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File: 86f1f4d2e18deac⋯.jpeg (28.3 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 107-avatar.jpeg)


Please participate good goyims!


>privacy extensions

>search engine

I'll start

>Ungoogled Chromium 55

>uBlock on medium mode with all behind the scenes requests blocked

>searx and startpage

tell me why what I'm using is shit and why I'm a retard


Startpage is run by pajeets, OP


pfsense. What's the point of letting CIAniggers in your home just so you chase them out again?


File: 8da6641d2a878eb⋯.png (34.97 KB, 1030x430, 103:43, 2017-06-21 22_31_10-ABOUT ….png)




>privacy extensions

u wot m8

>search engine






>i use incognito mode when shopping for sex toys :)))

>google.com (my homepage is bing but i'm such a nerd lol)




>privacy extensions


>search engine






Vanilla Tor

>privacy extensions

-µBlock origin

-uMatrix (block all authorize few)

-Https everywhere (block all non https tragic)

-Random agent spoofer (several obvious options activated)

-Self-Destructing Cookies

-HTML5 Video Everywhere (for jewtube)

-Detect Cloudflare

>search engine


>tell me why what I'm using is shit and why I'm a retard

>Ungoogled Chromium 55


Cuck license gets what it deserves.

Don't use any chromium like fork.

Google has pozzed to much of the code to be verified technically or legally (legally=license).

>>uBlock on medium mode with all behind the scenes requests blocked

Use umatrix, I only add µblock origin has a fail safe if I allow by mistake shit from uMatrix.

>>searx and startpage

searx is good and starpage request can be added in the options of searx


File: 3238e0011056e3d⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 189x392, 27:56, 8c4.gif)


Firefox ESR

>privacy extensions


JavaScript Toggle On and Off

Privacy Badger

Random Agent Spoofer

Self-Destructing Cookies


µBlock Origin

>search engine




Bing tends to give wrong results when running inquiries



are you me?



>evading surveillance

>good goyims

Pick one!

It's important to know that this is not about making it theoretically impossible to find anything about you, but to make bulk analysis unprofitable. The more of you use of these things, the better:


* GNUnet

* Tor

* GnuPG

* Paying in cash

* Zcoin

* Not using facebook (and if you are dump enough to do, not posting things there you couldn't tell in a TV interview under full name)

* Icecat

** Privacy extensions: >>760343 >>760344



>brave browser

Is the whole source code available under a free software license? And I don't mean certain unimportant parts, just enough to be able to stick the "Licensed under a License Certified by the Open Source Initiative" sticker on some of it.

>no privacy extensions

>using google




>ever trusting a browser ever again that listens to your microphone





>privacy extensions

80000 blocked hosts in DNS

>search engine





>privacy extensions


>search engine

yellow pages



>Google has pozzed to much of the code to be verified technically or legally (legally=license).

>no microphone

>all background connections blocked

>Ungoogled Chromium should have all this removed

I don't think I have to worry about this anon..

>Use umatrix, I only add µblock origin has a fail safe if I allow by mistake shit from uMatrix.

I'll look into it actually






>The more of you use of these things, the better

More like the more you use these things the more you make yourself a target.



>Ungoogled Chromium should have all this removed

Until there's a mistake.


not if there's a lot of people on it.




Bonzi Buddy 2.0

Google you fucking cuckold

>tell me why what I'm using is shit and why I'm a retard

This doesn't even deserve a reply


File: fddc11a9cf95172⋯.png (253.91 KB, 498x332, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Did you get triggered, anon? Was my bait too much for you?



>Until there's a mistake.

not an argument


I noticed no one is using Disconnect, is it trash?



You best be spoofing your user agent or everything you've done is pointless


File: 3e1fdb41f4a577b⋯.jpg (141.46 KB, 962x631, 962:631, IMG_20170504_190058.jpg)



>privacy extensions

HTTPS everywhere

Privacy Badger

Ublock Origin


>search engine

Google I know, I know, but Disconnect doesn't do Google anymore and I need to actually be able to find stuff



If you're willing to use Google you might as well use DuckduckGo, it's suspicious but better than Google in all likelihood and the bangs are handy.



I'm using Google because I need to actually find stuff




0 results for 99% of searches


I suggest a metasearch engine like Startpage or Searx, they pull results from Jewgle but without the HIV

You can also choose to include results from other sources (not on startpage IIRC, but you can on Searx)


File: 23d2fecdc278006⋯.png (103.82 KB, 320x287, 320:287, upooh.png)



In my experience its results are fine unless I'm try to find lots of information for study. If you're not happy with its results just append !g to the end of your search and it will search Google for you indirectly so that you're not sending info to Google or getting bubbled.

Main reason I like it are the bangs, !yt for Youtube, !w for Wikipedia, !aw for Archwiki, etc. It seems to have one built in for anything, so half the time you don't even care about the search results because you skip directly to the information you want.

Yes I know you can implement this for other search engines but having it just werk and also having it search other engines anonymously is preferable.




>owned by a kike that has worked for data collection companies

>suddenly decides freedom is great and shieet

I'm not sure if I can trust it anon


File: 4836dfbf94a9c52⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1701x8000, 1701:8000, duckduckgo.png)



Tor Browser


>privacy extensions



HTTPS Everywhere

UMatrix (should be mandatory in every browser tbh, really powerful and flexible)

UBlock Origin

Self-Destructing Cookies

>search engine


FuckFuckGoy is a joke, no wonder it gets shilled so much.



>DuckDuckGo is bad because it tells you your user agent if you ask

DuckDuckGo is bad, but that image is really terrible.



Why zcoin over zcash?



I heard DDG sends your user agent and IP to the websites you visit as well. More accurately it exploits a known flaw in web browsers to make them send it.


>MS Edge

>Yahoo toolbar




I once blocked my browser from sending that info. You'd be surprised how many websites outright stop working. They're all in on it.



> I heard DDG sends your user agent and IP to the websites you visit as well. More accurately it exploits a known flaw in web browsers to make them send it.

Are you retarded? You send both your User-Agent and your IP (or Proxy/VPN IP if you use one) yourself to websites yourself. Lurk more.


File: 6be5e8e71c9cf83⋯.gif (5.17 MB, 450x418, 225:209, 374544.gif)


Ladies and gentlemen! May I present to you: the greatest autist that has ever lived!




Duck, Duck, You. (Revised)

A mysterious startup appears from the blue.

A duck in a bowtie, run by (((you know who))).

He promised privacy, to respect your space.

But did you take note of the methods in place?

A company US, your privacy sworn.

In 2010 markets Tor (for your porn).

Years later it's mentioned in Time Magazine.

"It's like early Google", the author did preen.

"We do not track you!" the Duck says as you choose.

Remember: He's tracking search terms that you use.

And location data, though not your IP.

They get ads from Bing, don't you think that they see?

Hosting their servers, guess who? Amazon!

Do you trust their cloud? Are you such a moron?

There's auto-suggestions, think, how does that work?

You trust that you're safe, I suggest you more lurk.

You hopped off Google, privacy was the plan.

Jumped out of the fire and into the pan.



What the actual fuck are you talking about? Your browser sends every single website your useragent and every connection you make is via your real IP, unless you use a user-agent spoofer and/or use a VPN/proxy. Why don't you do some research before claiming I am an autist while sitting at your mom's basement?



>He's tracking search terms that you use.

Jesus Christ. People on /tech/ really think autosuggesting is tracking.

$ createdb duckduckgo
$ psql duckduckgo
psql (9.6.3)
Type "help" for help.

duckduckgo=> create table search_queries (query varchar(255) not null, count integer, constraint uniq_query UNIQUE(query));
// When something is first searched
duckduckgo=> insert into search_queries values ('viagra', 1);
// When something is searched again
duckduckgo=> update search_queries set count = count + 1 where query='viagra';
// To sort for autocomplete
duckduckgo=> select query from search_queries where query like 'viag%' order by count;

Now you are going to call me DuckDuckGo IDF/Jew/NSA/whatever.


File: ded304acf1a1893⋯.gif (21.58 KB, 483x471, 161:157, joke.gif)


No reason to get mad. You're just autistic. You must certainly aren't alone in here. It's just that there are some things painfully obvious to normal people that you don't seem to get: like sarcasm. At first I thought you just may have just missed it, but now it's clear you really don't know.

For the record, I'm not the one who made the joke, but it is funny to see how you missed it so entirely and actually got mad.



>You're just autistic.

Nice ad hominem, but you still haven't provided any arguments to explain why you think I am autistic.

>but it is funny to see how you missed it so entirely and actually got mad.

Tell me what I missed.



I also think it's a joke, but I'm only about 80% sure. I could imagine someone who misunderstood an explanation about the referer header saying something like that.


Browser: Firefox

Privacy Extensions:

>HTTPS Everywhere

>uBlock Origin


>Self-Destructing Cookies

>NoScript, depending on device. I don't use it on my uni laptop, I'm already the autistic GNU/Linux kid I don't need to be the autistic tinfoil kid as well.

Search engine:


>DuckDuckGo if Startpage's image search is shit, which it sometimes is

>Google if DuckDuckGo ends up being shit and/or I want to hide my autism





>privacy extensions

uBlock origin

>search engine





>pivacy extensions





Https Everywhere

Privacy Settings

>search engine




This but with Umatrix.

No flash player and no java either


>pale meme

Same addons except with NoScript and a random user agent changer

Also using OpenNIC for DNS



Forgot search


Jewgle for work only



Right click into search form->Add a keyword for this search->Keyword

for example if you add youtube as y you can search it with y foobar in your address bar







sleep snug, smug



Firefox I've fucked with, with Tor routed through it, because I'm an autist.

<privacy extensions

Had ABE but they're not supporting it anymore. Avoid Ghostery since it sends shit, and the Badger seems to change settings without my permission so I ditched it. Keep hearing questionable shit about NoScript so I'm avoiding it until I can verify. Still not done changing and adding stuff and getting them to work together. I'm never done. Working on adding in RAS and D-eyes.



>BluHell Firewall


>Clean Links


>HTTPS Everywhere

>Pure URL




>Self-Destructing Cookies

>Smart Referer



>uBlock Origin


>Configuration Mania so I can change and tweak fucking everything in the config


>Flagfox and Terms of Service; Didn't Read for if/when not on Tor

>a few that let you watch videos without Flash, mostly converting to HTML5

>Classic Theme Restorer and Smaller View because all the empty space in modern UIs gives me eye cancer

<search engine

StartPage, SearX, notEvil.





VPNs are government-owned pieces of propaganda, especially paid ones. It's double jewry - not only do you need to pay for the VPN, they also sell your info.




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