8chanX script. How do I rollback to Firefox 56?


File: d2aa89f084f9f5c⋯.gif (569.7 KB, 800x480, 5:3, m7e62m7lfrfkpcmrr8ec.gif)


I have an account in an office network where I get a few GB of storage space. I can choose any computer I like, however I must save everything on a drive called S: or everything gets lost the moment I log out. When I shut down and then reboot a computer it seems to take forever because it is deleting its OS and everything else on C: and then downloading Windows 7 from a central server. I want some programs to start automatically at certain times and when I log in but it deletes all scheduled tasks and everything I put into the autostart folder.



Depends. What's your operating system? Try to install the ESR version.

You can probably install 8chan X if you switch to Tampermonkey. What are your other issues with Firefox 57?





watch this video


if this is not exactly what you need there are many more videos just like this or even better on youtube. just type "change graphics card" in the search field. I picked the one you see at random.


What program should I use to open .SWF files? I cant open the files downloaded from swfchan.



What's your operating system? What's your browser?



Windows 7. And I mean using a program to open files without using browser. Also, I cant open neither of the .swf files in the saved carpet when using Firefox, BTW, I have just tested it.


>Hook up second monitor

>It works

>Think it's causing a problem though

>Disconnect it on Display settings to test

>Resolve issue, turns out there was nothing wrong

>Now windows refuses to detect the monitor again

Windows 8, anybody have any ideas?



It's best to open .swf files in your browser. You can do that even if you downloaded them.

If Firefox does not work for .swf files, Chrome might.

A stand-alone flash player exists but I would not recommend it.



Thanks. Question for everyone else:

How reliable/safe is Hirens BootCD? Has anybody had any experience with it? Looks simple enough to use judging by the video https://vimeo.com/32851190


What's with the massive influx of winfags? Did they finally find this place only to ruin it?


if you're on laptop it's probably shit mobo


>How do I rollback to Firefox 56?

My advice is to rollback to Firefox 27 which is Palemoon. Everything just werks.



It's probably a few reboots that fixed it.

There's probably trapped electrons in your device.

Try removing the battery then holding the power button for about a minute.


How do I completely degoogle a mobile phone?




Flash a ROM without GAPPs



Have a bat file in the root directory of the S: drive to start all these processes. The only thing you have to wait for is the explorer window to open. If autoexec is enabled, you could put your flash drive in and have it run the bat file.




You could ask the system administrator to allow startup scripts for your user account.



The shit's outdated, but who gives a shit when you're only using it for a short period of time and repairing computers? If there were bugs and you are so paranoid about it look for the latest release version and search bugs on that version. It has worked well for me so far.



Windows 7 Ultimate. As with everyone, much of my add-ons don't work, some of which managed to somewhat automate things like the add-on bar and Rikaisama. And I swear, uploading batches of pics takes much longer.




Thanks, techies.


My Debian install got fucked up on my T420 laptop. What GNU/Linux distro should I go with? Another install of Debian? or should I try something new.



Plan 9 BITCH



If Debian works for you just go with that. It's a really solid distro that balances between autism and handholding.

How did it get fucked up?



Tried to upgrade from Jessie to Stretch. 10K package upgrades fucked my DE up ;-;



In which way?



lol, dunno. When I signed in, it was just a black screen. I might just stick to Deb tho. 314chan's server runs on it, and I basically live and breath Debian so ye



First I'd like to thank this anon, hirens bootcd worked like a charm. Thanks a bunch, mango.


Well do you have a more up to date alternative?

In other news, after 3 years of looking I finally found a replacement motherboard for my smashed laptop. Picked it up through a local ebay and everything was looking up, but now when I got home and started the replacement process, I noticed that it's missing the GPU chips (and it has a weaker CPU, but that doesn't matter because the old one is undamaged). So my question is: is it possible to rip these 3 chips off of my old mobo and slap them onto the new one I suspect not, and even it were, I don't even have a welder of any kind? Do I swallow my pride and go ahead with the gpu-less laptop? Or do I return it to the guy and wait another indeterminate amount of time until a new motherboard appears on the radar?


File: 3dc012cce8b67b5⋯.jpeg (443.93 KB, 1327x860, 1327:860, old.jpeg)

File: 2388c7bc1a679e4⋯.jpg (426.5 KB, 1226x826, 613:413, new.jpg)



Instead of changing tags in the music files themselves, just use a music player that stores metadata for its library/playlists separately. Most players, like Banshee, can do that.


Is there a functional 8chan archive anywhere?


I have a laptop that I would like to play video games on, but I don't want to use Windows. Is there a way to do PCI Passthrough on a laptop? If not, would dual booting Wangblows affect the security of my Linux installation?



What do you need?


So I formatted a 64GB microSD card using something called SDFormatted V4.0. I've used this software many times in the past, even on the same card in question. After removing the card from my PC, it's now unreadable. PC doesn't detect it, phone doesn't detect it, 3DS doesn't detect it. I tried cleaning the pins with alcohol but it didn't work.

Is there any way I can unfuck this thing?


File: 526a587b9e82032⋯.png (78.42 KB, 398x685, 398:685, 12.png)

Can someone link me to a good guide on unfucking windows 10, getting rid of the useless shit and spyware etc. anything that makes it more useful would also help.

I'm upgrading from windows 7 eventually due to kinects 2 only working on windows 8 and 10, need it for motion capture for my game development.


File: d835f4a3375a6aa⋯.jpg (39.94 KB, 512x384, 4:3, neverball-screenshot.jpg)

When I play Neverball, I can hear the hard drive writing about twice a second, and when this happens, the game freezes momentarily. This is only when I'm controlling the ball, not when playing replays. It is very irritating to my eyes. This started happening well after I last updated Neverball, so the change occurred in something else.

I'm running Arch Linux.

Can someone tell me how to fix this issue? It's very annoying, and I want to play Neverball without this jumping. ;_;



Do you know what files are being written or by who? iotop might help.


Going to start a forum. Gonna use phpBB.

What hosting company does /tech/ recommend?



I need to view a thread that was recently deleted.



Which board? Which thread?



>PCI pass through on a laptop

Not gonna happen

Best bet is to dual boot or use wine



I copy/pasted this from another post

> Download Windows 10 Enterprise ltsb (no other version can guarantee anything)

> Disable settings for maximum privacy during installation

> Go through settings after installation and disable everything

> Run services.msc, stop and disable:

Bluetooth Support Service



Remove Desktop Services

Remote Registry

Sensor Monitoring Service

Sensor Service

Windows Error Reporting

Xbox Live Auth Manager

Xbox Live Game Save

Xbox Live Networking Service

> Run the Task Scheduler, disable and remove all triggers for:

Microsoft/Windows/Application Experience/Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser

Microsoft/Windows/Application Experience/ProgramDataUpdater


Microsoft/Windows/Customer Experience Improvement Progeam/Consolidator

Microsoft/Windows/Customer Experience Improvement Progeam/KernelCeipTask

Microsoft/Windows/Customer Experience Improvement Progeam/UsbCeip

> Run gpedit.msc go to Administrative/All Settings/ and configure the following:

Allow Cortana - Disable

Allow input personalization - Disable

Allow search and Cortana to use location - Disable

Allow Telemetry - Enable and set options to "0 - Off [Enterprise Only]"

Allow the use of biometrics - Disable

Configure Automatic Updates - Disable

Disable pre-release features or settings - Disable

Disable Windows Error Reporting - Enable

Do not allow web search - Enable

Do not send additional data - Enabled

Don't search the web or display web results in Search - Enable

Enable/Disable PrefTrack - Disable

Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage - Enable

Set what information is shared in Search - Enabled and set options to "Anonymous Info"

Turn off Application Telemetry - Enabled

Turn off Automatic Learning - Enabled

Turn off handwriting personalization data sharing - Enabled

Turn off handwriting recognition error reporting - Enabled

Turn off Inventory Collector - Enabled

Turn off Managing SmartScreen Filter for Internet Explorer 8 - Enable

Turn off Steps Recorder - Enabled

Turn off the Windows Messenger Customer Experience Improvement Program - Enabled

Turn off the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program - Enabled

Turn off Windows Defender - Enabled


File: e1ff1c678862b28⋯.jpg (56.15 KB, 573x873, 191:291, e1ff1c678862b284517f0f56a7….jpg)



I decided to put it together anyway, a slower laptop is better than no laptop. But it doesn't work. I put it back together using all the same other parts and followed this assembly guide to a t:


It simply won't turn on, absolutely no reaction when I plug it in and press the power button (with or without inserted battery). What could be wrong? If it's impossible to say, then I'll just give up and return this motherboard, wait for another to pop up. Yes, the battery is probably dead, yes, the power supply is functional, it was not attached when my laptop was damaged.



never mind found the fix ;)

put the RAM into the other slot


A processor in my ancient computer broke and I bought a new one. I put it in but nothing is displayed on the monitor. The processor works since it's getting hot, the fan works, DVD-ROM and hard drive work, but nothing is displayed. I've done all the usual solutions - replaced RAM, video card, cables, everything. But it's still not displaying anything. Anyone have ideas? Interestingly, the USB keyboard does not appear to be detected.



No replies?



Are you sure the CPU is compatible?



I just checked. You're right, it's not compatible. The speed is too low (1700 when 2000 is the lowest compatible). Too bad I didn't bother to check that before. Thanks anyway.


>tfw U2312HM about to shit the bed

Horizontal lines and a green tint on the left side of the screen are terminal, right?


File: bb09bec12ce00a2⋯.jpg (157.92 KB, 1073x701, 1073:701, Toast.jpg)

So I built my PC some near 10 years ago and would like to know if I should upgrade soon. Can't even play Nier: Automata. Not asking for what new parts I should get, but if I should start saving to upgrade some potentially outdated parts. I have not started overclocking my GPU yet.



I played nier on a phenom 965 and a GTX970. but it's not that optimized so that game isn't a good example.

a better gpu would hold you over for a bit.

>that HDD

get an ssd, even a cheap 128GB $50 one is worth it for the OS and a couple smaller games. just make sure your board is on AHCI otherwise you'll bottleneck the SSD bad.



Much appreciated



Never mind someone saved it on archive.fo and shared it with me.

What were you going to propose?



I keep a personal archive of a few boards.


This is going to sound incredibly retarded, but please bear with me:

1. If a CPU has an HK at the end of it (i.e. Quad-Core i7 7820HK) it means that it it's unlocked, correct?

2. If a CPU is unlocked, it means it allows for itself to be overclocked, correct?

3. Does overclocking have any negative effects? If so, what are they?


File: eba73e913cc064c⋯.webm (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, blackscreen.webm)

Is there a way to remove this black screen flickering while opening/closing programs? I'm using AMD/AMDGPU driver.



Check your compositor configuration. I think it has to do with your wayland setting.



Even without compositor I get this black screen flickering.



If you're not using wayland then check your xorg config in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ Go look for gentoo or arch wiki guide, you should know how to tinker and adjust the setting to what is necessary.


This probably seems like a dumb question, but I would like to remote desktop from my GNU/Linux laptop to my workplace's Windows machine (company policies), but I don't know which preferably libre on my end software could I use, nor if it is possible at all. I know it's possible from Windows to Gahnoo, but no idea from Gahnoo to Windows. Should I just install a virtual machine and use Microsoft's remote desktop program?

TUI is not an option btw. It's fucking Windows after all.




> 1. If a CPU has an HK at the end of it (i.e. Quad-Core i7 7820HK) it means that it it's unlocked, correct?

I believe you mean something else rather than HK, anyway yes.

> 2. If a CPU is unlocked, it means it allows for itself to be overclocked, correct?

Unlocked just means the end user has a greater level of control over the speed of their CPU. You are describing trubo, which is generally built into every CPU that allows it to increase CPU clocks if temps and voltage are within the acceptable levels.

> 3. Does overclocking have any negative effects? If so, what are they?

Mainly increased power draw and reduced life span.


All right, here's my problem: I updated Firefox to version 56 a while back. Some time between v52 and v56, they made some sort of major change to how browser history is stored in places.sqlite. Now, I would like to either downgrade to v52 ESR or move on to Pale Moon entirely. I want to take my current browsing history with me. The problem? I can't seem get either of them to read browsing history from this reorganized places.sqlite file.

Does anyone happen to know if I could edit an sqlite file to make it conform to a previous standard? The browser history is there, these older versions of Firefox and Palemoon just don't understand how to access it.


How does offline (cold) monero wallets work? How can someone send transactions to that address if it was never recorded on the blockchain?

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