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File: 9cd31551fedf586⋯.png (4.65 KB, 200x200, 1:1, dollarsign.png)


Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.


File: d9b9f8ab308702d⋯.jpg (22.28 KB, 510x344, 255:172, kb600qd-angled-cc-510x344.jpg)

Is the Kinesis Advantage2 the single best keyboard on the market?

>Ergonomic, conforms to resting hand position


All the other ergonomic keyboards aren't nearly as conformative to the hand as this is, at least that's the way it seems.



I have one, and it's excellent. I prefer the model with linear switches. The only other keyboard I'd consider using is the dactyl-manuform.



fuck around with it on audacity,

pitch-speed-reverb-distortion-flanger, etc...



dedicated storage for music, extend the battery life of your phone. Physical buttons.

Sound quality may improve if you spend a lot of money on a dap (imo, from 400€) and have the earphones that fits this quality. It's not especially needed considering a mp3 is meant to listen to music on the go. Better spend your money on actual speakers



>click on "the latest from Samsung"

>sends you to search results for "Apple"

Jesus fucking Christ


is a 1tb type-c thumbdrive worth buying at 350$? w400MB/s r500MB/s, decent 4k capability and all that



What I've thought recently is that flash drives aren't worth it much at all, largely considering how frail they are. Portable SSDs have much higher carrying capacities, are more durable, and I think they have higher speeds too, all the while still fitting in your pocket.


Heyas. I'm trying to find a tablet-type device that I can use to watch anime and read manga. I don't care if it can connect to internet or anything. Just want to load up an SD card with some media and plug it in. Surely a device like that must be cheap, right? But all I can find is shitty expensive botnet, or chink shit that breaks in a few weeks. Is there no anime/manga viewing device for under $100 that actually works, and isn't Google/Amazon botnet? (Or at least, if it's something like that, can it be modified to respect muh freedoms?)

Some considerations I'm looking for:

-Good battery life

-Expandable storage (base doesn't really matter, as long as I can plug in an SD card or something similar)

-Preferably touch controlled

-Decent capabilities for reading lots of manga

-Decent capabilities for video playback



I don't see what the advantage of these type of keyboards is compared to traditional keyboards?


File: ead7532e4e26a73⋯.png (169.4 KB, 511x427, 73:61, Key.Wrst_.Deviation.png)


It's mechanical, so the response times are better and whatnot, and it's ergonomic meaning it's comfier and gives you faster type types. Some fingers are longer than others and so you always have to tense up your fingers when using a regular keyboard.

Take your hand and just set it down in a resting position. The home row keys should correspond to each of your fingers in that position, which isn't what happens in a non-ergonomic keyboard. This particular one is both mechanical and ergonomic, and as far as I've seen, it has the best ergonomics of any keyboard.


my SM-t320 fits that bill, but I wouldn't recommend it because of the charging issues this model, and some other samshit devices or this era, have.

just try to find an android device that has a 2k screen and decent ROM support, should be easy if you dig through XDA. I run mine on lineage without gapps, it's pretty damn good for manga.



fuck. meant for >>985583





Find a used Sandy Bridge i7 desktop, and then buy a modern GPU, new PSU, SSD, and a better heatsink. Finding them for good prices online is hard, so look on craigslist.



Thanks. I've spent a while looking and concluded under $100 is probably impossible, so I upped my budget. (Also holy fuck, there are so many absolutely shit tablets.) Now I'm between the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" (SM-T580) and Amazon's Fire HD 10. Leaning towards the Fire tablet, mostly because it's $100 cheaper. Obviously I don't want to use Amazon's shitty apps but the tablet itself looks like it would suit my purposes just fine. Seems like it's possible to do custom OS on both. Any thoughts?



>tfw work at a conservation corp so I get this shit for free

Feels good man


File: 6dbb0a5b8d870d7⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 534x443, 534:443, 1418365215692.jpg)

What are some good alternatives to adafruit.com for purchasing things like Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone single board computers and their accessories?



unless you're a poorfag that wants headaches, I'd avoid amazon. amazons tablets still run 5.1.x, locked bootloader, amazon bloatware, etc. not that some samshit doesn't have it's own fair amount of issues with knox, touchjizz, funding worst korea, and whatever else.

the sm-t580 looks alright spec wise, if it has TWRP, or equivalent, and active rom support it'd be nice. I've also had luck with the LG g pad 7.0, the newer ones might be worth looking into.

>under $100 is probably impossible

check local listings like craigslist, I grabbed my sm-t320 for $80



Is $100 per year good for 100 GB + 2 TB per month?


Which laptops below are better?

>HP Compaq 8200 Elite All-in-One PC

>HP Elitebook 840 G1



>TOSHIBA DynaBook Satellite R634



NordVPN and PIA are the best VPNs to use.



According to https://thatoneprivacysite.net/vpn-comparison-chart/​, CryptoStorm and Mullvad are the two best ones, with Mullvad seemingly being the better one of the two.


I want to upgrade my PS3 to a SSD, but I want to get one with good garbage collection because the PS3 doesn't support trim. Any good recommendations?


Things I like about my phone:

Looking for a new phone. I have an Alcatel Ideal 4GB - just about anything would be an upgrade at this point. Looking to spend less than $150 if possible.

Small form factor. I can fit it in a pocket and sit down without worrying about it.

Headphone jack.

Home/Back buttons seperate from screen.


Price - Got this one for $10.

Things I dislike about my phone:

Slow. Even powering from idle takes a few seconds.

Lack of RAM. Sometimes I can't upload photos to Twitter because of low RAM.

Lack of storage. I have three apps (besides the stock ones) on it, and can now no longer update apps due to lack of internal storage.



ps3 is sata1.5, just get a big modern HDD


get and SD card and strip it down.




You'll still get better speeds from a SSD, plus less heat. and I have the money to blow on it



plus more battery life too for l33t sk33t hackering where you take the laptop portably and hold it in one hand while typing on it with the other while hunched over it deviously as you wear a skimask.



Steal a laptop with dedicated GPU too so you can play Runescape you degenerate faggot.


File: 587d0679d9b0ddf⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 300x169, 300:169, hacking.gif)


They're not talking about a laptop learn to read faggot


Is buying a refurbished cisco switch a bad idea?


File: f94c66e3102d2c4⋯.jpg (24.67 KB, 368x368, 1:1, Ultimate Zelda.jpg)

I'm looking for a good torrent, but don't know what criteria to look for, do you guys have any suggestions and/or advice?



well, you know, you gotta tell us for what type of media you are looking for.

wtf hahaha



Cisco anything is a bad idea because they come with government backdoors and horribly outdated encryption.

A high quality simulator might be more valuable if it's for the certs.


Rate this build


Already have 32 gigs of DDR3, a 250gb SSD and a wireless chip sitting around. The guys at microcenter didn't see anything wrong with it.

Also if anyone has a case they'd like to specifically recommend I'm all ears.


File: 58abc7a4157ccba⋯.gif (8 MB, 405x270, 3:2, 4d2b45f4d6a7eacb70d652c4dc….gif)


You don't need a processor that strong for a gpu that mid range. Is money an issue? If yes, tone it down to an 1800x, if not, or you're planning workstation projects, keep the current GPU, if gaming exclusively, then just get an NVIDIA 1070 or something.



>The guys at microcenter didn't see anything wrong with it.

Throw a molotov at them because Ryzen doesn't support DDR3.


Can someone recommend me a good toilet paper that won't spy on my asshole?



The RX 580 is essentially a refresh of the RX 480--get that instead. Personally I'd up your power supply to 650W. Also, If you waited a few months you could probably get the FlareX 3200 memory for 199$. As the other guy said, you probably don't need 8c/16t unless you're using Gentoo and compiling very often.




Money's a consideration but I can stretch a few hundred. Most the games & work I do is CPU heavy, but if there's that much of a disparity I may take your guy's advice, especially if I'm downgrading on RAM.


>Ryzen doesn't support DDR3

That's.. really good to know. Guess I'm going with 16 gigs of DDR4 then now.

Thanks guys



Pajeets use their hands


I need a smartwatch that can secretly record everything and save it to my phone (Bluetooth works)

Does it exist?


File: 2a57c10b1082c63⋯.jpg (84.8 KB, 1061x629, 1061:629, openmailbox_145211_full.jpg)

File: cc4d026d03a618e⋯.jpg (109.41 KB, 608x800, 19:25, fuck my shit up charlie.jpg)

does anyone know a good email client? Fucking openmailbox has been down since september, no warning at all just gone. Ideally i'm looking for a client that has the same interface as openmailbox.

god I feel like such a fucking retard



I just switched from thunderbird to evolution fucking mozzila fucked up another one of their products. It's working alright for me so far


File: 8f50016043097e3⋯.jpg (249.52 KB, 1600x864, 50:27, s-l1600.jpg)

File: 817ace87169dc98⋯.png (123.7 KB, 340x316, 85:79, j1aAP.png)

File: cb17a01ab3097d1⋯.jpg (118.7 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 71DG-DdlSiL._SL1500_.jpg)

I have an SSD from an EeePC 901 or something first pic. This pics from ebay but mine is the same except for having more flash soldered on. As best I can tell it's a Mini PCIe SSD that is not mSATA despite having exactly complementary connectors.

I'm hoping to connect it to my desktop. Would I just need to get a passive Mini PCIe to PCIe adapter like pic 2 or 3?



why would you want to do that


I need a USB-serial adapter based on CP2104 or CH341 chips to flash u-boot on something. Anyone know where to order or buy one in burger without getting hit with it being stuck in customs for a month or two?



Why would I want an SSD in my desktop machine?



Try this search engine:




Why wouldn't you?


File: 9680eb68eec74d8⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, Box Top.JPG)

File: e00616e2a88080f⋯.jpg (2.87 MB, 2576x3812, 644:953, Top & Bottom Factory Seals.JPG)

File: 5eb612e7cc1b097⋯.jpg (2.53 MB, 4248x1932, 354:161, Side-Crinkling.jpg)

I ordered a Galaxy S8 over the mail a bit ago but the box came damaged. I'm worried I would be liable for fixing it if i break the factory seals and it's broken.

Do you guys think I should open it?



What the fuck kind of question is that anon? What's your alternative to opening it?


I want to buy a router for OpenWRT. OpenWRT because I'm sick of everything. I want a no-bullshit router that OpenWRT can be easily installed on, supports the latest wpa2 standard (I forgot what it's called, but you know what I mean), and strong enough to guarantee a network connection strong enough to travel to the edges of your average suburban floor plan, so maybe 10 meters radius at minimum with drywall in between? I don't know, but definitely not any of that cheap tp-link chink shit (unless they have a product line that I don't know about that's well-documented on the wiki). I'm willing to pay up to 100 USD.

If you have a trustworthy, recent resource that I can look over that reviews that kind of stuff, I'm good with that, too. If you're using something yourself that has OpenWRT and you'd like to shill, please tell me about it.


Where should I go to get the stuff to flash an x200 with libreboot? Preferably in person stores that you find in the US? I have a raspberry pi, i just don't have the SOIC.



I'm looking for an android that doesn't require me to flash a custom OS to root it, and ideally is between 5.5-7"

I liked my Nexus 6 but it has died


what's a good place to check the EOL of androids?


File: 523081c91f73824⋯.jpg (10.84 KB, 240x240, 1:1, Hai.jpg)


Sending it back and ordering a new one.



Welp I bought a LG G7 ThinQ

I hope it roots without having to flash a sketchy custom os



Throw that gizmo away and use your thinkpad instead.


File: 36ed3d3767d1bc8⋯.webm (8.48 MB, 480x360, 4:3, RMSdance.webm)


Want printer. Is the MFC-L2710DW okay? Pieces of shit keep breaking on me and I want to just print my goddamn homework. Jesus.


File: 898ddcdb0831ef8⋯.jpg (41.92 KB, 641x643, 641:643, DomuevaU8AAtpvb.jpg:large.jpg)

I'm looking to upgrade my piece of shit T-Mobile router since it hasn't gotten any firmware updates since about 2015. Installing custom firmware is out of the question since the last update prevents users from downgrading or installing other firmwares.

Should I buy one of those business-grade routers like the Edgerouter 4 or get a mini pc and install pfSense?

Is there any other router you guys would reccomend?



I want a cellphone because it will make my life more efficient with:

1. A function for unlimited daily alarms.

2. A daily calendar function that I can set events to years in advance.

3. The ability to take spoken and typed notes.

4. The ability of taking and receiving calls and text messages (mostly so I can get a ride when I need it).

5. (and) The ability to take pictures and video.

I'm going too delete the internet browser because I have some bad self control problems on the matter of the internet I run a website blocker on my Thinkpad. I agree with you too a point, but I find it's advantages more valuable than its disadvantages.


File: c6a5ba3fe7a112a⋯.gif (11.69 KB, 250x242, 125:121, 1378498149086.gif)

Can you get a better build than this, without going over 800€?



Any suggestions for hardware not backdoored with IME or whatever AMDs version of it is? Was looking at getting a talos, which is IBM POWER9 based, but not heard from many people who have them. Anyone had one before, if so,how well does it run, also which OS did you run on it? Was wanting to run parabola, but it doesn't support PPC, so mas thinking about just going with gentoo with a linux-libre kernel.


My HGST 4TB drive just died after years of service. My only complaint is that HGST/Hitachi drives have always been louder than other brands... I've been reading that WD Reds are whisper quiet, but they're not as reliable as HGST. Do you guys have any recommendations for quiet and reliable drives? I'm willing to pay somewhat of a premium.



RX 580 is a rebranded RX 480, just with an exiguous factory overclock. Also, I'd go with a blower card since you're using ITX.


Are there any good keyboards with flat keys?





From time to time, new OEM reference cards sell for ~160-220$ on eBay. Unfortunately this seller (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-OEM-RX-480-AMD-Radeon-RX-480-8GB-GDDR5-Video-Card/153126790919?) only ships to the US, but if you can wait a bit, you'll be able to shave off 100$ from your build; and then you can invest that into 16GB of RAM. Also, I'll reiterate that ITX builds should use blower cards. I guess you could try your luck with used mining cards, but personally I'd avoid those.




After some searching, I found this, and it's cheaper than the card you were buying.

If you want to play roulette with used cards:






Exactly. There's no reason I wouldn't. That's why I asked the question in >>988329 and it's why the question in >>988507 was so confusing to me.

So if anyone has enough knowledge to answer >>988329 I'd appreciate it.


File: e2956c2a8c86f48⋯.jpg (17.46 KB, 371x405, 371:405, thinking neet.jpg)


I think the better question is why do you want to go through all the trouble to use such a small, slow(compared to even cheapo modern $40 120GB SSDs), ancient SSD in your desktop?


I posted this in the other thread, but I guess it counts as consumer advice:

Well, all carriers have phased out 3G in my area. My S2 with replicant is now useless - I need a new phone (I only use it for work). I really, really hate how much spyware is loaded into Android, and LineageOS is not much better. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm honestly considering an iPhone... I won't make an Apple ID, and I only need it for telephony + messages. Yes, Apple is a part of PRISM, but iPhones are known to be more secure and magnitudes more private than Android (which I refuse to use). Also, I can't bide my time until the Librem 5 comes out. Should I go for it? I don't have any other options.



the only thing that comes to mind is copperhead, but they speak mainly about security, not privacy. lineage with microG (I heard this blocks contact with google but, I have no proof.) seems to get the easiest to get.

I'd prefer an android device with a removable battery to an iphone. if you're dedicated you could just strip the device of any sensors and use 3.5mm/bluetooth for calls. I saw this done once to a moto E but I have since lost the link.

is there any 4G replicant device you're willing to buy to replace your s2? seems like there's the S3 I9300 and the nexus I9250 that have 4G radios.




why the fuck though? the standards are kinda fucked with that

>mini pcie ssd


mPCIe =/= standard mSATA although the port looks exactly the same they usually aren't

most of mini PCIe are only designed for obviously anything but a storage - on the case of laptops where standards fucked up.

a legitimate mSATA port should work as is with the SSD since a storage device is automatically a SATA device but a mPCIe adapter or port has a risk of frying a functioning mSATA SSD and mobo assuming the

<bios didn't see it as part of the SATA SCSI bus and thought it's some kind of network or bluetooth card

<you either have a fried ssd and fried mobo or both/not both if lucky.

On the case of laptops it is highly likely that it'd fry something.

if you really want to try risking it just either get a Normal PCIe to mSATA.

mPCIe =/= mSATA keep that in mind



keep in mind the manufacturers might mistake mPCIe == mSATA and fuck the labels so there's the risk even if you do find one.

I think it would be perfectly safe to use a PCIe to mPCIe and just use a network or bluetooth card.


Wheres a good place to get a domain?

Perferably cheap and without botnet botnet free is optional but still would like it



Lineage with MicroG is pretty good



Thanks for your response. The 4g version of the S3 is missing telephony support, and I can't find anything that claims the Nexus has 4g support. I was thinking Copperhead too, but what with it being dead, I don't know anymore. I've heard that even LineageOS without Gapps installed + microG still makes connections to Google--this may have something to do with the modem. It's why I went with Replicant, but all good things must end.


That seems to be a good choice, but I recall reading a wireshark test (or something of that sort) in which the phone made connections to Google. And, using something less supported (like Paranoid Android) brings security issues and other problems. I just want a phone that a) won't spy on me--I use Gentoo on my desktop, but I never understood the appeal of ricing the hell out of your phone (the last point is only tangentially linked to what I was saying... but whatever). No idea which phone to get though, what would you recommend? Xiaomi phones seem rather slick, but anything works since I only need it as a phone and not a toy.


>thinking about upgrading my desktop

>check the latest equivalent of my first gen i5-750

>it's the i3-8350k

>has a single-core cinebench score of 171

>OC my cpu to match this shit's clock speed

>get a score of 136

It's been nine years Intel, what the fuck? Now I admit that at stock my current cpu scores below 100, but I want at least double stock to stock improvement when upgrading. When will I be able to get a 250 dollar quad-core that scores 200 in single-core cinebench?



grab an R5 2600x and OC it, get's 176 stock ( https://www.cpu-monkey.com/en/cpu_benchmark-cinebench_r15_single_core-7 ).

6 cores, 12 threads, runs cool. it's about $220 atm.

CPU speeds have haven't been climbing as much as they did prior to your i5. botnets, size, and power usage has taken priority.



That does look more appealing, but I think I'll just wait a bit longer. Apparently there's a lot of hype for Ryzen 3xxx.



AM4 will be supported until 5nm Ryzen (at the least), so there's not much of a loss.


My computer just shit it self and I think it's a good time to upgrade.


Is a Ryzen 5 2600 good choice for overall everything including playing on a ps2 and ps3 emulator? No doubt it will be a great upgrade over my current fx-6300. Also is it still possible to boot up current year cpus with windows 7 via ps/2 keyboard on bios.



should be fine, can't comment on the ps3 emu though.

get 2x8GB


yeah you can install it, you'll need to slipstream the iso for usb3 drivers or go the ps2 keyboard route.



>get 2x8GB

Mind elaborating on why I should?



able to upgrade easily, nearly the same speed/price.


Which dumb phone should I get?



I guess i could do that. Also if I were to upgrade my r9 390 what gpu should I go for? Been feeling like it's bottle necking me but the specs compared to other gpus seem to compare so I'm not sure.


Anyone know any headphones that look like this but cheaper? I don't care about sound quality. Also better if it has a mic.


File: bb38bdb84ee3212⋯.png (447.92 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 8b8f6c18-81a1-429f-80a4-6d….png)


Forgot pic


File: 2d81ba7829b0ef5⋯.webm (3.1 MB, 574x454, 287:227, science-2018-10-26_13.59.….webm)


Just buy those ones.


New GPU is pumping so much static bullshit into my headphones. Like just moving the mouse and scrolling in chrome makes it buzz, and playing a game is impossible without unplugging the headphones. Recommend me a good external DAC that I can rely on to be isolated from all the bullshit in my PC case. Optical or something, there's one of those ports on the back of my motherboard, that should help right?



>Optical or something, there's one of those ports on the back of my motherboard, that should help right?

An external DAC will help a lot, I just use my Onkyo A-9010 via optical as a headphone amp when needed. I wouldn't recommend it as a standalone headphone amp(due to size/price), unless you also have speakers to power as well.



Yeah that's another question, what's the downside to using something that can power large impedance headphones with regular little IEMs?


I have the option of getting a 4 months used GTX1050 off a friend for 100eur, is this a good deal in your opinion?

I plan on doing light gaming and would only want to play games on medium-high settings.

I am looking at the r5 2600 cpu, this would be 150+eur.

My budget is 500-600eur , have you any opinon on the above?



Also from proof-reading my gibberish I realised it was phrased horribly. Challenge: who can guess what European country I am from.


So I wanted to get a HDD at around 4TB for storage purposes. Any recommendations?



I have a 1050 Ti and it's been absolutely rock solid for games, even unoptimized shitpiles like Monster Hunter World. 100 cuckbucks is a decent price, as long as your "friend" wasn't some amateur coin miner or something.



HGST. Seagate's higher-end has actually gotten a lot better, WD and Toshiba have gone to shit, avoid them.


What's the best AMD GPU for gaymin? Or should I just bite the bullet and go with Jewvidia?




Assuming you're an idiot and actually wanted to ask

>what's the best AMD GPU for AAA 1440p@144Hz/CS:GO 1080p@240Hz/retro 1080p@60Hz/...

then specify what you'll use it for. RX580 and vega56 seem to be generally considered decent in their price bracket, and you save on monitor if you want adaptive sync. RX590 is gonna drop soon too (basically RX580 on 12nm with higher clocks, I think)



I don't have any specific games in mind. I just wanted to know the hands-down best GPU for a new gaming PC. I plan on getting a freesync TV when I can plus nvidia has shit drivers


File: cae4fda2cf207a8⋯.png (718.24 KB, 928x658, 464:329, wut.png)



>A WD brand



Sure, but they're far more reliable. The manufacturing is different.



Hands-down best would be a 2080ti, but it's a terrible value. A good value is the Vega 56, it'll play pretty much every game at a stable 60 FPS @ 1440p. I'd also really recommend getting a 1440p monitor, now is the time.


Anyone have any good PC speaker recommendations for around $60? I think my 6/7 year old pair is finally starting to check out on me.

I like to watch old movies, anime, play games, listen to music (usually lossless or 320kbps mp3), watch stuff on Invidious.

Not really an audiophile but I'd like something of good quality for the price. I can go a bit above $60, it's not a hard limit, but I just don't want to drop $120 on some speakers.

Also I should say, stereo or 2.1 is what I'm looking for, not surround.



decent web host service?



Neocities. If that's not suitable, you're going to need to be a lot more specific about your use case.


Best free/cheap alternative to Microsoft word?




Youre gonna have to shell out at least $100 for a decent set of speakers.


File: 9220bc0586281d0⋯.jpg (118.5 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, this piece of shit.jpg)

Looking to buy a "premium" WoW-only gaming laptop for my dad.

He's really into the Razer Blade for its looks but it has been a total piece of shit quality wise. He's bought two, first one had to be RMAd twice within the warranty period before being upgraded. The one he upgraded to (2016 Model 14 I think) just died completely outside of the warranty period. His first thought was to buy another Blade so you can tell how much he likes the design, anything "gamer" scares him away. Price isn't really an object for him.

Therefore, I'm looking for a laptop that's as "premium" feeling as possible but as low TDP / heat as possible to run WoW. Specifically a low TDP graphics card (1060 or below) and as few CPU cores as possible (single threaded game so 6 core i7 has no advantage over 4 core i5 for example, IPC matters though). Having a "glass" screen matters a lot to him, "I really hate the matte, that's the reason I got the Blade" so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

Objective here is to avoid him shelling out another $2-3000 next year+1 day, so dependability of the brand is important.

What are the best choices here?



The 2016 Razors were notorious for reliability problems unfortunately. You don't exactly have a lot of alternatives though since most other brands are Chink shit and Razor is actually based in the USA which I personally respect. And even fewer options with a non-matte screen in any cheaper price point. If price really isn't important to him than honestly you really can't do much better than the Blade, anything else may have better specs but nowhere near the build quality you get in return. Albeit arguably the worst brand for price to specs is Apple but Apples build quality also tends to be unmatched.



Is the Razer Blade even glass anymore besides the 4K touch screen model? Haven't been able to see anything that clarifies they are glass / glossy. I don't think he'd be scared of dropping another grand on the super high end screen in order to get the glass but from what I can tell WoW is so poorly optimized that running 60FPS 4K is basically impossible. Not that he'd care running at 1080p, on his last laptop he ran 1600x900 on a 3200x1800 screen because he didn't know how to change the video settings lol.

Is there anything to be concerned about with the Asus Zephyrus M? It looks like it gets the premium feel down and has much better thermals, and a much safer brand. No glass screen though.

There are also some cheaper, less premium options that I'm looking at too, specifically the Lenovo Legion Y530, that would allow me to get the low TDP parts that would help with temps. Would an i5 8300H / GTX 1050ti be possible to play on your lap, without a cooling pad? Being able to sell him on not taking a cooling pad for travel would help a lot for the cheaper options.



I don't have an answer for you unfortunately (besides a question: why does he need it to be a laptop and not a desktop + monitor?) but it's funny that people that grew up play WoW (I assume) now are old enough to have their children ask for tech advice on their behalf...



I have experience with ASUS shit, they get good thermals, but at the expense of being slightly beefier, and they do NOT have a much more premium quality, they are somewhat heavier and have a lot more bezel flex



He travels a lot for business and needs a laptop. I assume he also wants something that doesn't look embarassing for coworkers/customers, which is why he's so attached to the Blade and scared of the idea of other gaming laptops


What CPU should replace my AMD FX-6100? I'll have to replace my mother board too probably. It's shit anyway. I have $400 for this, maybe more if I could sell these. Does anyone actually buy used processors?



AMD's next gen Ryzen 3000 (Zen 2) chips are coming out sometime in the first half of next year. They will combine both a die shrink (7nm) and architectural improvement, so the the performance boost should be pretty substantial. Memory prices are projected to fall by 25% or more by that timeframe too. If you don't need a CPU immediately, I'd wait it out until then.

You'd be surprised how much money you can make with old hardware. Processors and RAM typically don't go for much, but motherboards hold their value shockingly well. I'd just put the whole CPU/Mobo/RAM/Cooler combo as a set on Craigslist, they sell pretty quick and what you'd gain from parting it out you lose from Ebay fees.



Speaking of AMD's upcoming die shrink, where's the hype for their 7nm gpus? Seems like all the hype is on the cpu side only.


File: 0a5efdeebfdebca⋯.png (407.35 KB, 698x882, 349:441, 5d9cfa97bb2afbbed00147527c….png)

I need to know what Hard Drives have the least chance of failure rate, I wanna buy some big storage.



Because they'll be competing with Nvidia's 7nm products, and Nvidia is plain better when it comes to GPUs. I will never buy one though, because the amdgpu driver is great. I expect Navi to give comparable performance to the 2080.


HGST, but finding them new is hard.


File: e6c91552d149601⋯.png (20.94 KB, 307x462, 307:462, 1473712090031.png)


>AMD's next gen Ryzen 3000 (Zen 2) chips are coming out sometime in the first half of next year. They will combine both a die shrink (7nm) and architectural improvement

Are these their best CPUs or something? How much would it cost? I tried to research this but its hard to find anything about it other than circlejerking forum threads.




Probably the little more than the current Zen+ line. Higher pricing is also possible because Intel won't have an answer until 10nm. In terms of what it'll be, we don't know, but you can expect a core/thread increase and a clockspeed increase. 4.8GHz for the flagship CPU seems to be about the guess right now.


What's the best cheap mic that I could get for voice chat? Ideally a directional one that I could duct tape to the top of my monitor.


Which current phones have trivially unlockable bootloaders and good LineageOS support? Xiaomi requires you to make an account and "request" permission...


Best VPN for gaming?

Needs to have servers in the US, Australia, and South Korea.


File: 79f881a4c935dcc⋯.jpg (54.39 KB, 1001x1001, 1:1, 51Nga-mavjL._SL1001_.jpg)

>>991682 here. I bought an FX Audio DAC-X6 and I FUCKING HATE IT. Complete waste of money. Yeah it removes the static noise from my case, but in turn the device spits out a constant high pitched hum when powered on that's even worse than the static noise from my case. It does it even when there's zero input at all. I should have known better than to get some Chink piece of garbage.

Now that I know an isolated DAC will solve the computer EMI issue, what's an actually GOOD one? Preferably not made by Feixiang Shitworks Inc.


The cryptostorm switzerland server might compromised, the connection became >>suddenly<< very laggy and has stayed like this for weeks.

not a question but somehow fits nowhere.


Do you think korean ddr4 2400 8g for notebook could come under 50$ in 3 months anon?



I don't know about three months but RAM prices are dropping. Maybe if you find a good deal.


What's a cheap, somewhat modern keyboard phone I can run with at&t?



I've recently looked in to that.

You might want to look at some blackberry phones.

the BlackBerry Passport black is 180€ and the BlackBerry KEYone is 275€


File: 8b6437c39c1d10d⋯.jpg (155.1 KB, 1200x1365, 80:91, evitageNegative.jpg)

Is it possible to add a serial output to a desktop (by pcie). There are plenty of pcie serial cards but not sure if they work as an output.

I re purposed a desktop into a headless server, but if something goes wrong I have to hook up a monitor and keyboard which is a pain.



Saw a passport on ebay for 65 dollars last night, probably should have gotten it. Is Blackberry OS decent?


File: 10d5de349defc1c⋯.jpg (77.12 KB, 924x886, 462:443, 61j38v3LAgL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)


FiiO Q5.


I'm looking to upgrade my old sata ssd to an M.2 one, perhaps the Samsung 970 Evo using an adapter to pcie. Does it work as a bootable drive on an Asus Sabertooth 990FX board?



google pixel



Serial? Maybe try a USB GPU.


Save up for OpenPower if you don't game


macbook pro



The serial as a terminal/output is just a configuration thing.

Just like how the "debug" serial port in a raspberry pi can be re-used as a normal serial port for stuff like GPS by configuring it as such.


They're ordering new smartphones at work and told me to chose between some. Which one of these is the less shitty?

LG K9 Black

Samsung J4+ (dual sim)

VODAFONE smart N9 Black


is nvme worth it?


I've been looking at the Zowie FK1+ as a driver free replacement to my shit wireless mouse. anything else I should consider?

all I really care about it on mouse DPI control and a higher polling rate.


it's a noticeable improvement, if you have a system that supports it and you need a drive there's no reason not to at this point.



Using the FK1 right now on Linux, of course. Good mouse, would definitely recommend it.



I'd probably pick the Samsung



>decent web

It should be enought. However I got to be aware of its limitations. Is it possible to make a site with a blog, written in python or php and put it there? I dont mind to pay for the service.


I also need to know a good host/website for dummies and how to monetize it.



>Is it possible to make a site with a blog,


>written in python or php and put it there?


Use a static site generator. If you like Python, there's Pelican https://blog.getpelican.com/

Like I said, you asked for a "web host" with no additional details. Neocities is a "web host," by at least one definition. If you want better advice, you're going to actually need to provide a fleshed-out use case instead of dribbling out bits of requirements every few days.



I second >>995654

LG has good cameras but that's about it

Vodafone is a meme

Samsung should last you a while, especially with Lineage



I've used TorGuard for about a year now and had no problems with it, I've had no noticeable connection issues/lag when playing with it


Any suggestions for a GPS? Something that just werks, has decent maps, and doesn't cost several hundred dollars.


File: 0e22bcc9b3612ce⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 640x523, 640:523, n43u9ig.jpg)

Looking to buy an e-reader for the first time, and (((Amazon))) creeps me out. What brand for something versatile and more likely to respect my privacy (I'd rather load it with PDFs and epubs from a connected PC than go through some digital storefront that also asks the device to phone home constantly.)


File: f8bbe71f28bf3c4⋯.jpeg (107.06 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, f8bbe71f28bf3c476ff0bbeb9….jpeg)


Try taking a look at: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/E-book_reader

I personally have a Glo for reading manga and such. Works pretty good, all I have to do is plug it in and drop the files on the internal storage. Some of the models even have foss replacement firmware, so maybe look at those too: https://github.com/lgeek/okreader



I've seen some chink mp3 players that can read epub files, but the utility of it is somewhat questionable given you would likely be dealing with a half inch 320x200 display at best.


File: 7b87ef5f1d3cd38⋯.jpeg (10.43 KB, 330x330, 1:1, 70c55885c4b38a6b942cb7642….jpeg)

Hie, I want to buy mp3 player.

All I want is to be able to create playlist, and seek to a certain point in the music (I'm actually listening to a lot of podcast).

I don't care about audio quality.

I was first looking at the sony nw-a45, but god, you can't even create playlist from your own mp3, unless you change the region to japan (wtf sony). Moreover, that's pretty expansive (~180 bucks).

So anyone have a suggestion? Because I can't seem to find an mp3 play under 150e that would do the two simply thing I'm asking it to do.




>you can't even create playlist from your own mp3, unless you change the region to japan (wtf sony)

Hahahahaha prayrist fow Nihonjin onry, uwhitu piggu!



When I'm saying from your own mp3, I was talking about the device. You can create playlist, but only through the fucked up sony program that only installs on windows, and you cannot directly from the player.

But if you change the region to Japan, you can directly from the player.

That's fucked up.



Aha, this is the kind of thing I was looking for. Looks like a Glo is going to be ideal, thank you.



Dat por Hiroshima, whitu piggu


What are some good desktop deals for gaming on black Friday and cyber Monday?



get an old phone


I want to get an RX580 but I barely play games, please help.



What is your current card? You should wait until the RX 590 comes out, it'll lower the price.



2400G. Technically it should be good enough for what I need, which is the issue. Except linux drivers still have some flaws and are missing some stuff, dfly doesn't have the drivers at all...



What kernel are you using?



4.19.0 or .1

opencl support just doesn't exist yet though, I think... 580 has official linux drivers on amd.com, 2400G only for W10.


I'm looking into buying a laptop. I'd like it to have nice specs and a not shit keyboard like the older thinkpads. I'm probably going to run windows on it mainly so I don't have to use wine as often on my main machine and to play some games. I was looking at the T560 because it can run coreboot, has nice specs , and you can change the keyboard into an older one with some tinkering but I'm not sure just yet. Any ideas?



File: 1670a634a014704⋯.png (35.99 KB, 759x806, 759:806, 1670a634a0147045086c840249….png)

Need a mini fridge with a lock, it can be biometrick, doesn't matter.

$300-500 buckaroos

Somewhere around 2.5" to 4" feet.


File: 07f0bcec43bee4f⋯.png (148.63 KB, 635x457, 635:457, [stares_in_redchannit].png)

Need a mini fridge with a lock, it can be biometrick, doesn't matter.

$300-500 buckaroos

Somewhere around 2.5" to 4" feet.


So something like this. Found a site entire dedicate to mini fridges as well, so that's cool. Also, fuck the alacrity demon. Suck my cock.




Just buy a regular fridge and add a shed lock.



I already have a fridge, I want a mini fridge, anon.


File: 05136b0e6a5d662⋯.jpg (190.32 KB, 1107x1546, 1107:1546, sansa clip plus.jpg)


Get one of these fuckers off of ebay or craigslist for a few dozen bucks and put rockbox on it.


File: f6112e9c72c7cd9⋯.gif (2.46 MB, 512x512, 1:1, AAAAAAAAAA.gif)


I can testify.

That thing is the best player I ever had and still use it to this day.

Can even have fucking doom on it.


Oh yeah, I am looking for some new phone with physical keyboard where I could install linux OS on it. One that isn't android.


What should I upgrade to coming from a 4690k?



My 4690k runs fine at 4.2 ghrz, does everything you could possibly need it to, unless you want to play some "modern games"



Wait until Zen2.



I overclocked it to the same ghz. I mostly play siege, gta V through proton, and bunch of other shitty FPS.



>can't greenspace

fucking glowinthedark

>prefer integrity of files from interruption or corruption

has nothing to do with pc/laptop


Build a PC with a big atx case so you can put in whatever you want.

If you aren't into shiny shit, you'll come to terms with the size and see the possibilities a big ATX case offers.

>Gaming laptop

Fucking meme shit. /v/idya high performance, big cards, lots of cooling doesn't fit in a laptop for a good price/performance ratio.


I once had a dell pc. It was fucking garbage and I couldn't even upgrade it because it was fucking BTX and my card did neither fit on the motherboard nor inside the case (I fucking saw away the hdd grid to try and fail because the motherboard had some fucking nub where the card was supposed to be)


After years it is time for a new (high-end, does not have to be newest) computer, reading this thread ram and gpu prices will get cheaper. When is a good time to buy? In general? Anything else I should know?



>gives you faster type types

Keyboard layout matters too, qwerty sucks dick. Change to Dvorak, BEAKL, AdnW.


>the single best keyboard

>nearly as conformative to the hand

No, look up a split keyboard for even more ergonomics. Place it however you like.

Ortholinear keyboards are also nice, you don't have to place your hand as weird like pic >>985668 related.



>When is a good time to buy? In general? Anything else I should know?

Prepare for the resolution of what you will be using. For example, if you are doing 1080p gaming, you won't need top tier gpus etc... You will likely used DDR4 ram so you can buy that first when on sale etc. If you aren't overclocking, you can get really cheap motherboard that will last as long as you need.


File: 1658dc7ae358504⋯.png (907.77 KB, 1001x623, 143:89, lenovo.png)

File: 066cf447697d2cd⋯.jpg (40.73 KB, 283x206, 283:206, asus-116-laptop_1541661275.jpg)

File: 5fb0c894c4b44fc⋯.png (479.22 KB, 996x458, 498:229, Screenshot_2018-11-08 Best….png)

Black Friday is coming up and Im considering getting a cheap throwaway laptop. I need a little help deciding between the laptops below, somewhere under $150.

Im leaning towards the Lenovo but if you have a better option that would be great.

I'll probably replace the main OS if its a win10, not too sure if its a chromebook.


>IdeaPad 130s $99 (No real detail given) https://bestblackfriday.com/store/lenovo

Best Buy

>ASUS 11.6 $119 https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/best-buy-black-friday/page-3#ad_view

>Samsung 11.6 Chromebook $129 (there's a cheaper one with 2gb ram) https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/best-buy-black-friday#ad_view


>Inspiron 11 3000 $120 https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/dell-black-friday/page-2#ad_view

>Inspiron 14 3000 $129 https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/dell-black-friday/page-5#ad_view


>HP Chromebook 11.6 $150 https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/staples-black-friday/page-3#ad_view


>HP Chromebook 11.6 $120 https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/target-black-friday/page-10#ad_view


>Samsung Chromebook 3 $99 https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/walmart-black-friday/page-5#ad_view

>HP Stream 11 Notebook $



Overall I would go with the IdeaPad honestly



> My current laptop heats up to a million degrees when it's sitting idle on a table, so I need a new one

No you don't, stop being a goy and give your cpu cooling assebly a bit of love and cleaning.



It seemed like the best value, any idea what distro i could use? Because i know in a year win10 is just going to crap out.



Don't buy that crap. get a t400 or x200



Listen to >>997833. You can get a very good used ThinkPad for under $150. It'll be relatively cheap but not definitely not throwaway.




But i am looking for a throwaway (if i lose it or break it im not going to care), i just need something to watch videos, order stuff, type shit, use a snes emulator and maybe use some office tools like PowerPoint (work related stuff) that won't slow down significantly under a year's use. I need something light and thin, plus im not too sure how an old Intel Core 2 Duo would hold up against a newer Centurion n4000.

But i am open to more suggestions, have any links to seller for the two listed above?


Looking for a monitor.

* High framerate

* >1080p

* proper panel, with good colors, and a decent viewangle (my TN monitor looks different when I move my head just some fucking centimeters), NO ghosting garbage (I think that makes IPS the only option but you can correct me)

I already looked some up.

What's the difference between an Acer Nitro VG0 VG270UPbmiipx, 27" (UM.HV0EE.P01)

and an Acer XF0 XF270HUAbmiidprzx, 27" (UM.HX0EE.A01)

apart from the price?

I also consider the ASUS MG279Q, 27" (90LM0103-B01170).

Negative experiences? Are there brands I should avoid?



Yes, 1080p is what I will be using, 2-4k does not seem to be worth it yet. 4~ monitors though and I would like for it to not get deprecated any time soon. No overclocking.



Look I'm right here >>997891

Tell me what brands are good or bad, panels, framerate etc



File: 0a3e442c0c41ffc⋯.png (229.09 KB, 629x477, 629:477, Screenshot_2018-11-15 Amaz….png)

Are there any non-shit and non-overpriced options as far as getting a GPS signal on Unixy systems? I really want something that would show up as a /dev/xyz device that I could read latitude, longitude and altitude from. I've found pic related, but my understanding is that it requires OS-specific drivers and doesn't show up as a plain device.



I will have to do further research myself before I can answer your question


File: 49c07a60b5c5ab3⋯.jpg (1 MB, 5204x4000, 1301:1000, X230T-3.jpg)

I've fucked up /tech/

So I stepped on my new X230T laptop this morning and its displayed some odd screen behavior. There are blue and green color separations in splotch form, not pixel form. They DO NOT appear when there is color, only when the screen is black- like a terminal.

This would be a good thing, if I didn't use black backgrounds for literally every program. It's driving me fucking insane. They look like fingerprints of ink, they're not pixel-shaped or anything they're just actual round shapes of pixels.

Is there any way I can fix this, and if not, can I get a link to an X230 Tablet replacement screen that isn't 200$ (the price of the actual fucking laptop lmao)

Thanks a ton guys.


How can I differentiate between Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDDs made before the year 2017, and ones made after 2017? I heard that pre-2017 Barracuda drives have a lot of technical issues which were resolved with later models, and I want to ensure I'm getting a good model.



Check local classifieds and used computer stores. Theres one near me that sells all kinds of refurbished and off-lease computers for dirt cheap. Mostly dells and lenovos.



>I want to ensure I'm getting a good model.


Just buy a Toshiba instead, kek

Seagate drives have the worst reputation of the three hdd manufacturers that exist: Toshiba, WD, Seagate.

Probably for a reason.



That's the thing, their brand has really improved recently. Now WD is going into the shitter.



And how does Toshiba do comparatively according to you?


Should I go for a router that supports OpenWRT or Ubiquiti? Ubiquiti Mesh access point or one of their other WAPs?


Would anyone know where to purchase quadruple layer burnable BD-R bluray discs? The spec has been out since 2010 but they don't even seem to actually exist.



Depends, what router are you going to use with ubiquiti?


What's a good router that supports Wi-Fi in the $30 - $60 range?

- Poorfag



Every time I go thrift shopping there are dozens of old wifi routers on the shelves for like 5 bucks each. I live in Commiefornia though so most thrift stores near me end up getting old inventory from data centers and electronic recyclers and shit. Have you tried thrifting?



I can't find them either. Biggest I see is tripple layer (100GB)

What do you need such a large size for? Wouldn't it be easier to get yourself an external hdd?



Check for unfixed vulnerabilities on old routers first otherwise you're just buying a ticket to the botnet (the real botnet).



There is no secure WLan encryption supported by both routers and devices anyways. WPA2 is already KRACKed

see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh4WURZoR98

If you want security use a fucking cable.





You receive 2,000 your relative left to you with the contingency that you upgrade your home network starting from scratch. What do you choose?


Does cas latency matter and if so how much

Like 16 vs 14 on a 3200



Yea I see triple layer sometimes but they're usually designed to have printed tops and are very expensive and usually only sold in single packs. Plus they're usually not even available for purchase half the time. I just want basic 120+GB discs in a100 disc spindle for sub $200. That beats HD prices easy and bluray drives are much cheaper than tape drives. Also I prefer disc to tape storage and find they're easier to deal with physically than tape backup. Allows for better organization in the physical world and disc holders are everywhere and cheap. I also find discs to be more reliable personally. It's just strange that the spec has been out so long and most burners on the market officially support them but they don't seem to exist. I think the rubber bands in my burner will wear out before they even make quad layer discs.



>I also find discs to be more reliable personally

>You indeed have the advantage that discs split up storage easier but that's because the discs are small and you have to put everything on multiple discs.

If you put it all on one big disc there is no advantage over an external hard drive of the same size.

Loose discs can get scratched easily and they need a drive that can read them.

A USB port on the other hand is available on every mainboard by default.

If you're really into data security, just back up everything on an external raid 1 system.


File: 20b18874b035384⋯.gif (997.27 KB, 500x475, 20:19, 1355933501511.gif)


File: 5645ffaff4e51e8⋯.jpg (38.83 KB, 749x519, 749:519, gb-pc2-hero_png_project-bo….jpg)

>pic related

Is there a cheaper alternative to "GnuBee" ? With similar spec and as much free as possible ? I'm currently using an old jewtel board I flashed to Libreboot but it uses too much power for my needs (plus Spectre etc..)



MediaTek MT7621A

dual-core, multi-thread (Linux kernel sees four cores)

880 MHz, overclockable to 1.2 GHz)


512 MB DDR3 RAM (maximum amount for the MediaTek chip)

soldered to mainboard


SD card slot (tested up to 64 GB cards so far)

6 x 3.5” drives (HDD, SSD, or mix and match; drives not included)

recommended RAID levels are 0 and 1 under LVM and MD, and Linux MD RAID 10


3 x Gigabit Ethernet (2 ports can support Ethernet bonding)

1 x USB 3.0 port

2 x USB 2.0 port

serial port (3-pin J1 connector or 3.5 mm audio-type jack)

2 x mainboard fan

This is quite good I must admit


File: c0d7f9f6e8ef284⋯.jpg (638.97 KB, 1080x1078, 540:539, Screenshot_20180702-151809….jpg)


I'd say get ruckus zoneflex unleashed, if you are looking to have the objectively best wifi range, but their bullshit business requires you to buy a service pack to install new updates, and is mandatory for NEW units. Used units don't have this issue.

Stick with Ubiquiti HD's, especially if you're using several of them scattered all over your building. You have 2000$ though, so two used Ruckus Wireless Unleashed AP's would be around 400$ each, then each one year service pack (the minimum) is around 94 dollars, then add about 200 $ with the router, switch, and other stuff and it goes to about 1188.

Ruckus has a lot of customization, and customer support IS your bitch if you pay, but Ubiquiti is much more affordable, and friendly.


File: b70a7323adbb1a0⋯.png (259.13 KB, 341x393, 341:393, yay.png)

Is running power9 a something i should look into now that cheaper motherboards like blackbird exist?

How well supported is the architecture compared to amd64 and is running a VM to use amd64 based systems possible?


Can I get some recs for a smallboy phone?



sd card or 64gb internal storage minimum

under 5" screensize

headphone jack if possible

ok hardware

under $500usd



Thank you. Any modem recommendations?



>How well supported is the architecture compared to amd64

When I first got my Talos most FOSS projects had no support for PPC64LE and would often fail to build because their buildchain assumed x86 or there was x86 assembly that no one thought to wrap up in ifdefs, since then its gotten significantly better thanks to mostly the efforts of RaptorCS and old PowerMac users who have gotten Talos systems. From experience the best option for OS right now is Ubuntu Server 18.10 with a DE.

>and is running a VM to use amd64 based systems possible?

I haven't tried this but all the qemu packages are available for PPC64LE in the Ubuntu repo so it should work.


Any recommendation on VPS?

I would like to use to set up a VPN, maybe SMTP, also some database for software projects, use some docker with kubernetes.

Is it possible to run all this services with one VPS?



I use cock.li, they let you host basically anything and they take Bitcoin.


The referal link gets me shekles so pls sign up with it


File: 81f89e761bfacc1⋯.jpg (40.17 KB, 450x706, 225:353, eb964f9fd5eaf8c204cc935950….jpg)


You can mix and match ubiquiti and ruckus, 802.3af standard lets you use them together iirc

Get the Unifi Nano HD and Ruckus Zoneflex Unleashed R510. Here is a router for them, very very good customization, advance shit.


I'm planning on getting ruckus soon, so I can Jog at the park without data but once again, if range isn't mandatory for you, get ubiquiti exclusively.


I need a new monitor but my budget is pretty low, was debating between an Asus VG248QE or BenQ Zowie XL2411P. My main goal here is 144hz 1080p 1ms response. My current dying monitor is 60hz IPS, but 144hz IPS panels are pretty expensive if you're a poorfag. Basically I'd like to know if either of the 2 monitors I looked at are decent, and what the best sub-$300 144hz monitor is.

Also, are Black Friday / Cyber Monday meme deals worth trying to snipe or are they just bullshit?



Sometimes Black Friday deals are good, but really, most stores have sales year round on decent equipment at comparable prices to what they're trying to liquidate the day after Thanksgiving.

That said, a lot of places on and offline do Cyber Monday sales, and more still will sell for "black friday" all week or even all month long

tl;dr: it's a meme



Ok, I am looking for on the fly encryption software for Mac / Windows and Linux, that will encrypt folders on a Gsuite File Sync Drive, aka google drive for business. I've attempted to use Boxcrypt, but 4 days later, a new, 1tb hard drive was slam packed with 890 gigs worth of files it was attempting to encrypt on my freaking hard drive, in the google temp folder. I need something that will work quickly, low level and won't attempt to cache tb's of data to my drive. The whole purpose of this exercise is to move data to the cloud, not flood my hard drive with crap I already have and wait weeks while it attempts to encrypt and then send it to my google drive. So, any suggestions?



Hidemyass sucks.

Mulvad or PIA, Mulvad being my personal recommendation. They have better software, in my humble opinion.


Any good blacked Friday deals I should look forward to anons?


File: aca2e7be39b9002⋯.jpeg (31.02 KB, 299x224, 299:224, 5D76596B-ED88-4725-82EC-6….jpeg)

Where can i buy a turbine engine Williams fj33 ? I’v been googling for hours can’t find any info nor how much it would cost


File: d33d5e936cacf51⋯.png (58.87 KB, 310x320, 31:32, Kaguya 006.png)

How do I decide what 2080 gpu to get?

There are so many different prices on them, there are even quite cheap Galax GeForce RTX 2080 8GB but I have never even heard of Galax before so I don't know how much faith I can put in them. I am thinking about a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Windforce OC 8GB but that is cheaper than a standard Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 OC 8GB for some reason.



Unless you are filthy rich dont wate you money in a 2000series just get a 1080ti or wait to see if the next geberation is worth it

The improvement per price is not worth it



1080tis cost about as much as a 2080 though.


I can buy a used oculus rift for 250 eur. Is that a good deal?

>inb4 vr is a meme gimmick

I know.



Its fun for a while, 250 is a good price tho. I'd pay that


File: 401b98e003ec7e9⋯.jpg (81.79 KB, 500x750, 2:3, Supreme.jpg)

Sister needs a new pair of bluetooth earbuds, but all the ones I can find on Amazon are chinese bullshit, any good ones at a reasonable price (less than 50 burgerbux)



Galaxy S4 nigga

I've had one since August and it's been great, it crashes a couple times but nothing major

Also make sure you get a T-Mobile one, AT&T has a locked bootloader and Sprint is absolute dogshit with LineageOS.



Which smartphone is best for privacy, security, and freedom? Yes, I know its inherently bot but whatever


(This is just a post to check what the following gets were)




I'm looking at expanding my storage / backup capacity

I'm looking at three options

>Seagate Exos X10

Seems to have a lowish failure rate and good warranty

>Manufacturer refurbished HGST He10

Cheapest option by about 100 bucks, but it's refurbs so not sold on reliability.

>WD Red 10TB

I kinda trust WD more than Seagate and/or refurbs so I'm considering that as the 3rd choice



>bluetooth earbuds

I never had those. How do they even work?

Do you have to switch the batteries all the time or load them up?

How strongly does the signal quality decrease?

Why not just buy good ones with a cable?


I know it's annoying but it's black friday and I can get https://www.acer.com/ac/de/DE/content/model/UM.HX0EE.A01 for 333 Euroshekels

>Vertical frequency: 50 Hz bis 76 Hz - DisplayPort


Are those chinks trying to cheat me???


And is it a good deal?




Probably something relating to freesync ranges or something like that.

>And is it a good deal?

As long as you understand what a cheap UWD IPS pannel is gonna look like and you're okay with it then yeah not a bad deal



>As long as you understand what a cheap UWD IPS pannel is gonna look like

No I don't. Explain pls



It's not gonna have great uniformity, it's not gonna have as good color reproduction compared to a regular non gaming 16:9/16:10 IPS in the same price class and it's most likely gonna have noticeable backlight bleeding and IPS glow



So what should I buy?

My price range is up to 440€.



>My price range is up to 440€.

You're probably not gonna find much better if you want 1440p + 144Hz, maybe the Samsung gaming VAs but it's more of a tradeofff than an improvement and you still have to hope you're not getting one with a bad panel.

If you need IPS but can go lower in refresh rate look for the cheapest EIZO you can buy.


maybe a bit more if the monitor is really good




100Hz+ is what I want and something above full HD





Don't buy nvidia until they stop being assholes, support opensource, make CUDA non-proprietary, and stop being assholes.


No good RAM sales this blacked Friday, just like last year. I guess I will have to delay my next desktop build again.

Oh well, at least I will get in-hardware specter mitigations with Zen 2.




Come on help me. I'm a noob when it comes to monitors.


Anyone have any recommendations for HD enclosures? Right now, the SY-ENC50104 seems like my best bet with the HF2-SU31C or HF2-SU3S2 being acceptable second choices. I'd take either USB 3.x or eSATA, transfer speed not too much of a factor, ideally not too loud, hotswapping a plus.



Well I already told you all I can, with that small of a budget you're not gonna see much difference if you go for another option in that price range, I'd say just go for any monitor with the same specs as that they have about the same level of quality with the only real difference being customer support and look, usability features, OSD and out of the box calibration.

If you want something actually better in significant ways you'd have to get an EIZO FORIS FS2735, but that's over twice your budget.

Another thing you can go for is one of those new 144Hz VAs like I told you, which remove IPS glow and adds better contrast at the cost of color correctness (probably not something you should care about unless you do graphical work on it), slightly worse viewing angles, a very high chance of backlight bleed that is noticeable (all the panel for those 144hz VA are the same and they're all prone to that issue but there's a chance you'll get lucky), it's not ideal but if you're gonna play a lot of dark games or play a lot of movies on it it's a thing to consider.


Icy Box IB-373U3

Cheapest one I could find with UASP support, the way to open the thing to install the drive in it is borderline retarded and not obvious at all but that's really the only issue.


I took >>1000742

We'll see how it turns out.



>good color reproduction

But better than a TN panel right?


>Come to see how this dead board is doing

>0 black friday deals threads

>0 quality deals posted

lmao RIP in piss


File: 1dc1621f9785f3a⋯.jpg (37.61 KB, 727x480, 727:480, 1dc1621f9785f3afe3906e3150….jpg)


>0 black friday deals threads

>0 quality deals posted

Maybe post some yourself you fucking dip


I've been trying to keep my 00ish Microsoft Wheel Mouse alive cleaning it out and such, but I believe the wires are starting to fail as I must continually adjust the cord for it to work. I have access to this newer Logitec M-U0007. It makes it fun to display all pages and scroll like a perpetually spinning fidget spinner, but it scrolls when you don't want it to. My Microsoft mouse clicked as you scroll so this isn't an issue. I run Linux only, and I don't believe in spending absurd amounts of money on gayman hardware. I also don't want wireless. What is my best option?



If you don't care, why not just get some hand-me-down for free?

Good hardware costs more than gaymen hardware generally speaking. Maybe use this as an opportunity to try different types of pointing devices.



I used to use a logitech too but it broke (and another mouse from MODIT which was garbage broke too) and now I still use the garbage dell mouse that came with the garbage dell pc I once had.

Some cheap garbage seems to be sturdier and work better and more accurate than quality products.



I do care a slight bit as I have a two button PS2 IBM trackball mouse, but I can't go back to this. That Microsoft mouse was $20 and lasted more than 15 years. I'm sure there are nice mice which cost a fortune, but I believe most gayman hardware is cheap garbage with an absurd price for people such as yourself. It doesn't cost a lot to make a good basic mouse.


I think I'll just have to go to a brick and mortar shop that lets you test them out before you buy.


File: 751408d24795d1e⋯.jpg (840.5 KB, 2000x1929, 2000:1929, BADGE085-evil-inside-badge….jpg)

Greetings, first time ever building a computer, and I have a couple of questions.

Are there any sticks of ram out there that have above ddr4 2400 that run on AMD chipsets? And for someone wanting to sink $750 to $1000 into a build, is there even much reason for me to want higher than 2400 for my memory or as much as 16GB? Also, is there any advantage to having 2 sticks over 1 if the speed and storage capacity is the same?

My brother also asked me to ask you guys why I should avoid buying intel. I assume it has something to do with backdoors in hardware and them being pozzed.



I think unfortunately that the era of cheap but well produced hardware is long past.

Cost saving is everywhere. Thinner plastics, thinner PCBs, cheaper buttons, and so on. I used to use a Logitech Trackman Wheel, which has never failed on me. I replaced it with a Logitech M570 which not only cost more but was the most garbage quality peripheral I've ever owned. It, of course, broke completely 2 years in. Until then it exhibited ghost clicks and failing switches galore.

I have had no issues with the Zowie FK1+, but I barely ever use it. And since it's a modern optical gaymen mouse it requires a proper mousepad... though I only use it for light gaymen so it's practically still brand now.

Personally I just use a Kensington SlimBlade at the office and an Expert at home, for everything non-gaymen. It's the best built pointing devices I could reasonably get my hands on.



Unless you plan on overclocking from the start, you should be looking at AMD CPU spec sheets because this will tell you what RAM you will need. It will also tell you if it's single, double, triple, or quadruple channel. For everything except single channel, you should buy RAM in sets. It's not a good idea to mix and match because the motherboard might not allow it to work as multichannel and you will be stuck with slow as shit single channel speeds. Very few CPU / motherboards being sold today are single channel, so paired sticks of RAM will have double the data rate.

Intel isn't terrible, but nobody trusts their Intel Management Engine and they've been hit hard by Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. AMD CPUs suffer from Spectre vulnerabilities as well, but their software mitigation doesn't seem to tank performance as badly as Intel's.



I have 8*4GB DDR4 2666 ECC CL19 RAM in my EPYC server. Looks to me like Ryzen runs the same frequencies. I don't know how much it means on Ryzen, but for EPYC the frequency seemingly matters a lot, because their die interconnect clocks at the same rate as the RAM.


Should I go for this deal? It seems really really good.




> is there even much reason for me to want higher than 2400 for my memory or as much as 16GB?

16GB is entirely up to you, it's more comfortable if you enjoy having more stuff open all the time, 8 GB is starting to get on the low side if you're going for gaming and some newer sections of emulation though

Higher than 2400Mhz is on the other hand not mandatory but really recommended, people just say 2400 because if you go with 2133 over 2400 that's a straight up 10-15% performance penalty for a couple bucks saved, there's some decent gains to be had by going for 3200 CL14 (because timings are important too for ryzen)

Not going dual channel is a bad idea with ryzen, that's a big performance penalty, for reference, SC 3200 will be slower than DC 2133 in cpu limited applications, do note that you will most likely need a 2XXX and a X470/b450 mobo to to have a chance of running the RAM at 3200Mhz reliably especially with very tight timings.

>My brother also asked me to ask you guys why I should avoid buying intel. I assume it has something to do with backdoors in hardware and them being pozzed.

Well there's two main big things,first off intel has tons of security vulnerabilities that cause a serious performance impact if mitigated/fixed, and not just things that are even hard to exploit either

The second is that IntelME is a bigger threat to your computer than PSP or even a system with neither could ever be since (and correct me if I'm wrong) you basically have a chip that has an independent network stack, proven vulnerabilities and complete control over your machine that you can't disable easily or even at all in some cases with IntelME, I'm not entirely familiar with PSP though but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have known exploits nor the same capabilities as IntelME, still bad if you care about botnet but not an immediate threat for now



There's only a few hours left for this sale. Someone please advise!


Best option for 27 inch 2560x1440 monitor with relatively good picture quality and adjustable height, under $250 used preferably with less than 15k working hours?


is there a go-to IP camera that won't give me chinese internet herpes or a case of the googles?



Avoid those new chinkshit mp3 players on amazon, they almost all come with botnetted bluetooth in them. Best bet for a good mp3 player is to get an old Sansa Clip or a 5.5 gen iPod video and install rockbox on them. The Clip takes microSD cards and with the iPod you can find decent converter boards that let you replace the internal HDD with flash storage. I've got 512GB in mine.


Is the wandboard a solid RISC device to run OpenBSD with GUI on? It appears to be supported here.


I am considering the quadplus because it has a better GPU, and I will simply disable/ignore the wifi/bt chip. I don't think BSDs support the power management IC anyway.



Freescale is basically Motorola, so I would assume the SoC is pretty decent. Vivante GPUs have reverse engineered open source drivers too, but I'm not sure how well they work. Debian guides suggest you use a serial cable to install the OS. If you're comfortable doing that, or can find OpenBSD images, go for it.

Here's the open GPU driver git


If you do get it, be sure to post a review. It looks like an interesting board.


I'm still worried about purchasing because even though the SoC has kernel support for GPU and CPU, I can't really make out whether the entire board requires many blobs. Also, updated schematics for the 2017 revision are missing.

It's not listed as open source at


Wandboard QuadPLUS revised (D1) has a MMPF0100 power management chip from freescale, and I think it's only supported on the official technexion images, which is a bummer

https://www.digikey.com/eewiki/display/linuxonarm/Wandboard. Nevermind this board, I can't find sources. I might as well just get a beaglebone black, since they're well tested.



Here's the problem with ARM single boards and FSF. The Beaglebone Black uses a completely unsupported PowerVR GPU, but that doesn't matter to the FSF because you can log in remotely and use it that way. This would not get my seal of approval. If you want to use something without blobs find supported Libreboot hardware on ebay and use that.


I'm in the market for a ~1TB 2.5" HDD or two. What I'm seeing in the (((Amazon))) reviews is that a lot of the drives I'm looking at are actually pulls from laptops and external enclosures and wouldn't be covered by the manufacture's regular warranty.

Where might I be able to buy an assuredly new bare HDD? Of course I could check the warranty status immediately but returns are an annoying hassle.



This is disinfo. The FSF doesn't okay boards you're stuck using remotely. They okay boards that you can use with a simple framebuffer where the CPU is doing the work instead of the GPU. Otherwise the board is not considered usable.

Of course a board where the GPU works fine without blobs is great too, but that's only the Freescale stuff currently. The Allwinner boards with Mali 400 GPU is getting close though, since the work on Lima is progressing. I haven't tried it yet. So far I'm using A20 board with just the software framebuffer and it does everything I need. I don't do any kind of modern gaming, and old school emulators like NES works fine. Firefox is the biggest bloated shit I need to use and it works fine, although I still avoid using it because fuck Web 2.0. I only need it for shit like online banking.



BTW you should be aware OpenBSD has no SMP on the ARMv7 stuff. And actually my A20 board didn't even have working framebuffer for some reason. They said on mailing list it's supposed to just use the same framebuffer that u-boot sets up, but screen goes blank when kernel loads the wsdisplay driver, so they fucked that up somehow. NetBSD actually does work and has SMP, but you'll have to check their page to see if your board is supported:



Don't expect much speed here though. And their version of Firefox seemed a little buggy. Some form fields didn't work properly on one e-commerce site I tried it on.

I was running Armbian for a little while and it was alright, but last Wednesday a systemd bug fucked shit up and when I rebooted my system this weekend it wouldn't boot properly. There's a thread on their forums, seems to be an upstream Ubuntu bug that only affects ARM. Maybe that's why they haven't hurried to fix it.

Now I installed Devuan, and don't have to deal with systemd bullshit anymore. I'm used to fixing stuff on my own, and it's easier this way. With systemd there's too much shit and you can't tell wtf is wrong.


brand new x230 thinkpad for $320 worth it?



brand new sounds nice, but only if it has an ips display


any cosumer grade nsaphone that comes with no logos on it whatever other than (((Essential Phone)))?



Only if it was never used at all -- not even refurbished -- and only if it has the ips display like >>1001885 said.


File: 29c901783aa2e3a⋯.gif (31.38 KB, 220x245, 44:49, 2e7eff22049bf3f08523fbaa56….gif)

Any good under 100$ buy now deals for phones that are compatible with Sprint?



100$ and under I should say


Since there seems to be plenty of Mac faggots on right now, the 5400RPM drive in my Mom's 2014 MacMini and recent updates to the OS have made the computer unbearably slow. I'm told there is a night and day difference when you're using a SSD. I thought my only option was a SATA SSD, but the motherboard has support for NVME SSD. The problem is it isn't M.2, but some Apple "GAYBLADE" SSD that I must buy from an Apple themed online retailer. It is also only PCIE2X not 4X like M.2. Is it worth spending $200 for a 240GB "GAYBLADE" SSD, and can she use the 5400RPM 1TB HDD in addition, or should I just get a 1TB Samsung SATA drive for her?




Is it really that bad for games/movies (ghosting/lag etc.)?



sata SSD's are plenty fast if you want to be cheap/cost efficient about it. only downside is you'll take up the one sata spot with it.

throw the 1tb hdd in an external enclosure and setup automatic backups while you're at it.

I hate samsung but they do make good SSDs.


(Re-posting from support sticky.)

Family bought a new TV with HDMI only. What's a good HDMI converter (composite,S-Video,Component) that's reasonably priced? I was looking at the RetroTink2x, but was wondering if I should look at anything else? I don't need fancy features, just converting with decent video quality and no tearing, artifacts, or other weird issues that cheaper devices have.

If I had space for a CRT I wouldn't ask for recommendations for this.



There's only 3 good options that aren't stupidly priced nowadays

Retrotink 2x (no 480p input support though)

OSSC (only does component / RGB scart / VGA input easily though)

Framemeister (XRGB mini, costs a lot and has mediocre 480p support and insanely long switching times if you have an input that switches between res like a console)

Getting the 3 chinkbox that you'll need for each input type will cost you more than the retrotink while being worse overall, but if you really want look up lenkeng



>updates to the OS have made the computer unbearably slow

Install GNU/Linux with some standard software (User friendly; not Gentoo tier).

Your mom probably doesn't do much with her PC apart from checking emails (Thunderbird), browsing (some chromium based browser; fireshit sucks imao), using an office suite (LibreOffice), watching a movie (VLC player).

>I'm told there is a night and day difference when you're using a SSD.

SSD will only reduce access times. Like how fast it boots up or your browser starts, not how fast your browser loads a page.



>install what I want on my mom's computer that only she uses

Your autism is showing. I have a Samsung M.2 drive in my computer. I wasn't asking what the difference was between an HDD and SSD. Apple intentionally cripples their hardware so there is no longer an acceptable user experience with HDD and OSX. I think I have already decided to go with a 1TB SATA Samsung as it will be much easier to clone her current drive. It's going to be a pain in the ass to disassemble in order to switch out the 5400RPM drive that's in there though. I wish I could talk her into switching to Windows or Linux, but she has always rejected the idea.



>cripples their hardware

>HDD and OSX

You say it's a hardware problem but describe a software problem.



>she has always rejected the idea

Show her something fancy like GNOME or KDE


Especially GNOME



Anyone got a GPD Win 1? Thinking of buying one.

I primarily want it for note taking and recording small purchases I make with Ledger or GNUcash. Smartphone is not good at that. A lot of kids on Add-shekel Chan would just tell me to buy a Bluetooth keyboard for my phone but I don't want to find a table every time you want to type something I'm a 15 inch laptop is too big to carry around all the time.

The game controls are more of an extra to me.


A lot of older people/normies refuse to use free software on the grounds that they "can't trust" something not made by a big institution. They're almost always too ignorant about technology to understand the concept of free software anyway, let alone care about it.


File: 2cac1254a825d68⋯.png (57.48 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ufo2p_075 (1).png)




classifieds, salvage grounded aircraft, salvage shops. ballpark cost is north of a half million, which i'm guessing you don't have since you're dumb enough to ask a chan instead of calling a jet salvage reseller.


why no logos? that's a children's level mod/paint


pls respond



>no 480p input on retrotink

I didn't realize that, so I guess that's out.


I tried searching around but didn't see a device that handled both S-Video and Component. Are they any good for consoles? I've found that reviews for the products are usually either just hooking up old video players or don't care enough about quality to report screen issues or display lag.



Chinkboxes are okayish at best, they'll do if you're just gonna casually play some stuff occasionally without too much regards towards quality and input lag , lenkeng ones happens to be relatively cheap and decent compared to other things especially ones that aren't just rebrands of lenkeng boxes.

IF you're strictly looking for retro gaming I'd advise you seriously consider the OSSC and Framemeister, or finding an LCD TV with proper inputs, 240p handling and decent deinterlacing.

You can also take a look at http://retrogaming.hazard-city.de/ it's a bit on the retroautist side but it's the best source of info for that kind of things.




I know it has a lot of features, but I really don't want to spend more than $150.


It doesn't accept composite or S-video. (The TV apparently has an adapter for composite, but I still need S-video conversion.) Is there anything reasonably priced that can convert S-video to Component or VGA? Some recommend daisy-chaining it to a Retrotink and HDMI to VGA adapter but that seems needlessly complicated and more than I want to spend.


I've looked at that website. Problem is there's so much information it's hard to know where to look or navigate properly.


File: 76fe4272f9fd1ea⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 404x267, 404:267, 1360433840378.jpg)



Size and everything looks the same. Maybe it's just a re-used picture for a slightly newer model?



The only thing i could notice was a typo on versRa/versa




>hurr only Windows 7, fuck 8.x/10


>hurr only Windows XP, fuck Vista/7


>hurr only Windows 98SE, fuck ME/2k/XP


>hurr only Windows 3.11, fuck 95/98


>hurr only pure DOS, fuck Windows

I think we have a sort of a pattern here


How botnet is box.com? My school gives everyone "free" storage with. And l want to store my source code for a couple of projects i have to share it accross my computers. will the fbi search through it?



if you're worried about it just encrypt it before storing it on their service.




>hurr only ROM BASIC, fuck DOS



>Is there anything reasonably priced that can convert S-video to Component or VGA?

Well sadly not really, and the few that do are chinkboxes with the same problems as the others.

>Some recommend daisy-chaining it to a Retrotink and HDMI to VGA adapter but that seems needlessly complicated and more than I want to spend.

This is probably the second best "reasonable" setup you could have currently but yeah that's at least 350-400 bucks, it's not as complicated as it seems

>I've looked at that website. Problem is there's so much information it's hard to know where to look or navigate properly.

Well considering the rest of your post and what you want, try looking for the lenkeng boxes review, if that seems acceptable get yourself a retrotink and a YUV > HDMI lenkeng box for those few things that will require 480p input since those are most likely all using component

That should still be under $150 and provide a decent enough setup, added bonus is if somehow you plug a PS2 and play 480i only games but dislike the deinterlacing on the retrotink (don't think it does passthrough to TV like the OSSC) you can still do that through the box.


File: 1e099739e8164f9⋯.jpg (20.08 KB, 422x347, 422:347, 1361912183104.jpg)



>cheapo small SSD

consider an NVMe drive.



It's just for installing the system. I'm going to use a 1tb i already have for everything else



I also need a wireless network adapter, but i don't know what to buy


anyone here tried valueray's USB Optical Heated Mouse, Acupressure, Hand Warmer (Black) ?


Hey guys, I have this three year old smartphone that is perfectly usable, but I want a new one. I'm poor so no more than 200$ okay?



I've used a thumb drive usb wifi adapter for 2 years, spent 15 dollars. The internet service I used is capped at 15 mb/s and that handles that speed well. So, keep that in mind unless you've got something faster than that.


Check this: https://www.autonomous.ai/standing-desks

Standing desk must be a great idea. Since it automatically adjusts its height depending on your preference.



>hurr i'm doing the same thing, but in reverse


File: b211c987aa0a3b0⋯.png (141.49 KB, 640x353, 640:353, Nokia-3310-640x353.png)

Hey guys, I need a new phone. I've been using an iphone for years and it's crapping out on me. I'm looking for something waterproof and inexpensive, aesthetic if possible. Also needs to be a smartphone, need gps for work - I drive. Also like the outdoors so bonus points if rugged but not over the top. Trying to keep it in the 100-200 range.

Also considering pic related as a secondary work phone - business calls/texts only.


What are the go-to HDDs in 2018? Storage capacity over two terabytes isn't needed.


Is it a good time to upgrade from an FX to Ryzen 2 or should I keep waiting?

I'd mostly be interested in faster video encoding and NVMe boot drive compability which my board doesn't seem to have.



WD Reds



Used iPhone


If you upgrade get something that's actually good, so just stick with yours for now


File: f4a16487f0bbbf1⋯.jpg (22.44 KB, 160x161, 160:161, 1294529379853.jpg)

Are there any non-shite baby monitors or is it a better idea to hook up a webcam and access it through my phone?



nobody ever said 3.11 was better then 95

it was a the biggest leap in ms history

98 was a mature version of w95 with all the quirks worked out.



Don't have american HDDs botnet firmware? How about Toshiba drives?



all HDDs have controller boards with embedded firmware, they're all botnet



why dont you buy a usb drive and pull it yourself ? that way you got the case with serial and warranty if you need it.


Are Dell 780 SFF or USFF usable as NAS devices? How loud is their fan(s)?



First the crap mini 2014 probably dont even have a m2 slot

Second your mom dont need a 1TB SSD

a 60gb would do



Toshiba, provided you don't mind the warranty or Hitachi provided you an even find some.

Seagate 1-4TB range is still unreliable as fuck (unlike their helium based 10+ TB ones apparently) and WD only has overpriced stuff


Is there some form of 3.5'' HDD grid case for a PC that doesn't have one installed.

Maybe I'm just to retarded to find them.

Link pls




similar to what i was wondering. it's such a minefield of creepy chinese shit


File: af819b12d61b68d⋯.jpg (527.82 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 15777_bce8fff644961.jpg)

i want to buy a vitage car, a 1940 Ford Deluxe Sedan, however i'm worried about the insulation they were using back then, i think its asbestos.

does anyone have information about this ?


Looking for a laptop powerful enough to run Dolphin and some older games and emulators on Linux. Preferably one with an AMD CPU and GPU. I know of the ThinkPad A485. What are my other options? Is it worth getting one with an AMD CPU?



I beat Newer SMB Wii in 720p on a T60p a few years back (it was a bit laggy here and there though, especially on the snow levels and final boss).




Anyone have experience with the P300 or L200 drives? How reliable are they?


File: 70d1d022ced04b4⋯.jpg (3.71 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 70d1d022ced04b40a311009ae8….jpg)


If you're worried about it, it's best to have parts tested.


Seems it was used a lot more than I thought. Replacing the brake pads and clutch is one thing, but the rest of it could be very problematic to the point of doing a partial to full restoration if you want to fully avoid it. ausfag? Saw they have strict laws about asbestos imports when I searched around just now.

My best advice is to find a forum that's dedicated to that car or that era of car and ask around. I'm forced to do this frequently with one of my cars and it's not even half the age of the Ford you're looking for. Alternatively you could also call some shops or museums that deal with classic cars all the time.

Good luck anon!


File: 0ea7a742d7b49df⋯.jpg (90.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, s.jpg)


So I've always thought Lisp Machines and retro computers like the C64 are cool, so I'm thinking for Jesus's birthday this month there's nothing more fitting than to fit myself out with a TempleOS station of my very own. I have a 64 bit desktop, it's a pos that I never use anyway, so it'd be nice to re purpose it. So what I'm looking for are some recommendations for cheap cases and monitors that have a retro templeOS vibe?


I'd like to build a little silent fileserver with low power consumption and ECC Ram for ZFS using SSDs in a mirror config, so at least 2 SATA3 or USB3 ports.

There are some Supermicro Atom boards that seem nice. Are there other options? Especially based on ARM?



thanks Anonkun


Should I get any multimeter?



>Anyone have experience with the P300 or L200 drives? How reliable are they?

I couldn't exactly tell you since I'm using DT01ACA200/300 and a couple 4TB X300

I can recommend the DT01ACA200 but they're harder to find nowadays and the X300 although they're not the best if you have noise / heat concerns, the DT01ACA300 tends to be far less reliable for some reason, I've already have both of mine show signs of danger even though they're ratrher new and one even has less than 2k power on hours.

P300 should be more or less the same as DT01ACA (judging by the external shell it's likely the same internally) which itself is basically the same as the X300, would avoid slower drives like the L200 the speed difference is noticeable unless all you're doing is cold storage.



get a 300$ fluke and never use it


File: c66fdfac6c10ccf⋯.jpg (197.91 KB, 920x1150, 4:5, vapor.jpg)

I need a new laptop as my old one broke. I'd like something business-class that can run Linux pretty well and isn't too big. The main things I'd like in a laptop are:

> Future-proof

I'd like a laptop that I won't have to replace anytime soon. Specifically, one that won't become obsolete in the next few years and one that won't break in that timespan either.

> Battery Life

I'd like a laptop that can last a solid 7+ hours or more on a single charge. I work on the go a lot and would like to be able to work without needing to worry about charge.

> Doesn't look autistic

Preferably a black/grey <=13 inch would be nice.

I'm currently thinking about a few models:

> XPS 13

> Thinkpad X1 carbon



grab a coupon and get a free one from harbor freight.

they do the job when you need something, i wouldn't rely on it though.



tool between you and fire/electrocution is not something i'd buy from harbor freight



fair enough, I don't use mine for such high energy applications.



I'm on the same boat as you. I'll try researching further and report my findings. I'd love to hear if you find anything, too.


File: ecace65be2afe7d⋯.mp4 (6.3 MB, 640x800, 4:5, ecace65be2afe7d86e447acb33….mp4)

I'm looking for a pocket computer.

It has to be X86 with windows 10 and at least 2 gig of ram.

Also safe so no obscure chink brand.

It doesn't have to have a desplay or a kbd as long as i can ssh it with my phone.

It has to fit in my poket



>It has to fit in my poket

butt anon..



Is this a good component to HDMI converter? I'm hooking up gen6 consoles, so it'd be a mix of 480i/480p, and I think a couple 720i games on Xbox.


What are some good headphones with a mic that costs less than 100€?


File: fb9c4e2e248b464⋯.jpg (30.66 KB, 583x612, 583:612, OWC-Aura-Pro-X_1024x1024.jpg)


You are correct. It isn't M2, but Apple™ GAYBLADE like in this image.

I purchased a 1TB Samsung 860 EVO instead and have been secretly working on backing up her old drive.

No Issue, I'll just make an OSX boot disk and image one drive to the other. Hmm no option to make a boot disk, but there is a small hidden 2GB recovery partition I can boot to. So lets do that.

>clover + r

>disk utility format SSD

>disk utility "recover" 5400RPM to SSD

Hours go by...

>failed to invert volume

Oh Apple! You slay me.

I had to do a clean install from the recovery partition to the SSD and migrate her documents during first boot. How fucking retarded do you have to be to fail at disk imaging? On the bright side, everything is faster over USB3 than the internal 5400RPM SATA drive. She should be happy after I crack that bitch open and swap drives.



I'd learn Japanese just for that, must be a couple of engrish kana to learn so why not.


File: 1acb0a83526ebc4⋯.jpg (97.07 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 61CZox-7dyL._SL1000_.jpg)

are cheap 3d printers just a dumb meme or actually useful?



they're great for prototyping and low volume parts.

I wouldn't mind making figs with one tho


File: e6bf1b7c3544b8f⋯.png (675.17 KB, 569x802, 569:802, f98e95559b3a4ea2d6bc44675d….png)

Any recommendations for a <$100 Headphone Amp+DAC? Most of the ones I can find are either SMSL (chinese, apparently a lot of units are DOA) or FiiO which seem overrated as far as I can tell.


File: 50ba56249e916c4⋯.png (951.38 KB, 500x486, 250:243, head_phones.png)

Looking for a pair of wireless earbuds with sound quality comparable to or at the very least close to the Bose Soundsport Wireless ones but not as bulky around the ears, meaning they don't stick out as much and wouldn't be borderline painful to wear a beanie hat over like these are. The amount of bass in these is great and I'd rather not lose it if I can get away with it, and I'd also prefer not to go much beyond $175 if possible too.


Just received an iPhone 5s. It’s upsated to current iOS.

Whats the best way to do coding on the go and push changes to github using this? As far as I can tell the only options on the App Store to directly push to git require purchasing - eg Working Copy, which also acts as a text editor.

Should I just find a separate text editor app and ssh app and ssh into my machine to push all changes at the end of a session?


Are Thinkpads actually good or are they overrated meme?



They have good keyboards, trackpoints and are servicable. You still have to deal with Intel x86 shit though, and the newer models get progressively worse.


File: 87a0b4fed794f97⋯.jpg (93.97 KB, 1000x827, 1000:827, ThinkPad Wired USB Keyboar….jpg)


What about just this keyboard? Is it similar to the older IBM Thinkpad keyboards? I already have a Kinesis ergo and won't waste money on lame stuff.




I have that kind of keyboard on my X230 and like it a lot. Should be good.



FiiO uses FOSS firmware, so no wonder it gets trashed. FiiO is your best option unless you want to gamble on obscure Chinese knockoff brands with Engrish on their sites: Shanling, xDuoo, Agptek, or Onkyo. There have been good reviews on all those brands, but still a gamble. Are you a betting man?



modern chinkpad keyboard is pretty decent. the layout sucks greasy assholes compared to the old layout tho.


File: 021caa5bd0748ae⋯.jpg (68.25 KB, 800x800, 1:1, brymen-bm257s-multimeter_2.jpg)

File: d7af11ca84c786b⋯.jpg (73.74 KB, 800x800, 1:1, brymen-bm869s-multimeter_2.jpg)

Should I get a Brymen BM257s or should I splurge on a BM869s?


File: 98ad63280dc4ec5⋯.png (133 KB, 399x629, 399:629, 98ad63280dc4ec5c6bc07fc7b0….png)


God fucking damn it. I thought this was a meme of that one old ass .gif of that loli being skinned alive.



iPoo have the most sophisticated event-driven throttling so every time a new iphone gets released regardless of having data connected to it or not means your phone will shit itself forcing you to buy another toy (event is triggered during September maybe through internal clock. gets even much worse after the obvious "buy a new one goyim" update).



Is there an ARM SBC out there that can play back 4k under 100 dollarydoos? Ideally I'd be getting an HTPC, but it's something like 300 bucks new. I had my eye on the RockPro64, is that alright?


File: a47139b63c29016⋯.jpg (130.12 KB, 1024x668, 256:167, 9468792048_60bc999973_o.jpg)

>fell for the meme

>mouse is very slow even on highest cursor speed setting

>has an annoying acceleration curve too which makes it even slower when moving small distances

>the "Microsoft Intellipoint Software blah blah" is just bloatware which seems to have zero advantages (specifically, offers no way to alleviates any of the abovementioned issues)

Why is this still being memed/shilled for? Literally any $8 cheapass Logitech mouse feels better than this. Prove me wrong.



>3d printers

Stupid misnomer tbh. How is it "printing" anything?



Got a cheapass multimeter for a few bucks while shopping for something else. How into doing interesting stuff with it? So far was able to do trivial stuff like measure voltage between two points (such as battery poles), but measuring current or resistance didn't give meaning ful results.



you're use to high dpi mice

turn off mouse acceleration retard

>using windows


File: 5fe6f19b192fb2f⋯.webm (6.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fluke.webm)


you measure current in series as opposed to parallel as for voltage, but i wouldn't get too experimental with a cheap dmm



that's scary, I wonder how bad it would be if it was just residential voltage.

I own one of those. I'd never trust it with something so dangerous, thing's cheap af.



What was that? 1.8 amperes of current killed it?


File: 9f622db6bb53ba7⋯.jpg (791.14 KB, 3564x2888, 891:722, 70908455_p0_-_ホテル・マリオ姫.jpg)

Are there any tablets out there for under $200 that you can jailbreak and install an easy to use FOSS OS without too much hassle? I want something that I can carry around to write notes down on into text files anytime I need to so I can get my life more organized. Maybe use it for videos and music too, but I want to keep it offline.



it's called a thinkpad



I was thinking more along the lines of something that could, say, be fastened to my arm easily.

And probably readily available as well.


File: 567e664f9e372d5⋯.jpg (448.11 KB, 998x1331, 998:1331, 1.jpg)

File: 653bd94e0437d4f⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2016x1512, 4:3, 7.jpg)

File: a9b4d024fe3ba62⋯.jpg (910.83 KB, 1512x2016, 3:4, 4.jpg)



File: 739ea882aa905e8⋯.jpg (408.31 KB, 998x1331, 998:1331, 5.jpg)

File: c6fe19c1470a3b3⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1512x2016, 3:4, 6.jpg)

File: 4ed5d80ac449912⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2016x1512, 4:3, 2.jpg)




>not OWO

You had one job.



cyber monday m8



Why are you living like it’s 2003



Why are the WMO1.1a still being meme'd like they're the nonplusultra mice in $CURRENT_YEAR?




>randomly posting a bunch of racks with random shit

How is this consumer advice?



It's not; I just didn't want to waste a thread showing off my work from hours spent last night organizing all that. If you want my consumer advice, buy the best shit you can with no compromises.



The pc build is new though. If anyone wants advice on Dante/AES67 (network audio), I could help. It's basically as good as it gets for audio right now.


File: bc328e6cf7bf5c0⋯.jpg (57.49 KB, 773x960, 773:960, bc328e6cf7bf5c0d83b6d03dda….jpg)


If you're going to be a disruptive faggot the least you can do is answer my question properly.





I've considered tables to be a waste of time for years now and haven't touched one. If you're serious about text editing, get a laptop with a full keyboard. Anything else I can help you with today?



>buy the best shit you can with no compromises

solid advice tbh


File: 10677c33f25ade0⋯.jpg (191.51 KB, 1200x825, 16:11, sandwich alignment chart.jpg)


Maybe my original question wasn't detailed enough and I should make my thought process more clear.

I intend to be carrying this device around on my person to note things as I need to, and be able to transfer my notes between my devices. Typical laptops aren't ergonomically suited for this purpose, and I intend to keep this device offline, so an nsaphone is straight out. That basically leaves tablets and similar devices. The idea is to have it strapped to my arm with it fastened to a glove or something similar, kind of like those communication watches you would see in some older cartoons and shows.

Though I have heard of tablet sized laptops before that might also work. But I don't know of any within my budget range. My family needs gift ideas.


Any good 14'' leather laptop sleeve? Preferably with handle. Or should I look for briefcases instead?




I'm looking to buy this Lenovo Thinkcentre M81 with Intel G630 so it should have the Intel socket not the AMD version.

I've been using only laptops for years but I think it's time to buy me to tinker with desktop which I haven't done in years.

My question is will this fit a GPU? Not eGPU and other crap.

I'm a desktop brainlet but not on laptops.

IDK what these are but does it mean that it has a GPU slot? And if it does what GPU should I get for it considering its age?

Standard I/O ports
Eight high speed USB 2.0 - 2 (front), 6 (back)
Two internal high speed USB 2.0 (front)
Two audio connectors (microphone in and audio out) on front panel
One integrated VGA port
One integrated display port
Ethernet connector
Three audio connectors (line in, audio out, and microphone in) on rear panel
Two PS/2 for keyboard and mice
Integrated Graphics Adapter (Intel HD Graphics 2000)
ATI Radeon HD5450

Two low profile PCI
One low profile PCI Express x1

Industry Standards
All systems conforms to the following industry standards:
ACPI v3.0
DMI v2.0
IEEE 802.3
JEDEC 240-pin DIMM memory
SmBios v2.6
PCI v2.3
PCIe v1.0
PXE v2.1
USB v2.0
USB v3.0 (Optional by PCIe*1 adapter)



Please don't bother with a ThinkCentre, they have awful proprietary connectors. Find yourself some old used stuff and put it together yourself, do your research and you will have a powerful computer for a couple hundred dollars.

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