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File: 7a48a6d875d8ae5⋯.jpg (455.08 KB, 1331x998, 1331:998, 1484698787439.jpg)


What's /tech/'s opinion on Stallman and the free software movement?

I'm formerly a /g/entooman but support for the FSF has all but died on that board, is this a good place to migrate?


>is this a good place to migrate?

This is just more of the same. Go to nextchan.


What the fuck that picture op. Also since this is a datamining thread. I personally support the ideas of stallman's movement but not the foundation itself due to legal crap. Like how everything copyrighted under gpl v3+ can be turned into any liscense wanted at the whim of FSF. That's great for fixing issues but horrible should (((state actors))) buy the foundation and its board members and then proceed to change the gpl4 to say a closed liscense.



We have a bunch of idiots here. It's mainly due to the fact that Jim has turned this place into his personal politisperg blog, along with the Infinity Next drama and takeover of 8chan.

I dunno where everyone went, or if they're still here, but the quality has declined a lot.




The problem are people like you who don't give a fuck about any sense of community and chose to just tell newcommers to fuck off instead of making quality posts yourselves



Look m8, FSF has died everywhere.

Stallman is way too extreme, and spent more time "activism-ing" than writing code.

Their kernel is a joke.

It's a dying era. Move on.



I like Stallman and the FSF, but I'm afraid that Stallman is too extreme now and then.

Don't take this the wrong way though, I do agree that you should only use free software, and I really don't give a fuck if big companies can make money with creating free software on a level that they can with proprietary. But maybe if Stallman focused a bit more on how to get big companies into free software that would the movement a lot more than being a purist about it. Focus on the things that are easily achieved, and then achieve more; instead of focusing on the end goal.

I do agree with him on the end goal though.



>What's /tech/'s opinion on Stallman and the free software movement?

I support most of the ideas of RMS and the FSF about the free/libre software movement, aka proprietary software/hardware, DRMs and software/hardware patents should not exist.

Thankfully RMS is autistic enough to separate the Free/libre software movement from other political movement, but that's something normies can't understand.

Has for the FSf a lot of us are worried about SJWs that are infiltrating part of the hacker community and we are seeing it devolve into shit discussion about things that were never are still isn't relevant of technology.

For what I know the Top people that are a public/known menace for free software are:

-Christopher Allan Webber

-John Hsieh

-Francis Rowe

The knows/public people who are against the madness are:


-John Sullivan

-Stephen Mahood

-Ruben Rodriguez

>is this a good place to migrate?

This board is mostly free/libre software discussion which tends to devolve into free software community discussions and license threads.

So is it a good place ?

Stay for a bit and you'll see if it's to your taste.

If not then try to change it by proposing new subjects.

I think it's still better than 4chan because at least I can post via Tor here (and avoid part of cloudflare too).


>What the fuck that picture op.

Not op.

This pic is one of a IOT fridge that needed an update.

aka pure cancer/botnet.

>Also since this is a datamining thread.

Wut ?

>Like how everything copyrighted under gpl v3+ can be turned into any liscense wanted at the whim of FSF.

What ?

The + means that it inherits the more recent license if there's one.

It's also used if the new introduced license brings incompatibility with license who doens't have the +.




>FSF has died everywhere.

No it hasn't it's just overshadowed by opensource people.

>Stallman is way too extreme

Please explain why.

>and spent more time "activism-ing" than writing code.

Nothing new he dedicates it's time to activism otherwise only open source would remain.

The last line of code that he did was a decade ago do you think that it would be a wise decision for him to come back ?

>Their kernel is a joke.

Their kernel is the rare ones that proposed a sane architecture and has always open source people use the easy path instead of taking the sane one.

Almost install the hurd it's working now.


>It's a dying era.

t.open source/bsd supporter



>Stallman is too extreme

Please elaborate.




>stallman is too extreme

not him but I think this has to do with his views on pedophilia.


File: 7e68b760492c5a0⋯.jpeg (55.53 KB, 599x769, 599:769, stallmansays.jpeg)

Can't speak for the whole board, but rms has my respect. The man believes in free software and lives by it despite many inconveniences.


>Stallman is way too extreme, and spent more time "activism-ing" than writing code.

Someone has to do it. rms still wrote more useful code than anyone in this board.

>Their kernel is a joke.

The Hurd was necessary before Linux, but with it there's no need for Hurd. That's why the FSF doesn't put more effort in it.



> his views on pedophilia.

Lack of context has always.

Each time he talk about these subject it in another country were the legislations are different and if you follow closely his views they have changed.

Also like said earlier

>Thankfully RMS is autistic enough to separate the Free/libre software movement from other political movement, but that's something normies can't understand.



>That's why the FSF doesn't put more effort in it.


But fortunately some people are on it tho.



>This pic is one of a IOT fridge that needed an update.

Haha, that's not actually the case.

>A few days into 2017, and Jackie Stokes, Director of Incident Response at Intel Security, has brightened our day with this image of Windows 10 updating on a fridge, captioned "I just wanted some water…"

>She tweeted the picture yesterday, and it quickly went viral with 23,883 retweets and 40,445 likes at the time of writing.

>Of course, things aren’t entirely as they might seem because it isn’t a real Windows 10 update. The fridge in question has a screen on it designed to allow owners to add their own pictures, and rather than images drawn by a child, this particular fridge owner has used a screenshot of Windows 10 updating.




Do you mean, RMS doesn't sperg out in a pure wave of emotions every time someone mentions pedophilia like society deems acceptable to do?

RMS knows very well pedophilia is irrelevant to the state of affairs of our society and prefers to focus his passion on fighting other, more urgent problems, such as the war on freedom from the Botnet, or the ecological catastrophe our planet is suffering.


The FSF is mostly leftist bullshit.

The GPL is the best license.



stop tripppfagging



>t.open source/bsd supporter

Nah they're actually dead.



>one of the last organizations to defend free software and internet liberties

>mostly leftist bullshit

Well, ok.



File: 8aa75090d524e83⋯.jpg (334 KB, 1148x813, 1148:813, 1487535124799.jpg)


You're right, it's actually leftist genius. Ignore that poster


I respect RMS. Unlike faggots who say things like "stallman is 2extreme4me". Honestly it seems most people are complete faggots, and that's what makes RMS look good.



>needs JS

>screen keeps flashing between normal and dim

>images don't load

>slow as shit

worse than 8ch





Use https://koolkidsklub.tech/hebe for a really Private™ experience. Only text, no bloat.


File: 21cf8dc207e9d34⋯.png (17.69 KB, 300x100, 3:1, tla.png)


GJ on the ssl so quickly. (((Let's encrap))) I assume?



literally none of those things are true, but as long as it keeps kids like you out, whatever



Yeah, it's Let's Encrypt!™.

SSL Certificates are a Jewish extorsion mafia anyway like DNS, so I might as well get a free one.


I've written my viewpoint on Open Source vs Free Software here:





>stallman is too extreme

millenials bls go



okay go back there then. i dont want to talk to people who think it's normal for web pages to be as slow as twitter and tumblergramwhatever



Blame Web 3.0 cancer for that.


Nice trip there, faggot.



>for a really Private


On the clearweb.







GPLv4 would become an additional license, not a replacement. You could still get it as GPLv3 with all the freedoms it provides, that's irrevocable.

The real danger would be an overly permissive GPLv4. Restrictions can't be added, but they can be removed.



>Restrictions can't be added

Same has GPLv2 and that's why V2 and V3 aren't compatible.

>The real danger would be an overly permissive GPLv4

This but I don't think it will happen.

>Restrictions can't be added, but they can be removed.

Actually what's worrying is the laws since they are constantly or can evolve.

MS has spent billions into trying to find loophole and change the laws in utah to abuse the GPL software.



>website has graceful degradation


>point out it can be turned off, just like on 8chan




it didn't work with JS off (I guess I should have tried enabling cookies or "referer" [sic]), and when I enabled JS it was slow as fuck

>being this mad that nobody likes shitty imageboard


FSF is important, but will never reach the mainstream. Open source on the other hand already has. I have a t400 with libreboot and trisquel as my distro. My last piece of non free software I have is my smart phone. Dont know if I can ever go back to a dumb phone though.


I fully support the FSF and the free software movement. Most people in these boards don't.

People here only use "Linux" (notice how they even refuse to call it by it's name: GNU) because it's free and they're too contrarian to use a more mainstream operating system.

Most of them refuse to use distributions endorsed by the FSF (or Debian with no non-free repos) and instead use Arch because it's "harder" and gives them bragging rights (or so they think.)

Discussion? There's very little discussion about free software or software in general. Most threads are petty fights and comparisons of X vs Y (be it browsers, operating systems, companies, programming languages, etc.) Or "the SJW" (whatever the hell that means.)

In fact, just add "cuck" and "(((" to the filter and you will instantly hide over 50 % of replies because there's nothing but buzzwords and shit flinging here.



>needs someone to explain him why Stallman is too extreme

This is when you know arguing is useless.



Not just leftist bullshit. Leftist (((identity politics))) bullshit.




Pretty sure most people here use Debian or derivatives and Gen/Funtoo.



Stallman is an old autistic Jew who lives in a lefty bubble. This kind of delusions is to be expected. He is not a SJW though, he is consistent in his views. You probably still can red-pill him on some matters.

And some stuff he got right already.




>hurr durr no community

The fucking community in this shithole died two years ago and retards like you are raping the decrepit corpse every time you think you're hilarious for making a shitpost with jewish meme arrows or unironically making a thinly veiled software recommendation thread because you have fewer brain cells than a fucking rodent.



I don't think you can talk him out of anything he's already convinced about. I sent him a mail once and he sounded incredibly stern and stubborn.

>He is not a SJW though, he is consistent in his views.

He can have some SJW views, and as long as they're few enough, they probably won't be inconsistent.

I mean, his views on straight white males are already pretty illogical.



>I mean, his views on straight white males are already pretty illogical.

He is a boomer, the 80s has never ended for him. Back then being a homo could indeed complicate your life a bit and his sentiment would have some point. Nowadays suicide, poverty and college admission statistics disprove his claim completely.

I remember he had defended some Australian anti-abortion organization when they got shutdown by feminists. A SJW would never have done that.



I once asked him his opinion about a license that had a clause against straight white males. He said he didn't like it because it's racist.

He summarizes an article that says straight white males have it easier, but he doesn't extend that to anything particularly SJWy you may associate with that opinion.


File: 36bba66bb0608da⋯.jpg (384.61 KB, 600x800, 3:4, nobullypls.jpg)

Sstt-st-stallman-sama i-i-is t-t-t-t-th-the o-o-o-onnly g-g-g-g-g-g--good j-j-j-j-jew nya!

He m-m-m-m-might have s-s-s-some op-p-p-p-pinions t-th-th-that are o-off b-b-b-b-b-b-but he's a hero! NYA!

B-b-b-but I'm s-s-s-s-s-s--scared of w-w-what w-w-w-w-will hap-p-p-p-p-p-pen t-t-t-to th-th-th-the FSF w-w-when he g-g-g-g-goes. nya -_-



Wait stallman is a kike? No way in fucking hell. Like his views on control of coputer hardware line up with such. But where is the money-changing? And the connections in high places?



The GPL is leftist and the philosophy of the FSF is the same kind of leftism.


File: df7aea6fd557f06⋯.png (23.06 KB, 354x327, 118:109, 1500127142696-o.png)


It's almost as if people could have their own opinions on things instead of being reactionary idiots following a hivemind. 🤔



I can make the same argument about the GPL being "right" on the economic spectrum and a bastion of libertarian free market ideals.

By your logic, imaginary property is inherently anti-free market and thus leftist. You just lost the argument, btw.

Try fucking off to /pol/. You're the very cancer that's talked about in this thread.


File: a3d2f06c2151908⋯.png (145.48 KB, 480x373, 480:373, 1493998327944.png)


Join us now and share the software!


File: 5e4c6d58039e9da⋯.png (56.5 KB, 1056x869, 96:79, a67363d41ad1714c51ad5e3c3f….png)



>my anti-business license made to subvert private property and make everyone "share" their work for free isn't leftist communist cancer


File: 28c91ca8df19dd3⋯.mp4 (1.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, sm29621837.mp4)


nice post dude



>This is when you know arguing is useless.

Says the anon who gives no argument.

Your sentence is typical of those who try to win a debate via emotions instead of making an argument.

So please tell why RMS an extremist ?



>He summarizes an article that says straight white males have it easier

It's easier for white people to do shit in white countries, and it's easier for black people to do shit in black country etc...

And that's normal, people of having the same language, culture, skin etc... attract themselves and preffer to stay in group.

And that's something that internet communities can completely avoid if wanted.

But we still attract each others in other ways.



>The GPL is leftist and the philosophy of the FSF is the same kind of leftism.

>The GPL is [insert political party that I oppose and hate] and the philosophy of the FSF is the same kind of [insert political party that I oppose and hate].

Listen m8 the GPL has only one goal provide the user full freedom on ones computing.


>my anti-business license

False, any business can sell or offer service with software under the GPL.

If dell,HP and all the other companies would use RYF hardware an only 100% free software the only people who would suffer from this is MS and Nvidia (if they don't change) otherwise the whole market would be freed and competitors would have to make true innovations or offer good services.

They just cannot lie without being busted openly.

>to subvert private property and make everyone "share" their work for free

False, with free software you get true ownership of the hardware that you buy.

> isn't leftist communist cancer

>Isn't it ironic that the proprietary software developers call us communists? We are the ones who have provided for a free market, where they allow only monopoly.




You'll be free hackers.



No user is ever forced to share anything. Only when you decide to become a developer or distributor -- when you sell or give away copies of a modified version of GPL software -- are you required to share your modifications with your users. If you never share your modified versions with anyone, you're free to keep your source code modifications to yourself.



The GPL only forces you to share code to those who use your product. You can sell binaries and set up an email/ftp server for those who want to download it.

>b-b-b-but they can share it!!!! Cumunizm!!!!!!!

Then why are Windows and Photoshop the most pirated pieces of software? Proprietary software doesn't stop people from sharing the program, it only stops people from using your code.



If what anon says is right, he doesn't have his own opinion. All he does is follow what some fiends of him said back in the 80s. If he bothered to try to form his own opinions nowadays, he'd encounter a very different reality where his old views don't work anymore.



>Your sentence is typical of those who try to win a debate via emotions instead of making an argument.

And your ad hominem here is a fallacy.



>Dont know if I can ever go back to a dumb phone though

>implying it's free software



Still not responding to the question.



You are wrong. Ad hominem is a fallacy when an attack on someone's character is used as an argument for why they are wrong. Neither the mere act of attacking someone's character, nor insulting them constitutes an ad hominem fallacy.

Consider the following two sentences:

>"You're wrong because you're retarded"

>"You're wrong, and here's why, you fucking retard"

The former is clearly fallacious, whereas the latter most certainly is not, in spite of being equally insulting.

For that matter, what you are committing right here is an ad logicam fallacy. Step it up, anon-kun.


everything ITT is just normalfags who've never left their home getting weirded out by RMS ("he is le too extreme") and polniggers saying their irrelevant bullshit



I agree that SJW stuff is bullshit, but RMS still has done more than any other for software. I personally hate GNU software because it's insecure and autistic, but it's still better and saner than most of the other crap out there. Meanwhile, you sound like some insufferable redpiller faggot who believes in constructs like "capitalism" as the only way to build technology. Software almost exclusively takes 0 capital to build (if you think otherwise, you're a delusional moron). Arguing that we need capitalism for software to work is like arguing that we need capitalism for paintings to work (not that any painting has been made for the last few centuries, but still). Not only that, but you probably also call any type of free software "communism", which is a whole other layer of retard. You people are as cancerous as any SJW or communist.



I know the specifics of the ad hom. His argument was "you're wrong because you're this typical type of dude who bla bla bla". The argument was built on the personal attack, the personal attack wasn't a bonus. It was certainly a fallacy, anime LARPer brethen.


You're not responding to what I said properly is my point. I'm not even making an argument, you're the one who desperately tried to pick one and acted as if winning was my ultimate goal.

Arguments don't work if both parties aren't willing to concede or at least willing to see the others' end. I'm perfectly fine with you thinking RMS is not an extremist. If you have arguments to back it up, that's great.

What's retarded is that you can't even imagine why someone would think RMS is an extremist. The dude said some pretty crazy shit in the past. If you can't understand why someone would think they're extremist, you're stubborn or autistic, which makes arguing pointless.



Would you give extremist examples of things that Stallman has done to promote the free software movement.



He followed an insult up with an insult, then asked a question. You can't really argue against an insult, that's not how they work. As far as I can see, this has been the series of communication:

>statement(FSF too extreme, etc)

<questioning, asking to defend that statement


<counter insult, then back to question

>ad logicam

As such, his argument was not "You're doing this typical thing blah blah", but rather that was a response to your initial insult, which he then followed with questioning your original statement once again. What he's actually arguing with is asking you to defend your statement with examples, which is perfectly reasonable.


I support the Free Software movement, but I do not like GNU, Linux, or any C-based or Unix-based products. Associating software freedom with C and Unix was a very bad idea because it is spreading the Unix virus and killing security and creative hardware and OS design. Stallman should have made a Lisp machine clone, Multics clone, or other "Right Thing" system to base freedom around.



Stallman prefers Lisp and he would have loved a Lisp machine. The reason why he chose Unix as the basis of GNU is for practical reasons: it was a clean and decent OS and it was popular in the universities of the world which would make GNU easy to spread. There's no technical reason why we don't have a free Lisp machine (and Lisp OS) today. We don't have one as a matter of practicality: nobody is interested into developing their effort into a Lisp machine in the same way that Stallman invested his effort into a Unix-based GNU. If you want to take up that burden for yourself, that is all up to you.

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