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File: 9cd31551fedf586⋯.png (4.65 KB, 200x200, 1:1, dollarsign.png)


Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.



Stop masturbating to slant eyed whores.



>implying I don't already fuck them harder than I do your mom


How can I find a laptop without an OS installed? How do I literally serch for them?




So I can install my own



I'm not 100% sure you should be fucking around with OSes if you're not familiar with partitioning and filesystems, if that post wasn't a joke.



if I had to guess he doesn't want any of his money going towards mircosoft.

I know Dell and System 76 has systems you can order that come without windows preinstalled.


any decent covers for windows surface (pro 4) that will be able to handle a drop if that ever happens?

something thats not just a good cover but at least a little stylish


so my tax return is coming in, and my CPU is getting on in years and is pretty much the main bottleneck on my system, and now amd has not shit cpus but some of hte motherboards are absolute shit and i have no idea what's going on in the world anymore

i'm willing to drop like $600 on a cpu and motherboard, maybe aftermarket cooling (i have a 212 evo right now, but i'm thinking about getting into watercooling), i just have no idea what ryzen chips are good and what motherboards aren't shit or if i should just stick with intel



Watercooling in consumer grade machines is a meme. Just not worth the extra hassle. Used to have a water cooled machine and it just got noisy as fuck over time when a simple fan would of been much quieter and easier to replace if it did get noisy.



I bought an ssd advertised as 60MB/s 4k write and 150MB/s 4k-64 write, in my experience it's far slower, i noticed that the cpu usage is merely 3% at 1.5ish ghz when it's performing intensive small files processing, could this be the case? thanks


File: 3c54ba3e86bef71⋯.jpg (540 KB, 2859x1794, 953:598, 08316682-photo-stephen-haw….jpg)

Why can't i find a high resolution touch display for Raspberry pi ?

I'm looking for 5 inch, preferably 720p or more



Low interface bandwidth most likely



It has HDMI



That's not where you hook up the touch screens you extremely intelligent person




it's always lies, check a few reviews of the SSD.



Touch screens don't need high bandwidth you blithering moron. And they're not related to their size



HDMI is not for human input devices. It can only transmit audio, video, and sometimes ethernet. Unless the touchscreen uses ethernet, you probably need a USB port



Thanks captain obvious.


I plan on getting a new TV soon, so my old stream box isn't going to cut it. I'll need something that can do 4k possibly higher, HDR, HVEC decoding, dolby atmos, and be able to access my emby soon to replaced with jellyfin server as well as Netflix. What's the most Stallman-friendly device that can accomplish this? I was looking at an Intel NUC, but not sure if I can do HDR via Kodi. I could possibly do everything I need with Smart TV shit but I'm hesitant to connect it to the internet, especially with the shit Samsung does, it'll be an LG but still risky.



An AMD Raven Ridge APU is what you're looking for. Video Core Next does 4k 10-bit HEVC and Raven Ridge has HDMI 2.0 (even if the B450 motherboard only claims 1.4, that's just because the lazy fucks didn't wanna get it 2.0 certified - the connector goes directly to the CPU).



Looks promising. If I throw libreelec will it work with HDR/dolby vision? All I can find is posts from years ago that say kodi has colorspace problems with HDR content





So with what I've managed to find, it looks like every device has various issues with HDR, and Linux support is almost nonexistent. So it looks like I'm stuck with using Smart TV apps. Is LG confirmed botnet?


Does anyone have advice on consumer grade KVM's for 3-4 computers? KVM's seem quite niche and it's hard to get information on them. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for some shit designed for corporations, just need something for my cluster of laptops and such. There are cheap ones around but I'm unsure of their quality and many reviews claim they end up breaking fairly soon into their life cycle.


What version of photoshop should I "purchase" if I'm just looking for a light weight photo editor?



I'm looking for a really basic and durable notebook with a 11'' or more screen with a backlit keyboardif possible.

I'm going to do no more than watch 720p shit, use the browser and some libre office. All on Linux.

What should I look for? What should I avoid?

Any specific models to recommend?


File: ae572e14c957420⋯.jpg (21.66 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 49-2715-00.jpg)

should i buy this or am i retard, i just want to use it as an actual crt monitor



I'd rather buy a complete monitor. How are you planing to connect this panel to your device? How are you going to mount it?


Best place to host a blog online?


Looking for a media player. Main requirements are rockbox compatibility and a microSD slot. Any recommendations?



>Resolution 640 x 480 max

>that price

full retardo unless you're planning on some arcade cabinet.

get a used trinitron in good condition and have a pro tune it if you want a good crt tv. hell a good condition PVM would be cheaper than that tube too, although smaller.

you said monitor but what are you planning to use it for? when I think monitor I don't think about an arcade CRT, I think of a desktop computer CRT. even low end CRTs can be great depending on application.


I'm looking to buy an used notebook for no more than browsing and doing some basic tasks/office work through linux.

The screen needs to be no bigger than 11'', and I think 4GB of ram will be plenty.

What are some brands/CPUs/GPUs/models to look for or avoid when buying old notebooks?

What I want is basically an x230 alternative.



HP Elitebooks are very similar to Thinkpads and tend to be cheaper on ebay. For an X230 alternative, look at the 2170p and 2570p. I have a 2570p and my only complaints are that the trackpad/trackpoint is worse and the light is a joke. I've also heard good things about Dell's business laptops but I've never used one.



why not an x230?



Shithole country in a continent far away from anything first world. I really want an x230, but Thinkpad got a name for themselves, which made the prices be way higher than they are in the US/Europe.



why does it not have a case? rogue charges can kill you if you don't know how to handle it or I recommend you not do it at all if you're just nostalgiafagging. just buy a $10 broken laptop with perfectly fine LCD and use a $10 universal driver board and you get a $20 1080p


Kind of blog?

fc2 is the best I've seen so far but I don't think it is the kind to be SEO'd.


First know the price range.

lower than 3rd gen intel is crap or thick except thinkpads.

3rd gen intel and up are priced $80 and up. Lower if not official refurb/seller not taxed.

Acer are the smallest so far in terms of form factor though the first thing you need to do is flash the latest bios or it'll just turn to brick in after few weeks.

If a laptop is not an official refurb I suggest you check the errors showing up during live boot sequence which is usually is from a faulty wifi card and it killed my acer netbook. I should have replaced it when I knew my wifi connection dropped a few times (I suspect it killed my bios).

>What are some brands/CPUs/GPUs/models to look for or avoid when buying old notebooks?

Don't need GPU if you find 4th gen intel and up.

Avoid Geforce 4 numbers like plague e.g, 9600M. They come with AMD and shouldn't be sold anywhere above $50.

Avoid HP/comaq that isn't elitebook or business line.

Look for bios password first. Again all these can be avoided with official refurbs.

Look for Geforce 3 numbers which are perfectly fine e.g, 880M.

Lenovo is a good choice. They still have the lowest fault rate cause they'll have problems dealing with the number of chinese when it comes to warranty/fixing so they avoided that by using okay capacitors.

Acer has the smallest form factor by about 10.1" but needs bios flashing. Look for aspire one that has SATA not onboard EMMC. Batteries still sold out there because it's china (again).

Toshiba is fine but don't know anything small as that, they usually sell large stuff and small ones are dynabook netbooks - hard to find but quality.


South America?




> South America?

Yeah, South South America with crazy 100%+ on electronic imports to protect an industry we don't have.



>100%+ taxes, fixd


Is there such a thing as a USB device that can let you "burn" .iso's to it like a DVD and read/boot as if it were a DVD reader, but read at USB speeds like a flash drive? I'm aware you can make a bootable flash drive, but compatibility for bootable flash drives has been hit or miss for me on some older machines I'm stuck supporting. The same machines usually boot from a USB DVD reader just fine. (I can stick with optical as backup if needed, but I hate how slow it is for OS repairs or installs.)



just put the iso on the usb with dd and use a boot cd/floppy/whatever to load it if usb boot is not supported by the bios


Is there anyone who makes decent flash drives? The average stuff often has shitty r/w speeds and/or shits the bad after few write cycles.

>just get a ssd and an external enclosure

I want something for my keychain.


Considering buying an hdd/ssd. Considering getting at least one of three options:

>external HDD

>internal HDD with case

>external SSD

I currently only have a laptop, and if I'm going to use an external hard drive it will be thrown around a lot. Should I go for an SSD, and if so what should I look for/avoid?

Since I plan to get a desktop computer soon, would buying an internal HDD + Case be a good option? If so, again what should I look for/avoid?


File: 513e88fb4c3c708⋯.jpg (54.55 KB, 500x666, 250:333, current setup.jpg)

File: c3399bdb11684c0⋯.jpeg (263.46 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 6d8e3b9c_19575373_1479273….jpeg)

File: 963d090b141fc98⋯.jpg (28.5 KB, 500x296, 125:74, command center.jpg)

Need to invest in a solid workstation/desktop rig. Should be able to handle 3D rendering, video editing, and flight/racing sims on max settings on multiple monitors. Looking to spend <1k before peripherals. Budget is somewhat flexible. What do you guys recommend?



Tripling your budget



That depends on how much you're willing to invest in it. I highly doubt that such a thing exists, but it should be possible to have something like rpi zero pretend to be an external optical drive.



>use a boot cd/floppy/whatever to load it

This might be what I want. How would I go about using a CD to boot into a flash drive? Jewgle results just show how to format an ISO onto a flash drive in place of a CD.


>it should be possible to have something like rpi zero pretend to be an external optical drive

I've never heard of this. How would that work? Seems a bit convoluted to be practical, but I'm curious.


I'm looking for an external raid enclosure that has at least 4 drive bays. Everything I find on NewEgg relies on software raid, I need an onboard raid card.



Hardware raid is useless. Just use LVM for your raid needs and whatever enclosure you feel like.


What is the best bang for your buck rechargeable AAA batteries?

I need some for my EDC lights.



dd doesn't work on picky laptops


>older machines

Just software is needed.


The stuff never failed me. Just copy and paste shit and wait for it to do all the magic even windows 98 devices work.

You can also make it in ext4 file system so you wouldn't have to defrag the drive every time you copy linux ISO.


Toshiba, PQI, or that other one with orange led indicator and rubber case. Forgot what it is.

PQI usually has ECC and it's so reliable.



I used to use Easy2Boot, but a MX Linux install from that drive overwrote it for some reason. (I've use it with dozens of installs of various OS's without that ever happening.) Every version I've tried since hasn't had the same "it just werks" compatibility.



>MX Linux

Found your problem, not my problem

>using graphical installer

>distro is only 2 years old

>commie dev



Caddy + hdd or a Toshiba Canvio.

Ssd is only for normies. If you plan on compiling and doing lots of stuff in your SSD buy a server class one like HGST like 1$ per GB.

SSD is only meant for normies who watch some movie, store photos and want their browser to start fast.

Cheap ssd? You're just asking for corruption.



rpi zero can do usb otg, so it can act as an usb device. You'd just have to implement the protocol that optical drives use and feed it the boot image.



that wont help if the device does not support usb booting


File: 04444d3cb3b197d⋯.jpg (32.08 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, garrett_leight-kinney-matt….jpg)

I need new glasses, or rather lenses as I already bought a frame, -5D prescription.

Are freeform lenses worth it? A local optician asks €350 for 1.74 aspherical Zeiss lenses.



Perhaps, I'll add a bit.

Are online lensmakers really that bad? They cost a fraction of the local businesses with their overheads, and the pupil distance measurement seems simple enough to do myself.

/r/optometry absolutely denies their right to exist, but half the users there seem biased because of their work.



>If you plan on compiling and doing lots of stuff in your SSD

I'm not planning any heavy write operations. I'm just running out of space on my laptop for all the degenerate shit on my computer. My old external HDD broke after being dropped one too many times, so I was looking for something more shock resistant.

I was hoping that 2-bit MLC ssd's wouldn't be too expensive, but they unfortunately seem to be outsite what I want to pay. Are TLC ssd's that reliable assuming you aren't doing many write operations?

Or should I just stop dropping my shit on the floor


File: ccdc1de0a834d33⋯.jpg (61.69 KB, 669x879, 223:293, 81Y1o1QNDKL._SY879_.jpg)

Best replacement for my superlux hd681 evo? Was pretty happy with them until today when the cord(on the headphone side) became unlistenably fimmicky. Just outside the 1yr warranty too.

Granted, it's only ~$40 for a new pair, but if I can do better for under $100 I'll jump on it. Considering sony MDR-7506 from the buying guide, but should a 3 month warranty be cause for concern? Makes me think it might have low build quality.


If I wanted a portable ps2 emulator what would be my best option?


File: 72ee98020dd235d⋯.jpg (243.28 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 72ee98020dd235dced0da3c895….jpg)

how far along is ddr5 for consumers? wondering if it's worth spending another 100 bucks for 32 gig ddr4 when I plan to upgrade in 2-3 years again.



ssd for notebook, external hdd for data. hdd has much better cost ratio for storing smut, extra perk you can keep your notebook "clean" and you can get a good ssd for half the price now (even old models are still reliable enough if you don't buy the cheapest chinkshit)



Amazon and Ikea sell rewrapped Japanese Eneloop batteries.



I've had two pairs of glasses from a regular optician store and all the cheap lenses I've bought online haven't matched the quality of the oleophobic coating. I don't know why but they're so much cheaper I would never go back.


The only PS2 emulator is PCSX2, so a laptop that can run PCSX2.




I remember that "fix your vision no bullshit" pdf that somebody posted somewhere on some other board, probably. Basically you have to get as farther away as possible until your vision is slightly blurry, but still able to see, and overtime it is going to fix itself, because of the eye shortening itself back to normal length (if you had myopia)


It's possible that the online lenses have a worse oleophobic coating because the coating professional optometrists use is a combination of chemicals with a propietary formula (aka. hidden), and it has been researched to be better than the rest.



Won't having my glasses hamper with that vision correction though? Will over-correcting my vision on the day to day do harm as my eyes attempt to get better?


It's stupid bullshit you idiots



>someone can write a book.

>some no-one who has nothing to say calls it bullshit.

>i'm better than them so i'd better call 'em idiots

Sensing a strong Dunning-Kruger effect here.

Guess who I'd trust more. Unless you quit being a contrarian for a second and have some of your exalted knowledge to share instead then I might change my dreaded conclusion about (you). No knowledge? Figures.


They jew most of the time and readjust the final prescription so you'll have to come back with even more fucked eyesight. Never underestimate the sleight of hand.



What kind of setup would you recommend?



A Threadripper 2990WX on a MEG X399 Creation with an amount of 3200MT/s memory of your choosing and as many Radeon VII as you want, assuming your software can make use of more than one as Blender can. Adjust the power of your PSU to the amount of cards you'll be using. Put everything on an open loop and go to town. Choosing any missing parts is trivial and left as an exercise to the reader.

OC guide for the 2990WX: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD66CSR8mnU

Motherboard analysis: www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1UUdXwytZI

Radeon VII OC overview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8e5MRFDNOg






is it really that hard to write an article about it? its so much faster to read few lines of text than watch some long video full of unrelated content and ads



You really don't know these people, do you


What linux OS should I get?

I was thinking linux mint? and if so, the debian or ubuntu version.

My requirements are gaming (overwatch and steam) and being able to make manual decisions and keeping everything as simplistic as possible.

I have previous experience with ubuntu, meaning I know the basics of the command line.






Just stick with Ubuntu. Mint is trash



as much as I liked mint cinnamon, it didn't play nice with my nvidia gpus under either driver.

just grab ubuntu with whatever DE you like.


Guys which password manager do you use?



KeePass is the most secure one.


Get Devuan.


Western Digital Black HDD is the drive least susceptible to corruption/data loss.


File: f758adb6cdc0d8c⋯.png (867 KB, 1207x1249, 1207:1249, Screenshot_2019-03-03_1351….png)

Does a 4K monitor above 32" that has a refresh rate at or above 120hz exist? Limit is $1k. I don't care if it's a VA panel, I just want something that has the bare mininum, I could care less about HDR trash.

I'll take 100hz as well, but more is welcome since I'll be mainly playing older vidya pre-2014 on a 1080ti, the games are definitely going to max out without issue.

Something like this but with a lower refresh rate, minimal "4 GAYMERS11!!1!!" shit and without the ultrawide meme gimmick.



I'm a poorfag, my parents bought me an xbox one x. I heard it supports native 4k gameplay.

So I want a monitor for xbox one x gaming, which one is the best for around 300-400 bucks?



I meant to also say that I want at least 60hz and is a 4k monitor sorry, thanks.


File: fe9c06c3a3f6443⋯.png (305.75 KB, 883x991, 883:991, 1551941722496.png)


There's this, since I was looking for the exact same thing.

Though, it's 27" and the reviews make it seem like hitting the "panel lottery" is extremely unlikely due to pisspoor QC. I'll probably get a used aorus or ROG instead tbh.





It's weaker than an RX 590, I'll let you imagine the frame rate at 4k



>4K monitor above 32" that has a refresh rate at or above 120hz

>Limit is $1k

You're asking for a unicorn. There's that Wasabi Mango 43" UHD430 which is second-grade gookshit you'll have to import, but it sort of fits the criteria.



I get 40fps on Ass Creed I think.

I'm ok with it.

Also, what's a good monitor that has 60hz and is 4k?


Which laptop is better for game and dev/gamedev/appdev?

>ryzen 5 2500U + RX 560X (laptop card)

>intel i5 8300H + GTX 1050 (laptop card)

Both at similar price range.

Does ryzen 5 2500u have vulkan support for linux or not yet? It's not listed in notebookcheck.net

My problem with intel is vulnerabilities will later slow or wreck its performance down again though it might be faster than ryzen right now. The intel should be underpowered since most laptops don't have 90-100W+ power unit and the CPU uses 35-45W while ryzen can just use the maximum 15W.

>inb4 desktop

No, building desktop would be more expensive and I'd have to use UPS.

>inb4 buy old gaming

No, I want usb 3.x and as much as possible avoid those dying capacitors and hygiene shit.



>what's a good monitor that has 60hz and is 4k?

Size and panel preferences?

LG 27UK650 is an alright one, but it's about 500USD new unless you find a good deal.



idk about panel, but for size, 28-36 inches



Then it's not actual 4k, and you don't need a real 4k monitor



what do you mean

care to explain



Buy a refurbished Optiplex tower and put a GPU and power supply in it. Then buy a refurbished Thinkpad. Then spend the $400 you saved by not buying a gayman laptop on cocaine and hookers. Or just buy your shitty laptop that's going to die in three years we don't care.



It's upscaled, and you'd get the same picture quality at the same frame rate on a lower-resolution (thus less expensive) monitor. I'd still advise to use a 1080-class monitor on a boner X.



Office tower cases usually are too small to fit any useful video card





That anon is partially correct. Consoles indeed usually don't go for true 4k, but instead of upscaling they resort to checkerboard rendering. Imagine that on odd-numbered lines of the image only odd-numbered pixels are rendered, and on even-numbered ones — only the even-numbered pixels respectively. The resulting pattern resembles a checkerboard, hence the name of the technique, and it means that only half of the pixels are rendered in a given frame. The rest are simply extrapolated using a special filter. Consequently, checkerboard rendering is substantially less demanding than true 4k because it renders half as much plus extrapolation overhead, but the picture quality suffers. For some, the difference is negligible, others notice it as being blurrier. Some games swap the grid pattern between frames so pixels that weren't rendered in the previous frame are rendered in this one and vice versa, while the previous frame is stored in a buffer to help with reconstructing the current one.

You still would need a 4k monitor to use 4k checkerboard, but it's up to you if it's really worth it.



Only oversized $400+ cards won't fit inside of a mini tower. Are you thinking of SFF cases? Because those will still take a GTX 1050 which is what that guy is looking for.



There are ITX versions of GTX1080 and RTX2070. Size isn't the issue. Cooling might be, though, but unlikely in the case of a 1050.




>novideo (((fangoy)))




>he doesn't remember R9 Fury Nano

There are no Vega ITX cards that I know of.


I'm trying to understand the wiki documentation, but it's kind of hard to trust that it's accurate. I want to buy a Linksys WRT1900AC and flash OpenWRT. Can I do that via the webUI or will I have to sideload it or whatever just like the tp-link routers?




Yeah then I guess I don't need a real 4k monitor, just one that's a good imitation.

So, does one of 60hz for around 300 to 400 bucks exist?



But what about the 4k, even it's fake, I'd like to see some of it. I certainly need a fake 4k monitor to see it, right?



>does one of 60hz for around 300 to 400 bucks exist?

Sure. Take for example Samsung U32J590: 32", 4k, VA, FreeSync (40-60Hz) over both HDMI and DP, decent contrast, good input lag, about $400, but low maximum brightness, PWM flicker in the backlight at low brightness settings, and sucky stand. rtings.com/monitor/reviews/samsung/uj590

It's a tradeoff, and I personally would not consider it because of the PWM flicker issue, but the option is still there. Alternatively, you can try finding a good deal on LG 32UD59. Very similar, but without brightness or flicker issues. Normally it costs around $500, but you can find several options on Amazon for about 400.

There are some cheap ($200-300) 28" 4k TNs you can look at, but I've never used a TN of that size so can't comment on them much. Both TNs and VAs will have lousy viewing angles at those diagonals, and IPS cost more and suffer from glow. Then there's the ever present panel lottery. Got an actual hardware store you can go to and look at the monitor you aim to buy before actually paying for it?



Nothing. Get fucked.



the u32j590 seems kinda expensive, doesn't even have hdr and what do I need freesync for agn? don't most games run at 30-60fps? Also, the issues you mentioned. It would seem to play I'd have to do it in a semi-lit room in order to avoid low brightness and high so that it doesn't hurt your eyes in a dark room.

I'll check out the lg 32ud59 though.

As for stores, I assume best buy is THE store to go to?



>seems kinda expensive, doesn't even have hdr

Mutually exclusive things. If you want HDR that actually works and not just a tick in the specs you'll have to pay for it. HDR on LCD monitors without both local dimming and wide gamut is a hoax anyway, so I wouldn't even bother. Compare a DisplayHDR400 certified edge lit sRGB monitor with DisplayHDR1000 certified TV with a good FALD implementation and see for yourself. I sort of did by comparing an LG 32GK850F and a Kusony x900e. Both are supposedly HDR, but the former is barely different from a conventional monitor in that regard aside from its color gamut that is 95% DCI-P3. The latter actually has HDR worth talking about, despite the fact that it still is far from what top tier TV models offer. Why care about it now anyway? Very few games support it, and in some of those its implementations are faulty to the point of looking worse than SDR. Then there's the unfortunate problem of cheap and mid-tier monitors occasionally fumbling even the DisplayHDR400 spec, like that 850F above which was notorious for its firmware issues in first revisions. Also, this Samsung probably seems expensive because it's a VA panel, which on average is costlier than a TN. If you want cheaper alternatives and don't mind worse vertical viewing angles (but better pixel transition times), look at TN options.

>what do I need freesync for agn? don't most games run at 30-60fps?

If a game doesn't run at solid 60FPS but fluctuates in, say, 45-55FPS range, you'll normally get tearing and/or stutter. Adaptive sync tech like GSync or FreeSync changes refresh rate of the display on the fly to match the framerate of the game to eliminate that stutter and make things smooth, but only within the specified range (FreeSync 2 can go below the lower limit by refreshing the monitor at double the framerate). GSync is only available on NVIDIA cards and "requires" special hardware in the monitors because (((reasons))). FreeSync is an open standard initially introduced by AMD but now supported by many more parties, including both AMD and NVIDIA (since this January), and if I remember right, new XBones (S and X) should support it too. Variable refresh is a noticeable boon, especially for low framerate situations.

>Also, the issues you mentioned.

You aren't going to get a trouble free monitor unless you pay someone else's kidney for a NEC SpectraView, a top tier EIZO, or some of those enterprise-oriented Panasonics, and even then there's still panel lottery. Hence why I mentioned the need for an actual store, because buying monitors sight unseen is a special kind of masochism: BLB, clouding, clusters of dead pixels, dust behind the screen, faulty inputs, horrible QC in general, banding, and shitty firmware are commonplace even in monitors several times the price of this Samsung. See this >>1038925 as an example. The Samsung is just a starting point to give you an idea what to look for and what to be wary of.

>As for stores

Whatever gives you the most lenient return policy and won't try to screw you over by offering open box replacements.



Danm you know alot, I'll save this post for reference.

So in short, I will find nothing but shit for 300-400 bucks?



Some of what? You're not going to get 4k resolution no matter how hard you wish to


what would you guys suggest for a 5 person dev office build and maybe staging vm hosting server setup.

I was thinking of getting a cheapo caster rack and a cheapo refurbished 3par but I feel like there should be some kind of hardware more targeted for this need


File: 1f2b46b1e2ba264⋯.jpeg (3.62 MB, 5100x3300, 17:11, mouse.jpeg)

any recommendations on a cheap, wired, accurate mouse?

my mom needs a replacement but the market for sub $30 mice is full of chink trash and gimmicks.



What do you mean accurate? Standard Dell/HP mice can be bought for $5. They're fine all around.


hey guys

I'm looking for a cheap, thin and small laptop with the following requirements:

-can boot from usb or sd card

-webcam works on linux

-wifi chip and storage medium are easily removable

-at least 2 GB ram

all I need is to run html pages that read qr code of unsigned crypto transactions from webcam, sign the transactions and display them in qr code.

I was going for Olimex TERES (DIY open source hardware laptop) until I found out the eMMC and wifi are soldered.


I'm not going to use the laptop for anything else. It will be permanently offline (air gapped). Dimension requirements are for portability and security in case I decide to travel or move.



why not just use a hardware wallet? they aren't trustless. I don't feel good about putting to much in them.




oh forgot to say I'm on a queue for a Pinebook, but I heard it takes months.


I'm tech illiterate, can someone recommend a good laptop under $400? My hp laptop froze and after restarting it, it just stays on the loading screen forever. I've been having problems with these computers for years, there might be viruses on there I'm unaware of, and want to replace it for something better.

I want to start with windows 7 and then later transition to Linux/Gentoo once I understand those operating systems better.



Try booting an ubuntu live usb to see if the problem is hardware or software first



My laptop for the last several months will randomly freeze and then enter a black screen that doesn't go away. I've had problems with these laptops for years and want something cheap that I can use for school and general use.

Its saying im missing a boot device and don't have a OS installed. I already tried several ways to reboot it but keep getting errors. If the only way for me to use the laptop is through factory reset, which will delete all of my files, then I'd rather just get something that isn't made by HP.



So you want new hardware to solve a software problem. Take an air hike.



I did check the hardware. I did a diagnostics check and its telling me I have several things not installed. Such as an "OS" "SMART Check" "Long DST". I also keep getting an error stating "HP laptop Boot Device Not Found Error (3FO)"



So either the hard drive is dead or the os got corrupted



>My laptop for the last several months will randomly freeze and then enter a black screen that doesn't go away.


>So you want new hardware to solve a software problem.

You can't possibly know it's a software issue. My ex's laptop had a warped motherboard that would randomly cause the OS to freeze and the screen to go black. A $30 replacement mobo from eBay fixed the issue. I could've reinstalled Linux a million times and the laptop would still freeze. I could've replaced the SSD a million times too.


I remember a stegonography browser plug-in that allowed you to hide and read messages inside images. People were using it to communicate on various image boards including this one. Anyone remember what it was?


File: dee7e3da285714c⋯.jpg (50.74 KB, 742x420, 53:30, 1543822739536.jpg)

Ola! I'm looking to purchase an e-reader.

What I'm after is

-Sd cardslot

- ability to transfer files with OTG

- sturdy enough not to break right away if dropped

-not too shitty OS

-not too expensive

These are the criteria Ive come up with thus far. The Kindles don't interest me because of Amazon shit. Borrowed a Kobo H2O from a friend and it was alright, but as far as i found out OTG doesnt work with it

Any recs?


I'd like some help here, I seriously can't decide what laptop to pick.

I'm a Comp. Eng. student that frequently deals with simulation programs and IDEs like Codeblocks, MATLAB, PSPICE, etc., and I tend to run several Chrome tabs at once with videos included while I'm researching stuff. But it'd be nice to have a fluid, personal station for both college and entertainment purposes (not for gaming, I already have a shared, high-end gaming PC). For additional reference, my laptop until last week had an Atom N455 and it was sluggish as fuck even for reading PDF files. Now I'm looking for a laptop with enough power to be just fluid and last for long.

With all this in mind, I found a few laptops more or less within the limit of my budget: (prices are in ARS, not USD)

>all of them have 8GB RAM. Storage is not a concern.

>LENOVO IDEAPAD 130-15IKB: Intel Core i7 8550U, Intel UHD 620, 15.6" screen (doesn't specify resolution but it's probably 720p)


>Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming: Intel Core i5 7300HQ (notice it's not a U model), GTX 1050 2GB, 15.6" 1080p screen


>LENOVO IDEAPAD 330-15ARR: Ryzen 3 2200G, Radeon Vega 3, 15.6" 720p screen


>LENOVO IDEAPAD 330-15IKB: Intel Core i3 8130U, Intel UHD 620, 15.6" 720p screen


Pros and cons according to benchmark sites:

-Out of these the Ryzen CPU is the "fastest" processor while the i5/i7 are 19-16% slower respectively and the i3 is 50% slower, but Vega 3 is the weaker iGPU.

-The i5 is a 7th gen, but it comes with a pretty good dedicated graphics card vs the rest's integrated GPUs.

-The i7 is an 8th gen and I heard the 7->8 leap was considerably good, but this CPU is only very slightly faster than the i5. Also, it's a minimal price difference between these two laptops.

-Vega 3 is 25% slower than the UHD 620.

-The i3 laptop is 1/3rd cheaper than the Dell laptop.

Just how much power should I be aiming for? Are the first three overkill and I should go for that cheap i3? Or is that gaming laptop the best bang for buck I can get? As a final note, I couldn't find any Thinkpads within my budget, they are seriously overpriced here for some reason.




As in hook it up to a computer, or a usb drive?



>Vega 3 is the weaker iGPU

On what planet?


File: b2843696577a0fa⋯.png (925.99 KB, 768x4286, 384:2143, desu desu talk guide DDT G….png)




File: e04d6233c104579⋯.jpg (111.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1458927167837.jpg)


What's the best (in terms of drivers and input lag) drawing tablet for under 350?



Pen and paper


File: 936ddadbeb87ac3⋯.mp4 (2.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, tidus laugh apocalypse.mp4)


holy shit we have a joker over here


is system 76 a meme?


Hey /tech/. What's the best unlocked phone with the possibility of installing other OS's on it?

Are there any good alternative mobile OS's?

My phone of five years broke.



the benchmark sites said it was slower than the uhd620. are you saying that's wrong?



Vega 3 is overpriced and weak.

Dell is more bang for buck and decently priced.

Lenovo seems a bit too overpriced so you should just avoid that shop.

Ideapad at that price should have at least 1030 7th gen / 8gen MX150 nvidia or ryzen 5 2500.

Try Acer or HP though I don't recommend HP (still has resell value though so sell it before it even break)


It is though. Only about 10% slower.



I specifically avoided HP because they have horrible failure and (surprise) refurbished rates in this shitty country and importing isn't possible for me for now. Also Ideapads are more or less priced the same everywhere I looked.



It is. They have terrible schematics design and it's no different than Librem hype they're just a OEM rebrand from china. They did sell something similar to Origin PC but that's just a Origin PC rebrand and they really don't know shit other than shilling it on loonix users who'll pay for the year of the linux meme.

Overpriced too even without an OS but "muh support open sauce ty gibs".

Just get a lenovo with redhat/DOS preinstalled so you'll have something cheaper and better serviceable schematics and even batteries. No one will buy used system 76 unless they're desperate



Maybe they taxed china too much hence the price.

Just get the dell if it has the GDDR5 graphics (keep in mind there are notorious GDDR4 versions out there). It changes everything and can play pubg and fortnite. I might look for it too.



Anybody honestly recommending intel-aviv after specdown and, most importantly, their performance-destroying mitigations should be shot on sight



You do realize that the exploits need (malicious) application and an unprotected network to commit? If you're using Haiku, SmartOS or Illumos then you'll have zero problems if you know your opsec and how to compartmentalize your at-best worthless data. If you're really asking for full-blown security then you should be using some Amiga, PS4, or another unpopular chipset with maybe at least a JTAG or complete schematics and know the patent numbers used in there to avoid the spying techs (lurk more) and be able to at least build your own OS/apps otherwise you're playing with fire like you are right now. If you use consumer-tier processors chances are you either have 2G and 3G embedded in it that streams obfuscated info of you whenever that "certain" satellites are above you or is near a "certain" cell.

AMD suffered more mitigations unironically and good luck patching that

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i bugs

At least jewtel has rolled out microcode for recent 3years/gen or so processors to save stock-crash face. AMD doesn't while having trustzone - literally the biggest backdoor and spyware in the market (or the world) and was literally meant as spyware which includes even every single phoneposters. At this point even Apple phones are a much more secure system since they make their own Apple CPUs and new SoC fast enough also why Chinese IRL cyberpunk hackers in Shenzhen USE it (no need for useragent fingerprint when you're using the most common device).



You're the kind of schizo that makes any internet community a worse place merely by participating in it, since you categorically refuse to listen to any argument which deviates from your malformed preconceptions. I suggest seeking professional help.


Don't know much about the current cellphone market. My 59yo dad's phone is messing up and he wants another.

>What do you think of an I Phone 6 S?

he says. Before I tell him why I personally wouldn't get an iphone what should I recommend to him?

- He wants to play stupid candy crush shit and other garbage.

- He may want to browse the innertubes too.

- Maybe watch videos

- Take pictures/videos.

- priced around whatever iphone 6s is

Also he's too scared to let me put custom firmware on any phone he owns so that's not really a priority. OTOH when he gets tired of his new phone in a few years he'll probably give it to me.

Most economical solution would be to offer back the Galaxy SIII he just gave me a few days ago but I feel like he'll think that's too old plus he likes wasting money.



Put him out of his misery



motorola has decent cheap phones with stock android. throw DNS66 on it for adblocking and it should be good to go for some normalfag boomer.




Custom fw will prevent it from getting wiped in case it's been lost though you can use other providers like antivirus softwares.

Just get an Iphone and he'll have less ad popup cancer while browsing clickbaits. Android is beyond usable when browsing the web though you can root and do all that adblock shit but that's out of question.

SIII is too old and slow despite having NEON SIMD any MT6580 MT6582 phone will just outrun that, I remember one anon saying it can't even run the tiktok thing and is at 10fps. Too old, the EMMC is already worn out and samshits become slower as EMMC is rotting. The battery life will also be your problem.

Just get him iphone and compile replicant for your S III.



It's also not recommended to be putting custom firmware in old samsung phones if you don't know what to do. Old EMMC might have damaged partitions and flashing the rom can sometimes hardbrick the phone. I had to rePIT the phone and reflash a global stock ROM. Failure to install the right PIT file may brick it permanently.


I have an old computer with Linux Mint installed and I forgot my user/pass. I also deleted an important file by mistake a few years ago and I get an error saying "Failed to start the X server" "Xserver not found: /usr/bin/X :0". What can I do to get this computer working again?



Boot a live usb, get the important files on to an external drive, nuke the os and install gentoo


File: 454b4cf4930bb29⋯.jpg (32.74 KB, 640x480, 4:3, laptop_asus_amd.jpg)


Laptop that has:

AMD CPU and AMD discrete GPU

256GB SSD or 128GB if it comes with an HDD as well

At least 6GB RAM (preferably 8)

Matte screen

Preferably Windows 7 compatible

USB ports, bluetooth, wifi, audiojack, etc. (obviously)

also link a compatible keyboard cover if you can



Udb drive/phone



A modern one is the pocketbook touch lux 4, but it doesn't support otg. I don't think you'll find any that do, since ereaders all use some ancient version of linux and have the bare minimum processing power they can get away with to save battery life and BOM costs.


Sup guise, /v/ here:

I wanna update my Gayming PC, and I have $3100USD to spare (I sued the hospital where i got cancer treatment lol) so since I have months and months of paid leave ahead of me, i wanna spend them playing the shit outta games.

This is my current rig:


z170m mortar

16GB ddr4 2133 hyperx fury


coolermaster 700w 80plus

SSD a400 240GB 2.5"

HDD seagate barracuda 1TB 7200rpm

corsair H80i V2

corsair carbide SPEC-04 red

corsair HS50 headeset

logitech G403 prodigy wired

razer mousepad goliathus control S

generic olidata 60hz 1600x900 monitor

Now what Im interested in knowing:

1) With Ice-lake processor supposedly coming out in june/july (intel always release their tech in that date)should I wait for 10nm i9/i7?

2) There is this Deepcool ROG genome 2 case, very awesome, wich has a 360mm AIO cooler included, will it be enough to cool my i9 OC? also, i've heard about leaks that killed pc parts, is that with the regular GNOME o the ROG version too?

3) I want to play 2560x1440p 144hz g-sync; Do I need fast ram for that? as in DDR4 4000mhz? maybe more 4200? to keep steady 144fps at 1440p? (not really interested in 4K/HDR)

also, instead of upgrading now, should I wait for DDR5 to arrive late 2019 to use with my i7/i9 ??

PD: This is the rig I was thinking off


it has no videocard, because Im waiting for the RTX series to drop prices.




enjoy your hardware """ bugs""" lmao


enjoy your card

for two years at most, that is



dude, I dont give a fuck about botnets, bugs and shit, I just want to play videogames, I've not changed to linux because no directX, and vulkan is not very popular yet. Could you answer the question instead of being an ironic shitposter?



What for? Difference between your current rig and the one you want to buy is 20-30 FPS in games. 144 gay sync is nice, but 85 is more than enough.


File: ae043a54677e8a0⋯.jpg (15.88 KB, 386x258, 193:129, honk_question.jpg)

Best inexpensive (i.e less than 300$., preferably less than 100$) 1-time payment VPN?

And when did /tech/ get so shitty?



when people like you started posting


What's a good replacement for Notepad++ on Linux? For editing html specifically.



have you tried geany?



kwrite pretty good, kate is similar but heavier/more full featured.



I don't understand why anyone would want a lifetime VPN subscription. None of the companies hocking that shit are reputable and they have no incentive to build a sustainable business.



>I don't care about AIDS, I just want poz loads up my ass

Not helping you is the greatest service anybody can render you.




Did some searching, turned up https://sigavpn.com/

Apparently let you use some servers for free, the rest for one-time $2 payment. If anyone's tried it, would be interested in any problems it has.



Since you and me came here.



if it's just for torrenting, get the cheapest botnet vpn you can find. i heard pia are cheap.

or get some cheap vps with a large bandwidth at some country that doesn't care about torrenting.

if you want something more private - http://stormwayszuh4juycoy4kwoww5gvcu2c4tdtpkup667pdwe4qenzwayd.onion/ (https://cryptostorm.is/)



Know your priorities first.

Matte screen should go to the top so you should be getting those acer gaming laptops w/ rx560-580 instead. Don't know if 580's are out yet.


File: 89017e915d4ca14⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 631.75 KB, 927x1300, 927:1300, 89017e915d4ca141567cf19934….jpg)

So /tech/ I'm a poorfag saving up for a new laptop/notebook/netbook type computer. What's the best I can do for around 250 bucks? The ancient netbook I'm using now can barely run firefox, and the tiny window doesn't play well with many modern websites. The main thing I'll be using it for is to apply for better jobs while I have downtime at my current job. I don't really do any gaming, so graphics are not a high priority. I'm more worried about RAM and CPU. Also I want to be able to disable secureboot or any faggotry like that so I can put gahnewslashlinuks on it.

Here's some anime tiddies in advance.



the x220 thinkpad is good. got it years ago and its still good enough for everything. replacing it with something else would just be dumb consumerism.


Newegg is promoting IronWolf HDD's for what I presume is cheap. There are two deals that stick out to me: 2 10TB 7200 RPM HDD's for 32.50 USD/1 TB and 1 4TP 5900 RPM HDD for 27.50 USD/1 TB. The latter is obviously cheaper. I don't care about scale, but I'm wondering whether I should buy more HDD's or fewer larger HDD's and how that might affect me in the long term in terms of reliability and efficiency. Is there even a difference? Logic tells me to go with more smaller ones, because that means I'm less devastated if one of them fails, regardless of redundancy, but that also seems counterintuitive. Do the RPM's have any bearing on anything besides performance?


File: d19a096bd76db0a⋯.jpg (15.91 KB, 397x431, 397:431, shift-restart-2.jpg)


Lenovo makes cheap new ones at that cost or just get a thinkpad but won't recommend chinkpad since they have weaker GPU unless refurbished to intel generation 5 or above.

Are you using something older than generation 3 intel and a netbook cpu? That's why it's slow and it's probably ddr2 or slow FSB.

Any generation 3 (like core i3 3110 or pentium 2020M) with 8GiB ram is almost enough for daily task assuming you use linux which doesn't have that much slowdown from meltdown/spectre than windows.

Assuming you have at least 2x 2.4Ghz CPU, you can even play csgo or most competitive moba for the next 5 years.

>secureboot faggotry

Just take pics of your bios and post it in here.

You can enter bios mode with a secureboot laptop by pressing shift over restart button of windows (through that thing on the right or start+C) because some laptops ignore keystrokes during boot.

Take pics of each tab and don't fiddle with it if you're noob, press off button.

DON'T turn off secureboot like what most people say. What you need to do is put the "USB boot" above the "HDD boot" which means you'll boot with your linux installer before the built in OS.

Make bootable linux usb and plug it in. If it didn't boot and gone straight to windows, press shift+restart (click restart in the GUI sometimes it is inside shutdown button), Don't unplug the usb yet.

It'll show some blue menus, pick advanced and pick the part where it tells you to either go to EFI BIOS or boot to the EFI USB.



Most of these problems vary by manufacturer but the least harmful is lenovo bios.

Usually, the option you'll only have to turn off is that setting which prevents USB ports from accepting any input during boot thus the "secure boot". If you turned off secureboot chances are it will FAIL to boot back to windows and also attempt to self-test because it thinks the HDD is failing and fail to even get you into EFI BIOS.

It's a lot of crap.



Thanks for the info. Not exactly a noob, but I both bought my netbook and build my desktop before all this secureboot and OS signing faggotry started, so I have no experience with it yet

As for the netbook, it is an Asus aspire one I got refurbished around 2009 or 2010. It's got one of the early intel atoms in it and I'm trying to remember if I popped for the full gig of ram, or if it only has 500mb. I hardly use the damn thing anymore.



If you leave secure boot on, unsigned OSes (like linux distros that have not bothered to pay (((microsoft))) the comission to get a certificate or repurposed a windows certificate) won't be able to boot in your machine. This could exclude tiny distros.



Having more RPM also means that your disk(s) will generate more heat and consume more energy.


I have an imac g5 with a broken screen and a broken case and i want to know what I should buy to connect it to an hdmi or vga monitor so I can install Linux on it.

Does anyone know what I'm looking for?



Macs has ports back then right? It probably has a mini VGA or something.



So is there a recommendation on the cable I should get? Since Apple does everything differently.


Any suggestions for a smartphone that sucks the least dick (e.g. not a piece of shit hardware wise and easy to root)? Held out on getting one until now but It's looking like i'm going to need to. My first choice was a FairPhone 2 that I'd then slap Lineage OS onto but they're not available in my country.



<Any suggestions for a smartphone that sucks the least dick

All smartphones suck jewgle dick.

The shitshow called google AOSP keeps on getting more severe exploits every year. Chances are you'll be forced to use lineage trash.

<using lineage



It's the byproduct of the cyanogenmod fiasco. They forced telemetry in CM11 nighty upon M$ acquisition which the based devs didn't like so they went to replicant/omni instead and cm died shortly after so they had to change to "lineage os" so no one will ever know what happened

Lineage was completely just AOSP with --ungoogle compile flag and has blobs.

<not piece of shit hardware wise


Either wait for fairphone which Replicant will support

S III/Note II is a must have. If you're having trouble with wifi you can use RepWifi on f-droid and even do monitor/injection with alfa cards.


Nexus 5X


Nexus 5

Asus MeMo Pad 7

A shit ton devices but most aren't usable/appless


Fairphone 2

Nexus 5





oh your looking for a vps not a vpn


File: 7df3a1bc4967d29⋯.jpg (60.71 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, hotaru.jpg)

So, I need a laptop and I don't know anything about laptops.

I would like something at least comparable to my crappy desktop since I am going to be using it while I travel for weeks at a time for business.

Desktop Specs:

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.7GHz

Memory: 12GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


File: b638323b9a32d46⋯.jpg (41.15 KB, 620x548, 155:137, FZJCLT8HYTI698G.MEDIUM.jpg)


>crappy desktop


>business travels

your answer right there


I'm in the market for a wifi-extender, or at least something that I can use to get a signal to my downstairs machines because "cell-service-internet is literally my only not-shit-internet option".

also, what are some good VPN services?



Get the Ryzen laptop with RX 580X GPU.


What Ryzen boards support Windows 7, either officially or through hacks? My friend is building a PC and wants to know.


Want to get a portable secondary monitor any suggestions?



display controller/driver board + laptop screen + high amperage powerbank with 12V capability.

If the display board needs 15V and you have 5V powerbank just try baking a boost converter but keep in mind converter might break or your screen/board breaks.

There's plenty of 12V and even 15V powerbanks out there.


File: c82f2124670a350⋯.jpg (148.22 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, s-l1000.jpg)


This setup costs around 50$ at max.

controller board: ~15$

powerbank: 20$ or diy 18650s

laptop screen: free or buy a broken laptop



You should avoid playing with CCFL lit monitors if you're a noob.

Those have super deadly inverter thing that has very high voltage so as much as possible look for LED lit monitors.


Someone gave me a hunk of shit laptop that I want to get working again. Advent 9212.

The battery won't hold a charge, it lasts about a minute after charging for hours. The battery itself has no swelling though. I was wondering if this might be reverse polarisation of one of the cells where it was left to deplete for years? The battery looks pretty thin, so possibly the cells are in series, as in they are in a single row, so maybe not? Is there some way I would save this battery?



Dead things are dead


What are some good VPNs out there?

Outside not ratting users out, fast connections would be nice, and having servers available across Asia/Eu/US too.

I picked nordvpn up last month, while theirs servers are really great and I kinda like their terminal application, I decided to issue a refund because of e-mail related. Because of their poor implementation of obfuscation, their only use for me is keeping me safe from my ISP at home, not much more. I cannot recommend it to anyone because of this.

Plus, lots of stuff knows ALL their IPs and will block connections with all of them, even the most recent ones. I'm surprised they are able to make it through China's firewall.



File: 24a1922ff3d05de⋯.jpg (53.04 KB, 640x437, 640:437, fuckthis.jpg)

- Tablet

- Easily rootable (the most important component of this)

- Still in production

- Screen size at least 7", preferably 7" or 10" at most.

Does anyone know of any tablets that satisfy these requirements?



*Android tablet


File: e5069f50a7253dd⋯.jpg (112.22 KB, 960x720, 4:3, TL-WN881ND-1.0_14830127158….jpg)

What's a decent cheap wireless NIC for PCI or PCI-e? Is pic related good enough, or should i get one from another brand?



I have that model. Or, at least, I think I do. I'm posting here, so it's evidently sufficient. Atheros driver makes life easier. I would assume that it's also faster in bus than through usb.



Tell him to install Gentoo




Anon, ubuntu recognized mine without any drivers installed, like instantly.

wacom model:CTL-480



So, let's say, hypothetically, you wanted to strip a toughbook cf-31 down and replace all the hardware with ..non botnet components...

What would you install?


Looking for a new phone

>under 400CAD

>Canadian bands (especially Band IV/AWS)

>Fido, but will probably switch to Fizz before I buy this phone, hence the specified bands

Must have:

>Headphone jack

>microSD (only willing to sacrifice this if it includes most features bellow)

Nice to have, in order of priority:

>good battery life

>custom ROM support


>able to run games on PPSSPP or even Dolphin

I had an S7 that I payed under 400 for, which I was mostly happy with, except for the custom ROM support, but I broke it. I'd like something of the same size if not smaller if possible


I'm looking for advice on laptop cooling pads: how to pick one or just a pointer to a specific one.

$50 at most.



you should clean out the laptop and put fresh thermal compound in it before rushing to a cooling pad.



I've already cleaned it, it's just old. Probably doesn't conduct heat as well as it did before or something.

DSIII and Deus Ex HR ran fine before, but now it overheats and shuts down rendering to cool down.



Well, I've never replaced thermal paste so that might be it, guess I'll try that first, thanks for reminding me of that. I'm a bit scared of doing it.




just take it slow and find a guide if you can. fresh paste, in the right amount, can make a huge difference in max temps.

if it's as shitty as some of the HPs I've seen, you may be fucked no matter what.



You may find it helpful to film yourself taking it apart so that in the event of getting stuck putting it back together you may play the video backwards and literally help yourself



How do you store loose internal HDD lying around?



Not even a consumer related question, but just do the same as you would with any other electronic device, somewhere dry and safe, wrap around something if you cushioning from shock or isolation from the elements. (eg even if you store it in a box, it can potentially get hit with humidity or shocks while moving stuff around)



Yeah, you were right about the thermal paste. It was crusty like sugar after all the years, now temp doesn't go above 66°C.


File: 5f82a6461ade5d0⋯.png (193.1 KB, 620x662, 310:331, 5f82a6461ade5d0f5e6d8cd3be….png)


glad I could help you save a few shekels


File: 732d7f1bb274f6e⋯.jpg (38.11 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, surfacego.0.jpg)

How's the Surface Go as a Linux tablet?

Looking for a pdf and firefox machine to carry around as it's half the weight of my x230.



Linux is just a kernel, GNU/Linux is the system.

Why would you use backdoored hardware?

Surface Go is not going to work with Linux-libre, better try this




It runs the stock kernel without bullshit as opposed to most ARM/Android ones.

I'm less concerned about backdoors and more about planned obsolescence.

I'm also interested in a Galaxy Tab S2 since that supports Lineage with MicroG, but I don't know for how long since it's unofficial and neither Samsung nor Google give a shit about their products.

Sadly the EOMA seems to be vaporware, and it doesn't fit my use case anyway.



The A20 isn't fully supported by the kernel, there are a few features missing, some even kinda important ones like audio via HDMI. NAND memory is also absolute garbage, obsolete and only "experimentally" supported, which I don't see changing since there's no development going on in that area anymore AFAIK. The Mali graphics also require binary blobs. Also Allwinner is known for it's GPL violations. On top of that, while an ARM SoC might be supported in the Mainline kernel, the quality of that support really varies and ARM is often a second class citizen in the kernel.

I hate how all these fuckers advertise with "free and libre" to pull in all the stupid nerds and hipsters that can barely install Ubuntu by themselves and got a Pi because reddit told them to. They don't care about any of that. They just care about money. These devices are often completely useless. Just get a used PC, even if it eats marginally more electricity. It's often cheaper and better for the environment.


The Google Archipelago's available for preorder: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1943003262/

It's from the author of Springtime for Snowflakes.

I've found bookwalker as an alternative to Amazon for weebshit, and Baen books for johnringoshit, but for stuff like this, if you don't want the physical book, it's mostly Amazon eh


I've always used desktops for development, but now I'm going to be using a laptop often for work reasons. Where do I find a good work laptop that's reasonably fast and not excessively heavy? Budget is up to $2000, but more would work too if it's really good. Ideally would like to run Linux.



Look at the ThinkPad X1 Carbon



Looks nice. Can you spoonfeed some reviews? Not really sure what laptop review sites are good.

Any alternatives I should consider? Thanks regardless.



Can I get a link to guide to buying motherboards?



Check Buildzoid's motherboard breakdowns




All your complains are basically answered in the FAQ under the description.


<The A20 uses MALI, have you sorted this out somehow?

>This is a long story - turns out that basically by not including MALI (at all) we can actually apply for an “exemption” under the FSF’s RYF rules because MALI is totally invisible and completely inaccessible from userspace. The primary concern of the FSF is that end-users don’t accidentally end up running untrustworthy software by mistake.

<There was a lot of fuss about Allwinner security in the news, what gives?

>A really good and informative article is on Arstechnica. So, basically, all the GPL-violating products which were supplied to Chinese factories with binary-only images that went out a few years ago were totally vulnerable. No surprise there.

>However we are not going to be distributing binary-only GPL-violating images, because that would be kinda dumb - and completely against the ethical standards that we have committed to. We’re only distributing license-respecting software, so that you and many others have the absolute and fundamental right to review it, help each other to fix it and improve it, and generally make it easier for everybody to use and trust. That’s how Software Libre works: mutually beneficial collaboration. And yes, we are prodding Allwinner. With a sharp stick.

And about the kernel support thing, it's not that bad, also hdmi sound is not so necessary. This or IME or AMD PSP or ARM trustzone. I prefer this, because the same guy is developing Libre Risc-v processor and GPU and VPU.





uguise should try to find something that doesnt use proprietary stuff. that way if you distro hop, you dont have driver troubles.


Looking to connect some analog consoles to an HDMI TV, so I need a decent converter or scaler. (I don't have space for a CRT right now or I wouldn't be asking for this.) I'm told my options are generally OSSC or Framemeister, but I'll consider other products as well. (My priority is 480p component.)

The FM is more expensive and needs a $30 adapter for component, but I'm also told it doesn't handle 480p as well as the OSSC.

The OSSC isn't as great for compatibility with TVs, but seems to handle component/480p better. Unfortunately, unless I mod the N64/Gamecube, I'd need some converter for S-Video to SCART, component, or VGA. Are there any decently priced converters besides daisy-chaining a Retrotink or just modding them? I'm skeptical about the cheap S-Video to SCART connectors on Amazon. (I'm aware it doesn't improve quality past S-Video, but that's fine as long as it doesn't worsen.)




This thing is 5G compatible, so, I'd imagine it's gonna be way fast. I wouldn't buy personally... I duno about that 5G, man...



> I duno about that 5G, man...

5Ghz wifi isn't the same as the 5G testicle fryer on new cell phones.



Then it's safe and probably the best one I've found so far.



Transmission Speed: 600 Mbps




never mind, it's shit, lol

found one that does 867Mps by the same manufacturer. probably faster ones out there I don't even know about


File: 930cf79967dbd52⋯.jpg (42.72 KB, 749x520, 749:520, picoevb-hero_jpg_project-b….jpg)

Found this thing.

Interested in what I could do with it.


Worth it? Doubt it. Maybe 20-30$ It can be programmed to be an encryption co-processor.


File: f5e108051a73d0b⋯.jpg (138.12 KB, 1148x917, 164:131, f5e108051a73d0b2c615b750ed….jpg)

i want to get some nice headphones. how do i even begin searching? there seems to be alot of overpriced shit i have to dig through. I think i remember being some sort of headphone searching website thing that was really good but i forget what it was called. anyone have this website or any other good way to find nice headphones that arent cheap crap over overpriced crap?




JVC Gumy or Riptidz, don't waste money on expensive junk. The sound quality on them is awesome, bass is great, price is right.


my Netgear N900 just shorted out and died on me, need a fairly cheap replacement, any recommendations?

Ive so far looked into it and found these as good replacements but am unsure.

- NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750

-ASUS Wireless-AC1700

-D-Link AC1200

-ASUS Dual-Band 2x2 AC1300



He said headphones, not earbuds.



earbuds are cheaper and produce the same thing, whatever

all I'm saying is, I've proven it with my own hearing, people waste too much money on expensive junk when they can get the same results out of inexpensive products.



If it works for you, great, but I find earbuds very uncomfortable.


Is there a thinkpad which is supported by libreboot, has a sim card slot and can run qubes?



Get an X230 and flash it with coreboot.



>Get an X230 and flash it with coreboot.

Thanks but I want libreboot




Because it completely gets rid of ME, or so I've read


Speaking of flashing firmware, a friend is asking if I want anything for my birthday. Are there any caveats to the BeagleBoneBlack I should be aware of before asking him? Is there a different tool I should use instead of it to flash for libreboot?



I think the BeagleBone Green is cheaper and fully compatible. I haven't used it myself though.



Did you brick the firmware that was on there? Unless you're locked out of the BIOS, you should be able to flash directly from the computer.


Bought a Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub from Amazon. Now, about a year later, it continually connects and disconnects. Windows keeps giving me error messages.



The question is, what is your recommended usb hub.



Sorry, I'm not the same anon. I was only asking because that's what the libreboot site recommends using.

I still haven't managed to get my mitts on the actual ThinkPad yet. Been looking on craiglist through a public computer, but all the normalniggers there are unresponsive. Almost managed to get a hold of one seller but the faggot gave shitty directions and I couldn't find the meeting place. I asked him for more clear directions and the faggot badgered me for a phone number. Fuck that glow in the dark shit.


File: ef4363f9b2d4fc4⋯.png (11.13 KB, 515x233, 515:233, ClipboardImage.png)

I'd like a recommendation for some new parts.I would like to slowly change or add different parts and id like to start with a gpu, i was thinking of a 570 or a 580. any advice on a cpu to look into eventually? I'd like to keep it fairly low budget, CDN sucks for tech



If your CPU is bottlenecking to get that hot with a 750 Ti, I'd replace that first. 750 Ti is alright if you don't mind turning down settings. I don't think that CPU would even handle a 570.

I'd recommend a Ryzen 5, but a 3 might not be so bad if you don't have the budget for it.



>>1048001I'll look into that, thank you



>to get that hot

AMD apus have fucked up temp sensors that many readers dont take account for.

if it's reading the sensors I think it is, that's either 52 or 62c


File: c8a49a28d7da7f0⋯.png (220.9 KB, 477x477, 1:1, cover.png)

can you lads show me a decent laptop? I can only find absolute garbage out there. I looked at the Ideapad 330s, 1TB, 8gb ram, ryzen 5 2500u, nice IPS HD screen: but I've read it has issues with linux. Can anyone rec something relatively new, with good enough specs to occasionally fire up TF2 or CS:S, and works well with linux? can't afford an XPS13 or a wahwey gookbook. max budget is like 500USD. Cheers cunts


File: 2a1b3389ab727b0⋯.jpg (42.68 KB, 500x430, 50:43, 1550771472910.jpg)

normie here who need a new phone, i have no idea what or rooting works or any of that other bullshit, point me in a direction



first part you change should be the operating system


All consumer laptops are fucking garbage designed to fuck your shit up and coerce you into frequent "upgrades" (throwing out the old and dropping another thou on a new)

t. works at best buy

you should either get a modded chinkpad or support one of the companies shipping lignux prebuilts like system76 or purism


The Surface Go is a fucking joke, that price for a fucking pentium and 4GB RAM not including the keyboard. What the fuck is wrong with you. Even my Microsoft rep refuses to sell them




kill yourself



>The Surface Go is a fucking joke

what's a good alternative then?



stuffing baseballs into your asshole one at a time for five hours



another quality post



may as well torture yourself with bamboo slivers up your fingernails than use that abomination. I was forced to use one at university for some classes (I didn't buy one), and it was always a fucking pain to do the simplest tasks. The keyboard is horrendous and has no travel, the trackpad was insanely small and unresponsive and the touch screen was a fucking gimmick causing more troubles than it's worth. Not to mention having to use fucking windows. Just get a thinkpad and be done with.


yeah you're right. I can't decide between desktop or laptop though. I think a laptop is more sensible because I will be moving countries at the end of the year, but at the same time I don't want to get fucked by getting something underpowered where I could just buy a nice ryzen 5 rig on the cheap..... and I don't want a chinkpad because intel-aviv


What's a laptop with a decent Vidya card for mining crypto? I can let it mine at my work and use their juice for twelve hours a day. Would prefer something with an and CPU. Not a fan of jewtel.


where to purchase smartphone components in the uk?



The internet



>Is there a thinkpad which is supported by libreboot, has a sim card slot and can run qubes?

Nobody knows?



no, qubes will only run on x220, T420 etc.. so coreboot

libreboot only supports Core2Duo (some quad also) era series so x200, T400 etc..

you can install a mpcie 3G card but it is non free and will load a big fuckin jewish blob, defeats the point of using libreboot entirely.

Anyway, libreboot sucks ass (and is operated by a lazy tranny)


I've only used a laptop for years and I want an okay-ish desktop computer. I've been weighing two options:

A) Make my own new computer with new parts


B) Buy a mid-2010s computer from my friend. It has an Intel i7 920 CPU, no GPU, and this thing for the motherboard:


It comes in a really huge Coolermaster case and it makes a horrible grinding noise when it turns on (I think one of the fans is fucked) but manages to run Windows 7, albeit slowly. Also it said that the AHCI bios wasn't installed when he turned it on for the first time in years. I'm guessing that these problems are pretty fixable with a little research and that refurbishing this computer and adding an entry-level GPU would cost less than buying a new computer. I'm worried about the motherboard though.

Should I take B and for how much? I told him my price for it would depend on the components inside and he was chill with that.



the 920 is still okayish and can OC like a beast, I'd just be worried about longevity considering the system is from a decade ago.

that's not even taking into account things that it lacks; UEFI, USB3.x, it's intel, SATA6gbs (huge SSD bottleneck), heat output A lot!, a warranty, triple channel memory, slowdown from those recent exploits.

I'd build new, or just newer.



Why wouldnt it run on x200 and t400?

A non-free sim slot, as you said, defeats the purpose.



latter is most likely, anon probably did the free upgrade to 10 and the HDD pissed itself a couple months later. Happened to a latitude D320 I had a while ago.



The 920 is over 10 years old. I wouldn't pay money for that system. You can get an i5 Optiplex 9010 for around $100 on ebay. Used office computers are the only kind I buy now.


Modern Qubes requires VT-x and VT-d. VT-d is used for driver domains.


File: 65b96aab6935a0d⋯.jpg (93.86 KB, 576x815, 576:815, 65b96aab6935a0d9884e16f98d….jpg)

Looking for a VPN + SOCKS5 proxy. No logs & torrent-friendly is a must.

Fast speeds (at least in burgerland) are important.

Cryptocurrency support is a plus, but not strictly necessary.

I'm assuming most of the popular or well-known stuff is pozzed, but I've heard Private Internet Access, IP Vanish, etc meet my primary criteria.

Just curious if anyone has testimonials or experience and can comment before I actually commit.


is there a free open source app that can turn my old iPhone into a webcam or at least an IP camera?



Either your friend is a retard or he thinks you're a retard


>no logs

Absolutely unprovable, a matter of trust in the social dynamic to keep them on their best behavior.

I had good times with Mullvad a few years ago and they seemed to go out of their way to performatively care about your privacy (you could get a no-account membership with crypto or snail-mailed USD) but I haven't checked in a while. lifehack: start a business and do everything through onprem hardware





Thank you guys for the advice. It sounds like it would be a good idea to buy a much more recent secondhand office computer and slap a GPU in it.



So I can't have both qubes and libreboot (at least for now). Then would you recommend any other laptop?


Don't ever go with IPVanish. PIA is trying really hard to look good but it is based in diabetesland which makes it instantly pozzed. All vpns are offering just privacy by policy (not by design), because you don't know what they are doing on their servers. So if you want to use a vpn, your best bet is making sure you are paying the hardest possible way to track and maybe chain a few different vpns (or add tor, though some people may disagree on that)



x220 is fine, flash coreboot with stripped down ME, and a nice payload to go with it. Make sure to remove camera (if any), mic, sound card and do not use sim card at all.

Make sure to replace the junk Intel wlan card with something better and free (Atheros for example)

There is not much else if you want a comfy laptop and use Qubes.

Other option are retarded and expensive as fuck :


Otherwise, a libreboot'ed x200 running an Aryan operating system (OpenBSD) is a good option.



Is there a vendor selling them with coreboot (and replaced wlan card possibly) preinstalled? And what's wrong with using a (prepaid) sim instead of my normal internet?



There are no free 3G/4G card available afaik. They all operate with proprietary junk, just like any phone, smartphone. There is no point to use a coreboot'ed machine if you're going to put aids in it. As someone said above,, it defeats the purpose entirely.

Why do you need that specifically ? Living on countryside

You have : http://www.zerocat.org/coreboot-machines.html

and https://store.vikings.net/libre-friendly-hardware

for example

But prices are crazy.. Better acquire the flashing equipment and DIY. It is really easy anyway. (And I don't have electronic background)

I paid 100$ for the flashing equipment (and this is because I've bought an hot air station to upgrade chips) and then 60$ for a x200, 80$ for a x220.


Are Arnold Schwarzenegger PHDs real ?!


File: 569646b1d32c47e⋯.png (200.48 KB, 692x390, 346:195, 71E97183-7610-4AD0-9AD2-FB….png)

What tube amplifier should I get for use with a laptop when docked at home? I use David Clark headsets so it would be a plus if it can accept a mic jack too.


File: b9ae5445227f902⋯.png (27.66 KB, 322x268, 161:134, serveimage.png)

Best place to buy a raspberry pi 3 with raspbian sd card that isn't from China(?) I just want to receive it faster (ideally a US seller).



MicroCenter sells them for $30. That SD card will eventually become corrupt after pulling the power so many times. You'll wanna get a USB SD/μSD reader as well. I'm assuming that's why you want a Raspbian flashed card.



> raspbian sd card

you can flash it yourself.



Thanks. And no it has to be a flash card, I'm following specific instructions to attempt to accomplish something.


I know, but people sell em flashed, saves me time.



A PCI Express capture card, with OBS to handle the AV capture and initial encoding. You get deinterlacing functions, so the quality is alright. Since you're archiving, DEFINITELY get yourself the fanciest deck you can find, and refurbish it. New belts (cheaper than penny candy), white lithium grease, cleaning, and in extreme cases, re-capping. You don't want your archives to be full of needless video and audio noise, do you?

I'm in the process of building a new system, as my 12 year old computer is showing its age more every month. At the moment, it's a toss-up between a Ryzen 5 2400G APU, or a 2600 CPU. With the former, the video functions are superior to my R9 280X, but I may not be able to use two monitors with just that, and with the latter, I would have to carry over my existing video card, at least temporarily. In either case, I'm at a loss for a good board, and I would prefer as many PCIe slots as possible, that WON'T be blocked by the damn video card(s) if installed.



>but I may not be able to use two monitors with just that

I have a 2400G and no issues to drive 2x monitors (1920x1200)



Even my 10 years old intel 4500mhd (on G43 chipset) is able to drive two monitors actually. I don't play games though.



Thanks for the confirmation. I didn't want to assume a board with an HDMI and DVI port would support two monitors like my 280X does, and getting this information out in the wild is like pulling a tiger's teeth with rubber pliers. Assumption is the mother of all fuckups, as they say.

Any recommendations on a motherboard? I don't play modern AAA games, so it's not like I'll be crying about not getting 120fps in PUBG or some garbage. I mainly try to use as many expansion cards and USB devices as possible, mainly for media transcoding (capture, archival, et cetera).


File: 609dc2ab0fba2f9⋯.jpg (834.1 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, msimortar.jpg)


You're welcome, I'm using a MSI Mortar Titanium, it is Micro ATX since I have a Fractal Mini case. I've bought it because I needed the two pcie-x16 slots. (For a RAID card and a TV tuner)

Great board overall, with a nice layout. Hard to be disappointed, it was a huge upgrade for me as I was using an eleven years old motherboard previously with a x5460.

Well, sometimes I play games but only retro gaming stuff so I can't really comment on that but I can finally play PS2 / GC games now. Not having the need to put a GPU (and sacrifice a pcie slot) is also great.


File: b9c8fd3b3cfa161⋯.jpg (3.03 MB, 1836x3264, 9:16, IMG_20160512_005946.jpg)


Ye've my gratitude again. I've never had an MSI board, but I've never heard horror stories about them. I'll look for something in its family, preferably ATX, as I'm hooked on larger tower cases. This is going to be a massive step up from a Core 2 Quad and DDR2.


Linux is a shit. I love Windows. Hail Bill Gates. I side with the joos.


I remember someone saying once that nvidia is worse then amd when it comes to vulkan/gallium because it emulates vulkan in software.

Is this true?


I want to buy a graphics card for my pc. I want to play games on Steam.

This is my PC: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05737506

Which of this graphics card is better for my pc:

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti OC Low Profile 4GB GDDR5 128 Bit PCI-E Graphic Card (GV-N105TOC-4GL)

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 OC Low Profile 2GB GDDR5 128 Bit PCI-E Graphic Card (GV-N1050OC-2GL)

If there is a better option, I would like to know.

If you haven't already guessed I know next to nothing about this stuff. Any help will be appreciated.



1050 ti is better. there are better graphics cards but they get more expensive, it depends on your budget.


File: 6c224c6de2ece41⋯.jpg (134.27 KB, 637x993, 637:993, 1549312500660.jpg)

my computer lags when playing 4k or 1080p@60 fps videos, what should i do?

>inb4 buy a new comuter.



Buy a new comuter. If you're talking about youtube videos in a browser, try downloading them first and playing them back with mpc-hc


Are those internet tv boxes any good? My boomer parents are paying almost $200 a month on tv.



no i'm talking about mp4 videos

they work fine on my tablet which has an Atom cpu way less powerful then my desktop's.




*build* a new computer



Yeah my dad owned two HP laptops and they both broke within a year or two and he's been using his trust MacBook Pro since like 2012.



Build a new comuter


Chromium alternatives:

I'm running iridium on Arch Linux and, as recommended by some people on the linux community, I should enable user namespaces for unprivileged apps. Arch wiki explains that this options is disable by default*. So, how this affect security of my system? Istead of doing this, should run iridium --no-sandbox with firejail be enought ?

* https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/security#Sandboxing_applications




That list is garbage for a variety of reasons. They shouldn't have even tried.



>Internal 180 W PSU

you may need a more powerful PSU, just keep that in mind.


Any recommendations on a low profile battery holder for game boy carts? I'm replacing some CR 2025 batteries, but I may as well install a better long-term solution than taping or soldering in a new battery. I've seen people suggest CR 2016 holders because they're smaller and fit more easily, but I saw a low profile 2025 holder recently I'd prefer to use if possible. I just can't find the link for some reason. If a 2032 holder is somehow able to fit that would be even better, but a 2032 battery barely fits even when soldered in.

On that note, what's some good soldering equipment for someone who will just do occasional small electronics repairs and not much else?



A hot air gun


File: bdb8fdbe289e7ec⋯.jpg (106.94 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, Dell_Precision_5810.jpg)


Hey guys, I need a workhorse PC (autocad) that can also handle some fairly intensive gaming (simulators, openworld)

My budget is $1000-$1500

pic related is what my school uses, what are some better options? Doesn't need to be overkill.



build a system.





Any advice on mp3 players? Seems like most have been stripped back and lost features. Many of which were useful (play all in a folder for example)


File: b0169fc3e22d9a3⋯.jpeg (63.52 KB, 700x700, 1:1, fk1 .jpeg)

I have an old white logo Zowie FK1, and I'm looking to get a new mouse because they the white mouse wheel looks rancid and double clicks. Otherwise I love it, although it could be a bit wider, so I'm looking at an FK1+ to replace it.

Do the new BenQ ones have the same plastic finish as the old one? I've tried an EC1A and sent it back because it felt subpar compared to my old one.

Are there any other mice with adjustable DPI that don't need drivers that have comparable ergonomics? the low profile really suits my grip.


which android app is allow transaction / buying cryptocurrency with google play balance? i needed it for bit domains


My G700s starts to age, what is a good replacement for it?


>At least equal sensor

>Long battery life

>RGB doesn't matter longer battery life is better

Is the G900s worth it? The new mice look like trashy RGB shit and I'm a person who spend 300 € for RGB fans. They have less buttons. Money isn't a huge issue as long as it can keep a power user like me happy for another six years.





g pro wireless


File: 58e718fe9b735b9⋯.jpg (97.23 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 1552764509838.jpg)

i'm looking for a cheap (under $200) DSLR to use as webcam/vlog.



webcam as in for streaming? i've heard they're not great for that.

panasonic micro four thirds cameras are great for video and have swiveling screens for vlogging, you can easily get a used one.



can you give me a specific model? pls



Lumix G6 maybe, depends on your local used market.

Check ebay



actually scratch all that, do you need the ability to change lenses or take photos?



no, i just want somthing that looks good, not a shitty webcam quality



There are a lot of options in between your shitty laptop webcam and a big boy camera. Anything that either works as a webcam or outputs clean HDMI should be suitable for streaming.



good dynamic range

35mm focal length

can use it for live streams (USB)




What are you wanting to stream?



my face, mostly.


File: c0de2d5b914938e⋯.jpg (141.68 KB, 1420x698, 710:349, WGU.jpg)

I want to major in computer science. Anybody here have experience with western governors university?



I just looked it up and WGU is an online university. Why would you do that? You can go to a recognized university and you won't have to constantly explain why you chose WGU to every person/employer you meet. Even normal unis have online courses, you could probably do the majority of your studies online anyways. At first I thought that WGU was a """university""" of phoenix type deal, not a good impression if you can do better.


File: 15badf2f8dbbc60⋯.jpg (21.57 KB, 295x300, 59:60, 60ed7fb7fc5ad4190e17ea7916….jpg)

Does anyone have a good guide for parts to use in a NAS? My external hard drive is starting to croak and I want to actually start backing up my stuff with raid instead of jbod.

I know about freeNAS, it's just the build that I need some advice with.




>every single recommended system is "israel" inside

Just fuck off



Thank you. I'll look through the paper.


Is 1440p on a 27" diagonal acceptable for a desktop monitor, or will UI elements and text (non-scaled from default, as it more or less sucks in pretty much every OS) be way too small for comfort? Is 1920x1200 on 24" a better option?



>completely gets rid of ME

Literally not possible on any consumer system made in almost a decade.



>The ancient netbook I'm using now can barely run firefox

Pentium III performance ftw (but hey, it's not vulnerable to Meltdown)

>the tiny window

1024x800 outghtta be enuff for anybody I guess

>Also I want to be able to disable secureboot or any faggotry like that

Better just stick to the ME-free netbook




As opposed to 1440i I imagine


Any great introductory books I can read about computer science/programming that aren't textbooks?



Not really. The 'p' suffix just makes it clear that the number represents a vertical screen resolution.




Lel, 1024x600 obviously, pardon the brainfart



If your skin is too rich in melanin to type out the full resolution just say 2k or 2.5k



CODE by Charles Petzold might be of interest. It's more about concepts rather than practical stuff (you can go ahead and dabble in assembly on your own though once you're past half of the book) and it's almost two decades old, it's a great read nevertheless.


File: 881db809a19b577⋯.jpg (74.13 KB, 1000x604, 250:151, 614Xxo1jMrL._SL1000_.jpg)

File: 4ec1c7e615751cd⋯.jpg (24.13 KB, 455x500, 91:100, 41lKSThO2SL.jpg)

File: 6c28f5e5c375b36⋯.jpg (47 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 206271.jpg)

Looking for a new wireless keyboard, has anybody tried the Logitech K270, Lenovo Professional Wireless or Cherry KW2000?



>wireless keyboard

for what reason



2k is marketing bullshit that doesn't mean anything in particular.


They all look equally unappealing. Ditch the keypad and get one with a trackpad like the Logitech K400+. If this is for desktop use, get a real keyboard you fucking monster.



Is there any desktop keyboard available equipped with a Thinkpad-style trackpoint?



Neither does 1440 with the ultrawide meme gaining ground



>2k is marketing bullshit that doesn't mean anything in particular.

This. Also, vertical resolution almost always implies the horizontal one (e.g. 1080p or 1200p imply 1920 px/line, 1440p implies 2560 px/line, etc.)


>ultrawide meme

Anyone who speaks of ultrawide is expected to be explicit about it, otherwise 16:9 or 16:10 is safe to be assumed 99.5% of the time.



Lenovo sells USB Thinkpad keyboards. Unicomp sells a proper keyboard with a trackpoint. Not sure if it's any good.



Quickly putting it away for cleaning and when I need desk space for handwriting, but I guess I have better options with removable cables.



That doesn't change the facts that using the progressive scan suffix is superfluous and that using the k notation is more correct.



Still dodging the actual question. Are desktop monitors with PPI larger than 100 tolerable (if no UI scaling is used, as it suck ass), or will it just cause you to squint and fuck up your eyesight?



just get a board with a removable cable.



Eyesight gets fucked by keeping the same focal length for too long, squinting has fuck all to do with that.



I'll read that, thank you.


File: 6b60584605da838⋯.jpg (35.4 KB, 549x368, 549:368, 6b60584605da838af21ec8443c….jpg)

Hey /tach/, I've been reading this on the internet lately but I'm not sure about it: Are hapas superior to whites?



No, only Armenians are superior to whites


What are some good ways of getting rid of old computer parts? For example, I have a power supply, motherboard, etc. that are all still functional, but I don't really have a use for. Do I sell them? If so, where is the best place to do so?



The Yoda II. I had it for two weeks and returned it. It just didn't work right like my chinkpad.


Is a Orinoco Gold PCMIA WLAN card of any practical interest/use nowadays, or is it a relic item? Supposedly it only supports 802.11b?



It's practical if you're trying to build a computer to run an old OS to run old software.



Ok, so it's a relic item essentially.



11b/g have better reception if you're trying to connect at a large distance (few miles).


ebay if US


File: f69043d93f8cbfa⋯.jpg (12.66 KB, 432x344, 54:43, 281155919.a4tech-n-70fx.jpg)


It's pretty easy to fix switches. Just spray paint over the white color.

>Are there any other mice with adjustable DPI that don't need drivers that have comparable ergonomics? the low profile really suits my grip.

I'd suggest a4tech n70-fx.

Not the best mice but it's not that bad. If you want the best dpi look for 'sunplus' on it's specs. It's the best final sensor ever. Sadly it's the nobrand chink mice that have them usually and big brands DON'T and profit off of worse/cheap sensors.


Is it worth buying a old i5/i7 server refurbs when specdown fucks its performance completely and it doesn't support every GPU (bios lockdown) or is it much worth building a new ryzen desktop?

I'm not very inclined when it comes to desktop, what's a good minimal ATX board for ryzen? I heard I should be looking for am4 but I don't know where to start.




depends. they usually claim never to share to third parties but share them to first party company who owns them like google :^).

they also are obliged to share unlimited access to LEA and governments but keep in mind even the tech corporations are right now part of that 'government' and there's also stuff happening under the table.

if you strictly want privacy go with a tourist SIM card and modem for everything social/shopping or whatever links back to your plain identity.

Doing stuff that you don't want linked to you, you'll need anonymity. Most VPNs are complete sellout. Notice the p in VPN is private. It's for privacy, not for anonymity. If you want complete anonymity you have to rebuild the infrastructure from ground up and it must be something that govs won't have official access over it, like say reverse SSH shadowsocks + other obscuring methods, like what chinks do in China where gov monitors online activity day and night and block access outside the great firewall.



>11b/g have better reception if you're trying to connect at a large distance (few miles).

But if the card is just 802.11b, will it be even compatible with anything else (such as g or n, let alone ac etc.)? Hardly any use in it if it can detect just b networks, is there.


What about Ethernet chips designed by Lattice Semiconductor (such as https://www.latticesemi.com/en/Products/DesignSoftwareAndIP/IntellectualProperty/IPCore/IPCores01/TriSpeedEthernetMAC)? botnet?


Whatcha sliding Chaim?


Fuck off moshe.


Heil Israel


Europeons need to burn in a tar-pit. Disgusting


These are our enemies. Why are we supporting them?


I love Donald Trump! Heil Israel MIGA 2020!!!




Yeah, right, and the moon is made of cheese.


I love Donald Trump! Heil Israel MIGA 2020!!!


Why is there so much racism in this thread?



Fuck off rabbi


File: 905df24ff542ac6⋯.webm (2.48 MB, 512x512, 1:1, 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Squa….webm)

I'm looking for a cheap PC for gaming, but I don't care about anything released after 2012. Where are some good places to look around, and most importantly what price should I expect to pay? Should I be building my own or just trying to snag something used?

I'm shooting for something with 8GB ram, 1GB+ graphics card, decent processor.



and to clarify by anything, I meant games, not computers or parts or anything like that


File: 56acfb5a8b6cded⋯.jpg (26.49 KB, 342x342, 1:1, 51qcgs7gpLL._SX342_.jpg)

I might have to start managing a small team of developers, software deployment and infrastructure, but I'm not up to date on current practices and technologies.

Any recommended literature on DevOps, or should I avoid the meme altogether?



The Practice of System and Network Administration by Limoncelli


If I wanted a "all in one" phone or tablet, what would you guys recommend? I'm going back to school and I'm thinking of just getting a new phone with a Bluetooth keyboard and using that for everything rather than lugging my old laptop around.

Side note, has anyone here looked into the Ubuntu Touch OS, and if so what were your thoughts?


Is there any 5.25" card reader worth recommending? It seems like almost all are 3.5". Was looking at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xT-JH_NdIk but a lot of comments say it's a piece of shit which breaks memory cards. Anything actually good and reliable out there?



just get a 3.5" to 5.25" bracket



How often are you using memory cards? Most people should invest in a decent USB card reader.


Are the modern unicomp buckling spring keyboards any good?



But a 5.25" device has the potential of being more functional due to more space available for connectors. Aren't there any good 5.25" all-in-one card readers with USB ports, audio connectors etc.?

Anyway it's a bit ironic given that 3.5" bays were intended for floppy drives which have fallen out of use long ago.


That's like saying that it's better to have a USB optical drive rather than one installed in to the case. Do you believe that an external peripheral device must be better than an internal component device?


File: 894ef4e4726ac22⋯.jpg (136.65 KB, 1340x754, 670:377, Fxtec-Pro-1-angle-view-ope….jpg)

GPD MicroPC or wait for the F(x)tec?





No just get the GPD and install real Linux on it Or stick with Windows 10 which is still better than Androidshit



To be fair I also need a new phone, i'm still using a N900 and it's really slow.



You really only need to send like 150 dollars max on an Android phone that can browse the internet and shit decently nowadays


I want a ThinQ G7 and for some reason it is $200 cheaper to buy stock than from the T-mobile store. Other than swapping SIM cards would I need to do anything else to make it work?

Is this a good value/dollar phone? I can afford a more expensive one but I don't do much other than google maps, meetup and bumble


Anyone know any good and affordable tools for composing music? Mainly hardware side? I have trouble getting into some programs just using mouse and keyboard; it feels like I need something tactile.

I'd mainly be composing techno-style stuff.



octacore, 4gb, qhd, $400

yes its good

search around if you can get it a little cheaper


So after about a decade my PSU died. what are some good brands or models in the 500W-600W range these days?


Best tablet for reading manga? I got rid of my 4-5 year old Oneplus One last year and switched to a dumbphone, but I really miss being able to lie on my side in bed and read manga.

Are tablets even still at thing?

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