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Man Loses Will to Live During Gentoo Install

>A man has been left hospitalised and his family left distraught in the aftermath of a grueling install of the Gentoo Linux operating system.

>The 32 year old man was admitted on Thursday and is currently in a stable but serious condition, after he reportedly lost the will to live.

>Sources say that the man, a local of Sydney, started installing Gentoo late on Monday evening on his main computer and that it was “his first serious attempt” at installing the operating system, which is known to be very “hands on” and time consuming.

>The victim’s younger brother, Matt, 24, had been paying some close attention to his brother’s activity and says the outcome isn’t too surprising. “He was installing it for days and all he had near the end was a basic Xfce desktop and an XTerm program,” he said. “It was really depressing, I think.

>Plus during the install, (he was) obsessively watching all those lines of code constantly streaming down the screen (during the compiling process), and having no computer to really use, he could only browse Facebook and stuff like that on his phone. I think it just all became too much.”

>Local authorities have issued a warning that this can happen more often than you might think. “Unfortunately, we’ve seen something similar before,” said Senior Constable John Brady.

>“Only two months ago we were called into the home of an individual who was in distress after executing the ‘emerge -uDU –with-bdeps=y @world’ command on their Gentoo system. We would urge all users of such systems to go easy on the bigger, more complicated or bloated software, even if you have a fast system. We are very, very concerned someone might actually die one day.”

>Meanwhile, several online petitions have been started calling for greater awareness for victims of hardcore Linux admin related injury, both physical and mental.

>At press time, Linux From Scratch couldn’t be contacted for comment, despite the project also being increasingly linked with strings of user suicides and suspected stress-related violent rampages.


it's satire


Pretty good.


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.




Hey there's threads worse than this.

At least this thread give some keks to the contrary of the shit web browser thread that spawns from time to time


File: 737c3c092651b4b⋯.png (31.21 KB, 320x240, 4:3, gnoeslashaas.png)

I call this GNU/b8

And I love it!


Literally the first good thread on /tech/ in weeks.



You didn't like my BlackGirlCode and Atom Text editor threads? Man, that really hurts.



Yeah your threads are shit


Thanks, OP! I love these kinds of satire. This post is gold as well:



File: 49c8686570fbb73⋯.jpg (13 KB, 350x288, 175:144, 1388781014380.jpg)


File: b9fc6ce3a38cde6⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 200x118, 100:59, aw fuck yeah nigga.gif)


File: 24e10bd28ab4b60⋯.jpg (29.46 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 1465511396271.jpg)





This needs to get out there!



>A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that there is a staggering 87% chance that Linus Torvalds will in fact hate your code and possibly even wish a pox upon your family.


I installed hardened gentoo for the first time yesterday. It's not difficult. It's even easier than Arch if you ask me, based on the quality of the wikis. Gentoo's holds your hand even more than Arch does. The only real difference is compilation times (firefox took 20 minutes, how terrible), and that you're left with a better system than arch in the end.



Hey nice! I also installed Gentoo yesterday. Working with portage is a bit tricky, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.



>firefox took 20 minutes, how terrible

Did you use the "--jobs=" option to use more cores ?



You could have just installed firefox-bin to save time. With massive programs like libre office i just install the bin.



My processor reports 12 cores (0-11) so I tried MAKEOPTS="-j12" in my make.conf which seems to be working alright. Though it only has 6 real cores so maybe 7 would be more appropriate. I'm still completely new to all this shit too. Portage and USE flags are a bit tricky to get started with but I"m getting the hang fairly quick. Just need to do some more wiki reading.



I kept hearing horror stories of it taking 8 hours to install so I wanted to try it myself.



The gentoo forums are pretty handy too. That's where I've been doing most of my trouble shooting.



True story. I would not be typing here from gentoo without them. Thankfully my problem had been solved already.


The best part? no systemd



Yes this is the first time ive used OpenRC as an init system, and so far so good. I need to figure out what's wrong with my boot times though because I have an SSD and it takes around 17 sec.



systemd-analyze blame

systemd-analyze plot > plot.svg




wtf command not found D:



>tfw your init system supports vector graphics and draws graphs



I lol'd. The opposite is true, too. Get so fucking in love with gentoo, you die of dehydration and exhaustion fucking around with USE flags for every package just using ed for some autistic-ass reason.


Why isnt tech just named /g/? The quality of the two is nearly impossible to tell apart. Why did 8gag go to shit so quickly? Are redditors that bad?



>coming to /tech/ for serious reasons

>people have been saying this for months

>not installing gentoo and removing system dicks

it's not like we even want you here fuckstick

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