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File: 5f062486f7f9766⋯.jpg (7.36 KB, 292x183, 292:183, 1494863792008.jpg)


>should do sports and other activities regularly to keep body and brain in top shape

>would rather sit in front of the computer and read about operating systems, terminals and the likes

>body already suffers from the effects of this

How does /tech/ combat this issue?


By re-energizing every 2-4 hours with a fresh bag of Doritos and 20 oz of the Good Dew.



this is too fat


watch the movie Pain&Gain. then think about it: are you a doer, or a don't-er?



I personally download podcasts and rip audio from jewtube videos about technology to listen to while I work out.



I go go for walks.



This, but only sometimes.

It would be fun to go on a 20-50 km hike or two every month or two.



I do a set of pushups, situps, and ait squats. The sudden endorphin rush typically makes me put down my computer and go to the gym/run outside for a little bit.


I use Workrave. Every 20 minutes I stop for 30 seconds and stare into the abyss. Every 2 hours I stand up and walk around for 15 minutes. Also I lift at home.


File: 3a4b45e46541db1⋯.png (20.11 KB, 560x407, 560:407, shrug.png)

By doing skilled manual labour for a living.



>skilled manual labour



>20-50 km hike or two every month or two.

Pleb. I walk 40km every week, just to commute to work.



Go ask >>>/fit/ for tips. I'm sure they spend a lot of time on imageboards too. Other than that, make sure to eat healthy. It's amazing how much stronger, more alert, and more alive you can feel just from eating healthy. Turns out you are what you eat, and if you eat shit, you are shit, but you might not notice until you stop eating shit and start eating proper food.


Carpentry is a thing.


i do 100k on my bike every other day



what are you indian? get a bike fag.



Actually I'm a pakistani and a bike would cost me 6 month worth of' paychecks.



thats rough. you can't even go to a dump or scrap yard and make a scrapper bike?



Carpentry, Construction management, electricians who work on oil-filled transformers and other power components, etc.

Lots of skilled trade jobs that still require hard manual labor... Just not back-breaking labor.




>having shitty salary

why don't you learn some Erlang or Rust and start living like a real man?



Learning is hampered by having a severely distressful day job. Your memory goes to shit when you're trying not to eat a gun every time you come home.


Exercise is good for learning and mood and your body.

You shouldn't skip out on it, doing 30 minutes or 1 hour a day jogging or working out has benefits in short and long term.

If you spend all your time learning about things you are already doing it wrong if the purpose is to learn new things you should controlled intensive bursts of learning and playing around not spend all your day learning because you aren't retaining all the information at all or efficiently.



Trying not to eat my shotgun is precisely what convinces my weary mind to go to the gym or learn when I get home from work.



Standing desk and exercise.


It's like /tech/ for your body. Equally autistic memes and cargo-cult behaviour.



buy a gun and integrate workouts into your shooting trips; fun as fuck to shoot so the motivation bit is much easier



This. I go for walks twice--sometimes four times--a day. I work night shift and go to bed at noon, so I'm only walking at night, and it's really nice. Growing up, I was petrified by going outside, because I hated the feeling of other people looking at me, even though I don't have any serious physical impairments.

When ever I'm done reading a book, or whenever I feel tired, I just go for a walk to refresh my mind.

I used to go running once every other night in highschool before I dropped out, because I was to timid to do track, and, I have to say, I feel like I'm in better shape now just taking walks all the time than I ever was in highschool. Granted, I don't have the strength nor the stamina that I had when I was running and lifting, but my body feels and looks more defined. I feel like a have significantly less body fat, and, even though I was never out of shape, I can feel that chub that I used to have disappear. It helps that, now that I'm an adult, I can buy my own food and have a healthy diet.



Why don't you do consulting on upwork or something?


File: 2a4c5b11e2ddf19⋯.png (361.4 KB, 1267x779, 1267:779, 1499803742285.png)

File: 15b215c17065e99⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 1752x5808, 73:242, hdthing.jpg)

File: f7e506ebff26f28⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 1993x3301, 1993:3301, reallyneattestthing.jpg)


/fit/ here, I can give you the basic rundown

>150 or below minutes per week of running

>2/3 times, max 1.5 hours in each visit weight lifting (will give you a test boost)

Look at pic related, it will give you a boost. From running you also get a lower resting heart rate, and a huge list of benefits for your brain. I am in a running club and there are also many, many higher earning people there, including some nerds in IT.

Also eat like pics related, it will give you a biochemical boost. I could go in detail as to why these things are good, I remember most of the links that started me on this path.

but for men, good test can increase many good vectors, your teamwork ability, your energy levels, your reaction speed. Running boosts your cardi vascular system, making a tad bit more performing at supplying your muscles with blood (but also your brain)

I came to /tech/ to see if there were threads about machine learning, maybe you can answer something in return. What prevents someone from making a simple machine learning bot that can spot samefags, based on text?



It's hard to analyze writing style from a short post.



Taking long walks (in nature preferably) is healthy, and it is also valuable time you can utilize to contemplate matters.

I walk every day but also try to run and work out a few times a week.



well, grammatical mistakes. Certain popular phrases used. What if you could feed it something from a person on a blog, that has lots of words. Maybe even de-anonymize some people, it would be very useful against shills.

Also dont you wish to learn more about the cardio, weight lifting and nutrition aspects?



I am cramped up my butt with this stuff, is literally all I did for the last 5 years lol.




Not the anon you replied to, thanks for sharing. I'll be reading and taking those into consideration, highly appreciated.



Yes, but from a short post it's hard to extract enough information. For longer posts, sure.

No, I have no energy/motivation.


File: 600a4e28998dd3d⋯.jpg (186.61 KB, 697x471, 697:471, thing.jpg)

File: 23da2e52165f641⋯.jpg (85 KB, 474x900, 79:150, 1499887339601.jpg)


well let me tell you the order of the low hanging fruits

>healthy BMI

is the first step, it will give you 40% improvement in general moods, also test, and general healthiness

>beginner level sports and basic clean eating

if you do both weight lifting and cardio (not on the same day), while also eating cleanly, after a couple of weeks you could get an additional 20%, months another 10%

>advanced course on previous category

will get you to 100% peak performance of what your body is capable off. You should also be sure that your macros are in order and you lay off the sugar. My food chart. This may take years though depending on many bio chemical factors.

But once you are done with it, you can start looking at things like

examine.com (its mostly bias free and offers a lot of additional benefits that you can derive from foods, also no bias, only found one article to be suspicious)

after that you could go the weird route, like nootropics, which is very expensive and also very subjective, relatively to the above steps, not really worth it.

But with the early steps you have to imagine that you may have a lot of deficiencies in your diet. Zinc for example, that comes with proper meat eating is a common one, but vitamin D (from sitting indoors with your screen you nerd) is another one.

Depending on how close you want to get to your peak performance and how much effort you are willing to give yourself you could also choose what to do. But these are the basics steps, that I also personally walked through. Also look at my second pic, I am basically like that lol.



mushrooms are neither a nightshade nor a vegetable



Thank you for the information. Well, the problem is that I don't have enough motivation to do the first step.

Do you have any links about the 40% improvement in general mood and test levels? Is this from underweight, overweight, or both?



being of a normal BMI, thats it. Just dont be too thin or too fat and you will get that sweet 40%, in the western world its the leading cause of testosterone decline and even shrinking in amount sperm.



Lifting in the morning, BJJ in the evening


File: a23dd74f7ebaf0a⋯.jpg (65.36 KB, 640x852, 160:213, 11831795_978589885497040_2….jpg)



if you have a bike/treadmill in your home I just download some anime or whatever tv show I want onto my laptop and put it on while I bike

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