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File: 20c027f82eabb8a⋯.jpg (4.19 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20170811_003021.jpg)


Has anyone figured out how to get into a DirectV box? I know TiVo brands are easy to get in, but what about directv? Seems like a great device, would allow transmission and reception of Digital and analog signals.


I have a one year old cable box, left from a move, that I've tried to reuse. I attached another coax to the splitter in the attic, but I wasn't able to get it working. I'm not sure if they nuked the firmware or a MAC address simply needs to be added on their end. I have an old ATI All-in-Wonder HD tuner which I've noticed Showtime being broadcast by Airbox. I can hear audio, but the picture is black. Do you not have to connect a DirectTV box to an additional phone line, or is it completely wireless?


DOCSIS 3.0 = digitial specific secret key per cable company box for service. Most of Directtv and comcast have already switched to such a system. Unless you write your own firmware and switch to a provider other than them you are fucked. The mac adress does indeed need to be added on their end btw for sending the config.




I don't mean getting TV signals. Rather turning it into a computer. Like install netbsd or something onto it


From that picture alone I see two different spots you could use to try logging in from a TTY over serial. Try the port in the middle of the board and the usb port and then get back to /tech/. Surely on startup the presumably LK or Uboot puts out a serial line to read for developers/(you). Next try the proccessor on the board for a serial debugger. If that fails see what is under the hard disk and or use the hard disk ports to try a connection to a terminal. Many different avenues of entry depending on your hardware to read ports with is.

Originally I thought you actually wanted to crack a DOCSIS 3.0 line for free electric jew.



There's many ways you could go about doing this. Obviously you need to find some kind of entrypoint to run a custom firmware from. A good place to start would be identifying what hardware is on the motherboard and/or finding any kind of documentation on what general architecture it uses. Next, and this is important, you would generally have to grab an oscilloscope and probe any kind of test leads on the board. As you're probing test leads have some kind of text encoding enabled on the scope, if you're lucky you should be able to read debug output from the booteom. If there is no cryptography going on from the bootrom then your job is now significantly easier, but most likely you will run into some crypto or hash functions in which case it's really not worth the effort.

You could find some documentation on how DirectTV delivers firmware updates to the device, spoofing a firmware update might be possible but 99.9 percent of the time it's not since these firmwares are usually signed.



isn't that what JTAG is for?


File: ffc712eaf83514e⋯.jpg (107.04 KB, 1049x591, 1049:591, GabrielRepent.jpg)

Give it back, Tyrone.


>actual /tech/ thread for once

Stop that, I just want to shitpost about how there are no good threads anymore.



The eternal tragedy of good /tech/ content is that there is a barrier to entry to enjoy it.



How big are the hard drives in these things? I have a few of them in my basement. If the HDDs are bigger than 20GB I might end up using them.


Actually on the subject of drives. Is there a way to extract your recordings from these things? Like I have no doubt the whole drive in encrypted because these companies are spiteful. But surely there is a way to access it?



Streams are flagged, so mostly no. You'll have no trouble grabbing commercials though.




Been fucking around with it. Had to order a BusPirate. There's a password on the shell I can access through UART. Trying to find another way to get in, or a way to get around it.



Don't be coy anon,

showing off that crystal pepsi

acting a damn fool

fuck you made me right a haiku again.



Hahaha didn't notice the Crystal Pepsi. That's my "Its not food, so this is now trash" container. Thats been there forever

Yeah i'm a fool. It's my first foray into Hardware hacking/ related stuff. So this is my learning project.



I remember reading about a tty and linux kernel CVE with the login shell a while back. Try looking those up it was something stupid simple like pressing enter a bunch of times followed by system call/bash script execution by hand. You could probably get in that way.


They've got JTAG on here, and I'm experimenting with that to see if I can get in. Since this has a Kuband transceiver, this device if opened could be really useful for say some Broadcast signal intrusion


File: 9a8e55541dc5906⋯.png (84.13 KB, 1638x1130, 819:565, FCCID.io-544923-bg1.png)

Wonderfully the FCC ID (06ZR15) led me to a block diagram. Showing 4 UART ports and a JTAG port.


File: 3a22703b453d25b⋯.png (163.4 KB, 1366x719, 1366:719, BLOCKDIA.png)


Had to screencap, downloading the image lost info

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