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File: 9cd31551fedf586⋯.png (4.65 KB, 200x200, 1:1, dollarsign.png)


Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.





>I have like $500...can someone recommend me a cheap laptop that respects my freedom? thx

Thinkpads up to xx30 (Ivy Bridge)


My VGA cable is starting to wear. Still usable, to an extent but when I adjust my monitor height it would turn to cyan/magenta/blue etc.

I can't find OEM VGA cables.

Should I get the $2-4 cable that's already available where I am?

Won't it fuck up my GPU or monitor if it's a shite?




It's only a matter of time until the proprietary code ticks itself into permanently off-ing the whole thing.

Doesn't that make you shiver?

also fuck the silicon market fiasco. they're afraid of 2TiB microSD cards in the cheap



>I still want to know what this board would do with $100 when shopping for RSF laptops.

Used x60 or x200 Thinkpad and flash libreboot yourself. Not that there are many options. Note that the default wlan chip is intel shit that needs proprietary firmware.



File: 811f0174bf056cf⋯.jpeg (10.31 KB, 160x331, 160:331, busted.jpeg)



So, this has probably been talked about a lot or a litte(if anyone has an archive ill be glad to read it) but is there speculation regarding what the best choice would be? x200 offers only a 9-cell battery where 60 offers up to 8cell. There also seems to be a difference in ease of libre-install...doesnt bug nme much, i rather like digging into some old hardware. also price ranges? ive seen x200 without hard drives sell for $20 but investing $100-$200 (not particularly inviting for a budget /g/tard) would get you into preinstalls and extra batteries.

What are other hardware limitations? is it bad to get an SSD? just curious



the t60 defeats the point for me...too big 14 inch and not flush body design with the keyboard, not to mention the confusion that arises when looking for a particular generation and getting results of recent makes and models.

the x200 offers a wide screen which is definetly attractive, but at the same time it feels rather bulky.

also there's something worth noting. The two different models offer an insight into the spectrum of processing power; while the x60 can frequently be found with clock speeds of 1.7ghz, the x200 is often found with up to 2.4ghz, and while that may not necessarily be noticeable to novice users, others may be concerned if they will run into problem.

also, there's no dedicated graphics card. i would have to look into external options.



The don't have USB3 and SSDs might not be that useful due to being bottlenecked by SATA2. The current thinkpad thread here is made and spammed by a narcissist cunt, so there is nothing useful there and you better look into the links on 4/g thinkpad general.



Thanks and those sata2 fags are talking out of their ass. the bottleneck wont be significant enough.



the 14.1in t60 is a great form factor, but the screen is shit, the ram limitation is a pain, and it runs sata1 or 1.5 speeds. if you get one with ati graghics, no libreboot for you.

the x200 has full sata2, and can handle 8GB of ram. it would be my choice between the two in CY+3


yeah sata 2 is plenty fast, you'll just be running the ssd at nearly half its rated speed. expect about 250MBs read.



the way I listen to you tards is "bla bla bla this is what I read on techgadget.com"

the truth is, 95% of people aren't going to fully unlock 8gb of ram, or half of ssds read speeds.

silicon stuff is cheap to manufacture, throw in some silly buzzwords and you have a customer.

im gonna get an x60 with 2gb-4 RAM and buy a couple extra batteries. All that matters is being on the move and having network access, which i dont expect to run into any wifi chip bottlenecks.


What is the best and most robust brand of external storage devices?



>All that matters is being on the move

so get a move on out of here you dumb hobo.



I said that would be my choice, not yours. I tend to use a lot of ram and 3GB on my old T60 isn't enough for what I do. If you go full minimalist, good on you.

Having more ram to cache shit to and having a fast ssd will improve battery life too, even if you ignore an improved user experience from faster I/O.

X60 has the same issues (3GB ram cap, crap TN panel) that I brought up with the T60. :^)



I would say look for cheap hard drives that the nsa hasnt backdored thru firmware.


yea well everyone on 4chan has assbergers. this kid got trolled and bought a used x200 for $150?

when u can get one without a hdd for $20


File: 9c28ca6559b551c⋯.png (258.57 KB, 475x390, 95:78, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at ….png)

Help me decide whether i should get as a daily use device, options;

iPhone X or some other iPhone :

Comes with the bonus of being the best phone for social media (and generally not-being-a-neet).

Galaxy S8+ :

Comes with bonus of having a unlockable bootloader AND a spectacular design, for the purposes of privacy enhancement.

Comes with the down side of relying to xda pajeets for basically anything creative.

Other phone :







get either the librem or an iphone and deactivate icloud and siri.

if you want an android, wait for the copperhead pixel 2.

don't trust pajeet.



God I wish I could get an S8+ with an unlockable bootloader. Unfortunately (((they))) have mandated it to be impossible.



Why do you need a new phone? What's wrong with your old one?


File: e66c7d899ec296c⋯.jpg (27.05 KB, 450x391, 450:391, 215546-droid-by-motorola-v….jpg)

Is there a current year version of the Motorola milestone/ milestone equivalent



Try a BB Priv


File: 9622544cb4f9f94⋯.png (424.77 KB, 451x619, 451:619, 9622544cb4f9f945e1961d123d….png)


I did a quick search and blackberry doesn't seem too keen on giving support for stuff like lineageos. Or maybe I can buy a wireless keyboard for my present phone and make that work?


File: 0220754b2a3d428⋯.jpg (63.17 KB, 500x500, 1:1, apple_iphone_6_kbc_main_lg.jpg)


depends on the phone, but that's probably smarter

there are two crowdfunding projects you might also want to look at




What are some good Windows tablets that have good support for Linux and GNU? I've been looking at chink tablets and most of my searches report driver problems, but since they are from 2014-2016 at most I believe they must have been solved by now, but I'm not sure. Anyone has anything they recommend?



OnePlus 5T if you need a powerful android phone.

Librem 5 if you need a tinker-friendly device. It'll have an unlocked boot loader and support GNU and Android, and potentially SailfishOS and (((Windows Mobile)))


File: f667df9bdfc4e8d⋯.jpg (84.68 KB, 281x375, 281:375, general deeeelite.jpg)


The gemini seems pretty nice, however it seems too good to be true. Thanks for the input anon I will make sure to watch out for these phones in the future



iirc the clockspeed depends on the BIOS limits

When the laptop battery wear level is around 80% it will start to cap the GHz but not a prob I think if you're already using coreboot or libreboot



Just get a viboton wireless keyboard

use otg assuming your android linux kernel supports it and voila! you have a GPD pocket knockoff!


File: 52bd04d6f40d559⋯.png (148.44 KB, 365x340, 73:68, thicc.png)

File: 543682a9c2ad1dc⋯.jpg (55.15 KB, 500x419, 500:419, panaflo.jpg)

Are 120x38mm thicc fans, like the kind you usually see for servers, actually better for low noise performance? I've barely seen anything about them on the web, but in theory, they have all the advantages:

* Thicc fan blades deliver even more air per rotation than 25mm, following the trend of improvement from 15mm fans

* Top tier server bearings spin for decades without failing, no hydro/nano/fake FDB shit here

* Wide RPM range to cover both your silence and part time mining needs

Or is this all bullshit and I'm better off just getting a 25mm thick gamer fan like Noctua or Be Quiet?



makes sense to me, big fan at slow speeds is better than small fan at fast speeds. although fans onto heatsink is more effective at cooling. consider room temps and airflow in your room, (eg. where's all that hot air being expelled is going? is it going out the window)


File: 729526a1d4babdd⋯.jpg (46.82 KB, 406x500, 203:250, top-motor-120mm-df121225bh….jpg)


Thicker blades = is heavier = needs more powerful motor = more noise.

Also the only reason to get shit like Noctua and BeQuiet! is for 140mm which is rare on the industrial market. Try Top Motor (aka Dynatron) for half the price; the ball bearing ones (sleeves are even cheaper)



That it makes sense is the point, I'm looking for someone that actually has experience with these thick fans, esp. the Panaflos / NMB-MAT's I've been looking at. The potential downside is that unlike the 25mm gamer market, these 38mm server fans have not been designed with silence in mind at all (although at least in theory Panaflo has the same patented FDB bearing used by all the best "silent" gamer fans)

So does anyone have any experience with these?



Gemini PDA



>Thicker blades = is heavier = needs more powerful motor = more noise.

The idea is that since the thicker blades push more air, it'll still be a net win in performance per decibel. Haven't seen any testing of that though which is why I'm asking here.

Honestly never heard of Dynatron, are they really all that? I know that FDB bearings are generally the go-to although there are some good ball-bearing fans out there (Nidec, San-Ace). I already have a decent set of Yate Loon sleeve bearing fans so I'm mostly indulging silence autism here, looking for the absolute best.



They are a very old brand that I have over a decade of experience with (just a few fans, mind you, I'm not running a store here)

Sleeve is actually more quiet than ball bearing but also lasts less long and is more vulnerable to dust. FDB is supposed to be the holy grail but looking at EKWB's website they give both their ball and FDB fans a lifetime of 50.000 hours. I got me some Fractal Venturis a little over a year ago because I could get them for cheap, that's about my only experience with FDB and the clock is still ticking. A major factor is the quality, low quality FDB is shittier than good quality ball.

Silverstone SST-FHP141 has low dB's compared to the Delta fans that are 140x140x38mm. But it's not 120mm and is specifically advertised as a CPU fan, not a case fan. No experience with it. Should I get it? (Personally considering the EK-Vardar EVO 140ER because it actually stands still when it's not needed)


File: ea111ac070d13a8⋯.png (880.38 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, fake dynamic bearing.png)


Be careful with "FDB" type bearings. "Real" FDB bearings are based on the "Fluid Dynamic Bearing" patent owned by Panasonic, effectively a sleeve bearing with rifled internal grooves to keep it lubricated consistently. This is what you'll find in high end brands like Be Quiet and Noctua. Outside the patent, there are all matter of knockoffs ("hydro bearing, etc.) and there's no way to tell how good of a knockoff they are.


Oftentimes these knockoffs can perform great out of the box, as sleeve bearings should, but I don't trust them to maintain those figures over the years. Sometimes it's literally just a sleeve bearing with a new name: http://www.jonnyguru.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14191

Here is a review of your Silverstone fan: http://www.dvtests.com/silverstone-fhp141-vf-test-and-review/

Personally, if you're shopping for 38mm thick fans I would go for Panaflo as they have the FDB pedigree for silence backing them. I don't think they have anything in 140mm however, so the Silverstone may be your only choice for 38mm. You're kind of in the same dilemma as me, 38mm thick or go with the proven, reviewed gamer fans. I'd take a chance on the Silverstone, myself.

I've never really liked passive modes myself. It's easier to ignore a constant drone than something that starts and stops.



Cooling technique made me a fan autist.


The Silenx IXP-76-18 is a 120x38mm case fan but I've read a lot of negative reviews. The tacky silver color doesn't help. You'd be better off getting the 60dB industrial ones and running them at minimum speed with a fan controller.


what are the best studio monitor headphones for under ~300?



open or closed? what kind of output source?


File: f8380f4009c940e⋯.jpg (51.9 KB, 700x700, 1:1, beats-by-dre-beats-studio-….jpg)



All the more reason to get the data off these drives ASAP.


is there a reason 2242 form factor NVME drives haven't really been made?

I saw toshiba is going to release some line soon(tm) but it seems odd that there's NONE out right now considering the space premium on modern laptops.






QEMU + Wine will do it, I think it has GPU passthrough now too.



Been without a computer for a minute, all I'm needing is something on the netbook or Chromebook scale. Specifically no PowerPC or ARM processing. Greater than 2G ram would be a treat, but 2 is sufficient. What can I grab for around than $300 with that in mind?

Assuming I come out with a Chromebook, how easy is it these days to figure out Crouton so I can dual-boot a lite linux distro? Will I get a free t-shirt for being part of the botnet?


Looking for a walkie talkie that has some sort of secondary device like a necklace or a bracelet that acts as like a lifealert system in conjunction with the radio. Basically depressing the button would cause your radio to ping the other radios. 3 mile range or more would be preferred. Other options would work, I just need something I can give to my neighbors in case someone runs low on wood, or someone falls and can't get up, or someone's snowed in, etc. Willing to put in 600 dollars for 5-6 radios. again, any close alternatives will work, I just wanna make sure it can also be used to communicate, and small enough to wear in home without people taking it off because "it's uncomfortable"



from my short research it seems it's rather straight forward and easy to use. there are guides and a lot of details on the github


after digging around a bit there's quite a few botnetbooks that fit the bill for you, but the x86 ones are a bit pricier but seem to have options for 1080p panels and 4GB or more of ram.


File: df639b5f988cc0f⋯.jpeg (1.24 MB, 2400x1540, 120:77, iu-7.jpeg)

What is the most /tech/ way to use this, or is there one?

Im talking about things like;

+Getting root

+Cutting all communication with samsung servers for things like health app (including telemetry)

+Purging google services (or replacing it with microg)

While still enjoying the (actually surprisingly decent) stock os design.



this is either extreme newfaggotry or advanced level bait. either way, tread carefully, anons



How so, my dear friend.

Does freedom must come in rubberized plastic accompanying red nipples? Does controlling where your data goes and where it doesn't must come with 5+ year old devices?

Can someone who uses social media tools must also be a slave to it?

Can't a person who values his privacy also want enjoy new shiny electronics?

I really can't see how i might be newposting or baiting.



>Does freedom must come in rubberized plastic accompanying red nipples? Does controlling where your data goes and where it doesn't must come with 5+ year old devices?

if you mean thinkpads then no, there are newer chromebooks and some old macbooks for librebooting

>Can someone who uses social media tools must also be a slave to it?

if you use social media you are a slave to a market analysis computer intelligence.

>Can't a person who values his privacy also want enjoy new shiny electronics?

you can want a new shiny botnet but it doesn't mean you need it. also you type like a paki redditor.

>How so, my dear friend.

>also want enjoy new shiny



lol blackberry fag posting earlier in the thread about weather or not to get an iphone x which he stated to be "The best phone for social media".

Why is he even here, how did he find this place? is he from 4chan /g/?



Looks like you'll never know :^)


well, this is social media, isn't it?



🤔 Yes 😀


File: d922b990e0e564c⋯.png (301.69 KB, 650x902, 325:451, rascally_red_roll_2_da_res….png)

What's the best GFX card for gaming on Linux right now? I already have a GTX980 that I plan to use for VMs/passthru so I'm looking for something to run the host system on.

Also should I get a current gen Ryzen 7 or should I wait? I have a $1,000 budget and I already have monitors. I'm gutting my current i7-4770k build and re-purposing it as an arcade machine. New build is going to be my workstation. Are there any good dual-CPU AM4 motherboards?

I wanted to wait for POWER9 but it's useless for me until there is a x86 daughterboard or decent emulation. I plan on running Gentoo or debian for the OS.


What kind of workstation tasks will POWER be suitable for?

I assume compiling would be a breeze, but what would you do with all that power, since proprietary x86 software and libraries won‘t run on it?


File: 46dd015f8fd46e8⋯.jpg (86.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 69e1f611a95e774722484b78ef….jpg)

is there any hope that GPU prices will go down to sane levels? I just want to get away from nvidias cancer drivers, and every AMD card near the level of this gtx 970 is >$500


What's a good book regarding the Looneex Kernel?



the relevant chapters in the Dinosaur book and the Tannenboom books


need some recommendations for good chinkshit sites. the only ones I know of at the moment are DX & Aliexpress, but I haven't used DX in a long time, is it still good service & usable products?


Is there a big difference between 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM HDDs? It seems only Seagate makes cheap 7200 HDDs but I've heard their disks are prone to failure.



> 2018

> not buying a SSD

> not talking about NVMe



The only difference is the latency.

Seagate Barracuda and WD Blue cost the same and you can find them both at 7200 RPM (WD have also 5400 models).



Some faggot I was arguing with recommended Linux Kernel in a Nutshell.


File: 22afeac53b78467⋯.pdf (4.64 MB, (In a Nutshell O'Reilly) G….pdf)


It's pretty limited, though.

It only covers enough to configure a kernel.



Check the other thread, I posted an Amazon product code.


Does anyone know of a good peephole camera so I can catch the niggers stealing shit off my porch?

Everything on the market seems like it's designed by retards.



a usb camera and a linux g4 mac mini. just mount that shit to the door and put the usb cam in the peeper hole. i suggest headless using rdp or vnc. if you port forwawrd you can even see who's at your door from anywhere in the world.



a VHS camera with SCART out and a FreeBSD Talos II workstation with video receiver. just mount that shit to the door and put the camcorder in the peeper hole. i suggest running Windows XP in emulated mode with live video feed from camera saved to SAS disk. When you need to view it remotely, simply make a Skype call and turn on "share desktop". if you port forward you can even see who's at your door from anywhere in the world.



thank you for this you made me laugh.


File: c8bbe776439d05f⋯.jpg (124.54 KB, 526x393, 526:393, c8bbe776439d05fd784104804d….jpg)

Is there any trust worthy firewall for windows ?

Something that dosn't call home






Why not? Windows XP and Windows 7 aren't bad at all.



> wanting to be a slave to technology products voluntarily


Should I buy a Ryzen 5 1600x if I have a GTX 1060 6GB? I heard I can have some problems if I mix AMD with Nvidia, even though I don't have anything against AMD or overclocking.

One of the main reasons I want to buy a Ryzen 5 1600x is because the AM4 socket is fairly new, plenty of CPUs are still going to be released for it and I won't have to get a new motherboard if I want to upgrade it again.

The PC will be used for gayman.

Also, I know the Ryzen 5 1600x is way too strong for my GPU, but I don't really care and the price of this CPU is just too good for what it offers.



>I heard I can have some problems if I mix AMD with Nvidia, even though I don't have anything against AMD or overclocking.

That's a retarded myth created by fanboys. It's only convenient and easy to spread because "hurr durr different companies!"

PC parts will always have the same level of interooerability and there's no reason this shouldn't be the case with CPUs and GPUs. The CPU really shouldn't give a fuck what GPU is plugged in.



Well, that being said, would I be better off buying anything else around the price of a Ryzen 5 1600x?


Are seagate drives any good?

Found a good deal on one on amazon


Should i buy redhat for my new computer? i just got 138k from investments and i 'm thinking of getting a beefy rig and putting the most expensive redhat os on it.



Why would you do that? Can you name a few reasons? Literally the only reason to buy Redhat is to have official support. That might make sense for some servers or perhaps an organization that has a lot of clients running it, but for a single rig? For what purpose?

Actually you know what, go ahead.



There's no reason to not mix AMD and Nvidia and that's not even that unbalanced. I mean, you would only need a more powerful video card if you are gaming new games at resolutions greater than 1080p



Is 4chan down for you guys my browser just says 403






well since you used the magic word...






Guess I'll just use a SJWpi... I was really looking forward to trying a beagle board but the tutorial I found is for rpi, oh well I guess.



>Should I get the $2-4 cable that's already available where I am?


>Won't it fuck up my GPU or monitor if it's a shite?

No, VGA cables only carry data and not power. The absolute worst thing that could happen is that it doesn't work.


Does it matter? Online backup is so cheap it makes mechanical reliability almost pointless unless you are running a hospital or some shit that requires 24/7 availability.


I wouldn't bother. Even consumer-level routers have had built-in firewalls for the past 10 years. Software firewalls haven't been relevant since Windows XP. If you insist on being paranoid get a cheap secondhand computer and throw pfsense on it.



AT&T Uverse? Probably just the remote management for customer support. If they aren't completely retarded it should be access restricted by IP but get something you can flash open source firmware on if it really bothers you. Look up LibreCMC, DD-WRT, Tomato, or OpenWRT compatible devices if you're interested.


Pretty much all of them do that. Decent reviews: https://thatoneprivacysite.net/vpn-section/

Important questions answered: https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-services-anonymous-review-2017-170304/

Test of VPN leak killers: https://vpntesting.info/ - sponsored by IVPN but this conflict of interest is clearly stated.



>Even consumer-level routers have had built-in firewalls

My router really suck and i still use Windows xp (7 is too bloated for this toaster and i need a windows os )

I don't really have the money for anything else also "cheap" computers don't really exist here



you'll be broke in a few years




File: b5787cb620a5f0b⋯.png (316.64 KB, 796x712, 199:178, b5787cb620a5f0b7bbc5f0debe….png)

Are refurbished thinkpads worth it even if they're expensive in your country?

i want to buy a T450 ,really good deal but still expensive here for the exact same price you can get new laptops but with nothing more than an intel celeron..



X240/T440 and below are all affordable (under 300USD) in HK.

X220/T420 and below will be 250~275USD.



i am not sure to fully understand what you meant

300 usd= more than two time the average salarie

Not to mention taxes.




help us help you, what shithole do you live in, and what's your budget?



>what shithole do you live in

Algeria (North Africa) (no ebay and no amazon, but there are other "E-commerce" )

>what's your budget



I'm looking to buy new/used 9 cell battery for my x220.

Found a new one for 90$, and few used one ranging from 60$ to 35$. Owner claims that the cheapest one holds for 2h and 50 min and most expensive one for 3h 40min while watching movie with WiFi on.

However they have varying state of discharge. Both the cheapest and most expensive ones are around 72Wh out of 94Wh. There is one in between for 50$ which holds for 3h, but it's at 88/94 Wh.

Should I look at stated up times or charge rate?



Thinkpad are far better than regular laptops. I so go for it if you really want it. But if you don't need the computing power of a new hardware consider buying something older. Newer != Better


So from what understand. Crypto fucked you prices so building a PC is a no go. Is the same for laptop parts? I was in the market for a new PC but ill take anything at this point



It's all the same. I was looking for 8 gib ram dimms for my x220 and prices are almoust the same as regural. Try grabbing something used from someone who doesn't know any better. Maybe you'll score a good deal.



Prices of the 1050 don't look too bad, but other wise it's not a good time to build I guess. Anybody know when the prices will drop?



Don't expect ram prices to fall anytime soon. Shortage is caused by increased demand for nand gates which is caused by enterprices buying loads of ssd for databases and shit. There are only 3 manufacturers of nands in the world so they winded up prices pretty high. They are not, however, planning to increase production cause it would take prices right down where they were. Increased demand caused and we have to wait for new player to show up in this game.



That's what i though but the deal is just too good it might be stolen or something like that.

I could get a new laptop but it won't have anything better than an intel i3 (that's if it's a relatively good deal)



As I said, you don't have to buy new one. Hell t420 and t430 are more powerfull than t440 as far as I know. Great deals come and go. If you are afraid of a fraud or something don't buy the t450. If you need it for work or something, sure buy it.

But if you are just looking for shitposting machine you don't need that kind of hardware. Take anons advices here or go to thinkpad and thoughbook general and ask there. No ones honna force you to do anything.



was meant for >>866341



Not the same guy but ill jump in. How does a ThinkPad hold up playing vydia? Could I let's say get a decent look out of ds3?



i need a more or less good hardware

There is just not enough good computers on the market here

>Great deals come and go

Not here anon

Thanks i'll buy it probably



Also keep in mind this: If you buy something for 150$ if it's discounted from 200$ you haven't just saved 50$, you've spent 150$.

Always think about it when spending money.



If you want To play vydia on a budget you're definitely better off building a cheap desktop. The 1050 is still a reasonable price



I answer my own post since I figured out the answer - only think that matters is capacity, so 2nd battery is in the best shape out of all 3. So I'll be getting that one.


whats a good camera for taking creepshots?




A gun.


I just got a 144hz 1080p monitor. But all of my games are capped at 60 fps. What's the point of having a fast monitor if devs keep forcing their games to run slow? Before I bought this monitor, all I heard was how amazing a faster refresh rate was, and now I have it, and all I got is really smooth scrolling whilst surfing the net.

Am I missing something?


File: c493a144c7647c8⋯.png (35.29 KB, 239x190, 239:190, 1487202572.png)


Stop playing console ports



>really smooth scrolling whilst surfing the net.

sounds better than any game i know


Any good reccomendations on faraday/emf blocking phone cases?

I'd prefer a top-opening one so I can quickly the phone out of it, and one large enough for a samsung galaxy j7


I looking to buy a 2.5'' HDD for my laptop. What company makes the nest laptop HDD's?






Confirmed, thanks anon.


File: 8df340fbf572720⋯.jpg (50.24 KB, 500x401, 500:401, 8df340fbf5727200a3a2078720….jpg)

Lads know any good rolling cheap (<50€) DDR/Pump pad?


File: 7be79378956012a⋯.jpg (611.6 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 7.jpg)

I need to speak to someone with 6+ 7200RPM 3.5" HDDs. What case do you use? I currently have a Corsair and the HDD cages in these are an absolute joke. My friend is getting rid of an old rig with a HAF 922 case. It has tons of space, but the outside looks like an abortion. Assuming I can stack 4 x 3.5" 7200RPM HDD together without it hitting 50C, I wouldn't mind. Should I clean up the HAF 922, possibly getting new fans for it, or is there a better option for under $100 USD?


What is a good alternative to Google hangouts?



i just duct taped a soft pad to a piece of square ply wood



hanging out with your friends.


File: 204094183e2243e⋯.jpg (46.26 KB, 464x794, 232:397, 204094183e2243e4162fa4035d….jpg)


I'm asking about soft pads. The ones you can roll like a rug. Also it has to be PC compatible.



buy an official konami ps2 or xbox 360 pad. if you buy a ps2 pad you will need an adapter from ebay. if you troll the thriftstores long enough you will find one.




Any Android. If you live in a meme country like Japan where camera shutter sounds are mandatory it's dead simple to turn off.


>open /system/build.prop

>change ro.camera.sound.forced=1 to 0



Tell your friends about the kikes.



I have a corsair 750D with five 3.5in drives, what do you hate about the cages? they seem fine to me.

I like this cases drive setup better than my old CM690 II, which is similar to the HAF except the HAF is wider.



What's even the point of this law with any device. If you really wanted to you could rip out the speaker on any device. No more sound.



That would probably be illegal then



To make it look like the government is taking action while they pass the buck to the private sector and make it their problem instead. It's pretty clever really, getting paid to make someone else do your job.



open camera has an option to shut off shutter noises.



It's a heat trap. The holes on either side of the cage aren't big enough and the drives are stacked too close. Even with the 120mm fan that I added in the front, it doesn't properly blow hot air to the back of the case. In the summer, the drives hit 50-55C.


should i get an iphone 8?

i'm tired of tinkering with custom roms to get rid of google.



How long till RAM and GPU prices drop?



Can't say for GPUs as it might take years, but you can always buy used RAM.



I spent the past two nights cleaning dust from the HAF 922 and moving my innards into it. The HDD temps are 34-37C stacked together whereas even leaving a 3.5" bay empty between them in the Corsair 200R, two were over 40C. My CPU is 28C. It's an uggo case, but CoolerMaster clearly spent time thinking about the insides. I have no doubt you could stick 10 3.5" 7200RPM drives in here without having heat issues.



>buying used RAM

>not just downloading it


What's the best ultrawide for gaming? I have no budget, just suggest something worth the money.



What's the best ultrawide for media? 34 inches, and great colour is a must have. Curved and refresh rates don't matter.


File: 909e64a6f2edfc7⋯.jpg (225.53 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1517046419001.jpg)

Lads, tell me a good soft pad model for StepMania. All I find is fucking 20 dollar fishy deals by chinks. I also need it to be from Europe because travel costs.


I'm thinking of getting a NAS drive for my Thinkpad w520 (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822236600) by the advice of https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Understanding-the-WD-Rainbow-674/ is a NAS HDD advisable for a home laptop?


for what reason, boot (just get an SSD in this case), extra storage?




Sorry, never mind I changed my mind. I was thinking of using it as a regular drive.


Are there any good 3:2 laptops out nowadays?



those samsung arm chromebooks perhaps


>>868323 I already have one :) I just wanted something a little more powerful.


File: 5f65aec413ae296⋯.png (1.14 KB, 175x19, 175:19, g.png)

I'm currently picking computers for new computer. I live in Europe and don't wanna buy libre wifi card from usa. No local shop lets me sort wifi cards according to chipsets. Searx showed me just en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_open-source_wireless_drivers when searched for "libre wifi cards".

Only thing I can start by is that pci/pci-e cards are libre more possibly than usb cards, I read somewhere.

What wifi card do you use/what cards do you recommend that has libre drivers(and no non-free firmware on device, if possible)?






Is the Dell U3415W a good buy? Are there better alternates? It'll be used for productivity and media.

I don't care about curves, high refresh rates are nice, but not essential.


I looked at the thinkpad 25 (retro) and noticed it has a backlit keyboard. would it fit in my t60p if i where to buy one brand new from lenovo?






Best Linux kernel for pirating?




But which distro? Pretty sure Ubuntu an OP hot bed


Are there any cheap (under $50) routers with wireless AC that aren't botnet?


Decent mic for under 10€?


Considering Firefox uses 2-4GB RAM idling, what's a good alternative?






there are no free ac drivers at all



Well shit.

Thanks anon.


Are there any laptops that don't have always on LED lights or Windows 10 preinstalled?



>don't have always on LED lights

Buy a $3 roll of electric tape and paste it on.



my t440p only has two leds. they just show the current power state.


Are asrock mobos any good? Deciding between asrock extreme3 r2.0 and gigabyte 970a-ds3p fx r2.1. Never heard anything bad on gigabyte, but asrock mobos, at least the cheaper ones, seem like total shit. I'm considering the asrock one only because it's heatsinked and the gigabyte one isn't. I would buy a corebootable high-end asus one, if I could get a new one, but I missed the boat few years ago.

I don't know where should I link





Asrock's unremarkable.






buy a thinkpad



Install Debian if you are worried about wiruses


I hope this is the right place to ask this, so that people will actually help me instead of telling me to fuck off.

I'm currently using PIA as a VPN and overall I don't have any major complaints. It kinda annoys me in some aspects, but overall it's a solid B+ software.

However, I've also heard that it's just a basic VPN that's not really the best in the security department. I've had PIA for a year now, and my subscription is set to end on the 28th of this month. I'm debating on whether to auto-renew, or if you guys could recommend a better option.

The one I've been looking at is Perfect Privacy, and it SEEMS like it'd be a good choice, but it's just so expensive. It's not that I can't afford it, but honestly who wants to pay a shit-ton of money for something unless they're absolutely sure it's worth it? Can anyone who's had experience with Perfect Privacy tell me, y'know, if I'd really get my money's worth out of it?

For reference, I'm not one of those people who really has any need for Tor and all that other shit. No deep web, or bitcoins or anything like that. Just your average internet user who likes to have some degree of privacy.

And if nobody can give me an educated opinion on Perfect Privacy, what are some other VPNs that you'd recommend? I've done a bit of research on the matter, but it's always hard to tell from that, because a lot of these review sites tend to shill for whomever has the deepest pockets. Would it be best to stick with PIA?



Why are you using a VPN at all? Are you aware of the risk of it being a honeypot?

If you want privacy, either just block ads/trackers/js etc. or use Tor Browser Bundle, don't waste money on something you can't control.


Can someone recommend me a keyboard and a mouse?

I have only used one keyboard with membrane and rubber dome plus some laptops with their scissor switch. I have been thinking about buying a mechanical one but I don't really know which is good. I will just come out and say I want something sturdy, durable and that doesn't stop working while doing anything.

As for the mouse, I want the same characteristics but I would like it even more If I could open it to fix it in case of failure.



File: dea3901afef953f⋯.png (186.84 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6668a82b71bacce⋯.png (225.55 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8e8b2ebae2f8d96⋯.png (144.57 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ClipboardImage.png)

Lenovo Thinkpad - $120

2.27GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor



Remove Hard Drive and send Windows to virtual hell

Replace with 120GB SSD

Install Ubuntu 17.10.1

Give to Brother

- - - -

What do you think?



Make sure he won't use it for gaymen.



Decent. I wouldn't trust any of those specs without a BiOS pic.






I would recommend you introduce this man to Lunix and one of the many underground tech forums. I remember being a kid. If he's not obese, you probably got yourself friend material right there and can start phasing 8ch out. Otherwise, you could get a better deal off eBay looking out for laptops without: RAM, HDD, screws, OS. Jamals don't know about muh Lunix, or how cheap DDR2 RAM is, or how free Arch (could've been) is. Check the BiOS for the anti-theft tracking shit too. Original poster seems like he can maneuver the english language well, so I don't reckon it's his motive to scam you out of $120 (or maybe that's his angle?).

>Driver Booster 3

If he's a millennial in his 30s, balding, with a beard, conduct the hand-off impersonally. If he asks you for your Discord, tell him Aqua is best girl and gtfo.

How's Nashville anyway? I probably won't be leaving my safe, cold, and white North Eastern suburb, but it's interesting to get other's perspectives.



I'd try to get the price down a bit, maybe see if he's interested in keeping the HDD/windows key for a lower price. make sure you get the caddy though. if it has an ATI card in it all the better. ask for the full model number on the bottom to confirm. make sure to clean it out and re-paste if you get it, they run kind of warm.


it's not a complete potato, it can do runescape NXT with the ATI chip at rather acceptable frame rates for the hardware.



would u rather pay more? there are people selling for much less. 10-20$ on ebay

u should message that guy and run down the price. anyone charging that much is srsly uneducated



> 10-20$ on ebay

the cheapest buy-it-now's are in the $50 range, the $20 auctions are the start prices.


Replacing battery for sandy bridge tinkpad

>buy genuine from lenovo - full price

>buy "genuine" from reseller - 20% cheaper

>buy "genuine" from auction reseller - 40% cheaper

>buy another knockoff fire hazard - 80% cheaper - cry self to sleep because poorfag

Where can I buy post-recall genuine batteries


File: f294dac45aa5caa⋯.png (254.69 KB, 500x375, 4:3, f294dac45aa5caa1c8cebd11bc….png)

Do you know any durable headphones? Almost all of the ones i've bought have become silent in one ear after a few weeks. The most i can spend on them is 50$.



look for superlux buyers guides, and more importantly, grow up and understand how kinetic energy can be turned into "work" e.g. damage to headphones


I want a bare minimum e-book reader so I can read illegally downloaded ebooks and not deal with some proprietary amazon bullshit



the pads at walmart are super cheap and run android but linux has FOSS for mobile devices. there are also great apps at the flick of a command that can read pretty much any book file you can torrent.

you could easily hack them, they are less than $100.



all headphones suck post 2004.

some of the good ones were from razer and made of an aluminum chassis. other ones have a lot of wires that can easily be ripped out if you trip on them. i can't even begin to think of the revenge you would get on someone for breaking your beloved headphones. or intentionally getting your account banned for that matter, lol


What is a good Network card. I want to go with something without proprietary drivers but I think some pen testers use tp link and realtek for amplified reception



eink or LCD?

don't listen to the pajeet above, most walmart sold tablets have awful screens.


Looking for a 2-in1/convertible/laptop/etc with an active stylus. I only need it for basic work like writing on docs, taking notes, word processing, etc.

I would like it to have a decent screen size for handwriting, an sd card slot(micro or full doesn't matter, I just need it to sit flush with the device), a minimum of 64gb of built in storage, at least 3gb ram, at least 6 hours of battery life, and the handwriting detection to not be shit. Any OS is fine but I would prefer it to have dualboot windows and android.

Budget is $300, used is alright. Thanks for the help.



thats a toy if you want to get work done i suggest you get a thinkpad and install arch.



What matters is the chipset maker, e.g. tp link uses different chips in the same product. Get something that is compatible with the free ath9k driver, these are chipsets from atheros that are somewhat older. If it surports ac it is too new. Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Qualcomm-Atheros-Ar9462-Bluetooth-Wireless/dp/B00PVWE31E



He's kind of faggy, but he's muh brudda


Flash the BIOS with manufacturer BIOS

Nashville is doing ok, I guess. It's just like - - THERE.

I'm originally from Bergen County, NJ, where I am to deliver this machine to.


I will keep the drive and the key... :P


I got a decent laptop from a pawn shop and installed ubuntu and kali on it - it worked great.

- just a note - I had Ubuntu 16 on there and then I burned a disk to install (and to have a disk in my little disk-holder) Ubuntu 17.10.1 and then after I installed it, there were all these stupid desktop changes. omg - retarded. Nothing I can't fuck with and tweak, but omg. stupid.

- - -

Thank's y'all for your input


File: bc2cbd70b44ee49⋯.jpg (47.92 KB, 540x359, 540:359, bc2cbd70b44ee492061dca63a0….jpg)

Anyone know about soundboards? I want a thing that sits on my desk and I can plug my mic into and then plug the soundboard into my computer's mic jack. I've tried software with macro keys and they suck all I'm finding are raspberry pi and Adriano stuff so any help would be appreciated.



What you're describing could be done with a simple switch. What would you need the preamp for beyond toggling it off and on?


File: fad5fb23fd7a940⋯.jpg (24.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, coso.jpg)

How good are these things for a pc just so I don't have to get up to switch an episode or a movie?



I have something like that, paid $16 for it... it works fine. It's not very nice for doing any frequent input but just for switching an episode or brief control of the mouse / slow typing, it's fine.



>just so I don't have to get up to switch an episode or a movie?

You can use KDE Connect instead



eink of course

that's the whole point of ebook readers isn't it


What's the cheapest graphics card I can get that will give me 4 monitor support, ideally through DVI/HDMI/Display Port?

Would be used exclusively for web browser shit and maybe vanilla WoW at max settings on one monitor.



I use an older version of the Logitech K830. Whatever you do, don't get one with a ball for the mouse.



Don't get Chinese batteries unless you're alright with them losing charge in 6 months to a year. You could replace the capacitors yourself each time (tutorial vids online a plenty) but you're more likely creating a fire hazard. Maybe better you soldering than chinks though.


Can't tell if that's a T60p or T61p.

The T61* series have an issue involving the nVidia graphics chip and bad soldering. They're ticking time bombs waiting to fail. I had two die on me. Had to replace with the intel graphics boards. Make sure it has integrated graphics. It would also help if your brother liked the aesthetics and didn't care about battery life (It will probably last 1-2 hrs by now if that since batteries lose their battery juice over time).


People get thinkpads because they are cheap for what you get. If they're expensive, look for something else like the Dell or HP business class laptops. Business class is recommended mostly because offices are on 2-3 year harddware update cycles, so every so often they release a slew of older hardware into the market for cheap to pay off the cost of their upgrades.


You're on Windows. What does it matter? Install gentoo.



Whatever you find, make sure it has epub support.

The problem with ereaders is it's difficult to make pdf's readable on them because of the kinds of margins textbooks use, and the fact that an ereader won't understand a margin is even there. You're going to want something with a zoom feature, preferablly one that stays zoomed in when you turn a page.

I use a kindle 4. Small inconvenience converting epubs to mobi but calibre does it without a problem. Reading PDF's is such a pain in the ass I use a Nexus 7 2013 for that (and it's still a pain in the ass because of the margins textbooks use. Holy fuck kill all 'designers').



Works great thanks, anon.


I'd rather have a separate thing. Don't like to use my cellphone too much. Plus, I'm stuck with a WP.


Ohhhh that thing is huge, I prefer something cute and small. After all it's not like Im ever gonna type in this thing.





Is it possible that NSA could snatch up all those "libre" hardware and install backdoors on them? Would buying a Talos, RPI etc. be a waste of money?


my girlfriend is forcing me to get a phone. is there a non botnet phone? I need to be able to text with it.



there's no such thing, blobs plus radio code. even though my android devices lack gapps I treat them as if I'm using chromium. if you're going the android route that's probably your best bet.



Get a new gf.

There is not non-botnet phone and on top of that, texting is inherently feminine.




What do you recommend for a tablet then. That runs linux. I live at a college so I have internet everywhere I go, I don't really need a sim or anything.



The Switch has full KDE running on it now.


Looking for a good simple, traditional MP3/music player preferably with support for other audio formats. Old fashioned, I know, but I don't feel like using a (((smart)))phone.


I'm not a /tech/ native, but I installed ubuntu on my old laptop to breath life in to it. Old HP laptop. It died earlier today.

Looking to buy something new.


Found this. Cheap little thing. RCA Cambio at 10 inches. Wondering how linux performs with these two in one things, because I don't plan to run windows 10. By performance I mean installing linux to it, probably a ubuntu flavor like ubuntu mate. Will it be all fucky or can I expect what I got with my old elitebook, like a just werks(TM) experience.?

Thanks in advance.


About the blu ray players, I'm thinking of getting one for my living room. The ones with usb support external hdd with NFTS format?


File: b61f51a00d85a51⋯.png (46.7 KB, 771x523, 771:523, .png)

Is there a case available that is similar to the dark base 700 but has no glass in it:

>>good airflow (well without the front panel at least in this case, just throw that in the bin, no problem)

>>good cable management

>>standalone fan controller

>>140mm intake and exhaust fans (preferably, my current setup is 5 years old and I picked the quietest fans I could find but was stuck with 120mm ones so it is quite loud)

>>good dust filters that are easy to take off and clean

I would imagine the glass plays some role in the price and even if it did not, I would really rather not have any in the case. Leds are a non-issue as they can usually be disabled or removed with little work.


File: a99c180f5a3f3c9⋯.jpg (44.31 KB, 800x800, 1:1, NZXT Phantom.jpg)


>integrated fan control

>no glass

NZXT phantom. Old case you can find second hand as well. No idea how good the fan controller is but 20W per channel, five channels total. Comes in a bunch of colors including black, red and heterosexual pink. Needless to say windowed versions exist too but pic has mesh on the side. Price: $119.99 according to NZXT website but you can probably find them way cheaper second hand if you don't mind a few parts missing.

Fan Support

FRONT, 1 X 140mm

REAR, 1 X 120mm (included)

SIDE, 2 x 120mm, 1 x 200/230 (2 x 120mm included)

TOP, 2 X 200mm (1 x LED 200mm included)



oh and the windowed versions only have a single 30W channel fancontrol so fuck those anyway. Windowed is called the phantom 410. Do not confuse.


Recommend me some wireless head or earphones that don't send bluetooth waves between my ears.



File: bf84df06f169e2d⋯.jpg (7.07 KB, 237x213, 79:71, index.jpg)

What's the best media center for a reasonable price?


I want a sub 300$ smartphone but the Sony Xperia I wanted seems to have glaring issues enough to have 3/5 stars on Amazon, and the Honor x7 I wanted is sold out. Throwing out my requirements for suggestions.

-Play videos for long trips

-Play music

-Email client

-Custom ROM preferred (fuck google)

-Tindr and other normie apps like OpenMaps and shit.



Fuck me I should stop posting before bed and forgetting important shit.

I was going with the Honor x7 line and Sony Xperia specifically because I wanted at least 16-32gb of space with an expansion slot for 128 cards I already have. I won't need much RAM but battery life is a huge plus and modability (such as having custom ROMs available) would be helpful. Something you can open up and fiddle with too, most phones seemed to be fucking locked up tight nowadays as far as the case goes. Finally, if it's below 100$ thank you jesus. I am poorfag but I'm willing to spend on it.


Anybody have had any experience with a Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight? How is battery affected by using it without registering or by using it after rooting with or without fast refresh? Can I use it without registering and just load epubs using Calibre?



>Install Ubuntu 17.10.1

Wait for 18.04 or install 16.04.


Anyone have recommendations for an ebook reader that has NO wifi/3g/4g/etc capabilities at all? I want to be able to have my reader at work but they don't allow devices with connectivity due to testing radio frequency devices. Waterproof/dustproof would be great too so I can use it while camping also, but that's probably asking for a lot, all things considered. Thanks!


What's a good male HDMI/DVI-to-female DE 15 VGA adapter?


Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise?


File: 52486b3fb069e6f⋯.png (135.34 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2018-02-27-115719_1366x768….png)

I'm building a ultra low budget gaming pc for my aunt ( I asked here a while ago ). I'm about to order.

pcpartpicker says it's all fine but I'm paranoid since it's the first time I do this. Can someone take a look real fast and tell me if it's ok ?

P.S: I don't want to actually change anything in that build. Everything is cheap and shit except for that A8-9600.



those USB wifi things can have bad signal due to placement, just fyi.

get the fastest ram you can budget, APUs love fast ram, you'll need it for vram. dunno what's a good speed for those new ones though.

I dislike the MB for lack of display outputs, but that's me.

I know it would push the budget, but I'd try to get 8GB of ram in there with a 128GB nvme drive while ditching the HDD for the time being. even if you can't budget an nvme drive a standard sata3 ssd would do, SSDs make systems so much more pleasant to use. I only bring up more ram as it needs to allocate an amount for vram, I always liked setting apus up with 1-2GB of vram.





Is it possible to buy a cheap and fully FOSS single board computer that can handle web browsing and offline video playing? Any suggestions with as little botnet as possible would be appreciated, I don't even want HDMI capability because I don't want (((their))) content protection keys burned into my hardware.



What do I need to be on the lookout for when buying a psu for a new computer ? I'm not using pc part picker because it has no support for my country and I can't find the component I have there anyway.

Can it be incompatible with anything ?



connectors and ventilator


I got a leftover AT&T sim card from a phone purchase last year. sim card is from last year, and I got an unlimited plan. I was wondering if I would able to use the leftover card with a 4g/LTE router so I can have internet that isn't so utterly shit that it makes modern games literally unplayable.

if yes, when what router do you guys recommend?



Why not just 2x2gb instead of 2x4gb? Does it matter?

I thought that only clock speed/dual channel matters when it comes to integrated graphics.


File: 819f3ffdc1fcbe0⋯.png (185 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2018-03-01-205755_1366x768….png)


Got it thanks.

Can someone take a look before I order this shit-cheap internet browsing build please ?

It's the first time I actually build anything.


how much money do you think

Ranking 186

Manufacturing Process 40 nm

Architecture Terascale 2

Base frequency 450 MHz

Memory Type GDDR5

Memory Frequency 3200 MHz

Memory bandwith 25.6 GB/sec

Released Q1 2012

Power consumption 15 W

Cores 400

Maximum frequency 650 MHz

Memory Capacity 1 GB

Memory bus 64-bit

Drivers support.amd.com

will make mining 24/7?



Enough for you to buy a gun and shoot yourself, probably.



looks fine, just questioning the the older gen FM2 chip. is there anything near that price point for FM2+? I assume you chose that due to price.


it would be easier to sell the card and buy a hi-point.


I'm looking for a wireless usb wifi adapter for my new freedumbs box. What brand (or model) should I look for?



Anything compatible with ath9k_htc, that is older atheros chipsets. If it has 802.11ac it is too new.




Just went for the cheapest shit possible since I didn't plan on ever updgrading that. I ended up not ordering that because it came to my attention that it wasn't that urgent but I valued the experience since before that I had no idea what is compatible with what, etc.

Thanks for the advice tho.



File: 652918d99a5a82c⋯.jpg (32.07 KB, 680x382, 340:191, Sandu Ciorba.jpg)

Budget: $1000-4000 USD

Looking for a good notebook/desktop replacement.


- Programming

- Machine Learning

- Gaymin (Potentially, although this can be sacrificed if need be)

- Shitposting

- Video Editing

- DAW/Sound Engineering

Is it worth it to get a new workstation notebook? Are the modern Lenovo Thinkpads worth the dosh or should I go with another brand?



Modern Thinkpads are garbage.

Old Thinkpads are great BUT they wouldn't quite meet the requirements for gaymen, video editing, DAW, or even machine learning.

If you do go for a Thinkpad though, I personally use a T420, it's lovely.



System76 Kudu. However, for a workstation laptop you might want something more powerful like Serval WS / Oryx Pro. Notebooks aren't that great for video editing, gaming, or machine learning.


I travel a lot and would like to get a tablet 10” is fine that runs Linux or Ubuntu. Any recommendations?



Every android tablet runs linux



Understood but are there limitations? Does it have to be x86?



He's saying android is linux.

And no, Linux doesn't need x86 to run.


What's a good graphics card for Wayland? Don't care about gaming performance, just want something relatively cheap that's Linux friendly and comes with an HDMI port.



Anything from Intel or AMD.



I can't find anything about an Intel graphics card? But I can research AMD.



I mean the integrated graphics from ibtel they put on all their CPUs, they are good enough for desktop. But you should probably go with amd and get an APU (CPU+integrated graphics) or CPU+GPU




Thanks for the advice.


I have run out of SATA ports on my MB but I'd like to expand my storage, I am not sure if I can and should buy a RAID card given that I don't plan on using hardware RAIDs and what a decent HDD cage is. All I have seen are either shit in looks or loud.



I just bought one of those 4 port raidless pcie cards when I needed it, works fine.



>Dell Perc H310

>8x SAS / SATA3 ports

> Flashed with IT firmware

> 30$ used


What would be a good build for vidya with an 800$ Budget? Just getting a r9 280 and an i7 4770k put me at 700$, so I'm really lost on what to get for alternatives and what I'd even use for a motherboard.



This looks interesting, one thing though:

>8x SAS / SATA3 ports

I see exactly 2 ports, can you enlighten me on how I am gonna get 8 potential SATA connections out of it?


File: db5f5d8a84237f6⋯.jpg (39.47 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, mini_sas_to_sata3.jpg)


You need one or two mini-sas to sata3 cable.


Are there any good modern 16:10 monitors?


I'm considering purchasing a refurbished Thinkpad, either t420, or x220. Would newegg be a good enough source to purchase one? How bad, typically, is "Grade C dent and wear"? Is $200 a decent price?


What do you guys recommend for a PDA type of thing. That's super cheap and runs non android some other shitty mobile os.



for what purpose you need a

>PDA type of thing

you want a touchscreen laptop or a tablet or a smartphone?





The only ones are 2560x1600



Any suggestions on specific models?



Its not QHD, but the U2415 might be worth looking at


File: 01b4bb623adcf68⋯.jpg (230.22 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 81GUWZAu70L._SL1500_.jpg)



Why is the gtx 1050 is considerated a bad video card?

The specs are supposedly larger in all the ways than the previous generations

Only the last cards of each generation is considerated good... why?



>Why is the gtx 1050 is considerated a bad video card?

"bad" is relative. It's great compared to the 9 series cards, but obviously you're also getting the lower end of the 10 series cards.


File: 7e371bca38ec662⋯.jpg (27.28 KB, 600x598, 300:299, 7e371bca38ec6622fee553837d….jpg)

Any suggestions for a good computer chair?

I've been eyeing the ones from OPSeat. They look nice but i'm not sure if i'm willing to drop over 200 bucks on a chair.


File: 6ba01de3ae966c4⋯.jpeg (59.46 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 40A208B1-CD6F-4FEB-AFB6-5….jpeg)


I recommend the Humanscale Freedom Headrest, it’s what I’m currently sitting in. $1000 but it’s worth it if you have a desk job. Anything under $200 and you’ll end up paying for it later in life when you need spinal fusion. Trust me, if you can’t afford it get a real job or just start your own business and stop treating life like a joke. Any real white man can afford a good desk chair. Sit like a white man.

Pic related is the chair (I have the $400 Horizon desk lamp in the picture too, which I also recommend.)


File: e5d8720224cc696⋯.jpg (655.21 KB, 1077x1332, 359:444, yekhkg3gu6j01.jpg)


What's a good android tablet+miracast donger for a combined price of <200 euroshekels?

Preferably one with altfirmware support.


How much is a Commodore 16 worth, and are they worth picking up if you already have a 64? Same for the Vic-20.



Looks comfy


What laptops other than System76 have Intel ME disabled (firmware-wise)?

Dell has some models, but they don't show up on their website to buy.

Or are there other alternatives that have no IME / havvve it disabled?

I need recent hardware to run video-editing software on, so pre-9/11 hardware won't do the job


should i buy an amplifier for my cheap wooden panel stereo speakers i found at goodwill. OR should i invest in some speakers with an audio jack?



buy good amp, replace old speakers later.

unless your speakers are just shit, then weigh your options for amp+speakers vs powered set.


File: c3d2352b72a518e⋯.jpeg (332.38 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 8700.jpeg)

File: 1a32fc74d31854c⋯.jpeg (31.17 KB, 1170x773, 1170:773, ryzen 7.jpeg)

File: 6582a8f5bf2a249⋯.jpg (115.08 KB, 1600x1168, 100:73, AMD-Radeon-RX-Vega-64-Over….jpg)

I recently acquired a lot of spending cash and really want to go all out buying new hardware. My gaming setup is really outdated. I'm aware of the GPU price inflation due to cryptocoin so my first priority is to figure out what CPU I'm going to buy for my new setup.

Right now I'm eyeing either the Ryzen 7 1800X or the i7-8700K. I'm aware of the single-thread intel priority over the AMD multi-thread priority. What I'm looking for are any specific issues as far as gaming software goes. For instance, I vaguely remember that some emulators were nearly unplayable on AMD CPUs and don't know if that's still the case with modern emulators.

As far as general performance goes, I'm leaning towards the Ryzen 7 1800X because it supposedly performs on par with the i7-8700K as long as it's overclocked. As long as there aren't any other drawbacks I'm unaware of, I'll stick with it. If it's too much of a hassle I'll go with the i7-8700K.

Aside from CPUs, where can I get good headphone buying guides? Mine are so old that they're a pain to wear for more than an hour and the volume is all but dead unless I raise it above 30%. The /g/ wiki is outdated and the other one just has technical information now.


Am I reading this right? Does this basically mean, don't buy NVIDIA if you want to use Linux?

Does anyone know how the Radeon Vega 64 and 56 are? I don't care about the 4k meme. In general I'm just interested in modded games that end up going heavy on the scripting, are texture-heavy, and filters. I'll stick to 1080p/60FPS as long as possible.

I have a lot to buy.



you just blow in from reddit or just underaged?



Do you have autism or are just asshurt? I put down a wall of text because I want to get a wall of text as feedback. You can go back to shitposting unless you have some honest feedback and recommendations.



you didnt answer my question. did you just blow in from reddit, or are you just underaged?


File: 3bbe47040497c5c⋯.jpg (6.05 KB, 275x183, 275:183, sony_speakers.jpg)

should is spend 30 dollars on an amp for some bookshelf speakers i found at goodwill? or should i just spend the 30 dollars on some computer speakers with a sub?




ok thank you that answers my question. disregard my last post :^)



Yeah that's what i was expecting of it



Why the FUCK arent GPUs going down in price, I thought cryptocurrency crash meant cheaper GPUs shit also doubled since November REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE



It didn't crash far enough and the supply is being choked by a lack of GDDR anyway.



*price almost doubled since November


File: a295a63f973a459⋯.png (224.8 KB, 936x1000, 117:125, 1520539038981.png)

Can someone here PLEASE explain to me Audio-Technica's naming scheme for their headphones?

I have a pair of ATH-M40fs Headphones. What does the "fs" mean? Is it a lower or higher end than an "x" (ie. M40x) These phones are discontinued and I just got them for free so I was wondering how they compare to my Sony MDR 7502s.


File: 75dbdbc827716ac⋯.png (16.51 KB, 200x234, 100:117, 75dbdbc827716ac8432feead48….png)


Why don't you listen to them and decide how they compare for yourself?


File: d00c63cb68293f7⋯.png (3.54 MB, 2818x2709, 2818:2709, Printer_Steganography_Illu….png)

Looking for a printer that works on Linux and isn't botnet (tracking dots).

Mostly black and white is needed but color would be nice, thinking of getting a laser printer.



They're studio monitors. They sound flat. Like they should. I was just asking how they compare in terms of market value


File: 5ee529cc58b7a23⋯.jpg (181.1 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, jpJfG.jpg)

File: 6c98b4c62f467cf⋯.jpg (49.19 KB, 600x399, 200:133, 171050_h5tC_3703517.jpg)


Don't buy Intel, and don't buy Nvidia. Maybe buy AMD. Or get an RPi3 and wait for RISC-V.



Yeah don't buy Intel or Nvidia, but do get a Raspberry Pi which is totally open and suitable for most tasks. Either that or wait for a microcontroller. Great advice, /g/.


I'm trying to build something around a ryzen 3 2200.

I'm looking at the comments and someone says that the motherboard supports ryzen 3 1200 ?

Does that mean it also supports 2200 or was another firmware update required for this cpu ?

I'm talking about this product.


I don't have another spare cpu in order to update this by myself so I'm hoping to buy one that doesn't need it.



I don't know, but if you buy a motherboard that doesn't support that CPU out of the box, AMD will mail you one that it does so you can update the BIOS.



Even in shitholes like Italy ?



probably. it might take a couple weeks. i mean, they sent them to reviewers in the frozen shithole that is canada, so i dont see why they wouldnt send them to italy



If you only care about gaming, maybe go with the i7. If not, Ryzen 7. AMD problems for emulators sounds like an intel shill myth. You typically need more threads for emulating the post-ps1 era consoles. Although, the best way to find out is to go to the documentation for your prospective emulator to use.

Can't help you with headphones. Don't bother with half/g/ even though their board is swamped with consumer threads and marketers. Don't know what to say about the latest AMD GPUs. However keep in mind that if you're using PCpartpicker, they're biased against AMD. They don't include all of the store items seen on websites like newegg if they're AMD but they do for NVIDIA.



>saging a sticky

>being autistic

>contributing to the decline

inb4, "It's already too far gone, the damage is done, assorted excuse, etc."

Read: >>860932


So what SSD m.2 would any of you recommend? Looking to getting one around 250 GB


Should I wait until Q4 for Zen 2?



Samsung 960


Probably. There's a few RAM fabs coming online in the second half of this year so DDR4 prices might even drop a little.


I'm looking for a laptop with good build in sound/speakers that can atleast hear some bass.

Do those exist? Preferably on a budget and capable of atleast running some games.



Thanks anon


Are there any good modern laptops with docking station support. A real docking station not any usb shit Preferably one with an AMD cpu and at least 1080 screen.


best laptop under $500?



The market for sub-500 dollar laptops is pretty crowded m8. You'll need to be a bit more specific. For general use just grap an HP-15 with a Pentium processor. Normally I would recommend AMD for this price but the E-series hasn't had an update since 2014 so we're stuck with Intel on the lower end for now


File: 84a1924a1cedefe⋯.png (191.93 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2018-03-13-143653_1366x768….png)

Someone please take a quick look. I have no one to ask and I'm always paranoid about fucking up.

I know the motherboard doesn't support the cpu, I plan on contacting amd for an upgrade kit as soon as the cpu arrives.



Just get a motherboard that actually supports your cpu



How can I fucking know tho.

The seller says the stock doesn't have the update but the asrock site lists it as having support for it.

Same is for every other motherdboard.



Then it sounds like the CPU is supported, it just needs a firmware update I didn't research your motherboard I'm just going off past experience. You'll probably need a CPU to perform the update. So unless you want to get 2 CPUs then you'll need to find another board, or get one that's already updated.



I've been talking with the seller through email.

They don't know which motherboards have the updated firmware.

When I told them that amd requires me to contact the motherboard manufacturer first they just replied they can update the bios for like 30 euros.

30 fucking euros, another 10 euro and I can do it myself and keep a spare cpu

what the fuck is wrong with these hardware jews

do people deal with this shit everytime a new generation of shitfest cpus is released ?



>what the fuck is wrong with these hardware jews

>do people deal with this shit everytime a new generation of shitfest cpus is released ?

It's better then the alternative, being new CPUs are only supported by new boards.


Hello people, please recommend me a good free antivirus that complements common sense, bonus points if it doesn't go off with every keygen for certain software. Thanks.



ublock origin / umatrix



Drop some cash on faster RAM, APUs really benefit from it.



Oracle VirtualBox.




>Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get?

Not looking right now, but it might become necessary at any moment, so I'd better be prepared a bit.

So, I will be searching for a laptop and here are the requirements:

part 1 — 100% required:

1.1: screen size ≥ 15 inch (assuming usual AR).

1.2: all parts 100% compatible with GNU/Linux, including everything related to power management, etc. If I install latest Ubuntu LTS, everything should "just werk"

1.3: max. RAM size ≥ 16GB

1.4: at least 3 USB ports, good integrated soundcard, 3.5mm jack

1.5: display backlight should never flicker (in other words, no PWM used in display)

1.6: display uses IPS matrix, or equivalent or better (near 100% sRGB coverage, little color distortions from altering viewing angles)

part 2 — nice to have:

2.1: no parts made by Intel or NVIDIA

2.2: matte screen

2.3: higher than usual pixel density, ≥150 ppi for example

2.4: thunderbolt and USB-C

2.5: hardware kill switch for internal microphone and WLAN adapter

2.6: no built-in support for bluetooth and other rarely needed wireless standards

2.7: no proprietary drivers needed for req. 1.2, at least for the most important parts

2.8: 3.5mm jack is also optical output (aka toslink)

2.9: impossible to alter BIOS/EFI/etc. of the mainboard and the firmwares of other internal devices from OS level

2.10: higher than 60Hz display refresh rate, ± VFR support (FreeSync, etc…)

2.11: all volatile memory (RAM, etc…) is tamper resistant; that is, if anyone opens the body or disconnects battery, there's a good chance that it will erase all volatile memory, using emergency power if necessary

I am sure that some of the points in part 2 may be impossible or contradict each other, but I think all the required points (part 1) must be possible.

FWIW, my current laptop is a macbook from 2013, and while it still works, it may give up at any moment now, and I sure as hell don't want to buy apple stuff again for reasons which are really obvious.



>1.1: screen size ≥ 15 inch (assuming usual AR).

on second thought, if it's good by most other points, ≥13 inch is fine too



I think I'll need a 3D printer. Any ideas? Didn't find something in the catalogue. Could duckgo for it, but first asking here if you have some tips or opinions.



Ahh, sorry forgot that there are other boards in a sticky: >>/make/


Is there a reason not to buy a Xiaomi Redmi 5, aside from my data being sent to the people's committee?


Decent (read: under $30 & "good enough") open-ear bluetooth ear buds?



IIRC, bootloader unlocking is a lottery. you need to ask them for permission and wait for "manual approval".

same shit as with certain motorola models.


good sound starts from ~200$ if you choose full-size headphones and don't buy meme shit like "beats".

and if my physics lessons don't fail me, it's harder to achieve good sound in the in-ear "earbuds" given the same cost limits. so, I guess you're only gonna get shit sound from $30 earbuds.



>good sound starts from ~200$ if you choose full-size headphones and don't buy meme shit like "beats".

forgot to add: if they are also wired.

bluetooth adds more to the cost, and if you can't use aptX or something, you're also screwed by shit compression.

so, I'd recommend searching for used wired headphones, then you have a chance to get good sound for little money.

and you can change old&dirty ear pads for about 4 bucks.





idk why I lost the reference the first time


Any suggestions on Laser Printers that work decently with Linux? Was looking at a Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA



I'm >>880777, ended up getting a Brother HL-L2320D. Had to fiddle with drivers but it works. Might be harder if you don't use a distro that supports .deb or .rpm.



I have a similar monochrome brother unit that works fine over the network. >>883478 I wouldn't trust samshit




Thanks anons


Any good 3.0 usb stick recommended? Or do you just use whatever?





File: ab02992580f7033⋯.jpg (102.84 KB, 674x768, 337:384, 5e14258b0c38e86a2827cbeddd….jpg)


How embarrassing



Stick with name-brand, check reviews to make sure it's not fake, and as always never store anything important on it.



they do not exist yet, or what?



Seconding this. I am also looking for a drawing tablet so I can draw some Libbie.


File: d7b8866b3eae4aa⋯.jpg (111.79 KB, 703x563, 703:563, bone conduction.jpg)



I'm guessing something like this for <$50 is gonna sound like garbage. Ah well, I only need it for listening off my cheap shitty phone while around the house (without having to carry it in my pocket eg charging) and still letting me hear while cooking or whatever. Maybe even jewboob off my PC in another room, for on phone it plays ads. Ah well I already have good sound with other equipment for when quality matters.


File: a31b098f94ef90a⋯.jpg (143.98 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 81K2xrGONGL._SL1500_.jpg)

File: d4947b0912e2151⋯.jpg (104.17 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 61xKqbmrnML._SL1000_.jpg)

Am I a retard for wanting to buy these chinkshit SSDeez from no-name manufacturers? 40 USD for 150 GB seems like an easy decision. I'll be storing games on them, that's all.



Yes, and $0.26/GB is a completely average price for SSDs. Patriot's a US company.



okay I should have guessed that about Patriot, what's their reputation like? I'm most likely going for the Samsung 250 GB



Patriot has good lines and mediocre lines. Samsungs are the best.



yes it will be complete shit

>cheap shitty phone

it may actually be quite okay.

DACs are very easy to mass produce with okay quality and almost everyone makes good DACs, even if they are dirt cheap.

it may have insufficient output power though, leaving you with too quiet sound, or some distortion at max levels.


Good video editing software? Want to splice a few existing videos together and maybe add a still picture with text.



>on phone it plays ads

easily solvable problem




not sure about text (I've heard this is possible), but it 100% can do the first.

it won't do audio crossfading to avoid clicks at the join points, but many other video editors don't do this as well. if you care for audio quality, you'll have some hard time searching.


I need a watch that provides an analog compass with high reliability and can be used for ground nav. I want it to be tritium powered in green for night operations.

Help me out with a link and some recomendations.



>compass with high reliability

not really possible

it will be always off, sometimes by a large margin, due to EM noise which is everywhere at least in cities



How much do I need to care about audio quality? Some of the videos I want to include are pretty old (press conference from 1999 and 480p Youtube rip of testimony before congress in 1999), so I'm not going for FLAC level autism, but my primary goal is to compile someone's statements over the years so they have to be intelligible.


File: c89e35a27f196f0⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 491x491, 1:1, happy merchant.jpg)


>good sound starts from ~200$



they will be intelligible if you use ffmpeg correctly.

RTFM and be happy.


>Chrome and any fork is a botnet

>firefox consumes 50% and more of my memory when running for longer than an hour

What browser should i get?



>>firefox consumes 50% and more of my memory when running for longer than an hour

Have you tried blocking scripts by default? I do that and do almost never get leaks. If you are set on blink the least botnet version is ungoogled-chromium.






There's no such thing as a workstation laptop. Get a 16 core ThreadRipper, 64GB RAM, Vega64, and stripe two SSDs (M2 if the motherboard has two slots). Grab a couple of cheap shit HDDs for backup.


File: dc41c24960a54b1⋯.png (197.71 KB, 850x2200, 17:44, 1.png)


Here you go my dude. I've already bought it for you.


Anything I should be aware of when buying headphones these days? I remember reading that headsets are generally worse than pure microphones/headphones. Im looking for something in the 50 to 100 bucks range that is alright for music.


File: cc288e68d8ae1da⋯.jpg (399.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1osM3Nt.jpg)

Any recommendations for a 2-3 camera security setup?

Looking for advice on hardware, software, and everything in between. I would like the cameras to record to my home PC if at all possible. I'm also not a tech savant. Maybe I could start a Security system general thread?


I was thinking about picking up a microphone so I can talk online with a few friends I have. I wasn't really sure where to start looking so I figured I'd ask here. I need a decent one that wont kill my bank account if anyone knows one I'd appreciate it.


I need a new mouse for FPS/RTS gayms. So far I will never trust anything from Razer ever. I bought Razer Naga Epic like a retard and it broke after a year because of its potato quality. Which mouse is durable, decent and actually is good for gayming? I have no problem if the price range from 40-100$ assuming that it is great.



Do not connect the cameras to the internet.



get a second hand Nexus 5X






have you any laptops you are already looking at? are you looking for `brand new` or `pre-owned`? i can't provide much information off hand.

it is a good op though anon.




Just read reviews


Logitech G403, Zowie FK2, Mionix Castor



I looked at Dell-something but it's not really great yet. will post exact model name shortly.

yeah preferably brand new.



it is DELL INSPIRON 5767 (Intel Core i7 7500U 2700 MHz/17.3"/1920x1080/8Gb/1000Gb HDD/DVD-RW/AMD Radeon R7 M445/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Linux)

I have no idea how good it works with GNU/Linux, but it comes with some flavor of GNU/Linux, so I guess it must.

Also I have no idea if it has a flickering display backlight (haven't tested it myself); IIRC some reviews on the web said it's okay.


File: 6ff4bd5ced8e05b⋯.png (38.4 KB, 1502x1436, 751:718, dell ubuntu.png)


they say it has got no PWM http://laptopmedia.com/review/dell-inspiron-17-5767-review-affordable-mobile-substitute-for-your-desktop/#sound

but, the driver search gives surprising results (see pic)

does that mean that standard Ubuntu distros already have everything that's necessary for it to work 100% correctly?



I did but it's a bit hard to figure out which ones are correct since sound quality is so subjective. Muh audiophiles.



Well, for my money

>counterstrike footstep autism, no bass unless you EQ it and then it's okay, no public use

ATH AD700x (~$90)

>moderate footstep autism, no public use

Philips SHP9500s (~$50)

>music primarily, no footstep autism

ATH M40x (~$90)

I thought I had a few more to suggest but either prices have gone retarded or I have. I just bought some DT 990s for $108 shipped and now I can't find a 770 for under $150.

Or if you just want a headset, I hear the Hyperx Cloud 2 is actually pretty solid on sound.



Thanks my man


Any way I can get my Mega Drive model 1 hooked up to a Commodore 1084S monitor?



If you're gonna go with Dell get a Latitude, They're the enterprise models. Some of them come with Ubuntu installed from the factory. Sadly you're stuck with jewtel



Are there any drawbacks compared to Inspiron 5767?


File: b05a1cb45831ec0⋯.jpg (206.63 KB, 1060x701, 1060:701, 1446543851659-3.jpg)

I got the Razer Abyssus a while ago and think it's a pretty good mouse but it's starting to break now. Does anyone know if the v2 is worth it?


Reposting this in this thread for semi-relevance.

Does anyone know how to set up an external gpu on the cheap?

I want to take a gpu for around 50-60 bucks and hook it up to my desktop.

Does anyone know of anything with compatibility I should be looking for or if I have to upgrade to win10.

I have Amd Quad Core with integrated graphics. But the integrated graphics are pretty crap so I want to upgrade it with a new gpu but the case is too small.

Product recommendations, advice, guides?



External GPU's are only for connecting another monitor via USB. They pretty much all suck ass, find an internal one that will fit in your case



So its a crappy way of extending vram.

So what should I do if there is an integrated graphics chip?


Is there any any e-reader that doesn't have wifi, isn't DRM compatible and can be bought in $current_year?

Price doesn't matter.


Can anyone recommend a good voice changer software?



do you only need to make it unrecognizable or also to be sounding natural?




It's funny how we had similiar posts around the same time span but we're different people.

I'll go read some online reviews for some microphones though.



Not him, but is there even "natural voice conversion" software? And if there is, is there a way to convert my voice to sound similar to another by using voice samples?


Picked up a new 1 TB hard drive, I'd like to make it an external. What's a good case for $30 that I could pick up for it?


About to get an SSD for the first time

Is it standard practice to just use your primary SSD as your boot drive? Wouldn't that wear it out faster?



Want to make it sound like a space marine voice.. Or godly.


Yes, yes. But it will last just as long as your magnetic drive being boot drive, if not longer, given the fact that both manufacturers suck ass.



3 Cheap IP cameras from China, a switch and central DVR with connected display. Above shit cameras start from $20, Banana-something Pi boards are great since they have 5 Ethernet ports, a switch and a router SoC, SATA and display connectors already, or similar LEDE routers, they usually have SATA too, but no displays, around $200. Do not connect this setup to the Internet unless you know what you're doing and your edge device runs an up-to-date free as in freedom software. The dumbest decision would be to connect outdated chink cameras directly to Internet, this is where a more supported and flexible hardware comes in play as a gateway.


As seen in graphs on the web, a generic Samshit 250Gb drive has around 2PB writes resource, 20 times more than officially stated by manufacturer. Modern SSDs are really good.



I guess this is achievable using a combination of octaver pitch shifting, distortion, compression, EQ and reverb, possibly using side chaining somewhere



yes, that hasn't really mattered in like five years.


Is there a way to buy or make a splitter that allows me to have two computers connected to the same monitor, keyboard, and maybe mouse?

Just use a switch to decide the connection so I'm not re-configuring my peripherals by reaching behind my desk every time I want to use a different machine.

Also so I can keep my desk cleaner, because two sets of peripherals makes things overly crowded.




Save yourself trouble and don't get a super cheap one, they always have issues



And how is GNU/Linux support with these?

I've got one machine running Linux and another running Windows(gaymen/.NET work)

And what are things to look for in these as to quality of the machine and what/which brands are crap?



It'll work with anything with USB and VGA/DVI you connect it to

The office I used to work at had this exact model


never had any issues with it.

have you considered just RDPing into the Windows machine?



I figure I'll get one of these things used, thank you anon.

I've gone through the efforts of locking down a windows machine before and the one I'm working with is 7 pro with efi boot, so this thing is full botnet.

I'd rather just keep it offline and do all my work that way and carry the stuff out in usb's instead of letting it leak data from my house.

It doesn't have a wifi capability in the machine so I've got that going for me, so it should be safe to run it that way, because the only attack vector is the physical on the machine.

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