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File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.



Don't ever do that, not even when it's new. Charge to 4,1V or less and discharge to 3V or more if you want maximum life


I am using wicd and when I scan to find my wireless network, I see two options with the same SSID. One is on channel 11 and the other is channel 153. When my friend connects, there is only one SSID. He can connect fine and the speeds are what they should be. Now, when I try to connect to the SSID on channel 11 with 96% signal strength, it defaults to the one on channel 153 with 64% signal strength and the speeds are slow. I went into my wireless settings and deleted them and tried again, yet it does the same thing. Even after telling it to never connect to the weaker signal, it still does.

When I deleted the settings and profiles again, I tried to connect to the stronger signal and it defaulted to the weaker one, yet the weaker one had no passphrase entered in the settings. Going into the profiles again, I see one file with the MAC address of the stronger signal SSID and no configurations for the weaker one, yet it still connects to the weaker one.

I did a lot of searches for fixes but found nothing helpful. This is bugging me. Any help would be much appreciated and I will provide any more information needed.



Channel 11 is in the 2,4GHz band, channel 153 is in the 5,8GHz band.


File: 4ce674991029746⋯.jpg (44.06 KB, 400x300, 4:3, plant-wifi-400x300.jpg)

Can anyone explain to me what WISP and Client mode truly is?

Client bridge =/= Client or this stuff does not exist yet?

I'm looking to buy a WiFi router with a gateway dashboard (like on the browser) contrary to a client USB WiFi which doesn't have anything like that at all and relies with the drivers.

What I'm gonna do is use the said "router" as WiFi client for connecting to something that is 300meters away and maybe experiment with making new antenna designs.

Any device to suggest?


Routers have more powerful hardware/ram and can be flashed with open/ddwrt.

I'll be using an ethernet (802.3) connection to avoid signal loss you typically get from USB WiFi antenna wires plus it also lets me avoid the harmful effects of WiFi (I have plants).


File: 9e4f0989007e2e7⋯.jpg (76.46 KB, 1029x570, 343:190, image.axd.jpg)


Channel 153 is likely 802.11a like >>1037368 said.

It is slow somehow but it depends on the router and usually it is around 50Mbps only and yeah it's slower than 802.11n which goes up to 150-300/600Mbps. Also since it's old technology it is really much worse than new stuff.

802.11a goes up to 5.8GHz. 802.11ac is the upgrade and should be fast.

It means your router is not dualband. Dualband routers can use both 802.11n and 802.11a/b/g at the same time but if they aren't it will drop n support to cater older devices (abg) for maximum compatibility.

What you can do is replace that router or look for the option to make both work at the same time like a dualband mode or dual SSID and restart the router.

>I tried to connect to the stronger signal and it defaulted to the weaker one

Disconnect all clients.

Restart and try a manual ipv4 address on your device.



>cool oldschool color scheme

>aliased fonts




The thing I have it in only shows a percentage, but I do know that 100% is 4.1 volts and 0% is 3.3 volts. When I did the "full discharge" I (suppose that I) was charging from 3.3V to 4.1V and then discharging to 3.3V. Am I right to assume that partial recharges are better for it?



Those are safe voltages. Either buy better cells or narrow the voltage cycle.



Do that only once a year or few months if you think the calibration is improper but that's not good for its health.

The proper way to charge is >>1037350.


Not them but partially charging is okay though don't know if that makes a difference with LiPo. I suggest you don't go below 20% or above 90% or 80% for a long time and it will be fine for better health.

Some Samsung laptop batteries with LiPo doesn't let its users use the last 20% charge maybe to avoid battery wears. There are apps for root phone and computer programs that can freeze the charge at around 50-60% but keep in mind you'll have to do a full charge at some point so the cells do not "dehydrate" and wear.



>hacker injects a malformed dns cache poison into OP's machine

>possibly a unpatched jewtel and foreshadow attack

>receive phone call from a social engineer

grats, you've been defcon'd

did you do everything he said?


File: 96955671fd96381⋯.jpg (432.3 KB, 1000x624, 125:78, nx7-hd3d.jpg)

I'm trying to design a semi monocoque fuselage, the process is tedious and redundant.

Is there a way to make an auto drawing semi monocoque fuselage in solidworks ?

I would basically just draw the external shell and the software will take care of the internal structure automatically.


Anyone know of any free Tor and clearnet friendly webmail that can be accessed without javascript and isn't fucking cock.li (I want to be able to access it in public via public facility equipment with a bunch of potentially judgmental colleagues staring)? And the less untrustworthy the better. (eg. I want to avoid US hosted) I also hate approval and hazing procedures so I avoid autistici and similar, so preferably no strong riseup like ideologues either. Why is this so hard to find ffs. Storage over 200M would be nice but not an absolute necessity.

https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Email_Providers suggests teknik, can anyone with share their experience with it?

TL;DR: Free no js email that doesn't block Tor and doesn't (((glow in the dark))) in a first world color (Including Russia, China and potentially hostile Muslims)?



>you'll have to do a full charge at some point so the cells do not "dehydrate" and wear

Fuck off with this old wives' tale mumbo jumbo


When I use Afwall it fucks with my WiFi and data network. Is there something I'm not allowing through? For the time being I'm using Netguard, but I prefer Afwall.


File: d310c30085b0d29⋯.png (40.88 KB, 640x400, 8:5, hylics wayne.png)

Got an issue with my computer freezing after a few hours. Everything's brand new parts, besides the HDD and case. I checked Event Viewer, and it keeps reporting my AMD driver crashing and recovering. The recovering portions comes from me just moving the mouse in time to catch the freeze in the act. If I let the computer on overnight, it'll most likely reproduce the issue should I let it sit for too long. I'd tried cleaning the PCIe slot contacts with compressed air, and someone said to do the same to my HDMI cable (which makes no sense, but I did it anyway). The issue also occurred with my older GPU, so it can't be the card. I read online to add Tdr registry keys and set them to 0, but none of them changed anything. I even caved in and bought a higher wattage PSU recently. Nothing I've done seems to solve the problem, so it's safe to say my 1-y.o. motherboard may be the problem. Though, I really don't want to buy another mobo if I can afford it. I need to take it out of the case yet, and check for breaks in connectivity, but otherwise, is there anything I can do to stop this from happening on the software level?



Try allowing the kernel and the DNS system app if you have them.



update the mobo. Is that a chink mobo? Might be your problem.



It's a Gigabyte. And the BIOS is the most recent one.


File: 5593459999ceb6b⋯.jpg (30.08 KB, 512x341, 512:341, Coney-Island-Ice-Cream.jpg)



Why are you using tor in the first place? You know it's no longer safe when a dev got framed by sjews


It fucking glows come the fuck on. Same trick, fools you twice? Are you that stupid?


Doubt you can even receive mails from gmail users.

Another mistake. Lesser userbase and data means it's easier to just step inside the ISP server room as a double-agent police OR just blackmail the guy. The guy was already a glower so they wouldn't even need to do any of that.

Easier to target an island than a continent.

Just use a qq mail or some dot ru/indian shit. Makes it more expensive and harder to breach. Otherwise, just make your own server if you can port forward but that again points back at your doorstep so you have to figure out how you can do that anonymously which is pretty easy.

>public equipment

You do realize that is not your talos workstation with alpine hardened and custom patched? It's either botnet or you own it. The moment you put your credentials in there is the same time your metadata is rebuilt. Not even the network is safe so you're just giving it away since you already used it before and the more suspicious your pattern is the more you will attract interest from (((them))), TOR is FORFUCKSSAKE just for goobersmint puppet agencies or military bugmen who want safe comms on unsafe soil where there's also spies. Not even Non-USA security agencies would use it otherwise they're out of their minds.

"No JS" doesn't hide your identity if you use the networks you've used before. And you thought tor could protect you in any way? It's like painting your house black and expecting people looking for you to never notice it.

You only need proper Anonymity which is done only through building the house anew in the woods using scraps or wood, the water source (internet) is from a well you dug painstakingly. Also expecting your hideout to be found after few days so you better start doing all the same work over again.

Security is also shit. Even if you put the strongest password they'll just hit you stronger until you give it up.

You're being hacked? They know your name? Good luck. Unknown? Better.

Trying to look cool like Snowden? Think again, Roy. hes not a fucking hero FFS. he's a fucking CIA double-agent



What kind of fucked up life have you lived where you can't trust anyone anymore?


File: 887bc7b67650fa6⋯.png (275.97 KB, 1350x1281, 450:427, 71630095_p0.png)

Hi /tech/, wanted to ask, is there an extension or script that can filter text, so when something like "nigga" appears it shows it as "nigger"?

Somethings are getting too flooded with cuckery so may as well cuck myself onto a lie



nigga wat


I was testing posting at retard chan, though saw no reason to let the answer go into /dev/null since IP banned, since this answer might be of use to someone.



>How to change a single byte at location N of a file, generating N versions of the file using Bash?

Use dd with block size of 1 (bs=1) count of 1 (count=1) and loop through the memory addresses with seek parameter, something like seek=${memoryAddress}

Input file is your byte change, output file is your cloned original that you want to change.

Otherwise look into hexdump, hd, od, xxd and how to apply patches.


What are some reasonable torrent upload/download rate limits?



I want my browser to show your text as "Nigger wat". If there are any tools available


File: a9d058a85ac00d0⋯.png (92.11 KB, 702x344, 351:172, image.png)



> the software will take care of the internal structure automatically

Is it a toy, or an aircraft?

If toy {

doesn't matter. Sculpt in Blender.

} else if plane {

internal structure is primary. No shortcuts.




> reasonable torrent upload/download rate limits




>Nigga, you can use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/replace/

Double nigger, Use Options menu on top right of page, and add a script under "User JS"



or Triple nigger, use Filters menu instead.


File: eadab5ab0e41052⋯.png (124.75 KB, 590x399, 590:399, ClipboardImage.png)

Dunno if this thread is for tech support about android as well, but here I go.

I have an ACER A500, a really fucking old tablet, and I wanted to root it to flash any other newer OS I could find to support newer apps, as long as it is compatible with the tablet itself, of course. I found you could use something called ICS Root in order to root it but doesn't seem to work.

I'll just use the post to ask some questions and clarify some doubts

>What's my best course of action other than trash the tablet

>If I manage to root it, what OS should I flash into it?

Basically that.


I started using w3m and also installed w3m-img. Is there an option I can choose to use w3m without images for a session without uninstalling w3m-img? Can't find the option if it exists.



Its not a toy, doing the internal structure by myself will literally take me years !



I have an acer A501 which is basically an A500 +3g

And no, there is no new Android you can install, the last stable version is 4.4, there are more recent version but no app will work on it because the CPU is a relic and lacks the NEON instruction.

I had to downgrade to 4.4 to make it functional again. Even then its still slow as piss. Way slower then a raspberry Pi 3 which is saying something.

Best option is to root it and install Lubuntu.

Worked fine for me.



Problem is that I can't really find alternatives to root it. The thing is so old all links are down.



Try looking for the forum tegraowners.com in the archive.



It's ok, I just added a script to greasemonkey, niggers


I want to remove lines in a file based on the third column (tab separated) in the shell.

So, I want to go from

>abc123 abc123 keepone abc123

>abc435 abc435 keepthis abc435

>abc234 abc234 keepone abc234

>abc345 abc345 keepalso abc345


>abc123 abc123 keepone abc123

>abc435 abc435 keepthis abc435

>abc345 abc345 keepalso abc345

I want to keep the line order, so I can't use sort. uniq doesn't seem to have an option to work only on certain columns, so it's out. I've tried a few awk solutions from online (awk '!a[$3]++' file) but that does not work. What do I do?


How do I bind keys to scroll up and down in Qutebrowser? I'm using it and wanted to bin the scrolling keys to mimic how it's done in Emacs, so I unbinded 'k' for going up, but now I don't know how to set ctrl+p to scroll up.



nvm, I'm retarded. You just gotta use 'bind <Ctrl+p> scroll up', if anyone is interested.





Anyone else wanna try and help me?


File: 171dd96995d490a⋯.jpg (51.71 KB, 600x424, 75:53, i_036.jpg)


I want to make a work email for freelance media projects. What would be the best options? Ideally, I'd like to make a website and have an email address for it, but I'm not there yet. Still pretty newb.



The router is dualband. I checked my wireless card and it says it is 11b/g/n. Why it will not connect to the stronger signal, I have no idea. My speeds are a bit faster and stable now. I suppose the internet connection was experiencing some problems last night. I move around often and I have seen this before, but I was able to connect to both signals. Here, just the weaker one. I think it is not as big of a problem as I thought it was. Thank you for taking the time to try and help me.



Your own ISP and government could be even less trustworthy than the US even if they're allies.

You talk as if Tor is outright compromised and the userbase is tiny (albeit closely monitored), proof would be appreciated. Aren't more users supposed to improve its anonymity? Hasn't the amount of users being increasing since the Snowden leaks?

I acknowledge the thing looks shady but what's the alternative? Consistent suspicious as fuck connection to compromised device/VPN? Using Tor is better than nothing, not illegal and doesn't require official ties to your finance to work. Is it worse than a clearnet connection?




>AMD driver crashing

Which driver specifically are you referring to? GPU? Chipset?

Your system is Ryzen-based, right? Sure the RAM is compatible with the board? I remember how in the early days of the platform updating AGESA would sometimes help with memory compatibility issues.

Is the system stable in stress tests? Tried running P95 for a dozen hours or so? Do the freezes only happen at idle/low load? If so, C-states might be acting up.


Can someone please tell me how I can jailbreak a Samsung Galaxy s6? >model number: SM-G920V

>android ver: 6.0.1 marshmellow

>security patch: August 1, 2016

>build number: MMB29k.G920VVRU4CPH1





Pick one retard.

Anyway, custom ROMs exists for that model but unfortunately none of them are LineageOS.



File: 4151d16e6b737e7⋯.jpg (98.76 KB, 723x749, 723:749, numbers.jpg)

Does anyone have the Tavistock /pol/ thread archived by any chance?


File: a9d0841f240ca65⋯.png (45.43 KB, 592x483, 592:483, theme.png)

File: 182da0c85ee9683⋯.png (154.3 KB, 1366x741, 1366:741, firefox.png)

File: d458d9f70b219c3⋯.png (110.71 KB, 1366x741, 1366:741, packages.png)

I recently switched to the LXDE desktop environment on Debian and am trying to change my theme to Redmond, but many programs seem to use scroll bars and button designs from some other theme. Is there some sort of config file I need to change to get all programs to use the Redmond theme?


File: 72c57f12d2d8399⋯.png (242.6 KB, 1422x768, 237:128, Belle Pintos Grande.png)


I'm almost certain Redmond is only available for GTK2. You'd need to look for port to GTK3, or pick another Windows-like theme with support for both GTK2 and 3. Check your config files just be sure.



It's nota meant to spin all the time. Do some work and you'll see them get back to spinning.


I've used mail2tor and had no problems with it.


Don't want to start a thread over this: does /tech/ have a mascot?



I was able to download a GTK3 version here


and it seems to be working correctly now. Thanks.


im using tkinter with python 3. I want the button img to change when pressed but nothing happens on press. no error no nothing.


import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import Button

# init
top = tk.Tk()
ximg = tk.PhotoImage(file="x.gif")
oimg = tk.PhotoImage(file="o.gif")

def changeimg():
b.image = ximg

b = Button(
image = oimg,
width = 50,
height = 50,
command = changeimg)
b.place(x = 0, y = 0)




what you want to do is to root your s6

thats a popular phone so there should be plenty tutorials on yt


be happy he stayed in the sticky like a good boy.


Fuck fedora.

Devuan or Calculate?



File: 336f621815a6956⋯.jpg (29.13 KB, 678x411, 226:137, 4c4b6e8753e4dc712af4e0cd2b….jpg)


This please



>Your own ISP and government could be even less trustworthy than the US even if they're allies.

*World elites

>Aren't more users supposed to improve its anonymity? Hasn't the amount of users being increasing since the Snowden leaks?

Yes but no. It only improves the goobs anonymity if anything and that's what it is really all about in the end they even spy on their own employees. The development and bugfinding became faster with much more testers after these snowden and darkweb movies.

VPNs are scam. What you're doing is paying someone to paint your house but people can just a$k the one who painted it to find you. They may not do logs but the 3 letters all over the world log the submarine cables and even run the ISP at this point.

>Using Tor is better than nothing, not illegal and doesn't require official ties to your finance to work.

Never trust the violet.

>Is it worse than a clearnet connection?

Yes. Just shadowsock yourself with the cyberpunk chinks. Can't beat the shadow. Learn 中文,


MAC changer + wardriving + shadow.


>not having a custom MAC like 13:37:00:BE:EF:00

MAC change may be deemed illegal in some shithole. If that's the case just dispose them and purchase new hardware in cash. Routers have back doors that phone the MAC history.

It only gets illegal if you crack but if you have no choice it's either crack or asscrack. Wifi are mostly free, more options == more pattern == more location. Physical unlike your software assisted relay that's just meant to spoof location. Tor also sounds like som marvel normsh.

Warshadow + clearnet on disposable fingerprint is still better than painting your one and only fingerprint with violet.

>but it's open source

More like souros code.


Taking >>1038014 as an oportunity to bump >>1035995

Devuan seems to hold ancient packages and gnome3 is broken.





#greps the html for dl links
grep -oP '"\K[^"\047]+(?=["\047])' _tech_\ -\ _tech_\ Book\ Thread.html | grep https://media.8ch.net/file_dl > test
#prints every third line
awk -v n=3 'NR%n==1' test > test1
#downloads all links from input file
wget -i test1


File: efd03f6c2266247⋯.png (768.99 KB, 854x960, 427:480, 8196c1582fed56af3528463645….png)


Anyone ?


File: f26ff8a76c90f40⋯.png (9.56 KB, 1292x180, 323:45, ECZgWKmK73.png)


>Which driver specifically are you referring to? GPU? Chipset?

I'm not quite sure. I'm looking at Event Viewer again now, and I've found an Event ID 875 related to XQHDrv.sys. I tried looking that up, but all I find it something related to VMware. Maybe I just have a bad driver or something.



>what is antiX


File: 70540563184a86a⋯.png (120.73 KB, 500x279, 500:279, clueless.png)

I need advice. I have some old 7zip files that are protected by a password I no longer remember.

I looked into it, and it seems my only options would be to try and use free password cracking programs which are so over my head that getting them to work in the first place would be a miracle, OR actually risk buying something that might be a little more idiot proof.

What do?



password crackers are decent. e.g. OPH using rainbow tables for Win logins. Downloading the datasets can be the hardest part, since they can be several Gb.

> so over my head

this is /tech/ nigger. git gud or >>>/g/ o back.


How can I disable networkmanager's ping checker?



I tried getting into it by myself, but I found all tutorials and manuals lacking, because they require that I already know certain basics that I do not know.

Is there any documentation that could get me started from scratch, or any program that you know of that is as simple as possible?



Signal has gone weaker I think.

Did you change the antenna angle? If you're on another floor you can tilt the antenna to 90 and 0 degree like L shape. Make it perpendicular as possible to maximize the antenna polarization advantages.

If just the same floor as you are then both of it produce a V shape but also still perpendicular/right angle.



There are gui hacktools of what anon said. Rainbow table bruteforcer would be your best bet. The problem is if you have antivirus that doesn't like hacktools or it's a trojan horse from a popular torrent site. You can still use it though make sure your original drive isn't mounted or it'll get infections. Unironically, just use kali.



>Never trust the violet.

You're being very vague.


Still no explanation.

>Just shadowsock yourself with the cyberpunk chinks. Can't beat the shadow. Learn 中文,

>wardriving + shadow.


How would one go about safely learning about these? Look them up on clearnet with a spoofed mac in some coffee shop because it's safer than tor? What would poorfags that only own desktops do?

>better than painting your one and only fingerprint with violet.

Does any of this advice change for those who have openly been using nothing but tor for a good few years? I'm open about caring about my privacy. But I must admit, it sounds like you're trying to make it easier for non-US agencies to spy on people or make people in closely US related countries look more suspicious than they already do using conventional widely recommended methods to achieve a non criminal task. What do you recommend for regular home use?

>It only gets illegal if you crack but if you have no choice it's either crack or asscrack. Wifi are mostly free, more options == more pattern == more location.

>Tor also sounds like som marvel normsh.

Could you elaborate on these please? I'm having a hard time trying to understand exactly what you mean. Please excuse my autism.

And thanks for the heads up anon.



Is a reply to >>1038044



>doing the internal structure by myself will literally take me years !

What part of "no shortcuts" did you not get?


>Anyone ?

You had an answer, but ignored it.



cut -f3

delimiter default is TAB.

man cut for more info



Now I think I just need to get the hashes of the files, not sure how since the hashcat converter isn't working for me, and maybe some proper rainbow tables. What's the best way of going about it?

Thank you for all the replies!


File: a7f1890767b27f7⋯.jpg (42.83 KB, 1080x195, 72:13, Screenshot_2019-03-05-13-2….jpg)

I get this error when trying to post with a particular webm attached. I downloaded it from NewPipe.


How does 8ch's .onion service work exactly? While using TOR, I received notification that I was perma'd on /b/ for cp I didn't post. I've used the 'change TOR identity' function of Brave and confirmed on https://ifconfig.me it's on a new exit node, but I still receive the ban notification. What's happeing?



There is no exit node when you're accessing a hidden service.

The /b/ mods banned Tor posters yesterday because they're fucking dipshits. They may unban Tor soon, but one of their Tor bans did last for a couple months one time, so who knows?



And you can think of it as though Tor posters are posting from localhost (on their machine). Tor posters are all one and the same user from an admin perspective.



>There is no exit node when you're accessing a hidden service.

Hmm, I didn't realize that. Is there something I can study that will help me understand how this works better?


>The /b/ mods banned Tor posters yesterday because they're fucking dipshits

haha seems to be a persistent problem there. how do you even figure out who a BO or Mod are in the first place?


Yes I guess that makes sense, though I expected otherwise.

Thanks for the explanation, anon.



One other question that's been nagging at me; Why doesn't 8ch's hidden service support https? Surely the two together are much better. If you try to replace 'http' with 'https' it fails.


backup android

In linux+gnu we just hit dd or gnome-disk-utility to get the job done.

Now android, that more difficult..

I would like to take a clone of my phone which is encrypted, a full clone of all partitions, just like a backup.img (backing up all partitions separately will do fine as well)

Info: TWRP, lineageos, Ubuntu host, preferred softs: adb heimdall


Onion doesn't need https its triple encrypted.. What you really should worry about it why 8ch.net script is fucking with ya



>What you really should worry about it why 8ch.net script is fucking with ya

Can you explain please?


Hi guys, i wanted to ask for recommendatios on what to do when Win7 finally kicks the bucket. I don't know shit about other OS and i really don't want to give up gaming or (god forbid) changing to Win 10.

So the question is: Can i do something to keep using Win7 without getting fucked? Is there another OS where i can play windows games just fine? Am i doomed to change to win 10 and surrender my asshole to the Microsoft overlords?

Thanks in advance



if you have all the win7 updates you have the telemetry on your system too.

anyhow, there is win 10 LTSB/LTSC which is stripped of many things that are in 10. even then you'll be tracked in some way, it's still windows.

Ubuntu and other distros can handle some games through WINE/PlayOnLinux or if you're really lucky it'll have a linux port. https://appdb.winehq.org/

I find dual booting annoying, both in setup and use, but that works as well.

my advice would be to install ubuntu in virtualbox and try out some things you'd want to do normally. a spare computer/drive you don't mind formatting would be even better, as you can try it out outside a VM for awhile.


There's a login page on an HTTP website. Username and password. I want to test a list of passwords for a certain username, but I'd better do this in CLI than refreshing the GUI. How do I see if this is possible?


Is it possible to build a mini console that can play flash game?

Is it possible to run flash on MSDOS?




I fucked up. I mean FreeDOS.



Install Linux Mint on another partition and exclusively boot into it until you feel comfortable nuking windows. Here's a quick guide on using Linux:

Using the actual desktop is much better and easier on Linux. KDE, Xfce, Cinnamon and even GNOME are all better than the Windows desktop environment.

Don't install software from the terminal outside of doing "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade" until you know what you're doing, in fact you should avoid the terminal altogether until you've used Linux for more than a week. Install software from the built-in app center.

Find software for your daily tasks. That's probably the biggest challenge if you're using some obscure shit instead of "standard" software. Most stuff has been on Linux for years. Currently audio development kinda sucks, CAD is not as good, photo editing is actually fine, video editing is much faster and better on Linux, software development is identical and sometimes better unless you use Visual Studio. Everything else is identical. If you're not using your desktop for creating content then you'll be perfectly fine. MacOS has some better media creator tools but it's worse at gaming and requires cherry-picked hardware or expensive Apple hardware.

Try using Valve's Proton to run Windows games on it. Most stuff runs well, while 40% of games are already native on Linux. This may not sound like a lot but remember that over half of the Steam library are copy-paste games or Unity asset flips made by non-developers who want to make a quick buck. Games which have malicious anti-cheat don't work yet (Valve is working on it), which is good as those should be avoided anyways.

Install ukuu and keep your kernel up to date.

Alternatively, you can just install Linux and make a GPU passthrough while keeping Windows 7 in a virtual machine just for gaming and using other exclusive software. This will have less than 8% performance impact, but it's a hassle to set up.



This but don't use GNOME it's pozzed dumpsterfire and KDE is pretty bad too (but it's acceptable) Pls install Xubuntu or Debian/Devuan instead of Linux Mint or Ubuntu/Kubuntu. I recommend that you test the distro's installer in VirtualBox before installing it on your real computer.



Fuck off, Debian is turboautistic about non-free shit, which is just pain unless you're a turboautist yourself.



Do the opposite of what this idiot said. Mint Xfce is far better and more polished than Xubuntu. It's basically Xubuntu + some fixes.

Debian and Devuan are both shit if you want something that just works. The anon wants a usable desktop, not a server.


What is a good alternative to k8s? All I really need from k8s is the job orchestration(through an API).



Just do one country. Openstreetmap



>OS problems

Yes, it's called decent hardware and qemu kvm.

As you age your game addiction will fade away though as problems never cease to unfold.



Chinese miracle.

Why backup the partition? Chances are it won't work again once the partition sizes have been changed by linege or the partition table updated due to reallocated bad sector.

Backup individual files and not partitions.

You'll also have to remove encryption for shit like linux treble if you plan on going twrp mode.


What was that program that tells you how free your system is?



Mini consoles wouldn't work well but if you can make use of a good modern atom x86 cpu with linux graphics drivers then it should work. Though I think these chips aren't sold in the open like arm pi/sbcs.

Flash is power hungry though there are older sony ericsson phones and few samsungs that had native flash support for android that made phones overheat and if you have arm and can't find x86s then it might work. Doubt the app still exists but that was the last of it. After that, flash got obsolete forever.

You should take a peek at pyra handheld and see if it has flash support yourself.


How do I run a command when my user logs in?

I've been nigger-rigging cron to do it, but that's suboptimal, because sometimes I log in as root and then I have a bunch of user processes running, which can get in the way of doing things like umounting /home/.






But I don't run bash, and I want it preferrably for every shell.


File: 36ca479f5aa16b0⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 3520x2756, 880:689, Front.jpg)

Guise, is there a music player with 0 delay when switching from one song to the other? I have several albums where songs continue where the previous one stopped and it really puts me off when there is a little delay between two songs. If I remember correctly winamp didn't have this. I am currently using foobar.



turn it off in the settings. some retard thought that it would be a good idea to enable it by default.



>What is ctrl+f "antix"



thanks, I checked playback but couldn't find the setting there. Turns out you can disable it in >playback>output>fading



ICYDK most images and their thumbnails are still fetched over 8ch.net even when you're using the onion address.

Click on the 'i' to the left of the url in TBB. It will give you info about your connection.


 (you) -> node -> node -> node <- node <- node <- node <- oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion (site -images)
(you) -> node -> node -> node -> https://8ch.net (images)
is more secure than
 (you) -> node -> node -> node -> https://8ch.net (site including images) 
Is up for you to decide.

Your guard doesn't change for a very large period of time. This is for security reasons, although it's still a gamble.

Your circuit changes every 10 minutes and it's the same for all the tabs you use.

For better accuracy please look into these yourself, I might have made a mistake. You might also want to look into guard selection.



It appears 'https://8ch(.)net' is wordfiltered.



OP here

>native flash support for android that made phones overheat

I tried it a long time ago, So I can confirm that. Handheld are a no for now.

Thanks for the answer.I got a lead for what I should do now.



Thanks anon, I appreciate the info.



Uninstall windows, commie.


How do you choose which kernel module loads again? I was thinking of testing which driver is faster for my shitty laptop apu, and it seems to have support in both the radeon and amdgpu versions.


What's a good VPN to use?



blacklist the other one

man modprobe, lsmod, rmmod



tor. it's free.



I'm not sure how fast that is, like I'm willing to pay a few dollars a month for something decent that I could also upload stuff to youtube with.


TOTP is a generic protocol, yes?

Are there non-globohomo TOTP apps for Android? I don't feel comfortable using Google Authenticator.


Just got a new W10 laptop for work, an E580 Thinkpad. Any advice on how to uninstall all the bloatware that comes with properly? Good lists over everything to get rid of or whatever? Also looking to remove all the telemetry, obviously.


File: 5d60be4e3326a73⋯.png (30.87 KB, 822x445, 822:445, 1.png)


I get about 1.0-1.5MB/s (so 8-12Mbps) on an average circuit up to 2.5 on a good one. Still a far cry from clearnet speeds, or even those offered by decent VPNs, but hardly unusable. I guess it depends on your specific speed demands.



Well, switched it- and Quake 3 actually runs without dipping into the 30s and 40s now. Looks like it works fine.


Is there really no way at all to have 2 iterators in a for loop without declaring them on the outside? (C)

for (int i=0, float f=0; i<100; i++, f+=0.5)

I had the idea of creating a macro and declaring the variable on the outside in it, but then it breaks if you have 2 of them in the same scope unless you use different variable names in every one.


Is it possible to recover a video that was unsaved on Android?

You know when you haven't pressed the stop button and it shows up in the gallery?



Standard C does not allow to allow loop iterators to be declared inside the loop. You have to declare them outside, even if you have only one iterator.



Yes. andOTP


I don't think that's the case for C99 and later.



I am messing around on Tails and, after having created a persistent volume to save shitposting images in, I am unable to save any with Tor Browser because "Permission Denied."

Being tech-illiterate I can no figure out how to grant the browser access to my files. I've been looking in about:config and searching the web for an answer but I can't figure it out. Can you please help me?



for( struct {int i ; float f } loop = {0, 0}; loop.i < 100; loop.i++, loop.f += 0.5)

Alternatively, you can create a block surrounding the for loop, so that i and f do not escape the scope:

int i;
float f;
for (i=0, f=0; i<100; i++, f+=0.5)


I am messing with python3, and I am wondering if there is a way to make numbers callable. For instance, I would like 3(4) (ie. number 3 applied to number 4) to be evaluated as 3*4.


How likely am I to be scammed if buying on Hidden WIki's websites?


How safe is coinbase for BTC?


File: 1ea803dfa18029e⋯.jpg (557.15 KB, 1992x1967, 1992:1967, Dt1PDTrUwAAQbuY.jpg)

Is ghidra legit or is it spooky GITD shit?


A webpage I was on earlier was displaying some odd hyperlinks (add-on I have shows them in the window corner as roll-over) that apparently redirected to what I assumed was a link shortener whose "brand" I didn't recognize, and running a quick search of the redirect's domain with searx, the top results go to the FBI's twatter and other governmental looking sites. Looking a bit further down the results, it seems the domain used to be a known malware installer back in 2016 or so, with the other results being help pages on how to purge it from one's system (and with screenshots that confirmed my thoughts of it meant to look like a shortener).

So, my question is, was this simply a case of a malware distributor having been officially taken down prior, and the associated urls having been redirected to a known "safe" one to prevent further spread via existing links? Or might it also serve as a link referrer thing to monitor people that might still click for whatever content would have supposedly been behind the shortener? Just something I got curious about as to which the intent is, since it strikes me it could well be either, or even both (considering it doesn't simply go to a generic 404 or "this domain is for sale" thing; on the other hand though, it also makes me think it serves as sitting on the domain so people related to those originally running it can't just repurchase it and carry on).


File: 16b90aac3a926d0⋯.gif (215.71 KB, 338x288, 169:144, bc495ef80667fda60ec3e73a4b….gif)

Hey guys, I have some questions about a machine that just fell into my lap. It's a desktop with an i7 4770k/GTX980. Right now it has Windows 7 installed on it but I want to add in a second SDD and another HDD and get Gentoo going on it. I haven't had an Nvidia card in some time so I'm wondering:

>How is support for the 9xx series of Nvidia cards in GNU/Linux at this time? Do I need the proprietary drivers to make things work acceptably?

>Is using an SDD on a Gentoo install a bad idea? Should I just get an HDD instead? How much speed is an SDD going to give me compared to hosting an OS on an HDD? I've never used SDDs much before.

>Is it worth it to update the CPU to something that will allow hardware passthru support given the graphics card that's in it right now? I don't game much but it'd be nice to avoid dual booting if I can.

>Should I just re-purpose this machine into an arcade cabinet and build something new on a botnet-AMD CPU/ATI graphics card combo for my main machine?

This is my first machine with a botnet CPU in it.



You always want proprietary drivers on nVidia. They're on par with windows performance because they're 99.9% identical code.

Why do you think there would be issues using an SSD? It's fine. It will be faster than using SSD+HDD.

Pretty sure that CPU has proper virtualization hardware on it so the passthrough should be possible. If not then yes, you'd need to use something else.

>4th question

Do whatever you want.

With questions like these you definitely shouldn't use gentoo.



Specs say it doesn't have VD-t so I'm assuming that means no hardware passthru, right?

>With questions like these you definitely shouldn't use gentoo.

I'm a poorfag that's been getting along with an AMD Thunderbird desktop since '99. I'm fine with Gentoo just not with all this new hardware stuff.



most annoying thing with nvidia drivers is most DE's will tear like hell. just use "force composition pipeline" and it should be ok.

my gtx 970 stutters with two screens that have mismatched refresh rates. kinda pisses me off, but I have no frame of reference for newer AMD cards as I haven't used one. I haven't had luck with xrandr forcing custom setups but I'm an idiot so I could have been doing something wrong.

worrying about SSDs is a thing of the past now, unless you have one for 2011 that doesn't have TRIM and shit built into the controller.


>AMD Thunderbird desktop since '99

how did you manage with that potato for so long?



>see idea "normal web-browsing not need security" everywhere. how prove to person "use securest always!"? to me obvious, so not can well communicate why to others.

It's like shouting from a balcony. They're either retards in this aspect or have their own reasons for not caring (or just not showing you they do). Maybe a combination of the two. Proving something is standard and common practice (like adblockers) shouldn't be too hard, depending on your location but sadly I expect you'll be hard pressed convincing them to happily keep anything more than what is widely considered the norm in your circle.

The more intimate the relationship the better, but:

(a) Hack them for proof or analyze a feasible attack for them. There is software that does this for you, even dedicated OSs with tools and repos. Point out how the acquired data can be used to bite them in their rear. The better the lack of skill to damage ratio the better. This shows that anyone with varying degrees of expertise and motivations can abuse this data. If they don't care about this they are relying on law enforcement and lawyers to fix their stuff or don't mind (maybe even enjoy) the consequences.

(b) Ensure they know about datamining and analytics methods, uses, who it's usually done by, who it /can/ be done by and potential motivations or type of profit for all cases. (Note that this on its own might even be seen as a positive thing by some, or they might pretend they believe so). Make sure they understand that their info can end up in many, many more entities hands than just the party that extracted the data first. Show them it's perfectly legal especially if they imply consent to it. ALSO show them how this data can be used against them, especially in a non illegal way, or even how the law itself can be used to abuse them.

(c) Finally, you might want to let them see how rampantly common and easy attacks are as well as breaking the law uncaught and how often people get away with it, how often someone is caught breaking the law but the damage cause not fixed (just a guy thrown in prison and everyone involved thrown on a watchlist), or even how the law itself and itsenforcers might be corrupt. It helps if they know a bit about how the underground works (drugs and the like for instance and who's involved in the local scene; people they know), mafia activity prevalence and general corruption (ESPECIALLY in first world countries where people seem to think they're special snowflakes where no such thing exists because they're rich and comfortable and criminals are more patient and smarter. Maybe not even criminals on paper). People of lower socioeconomic status tend to be dumber and (or) simply not rich enough to avoid being "law enforce"'d. Add to that the fact that there are few consequences going after the weak and you've got yourself the "crime stats by education and income" graphs you so often see. Which is why I'd consider pointing out the ease and cheapness with which attacks can be carried out so important in suggestion (a). TEMPEST for Elise comes to mind but good luck defending yourself against that, there's also a risk of blackpilling them. But I probably shouldn't go further on this one. You are aware the working class have no respect and treat each other like shit.




Beyond that, the further your relation to a person, the less the reason you have to trust them, obviously. A possible addition to that factor is how much in common you have with someone, although the accuracy of verifying that (and its degree of honesty) becomes increasingly impossible and oxymoronic the less you're already related to them. For your own safety, you might want to think about what motivations they might have for being willfully ignorant; apathetic. Maybe they know full well what's possible even if they don't know the technical details, but for any reason don't want to indicate they care (could just be embarrassed to admit or otherwise. Maybe they're just tired and don't want to think about it because it's more work, and, lets be honest; pretty damn depressing. It's not only more comfortable not to think about it, but also pretty damn taxing to do so). Maybe they personally don't need to care. Maybe their family even profits by being some kind of dataminer themselves. You never know what connections and relations people have and what their true intentions are.

Or maybe they're just dumb NPCs with no attention span and are wondering what motivations you might have for insisting so much on this. Maybe they even consider you a dangerous person for knowing or being so open about it.

Take care anon, and do understand the risks your behavior might cause you. For your own psyche's sake, sure spread the knowledge wide and accurately, but you might want to avoid wasting effort in depth and insistence in most cases unless it directly benefits you somehow. Especially among older people I highly doubt they don't at least have a vague idea of what's going on. I'm not trying to demotivate you, by all means go for it, but at the end of the day just learn to scale things up and measure accurately (I know, I don't practice what I preach). After all, the skills you're honing are going to be put on your CV to show off to someone you want to work for... right?

All in all, the problem is a social one.

TL;DR: PoC. Parrotsec, Kali linux. Pentest suites in general. Metasploit, Wireshark. Abuse of unpatched CVE or even a 0 day if you can. As long as it could have been prevented by one of your suggested security measures. People are impressed by technical details and gained/lost profits. Explain the exact problem clearly and accurately enough that it won't be derailed or misinterpreted but briefly and simply enough that it can be digested. Be tactful and to the point. Sometimes people are not stupid, just assholes or fearful. But usually it's a combination of the two. It goes without saying you should also know your stuff in detail and communicate that to people of varying types and levels of expertise, culture and retardation. Recognize what leaves your own behind covered or not and when to move on.

How you evaluate this information however is up to your own conscience, morals and ethics. I for one would prefer to oppose the implied Machiavellian, hedonistic, and nihilistic calculated nepotism this post could be interpreted as promoting. Just know what you're getting yourself into, to what degree and what can be done with that. Not to mention those who show interest might be LEA themselves or just decide to fuck with you for the sake of it sometime even if they're not.

Text wouldn't fit in one post. Fuck. What am I doing with my life.




The VESA driver should be able to handle this automatically - most monitors have linux support and you'll even see the code of the monitor. Unless you're using no-brand chink monitor /CRT or the wires are lacking some of the "pins" for VESA. Or maybe you're forcing two 1080p displays, I think it can only do one ~2Mpixel.


From what I heard 9xx worked flawlessly before though don't know about nouveau and how the distro and DE handles it - mostly clusterfuck but you can go for a non-bloat distro like arch or gentoo but it's too complicated but worth a shot. Usually the most foolproof DE would be KDE and XFCE only.


Might work faster but it's not worth if you're on gentoo and compiling 40GB space for chrome you'll be thrashing the drive fast. What I'd do though is mount the necessary "drive-thrashing" directories into HDD since fast r/w won't speed up the compile and not worth for the SSD.

Anyway I think that's a fairly powerful CPU and GPU so it should be able to play some 3d hentai at best.


Look for the atom x5 z8350 or higher. Fanless and sometimes sold as windows tablets.


>TEMPEST for Elise

That's the monitor snooping right? Not even bugged wires are needed. I also heard about monitors having some form of reflective thing in them that lets it transmit signal better, also smartphones does too. Back then they could only track kepyad dialtones from dumbphones and when smartphones came around they did the same thing but touch areas. Can literally snoop a person by just the touch areas and they can guess by scaling a keyboard over the touch points. Also these beaconphones can probably snoop on keystrokes of 'special keyboards'. ferrite shielding is the answer or just build a faraday room with lead bricks


Does betterprivacy addon still exist?

I didn't remember installing pepper flash but yeah it's theere, it's probably pulled as dep by ungoogled chromium but I had LSO cookies for quite a while and shocked to see it was there after pale moon 28 update. If you updated you should check it too

Even the plugin was in "always activated" which I don't remember being that way ever from older pale moon installs.

I got an old copy of betterprivacy from https://softfamous.com/betterprivacy/ but not sure if it's clean.

Here's an older copy from a much more trustable source https://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Internet-Applications-Addons/Mozilla-Extensions/BetterPrivacy.shtml

Anyway did Mozilla intentionally do this? So they can still monopolize this kind of user tracking? The fuck, also can't find any similar addons, not even mozilla wants to keep archives to addons like this (I'll check icecat addons later).




>how did you manage with that potato for so long?

When I built it everything I put in was top of the line and I treated it well over the years. The original HDDs even still work although the secondary one clicks a lot so I pulled all the data off of it awhile ago. I guess I got used to it and as the years rolled on I stopped playing games (aside from emulators) and got out of doing anything too intensive. I overclocked the CPU and GPU as soon as I built it and it has hummed a long ever since. Also, been blocking ads/scripts and running a lightweight web browser since 2000 pretty much. Never liked javascript anyway so I stuck mostly to just html and text browsers.

I started out on Windows 98 on that particular machine. Moved on to Windows 2000, spent a short time on XP, installed Slackware for the first time soon after it came out. Had to buy the CD/manual at the local wal-mart because I was on dial-up back then and didn't want to tie the phone line up downloading the ISO. Got broadband soon after and tried out a lot of different distros until I settled on Gentoo somewhere in the mid-2000s. Just been shitposting with it ever since then. It even plays video pretty well still as long as I'm careful about what resolution it's in although a lot of modern mkv/mp4 files peg the CPU at 99%.

Really love that PC. Going to re-purpose it as a firewall for my network now that I've gotten something better and finally have the money to build myself a new PC. I'll probably use this machine for a little while until I build something for myself. Been looking at these new CPUs coming out and kinda waiting to see if POWER9 or RISC-V is going to be the way to go. I don't like the idea of a botnet CPU so I'm weary of this i7 in it.

Anyway, thanks. I was concerned about SDDs constantly being written to while compiling. I'll just off load those directories to one of the HDDs then.



>my gtx 970 stutters with two screens that have mismatched refresh rates. kinda pisses me off

I forgot to ask: I plan on running multiple screens how bad is this stutter? I'm wanting to hook up four monitors.

Also for anyone else lurking: I need a new trackball. What are you guys using these days?


I'm trying to set up a internet killswitch on linux using nordvpn.

The built in killswitch option doesn't seem to work, because I'm able to connect to the internet after disconnecting.

I tried setting up ufw rules, but even after setting default in/out to deny, I'm still able to post here... plz help



>I was concerned about SDDs constantly being written to while compiling. I'll just off load those directories to one of the HDDs then.

Why not just set up PORTAGE_TMPDIR as a tmpfs partition if you have enough RAM to spare? Or are there pitfalls to that?

t. not a gentoofag, but curious nonetheless



>The VESA driver should be able to handle this automatically

I need to go through xrandr to add custom resolutions. I've had to go through this over VGA for a CRT or two but, that was under intel so it worked.

1280x1024@60.009 or some bullshit and 1920x1080@60. don't worry about it, I'm sick of giving myself a headache when I don't use the smaller panel all that much anymore.



> I was concerned about SDDs constantly being written to while compiling.

I really wouldn't worry about it, a decent modern SSD can write +100TB without problems. my oldest drive, samsung 830 128GB from 2012, has like 20TB written to it with no issues.

>how bad is this stutter?

I only notice it with video playback and games.

for reference I run Kubuntu 18.10 with nvidia 390.116


I have a computer that will not under any circumstances play sound but I want to use it as my main machine since I like it.

I have a Raspberry Pi that sips power and I'm wondering if there's a way without using anything on a network to just have these two computers plug into a hard drive and share it at the same time? Like a chroot mashup I should be able to do? I just need the rpi to run mocp and mpv while feeding info in from the main computer. That way I can keep using my ppc system as my main net machine without having to take files off if I want to listen to them.

So the point would be that my home directory is on the shared hard driveI've set up veracrypt on it but that problem isn't here yet and the RPI just powers up, accesses the same hard drive and I can play my music and videos on the pi while using my PPC as the main machine.

Could this sort of thing work? Is there anything I should look into before trying this?


Could someone with some knowledge on boot loaders offer some advice? From what I've seen, GRUB looks like a popular choice, but I've also heard that it's kind of a big guy, compared to Syslinux, for example.

What should I look for in a boot loader and what should I generally avoid? Thanks.


Is GuixSD a good distro to use or does it lack too many packages/ is too buggy? The Guix packaging system seems pretty nice. Have any of you used it? What are the good and bad sides of it?



GRUB 2 is the one you probably want to use. Install it if you don't have any reason to not use it (if you want to multi-boot, remember to install os-prober too). LILO and SYSLINUX are simpler/more lightweight options but they don't support (U)EFI. GRUB 2 and rEFInd are better and easier to use for booting in (U)EFI mode. LILO used to be the standard bootloader but it isn't in development anymore and it has certain limitations, however, LILO is very easy to use (but keep in mind that grub-mkconfig does most of the work for you if you choose to use grub2). Actually, there are many different versions of the SYSLINUX bootloader, for example there is ISOLINUX that is used for booting from a CD-ROM. There is a version of SYSLINUX that supports UEFI but it has some limitations for booting in UEFI mode, see the relevant page from Arch Linux wiki. Finally, there used to be a fork of LILO called ELILO that supported booting in EFI mode. oh, and use Das U-boot for embedded devices.

Refer to these pages for further info: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Bootloader and https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_boot_process#Boot_loader


> does it lack too many packages

<see https://www.gnu.org/software/guix/packages/

I would honestly use NixOS instead (or some other distro; NixOS is just the closest distro to GuixSD). While GuixSD is certainly very interesting distro, it seems too experimental at the moment tbh. The last time I tried it, I couldn't get it to work, however, that was a long time ago so the distro has probably improved a lot since then.


I'm looking to switch to a tiling windows manager. I've always used xfce/KDE in the past but the idea of doing everything with the keyboard looks a lot better. I'm trying to eliminate the mouse as much as possible because it's starting to hurt to use it for extended periods of time. Thinking of replacing the mouse with a trackball and going full keyboard.

Anyway I'm wondering if any of you guys have made the move and what you're using. From a brief look around I'm thinking of trying i3 or going with Sway. Any suggestions or reasons why I should avoid starting with either of those? I need something with good multi-monitor support. Right now I'm running 5 monitors and plan to add at least one more soon.



unplug the mouse right now


Hi /tech/, I just got my hands on few Dell Lattitude (e6330, e6520, e6530). They are password blocked BIOS. How can I install Gentoo? Any easy software method? Reset?

USB internal flash?

External flash is possible?

Any help would be very appreciated.



Sway isn't ready yet, and won't be for a long time, (likely never because wayland is broken by design garbage).

>good multi-monitor support

Neither has good multi-monitor support. Go with a decent floating WM like openbox in that case.



if they didn't fall off a truck you can call up dell to unlock them, there seems to be a few sites that can give you a code from the service tag as well. who knows if that's trustworthy or not though.



Well the point is I don't know as I got an ebay lot. But thanks, I will try that if can't do it by myself.

If anyone has other ideas about bypassing Bios lock on Dell Lattitude (e6330, e6520, e6530), I take it gratefully.



Thanks anon.



>Neither has good multi-monitor support. Go with a decent floating WM like openbox in that case.

I thought i3 was built for multi-monitor support from the ground up? Is there a tiling manager with decent multi-monitor support? I don't mind a floating WM but I'm really interested in making the switch.



I've used dwm and I have pretty good opinions about it, but I hate the patching and so will you if you use anything from suckless

It is a dynamic wm, which means it automatically organises your open windows in a preconfigured layout, unlike i3 which makes you manually organise them on your screen by default; It has tags instead of workspaces, which I find to be better.

I haven't tried using a custom taskbar, but I guess you could easily use one if you want to.

There's also Awesome (dynamic wm) which is written in Lua if you're interested in that, Ratpoison (manual twm) and Stumpwm (ratpoison but written in lisp), or if you use emacs as your main editor, you could use Exwm as your window manager.

If you want to read about tilling window managers and check them out, go to https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Comparison_of_tiling_window_managers , which has list of many wm and their characteristics. There's also a similar page with floating wm, once you get your trackball you may want to check those out, some of them are really cool.


File: 00869ce3463d6cf⋯.jpg (55.99 KB, 800x520, 20:13, 800px-CassetteAndMicrocass….jpg)

/tech/ I need your help:

I have a microcassette (pic related)

I want to copy/convert the data to a digital format. Is there a better way than copying to cassette, then computer? I have not found a microcassette reader with RCA output. Thanks for tips and time.



You can get a micro->full sized converter with an RCA out.


How do you create a url? It keeps giving me a error page when trying to create a board on this site.




You should mount your drive with UTF-8 encoding. However, if only those German characters don't work and other (Cyrillic, Kanji) do you might have to mount it using the original codepage which could be Windows-1250 or ISO-8859-2.




Do you have a micro player?


File: 37d8ac92bc1b025⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 352x252, 88:63, 1396596517539.jpg)

I found an encripted HDD

It literally ask for key before anything loads, i can't acces it on other devices.

How do i remove the pasword, doesn't matter if i lose all data in it, i just want to make it useful again.



>How do i remove the pasword, doesn't matter if i lose all data in it, i just want to make it useful again.

You don't have to remove password, just format the disk.

You're using windows, aren't you?



I tryed it gives me an error.

>you're using windows

I used everything even placed it in an xbox, it gives me an error and refuse to format.



>I used everything even placed it in an xbox, it gives me an error and refuse to format.

That sounds like a bait, but whatever.

Try this https://www.windowscentral.com/how-clean-and-format-storage-drive-But seriously install GNU/Linux.




>lazy evaluation


Since you're clearly an expert, how do you remove the tranny.coc virus from the hatechan DB? Thanks.



I have an 8.1 machine that for some reason cause my entire WiFi network to shut down and reset. It is limited to the 2.4 GHz network of my ISP combo box, and for some reason whenever I try to download anything to this sytem from anywhere, it fucks up my whole network.

why the fuck does this happen.


Trying to set up i2p on ubuntu 18.10.

How do I get it done?

Online installation from version 17 and below didn't work.




Go to the I2P website, get the installer, follow the installation instructions.



You have several options, you can simply find a recorder that can convert micro to normal cassette. Then record the regular cassette audio. If such a thing even exists(?) Then get the RCA output into a CD.

Option two, if it has an output plug hole that plays the recording, simply plug that output into a mixer with a 3.5 mm TRS Female to 1/4" TRS Male Adaptor, and adjust the volume, mixers usually have RCA holes and you can go from there.

Or you can go to an extreme option (which I caution you avoid, but screw it) and take the microcassette player apart and get the cables connected to the speaker output, build a small breadboard amp for those (microcasesette speaker) output cables - then, an rca cable output from the amp circuit, into your desired digital recorder (sony, tascam, whatever).

I'm not a professional at this. But hey.



Did that. Getting some kind of untrusted repository issue. it doesn't trust it.



>you can make variables with inlined struct types

Fuck I've needed this for so long, didn't know it was possible.


Is Profile guided optimization a viable way to generate more efficient machine code or is it just another glownig abstraction botnet for lazy programmers who don't want to optimize by hand?


Is there a reliable way to circumvent/defeat public wifi portals? Even free public wifi places like starbucks now require you to sign up with a valid email through a browser portal.


File: 89ba67d8336090f⋯.jpg (28.88 KB, 659x676, 659:676, 89ba67d8336090fb7f59427c6c….jpg)

Is there any theme for XFCE, MATE, KDE, or i3 that makes it look like the UI from the Wii or 3DS?


File: 4da88bb7f694adf⋯.jpg (32.85 KB, 620x323, 620:323, terratecphase26-mbcLsYQJ.v….jpg)


>Option two, if it has an output plug hole that plays the recording, simply plug that output into a mixer with a 3.5 mm TRS Female to 1/4" TRS Male Adaptor, and adjust the volume, mixers usually have RCA holes and you can go from there.

Thank you very much, it sounds like the best option. I have an old digital audio interface, I guess it will do.




Sorry to be a bit late, but isn't this the format used for older tape recorders? You may be able to find one of those with a headphone port. From there, playback and record into a digital file. Definitely avoid transcoding to cassette to digital. Tape's a pretty shitty format.



Thanks for the information. The device I'm using to familiarize myself with Linux doesn't use UEFI so I'll stick with the lighter option for now, but I'll keep in mind UEFI support for later devices.



The answer to this interests me as well


File: 3fd7a2a3277afc7⋯.png (4.01 MB, 1137x1618, 1137:1618, ClipboardImage.png)

Cringe-worthy begging request: Will someone please create a youtube account for me? For whatever reason, I literally can't no matter what I try.


is it feasible to connect a camera and an occulus rift to an arduino/rasp pi and route the camera feed to the occulus?



Sent you a pm with the login details


Is there a FOSS alternative to Wolfram Alpha and Symbolab Math Solver for GNU/Linux? I've been using these two to check my math problems and whether my solutions are indeed correct, but I would like an alternative to them that I can have on my computer when offline and without any subscriptions or anything like that. I see there's GNU Octave and SageMath, do they really have this step-by-step and problem-solving feature that I can use to check my results?

Also, somewhat related question. I'm trying to use my laptop to replace my notebook, so what are the best options out there to type math formulas? LaTeX seems a little bit too verbose to keep with my note taking, but I see you can use Yasnippets to speed up the typing process, but I don't know if there's a better alternative more suited for typing shit on the fly.

By the way, I need not only algebra, but calculus, so an algebra only solution to my two questions will not be enough.



How do I make NUT start on boot with systemdicks? I'm having to run `sudo upsdrvctl start` each time I restart.



I appreciate the help anon, but it was most likely my fault as I was attempting to configure it to start up during the boot phase. Simply reinstalled ubuntu and reconfigured. Thanks again.


Newfag here. Really liked the shell thread. Are there any archives of old shell threads?

Shell thread for reference: https://8ch.net/tech/res/1003160.html#q1003160


File: d50059d597d6a48⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 299x169, 23:13, 456875874567.gif)

Is there some useful website where you "lounge" around in the background while doing something when even 8ch is too slow and you don't want to keep checking on it?



What are you asking?


How do I delete/destruct a class in C++.

I tried delete this; but the program just crashed.



If you poke C++ with a stick to see if it does what you want, you're going to have a really bad time.



Can you mentor me then?


I need to get a new laptop for Uni, can someone recommend a cheap laptop to buy for under $400?



>There's a login page on an HTTP website. Username and password. I want to test a list of passwords for a certain username, but I'd better do this in CLI than refreshing the GUI. How do I see if this is possible?

Just test it in the GUI with as many takes as it requires until it tells you to wait a couple of times to see how it behaves. Write a bash or python script adapted to the html that does the work for you. Proxychain with a diverse list + random timing delays between attempts. Not sure what kind of answer you were expecting.


>Just got a new W10 laptop for work, an E580 Thinkpad. Any advice on how to uninstall all the bloatware that comes with properly? Good lists over everything to get rid of or whatever? Also looking to remove all the telemetry, obviously.

Haven't been on windows in years, but I remember someone from voat.co (freer reddit clone) had made a script. Can't remember the name of the latest version though, and can't remember if it was w7 exclusive. It may have been discontinued.


>Is it possible to recover a video that was unsaved on Android? You know when you haven't pressed the stop button and it shows up in the gallery?

I have no idea what I'm talking about, but if you could find a way quickly after to check or dump the storage space the file is saved to by default (probably RAM) in binary or hex and then check for the pattern that indicates the beginning of a file type of which your phone saves recordings of by default you'll probably be able to get it back next time. Or look for a photorec alternative for android.


>Hello, I am messing around on Tails and, after having created a persistent volume to save shitposting images in, I am unable to save any with Tor Browser because "Permission Denied." Being tech-illiterate I can no figure out how to grant the browser access to my files. I've been looking in about:config and searching the web for an answer but I can't figure it out. Can you please help me?

Tor Browser can only see its own designated [spoiler]*giggle*[/spoiler] Tor Browser folder in Tails, I assume it's for security reasons and so a good thing. Just move them yourself or write a script to do so automatically.


>build a faraday room with lead bricks

Life goal. Now if only I could do that without having to fund the type of research that ensured widespread use of what made us need what you mentioned in the first place.


>I'm trying to set up a internet killswitch on linux using nordvpn. The built in killswitch option doesn't seem to work, because I'm able to connect to the internet after disconnecting. I tried setting up ufw rules, but even after setting default in/out to deny, I'm still able to post here... plz help

This will sound pretty crude, but try writing a couple of scripts. Something like

(current iptables.rules) > (iptables.rules.backup)
iptables -F
iptables -P INPUT DROP
iptables -P FORWARD DROP
iptables -P OUTPUT DROP
sudo service iptables save
for the killswitch and
iptables -F
iptables-restore < (iptables.rules.backup)
sudo service iptables save
for setting it back.


>Is there some useful website where you "lounge" around in the background while doing something when even 8ch is too slow and you don't want to keep checking on it?

I'm sure you haven't read every man page in existence anon. How about that or reading a book?But seriously, this sounds like a fed question and a lot of communities don't like new users that don't take an efort to fit into the standards and culture correctly. Some of the niche subreddits are pretty nice. For imageboards there's NPCchan, Lainchan, kohlchan and endchan. Slashdot, lobste.rs and soylentnews can be nice for keeping up with news. arxiv.org for papers, libgen for books and I think that's enough spoonfeeding for now, officer. Wouldn't mind seeing more answers to this question either though, this interests me as well. Nothing is procrastination if you're brave enough. All procrastination is productive if you're brave enough.


Why do Youtube videos have 60fps solely for higher HD resolutions like 720p and 1080p? Is there some way to compress or reduce the resolution of the 60 fps video, like a 360p60fps kind of thing so it's easier on my garbage cap?

Forgive me if this is a stupid question since I have next to no knoweldge on the subject.


What the fuck does this $50 thing actually do?:




>how to uninstall all the bloatware

Install Windows Server 2019 Datacenter.

Obviously you're going to have to install the drivers manually, so you should check out the availability of drivers on your vendors website first.

You can disable telemetry and other bullshit over the group editor.



It repeats WIFI signals, stupid.



From what I understand it's just your average repeater, it picks up your wifi signal and then repeats it for greater range.



If you have to ask this, you probably don't belong here.


I have an old Thinkpa t400 with Linux Mint 17.2 installed and could use some help. When I tried uninstall a game a few years ago it ended up deleting some type of graphic folder which stopped it from displaying the regular desktop when I logged in, I also forgot my previous user/password as well.

Is there anyway to restore the computer to its initial settings? I bought the computer with Linux already installed and the computer itself still works and lets me access BIOS utility.



Boot from a liveusb, copy the important data to an external drive, format the internal drive, ???, profit


Hey guys I fucked up my bash - installed a newer version but it required some library I don't have, and now I can't run any commands, NOR BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION. What can I do now?



nevermind I found the lib on the internet and copied it to /usr/lib64 (fortunately could still run sudo CP for some reason?)

But now I have another question. I have a vpn config file in /etc/openvpn which ruins the vpnfailsafe script (https://github.com/wknapik/vpnfailsafe). The script is supposed to set some iptables rules. When I run it through OpenVPN from the command line, it works perfectly. But through NetworkManager IT DOESN'T SET THOSE IPTABLES RULES. Even though the VPN is still running. Why is that?


File: a223f98437db307⋯.jpg (16.79 KB, 347x346, 347:346, confusion.jpg)

Where do .bin files come from?

How do I make .bin files?



The GCC fairy places a binary under your pillow whenever you compile ans code.



I have 0 idea what any of that meanst



You computer doesn't know what codes means. It must be compiled with the end result being a binary file that your computer can run.



So bin is for binary, and not like, a bin like a storage container. Thank you


shit-at-awk question:

I want to format the output of a ps command. Here's an example of what ps gives:

prg1 1374944
mpv 690428
firefox 437980
WebExtensions 323652
Web Content 308968
Web Content 259236
Web Content 191760
Web Content 170584
Xorg 137160
program 117876

The numbers are kilobytes, and I'd like it in megabytes. I can use awk to do this

>awk '{$NF=int($NF/1024)"M";}{ print;}'

but it messes up the formatting by making the spacing between the program name and the memory into one space. How can I restore the spacing? Note that program names can have spaces in them, which is my main hurdle. How do I make columns out of everything before the last column and the last column? Bonus points if it fits into the first awk command, but anything that works is appreciated.



I ended up using sed to replace multiple spaces with a tab and setting awk's delimiter to tab. Was able to fix it.




Not a fed, I just have OCD and I for some autistic reason I can't do work that doesn't involve internet use without a browser open. Checking for new posts on 8chan is what I usually do but it's sort of distracting at the same time when I'm doing something else. It's hard to explain. It's like something to give a sense that you're not staring at empty space/your wallpaper on your screen while doing work. It's not a community per se, just some random website to stare at from time to time while putting your mind to something else. It's procrastination and not procrastination at the same time.


File: 04d66befaa3cf29⋯.jpg (25.12 KB, 320x320, 1:1, cat_autism.jpg)


I'm a brainlet who lacks common sense. Is Windows Defender with Malwarebytes good enough or should I also install a more professional antivirus like Avast to make up for Windows Defender's inadequacies?



install ublock origin and don't download shady shit.

learn how to use umatrix for bonus points, though it can be infuriating with modern sites.

alternatively, install gentoo.



Honestly, if you don't download anything from russian warez forums, click on free_nudes.exe and grant administrator privileges to literally anything that asks for it, you should mostly be fine. Warnings are there for a reason, so don't click past them without reading first.



>install ublock origin

already have. used it to clean up jewtube and remove all the extra trash and recommended shit


I'm a brainlet because I almost fell for >>1014401. I would've installed it were it not for me needing an account

Okay, second question. How trustworthy is:


(I know reddit is for fags)

Did I fall for malware and am now running spyware? I see there is some type of program they used in the comments comparing it to the official evaluation Windows ISO (the difference being the former isn't evaluation and can be activated) to confirm it's not malware. Can I trust them?



install uBlockOrigin on your browser and enable all filters under malware. under "settings" enable "advanced user" settings and click "disable auditing", "prevent wRTC leaks", "disable javascript", "block remote fonts". under "connected domains" of the uBO drop-down menu globally block 3rd party scripts. that should be enough.


don't download windows outside of microsoft's official website or distributors. nothing else is trustworthy. and Microsoft isn't trustworthy itself so might as well download that shit.



No you can't trust them. Whatever shit you have on your system probably has some form of cryptominer or malware to steal your banking/social media/steam credentials. At this point, should just install Gentoo.



File: 15cf4216c222a15⋯.jpg (16.32 KB, 326x326, 1:1, cat_reeeeee.jpg)


>install gentoo

it's not funny!


Ok, so I have a retarded question.

I have a x220 running arch. I see on the wiki that the dpi should be set if it's not detected automatically. Setting the dpi to 125.37 makes everything bigger so instead I set it only for fonts in fontconfig but now I am confused. Can the fonts be rendered at a different dpi than the screen ? I don't have the ips screen.



you can have them render to whatever you want, I like 125% in firefox on my laptop, system fonts at like 115%.



Yes but what should look best ?



amusing it's rendering the text correctly, the size you like.



KDE has pointerkeys where you can use numkeys as mouse though since the beginning of this year they just decided to remove it. Used to be in the mouse settings, if you have LTS you might still have it.

You can use numkeys which is much more effective than clitmouse meme. My only problem is where the conf file is though I already have an idea how to activate it

Alt +f2 > keyboard > advanced > misc ... > shift+num .. pointerkeys



*calculate *cough*



Fonts render differently from different applications.

KDE and other DE has its own font rendering.

Gtk and X programs are likely to ignore KDE's so you'll have to set Xresources

Here's an example of my config

Xft.autohint: 1

Xft.lcdfilter: lcddefault

Xft.hintstyle: hintfull

Xft.hinting: 1

Xft.antialias: 1

Xft.rgba: rgb


run xrdb ~/.Xresources


It's also advised to configure your /etc/fonts/local.conf and link stuff in /etc/fonts/conf.d since arch font defaults are terrible.

You can calculate dpi with this https://www.sven.de/dpi/


I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and I have an external hard drive that I want to use for backups. I have formatted it to ext4 (one partition), but when I plug it in it get automatically mounted as read-only. How can I get the system to mount it automatically when plugged in as read/write?

$ lsblk
sda 8:0 0 931.5G 0 disk
└─sda1 8:1 0 931.5G 0 part /
sdb 8:16 0 931.5G 0 disk
└─sdb1 8:17 0 931.5G 0 part

I tried

sudo mount -o rw /dev/sdb1 /media/anon/derp/
but the drive is still read-only.


File: b9ea5ce89fc6eca⋯.jpg (292.96 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 11.jpg)


I'm studying mathematics at a uni and I'd like to supplement with some computer science knowledge.

I found this program which seems interesting:


Is this program good enough, or should I just take extra computer science courses in my uni?



>Is this program good enough, or should I just take extra computer science courses in my uni?


On a serious note, I have just recently graduated math and I can say that computer science classes have been a waste of time. I had to take them because I was required to have an applied field, but most of the time I was more productive just staying at home and reading the lecture notes at my own pace. There is something about computer scientists that makes them very bad at explaining things.

For self-study I can recommend the book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP). It's treated as somewhat of a meme, but it is an actual computer science book. It teaches fundamental CS concepts instead of programming, so you should supplement it with real-world programming as well. You can get the book for free and the lectures are on YouTube as well.

https://sicpebook.wordpress.com/ebook/ (version with better typesetting)


Videos have the advantage that you can speed them up (very useful for slow speakers) and you can scroll back and forth.

Again, it is very important to stress that this is a very theoretical lecture. You need to supplement it by first learning the command-line interface, and then a real programming language. If you want to stay with Lisp like they do in the lecture you can do that, but you will need a Lisp geared towards the real world. Racket and Guile are good if you want a Scheme (the type of Lisp used in SICP), but if you want something industrial-strength you should look into Common Lisp (very ugly, but includes pretty much anything you would want). (there is also Emacs Lisp, but that's just the scripting language for Emacs, it has nothing to do with Scheme or Common Lisp)




Lisp (and Scheme in particular) is a nice choice for mathematicians because it supports functional programming. Functional programming is a very "math-like" form of programming where data is immutable (if x is 5, then it cannot five minutes later be 7) and we use recursion instead of loops. Lisp also one of the first (or maybe the first?) languages to support symbolic programming.



The only downside of Lisp is that it's a lonely language. You are far more likely to find people who know C, Java or Python. When I took a class on image processing the exercises were using Python because Python is basically pseudocode that actually runs, and there is a shitton of libraries available for it. It was a math class, so the programming wasn't particularly important and there as a short introduction to get people competent enough in Python to solve the exercises, so I wouldn't worry too much about the choice of language.


File: aac8682eaca33ff⋯.jpg (12.43 KB, 220x226, 110:113, 12345tyhjmk,jhbvtyre (37).jpg)

Is there any free e mail provider that doesn't require you to have coockies turned on?



Any that allow pop3/imap access


File: a8d47b846e3fef7⋯.jpg (31.38 KB, 1200x712, 150:89, increase-windows-10-laptop….jpg)

Hi /tech/, how do I increase volume on my computer ? I've installed drivers for my realtek soundcard but I want more dB in my ears, how can I do to increase volume sound ?

Should I buy a DAC ? I don't want to if I don't need to.


File: ea9d3ea0a7ac5ec⋯.jpg (93.48 KB, 582x761, 582:761, cfr30e.jpg)

Does a cold fusion reactor operating at sub-200V require significant radiation shielding?



No, you can (and should) put your dick in it.



Are you for real?!



I mostly need my font rendering for qutebrowser, I don't have any kde or gtk apps.

That being said I'm already fully aware of the ins and outs of fontconfig. I'm just confused about the dpi.



your user is probably not in storage groups



My user is in all groups there are:

$ groups
anon adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare
$ groups anon
anon : anon adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare

I think I solved it by chwoning /media/anon/Backup to myself instead of root. I can now write to the disc, I'll see if it stays like that after a reboot tomorrow.



explain your setup.

if you're using headphones it could have a higher than average impedance, which would benefit from an amp.



I have no setup. I've just plugged my headphone on my green jack on the back of my motherboard.



Then you need louder headphones or an amplifier. You don't need a DAC but most DACs have an integrated amp.




Uninstall all sound drivers, disable driver signature and use universal Dolby drivers. On linux, your only choice is to use a high quality DAC or maybe get a better flat/equal frequency response earphone w/o need for equalizer and must be 32Ω. 16Ω is weak shit.

Linux audio is already strong enough for me with a 108dB 32Ω earphone that I only need 30% volume and 60% when it's raining audibly, no DAC.


For atom feeds, is it in the spec that HTML tags should be displayed? Will HTML tags work in all RSS clients?



> I can now write to the disc, I'll see if it stays like that after a reboot tomorrow.

Yes, I still have write access. I wish there was a comprehensive guide somewhere on how this auto-mounting magic is controlled. Every guide is focused on manually mounting stuff with mount, or at best adding entries to the fstab file.


File: dde97db3a1031db⋯.jpg (939.67 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, fans.jpg)

I'm having a fan problem that I wonder if anyone can help me with. Ever since I did a hard restart when my OS (Xubuntu) locked up while compiling something the other night, my case fan has been going on and off full blast with extreme regularity. I've timed the intervals and it doesn't seem to be stochastic at all. Anyone know what's going on?


File: 6a21aa64ece9de4⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, 111.png)


I was worried about missing out on the essential theoretical concepts like algorithms and data structures, but I guess I can learn theory on my own too. Not having to pay for an extra class is a bonus.

I'm sure learning a language on your own is both more enjoyable and productive than learning it in a uni class.

I've been interested in SICP since I read about it on the wiki. I definitely give it a try. The combination of a book and video lectures is exactly how I study in uni anyway.

Thanks you, Anon. I'll just focus on my math degree and not bother with extra uni courses



> I was worried about missing out on the essential theoretical concepts like algorithms and data structures, but I guess I can learn theory on my own too. Not having to pay for an extra class is a bonus.

Yes, algorithms and data structures are not really something you would need a class on. Now, developing the mindset that leads one to be able to discover and prove those algorithms and data structures is another topic. It's like the difference between using math (what an engineer does) and knowing about axioms, theorems and proofs (what a mathematician does). SICP is very good in that regard, hence why I said that it's a book about computer science and not programming, but it's still just a basic level textbook (even though that basic level will still make you godlike compared to your typical Pajeet and webdev hipster).


>Thanks you, Anon. I'll just focus on my math degree and not bother with extra uni courses

The advantage of a university course is that in the end you have a piece of paper that proves you did attend classes and pass exams, that you didn't just make up a bunch of BS on your resume.


File: d0fdbc555b89a13⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2481x3508, 2481:3508, 86hnusw6n4i11.png)

I want to install some web browser on my thinkpad that lets me browse somewhat securely without logging or tracking too much, be it via plugins or other means. For reasons that I can't go too deep into detail, I can't cyanogen it (is it even worth it by the way?), but I'm open to all suggestions, and thanks in advance.



I personally use GNU Icecat, but you can check this list:




Thanks. Tried installing a version of IceCatMobile, but for some reason it comes Pocket and all that jazz. Is it possible to remove all this junk or am I just stuck with an "alternative" botnet? by the way, the place I got is F-Droid.org and they have their site already on the Top Sites list, including gnu.org and fsf.org, should I be concerned about f-droid.org self plugging their shit or is it okay?



Your new is showing



I know, that was the point

Though I understand why you wouldn't spoonfeed me and I respect that



Not without downloading the whole video and resampling it. It's doubtful that you need 60fps for most videos, so it's best to just tell jewtube to keep everything at 360p or something, and forgo the buttery-smooth framerate.


BIN files are just undefined binary files. The extension isn't specific. Often, BIN files tend to be firmware files, or ROM dumps (mainly Genesis/Mega Drive ROMs).



fdroid is fine get the app don't download it manually you baka, but you're running android with jewgle already. private tabs in a firefox type browser is probably the best you're going to get.

I think you can turn off pocket and such in about:config but I don't know how locked down the mobile versions are.

btw the cyanogen name has been dead for years.



>download it

download apps*



>get the app don't download it manually you baka

too late

>but you're running android with jewgle already. private tabs in a firefox type browser is probably the best you're going to get

yeah I know that I was fucked from the start but for the time being I can't change the underlying operating system.

>btw the cyanogen name has been dead for years.

Really? Goes to show how out of touch I am. What's the next thing people have done to use their thinkpads/smartphones without having to used jewed out versions of android?


I compiled tox and it doesn't open the window when I receive a message or it used to at least, it has to be closed to the tray for it to work when it used to open if it was just minimized. Am I missing a dependency or something else messed up?


I'm using microg los in japan. Apple unified location backend works perfectly fine together with jewgle map Offline if you cache the places you wanna go when you have wifi. While other backends namely mozilla, deja vu, radiocells etc fuck up such a big time, can't help but wondering will there be an more libre network location solution applicable in my case. And osm sucks, in my ao at least.


Hey, just got a Moto G6, how do I de-google the thing and make it a little less pleb?



aosp based roms and lineage.

just keep in mind it's still a google product, I don't run gapps and I still consider it botnet'd.


File: 95a2f82382a522d⋯.jpg (27.98 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 95a2f82382a522dc3895f5480c….jpg)

Is there some secret website or program you guys know for downloading videos from non-youtube sites?






tried it, It's an unsupported URL.



some sites are so shit you can just shift right-click save :^)


So is Lineage OS the only alt OS that's going to work for the Moto G6?

What are the benefits of it? No Jewgle? Will calling and SMS still work?



If your bootloader's unlocked, you need to decide that for yourself, no, yes.



This reads like a schizo wrote it. I'm trying to say, why doesn't tox open up the window when I get a message? It only opens it when it's closed to the tray.


File: e7949a2217fa774⋯.png (10.11 KB, 391x192, 391:192, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes, I distinctly remember now on my older distro there was an autofocus setting and it's missing. Someone's gotta use tox here, help please?


File: baca8f7e6d771bb⋯.jpg (47.44 KB, 535x700, 107:140, 476f9c392a29128d760d326c22….jpg)


I'm this very anon. For completeness sake, here's how I got what I wanted:

wget -E -k -r -l 2 -A '*.png','*.html','*.jpg','*.webm','*.mp4','*.pdf','*.jpeg','*.gif' -H -D 'media.8ch.net','8ch.net' --exclude-domains 'nerv.8ch.net' --no-parent -- https://8ch.net/onion/catalog.html

Look up wget's man page to figure out what each option does.

Though I haven't finished yet, the command seems to be working nicely.

In this example I'm backing up onion, but for this and any other board, this command should download the catalog and the HTML of every thread in it, plus every image inside every thread, and then convert links in the html to local relative links. It also won't recurse out of 8chan.

The end result is for every thread plus the catalog, the HTML page and every file in every post thumbnails included and nothing else are downloaded. The wget variant is GNU wget.


File: 89f41dd89b5f709⋯.png (73.8 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Uncle_Says_Hello.png)


It wasn't meant to be.

When someone tells you to install gentoo, they really do mean you should install gentoo. It's one of the less than a handful of worthwhile linux distros and OS'es as a whole.


Let's say I'm going to put a 3W or 3000mW equipment there, it'll be 5V*600mA to get the desired wattage.

What's the amps limit of a laptop USB2.0 port? Things like this aren't well-specified/documented.

If my port only supports 500mA will it bust my 2.0 port?


I can run a script through an openvpn config file directly. But NetworkManager seemingly can't do it. Is it possible?



it's 500ma but can be lower depending on manufacturer, it's not rated for it, for phones it equals slower charging and I am not qualified to say if it will necessarily break your equipment






try a different power port, boot a livecd, determine whether it's the fan, motherboard, or OS. the board usually decides how much juice goes to your fan, it could be you are actually running hot on some components, now is a great time to swap out thermal paste, that shit dries out over the course of a couple years


Is there a non-botnet alternative to cuckcord that has the push-to-talk feature and doesnt require me to have a server?



go on eBay get a used business computer, Dell, Lenovo, HP



I ran into this before, put that line in a .sh file, follow this tutorial it's better than what I can explain to you




you can throw a Mumble server on your router or PC if you want free.

I believe some use tox but I do not have experience with it

steam chat is a botnet alternative



May be just a hard drive password not necessarily encryption, look up how to remove hard drive passwords there's a bunch of dos tools mostly for IDE because no one updates this stuff. it's a crap shoot whether you get anywhere and honestly isn't worth your time, harvest it for magnets and servos


Are there any decent video channels for topics related to engineering and/or science short of just watching online lectures, or are they mostly just overproduced and overedited with content that might as well go "HEY DID YOU KNOW LIGHT IS ACTUALLY MORE THAN ONE COLOR"?



There's a hundred empty Mumble servers always online.

You can easily host your own, just "sudo apt install mumble-server" or whatever the equivalent is on your OS, then run "murmurd".

You can even host it on your android device without rooting your phone. It uses very little bandwidth so it won't matter if you're cucked with a limited data plan by your provider, the only issue is the 40-80ms latency added by 4G/WiFi. As for how to install it: Termux -> install whatever distro you want with instructions provided by AnLinux -> install mumble-server package -> run "murmurd".



Ham radio


File: fb0aece8e1736d5⋯.png (46.39 KB, 814x528, 37:24, i dont even.png)

So I installed Linux on this notebook and let the wizard do his thing about the partitions because I'm not going to dualboot or anything and then this shit happens.

What do I do?

I tried to expand the 8gb partition but it won't let me.

Using latest MX Linux.

Please help.


File: 6ba181a73a6733a⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 291x260, 291:260, 6ba181a73a6733a56e603142db….gif)


Thats that i used to do, but Jav4.me got an update and now i can't lol.



disable swap, delete it, expand ext4 partition, make another swap partition.


What is the best diagnostic test one can perform to determine whether their PSU or their motherboard is failing in the limited time they have left?



>get volt-ohm meter with high voltage direct current setting

>disconnect PSU from mobo and stick in volt-ohm meter probes

>plug in PSU

>read output and compare to expected output from PSU



Or if you feel adventurous

>boot into linux live cd

>type into a terminal

>dmesg | less

>read output for obvious errors and or jewgle it

>jewgle motherboard model for like failures others have or have not had.


File: bd94afb8b839cc8⋯.webm (2.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, doom_muslims.webm)

I've decided that i'm going to get rid of my smartphone. What's the next best thing you can get that isn't reliant on Big Tech™ kike corporations?



Phones as a whole are kiked. Your best bet are oldschool phones which work purely mechanically.


so um... can anyone pass me that script which downloaded all images from a thread using wget and curl? just lost it ;_;



Install firefox and try again.



alternatively, you can expand the ext4 partition to something like 32 GB and put the rest of the space into a different ext4 partition to mount at /home so that your data isn't touched if you have to format the system partition



Librem 5 when it comes out


File: e70c2e82c4d6217⋯.png (857 KB, 1161x768, 387:256, OK_haruka.png)

When I use cpulimit to limit a program (an online game I've been idling with a bot I've scripted), random pieces of software I use stutter and alsa keeps xrunning.

For instance when I watch my animays with mpv, every now and then it freezes due to alsa having an xrun, and palemoon also freezes when I scroll.

How do I fix this?


You can do it with nothing but wget and it takes 5 minutes of reading the fucking manual.



Not him I never managed to figure out how to use wget even with the manual. It would end up downloading the whole site instead of the page.


I am having a bitch of a time building a regex for libretorrent.

I'm not sure if I need to use /.{48}(17|18)/g or .{48}(17|18) as it's not really giving me feedback, can anyone give me a clue?



>It would end up downloading the whole site instead of the page.

You're recursing too deep and likely to parent directories. Set -l to a lower value and set -np.

You can also allow every file type except html, and that should download everything linked in the page's html except other html pages.



Are there any distros other than Mint that you would recommend to refugees escaping Microsoft? I don't doubt that Mint is user friendly yet all the time spent seeing systemd being shilled/anons hating systemd/Pottering being a faggot has left its mark.






Anti-X and MXLinux

Devuan is jews



Either Mint Cinnamon, Mint Xfce or Kubuntu. MAYBE Manjaro Xfce/KDE. Ignore anything else. Hating on systemd is a meme and you don't need to worry about it.



>dont worry about your free as in freedom goy



systemd is open source. and it's more usable than most alternatives.



Systemd is proof that we need a GPLv4, and it's less usable than all alternatives.



Can anyone answer this? It's really important for me.



>Anti-X and MXLinux

>Devuan is jews

and commies are better?


just throwing this dumb-ass question out there.

>can you use a windows repair/recovery drive to fix your pc after system32 is deleted?



Who are you quoting?






>less usable

Maybe if you're autistic. It's much more usable if you're just a developer or average user.


Can mpv be tricked into telling your IP?

For example, I play a local video in my hdd, can the video somehow make mpv broadcast my IP?


How come TOR is fast as fuck these days?



They bought more ram sticks


Very unlikely


Is jumping ass first into Linux the best way to actually know where to start in it?

I'll be honest, I don't use my PC much outside of vidya, internet browsing, documents and the occasional PCB schematic software and I'm looking for something more, but I've never had the drive to actually sit down and do something constructive with a language or on a PC after attempting to get into a language for a week or so, mainly because I feel a lot of things on Windows is fairly black boxed and I don't think I'd be losing much from not being able to use Autodesk because from what I understand just about everything has an open source or at the very least a Linux alternative, and I get the feeling the smaller library will actually improve my vidya choices. Am I expecting too much from an OS switch?


What's the best os for gaming?



Mac OS X if you want to play yourself


i have decided with the latest shitstorm and everything that follows that i want to shitpost eternally on reddit/twitter/youtube, the sheer amount of salt and tears available is delicious. i've never bothered before because im a massive lurker.

>what distro of linux should i use to maintain privacy?

>i have used mint in the past and am okay at that but is there a dedicated privacy distro you guys would recommend?

>after installing has anyone got any tips on opsec?

>i know how to setup temp emails and shit.

>a good linux vpn?

i dont expect to get major attention, i just dont want the twitter fags to dox me.



Who are you quoting?



your mom

i have winblows installed man, i cold just use mint but if there is a distro with everything already configured for privacy i'd prefer to use that



Twats on twatter aren't going to hack the mainframe and surf the cyberwaves, the only dox are the ones you'll give yourself out.



Pine64 Phone will be around 150$

Librem 5 is around 650$

Neither of them are out yet. So if you just want a device to put your SIM card in for now, buy Nokia 105 (2017 edition) for 20-30$ since it doesn't have Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS or cameras and it's battery can last over a week.



>dedicated privacy distro

Qubes, Tails or Whonix. You'll still be fine on Mint as long as you didn't install 3rd party shitware during installation which infects you with flash player and who knows what else.

>any tips on opsec?


>a good linux vpn?

see privacytools.io

>temp emails and shit

You can make an infinite number of tutanota or protonmail accounts over Tor.


I know on Debian you can use hidden service repositories so you download all of your packages through tor. Can this be done on Gentoo too?


how dumb would it be to have your own program that basically has an encrypted filesystem within a file

like, I'd use an encryption method that is hard to crack, a good key, and then the program, after given the correct key

will allow you to do certain stuff, like an interactive cli program

for example, I plan to use the mpv api in order to play videos

this is mainly a media thing, so only images, videos and text will be allowed

also, I'm concerned, does outputting to stdout cause the files printed to be in the original hdd



Not sure how secure that would be, but if done well it seems like an interesting way to share files securely.

>does outputting to stdout cause the files printed to be in the original hdd

Do you mean like written to the hdd? The answer is no.


what is an fingerprinting-proof useragent at the moment please?



Is there a way to figure out how to find a person hiding behind a Yelp review?




Turns out it wasn't the case fan, but an old GPU fan acting up (which I don't even use except to jump to WinXP for games very occasionally).

I removed the old GPU... And now I'm having a problem with full-on system freezes. I ran Stress a few times on a liveCD with no apparent issues. Then, I tried out memtest86+. A single-core test goes through everything with no errors fine, but any multi-core test eventually freezes up no matter how many cores I let my CPU use. At the moment I'm back to my installed OS (Xubuntu) running on a single core to see if it freezes up at some point. Is there a surefire way I can diagnose if the problem is my PSU, motherboard, or CPU?



It sounds like the CPU is drawing too much power, but it could be a bad overclock.



slackware / salix



>A single-core test goes through everything with no errors fine, but any multi-core test eventually freezes up no matter how many cores I let my CPU use.

No surprises there, since the latter loads up more units on the CPU and therefore leads to greater power draw and bigger load temps. Plus larger load on IMC and Uncore, and you get your freezes. How are the temps at multi-core load doing? How are the temps on the VRMs?


Is there even a point to "decentralized" stuff like peertube and mastodon, if the instances can die at any time and there isn't much people on any of them, so they can't really fulfill their purpose like youtube or facebook do?


is parrotsec OS spyware?


In layman's terms why is "systemd" bad, and/or why should an average user care


File: 6c35c595365c266⋯.png (1.3 KB, 308x190, 154:95, 1428533371190-2.png)


It's less secure, heavier, and buggier than other init systems. From a software quality perspective, it's worse than every other init system ever.

It also forces anyone who disagrees with its ideas to either do more work to get their system working, or simply deal with it because it cucks you out with other random packages having artificial hard dependencies on systemd, essentially creating a communist controlled market where other software is not allowed to compete.

If you're an end user, all you're going to be dealing with when it comes to an init system is at most a few commands to enable/disable services. That being the case, every init system does this just fine, but you should choose the one that is less likely to break, safer for you, and lighter on hardware resources. With these end user considerations, systemd is the last pick on your list.

For software quality concerns, this entire website but specially this section is a good resource:


And about the part where they force you to use their shit, here's it straight out of the jew's maw:


SystemD is a cianigger invasion on free software. Don't let it succeed.



Oh and systemd depends on glibc which means if linux is ever to move off that garbage it has to drop systemd, assuming they don't add support for a standard libc.



Systemd is made by the cianigger. They outed Ian Murdock on debian project when they introduced systemd into debian because back then debian/ubuntu did not have systemd for quit a while, while most distros like arch or obviously cia/fedora-based ones already forced it over their throats.

Systemd may be foss but it's shit like it tries to phone something during shutdown, uses google dns fallback, really lots of loopholes for the glow nigs.

I suggest you use either of the following:





MX Linux meme but if you're too bothered with the above

Artix arch for dummies

I've had personal reasons to hate systemd one is when it almost corrupted my drive because of messed up update, the other is when it didn't shut down correctly waiting 1 or 20 hours so I had to press ctrl+alt+del several times or even more or just spam power button. Another is when it kernel panics or a small segfault of my compositor will make it try to dump binary logs of HUGEfuck files that will slow down my entire system every time my compositor couldn't start from a wrong configuration so I had to force shutdown because it takes forever to dump the entire RAM and SWAP into my poor disk. The last one is you can't read those binary systemd logs in the chroot. It beats the purpose really since I am having problems booting up but it doesn't want me to read the binary logs or even set systemctl in a chroot environment. Literally a headache.


File: 9bacf7377175b60⋯.jpg (105.87 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, power.jpg)

What do you call the power adapter used on USB hubs?

I have a lot of USB hubs but I rarely use them when I found out my computer is only supplying 100mA which makes sense since it shouldn't draw 500mA*4 ports over a USB2.0 port (computer).

I'm looking for the round one on the right but I don't think I'll need 12V (or do I?).



I don't think that is 5.0 mm jack, but I think there is also 3.5 mm. Not sure what size, but they have the polarity marked. They are typically called ac-dc converters though.



If it says 12V you'd better give it 12V if you don't want bizarre freezes or absolutely nothing at all


File: f16d2b738a22619⋯.jpg (50.01 KB, 559x1199, 559:1199, DyN6SQGWsAETY09.jpg)

1) What are some good free and/or paid VPNs worth subscribing to? I know they always retain data no matter what but I also know that they have different policies and trustworthiness

2) Are proxies even worth using for non sensible information? What are the ways people can put FBI-inducing shit on your computer and what are the countermeasures if this happens to be the case - also where and how would I find out I've been compromised?

3) What is the best quality:price ratio for external hard disks? What are the best brands?



It's against the UNIX philosophy of "every package should do one thing and one thing only". UNIX philosophy is basically the same as OOP. It wants you to be able to replace any part of the system individually, let's say the init system, and still have an equally well working system and not break anything. Like if your car's tires break or if you want to use different ones, you can always replace them and the overall car will work the same. A simple software example is: imagine you want to replace your music player. Switching out Audacious for Clementine is as simple as moving to the other program. Switching the music player will leave you with a system that works just as well as it did before and nothing will break, anything that depends on playing music will play it just fine and anything that doesn't won't be affected. However, you literally can't replace systemd with anything else because you'd have to replace it (the single package) with a dozen of other packages since systemd is more than just an init sysem. For example, it's also a login manager and a DNS resolver. So systemd is as cancerous as exclusively using a web browser to play videos, music, read documents, edit videos/music, play video games, edit office documents, do programming in, etc. What's worse is that some software is literally made to be dependent on systemd and it cannot work unless your OS doesn't have it.



>What is the best quality:price ratio for external hard disks? What are the best brands?

The WD easystore goes on sale somewhat frequently, 8TB for under $200.


Is there a program that will convert ebook formats to pdf without needing half a gigabyte of dependencies and/or a GUI (pandoc, calibre)? I'd like to convert a mobi file.

Using Linux of course.



1) riseup or sigavpn

for paid, check out https://thatoneprivacysite.net/vpn-section/

My question: any of you guys have experience in ripping video game music? I've found a format that seemingly no program can decipher.



I used to, actually, but this is like, Wii era shit.

What format is it and can FormatFactory (if you're on wangblows) read it?



Actually I'm on Linux, and already tried some windows programs (but not that particular one) months ago to no avail. If you have some free time could you try to tackle this? Thanks.





Also, just downloaded your program and it doesn't work in wine (the installer doesn't run), and I don't have a windows machine. So I'd really appreciate it if you tried it.


File: 1fbfb1f75c56e2c⋯.jpg (128.01 KB, 700x475, 28:19, Open-Source-Laptop1.jpg)


decode to base64


<1) What are some good free and/or paid VPNs worth subscribing to? I know they always retain data no matter what but I also know that they have different policies and trustworthiness

None. Even the most shilled iirc nordvpn was an utter sellout.

Depends pretty much to how you want to use it.

>in another censored country like GFW

>for secure banking, biz, or personal accounts

>torrent or access to what your country blocked


<2) Are proxies even worth using for non sensible information?

Proxies are okay but at this day and age you won't usually get enough proxies easily and they even sell it now. Most of them really suck and are exhausted but tor's free so you better use them when 60%+ of the exit nodes are run by glows and you'll even see your 4 tor relays never really changing or shuffling at all. I'd rather 30 proxies in a proxychain tunneling than use that lol.

<What are the ways people can put FBI-inducing shit on your computer and what are the countermeasures if this happens to be the case - also where and how would I find out I've been compromised?

In US, anyone can literally dox you because there's several doxxing sites that bought personal information from sellout firstparties (gov) or thirdparties (local companies who has your information like say when you bought that TV and put your name in receipt). It's hard to be anonymous in US and chances are your info is in there. Think again when you give your resume to any company you want to get into when some of these don't even exist (only for the sole purpose of datamining).

If you're in US chances are you're already in a watchlist if you failed opsec and is either the following: against a certain political ideology like "deepstate" , or a threat to big "corporations" like facebook, or does either cp/pirate torrent.

People in watchlists can be fucked by 3LA/LEA and they can even go inside your home/apartment when you're out home and implant a backdoor inside your computer and maybe even go to lengths like freezing the ram and shit. They did it once to people who thought using freenet or torrent cp over windows baremetal IP was a good idea. It's in some fbi leak iirc. If they can do that with PDF-files they can also do that to anyone, it's probably a dry run against the easiest target without potential backlash. If you're a threat to a certain kingpin (investigator or insider) or threat to some jewish CEO (new tech startup) they can also do the same methods. It's only a matter of whether you attract too much interest or not, get barraged by lawsuits and finally get framed for a file you never knew was there while you were too busy with the case.

First is physical access - better carry with you your OS and hardware. CP punishment laws will never change. It is a loophole they can use on dissidents, let's say you're a journalist or full assange 2.0 they can just put one image + warrant and basically your life is over without you even knowing how shit happened so you have to hack what you own which is very tedious but worth if you're a threat. Works perfectly to public figures but in US they usually go with the "serial rapist" route.

Other methods is through backdoors though I doubt FBI is as good as the NSA.

A good way to mitigate the amount of attack vector possible is to always disconnect to the internet as you sleep or don't use it.

If you're too paranoid, go setup a surveillance camera and intrusions detection in your system bootloader.

<3) What is the best quality:price ratio for external hard disks? What are the best brands?

You can't shuck the WD and toshiba that are a little short on length since they lack the SATA pins though they perform better than longer shuckable seagate drives that use no-brand possibly refurbished controllers (thus the fail rate).

There's also issues with SMR/PMR of the platters but don't even think if these exist in the datasheet. Don't fall for "dust/water/shake" proof ones covered with rubber. They're housefire and can get up to 50C when left unattended and kill the drive.

I recommend toshiba. Hitachi comes next but pricier.

8-10TiB will save you a lot of money since it's like the price of 3 or 4x1TiB.



Anti-X and MXLinux are commies?



right click

page info

media tab

or go to about:cache


icecatmobile was unofficial build

you should use either old palemoon build or foss browser


palemoon has all the pocket/moz/safebrowse shit removed to the bone unlike watermemefox. I personally don't trust the new palemoon though which is based on esr 56 until the code is thoroughly audited like the old palemoon.

you're really in for some blackpilling if you think you can avoid all the crap that's on the network. I'm already lost track during the palemoon 56 jump. might as well make my own gecko/goanna browser but remain anonymous so shit like blackmailing doesn't happen.


i've known cyanogen era for years and no one knows why the devs called it quits - when they tried to force telemetry in all nightlies and project got infiltrated. Android kitkat builds of omni/cyanogen before the split/quit was the last trustable and easily debotnettable rom that can run the free xprivacy. your problem when running them would be several unpatched severe CVEs but if you can compile kernel on your own you can reduce most of these CVEs. On newer LOS roms there can still be google telemetry especially when they tried adopting the google now launcher around 8/9.0 to ditch trebuchet launcher (don't know if they really ditched it).


the botnet is kernel level especially if your rom is using stock kernel. there's new gimmicks on lollipop above roms that has a /vendor/app that will reinstall the botnet apps from the manufacturer or stock even if you factory reset. also, dex/odex file remains even after uninstalling botnet apps and will continue running (mind-blown) until you delete dalvik and all that crap. alot of shit going on really, i think the more updates, the more botnet grows stronger.


>Welcome to nginx!

What the fuck happened with archive.fo/is sites?

Dead again?

Lol look who got paid, fakenews.


Here's your blackpill











who are you trying to dox nigger


we need a new software license that values demeritocracy and privacy.

forced anti-telemetry that is opt-in only but has to be installed with a -developer flag which can only be done manually.

default is that no data is collected and must be well documented if it does so but not as intention to invade privacy in any intensity.

when the programmer tries to or is caught redhanded to have inserted backdoors or telemetry they will be kicked forever and framed to the hall of shame never to be allowed to contribute to any project anymore. this also forces people to try audit it themselves and see if they can kick out their most-hated or controversial developer/software project.



I'm not particularly against command prompts though.



Terminal is always available no matter what distribution.



Unironically, Gentoo.



the one on the right is a barrel connector. which requires 12 volts, you can find this in a router PSU, GameCube, computer power supply, or a car battery to name a few, just make sure it supplies enough amps

the one on the left is usb b.


How trustworthy is Koshyjohn?


Can't you use evercookie as a way to flood someone's HD?

I mean, as you make the cookies replicate/restore each other, can't you make them make infinite cookies that will eventually clog up the memory?



There seems to be a (ridiculously huge) limit.

>The maximum browser storage space is dynamic — it is based on your hard drive size. The global limit is calculated as 50% of free disk space.



How do I into TOR the correct way?

I never saw the need for it before, but now this site is being like 4chin ~'16 when I migrated here in search of greener fields. After the recent happening the place is being flooded by plebbit fags and other assorted normal scum so I feel the time has come to dig deeper to escape the heat of the normie inferno.

Please, I must escape :(

also any danknet forums/imageboards (NatSoc/non-SJW scum preferably) are appreciated in anticipation of the exodus



Not much to it, go to torproject.org and download and install. Put the security slider on highest setting.



>How do I into TOR the correct way?

Start by reading the fucking docs.

>Note: even though it originally came from an acronym, Tor is not spelled "TOR". Only the first letter is capitalized. In fact, we can usually spot people who haven't read any of our website (and have instead learned everything they know about Tor from news articles) by the fact that they spell it wrong.





Thanks frens, see you on the under side.



The best way to do tor is first install gentoo with a hardend setup and completely ignore this faggot >>1042729 . After you have your base gentoo install make sure to install tor, dnscrypt-proxy, and install nftables. Here is a nftables firewall for tor

#!/usr/bin/nft -f
# -*- mode: conf-space; tab-width: 2; -*-
# vim: set ts=2 sw=2 et:

flush ruleset

define local = {, }

table nat {
chain tor {
ip daddr $local log level warn prefix "ATTEMPTED TO TORIFY LOCAL: " return

udp dport 53 log level debug prefix "TORDNS: " redirect to 53

ip protocol tcp log level debug prefix "TORIFIED: " redirect to 9040

chain output {
type nat hook output priority 0;

oif != lo skuid != tor jump tor

chain postrouting {
type nat hook postrouting priority 0;

table filter {
chain input {
type filter hook input priority 0;
ct state {established, related} counter accept

iif == lo accept
ip saddr $local accept

counter log level err prefix "INPUT REJECTED: " reject

chain output {
type filter hook output priority 0;
ct state {established, related} counter accept

oif == lo accept
skuid == tor accept
ip daddr $local accept

counter log level err prefix "OUTPUT REJECTED: " reject

That goes in /etc/nftables/torproxy.nft for transparent torification of everything and its mother. Then you need this one

#!/usr/bin/nft -f
# -*- mode: conf-space; tab-width: 2 -*-

flush ruleset

define local = {, }

# table nat {
# chain output {
# type nat hook output priority 0;

# tcp dport {http, https} skuid == privoxy accept
# tcp dport {http, https} log prefix "PRIVOXY: " redirect to 8118
# }

# chain postrouting {
# type nat hook postrouting priority 0;
# }
# }

table filter {
chain input {
type filter hook input priority 0;

ct state {established, related} accept
ct state invalid drop

# local/VPN traffic
iifname {lo, tun0} accept

# dhcp
udp sport bootps udp dport bootpc accept

counter log prefix "DROPPED INPUT: " drop

Which goes in /etc/nftables/firewall.nft as a general firewall for when tor is active. Next setup scripts to run on start of tor, you will need this in /etc/unbound/unbound.conf for seperating regular dns requests from tor related ones

interface: ::1
port: 53
num-threads: 4
logfile: "/etc/unbound/unbound.log"
domain-insecure: "onion"
private-domain: "onion"
do-not-query-localhost: no
local-zone: "onion." nodefault

name: "onion"
name: "."
# is DNSCrypt's --local-address; 40 is the port DNSCrypt is using, which is probably either 40 or 53

Feel free to remove the logfile line if you don't want it. Make sure to add this line to your /etc/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-proxy.toml

proxy = "socks5://"

And here is a sample /etc/tor/torrc for sane settings and zeronet

# Minimal torrc so tor will work out of the box
User tor
PIDFile /var/run/tor/tor.pid
Log info file /var/log/tor/tor
DataDirectory /var/lib/tor/data
SocksPort 9050
DNSPort 5353
TransPort 9040
###for obfs and meeklite
#ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy
#Bridge obfs4 *insert your tor bridge here
#ClientTransportPlugin meeklite
#Bridge meeklite url= front=www.amazonaws.com
AutomapHostsOnResolve 1
###zeronet support
#ControlPort 9051
#CookieAuthentication 1
#CookieAuthFile /var/lib/tor/auth/control_auth_cookie
#CookieAuthFileGroupReadable 1
###disable this next line if using zeronet
Sandbox 1

Next posts will be browser config.


Is DD'ing if=/dev/urandom of=an_HDD once or twice enough to completely make data (that you dont want seen) unrecoverable?



Dank shit anon, keep it coming. Are there any tuts online for creating a hardened set up? I've played with ubuntu before but had a bit of trouble trying to format the hard drive to play with other distros, so my experience with it is rather limited.



The next step is impersonating the tor browser. You can either use the tor browser and have mossad be a fag with your ass as >>1042729 suggests or you can do the following. Install a firefox browser from before firefox 52 ESR and change these to impersonate the tor browser without the backdoors, you can use either addons or about:config to change these but you must change them

Change user agent and version agent to

>Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0

Change Accept headers to

>Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0

Change javascript OSCPU to

>Windows NT 6.1

Change platform agent to


Now that you have done all of that disable javascript and you are impersonating the tor browser. In order to not be a faggot get a addon that changes your HTTP VIA and HTTP X-forwarded-for' headers to something or randomizes them. Also install a canvas agent blocker addon. Then make sure if you ever are going to enable javascript for anything to install a add blocker like ublock origin. If you are truly paranoid change your reported screen resolution with CTRL++ and CTRL+- on occasion along with making your reported fonts identical to windows or tor and disable images has the added benefit of better bandwidth usage. If you truly give a fuck during javascript enablement make sure to adjust your audio hardware so that its different every time because that can be used to fingerprint you too.


Make sure whatever browser you use is forced to install system libraries and not bundled ones. I suggest as a browser using palemoon 27.9.4. For hardened setups the only way is to install gentoo as otherwise you get shit like X11 compatibility that isn't stripped down or systemdick/dbus on your system which is bloat and a backdoor in one. So here's a guide for installation https://archive.fo/5UHWg and here is installation media for a hardened setup https://archive.fo/AzJ6v . You better git gud fast son.



Wow I failed with the accept headers, here they are for the tor browser




>You better git gud fast son.

I will anon. Thank you for your knowledgeable insight, it is deeply appreciated.




>not knowing the terminal

Nigger. You won't survive the first wave of nanotech virus23



Browsers had never been secure. If you lurked hacker forums you'll see tons of exploits published weekly or you can even use unpatched or wrongly-patched CVEs that are quite well-documented for your convenience.

Most hackers even monopolize their exploits before publishing them taking bug bounty or just to kek over trannyfox/joogle. They usually always only release their exploits when they've found like another new 3 exploits.

Lurkmore. Browsers are shit and had always been shit. It's the perfect target, they do a lot of hackathons in China to pwn the big browsers and demonstrate their skills or how shit the base code is now. plus reduce meritocracy which is to introduce shit code of cuck tier pozzgrammers



Why would you use an old version of tor browser, won't it have vulnerabilities that have been fixed in new tor browser?



Also, why so against just using tor browser?



cat /dev/urandom > /dev/sdc

the same as

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdc




> hacker forums

Are there any that aren't dead? most of the ones that I've been to (the ones from the "hacking sites" pasta as found on >>>/cyber/) were all dead with only an occasional fellow lurking around



8chan won't have exodus anytime soon. I still have little doubts with freemason Jim but I trust him, q, and codemonkey.

>bunker exodus

There had been plenty of them ever since infinity meltdown. Endchan, lynx meme, there are a lot of them out there. If all else fail, just use ghost posts in moe archives


Too late to migrate. You missed the golden days 2014-15 the age of dank memes.


You're playing with fire here, the final solution is a meme and you can't even purchase a gun LOL. Most of shit you'll find is some hugbox like natsoc discord or twitch which are porn/gay programming in disguise that will keep you from doing anything that matters and lock you into some gayming shit. Now I'm not telling you to avoid these platforms but you can use anything to get what you want.

Sage because this sounds like polposting



yes, (((they))) kill them a lot and destabilize the community. most of these forum sliders/agents are on payroll to do that thing. the good thing is they couldn't do that on hatechan despite the negative interest TGA is gathering.




So it's going to be a constant game of catch up as by the time you arrive somewhere it will be kill? At least I'll be able to dig through the rubble and have a look-see.


File: 8ab9150760e3f68⋯.png (1.64 MB, 959x1592, 959:1592, hmm.png)


There's nothing wrong with anon using old version as long as media libraries are updated and turing complete "JS" is blocked off completely in the code level (not non-failsafe addons that have millisecond gap before it can block javasshit). Your last problem would be fingerprint which everything has.

Only video playback/images are the last remaining attack vectors or some magic text appearing as something else in the browser (like code bombs) making it drop all the rings (which is unlikely if you're too optimist). Actually it's much better to be doing the same since the huge jump was almost too suspicious even to seasoned TOR users when Soros acquired the firefox project with the power of money. Also the reason why palemoon did that sudden version jump as TBB did and dropped support on PPC2 and other unpozzed architectures. Soros is the basilisk.


Is there an intro to making filesystems?



Seems like that's my only option despite getting used to Pale Moon



no worries on this one I figured it out a night ago


Retard theoretical question:

Can I go from video file > ffmpeg > (remote) mpv in one step? I was thinking of having a high quality video stored on a main computer, and then using ffmpeg to real-time convert it to a lower quality/resolution (but smaller filesize) version for streaming on a connected computer. This way, I don't need storage space for the lower quality video and don't waste bandwidth by transmitting a 4K video to a laptop with a tiny screen. It's for personal use so the CPU usage isn't that much of an issue.




Yes. There are some foss streaming servers, maybe something could work for you. And if it won't, it's theoretically possible to write something that will.


File: ebfd121512e47d0⋯.jpg (222.23 KB, 765x438, 255:146, moshi moshi.jpg)

Does NTT Docomo phones actually work outside Japan? I'm aware of the bandwith and repair/tech support problems, but is there also software lock?



They selfdestruct when they pick up a language other than japanese from their always-on microphones


how do malware inside files like pdfs really work? they exploit a vuln in the pdf reader right? or there are actual ways to pwn someone just because it has the file stored without even opening?



Anything that touches the data can contain an exploitable vulnerability. PDF reader, file browser, cloud storage client, etc.


Why does Ubuntu have a stroke and get stuck in an infinite loop on the login screen every time I install anything?



>the final solution is a meme






why cant i install ubuntu on my lenovo

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