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Which field of technology benefits from you being multilingual? I speak Korean, Japanese, obviously English, and working on my Chinese. I noticed a few jobs in amazon WS for Korean speakers, and I heard it's piss easy getting a job as a programmer in Japan, though the pay isn't great.

Any field in particular where being trilingual (hopefully quadlingual soon) would be of great benefit?


I don't think your multilingualness applies to English as much as you think it does.

I'd work on your English word making before you advertise yourself as competent at it.




>English word making

>Anything wrong with OP

Pajeet, OP is fine, you work on your English or you'll never get that H1;


I would guess that language only matters when it comes to front-end design, i.e. the part a users sees. Under the hood you will be using English everywhere.


That and verification is just symbols defining something so it doesn't matter about spoken language but of math.



>Which field of technology benefits from you being multilingual?

You can make bank writing technical manuals and books for an audience where there's little to no competition. Don't bother with Mandarin, they're all thieves.

I hear there's really high demand for English teachers in Japan too.



>I hear there's really high demand for English teachers in Japan too.

I heard, that it is a scam japanese scheme, where you overworking as hell, underpayed, brainwashed and thrown like a garbage when you burned out.



>I heard, that it is a scam japanese scheme, where you overworking as hell, underpayed, brainwashed and thrown like a garbage when you burned out.

Isn't that pretty much Japanese work culture in general? Not OP but it sucks considering how I (a fucking WHITE MALE in the US) would love to have a good IT or programming job in a county not subject to SJW poz and can speak basic Japanese and want to learn Mandarin, but don't want to work 80 hours a week for minuscule pay.



Being multilingual helps with avoiding l10n/i18n pitfalls, if that's important for whatever product you are involved with (anything related to search, multilingual sites, etc).

>I heard it's piss easy getting a job as a programmer in Japan, though the pay isn't great.

For fuck sake, don't move to Japan for a job.



>Being picky in this economy



Knowing multiple languages isn't "necessary" but it's a HUGE bonus in cryptology, security fields, and front-end design. It's not really needed for back-end stuff unless you're working with decoders.

I'd pick up some Discrete Math/Number Theory to compliment the multiple languages, especially if you're thinking of cryptological work.



Japan is a shit for IT/Business/Education jobs if you're not Japanese. They treat English speakers like shit and other Asians even worse. China is better for English speakers than Japan is.

The only Jap job that pays well and is worth going to Japan for (according to friends in the trade who've done it) are electrician jobs because foreigners don't have to worry about unions making their lives living hell, and technician jobs fixing hardware/machinery.


It's useful to speak sandnigger in networking as they're having a huge networking boom and all the US networking companies see them as like 50% of the current market. We have Pajeets do the talking but they're really bad at business and I wish I could communicate directly.

Btw, the UAE's outgoing internet traffic is like 90% bollywood pseudo-T&A. Most of their country is beating off to our equiv. of the sears catalog in the '80s for kids too chicken to steal a playboy.



>No job is better than working for nips


Well I was hoping to get some useful insights, like AWS hiring Korean speakers because they are working on a huge data center in Korea, and Japan while being easy to get a programming job, you will be working overtime with most likely no pay and will be making like 3,000,000yen starting - if you work at a big company.

I decided to ask this since I see a lot of jobs in places like oil rigs asking for Korean speakers to work as some manager/QC guy, and was hoping something similar existed in the tech world.

Since I already have a degree in economics I guess I'll just do something data related then.



Russian might be useful. It depends on what you want to do and where you live.



>comma diarrhoea

>zero wingrish

Sounds like you could benefit from OP's expertise.



>Pajeet still going



> multilingualness

> shits on other people's english

pajeets, when will they ever learn


File: ab10b356ada3d4e⋯.jpeg (32.21 KB, 350x350, 1:1, ct3.jpeg)


That's because oil rigging is a field that specifically requires people of various nationalities to work together to accomplish a task.

Just as you can brute force a math problem with enough processing power/memory, you can brute force programming with enough pajeets or chinks that know basic JS or similar languages. India and China understands A+B=C even if they don't understand WHY A+B is equal to C, and they program accordingly. It's why anything CS/IT is a shit internationally and why they tell CompSci nerds to go specialize in something like security/cryptology or networks if they want a high-paying hob. The only bonus Europe and the Americas get that make IT/CS worth going into are that unlike the half-braindead populations of Asia/The Middle East, our half-braindead populations grew up in relative prosperity so they have had no reason to learn useful skills like programming in order to survive, creating a niche market where it shouldn't exist.

Yeah, I said it, CS/IT is a shit and you American workers only benefit from the fact that us Americans are lazy fucks!



So what you're telling me is that I need to learn Indian and Chinese



Indian has hundreds of dialects. It's like their super sekret club. Mandarin is a pain in the ass and generally not worth learning unless you want to be a business translator.

Russian, Farsi, and Portuguese are probably the most underrated languages to learn right now for use over the next decade.



Keep going OP, it's a pretty impressive knowledge you've got there. I think that sadly unless you are working as a project leader or something like that, being multilingual won't help you much. The industry almost exclusively uses English. Translations and stuff like require more languages, but they are uncommonly done by the programmers themselves. If your company has partnership with Koreans, Japanese or Chinese then you might get lucky though. If you are not a complete autistic mess they might assign you to work with them and become their "communicator".

Our company recently got some "temporary" pajeets. They speak with broken English, always sit by themselves and speak Hindi or whatever and nobody can understand them. This leads to many headaches and errors due to misunderstandings, but diversity lmao. The language barrier is horrible when you have to work as a team. It's literally us vs the Indians, they don't even want to communicate, we have to ask them everything. Everybody can speak English, but the finer details and the planning are always more comfortable in your native language in every field. Sounds stereotypical, but the Pajeets are literally bringing us down. Moral: don't work with foreigners. Also don't leave your country for a job in Asia, they absolutely don't treat foreigners well.


Feels good I learned Russian in high school. Heard that Portuguese is getting more popular too, due to Brazil finally gaining internet access. Didn't know that Iran was getting influential in tech though.



>Indian has hundreds of dialects. It's like their super sekret club.

The trick is to ignore the southern ones, that's where the "street shitting" meme comes from


File: 14c02744b149bed⋯.jpg (314.68 KB, 800x490, 80:49, Official_State_Languages_s….jpg)


It's not so much that Iran is a major tech power (they are to an extent in the East since Iran is probably the most "progressive" Middle Eastern nation, but that's irrelevant here). It's that Iranian/Persian is a central Middle Eastern language relying on the Arabic alphabet while having its roots in the Indo-European language groups.

If you know Portuguese, English, and Farsi, you can effectively "decrypt" most other Arabic and Indo-European languages such as obviously Arabic, Hindi, and Turkish. You won't understand them, but you'll be able to piece together enough details to "figure out the rest" so to speak with a little study and maybe a translator's dictionary. It's like how people who understand German and Farsi by default will understand bits and pieces of Hindi, understanding German and Spanish give a basic ability to read French, Understanding Russian and Kazakh give a basic understanding of Ukrainian, etc.

A better example for /tech/ is if someone understands C and Java, they'll have an easier time picking up C++.



I studied Spanish for about 2 years, German for a year, and Russian for about a year (going back to relearn it right now). Just as a disclaimer for anyone questioning where I'm getting this from.



Doesn't Iran also have that thing where trannies are okay and fetus aren't considered alive, so they have surprisingly advanced medicine.



>Iran is probably the most "progressive" Middle Eastern nation

No, that's Israel or Lebanon.





Israel has no business in the middle east though

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