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File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.




Encrypt before factory rest though as when unencrpyted, it may leave stuff behind (yes the encryption implementation may not be desirable but it adds another layer to defeat.


I have started using Qupzilla, and it looks like qupzilla can use IPFS (DTube doesnt permit me to star the bideos, for example). Also, sometimes the pages I load give a load error, althought it goes normal when restarting/going back. And a minor thing but that grinds my gears is that Qupzilla doesnt keep the website zoom I give to a site, it always go back to the default level of zoom. I dont want to always read things too small! Could someone help me, please?


File: 27f62122635f1a2⋯.jpg (63.29 KB, 470x700, 47:70, 27f.jpg)

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but let's try anyway: I've made the switch to Palemoon but there's still a ton of shit that is either unsupported or has probably better alternatives. My (currently installed on firefox) add ons are:



self destructing cookies


ublock origin




Are they the best at what they do or are there better alternatives for Palemoon? Furthermore, I couldn't find a greasemonkey extension, what gives?


Does anyone have the latest tor browser bundle and can share the user agent ? I need to spoof it for a hidden service.


File: d4213a3d81ff692⋯.webm (38.14 KB, 417x20, 417:20, webm.webm)

Can somebody explain what I'm doing wrong? I'm trying to set up dwm-6.1 and when trying to change the status bar with xsetroot or slstatus, it flickers back and forth between the intended output and the default text, instead of just staying on the output like it does in most tutorials. webm related is slstatus started manually.


I just made the jump to linux and i'm getting a lot of screen tearing. I'm using Mint and I got an amd apu. Any help?



install compton


File: bafb43af3d232f4⋯.png (16.47 KB, 819x460, 819:460, transistor_thoughts.png)

Someone said to do this here.

I need a transistor to act like a second switch to get my chip and device to more or less synchronize their insertion detection.

I'm not particularly any good at this and I just learned about how transistors work by reading some short blurbs here and there a few days ago so I'm trying to ask around for more help.

When the device powers on it shorts pin 5 to vss to check if a card is inserted, this bad news for my chip which doesn't always have a card inserted but will give a bad read if it's checked in that manner. My socket has to floating pins that connect as a gate when a card is inserted, I want to connect vss of my device and vss of my chip to these pins so when a card is inserted power will connect to a gate on the transistor allowing a short between pin 5 and vss on the device making a read .


-Vss1 shorts to Vss0 on insertion, power flows along Vss1 to pin 5 on the chip causing it to register insertion

-Power goes into the gate causing a short between pin 5 on the device and Vss0 registering insertion on the device

-Hopefully the timing is tolerable and we have a read!

Extra notes on the devices bootup chip detect from using a multimeter on Vss0 and Pin 5:

Power- on resistance drops from 16K ohms to 1.45K ohms, then raises to 2.45K ohms before Going OL-0.00 then back to 1.45K ohms with the light blinking on the device indicating a bad card (device fails to finish booting if a bad card is inserted).

My power source is 3.7volts max current 1.40A, timings be damned what kind of transistor values would I be looking for to make this switch? And if timings refuse to be damned how do I approach that problem? I heard that transistors store a charge and you need a driver to properly dump the power so you continue to get fast gate switches, what kind of driver would I need if necessary?

Hope someone can help me and thanks in advance if you try.


File: e524a99f73d2c56⋯.gif (20.15 KB, 199x149, 199:149, angry eyebrows.gif)

>want to SSH from school to my home computer

>install what needs to be installed, port forward port 22

>works fine when I'm on the same network

<SSH'ing onto [user]@[public ip] doesn't work from school connection, despite having port forwarded

Am I retarded?




umatrix is better in every way


Still works, just use an older version


Download it as you would from the Mozilla add-on page, though you might have to use an older ver


File: 8de756216b33685⋯.gif (722.79 KB, 239x240, 239:240, 1424565644414.gif)


Had class on Tuesday. Turns out I'm qualified to take the Security CCNA after I complete CCNA 1 & 2, and it's the equivalent to DoD Security+ certifications which I'll eventually have to obtain anyways.

Should I go ahead and pay the $250 or whatever it is for the extra test and try to waiver my training on it at A-school, or just wait for the military to inevitably reteach me the exact same shit at a lower intellectual level so I can take the test on their dime?


I need a computer setup, since my computer is starting to die. (I'm probably gonna have to use Windows 7 on it though, sorry FOSS people, I just really don't care what the government does with me. I just want my programs and games to work.)

Minimum Requirements:

-Runs with 1080p monitor

-Has good (preferably great) performance for rendering, FL Studio, Animal Jam, Club Penguin Rewritten, YouTube, GTA San Andreas with heavy modding (not super HD graphics mods, just heavy other modding like SAMP), Crysis 2, and GTA 4 all in 1080p and at LEAST 30 FPS (preferably 60 FPS)... maybe even all at the same time if that's possible?

-Likely to last at least 5 years

-Has at least 650 GB of storage

-Can be upgraded to 1440p+ or higher performance in the future

-Advice on how fans and such work

-Has a great processor and great fans that don't make a ton of noise

Optional Requirements:

-Runs with 1440p+ monitor

-Can play Crysis 3 on 1440p+ 30+ FPS

-Can run most or all GTA San Andreas graphics mods

-Other stuff you might tell me about.

Minimum standards I'm going by are: high end computer for 2011/2012.

What I need to at least be able to do is run at least 3 tabs of high resource websites in Google Chrome and use a few other high resource apps/games at the same time. I would like only slight lag if any in most games around 2011-2012, and lag in highly demanding games for the time is okay. I can upgrade later to run 1440p+ 60FPS games made any time past 2011, but for now I would just want something cheaper that works, since I'm not currently a hardcore gamer, but I do want 1080p for now.

Recommended standards I'm going by are: high end computer for 2013/2014.

What I would like to do is be able to run at least 7 websites high or low resource consumption with a lot of apps that are high or low resource consumption. I would like no lag in any game made in 2013-2014, unless it was the highest resource game of the time maybe.

Standards you can throw in anyways for reference (but that I don't want to spend money on quite yet) are: high end computer for past 2015.

What I would like to do one day is be able to run 7+ tabs of high resource sites on Google Chrome while using a lot of other high resource applications. I would like little to no lag in most games of all time ever unless they are very high resource games like Assassin's Creed Unity.


File: 930085f8ca55395⋯.png (20.87 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2017-08-31-085402_1366x768….png)

What the fuck is up with vi ? Why are line numbers fucked like this ? I can't even get to the actual text on some lines.


I want to make a website that interacts with the youtube API and serves videos as embeds in a page. It shoudl also display related videos and havea search feature.

I'm completely new to webdev and I have no clue which language to use. The most I can do is CSS and HTML, and I've deployed a couple of static websites. No js experience.


On arch (antergos).

When I connect to wifi with

sudo wpa_supplicant -B -D wext -i wlp3s0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
sudo dhclient wlp3s0

It works fine, but when I connect with NetworkManager, using nm-applet, it stops downloading sometimes when I'm streaming video or audio (except on youtube it works fine). My internet connection might indeed break up sometimes, but with network manager downloading doesn't start back up and I have to seek ahead in the video and then back to "wake it up". What does Network manager do differently here?

Or could someone at least tell me how to make sure dhclient runs after wpa_supplicant does its thing on startup using i3?


File: efc7185cd66e86b⋯.png (28.67 KB, 819x460, 819:460, diode_solution.png)


K it looks like I solved it with a simple diode, no surge from device pin 5 to chip pin 5 and constant current to device pin 5 to register insertion so that data can be pulled from data pins.

When I disconnect I'm not certain if pin 5 will bias to a low state tho, so I may have to cobble something else together.


I want to try some Linux distros in my pc, because fuck windows 10 and althought I tested one in a virtual machine, and I could do just the same with any other, I want to try to boot them using USB by LiveCD. Havent done this before, so I would like to know anything needed to do it. Would doing this harm the PC? Any advice?


in this day and age, where does one get windows loader?



Use https://rufus.akeo.ie/ or https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/ to write iso image to USB. It won't mess your install as long as you don't proceed with installation and format your drive. There will be a warning to tell you if you were to do something that will alter your hard drive so as long as you can read you'll be fine. When downloading iso images be sure to download live/full version and not netinstall as it doesn't include graphics environment.



This is important: i was working on photoshop and a lot of work i had to open history, go to the original document to copy a selction. As soon as i use the lazo tool to make a selection, my whole history is deleted and replaced with this new actions.

Is there a way to go back and recover the work? i still have the document open and crtl+alt+z naturally doesn't work.



Bigass resistor from Chip Ins-pin 5 to ground. As it is (I have no idea of what is connected to pin 5, either of them) chip Ins-pin5 will be floating. Use a large value so you don't have much leakage current to ground in normal operation.



They might be blocking the port

Use http://canyouseeme.org/ to make sure the port is open.


Are there any programs/packages available that allow me to do mathematical calculations in a bash terminal?


File: b8bb5b36df87f6b⋯.png (436.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, moi.png)

This is Moment of Inspiration running on playonlinux, simulating Win7. Can someone tell me whats missing, recognize this lack of font visibility?


File: 68593f73fc6160e⋯.jpg (15.75 KB, 300x250, 6:5, Browsers.jpg)

What browser should I be using? I am currently using Firefox but it's running much slower than it previously did.



Wget | less.


Is systemd a potential security vulnerability in Qubes OS?



Anything running in dom0 is potentially a vulnerability but since it doesn't have direct network access and if you're using it right domUs can't get to it either, it's mostly mitigated.

Also, this cyclical is broken.


How do I block wifi and mobile (3G, 4G) traffic for a specific app on rooted Android, but allow bluetooth? I've tried AFWall+, but it blocks all traffic (including bluetooth).


Is there a way to disable the task manager or prevent me from using it to close programs in Windows 10?

I have K9 and it works fine but it has a feature to shut the internet off for a certain number of time if it blocks a certain number of pages within a certain number of minutes. You can get around it easy by just closing it in the task manager. Thankfully the rest of the filter still works.

So how can I disable this so I am actually blocked?


File: 82f86c5abb96457⋯.jpg (94.13 KB, 900x582, 150:97, monkey.jpg)

How I can download the 60Gb file if it seams download resume is not supported? http://ghtorrent.org/downloads.html


Youtube now displays blank page without JavaScript. Is there a way to fix this?



I had the same using Firefox with custom useragent. Turns out Firefox can't proper handle some JS shit, so I've reset the useragent to the default value and all works as well.



If you're using whatever CyanogenMod is called now there's an option in privacy guard


trying to install retroarch on devuan:

>ubuntu ppa


>compile from source


I was bamboozled by Sonic Mania into installing Denuvo, how do I remove Denuvo from my computer?



>Cheap asrock mobo with overclocking support through vrm and bus 150 usd, skylake engineering sample from chinks $200 for top model, 70 for tower heatsink, 32 nigs of ram for 100, 60+50 for 256gb sata ssd and 1tb hdd, flavour of the month video card that is not affected by mining meme 400 top I guess, 300 bucks korean monitor, what else, 500w psu from odm 70 dollareedoos. Add a few brown fans or equal after saving on school breakfasts.

Around 1400-1500 dead presidents or so.


Hello my niggers i want to play music and soundbites in online games which allow voice chat such as dota 2 and CS:GO and many others. How do i do this i have no microphone.


What is the difference between rooting and flashing a phone?




Acquiring root access (by replacing some binaries).


Overwriting your flash memory with a custom image.

Now answer me why you're so retarded?



Rooting a phone gives you the ability to issue commands with gain administrative privilege. That's all. It changes nothing else, except for the addition of a working su binary.

Flashing means writing software to the phone, anything from a single program to a whole new OS.

The usual sequence goes something like this:

- unlock bootloader

- root phone

- install custom recovery

- flash a custom ROM


what happens in programming languages if both "if" and "else if" are satisfied? Preferably, javascript, if it makes any difference.

For example:

else if(text != '')

If my text variable is 'abc', would it activate both dostuff1 and dostuff2, or would it stop trying because the first "if" is satisfied?



This is basic knowledge fam. When your if is followed by else/else if then it's counted as one conditional statement and execution flow goes only into the first block evaluated as true, when you want to run multiple checks independently just use multiple ifs.



That's great, thanks.



Either your ISP blocked the port in specific or you have a dynamic IP that keeps changing.

Also if you're behind a router some routers require additional configuration, for instance if I want to do just what you're doing I have to tell my router to redirect connections to a certain port to a certain LAN IP.


What is the OFFICIAL /tech/-approved, uncucked (good privacy) browser? Every time somebody recommends a better browser, there are always those saying "enjoy your botnet, you stupid motherfucker!" The >95% of people that aren't computer nerds don't know how to tell the difference between a good browser and bad. All I know is to avoid Jewgle anything like the plague, and that all the mainstream browsers are shit too. I'm currently using Palemoon but it blocks Adnauseum and the creator is allegedly a furfag so I'd rather not continue doing so.

Some say de-googled Chromium? Isn't that a category of browsers rather than a specific one? How am I supposed to know what to get? Just tell me pls.



IceCat is the answer. You can't get much better than that other than maybe Tor Browser or some privacy-focussed obscure browser.

Ungoogled chromium is pretty meme-tier, though it includes the Iridium patchset, so you're just running that with some modifications. I've never tried it, so I guess it's fine, but chromium is botnet by default and the codebase is huge, so you never really know. Besides, IceCat is Stallman-approved®.

>I'm currently using Palemoon but it blocks Adnauseum and the creator is allegedly a furfag so I'd rather not continue doing so.

Daily reminder that firefox has blocked "malicious" extensions since the dawn of time, and one about:config switch can disable that.

Palemoon is pretty great if you dislike firefox in it's current state, and want a good up-to-date on standards, non-retarded browser. Sure, furchild has some bad days, but he generally makes better decisions than mozilla.

If you want to run Palemoon/Firefox with a full-autismo setup, you're going to have to modify about:config anyway. IceCat does it all for you, Palemoon has pretty sane defaults and Firefox is just plain fucked.



You're close, but you're kind of out of order here. You have to install a custom recovery before you can root your phone, at least on most phones.



No you don't. Any way you can get a working su binary into /system/bin or /system/xbin will work. You don't necessarily have to flash it with recovery. I rooted my old LG phone before a custom recovery even existed for it. And I rooted my current phone first, then used dd to write the twrp img to the recovery partition.



That's why I specified "most phones".

>Any way you can get a working su binary into /system/bin or /system/xbin will work.

Which requires elevated privileges in the first place. This is usually achieved by booting a custom (recovery) kernel and userspace. Otherwise it's achieved through whatever kernel exploit is available.

You can also flash a custom rom without a custom recovery. Any way you can get a working OS into /system and kernel into the boot partition will work.



>IceCat is the answer

Thank you, anon. That's what I wanted- a definitive answer.

>chromium is botnet by default and the codebase is huge, so you never really know

Even as a layman that doesn't even know what a botnet is, I was skeptical about anything chromium for that reason.

I'm having difficulty installing IceCat, though (Windows 7). It was a .tar.bz2 file, I extracted it twice with 7zip and got a folder filled with bullshit, no .exe and the readme is useless. What do I do? It seems like it's all designed for Linux.


Is there any way to reduce ffserver latency without fucking up the audio?


A little more detail to add to this >>788978

I'm trying to create a lan ffserver to stream audio to my laptop from my desktop.

I need the audio to be sync with my desktop with very low latency.

What i'm currently doing to reduce latency is sort of working, the problem is it's fucking up my audio and making it sound like a bootleg midi file.

commands i'm using:

For server

ffmpeg -f pulse -re -ac 2 -i default -acodec libopus -vn -y -ab 96k -fflags nobuffer -f rtp rtp://


ffplay -probesize 400 -sync ext -protocol_whitelist file,udp,rtp stream.sdp


o=- 0 0 IN IP4
s=No Name
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
a=tool:libavformat 55.2.100
m=audio 1234 RTP/AVP 97
a=rtpmap:97 opus/48000

I wasn't orignally using an sdpfile so I'm unsure if i got those settings correct.

How do get this shit to be both low latency and decent quality?



I tried this with mplayer instead.

Loading with a different player gives slightly better but not much quality and has more delay.

using -benchmark and -nocache tells me that my player keeps dropping a spegetti load of packets just to keep in sync.





Found out that it was a problem with pulse and the certain program i was trying to run.

Sorry for the wall of shit with no real answer.



That's the source code. I can't find any windows builds of it online. You could try compiling it yourself, but the IceCat devs don't really support windows.

You're not really going to find any good privacy-focussed browsers on a non-privacy-friendly OS (even though IceCat isn't really that amazing either). Your best bet then is maybe palemoon or iridium then.


File: 2c08e5537493df8⋯.png (345.95 KB, 1100x861, 1100:861, 1477401660077.png)

How would I go about making a frontend for youtube?

I know HTML and CSS, and I've deployed a couple of sttaic websites.

All I want to make is something that can search youtube and return results, and "play" videos by embedding them in the page. It's a great way to get rid of the UI.

Should I use nodejs? What's the best tool for this? This will be my introduction to webdev.



should probably look into other programs and see how they handle youtube-dl through it's api, if you're clueless. like youtube-dl, mps-youtube and minitube. it's going to take a lot more to learn html and css


File: 59fa8a32ad49603⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 500x625, 4:5, jared-9.jpg)


I'm not going to implement a lot of features.

>Basic search feature that shows thumbnails of videos

When you click on thaat thumbnail, you'll be taken to the video's page hwere the ID of the video will be used to generate an embedded video on the page.

>name of video

>name of uploader


>like/dislike ratio

that's it.

I don't want the links to the video file itself, that's more trouble than it's worth. I think youtube concats multiple audio/video streams for some resolutions, which is something I'm not going to implement.

It's just a front-end that searches youtube and embeds the selected video in a page.



Look up youtube's api, that could be accomplished with javascript:

- first find out how to get search results from youtube

- then find out how to parse different videos

I've worked on something like that a while ago and as far as I can remember the api returns a json object with all the data you need.



but how exactly do I generate a new page to embed that video?


I want some alternatives for Xodo PDF and file manager on Android.

What do you suggest?



There are a lot of ways. If you don't want to download the video on the server - you just do it web2.0 way(tm) with an iframe

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="url" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

the iframe url you get from the youtube api js. and when the video is clicked you just append expand some div or something, don't make me spoonfeed you, anon, play around with javascript. I'll try doing making it without javascript.


As far as phone options are concerned, axon 7 or lg v20? i want to install linux and i want good options for roms


What's the difference between the Ryzen released months ago and the new Ryzen Pro that AMD is releasing worldwide?


File: 96339c942441720⋯.png (362.43 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1458893980473.png)

PowerShell Question

When I'm using Import-CSV, the values I'm getting look like they're referencing other variables for some reason, but if I open the csv in Notepad, it looks like it should. I've gone through creating the csv using different encoding thinking that could be the issue, specifying the encoding when importing, hell, I've even go so far as to create the csv from within the same script and then re-import it just for testing but I get the same issue.

CSV will look like:


When importing the csv and then Write-Host the vars I get:

@{t1=t2} @{t1=t3} @{t1=t4}

The fuck is going on?


File: 85d58ad0d529417⋯.jpg (20.14 KB, 300x316, 75:79, 1460256236769.jpg)


Alright, so I figured this has to do with no header information, so it's taken t1 to be the header.

Now if I specify a header, the output is:

@{samaccountname=t1} @{samaccountname=t2} @{samaccountname=t3} @{samaccountname=t4}

How would I just write the data itself to the host without the header?


Can the person who operates an IRC channel see previously set usernames of someone who is currently on the channel, if those usernames were set while not on any channel? In other words, if I was preparing to join a channel run by SJWs who know me personally, and I was dicking around with some very non-PC nicknames prior to actually joining the channel, can they see that?



I'm not completely sure, but probably not.



He'll know you're an asshole anyway. Once an asshole, always an asshole. A nick change won't hide it.


Trying to reset windows 7 on my lenovo, i torrented to system recovery files and put them onto usb. i tried to boot the laptop from usb but it didnt work said invalid partitioning, what do?



x220 to be specific



Is this problem with the source file?Have you tried using p7zip to extract. >>786267 has corrected me on gifs.


These in theory might help slightly (at least it comes to receiving letters from content "creators" via your ISP,who can very likely still see that you are using Bittorrent): enable anonymous mode, disable DHT and such so you only use trackers, report a different IP to trackers,randomise the port on each session, turn off favacon downloading.


>Ryzen Pro that AMD is releasing worldwide?

Do you mean Threadripper? It has more cores and is designed for the HPD (High Performance Desktop, not the "proper" title but close enough).


Your dynamic IP would probably be similar enough to the old one that he could guess it is you. However >>789483 is right, it is hard to convincingly manage different persona's without leaking your "real" one into them or "crossing the streams".



Use ruffus to make the USB



thanks, what do i use for the iso image, or is it not necessary?


I'm trying to compile Ogre3d, but eventually it will fail to compile because some filename is ridiculously long.

Unable to open file /home/beckman/Documents/compile/ogre/java/src/org/Ogre/SWIGTYPE_p_OgremultimapT_OgreTextureUnitStateTextureEffectType_OgreTextureUnitStateTextureEffect_stdlessT_OgreTextureUnitStateTextureEffectType_t_t__type.java: File name too long

What should I do? Won't changing the filename screw things up?



>What should I do?

Create a new user with a shorter name and compile the software from that user's home directory, instead of deep in some directory tree.

What filesystem and OS are you using? You're in the ballpark of the 255 byte limit on filename length on e.g. ext4, but not quite there. I'm wondering if it's a filesystem problem or a CMake problem.



I renamed the file to simply "o" and moved it to the root folder. It worked now, but one thing I noticed is that it wasn't spewing all these java warnings and nonsense because CMake hadn't detected the JNI once I moved the folder to the root folder rather than it being in Documents/. It initially didn't recognize the JNI in any location until I edited .bashrc to include the path of my openjdk,

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-9-openjdk-amd64

So it worked, but only because JNI wasn't detected, and not because of the shorter path and folder name.

I'm just curious now as to why it was able to locate openjdk when the folder was somewhere else other than the root folder, but now all of the sudden it can't locate the file even though it's specified in .bashrc. Other than that, it compiled fine. I just hope some big feature won't be missing because of the JNI thing. Thanks for the help. And to answer your question if you're still curious about it, I'm running Ubuntu 17.


I'm running the latest Mint on a fresh install with a fresh download of Icecat. I cannot seem to get mp4 videos to play, though they work perfectly on Firefox.

I'm also getting this error message when I run dmesg: "[11277.903111] cups-browsed[1065]: segfault at 14856a018 ip 00007f890b0c0469 sp 00007ffd74634b20 error 4 in libc-2.23.so[7f890b042000+1bf000]"


I have a couple /tech/-related questions pertaining to .mp3 files.

What is the easiest program to split an .mp3 that is a whole album in one track, into the 8 or so tracks it contains? inb4 audacity or some shit that is not easy

Next, what is the easiest program to adjust the volume levels in .mp3's? Some of the music on my mp3 player has a low volume, so even with it at max volume and my car speakers on max volume, it's not loud enough. Other files are loud enough that max volume on the car speakers would be too much.


File: f8529dd6512b7df⋯.gif (2.39 MB, 360x480, 3:4, h59p2R7.gif)


>Next, what is the easiest program to adjust the volume levels in .mp3's? Some of the music on my mp3 player has a low volume, so even with it at max volume and my car speakers on max volume, it's not loud enough. Other files are loud enough that max volume on the car speakers would be too much.

>lol just increase the volume

that's not how it works.

>split mp3

If you have a .cue file, sure.



File: a83186107b3c6c3⋯.jpg (652.56 KB, 2141x1600, 2141:1600, pls respond.jpg)

Are there any semi-convincing voicechangers that let me sound like a loli in online games?



If your media player has a "normalize" option, turn it on. Or you can modify the audio files permanently with a normalize filter in an audio editor, but I wouldn't go that far. Both will change the dynamic of what you're hearing, but at least you won't have extremes of volume.


File: 38aca832e201f08⋯.jpg (256.26 KB, 600x600, 1:1, thinking girl.jpg)


>Success: I can see your service on on port (22)! Your ISP is not blocking port 22


My ISP is static though. I tried using nmap through a virtual machine at school I'm also a locked chromebook fag, and it said my ip's port 22 was filtered, so I assume the school itself is blocking port 22. What are some good ranges that are rarely blocked by institutions?



Well, never mind on both counts, the segfault stopped showing up, and I apparently DIDN'T have ffmpeg, despite it showing up in a few places.


how exactly does fullscreen in software work?


Startpage or Ixquick? Which is better and what's the difference? Are they owned by the same company?


What's a minimal panel I can use with bspwm that I can autohide and just have it show the active workspace and workspaces currently in use ?

I don't need any fancy shit.


>install mint cinnamon 18.2

>install system monitor on panel

>disk is constantly writing at 30 MB/s

is that normal?


What's a good VPN to use?

I mostly need it for torrents and maybe porn


Startpage is a proxy for google searches, ixquick is similar for other search engines. And yes, they're both from the same company.



Thanks, anon. Private Internet Access works for me, $40 for a year, logless, based in USA.

Any that are logless and based in USA should be fine, as long as their uptime is good, program is reliable, and the price is right.


can we have a sticky for adnauseous posts, they make me irrationally angry, id like one thread I could hide


Super dumb question of the homosexual variant, but how the hell do I install/build Ungoogled Chromium on Ubuntu? The instructions are just too vague for my feeble mind to connect the dots.


What's the best email to use for a paypal account? I hate gmail and am looking for a non-gmail alternative.

I want something dependable and secure.


I found an iPhone 7 plus but it has a passcode. What is the easiest way for me to crack it or factory reset the phone?


How do I get the synaptics driver working on ubuntu instead of libinput?


File: 92a9009c1239a72⋯.jpg (138.55 KB, 1157x259, 1157:259, vpn.jpg)



>Implying that it would be used and that anon's will be banned/$warning for not using it.


A .50 round will do the trick.


> thanks, what do i use for the iso image, or is it not necessary?

It should not be necessary as Ruffus can use your .iso as a input if I am renembering right.


Third and final atempt.



Protonmail for the most privacy/secure-pleb choice (if you trust the provider), Tutanota, GMX...

Kolab Now clearly puts the consumer first in privacy and security in their TOS, so that's also an option.

I don't know what the fuck else just ixquick/searx them or use AlternativeTo.



Well where should it be based then? The laws in every other country are probably even more fucked and unpredictable. Better based in US than based in UK, Canada or something.


File: 9e8f38c9db652dc⋯.jpg (232.42 KB, 1280x1684, 320:421, rin 1.jpg)

Does it matter if I install an OS at the end of the HDD space?

I read somewhere that performance is worse on the edge of the HDD, since that mechanical arm that reads the data needs to travel greater distances.


How do I keep myself from Ctrl+Shift+Deleting shit everytime I close my browser which is a dozen times a day?



Whatever port windows RDP is on is probably open so admins can work remotely


Theoretically yes, but not too much. And even then your HDD will probably optimize it


Funtoo or Gentoo? Which one is better? Why?




>Kolab Now

It's good, but Neomailbox is better


Anyone have any recommendations for torrented epubs? Is it safe to use the with adobe digital editions? I would prefer something with either bookmarks or that will remember my position in the book?



Is it safe to keep and run a hard drive in the protective plastic bag that it came in? Will it generate static? The reason why I ask is because I recently got a new hard drive and there is sugary/soy smelling black stuff in crevices and corners. I'm not using this drive for anything important either, I just don't want a fire or easily broken hard drive. The black stuff got into the pins too, but the drive is still running.



>I read somewhere that performance is worse on the edge of the HDD, since that mechanical arm that reads the data

>needs to travel greater distances.

The outside tracks on a hdd are the fastest tracks. That's why track 0 is the outermost track, and why it's recommended to put your OS and swap partitions on the lowest-numbered (outermost) tracks.


Hey /tech/

I'm going to buid a new pc soon. Probably going to get a 500Gb solid state.

What would be the best why to have it automatically back up on an external hard drive and would i also be able to hold a catalog of old files on this back up? So i have old PC files with my files being added to it? Also what is best practice in terms of securing from viruses



No, that would trap heat and cause the drive to die faster. Did someone use it for drug smuggling?



I guess I'd get a 1TB external, divide it into 2 500GB partitions, rsync the 500GB SSD to one partition, and put my other files on the other partition. You can run a cron job to automate the backup.

If you're talking about Linux, you don't really need an antivirus, but there's clamav and its gui clamtk if you want one. I'd put a firewall on it though, and ufw is easy tu use. It's gui is gufw.


how to d/l from imgchili .net? firefox addons don't seem to work



It came from china so there's a possibility.


File: b2cdc11fc901610⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, KIMG0094.JPG)

File: 1ba46a59c7a7178⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, KIMG0095.JPG)

File: 0af575591f3279d⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 1640x1644, 410:411, KIMG0093s.JPG)



Here are some pictures of the stuff.


File: 3353b98212e81dd⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, KIMG0096.JPG)


File: 30a465dce4a2572⋯.jpg (21.62 KB, 320x320, 1:1, jawaese-star-wars-day.jpg)

Coreboot is the best option for my thinkpad t60 (intel)?



rust? capacitor fluid?

There's all sorts of random black goo that appears in pieces of tech.

Just clean it off for safety.



Like I said, it smells sugary with a hint of soy sauce. I feel like someone spilled coffee or Chinese food on a ton of shit and it took a good hour to realize what happened.



thanks mang

im assume ill just google this and understand right

>2 500GB partitions, rsync the 500GB SSD to one partition, and put my other files on the other partition. You can run a cron job to automate the backup.

I have one linux tails laptop i dont really understand why there wouldn't be some exploits on a linux





It looks like burnt flux residue, that shit gets everywhere but I've never heard of it smelling sweet.


Not really a problem so much as curiosity, but I noticed using iw to scan on a wireless network can return signal strength in dBm, however if I compare the lower frequency and high frequency sources from my router, one being -40 dBm and the latter being -87 dBm, the former is 50,118 times stronger in terms of wattage, even if both are at very low wattage. From this I assume that signal quality doesn't actually scale in a linear fashion with signal strength?


Is 100GB enough space to install a linux partition on my windows 7 computer?



Yes it is many times more than enough, however it would be extremely retarded not to at least make separate partitions for / and /home at a bare minimum.


Is it a good idea to shrink `system` partition on Nexus 5X to regain more space for userdata (/sdcard)? I've heard TWRP can do this, but also heard that it will forever lose the ability to install stock firmware images because they require exactly same partitions sizes. But I am using LineageOS now and there's apparently about 1GB unused space on system partition, which sucks I guess.

I could just deal with it and use external SD card — if that fucking phone had a SD card reader.


Got a surface pro 3 for free today. Are any decent browsers available for this tablet, or am I stuck with chrome or ie?

I actually dont mind it, apart from the win10 shit on it. Any options? I've seen people run ubuntu on these



Hard drives are faster on the outer tracks exactly because of that. The drive is spinning at the same speed but the heads move more sectors.


Nowadays the difference isn't much, almost everything funtoo had in special was put into gentoo.

Funtoo doesn't support systemd and systemd packages are patched to work without it, currently they're transitioning to their kits system which lets you pick overlays for individual categories of packages.

Funtoo only really matters if you're on a server because then there's funtoo-stable (which they're doing away with but there's a kits system equivalent) which updates like debian, they take longer to update stuff and they generally stay on an older version with backported fixes. Funtoo should easily be the best source-based distro for a server but on a desktop they don't differ much.



Sell it, buy something useful.


How's BTRFS these days? I know many distros support it by default and a few with lots of people who worked on btrfs even default to it but I'm not so sure about the stability of the FS.


Easily, even the bigger distros. I have a 4GB flash drive with gentoo on it and the only issue I ran into was having no inodes left (was using ext3) but that made me remember I forgot to use f2fs.


How exactly should I pick the size of the home and non home partitions, though? I'm afraid I'm going to run out of space on one or the other.


>but also heard that it will forever lose the ability to install stock firmware images because they require exactly same partitions sizes

If that's the case you can then just remember all partition sizes.

I personally netcat'd my phone's internal memory to my PC when I started messing with custom versions of android, I'm not sure if LineageOS comes with netcat but if you got busybox you have it. Just make sure you do it multiple times and check the integrity of what you get because netcat doesn't ensure the integrity of the transferred data.

>Is it a good idea to shrink `system` partition on Nexus 5X to regain more space for userdata (/sdcard)?

If you need the space, yes. Just make sure you still leave some space free. Any dangers it might have are equivalent to resizing the partition your linux install is in, because the /system/ partition is exactly where android itself sits.



yeah I'm kind of getting that drift. I used it for about 20 mins and it is pretty shit.



save the $$ for upgrades.



It's got a decent screen and solid build. I took it from work. It was from some promo. It's clunky in load times and application use and IE is fucking horrible, so even browsing the net is off the cards.

You're prob right, I'll put it on ebay. I kind of wanted a tablet but my phone is smoother to use.



>It's clunky in load times and application use and IE is fucking horrible

That's windows' fault

Install loonix with a distro that supports touch based systems.



If you're okay with the closed interface, buy an iPad. Bought one for my daughter and there's literally nothing to break in that thing. Runs well even after 4 years.


Any way to view a private instagram acount without having an acount?


What's a good text editor to use? I've been using Notepad++, but I figure there have to be better options out there. I downloaded and installed Atom, but got rid of it immediately after it said something about telemetry.



I like Geany.


>reading Windows 7 Telemetry Removal

>KB2970228 Update to support the new currency symbol for the Russian ruble in Windows

what is wrong with that one?



trash that shit and go to a doctor if you are getting sick, odds are the chinks are using bio weapons now


Is there any compact file conversor for windows?

I want something that converts documents(e.g. Docx to PDF) and is small and flexible enough to keep on a pdf. Preferably some .exe file like youtube-dl.



You can find loads of good portable utilities at https://www.portablefreeware.com/

Just search for it.



Thanks, the other site I knew didn't have anything that worked.

I went with TEBookConverter. Works well enough.



>wanting Russian hackers in your Windows


Anyone here using sxhkd with lemonbar ?

How do you dinamically hide it ?



File: bc40ae86ec40f13⋯.png (162.98 KB, 640x360, 16:9, thou shalt love big breast….png)

Is there a decent phone program that automates downloading mangas and has a nice viewer?

Someone recommended me mangarock but they require registration and the phone program requires you give them your number, so it's definitely juden.


How necessary is it to acquire a basic knowledge of Linux on simple distros like Ubuntu and Mint before moving on to more complex ones? My autistic stubbornness makes me not want training wheels. I'm perfectly fine with being lost and spending a lot of time trying to solve problems. I guess my real question is how difficult would it be to go into a complex distro like Arch or Void without any prior Linux experience? Is it realistically possible?


I would really like help on this issue.



File: a1708c3fedaaddb⋯.png (676.48 KB, 650x4377, 650:4377, 1417314553777.png)


It's not really necessary it's just that with distros that give you less work you don't have to learn everything at once, either that or you're presented with a working system before you have to learn anything.

You can install gentoo while being completely new to linux because the official install guide tells you everything you need to learn but it can be overwhelming if you don't already know part of it or at least understand what everything you're doing is for.

I haven't tried void because I settled on a distro before it really gained traction and only a few years ago I learned it existed, but definitely don't waste your time with arch.



You have your terms backwards. Arch and void are simple(relatively, arch has its shit but its simpler than the others you mention if only for not coming configured.) Mint and ubuntu are much more complex, to coming with piles of shit, preconfigured settings, and distro specific features.

However, those preinstalled programs and preconfigured settings are to make it act out of the box like you're used to windows or mac acting, more or less, so you dont have to know what you want to install or how to configure anything, or how to use very new sorts of things. Just figure out something similar to what you already know. So its easier for a new user.

On that note, I highly reccomend you start with a newbie-friendly distro and poke around and try to explore and figure out how to do stuff, so you can get a grip on things in an enviornment you're familiar with. You can stay with it if you want, or explore new options if you'd like to do so. Trying out harder(for newbies) distros on another computer or a VM is a good idea, once you feel like trying to do so, though you may not quite get it all the first time.

Contradicting the above poster, arch is alright. Its not too special, but the AUR has a lot of good stuff in it. Thats more or less the only noteworthy thing about it, but it is noteworthy. You can install almost any distro minimally if you want to though, and you can get preconfigured, newbie friendly versions of arch. I emphasize this last bit. Few things are more obnoxious than the retards who think 'Linux without an installer and you configure stuff you rself' means 'arch'.



You're right, dB is a logarithmic scale.


I second what >>790900 said about trying whatever on a VM first.


If I'm reading it right,

1. Go https://ungoogled-software.github.io/ungoogled-chromium-binaries/

2. Click on your Ubuntu version, then the latest build

3. Click chromium_57.0.2987.133-1_amd64.deb at the bottom

4. Pick install


File: 9eae07f405f14e8⋯.png (10.26 KB, 435x267, 145:89, 1.png)

Audio question:

Running from condenser in to pre, out line into an interface. Sounds as it should, however:

Interface-specific driver seems to be listening to the XLR input (see image 1). Does not seem to be a problem for anything using ASIO, however, Audacity can't seem to pick up the signal (it can't use ASIO).

Question: is it possible to force Audacity to pick up 1/4" jack channel 2? If not, what other lightweight audio recording program is recommended for a Winblows 7 user?


File: 0c7b09d66d4dcf0⋯.png (31.16 KB, 666x205, 666:205, bobbydroptables.png)

Halp me tech. My sql is weak and I don't even vaguely know how to do what I want.

SQLITE Database. Two tables.

Table ENTRY contains 2 text fields, article, newarticle. I populate article with news headlines. newarticle is blank. It's what I need help populating.

Table COUNTRY contains 2 text fields, countryname and htmlcountryname. Countryname is populated with all the countries of the world. Htmlcountryname is populated with hyperlinked country names.

I want to populate ENTRY.newarticle with ENTRY.article entries that have been searched for COUNTRY.countryname and replaced with COUNTRY.htmlcountryname.

Hopefully that makes sense. Any pointers appreciated.



It sounds like you want to do something like INSERT INTO table1 select a,b from table2

Look up INSERT INTO syntax and subqueries.

As for the html conversion, you will need a function to create htmlcountryname. You might want to create a new field for it if you are going to be using it more than once, and it might be easiest to run some code in a scripting language outside of sql to populate it, or you might be able to rig up a solution with CONCAT() functions. It depends on what data you're dealing with and what you are supposed to do with it.




CONCAT is Excel, SQL uses the || symbol (a double pipe) IIRC.



You should probably give us more to go on than that. Give us your schema (the .schema command) and a few example rows from each table so we know. Chances are you can do a JOIN using a LIKE, though.

Check this out:

sqlite> .schema
CREATE TABLE entry (article TEXT, newarticle TEXT);
CREATE TABLE country (countryname TEXT, htmlcountryname TEXT);
sqlite> SELECT * FROM entry;
article newarticle
--------------------------- ----------
Blah Blah Germany Blah Blah
Blah Blah Italy
Blah Blah Blah
sqlite> SELECT * FROM country;
countryname htmlcountryname
----------- ------------------
Germany http://germany.com
Italy http://italy.com
America http://USA.freedom
sqlite> SELECT article, country.htmlcountryname FROM entry LEFT JOIN country ON entry.article LIKE ('%' || country.countryname || '%');
article htmlcountryname
--------------------------- ------------------
Blah Blah Germany Blah Blah http://germany.com
Blah Blah Italy http://italy.com
Blah Blah Blah

See the join there? You can easily use that same condition to actually update it:

sqlite> UPDATE entry SET newarticle=(SELECT htmlcountryname FROM country WHERE entry.article LIKE ('%' || country.countryname || '%'));
sqlite> select * from entry;
article newarticle
--------------------------- ------------------
Blah Blah Germany Blah Blah http://germany.com
Blah Blah Italy http://italy.com
Blah Blah Blah

That's if you want to do it entirely from SQL. It depends heavily on what you want and how specific you want your search to be (like if you want to match Germany as well as German and Deutsch or something). There are tons of ways to do it, especially if you resort to a real programming language interfacing with SQLite instead of using pure SQL.





Gents, thanks. I simplified my example, here is the real deal.

I've got a database that gets filled with RSS feeds. I'm taking the title and the link fields, and making browsable web pages based on this. Right now, I output basic text and then use sed to do things like add flag images next to country names, and add href tags for urls, etc.

I output one page for each country, so when I click the Canada flag, I see all the Canada stories. Of course, because I am formatting AFTER db export, I have to sed 250+ files. What I want to do is have a preformatted output field in the db, with all tags and img links, so that sed is not required at all.

Here is the schema:


id INTEGER primary key not null,

title text not null,

link text not null,

description text not null,

created_date timestamp not null,

last_updated_date timestamp not null,

deleted_date timestamp);


id INTEGER primary key not null,

feed_id int not null,

guid text not null,

title text,

sexytitle text,

description text,

link text,

sexylink text,

publisher text,

published_date timestamp,

hash text NOT NULL,

created_date timestamp not null,

modified_date timestamp not null,

deleted_date timestamp);

CREATE TABLE countries (

countryname text,

sexycountryname text);

sqlite> select title from entry limit 5;

The Broken-Window Fallacy Is Still Alive And Well

Venezuela’s Grim Reaper – A Weekly Report

Miami Mayor: "Expect Evacuation Order On Wednesday Or Thursday"

Leaked Brexit Document Reveals UK Hardline Plan To Deter EU Immigrants

Obama Responds To Trump's DACA Decision

countryname, sexycountryname is just a country name, and a country name wrapped in html tags. I can't give you the output because the 8ch spam filters freak out.

I guess my difficulty is that I need to lookup the words I am replacing from a different table, rather than knowing what I need to replace.



The only draw backs with portable cd drives I've found is that if you run a cd with copy protection, it won't work without tools. You also can't use these on machines which can't accept USB devices to boot. But other than that, they are useful as fuck.



Get an antivirus.


Replaced a main board for the first time. PC speakers buzz. What could I possibly have screwed up?



Buying a board with a shitty audio chip.


The new youtube layout disables my youtube downloader extension and also my youtube theme (and maybe my youtube enhancer?).

How do I make it so that I dont have to click on "restore old youtube" every single time I visit youtube?

I obviously automatically delete history and cookies and everything from the browser (in fact, I have history disabled, so it gets deleted after closing the tab).

Using opera (opera-stable from the software manager) on linux mint.



If you don't have a bay just hot glue or velcro it or even just leave it at the bottom of your case, as long as it says put it doesn't matter.



Also, obvious filth from storing ancient tech on an open and likely Filthy shelf. Isopropyl everything.



You probably plugged the speaker into the wrong pins on the motherboard.



Alright so in the meantime I discovered "violentmonkey" where I can write or install a script for a certain website and then the extension will automatically run the script when I access the website.

The problem is that I haven't been able to find a "restore old youtube" script or anything related to the youtube interface.

I dont know how to write one myself, should I learn javascript and write one myself?

All I want tbh is to be spared the 30 seconds it takes me to

>click top right point column near the "sign in"

>click "restore old youtube"

>click on any of the options

>click submit

Especially since sometimes I spend 2-3 minutes on youtube at most, and since I access it everyday.

How do I go about doing that? Does the violentmonkey script idea work, or is there some other way?



Get a cookie killer plugin. Turn off cookie deletion in the browser. Turn it on in the plugin. Make an exception for that site.




>lightweight audio recording program

That's not how it works.

Try ffmpeg, it's commandline and as light as it gets. Also lets you output to basically any audio format ever.


File: 8e7ef8252b18296⋯.png (60.22 KB, 1463x942, 1463:942, problem1.PNG)

File: 1ce9c134807c129⋯.png (12.15 KB, 1231x23, 1231:23, problem2.PNG)

File: 3ff2331dfbf0695⋯.png (9.74 KB, 1917x211, 1917:211, problem3.PNG)

Alright, any time I try to access cross-site content, like going from the regular 8ch.net to media.8ch.net or from a main site to a cloud server, the stuff from end site is blocked and the page ends up loading blank. At first, it seemed like the option in Noscript to block content from untrusted sites was the cause, since I unchecked that and for a little bit, I could view cross-site content. Unfortunately, the problem has popped-up again, and I can't for the life of me find what the problem is. I already tried safe-mode, and I can't seem to find the problem through the dev console.

I have Firefox 54.01(32-bit) and the following add-ons:


Greasemonkey with:



>Pinterest without registration

HTTPS by default

HTTPS Everywhere



Random Agent Spoofer

Self-destructing cookies

uBlock origins


File: 6c374ccd05eee58⋯.png (422.57 KB, 734x826, 367:413, problem4.PNG)

File: 0c7405713ea4726⋯.png (359.61 KB, 673x817, 673:817, problem5.PNG)


I forgot to mention this. Sometimes the sites I use won't unload elements from the previous page while attempting to load the new one. I can restrictively interact with some of the elements, like showing pull-down menus, but nothing else; nor can I click on a new link even though the browser recognizes an element as such and even where that link connects to.



Try disabling all addons and then enabling them one by one until the problems appear again. This will also narrow down the problem: addons, or the browser itself.



Thanks for the advice, appears to be an issue with uBlock interacting with Greasemonkey, probably the anti-adblock killer. I think I'm going to get rid of that, since uBlock now include an anti-adblock filter anyway.


File: de391d9a39db92e⋯.jpg (118.47 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 200 Percent Rad.jpg)



Yup, removing the userscript makes the sites load properly again. Thank very much!


File: 608494b08f19328⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, 1451596872959.jpg)

1//: I'm going to be installing win7 on a SSD and am wondering if there is way to update to the latest version before the elementary updates? If not I'll just block windows from accessing the internet entirely and move onto my next question.

2:// I want to dual boot a gnu + linux distro onto a HDD but am unsure what to roll with. I want something light so i can choose my own software and learn to use the command line or maybe ricing but i don't want to rely on a desktop environment maybe, I have no idea what I'm talking about really. My only other experiences with the linux is Ubuntu so i am very much a beginner. I have taken a look at some charts and am thinking about jumping straight into Gentoo or Void, but then again Debian might be more suitable since i am fairly new but that seems to come with lots of baggage too. All i know is that i didn't like Ubuntu's desktop environment nor how much random software came packaged with it.

Please and thank you.


Which php should I download to use with Apache2 for a web server?


*forgot the list:









































Will deleting the metadata on my music files allow me to actually have a randomized shuffle?

Right now when I hit shuffle, my mp3 player picks out some 20-30 songs from my folder and plays them on repeat. It sucks because it always picks similar genres or similar artists (I'll have all my German songs play with one or two other songs mixed in, or the same thing will happen with my Russian songs or Dixie songs). It feels like I'm listening to my CDs since even though I put everything in a general folder, it's like the MP3 player is "reading" the folders they used to be in when picking the order during shuffle. I want a mix of music, not the same songs over and over again.


File: e8b9123fa09e81a⋯.png (217.64 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 1465083591505.png)

I have a dual monitor setup, but main screen occasionally gives me "HDMI not detected" when i run games or sometimes movies on it, while the secondary just works.

Specs and stuff :

GPU - Sapphire 6900 series

Primary monitor - BenQ GW2750, Secondary monitor - LG L196WTQ 21.5"

Drivers - currently 15.7.1, started blacking out with 14.12 (didn't black out previously, before it started to, at all)

Not sure if its cable related - can't check have no spare ones.

Blacked out even while typing this shit



I'm on optic fiber.

A SpeedTest on my Thinkpad x200 reaches 30Mbps in download.

My desktop, running Windows 10, doesn't go above 10Mbps. I tried 3 different network adapters, some occasionally crashed, and the new TL-WN722N I just bought works, but the speed is still capped.

What do I do, /tech/?

>inb4 install gentoo, i specifically need windows working



I mean, this is what I get on Arch...




Shit optics (might be shit tier package), wangblows 10™. What should you be expecting otherwise?

I can shit out this much on my optics, but it's a premium package



In twm, can an f.menu be created without having to hold down the mouse button?

By default

Button3 = : root: f.menu "Main"
requires that the right mouse button be held down to prevent the menu from disappearing.


I want to get into using docker for tasks such as building android with a swappable and destroyable debian image. I've installed Go, and want to install Docker itself now.

However, I'm stuck with a problem: It seems docker split into docker-ce and moby. Which should I be using?



Assuming you're using windows like a faggot

Are you running games in full screen or windowed? It sounds like a resolution problem


Can humans actually see beyond 4K, what about 8K?


Can you guys recommend me a music player? Currently using winamp because everything else eats dick. I need something that's clean and supports waveforms. I just love looking at waveform.



never tested it myself, but even if you couldn't (which I doubt) it still comes handy when working with shit. When you edit videos or pictures you need as much space as possible, a second screen helps a lot too. Currently using a 1440p screen. I am already used to it since I am using it since a year now, but when I first got it, it felt like a huge upgrade



Is it worth it to wait for 8K/16K? I'm still on 1080p and I don't see a reason to upgrade, but perhaps it is worth it.



Well, I what exactly are you doing on your computer? If you are just playing games then 1080p is enough.



Movies, TV, browsing only and games. No design involved really.



I see no reason to upgrade in that case.


Hey guys, a friend's android phone has some issues. The Wifi and bluetooth can't be turned on. When you tap on the icons, nothing happens. 4G works and the cell phone works otherwise. Has this happened to any of you?


File: 1de0df2641e096e⋯.gif (940.14 KB, 627x502, 627:502, 1de0df2641e096eab0f8aaad9f….gif)

So /tech/, Windows is not a great OS, but it's the only one I can play my precious vidya in. How do you fellas get around this issue? Is it advisable to do a main install of Linux and run Windows on a VM for gaming purposes solely? Anyone on hear familiar with that?

Any help is appreciated.


File: cb21fec4b773c0c⋯.jpg (58.31 KB, 768x576, 4:3, smugsis.jpg)


GPU passthrough if possible, dual boot if not.

And then you hope whatever game you're playing at the moment works well on wine or has a port so you can use loonix.

For instance I haven't booted into windows in about a month mainly because I've only consumed weebshit and the few games I played either work on WINE or have a port, but at any moment I might get interested in something that I just can't play on linux and then I'll have to reboot.

I can definitely say making the switch has saved me time and given me a better experience though, I wish there was a way to calculate how much time I lost with windows explorer ceasing to work or having an unusable computer while encoding video because ffmpeg locked up my computer due to windows' scheduler being trash. Or those few moments everyone loses when you open anything on windows because windows has the worst disk performance in the market.


I'd wait for 4k until more media is 4k.

Lots of day to day programs still have garbage DPI scaling and you'll always be watching 720p/1080p content upscaled.

Getting a 4k monitor just so you can play old games at a higher res doesn't seem worth the money, specially because every new game is trash and will require you to buy a new GPU to go with them and then the new gpu won't perform much better because nvidia/AMD are actually decreasing memory performance with every graphics card generation outside of their top end offerings.

You should instead go with a monitor that just has plain better image quality or a higher refresh rate instead of more pixels, that's where you get your money's worth these days.



sauce on pic? Also, thanks for advice.


File: e26d40b2b147b6a⋯.png (103.15 KB, 505x504, 505:504, 1461312477061-1.png)


midori no hibi



google image search is useless


File: 5bcd760d5e6511b⋯.png (34.17 KB, 631x200, 631:200, firefox sync.png)

How the FUCK do you make it so it DOESN'T require email confirmation?

I don't want none of that shit.



I know, but it's the best I got at the moment.

I still don't understand why Windows, even with official drivers, behaves that way.

Can I come to Latvia?


File: 6558e2891eb8a46⋯.png (35.5 KB, 979x382, 979:382, THEFUQM8.png)

WTF is this I haven't updated windows 7 in months but it started doing this after restarting my laptop and trying to find a PDF for some faggot on /liberty/ REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!



Don't use the default windows search faget. Install Everything by voidtools.


My computer is running slow and I don't know why. I'm what you would call a decently tech-savvy guy -- I'm certainly not retarded when it comes to computers, and 95% of the time I can fix my own problems; however, this seems out of my reach: my computer is running very slowly and whenever I check it is only using, at most, 11% of one of the cores. I've checked my power plan and tried different plans and it seems to do the same thing. My audio will static out sometimes because of the lag time. I have plenty of performance for my programs to use -- they just don't seem to take advantage of it. This only happens sometimes but it's still annoying. Does anyone know how I can fix this?



>I'm what you would call a decently tech-savvy guy

Are you running Gentoo?


OK maybe someone here can help me out with this. So I just ordered a new Ryzen 5 1600 CPU to replace my old FX 8350. I had to order a new mobo and RAM too so it ended up pretty pricey. Now I'm reading about compatibility, I thought I had everything sorted but it turns out M$ won't give updates to systems running Win7 and 8 with Ryzen.

So my options are basically upgrade to Win10 (which I think is still free for me as a Win7 owner, not sure though) or hop on some Linux distro. I don't have any issues with Linux except that I mainly made this upgrade to play games... Witcher 3 and the like... And I don't think wine fully supports newer games like that just yet. See https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=16884 for example.

So, anyone have experience with Win10? Is it actually as bad as people say? Is it possible to (mostly) clean it up, with regards to the spying and shitty bloat? I know that it ignores some of the settings that you change.



do av scan

how old is your hardware


My old Nexus 5x was able to recognize and have different volume levels when I connect the aux cable compared to when i compared earbuds. I got a new one from Google since my old one died and the new one doesn't have this feature

I did change from PureNexus to crDroid but neither mention that feature.

I know crDroid came with AudioFX, would that make a difference


how the FUCK do i install firmware-linux-nonfree on devuan

I am trying to get a nice distro that fucking works and isnt a CLI only install (aka has a desktop env) and doesnt have systemd. Im using an old hp amd laptop. I was going to use manjaro-openrc but apparently thats dead (and so is that whole distro now lol) I would rather not have to manually install everything, if thats the case to get a working system ill just install funtoo but i would much rather use a binary system on this slow ass machine



apt install firmware-linux-nonfree

Not running Devuan myself but I see it in their repo.


File: 9687797dc43a436⋯.png (19.17 KB, 231x279, 77:93, scared ruby gloom.png)

>decide to update debian to stretch because I'm way overdue for it

>first time updating this

>I only have a tiny (~4gb) amount of space left

>follow this (https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-upgrade-debian-8-jessie-to-debian-9-stretch) guide

>get to the second "apt-get dist-upgrade"

>let it do it's thing for a while

>Notice i3bar says there's ~300 mb left

>fugging internally, ctrl+z the process

>start to mv a large file to a USB to make space for whatever's coming

>something else takes up the leftover space

>0.0 bytes left in hard drive

>can't even press tab in the terminal

A. What the fuck is happening, why is apt-get filling up my entire hard drive? Is it just redownloading the upgraded versions of my packages for my install

A2. If so, will it autoremove all the old packages or what?

B. How can I tell what programs are trying to use hard drive space through ps?



Also I'm not completely sure if mv is working at all, due to having 0 spess.


File: aca1705575efada⋯.gif (172.5 KB, 135x184, 135:184, worry intensified.gif)


rm'ing things doesn't seem to change the amount of space I have. I've only tried it with sub 1gb files, but I'm still very concerned over it.



Loonix can't function without free storage space, I'm surprised you didn't just get a kernel panic because that's what happened to me when I accidentally maxed out my hard drive because I forgot I was recording a lossless screen capture.

You'll probably have to plug your hard drive into something and free up some space so you can use your PC again.

Next time make sure you have the storage required for whatever it is you're doing.



This is what I would do:

- download a live linux iso that includes gparted

- put it on a usbstick and boot it

- create a huge ext4 partition somewhere permanent

- copy the entire contents of /home to it

- reformat the messed up / partition

- make a fresh install of debian stretch on the newly formatted / partition, using the same username as before, and assigning /home to the other partition that you copied all of your /home files to

- Install all of the programs that were installed before

- They should find all of their old settings in the /home directory under your same username as before


File: edf56e24fc9331a⋯.gif (595.06 KB, 400x302, 200:151, shrugs.gif)


According to df, I'm onlu using 95G of my 100G partition, despite having 0b available so that probably saved me, somehow.

Anyhow, I can still use it, like I said, I'm mv'ing some files to a usb drive to make space, albeit slowly. How much space does updating on a apt based distro need anyways, relative to the number of packages you have of course?


I only have ~15gb of free space on my windows partition, and I have my /home on the same partition as my /.

Like I said though, my computer's fine for now, I just want to know what's happening, and what things I should(n't) do to prevent it from getting worse.

I think that apt-get called on some other program to unpack a package (currently libfreerdp-codec1.1:amd64), and so, when I paused apt-get, it didn't pause the program responsible for unpackaging it, and that's why my system keeps filling up. So long as I free up enough space, it should all work fine afterwards, right? that or it's in some space eating loop that'll just fuck my shit up. Either way I'll find out by morning, when the file is done moving



As the other guy said, it's a space problem and you should always make sure you have a lot of free space before attempting a big operation like a dist-upgrade, which downloads many GB of packages before it even starts installing them.

It's advisable to always put /home on a separate partition, for a lot of good reasons:

- it won't eat up all of the space on / and cause problems like this one

- if / gets corrupted all of your data and settings are still safe... all you have to do is reinstall Linux and the same packages you were using before, and pretty much pick up where you left off

If you don't have enough space you should add another hard drive to your system.


How do you open the browser in terminal without it giving all the messages about what's going on under the hood.

Currently I use:

chromium-browser &

Because I would like it to run in the background so I could use the terminal for other things. But seeing the terminal cluttered with all these error this, error that is really distracting.



I'm sure this would work

chromium-browser >/dev/null &


So I got my one plus 5 phone and managed to activate it and keep my old phone number. So what apps or thing should I need on a Android? What do you guys recommend?



The wiki in >>>/metatech/ 's intro sticky has most of them. F-Droid is heavily recommended.


File: f1a2163ddb36403⋯.png (48.69 KB, 900x300, 3:1, keyboard-layer2.png)

File: 32dd3f659b35cfe⋯.png (54.51 KB, 900x300, 3:1, keyboard-layer1.png)


What DE/WM do you use? Most WMs allow you to open any program in $PATH using some keybinding, mod+D for i3.


File: 3b073f55f1250b2⋯.gif (620.36 KB, 500x281, 500:281, happytits.gif)

Came out of the install (relatively) painlessly, thanks fags.


I'll keep that in mind for next time.


My sister just got her first chinkpad. She refused a better OS, so it's currently a Windows system. I was asked to set it up for her for a better and safer experience, but I don't really remember how to do that with Windows. I can de-bloat and remove Telemetry, and that'd probably help a ton, but what about utility software and add-ons for Windows? installgentoo wiki is down so I can only recall Malwarebytes and CCleaner. Are those even good to use anymore? Were they ever?



Which version? Please don't say 10



7, fortunately.


File: 0ef1cfe3363623f⋯.jpg (262.02 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, chill dog.jpg)


You're fine then, just run the aegis script or whatever it's called now. Malwarebytes worked fine as far as I remember, just make sure to install ublock on chrome/firecock/anything that's not IE.


What exactly is the video codec situation these days?

vp9 wasn't even adopted anywhere outside of youtube and this place and google already wants to kill it, h265 is proprietary but all big companies are giving it traction and then everyone else is off doing their own thing and it seems like we'll either be stuck with h264 for 10 more years or h265 will win.

Is there at least a 2017 video quality comparison between vp9 and h265? I'm curious as to why torrent sites never have vp9 torrents, only h265 ones.


File: 618493f43928e05⋯.png (19.64 KB, 787x298, 787:298, fukked.png)

something is reserving 2.3 gigs of memory (blue bar) and i dont know what, i closed all major applications (browser, games, that sort of stuff) is there a program that can purge this data or at least tell me what the fuck is eating it?




Call your local NSA operator.


what's going on with nyaa.pantsu? Its not returning good links for a lot of anime and then when I try to upload one after downloading elsewhere it tells me its already in the database and won't let me download. I really don't want to have to use the cartel site, it makes me feel dirty.



It's not eaten. It's available for use. It's just holding some recently used stuff that you may need to use again, until it's needed for something more important. See: memory cache



kool, thank you



How do I download youtube videos that have been limited? dl isn't working for me.


File: f34dbee0bb25d5f⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1500x2670, 50:89, 1413786673962[1].png)

this still relevant?



libtorrent isn't number 1 on that list. Besides that, it's pretty spot on.



It still displays a shit tonne of messages.


Ubuntu 16.04 with the default file manager.

I have a one button way of opening the browser, I just thought there was a way in terminal without being verbose.

I am trying to become proficient in the terminal by doing most things on it.

I'll have to go over The Linux Command Line again.

See if I find anything there.


File: 5760a95d8fbd1cc⋯.png (369.82 KB, 1106x831, 1106:831, Screenshot from 2017-09-12….png)


Need help with runecasting anons. What is the proper runes I have to caste in order to install audio driver?

Tutorial I'm trying unsuccessfully to follow: http://airbornesurfer.com/2015/04/how-to-install-realtek-hd-audio-driver-in-linux/



The terminal isn't magic.

Noone can or will help you if you refuse to gain even a rudimentary understanding of what the text on the screen is actually saying.

You could figure it out for yourself if you were willing to apply aproximately the level of problem solving skills employed by a crow getting a nut in animal behavior experiments, yet you refuse to.



this >>792719

Legit answer tbh, your problem is actually fucking retarded because you were in the wrong directory when attempting to build.

Also you calling them "runes" is stupid because most of the "runes" are pretty self explainitory in what they do


cd = change directory

./ = execute program

-- = (peramitors

make = fucking make the program

make install = make and install the program

You need to stop being retarded



Also, you executing a shellbomb twice is just what happens when you don't post in the support thread first.



>./ : execute program

execute a file in the current directory, such as the 'configure' script. ./ is a s ynonym for the current directories path.


File: 144f47590bfa733⋯.png (215.19 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Just_lonely_loner_on_the_l….png)


Yea, that's what i meant.


Calling this "runecasting" and insisting that people just tell you what to enter is sort of like calling Japanese "moon runes" when you're trying to have an actual meaningful conversation in Japanese



I don't care about operating systems and programming.

I just want my fucking audio to work.


I'm more like a person who is forced to have to send a message in Japanese and needs someone to quickly tell me what to write than someone who wants to actually converse with Japanese and have conversations with them.



and demanding they just speak english to you.

and this is taking place in japan.



using a command line isn't programming. Its just running software same as running any gui program, just a different interface.

Nor is it some kind of internal details about the operating system. the command line isn't under the hood. Its the surface, end-user-interface, just a different one than the graphical programs. I reiterate:

>You could figure it out for yourself if you were willing to apply aproximately the level of problem solving skills employed by a crow getting a nut in animal behavior experiments, yet you refuse to.



If you're not just putting shit in your terminal but your terminal is saying relevant shit back then you're having a conversation.


Is Ancile safe to use on Windows 7, or is it just a meme?


File: 28537bda47b2a8b⋯.png (291.87 KB, 1619x794, 1619:794, Screenshot from 2017-09-12….png)

What did I fuck up this time?




you need superuser permissions to install shit. it wants to modify files/put things in directories owned by root.

to run a command with root/superuser priviliges, prefix it with 'sudo', ie, 'sudo rm [thing]', sudo make install. it will then prompt you for your password, which you have to type. it will not make dots or letters appear, but it is entering it, just invisibly.


File: 0bbdb4fffaa92c9⋯.png (26.96 KB, 655x418, 655:418, Screenshot from 2017-09-12….png)


It's still fucking up...


File: fc33ea4707eb34b⋯.png (148.02 KB, 799x688, 799:688, Screenshot from 2017-09-12….png)



why would you think you need root permissions to enter the directory?

as for the second one, it requires header files in /usr/include/sound/, but they arent there here.

they'll be in some package, but I don't use mint, so I dont know what that package is without googling.



also, the 'Linux audio installation guide.pdf' has more detailed information.

also, it probably would have told you what yo u're missing when you ran ./configure.

copypasted from forums, sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) would be a quick way to install the kernel headers without figuring out what version you have. $(uname -r) means that bit is substituted with the output of the command uname -r, which gives your kernel version.


File: 82ae4d9d825d9f4⋯.jpg (79.17 KB, 440x441, 440:441, 82ae4d9d825d9f4f1c8f97e940….jpg)


thanks anon



>it will not make dots or letters appear, but it is entering it, just invisibly.

Oh man you just reminded me of the first time I used loonix



Multiling O



Can't find it and getting discouraged as fuck. I'm running out of time and getting nowhere.



Once a year I help a lot of people install Loonix on their laptops, and once a year I remember how unintuitive this shit is to people who aren't used to it.


I give up. I can't fix the fucking audio. I can't learn all this shit and go chasing through hoops trying to do all this stuff. I have to go to work. I basically wasted my one day off work on this nonsense and there's no straightforward way for me to get my fucking audio drivers installed and working. I'll check back here again later but I doubt you guys will do much more than insult me, hope I "figure it out myself", and blah blah which I just don't have the time for.



You came in acting like a retard demanding everyone else wait hand and foot on you.

The mint forums would be a better place to ask/search than here.

Searching on said forums, I find a thread claiming that driver is shit, you dont typically download it from the manufacturer on linux.

random suggestions, since I don't know what your problem is because you cant articulate it and I'm not the one at the computer:

Install pulseaudio

install alsa lib

install ubuntu linux




>The mint forums would be a better place to ask/search than here.

I already posted my questions on there multiple times and nobody has ever answered. I posted another one a few days ago and got no answers, so got desperate and tired of waiting and came here.



how do I libreboot my ThinkPad X200?

I haven't ever messed with firmware and I don't know if there's anything aside from downloaded files and possibly a USB chip that I'll need.



It's fully documented on https://libreboot.org/.



so I need some kind of SBC that I have to shove inside the laptop, covered in electrical tape? this looks incredibly complicated... I feel like I'd mess up.



defenestrate yourself smiley



>no replies

>the wiki is down

I sure did pick a bad time to try installing an OS for the first time on new hardware.



An Ubuntu variant is probably your best bet. It's perfectly fine for picking your own software and using the command line, it just happens to be useful even if you don't do those things. Consider Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu. And keep in mind that you can have multiple desktop environments installed at the same time and it'll let you switch at log-in, so the choice you make initially is no big deal.

Gentoo and Void are very much hobbyist distros. I think it's better not to touch them before you're experienced with the command line. Debian hits a sweet spot between autism and usability, and it's worth consideration, but I think I'd still recommend a *buntu for now.


I currently have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Is switching to 17.04 worth it?




File: af6a7d81df3fd6e⋯.png (307.51 KB, 1266x740, 633:370, glitch.png)

I recently bought this RX 560 because apparently my GTX 950 was giving me "lost and recovered" errors, I installed the RX on a clean OS install as well, but from time to time this happens, I think is always on YT but so far only 2-3 times so far.

I was also getting white segments of my screen when a desktop notification came up but solved it by enabling aero.

Any ideas?



Either your cards are overheating OR there's something wrong with that PCIe slot

Did you try another slot? Is the slot dusty or some shit? Is the GPU properly secured?



17.10 is coming out in less than a month so just wait for that



GPU is properly secured, the card wasn't even at 30ºC in that moment at least according to Afterburner, I cleaned up the slot before putting it BUT I could suspect there can be something wrong in my PCIe slot since the GTX 950 was giving me the other problems, I have a PCIeX4 Slot where I can put this one, the 950 sadly is one of those "no PSU connection required", do you think something may be happening to my PCIeX16 slot?


File: 6d036dac09a74d4⋯.gif (33.66 KB, 181x222, 181:222, ?1.gif)


Is there a userscript or similar out there like 4chanX but for 8chan?



Yes. It's called 8chan X, and it hasn't been updated in two years, so I would be impressed if it worked.


Some of 4chan X's features are implemented in the native site, so dig through the [Options] first if you haven't already.


I wanted to install Debian Unstable but fucked up and I'm now on Debian SID.

Is there a way to "downgrade" from SID to Unstable without breaking the whole thing, or should I just reinstall?



Debian Unstable is the same as Sid.

Sid is the codename of the Unstable branch. Just like Stable is called Stretch, and Testing is called Buster. Buster will eventually become the new Stable branch, but Sid will always be the name of Unstable.

So you're already on Unstable, and there's nothing to downgrade.

Downgrading to a previous release might be possible if you fiddle with APT, but is certainly unreliable. If you do end up having to do that for some reason it's better to reinstall.



>So I'm a VERY fucking computer illiterate jackass who's also VERY fucking stupid, but I have a lot of patience. However, Windows has dried that patience up faster than a whore to a pajeet off the streets.

I'm going to suggest something that might sound strange but if you really are computer illiterate, hear me out. No matter how patient you say you are, it might save you a lot of hassle and grief. Right now it sounds like you want to have both Linux and Windows on one machine.

>I like gaming and I'm planning on building a new PC from scratch in the future. I've heard of a process called "passthrough", destroying my worries of not being able to play games that are dependent on Windows without going through WIRE (from which I read is fucking retarded to try and do.).

I'm gonna suggest you split it up physically. Either via 2 different HDD\SSD, or 2 different machines. Use windows for gayming, preferrably offline but if you absolutely need online, well it's your decision. Use loonix for everything else. If you can get a refurb offlease PC without an OS for fairly cheap depending on where you are, those can make decent loonix boxes. While you can game on loonix, if you are set on windows based gayming playing it natively will still be less of a headache in most cases IMO.

>My main questions are:

>1. What would be a good distro to go with for my peanut brain to comprehend?

>2. Would that distro be functional and excellent for what I want to do?

I can give you a short list but it's something you have to find out for yourself if it suits you or not. For technical variables and personal reasons. The newb friendly distros I found so far:

Xubuntu, Linux Lite, MX-16. Ultimately a bit of distro hopping until you find the one that suits you most is something everyone goes through at one point or another. I use Lite and I like it but that's me.

>4. Do I actually need 2 GPUs to even accomplish a passthrough?

Honestly it sounds like you'd be better off keeping it simple, one gayman GPU for your gayman machine. Use the other loonix box or separate physical drive to get your feet wet, that way you also have something of a backup instead relying on one setup alone.

>I am really fucking determined to rid myself of Windows.

It's possible but you should also determine what it is you want. I am gayming in Loonix and the number of available games in loonix is improving due to Steam, but I have no illusion that wangblows still have a lot more selection when it comes to gaymes at this time.


I'm retarded.

Is there any simple and to the point VIM tutorial?

>inb4 use emacs



Yes. Run "vimtutor" from the command line.

Also, consider Emacs. It's ridiculously powerful, even compared to Vim. It has a tutorial similar to vimtutor built-in, which you can click if you just launch Emacs normally without opening any files. If you prefer Vim's style of editing you can use it in Emacs by installing Spacemacs or Evil-mode. You can do that after learning it in Vim, of course.



I had forgotten about that, thanks.

I know emacs is better once properly configured, but I want some kind of tool that I can just use on any computer with the default config. I'll be using it on both linux and windows as well so there's that.

Also, muh unix philosophy



I've been using Emacs for a few years now, and although I did some crazy things early on, I've settled into a configuration that's mostly just a superset of the default. I have no trouble using vanilla Emacs.

That said, vim has the advantage of being much more widely installed, especially if you include other vi variants. Knowing the basics is a good idea. But I wouldn't base my decision for an editor for serious editing on that.

Vim doesn't follow the Unix philosophy at all. Consider ed, sam, acme, or abandoning the unix philosophy because it's a pain in the ass.



>So, anyone have experience with Win10? Is it actually as bad as people say?

I tried it out without activating.

>Is it possible to (mostly) clean it up, with regards to the spying and shitty bloat?

>I know that it ignores some of the settings that you change.

Answered your own question there. Unless MS decides that cortana, the windows store, the bloat and the spyware is no longer part and parcel of 10. IMO all that shit is not a bug but a feature as far as MS is concerned.



Does anyone know why the wiki is down? I require desperate aid for installing Windows. In-case you wanted to know; i have a usb that i have put a Win7 iso on using rufus but i get a load driver error saying that a required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing and that makes no sense to me. Also the USB is in a USB 2 port so it's that I have a Microsoft mice that is not recognized by windows install drivers so i had to crack out an old purple circle port keyboard that barely seems to work. Far out, i really need that wiki page for installing windows with rufus.


File: 3be0b7e7c8b247c⋯.jpg (157.02 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1453834400439.jpg)


Would making a partition on the new SSD i have like in this video fix my issue? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo7tyFFjSsA



I see nothing at the sticky.



I dont see it anywhere.


Can I get a good primer on file/partition encryption? I've never bothered with this before but I'd like to learn now.


I need a way of using an EyeToy as a webcam. Only help found so far is 144p 2007 youtube videos and shady TuneUp Software



Cryptsetup FAQ:


Make a Portable Encrypted File Safe:



how to encrypt a partition

1. create a partition normally

(or choose an existing one, but all data will be lost)

2. make it a LUKS-formatted partition:

# cryptsetup --verbose --verify-passphrase luksFormat /dev/sdXY

(create a password when prompted)

3. unlock the partition and give it a /dev/mapper/NAME:

# cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdXY NAME

(enter password created before)

4. create a filesystem on it:

# mkfs.ext2 /dev/mapper/NAME

5. make a convenient mount point for it:

# mkdir /media/NAME

note: the encrypted filesystem is owned by root. to make it

writable by a normal user or group, chown it to the desired

user or group: # chown <user>:<group> /media/NAME

6. mount and unmount it as needed:

# mount /dev/mapper/NAME /media/NAME

# umount /dev/mapper/NAME

7. close it completely so the password is needed to reopen it:

# cryptsetup luksClose /dev/mapper/NAME

## fix problem with luks volumes not closing:

sudo rm /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-metadata


How to view in going and outgoing internet connections to a windows 7 pc?


What is THE best solution for antivirus out there? I have Malwarebytes Premium and I was using Avast in addition to that, but for some reason Avast recently decided to never progress past 0% when scanning.

Yes, I tried a clean install. Didn't help.



Opsec. And Linux.



Assume Linux is impossible in this situation.


I'm feeling really fucked. I'm a person that got fucked royally by Irma and it wasn't even the real storm that killed my computer, it was a blackout before it.

So now when I turn it on all that happens is the CPU and GPU fans spin, the ram sticks and motherboard LEDs light up, and only my USB speakers light up.

What doesn't happen when I turn it on is my mouse and keyboard doesn't work and my monitor doesn't get a signal.

I tried connecting my DVI cable to the motherboard and still no signal so that what I think rules out the GPU fucking up.

Also the power button can turn the computer on but not off and also the case fans don't work.

Am I correct to assume my PSU fucked up or is it much more dire?



Test your pc with the bare minimum: motherboard (and processor duh) plus a memory stick. Take out the GPU and use the onboard video output; reset the CMOS battery (sometimes it doesn't detects the onboard vga and the screen keeps black so you have to reset it). Get yourself a working memory stick and see if your pc boots. If it does then it might be an issue with the old sticks. To test them plug only one of the memory sticks and turn the pc on, then repeat with the other stick. Also check for bloated capacitors.


File: e0338d5c2a4369c⋯.jpg (37.21 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 19113715_1423243034431623_….jpg)


Alright I'll do that in a few hours since I am awfully sleepy.

Stupid question is how do I reset the CMOS battery but I can look into Google for that one.

Thanks for the help homeboy.



Yes Wangblows™

Checked with a DVI cable and it seems either the HDMI cable is shitting itself or the socket - not sure if on the GPU or monitor side.


File: 86dcee982018f03⋯.jpg (235.48 KB, 600x714, 100:119, 59255207_p0.jpg)

Where's the bloody wiki at? What am i supposed to be using to authenticate win10 again? But really; why has the wiki been down for so long? Also, what am i using to crack win10?



>Also, what am i using to crack win10?



Not the current anon. A third party firewall, I recommend the one that I use (which is open source I belive, but don't easily remember the name. Also Common Sense 2017 A 0.0.1 (i.e

keep software updated, check inputs before running, only be online as needed, sandbox,ad/js blockers, anything OS version lover than ten,etc.)


Systems Internal tools (close enough).



I can clearly remember it being there however the wiki is down apparently.

Seeing as it is down, here is a short list that might be of use (all on F-Droid for sanity) : NewPipe,WiFIAnalyiser,MuPDF Mini, K9Mail,Bubble, Overchan (fork), Equate, Currency Convertor, Calculator (4.3 it looks so much better in my opinion),Root - Cryptfs Password/EncPassManager, AdWay,Afwall+,SnooperStopper,Wifi Key View NotRoot - Locker, NetGuard,NoUSSD,SecDroid,OrBoot/Wall (close enough).


File: 0abb6f4db29edce⋯.jpg (59.04 KB, 500x684, 125:171, 1460330110075.jpg)


In case anyone ever wanted the answer to this; PowerShell returns objects, not strings of text. You can select from that object like so, Write-Host $[var].[property].

In this case, $varname.samaccountname would return just "t1" and so forth.


$acc = Get-ADUser -Identity [logon] -Properties *
Write-Host $acc.samaccountname
Write-Host $acc.givenName
Write-Host $acc.sn
Write-Host $acc.department



Sound is fucked on Linux Mint.

There's a delay on lots of things before the audio kicks in.

I googled and found some shit about pulse and alsa but I can't even find out which one I am using if either or how to change it.


how can I see what file type (directory, regular file, device file, etc) something is in linux? I was thinking ls had it as an option but I can't seem to find it


File: 43520f29c6279d5⋯.jpg (36.29 KB, 480x491, 480:491, 435.jpg)

The most serious request of all time:

Could someone upload/make [i'm not good with computers] Terry picture "Begone CIA nigger" with similar style to pastor Anderson famous "Begone Thot"?

reference pic related


File: 12462ea3936a9c1⋯.png (354.72 KB, 370x547, 370:547, cia niggers card.png)


here's something close



stat -c %F file



>What is THE best solution for antivirus out there?

Common Sense 2017 Edition™



Sucks, dude. I like my games. Oh well, maybe I'll actually be productive once I run out of Linux-compatible stuff to play.


installgentoo wiki has been down for a while, does anyone know what's happened.



>What is THE best solution for antivirus out there?

Best free antivirus

0) DO NOT TURN OFF UAC!!!, common sense, only run trusted software. If you don't trust it, don't run it. Also, set-up EMET (Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit).

1) Make a non-admin account

2) Use parental control to whitelist the programs you want to run. If you don't include any executable files which is writable by a user, you won't be able to run any viruses as a user.

3) When you are not installing something, use Windows as a user, not as an administrator.

Windows Professional+ editions have a more advanced version of parental control called Software Restriction Policies: https://technet.microsoft.com/nl-nl/library/2008.06.srp.aspx?pr=blog


Anyone has a trusted source for KMSPico or Microsoft Toolkit other than the My Digital Life forum? I can't register because my registration "resembles automated or spam-like behavior".



Don't make it look like an automated spam account, then?

Imma spoonfeed you because I'm feeling good today: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:fb59d3260575a6bfde6880ce4ff8893d10f01b06&dn=Microsoft%20Toolkit%202.6.2%20Official%20Torrent

Check the hash if you don't trust me.


I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question. I have reason to believe a laptop I own may be compromised in some way. Assuming it is, should I treat all the external storage I've connected to it as being compromised as well? Is there any way of fixing them, or is it just a lost cause?


File: f8fd6240d21eb49⋯.png (11.3 KB, 807x168, 269:56, why.PNG)

Can someone please explain why the font in Ungoogled Chromium is acting like this in the tabs and bookmark bar? It does the same thing in Chrome too so it has to be something to do with Windows but I'm not sure.



If the external storage was physically connected and unencrypted then a root user on your compromised device could potentially have read and altered it. Your information is too vague to say much else.


How do I download or at least obtain a list in order to sequentially download every link given on an "index of /" page? I know downthemall exists but what's the process? I'd read downthemall's source code but reading javascript makes me drowsier than most languages.



Sorry, I guess I should have been more specific. If my laptop has some sort of malware/spyware on it and I connect my unencrypted external to it, can that malware get onto it just from me connecting it I would assume yes. My main concern is if the malware can get onto a clean computer by using my external as a middleman. If so, can I just format my external and be done with it, or would me connecting it to the clean computer immediately compromise it as well and then just do the same to my external right after I formatted it?


I want to clone from a hard drive that's in use. Specifically from an Asus t100 soldered onto the board hard drive to an SSD I have laying around. Will plugging a USB to sata cable and attempting to clone the hard drive in use this way work? I can't find a clear answer.


Are there any USB wireless adapters out there that easily let you spoof the MAC address? Either that some way to get my Lenovo G50 running Linux Mint to allow me to actually do MAC spoofing because it seems to be locked on this hardware.

I'm not that skilled beyond understanding basic concepts, so a step by step would be helpful.

Also 8chan ate my post the first time for some reason.



>If my laptop has some sort of malware/spyware on it and I connect my unencrypted external to it, can that malware get onto it just from me connecting it

Possible but not likely. The more likely thing is that you might copy some infected files to it yourself.

- boot the infected computer from read-only live Linux media

- scan all of the files to make sure they seem clean

- copy whatever you need to keep onto external storage in the form of password protected archives, non-executable

- * high paranoia option * have the external storage checked throughly by a good technician

- without running or viewing any of the files (videos, .doc, .pdf, nothing), scan them again from the clean computer

- if they come up clean again they're probably ok

- reflash the bios on the old computer, wipe the drives, repartition, reformat, and install a fresh os from known clean media

- or just take it out back and throw rocks at it.



Thank you sir!


All wireless devices can spoof their MAC as a client. Just edit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and add the following lines:


Now you will get a new random MAC address every time you connect to a network.


File: e0c4399252d2ca9⋯.png (29.08 KB, 612x780, 51:65, Screenshot from 2017-09-16….png)

File: ac457f4342936d1⋯.png (46.16 KB, 533x779, 13:19, Screenshot from 2017-09-16….png)

File: 9d8a312c4c8a221⋯.png (10.78 KB, 668x214, 334:107, Screenshot from 2017-09-16….png)

How do I fix the fucking clock on Windows 10?

I live in EST. I have the timezone set correctly. Yet it displays the current time as 11 AM instead of the actual time which is 6 AM right now. I have to change to a completely different timezone from my actual timezone to get it to display correctly. Pics related; I don't live in UTC9 but that's the only way to get it to show the correct time for EST.



delete system32, uninstall Winblows 10, install a GNU plus Linux distribution.



Hot update

It turns out it was a bogus PSU because the storm fried that bitch. Bought a new one and it werks now

But I also ended up using your ram advice since I fucked up a few things here and there. Thanks man.



>How do I fix the fucking clock on Windows 10?


There's your problem right there. If you have to use windows at all, at least use 7. Is that really the pic of the virtual agents they show you? 2 female pajeets complete with problem glasses on the left and a mystery meat numale?

>Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Oh shit nigger you got bigger problems then your clock timezone.


Any good resources for the batch version that windows CMD uses?

I found some good tutorials but they were for the standard batch that doesn't work on windows half of the time.

All I know is echo, for loops and piping.


File: 606e8d314fe1e6d⋯.png (92.66 KB, 699x595, 699:595, YZPGr1B[1].png)

File: 226a5efdeb40a8e⋯.png (43.84 KB, 457x812, 457:812, HV3nZSe[1].png)

I'm throwing this out as a Hail Mary. I've been trying for the past 7 hours to make X-COM Enemy Unknown work, and every error I overcome reveals a much worse error under it. Currently I'm fighting the 0xc000007b error, and I'm running up against a wall. I've done everything I know to do. DirectX, Redistributables, cleaned my installs and my registry, and now I'm learning how to use Dependency Walker to try and figure out what's wrong. The problem is, the answer seems to be "fucking everything". It spat out a tremendous list of files that couldn't be found. I went and found a couple DLLs it had mentioned and put them in place in System32, which fixed those errors but then revealed even more.

What's worse, a lot of these missing DLLs seem to be Windows 10 files, while I'm on Win7. The devs were completely unhelpful when this game was current, and now that 2 is out they've totally abandoned it in spite of thousands of players not being able to run the game.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?


which file systems provide deduplication and are suitable for use on single storage devices?







Alright, I'll try that and see how it works.

But I realized after asking that question that the MAC addresses of my network adapters built in the machine could still be read by javascript regardless. Can a Virtual Machine protect against that and still connect to the internet through a USB adapter? Alternately, is there a way to toggle said built in network adapters between recognizable and unrecognizable on the OS level? (i.e. not having to physically rip them out and risk breaking something.)

Also, unrelated, but are there still SMS text receivers out there that are still reliable enough to fool the likes of Jewtube and Shitter?


What are some ways to automatically sync files between a client directory and an SFTP server directory? Tired of juggling stuff around manually in Filezilla. Is this something Filezilla can do itself?



As we all know, firefox is going full retard with their webextension bullshittery, breaking many addons.

One of those addons is "DownThemAll!".

What do you guys use to bulk download images from 8ch/halfchan?



I have an update on this, perhaps it will help someone out in a similar situation. So you can use a tool to trick Win7 into thinking your hardware is supported, and still receive updates. As of right now that seems like my best option.


If anyone knows anything related to this that I should be aware of, please tell me... If I don't hear back from y'all within a few hours I'll go ahead and try it, and report back with results.


Can you do a GPU pass through on two VMs?


File: 179495d351ab476⋯.jpg (745.56 KB, 1171x1495, 1171:1495, Cirno 009.jpg)

Is a curved monitor worthwhile?

They just seem weird to me so I was wondering if anyone who has actually used one can offer some insight on them and their possible benefits.



Also random thought, but it's so strange to me that Linux just straight up outclasses multiple still-supported Windows versions in terms of modern hardware support. The push for Win10 is unreal. Swear to god, if wine had better support for DX11 and the like, I'd never touch another Windows machine.



They're an improvement. Because regular monitors are flat not all pixels sit at an equal distance from your eyes, curved monitors partiall or completely solve that problem. Personally I'd invest the money on something else because I don't have the money to spend on something that doesn't bother me that much but maybe by 2040 I'll have one or something. There's 3 things a curved monitor does:

When you use a curved monitor you can have a more accurate representation of your field of view in 3D games leading to less distorted images (fisheye effect). This is because in 3D games we're representing a curved field of view on a flat surface. Sure you can set your in game field of view to 50 but that generally brings issues of its own

Another benefit is that since you're viewing pixels not right in the middle of the screen at a better angle than you would with a flat screen you get better picture quality at the edges, and you also get a more even image.

Video might be hit or miss because people record all sorts of video in all sorts of fields of view but generally you're better off with a curved screen.


My Wifi Adapter keeps disconnecting randomly.

Running 'dmesg gives me a similar output:

 R8188EU: sta recv deauth reason code(7) 
R8188EU: ap recv disassoc reason code(7)

I had the same problem with a different adapter, but that used the same chipset.

What do I do?


Hi anyone know a biofeedback site?



There shouldn't be any technical reason stopping it in theory.



But can it be done?


File: 82cc75a76a4733a⋯.jpg (51.67 KB, 440x440, 1:1, 1502981745967.jpg)

my computer (win 10) keeps freezing after 20~30 minutes use.

could a faulty ram do that?



>my computer (win 10) keeps freezing after 20~30 minutes use.

>could a faulty ram do that?

Yes, or a bad memory controller on your motherboard. It could be other things, too.


Question regarding advanced programming in the unix environment:

>The last point of interest with these timing numbers is that the fgetc version is so

much faster than the BUFFSIZE=1 version from Figure 3.6. Both involve the same

number of function calls—about 200 million—yet the fgetc version is more than 16

times faster in terms of user CPU time and almost 39 times faster in terms of clock time.

The difference is that the version using read executes 200 million function calls, which

in turn execute 200 million system calls. With the fgetc version, we still execute 200

million function calls, but this translates into only 25,224 system calls. System calls are

usually much more expensive than ordinary function calls.

so he's comparing the time it takes to read a file using the read() function wtih a buffer size of 1, and using fgetc, and fgetc is much faster.

How is it able to save on these system calls? isn't it unbuffered i/o in both cases? won't there still need ot be one system call per character?


File: f23eb72ff8f9326⋯.png (9.62 KB, 210x220, 21:22, cock.png)

Debating whether I should ditch protonmail and move to cock.li or not. I never really used the encryption, there's no IMAP support, and I've heard that they found and banned stormfags using their services.

My main concern is which domain to use. I'm thinking aaathats3as.com or airmail.cc, though I'm open to suggestions.


How the fuck did etcher.io end up being 39MB for what basically boils down to the functionality of dd?



>What do you guys use to bulk download images from 8ch/halfchan?

wget -erobots=off -r -nd -nc "-I/$board/src,/file_store" "$thread"




>Made with JS, HTML, node.js and Electron.



as long as you don't go around broadcasting your internet nazi status a la anglin you will probably be fine on protonmail.


my isp is sending me emails about pirating movies recently. i need a vpn to continue. i was thinking mullvad. does anyone have any experience with it, or other suggestions?



I use airvpn, haven't gotten any piracy notifications while using it. I've never used mullvad but it seems to be a good vpn.


I'll try to keep my stupid questions short and simple. It's my first time building a rig, I want to use it for games and drawing (graphic tablet).

>AMD or Intel CPU? AMD or Nvidia GPU?

I'm ``thinking`` of using a Ryzen 5 1600 and GTX 1070

>IF Nvidia is the better choice, GTX 1070 or 1080?

I heard 1080 is only for 4K fags, but I'm a 1080p 60 hertz fag for now. MIGHT upgrade monitor later

>I have an I5 3570K, should I change it? Is the Ryzen 5 1600 a good upgrade?

>I want to dualboot Linux and Windows, but which Windows should I use (7 is older but 10 has more spyware and Jewry)? I'm a newfag to Linux, should I go for Gentoo, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc.?

>I'm gonna use a 120GB SSD and 2TB HDD. Where should I download my shit to avoid long loading screen times?

>Do I need something or check something on my specs to run 2 or more storage drives?

>I'm gonna buy an Intuos Pro, is this good or are there better options? Is there free software for the Intous Pro/Graphic Tablet after the free trial ends?

Just to clarify, I want to use the Graphic tablet to git gud at drawing and make my own Manga/Comics.

>Razer mouses and keyboards are good or hyped brand trash?



>AMD or Intel CPU? AMD or Nvidia GPU?

>I'm ``thinking`` of using a Ryzen 5 1600 and GTX 1070

I have both of those in my current build. I can vouch for both of them as being solid and high-performance.

>IF Nvidia is the better choice, GTX 1070 or 1080?

>I heard 1080 is only for 4K fags, but I'm a 1080p 60 hertz fag for now. MIGHT upgrade monitor later

GTX 1070 is good enough for 1080p @ 60hz. Maybe if you plan on getting a 4K monitor, you would benefit from a higher-tier GPU. Just keep in mind how much extra you are paying (monitor+GPU) and whether the higher resolution is really worth it.

>I have an I5 3570K, should I change it? Is the Ryzen 5 1600 a good upgrade?

I don't know much about Intel CPUs. But from my limited understanding, I doubt you would see much of a performance difference if you made that change. The Ryzen CPUs beat out the competition at the same price point as them, but the CPU you mentioned seems to be around $200 more expensive. Also remember that you would need a new motherboard (for the CPU socket) and possibly RAM as well. If you were building from scratch, I would recommend Ryzen, but.... Maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in on this one.

>I want to dualboot Linux and Windows, but which Windows should I use (7 is older but 10 has more spyware and Jewry)? I'm a newfag to Linux, should I go for Gentoo, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc.?

Windows: 7, 8, 8.1. Not 10. Keep in mind M$ doesn't support Ryzen/Kaby Lake on pre-Windows 10 anymore. So that's another point against the Ryzen, unfortunately. There is a hack you can use to enable updates for those platforms, though. Just whatever you do, stay the fuck away from 10.

Linux: Probably something like Debian, Mint, or (X/K/L)Ubuntu if you're really new. Check them all out and see what you like. If you want to go balls-deep and are feeling brave, you can try Gentoo and the like, but you will have to learn a lot as you go.

>I'm gonna use a 120GB SSD and 2TB HDD. Where should I download my shit to avoid long loading screen times?

SSD for OS and HDD for almost everything else. Maybe if you have some programs (certain games etc.) that benefit a lot from SSD, you can put them on there, but you will probably find that you are constrained by space pretty quickly. Especially if you are dual booting. Also, for Linux you will most likely have to learn a bit about partitioning, if you haven't already.

>Do I need something or check something on my specs to run 2 or more storage drives?

Uh... Not entirely sure what you mean but as long as you have enough SATA cables and ports on your motherboard, you are probably good to go.

>I'm gonna buy an Intuos Pro, is this good or are there better options? Is there free software for the Intous Pro/Graphic Tablet after the free trial ends?

>Just to clarify, I want to use the Graphic tablet to git gud at drawing and make my own Manga/Comics.

No clue, sorry. Hope someone else can help with that.

>Razer mouses and keyboards are good or hyped brand trash?

Would not recommend and they kind of make you look like a fag. Here are some (possibly outdated) lists you can use to get started, though.






Also, if you are upgrading to the 1070 from a significantly older GPU, like I did, you may be surprised at how large it is. It might be in your interest to invest in a full-tower case if you don't currently have one.



- Protonmail couldn't read your stored email even if they wanted to. They don't have the encryption password. You do. Nobody else can read it either, unless you give them the password.

- Protonmail booted some guys who made neonazi assholes of themselves in public. Probably more because they were assholes than because they were neonazies.


Does anybody know of a site that provides a comprehensive index of internet radio streams by nation? delicast.com used to do this but I just checked after not using it in a few months and it is throwing visible SQL errors above and below the page, looks completely different, and that's without javascript which I of course will not enable considering the errors all over. It used to be a simple site that did not need javascript.

If I want to see an index of radio streams from the home of radio (Serbia), or France, or Botswana, etc, where do I go?



I'm not sure about internet sites, but the Android app "RadioDroid" downloads a nice list of the type you described. Probably from their own site but I don't know the address.



What would I need to download to make the Ryzen 5 1600 compatible with Windows 7 or 8? Cause my I5 is officially fucked.



I see. This is the most reliable way I know of:


Keep in mind that Windows 7 doesn't have USB 3.0 drivers on the installation disc, so if you go that route, you will need to figure out how you can interface with the computer during the installation. Be it PS/2 keyboard/mouse, finding a motherboard that has USB 2.0 ports (kind of rare in my experience, with the socket AM4 motherboards), or even altering the installation image to include the drivers you need. Personally I managed fine with just a PS/2 keyboard. But it can be easy or difficult depending on what you have available.

I can't speak to Window 8 because I haven't tried it. It may or may not include the drivers you need during the installation. The patch I linked above should work on Windows 8 though.

Make sure you do your research on motherboard, RAM, etc. If you want specific recommendations I can give you mine. Best of luck on your first build.


why is Java shit?


is C# better, and if so how?



Sure, I could take your recommendations. I'm mostly looking for something powerful but not overly expensive. Right now, I'm messing with PC Part picker and sticking to the Great AMD Build and the Great Intel Build. The only changes I've made are lowering the GTX 1080 to a 1070 and replacing the 500GB SSD with a cheap 2TB Hard Drive. Right now, I'm trying to figure out what Blu Ray Optical Drive and 7.1 Surround Sound Card I should implement.



Well, I went with an Asus Prime X370-Pro for my motherboard and for the RAM, it was Corsair Vengeance LPX. I only got 8GB because I think 16 is still overkill. But looking at that build on PCPP, it looks fine to me, I'm sure you will get the performance you're looking for at 1080p in most games. As for the sound card - be sure you're not falling for a meme - I get that audiophiles can tell the difference with very high quality sound cards, but your motherboard seems to support 7.1 already. If you're not the uber-audiophile type, I'd hate for you to waste your money on a high-end sound card that you might not really need.



You've been a lot of help anon, thanks. Do you have any Optical Drives you'd recommend. They don't have to be Blu Ray compatible, I've decided not to since I rarely use Blu Ray. I'll just need something that can read Game disks quick and easy and that has cables included and software already installed since some reviews complained that theirs didn't have this and made it difficult to install their OS via disc's.



There's not much difference between them at this point, honestly. Any $20 SATA drive should be perfectly suitable. Here's one just for example:


Only thing to watch out for when buying optical drives is typical chink shit - low build quality etc. They all do basically the same thing nowadays.



>>I want to dualboot Linux and Windows, but which Windows should I use (7 is older but 10 has more spyware and Jewry)?

Unless you absolutely need something on 10, go for 7. If you want it for gaymes and you must have 10 but due to MS jewry on the lack of ryzen support, then it's your choice whether or not to bend over and take it up the ass or not. As much as I like muh gayming, there are certain things I will say no go on the pajeet and jewing bullshit, enough is enough.

>I'm a newfag to Linux, should I go for Gentoo, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc.?

Go with ubuntu based. Reduce as much hassle as you can when you are still newfagging to linux. You might even want to consider dual booting with separate physical drives, or on a separate machine tbh fam. Dual booting on a single drive can fuck things up if you just want to get shit done and not tinker around.

>>I'm gonna buy an Intuos Pro, is this good or are there better options?

Save your money and buy the one below that, the approx 160-200$ MEDIUM size one.


Even the bamboo line or the pen&touch or whatever else they name it, but it's around 160-200$ and medium size. The drawing size of the tablet is more important than getting the Pro model tbh.

>but muh pen pressure level

I can tell you right now almost any medium size+ wacom tablet bought after 2009 or so, will have enough pen pressure for most artists. Even a 512 in the hands of someone who can draw is good enough. A higher and more expensive tablet will not make you a better artist if you don't have the practice or drawing skills.

Stick with wacom for now since the support and driver on windows and linux is pretty good in general.

>Is there free software for the Intous Pro/Graphic Tablet after the free trial ends?

Krita. Autodesk sketchbook trial version. You can look for others, just remember that drawing skills is what you want. The tech and software stuff are only tools. They're handy as fuck since there are a lot of benefits in using a digital art studio. But you still need those traditional art skills.


File: 336d7bc35ea3419⋯.jpg (17.72 KB, 350x255, 70:51, lg-ln5400.jpg)

I'll probably have to use a tv screen as a computer screen for a while. An LG 42LN5400. I tried it out w/o internet connection (had to haul the pc over to the screen for practical reasons) connected it to my Mint computer and it worked all the way up to the splash screen where I got a "cinnamon just crashed (...) you're in fallback mode" window with the option to restart it or w/e (when clicking "yes" the window just reappeared immediately). I was able to adjust the diplay resolution, but no movies or games run, of course.

How do I fix this?



PS I used a HDMI cable, my normal screen is connected to an older type of port.


So. I want to securely wipe everything on my 2TB (1.8TB available), someone told me to do 25 shred passes, but in 6 hours shred hasn't even done a single pass, at this rate it will be ready like in two weeks. Any faster way? Should I just replace by zeroes? Perhaps one shred pass is enough. What does /tech/ recommend?


Which books will help me with learning how to use Linux?



They were probably just being hyperbolic. I think 3 shred passes is standard for extreme paranoia. For most cases, just use /dev/zero. Have a look at this page:




Scroll down past the BSD-specific stuff, there are a lot of good books here.


everytime i install virtualbox it just crashes, do i need to install the older versions or is virtualbox just shit? it happened after i updated my drivers on win7 thinkpad x220. trying to newfag linux and im failing miserably lol. also i installed icecat on win7 and for some reason it wont let me post here.



I vaguely remember having the same problem with virtualbox on win 7. I solved it by using an older version. I don't remember which one exactly, but I think it was the latest version 4 build.




didja check your librejs settings?



File: 303da0b7bcaca90⋯.webm (9.96 MB, 400x400, 1:1, alimony.webm)


Help me, I'm now stuck with a tv screen and in fallback mode. My shit... it has been copulated onto a higher vantage point.


Any recommendations for a decent image/video viewer? I've been using irfanview for a while but it's very specific with what video files it supports, most of the time it just crashes or doesn't display them.


File: 85405d1d4d02902⋯.png (7.5 KB, 338x86, 169:43, halp.png)

Trying to get off the chink botnet, but having a problem with both Chromium and Iridium. Pic related. How do I make these characters display properly?



Make sure hyper v is disabled



Have a look at XnView.


Is there an Android browser featuring uMatrix (per-domain selective script blocking) at all?

plz halp


I have hp 8460p and this shit just keeps blinking power led. It does not turn on screen or boot. I take out battery and connect power adapter, same. As soon as battery gets connected or power adapter it starts blinking. I read their indication that shows it has to do with power adapter but the thing is, this only stops after I keep out the battery for a day and then at some random try i put back the battery it does not flash led then it turns on. I had thought it was motherboard problem and it has to thrown into trash but it booted normal. This problem repeats everytime I try to replace components inside. I try to replace hdd but this shti keeps happening.

I have tried holding power button without battery. It does not work.


File: 5a46157e0f0f630⋯.jpg (45.53 KB, 480x590, 48:59, reach.jpg)

I'm in burgerland and have an opportunity to switch phone providers. I've been using T-Mobile because I read a few years ago it was the best for muh privacy, but the service here in bumfuck nowhere is shit. Verizon is the best for service here; will I fuck myself if I get it, or are all phone companies pozzed and it doesn't matter?

I don't use my phone for sensitive stuff, and I have a VPN for using data anyway so I should be fine for that.



Why is it a good idea to have separate / and home partitions?



so if you fuck up your space management in /home it doesn't kill your whole install

also if ya fuck up all your shit then you have a decent chance of being able to recover your files from /home

basically it's retard-proofing



- Most of your irreplaceable or hard to replace data, passwords, keys, and settings are in your user directory in /home.

- If Linux breaks, or its filesystem gets corrupted, or you want to upgrade it, you can do a complete, clean reinstallation of Linux without disturbing your precious data and settings.

- You can limit the size of / and still have plenty of room for Linux. 20 GB is more than enough unless you're running a server with huge logs/data or installing gigantic packages.

- If you want to mukti-boot different distros, you can use the same /home directory for all of them. Just make different usernames for the different distros so settings don't get mangled.

- It makes you not look like a retard.



Some people even do a separate /var for example, so that if you have a rogue system logger constantly writing files it will only fuck up your /var. And not the whole root partition. Unlikely sure, but it's not like you lose all that much performance-wise for taking that extra safety measure. There are some directories however, that you generally don't want on a separate partition, such as /etc. Or else you have to mount them earlier.



and you have to mount /etc without /etc/fstab telling your init scripts (in /etc) to mount /etc


File: 36d10f1dcbf783e⋯.png (9.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, email.png)

I'm trying to set up offlineimap for mutt, and I got it to work, but I don't want my password in plaintext.

I was able to set it up to work with a GPG encrypted password if I had recently entered my key's passphrase, but I want it to work in the background as a daemon without me putting it in constantly. How can I do that? I assume I could cache the key for the whole session, but wouldn't that be more insecure?



> i have a usb that i have put a Win7 iso on using rufus but i get a load driver error saying that a required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing and that makes no sense to me.

I ran into that problem. the recommended solution is to also have a DVD of the Win7 install mounted at the same time, so it can find the required files.

Yes, seriously. (That solution obviously only helps IT departments, it did fuck all for me.) The issue is that the USB stick loads up fine with mobo support, then win7 starts with its archaic drivers and promptly forgets how to read from usb.



>why is Java shit?

just gonna leave that alone other than to say a whole lot of terrible programmers use it



>is C# better, and if so how?

c# is what MS made when they tried to make their own proprietary version of java and got sued. it's their own proprietary verion of java but with a different name.

if you're choosing between the two, then C# has better native support for windows ui shit.

you didn't provide enough context to answer the question, anyway. are you looking to learn to program? then start with python. no good programmer only knows one language anyway so it's just a matter of where you start.


File: 0f72a0b0027f5e9⋯.jpg (27.18 KB, 460x276, 5:3, TERRENCE-M.jpg)

>bought a ThinkPad E570 for some younger siblings with only 4GB of RAM

>plan on upgrading the RAM really soon

>left Windows 10 on it because their school software is Windows-only

>younger brother who opens too many tabs keeps telling me the screen blacks out when he's browsing the internet

Does this issue sound like it's being caused by low memory and bloated modern software or is the ThinkPad a lemon? Since I'm the only person in the house who isn't a smartphone-addicated tech illiterate, if I help them out with anything I'm blamed every time their shit doesn't work.

I am not underage.



Make sure they don't overheat laptop by using it while in bed/on blankets blocking vents. Normies have no empathy for technology, even if damn thing is burning hot they will still use it like nothing is wrong. Also check for dust, sounds like overheating issue.


I'm probably a tard on this but I was testing out my motherboard and I got Red light errors for dram, CPU, Boot_device, and VGA along with getting no video display.


Motherboard: ASUS Z97-A

CPU: LGA1150 Intel Celeron G1840 Processor (2.8 GHz)

RAM: PNY XLR8 (8GB each)

Power supply: Thermaltake SMART M Series SP-850M 850W



Oh yeah graphics card

GPU: AMD XFX R7950 Ghost


File: 057fb1e3fe2c922⋯.png (143.6 KB, 1021x299, 1021:299, Screenshot from 2017-09-20….png)

About the PCI passthrough in Virtualbox

>mint cinnamon 18.2

>enable VT-x

>found the file and change it to intel_iommu=on

and im stuck in this step, this is all the devices i get from lspci, but i dont know which on to pick to attach it to the VN and i also dont know what number the device and function for the guest i need to use.

from the example in the guide

>VBoxManage modifyvm "VM name" --pciattach 02:[email protected]:05.0


Is it possible to make modifications to older ram components such as SDRAM SODIMM to increase its memory? In my case I'm wondering if I can end up putting together 512mb SDRAM SODIMMs. This prehistoric technology only went up to 256mb.


I'm sure that this has been asked dozens of times but I can't find anything in the catalog - I have to use Windows for Visual Studio, are there any disadvantages of using 7 over 8.1? Is there any good custom version is preferable to vanilla?



test each part individually with known working parts until you can isolate the problem



win7 pro is good and you should be solid for visual studio with 7

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