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File: 06e33117a4eb6de⋯.jpg (56.1 KB, 480x668, 120:167, 1495220314002-int.jpg)


Is there any point/aspect in which C is superior to C++?


what a low effort thread. I'm a C++fag but even the most autistic retard knows C absolutely crushes C++ in build times.


i wouldn't know, i just larp here



I don't see building faster as a practical advantage since the final user won't build it.



As linus says, C++ attracts some terrible programers, so even if the only reason to choose C over C++ was to exclude them, it'd be worth it.


Binary size and memory footprint



OO software usually has a lot more cache misses than imperative code.



C is more portable than C++. C++ compilers will compile C code, with a few exceptions, mostly related to stricter type checking.



Top fucking kek

Linus has always great lines.


C++ needs big ass compilers.

C++ is too big; find me something they DIDN'T put in it.


I prefer C simply for the reason that I can actually read one book in a realistic time and know the language (as well as a low-level language like C can be known at least). With C++ they have bolted so much onto C that at this point it might be better to just throw away the syntax and invent a new language that does everything C++ does without looking like an abomination.


>C++ is too big; find me something they DIDN'T put in it.

Hygienic macros. C++ 20 when?


Yes, simplicity.



That means that you can throw out almost all advantages almost any language has over almost any other language since the final user won't write it.





>ease of use


tl;dr you're fucking wrong etc



Enjoy the entire rant.


BTW, did you guys know the creator of that site committed suicide a few years ago? Sad. Bloat in your software, is more hazardous to the public health than you think.



C++ compilers cannot compile modern C. Any of the new C11 features are a syntax error. Some C++ compilers have very incomplete implementations of the latest C standard though.



Most C compilers can't compile "modern" C either. If you want to write portable C then you write C89 with one or two C99 features (stdbool.h).



pocc and gcc can both compile C11. I haven't tried others but i seriously doubt C11 support is lacking in most C compilers.



>BTW, did you guys know the creator of that site committed suicide a few years ago?

Yes, Uriel realized he was harmful and deprecated himself.


File: 4a54d91ccaaaf72⋯.jpg (110.51 KB, 573x820, 573:820, eurorape.jpg)


*Keks politically incorrectly*



Should have mentioned I write firmware so my definition of portable is a bit different. For embedded compilers "C99 support" usually doesn't mean much more than C++ style comments.



Eh, stdbool.h is 45 lines and defines true/false. Guess I'll stick with plain ANSI C. Anyway I only really care about old 8-bit systems and m68k, modern computers are dogshit.


variable length arrays




It appears to me he was a lefty faggot of some sort, went by Lucy on twitter. Also a Swede.

cat-v and suckless have interesting rants and sometimes a point, but their solutions are mostly crap.



C99 has variable-length arrays.



t. NEET who never wrote anything of significance



>ALL c++ code is OOP

lol retard


Compile errors are understable

Also: http://yosefk.com/c++fqa/



And c++ doesn't





He died before getting to see cloud computing really come into fruition, and the rise of the nu-swedes deprecating his country.


C has >>749432 and designated initializers, I guess. Barring those, C++ is simply better.



C11 also has them but they are optional.



some kind of bytecode that is JIT-compiled at runtime




Better portability and a MUCH leaner runtime.



C++ is for niggers. for example game developers (which are largely all niggers) use it as if it's C, so they got about 50K features in there for no reason



go back to /pol/ faggot



What? Laughing at SWEDEN YES isn't really exclusive to /pol/.




Device drivers have consistent operational timing. Fewer faults.



Believing or caring about muh evil gypsies (or whatever race is in question here) is some turbonormie bullshit and so is LARPing about nationalism. The irony is that only nu-channers (people who joined after 2006 or 2007) do this shit on imageboards today.









Anally conflicted.



Okay, that's more understandable now. I write C for applications so I have it a lot easier.



Why are his lips so swollen?

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