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File: 9cd31551fedf586⋯.png (4.65 KB, 200x200, 1:1, dollarsign.png)


Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.




It needs to have number pad and use PS/2.



Currently using one of these http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/products/mechanical-keyboard/wasd-v2-104-key-custom-mechanical-keyboard.html with PS/2 and DVORAK layout, it's one of the nicest mechanical keyboards I've used



Seems nice - are these worth the price? I got my AT101W when they were dirt cheap (cost me 30$ new).


Nice; I use Programmer Dvorak myself. That's why I need the keyboard to have a numpad, entering numbers without one feels awkward. But, is there even a point to having the layout printed on the keys if you're a touch typist...?


Just got a Ryzen 5 2600X for $190. Hope I don't regret it.

Why is RAM so expensive now? I don't remember it being nearly this bad. What should I be on the lookout for, besides DDR4 dual channel?



iirc ryzen performs better with high speed ram


File: 98358684d3f6b44⋯.jpg (399.23 KB, 1249x1080, 1249:1080, i_have_given_up.jpg)

How do you decide to upgrade your hardware lads? Is there specific things that make it time to upgrade? I kinda get the impression that a battery of things add up to it being either worth it or not worth it, and also kinda get the impression that it's not been worth upgrading CPUs for a while



I don't upgrade unless something breaks and I can't fix it. I'm still using a PC from ~10 years ago and a laptop from ~5. They are still running well. I keep them clean and at low temperature and they have been running well ever since. It's impressive how well an old PC with optimal OS settings can run nowadays.


Hello, /tech/

Which external HDD I should buy? I am thinking about getting a Toshiba.


I have had the same build for about 6 years now, and I don't have any reason to upgrade* (*actually I have one big reason: I fell for the Inlel meme, and now I have a huge CIA-Botnet-Backdoor running in ring -1)


I assume (((Intel XMP))) lets kikes do what they like with the contents of your RAM. Is there anything that doesn't have XMP that is Ryzen compatible?



I believe XMP relies on Serial Presence Detect (SPD)


The SPD ROM contains basic manufacturer supplied information and sometimes some additional functionality related to superficial shit like RGB lighting cancer. Your computer can read the SPD ROM wither it has XMP or not. It may be possible to read the contents of RAM assuming the SPD chip has access to the RAM refresh circuit but its unlikely it will.


File: bca4c6c2eee1815⋯.png (412.98 KB, 986x680, 29:20, hello nurse.png)

Got an old LG Nexus 4 that's getting a bit long in the tooth and needs replacing. I have not been keeping up-to-date on phone stuff and have no idea what's out there, and from memory Cyanogenmod went bad. I'm not too keen to go back all the way to the S3s for Replicant either. My requirements are:

- Unlockable bootloader + decent custom Android

- SD card slot

- F-Droid, GAPPS are verboten

Power is basically a non-issue it'll be used for web browsing, phone/SMS, plus a few helper apps like a comic book viewer. No games or anything strenuous.


Which trackball mouse is worth buying? I use a vertical mouse, but I'd like to try a trackball.


I would like to see how far I can go with total privacy and anonimity before the illusion of safety wears off. Does anybody know of a secure and decent VPN, preferably an OpenVPN or libre client compatible one, with a good track record, that can be paid in Bitcoin or Monero, or maybe even prepaid cards? Does also anybody know of some burner phone number service I could use for those fucking websites that require SMS confirmation?

Thanks in advance.


File: f991b5882659608⋯.png (274.26 KB, 800x687, 800:687, trackman marble.png)


I use a Trackman Marble. By default in Linux the buttons are retarded (upper buttons are browser forward/backward, both together is middleclick, no way to scroll). You'll want to set it up differently, I have it so that the upper left button causes it to scroll instead of move the mouse, and a single press of either upper button is a middle click. Might be similar in Wandows.


Here's a good place to start for a VPN.



I am looking for an xp computer, any suggestions?


What's a good router plus modem that's compatible with Comcast fiber? Just needs to go to 150 Mbits/second



And should allow port forwarding



PIA is the cheapest (I get a max of about 2 megabytes/second) for a logless openvpn with military grade encryption that allows P2P and TOR $3/month isn't bad

I've heard good things about Cryptovpn and mullad' opsec. Not sure about their speed though

SMS you can find plenty of VoIP (or whatever SMS over IP is called) for free but none have good opsec and are generally blacklisted on websites. The best I've found was textfree from Pinger. The bad parts is it requires an email and must always run on your Android. Probably shows ads too but I block those.

I've decided to get a cheaper phone with a prepaid Sim for all the botnet software like Facebook messenger or Snapchat and for sites that blacklist SMS o IP. If anyone has a better idea I'm all ears


Thinking about getting an imac g3 or g4 for net surfing through linux.

Are they any good? Can they handle Gentoo or Void and play video?



I hardly doubt that a G3 could run today's javascript bloat web 2.0. As for videos, it might play 640x480p30 without problems. A G4 might be able to play videos at higher resolutions, maybe 1280x1024, but don't expect to surf the web without having to wait about 20 seconds or more for a site to load all the javascript, it it even works.



Don't do it. Not even the fastest G4 would be better than a Raspberry Pi 3. It's not just about the hardware, but software support and 32-bit PPC is very lacking right now.


File: 10c08dd143a9f8e⋯.jpg (115 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, Asus - Prime X470-Pro ATX ….jpg)

Looking for a motherboard for 2nd gen Ryzen, figured I'd go with an X470.

I'm looking at an Asus Prime X470-Pro, $167 on newegg. Should I wait for the price to drop, get it now, or reconsider?


Where would I find a powerpc for cheap 60-120 that can run loonix and be used as a net top? If the g3 and g4 are incapable.


What is the Replicant-compatible phone with the greatest battery life. I need telephony and Wi-Fi and everything that entails. I just hate having to charge a fucking smartphone twice a day when I get phone calls on a bi-annual basis.

Also, is Ting a meme? I hear it get shilled on Techsnap.



I ended up buying an older (ps/2) Trackman, thanks.


I'm looking to get a shitty book-reader computer for use while travelling, in bed, in the bath, etc. Books suck if you can read through a paperback in one train ride or the like. Are there any computers with e-ink type displays that can use a non-pozzed os or at the very least freely use non-drm books I've already collected?




So would a g5 be any good? It says it can get up to 2.5GB of SDRAM on Wikipedia.


Don't know if this is the place to ask, but wish.com claims to have options for regulating data collected about you and erasing such data and deleting the account (due to GDPR). But, I have absolutely no options other than disabling (not deleting) the account despite being in EU. Is there someone I can contact about this? They put false claims in their privacy policy, this is illegal. Shouldn't everyone in EU be able to sue them for this?


I asked you worthless fuckers on a suggestion for a new phone over a year ago and you guys gave me the Sony xperia x compact as an answer. It's a piece of shit with hardware failures after a year based on faulty production/QC from Sony who doubles down that it's the customers fault and refuses to fix it and will void your warranty if you send it in (I've done my research on the issue - touchscreen deadzone) and plenty of people have come up with this exact scenario where they got fucked.

I'm coming back again for a new phone recommendation however, so don't fail me now. I guess at this point my biggest concern is a phone that's going to be reliable and not end up a worthless piece of shit with a malfunctioning touchscreen after 1 year of use. I'm thinking about a google pixel. What say you, /tech/?



Depends on your budget.

Xiaomi Mi A1 or OnePlus 6



Closing this question, I went with an S7. It's almost set up as I want it too.



I just got a HTC M10, running Lineage with MicroG. It works great the only problem I have is the lack of removable battery

Just be careful if you have verizon



Switch to a mexican IP address. Their age of consent is 12.


On a £200, budget (give or take) looking for a monitor matching these criteria:

>I don't care about response time / frequency, 5ms and >=60Hz are good enough

>Good picture quality is important

>Resolution is >1080p

>24" size or around there


Use case will be light gaming, mostly RTS, RPG, racing/flight sims. Some drawing in Krita, browsing, movies, programming (2D games in UE4), general multitasking

Gonna hook it to a laptop until I can buy a stronger rig (within a year or so)

My two contenders for now:

>LG 25UM58 for £150

25", 2560x1080, 75Hz, nice ultra-wide, is there better in the category?

>BenQ BL2420PT for £200

24", 60Hz, 1440p, aimed at designers, is there better?

Is freesync even worth it? Only 1080p freesync screens match my budget and I never had issues with tearing anyway


Hi guys, let's design the perfect mac laptop for me.

My needs:

>I'm a freshman in business school, so I want it to be able to run serious number crunching with Microsoft Excel formulas and Word documents.

>I like to play music, so I want to it to have enough power so my music doesn't skip during intensive number crunching sessions.

>I sometimes like to watch movies, so it needs a good video card to play the movies with nice vivid colors.

>I connect with friends and clients on facebook, so it needs to come with fast internet capability.

>I want to program trading algorithms so does this mean I need to look at 'pro' models? I'm not some kid playing games, I want high gains and strong longterm economic yields.

Thanks for all your help, nerds! Be nice, I'll be your future boss someday :)



1. Yes you are a kid playing games. Get a job and put your money in stocks like a normie.

2. HP envy is what I use since it has a really nice screen imo.


I recently acquired a Phenom B75 desktop, after not having owned a desktop since the Pentium days (I just used a ThinkPad). My problem is as follows: I also have a HD 6670 graphics card (got it for free) that I'd like to use with it. I'm currently dead broke, so I can't even buy a new PSU - the one that came with my desktop is rated at 320W; AMD recommends the PSU to be rated at 400W. That said, the most graphically intensive activity I'll be doing is watching 1080p video. I've disconnected the cables for the CD/DVD writer, and I've also removed the HDD, leaving only the SSD. I may consider removing a RAM module too (4gb should be enough for me). So, will I be safe to use my desktop like this for a while, or will I die in flames? I believe mpv generally avoids using the GPU to decode video anyways, right?



CPU 95w

Card 58W

It will run with no problem


I can get Western Digital Blue 2TB 5400rpm for a descent price and I am thinking of doing it. It will be used for storage, so it should be perfect. But I haven't bought 2TB HDDs yet and I worry about the reliability, which is probably silly.

Any opinions?



Also it seems like I can Seagate BarraCuda 2TB 7200rpm for the same price as the WD Blue. But I know before Seagate were known for being shitty.




They're both shitty and backdoored. Buy Toshiba if you really need HDDs.



>The agency is said to have compromised hard drive firmware for more than a dozen top brands, including Seagate, Western Digital, IBM, Toshiba, Samsung and Maxtor, Kaspersky researchers revealed.


Toshiba was mentioned in plenty of other articles too. There is not a single hardware manufacturer in the world who is not open to government pressure. Kapersky in turn is controlled by the Russian government. It's all true and you're still going to buy their shit because you have no other choice. Name ONE open source HDD manufacturer instead of naming your favorite cheap brand that you perceive as reliable because you're such a dumb kike. Oh right, there are no open source HDD's or SSD's so you're always fucked. Sure, there are movements that advocate for open source drives and I'm sure the Iranians are thankful for that. Meanwhile for most governments spying on your anime collection isn't worth investing all these resources in.



Toshiba is non-American



And Japan doesn't have an army because...



Actually toshiba just bought IBMs hard drive division, after the deathstar spectacle


Can any one recommend a cheap printer? The current one I have needs head cleaning every damn time it's used, it wastes more ink prepping to print than actually printing. Looking to get something cheap but functional. Would like if it could connect to the network so family members can print from tablets over wifi.



What's "cheap"? Cheap to you may not be cheap to me.

Can it be B&W, or does it have to be color?


File: 9eae00299dbdd26⋯.jpg (94.81 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, sakurakeyboard.jpg)

Should i buy? its like 250$$

is there a cheaper alternative cute pink keyboards i can get with maybe knockoff cherrys?


File: baaf4ad5281ba23⋯.png (67.92 KB, 449x421, 449:421, lll.png)

Get a T500 serious buisness laptop. 2.8 Ghz of portable power.



has to be colour. Under £50.



You're not going to find a good color printer for under 50 Bongbux. Not new, anyway. You might be able to find a used color laser printer for that price.

That's what I'd recommend, btw, a laser printer. Inkjet printers are a scam.


Does anyone buy stuff online? I don't want these companies knowing all this info about me, how do I purchase shit online so it's not linked to me? I want to buy this https://www.biaslighting.com/products/medialight-eclipse-6500k-bias-lighting-system

It's fucking impossible to find a regular LED bulb at 6500k with a high CRI and I'd have to get a dimmer.



>Avoid Intel but buy this laptop with Skylake CPU!

No thanks.



If you don't know what purism does then you're massively retarded and you have no hope. Stay out of technologly and become a janitor. It'll be more profitable.


File: 8258e7f9e9ade98⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 500x360, 25:18, 1454380047751.gif)

Is there ANY reason I should buy a Home Theatre/surround sound A/V receiver when all I have is stereo speakers and I can buy a $10 HDMI auto-switcher and a stereo receiver? That would save several hundred dollars. Seriously, who needs six million inputs/outputs?



Not really

also you can get a used receiver for very little money 30-50$



A good surround system is worth it if you play a lot of games or watch a lot of movies


File: b103acfae92cef5⋯.jpg (36.23 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tridentz.jpg)

How important is getting Samsung B-die ram for Ryzen?

Also, is CL16 3466MHz RAM or CL14 3200MHz RAM better, or does it really matter that much?


File: 0c2098b3b727c86⋯.png (43.19 KB, 604x694, 302:347, 6aab66faa00688dcbdb5f525d7….png)


I didn't think so, just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy - I'm a bit of an "audiophile" faggot, though, so I want something that will actually sound clear, and that's my 2nd highest priority over physical dimensions - I bought a used flagship Pioneer Elite amp (for cheap) just to ensure good quality sound, and DAMN is it good, but it just won't physically fit into new furniture I have to get for a smaller space because it's so yuge.

I have nice B&W speakers that will definitely reproduce any flatness or distortion with sound, so I have to get something decent. I'm looking at the HK 3770 and an Onkyo right now. I forget how much the Amp class matters - HK has Class AB, Onkyo is D, I think. Fucking audiophile bullshit. I just want clear sound for my finnish atmospheric folk metal.


I've never gamed with surround so I don't know what I'm missing. Plus surround, physically, is such a pain in the ass. I'm in an apartment so I can't run wires through the walls, and my layout doesn't support running them across the floor.


1600x owner, here. My kit is 16GB FlareX CL14 3200, so I've been through/paid for the conundrum.

Given that the huge advantage for the Infinity Fabric comes from the speed of the RAM, not the timing of the RAM, 3466 would be better. It's also "faster" than the lower latency 3200 but that's another story entirely.

There seems to be some 3200 "Intel" ram that people on Ryzen have plug and play no-problems experience with. I think the chip thing is overhyped, in retrospect, it was more of a module incompatibility issue with the motherboards which has been smoothed out since launch.



I think I'm actually going to just get an IKEA LACK side table and have the amp set to the side for now. Fuck it. My tight little subwoofer will fit beneath it, so it won't take up much extra space anyway.


Im about to "upgrade"my motherboard to a Asus A88X-PLUS/USB 3.1 as i understand this was their flagship fm2+ board ? or should get something else ?

im buying used of course



Why are you upgrading? Just for the USB? You can buy PCI cards for that sort of thing. If I were you I'd save until you could buy a Ryzen APU system.



The old motherboard is die

and it would be nice to keep a non botnet machine around, it also can be hacked to support NVMe



>non botnet

Yeah, do what you can...hoping you're not running Windows or anything but Devuan, Arch, or Gentoo unironically and making statements like that, though. Apparently there's a new exploit that lifts SHA256 encryption keys with over 97% success within 20 minutes and targets hyperthreading itself, making all Intel Core series vulnerable, and the researchers suggested it was highly likely all multithreading processors from AMD were vulnerable as well...can't win.

FYI, because it's something I'm interested in, too - there was some hulabaloo about some potential (or maybe now released?) BIOS option to disable the AMD "ME" equivalent (drawing a blank on the name) and it was supposed to be legit. I think it was gonna be on a Gigabyte or MSI board.



I didn't look up that board, but consider microATX unless you anticipate lots of expansion cards - cheaper because you're paying for less PCB



Amd call their botnet PSP

and yea they released a patch to disable it



Shit, they did? I thought there was a petition to do something about it (like the other anon) but nothing ever came out of it.




Yeah, so given there's a patch, sure, it could be a CIA plot to get everyone on that mobo, but I severely doubt it. Whatever your threat model is, there is no way you're going to be 100% without trust on a computer, so I'd call PSP disable at the BIOS level a pretty reasonable middle-ground for performance and security. The Ryzen APUs are stellar f or the performance, but yeah, given that you have no computer right now, i imagine it's infeasible to wait until you have enough funds to make the leap, even if you were convinced.


Is there really no ThinkPad (dirt cheap, serviceable, excellent Linux/BSD support) equivalent for (used) desktops? I remember Dell Inspirons/OptiPlexes being good, is that still the case? Sure -- I could obviously build my own, but I'm currently destitute. If you know of an inexpensive desktop supported by Gentoo/OpenBSD please let me know.




90$ +shipping is really to much for a 8 year old computer



Not all motherboard manufacturers patched it as i recall

asrock was one of them


So, any GPU advice?

Nvidia only, I need dem CUDAs for work, but also game on the side.

I was planning on waiting out the next gen xx80 ti, but my old 780 just died on me.

I can get a Gigabyte 1080 for 570 bucks, I'm planning to switch to the new xx80 ti as soon as I can, and plan on keeping this either as spare or additional CUDA power. Not worth dropping 1k on a 1080 ti right now imho and a good 1070 ti will cost me just as much as that 1080, but I'm open to suggestions.



Wait for prices to drop over summer with the introduction of GDDR6 and Chinks going against current memory price fixers.



I kinda need it right now. Believe me, I planned to wait until september/october and do a complete refresh of my rig, but my GPU just died yesterday after 5 years of service.

The card I replaced my 780 with right now is an old GTS 450 I had laying around... yeah.

I have a 550 ti in an old computer somewhere in the basement, but that's it.

I'm also moving in 3 weeks time to another country for work and I'm bringing my desktop with me. Unless they're dropping by like 50% I'm not so sure it's worth the wait for me right now.

I wanted to go for a low-end card like the 1060 at first, but with what they're selling for right now I climbed all the way back up to the 1080.



Why not wait until you're in the other country, then if the card you get shits the bed you could file for warranty in that country instead of being SOL?


I want to build a home computer for engineering work, but I know jack shit about what I should buy.

I need to run CAD, CFD, and FEA software and be able to simulate in a reasonable amount of time. Might also run a few games in my time off.

Any advice on what parts I should look into, brands to buy from or avoid, etc?

My budget is around $1200, but it's a little flexible.



Ryzen CPUs are fucking awesome, not too expensive, and don't have a new vulnerability every week. If you're going to install Linux then definitely go for an AMD GPU. Even if wangblows then I'd still go AMD.



I'll most likely be dualbooting linux and windows, since I don't have confidence in the windows only software running well in a vm.



I've ran AutoCAD in a VM just fine. Just get a powerful enought CPU to run it




Any issues with this?

I won't be doing anything that's super complex yet, so I probably don't need the best parts.



It doesn't look like that motherboard supports ryzen out of the box. You can get it from newegg and hope you get the newest version, but I would go on ebay and ask the seller to update the BIOs for you before shipping.

Also if you're not doing any overclocking then the stock cooler will suit your needs just fine.

I'd also recommend a 1920x1200 monitor. Once you live with one you'll never wanna go back


How common are backlight bleed/glow issues with Dell UltraSharp monitors? I've been using a CRT for a very long time, so I can't stand low contrast TN panels - but, IPS panels have their own issues; so I thought I'd ask.


I need a new laptop. Should I wait for a good ARM or POWER laptop to come to the market and get a cheap x86 for now, or invest in a librem 13





Ryzen CPUs are great but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still consider all options. Intel vulnerabilities are overhyped, and Ryzen has Spectre as well. Check out direct performance comparisons between the Ryzen and Intel equivalents at your price point, and consider whether single- or multi core performance is more important to you:



>2666Mhz RAM

Ryzen requires very fast RAM due to its architecture. RAM speeds used to be a meme, but with Ryzen, they are not.

>Warning: These parts have potential issues/incompatibilities

Check out that warning on the bottom, it would suck to buy a motherboard that requires a gen 1 Ryzen to set it up, unless you have on lying around.


File: 5fd8c476b14eadd⋯.jpg (70.02 KB, 450x327, 150:109, retrodrives_1.jpg)

I need a bigger SSD

I recall there is a bunch of drives that max out the sata interface so what non fancy drive should i pick ?



I'm just glad that AMD has _finally_ become competitive with Intel again. Just think about it - they haven't had a good CPU since the Phenom II, which itself was just an improvement over the Phenom I; and that was mostly an overhaul of the Athlon.



>I'm just glad that AMD has _finally_ become competitive with Intel again

Me too anon. I desperately need to upgrade my CPU but couldn't justify getting the 2700X over the 8700K so i'll wait another year for Zen 2 just so i don't have to buy Intel.


Any recommendations of cheap wired mice I could get?

I don't need a shit ton of buttons, just something with a middle button/scroll wheel that'll last.

Preferably under $20


File: 4dbf5831b2a67c6⋯.jpg (29.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Dell UP2516D.jpg)


They're still there, but they're not too easy to notice with some brightness adjustments.

Currently using a Dell UP2516D; there's bleed mainly in the corners, but it's only noticeable if under darkness.


Do any of you have any recommendations for waterproof earbuds? I plan on just using these while showering, I've been through three already. One cheapo chink wired one, one wireless bluetooth one, and a replacement of the wireless one.



>Ryzen requires very fast RAM

Intel DDR4 at 2400Mhz loses to Ryzen DDR4 at 2400Mhz in multithread. It doesn't need it, it just gives it more headroom for performance than intel.


>want performance

>but not fancy

pick one


Gigabyte ergonomic right-handed mouse. Look it up.



>It doesn't need it, it just gives it more headroom for performance than intel.

That's just a more PR-friendly version of what i said



don't pay more than $200 for a keyboard that isn't ergonomic






File: 05ae267f7a62690⋯.jpg (72.04 KB, 564x879, 188:293, 05ae267f7a62690647e06b9c8a….jpg)

So... how retarded am I: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QKYV4q ? It's meant to be a base build that should be reasonably upgradable and last some time. At the moment, I plan to to use this with Gentoo, so the CPU won't go to waste, regardless of my ffmpeg usage. Regarding GPU, maybe a bit of gaming, though nothing more demanding than Warthunder/WoWs at 30+ fps. I'd have considered 6c/12t and dGPU, but it seems that the iGPU doesn't inflate the price a whole lot, and I can save some $150 by not buying dGPU. I'm not completely sure about the motherboard as I know fuckall about which brands are good/shit, this one seems to have decent amount of all sorts of holes and claims to support 3200GHz ram. Not sure about the 430W power supply either, but it shows <200W with the current setup, so it should handle additional 5 HDDs and an RX560; it's not the most expensive part to upgrade either, and I don't have to waste electricity in the meantime.


File: 2f76576557bff77⋯.jpg (93.75 KB, 601x508, 601:508, 2f7.jpg)

My smartphone is a worthless piece of trash and I'm incoherently livid at how much of an absolute shitpile EVERYTHING to do with smartphones is. I need three things:

>A dumbphone with extreme focus on SIGNAL QUALITY. I don't care about anything else. I want a phone that does what a phone is supposed to do, and I want it to do it better than every other phone. I want to be inside a fucking concrete bunker and still get a fucking signal.

>A car GPS that doesn't make me pay money for maps.

>An mp3 player with extendable storage and replaceable battery.



>RGB, Bluetooth

and into the trash it goes



good luck with that, phone hardware sites dont even test antenna quality anymore



What about external antenna connectors then? I know some of the older smartphones used to have those little tiny coax jacks under the backplate.



i dont think they exist anymore



How'd I do? Wanted to upgrade from my AM3 build (FX8350 paired with 16 GB DDR3) and so bought a 2600x. Mostly settled on the mobo, and will just by the cheapest DDR4-3200 available locally. Can't decide on a case cause I'm looking for extreme portability without going full mini ITX (unless someone convinces me otherwise) so it's easy enough to hand carry on flights, and the Corsair Air 240 is looking to be the sanest pick at 12.60" x 10.20" x 15.59".

If anyone can convince me into a better build, please go for it.



CPU has integrated graphics and cooler, so saved some money there; don't see much point going for a 560. The mobo is a very bad pick, go for one of the MSI ones if you're going to stick to the B350 chipset. Do NOT skimp on the PSU, get at least a 500W one like https://pcpartpicker.com/product/zNK7YJ . Get a 250GB SSD, they cost only marginally more and you'll be grateful for the extra room if you dualboot sometime. Case looks eh, is there a reason for that particular one?



>Case looks eh, is there a reason for that particular one?

Favourable reviews, most either cost more than twice this one or have only 2 or 3 3.5" slots (not that I need them at the moment, but they might come in handy). There were some nicer looking ones I was considering, but people were complaining about resonation or other issues. In order to get something that I was really satisfied with, I'd have to pay at least 2.5x the price, so I might as well get something ugly, but functionally satisfactory.

>don't see much point going for a 560

Was mostly just an example of potential additional load for the future, definitely not a definite plan.


File: 10ac431dbe7824d⋯.png (10.04 KB, 223x580, 223:580, zalman_z3.png)

File: e13d465419923a2⋯.png (16.52 KB, 287x752, 287:752, corsair_200r.png)


Have a look.


The Corsair case seems to me to be a much better buy all around. Rest is just removing retardation.



I was actually considering that, but someone was complaining about ventilator vibrations. I might reconsider.

Also, is it just me, or is everything (MSI B350 mobos) beyond MSI B350 PC MATE just useless "gamer" gimmicks? I was also briefly considering MSI X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM (cheapest X370 in stock), but if for some bizarre reason I wanted 3 monitors on iGPU that might be a problem. Or is USBc usable for that too?



Cheaper x370 mobos are not worth the cash if you're looking to spend less. Only competition to the MSI B350 is Asrock's version, but the two are almost on par with each other and Asrock boards often gets fucked up by the silicon lottery (jumping ahead of MSI when it's micro ATX though). No idea relating your second query, cause I've never needed more than 2 monitors.



Yeah, I'll go for some of the non-gamer B350s then... thanks for advice.


File: 43ab263c93ff7de⋯.jpg (41.67 KB, 306x459, 2:3, 43ab263c93ff7ded35bfedbeba….jpg)

What amount of waitfagging do you recommend when it comes to CPUs? How much improvement can be expected from Zen+ to Zen 2? How will 9th gen Intel look like? Also, how fast do you expect the RAM pricing lawsuits to take effect?


File: b16b388926872b4⋯.pdf (4.25 MB, Hardware Reference Guide -….pdf)

Got this computer up and running and trying to hand it down to my cousins. What graphics card would be the most power efficient without changing the power supply or motherboard, a 750ti? When someone was here inspecting it, he said it wasn't PCI Express 3.0 compatible.


Seeing this, I'm reminded that someone is offering an external hard drive to me for a decent price, but it's a portable. Desktop external hard drive for backups, or bust?


I need to buy a new android smartphone with at least 2 GB RAM with a screen equal or bigger than 5.5 for my blind as fuck mom. Preferably around 100 euroes. ( I live in a shit third world country and she doesn't want something already used because believe me I suggested )

The whole smartphone world is alien to me because I didn't care until now. Somone gifted me an S3 and I run replicant on it.

What the hell is up with these phones that look like they have good specifications but have names I haven't heard about till now ?

BLUUBO, BLackview, etc

Is it a bad idea to go for one of these ?

She'll basically use it for calls, whatsapp and whatever closed source shit app her bank has.



the funny name phones are noname gookphones

motorola g5



looking to get a "vr headset"

one you put your phone in and watch vr porn



I've tried a few. if you have a samsung or google phone, get the name brand googles. GearVR and Pixel, I think. Otherwise, I have found that the original google cardboard V2.0 works perfect. The lenses are perfectly placed. Unfortunately, it might not work good for you if you have a large or small head. Even worse, there are so many chink VR headsets for phones, you'll have to try them on to see if they fit comfortably.

Which is why I suggest, again, getting the headset specifically made for your phone. And try it on before you buy.


Any good AMD laptops? I know that all US based tech companies are going to be in Israel's pants, but Intel is far more willing to accept jew bait.


I want a motion activated camera that connects to wifi and saves to an external drive somewhere. I'll place it indoors. All the shit on Amazon I've found is lying chinese garbage with fake reviews. Main purpose is to check on cats during long trips and to stop my landlord from looking through my shit while I'm out. I hate jews.



Actually quite a few recent ones. Google "Ryzen laptop" or something along those lines, all the big OEMs start using AMD for their laptops again. Don't buy anything AMD pre-Ryzen though.


Raspbian or Alpine Linux for a Model 3 B+ pi?


Cheapest motherboard with a 64-bit instruction set?


File: a4ec13ae11d4d8d⋯.jpg (70.13 KB, 300x480, 5:8, a4ec13ae11d4d8d9b976da1ed0….jpg)

I've been reading a bit around the thread, but it's not helping much.

I'm looking for a durable basic bitch phone THAT WAS NOT MADE BY CHINKS that's compatible with LineageOS. I need it to make calls, use a calendar, watch shit on youtube in 720p60 and look shit up on the internet without pulling my hair like I do with my current dying HTC one Mini 2. I was going to pick something out of those durable phones like CAT or Samsung's XCover, but not only were my options limited, they cost a shitton for what little performance they have. I live in Middle Europe, so my choices are pretty limited, this is not a major market country in any sense of the word.

So I decided to settle on a phone with a good hard case instead (it's just cheaper), I'm setting my budget to under 250€. I know I'm cutting myself at the knees by opting out of chinese shit, but fuck them and their growing monopoly and work practices.

>why not AOKP?

reading through their page, they seem to be more concerned about being hip with the meme kids rather than providing a debotted and debloated OS.

I've been combing through the "recommended" budget phone lists, LineageOS compatibility list and whatever is available to me in the LOCAL market for the past 3 days.

I wish I was back in 2003 when phones had personality and didn't all look exactly the same flimsy way.



>watch shit on youtube in 720p60 and look shit up on the internet

Why do you need your cellphone to do these things?


File: 99780c5130a68bb⋯.png (1022.38 KB, 1279x676, 1279:676, ginger shitter.PNG)


youtube helps me fall asleep by murmuring sweet nothings into my ear

looking shit up on the go like schedules, business working hours and random trivia when hanging out with friends



raspberry pi + motioneye os


What is an example converter toI get for a powermac g5 to be able to hook up vga to it?



I have an HTC M10 running LineageOS with MicroG. It's a nice, well built phone, runs Lineage perfectly, and has expandable memory. The only downside is non-removable battery.


File: 0c00706611f3e9e⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2272x1704, 4:3, tfw closed source.JPG)


I went ahead and bought a Samsung Galaxy J7 for €250. Gonna try flashing it for the first time. Is it really as easy as it looks from here?



Happy freedom day!



You have to unlock the bootloader and install TWRP. That can be a huge bitch and some carriers specifically add bullshit to lock it down fuck you Verizon


File: 91caf51323c40d3⋯.jpg (389.29 KB, 1000x611, 1000:611, Garmin-inReach-explorer-GP….jpg)

File: 84bd76b90d7868e⋯.png (725.26 KB, 870x698, 435:349, Screen-Shot-2017-02-24-at-….png)

I need a phone that can handle the outdoors and can access GPS in really remote terrain/wilderness.



Sonim XP8


Are there any smart watches with a working browser that don't require an auxiliary smartphone in order to function? I'd like a computer on my wrist.



Those Thuraya/Iridium phones are dogshit don't fall for them. If you need satellite anything you need a big faggot fucking antenna that you can set up, smallest I'd go is one of those BGAN terminals.


can anyone find me a motherboard where I could put my extra DDR2 SO-DIMMs (laptop RAMs) into use?

preferrably something with more RAM slots and at least a Ryzen compatible socket



> and at least a Ryzen compatible socket

screwed that up. exclude this part


I'm tired of taking my computer everywhere. I'd like to get a tablet for taking notes, reading, gaming. Ideally I'd like to do some light programming on it.

What is the state of linux tablets? Do they have decent interfaces?



G5 has call/microphone issues



>What amount of waitfagging do you recommend when it comes to CPUs? How much improvement can be expected from Zen+ to Zen 2?

wait until you can buy the shit you want that's currently available. you'll end up waiting forever for marginal improvements which largely won't have any effect on overall performance compared to similarly priced components from last year. anyone who says they can see a tangible impact with 100 extra mhz, slightly higher clocked ram or whatever else is full of shit up to their eyeballs.

>How will 9th gen Intel look like?

the sun

>Also, how fast do you expect the RAM pricing lawsuits to take effect?

i'd give it 10 years





Also depends if you're gonna use the iGPU (with linux). Sadly, it always takes a while until the drivers catch up, I'm still getting some hangs on 2400g due to amdgpu. It may be that many of the issues are due to AM4 being new platform and zen2 won't be as bad...


Why are Topre based keyboards so fucking expensive?

I can get model F's for less than them.


not sure if /tech/ related enough but

im looking to get a cheap projector just for displaying stuff from my tablet onto the wall, so i can basically draw on my tablet and then trace my drawing onto big paper pinned to the wall

would any old projector do for something simple like that? like one of those $30 ones? I'm on a bit of a budget (like $100 max) so not sure if anyone would hace nay advice on that



check out projector central. For 100, it's gonna be tough finding a 720p projector, unless you wait for a sale. Do your homework, projector marketing has lots of numbers to fuck with you.



yeah i asked a /g/-ish friend and he was linking me $400 ones, weird. they always look so cheaply made id figure it wouldnt of been too hard to find one sub-100 but it seems like i'll be SOL on that

will wait until i have a better budget


>>937082 here.

I bit the bullet and got a Nokia 3310 3G. It doesn't have an external antenna port but it works fine and I'm happy with it. Stage 2 is the GPS for my car. Does anybody have any opinions on the difference between Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan? I've got an old Garmin nuvi 1300 that not only has a dead battery, but also thinks it's plugged into a PC and transferring data when I try to connect a USB charger in my car to power it, so it doesn't boot into regular mode. Obviously this doesn't work out. I'd get a newer Garmin but I've never used TomTom or Magellan before and am open to a switchup if there's worth.



I want to get a 3310 3G myself for much of the same reasons. Where did you get one?



Amazon. It's not like they're hard to find, phone is pretty new.



If I'm not too late I'll give you some critique.

>somewhat portable workstation type of design philosophy

>I want to keep things relatively compact and portable (Like "hold it in one arm" portable).

If you really need want it to be portable you could consider getting a small form factor PC and just slapping a handle on the top of it, but if you can effortlessly carry a gallon of milk without bumping into it you'll be fine with an ATX mid tower with the same modification. you'll also need to keep in mind what graphics card you get and make sure it's small form factor as well.

>with enough performance to handle my animu BD rips, older games, shitposting with a million open tabs on various browsers and seeding 24/7

If you're like me and want dozens of tabs open you'll be wise to get 16 GB of ram. An SSD is personally a modern must and will also help if you do start page filing. I'd recommend having a Hard drive as a backup as well so if one fails you don't loose all your shit.

>(BIOS update) What do?

most boards will have the latest BIOS updates already installed, but if you really wanna be sure you're not dealing with that there's this mobo for a higher price: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/27MwrH/biostar-x470gtn-mini-itx-am4-motherboard-x470gtn

>Is a CPU cooler a good idea?

duh-fucking-yes, the stock cooler on the CPU you get should be fine, but don't expect to overclock.

>How do you know how many fans to get?

2-3, but really depends on the case.

>How do you know if a case actually fits all your shit?

PCPartPicker will do you good for obvious incompatibilities, just make sure to double check on the manufacturer's site.

Last an definitely not least is that the Ryzen 2200G/2400G chips only have Windows 10 drivers, you're better off getting a R3 1200 or a used R5 1400 and get a budget graphics card.

here's an updated list, GPU and CPU prices are just ballparks you should aim for: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zk6VBb


I have $50. Is there anything I can buy that will make me happy?



An onahole.



But I have a wife for that.



Ok, my keyboard selection is narrowed down to

Plum 75 with Topre clone switches


Dell AT101 with black SKCM Alps switches

Which to choose?


File: 91cb3e2f86f0313⋯.png (159.31 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 5uKCsvv.png)

I'm going to buy my first mechanical keyboard. It must be mid to high-end because I don't actually live in the US but someone is bringing one over to me. So I plan on having it for a long time. pls help


up to US$170

>Location (continent at least)


>Preferred switch type

Never really tried any mechanical keyboards, so I'll assume a neutral one. Maybe the blue?


don't know

>Form factor

100% with media keys and macro keys, ideally.


Simple ones would suffice, don't really care for RGB.

>Previous/current keyboards

Had a G19.



Thanks, just have to hope my SIM card works with it, I don't know if it can. I don't know shit about phones.


I'm looking for for cheap 10-20 dollar speakers that are powered by usb but connect to the machine via a removable aux cable. Preferably beige in color. Anyone ever see something like this?


where the fuck do I buy/sell BTC without having to go through a lot of bullshit



Look up the edifier r19u. Usually it costs about $30.

It's not beige, though.



pls help



Ok. What's the problem with using F keys for what you need? It's not like you will use them for their original purpose (like F5 is cut or whatever). Assign F keys to volume up/down/mute/max and you will be set.



With that budget, you could get an old new stock Alps keyboard; Alps switches feel much better than Cherry. If you're used to regular (rubber dome) keyboards, you'd probably like tactile switches. (Do note that all clicky switches are also tactile.) Most people will tell you to buy the Model M; don't. They have a terrible design flaw (plastic rivets) that makes it impossible to know if your keyboard will last. In any case, I'd recommend keyboards with Black/White/Salmon/Brown Alps switches. If you can find a converter, the AEK II is a good keyboard. Make sure the keyboard you buy is very clean.



Forgot to say -- Topre is another meme you must absolutely avoid. The Korean (ABKO) knockoff switches weighted at 55gf are better and cheaper.



I'd rather get something entirely new. I'm not big into this niche yet and I'd rather just buy a mainstream (but not shitty) one, if you could help.


File: 7833c97af22129d⋯.jpg (74.51 KB, 588x666, 98:111, 1480893014778.jpg)

Which of these three is better?

Logitech G910 Oorion Spark

Corsair K70

HyperX Alloy Elite


File: 3dd4e906fe1ac53⋯.jpg (7.69 KB, 235x175, 47:35, x091iSU130-F.jpg)

I'm looking to buy some nice speakers for my car.

I want low bass frequency response and not so much the pounding thud - similar to my Sennheiser 558HD.

What should I look for? Frequency response or something else?


File: 9a680f2105b058a⋯.png (64.17 KB, 425x283, 425:283, ClipboardImage.png)


G910 has Romer-G switches, which is exclusive to Logitech and kinda shit. K70 has Cherry MX Speed (see pic related), and the HyperX one I can vouch for as I bought it for a classmate recently - just make sure to get the Red if you get it, as it's the least shit switch among the lot.


idk which thread to post it in rhough it'll likely fit in both

How well is Thunderbolt 3/USB-C and touchscreen support on Linux nowadays?

Plan on buying a new i5 laptop shell (basically a poor man's XPS 13) from Clevo/XoticPC to replace my crumbling C2D Dell Vostro, mostly because I'll use a Thunderbolt port for audio interfaces and powering a low-power GPU like an RX 460 for more intensive stuff. Was planning on buying a Raven Ridget


I'm planning on building a PC for myself with an AMD CPU and AMD GPU, and it should be compatible with GNU/Linux (it will probably be compatible with windoze anyway; I plan to double boot for gaymes and use GNU/Linux for all serious business) and because of that I have some questions:

What's the difference between motherboards which are compatible with the same CPU, have same amount of maximum RAM, same number of needed slots (USB, SATA, etc), etc.?

I took a peek at pcpartpicker and it's really strange, the difference between a cheapest motherboard for R7 or threadripper and the second to most expensive is orders of magnitude and it's not clear at all where does that difference come from.

What should I know in order to find a motherboard with the best performance (gayming and otherwise), without wasting money on unnecessary shit?

Is there a guide about that (and about other parts preferably) which is up to date (2018)?



>Thunderbolt port for audio interfaces

but why

isn't USB already more than enough in terms of bandwith and latency?



Look for THD at your desired sound pressure level, it should be as low as possible.

FR can be corrected with parametric equalizer and you'll have to do it anyway because your car geometry and material properties will twist the FR wildly anyway. For that you'll need to borrow a perfect quality microphone from someone and measure the response where you'll be listening and use that to set up the equalizer. It's kind of serious business but if you got the microphone, it's not too bad.



So what relatively modern phone (2 years old and newer) is not stupid expensive, has a microsd slot, is not slow as fuck, and has an aux port?

I'd ask for removable battery as well, but that's probably too much to ask of a newer phone.

I really wish I didn't need a phone in the first place.


FFS, what's exactly the difference between those?




> MSI - B350 TOMAHAWK ATX AM4 Motherboard

> MSI - B350 PC MATE ATX AM4 Motherboard

> MSI - B350 GAMING PLUS ATX AM4 Motherboard

> seemingly exactly the same per table

> lowest price is 60, highest is 81


…ok, so this is what I figured out so far


what can be changed to improve cost/benefit ratio while staying in roughly the same gaming performance area? (and without switching to Intel/Nvidia)

what's the deal with the CPU cooler adapter? (can I change the cooler or the motherboard to get rid of this problem?)

are there any known upcoming goodies which I should specifically wait for, to replace some of the things in this list?



>Was planning on buying a Raven Ridge laptop APU but none of them have a single Thunderbolt port so I'll just get whatever's fast and cheap

never post and sleep at the same time kids


USB 2.0 interfaces are stuck in-between the threshold just above 10 milliseconds where realtime monitoring has too much latency to play live with. Unless using some hacks like JACK or ASIO4ALL, but I'm not using anything needing it like PureData or CSound. Just Ardour or Renoise.

Since Thunderbolt has direct PCI Express access but without needing to buy the overpriced optical stuff (I don't even know who uses it beyond top-of-the-line recording studios and gullible audiophiles). I can actually have sub-2ms with real-time software playthrough, which is fucking huge for me when I'm not using any lean ricer machine. Even with running PulseAudio AND software playthrough, the latency barrier can be climbed over like it's nothing. Again, this is massive for a person like me that's strictly sticking to home recording. Just Guitar, Vocal/Foley Mic, and a tiny MIDI Controller are all that need to werk 4 me.



>USB 2.0 interfaces are stuck in-between the threshold just above 10 milliseconds where realtime monitoring has too much latency to play live with

idk why but I can get something like 9 ms roundtrip with steinberg ur12.

(but the output is through built-in dac, ur12 is used only for input)

and it's not a huge problem IMO, if you consider the speed of sound in air

I play on low volume though, so I hear the sound of the instrument before it's amplified as well, maybe that's why it is tolerable.


Good VPNs that respect my freedoms? Looking between Nord and PIA but I'm honestly inexperienced.



Self-hosted (on a VPS)





Please help me. I'm a brainlet and can't help myself.


Is the Beagle Bone Black still the best raspi alternative? I'm looking to have a tiny all-in-one to run Owncloud on my home network, and to practice running things on remote servers.



im using temporarily windows 10 for the summer.

what are good programs to get for it?

i already have tor utorrent, and firefox.

any battery saving programs?

maybe ill never switch back to linux.



bait? Is utorrent even good anymore? I'm pretty sure that the last time I checked it was adware/malware central.



bait. get transmission or qBT instead.


Firefox EME-free build


Quake Champions

MSI Afterburner if you have some trouble with the previous point or want to do screenshots and stuff

>maybe ill never switch back to linux.

Why exactly? Windows is only needed for gaming.


Why do people complain and the Raspberry Pi's again? There the only boards that aren't chink-jew shit and don't break due to shit Chinese solder and are made in the UK. I have a good number of them and they're really nice.



Becuase m-muh botnet USB drivers and they aren't as powerful as some Huawei literal Chinese botnet shitboard with min-maxed CPU.



Because more powerful alternatives exist at the same price range. Also a FLOSS alternative exists.



A 64 bit Broadcomm quad core? I doubt it. All the other ones were shitty Allwinner or Samsung chips.


File: 73c9532f2fb091c⋯.jpg (363.78 KB, 1410x936, 235:156, Intel Processors after 200….jpg)


Do Ryzen-5-2600X have backdoors? Or am i stuck to AMD cpus from before 2013?



It depends on how much you fear the PSP (but other backdoors exist, I'm sure). What sucks is that all the CPUs AMD manufactured in the 2010s (before Ryzen) were housefire garbage; you're better off using a hexa-core Phenom II.


I need to hire a penetration expert (no homo) haxor.

Where can I find one online? Any here?






I stopped using my intel i5 and switched to my AMD Phenom II X4 965 from 2001. It crashes once a day, but it's safe.



The Phenom series did not exist in 2001.



He probably wanted to say "2010".


Going to buy a smartphone for my mom so I want something with sane stock. So far I'm aiming for the Nokia 7 plus. Should I go for it or there are better options ?




yes, whoops.


Needs a replacement for my Sansa Clip+ (have a Fuze+ in case of failure, but I hate it). What I need:

* real buttons, no touch shit

* not as big as a fucking smartphone

* can play a good lossy format (opus or vorbis)

* can do random album

* can do replay gain

* SD card support

What I'd want:

* Rockbox support (impossible, since there are almost no new ports)

* Good battery life

Please save this poor soul here.



Honestly just another Sansa Clip+. If the battery isn't good anymore it's time to get DIY hacky with it.



go for another clip+. I got used to the touch control garbage on my fuze+ but I knopw not everyone can.



You won't find one that's good unless you are willing to pay the same price you would pay for an expensive phone and willing to listen to flac

>real buttons, no touch shit

good luck

>not as big as a fucking smartphone

not even a problem

>can play a good lossy format (opus or vorbis)

vorbis is supported by pretty much everything that can play flac

if flac is not supported, aac is yours only choice

Look into chinkshit, shanling+fiio+search

Western brands are overpriced as fuck, as usually, mainly because smartphones are botnet and fucking audiophiles over must be fun

As the man above said, just buy what you had; you will save pennies and will have better device than any that you can buy on amashit



It's Korean. Not buying Gook trash.



Yeah. PSP.

Technically all x86 past the 386 have backdoors in the form of the SMM.


2TB of Western Digital Blue, Seagate BarraCuda or Toshiba?



Toshiba because WD and Seagate put backdoors into their drives.



Toshiba are fucked up as well


What's a good touchscreen stylus? I had a few pens with a stylus on the non-writing end, but they all fell apart after a week.

I'll be using it to write large characters on an android phone.




So all of them are shit?


Don't get whatever you decide on from Costco. They are selling factory rejects.


Best monitor i can get for under/max 200€? currently have a samsung syncmaster 2032



Pick up a CRT from a dumpster. Serious answer: buy the cheapest TN monitor you can find with a 16:10 aspect ratio (4:3 monitors generally don't support DisplayPort). OLED monitors are almost here, so there's no point buying an IPS only for it to be worthless when OLED monitors hit the market.



Come on…



I'm afraid for the color depth with a TN, since i have to work with/draw pictures. One of the main reason i can't deal with the syncmaster is that it alters colors and i can't fix it (it's the monitor, not the pc, i checked).



They use the same chipset, so not much. Look at the MSI's site for more information. Maybe they have some different port or functionality or something.



OK, thanks. What about the other questions?

The cooler connection, and what could be improved overall…



>OLED monitors are almost here, so there's no point buying an IPS only for it to be worthless when OLED monitors hit the market

OLED doesn't last, and this is mostly bullshit.

it won't be totally worthless, the only problem with IPS is shit black level, but TN has other problems too.



What about the cooler? Seems standard. Just make sure it can fit the case.

Not exactly following what they are doing right now, but there was some chatter about Nvidia maybe shiting out new cards soon. That will affect prices. Though also getting an AMD right now can be somewhat worrying. Not only the prices are higher than usual, though it seems like the mining has calmed down somewhat, but a lot of AMD GPUs are being sold as new, but they were used for mining, which you should be careful with.



>a lot of AMD GPUs are being sold as new, but they were used for mining, which you should be careful with

is there a good way to test that?

>What about the cooler? Seems standard. Just make sure it can fit the case.

so, that warning is BS?

I'll wait some time anyway, just wanted to get at least an approximation of what I'd have to buy in a few months when the time comes. So that I won't have conundrums about cooler not fitting to motherboard in the last moments, etc.



The coolor itself says it supports AM4 on pcpartpicker, so I don't see why it wouldn't work. On the site of the cooler http://www.deepcool.com/product/cpucooler/2013-12/7_513.shtml it says "NOTE: Manuals for AM4, please refer to FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2". Which means nothing has changed in the mounting method anyway, which seems about right.



>I'm afraid for the color depth with a TN, since i have to work with/draw pictures.

CRTs have infinite contrast in essence, if you have the space find one. But, if you really need an IPS LCD, I hear the Dell UltraSharp series is decent.


>the only problem with IPS is shit black level

They also have ghosting, backlight bleed, input lag, and glow issues.


Any decent Android apps for tuning into internet radio?



used business i5 full machine




not a big deal

>backlight bleed

part of the black level problem, depending on specific model can be not a big deal

>input lag

on some of them, yes

>glow issues

is it again about the black level? (black pixels not being fully opaque)



they will flicker, no matter how much Hz do you shoot at them. that could be partially compensated by luminophore inertia, but then you obviously get some ghosting and lag.




I wish i could buy a crt, but unfortunately i don't have the space for it.

I read that the AOC G2460PF is nice for its price, but the AOC G2260VWQ6 seems the same except for the 144Hz. I might take the latter since i don't care for the response time that much, but if there's something better in that price range i'm interested in alternatives.


File: 6464689cdfefc7c⋯.png (184.37 KB, 1202x562, 601:281, 8TB.png)

>buy an 8TB external hard drive for $150

>remove drive from plastic and put in PC

>get 8TB for the price of ~3

Is this a bad idea? Are the drives used in externals shitty or something?




Bad idea, except if you do have a backup.


File: 5a40f7cc0c815bd⋯.png (132.49 KB, 1114x642, 557:321, 8TB WD.png)


I mean in general. There's a WD brand one for only a few more shekels.



I would recommend to never buy WD Mybook line. You're going to have problems with the built in encryption if you ever break the port that is for charging/usb. You won't be able to just take the internal drive out and get your data, WD will not provide software to decrypt your data even if you know the key, and if you never set a key it gets encrypted anyways with one you don't know. They will want $700 for "attempted data recovery" which probably involves them running a piece of software that has the key that they wont give you.

I've dealt with this before and I was able to get the data back, but only after finding a board from the enclosure that was the exact same revision, and even after that I still had to use other data recovery tools for some fucking reason.

Really the only reasonable external drive is a nice internal drive in a generic enclosure. And if you want encryption, do it with fucking software.



Can I not remove the drive, wipe it, and use it like an internal one? I don't already have one, just looking to get lots of storage for cheap.



Yes you can do that. I was more just pointing out that if you bought a WD Mybook, used it as an external, then the microsd port gets fucked (a common occurance) you probably cannot get your data back easily. If you were to take the drive out and used it internally it would show as unformatted even though it would actually have your potentially important data on it.

But if you just want to use it as an internal drive, your idea would probably work. Sorry, I just read your original post I missed that was your intent. I can't guarantee that the drive inside of any specific model of internal is just a regular sata drive, but it probably is.






Don't do that. They have backdoors.


File: f1cf9f265d49f28⋯.png (14.39 KB, 300x100, 3:1, botnet.png)


Then give an alternative that doesn't.



Yeah, if you want something that isn't made in chinkland.

It's horribly outdated in terms of performance. It's a 32 bit single ARM core at 1Ghz compared to the 64 bit quad core 1.3Ghz of the Raspberry Pi 3.

I'd say just get a Raspberry Pi 3.



Probably not a whole lot. You could try putting 3.0 USB flash drives in a RAID then connect them with SATA.


File: 3c928603504f744⋯.png (1.17 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 3c928603504f7449051410a5fc….png)


The only thing I could find about a WD backdoor is some retarded "MyCloud" thing they tried to do.



Why in the fuck would you EVER do that instead of buying a bare internal drive? The external/enclosed drives are universally, across all brands, leftover trash that wasn't good enough to make it into internal or just plain fucking old and needed to be moved out of the warehouse.




Look, I can't spoonfeed you.


File: 07ec4d9a7a54f95⋯.webm (512.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fucking stupid.webm)


>I can't spoonfeed you

>does it anyway

>literally every result is MyCloud




>Are the drives used in externals shitty or something?



If this is the same anon, generally external HDD's are 5400 RPM. These are very slow. I can't tell you for certain if the drive is separate from the enclosure anymore (there was a time when they weren't), but it's not worth the hassle. It's best to use it as an external drive.


I'm looking at what phone to buy that is supported on LineageOS's Motorola list.

What should I get?




If you went past one fucking result you'd that isn't the case, but if you're this retarded I can't help you.

Just get an Pissraeli shitbox and while you're at get a shipment of Soylent too.



Nexus 5X

athene is shit unfortunately (but could be tolerable depending on your needs & budget)


File: 225056337a6cf90⋯.png (6.99 KB, 499x338, 499:338, 225056337a6cf90843005f1ba6….png)


>i dont have to prove anything do it urself sweaty

I went through the first ten pages and the one (1) result that wasn't about MyCloud had the same amount of evidence that you do (dude just trust me lol)




Is it tasty?

On a scale of 10/10, how much do you recommemd?


I'm considering getting a new secondhand laptop and these two have my attention.

One is a Lenovo ideapad 110-15ISK.

The other is a Compaq Presario CQ56-129NR

I would mostly be using it for web browsing, watching videos, and possibly gaming or game development.

Are either of these machines acceptable for these purposes on a non-pozzed Linux OS? And how is their durability/repairability/servicability?



I'm not too versed with car audio design but the modal range should reach all the way to 200hz or higher. You need a calibrated microphone to create an even low frequency response. Cross Spectrum Labs has been selling calibrated dayton mics for around 75$ for a while.


This video is about small rooms and not cars but it lays out why you need to manually EQ with a microphone for low frequencies.

If you're into diy then there are a lot of good subwoofer/speaker designs on diyaudio.com that you can build. They have a dedicated car audio subforum that has huge amounts of info. Some of their tapped horn designs would probably be powerful enough to give you chest compressions with the windows rolled up.


>Look for THD at your desired sound pressure level, it should be as low as possible.

This is slightly misleading as THD in the regular sense has no correlation with distortion audibility. It's the total system performance that matters. Choosing one driver over the the other because it has a few percent lower THD wouldn't necessarily yield better results. Though it might be useful to point out the drivers cone breakup and voice coil bottoming out, which is important.


File: 5f2817b697c6c6d⋯.png (71.55 KB, 783x643, 783:643, ClipboardImage.png)

I need some advice, lately my GPU is getting past 60º with stuff it didn't before, it has less than 2 years, with certain software or games it even reaches 70º+, I replaced the thermal compound and the change has been minimal, now, I am working on a commission which may allow me to buy a new GPU among other things but someone adviced me to consider replacing the MOBO and CPU a few months ago (unrelated to the GPU issues), what would you recommend? I was only thinking about upgrading to a Core i7 back then.

For the record, is not even hot where I live, lately it has been cold actually.


How are these Dell "Gaymer" Ryzen desktops? I have an opportunity to get one for cheap. Can I install Gentoo on them?


How come depot.xda-developers.com offers such absurd discounts (from +3000$ to 20-40$)? The shop seems reliable but I still don't get why they can reduce the price so much



Looking at dell's web, there's very little detail, looks to me like it's aimed mainly at people who wouldn't understand it anyway. With the model I was looking at they cheaped out on ram, and probably other things too. I'd say it depends on how much cheaper it is, whether you need the GPU and how much upgradability you need. If they cheaped out on the mobo too, it's quite possible that it only has 2 ram slots.



This is the exact model:


I can acquire it for ~390$. The problem is that the RAM could be clocked higher, and it doesn't have an NVMe SSD -- so I'd have to pay extra for those. If I were to get an Asrock motherboard, 2667/3000MHz RAM, and a 960 EVO, I'd be paying around the same amount as the Dell; that is, if I buy a Zen+ Ryzen. Are those a huge improvement over the first-generation? No, right? I'd also have to pay for a Polaris card.



>I'd be paying around the same amount as the Dell

You mean including CPU, power supply, case, storage, etc.,? Those are some strange prices.


Any recommendations for me?





Get a Ryzen



>Requires new mobo and expensive ass ddr4

No thanks I don't want to spend 700$ on pc upgrades that i don't need.



sounds a little too expensive for my potential budget, is my mobo really that outdated?


buy a robot wife



I have a free case and an extra (new) power supply. Only need the motherboard, RAM, NVMe SSD, and CPU. Comes to about 350$ methinks.


File: 7af8b3a86a45b58⋯.jpg (13.05 KB, 300x200, 3:2, hehe.jpg)

>motherboard, RAM, NVMe SSD, and CPU. Comes to about 350$ methink

literally the most expensive things



I'm buying them used; the only new components are the ASRock motherboard (44$), and a Ryzen 5 1600, which is between 140$ and 160$. (I'm only buying it new so I can get the stock cooler.) The NVMe drive is a used OEM (70$). I'm only getting 8GB of RAM; those kits are 75$ used (cheaper if you buy a lower clock). This was just after a day of searching -- I could probably do better.

44 + 145 + 70 + 75 = 334.




>buying used SSD's



I don't see the issue? NVMe SSDs have great lifetimes; because they're modern. Pretty sure on Windows TRIM is automatic, whereas on Linux you have to use fstrim manually -- so if these used SSDs were from a Windows environment, they'll hardly have degraded.



mount -o discard



That's not the same as running fstrim manually (https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/SSD). I have a cronjob set to run fstrim weekly. Also, the Arch wiki recommends not using the discard option with NVMe SSDs (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Solid_State_Drive/NVMe).


Need a 3TB drive. Can only real afford either Toshiba or Seagate. Researching Seagate I see a lot of complaints, with Toshiba there are enough to make me a bit uncomfortable but way way less than with Seagate.

Can someone help me choose or give some tips?



You should always choose Toshiba



Thanks, I guess I'll do that. It's pretty bizarre that some sites, like newegg for example, have a good deal of complains for this model, but things like amazon have all positive reviews.



Did you ever ask why is that?



Newegg is shit


looking to replace my iphone with something not cancer. so android probably (or anything else that respects the user). budget <$500 . really dont care about anything other than UI and putting some anime on it. suggestions? probably only need like 16-32gb of storage.


How good is team vulcan ram?



It's RAM.



Old Samsung phone + Replicant.


The brand of RAM rarely matters; they generally never fail. With how inflated RAM prices are right now, get whatever you can.


I just bought a Ryzen 5 2600X, but im unsure what motherboard to buy. Looking for something under $150



An Asus Prime X470-Pro is just over $150 right now, the price has been slowly dropping.

There's also the Gigabyte X470 AORUS and MSI's X470 board that cost a few dollars less.

It should work with an X370 motherboard as well, but I'd avoid B350.


Are Fractal cases overrated or decent? Redditors seem to love them; so I'm a little suspicious.


Do any of you know of any 8chan desktop clients? I remember some anon making one as a side project called lizard or gecko or something.



You can make a node webkit desktop client that can only visit 8ch.


Has the RAM price drop started? I just noticed a lot of RAM kits suddenly get cheaper.



Any reason to avoid b350? The bios can be flashed to support 2600x if it isn't already out of the box.


>>945888 (checked)

Aside from that, X470 has a few small advantages and was designed with 2nd gen Ryzen in mind. If you don't care about maybe having to flash the BIOS, a B350 would probably be fine.


File: bfbdb931efc45a9⋯.jpg (31.03 KB, 512x512, 1:1, really makes me EKOLOG.jpg)

Sup fuckers. What's a good ebook reader for around 100~200 euroshekels?

Preferably able to read all the formats.



A Samsung AMOLED tablet with a custom ROM



What custom rom would you recommend? Also, isn't an ebook reader screen better for your eyes than AMOLED?




shit, because it flickers




any one will do that has e-ink or similar display, and doesn't have botnet features (bluetooth, wifi) or they can be disabled

just do a search

some of them have special skinned Android, then you'd automatically get all formats support.

PDF should be readable everywhere anyway.



nexus 5x



WD comes with a proprietary bios board that connects with the drive unlike the usual one which can easily be replaced.

if the connector breaks you'll end up with unrecoverable files and that's not even encrypted! you need to get the right board and right bios to fix it by getting one from another bad WD drive or through warranty.

they have that proprietary encryption thing but it's also terrible since they can unlock it from the 'backdoor' with their recovery tools.

you'll notice their mypassport drives have this slim but thick configuration while normal drives like on seagates have this longer formfactor.

both are bad though



seagate had shit drives with certain serial numbers and if you're lucky those are actually refurbish from recalled hard drives put inside that bulk configuration

Also the WD isn't that great these days.

Better pick up a Toshiba/HGST/Hitachi and you'll likely give your files a longer life span.



>10' tablet with lineageos available


>PenTile matrix Super AMOLED from Note series (price ranging from USD40-80 if you buy old tech since that budget might not get anything at all)

>install lineageos on note then use a reader/night mode app


>shit, because it flickers



tablets that come with e-ink are usually underpowered and drm-laden for its price




Look at some high speed camera recordings of these displays.



i have windows 10 and after the 20 updates, the battery life is starting to diminish.

I can't wait to get back to linux and install TLP and have 20 hours.

What is your experience with this



literally, the highest end pc available is not even functional with windows 10

i could get an ssd and ram but still wouldnt compare to a linux box with coreboot.

the drivers are mismatched for windows

even for tp-link devices which is strange because they are some of the best for drivers

I give windows 10 another week before I switch

unless someone can convince me otherwise or suggest me a better distro



Does TLP work on most (if not all) laptops or it's only for thinkpads?



found one vid. more source? or it's just nokia


Is there such thing as a wireless USB hub? Or wireless KVM switch, which is what I'd use it for anyway? Basically, I want to have my desktop keyboard go through a hub then to my computer so that it keeps a wired connection, but also have the option to have that hub switch my keyboard over to my laptop with a receiver dongle in it or something. Anything like this exist? Can I expect to get this without paying over $100?

I just want to be able to effortlessly switch my kb+m over to my laptop that never leaves my room.


what VPN has the best browser support? Want to make my browsers use a vpn while other apps like GoG galaxy don't.


Redbull me on prepaid cards, /tech/.

I've never used them before. If I have to make an online transaction, will this help obfuscate my tracks if I use new cards all the time? Am I allowed to do that, or would it be better to buy gift cards?

How do I add or extract cash from an account? Are there any significant fees? A prepaid card seems nice in principle, but there are obviously a lot of nuances that would disincentivise me. Unfortunately, I have no experience.



You don't add cash to these cards anonymously, you use them and then trash em. If you want to buy them and not be tracked you need to pay someone you don't know to buy them for you, and then away from the store with botnet security cameras have them hand it to you and make sure they weren't tracked to your location i.e walk or deaddrop.

>gift cards?

Useless since you have a PIN that can be tracked to the physical purchase in the same store via security cameras, unless bought online and the goods sent to an adress no where near your IRL person for you to pick up or pay someone to pick up.



I really wasn't thinking to that extremity. I still pay my bills, taxes, etc., so I'm more concerned about not enabling the kind of abuse that comes with checking and retail rather than being entirely off the grid. I applaud your thinking, though; but I can't even imagine the kind of infrastructure that would facilitate that. And then what do I do when I get the package? Can't use PO box.

But I'm more concerned about my finances. I don't want to throw away spare money on a card linked to an account I have to delete. I need to buy things online sometimes, unfortunately. It seems like a better idea to get a prepaid card and at least have the luxury of patronizing a more independent manufacturer than the big retailers (e.g. eBay, Amazon, AliExpress)


Suggestions for a VPS that wouldn't mind if you run a tor exit node?


File: 2ded6914d7c5669⋯.jpg (130.77 KB, 605x808, 605:808, 45107.jpg)


no. tlp works great on any computer on battery power. and linux.


with a pretty old 9 cell on a workstations laptop from 2008 I was able to go from 2 hours to 4 hours

and on an i5 cheapo hp laptop with a 6cell battery I got lik 6 hours but that was all with linux lite.

use something like templeOS or antiX and you're looking at 10 hours on a cheapo laptop


I want to try some Korean MMOs but they all use XignCode3 as their anti-cheat software and I've heard that it's botnet. Can anyone advise whether this is actually the case?

>inb4 the game is probably botnet because it's closed-source



All anti-cheat software is botnet. That's how it works.



As the other anon said, all anti-cheat software is botnet. Additionally, Korean MMOs tend to use actual fucking rootkits. It will shove its anti-cheat software so far up your system's ass the only way to remove it will be a complete reinstall.


File: 12e05763083c4ff⋯.jpg (95.15 KB, 1366x775, 1366:775, gay.jpg)

What are some good laptops with recent hardware (2016+) in a price range between $600-1000?

I'm the family tech guy and I'm looking for a good laptop for my normalfag brother who is going to my college, needs to be able to play fartnite/PUBeG well.

I found the HP Zbook 14u which seems to have good specs.



*preferably with a dedicated graphics card


I need a new ssd for my laptop. Brands i should look for or stay away from?



Even though Samsung is an evil company, their SSDs are out of this world. Are you planning to get a laptop that supports NVMe?



No, i have a toshiba satellite l855 and the original disk started to fail (when i was doing backup copies, just as a last "fuck you").

I'm just looking to buy something good but not too expensive, since i only use it for work, and i'm saving to upgrade my desktop that is almost 7-8 years old.


What do you guys think of the Lenovo X200 Thinkpad? I'm poor and want to buy a used one.




You'll have trouble just running a browser. Try an X220 at minimum, you can get them for like $150 or less.



It's Dual Core 2400 mhz, and I don't really do much but read. Is it really going to be a problem? I don't have $150.



You can't scrounge up $150? What's your budget?


P8600 is a good processor.

I bought a refurbish with same specs and price but different laptop and with a terrible DDR2 memory channel.

I was quite impressed with it though if you plan to maximize its usage then you should

read https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Intel_graphics

>install Arch

>use uxa as accel method

>download libva-intel-driver-g45-h264 on AUR to have more juice

>use KDE with compositor setting set as "Reuse Screen Content" for vsync

>try DRI2/DRI3 whichever is smoother, I switched at some point when g45 driver got removed

>ck kernel http://repo-ck.com/

With the following set up, you could now watch 1080P animus at 10bit assuming you use MPV and no tearing at all

It's okay for web browsing in my experience but I had to upgrade to 4GiB because 2GiB ain't enough RAM



HP is dust magnet and don't know if that's just a thing of the past

try ThinkPad T480s



screen's pretty bad. max out the ram, 8GB, get and SSD and it's peppy enough.


>>948564 <--- this post is meant for this post ---> >>948486



You realize you can delete posts, right? Or are you just a retard?



your anger will never take you anywhere good


I need to buy a humidifier. Every model on Amazon has shitty reviews. All of them.

It's cute how reviewers will shit all over a particular product's innumerable flaws, yet fail to suggest an alternative.

Why should I trust a product's positive reviews when there are also negative, one star reviews which describe serious problems and issues, frequently with picture and video evidence to support their claims?

Inversely, why should I trust negative reviews when the majority of the reviews are positive?

Here's my challenge for /tech/:

Recommend a humidifier that has no substantial negative reviews on Amazon or be able to refute each negative review on the product you recommend.



it's usually called PWM (pulse width modulation).


I recently got an old Samsung Q35 notebook. It has a PC Card Type II slot which, if possible, I'd like to put to use. Anyone know any good options, perhaps a hard drive card?


What LGA1151 motherboard should I go with nowadays for 6gen intel cpus? ASUS? Gigabyte?

Is the micro-ATX H110M-C a good pick?



Here's my challenge for you: suck my cock, retard


Have you tried looking up reviews?


File: 78aa507fd7037d6⋯.jpg (68.65 KB, 500x506, 250:253, 78aa507fd7037d6085c30ea066….jpg)

What do you guys think of shutter? It looks pretty bloated to me, but I'm having trouble with other programs like maim or scrot.


Can someone recommend me an IPS monitor that supports both DisplayPort and DVI-D?


Looking at replacing my shitty HP laptop.

Worth spending more on a Dell Latitude for the build quality or will something like this do?




Go onto Craigslist (or if you're very lucky, a close-by surplus auction) and check to see if they have any enterprise laptops--that obviously includes Thinkpads but not exclusive to just that. It's unlikely you're gonna get a t420 memepad or something ideal, but if you're willing to compromise, do research, and, most importantly, patient, you'll get something of good quality with a lifespan that can easily outlast any contemporary laptop twice-over, all while basically robbing some clueless schmuck blind.



>a close-by surplus auction

seconding this, you can get good deals on laptops that way.

got my t440p that way.



mechanical drive ?

you will be happy with the cheapest kingston or wd ssd



You'll know when your cpu get's a major exploit and the update to fix it slows down 20% of it's performance ;^)


What's a good cheap mechanical keyboard?

lookin around under the 40$ mark.



pls respond



Not gonna happen. The closest you're going to get to a cheap, <100 USD clicky keyboard (which I assume is what you're actually asking for) is an old IBM M, if you're lucky enough to find one in decent condition or a Unicomp imitation. Both of those are technically membrane, but they're buckling key.



Look for Chinese Gateron keyboards.



Look for a redragon vara on amazon, no LEDs



I have a store credit voucher that I need to use on a laptop, but I don't want to be forced to use Windows 10. What are my OS options?


i need some blackhat services.

someone copied some valuable data from my pc without my permission. i would like to have these data deleted remotely.

i'm willing to pay in btc.

reply if you're interested and i'll provide you with more info, contacts, etc.



Don't worry, sir. The hacker known as 4chan is on the job as we speak.



What store? Assuming it's something like best buy your options are Chrome or Windows There's a few chromebooks that support Core Boot. Most consumer laptops are shit. Just get a business one from Dell or Lenovo, or get a System76 or Librem



>trusting HP


Housefire computers


>recalls several 2015-2017 models few days ago

>span of 3 years

>Zbook is on recall but not that model but it's likely that it's unlisted for recall

>same incident as the amd+nvidia reball chip that finished settlement few years ago while other models aren't on recall (actually all amd+nvidias from other brands have the same issue).

Not that I'm outright saying HP is shit, they're just unlucky to pick the worst manufacturers and now it's the battery which is a risk of disabling a person for life..







that's a PC Card and older than the express card.

I think it wouldn't be very usable and that's just vestigial compatibility stuff for some bizfags.

If that's a ExpressCard then try getting one of those cards that can bring you USB3.0 slot or 2 USB2.0 slot. Get them online (shipped from China).


Just got a Acer Predator XB271Hk for 599 bongs was it worth it?



are yu a pyu poster?


How about send whatever money you were going to throw away to me?


My ASUS Z170M died after about a year. Is it a good idea to get another one, or should I find an alternative LGA1151? I've yet to see bad reviews of it, and yet mine killed itself.



I'm looking for a small device to play opus files. I think that something with rockbox installed would be good, any suggestions for the actual player?



Here's the Rockbox site where you can find what devices they support: https://www.rockbox.org/

If you can find old media players for a swindle at garage sales, thrift stores, or Craigslist; they'll most likely also run Rockbox, assuming you're willing to give some discretion to the quality of the port. If you get lucky, excellent. Buy as many as you can, but it's a double-edged sword, because most people value media players so little they might even neglect to sell them, opting to throw them in the trash after they uncover the old novelty in some dusty box tucked in a fold of a musty garage, so you'll probably end up looking online for a device.

The super-old devices are pretty much the same from generation to generation, which isn't an excuse for not doing your research, but you should know going in that you'll basically end up getting the same thing regardless of what you might think--good and bad.

Of the stable devices for Rockbox still in circulation online, I know there was one Samsung that was on eBay (had a Korean adapter, though); the SanDisk clip series is popular on 4/g/ and in reasonable abundance, but I felt like the ones available were to pricy for such tiny, lose-able nuggets of silicone; the Toshiba Gigabeats are what I have (F40, specifically), and they're pretty okay if you can tolerate the sub-par interface, although I should probably get a case for mine; the Iriver are like a slightly better, slightly more expensive Gigabeat, but if I had the money and a good opportunity, I might buy one; the Cowon are expensive retard audiofool devices that are oddly bulky and likely to break, but maybe they're good.



Literally just install Lignux after you buy it, fucking imbecile.


PIA or NordVPN for a VPN?


what password manager? pref with sync.

are they even safe?



pen and paper



you can ask for a refund on the operating system. Because some legal bullshit they must comply. Would make a usb stick install to make sure everything works before throwing out windows.



I found a Sansa Clip Plus for relatively cheap but the seller says that it won't connect to his PC. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the unit or if the seller is retarded. Would it be a bad idea to go for it?



If it's a good enough price, might as well bite the bullet. I can't say I'm at all familiar with the Sansa clip, but most of these devices should show up as a standard device, unless they're using Android, but that isn't very relevant. It could be that the storage has failed, but if it can read and write media files, then that won't be the case.

The seller likely could also just be using a retarded operating system like Windows--after all, the concept of "connect[ing] to his PC" is really vague. Is it not connecting in the sense that it isn't being detected? Has that been proven? Is it not connecting in the sense that the drive isn't mounted? Is the filesystem not readable? It could be literally anything.

If it's a cheap enough price you're not going to be upset if you get a broken tool, go ahead, but maybe it's better to spend a little more and not suffer hassle.


File: 1eeb21487a8f595⋯.jpg (65.58 KB, 482x428, 241:214, oh the pain.jpg)


When is the tech crash going to happen?



It happened almost 20 years ago, and you could say that the bitcoin bubble crashing could be the start. You can either wait and lose, or trade and win.



Thanks anon.


Latitude 5590 (8250U, 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM) for 900€ or Thinkpad E585 (R5 2500U, 256GB SDD, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM) for 730€?

What's the better option?


I'm seriously looking into getting an LTO tape drive for my own private enduser archival needs

Problem is I have no idea where to start.

Before anything is my idea completely retarded?

First is what tape drive should I even get, is it even worth considering older standards over LTO8.

Second is I don't have server hardware on hand so I can't just plug it on my mobo (I'm guessing at-least)

Then there's also the external internal thing since they use the same named connection SAS (I'm guessing the actual connector is different because it wouldn't make sense otherwise), and obviously would I be able to just get an SAS PCIe card and roll with that?

Lastly I'm also guessing I need specific drivers and software to use that, is that provided for or am I gonna get fucked because I'm just a regular user trying to use enterprise grade hardware?


File: 5af6e4c23dda5e9⋯.jpg (30.88 KB, 615x617, 615:617, 3d6ca1e3c0f3822fb3bc707cb6….jpg)

I need a new laptop, just for editing documents and watching movies with friends. I already have a desktop, so I don't need anything super powerful.

My requirements

>fast processor for running a few internet tabs and maybe vlc or music. I'm not sure how tech has changed, but the equivilant of what 3ghz was like 10 years ago. I have a Intel i.5 ivy bridge or sandy bridge or something in my desktop which works just fine and is like a 3.7 ghz which i bought for 200 bucks or so like 8 years ago.

>price can go up to 600 bucks usd but would prefer 350 usd price range

>solid build and good feel - I don't like unresponsive trackpads or cheap frames

>1080p display

>USB and bluetooth. Hdmi preferable too.

I'm fine with any OS. I don't mind running windows or apple or whatever the latest ubuntu version is. Idc.

Sorry I'm not great with tech, so I'd appreciate any help.


File: 964414132c03cbf⋯.jpeg (714.45 KB, 1706x2560, 853:1280, CF95AC51-D3CE-4F55-9BE5-7….jpeg)

Have any of you sold old computer parts? How much do you think I could get for em if I sold on amazon? Should I reduce my selling price by $20 to get them sold fast?

For reference I have an old Radeon RX 470 4gb, two sticks of 4gb 1600mhz Ram, and a Radeon 6870 1gb


File: 15377e00e06bbcf⋯.jpg (118.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, george-hurley.jpg)

Is it even safe to buy an HDD online?

Wouldn't the whole travelling it has to do damage the thing?



Both seem to be great, NordVPN is seated in Panama and has no obligation to keep logs. It is shilled by dumb youtubers but since it's dirt cheap how else should they make money?



Just check eBay and see what prices they're going for


Hard Drives have to shipped no matter where you buy them from. Most online retailers package them pretty well, I've had no issues


Since we're on the topic of hard drives, are there any brands in specific to stay away from or are they all relatively the same? How about buying refurbished ones, worth the risk compared to a new one? Just lookin to get 2 extra 2tb drives for storage as long as they last that's all I'd care for



Avoid base models Seagate like they're the fucking plague, I've had better luck with noname chinkshit



I've heard this before and Im unsure how true it is. I owned a Seagate 1tb drive from 2012 until this morning when I dropped a 45lb dumbbell on it. I heard it death rattling anyways. Didnt want to bother overwriting it.



>I've heard this before and Im unsure how true it is

Well, my personal experience is anecdotal, but when you add the number of time complaints about Seagate drive pop up and the Backblaze numbers over the years to it there's more than a doubt over the unreliability of the brand overall and you could argue backblaze exposes drive to much heavier loads than any normal person would ever put on his storage drives but that doesn't change the fact that other brands get the same treatment and don't fail anywhere near as much.

I'd personally shill for Toshiba (specifically DT01ACAXXX / P300 / X300) or any of the brands that sell rebadged versions of those (like Verbatim), but I've got nothing against WD outside of older green drives and Red if you're actually gonna use them for NASes which is really fucking dumb considering Red are advertised as purpose made for NAS use.


Looking for a modem or hotspot like device that uses SIM cards and has better signal than a cellphone because I live in a rural area


Any suggestions for a cheap Bluetooth USB dongle that works with GNU/Linux and does not require proprietary drivers?


Is there anything to computer glasses? I've been getting eye strain recently and I want to know if these can cut down on it.


Not thinking of buying these of course.



Yeah they work but don't buy the fancy namebrand ones. I sit at the computer and program for 8 hours a day and occasionally I'll have days where my eyes just get fucked and dried out and red -- that's when I put on the yellow glasses and it makes it better.


File: c35d7a91bd87ef4⋯.jpg (166 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 28315LAP.jpg)

I wanna buy a laptop for webdev, so it doesnt need dedicated graphics but enough power for the usual stuff.

Right now I'm using a x230 and I like the quality, but the screen resolution and size has become too small to get things done for me.

So 13-15", 8+ RAM, something like that would be nice.

Budget is about 800€ - 1000€, what should I get?



get the thinkpad a485, minimum specs for everything except:

>go for the best non-touch screen

>go for ryzen 5 or ryzen 7

>vega is your choice i'd choose vega 10

basically max the processor and graphics, then replace the ssd and memory afterwards. remember to use the corporate perks and it'll price around 800€. you'll need to google for the corporate perks code.



Do you know where to buy them offline cheap? Because the only pairs I've found have been around $24 for soyboy gaymerfags at Best Buy.

And is the yellow tint better or irrelevant? I've been getting into shooting lately and I don't want to fuck up my eyes.



I got mine on amazon but I consider $20 "cheap" because that gunnar bullshit is like $70+. The yellow works better but the "clear" ones aren't bad either, that's what I got. They're not super high quality though and they don't look stylish. I treat them like lab goggles or wood cutting goggles, they're PPE.



Seems you haven't been keeping up with the latest news re: NordVPN



this. go for ryzen. the intel version would have bugs that reduce performance by around 10% and theoretically even more as more bugs unfold.


stay away from seagate transcend and samsung

they're basically the same rebranded shit using some cheap ass failing parts but you have "3-lifetime warranty" of another failing parts.

you get what you pay for but data loss is a bitch.

Just get anything hitachi or toshiba.

WD is a gamble because there are hitachi and seagate versions plus if the proprietary scsi to usb connection will get you nowhere.


I recommend lenovo ideapads. at least their hinge doesn't fuck up and wobble though there used to be issues about the bios nagucakky installing adwares on a fresh install of windows.

get the one with dolby atmos/v4/premium which are good for group watching shit




i meant to type magically


File: d3eeea3618e7db2⋯.jpg (19.09 KB, 400x400, 1:1, suzu.jpg)


I'm looking for a rootable modern android phone with a physical keyboard

Do those still exist?

Like i know blackbarry's makes those but those can't be sideloaded.

Budget is like max 400 dollarydoos



>physical keyboard




cant u just get a bluetooth keyboard, about 20-30 dollars from amazon, a lot of them fold up for easy transport


I have to buy a new external drive: aside from suggestions for good brands, Do you think it's worth spending extra money for ssd or i shouldn't even bother? i don't see myself using it a lot outside of storage for data for the future.



I have a couple external Seagates that I've had for years. If you just need cold storage don't bother with a SSD



No. Just buy HDDs if they're cheap but don't get those unusual drives with 3GB or first phase 2GB ones (old unpatched and buggy).

Buying 8GB and 4GB is risky if it's fairly new and haven't had any firmware patch yet so get the newest model number or regret it.

The best you could do after would be getting the cheapo 500GB SD cards that is IF the Silicon Valley Si-shortage scam stops circulating (it's about the (((hdds and ssds))) getting rekt by secure digital's Moores Law so they made a fake rumor about Silicon being scarce).



What're the most durable, least shit headphones I can get for about $40? Regular audio auxiliary plug (whatever that is). I like them larger. My main concern is that they'll get broken easily.


>>955966 Mpow H5 are pretty decent. They're noise canceling and can be used wireless or wired. $42


File: ae1ae6e4f0c6a28⋯.png (78.69 KB, 327x428, 327:428, c27c2bdd2fd2a4636235ea0140….png)

I'm considering getting an AMD gpu to replace this gtx970 solely because of the nvidia drivers causing headaches. nouveau works but the performance loss is to large to be of use.

is this a decent plan or will I be walking into another set of issues?



Are Polaris cards at sane prices now? If yes, why not.



Both are good choices IMO. I like and am using Nord, because of the Panama jurisdiction, zero log policy and many servers to choose from. PIA is based in the US, however they have been tested in court that they do not keep logs. It is up to you. There are many discounts for both of them, just google.


How's ASUS Ryzen AGESA/microcode support? Thinking of getting a Crosshair VII+R5 2600, and next year getting a top-end 7nm Ryzen CPU if the board supports 7nm by then.


What's the current /tech/ approved raspi alternative?



No, and you really shouldn't if you're using dvp. Memorize the keys on the number row.



What's the best wifi adapter for windows 7 under $10? I'm looking at https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833166116&cm_re=wireless_to_ethernet-_-33-166-116-_-Product but it seems like it has absolutely shit range


File: d3b3ca818083607⋯.png (131.37 KB, 540x446, 270:223, a mans relationship with h….png)

Whats a good serber hosting service if I wanna host dedicated vidya serbers?

Everyone and his grandma tells me to go to amazon hosting, are there better alternatives?



Nothing, windows drivers are a nightmare.



I had very little issues with Ralink and Intel equipped devices.



no clue honestly, I haven't shopped for a GPU since the original nvidia fermi series.

I've never used a dedicated AMD card on linux either so I don't know what to expect.


manufacturers seem to be doing well about pushing the updates out, I have a board that came out at ryzen launch and I have current AGESA support. friend of my mine has a high end asus board and it can get BIOS updates over the internet. kinda scares me but it's there.



Cool, next month i'm going to retire my 4670k setup then. Let's hope assus isn't discontinuing support for the CH7 when Zen 2 comes, because I can't say no against that sweet 16 cores/5 GHz on AM4.

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