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File: 76f976ca739a86d⋯.jpg (28.51 KB, 480x327, 160:109, Magnetron2.jpg)


Lets LARP and play pretend nuclear physicist for a moment. There is Thorium in magnetron tubes used in Microwave Ovens. Lets say I had a bunch of scrap microwaves, could you tangibly build a small Radioisotope thermoelectric generator or even a fully functional reactor with it?

I remember reading about how some Boy Scout scrapped a bunch of Americium from fire detectors, built a reactor, and then got a bunch of radiation burns on his face and went insane or some shit.


File: b9bd324eb1bbcbb⋯.gif (235.18 KB, 276x268, 69:67, 1467355771165.gif)

Its possible in theory, but you could also convert Thorium into Uranium. Just fire neutrons at thorium-232 until it becomes thorium-233, then through radioactive decay becomes uranium-233 after about a month. After that the uranium remains stable with a half life of 200,000 years. Stable thorium you'd find in your microwave has a half-life the age of the universe itself



The story I read was that the kid started a reaction and his parents called the cops, everyone was okay.


No, because it's thoriate-tungsten filaments, and it's only a small percentage. The reason Th 232 is not used in nuclear fuel cycles is because uranium is cheaper. And the reason that we're still using scaled up nuclear submarine reactors is because Democrats are fucking retarded and listen to hippies.

But, if we take a trip further back to reality: Home nuclear energy won't happen, the hippies won't even allow baseload nuclear energy to happen anymore, despite the fact that that a non-trivial factor more people get killed by dams than die in, or due to complications to, nuclear accidents. Go ahead and watch Iraq in the next decade, millions of people will die from a dam breach after ISIS took control of the dam for a month and stopped pouring concrete into cracks in the foundation which needs to have holes filled 24/7 because the sandniggers shouldn't have built it on that rockbed.



Richard Handl, is that you? Remember this shit didn't work out too well when you tried it ~6 years ago.



File: d2155ddcb155a89⋯.jpg (64.43 KB, 599x398, 599:398, 46186ff30915ab8f117814bc18….jpg)


>t I tried to cook Americium, Radium and Beryllium in 96% sulphuric-acid, to easier get them blended.

What the fuck was the point in even doing this?



As a matter of fact more people die due to complications from the production of solar panels (all of the nasty shit in the supply chain) than have died due to (complications from) nuclear accidents.

I love using that statistic on hippies because they start screeching about "muh bomb making capabilities". Brings a smile to my face, that these fucktards think you can close pandora's box.



Meant to reply to




>but you could also convert thorium into uranium

You mean in the exact same way that all thorium reactors do?


>"Thorium is like wet wood […it] needs to be turned into fissile uranium just as wet wood needs to be dried in a furnace."



>more people get killed by dams than die in, or due to complications to, nuclear accidents

What is Fukushima?

Take your meds kid



>what is Fukushima?

An incident wherein a nuclear plant that should have been upgraded/replaced decades ago and should have had more sensible backups and tsunami walls, melted down and yet, what, less than 5 people died as a result?

Now, retarded braindead hippie faggot, I ask you: What is Banqiao?



>five people died from fukushima

>fukushima's problem was that it was old

So retarded it hurts



>trolling this hard



>Anyone who isn't retarded like me is a troll




tbf most solar panels are made in china now



But you are actually retarded and are unable to provide a counter-argument.

>everyone who isn't retarded like me should be on meds

t. different anon



But you are retarded and are asking to be spoon-fed.

>everyone who isn't retarded like me should be spoon feeding me

t. different anon





I thought you were just pretending up to now, but I guess you are genuinely retarded


Nuclear: 0.2 to 1.2 deaths per 10 TWh

Natural gas: 0.3-1.6 deaths per 10 TWh

Hydro: 1.0-1.6 deaths per 10 TWh

Solar: 1.25 deaths per 10TWh

Coal: 2.8 to 32.7 deaths per 10 TWh

Hilariously, the solar statistics are only of estimated deaths from roof installations, and don't take into account the fuckton of pollution production of the panels creates. The radioactive ash in coal is definitely factored in those statistics, though. I don't care to figure it out for solar, I'm sure some nerd out there has done it.


File: e5dcfcd1b073037⋯.jpg (81.22 KB, 647x492, 647:492, plutonium is safe accordin….jpg)

File: 5d8fde06ba0c50f⋯.png (343.35 KB, 409x622, 409:622, safe fukushima rice.png)

File: 81a2dcd8b107ebe⋯.jpg (121.21 KB, 464x776, 58:97, seeing flowers inside the ….jpg)

No gaijin, nippon is totarry saihu!

Donto forgettu to cummu to tokyo 2020!

Don't forget to report any individuals or doctors who dare publish radiation levels or suggest that fukushima in any way increased cancer rates!



He is right tho.

The mass hysteria would make you think that thousands of people died, but it was just a small accident when you look at the casualties. It's the same with Chernobyl, ask a random person how many people died at the Chernobyl disaster and most will start guessing in the tens and hundreds of thousands. The real number is closer to the death toll of Fukushima. (about 10)

Now let's get back to that disaster in Japan. Hippies have put the idea in people's mind that accidents like this could happen all the time in any nuclear reactor all over the world. Truth is that the technology itself is super safe. The disaster happened because they were cutting costs on security, personnel and maintenance since the plant was privately owned and there was little to no government supervision.

Yet another example where the free market didn't fix it, but instead made a nuclear plant explode. Of course this wasn't what you read in the news papers. The jew wants you to invest in there "clean energy" and so this was a nice opportunity to make nuclear energy look bad again.



>he needs spoonfeeding so bad that he can't even click the source cited in wikipedia

It takes effort for someone to be as wilfully ignorant as you. You're reaching devout muslim levels at the moment.


File: 57c296e6b353686⋯.jpg (427.87 KB, 1440x1090, 144:109, WHAT ARE YOU, GAY.jpg)

>implying the japs aren't ingesting so much iodine from all the kombu they eat that they pissed out all of the rads within days

>implying the japs haven't developed natural rad resistance after the fat man

It's like you guys are too busy sucking eachother off or something.



>the real number is closer to the death toll of Fukushima

UN studies generally put it at around 5000-6000 or thereabouts. So it's actually quite a bit worse than Fukushima.



>high radiation area

Be sure not to fly in a plane, or go to a beach that's plentiful in Monazite, you might hit the maximum recommended dose.

Seriously though, this is weak trolling, I can easily point out that there's still people living who worked at the Chernobyl reactor who'd had who had colleagues vaporized not even 50 feet away. There was a good book about the accident that escapes me right now, definitely gets into the Soviet cover up of the accident as well.



>UN studies

muh estimated death toll due to radiation numbers pulled out of their ass



Those people are collecting samples to test, it's like in the US where the Air Force goes around in helicopters mutilating cattle to check their lymph nodes for radiation exposure. They kill two birds with one stone by putting strange lights on the helicopters to make UFO nutters go crazy and thus the disinfo cycle continues.


>Nuclear physicists and doctors, who have spent decades in their fields warn of far reaching consequences of fukushima and chernobyl

>Recent studies show the effect across europe resulting from chernobyl which went unreported, including birth defects and cancer

>Actually qualified people speak of needing to evacuate half of japan including tokyo

>Japs make it illegal for people to report radiation levels or doctors to suggest cancer links to fukushima

>Some retard on a chan pulls out wikipedia and says that he's right

The thing with arguing with retarded people is that they're not aware that they're retarded. You just can't win.



Except none of that happened, hippie.



>doubling down on the bullshit

Oh my god, the faggot just keeps on going. Never mind all the measurements of radiation around Tokyo that read as "it's fucking nothing", for example. Don't you have chemtrails to complain about, anon?



Well, as hilarious as it is to pretend the Chinese aren't people, it doesn't change the fact that their supply chain is dirty as fuck and solar hippies are basically poisoning Asians and pretending that solar is somehow clean.



Poisoning Asians is hilarious, though.



Hey come on now, the chemtrails are fucking real.

I seriously never see them in the country side.

I have seen plane flying parallel to eachother at, what looked like, similar altitudes with one giving off a massive chemtrail while the other had a normal, con-trail.

When I was a kid I never used to see planes leaving those endless streaks across the sky.



It's actually fewer than 50, and all of those people were the soviet cleanup crew who did not wear any protective gear whatsoever.

4,000 is largest value estimated of potential attributable deaths due to complications based on a potential worst exposure, it's a bullshit number.



please leave







>muh scientists say things I like

>let's disregard the discussion in the field and pretend science is always right

This is just like the Climate Change debate. Corporations pay scientists to make outrageous claims so that they get funds for free and the opposition gets silenced and ridiculed.






there have been multiple people to build their own reactors, it never made big news because those people were later hired by the gov. the "boy scout" thing is like an urban legend that is a mish mosh of the people who all have done it/ will do it in the future (its not hard to do)



>scaled up sub reactors


dude ZERO nuclear power stations are using navy tech the NRC is the most cucked organization ever the NAVY are the only ones with real QUALITY modern nuclear tech that doesn't fucking break. power stations are all 1950's designs and are powered off of tape computers. The navy isnt held to the clipboard holders standards so they have been able to advance their tech like crazy.



LWR are scaled up nuclear submarine reactors, and although they work well at small scales, they are the cause of pretty much every western nuclear accident ever.

Once again, as I said, Democrats listened to hippies and mothballed the IFR, so we'll have to wait until around 2040 for the private sector to get their shit together and be able to build something you could actually claim is "meltdown proof".


File: 130c1675b6cb14e⋯.png (764.27 KB, 1480x1000, 37:25, 130c1675b6cb14ef22db145b13….png)


If you'd actually ever worked in a nuclear plant you'd know that

>main problem with them is they're old and operating way outside their designed life times

>no one wants a new one in their back yard so it's impossible to build newer/safer plants

>above is due to fear mongering and clueless people such as yourself and the special interest groups that keep them in a state of panic

I've worked in nuclear, coal, natural gas, and solar. Solar fields are a money sink where you're constantly replacing panels and batteries. They contribute a ton of waste to the environment and are only profitable due to tax breaks. Coal is begin phased out all over the states and suffers from similar problems as nuclear. Most deaths related to coal come from actually mining it. We have a good system for keeping the pollution from burning coal out of the air now and sell the limestone we use to filter it for other uses. Main issue right now is the fact that we store coal ash in ponds but the recent spill in North Carolina brought public attention to that issue finally and everyone has been working over time to ensure it isn't a problem in the future. In addition, we're burning bottom of the barrel coal because we sell all the good shit to China which is why I think it's mainly begin phased out. Natural Gas isn't too bad and a lot of old coal plants are begin converted over to burn it but again it's mainly profitable to run due to tax breaks and fraking, which I personally think is beyond retarded because it ruins the ground water and is mainly only allowed in places where the local Government puts profits ahead of their people.

Nuclear is the best for producing clean energy in my opinion. We make use of the waste and that waste is actually accounted for because the regulations are so tight. Security in those plants is stricter than anywhere else. If you so much as drop a nut or bolt you'll spend the better part of a week looking for it until it's found. All paper work is done is triplicate at every level. The plants are routinely inspected and major fines are issued for minor infractions like a door not begin properly greased. In fact it's well know that if someone wants to come up with a quick $1,000 they just send an inspector over to our plant to fine us for some bullshit like a break room table not begin level. I'm serious, they're that strict. In addiction the fail safes in place have back ups for the back ups with more backups for those backups. This is all in plants built in the 70s that have been retrofitted with obsolete reactor designs. If we were allowed to build brand new plants we could make them even safe.

We wouldn't have an energy crisis if not for hippies, liberals, wannabe teenage revolutionaries and soccer moms that don't understand anything and live in constant fear. We'd have so much power we'd have to give it away (or sell it to other countries) and it would produce less pollution than all other alternatives including the so-called green ones. The only reason this is not done is due to the fact that it would put a lot of people out of business and profits would go down for the oil/coal/solar/gas companies after the plants were up and running for a few years.

Keep living in your pretend world where you holy crusade against nuclear is righteous. You think you're going to leave the world as a better place for those that come after you but all you're doing is setting them up for slavery and hardship. All because you're afraid of something you don't understand. Typical sheep behavior. I feel sorry for you and anyone that has to listen to your uneducated opinions.



They also produce a shitload of waste. None of it needs to be produced, in fact most waste we already have can be "burned" to something with a half-life of a human timescales, with the right reactor design. That's not to say it will be, though, because like with Th-232 fuel cycles people will always go the cheapest route, and using the waste is probably not cheaper.

Ultimately the waste, while it is a larger amount than produced by modern breeder reactors, is not that big of a deal though in the grand scheme of things. It just kinda sits there, and burying it for tens of thousands of years is probably counter productive if you consider it as a potential fuel source.




I want my home nuclear reactor soon.



It also doesn't make big news because they desperately don't want the unwashed masses to get any funny ideas and the NRC likes to keep things hush-hush and down-low.

They're worse than the FCC too by the way, Start leaking radiation and they WILL find you and they WILL stop you. Actually maybe that's why you never hear about it. The ones that don't cooperate just get killed and erased.



Thank you.

Their position on nuclear energy is a major reason I didn't vote for my country's green party. I agree with them about most things, but their position on nuclear energy is ridiculous. Being against it is just too hip not to do, I suppose, even if it's the best solution for the problem they want to solve.

I ended up picking a party that's at least willing to wholeheartedly support thorium and fusion reactors. The most positive any of the electable parties get is "maybe don't close every single current nuclear reactor".



Chemtrails are nonsense, however it's standard practice to jettison battery acid mixed with baking soda randomly during flights.

You'll find it detailed in ground crew mechanic manuals as part of common functions.



The particularly hilarious part is how the damn faggot never acknowledged the ~171000 killed by the Banqiao dam collapse, even though dams killing more than nuclear was the issue that started his retarded tirade.



>2nd pic

Those aren't hazmat suits retard. You literally fell for some random Jap shitposter


File: 3f24abfc7931a17⋯.jpg (97.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



Also excuse the double post, but if you really want to know what they're wearing, its to protect them from pesticides in the plants. Hazmat suits don't call for wearing surgical masks you absolute fucking idiot



Wow, you mean Solar Panels are killing more people than the 20 Million/year from Cancers caused by the increase in global background radiation in the past 50 years? You have opened my eyes!


Does anyone have that image showing amounts of radiation from different sources, represented by a bunch of little squares?



>you have opened my eyes!

Good. Now someone can stab you through them to put you out of your timecube-esque misery.



What "background radiation" increase? How does this come from nuclear plants?

You do realize you could drink dozens of liters of tritium coming out of a nuclear power plant and it'd be no different from a single bannana, right? Actually, the potassium stays in your system longer, and it's far more energetic.

Someone better tell supermarkets that they have deadly CANCER CAUSING beta emitters on the shelves.



Look, if you're going to poke holes in the schizophrenic hippie's delusional fantasies, I'd advise starting with cancer mortality stats instead. They're a bit more amusingly contrasting.


>8.2 million/year




I thought I'd just ruin bananas for him and get it over with.



File: c80b1def0c92c8d⋯.png (88.27 KB, 1134x1333, 1134:1333, le xkcd rad chart.png)



In the low resolution picture it looked like they were actually hooded, but you're right, those are surgical masks. Looked like they were collecting samples though.




wake the fuck up, it's not hippies it's oil conglomerates (who btw control greenpeace et al) making sure that they don't have any actual energy competitors




I'm speaking purely from ignorance, but what about the tons of waste buried in nuclear repositories? That's wasteful and not very clean.


>explaining yourself is spoonfeeding

not the anon your responded to. I'm just curious


>using coincidence parentheses wrong






That's just fuel waiting to be used. If it's stored properly in dry cask it's harmless. Coal's radioactive ash pools (which were previously just exhausted into in the air, and still are with many coal plants) are basically useless, and are real waste, but you just don't hear about it versus a political fervor over what to do about the nuclear problem.

France just buries their national nuclear waste several feet down in concrete, in a building the size of an olympic swimming pool, and they're not going to run out of space anytime soon.



I once did some back-of-the-envelope calculations for the thorium fuel cycle. Assuming the entire world used it for power at current electricity consumption rates, the amount of high level waste requiring storage at any given time would fit into a 20m * 20m * 20m cube. Yes, that's taking into account having to keep it around for a few hundred years.

One of these days I should redo the calcs without reprocessing. I expect the space requirements will still be surprisingly small and easily workable.



>chemtrails are nonsense

>however it is standard practice to throw battery acid from the sky

Is this shitposting?



That's what the baking soda is for, fucktard. To neutralize it. In the end, it's basically just carbonic acid, which is in the soda your fat ass probably gulps down. And in reality, that just decomposes to carbon dioxide and water.



>Coal's radioactive ash pools (which were previously just exhausted into in the air, and still are with many coal plants) are basically useless, and are real waste, but you just don't hear about it versus a political fervor over what to do about the nuclear problem.

I figured news reporting concerning the environment was pushing an anti-nuclear agenda, but I didn't imagine it was that bad.


This is my favorite type of reactor (only theoretical):


I like it because it allows for partial avoidance of thermodynamic efficiency limits by using direct energy conversion from the fission fragment while it is still ionized, then once it slows down enough to de-ionize, it can be directed into a molten pool and its thermal energy extracted using conventional methods.

This allows for much higher energy efficiencies and power output since heat load is reduced for a given size.


File: 59478ceddcadfb6⋯.pdf (483.1 KB, DirectEnergyConversionFiss….pdf)




File: 215f1403906c84c⋯.pdf (3.53 MB, aiaa05.pdf)


>which is in the soda your fat ass probably gulps down.

I can taste the salt from here!

Do you live in a salt mine or sth?



When you don't know babby's first chemistry, you deserve to be made fun of, faggot.

I bet there are eight year olds who know how to neutralize battery acid, and what the reaction produces.



Confirmed for being still in high school, learning this shit. I've forgotten most of the details of chemistry from HS. If you don't pursue a career in chem it isn't going to linger in your mind for more than a year at most.



I've been out of highschool for about a decade, didn't pursue a career in chem and I still remember the basics. Maybe your memory just sucks.



Could be my memory or it could also be that you're still in high school and this is just a clever ruse. I guess we'll never find out since this is an online conversation.



No, you're just a fucking retard.



>appealing to muh specialization

>not realizing that chemistry is the central science

>blaming others for your failures



I like lead-cooled, due to the neutron economy, proven technology, non-combustible coolant and small size.

Fission fragment would be amazing, but the tech is not proven. Delicious massive delta-V budgets for interplanetary missions if used as an engine...



>lets cool our reactor with molten metal

Sounds like a soviet invention.


Micro and Pico Hydro power generation exists.



>The reason Th 232 is not used in nuclear fuel cycles is because uranium is cheaper

Only in the sense of an infrastructure and extreme government subsidization of it for the past several decades. Thorium is much more abundant in the earth's crust and is likely easier to harvest if we were to ever pull ourselves out of our obsession with hard water uranium reactors.



Bure to be specific


Japan tried to do it with toshiba in the 80s, never took off. You can however pick up a concept of it on youtube.


File: f61753cb4bf6ef1⋯.jpg (18.97 KB, 220x220, 1:1, jew_basic.jpg)


Gotta keep the goyim scared and on fossil fuels.

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