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File: 13fa97920adb897⋯.gif (96.8 KB, 498x594, 83:99, 1420351524843.gif)


>Be me

>be free software enthusiast

>mom wants me to finally get a job

>at interview

>"Alrighty so your resume looks good, how much experience do you have with Microsoft Windows?"

>try to explain that I mainly use Linux and avoid non-free software

>"Well okay, how much experience do you have working with Javascript?"

>Again explain that web dev languages are for Indians and that I am a superior programmer who works only in C and assembly

>"Well, I guess that's fine, do you have any experience working with Googles web frameworks and services at least? Or any mobile platforms?"

>I finally lose it, stand on top of his desk, rip my shirt off and start screaming at the top of my lungs "BOTNET BOTNET BOTNET DURRRRRRR"

Needless to say I did not get the job

why is it so hard to work as a freetard, /tech/?


Now's the part where you hack them and ransomware all their servers. What are you, a cuck?



>>> /r/thathappened



who are you quoting????


>try to explain that I mainly use Linux and avoid non-free software

You're asking me to believe that you're a free software enthusiast that has absolutely no experience with using Microsoft Windows? I am in doubt. I am going to generalize that every person who can competently use a Linux based operating system can also use or learn how to use a Windows based one.

>Again explain that web dev languages are for Indians and that I am a superior programmer who works only in C and assembly

Is this a webdev interview? If it's some sort of systems/embedded interview then this is an alright but faggoty response.

>I finally lose it, stand on top of his desk, rip my shirt off and start screaming at the top of my lungs "BOTNET BOTNET BOTNET DURRRRRRR"

This is pretty much the only part where I'd do the same.



>ransomeware their servers

Okay, but I'll need to design the logo first

this will be hard since I can't actually test it on a Windows machine as that is closed source and I only use Linux but I'll try


Obviously this is a contrived thread, but if any of you are remotely like OP, you should probably look into embedded development. You will likely end up touching windows, but you won't have to deal with pozed weblanguages, shitty services and mobile crap.



What my employers do with their computers is not my responsibility. My personal computers use only free software. My employers require me to do work with MS Office and Windows but they don't require me to install this onto my personal computer. The fact that they hire me to do work with MS Office has no effect on my freedom, but it does affect my employer's freedom.


If you did not behave like an extremist they would have probably hired you instead of a pajeet


ITT: Shit that never happened


Le ebin copypasta


File: 3be2849f362cb7f⋯.png (152.19 KB, 311x311, 1:1, You must be GNU_Linux here.png)


Test it on WINE


File: 7ec8c98f3a37f7a⋯.jpg (73.96 KB, 750x668, 375:334, 18252961_320633235037176_7….jpg)


>free software enthusiast

>try to explain that I mainly use Linux




Contrary to popular belief, the Linux kernel from kernel.org is not free software. It not only recommends non-free software but also actually contains it (i.e., software that does not respect your essential freedoms).



>not compiling your kernel so that it can be fully libre

what is this, /g/?


>be me

oh shit I thought you were somebody else



File: 2393cc8993b4958⋯.jpg (12.02 KB, 252x240, 21:20, 1312065292997.jpg)

>I finally lose it, stand on top of his desk, rip my shirt off and start screaming at the top of my lungs "BOTNET BOTNET BOTNET DURRRRRRR"

i know its pasta but still



How does software "respect my freedoms?" Software is a bunch of bytes stored on a disk. It can't respect anything because it isn't human.



"freetards" FREE

loonix retards don't have jobs, they convince companies to pay them money to work on open source software so they don't have do.

its like feminist who complain about video games but their entire revenue stream is the hate they generate by complaining.



Tactical GNU strike in 3...2...1...



Because the software is published under a license. Free software licenses respect and in the case of copyleft protect your freedoms. Proprietary licenses deny you your freedoms.


>paid by companies to work on software for those companies

>dont have a job



File: d4aeaff4d6f608a⋯.png (18.25 KB, 300x100, 3:1, tech2.png)

this is a shit bait thread for many reasons, but most of all that someone who had the necessary skills to do embedded c development would go look for a pajeet-tier entry programming job



Having freedom in the software you use means having the right to practise four specific freedoms. Associated with all software are different ways that permit or restrict users to having access to these freedoms. Users who are forbidden to practise these four specific freedoms means users cannot have freedom in the software.



My first computer ran MacOS, I switched to Linux from there. I don't know jack shit about windows.



How comes you didn't the job?



Newfag, go back to plebbit



>Falling for the free/open-source/gnu/linux meme


File: 3f239ece206ad2d⋯.jpg (367.81 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, 1489765265024.jpg)



>calling others newfag while being this fucking new

who are you quoting fam?



Just bluff. 'yeah I can do that' meaning I can learn it enough to fake you over the weekend.



but you're investing your time to learn some non-free shit, instead of investing it into something useful. so, it'll only make sense if you get paid a lot more


a better thread died for this summerfag shit



You'd be disturbed to find out how many embedded machines use windows


Is tech the most easiest board to troll or something? or is OP pretending and responding to himself to get the thread going? If you could not see that this was a bait or troll thread then you should just get the hell outta here.



plenty of systems that don't even have enough ram for windows, right?


>is tech the easiest board to troll

Yes, most people here are unironically autistic, so they genuinely cannot understand when someone is being sarcastic, ironic, or serious, or baiting.

This state of affairs leads to worrisome situations like this thread where somebody makes a joke (op) and the rest are upset that his story is not logically coherent.





>be me

Well who else would you be you insipid fuck stain?


Who are you quoting? You're never going to take away le may may arrows, new friend.



it's a serious issue for me because I'm going into a paid internship without using windows for ten years and not knowing any web tech. Demonstrate that you're clever and motivated to learn and having esoteric interests should work in your favour.


>the mark of a sophisticated man is being able to entertain ideas without believing them - socrates

the mark of the redditor is autistic literalism and shaming posters as if people maintained identities here or gave a flying fuck about banter.


File: 9defe73a60f0c77⋯.gif (7.83 MB, 450x246, 75:41, 9defe73a60f0c77eefa8c5c6f7….gif)


seriously, I mean Jesus fuck. /tech/ is so unironically retarded that's its not even fun making a joke. /tech/ literally takes the fun out of trolling by being too retarded




Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.



Actual idiots are even more entertaining.

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