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File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.



I also use Gentoo and I'm being completely honest. Right now I'm trying out LXQt on it and it's very cozy.

I'm assuming Gentoo's not the answer you're looking for, since you asked the question that way.

So, I could also tentatively recommend Artix, although I didn't use it for very long.

Maybe it would be better if you could tell us some of the things you want to do on your PC, what you're looking for in an OS, your level of experience, etc.



Use a VM then if you wanna learn Microshit's office suite.



Mint Xfce. Xfce is the best DE aside from KDE, but KDE is a clusterfuck. Mint fixes a lot of issues Xubuntu refuses to address.



not him yet if I want a non-systemd clear net browsing vm where should I go




forgot to mention it's xen


File: 56218cbb406faf6⋯.jpg (443.11 KB, 1101x1326, 367:442, 1401361996705.jpg)

What software can i use to recover files from a usb stick?

I'm using windows sadly, despite my best efforts.



So... lets start like this, my machine is all 2006-2007 (a.k.a. probably not entirely botnet yet) I want to have that comfy feel of privacy + I want to play HOI4 sometimes (dunno where to download updated vidya for GNUlix) (on wangblows it's just qbittorrent>Hearts Of Iron 1.5.4r>click>click click) + I want to do creative shit like programming, making music in FL Studio(works on wine), making memes in Sony Vegas(doesn't)

what do you recommend, /tech/?



UPDATE: found a tool named MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

It's not free so if you find a cracked version it comes with no malware or advertisement that i can see, and it recovered everything that i needed when other programs did a botched job and broke a quarter of the files.

Polite thanks regardless.


File: 88b8a88998669fd⋯.png (325.37 KB, 427x1024, 427:1024, 37ba9b5464b864f59e81121a92….png)


Not that anon but recommend a non-queer browser for gentoo then, faggot.



The things you're looking to do are doable on pretty much any distro. And judging by your post, I'm assuming you're not very familiar with GNU/Linux.

If that's indeed the case, I think you should start with one of the beginner-friendly distros, such as Mint, Manjaro, or one of the Ubuntu derivatives.

How to pick one? It'll probably come down to which interface you like best. Look at some screenshots and videos of people using them.

If your hardware is that bad, you might have to pick something on the lighter side. Think Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Manjaro XFCE edition, etc.

Maybe even try them in a VM or live disk, but this can be slow, especially on older hardware.

Later on, once you've got more experience, you might want to transition to a more advanced distro. Or, maybe you'll be comfortable and want to stay where you are.

If you can't find a crack of a GNU/Linux game, you might have to play its Windows version in wine. Luckily it looks like HOI4 is supported with some simple tweaks.

As for Vegas, I'm not into video editing, but WineHQ says Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13 is rated gold. Otherwise I hear Blender is popular.



Sorry I didn't get that. Are you looking for a GNU/Linux distro to run under xen, for clearnet browsing purposes?

You can use anything for clearnet browsing. Off the topic of my head, your systemd-free choices are the likes of Void, Artix, Devuan, Gentoo.






I have an old LG G4 that got bricked/boot-looped due to some faulty hardware connection, how can I recover the data off of it? (some pictures, songs, etc) also seeing how it has been in this condition for years i have forgotten the password, I dont care much if it becomes functional again,i just want the data back

>inb4 give it back jamal

here is some backstory

>upgrade my phone plan from iphone to brand new LG G4 because fuck iphone, and it was upgrade time anyways

>sitting on my bed fucking off on my brand new phone

>it freezes

>not sure what the fuck is going on so take battery out, reset it, so on

>it begins to continually boot without actually starting up

>take it to store to get replacement because what the fuck this shit is brand new

>get new phone and am happy for a few months

>at work one day fucking off, repeat same sequence from before

>take it back to store but the jew fine gentleman behind the counter said lmao sucks dude

>get stuck with un-usable $400 phone

so from what i found out after the fact their quality control is a shit and they sent me a fucked up phone the first time, and for some stupid fucking reason sent me ANOTHER fucked up phone the second time (after it was known what the issue was) and so after this one shit the bed they refused to replace it (it probably would have been a shit anyways but i digress)

so if you have any idea how i can recover shit off of it i would greatly appreciate it if you told me


File: ec335a5d8f8f83c⋯.png (126.84 KB, 700x355, 140:71, termux.png)

Ok so I have several android devices. On one of them I can simply open their native terminal or termux and use "pm list packages" to give me a list of installed packages and "pm uninstall --user 0 package_name" to remove a package for the current user (without root). However, my other android devices can't seem to use the "pm" command and throw the error in pic (they have different numbers after "java:"). I can still use adb to remove software when I access the shell over it, but I can't use their local terminal on the actual device.

Is there a fix for this? Can I somehow use the "pm" command outside of adb and without rooting?



Alright, I've figured out that it's because of SELinux. Using "su" then "setenforce 0" fixes this on rooted devices, but still it doesn't explain why I'm allowed to do this over adb and not via local terminal.


File: c5b83644a848578⋯.png (239.13 KB, 600x506, 300:253, 1353984115207.png)

Are there any recommended guides for someone switching from Photoshop to GIMP?



I'm not real familiar with python but cloned a git repo that contained some python2 crap and I need to convert it to 3. The code that's messing it up is the stuff that involves urllib, and yeah I've already ran 2to3 on it. I guess urllib is "the hardest module to use from Python 2/3 compatible code".


File Edit Options Buffers Tools Python Help

import urllib2
import socket

import sys
sys.dont_write_bytecode = True

def check_proxy(proxy):
proxy_handler = urllib2.ProxyHandler({'http': proxy})
opener = urllib2.build_opener(proxy_handler)
opener.addheaders = [('User-agent', 'Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/4.0; Acoo Browser 1.98.744; .NET CLR 3.5\
req = urllib2.Request('http://www.ip-adress.com') # change to url that don't block scrapers
sock = urllib2.urlopen(req)
return True
except urllib2.HTTPError:
return False
except Exception:
return False


File: d0eab2dc748c83b⋯.mp4 (3.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1.mp4)

File: aadef2c48e765c4⋯.mp4 (2.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2.mp4)

I was going to make a thread, maybe for general ffmpeg type shit, but I figured I would post here first if there's a simple answer. This is driving me fucking insane.

Here is the goal. I will post the two videos along with this post.

Combine these two videos, just fucking concat them, while maintaining their aspect ratios with bars.

They both have the exact same resolutions, but they have different SAR / DAR.

1: Sar: 360:311, Dar: 340:311

2: Sar: 1:1, Dar: 16:9

I don't give a fuck what the ending Sar and Dar are. I just want these concated 1+2=3, keeping the original aspect ratios, adding padding, black bars. If I change the SAR/DAR with ffmpeg, it distorts the image. If I concat these with ffmpeg, ffmpeg will bitch that Sar and Dar are different, and will fail, it will not concat the files.

I have tried endless searching

ffmpeg -i 1.mp4 -vf "scale=1280:720:force_original_aspect_ratio=decrease,pad=1280:720:(ow-iw)/2:(oh-ih)/2" 1_1.mp4

does not work, it does not change the SAR/DAR.

There is a lightbulb that is not going off in my head about what needs to happen here. It seems like this should be a simple operation, but I am hitting a wall. Everything I try to do result in a distorted aspect ratio.



if i use ffmpeg -f concat and then list these files in a concat.txt, it totally fucks up, so i went with the ffmpeg concat filter. ffmpeg -f concat doesn't re-encode as far as I can tell (it happens in a millisecond)

this is what is bitching about SAR/DAR being different

ffmpeg -i input1.mp4 -i input2.mp4 -i \

-filter_complex "[0:v:0][0:a:0][1:v:0][1:a:0]concat=n=2:v=1:a=1[outv][outa]" \

-map "[outv]" -map "[outa]" output.mp4



i am aware that I can do setsar= / setdar= inside of the filter_complex, but this distorts the video, which leads me back to

ffmpeg -i 1.mp4 -vf "scale=1280:720:force_original_aspect_ratio=decrease,pad=1280:720:(ow-iw)/2:(oh-ih)/2" 1_1.mp4

but that doesn't change the sar or dar, and if I do setsar/setdar inside of scale, it distorts the video. which leads me to this damn wall.



I don't even see why I need to fuck with this bullshit SAR/DAR, as far as I can tell it's because the encoder is making pixels not square. They ARE THE SAME FUCKING RESOLUTION


Should I copy every single fucking frame outside of these videos, into png's or something, and then copy them back together? Is this what is required?



Is this some sort of retarded joke?

>cat FILE1 FILE2 > completed-video.webm

This force combines the two files without editing them. Play it in vlc and it should just work TM.



it totally doesn't though, pretty sure that's what ffmpeg -f concat does just the right way.

plus if this is a problem now it's going to come up again, i want to figure out how to solve this issue.

you should be able to go from one SAR to another SAR without distorting the video and using padding instead. there is a way to do this and i must find it.


File: 6a31d50f5d79c9f⋯.mp4 (5.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3.mp4)


this is the result of cat. the data is obviously appended on the end but the metadata doesn't cover it so it doesn't play. pretty sure that's what ffmpeg -f concat does, correctly modifies the metadata.




Then edit it manually

>ffmpeg -i 3.mp4 -c copy -map_metadata 0 -map_metadata:s:v 0:s:v -map_metadata:s:a 0:s:a -f ffmetadata in.txt

>your manual adjustment after catting the files here

>ffmpeg -i 3.mp4 -f ffmetadata -i in.txt -c copy -map_metadata 1 4.mp4


if i put a new networking card into a super old pc it should just work (tm) right?

to quantify "old" im talking about an i686 era pc,

also its safe to assume im not so dumb that i check the pci slots look about the same before i stuff it in there...




archive.fo/is is configured incorrectly and breaks when queried by cloudflare DNS.



i've come to the conclusion on this problem that video 1 is fucked

1: Sar: 360:311, Dar: 340:311

should not have happened, someone fucked this up on their video editor.

the only way to fix this is to do a bunch of math by hand to calculate the padding required to go from 360:311 to 16:9 without stretching or compressing the image.

the solution is to find a source video with a 1:1 SAR that isn't this abomination


Help. I had ungoogled chromium installed then I installed pepper flash. It seems that the flash player isn't detected by my setup.

How do I get it working again?



Palemoon enhanced the cyphers so they disabled a lot of them.


since weak cyphers are intentionally crackable for agencies to crack your data much more easily (say a facebook page which usually breaks on palemoon but if yours isn't it is because this stuff depends on your ISP's intervention whether they MitM you or they don't so sometimes it doesn't fuck up like that on a decent ISP/country). Kikebook probably doesn't break on palemoon by and if not it's clear as dawn what's going on there.

You can flip switches of the cyphers easily using the Pale moon Commander or fiddling with about:config by searching ssl or tls though you could generally enable these weak cyphers by modifying the "security.tls.version"

>iirc if it doesn't work you need to use -1 value and there might be another config you have to change if that didn't work

If you don't know what you're doing, stick with Pale moon Commander and take screenshots of the original values just in case.

It just means that Pale moon is opsec enhanced and greenpilled doesn't use weak cyphers unlike most soros-pozzed browsers like the mainline firefox and chrome (all).



enable the two canvas deceptions on chrome://flags/



tor is useful if (1) you buy drugs using shitcoins but how the fuck would it ship though that doesn't matter since druggies are nothing of use or harm other than when people sell them since the billionaires don't really like competition with their businesses

medical marijuana is pretty mainstream these days and that's what you will ever need if you are a non-edgy drughead

(2) you wanna get scammed with fake bait

(3) you wanna see some esoteric bullshit bait

(4) you work on the milgov and you need uncensored access to some ipnumbers server to forward gathered intelligence

it's not like you're on most wanted list or a fucking watchlist for being some kind of threat to the deep state that you had to use tor and email confidential documents using a fucking government project? lel there's even an onion site dedicated for whistle blowers that's actually a honeypot.

it's useful it if you wanna evade IP bans or censored clearnet sites and enjoy answering like captcha every minute.

it's literally a popularized meme and there's movies and books about it so it's as good as dead. the real darknet is deeper than mainstream right now maybe a bit similar to public hamradio and meshent tier which requires actual technical skill and that secret 'one equation'.



>take it back to store but the jew fine gentleman behind the counter said lmao sucks dude

>get stuck with un-usable $400 phone

>$400 dollar brick

why would you even do that. you should've complained on LG's help desk

returns are usually reimbursed to the main supplier and LG unless the place you bought it off is a bootleg shop who just profits off bulk orders so they couldn't give you a replacement


File: 9976b12986bc5ed⋯.jpeg (3.72 MB, 2835x2050, 567:410, rms-bw.jpeg)

Anyone have that picture of a google image search of the same picture of black and white cavemen, and this picture of stallman among the results?



What is you guy's opinions on Haskell?



Haskell is pure, like my waifu.


File: 80c5c5df1afa12d⋯.png (120.11 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2018-10-31….png)

What happens when a firefox addon can:

-access data for all sites

-access all tabs



File: e4c0a40a8807e7b⋯.png (15.68 KB, 647x245, 647:245, mouse.png)

is there a reason no DE, that I know of, has a way to turn off mouse acceleration completely?


File: 257554ebf187588⋯.jpg (41.09 KB, 496x311, 496:311, McCarthy.jpg)

is it possible for an economy of end users choosing what data to sell to happen? realistically, what would need to happen for this to take place?

Obviously open source hardware probably the most fundamental step. And this would mean not giving your info over to banks who later sell your info or let it leak in an equifax like catastrophe.




>the real darknet is deeper than mainstream right now maybe a bit similar to public hamradio and meshent tier which requires actual technical skill and that secret 'one equation'.

not the same but go on, I'm listening.



It can possibly do anything. That doesn't necessarily mean it will.

Developing browser extensions or mobile apps is annoying, with the way permissions work. Sometimes, you can get lazy and just ask for more permissions than you need, or sometimes you use a dependency that asks for certain permissions even if you don't use them.

Sometimes, a mobile app will ask for something like access to files, and then it'll only use it for when the user uploads files, but people still freak out because they wonder if it will do bad things.

But on the other hand, the issue is if you trust the addon or not. Maybe it's actually collecting information about you or silently injecting ads or malware into your pages. Have you audited the source code? And besides, even if you audit the source code, if the addon is already compiled, it might be different than whatever git repo they link to, because the source code might not be the same as what they compile and provide for you.

The other issue is that sometimes criminals will approach browser addon developers and pay them quite well to sell them the addon so they can put ransomware or spyware in it. I heard about one developer in particular being offered $1 PER USER for an addon because they were planning on hitting everyone with ransomware. So even if the addon isn't malicious right now, what if the developer gets greedy or has a financial crisis where they need money quickly? It can happen. Gotta pay the bills somehow, life isn't free. Sucks for you though.

Another issue is with open source projects, where someone could sneakily put an obfuscated security vulnerability or backdoor in the code when they submit a pull request or commit.

Lastly, someone can steal a developer's account, developer key/certificate/etc and then maliciously change the code, even if the developer themselves is not malicious and doesn't sell out or accept bad code on GitHub or whatever.

So to answer your question: there are some legitimate uses for those kinds of permissions, and some that are illegitimate. It all comes down to trust. But the best way to be secure with addons is to install as few as possible and not to use suspicious ones.

You might think you're safe if you only install really popular ones, because maybe an addon with like 50 users is malicious. You think that an addon having 100k+ users might make it legit, but actually that would just make it a larger target for criminals to either pay the dev or hack their account to push malicious updates.

That being said, why not just use NoScript or in-browser settings? There are other ways to disable JavaScript that don't involve the addon your screenshot shows.



this would of course mean having a constant albeit tiny stream of income if you decide to sell your sell to companies. And I'm talking from the bottum up here, not just installing Brave browser, watching ads all day and hoping BAT increases in value.


File: acb2eff106a3806⋯.jpg (46.9 KB, 600x579, 200:193, 1540617342.jpg)

File: 4f555dbe42027ee⋯.gif (31.81 KB, 570x464, 285:232, HDTune_Health.gif)

How can I find out an HDD is going bad and have a rough estimation of how much time I have before it completely dies? The only tool I know of is HD Tune but even then I have no idea how much time I have before yellow warnings become red and then death.



CrystalDiskInfo or basically anything that reads SMART data




I've had CrystalDiskInfo telling me an HDD was fine and then HD Tune showing me bad blocks before.



>Stop using a queer browser

Recommend me a better alternative.






Tried Falkon?



at the end of the day they both just read SMART data and then make conclusions based off that

that's what all drive health programs do



I see. I'm asking that because I've repaired a bunch of pcs for people and they want to know exactly how much time they have before their HDDs goes bad after I warn them it isn't on its best health. Basically they think it's ludicrous having to pay for the repair PLUS replacement parts and want to use their shit until it falls apart



>Basically they think it's ludicrous having to pay for the repair PLUS replacement parts

too bad

I do computer repair and build custom computers for people too

if someone doesn't want to pay, I won't provide my services

just because a customer expects you to work miracles doesn't mean you have to

if you want, you can also offer to build a file server, if you're familiar with things like FreeBSD and SMB and ZFS

once you get the hang of it, it's really easy to set everything up

or if your customer is really cheap, just tell them to use cloud storage

privacy issues? so what, not your problem


Is there anyway I can get titlebars and window decoration buttons on cwm? I like the WM a lot but sometimes, especially when I'm very tired, I like to just use a mouse, which is impossible without a titlebar and the rest.





File: 37a3a057343e1a5⋯.gif (4.97 MB, 640x400, 8:5, export1.gif)


Just mess around with it and you'll eventually learn the features.

Here's a GIF I made in GIMP just for you.



Because dealing with X is a hassle.

I honestly don't know exactly why but if you need a solution you can make a bash script that should work on any good DE as

long as you have xinput installed.

#!/bin/env bash
for i in {0..99}; do
xinput set-prop $i "Libinput Accel Profile enabled" 0 1 &> /dev/null

Just put this in an empty text file and let it be executed

In explaination of what i just posted, it's a for loop that goes through every input device you have and does the command listed

 xinput set-prop <your device> "libinput Accel Profile Enabled" 0 1 

if you want to do it manually yourself just list inputs with


Find the device you want from the list and run the previous command with the desired device in place of where "<your device>" is.

Sorry if this isn't a simple solution you wanted, i'm not aware of any gui based programs that do this.


can I just rsync windows shit to the ntfs partition and make grub boot windows from it?

I need to install win7 on hardware for games and such, but fear that it'll corrupt linux stuff, and I don't have a spare hdd for it.


how does a 64 bit processor handle a 128 bit data (say integer) if the largest register size is only half that?

does it split between two registers or only do half at a time?



Three options:

1. Half at a time (common): for instance, in x86 processors, there is the Carry Flag that allows you to propagate the carry when you add big integers. For instance, if you want to add RAX:RBX (the higher 64 bits in RAX, the lower 64 bits in RBX) with RCX:RDX, you do first ADD RBX, RDX, then ADC RAX, RCX (the ADC instruction propagates the carry of the previous instruction), so it costs two instructions;

2. Two registers (rare): for instance, in x86 processors, you can put a 128-bits value in RDX:RAX, and you can divide it by a 64-bits immediate value or register value, but the result has to be 64 bits, or else there is an exception. This only works for integer division though, not for the other operations. On the other hand, integer multiplication is between RAX and another 64-bits values, and the 128-bits result is in RDX:RAX. These are the only two cases (iirc) in x86 assembly where two registers hold a 128-bits integer;

3. Special 128-bits registers :^), for instance, in x86 processors, the XMM registers are 128-bits wide, even though they only contain packed data, so one XMM register can contain at best two 64-bits integers side to side, for "Single Instruction Multiple Data" (SIMD) instructions. For instance, you can ask XMM0 to hold the two 64-bits values (a,b), XMM1 to hold the two 64-bits values (c,d), then the single instruction PADDQ XMM0, XMM1 will put (a+c,b+d) in XMM0, thus doing 2 additions at once. It does not count as one 128-bits addition though, because of the carry propagation.


File: eb722a918bef19a⋯.gif (3.61 MB, 403x303, 403:303, 通りは名前がありません.gif)

Ever since I updated to Ubuntu 18.10, Nautilus has stopped generating thumbnails for gif images.

How can I fix this?



try installing ffmpegthumbnailer



>a new networking card

Good luck finding one with a classic PCI (not Express) interface. But if you do, yeah, it should work no prob.



>Trannyboot makes it so that you can't use the microcode, and using a broken x86 CPU without microcode is suicide.

Is that because of the Meltdown/Spectre shit? What the hell am I supposed to use then? Because unless one is able to install their own firmware on a machine you can't really be sure there aren't any hardware backdoors regardless.


>One major point being, ublock origin and umatrix are not "le epic shill tools trying to trick you", but robust addons that offer a great deal of useful functionality for the privacy-conscious.

>They are both released fully open-source under the GPLv3, so I challenge you to point out any legitimate reason why these addons should be passed over for the abe/noscript/requestpolicy combo.

As I understand it, ublock/umatrix were created by a ex-Google developer. Barring the existence of a detailed independent audit that breaks down the code and confirms that it's clean, that by itself is reason to be distrustful.


Looked it up. Sounds good, but again, has it been independently audited?

>muh open source

Because everyone has the time and knowledge to understand every last line of code, right? SysTemD is open source too. Would you put it on your machine?


I've actually mucked around in about:config and tweaked stuff before so that's not too troubling.

>fourteen eyes

Explain. I am only familiar with the five eyes.


>Change your default dns and setup dnscrypt



>Scan thoroughly through all hardware pre-prepurchae to ensure it is not mentioned anywhere.

You're not being clear. Are you talking about searching the model number online and looking for known security flaws?

>Also avoid WD hard drives.

Any specific reasons?

>There are also other RedHat backdoors such as Avahi and ConsoleKit, PolKit etc. I do not know them all. Boot up any normie distro and you'll see almost of all the processes in task manager are NSAware.

Noted. Which processes are safe?

>You also need a firewall (not the placebo kind). There is a bash script called "NSA b gone" that prevents all proccesses from accessing the internet, unless you run a program with the specific command to allow it (this would be your browser). This stops update checking and random phoning home by so-called open source programs that connect to botnet anyway. It also spoofs your mac address.


I want to stress this. Can anyone here give me specific advice on what modem to use, what open firmware is a good choice, and what can fool (((Comcast)))? They seem to have a policy of resending the same IP address everytime based on your modem.



>As I understand it, ublock/umatrix were created by a ex-Google developer.

source please

>SysTemD is open source too. Would you put it on your machine?

size of code base and scope are way out of control

browser addons are nowhere near comparable

if you have a problem with the addons, the source is there, point it out


Where can I go to get help on a particular program?

Where can I go to illegally torrent some stuff, since my wifi sucks too much balls? Starbucks has fast wifi, but they block torrents and such.


bump, please guys.



change #!/usr/bin/python2.7 to #!/usr/bin/env python3

change urllib3 to urllib

read documentation:



The trackpad on my thinkpad stopped working. Currently using Xubuntu, it worked just fine earlier but now it's not detected by xinput.



>shitdows 10

lol ask your pajeet indian support team that came with your wangdings OS. bet they'll tell you to restart

>CEO'd by a pajeet, programmed by pajeets for pajeets

>geforce crash

the only thing I'm getting here is the fact that you're using a generic driver which you shouldn't ever do. manufacturers have modified drivers since some chipsets have severe bugs that they had to modify the driver which you can get on the OEMs website.


I'm taking a C++ class in college and I was told I did my overload wrong. (See code below.) Is how I write code really an issue, or is the way he suggests what's usually done? They're functionally the same so I'm confused on the best practice even though my code appears cleaner. He originally said he would mark me down if I did that on a quiz, but then changed his mind after reading over it again. He still suggested I write the code his way.

// How I would write an overload in my own code
bool operator==(Test op1, Test op2) {
return (op1.a == op2.a) && (op1.b == op2.b);

// How I wrote it for my professor's coding standards
bool operator==(Test op1, Test op2) {
bool var = (op1.a == op2.a) && (op1.b == op2.b)
return var;

// How my professor said I should write it
bool operator==(Test op1, Test op2) {
bool var = false;
if ((op1.a == op2.a) && (op1.b == op2.b))
var = true;
return var;



You could try a Windows gaming VM if your hardware supports it.



>Smart HTTPS

Pale Moon flags it as incompatible. Will it work if I force-install it? Or are there similar, compatible addons I can use?


File: 82cc91e333ac424⋯.jpg (110.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Re:zero Subaru.jpg)

>>991073 [1/2]

First of all you might be confusing Privacy/Secrecy with Anonimity.

Anonymity is blending and being faceless and unknown.

Privacy is about sensitive information.

You can achieve privacy even if you have a proper anonimity but you can't achieve anonimity if your actions and habbits expose who you are.

>[_]Libreboot-compatible hardware such as a Thinkpad with libreboot firmware installed.

This might be hard to find but worth a shot. i wouldn't suggest this much since most of the problems with blowing away your identity and privacy is on the user's end not hardware. Still recommended but your sacrificing a lot of potential performance (newer CPUs) by doing so

>[_]Trustworthy Linux or OpenBSD distro without systemd/Network Manager/PulseAudio/dbus. (I've heard that Gentoo is one such distro that can do this. Can Void do this too? Any other recommendations besides that?)

I think you should go with Devuan if that's the case. Gentoo is fine if your hardware is able to compile very fast.

Devuan or GNU Hurd if it's ready. I would even prefer a windows vista home (with gpedit hack) or windows 7 pro/server2008 with every botnet turned off though it's an impossible feat to do if you're a noobie.

>[_]Full disk encryption.

Who shouldn't? You can leave your bootloader partition unencrypted while every other partition and swap can be encrypted on Linux. On Windows, this is the problem. Since there's no decent FDE for Windows aside from the unaudited one Truecrypt/Veracrypt? and if I remember correctly one has a backdoor for the NSA which the author disclosed by some kind of hidden message. Bitlocker encryption can be unlocked with a one-liner command or a password reset easter egg (may not get the encryption key but can open your user account. UAC privilege escalation flaws are terrible with windows) and recovery CD cheat so better to NOT use Windows for anything very sensitive - Bad for privacy but can be good for anonimity

I recommend having a USB3.0 Flash Drive installed with a light bootable distro such as Puppy Linux where you can carry your most sensitive information all the time.

>[_]Use of virtual machines and MAC address spoofing to effectively create an endless supply of virtual burner laptops.

Virtual machines are pretty good but I doubt the software that run it such as Oracle VM are trustable which I think is unaudited. Use VMs for throwaway activities and anonimity in general.


File: 76a1651da5ad822⋯.jpg (140.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Re:zero Subaru Ferris.jpg)

>>991073 [2/2]

>[_]Browser such as Waterfox or Palemoon with general privacy protective configurations. Settings exported to each VM.

Waterfox is bad. Don't use it, it's a windows build and is following George Soros' Firefox code.

Use Sea Monkey or Pale Moon. Pale Moon is better since it is a complete rewrite and no other meme browser ever put that much effort and have useful add-on support.

I personally prefer using Pale Moon but be warned it doesn't protect you from the <div> fingerprint.

On about:config I'd defunct any preference with "http:// https:// wss://" by adding a letter z or x to break the protocol (e.g, "xhttps://").

Also tick the canvas.poisondata, and disable webgl.

On using add-ons I'd be extremely careful with adding more and more since not all of them are audited. You may audit them yourself and you should. You see, even a single line of code can have the ability to leak all your clicks much like a 500bits virus code can take over an entire server room and even replicate itself among others. There was an incident with a scripting add-on that tracked all its users browsing history and clicks but I don't remember which one was it. Browsers in general are child's play in the hacker communities. You can go look up for the CVEs and see how terrible those exploits were - most hacker only disclose them for bounty when they find a newer exploit.

>[_]Router that can install open firmware like ddwrt. (Any other things I need to look out for?)

librewrt. there are shops where you can get them.

>[_]Modem that can have open firmware. (Need to do research on this, and also need something that can fool (((Comcast))). Any reading material or links that you recommend?)

I am researching on this currently and so far I can't find any aside from a librewrt router with a USB port to plug in a proprietary USB modem - this lets you have a firewall or vpn at the router level which is failsafe compared to OS-level. If you reall want to go mobile, you should get a Samsung phone which support Android Replicant. It might be hard to set it up as a modem since most of its radios are running on rewritten code and most of the projects are still incomplete but it is possible.

>[_]VPN that doesn't log.

Internet logs anyway, regardless of encryption.

They splice undersea cables, ISPs track 'mobile data usage' of course there's logs. VPN is a poor bait. You should setup your own socks5 with a strong cipher and proxies with a modem to completely disassociate your legal identity and IP address to your internet browsing.

You will never get complete anonymity with a fiber or wired connection but the best you can get is little privacy.

Like I'm telling you now that even most websites track your cursor activity, WPM typing, grammar, aside from all the fingerprints that can be found on your operating system, browser, and browser data.

Complete online anonimity and opsec can only be had by using a burner modem with a burner internet SIM.



Umatrix can already do that.


File: e57f849c80b91df⋯.gif (72.06 KB, 512x512, 1:1, scDvGTg.gif)


Your teacher is a faggot who could not code a fizzbuzz to save his life.


Do /tech/ consider Android Firecuck botnet? If so is there any libre browser compatible with desktop browser's extensions on Android? I think I exhausted Fdroid and saw none


What browser extensions would you use, and how would you configure them, for a balance between privacy and just werks usability? It's for a boomer computer.




Just install ublock origin with all the lists enabled


Hi guys. Does anyone perhaps have some data on the popularity of open source mail clients? Thunderbird is probably the most common, but I'd like to see some percentages


Can anyone point me in the right direction for a retard trying to get into pci passthrough? I attempted it once awhile back but ended up fucking it up and want to try again. The problem is that the guides are all over the place and some are quite old and possibly outdated. I'm using Manjaro as my distro.



What issues were you having?



HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger, the first will always prefer HTTPS over HTTP and the second black list selected domains that are suspicious of tracking. You could also use NoScript but some sites break with it.





Did you get it working?

I also want to record alsa audio with ffmpeg, I can play audio without an asoundrc, but for recording it seems I need an asoundrc with a loopback device.

This is hell, I wanted to do without poetteringware, and I've fiddled with this thing for hours with no progress and I'm considering just installing pulseaudio.



It was quite awhile back so I don't particularly remember.



I do web development and Firefox mobile always renders things wrong for some reason



Ublock is the only right answer. No NoScript or uMatrix for sure. Decentraleyes also works in the background so it's fine to get.


Anyone know how to fix the broken progress bar in baka mplayer? You can't use it to navigate or anything.


>GhostBSD 18.10, which is the first stable version from the project to use TrueOS instead of FreeBSD as the operating system's base. The new version also adopts LibreSSL over OpenSSL, removes the GRUB boot loader in favour of FreeBSD's loader and the operating system uses ZFS as the default file system.

Does this mean GhostBSD de-pozzed itself?





File: 4e53c6a10b12aea⋯.mp4 (3.61 MB, 576x720, 4:5, Tasya.mp4)

There is an artist whose music I'd like to listen to offline. Thing is, they only put their shit on (((streaming services))). So, I've got two options, and a question for each.

Regarding >>>/b/8447386 how much botnet are they talking here

What are some search terms I can use to learn about capturing audio output from a phone/radio/mp3 player? I'm thinking something like an amplifier, but I'm not much of an audiophile to know better.



File: df2fa3805f76309⋯.png (47.62 KB, 1401x225, 467:75, Oh fuck off.png)


nice try friendo



>criticizing without a solution

Because sending this cuckchan retard off to random public trackers is a much better alternative right? Kill yourself you absolute idiot.



>Disable palemoon's own ssl verification.



File: 2977e3568c52625⋯.jpg (99.59 KB, 500x245, 100:49, they know.jpg)

Why the fuck every god forsaken site on the internet now constantly ask for permission of cookies?

Every single fucking site on the internet always has those fucking pop ups. I have no script in furrymoon but when sites refuse to work since they shit smear everything with javascript I have to hop onto firefox and is just fucking disgusting how fucking much I've got the misfortune to see that garbage.

Why? Jews?



There was a law passed a few years back stating websites now have to warn users about tracking cookies. Before that they would dump tracking cookies without even telling you or asking for your consent




try out umatrix.


When I "setup" an Android phone, is it possible to do it without making a Google account? I want to install LineageOS, but if I have to create a Google account before I can actually flash the ROM, that's terrible.


Xubuntu 16.04 LTS. Tried to do-release-upgrade to 18.04, left the comp to update for a couple of hours.

Come back later, the screen is stuck at the, "purple screen," that appears before the login screen. The pointer appears as if the login screen is about to load, and then returns to the purple screen with the _ at the top left.

Rebooting produces the same results, after getting past the decryption screen. I cannot get to a login terminal using ctrl+alt+f[1-6], or rather I can, but the terminal resets itself everything the purple screen loops. Which takes approximately one second.

I'm thinking of just purging X11/lightdm manually to see if it'll do anything. Any advice? Or is everyone here Archfags?



You can skip that step (on all phones I've had, anyway).


Can you get us a dmesg or other logs?



Backing up the drive right now. I'll put it up later, although I didn't see anything of note for dmesg when I looked myself. Other logs showed the constant attempts at getting to the login screen. Can't remember them right now.



Xubuntu is shit tbh. Use Mint Xfce.


Do you guys know about any issues regarding Wire messenger? They claim to be security focused and gather money through business accounts.




Wasn't there some jewry going on with them last year or something?



Apologies to the anon who wanted to see my logs. I've decided that it'd be easier to switch to the older backup, and to move everything new over, than to attempt to fix the current state of the computer. The reason for this is that, in addition to the constant loop, there was another problem that I'd left unstated, namely that systemd-modules-load was also failing to start. It was the reason I tried do-release-upgrade in the first place, but it only worsened the problem.


Why is it shit? I was told by this very board, two years ago, to use it. And unlike all the other shit I've tried, it Just Werks; it's only broken now for me because of a series of unfortunate events after I dd'd a flash drive onto /dev/sda.


Is there a way to check the date of when my computer was booted? Like if someone was accessing it w/o me knowing.


Thoughts on 5x10TB WD RED, raid 5?



Hosted on Amazon servers, avoid it entirely.




It's just outdated Ubuntu. There's also fuckery with packages that will bite you in the ass when that issue comes up. (Renamed/deleted/outdated packages that are present or more up-to-date in base Ubuntu.)


Ubuntu has tracking, but that doesn't apply to the *buntu forks that don't use Unity by default.



if logs can't help you you can try setting up a script at start up



Thank you.



if you install without gapps there wont even be a setup on boot. even if you get gapps you can skip it.


I am trying to compile a project written in C++ and it includes library headers in a weird way:

// How they do it
#include "SDL_image.h"

// How I expected it:
#include <SDL/SDL_image.h>

I also noticed they include project-local headers by just writing the name of the header file in double quotes, not its path relative to the source file.

Is there something I'm missing here? I thought that in C at least you were supposed to use angle brackets and tell the compiler via -I flag where to look for headers. Of course none of the code compiles with the double quotes, but there must be a reason they are doing it that way.

The project in question is the fheroes2 engine:


An example of the offending include:



Im trying mullvad (and vpn's in general) for the first time. Is there anything stopping me from just making free temp accounts over and over instead of paying? Im new to vpn's in general so I know nothing



If you're connecting from the same IP they are likely just going to lock you out. I suppose if you constantly rotated your IP it might be possible. So it's just up to how much effort you want to put into avoiding paying $5 a month.


File: 3a4ae521fe32c3c⋯.png (30.54 KB, 1022x111, 1022:111, Screenshot_2018-11-03_12-2….png)

Anyone know why on seamonkey some websites show up in the navigation bar with a black background and white text and some a yellow background and black text? I can't find an option to change or fix this.


Hey guys I've got a strange issue on something I'm using on a windows 10 computer. Before you have a knee jerk reaction and tell me to go fruit myself I just want to say this is just some complicated side shit and I don't even like using it but get stuck having to for a work related thing. Thing is I'm trying to get this game mod manager tool working so I have something to do on this stupid thing while work makes me wait to be able to work again fucking pain in the ass people have me waiting all the time So I need .net framework 4.6 EXACTLY to get this program working otherwise clicking it doesn't even start up the program. I have .net framework 4.7 I believe and that should technically include all previous versions of .net framework, and yet the stupid program doesn't think this is good enough and of course wont start, not even a little hourglass. *click click click on the icon* *nothing*.

FUCKING MICROSOFT AND ITS FUCKING .NET FRAMEWORK CANCER THAT INFESTS SO MANY OTHERWISE GOOD PROGRAMS (seriously who the hell are these devs that keep using .net framework in their programs? you could have used literally anything else. fucking ree)

I have been searching around for a solution for hours. Some people say to uninstall .net framework with a special tool which some people freak out and say is the equivalent of deleting system 32 because once you uninstall .net framework it doesn't let you install it again because you need it in order to install it apparently because microsoft are freaking genius's so that's out.

Someone suggested on some dead forum to use the offline installer for 4.6 but it just says it's blocked because a later version is already detected as being installed and that's after going to windows features and unchecking the boxes to disable all other versions.

So my question is this- how do I get this game mod manager program to realize that 4.7 is good enough for it and just start up or get my computer it allow me to install .net framework 4.6 on as an additional option on the side without blocking me or overwriting my previous version?


File: 84cffe7f05821d4⋯.jpg (168.28 KB, 999x229, 999:229, That post.jpg)

Is Windows 8.1 as bad as 10 in terms of botnet?



If it's windows, It's windows. gathers INTEL on you through your WINDOWS.


please help I have a huge headache



I pay the $5 because I like their service.


Drink some water and lie down.




Pretty much. The (((EU))) passed a retarded law that makes this faggotry mandatory for every site that wants to set cookies and is accessible from the EU. Since nobody wants to make two different versions of their website and sniff where the connecting client is located (and risk legal trouble if they guess wrong), everybody worldwide is graced with this faggotry. Thanks, Shlomo!



Painkillers always solve everything.



Burgers reveal their misunderstanding of the law once again. The restriction only applies to cookies that are set for tracking purposes and not essential site functions such as logins or settings. All the law does is expose abuse from site owners towards their users, but instead of getting angry at those who want to exploit you target the one who points it out to you. Truth hurts.


File: feef636950d6206⋯.png (59.92 KB, 512x512, 1:1, icloudlogo.png)

For personal reasons I've decided it necessary to compromise a particular

individuals iCloud account and connected camera roll to gain counter

leverage on them. If any of could please link me to or point me in the

direction of any services or sources which could help me fulfill this goal, I

would greatly appreciate it. Including general discussion on the breaching

of cloud servers and unwelcomed remote access would be nice.



It's just nagware, they'll keep setting tracking cookies and normies will just click through it like usual



Yeah good luck kid. If you don't figure out their password you're not seeing those photos.


File: ed7cc3c22be33f6⋯.png (16.98 KB, 733x413, 733:413, asdfa.PNG)


It's not a Pale Moon issue. It's happening to the newest updated version of Firefox too.

I must have fucked this install of windows hard.



gnu find


I just went ahead and fresh installed windows 7 and I really don't want to shift through the updates and individually checkmark the good ones and not the bad ones. Is there a program that will allow me to sort the updates by the KB number?



File: dfd558cf36f3dd9⋯.jpg (49.16 KB, 427x300, 427:300, 1448447078272.jpg)


Thanks anon. Just couldn't do it a third time myself.



does anyone know of a standalone USB-compliant trackpoint-like device? I'm looking into making a small laptop from an ARM SoC, and I don't want to include a large touchpad. it would be nice to have some sort of USB-comliant, very small pointing device that I could use. Something like a trackpoint or even like a small analog stick would work.

Could I use an analog stick from a controller as a USB pointing device?


CRTs are rad so whatever includes one.




I now understand true despair.

I've fucked it all beyond repair.

I don't know precisely what had happened because of the do-release-upgrade, but the login loops happened because the entire filesystem got corrupted, somehow. Either that, or it happened because of all the SysRq-B's I did when I saw the loops. I did see a auto filesystem check every time I booted after the loops had started, but it didn't occur to me that it'd cause lasting damage.

Either way, I can't retrieve the data anymore. It's fucked. I had a partial save of some, "important" data, but I'm regretting more and more that I didn't just save the entire damn thing.

All because of one simple mistake. Fuck.


Anyone have libsndio.so.6.1?



one is http the other https?


I would like to share a review about interesting software that I recently started using. SoftActivity, employee monitoring software. Pleased with the result, as I have not yet seen such analogues. I advise everyone



*3 shekels added to your account*


File: fa1f76f2b84e3ef⋯.png (136.87 KB, 1215x373, 1215:373, Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at ….png)

What is the name of this web design element?

The animated moving/morphing triangle things. It looks static in this screenshot but it's using JavaScript to move around semi-randomly.


I haven't been able to sync portage using emerge --sync or emaint -a sync, I've had to manually use rsync or emerge-webrysnc. I installed Gentoo in a rather perfunctory manner on this particular machine, could I have messed up the install in a slight manner? Everything besides the sync operation works great.



> Logical Sector size: 512 bytes

> Physical Sector size: 4096 bytes

So which block size should I give to `badblocks`?

I want it to not produce false negatives but also not to waste more time than necessary.

I tried "googling" this only to find quite a lot of conflicting answers. Some even say that logical sector size is somehow related to the filesystem, but it's a fresh disk without any FS whatsoever (and I think no partition table too).



>What is the name of this web design element?

There is no such element. Not a standard thing, and it serves no purpose in web design.

Possible names:


"свистелки и перделки"

"eye candy"


File: 23d2fecdc278006⋯.png (103.82 KB, 320x287, 320:287, upooh.png)


I don't understand, I hardly even code (occasionally fiddle with scripts) and I can see how fucking pointless the additional steps in the second and third example are. I guess it's potentially more readable to someone who cannot read code at all? Why and how can a professor recommend such pointless shit?


File: 1f1aa26a48e9054⋯.png (51.88 KB, 275x275, 1:1, 1f1aa26a48e90544c2fcbf31a9….png)

How do I throttle bittorrent traffic in my network? I got gentoo on my PC and openwrt on my router, my torrent client is transmission.

I want to be able to play online games without transmission taking up all my bandwidth. I already have QOS set up, and I could just rate limit transmission from its own UI, but I'd like a more automated setup that'll use more bandwidth if it's available



the short answer is, this "professor" is not qualified to do his job.


Techpill me on iptv, I see people at fleamarkets selling subscriptions, and it seems my family fell for the meme, but I'm not entirely sure how it works. I was told they have an account that they have to sign into. Surely, these guys at the fleamarket are just middlemen taking advantage of technological ignorance, right?



Only shit that flows downstream from *buntu. Systemdicks mainly.



I need an SMS android app that lets me encrypt messages with users of the app. I've been using Signal for a while, but it often won't send me notifications when I get a message from another Signal user, and often sends me messages out of order.


>encryption option

>send and receive regular SMS options


>desktop client/website

Any suggestions? I checked out Wire but it doesn't send and receive regular SMS messages.


File: 7b19955cf290012⋯.jpg (219.75 KB, 1212x1738, 606:869, x20.jpg)


I've had a thinkpad for a while, which beep (from PC speaker) never worked whilst I was in the OS, only BIOS. I got an SSD today and just dd'd my OS over. Suddenly the PC speaker beep works. Could anybody shed some light upon how this is possible?





File: ad79d2d53945cf7⋯.jpg (225.2 KB, 1004x1445, 1004:1445, 1462577536248.jpg)

I got a new hard drive that will be my /home/ partition. It's bigger than my existing /home/ and I want to switch filesystems, so instead of cat'ing my /home/ partition I need to copy its contents over.

How do I do that exactly? Do I just use cp as root?



Silence is literally exactly what you described, just no desktop/website client. It's just an SMS app.



Yea, format and copy the contents, then you have to update fstab to reflect the changes.


what’s the best FLOSS linux music production workflow? i have been screwing around on guitar and a digital piano for awhile and wanna start making some tunes and getting into softsynths.




I guess I should explain the professor's coding standards relevant to that assignment. Coding standards are used by various companies to keep consistency in code, but specific standards used may vary. (source: my professor)

1) A return statement cannot return an expression, only a value or variable. (Hence why #1 is invalid.)

2) A function can only have 1 return statement. Some people did this which he also does not allow.

if ((op1.a == op2.a) && (op1.b == op2.b))
return true;
return false;

I can kind of understand the first one to make it easier to read or debug the code considering most of the class has little to no experience programming, but that should really only apply to obscenely long lines of code considering mine was perfectly readable. Even then, anyone who's never programmed isn't likely to do what I did. (I was actually the only one who did an overload like #1 or #2.)

The second one I don't get considering it might be easier to just exit the function when needed instead of using if/else statements or assigning unneeded variables to do the same job. I can sort of see why it might help, but it just feels like a hassle in some cases.

The bigger issue though is that I never violated any coding standards with overload #2. He just didn't like the code.



I wouldn't obsess over it too much, sounds like you're still in a really entry-level class.

But I suppose it's good for them to try and get you into good habits now, while your programs are extremely simple, than to wait until you're getting into more advanced data structures and algorithms and shit with spaghetti standards.

Debugging a short program is no big deal, but someone who writes spaghetti for relatively complicated projects will be more of a liability than an asset for a company because they'll be writing unreadable and unmaintainable code (though some people argue that code other peole don't understand gives you more job security because nobody can replace you if they can't work on your code).



add the new icecat 60 alpha to browsers, shit's comfy as fuck



Is server2008 any faster/better than just Windows 7? any differences?


File: cc8f0819ba92cc6⋯.png (303.52 KB, 795x593, 795:593, Biostar A320MH_PRO IOMMU.PNG)


"Please note that just because a motherboard uses a chipset that supports IOMMU does not mean it is able to"

So the Chipset AND BIOS need to support IOMMU, or is there yet another motherboard-specific factor I should be aware of? How can I be sure a motherboard supports IOMMU?



I'm really not too worried. I have the highest grade in the class. The professor was just caught off-guard because most students have little experience and wouldn't do what I did.

I'm really just more curious about whether or not what I'm doing is good practice for the future on larger projects. I've mostly just worked on small projects by and for myself, thus format my code so it's more readable or concise for me.


>"Please note that just because a motherboard uses a chipset that supports IOMMU does not mean it is able to"

It basically just means that, if you have an IOMMU-capable CPU, a compatible motherboard won't guarantee IOMMU support.

>So the Chipset AND BIOS need to support IOMMU, or is there yet another motherboard-specific factor I should be aware of?

IOMMU support is a mix of hardware/software, but mostly hardware. Typically a cheap $50 motherboard won't support IOMMU features even compared to similar motherboards in a higher price range with more features.

>How can I be sure a motherboard supports IOMMU?

I typically just search for IOMMU motherboards for X CPU and confirm with the company/product page that it does in fact have the features. (IOMMU is niche so it's not always prominently listed as a feature.) If a motherboard product page doesn't list IOMMU in its supported features, you can always contact support and ask if said motherboard supports IOMMU features, especially if they have similar motherboards with known IOMMU support.

I did this before I bought my mobo. I got a response back within a couple days confirming it. (I won't say which company because of shill paranoia, but I imagine you should be able to do this with any mobo manufacturer.)


So, I applied for a job that requires "basics of PHP". I've "learned" that shit in, like, a week or so by going through the manual. What questions should I expect on the interview?



"write a fizzbuzz in php for me"



Fdroid is pretty outdated. You should look for pale moon or icecat builds. The pale moon one is hard to find but it exist. They both support add-ons though last I checked I had a hard time installing Blender (user agent spoofer) with icecat when firefox store changed the layout into something broken. Might be fixed by now.

If I remember I could use Blender and Umatrix/Ublock on icecat.

If the add on doesn't work look for the version history and scroll down until you see something installable.




>not cold backup with acoustic and emf shielded inside a safe

shiggy, it's 2018 and there's fucking usb 3.0 or 3.1 so what is even the problem with making cold backups these days with insane file transfer rate?

good luck with that thunder storm then (emf and power surge)

different manufacturers are more reliable than buying one brand of the same drive which might eat all the files because "the entire production line had a severe firmware bug and needs a firmware update but it's too late"



Are .m3u's and .cues and embedded author/track titles useless clutter for music albums? Just filenames are good enough.


File: 665e89fd87c8306⋯.gif (982.93 KB, 200x161, 200:161, 597753d163ce3879907ed9c205….gif)

File: 665e89fd87c8306⋯.gif (982.93 KB, 200x161, 200:161, 597753d163ce3879907ed9c205….gif)


Thank you very much.


Is there a way to get around the google play license check on android program? I'm trying to install Delta-Touch on a phone that has zero google garbage on it and It checks for license on first run.


Will a plastic keycap puller scratch PBT keycaps?



Your professor is a fucking code monkey idiot



Your professor makes me puke.

There is a coding principle which states "keep the code simple", and people can go full autism over what "simple" means. What your teacher recommends is arguably simpler for code monkeys with 2 weeks of programming experience, and that is why he recommends it.


File: 12d48b0e8ed6337⋯.jpg (9.31 KB, 231x218, 231:218, index.jpg)

i was lurking on Google map and i had the horribly unpleasent surprise to see that they can find my location withing 50 meters.

i'm using a normal desktop compuer with no wifi, my IP is not fixed and there is no Android device currently connected to my router.

how can they know my location ?



i mean no GPS


>be me

>try to compile java package from AUR

>CMake doesn't know where the compiler is

>I have no idea where the compiler is

>searches for java compiler turn up online cancer for pajeets to learn at



>First of all you might be confusing Privacy/Secrecy with Anonimity.

>Anonymity is blending and being faceless and unknown.

>Privacy is about sensitive information.

>You can achieve privacy even if you have a proper anonimity but you can't achieve anonimity if your actions and habbits expose who you are.

Alright, perhaps I should try to clarify then, because I DO have somewhat of a threat model I need to address.

Basically I have some compilations of information that would be damning to certain groups of indivduals, including goons. I would need to be able to somehow figure out a way to use jewtube and twatter to broadcast my info while still ensuring that someone in their facilities didn't try to grab whatever data on me they had on their servers to dox me. My past is slightly checkered as well, so the biggest concern is me being discredited for my work and the infodumps going to waste. The phone verification shit is also a serious problem.

>Virtual machines are pretty good but I doubt the software that run it such as Oracle VM are trustable which I think is unaudited. Use VMs for throwaway activities and anonimity in general.

So there aren't any known secure VM platforms? How should I go about addressing the above need, then?


>I am researching on this currently and so far I can't find any aside from a librewrt router with a USB port to plug in a proprietary USB modem - this lets you have a firewall or vpn at the router level which is failsafe compared to OS-level. If you reall want to go mobile, you should get a Samsung phone which support Android Replicant. It might be hard to set it up as a modem since most of its radios are running on rewritten code and most of the projects are still incomplete but it is possible.

I see. Do you think this subject warrants its own topic on the board? It sounds like this right here is a weak link in intrenet privacy.

>Complete online anonimity and opsec can only be had by using a burner modem with a burner internet SIM.

I guess the key thing I'm trying to figure out is how well all of the 'burner' aspects can be virtualized, since constantly buying modems and sim cards would be extremely costly. Also apparently there's some shit with 5G wireless that makes it impossibe to anonymize, but I don't know the exact details. Something to do with IPv6, I believe.

Also, apparently there was a bit of a mixup I had about ublock/umatrix. The ex-google dev didn't make those but made disconnect instead. The actual issue with them is that they lack certain privacy features that NoScript has like >>991136




ended up going with fluidsynth using qsynth GUI, for now. Seems a simple enough start.




What package? What compiler?



>What package


>What compiler

That's what I'm asking, how do I check if I even have a compiler?



pacman -S gcc



top wew

I'll dumb it down for archbabby, to what file do I link so that CMake will compile my shit?


File: 9be2ca32aa8574f⋯.gif (3.15 MB, 320x240, 4:3, hack.gif)





post the error message



I tried putting gcc in and it now gives me

CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.12/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:137 (message):
Could NOT find Java (missing: Java_JAVAC_EXECUTABLE Java_JAR_EXECUTABLE
Java_JAVADOC_EXECUTABLE Java_JAVAH_EXECUTABLE Development) (found suitable
version "", minimum required is "1.6")



seems like you didn't set up the java environment correctly, try running

archlinux-java fix




Still doesn't work.


I have a laptop with no line in jack. What's the best way to get one? All the USB adapters I find only have a mono mic jack. Do I actually need to get a full external sound card? That seems like overkill for what I want to do.



can't you just use youtube-dl to get an exact copy?

or search for specialized software.



what setting is in firefox to disable pozzed ciphers, etc.?



It depends if you can allow yourself to edit the actual files metadata. If you seed them, that's often a "no", and you can use an extra cue to have all the right metadata.



disassemble the program and edit its control flow according to your needs.



non fixed IP doesn't mean it's totally random

you might have cookies-n-shit left over from previous sessions

> there is no Android device currently connected to my router

you can't be certain, and it's enough if it was connected to it in the past

if you absolutely need to avoid this, use tor



if there a big advantage of IOMMU if you use some normie OS like Ubuntu?



for recording guitar it seems Ardour is something that's at least tolerable.


rsync with -a option (and some others, choose as you see fit after reading manuals)

cp is a very crude method



firecuck is totally fine but the fdroid version is always outdated, either install from yalp store or find other ways to install from source



>Here's a GIF I made in GIMP just for you.

>4.97 MB


Wow. Guess it's at least an hour long.

Oh wait, it's just GIF being a piece of shit format, as usual.

Why aren't you using a normal video codec in 2018?



>Do I actually need to get a full external sound card? That seems like overkill for what I want to do.

Aren't they cheap anyway?


Have do like UBports aka Ubuntu Touch anon?



How do you like*

let my faggotry pass for once will ya




As long as the version of Ubuntu you're using has kernel support for IOMMU/PCI passthrough, you're fine. Just make sure the VM software you're using is relatively up-to-date or compiled yourself if it isn't.


Are there any webdev languages that have a c-like syntax that are fast/powerful enough to run an imageboard?


I've killed my 8350 recently while using vapoursynth and ffmpeg/x264 simultaneously (so big stress on CPU and its SIMD units) and I'm wondering if this is "normal". I didn't overclock at all, was using a good ASUS mobo and a Seasonic PSU, but the PSU to CPU connector fucking melted.

So, just housefire CPU things?



you can use almost any language as back-end, i'd say php is the choice



How do I suspend gentoo?

I have been very unsuccessful in getting gentoo on my netbook to suspend/hibernate without jumping through a bunch of hoops that ultimately didn't work anyway. I tried s2ram, the hibernate script, tried manually writing a bunch of permissions for some security package but ultimately I just fell back on my own script that echos 'mem' to /sys/power/state because it was just as effective as other packages without the need for another package, since everything requires me to run it as super user.

So without entering my su password, nothing will either suspend or hibernate the system, but pressing the power button will initiate a clean shutdown without hassle.

What do I need to do to remedy this so that I can just assign one of the function keys to suspend the system, or make closing the lid event trigger suspend?

I've been keeping a single xterm window open with my suspend script running as root, and it's killing me inside.



Same poster here, after posting I spent a while searching for old forum posts that may have been relevant and found something that has lessened this burden.

With the help of acpid, and a couple scripts, I have managed to get the system to suspend when the laptop screen is closed.


event=button[ /]lid LID close
#could probably just run 'echo mem >/sys/power/state' as the action here


set $*

log_unhandled() {
logger "ACPI event unhandled: $*"

case "$group" in
case "$action" in
case "$id" in
case "$value" in
#didn't need to call the script, runs regardless now
logger LID OPEN $4 $5 is not defined
logger LID WOBBLE $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 is not defined!

have run into the issue of it going into suspend several times after waking, but I feel like I'm just a little bit closer to having this work correctly



Checking dmesg, I really don't know what's triggering the multiple suspends. This I think is the most relevant snippet from dmesg, since it repeats so many times in a row, like the suspend event.

ACPI: Preparing to enter system sleep state S3
ACPI: EC: event blocked
ACPI: EC: EC stopped
ACPI: Low-level resume complete
ACPI: EC started
ACPI: Waking up from system sleep state S3
ACPI: EC: event unblocked
ata1.00: ACPI cmd ef/03:0c:00:00:00:a0 (SET FEATURES) filtered out
ata1.00: ACPI cmd ef/03:45:00:00:00:a0 (SET FEATURES) filtered out
ACPI: Preparing to enter system sleep state S3
ACPI: EC: event blocked
ACPI: EC: EC stopped
ACPI: Low-level resume complete
ACPI: EC started
ACPI: Waking up from system sleep state S3
ACPI: button: The lid device is not compliant to SW_LID.
ACPI: EC: event unblocked
ata1.00: ACPI cmd ef/03:0c:00:00:00:a0 (SET FEATURES) filtered out
ata1.00: ACPI cmd ef/03:45:00:00:00:a0 (SET FEATURES) filtered out
ACPI: Preparing to enter system sleep state S3
ACPI: EC: event blocked
ACPI: EC: EC stopped
ACPI: Low-level resume complete
ACPI: EC started
ACPI: Waking up from system sleep state S3
ACPI: EC: event unblocked
ata1.00: ACPI cmd ef/03:0c:00:00:00:a0 (SET FEATURES) filtered out
ata1.00: ACPI cmd ef/03:45:00:00:00:a0 (SET FEATURES) filtered out



Banged out another issue, by adding:

grep -q closed /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID0/state &&

to the start of the suspend script, now there's no more repeat suspends after resuming

Now it's down to a matter of getting hibernate and/or suspend to work from a hotkey.




I don't understand why you need to keep an xterm window open or any of that. Why not just use xbindkeys?

If you insist on using your script, at least put '&' at the end of the call so it runs in the background. Then you can close the window.

Or better yet, put that line in your .xinitrc or whatever file you use.


File: 49f8f2c5a1d48a8⋯.gif (44.41 KB, 468x480, 39:40, 1380249507538.gif)


With what I just did I was able to eliminate the need for that script to be running in a terminal.

Now the script just consists of a check that the state of the "lid" button is "closed" before echoing 'mem' to /sys/power/state to initiate the suspend, which also means I don't need to input a password for that any more.

So before I started posting I could only suspend via my script running under root (which I wrapped in `dialog` to keep the terminal clean), now just closing the laptop lid initiates the suspend, and I'll put another line into the suspend script to run i3lock before suspending.

I've been trying to get this working correctly since I reinstalled gentoo over a year ago, and always ran into weird obtuse solutions that never worked.

I just checked with acpi_listen a little while ago to see what function keys were recognized, and the one function key should work for putting the system into hibernate. Ultimately it took finding a 2 year old thread on linuxquestions that linked to an even older thread to get this far.



it might be that your system cpu / bios does not have the right p-state c-states.

hibernation is usually not supported.

if you want to try if your system can support both just run live ubuntu and test both. if not then it must either be set up or you need to update patch your bios



Both suspend and hibernation work via proper kernel configurations, but always required root password to initialize, just like running `shutdown`, since no additional features were preset in acpi except for ac_adapter status and power button, so with acpid running power button initialized shutdown and plugging in the ac_adapter did it's own thing.

Valid power states can be seen by just running `cat` on /sys/power/state, which will show 'freeze, mem, disk', on other systems it may show 'both' which when echoed to state will first initialize a hibernation image before suspending to RAM, in case of power loss will boot to the hibernation image.

All that's needed now is to get the fn/sleep button's action registered in acpi and set the action to hibernate the system.


File: 2f877ffd6b2218c⋯.gif (403.47 KB, 812x812, 1:1, d414e43b0d5bebcef67b825e76….gif)


Already installed, and didn't help. didn't work.

Anyone got any other ideas?



lol this is cs grad meme tier. Your professor is very wrong and you are adding pointless complexity to you code.


I assume by this you meant an "expression" after the return statement. I'm not too sure what potential problem this is trying to avoid. Maybe it ties into your 2)


Well that code block is problematic for a different reason. The correct way to do that block is to just return that statement inside of the if statement directly.

Wanting to stick to a single return is kind of a C weenie thing. It's to avoid forgetting to free memory when leaving a function in which case you use a goto to jump to the correct place to start freeing memory. inb4 your instructor hates people using goto Ignoring when having to deal with memory management there is pretty much one main time you want to use multiple returns which is for when you want to abort early on errors.


if (aIsValid) {
if (bIsValid) {
if (aIsValid) {
if (bIsValid) {
This way checking for errors does not increase the indentation of the meat of your function. The other time multiple returns work well is when you are

>but that should really only apply to obscenely long lines of code

This is usually dealt with by a coding standard by enforcing a max line length and not by what your instructor is saying with 1).

>He just didn't like the code.

Your instructor is just a faggot, wanting you to make your code more complex so people have to keep track of more state in their mind for figuring out what the return statements are actually doing.

You'll just have to suck it up and keep following these horrid practices.

By the way is he an old guy who worked on embedded systems?


Is intel secure erase for intel ssd legit?




>direct link


Yesterday my AOChink e1821Swb LCD monitor display bought a few years ago went haywire, with vertical magenta lines and losing the red color. I tried unseating and reseating the VGA cables and the monitor's power supply to no success. I have concluded the problem is with the monitor itself. Should I repair it or buy a new one?




File: 8e7ada52870572a⋯.webm (8.59 MB, 960x544, 30:17, stress.webm)

Need some help with ffmpeg. I'm trying to capture the AV of my Playstation Vita, which is basically a V4L2 device, and the audio is from the headphone jack. However the video capture part is being a massive problem because every half-second give or take the video totally freezes for a bit. The audio doesn't. The framerate lists as about 2/3s of what it should be also.

$ ffmpeg -f v4l2 -framerate 60 -video_size 960x544 -i /dev/video1 -f pulse -i <SINKNAME> -c:v libvpx -b:v 2000K -cpu-used 5 -c:a libopus -b:a 256K -f webm -y output3.webm

I eventually found the -r option, which if set to 60 results in the video capture not getting stuffed in that way, but the video is playing too fast. -r 30 results in only 30FPS capture, and the audio being out-of-sync. It possibly drifts too but slowly enough that it doesn't matter for shorter videos, and I can correct the audio with -itsoffset. Any ideas on how to improve it?


Depends. Don't do audiophile rubbish.


For reference, Rosegarden is basically the open source Cakewalk. Also Fluidsynth is great, and on Linux I pair it with DOSBox through an ALSA port. If you need to hook up a physical keyboard to your computer, I couldn't really help there.



try another VGA cable first.



But that's the only such one I have. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the same cable again, only to not fix my problem.




there really is no way to unfuck modern hardware is there



find another one to test with if you don't have a multi-meter, I only bring it up because I've had VGA cables break on me in a similar manner that makes color and sync off.

try moving the cable around if it's damaged and the picture changes you'll at least know it's just the cable. if you have a multi-meter just check for continuity.

if it was a cheap panel it probably wouldn't be worth the time to have it repaired, unless you know how to deal with electronics.

also e1821Swb brings up nothing in the jewgler.



Anyone know how to successfully factory reset a Motorola MC40? having a real hard time getting the Walmart firm ware off of there



>-c:v libvpx

here's one of your problems, using a slow encoder and a shitty format

>-b:v 2000K

should use CRF mode unless you are livestreaming and really need specific bitrate

for the main problem, probably you need to re-generate frame timestamps, at least, if you didn't try this yet.

> --flags +genpts



The codec is irrelevant to the issue in this case. Just dropping raw video and audio has the same issue of video freezing. The default encoding is too CPU-heavy. I just need to know how to stop the big problem. Then I can worry about using VP9. I don't need to stream.



>also e1821Swb brings up nothing in the jewgler.

Sorry for typo, it's e1621Swb



Actually I need to clarify, it isn't irrelevant. The default ffmpeg encoder outputs H.264 + AC3, and that can be stable if I'm using low-resolution output from the Vita since my CPU can keep up. So what I'm asking I guess is what the difference is that would make the video freeze on and off when using different encoders. Even switching to lossless H.264 can do it. I'm not that knowledgable on video.


File: 3259c29162e1426⋯.webm (4.23 MB, 960x544, 30:17, plutie.webm)


Figured out why the video was freezing. It was needing -thread_queue_size bumped from default. 5120 is probably overkill but whatever. This is what I ended up with without doing any transcoding (2m30s is almost 6GB but that's fine for intermediate files).

$ ffmpeg -thread_queue_size 5120 -f v4l2 -fflags +genpts -framerate 60 -video_size 960x544 -i /dev/video1 -thread_queue_size 5120 -f pulse -i <INPUT> -c:v copy -c:a copy -f matroska -r 60 -y output7.mkv

With that there's a slight hiccup at the start of the video but other than that it seems happy, the +genpts bit might not be necessary. So for actually encoding, what's a good approach for VP9/Opus? A streaming example would be nice too though I don't really plan to do that. Do note I am on a toaster so I will have to be more selfish when it comes to encode times. Which is why I was using VP8 for testing it.

$ ffmpeg -i output7.mkv -to 00:00:15.011 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -crf 30 -b:v 0 -c:a libopus -f webm -pass 2 plutie.webm


Is how AdNauseam and TrackMeNot take it advisable?




placebo that disrupts (((ad networks))) by way of auto-decoy clicks on ads; does not really protect you from web tracking though


placebo that works only on four kike-owned search engines and one chink giant

They are from the same people (one of them is a jewess; they added another kike on AdNauseam).



>let's remove my fingerprint by being as loud as possible and making everyone notice me




I don't know about Nautilus but sometimes if mime info isn't getting relayed correctly it can screw with the thumbnailer.

What version of file are you using?


How do I make Nautilus scroll to a file/folder by first letter when it's typed instead of triggering global search?

That is let it behave in a way which is standard pretty much everywhere else.



>So for actually encoding, what's a good approach for VP9/Opus?

For VP9 there is none, use x264.

For Opus, just use default settings they're perfect.



>For VP9 there is none, use x264.

Or, well, if you can afford to first buffer losslessly and then run re-encoding for a few days, then use vp9 encoder with default settings and set quality level with CRF method

> -crf 30 -b:v 0

change 30 to something lower if you need higher quality, or higher if you need smaller file size

but it's not much better than H.264 in practice (if at all) and is fucking slow to encode

also multithreaded vp9 encoding is a joke, so better just split video in several chunks and encode them in parallel without MT.



>Do note I am on a toaster so I will have to be more selfish when it comes to encode times.

VP9 is complete shit if you try to use faster presets. If default speed preset is too slow, just don't use VP9. It's going to be shit. (And VP8 is always shit)

x264 with preset "faster" is quite okay. raise up to "slower" while your speed is acceptable.

Even if H.264 is "patented" it's now at the point where every fucking toaster will play it without trouble. Not a big deal if you aren't Mr. Stallman.


What proxy or firewall do you use? On linux



ufw and openvpn



>ultimately I just fell back on my own script that does XXX that requires me to run it as super user.

>What do I need to do to remedy this so that I can just do XXX without entering the root password

The generic solution to this class of problems is to rewrite the script in Cee (or really, any compiled language) and mark the resulting binary setuid root. This way it will always run with root privileges even if ran by another user. Unfortunately, for security reasons the setuid bit does not work with scripts, hence the need for a compiled binary.



>The codec is irrelevant to the issue in this case. Just dropping raw video and audio has the same issue of video freezing.

Do you realise how much disk bandwidth dumping raw video requires? Unless you have a really fast SSD, you need to compress that shit for your disk to keep up.


For torrenting (mostly interested in music and books) is it best to qbittorrent + paid vpn or flash dd wrt on a router? Or is ipfs better? How important is using a vpn with ipfs? thank you in advance



My goal is to build a 64tb hard drive. What should I be reading up on in preparation for this? It's a completely foreign concept to me.

I don't have a job right now, so the cost makes this pure fantasy at the moment. But this is priority no. 1 for me and I need to do it fast. I have a strong autistic urge to archive stuff for historical/artistic purposes before it disappears forever. Plus I want enough material to last the remaining 50 years of my life - I know 64tb isn't enough for that but it's a really good start for the most important material I have in mind.


File: f20630679d3767f⋯.png (240.57 KB, 949x747, 949:747, everything is fine nothing….png)

Are there any SMS or VoIP services out there that can still fool (((Google))) and (((Twitter)))? Or any other tricks that are still effective at foiling the phone number jew in general?

I realize that nobody should be using those kike-owned platforms in the first place, but the unfortunate reality is that you can't ignore them if you want to disseminate important information. Else you end up containing yourself, and breaking containment is key.



buy a burner phone with cash or a prepaid debit card that you bought with cash

you will sometimes run into issues with KYC


Is Virtual Box spyware? I want to be as versatile as virtualisation can get yet the learning curve of Qemu is a bit steep on Windows and Mac.


Where do I learn all of the environment variables for MESA?

For instance from random discussions I learned of vblank_mode and mesa_glthread, but I can't find a man page or something of the sort describing that stuff. There's https://www.mesa3d.org/envvars.html but it only seems to include debug-related variables, and not ones like the 2 I mentioned.


VP9 is too slow for realtime recording on present-day computers.

You may want to look into losslessly recording at first and then reencoding later with a high quality codec such as vp9, if you care about quality.

Otherwise a realtime x264 encode will do the job and look fine.

If you want to losslessly record I recommend x264 with -q:v 0 (smallest filesize, decent performance) or utvideo (fastest, with huge files). There's also ffvhuff but in my experience it's worse than utvideo. For the audio use FLAC.

If you have a recent GPU, it may be capable of lossless hardware encoding, so look into that too.


VirtualBox is free software and not botnet if you don't install the proprietary components, which I'm not even sure if they still have those.




I need help updating two pdf files on a website. Do I need to get in contact with the website host or server owner? All I currently have access to is the laptop the website was made on, no information about the host or server.


Hey /tech/, I need some help, bad. I've got to update a couple linked files for a website but have no idea what I'm doing. I believe it hasn't been edited since at least the Cambrian Period, since grams told me she made it using Macromedia's Dreamweaver. So basically I have limited access to this device, so my first priority is going to be finding out how to source the necessary files for editing /rebuilding the website, and copying them to my own drive.

In narrowing down the scope of what I really need to do, there are two pdf's displayed on the site that need to be changed to the updated versions. I've located where most the relevant files seem to reside, but I don't have any confidence that I really understand what is going on.



>All I currently have access to is the laptop the website was made on

And to be clear, I believe all the website's files are here. But I'd have to update the file server side, right? I don't even know if anyone knows how to contact the host or server, the website owner said she must've gotten lucky because she was never billed for the hosting and/or server services (I don't remember which, specifically).



As long as the majority of imageboard users can use H.264 I don't particularly care about the patent situation. And yeah VP9 was never a consideration for streaming, I believe those use H.264/AAC? But if it comes down to using H.264 for imageboards can that be paired with Opus or does it need a different audio codec, and what's decent ffmpeg settings for either video?


That wasn't the problem like I said, which does surprise me a bit because 6GB for 2m30 is roughly 40MB/s at that resolution and laptop HDDs are slower. That said for a typical situation I'd be wanting to record I could've used a RAM disk even for that.


I don't know if my system can do H.264 lossless in real-time, I'd have to check. I'll use that instead of raw though if it's an option.

>If you have a recent GPU

God no. X200 Tablet.




If you don't know what the fuck is going on WHOIS her domain and you'll get the hosting service. Then get in contact with them or google their name on your granny's email account. You'll probably find all the info to connect in some early email.

After that, log into her Cpanel (or whatever panel that host uses) and then you'll be able to browse all the hosted files. From there it's a matter of replacing the PDF's she has stored somewhere. Getting to them can be as easy as searching for *.pdf in all the site's file structure or opening Wordpress' control panel in order to do the changes from there, if you don't want or can't just replace the files.


File: 0887c434c267398⋯.png (12.42 KB, 589x220, 589:220, ClipboardImage.png)

I know you all hate FB but when you do business you need to be everywhere, anyway, lately I have been "temporarily blocked" for no apparent reason, at first I thought it was someone that didn't like me, but recently I have been just browsing and doing basically nothing, no likes, no comments, just browsing, this is quite weird, the feature I get blocked from are groups specifically.

Is their algorithm somehow rotting or the like?



The concept you're looking for is NAS: Network Attached Storage. Basically a computer with a lot of plugs (SATA and power) to connect many HDDs. There are of many prices and many capacities, both in amount of hard drives and the speed at which it can transfer speed.

You're best bet is to buy a decent but small NAS and check what are the cheapest drives per TB in your area, probably 1TB. Get many of those and start filling them up. By the time you've filled them up you'll have a better job and you'll be able to invest in much better HDDs, probably 8TB or greater. 8x8 = 64TB so if you buy an 8 slot NAS you'll be set.

EXCEPT FOR THE HUGE FACT YOU WON'T HAVE BACKUPS IN CASE OF DISASTER, so make sure you have an alternative, like DVDs or double/triple the amount of HDDs. Maybe some heavy stuff can be freely downloaded for 5 years more so don't start hoarding those just yet.

Remember HDDs can go wrong for many reasons, including a power spike and or defects affecting specific models.


retard here, need advice

so recently i decided to "get up with the times" and buy a blu-ray player

problem: it only plays regular ones, not 4k ones

where can i get a device that plays ALL blu-ray and preferrably is affordable and if possible has no wifi/internet gayshit?



Are you sure your wife's son is not using your account? Check the "Where you're logged in" section in the "Security and login" settings and make sure those devices are fully 100% used only by you: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=security&section=sessions&view



Will check, I don't have a wife or a son or anyone else who would be using my account either on my phone or my PC.


Well, only one unknown device, logged out just in case.



Also make sure you don't have a Facebook app installed. I don't mean an app for your mobile device but apps running on your account. They can spam shit. https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications



I had a few ones, removed them and turned off access just to make sure.



if you want to go full nigger-rig I've recorded live gameplay and piped the video back and forth over the network in the past just so I can encode it on my replicant phone with nearly no performance drop in my PC, You could try that, if you have a phone, or really any other device capable of running ffmpeg. You could even double nigger-rig it and encode the audio in your PC and the video in your other device.



How the heck would you do that with a phone, and why also. The laptop only has to capture and encode too since it's an external game system, not something I'm playing on the laptop itself.


File: 602458f5b4ab83c⋯.jpg (5.68 KB, 283x178, 283:178, trdd73f.jpg)

What's the best to make a local copy of a wordpress blog ?

Something with incremental feature to quickly update new posts etc..


Can someone tell me where to find the Linux version of Hotline Miami 2? I'm not a huge gaymer but I want to play it.


File: 2e01f3746ad5fe0⋯.png (679.86 KB, 787x830, 787:830, wangblows blown.png)



The unix way. I did it piping stdin and stdout via ssh. The phone has ffmpeg installed, and so does the PC. You can improve performance with something like netcat, but it's error prone, whereas ssh deals with packet loss for you.

>why also

Tasks the PC's CPU less than encoding locally,

>The laptop only has to capture and encode too since it's an external game system, not something I'm playing on the laptop itself.

I don't have hardware like yours to test, but if your computer has the 1.86ghz core2duo I saw, I think that's enough for realtime lossless x264 at the vita's resolution. I could do realtime x264 at 1080p with a 32 bit quad core 1.8ghz ARM processor, but I'm not sure how it compares to the core2duo.

This is all of course assuming you have spare disk space, because lossless video no matter the codec is huge.



The two things that aren't toaster are RAM 8GB and HDD 2TB. And even then I can discard intermediate files in most cases.


When I have a TTY and I'm running a program that reads from STDIN (the keyboard device), it invokes the keyboard device's implementation of read; when/where does the notion of a process being in the foreground come into play here? Suppose I have two TTY instances both running a program that reads from STDIN. My input only goes to one of them, but why? Who controls it?


First problem: My 3DS battery isn't holding charge. If I leave the 3DS off through the night, it will lose all charge. However if I kept turning the 3DS on every 2 or 3 hours, it keeps the charge. What's up with that and can I do anything? New battery too.

Second problem: my VPN doesn't resolve DNS through itself. If I force that the connection just doesn't happen. Is this related to router settings or what? I'm on Linux and using OpenVPN through NetworkManager if that matters.



Are those batteries multi cell? It sounds like one has reversed on you. It happens when the battery runs completely flat. You can try flattening the battery completely with an led then charging again to force the flow in the right direction but I doubt it will work.


Possible to root Galaxy S8+ using FOSS and Linux desktop?



>But if it comes down to using H.264 for imageboards can that be paired with Opus

.mkv supports H.264 + Opus.

.mp4 doesn't support Opus but I dunno if it has any potential to gain that support.

.mkv probably won't play in browsers, they decided to only support a subset (webm) which doesn't support H.264.

So if your goal is playing right in browser, tough luck. Otherwise, uploading .mkv as a regular file of unknown type could work, mpv can play files from URLs while they are downloading.

Just using AAC instead is also an option but it's a bit shit when there's clearly superior alternative (Opus). Plus, the only good&free AAC encoder (FDK) is limited to 16-bit input for some dumb reason, so if the input isn't already 16 bit (if you're doing some processing or if it's captured with higher resolution) you will have to add a little bit of totally unnecessary distortion and/or noise. Which normally would not be heard but in some unlucky cases it can.


There are fast lossless compression methods exactly for this case. FFV1, for example. If that's too slow, there are a few other choices which are better than nothing.


File: ac3dd1aa1e085e8⋯.gif (930.29 KB, 490x499, 490:499, 1427685419022.gif)


3.26.4, The most up to date version on Ubuntu 18.10



Do you leave any cartridges in it when it's turned off?



Most (all?) wordpress blogs support rss, so you could probably find an rss scraper and just use that.



Hmm. Yeah I do. Could it really be that?



What cartridge? Some third party ones will drain your battery.



lineageOS has instructions for the S9 but not the S8. That's also what I put on my S7 but I didn't set up su root.

(Fun aside, I asked here a while back about a potential brick when I was doing my S7 because a partition got corrupted to the point I couldn't load TWRP, and there wasn't anything I could do in regular recovery either, or so I thought. The solution was literally using ADB shell in the regular system recovery mode to run mkfs.ext2 on the partition that got broken. Then I was able to start TWRP recovery and continue on the process)


Linking videos off-site as mixtape.moe and equivalents is 4chan-tier rubbish. Also no I shouldn't run into audio issues.

>Stream #0:0: Video: rawvideo (NV12 / 0x3231564E), nv12, 960x544, 60 fps, 60 tbr, 1k tbn, 1k tbc (default)

>Stream #0:1: Audio: pcm_s16le, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 1536 kb/s (default)

I'll look into H.264/AAC but at the same time I can sometimes eat VP9's lengthy encode times even on this toaster. As long as a video isn't too huge and doesn't look like shit in the end I'm not that interested in getting it perfect.



>Linking videos off-site as mixtape.moe and equivalents is 4chan-tier rubbish.

This, because there are no guarantees for permanence.


File: c4342f949de1102⋯.png (6.65 KB, 573x125, 573:125, >2019>still no audio webm….png)

File: fb8b03ac5c832b0⋯.png (4.48 MB, 2000x2782, 1000:1391, Too big for 4chan.png)


That applies just as well to imageboard posting. It's 4chan-tier rubbish because even today you cannot post WebMs with sound in them so that's how they get around it. Still a piddling filesize limit of 4MB too on top of not allowing multiple at once.


Even when the system is powered off? I haven't used my 3DS for a while but rarely even used sleep mode as it was even when it was annoying to jailbreak (Gateway cartridge).



>Even when the system is powered off




>Wanting to stick to a single return is kind of a C weenie thing.

I used printf to format an output for another assignment and he told me to re-do it in cout because we're using ansi C++ for the course and that's C. He did admit because printf is widely used I'll be fine using it outside of class.

Doing my own research I found that cout is safer to use, but printf was easier to format the output I wanted.

>inb4 your instructor hates people using goto

He forbids that too. He said we should never use it in general.

>By the way is he an old guy


>who worked on embedded systems

Probably, but I don't remember. He discusses them a lot in class.



>He forbids that too. He said we should never use it in general.

If you are using C++ there really isn't a use for it since you can use RAII instead.


How accurate is the 'power' measurement in msi afterburner? If I have a gpu with a 140w tdp and it shows 60% power, does that actually mean the card is using ~84 watts?


I got a telephone interview for a programming job.

It's supposed to last 45-60 minutes and I'm supposed to prepare for:

* short self presentation (fine, no problems with that)

* what's my motivation

* how do I learn best

Assuming those points send to me actually are important and make up most of the time one of those would be 15 minutes

How do I talk about earning money and liking programming for 15 minutes?

WTF is up with this grade school-tier "How do I learn best" question?



TDP doesn't mean power usage. It's dissipated heat.


If i spoof my mac address and only use encrypted channels to send my data, what are the odds of me being busted for stealing wifi? I know my DNS querys are not private and neither are the IP address I connect to, Would it be airtight to get a VPN?



>stealing wifi


>Would it be airtight to get a VPN?

The VPN would protect the IP address from the websites and other things on the internet you access but this doesn't affect your neighbor seeing that a neighbor with an approximate distance measurable by the quality of the connection is using his WLan in his router settings.

Why don't you just get yourself a WLan?



I do have a R4 Gold Pro for playing DS games, and the issue happens with it. But it does with original Alpha Sapphire and Ultra Sun as well.

The weird thing is that the battery always drains completely. I can leave it for 3,4,5 hours and it will be full when I turn the 3DS on. But then suddenly it just loses all charge.

Anyway I've come up with a "solution". Since I have two batteries I will just keep one in my pocket whenever I want to play. Since it doesn't lose charge outside of the 3DS. But if I could fix the actual issue that would be awesome.



Forgot to say that today I've checked WITHOUT a disk in there too. I played for an hour or so and left the 3DS with a 3/4 charged battery in it and no disk. 2 hours later all charge has been lost.



This sounds like a defect to be honest. Like in all times I've used a 3DS some type of flash card has been a permanent fixture and I've never seen anything like you describe. I'm wagering the 3DS if it occurs with cart. What about no cart?



Oh and forgot. I just powered mine on and the battery seems fine despite being left for several weeks. Granted my R4i Gold 3DS was not detected (it's flaky).


I'd still be glad about advice on >>996974



jsut suck the employer's penis or cooter and bango! u got th e job


That's it, I now have a contract-sim-locked-to-Sprint Android, my autism tells me to leave it be for botnet's sake while my sanity tells me to tamper the baseband against a rainy day

Sim cards can be attack vector. Does contract lock somehow alleviate it tho?



isn't all energy converted to heat in the end?



Still happens with no cart. Do you think there's something I can do then? I'm fine with just taking out the battery honestly, but if I can fix it, then why not.



Heat death of the universe soon.



I'm serious. Help me, please. I'm one of those super uncreative people when it comes to making up bullshit.



That is an extremely autistic map, haha.


best password manager? Just downloaded keepass, did I make a mistake?



I prefer pass. It just invokes gpg so it integrates seamlessly with my yubikey (which functions as a smartcard). Much less hassle.



You have to click around to deactivate everything, do you honestly expect me to deactivate all that shit?



Eh, I use it too.

Someone I know works at Siemens, they use it too.

Don't worry be happy.

Preventing keylogging and other kinds of attacks like that is much more important.


Is MicroG LOS placebo?


Right, I gave into my urges for a little shitbox computer with linux for browsing the net and general bollocks so I can use the windows pc for only gaming. Said computer is x86 compliant because it's going to have 8gb of ram; massive overkill for linux, I am aware, but I might be running several programs at once via WINE, as I'm going to be hopefully using this with a usb powered projector when I host dnd games elsewhere.

Now my fucking blog is over, I'm not installing Gentoo. Yet anyway, I'd be lying if I said I didn't find how it works intriguing but I'm looking for something a bit more babbies first linux, as the installgentoo wiki lists. I was thinking Ubuntu, however reading about the amazon shitfest on the wiki has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. What would you guys recommend?



Fedora, and if GNOME/systemd bother you, Kubuntu.


File: 5c1f1651e8387d0⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 4160x3088, 260:193, Fuck-up anon not reading i….jpg)


For reference I have an O3DS (totally bricked, can't even use ntrboot), used N3DS XL, and N3DS (current system). All of them have been jailbroken in some fashion. I've never experienced this issue, and I can't find anyhing about this sort of problem online if it's as follows:

>battery discharges when unplugged as if it was being used

>battery lasts as you'd expect when it's used straight after being charged (a few hours for DS, somewhat less for 3DS games)

If #2 is untrue then it's normal for a failing battery. But otherwise that behaviour is not normal for any 3DS. The batteries should only discharge very slowly over time if it's powered off.


The baseband processor on all phones is always a security hole, but for the NSA and the like, I've never heard much about random black hats being able to abuse them. But for who can, at best, you can get phones that attempt to mitigate what the BB can do with the rest of the phone, such as limiting its access to storage/RAM, and only allowing the microphone to be accessed when a phone call is being made. This is one area you don't find FOSS.


Linux Mint is good if you're new. If you think you can handle a little more than that I've always fallen back on Debian. Devuan is the systemd-free version.


Kubuntu doesn't have systemd?


Anyone remember the name of that image editor with a multiarmed nearly naked cyclops in it's splash screen


File: 073dff8a8dd381c⋯.jpg (119.1 KB, 1280x444, 320:111, 1468624691062.jpg)


Also glad you prompted me to check that but I just got my O3DS unbricked. I must've done something incorrectly last time but ntrhax can actually deal even with BSoD bricks. Not sure what I'll do with it though. Maybe let some kid have it.

Also there's extra confirmation about the battery stuff because that's been sitting in a drawer for months and I didn't need to charge it.



seriously though

if GPU dissipated more heat energy than it consumed electric energy, where does the extra energy go?


Is scrollbar width part of the browser fingerprint?



Unknown but you should probably use torbrowser anyway, because it has safeguards like warning you against resizing the window for that reason.


Also I almost full-bricked it after that trouble by being a dumbass but thankfully got saved by my old Gateway NAND. Got some more fixing.


Got any tips for DNS?

I used opennic for almost a year until its become absolute shit and won't even access most websites. I'm ditching it. The uptime is also terrible now not to mention times I thought my internet was shitting up but turns out it's opennic fucking itself while also giving me 300ms latency regardless of server location.



File: ff3e135e056d457⋯.jpg (50.42 KB, 516x640, 129:160, 00104347207096____1__516x6….jpg)

everytime i try to install Windows in virtualbox its stops in the middle and say that some files are missing for the installation.

it happend in both Win 10 and Win 7.

what could be the problem ?


File: 0c681f48c092a9f⋯.gif (722.05 KB, 487x560, 487:560, 0c681f48c092a9f8d1f15c6164….gif)



>tfw I totally overrated the questions and most of the time was taken up by the recruiter talking and repeating everything that has already been mentioned on their website 3 times because they just can't say it often enough


I want to have a local web-based file upload service on my home server. No login, literally just a simple webpage with a file upload form and a list of all uploaded files. Does something like this already exist?



run a LAMP or equivalent & code the webpage.

LAMP = Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP

Linux - you already have.

Apache - serves the webpage with the form

MySQL - stores the data you put in the form into a database

PHP - processes the data put in the form and passes it to the database

This is basically what a webserver is.



>what could be the problem ?

You're not installing Gentoo.

Jokes aside, you can browse/search the .cab files on the DVD to see if those files are present. If the source isn't a genuine Windows disk it's a roll of the dice whether or not it will work, since the genuine version provides enough trouble to get working.



its a genuine iso, downloaded from microsoft and i know for a fact that it works (in win 10 case) because i installed it on my desktop and its running fine.



babies first linux?

Perhaps try an Ubuntu clone/variant (Ubuntu Mate, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, etc)

You're probably not going to be worried about systemd, and want something to "just werk" initially at least, until you find your feet. Though beware, compared to other versions Ubuntu is on the heavy side, resource wise (still lighter than Windows, but what isn't?)

You can download a few distros you like and run them as Live CDs to try them out before installing one you like the most.

Check out some on this list:


You could run a CentOS/ Fedora (very stable OSes) then install your shitbox in a virtual machine, clone a copy of the shitbox, and then if it messes up, wipe it and start again with the copy (if you have setup scripts, there's not much difference). I'd advise you to keep data (/home directory) on a separate drive, so you can detach it and put it on other virtual machines more easily.



I had a string of errors trying to make a 2nd VM with Windows and ended up not bothering, since I had already one.

You could search the cab files, or perhaps it's trying to phone home and stalls? It's Windows, so good luck!




possibly use a simple filter in ffmpeg to

brighten / change gamma /


change frame rate (ensure it matches recorded)

in the encoding process?



>genuine iso, downloaded from microsoft

try a torrent dude. Just use Windows Server 2016 Database because I already made a VMWare Player VM with it and it worked fine. Maybe some .cab files are really missing in the version you downloaded and you have to install the piece of shit with internet connection.

Who knows?


I am trying to understand named pipes. I have this C code:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
char c[2] = {0} ;
setvbuf(stdout, 0, _IOLBF, 0);
while(c[0] != EOF) {
c[0] = getchar();
if (c[0] != EOF) fputs(c, stdout);
return 0;
and I have created a pipe foo with mkfifo, and I am doing ./a.out > foo in on terminal, and ./a.out < foo on the other terminal. When I Ctrl+C the process which outputs what the user types in the other process, the input process still lets the user type one line, then stops abruptly, and I don't understand why.



In hindsight posting while drunk was a mistake. I'm trying for Todd Howard tier "it just works" installation as you've noted for general pc use. I've never liked windows but if you pc game, you're pretty much stuck with it for many games, because I know WINE is a thing but I also know it can't do all the games I want it to.

I call it a shitbox; I decided to go full retard and put an I7 in the thing. A 'heavy' version of Ubuntu is probably not an issue.

I'm not a total newbie to linux-I worked in a tech shop which used linux for as an OS for everything and I've used it at home a bits (I think it was debian or an older version of ubuntu) however I am also very unfamiliar with the terminal; I understand the concept but theory and practice are of course very different animals.

This is more academic but I've read about the systemd and I still don't really understand it; my impression is it's a centralized script repository on the computer so people don't have to add their own scripts/runtimes/thingies to programs and their installations for it to work and reduce bloat (so it's vaguely akin to the windows registry system's original concept, insomuch as "put all this shit everything uses in one place"). I gather the friction is because only a few people make the systemd it meansd they can effectively gatekeep-why can't you just go "Fuck that" and have a program do it on it's own anyway?



It's years since I looked at anything remotely similar, but have a look at buffer flushing if you've not already done so.

As mentioned, it's been years, so I may be wide of the mark, but output isn't always written when you tell it to on some systems/languages


File: cb3f57e389e3a51⋯.jpg (272.55 KB, 1170x836, 585:418, systemdpoetteringvsunixphi….jpg)



Well, no limit on distros choice really. :^)


yes, also it runs against the grain with it's all-in-one design, was shilled for heavily at the time, the dev has an aura of glow about him and the software comes glownigger certified


I didn't see a QTDDTOT. Is there any plugin for Palemoon that allows you to select multiple tabs to either move to a new window or delete. Without selecting all tabs in a single window?



already tryed with a torrent win 7, i get the same error during the instalation.

i'm pretty sure its a problem with virtualbox


I'm sure I've read a comment on this board saying that SSDs permanently lose a small amount of space each time they're partitioned/formatted.

I suspect this is an old wives' tale since I can't find any other sources indicating that an SSD is any different from a regular HDD in this regard, but can anyone confirm yes/no?

Also what goddamn distro should I install? They're all either work to maintain, or don't let me easily set up the programs I want. Seriously considering going off the deep end and installing FreeBSD or something, since at least it allows me to mix source and packaged binaries.


>I'm sure I've read a comment on this board saying that SSDs permanently lose a small amount of space each time they're partitioned/formatted.

They do, but you're unlikely to ever reach that limit with normal use. As long as you aren't doing shit like defragging it it's nothing to be concerned about.

>Also what goddamn distro should I install?

It depends



The gist of SSDs is that to counteract their pathetic number of read-write cycles that can be made to a block, they have a lot of redundant storage and gradually aged blocks get phased out. It shouldn't be eating into the "official" storage capacity though until the SSD is really aged. Anyway that read-write limit is one main reason I still use a regular HDD even in a laptop, on top of them still offering the most storage. As my only system it needs to carry lots of stuff.

Also I do self-compile a bunch of stuff on my Debian install: ffmpeg/mpv through the mpv-build framework, Deadbeef, DOSBox, various source ports and emulators, Tox, and I also use a couple of .appimg bundles like with Krita. Works fine.



They do, but the lifetime of an SSD is hundreds of terabytes of writes.



I'm still on Pale moon 27.9.4 should I be worried. I had the most weirdest thing happen, someone posted my name and said I know you're here, that gave me chills. I'm behind a VPN even though still not 100% safe and my linux is updated I guess it's just an uncanny experience.


So I got Fdroid IceCatMobile which is ff52 based but both




won't install

Better yet there seems to be no public git of this browser available

Do I have to download the latest firecuck and mitigate it, or there are some magic like https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/latest/613250/addon-613250-latest.xpi to retrieve AND INSTALL the older version then? Thanks a lot



>Pale moon

>should I be worried

Yes. The browser is a joke and it's default homepage is literal malware.



What do I use then? Pale moon has it's own addons I like that's what's stopping me from going to waterfox, but even then it has firefox's telemetry built in from what I understand. What are you using?


What filesystem for an SD card that can be read on both Windows and Linux?



Firefox ESR. Use privacytools.io tweaks for it.


Fat, ntfs


File: 557e56802f0807b⋯.jpg (222.44 KB, 800x495, 160:99, deadcard1.jpg)

File: fb9580c15f80601⋯.jpg (221.46 KB, 800x493, 800:493, deadcard2.jpg)

Got this on a Radeon 9800 Pro. It was working fine a month ago and then I stored the computer away.

Got it out today, installed a newer more efficient PSU (that I didn't know was under-volting under load) and saw this.

Replaced the old, but still OK, PSU and the problem persists.

Does this on both VGA and DVI ports. Tested on two different monitors.

Other than this the computer is performing as I expect.

Normally I wouldn't give a damn about a ~15 year old AGP video card but it was an expensive present from someone extremely close to me. It has sentimental value and I'd like it to be more than just a decoration.

If anyone could point me in the right direction what would be great.



do I still need a separate monitor/keyboard/mouse for pci passthrough? or is there something new?


File: a0d1925e8b9e8cb⋯.jpg (4.03 KB, 133x113, 133:113, 1272972810452.jpg)





the hell does that do?



memory corruption, try using a heat gun on the rap chips could fix it


don't listen to that guy


I have an SD card for my Wii loaded with ROMs. I wanted to add a few more ROMs, but by GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) system can only read the card, not write to it. fdisk tells me the file system is FAT16.

How do I write to it? I already checked the lock switch on the card, it is unlocked and it doesn't slide to locked position when i insert it, so it is certainly a software thing.



is it mounted as ro?



You mean read-only? I think so, how can I see that?



>You mean read-only?

yes. check by typing mount, look for rw or ro



In terminal run mount or findmnt. Any devices mounted read-only will list ro under the options. Read-write is rw.

I don't know how Ubuntu does things but I usually mount my fat stuff with something like

sudo mount -t vfat -o uid=${USER},gid=users, /dev/whatever /mount/location


Anyone know an interesting CS subject I could study that makes use of math? I'm fairly decent at learning math, but my optimal method of cementing mathematics into my head is via using it (i.e. finding a suitable application). That actually holds for CS concepts as well, so it kills two birds with one stone. I thought about AI/machine learning for the probability theory, however, I believe you'd need heavy data sets for those (which I don't have).

Anyone have some guidance as for how I could proceed in finding intesting applications for graduate-level mathematics in the realm of CS?

I am the fool who knows and doesn't know. I know enough to know, but not enough to use.


File: 6d8f8e95d1c1e88⋯.jpg (147.55 KB, 960x540, 16:9, rrodbox.jpg)


Fun fact: Sticking the motherboard in an oven for a bit is in fact a trick used to fix some RRoD Xbox360s due to the bad solder on some of them. Obviously there's better ways but most gamers don't have hot air guns and the like.



just use tensorflow and python, you're rambling about nonsensical shit lol



>Anyone know an interesting CS subject I could study that makes use of math?

You need to be way more specific. Though I'll give the suggestion of learning type theory as it's used heavily in the CS field of programming language design.


Is Funtoo Halal



Thank you, that allowed me to mount the card in a readable manner. Is there some config file to edit so that FAT16 drives are always readable? Just point me to the correct documentation, I'll hopefully figure out the rest myself.




Does that make firefox any different to pale moon if I apply the stuff on it

s page? I suppose I'll have an updated browser.


File: a2eb3cfd6469ea7⋯.jpg (449.46 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 2914f8ca876ed3831601111488….jpg)


<Inb4 Micro$hit, install gentoo

Cant play on that

With a windows 7 sp1 i have been configuring and removing the telemetery from the drivers and other programs

By peeking the resource monitor i have been watching data that is being send to third party IPs

I tried to block the IPs with the firewall and the hosts file but the computer keeps having communication

Is there any actual way to block unwanted communication?


I'm trying out something and it seems I need an op amp with a really small closed loop output impedance(<=1 ohms in the range from 1k to at least 50kHz). I have a couple of op amps lying around(The ancient Lm724 and a tl084) and unfortunately I can't find their output impedance anywhere, not even an open loop value for midband gains or anything. So I'm looking into some practical way of testing an opamp's closed loop output resistance truth be told I considering trying a multimeter but that solution seems so simple I discounted it as not being accurate at all, and then I could probably pull some assumptions out of my ass as to what frequency range said resistance would last for.

Anyone got an idea?


File: 96d94aacfb55a2b⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 20181115_190221.jpg)

Wireless Bridge

I'm not really having any trouble, per se.

I just wanted to write a small greentext story for my ego's sake...

>wifi speeds in the house were around 5 Mbps because I was so far from the router.

>Going to make a wireless bridge

>find the latest 'old router' with dual channels

>try installing OpenWrt

>Brick the router

>yeah, I know - there really is no openwrt for that router


>find an even older router

>try installing Openwrt

>fucking .chk file

>using linux

>can't extract image

>try using .chk file anyway

>Brick the router

>fucking pissed

>explained to wife what I did

>had to explain what 'bricked' meant

>used a doorstop analogy

>go on New Egg

>buy refurbished D-Link for $20.00

>don't have to install OpenWrt

>D-Link arrives today

>plug it in

>has OpenWrt installed


>speeds now at 30 Mbps

>Much better

>thinking about how much easier it should be to mod on a popular board here on 8chinz

>cloudflare's servers get stupid, so that's a moot point

>oh well

>I did my part


>Looking down

>pic related



>type theory

>programming language design

Thank you for the recommendation, but is that something I can even work on by myself? I guess that's part of the barrier as well. Lets suppose you want to study OS (not math related, bu you get the idea). Constructing the most rudimentary OS isn't that difficult, however, finding things that would be interesting to implement about it and would make some sort of progress is the difficulty.

I don't have the deepest of knowledge nor a PhD, so I don't know what the "Outer Limits" are and what is next on the list of "seeing if it can be done." In math this is true as in CS. The harder part with math is seeing some manner of applying it (especially due to the abstractness at the graduate-level. The most I got out of some of the graduate level courses I took was that I could make use of computability theory in CS--that's assuming that field isn't already dead like some others are).



>Thank you for the recommendation, but is that something I can even work on by myself

Well you wouldn't have to be writing languages. You could simply use languages that feature the type system in order to learn what they are like.


I currently have a GTX 970 and am looking to upgrade the 1080/Ti looks good, but rhe prices are messed. 20xx is out of the question. What should I do? Wait for AMD to compete?



get a thinkpad



>doorstop analogy

damn I was a faggot


not him but when you have to use a modern thinkpad how do mitigate Intel ME? Gitcuck ME cleaner is just slack-baked



>when you have to use a modern thinkpad how do mitigate Intel ME

you dont



I need a mobile workstation with 128g eccc ram



You can on somewhat older ones without going as far bas as the X200 and such because, surprise surprise, government wanted a killswitch and there is one. The problem is it may or may not work depending on your system's setup. I'm just using one of the X200 systems.


Also stop speaking like a /pol/ retard. It's not you-know-who, it's Github. Also get punctuation.


File: c698fc848427692⋯.png (3.58 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, VoldemortHeadshot_DHP1.png)


> you know who....

> he who should not be named



IOMMU allows for certain extra features in virtualization such as, most notably, PCI passthrough. This lets your VM have full control of a PCI device (such as a GPU) and get full (or near full) performance that the host would have.

Because its use-case is niche, most users shouldn't worry about it.



thanks, didn't know it was related to my question.


Is Tor getting slammed atm? The tor process is using 100% of the cpu on my server, and I'm not even relaying, just hosting an onion.



Nevermind, it's just my hidden service that's getting slammed.




enjoy your openwrt backdoor


I can't get uPnP working. I downloaded miniUPnPc and my torrent client still can't go through the port. What do?



>block IP

It keeps changing right? You'll end up blocking thousands of servers they own but it just never stops.

You could proxify your entire system using proxifier program then make a whitelist-only rule for certain programs that you use.

You should also check your task scheduler for CEIP (customer experience) and other telemetry crap triggers that activate when it detects internet.

While you're at it also maim remote desktop completely. This might be counter intuitive but there's a very huge chance for it to turn out as either a backdoor for micropajeets or actual hackers considering that's a win 7.


Has it ever crossed your mind if that router came from an Agent or an edgy script kiddo?

You should reflash it with the clean firmware.


Try to DMZ it first. If it doesn't work then it means your port range is blocked by the ISP that you either have to go 5 or 4 number port



I tried to no avail. uPnP generally worked on the port range I'm using currently on Windows. Is it a NetworkManager thing or something?



File: 1e522537c4e71ff⋯.jpg (33.49 KB, 326x326, 1:1, 1471591535132.jpg)

How would I go about initializing an array of unkown size in a function in C++ without gay ass vectors?

The only attempt that compiled was

int *c;
void a(){
int b[2];
b[0] = 1;
b[1] = 3;
c = b; //this line fucks up

int main(){
cout << c[0] << " " << c[1]; //wrong results

but it doesn't work.



void (a) {
c = new int [2];
c[0] = 1;
c[1] = 3;

In your code, b is a local array, so it disappears when a() finishes, therefore c points to an invalid memory cell.



The destination that you assign to your pointer c is allocated locally (on the 'stack' on most platforms). The memory area of b is unavailable outside of a, so right after leaving a the pointer c becomes invalid. Accessing it (and yes, even reading it) is Undefined Behavior, which means the compiler may fuck up your shit in literally any way. Don't write Undefined Behavior. If you don't know the size of your array yet, you need to allocate it dynamically (on the 'heap' on most platforms). You can to it like this:

int *c;
void a(){
int *b = new int[2];
b[0] = 1;
b[1] = 3;
c = b;

int main(){
cout << c[0] << " " << c[1];

After allocating memory dynamically, you should remember to free it with delete or delete[] or else you will most likely end up with memory leaks.

Also what's wrong with vectors? You're basically writing C and compiling it with a C++ compiler. Vectors are pretty neat:

vector<int> c;

void a()

int main(){
for (auto elem: c) {
cout << elem << " ";
return 0;
Your loop doesn't even need to know the size!




If you're going to do something like that, you may as well just return the pointer or vector. Just make sure you free it right:

int *a(){
int *b = new int[2];
b[0] = 1;
b[1] = 3;
return b;

int main(){
int *c = a();
cout << c[0] << " " << c[1] << '\n';
delete[] c;

Even better with a vector

vector<int> a(){
vector<int> b;
return b;

int main(){
const auto c = a();
for (auto elem: c) {
cout << elem << " ";
return 0;

With RVO, you don't even have to worry about performance. The vector will not even be copied, simply allocated into its final position off the bat.

If you really need a pointer, use managed pointers if at all possible. Using raw pointers in C++ is almost never the right thing to do unless you're using them in an object that frees them in the destructor.


File: 0fd862ab7bd7115⋯.jpg (181.79 KB, 800x999, 800:999, 0fd862ab7bd71156e4b89a2258….jpg)




>new int

I didn't know that existed, that's pretty nifty.

>Also what's wrong with vectors?

I'm autistic.



>speeds now at 30 Mbps

>30mbps wireless

enjoy your headaches.


just got my first ever NSAphone, gonna throw it into the trash soon , but before I do this, I have to ask, is there any way to boot GNULix on this soyphones? and I mean booting as in powering on and using like normal PC, not downloading virtualbox ripoff from F-Droid or Yalp store and emulating



In theory it should be possible.

There are many distros that'll allow you to install on arm based processors.


What is the best way to setup a computer as a kiosk so all changes are reverted upon reboot? I want to take this a step farther and also protect against rm -rf \* so basically no layeredfs shit. Any recommend hypervisors I can use?



You can't.


It isn't possible. ARM lacks platform standards. Just because the architecture is the same does not mean the hardware interfaces will be. Quit LARPing and stop trying to pretend phones are something they're not.



Buy Librem 5


File: 8d4eb21359259c8⋯.jpg (31.65 KB, 436x336, 109:84, 8d4eb21359259c8e90eb4d22ff….jpg)

>Run update for windows 10 (yes i know)

>Shit decides to stick programs together

>Even when selecting never combine it still does it

>Have to download and continuously run a third party just to fix it

Does anyone know what im talking about? I kinda dont want to run a third party forever and just want it to unstick. I even fucked with regedit and changed the value but all it does is greys out the setting and sticks it to never (even though that selection didnt work)


File: 1a8cb1703573730⋯.jpg (34.13 KB, 489x423, 163:141, couch.jpg)

I currently have a Kenwood TM-281 (Ham Radio) with an ethernet port on the front: what would I have to do to hook this up to my Linux thinkpad? Using a debian based distro if that helps



Postmarket OS and Ubuntu Touch

both are broken atm and the latter tends to be more normie-infested



When I hold my primary mouse button down on the close window button control and then release when my cursor is off the button, I expect the window to not close, and yet it closes. I am experiencing this with xfce4 on fedora 29 after a recent update. Is anyone experiencing this with gtk applications outside of xfce4 or is this isolated to xfwm4? I can't tentatively close windows because of this and it is really bothering me.



>archlet teaching newbie to create memory leaks

Don't forget that you should free that array you are creating using "delete"


see ^


Probably an intentional change. You might need to write a patch to return it to what it used to do.


File: 030fd52b3fd31eb⋯.jpg (179.93 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Utsuho Ring.jpg)


>It keeps changing right?

Not much but they skip the firewall and rules like they are not even there

>You could proxify your entire system

Ironically it could be an option

vYou should also check your task scheduler for CEIP

I have removed several things but ill give it a look

>maim remote desktop completely


Thanks for the tips


I don't want to root or to virtual xposed, what's my best bet privacy-wise? LOS privacy guard?



Also, the attempt of utilising built-in multiple users function to contain bloatware would be ultimately futile, wouldn't it?


File: cff69f668b6ddb8⋯.mp4 (2.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, cff69f668b6ddb8c356d710f4f….mp4)

Need some advice.

I was "hired" to do a small program to handle a simple database, this program should be able to send notifications to a few PCs and a MAC when certain attributes of the database are changed, the people that are going to use it don't know much about computers, so it doesn't have to be perfect but neither half assed

The thing is that i just began studying software development and this would be my first project outside of class, making the database is not a problem at all, windows, buttons, etc i just started to learn this week, so instead i was thinking about making a webpage that the users could access locally, make a sql database and show it through the webpage that way it would work for the MAC user too, that leaves me with a couple of things:

>the webpage to autoupdate when changes occur like auto updating threads here

>the webpage to send notifications when changes occur again, like 8ch can do, such as when someone replies to your post

I don't know how to do those just yet, but i doubt it'd be too difficult.

Am i going in the right direction with this? i know it's not a very elegant solution but it's what i know and they don't need anything beyond that. Seemed to me like a good first real world project and i could use the money



Use websockets. I'd recommend using socket.io, it makes working with them very simple. You are to simply send and recieve plain javascript object from a client and usually a node.js server that you would set up to push updates from.



>gonna throw it into the trash soon

why not wipe and sell it to some nigga instead


File: 852d8eb05934f3c⋯.png (19.34 KB, 728x275, 728:275, �.png)

I'm trying to use some mono application with moonrunes on Linux, but they all show up as squares. The only font option I could find doesn't affect menus.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

The program is Subtitle Edit.



websockets for the communication between the webpage and the database? i mean to show the database and update the page if neccessary? i'm reading https://socket.io/get-started/chat/

or make the chat they have there and somehow make it so a change in the database sends a new message? i'm rather new to all this js we just barely started to learn

Gonna experiment with the sockets later

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