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File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.



I'm on Vista, and no matter which browser, I can not access sites like google, ixquick, and bunch of others. I think it's just straight up malware


File: 2a9577ab83171e5⋯.jpg (83.91 KB, 465x620, 3:4, fifth element.jpg)


i do a full scan weekly with both win Defender and Malwarebyte, nothing found.



I never did those, my vista-system is already a metaphor for an aged, crippled , STD-ridden whore, I will go full GNU/Linux in the future anyway.


File: 00ab6f8c0c392bb⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 342x285, 6:5, 090128102020396644.jpg)


i wish i could move away from M$, sadly the software i use don't have a Linux version and wouldn't work properly with wine



get a separate, more secure computer then, duh, hardware is dirt cheap these days.



have you check your /etc/pacman.conf and see if there's anything fishy in there?



Bumping this question. I literally might have to go to [s]reddit[/s] because everywhere else I've asked hasn't answered.



You really need to fuck off to plebbit. Cisco books are available everywhere on the net.


File: 634041566971f99⋯.jpg (114.06 KB, 496x1307, 496:1307, what fennec.jpg)


>ctrl+c & ctrl +v

^C stops terminal programs m8. I'm just going to buy a better mouse anyways so w/e



It's ctrl + shift + v & ctrl + shift + c you stupid fuck.






I don't normally play games, but I just wanted to spend the rest of my afternoon playing Half-Life 2 in Russian on Linux. How hard is that? I mean I'm launching it from steam. Oh wait, the music doesn't fucking work, like it hasn't for the past FUCKING $$\color{red}{YEAR AND MORE}$$. I can actually play the game but I really want the music so this is the time I really try to eliminate the sound problem, so I go and verify the integrity of the game files and what do you know 1154 files failed to validate. Sweet, now after waiting for it to finished downloading, I get the error that the update is corrupted. I don't know how to get rid of this error. I have deleted the folder that contains Half-Life 2, I have restarted steam, I deleted the 220 folder in the downloading folder in the steam library for Linux, logged out of steam, uninstalled Half-Life 2. It doesn't work. Sometimes I get the error that the whitelist.cfg is corrupted. I deleted that and the download is still corrupted. I don't know what a healthy whitelist.cfg looks like. Please can someone help. I just want to decompress and play Russian Half-Life 2.



Well fuck me, I didn't format right and now I look like a newfag.


What are the top 10 most redpilled tips/tricks that you guys can give me for collaborating with programmers who don't speak English?






If no one responds, I'm going to restart.



xdotool click --clearmodifiers 2



That didn't work.



It is malware you dork.

Uninstall every pajeet 3rd party application you installed. Mallwarebytes and other antivirus programs don't help against user stupidity or the problem of Windows in general. I mean, if your antivirus program would really do what it promises it should delete system32 immediately.


For those familiar with windows, is it possible to install a program with limited permissions (e.g., file and internet access)?

Virtual machines are not practical for everything, specially programs that rely heavily on GPU.

I'm aware of sandboxie but I've no reason to trust it. I want to know if some of its functionality can achieved natively.





>For those familiar with windows, is it possible to install a program with limited permissions (e.g., file and internet access)?

Not that I can think of how about a firewall whitelist at least for internet access?

>Virtual machines are not practical for everything, specially programs that rely heavily on GPU.

How about PCIE passthrough?


File: 7a74a416c23b22b⋯.jpg (88.75 KB, 299x385, 299:385, 1475602824323.jpg)


Make a new account with parental restrictions then go back to your regular account, shift+right click an executable, click "run as" then choose to run as the less privileged user. There ought to be a better way but that's the first thing that popped in my head


Are there any local, preferably open-source, translation applications without a networking component?


How to get exhentai and H.264 videos working on Pale Moon?



It looks fine to me, is there anything in particular I should look for?


File: e3edfe14ed26423⋯.png (167.92 KB, 256x362, 128:181, Dark_Corners_of_the_Earth.png)

Is there any way to play this game on PC with a 360 controller?



Well for exhentai use an earlier version of the firefox plugin



What distro are you using and is sound working for other things (videos, browser, etc.)?


how do i remove opengapps from lineage on a note 3?


File: 57fc461db8c009a⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1466x915, 1466:915, Screenshot_1.png)

What is Kobayashi programing?




Some kind of web server code for handling session cookies. The first bit appears to implement some system where user login sessions can be tied to their IP address. The code under her finger appears to be the part which generates the session tokens.


What updates do I install on windows 8.1 and 7 to protect myself from the NSA malware leaks?



They released an update before the regular Tuesday patches so they probably merged it. Download the latest security only bundle



My windows update seems to stuck in "Checking for Updates". I remember doing some registry shit to prevent windows 10 from ever appearing on my computer so it might have something to do with it. Could you post the update code/id so I can search it up and install it manually?




https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/ms17-010.aspx [Source:Third paragraph from the bottom, ars technica.com/security/2017/05/wcry-is-so-mean-microsoft-issues-patch-for-3-unsupported-windows-versions/ There is also a update for Windows update to help make it run better which you may have already installed.



is there an arch wiki page on how to recombile my kernel with usb mass storage/sd card support?


File: 6a4a780d7b7d8cc⋯.gif (472.15 KB, 508x270, 254:135, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█▀.gif)

>wanna play some klonoa

>sudo apt-get install pcsxr (which installs version 1.92)

>emulate it on PCSX

>audio clipping

Using debian with pulse audio



get retroarch instead and download the core for PS1 gaming



How to get one? The ddls have all been taken down, and the previous versions listed on the official addon site are all incompatible.



>My windows update seems to stuck in "Checking for Updates".

It's a bug in Windows Update. Download and install patch KB3102810 and KB3172605. Before you can install them you need to manually restart the update service because the bug prevents any update to be installed.


I have a bunch of multipart files that are the the .001/.002 etc format, problem is for some reason the first file is .000.

If I try to extract that .000 file it doesn't work (7zip/hjsplit/bunch of other program),

if I extract the .001 I get a truncated file.

And if I increment the part number on each part by 1 and I then extract the .001 it works fine.

Is there either a program that will deal by default with the .000 file or is there a way to make changing the extension of several hundred files not an absolute pain in the ass?

From what I could find it's a usenet thing but that doesn't help me much



This is pretty much exactly what scripting languages were designed for. You could do this in sh script, but my go to language is Python. Just grab all the files with the same name and different extension, go through them in descending order based on the extension, and move them to the increased file number.


I really need some fucking help.

So I went to the nvidia website, put in my driver's information and they say there is a may 9 version and a may 4 version that are newer than the one my nvidia currently uses:

>375.39 used by driver

>381.22 released may 9

>375.66 released may 4

How do I update to use the 381.22????

Also I'm still having problems with the dll libraries, for example installing spellforce on wine from gog, winehq says "it works flawlessly, platinum rating" but when I installed it the ground textures were invisible so the grass and stone road were replaced by a grey-black patch of color. Then stuff like wiki.playonlinux.com is useless and empty.



I somehow managed to pull something out of my ass without knowing anything about making scripts,

Oh and yeah it actually took me that long and yeah it actually still took me less time than doing it manually



But you've built up some skills that will help in the future, which is probably a lot more important.




Nevermind, I figured it out.


>software sources

>Add a New PPA button. In the text box, type in ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa


Whenever I start my computer (Ubuntu GNOME), a process called "tracker extract" begins hogging all the memory and lagging my shit until I inevitably kill it. What is it? How do I stop it from doing that, or from starting up in the first place?



I posted about troubleshooting a new pc a few weaks ago. Even though nothing suggested was the problem it was still helpfull in narrowing the possibilities and I was able to get the pc running.

Yesterday, I was able to get few programs going, downloaded music, and set a few games to download overnight. This morning I found that everything had installed correctly. I then went to the official site of my graphics card and started to download a driver, then my computer froze.

At that point I could get to the desktop but running a program would cause it to freeze. I changed my power settings in windows to give more power and I turned the eco-mode on my psu off. Before that, I could play a song to 20 seconds then it would freeze. After that, I can play a full song without freezing, but I still can't resume my downloads. Wat do?



Fug spelling errors. Forgive my retardation and failure to touchtype.


File: 2cb161e5a02976b⋯.jpg (355.78 KB, 900x563, 900:563, 80s_5ce2f6_5848577.jpg)

for MAXIMUM security and anonymity, do I need to avoid buying a laptop online? Or once I wipe and replace the OS and firmware, am approved by Stallman and /tech/s most paranoid?


File: 338114d0fa18d7a⋯.jpg (25.46 KB, 337x342, 337:342, 338114d0fa18d7aa6196f4b3a4….jpg)


My Windows 7 installation is complete ass and I want to upgrade to Windows 8.1. I got a really old pre SP1 pirated addition of W7 and its really not working well for me. I have a lot of issues with installing and uninstalling things and issues with ownership over files. How do I upgrade to Windows 8.1 and keep most of my games, photos, documents and such?


I need to update my BIOS but I'm stuck in trying to figure out what version I currently have, and what I need to download. This is what I have: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/X370-GAMING-PRO-CARBON.html#down-bios

Physically on the motherboard itself it says M5 - 7A32 ver 1.1, but when I boot into the bios menu it says BIOS ver E7A32AMS.120, BIOS build date 03/16/2017.



is real analysis useful for computer scientists?


What would you recommend for a circuit tester, /tech/? I have this old ass Kenwood R-1000 that a relative pulled out of their attic, and I think there's a dirty contact on the band dial that fucks with it so that it's pretty much permanently stuck at 9 MHz, but it's more likely a problem with the board itself since the frequency doesn't change with the fine adjustment dial either. I honestly can't know without tracking down the exact part of the board that's the source of the problem, and I can't do that with an actual tester instead of this shit analog multimeter.

>inb4 you should already have one, you're on /tech/

It's only been recently that I took an interest in working with circuitboards at all, and I'm not too worried about learning with this Kenwood since it's free and easy to work with.



Fuck, wrong sticky, should have posted in the hardware thread. Would it still be relevant since it deals with an actual troubleshooting problem that I'm having?


I do not understand how wine works. When I check to see if a game runs in wine for me it talks about 32-bit WINEPREFIXES and shit and I have no idea what the hell to do to get this stupid game to run




>ctrl+F "wineprefix"

Go from there, and RTFM.



yes. Online purchases can and will be sent to a black chamber before being delivered to you. If you pick up something in a store you can be more confident that it wasn't targeted to you. Especially if it's a Best Buy or Walmart or something where you can see them pull the box and can never lose track of it.


I've somewhat inadvertently inherited the backend of a website that I like quite a lot. It's written in PHP, and the code is rather messy.

I'm not very experienced, so I'm trying to figure out how to go about this and avoid fucking up. I've been looking up best practices and such, my main sources of confusion right now are how to organize the layout of the project and minimize redundancy. Would this be a good case for a PHP framework? I'm looking for a solution that will:

>A: allow me to improve upon the organization of the project over time without breaking its existing functionality (I don't want to have to rewrite the whole backend from scratch, I'd have to learn everything too quickly)

>B: add additional functionality as needed


File: 7afff0bbaba3bac⋯.png (42.03 KB, 642x347, 642:347, php.png)



Maybe somebody with the patience to work with it would be better suited to helping you, but PHP is kind of the posterchild of "it's not a bug, it's a feature."




cat file.[0-9][0-9][0-9] >file


File: 3ca0a304cdc23aa⋯.jpg (50.31 KB, 750x768, 125:128, demichan despair.jpg)

Oh boy, I really fucked it up now.

>So I've been using this WD 4tb external as supplemental storage for the past year.

>Only plugged it in maybe six times to transfer data onto it

>Been treating the fucking thing as if it was my newborn baby ever-since I took it out of the box

>"No way a HD this new and expensive will fail me anytime soon lel!"

>Started lurking /tech/ in recent months only to discover that externals, and especially Seagate and WD, are extremelly unreliable

>Decide to double down on an HGST SATA and copy all my shit onto there instead

>certain, random files on WD refuse to transfer, freeze entire system even though they work fine when run from external

>been searching for solutions for 5 days

>chkdsk /r froze at 10%

>tried on two different computers with xp/win 7 and same results with same files

>tried on raspi multiple times and everything froze but I'm a complete faggot at Linux so I can't count that

Man, I wish I wasn't so fucking dumb.

Where do I go from here, /tech/?


>realize I have the tor daemon running everytime i boot

>thought to myself "i should use this somehow"

other than configuring irc clients and what not, is there a way to configure my package manager (apt) to grab packages through tor?



Try it with a livecd



run with tsocks. you'll have to configure tsocks first, and make sure you use tsocks AFTER sudo.

e.g. sudo tsocks apt-get install <something>

you may want to do some shell configuration if you don't want to do extra typing



What's the difference between using torsocks and tsocks?


Since it's starting to get hot over here, my CPU is scaring me a little, I always heard that I shouldn't care about temperatures until my PC starts to shut-down by itself, is it true ? I have the habit of having Speccy open 24/7 on my second monitor to check on it.

It heats up to ~75°C when I play some games or render things on Premiere.



Use torsocks.

tsocks is not maintained.



I have Windows 10 and just completely removed OneDrive from my computer. For some reason though, my Documents and Pictures folders are now empty. All the other folders in the "This PC" section (Desktop, Downloads, Music, Videos, etc.) are still there, but Documents and Pictures are now inaccessible. I haven't backed my computer up in a long time and have no recent copies of anything that was lost. If I can't get all that stuff back, I'm probably just going to kill myself because that's years worth of data and personal information that I just unwittingly purged because of my sheer stupidity.




>no backups


You're making me feel better about myself.



I'm guessing that that's a "no," then



nothing gets deleted when its "deleted" its just marked as empty space if you have not written too much data on to the disk most of your stuff should still be there https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_data_recovery_software


I want to stream my laptop to my TV and watch my shit there. not only youtube or browser shit

i was thinking of chromecast, but google. so whats a cable-free alternative?


File: 951afeeb8dc876c⋯.png (516.06 KB, 486x508, 243:254, 2017-02-22 01_24_56-(21) _….png)

>Download a shitload of .swf file porn


For fucks sakes, is there any player that can play .swf files without error and me needing to click back and forth?

There's no way to do this with my Web browser and any extensions available to me over Pale Moon, because it means sometimes the .Swf not playing at all due to how flash disablers tend to work.

MPC-HC using CCP or KCP does play .swf, but at limitation, which blows ass, and I can't arrange the fucking playlist or make things loop, so for whatever reason, it doesn't let me play .swf outright.

I really need something with the frame control like you'd find on .swfchan, ability to pause and play in a playlist, or arranged order, I can't have this thing fucking decide to play .swfs in it's own preset order arrangement, like, say you arranged the files in order of realease but the fuck program plays them by the like of Sorted by name, and there's no way to change it.

This is driving me fucking nuts.



Nvm Fixed


I have been using Cyberfox for a while now, but it`s development has stopped. Is there a browser /tech/ recommends?



I use Pale moon with Grease monkey 1.5

It works pretty swell, if not for a lack of working addons.


File: ef8c702f0814aa3⋯.jpg (18.88 KB, 210x330, 7:11, gallery_1014_16_8285.jpg)





File: fa5575e8a5356c0⋯.gif (134.12 KB, 281x281, 1:1, annoyed cat.gif)


>10 gigabytes later still had to download cores

>still has audio clipping issues



Tried uploading them to >>>/swf/ ?


/tech/ approved email client for gnu/linux?


How do I create a script that moves files Ive downloaded from directory to destination. The script should take two arguments: from and to. The categories could be files with the following characters as the file name's first letters (case insensitive): A to F, G to L, M to R, S to Z. and "-" for the rest. Each of these categories should be represented as a directory in the destination and creation of these directories should be done interactively (Hint: command "read"). However, ask for creation of these subdirectories only if the destination directory itself exists. If it doesn't exists, create an error report and exit prematurely. Check also the existence of the "from" directory and the number of arguments.



Blink your eyes in the same rhythm.



>/tech/ plz write my school assignment for me




Install gstreamer0.10-ugly too.


File: ee14cbbbb97500b⋯.jpg (45.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1459301866800.jpg)

Im working on an mksh script to convert all my .hgt files into nice images.

it creates $FILE_hillshade.png and $FILE_color.png, then composes them into $FILE.png

if I want to delete the hillshade and color ones, would

rm "${i%.*}_${hillshade|color}.png"
be correct?

the full script so far, in case anyones curious. Ill change it to unzip all the archives then do it for every directory later.


for i in *.hgt;
gdaldem hillshade "$i" "${i%.*}_hillshade.png" -z 1 -s 10000;
gdaldem color-relief "$i" /home/yuuka/cmap.txt "${i%.*}_color.png";
gm composite -dissolve 30% "${i%.*}_color.png" "${i%.*}_hillshade.png" "${i%.*}.png";
rm "${i%.*}_${hillshade|color}.png"



What the other anon said: >>744358

More explicitly, a literal string in double-quotes is essentially a pointer to an array of const char. You can add an integer to a pointer in C (and in C++ which inherited this syntax), which will move the pointer by the number of items specified by the integer. IOW, with variables T *a; int i; the expression a+i is equivalent to &(a[i]).

Therefore, a line (parens don't change anything, added for clarity):

output += (i + "\n");

is equivalent to:

output += &("\n"[i]);

which will obviously concatenate to output random garbage that exists in memory i-2 bytes after the end of the two-byte string constant "\n", interpreted as a null-terminated string.

Yes, using std::string is a minefield.

Also, the whole exercise is misguided.

>how much faster I can make fizzbuzz by simply concatenating a string so I only have to print it once.

This is exactly what iostreams are doing for you under the hood. Everything you pipe to std::cout is buffered until you explicitly flush it or the buffer overflows. Buffering it yourself once more on top of that only causes an additional unneeded copy of the data for no benefit.

>(About 3 times faster, btw)

Lemme guess. You've passed std::endl for endlines instead of '\n' , right?

std::endl appends a newline character and flushes the buffer afterwards. That costs extra time for no reason if you produce lots of lines at once.



use Pale Meme instead


best search engine?








Sourcing information is a skill and its awesome to see what people that are smarter than me do because im just starting.


I have a prebuild with a IntelPentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5500 2.80GHz, 3Gb of memory, and a AMD HD 6670 1Gb GPU that I added latter to it a long time ago. And I would like to know if it would be worth to upgrade the Ghraphic card (that doesnt surpass the 200 euros). If yes, what GPu would I get that would improve my gaming, without bottlenecking my CPU?


File: c0b36362d465472⋯.png (324.12 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, wannacry_05_1024x774.0.png)

I just had a popup on Chrome that claimed to be a ransomware. I was prevented from closing the window and my computer was getting very slow. I was afraid it was this WannaCry ransomware shit so I quickly shut down my PC and disconnected the internet cable.

I booted back my PC and everything seems fine (files are accessible, Chrome works just fine, system’s speed is normal) and I’m now performing a full system antivirus scan to be sure. Upon opening Chrome history, I realised the popup page refreshed itself probably 1000 times in a minute which I think is why my computer was very slow when it happened.

I suspect it was just a fake ransomware popup no different than those security alert popups. Still, I’m afraid of one thing: Would it be possible that it was a real ransomware but that I shut down my computer so quickly that it didn’t get the chance to fully install itself on my computer? Therefore, would it be possible that it encrypted some of my files without me knowing it? I can’t afford to spend the many weeks it would take to open all of my files one by one to see if everything is alright.

Pic not fully related as I don’t remember fully what was written on the popup as I shut down my computer very quickly.


What's a good ebook reader for GNU/Linux? Needs to be able to open .epub files.



ebook viewer?



startpage, it's in the fucking "welcome" sticky...



Thanks m8.



Get a Radeon RX 460, and some extra RAM as well.

You might also want to search your local markets for a used Core 2 Quad (preferably Q9400 or higher) for a cheap and massive CPU upgrade.



Anyone found a fix for the referer error? Firefox works fine while Pale Moon doesn't work. It used to work fine a few weeks ago.


What do you use to chat with family members on Linux? Skype is flaky and discord seems...gay. Chat software is the one thing holding me back from migrating.



You could host your own XMPP server, even iMessages can handle that.



Skype is exactly the same as using it on windows tbh, so if you're fine with minor botnet on windows, it's fine for linux

a landline phone is still probably the best way though



On a related note, does anybody have a good solution for backing up X terabytes of data onto portable HDDs and retaining some level of redundancy against arbitrary disk failure without relying on X*N terabytes worth of HDDs?



The proper way of doing this would be using a proper filesystem like ZFS and choosing an acceptable level of redundancy (Say 5 drives and 2 being redundant). You said external drives though, so I'll assume you're not going to have more than two connected at once, and you didn't want a 1:1 backup ratio (mirror).

Creating PAR2 files is probably the best solution for you, but you'll have to do it manually.




They uses Reed-Solomon codes. Same error correction scheme used in QR codes.



Meant to send this link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parchive





Thank you very much. I was looking for a way to back up ZFS volumes & disk images in preparation for a server migration without resorting to the expense of a tape drive+tape, and that may be exactly what I'm looking for.


My computer lags to fucking shit when I transfer files to an external HDD. I'm running Ubuntu GNOME, but I had the same problem on Fedora GNOME even though it uses a different file transfer program. How to fix?


File: 3d7a2e2c48b50f7⋯.png (3.68 MB, 2200x1467, 2200:1467, 1486939893003.png)

I want to set up a dual boot. One will be an operating system I'm familiar with, and the other I will be working on a LFS. Ideally, I'd be able to set up the familiar partition and work on the LFS in my free time. Is this doable, or does LFS need to be installed in one go?



>does LFS need to be installed in one go?

It does not, but you have to be careful to replicate the environment if you leave it and come back later. That means all of the partitions need to be mounted as they were before, the right environment variables need to be set again, and the chroot needs to be reentered the same. If you fuck something up, it might not be obvious until you've wasted a bunch of time.

It's best to do it in one go. It doesn't really take all that long unless your CPU is ancient or you have way too little RAM. Best to pick a Friday night or something where you don't have anything going on the next day (and, let's face it, if you're installing LFS, your social calendar is probably pretty open), get your fapping out of the way, chug some energy drinks, and just get it done. After it's installed, you can always return to it in shorter intervals later to install additional software and get it set up the way you want it.



Ok, ty anon, will fap n chug now

If I get tired of it, is it pretty easy to remove that partition completely and let my main os take up the whole drive?



That depends on the tools available to you in your main OS. Resizing partitions is a pain in the ass with some filesystems/partitioning tools/OSes. With others it's no problem. But LFS having been on the partition(s) you want to recover isn't an issue. It would be no different than another OS having been installed there, or it simply being a blank partition.

Good luck.


File: f06e76b25e77738⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1500x2670, 50:89, torrent guide.png)

Not sure if I should ask here or start a new thread (I can start a new thread if you think it can generate discussion).

How to torrent?

What is the best torrent?

Is pic related accurate?

Can ISPs cut your internet for magnet links?

How to set the web browser to use a certain torrent program for magnet links (rather than the default one, which is shit)?

Are there any trustworthy free VPNs for torrenting?

How do you use magnet links with a torrenter?



>It's dead

WAIT, NO ONE FUCKING REVIVED IT? Also, no, /swf/ wouldn't solve my problem anyway.



Deluge, Magnets open Torrent program automatically when clicked or added via copy pasta, use privoxy with Deluge, make your own VPN with Smartphone/Ipad shit you got for christmas, the first two are barebones If I recall.




I just tried it and qbittorrent seems more user friendly and a very big plus is that qbittorrent has a search option and auto-updates the website source list, but I'd be happy to use deluge if you could tell me any method that replaces the search function.


I just downloaded it, how do I use it?

I'm on gnu/linux so I can use a terminal if there are easy commands.

>make your own vpn with smartphone/ipad shit

What do you mean? Do you mean I turn my phone into a wifi hotspot? But I don't have that much monthly internet tbh. It would take me several months to download a 5 gb movie, for example.

Or do you mean something else?

>the first two are barebones

What do you mean?



HTTP and port 8118, if SSL is present in any program option, fill it out the same as well, use it for just about everything.




> is your localhost

Do you mean this?

"If any public switch, router, or gateway receives a packet addressed to the loopback IP address, it is required to drop the packet without logging the information. As a result, if a data packet is delivered outside of the localhost, by design it will not accidently arrive at a computer which will try to answer it. This aspect of the loopback helps ensure network security is maintained, since most computers will answer packets addressed to their respective loopback address which may also unexpectedly activate other services on a machine by responding to a stray data packet."



Look mate, if any program you use has proxy option, you pump that shit in, and it'll use Privoxy.



I see, thanks.

So I just set that up for qbittorrent.

Do I need to fiddle with privoxy settings in any way?

Also, what should the "listening port" be? Should it be "use different port on each start-up"?

Also, what does this all mean now? Does it mean I don't need VPN because of privoxy?



Hm? No, You're gonna need a VPN, I suggest looking up those tutorials on how to make them using devices at home if you're on a budget, because you can at least mask traffic with them.


File: 99b22c3fb7c3508⋯.png (22.79 KB, 670x698, 335:349, bad vpns.png)

File: 29c92c436c65fcd⋯.png (29.33 KB, 926x716, 463:358, best vpns.png)

File: 2f08ec68492e5b1⋯.png (93.04 KB, 1385x729, 1385:729, worst vpns.png)


Thanks a lot, I'm just now going to read up on how to set up a home VPN.

But, are (any) free VPNs trustworthy?

I have those guides but mullvad costs $5 per month, and it seems the most secure.

I will have a look at the home vpn set up though.



There's a /g/ issued list of safe VPNs to get set up with regionalyl I recall, It's knocking abotu somewhere, you'll have to check the wiki, or the uncommon /pol/ thread when they're on about anonymity.



So I got openvpn and also got KVpnc which is a GUI for openvpn, apparently.

It allows me to use openvpn but it asks for an openvpn config file.

I presume I could set up my PC as a vpn then connect to itself? Or should I instead download privatetunnel from the android app store and transform the phone into a vpn using that app?

I presume both options will require some configuring of a setup file, would that be complicated?


Nevermind, I got gadmin which allows me to set up a vpn using openvpn.

One slight problem is that I downloaded and installed bridge-utils but when I start up gadmin server it says "error: bridge-utils are not installed". How do I fix that?

(I installed bridge-utils twice, once using the software package manager and again using sudo apt-get install. I still get the error on gadmin server startup).



Does Libreboot erase my current hard drive contents and wipe the OS? Or does it somehow manage not to screw any of that up and only change firmware?

As in, if I install it today, and it succeeds, will my Debian OS still be exactly the same?



Also, any OS can be just as secure as any other OS, correct? I hear lots of security hype about hardened Gentoo, but assumed I'd be just as private behind GuixSD with full disk encryption, libreboot, etc..




Last question, I see on the wiki for a true full disk encryption I'd need to boot from a flash drive since boot can't be encrypted, and is therefore susceptible to evil maid attacks. Is this still the case?


do I really need a case for my hard drive? W



>Also, any OS can be just as secure as any other OS, correct?

In theory, with a thorough understanding of the OSes in question, access to the source code, and enough time and skill, sure.

In practice, no.

>I hear lots of security hype about hardened Gentoo, but assumed I'd be just as private behind GuixSD with full disk encryption, libreboot, etc..

Security and privacy are not the same thing. Clarify your thinking and reformulate your question.


Why would it not still be the case?

Yes, to avoid your unencrypted /boot being tampered with in your absence, you need to boot from some external medium instead. Even if you do that, there are still other attacks available to an attacker, however.



Of course I'd want both privacy and security. But I imagine during the installation, I should be more concerned about security. The question(s) should still be rather obvious.. But just in case:

> any OS can be just as secure as any other OS, correct?

> any OS can be just as private as any other OS, correct?



> any OS can be just as secure as any other OS, correct?

> any OS can be just as private as any other OS, correct?

In theory, with a thorough understanding of the OSes in question, access to the source code, and enough time and skill, sure.

In practice, no.



You're fucked m8, throw your computer in a fire right away. Buy an old thinkpad, librebooted and install gentoo.


File: bd39db7959488a4⋯.jpg (28.65 KB, 414x389, 414:389, 2f9539d36e9d85082d5a6ca91b….jpg)

Do K-series i7 CPUs have VD-t removed/disabled on the actual chip or is that somewhere in the BIOS software? I have a i7 4770K that I'd like to overclock and use in conjunction with GPU passthrough in Gentoo. Sadly, it seems the jews at intel have disabled this functionality on CPUs with unlocked multipliers.

I was gifted this system, should I just replace the CPU or is there hope that there will be a work around for this at some point?



Where might some of the differences lie, and how might I work to increase my security and privacy (or really, understanding of), between operating systems?

I was attracted to Gentoo for the reasons mentioned, but decided to install GuixSD today just for the hell of it, a stateless system was attractive to me, but I'd like it's security and my privacy to be top knotch, even if it's just for the sake of learning.

So far I understand I should be looking at a secure OS and looking for full disk encryption, with my bootloader on a USB. But I'm not sure where to go from there for a /tech/ approved set up, or how to optimize my OS after installation. Any resources or pointers would be great.



The chip itself is jewed, unfortunately. You can forget about virtualization on this one.

The good news is that Intel stopped doing this faggotry since Devil's Canyon. Your CPU is literally the last K model that has VT-d jewed off, kek. If you manage to get your hands on a 4790K, it will work with VT-d and overclock. Make sure your mobo actually supports VT-d before you start shopping for a replacement CPU.



It references the (first four bytes of) memory occupied by var as if it were of int type.



Depends on the kind of porn it was.




A while ago (maybe two years) there was a thread about some german hacker that copied emails from a political slave/pedo ring in Germany and was killed by the mafia afterwords does someone has the name of the hacker and some screenshots of the mails in question ?



Next time before buying a HDD

Read the data sheets you'll learn useful info and you'll recognize what are the good ones.



>sadly the software i use don't have a Linux version and wouldn't work properly with wine

>gaymen detected

Like this >>746722 anon said just buy some cheap hardware to surf the web.

And stay offline for your game rig.




So I'm looking at $300+ just for GPU passthrough? kek indeed, I wonder if I could pass this CPU off on a normalfag and upgrade for cheaper. Thanks anon


File: 00b63d6c3aac986⋯.png (85.21 KB, 788x607, 788:607, ClipboardImage.png)



Pic related are the specs. Motherboard seems to support what I need. Not to sure about the GFX card in linux though everyone says AMD is better as of late. I haven't had a system so close to [current year] hardware is a long time so I'm unsure how support is on the high end. I want to build a computer I can run Gentoo on and still play the one or two games I play that don't work well in WINE.

Should I sell this off to a friend and start from scratch or just replace the CPU? Since everything is botnet now I'm not loyal to any company. I just want something to encode video on, play games, and have 4-6 monitors so I can use it on my TV and shitpost while watching/reading/playing stuff on other monitors.



Also I know the temps are high. It has the stock cooler and needs a good dusting. I don't really like the case either. I bought a good aftermarket cooler because I planned on overclocking it so I'm covered there once I get a free day to install it.



FDE protects you from theft of your data, and some attacks by certain unsophisticated adversaries with physical access to the machine. Even with FDE + /boot on removable media, a sophisticated attacker can still compromise your machine.

Develop a threat model. What/who are you trying to protect against?

Understand various Linux kernel hardening technologies, e.g. SELinux, AppArmor, Tomoyo, SMACK, etc. There used to be grsec, but he only gives access to the testing version of the patch now unless you pay.

Understand various exploit mitigations. Stack canaries, position independent executables, relro.

Understand various sandboxing technologies, e.g. firejail.

Now look at the different Linux distributions and see what they support. Fedora has out-of-the-box support for SELinux. Ubuntu has AppArmor. More important than the fact that they've enabled these technologies in their default kernels is that they've developed policies for them. Do they compile daemons and binaries that handle arbitrary information from the network as PIE binaries? Do they include firejail or other sandboxing technologies in their repos? If not, are you willing to find a distro that does, or make sure you keep it up to date yourself?

Speaking of repos, does the distro's package manager check package signing? Is the distro good about key management/security? What are their security policies? Debian testing, for example, is garbage for security. They are quite explicit about the fact that Debian testing is very low priority for their security team. They get around to it if they can. Their focus is Debian stable. A lot of Debian testing users don't know that.

So develop your threat model. Then decide which of the available combinations of techniques and technologies will most acceptably mitigate the threats in your threat model. Then find a distro that is close to what you need. You likely won't find a perfect one. But if you find a close one, it will be less work for you to, e.g. keep a custom kernel up to date if that's what you have to do, or recompile certain packages with hardening options.

But as you can tell by what's above, you'll probably end up with some kind of kernel hardening + executable/daemon hardening + sandboxing. Add a good firewall policy. Then don't do dumb stuff like running network sniffing programs or web browsers as a privileged user. Actually, the less time you spend using a modern web browser or, indeed, even connected to the internet at all, the safer you are.


Got a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM (8GB) and I keep getting various programs crashing on 32-bit Windows XP and I'm not sure why. I know 32-bit OSs are limited to roughly 3 GB of detected RAM but I ran on 2GB for a decade and never had this sort of problem. I did a memtest a few days ago and my RAM seems fine. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm not dumping WinXP.

This may also be a problem on linux distros but I haven't had the time to test it yet.


trying to install libfpx in the AUR but it fails to install, not sure what to do. Anyone have any suggestions


File: 72397217ed2bb56⋯.png (66.61 KB, 1938x1048, 969:524, stabilitytest3.png)

File: db9dd694ae163cd⋯.png (64.49 KB, 1938x1048, 969:524, stabilitytest2.png)

Under a full synthetic load my CPU temps peak at 90 C on core #1

Is this something I should worry about? I also did not experience throttle. At what temps should I start to see some throttling? 95 degrees C?

My motherboard itself also hovered around 90 degrees.


I'm looking for an old thread (or the operating system it was about) that was on /tech/.

It started with something like "Why doesn't /tech/ talk more about this?", but it wasn't like a bait post. It started with a screenshot of the OS's desktop and it wasn't based on *nix. I only had the time to briefly review the OS's website itself.

I think the website was a dull teal color and the website design itself looked old-fashioned (like a decent looking 90s to early 2000s website). But the OS itself was a recent thing. I think the features that impressed me were it targeting low-end hardware and some focus on security.

The thread had a few responses, but couldn't have been more than 10 or 15.

Does anyone happen to know what I'm talking about and/or have an archive to that thread?

The OS's name, I think was just 1 word without any acronyms.


Is it safe to pay for a VPN using a credit card?

If not, is it safe to pay for bitcoin using a credit card?



Temple OS?


hey guys, I have a query. My brother is a doctor and he wants to automate the taking in input to generate reports and diagnosis and keeps some sort of database of them third world country so he has no money for a computer so he uses his android smartphone for this(he has a bluetooth keyboard for it). so the problems are the following, excel SHOULD work but he says it has an erratic behavior, digging he found out he can use macros on the online version of word to do the things he wants, however, he doesn't know how to use vba(and neither do I) and before starting with this I'd like to know if anyone knows about another option to the same (without having to go through microsoft if possible)



Plan9? BeOS?



Maybe Google Docs would work?



he wants to automatize the process of creating the reports, not just storing them



thanks, screencapped for future reference


File: 13061b345e5b675⋯.png (70.47 KB, 472x350, 236:175, cats.png)

How easy would it be replace some arch partitions on a dual boot drive with windows, with a set of gentoo partitions? Would I have to reinstall windows all over again, essentially completely wiping the drive?



maybe i should rephrase this, somethign to automatize the process of datatyping(like already having a set of "tags" that would switch every time we press enter, like name + enter + address...) and preferably having a way to access all the data from a given users(in case there are several consults)


???you just delete the / partition and use it for gentoo, swap doesn't need to be formated, and if you have /home that doesn't have to be formated either(it'll contain your files but also your configuration files which you might want to delete beforehand to try to not get shit fucked), seriously if you don't know something like this you probably shouldn't be using gentoo just yet, you'll just get frustrated



And is Void Linux basically Arch minus Systemd? I see it's a binary release distro, and thats what I'm currently looking for on my laptop, a no fuss quick install binary distro.



Damn that's awesome, sounds ez. And no I'm gonna use it, I just worry whenever my precious windows dual boot is involved since it took me forever to get that right



if you dont touch the windows partition then nothing will happen to it, generally dual boot problems arise when you install windows ater linux is already on the disk becuase microsoft is full of dicks and they replace grub with their own boot manager which ignores linux even exists (which is still easy to fix but it shouldn't need to be in the first place)



I'm really offended that you think I shouldn't be installing gentoo, but I know it's because deep down, I too think I'm not ready. But I will learn, senpai


I need your help /tech/

I'm currently studying programming and software development at a shitty institute of technology in my piece of shit third-world country. I've been taught how to do simple business-oriented programs in Java and Visual Basic, but I feel like I'm never going to get anywhere with this kind of knowledge.

I'm afraid that once I'm finished I'll have a bunch of useless knowledge compared to other programmers who studied in a university or something. I've no intention of abandoning my studies but I'd like to know if there's some online resources or books that will help me complement the things I'm currently learning and make me into a better programmer. What do?

I don't want to end up as a wageslave stuck in a shitty dead-end job.




I combed through the archived catalog and found it.


I misremembered the website color.

But it was Genode.


I have a Z77X-UD3H motherboard with a wifi card. I use the wifi card to host wifi in the apartment. The problem is that after it is on for a while, it fucks up the lan internet on the PC - it starts loading pages slower and slower. It seems to be somewhat dns related, but I am not even completely sure about that. I am doing it through cmd commands like "netsh wlan start hostednetwork" on Windows 7. It has a password. Turning it off doesn't immediately fix it. It might require a combination of several "ipconfig /flushdns" and restarts.

Any ideas?




Get involved in some Foss projects


I fell for the motherfucking website meme and now it looks very black and white. I looked at some free templates and they are being shady (login to download etc.). How can I design a simple website with minimum pajeetscript, which looks modern and good, but not as modern as two words per page or bloated.



>is linux gaming good yet?

Why do you want to play modern games? They are crap. Just install wine and enjoy old games.







What kind of website are you trying to make here? Describe what you want.



Personal website with a top menu and several article pages. A footer will also be good. It should be colorful and pleasing. There can be some images on the top.


What's the standard way that people make changes to an existing mysql (or otherwise) db?

Use an administrative tool like phpmyadmin to make changes to the tables manually, then generate the DDL for the table's existing structure with something like sqldump so that other contributors can build the db?



I'm a fan of using CSS buttons for top page navigation. You can make them look nice using borders, shadows, and gradient shading.



Well at long last the problem actually seems to be that some of the cores on my new CPU. When I was installing the stock cooler onto it I kind of misaligned it at first and had to move it a bit, smudging the square of thermal paste it came with. Is it possible this has caused damage to it? Or is this just a case of a bad factory result and I should be able to easily get this RMA'ed?



that some of the cores on my new CPU are bad*



Wow, can't say I've ever heard of that one.


how easy is it to get a lcd screen and use it with a beaglebone black?



>My motherboard itself also hovered around 90 degrees.

Isn't that really hot ? I have never seen a motherboard of mine hotter than 30°C...



I always hear BBB has shit graphics


File: 0885b711df2d986⋯.jpg (46.64 KB, 620x413, 620:413, vx4tdwhi4x2q8hqxex8c.jpg)

Is it possible to dual boot as such:

shared home partition, shared swap partition and boot partition on USB, and the whole disk encrypted? I imagine I couldn't share a home folder without having some highly cautious configs and encryption set up, in order not to screw the whole thing up.

If so, my next question would be:

Can I shrink my home directory on an already installed GNU/Linux distro to allow room for a second OS?



upvoting question, please respond



Do Foss projects in Java and VB actually exist?


Does anyone know if the AMD Opteron 6300 line of CPUs have PSP?



They don't, and in fact one of the Opteron boards makes for the only set of hardware certified fully libre by the FSF.



:-) I know. I gotta get me one in a hurry.



yes to all questions



Yo /tech/,

My Windows 8.1 is fucking up once again, so I've been wondering.

Windows 7 or Linux, which is a better alternative?

Also, which one is easier for a normalfag to use/instal?


How do I move my boot partition to USB AFTER install?




Ok, the wise guy, let's see if you can answer this one: >>749203



You must have a lot of money.


How do I deal with EFI/UEFI fuckery when trying to install GRUB? I have a bunch of OS partitions that all just got fucked up by NT Loader from a Windows reinstall and now I can't seem to simply run grub-install to fix them.


unix pros, I have a very poor understanding when it comes to the mechanics of the shell.

would it be possible to execute a command like grep to read from stdin while executing some other script and watching the stdout (from the same terminal)?

i would appreciate unix literature recommendations


I have a question.

How can I link my facebook account to 8chan?

Every time I make a post I want it to automatically appear on my timeline




Update: I found a working pirate of Data Recovery Wizard Professional and was able to get back pretty much everything I lost. Thanks a lot to the anon who linked that Wikipedia article with the list of the recovery programs; I feel like I knew about that sort of thing already (nothing being permanently deleted from your computer, I mean) but was just in too much of a panic to know where to go next. Unfortunately, a lot of the recovered files are corrupted and can't be viewed/opened. Are there any reliable programs out there that are capable of repairing the following file types: DOCX*, GIF, JPG, PNG, TXT, XCF and XLSX*? For the non-image based ones, I'm even ok with something that simply takes the text from the original file and transfers it to a working copy as long as I get the base content back.

* = 2010 version



Think that would depend on the program in question's support for outputting to two things at once.


File: 055550d6f4c937d⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 480x270, 16:9, catching bugs.gif)


Dual boot both.


File: ef4dcd4c8306bdb⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, 1:1, costanza.gif)


Linux Mint.

Virtually identical to windows.


>recommending windows



File: 6ae7aeb03d2f754⋯.jpg (15.81 KB, 399x340, 399:340, 1494563928048.jpg)


Its called facebook integration. They are working on it. Soon. facebook too will have the privilege of having access to the highest quality memes on the internet



when did this place become a wonderland? I don't have to fill out a captcha to Tor post any more?

Are all Tor posters shadowbanned? What is going on?!



>would it be possible to execute a command like grep to read from stdin while executing some other script and watching the stdout (from the same terminal)?

Not sure i understand what you are asking, please clarify. But take a look at tee(1).

grep pat | tee /dev/tty | other script

>i would appreciate unix literature recommendations

The Unix Programming Environment, by Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike

Some of the specifics have changed in the 33 years since it was published but the ideas it teaches still apply today. I found it a an enjoyable read.



No idea but not filling out captchas is great.


File: 95a2f82382a522d⋯.jpg (27.98 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 95a2f82382a522dc3895f5480c….jpg)

I just want to cut a section of an mkv video file, could you please reccomend me a simply program free from premium nonses like watermarks, that can support mkv?

I've looked for lists online and it's always some shill website by the company making the product.







thank you.



you don't even need to re-encode

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -ss 00:05:15 -to 00:07:20 -c:a copy -c:v copy output.mkv



>when did this place become a wonderland?

yogapig pls go



Hello Anons. My Mint 18.1 desktop isn't loading. I get to the login screen, login, my wallpaper flashes briefly, disappears and then I'm left with nothing but a mouse cursor (the default mouse cursor, not the one I changed it to). If I right-click then what looks like a Cinnamon menu opens, but it is empty and without buttons.

As for the cause, lastnight I cleaned up the desktop menu, but I don't understand how removing menu shortcuts -- not files or programs -- would somehow break my desktop. Was it that, or something else? And how do I fix it?



File: e487dcd001158b9⋯.jpg (9.89 KB, 252x366, 42:61, 43263113.jpg)

I want to use fvwm95 as my WM on Slackware Linux, but when I compiled it via sbopkg and I try to startx, xorg says no screens found. xfce works just fine.


Is there a program for linux that lets me merge edit 2 text files and using a filter where it shows conflicts only when it has a entry on the filter list?



I don't know about the filter but you might want to try kdiff3 and meld.



Are there any downsides to duel booting both windows and mint?


So if I want to play games with friends I am still able to do this on Linux Mint?



I don't know where are you from, but you have to go back.


What will be the Ryzen equivalent of the AMD FX 6300 CPU?


Im testing out qutebrowser on windows. and i want to create some short cuts and aliases(writing 8 and then tech to arrive here, for example) but in setting i cant seem to write or edit them

how do i create does short cut on windows?


Is anyone familiar with malware called "qatuvdz"? I recently saw this in my process manager and after a quick search on google it seemed that it tracks personal info and makes your pc slower. I installed malwarebytes but it did not recognise it and I don't know how to get rid of it because all the results I get when googling it seem to be shady sites that try to get you to install software that seems to be malware as well.



Equivalent in what metric?


File: 2e61294187b8bad⋯.png (3.89 KB, 247x204, 247:204, index.png)

Is Void Linux basically Gentoo with the option of binary installs?

I'm running on an old x60t with 1G of ram, looking for something to accommodate such light resources, and Arch is discontinuing 32 bit. My only qualm with Gentoo is compile times, since my wifi reception is often poor, I can see this being a massive issue on this particular machine. What would you recommend? No systemd is a plus.



Gentoo has binary options for some packages. I've been running Gentoo for 2 years on my T60, and compile times aren't that big of an issue. The only packages I've noticed that have outrageous compile time are Firefox and webkit-gtk (fucking hate this piece of shit). Even Wine and GTK+3 manage reasonable times!



Can someone help me, please? I honestly have no idea what to do beyond installing a new OS.



In price and role.


>So if I want to play games with friends I am still able to do this on Linux Mint?

It depends on the game but yes (with a little tweaking).

For example if you want to play dawn of war vanilla, you just install playonlinux, then install dow 1 with dotnet20, directplay and dxfullsetup libraries. Then it works just like in windows.

Other games you just double click the .exe and wine auto installs it just like in windows (make sure to download libraroes through winetricks first).

If you want to play new games (past 1-2 years) then you might want to dual boot, depending on how lazy you are but it could potentially save you a lot of time (although some games have linux .deb installers nowadays).


>Can someone help me, please? I honestly have no idea what to do beyond installing a new OS.

Post pictures/screenshots maybe?

Or google some terminal commands and how to boot into safe mode without loading the desktop.



I can't post screenshots as Cinnamon isn't loading. I can't even open a terminal using Ctrl-Alt-T.



So then you'd recommend Gentoo on the basis that compile times won't suck dick?



What kind of shortcuts do you mean exactly? You could bind a keybinding using `:bind`, or add a quickmark (press `m` on this page), name it `8tech`, and then do `o` and enter `8tech` there.


My Dell XPS charger stopped

working recently. The cable that connects to the laptop itself has a blue light indicator that no longer turns on with any power socket in the house.

It did turn on when I plugged it in to a socket outside my house though I couldn't test it long enough to check if it would eventually fail.

What do? It's still under warranty.




i want to do what he does there, its pretty cool. i think he edits the .config file, but i dont know where to find that on windows or how to do that



Sounds like a hardware issue. Get a new one.



I see, I'll call support to ask for a replacement then.

The cable does not show any signs of physical damage. Could it simply be a defective charger?



I think I got rid of it but I have no idea what the souce of it was. Apparently I had a shit-ton of other malware on my pc as well.



Ryzen 3 will hit this price range when it lands next quarter. You'll need to be more precise with "role".



I mean about CPU power, relative to the price and type of prcesor.



Either just do `:set searchengines name url`, or edit the configfile in `%LOCALAPPDATA%/qutebrowser`.



"CPU power" under what workloads? You know damn well how CPUs' relative performance can change quite dramatically depending on what they're benchmarked in.



I want certain text files to start upon booting up and logging in. Is this something I can do within some hidden config like files, or should I write a script for it?



yep i found it on /localdata and it works now

do you now how to make the scrolling faster? i mean, im pressing 'j' and 'k' to move up and down, but itbarely moves and i need to hold it for a log time or press it a bunch of times.

also, browsing 8ch with a mouse you can just hover over the post number and see the reply, which is nice since clicking over all the replies and then going back its annoying. is there a way to do that on qutebrowser?


how do i bypass Easy Anti Cheat for an online video game?



lain idiot



this includes used items on ebay?





>and Arch is discontinuing 32 bit.

Just up the RAM and install 64bit. The X60 can hol up to 8 jiggabits


File: 267994f58db6c68⋯.jpg (598.83 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Transmission.jpg)


If I make my torrent client "require" encrypted connections, does this prevent my ISP from seeing what I leech and/or seed?

Does it lessen the chances of getting mafiaa'd?


Okay so I went to the debugging page for php on the official website and I see people unironically recommending that I debug things by commenting out blocks of code until i isolate the error and all that

This is an incredible waste of productivity. Do other backend languages/frameworks allow for easier debugging?


What is the most uncucked x86 CPU.


File: 2bd03dfe525b0d4⋯.mp4 (8.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Honkstreet Girls - Everybo….mp4)


>any downsides

The windows and linux partitions have to be divided, so if you use one more than the other, you'll take up space faster. ganhu is pretty lightweight for the most part, beware the KDE, and on linux it's pretty easy to mount the windows partition. I'd recommend debian over mint but they're nearly the same.


Only some. Wine can't handle DirectX11, and you have to compile wine from source if you want the latest updates, such as not being a pain in the ass when installing the .NET framework.

also, give a tiling wm, such as i3 a try sometime, you might like it

Webm unrelated



It stops the ISP seeing what your traffic is, but remember your IP is exposed to everyone in the torrent. A copyright holder can still get a hold of this, and file a complaint with your ISP. It slightly lessens your chances of getting caught, but you're really protecting yourself against the wrong adversary; your ISP isn't motivated to charge you with copyright violation. Use a VPN instead, or get a seed box.



>Do other backend languages/frameworks allow for easier debugging?

Erlang certainly does. You can attach debuggers to running code, and even patch it on the fly without even interrupting service.

Really though, you should be doing your testing with unit tests, and pretty much every language on the planet lends itself to better software engineering practises than PHP.


I ran this script ~/torchroot-setup.sh unprivileged once and as root the second time

export TORCHROOT=/opt/torchroot

mkdir -p $TORCHROOT
mkdir -p $TORCHROOT/etc/tor
mkdir -p $TORCHROOT/dev
mkdir -p $TORCHROOT/usr/bin
mkdir -p $TORCHROOT/usr/lib
mkdir -p $TORCHROOT/usr/share/tor
mkdir -p $TORCHROOT/var/lib

ln -s /usr/lib $TORCHROOT/lib
cp /etc/hosts $TORCHROOT/etc/
cp /etc/host.conf $TORCHROOT/etc/
cp /etc/localtime $TORCHROOT/etc/
cp /etc/nsswitch.conf $TORCHROOT/etc/
cp /etc/resolv.conf $TORCHROOT/etc/
cp /etc/tor/torrc $TORCHROOT/etc/tor/

cp /usr/bin/tor $TORCHROOT/usr/bin/
cp /usr/share/tor/geoip* $TORCHROOT/usr/share/tor/
cp /lib/libnss* /lib/libnsl* /lib/ld-linux-*.so* /lib/libresolv* /lib/libgcc_s.so* $TORCHROOT/usr/lib/
cp $(ldd /usr/bin/tor | awk '{print $3}'|grep --color=never "^/") $TORCHROOT/usr/lib/
cp -r /var/lib/tor $TORCHROOT/var/lib/
chown -R tor:tor $TORCHROOT/var/lib/tor

sh -c "grep --color=never ^tor /etc/passwd > $TORCHROOT/etc/passwd"
sh -c "grep --color=never ^tor /etc/group > $TORCHROOT/etc/group"

mknod -m 644 $TORCHROOT/dev/random c 1 8
mknod -m 644 $TORCHROOT/dev/urandom c 1 9
mknod -m 666 $TORCHROOT/dev/null c 1 3

if [[ "$(uname -m)" == "x86_64" ]]; then
cp /usr/lib/ld-linux-x86-64.so* $TORCHROOT/usr/lib/.
ln -sr /usr/lib64 $TORCHROOT/lib64
ln -s $TORCHROOT/usr/lib ${TORCHROOT}/usr/lib64

And it seems to have permanently messed up my install. (For example, /etc/resolv.conf doesn't exist anymore after reboot even if I create it.)

Is there any way to fix this other than a complete reinstall?


File: d1641cd88930002⋯.webm (2.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2muchWaifuRuinsYourLaifu.webm)

>using cmus

>pirate my music

>sometimes comes out w/borked tags

>use id3v2 to fix them

>want to do it directly in cmus

:run id3v2 -a Dragonforce {}

>segmentation fault

Anything else with :run results in similar results.

:run "id3v2 -a Dragonforce {}"
:run something
:run echo
:run quit

wat do.



You can do something like `:bind -f j run-with-count 5 scroll down` (and the same with k and scroll up). Or you could bind it to :scroll-px instead, but that won't work on all websites...

As for hovering links: Either use the mouse, or use ;h to hover links via hints.




it works!

im guessing that 5 is the speed number, right? if i use 8 instead it would go faster, right?

>or use ;h to hover links via hints.


this thing is gr8 thanks

men, let me ask you something else, is qutebrowser at least as safe and private as firefox with its addons like https, unblock, selfdestructing cookies, privacy badger, ramdon agent spoofer?

is there a way to add firefox addons and greasefork scritps to qutebrowser?

also, sometimes the browser gives me a --PASSTHROUGH MODE--

wats dat?



> im guessing that 5 is the speed number, right? if i use 8 instead it would go faster, right?

Yes - qutebrowser simulates cursor down keypresses, and that 5 means it "presses" that key 5 times.

> men, let me ask you something else, is qutebrowser at least as safe and private as firefox with its addons like https, unblock, selfdestructing cookies, privacy badger, ramdon agent spoofer?

Install the QtWebKit-NG or QtWebEngine backend (start with --backend webengine) if it's available on your distribution for a more secure backend.

As for those addons - some of those are probably not possible to implement for qutebrowser currently, others are already implemented, and others will come with https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/issues/27 and https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/issues/30

> is there a way to add firefox addons and greasefork scritps to qutebrowser

Firefox addons: No. There might be some partial support for WebExtensions in the future, but it's hard to tell what's possible. I haven't looked at it yet.

Greasemonkey/Greasefork: Yes, but not yet - see https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/issues/341

> also, sometimes the browser gives me a --PASSTHROUGH MODE--

> wats dat?

A mode (entered with ctrl-v in normal mode) where all keys (apart for escape) are passed through to the website.


File: 46b6f4249896f87⋯.jpg (8.87 KB, 250x190, 25:19, __tn_1257639081374.jpg)

I have a WNDR3700 netgear router, should I keep updating the software or can I install in it something better?


> infinity watchlist

> loading lag and reply tracking

for god sake people, Dashchan has spoiled me from using 8ch on the PC...is there any browser app that doesn't make you want to kill yourself?

how hard is to get dashchan running on loonix?


File: f3653c96d08f39d⋯.jpg (71.85 KB, 400x225, 16:9, cat5.jpg)

What is the best way to extend a Cat 5 cable?

What I usually do is to solder each corresponding wires and cover everything in heat shrink tubing like pic related.

Is this halal or my zeros and ones are spilling all over the place?



In my Gentoo installation, I skipped making a passwd and user account. Can I just do it later or did I shoot myself in the foot?



>Can I just do it later




>your ISP isn't motivated to charge you with copyright violation.

Your ISP can not charge you for copyrights they do not hold. That would not make any sense, that is not how copyright works.



ok perfect, just did it. How long does the install take after updating @world set?



>How long does the install take after updating @world set?

I do not remember, it has been a while since I used Gentoo. But if you are worried about how much time it is taking I would recommend not using Gentoo, it can be a pain.



kdiff3 and meld has only a black list type for filtering text and they don't offer a white list filtering variant at all, I tried both of them but none helped of those tools helped me editing 2 huge files for merging those files contains a large list of several one line items which describes the traders item sell/buy/supply behavior.


My PC shutdown from overheating during a gentoo install, how do I pick up where I left off?



Seriously? Is that the way Certified® 1337 Cisco professionals do permanent cable extensions?


is rsync safe if the files that are being copied from could become corrupted on subsequent backups?


Sorry if this doesn't long here, but what kind of TDP overhead should I plan for when searching for parts? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3gDfcc

Yes, I know what the site says is the TDP, but sites can be wrong. I just want to know if a 500W PSU (and stock case fans) is sufficient for this specific build.



> if it's available on your distribution

im on windows atm

another question if you dont mind... how can i select some text and then search that text on another tab?

lets say i want to select QtWebEngine and then search it on DDG, or use w command for wikipedia and search it there, for example



Only up to a limit, after which you need a repeater to boost the signal.



Urgh, that's the point. At best they could snitch on you, but again, they have no motivation to do so.



A true professional would rerun the line with premium gold plated Monster® cables.


Is there a way to set up an rss feed so it catches new 8chan posts?



Also, how the fucking hell do I do the CPU+thermal paste+heatsink part of the build? Can I trust the paste that comes on the chip when I get it?



TDP refers to heat dissipation, not power consumption.

If you're planning on overclocking you should get 600w to be safe. Get a Cryorig M9i instead of the 212 Evo, it's newer, cheaper, performs slightly better.





>Sorry if this doesn't long here, but what kind of TDP overhead should I plan for when searching for parts? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3gDfcc

>Yes, I know what the site says is the TDP, but sites can be wrong. I just want to know if a 500W PSU (and stock case fans) is sufficient for this specific build.


>Also, how the fucking hell do I do the CPU+thermal paste+heatsink part of the build? Can I trust the paste that comes on the chip when I get it?

Simply add the total wattage requirements, and get a PSU with a single 12v rail who's max wattage is at least 10-25% higher than your system requirements. Feel free to spend more on a PSU with higher efficiency provided doing so is within your budget.



>Is there a way to set up an rss feed so it catches new 8chan posts?

I thought 8ch provides RSS already?



>is rsync safe if the files that are being copied from could become corrupted on subsequent backups?

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking, though corrupted files are corrupted files. It is of no concern to think of rsync in this question.



>Read the goddam FAQ

-_- my bad, thanks.



That depends on which hardware revision you have there. You can install OpenWRT/LEDE or Gargoyle on revisions 1, 2 and 4. Revs 3 and 5 didn't work completely last time I checked.

Your revision should be marked on the packaging and within the web interface.



>-_- my bad, thanks.

But anon, I was not rude to you. These sorts of questions are why support threads exist.



suppose that I use rsync on file a, at location A, to sync it with file a at location B.

Suppose that i perform this operation again, with file a at location A being corrupted.

What happens? Will rsync fuck up my backup?

*scratches chin with paws, gets out a stack of stickies and starts doing very advanced mathematical proofs, but accidentally proves that the set of his poopoop is disjoint from his colon and shits himself*




Alright little Pajeet, I think I may understand what you are asking. rsync is just going to copy the file. If your disk is corrupt, or more accurately the sector of the disk that contains this file is corrupt, then yes copying a file to it and then from it most likely would not be a good idea. You could try to poo in it, though I'm not sure what that would solve.



well, rsync works by checking the modification date on both files. So even though the content of file A had changed, if the modification date was still identical between both files, i should be fine, right?



>well, rsync works by checking the modification date on both files. So even though the content of file A had changed, if the modification date was still identical between both files, i should be fine, right?

If the data was important, I would consider whatever this process you are trying to accomplish to be unsafe and look for an alternative. If the risk of your data being corrupt is not a concern then yea, sure, try it fam.



Not shitting up the support threads is exactly why FAQs exist.


Is it possible to do terminal DNS lookup with Tor? I know programs that support socks5 proxies can use the local Tor service or even use torsocks [program] with mixed results, but either way a program ends up connecting to a service over Tor. Why is it that programs are able to connect but a DNS lookup with host or nslookup fails? Does Tor use its own method of DNS lookup? How can I use it to resolve DNS given a hostname?



>If I make my torrent client "require" encrypted connections, does this prevent my ISP from seeing what I leech and/or seed?


>Does it lessen the chances of getting mafiaa'd?

Not necessarily.

Requiring encryption just makes it so the data sent cannot be seen by anyone outside of the torrent swarm. Anyone in the swarm is able to see what you're downloading, and usually companies catch users by being in the swarm to keep track of who the peers are downloading/seeding the copyrighted files.

There's nothing wrong with requiring encryption, but you're not protecting yourself against the right entity in this manner. A good proxy/VPN is what you should be using.


>Are there any downsides to duel booting both windows and mint?

You can only boot into 1 OS at a time. Partitioning isn't too difficult (if you install WIndows first) but remember that it cuts down on available disk space. You'd also have to be careful on where to save files if you want them to be accessible to both OS's. (Linux can read NTFS, but Windows cannot read ext4.)

>So if I want to play games with friends I am still able to do this on Linux Mint?

Depends on the game. Think of games you play with friends and look up either "linux [game]" or "wine [game]" to get an idea of compatibility. I got around this by using a gaming VM, but I had to plan my computer build around it.


Got an android phone that appears to have been exploited. When I take a photo from my phone and run it through exiv2 it hits the comment block and then overflows.

Fortunately the payload doesn't seem to be configured in a way that exploits my linux box so I didn't just fuck up my day completely.

Anyway what should I do with this? I've done some searches and learned that EXIF based attacks on Android have been a thing since at least 2007 with a big one found last year.

If this is a 0day permutation on an old exploit it would seem irresponsible to just wipe the phone and start over without at least sending a sample to someone. Who's legit and worth submitting reports to for Android stuff? My phone is on 6.0.1 which is the newest I can get on this device AFAIK.

I guess the exploit IS a risk on other platforms, its just that the payload isn't tailored for this machine.

Fuck I hate phones.



DNS lookups are usually udp but tor only supports tcp. DNS lookups are done by exit nodes.

>How can I use it to resolve DNS given a hostname?




>Is it possible to do terminal DNS lookup with Tor?

The tor-resolve program bundled with Tor does exactly that.

>Does Tor use its own method of DNS lookup?

The client program asks Tor to connect to a given target (either hostname or IP address) through the SOCKS protocol, Tor then tunnels the request to an exit node and the exit node performs necessary DNS resolving to make the final connection. Special case is made for .onion pseudohostnames, which do not have an associated IP but are instead routed entirely within the Tor network.


I'd like to dual boot into Windows on my new computer, and I think I might have to make it Windows 10 that I'll install for that... what can I do to minimize its data harvesting? What are some security practices that I should keep in mind?



I saved this sometime ago, might help:

> Download Windows 10 Enterprise ltsb (no other version can guarantee anything)

> Disable settings for maximum privacy during installation

> Go through settings after installation and disable everything

> Run services.msc, stop and disable:

Bluetooth Support Service



Remove Desktop Services

Remote Registry

Sensor Monitoring Service

Sensor Service

Windows Error Reporting

Xbox Live Auth Manager

Xbox Live Game Save

Xbox Live Networking Service

> Run the Task Scheduler, disable and remove all triggers for:

Microsoft/Windows/Application Experience/Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser

Microsoft/Windows/Application Experience/ProgramDataUpdater


Microsoft/Windows/Customer Experience Improvement Progeam/Consolidator

Microsoft/Windows/Customer Experience Improvement Progeam/KernelCeipTask

Microsoft/Windows/Customer Experience Improvement Progeam/UsbCeip

> Run gpedit.msc go to Administrative/All Settings/ and configure the following:

Allow Cortana - Disable

Allow input personalization - Disable

Allow search and Cortana to use location - Disable

Allow Telemetry - Enable and set options to "0 - Off [Enterprise Only]"

Allow the use of biometrics - Disable

Configure Automatic Updates - Disable

Disable pre-release features or settings - Disable

Disable Windows Error Reporting - Enable

Do not allow web search - Enable

Do not send additional data - Enabled

Don't search the web or display web results in Search - Enable

Enable/Disable PrefTrack - Disable

Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage - Enable

Set what information is shared in Search - Enabled and set options to "Anonymous Info"

Turn off Application Telemetry - Enabled

Turn off Automatic Learning - Enabled

Turn off handwriting personalization data sharing - Enabled

Turn off handwriting recognition error reporting - Enabled

Turn off Inventory Collector - Enabled

Turn off Managing SmartScreen Filter for Internet Explorer 8 - Enable

Turn off Steps Recorder - Enabled

Turn off the Windows Messenger Customer Experience Improvement Program - Enabled

Turn off the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program - Enabled

Turn off Windows Defender - Enabled



Thanks, anon




Thanks. I wonder why no search results mentioned tor-resolve as a replacement for nslookup or host. That's exactly what I wanted.


How do I uninstall void?



void linux I mean.




anon dont get mad at me for asking question pls



ITP: how to cripple your system with placebo

Why not read the privacy policy and terms of service (y'know, the contract Microsoft asks you to agree or refuse as part of the Windows license you purchase) before even installing the OS?



Rate my partition scheme, dual booting Gentoo and GuixSD:

/sda1: primary, gentoo root

/sda2: primary, GuixSD root

/sda3: shared drive so I can mount and share files

/sda4: logical

/sda5: Gentoo home

/sda6: GuixSD home

/sda7: Gentoo boot

/sda8: GuixSD boot

/sda9: swap

Now I just gotta work on encrypting the whole damn thing


test. test.



did I fuck up by putting roots at /dev/sda1 & 2? Should they be "farther out" on the disk since that increases the read/write speed since the disk spins faster at it edges??

Or is /dev/sda1 the farthest point out?


Hi /tech/ where can I buy this game?


>In the future, after an era of "Political Correctness and equality",[1] humanity is divided into two hostile factions. Each faction represents one of humanity's two genders, the Males (who are ruled by a Patriarch) and the Females (who are ruled by a Matriarch), both of which behave in stereotypical manners (for instance, the Males being crude and focusing too much of drinking beer, the Females being easily distracted by fashion-related merchandise), and which may try to eliminate each other and capture each other's rulers. Either faction sometimes conduct raids against the other faction to steal reproductive cells, in order to produce more members for each side.

>The player has to choose between the Male faction (who tries to capture the Matriarch) or the Female faction (who tries to capture the Patriarch). Regardless of the player's initial choice, the victorious faction of the two will put the remaining members of the defeated faction into servitude. The game ends by mentioning a rebellion caused by men and women working together, taking place a few years after the end of the Gender Wars.



Yes. /root should be kept somewhere in the middle. swap should be first.




Why even care about swap performance? Linux should ideally never swap.




First partition is the most outwards one.

The only thing you fucked up is not putting root on a separate SSD.


How do I make a youtube account without giving it my phone number?



Give youtube the phone number of someone else.



Very underrated post.



I will next time senpai


I have a BIOS machine.

Should I go MBR or GPT?


Does anyone have any thoughts on Gitgud.io v. Github?



there's practically no difference


File: d35d3e5c3751faa⋯.jpg (72.73 KB, 576x576, 1:1, gnu.jpg)

A question for unix people:

How do you attach the input of a command-line / curses program to an IP address so you can telnet into it? For example, let users telnet in to reach an old BBS system or one of the BSD games like mille or robots without going through authentication.



One is run by chan autists and the other by neon-haired tumblr cancer. Decide which you trust more.



Create a new user on your system and set its shell to the program you want.



Google accounts don't require a phone number.


Im having a weird problem with my laptop. Im using opera browser with xubuntu and for some reason it wont connect to 8chan. Every other website works fine but 8chan. Could this just be a setting in the browser fucking up? I havent updated anything between this problem occuring and when it worked.

Anyone else had one website not work? If so how did you fix it?



and how would I verify it?


Yes, they do.



>/sda7: Gentoo boot

>/sda8: GuixSD boot

wtf are you doing?



Blackmail ask that somebody else for the activation code he received.


I'm trying to compile linux-libre 4.9 with the last testing grsec available, but am getting errors and don't know what I'm doing.

I thought I might as well ask if anyone knows if someone has already done it already and made it puplicly available somehwere?


Where should I upload a 7gb romset? Ideally somewhere that won't sell me out or take it down too quickly



I found the fix for the referer error. In about:config, set




sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root


GPT unless you also use Windows



Sorry, I wasn't clear but I was looking for a solution that works in userspace. How could a normal user do this? I'm looking for something like a telnet server that can run on an arbitrary port and forward everything to whatever program you tell it to. Telnet has control characters that it needs to send for the connection to be interactive by character and not by line. I've looked up some tutorials for netcat and ncurses but I can't get them to do what I want.


Does Privatix count as a VPN? I can't afford shit apart from free right now.

Short version I'm thinking of applying for moving over-seas, but I'm concerned my own government will fuck me over. What should I be looking into?



Post the errors.


File: a7a1990181d4e90⋯.png (177.39 KB, 316x321, 316:321, 1452743617170.png)

Is there a way to Activate my copy of Windows 10 Enterprise Edition without downgrading to Pro or Home?

Legit or otherwise. I don't care, was willing to pay for a key at first but they don't even sell Enterprise Keys.



Also, since I'm running Enterprise can I upgrade to LTSB?

Or would I still have to do a fresh install?



yes, librebooting so kiketel and amd cant spy on you.


although it is a botnet and i'd use the utmost caution while using it, google has a service where you can make a phone call through their system. you might also be able to text but i'm not sure.

doesn't being in central asia basically mean the nsa can't come to get you anyway? thats where all the best cybercriminals come from isnt it?


for some reason pacman isn't searching official repositories. Can't update some programs and can't install things like wine. Any idea why this is and how I can fix it? I did look through arch wiki but I'm kinda puzzled where to even begin though...


Is there any other sites similar to mixtape.moe for uploading files?


I'm fucking stumped, been dealing with my old dell n1710 for the past week.

It started when the fan failed, CPU started thermal throttling. I ordered a new one and installed it.

Still was thermal throttling, took it apart cleaned off the old paste applied new, tried to make sure the heat sink was seated properly.

Its still slowing to a crawl after 5-10 mins after boot

CPU is under 50C heat sink is working. Ram is fine only 2/8gb in use. Ran checkdisk recently



File: 1b765de75d68310⋯.jpg (125.71 KB, 1194x747, 398:249, archiveis.jpg)

File: cc41b2f3e4d2e18⋯.jpg (50.86 KB, 1097x562, 1097:562, archiveis2.jpg)

archive.is is offline for me, but everyone else is using it as if nothing happened. Any ideas?





I can't figure out NetworkManager. wifi-menu worked perfectly fine before but then I enabled NetworkManager and now it won't connect to the internet. Any help?



Google requires your phone number before they let you use that service.



Start by checking which mirrors you have enabled in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist (I suspect you haven't enabled any) and if that doesn't help, check enabled repos at the end of /etc/pacman.conf


How do i remove retarded emoticons from unicode?


File: 321b9b961127e1b⋯.jpg (73.54 KB, 1206x760, 603:380, archivetoday.JPG)


Same deal.


File: 5c740939b4982a2⋯.jpg (88.13 KB, 1137x733, 1137:733, archivetoday2.JPG)




I tried archive.fo here.


It's still dead now.






McVeigh the Unicode Consortium.


trying to play a game and I get this errore

./runner: error while loading shared libraries: libcrypto.so.1.0.0

please help


File: 3b34b98cdcf5fce⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 1016x568, 127:71, fugg tank.jpg)


File: d394c42134e3f97⋯.jpg (44.34 KB, 480x455, 96:91, frowning on your conclusio….jpg)


Read the fucking error message you nigger.


File: f9975ae4d86b41a⋯.jpg (113.01 KB, 808x609, 808:609, sensibleNiggers.jpg)




>can't look up "pomf clones"


IPFS is good if you don't mind keeping your PC on the entire time. Making a torrent is another good option.

If it needs to be a "cloud" service, either go with mega or a pomf clone largest maximum file size I've seen on a pomf clone is 2gb, so no matter what you'll have to cut the file up into smaller parts. They still have to follow copyright law, but most companies don't really give a fuck about some NEET sharing some old vidya with some tiny vietnamese llama wool appreciation forum, so odds are they won't take it down.



I figured I'd need to use a loader.

Just wasn't sure where to look.

Last time I used one I got from God knows where and very bad things happened.


File: 78b7ca6847eed0d⋯.png (6.18 KB, 303x193, 303:193, not supported.png)


Also, that link is for Windows 7 so the loader doesn't work.

It says to use KMSPico but doesn't provide a link like it did for DAZ



File: 82f81ce6620d6b4⋯.png (28.69 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, fuckery.png)





Everything is working.

On a side-note, when I downloaded KMSPIco I could not run it.

I'd click it, nothing would happen, I knew something was up, and then I noticed this.

(in the picture)

Windows was treating the folder like a "restricted website"

Copying and pasting the installer into my general download folder allowed me to open it up from there.

Did they think I wouldn't notice and just give up?




Is it posible to route qutebrowser trough tor? how


I downloaded tor browser and followed the instructions on their website but when I run the executable nothing happens. It should show the connection window then launch the browser. Tried both 64 and 32 bit versions, same thing. How can I get it to start?


File: da56408d1c45402⋯.jpg (42.57 KB, 640x480, 4:3, shruggeru.jpg)


I was suggesting you use windows 7 since there's really no reason to use 10 other than work, and you'd expect your job to give you a key anyways but congrats m8.



What operating system? How did you run the executable?



Check his flag.



right okay. I tried reinstalling libcrypto and it doesn't find anything.



Gentoo, fresh install. Firefox standalone seems to work fine. I tried launching it from a terminal with ./start-tor-browser.desktop just like it says to on their website. Nothing happens when I launch it in htop. I extracted it in my home directory so there shouldn't be permission issues. I tried chmod +x on the .desktop file just in case, but it did nothing. Not sure where else to go from here.>>751261





Sorry, missed your answers. I'm not really following this thread (can I get a mail for replies somehow?), only a search for qutebrowser here.

With the next release, the Windows builds are going to use QtWebEngine. There are some test builds here:



As for your other question, copy-paste is your easiest option currently - right click and copy, or ctrl-c in insert mode. Or you could write an userscript doing stuff with the selected text: https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/blob/master/doc/userscripts.asciidoc


See 13. on https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/blob/master/FAQ.asciidoc


what is some actually good antivirus software for windows 7?






If there is nothing on stack overflow, why don't you contribute to that mess you call a community?



* wait fuck, I don't know why I said that last part, just try contributing to stack overflow or some shit.



>Note this won’t give you the same amount of fingerprinting protection that the Tor Browser does

Is it safer to use tor like this than to use qutebrowser alone?


File: 202d3be04d8a1e5⋯.png (274.49 KB, 800x508, 200:127, 1476481854273-0.png)

I've spent a fuckton more time trying to fix this problem, and narrowed it down to 'sudo'. (I'm >>746681)

For some reason, any 'sudo' command takes a massive amount of time to start the first time, then works fine after that.

Searching online showed that I needed to add my hostname to /etc/hosts, but it was already there. A Red Hat support ticket showed that having a ton of groups could slow things down significantly, but I've only got 68 (https://access.redhat.com/solutions/430643).

Has anyone come across this problem too? Would it be related to number of packages?


File: f2fd3c37af3b4af⋯.mp4 (3.09 MB, 640x360, 16:9, nonfree.mp4)

Someone told me to post it here.

USE="deblob debug ssp bindinst mmx sse sse2 -jit -boundschecking X crypt latex gtk vim-syntax threads python xattr hardened pic pax_kernel chroot secure_delete webrsync-gpg -qt4 perl unicode jpeg png readline icu cryptsetup gnutls -suid clang tcpd pam symlink -systemd -geolocation -sslv3 -tls-heartbeat -binary -mysql networkmanager octave"

CFLAGS="-march=native -O3 -fforce-addr -pipe"







INPUT_DEVICES="endev keyboard mouse"

I haven't installed yet, will this configuration fuck anything up? Planning to install i3-gaps, does the i3 from the repos have gaps or do I have to install from github?

Will install encrypted lvm.



RUSTFLAGS="-C target-cpu=native"



Check your PAM configuration. You might have some unwanted authentication module enabled that tries to connect to a remote user database or some stupid shit like that.

man PAM



File: 54ed9d4d03df433⋯.pdf (2.7 MB, genode-foundations-16-05.pdf)

I know about Tor and VPNs, and stuff like that, but I have image about how it all pieces together. I don't know how to tell whether or not I have a gaping hole in my security / privacy set up. Could someone post a comprehensive link that goes all the way from hardware back doors, to networking stuff?

My hardware, firmware and OS situation is pretty solid imo, soon to be librebooted with full disk encryption, but I have no fucking idea how to connect to the interet safely, or take care of a malicious program or whatever.

Willing to learn, willing to read just looking for resources.


Is LiveOverflow a chink? http://www.liveoverflow.com/

He got some interesting videos, but I won't watch them if he is a disgusting mongoloid.




yeah he sounds really asian

source: I've worked with a bunch before.


File: b570b3494f2dc50⋯.png (10.52 KB, 574x179, 574:179, 1.png)

File: 84cdfc31fc419ee⋯.png (3.71 KB, 274x55, 274:55, 2.png)

File: 3bb7d67a1f8da97⋯.png (9.8 KB, 410x174, 205:87, 3.png)

How do I fucking get rid of fucking undeletable fucking files fucking fuck AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


File: 7d42dc6adc60ed5⋯.png (11.38 KB, 415x192, 415:192, 4.png)




You run fsck.


File: acb895f6e95440b⋯.png (23.67 KB, 604x180, 151:45, uh - you dont get to brin….png)


File: 8c57a2667d2f31c⋯.jpg (15.43 KB, 400x293, 400:293, ahmed peace.jpg)


Boot into a gparted rescue environment (http://gparted.org/livecd.php) and boot into that, then run `fsck`.



but it's not about the pc itself, it's about a usb that has some files that I cannot delete from it



Sure it was 1.0.0?

why the fuck does a vidya need a crypto library?



There is an overlay called torbrowser. It worked the last time I used it.


what's a quick and easy way for me to find the UUID of something I've just plugged in



You can run:

lsblk -f

to get all info from disks, or

lsblk -o UUID

to get just the UUID. Are you looking to find this out automatically on the 'mount' event?


fuck, I had PAM on, even though I don't need it, but when I turned it off nothing changed. It's definitely a yaourt/pacman issue so here's the entire result of running the following strace command:

sudo strace -ttT -o st1.txt yaourt -Syu


An interesting thing I found is that the longest syscall is the following line:

20:22:36.491307 wait4(-1, [{WIFEXITED(s) && WEXITSTATUS(s) == 0}], 0, NULL) = 1390 <13.468984>

It seems like it's waiting on some wifi thing to exit, but why? I've got a good connection, and everything else is working.



>Are you looking to find this out automatically on the 'mount' event

I wanna make it so it automatically mounts when it recognizes a UUID (my external HDD and some USBs)



I found a cross-platform tool that can auto-mount usb devices, but I have no clue how it detects that a new device was plugged in, and it also doesn't seem to have support of UUIDs.


It seems that mounting devices (even by UUID) isn't hard (this is some script that looks like it does that: https://access.redhat.com/discussions/1573543), but I don't know how they can detect a "plugged in" event.



I already have some scripts which I have for my i3 config for mounting and unmount which I enable through key commands. I have it so it checks a list of UUIDs and sees if it recognizes one of them and mounts it accordingly






>Unable to install Chocolate Doom on Raspbian

>"better move on to Corebooting the x220"

>Almost brick Thinkpad when attempting to flash coreboot

>give up after three days

>"better move on to dual booting win7 and linux"

>Run Ancile script and use windows update again after because I forgot to install some shit

>unable to run Ancile a second time

>"better move on to installing an easy Linux distribution instead"

>"Manjaro looks so easy, you'd have to be retarded to fuck it up!"

>Calamares refuses to fucking work properly

I was thinking that my hardware may have some kind of plot against me, but I'm beginning to suspect that I may actually be retarded.

This is making me lose my mind.


quick question: I fixed my earbuds by gluing something and I want to speed up the glue setting proccess. My Idea is sticking them in my gpu's exhaust fan so they heat up and the glue particles accelerate.

Could anything between 40-70 degrees damage an earbud?



one of you wise guys please halp




you get libreboot and a truly free as in freedom operating system togheter with non-botnet hardware, if you're behind a router do the same with the router. Then you make sure anything that ever goes through your network is encrypted (for instance use HTTPS, FTPS, etc) and that your web browser doesn't leak information, then you get a VPN.

That's basically all you need to prevent losing your privacy in the web and from then on someone has to hack a weak link in all that. It's not rocket science.



Yeah my hardware is solid too, anything libreboot compatible is basically solid though, right? Running an x60T and looking to get an x200T somewhere down the line, and ideally someday a libreboot compatible custom desktop too.

I've got to look at my router, yeah. I know it has potential since it came with FSF stuff. You loose me at HTTPS and FTPS. Where can I read about this part? I think my webbrowser is set up ok too, there's lots of info and test out there for that too (like fingerprinting test and such, plus installgentoo wiki has lots of info on that).

Looking to get a VPN and looking to purchase using an anonymous method like Zcash. But I've heard two VPNs and a tor node is better. Where does TOR play into VPNs, and systems like Tails and QBES?

And how can I test my security/ privacy?



Oh, and yeah of course I have a free as in freedom and beer OS. Like I said I think I've got the hardware part down, but my network knowledge sucks. I get scared to connect to the internet on my precious machine.

I'm thinking about using something like Genode on top of all that too.





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