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File: f73e9ca71b4f7ca⋯.jpg (367.64 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1402638828898.jpg)


I couldn't find a job with my old degree so I'm going back to uni.

What's a degree that guarantees me employment, I was thinking something network related.


If you are white, then none. You need a portfolio of apps to show off or to already be deeply entrenched in a old company. Even with a portfolio of apps the best you will get if new is temp contractor work for small buisnessess unless your doing something highly specialized like cobalt or embedded work with a fake resume for kikes.

If your non white just be smart and learn what you need from the internet. From there get microscam certifications and work your way up the diversity chain and avoid women.

Unless your in chinkland. In which case I am clueless how things work there. That is if they promote based on merit or class/diversity/who you know.



Do yourself a favor and learn a trade instead. Jews aren't allowed to get their hands dirty so you can charge whatever you want.




Damn it guys



Don't do it man. Don't get into deeper (((debt))).



Australia so the debt isn't a huge worry.


What if I'm White and wanted to get microsoft certified.


>Check Microsoft Virtual Academy's beginner videos

>First video is 12 minutes of explaining how great Microsoft BI is

Off to a great start


I guess I could go something more maths oriented like electrical engineering or something?

I just don't want to do another degree and end up with no job.



Don't think I've ever seen a microsoft certified white guy.

You may qualify for some sort of diversity program.



If you are white and go the microscam certified route then your options are severely limited except for kike job resume padding.

Pajeets will hire you but not promote you even if you do your job effectively and good. Women are women, be the chad and office politick or go home. Chinks will higher you and promote you but you best be on the top of your game. Chink companies are far and few between unless you go to sydney or some shit hole like that. >>>/aus/ has more examples of shitholes to avoid but if you're a cunt you should know that already.


Checking out Australian sites it seems even tech jobs are hard to crack, with established jobs being cut leading to a flood of experienced workers looking for any job they can get.

I guess the easiest solution is to get a rope and hang myself holy shit fuck this world



Self employment is a viable option. Also grow your own food in case that fails. Either way finding cheap land within range of a good ISP will usual secure survival, though certainly not employment.



What's your old degree?

Manufacturing is alright but it's only gonan be good for another decade or so. Out east there's a lot of robotics companies that do an 8 year apprenticeship. You get your bachelors in Industrial Robotics the first four years for "free" under the agreement that you work for them for four years (or have to pay it back).


File: 7cc577eb62f9f43⋯.png (107.16 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, oraclepro.png)





You're fucked, m8. Might as well shove a flaming koala up your ass and end it. I think there's an Aussie company hiring electrical workers. You spend 3 months in 'Straya, 3 months in Japan, 3 months in Saudi Arabia, and then you get winters off to do whatever the fuck you want. I don't think I'll see him ever again, but I'll ask my friend about it if I get the chance.




Seriously though OP, see if you can get an H1B and work in 'Murrica. If you're older than 23 and have a bachelors, you should be able to obtain one under Trump's new plans.


File: 5c07b9bf8ad3d8f⋯.jpeg (183.74 KB, 1600x533, 1600:533, electricalengineer.indust….jpeg)


>What's a degree that guarantees me employment


If you want to be employable, by yourself or others, you need a fucking skill/trade. You should study


and focus on electrical engineering with network devices so you can be in high demand for employment and hab the 1337 skills to make anything and sell it or give it away.



>shark bait

If you do come to America, the West Coast has way less shark attacks and all the good jobs. And fucking killer rain forests.



>so I'm going, going,

>back, back,

>to uni

Fug. Is this shit free for you ?







Guess I'll start looking at American companies looking to hire, thanks. Any suggestions?



More or less. Free loans for uni tuition fee and I should be eligible for like $250 (a bit more) a week, so even with retardedly high rent prices in Australia (probably like 150~200 I havent really checked lately) I should have 50~100 dollaridoos to live off. And I can earn up to $200 a week without getting my payments deducted so while not a life of luxury I can certainly scrape by.


idk man I guess I might talk to someone at school about it



>Free loans

I don't think that's a thing. Do you mean grants ?

>I might talk to someone at school about it.

Whether or not they offer Industrial Design at your school, you need the triforce that is hardware, software, and design. Hardware being the ability to create with wood, metal, plastics, and electronics; software being the ability to code with assembly, bash, C, and HTML; design being the ability to create and manage various processes to control conditions such as usability, sustainability, and security.


You might find interest in process and systems engineering, as economics is essentially macro and micro systems engineering.

Most designers pair interests or virtues, for example, Transportation Designer: marker drawing + cars;

Shoe Designer: art software + shoes;

Tech Designer: 3d modeling software + computers;

Furniture Designer: wood/metal working + furniture;

Interaction Designer: psychology + tech

The highest paid are the Interaction Designers and User Experience Designers, and of them the highest paid and most skilled ones studied Industrial Design and/or Electrical Engineering.


Imagine making a phone where you design your own board, solder up the components, program the controllers, program your own operating system, and design, engineer, and fabricate the exterior housing out of local, sustainable, and recycled materials. You can even target a specific function like identity spoofing or preinstalling something like ServalMesh.



>come to an undemocratic surveillance police state with increasing civil unrest

Yeah, nah, you're a cunt. Don't do it OP, it's a trap.



>I don't think that's a thing. Do you mean grants ?

In Australia the government pays your tuition fees and you owe the government the amount. The said amount has no interest and is adjusted for inflation. Cheapest money you can ever borrow.

>Imagine making a phone where you design your own board, solder up the components, program the controllers, program your own operating system, and design, engineer, and fabricate the exterior housing out of local, sustainable, and recycled materials. You can even target a specific function like identity spoofing or preinstalling something like ServalMesh.

Sounds like something I'd need to do at least a Masters in if not a PhD


Thank you anon. I knew you had my back.


File: 2c23ccaf42ccb79⋯.jpeg (66.45 KB, 700x399, 100:57, calculator.hp.9821a.jpeg)


>guaranteed employment

You will need to verify your abilities. The best way is a


with some cool projects.

A networking degree in Computer Science is very unlikely to have a signifigant portfolio. Industrial Design and Electrical Engineering almost guarantee a sweet portfolio of some kind.





You don't know shit. The police aren't the fucking problem, it's the tech companies that have intenational reach. Ever follow aussie news, nigger ?



>no interest

Are there no jews in your country, anon ?



Many Australians were brits who got fed up with (the kike influence in) Britain and decided to forge a better life in Australia.

The Jews are doing their best to "remedy" things though. University used to be free like Europe and now we just have free loans.





Well, you don't need an institution to facilitate those. And most masters projects in design are crap since many masters student studying design, say, at Stanford's D-School, have a non-creative and non-critical thinking undergraduate background and get their second degree with a firstyear low quality project and a poorly written paper unless they studied writing.

You can easily do something at this level as an undergraduate. Find something you love and figure out how to make it.



>critical thinking

And to clarify, it seems as if you have this background with a degree in econ. Design a better system, anon. An better economy. A better world.



rewrite the Freebsd IP stack in Limbo, you will get instant monies



>couldn't find a job to pay for my student debt so I'm going to accumulate more debt instead of exploring different career paths for the time being

You are doing something wrong for sure.


Guys I sort of need to apply like, six months ago.


In case you would like to know what sort of courses are offered in Australia


>Check out reddit's sysadmin board

>It's a huge circle jerk about how hard and important their job is and how they deserve every cent they get paid


>Making life decisions based on advice from a chan

You're gonna go far OP



Supply Chain Management / Logistics graduates have no problems finding well paid jobs. It can be /tech/ related as the industry is heavily IT based now.



>I was thinking something network related


Go into nursing. Guaranteed employment. You're welcome.



>Guaranteed employment wiping old people's asses 24/7




Why are retards like this allowed to post?


What's the easiest branch of engineering?



rocket engineering

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