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File: b02301e75b8bc65⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2928x2216, 366:277, browsers.jpg)


Friendly reminder that if you're a person who respects their individual privacy and freedom, there is no reason to be using the products created by the botnet that is the Google company.

There is a plethora of options available for you to replace your Google apps that are lighter, faster and better in general, including respect for freedom and privacy.

>search engine?

SearX, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Yandex (Soviet Botnet)


Pale Moon, Waterfox, Brave, Vivaldi


Self Host, cock.li, Proton Mail, Hotmail (Still Botnet) Yandex (Soviet Botnet)

>cloud storage?

Syncthing, ownCloud, Nextcloud

app store?

F-Droid, Yalp for Play Store front end


NewPipe for mobile, not signing in on desktop


XMPP, Signal.


Nextcloud, ownCloud, RadiCAL,


NextCloud, keep it in your emails.


RSS client, Librenews

List of Software you can Self-Host


NextCloud Providers


OwnCloud Providers,


WebMail Comparison



>Excellent tier

>Proprietary browser #43



File: 6d3d7f77f5e969d⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1000x7440, 25:186, 6d3d7f77f5e969d07336bc02fe….png)

The whole point of GNU Icecat is to subvert the telemetry/nonfree/privacy-violating things in Firefox while remaining as similar to the source as possible. The fact that you dismiss all Firefox forks as though they are just inherently comprimised without any grasp for what the point of the project is just shows your ignorance.

Also, the article you cite is totally misleading. Mozilla's "war" on fake news is easily one of the least concerning things Firefox has ever done. If you're making an infograph on secure browsers, you could have easily cited articles talking about Mozilla's telemetry and much more discernable, technical bullshit, not to mention pretty much everything gHacks as ever covered on Firefox. So, even on the needlessy paranoid front, your list still manages to suck more than it ever should.

Also, Uzbl is a webkit browser, not a text browser. So it just shows us that you clearly have never used all of the browsers you're shit talking here.

And you didn't even mention Dooble, a project that is incredibly vocal about making their browser both free and privacy-protecting.

So here you are, needlessly mentioning all these proprietary, blatantly malicious browsers that no one would have known about anyway, but you aren't even willing to acknowledge free projects that are actually making a concerted effort to do something good for the World. That would easily fit your criteria of what a good, safe browser could be.

What is wrong with you?


To be fair, Brave is actually open-sores.



>To be fair, Brave is actually open-sores.

That's nice to know, when did this happen?



I don't think it was ever proprietary, although I can understand how you were probably swayed by the rumors and misinformation--all of which probably stemmed from their business model, which, admittedly, reeks of the musk of venture capitalists and startup culture; but the software in itself is licensed under MPL, just like Firefox. But it's built on Blink.

I'm not trying to justify Brave, here. Just stating facts.



So you would rather use a proprietary browser than a free browser just because you don't agree with their agenda? And how does that make it more secure?



You're on /tech/ , don't expect too much rational thinking .


>god tier (no privacy issues): icecat (can't be trusted)

>excellent: brave

>does not mention that brave is made by javascript creator and mozilla co-creator

this is bait



Bad infograph. You shouldn't recommend proprietary software, unless there is no FLOSS alternative at all, such as Youtube. I haven't used Youtube at all for 6 about years.


Very good post. The Google analytics hidden in the addons page is way worse than virtue signalling.


Why shouldn't we trust GNU/Icecat?



Most of this is good advice, except for:

>>cloud storage?

>Syncthing, ownCloud, Nextcloud

Syncthing is a bit of a battery hog on android. Not unusably so, but something to be aware of. Also, Owncloud and Nextcloud's android clients do not allow the user to sync arbitrary folders, aside from photos in DCIM. You can manually upload/download files and folders outside of DCIM, but there's no way to do it automatically.

And speaking of Nextcloud... screw Nextcloud. They fucked over a lot of people on residential connections with their cute little stunt a few months back, all that "sending warning letters to ISP abuse deparments about home users running old versions" bullshit. https://archive.fo/3IZSX



Chromium isn't libre, that's why it isn't in the trisquel repository.




find .mozilla -type f -perm /100 -ls



That's some disgustingly inaccurate graph you have in here, kid.




>just shows your ignorance

Checked and agree on the fact that OP is a dumb illiterate faggot.

It's quite clear to me that this post has been made by a mongrel /pol/ack following the degoogle meme and not from anyone near being a tech savvy.



>The fact that you dismiss all Firefox forks

>Palemoon is in the recommended

I don't understand where you got the idea that he was dissmising all firefox forks.



Every other Firefox fork has a huge, red asterisk next to it. Pale Moon, while you're technically true, isn't really a Firefox fork in the same way that a browser like Waterfox is, since it was forked from a waaay older version, and it's deviated so far from its source it's really become its own, independent project and thus not affected by the actions of Mozilla in the way other forks are.



I am not saying it cannot be trusted, OP's picture is saying that.



A fork is a fork regardless of whether it happened recently or many years ago. A fork is always an independent project because changes generally do not return upstream.



You're right. I think calling those other browsers forks was misleading, because those projects can and do in fact still have the capacity to exchange code between each other and are pretty much cross-compatible as a result. The main difference, really, for most of these browsers is mostly ideological, but they still rely heavily on upstream.

So they aren't really forks. They aren't even independent projects in the way that Pale Moon is. So there's a difference between those Firefox-based browsers and Pale Moon.



Here are a list of forks from Firefox:







It doesn't matter if these projects contribute nothing to Firefox, they are independent of Mozilla and of Firefox. What makes them forks is that they are all derived from Firefox.



> can't trust the guy who got unpersoned by the morality police at Mozilla

>can't trust the guy who created the only surviving client-side scripting language who will be around long after flash is permanently killed and Microsoft's "here, virus site, have root access to the OS" and StateBook's framework for sites that want to risk getting sued into oblivion react are gone.




Goddamnit, I'm trying to agree with you. You know what I mean.


is SeaMonkey a viable option? it's the only other browser than Firefox I've used that I actually like and doesn't feel broken/shitty, despite looking old.



If you like it, then use it. It works, so why not? You might want to consider using SeaMonkey for all of its potential, though, and not just as a browser.

What I mean is that SeaMonkey is also a viable eMail client, RSS reader, IRC client, etc. . Basically, it's a lot of things. If you aren't going to use those, then maybe it's not worth using for the space and resources it consumes.



YouTube is FLOSS since it requires no proprietary software to watch. They run proprietary software, but that's their loss.

torsocks -i youtube-dl -o - <VIDEO> | mpv -



You're wrong.

I don't remember the details, but there was something regarding proprietary JS to watch/download from YouTube.


File: 556cfc9d2a00380⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 2343x1316, 2343:1316, mozilla firefox.png)

but what has the redshield done to ff?



It just parsed it, not executed it, it's for the "protected videos".


File: de64707dd5e4eff⋯.jpg (9.63 KB, 300x163, 300:163, ComodoBrowserLogo.jpg)

Hey all, I am currently using Comodo Dragon as my main browser however It is ranked pretty low on tier list infographics such as the one in the OP, could anyone please explain to my -why- Comodo Dragon is bad? I have been using it for awhile now so I could be free from Google's Telemetry which is what Comodo advertises it as doing, so it seems to me like Comodo Dragon is chrome but without google connections and spying in it.


File: c0953684472bb14⋯.png (55.9 KB, 1493x323, 1493:323, cuckodo dragon.png)


>why is comodo dragon considered bad?

I wonder why. Spying is spying, no matter who's doing it. Comodo Dragon is even worse with it than Google and that's something to behold. Not to mention that they are lying and use Google Analytics anyways, spiced up with their own and their (((partners))) spyware. One of the worst browsers. Also obviously, it's proprietary, which should be a good enough reason by itself to stop using it.


File: 85f904f55572fa5⋯.jpg (29.3 KB, 600x375, 8:5, d4196dde3207f42694bed852ea….jpg)


Most free browsers are shit, Vivaldi works great although some bugs in Linux

Funny since a decent amount of anons liked Opera before 12.8(?)cant remember, yet something similar comes out, but because they won't give out the full source its automatically shit. don't get me wrong, I prefer open source programs over proprietary and encourage people to do it, but saying no good proprietary programs exist is lying to themselves.





Nah. DRM, Pocket, and telemetry stuff is removed. Basically a straight FF clone, without the bits of botnet. Found right on the front page https://www.waterfoxproject.org/



nobody is saying all proprietary programs are bad, just that you can never actually know if they are BECAUSE they're proprietary.


>nobody is saying all proprietary programs are bad

actually a lot of people do say that



Who mad this graphic?

<Iron is not a scam! It doesn't have ads. It's just a better Chrome based on Chromium. And it's open source. You can download the code right now!

And why do you hate browsers which run in terminals like w3m?

Brave is taking the chromium and replacing the ads and share a little bit of profit with the user. It's what should be under scam tier.

The CEO seems to be a jew too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brendan_Eich

Firefox is also a botnet. It collects users browsing histories.

B-but that's okay because it's anonymous!

Pale Moon is ... outdated Firefox. It's okay that this guy tries but it separated from Firefox and is a one person project.

I never tries Iridium. probably just another chromium fork.

I also haven't tried IceCat.

Best browsers I know: Iron and Waterfox with basic plugins.





>bumping a ten day old thread for a monosyllabic grunt

Whatcha slidin, chaim?



literally who?


File: 131a621debfbacd⋯.jpg (38.04 KB, 339x400, 339:400, nous-allons-tous-mourir.jpg)

links/w3m are the real way to go.

They are very hard to use, I don't use them myself, but that's the only way.

I mean, even alternatives like surf or uzbl use webkit, and webkit is a big clusterfuck, the same shit than firefox. In fact, a lot of little web browser are actually built upon webkit/firefox.

I must be the only one here, but I'm using right now conkeror, with the palemoon backend.


Using Waterfox from sometime...Im curious about Dooble and Qupzilla. How are these browsers?



How do I install Ft deep dark, or similar in Icecat. It is the only thing remaining for my setup. Can I rice Icecat any other way?


Trying Qupzilla for the first time. Very nice, but have some problems, like barely no plugins, and cant make somethings work, like DTube (Videos dont work) and the JavaScript settings are only yes/no to use it. Also, unlike many Firefox forks, it doesnt have a about:config menu (unless it have it hidden). Any help/recommendation with qupzilla would be nice. So please help.


uzbl is a webkit wrapper, the fuck is that shit meme




>on /tech/

This thread is informative, just because your AdWord salary is about to dry up doesn't give you a right to be salty. Stay mad.


I use youtube with adblock. And chromium. I'm not giving up either. Google isn't getting anything out of me either way.



I ended up editing the .xpi to make it compatible with icecat.


File: 018ab5e4a4d2934⋯.gif (32.04 KB, 170x170, 1:1, scribble.gif)

Remember to get your normie friends on google.




I've switched to using RSS + youtube-dl to keep track of my subscriptions and their videos without having to use anything from Google aside from their videos themselves.

Anyone have any better recommendations for an online RSS reader that I can log into and keep in sync with all my stuff? I'm using Feedly right now but if I want more than 100 sources I need to pay.





They blocked usage of AdNauseam, completely.

There is a way around it, but unless you know how to do it, they blocked it.

Now I consider it "Placebo Autism"



What do I do, /tech/? I have no less than FOUR fucking browsers on my laptop, but I see no way to consolidate


Used for IPFS compatibility, especially with that IPFS addon that's really nice.


General web browsing.


A lot of websites required for my university fuck up with all of my autism extensions sometimes, so I use it for that.


For when no other browsers will work but I am required to view a page for school (non YouTube videos such as recorded lectures will sometimes require this)

It pisses me off. I just want to have ONE browser. Why is that so hard?



I can't seem to find legit info on Dooble. The sourceforge website and subsequent links throw all sorts of red flags and I can't seem to find a readme or release notes the link for the most recent release notes 404s. Would you mind sharing a link with more information on the browser?



Pale moon blocked the necessary adnauseum extension, it clicks on ads before you block them, fucking up Googles revenue and their botnet.

Pale moon blocked it, avoid it.



Eich got fired from mozzila for donating to an anti gay marriage organization.

He literally got fucked by the Jewish establishment.


File: f510265d3b4ffd5⋯.png (3.39 KB, 130x51, 130:51, yandex.png)

Just posted this in the tech questions thread as well:

Can someone tell me how to add Yandex as a search engine in Firefox? I can't seem to find an add on that works.


File: d8d7dda60f984e0⋯.jpg (633.15 KB, 952x3008, 119:376, shitty unofficial 8chan br….jpg)


Wow I wish I had found your post before I made my own shitty list. Its based on a pretty basic surface research and influenced by political view, but people kept asking on other boards after this topic came up and nobody answered them, so I wanted to give them a basic direction.

I am still debating if I shouldn't just put the Multi Engine Weirdness Tier in the Other Proprietary Botnet Tier, but I don't have enough information about them.



Dooble, uzbl, surf use webkit.

Conkeror can be used with palemoon.

QupZilla is based on qtwebengine, based no webkit.

luakit based on webkit.

Netsurf actually have its own layout engine.

Midori is based on webkit.

Otter based on webkit.

K-melon based on gecko.

konkeror based on gecko.

kekonq based on qtwebengine (webkit).

Is webkite even trustable...



>Konqueror is based on gecko

No, actually, it is based on KHTML, which was then forked to become Webkit iirc.



You're right, my bad.





File: 1a4bbf7e2f5066f⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 640x718, 320:359, 0-mad.jpg)


Holy fuck I hate these fucking faggot screaming "autism!" at people trying to find a fucking solution. What are you even doing on 8ch, that's pretty "autistic" if you definition of autistic means mainstream and propaganda accepted.






Nah I just had fun looking at everything the browser market had to offer and put it in a basic list, if I wanted autism I would have written a short description and history of every single browser.

And I learned some stuff, for example Opera is now owned by the same Chinese who make the 360 Security Browser.



Qtwebengine is based on blink, not webkit. And qutebrowser supports both Qtwebengine and Qtwebkit.




QtWebEngine is based on Chromium, not just Blink (it also uses e.g. Chromium's network stack, V8, etc.). Also, Otter Browser can also use QtWebEngine instead of QtWebKit, though many features aren't supported and the dev kind of abandoned QtWebEngine.



Why is qutebrowser in "Deeply Goncerned Tier", but other comparable projects like Otter/Qupzilla/Dooble/... (based on QtWebKit/QtWebEngine too, mostly one single developer too) are not?


Wait for fiber



Vivaldi is based off Blink, not Chromium. Chromium is its own subset of cancer.

I use Vivaldi, although I am on Win7 with most of my shit replaced by FLOSS alternatives. (don't blame me for not running Leenux, blame my hardware)


File: 71dbb7f45404092⋯.jpg (23.01 KB, 600x281, 600:281, redering-engine.jpg)

In all these engines, what is trustable?

qtwebkit, qtwebengine (replacement of qtwebkit), webkit (apple), gecko (mozilla), webkitgtk, blink (google), goanna (palemoon's fork) etc...

Is it the soft around these engine that are in cause or are these engines the problem?

I mean, open source doesn't mean libre.

I feel that I should be for little custom rendering engine... With some kind of backup browser with the mainstream engine for when you truly need the javascript.



>open source doesn't mean libre

Actually, almost all of the time, it does. There are very few software licenses that are one but not the other. The difference is almost entirely one of philosophy.



If the soft send information to google, it still open source...

So no, it doesn't mean shit.



It would still be free software too. Free software just means it follows the four freedoms. Which means that you can find the phoning home in the source code, for example. Literally, free software and open source are almost exactly the same thing:


I prefer the term free software because, as the FSF says, "open" is a weaker statement than "free."


File: 5e6f203f89be221⋯.png (58.12 KB, 603x383, 603:383, always-compiling.png)


Then let's not talk about free software, but software that don't sell my ass.

But the question remain the same; are these engines trustable? Is webkit trustable when you know that it's apple whose dev it?



From what I found its made by a swiss guy as a side project and he ran a kikestarter to finance it.

Considering the history of kikestarter projects concern is justified.


You have a point I will change that in future lists, but still the people behind it already drove their previous browser against the wall.


Short answer to a complex question: no

Hence why it is important to find projects by trustable people that act as lookout for anything fishy and work as a canary in the coalmine for you.

Also the further away a fork evolves from the original the more resistant it becomes against introductions of new malicious shit by these companies.



>From what I found its made by a swiss guy as a side project and he ran a kikestarter to finance it.

>Considering the history of kikestarter projects concern is justified.

He's very dedicated to it. He did two crowdfunding campaigns (in two years) so he'd be able to work full-time on it in the summer, because he needs to eat and pay rent.

The development all happens out in the open, so the results of the campaigns are easily verifiable (especially the first one because that's completely over). Read about it in the development blog, for example:


I don't think any of the standard issues with crowdfunding campaigns apply here. He delivered and it's all very visible.

The developer posts here sometimes, and he cares about privacy and security. qutebrowser is completely free of anti-features, and there's no indication that will change. I can vouch for qutebrowser. It probably belongs in your Minimalist Tier.


File: 1b5f9dcac48a763⋯.jpg (22.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, serveidghmnmage.jpg)

I put tails on a USB drive just like you neckbeards said, but every time I try to connect to my wifi with it, it disconnects itself, and every other computer on my network until I turn off wifi in Tails. The same computer works fine if I connect in Windows 7.

What do?



neither are trustable. they literally all have critical vulns disclosed every week



neither are trustable. they literally all have critical vulns disclosed every week



Install Gentoo.




Well, then, what's your suggestion? Something constructive would be nice.


Seconding >>786986 on more Dooble info. I haven't really seen much about it. Is there a link you can share on it?



Those crowdfundings were for some big features, with >3 years of maintaince and development outside of crowdfundings - while e.g. uzbl just was dead for months (but is finally somewhat active in its 'next' branch again)


Is it even possible to install Icecat on windows?

As of late I'm hopping between browsers trying to find a suitable one to stay into but with all these threads I'm starting to get vertigo, everyone recommends everything while saying everything else sucks.

Not that I complain, it's better to have this than "You need to try our Brand™ Of™ Browser™ That™ Everyone™ Loves™!™" in an Orwellian sort of way.


File: 00ea2b2b5f1d59e⋯.jpg (65.25 KB, 575x602, 575:602, privacy.jpg)


I don't know why mod don't automatically ban every windows user from here. It needs to be some kind of user-agent autoban or something.

Why in the hell do you want to install icecat if in the first place, you're on fucking windows?

Don't you understand how it doesn't make the slighest sense? Stop shitting on threads.

I think I should just ignore such fucktard. I'm falling for the bait.

Back to this thread, the question remain the same:

In all these engines, what is trustable?

qtwebkit, qtwebengine (replacement of qtwebkit), webkit (apple), gecko (mozilla), webkitgtk, blink (google), goanna (palemoon's fork) etc...

If none of them is, what is the solution?



It doesn't matter what browser you use, it matters how it interacts with the internet.

Don't be a memetard.



>User Agent Autoban

Plenty of people on GNU/Linux use a Windows user agent in order to better blend in to the crowd, myself included.


Tell people to use Firefox Focus on Android if you want to fuck over Jewgle.

FFF blocks ads automatically.



what's so bad about w3m?



Well at least you put brave in the right catagory. People have seemed to be overly supportive of it lately.



Absolutly nothing, don't listen when some says "autism" or "out of society" and stuff.

It's people who can't handle these tools that make these comments.

It's hard to use text browser today, especially when you're a millenium, and only know about internet 2.0.

But if you're serious, I think that links, w3m etc.. are the way to go.



I know this has kind of turned into a browser thread (as tends to pop up around here) but I would like to ask after email. Does anyone know anything about Kolab? Apparently they run entirely free software and are hosted in Switzerland. Things aren't entirely encrypted by default like Protonmail, but this does mean you can use your own email client. I'm not sure what to make of them and am wondering if anybody has had any experience with their service.




>self host

How do I do this? Also, wasn't cock.li compromised?



cock.li hosting has been moved to Romania iirc, which is where VC himself is. It was seized when he was hosting in Germany, because, you know, Germoney. As far as I know, things are good now, though you should always be encrypting your email anyway. As far as self hosting, I believe mail in a box is probably the easiest solution to set up, if you know what you're doing.



>Why in the hell do you want to install icecat if in the first place, you're on fucking windows?

Because you learn step by step.



Yeah how do you self-host your email?



See >>788385

Mail in a Box has a tutorial video I believe.



Anyone? Also, sometimes the pages I load give a load error, althought it goes normal when restarting/going back. And a minor thing but that grinds my gears is that Qupzilla doesnt keep the website zoom I give to a site, it always go back to the default level of zoom. I dont want to always read things too small! Could someone help me, please?


You can host your own email server?


File: 3984bab7aca691e⋯.png (687.42 KB, 605x460, 121:92, 3984bab7aca691eaf1ecbb484b….png)

Can mode ban people changing subject? It's a thread about Web browser, about about emails. There is another one about emails.

We were talking about engines to trust. And what about text browser security.

Is anyone here using text browsers like links, w3m? Are they that secure to use? The ultimate solution?

Is webkit, developed by Apple trustable, and so all the little browser built on it?


George Soros partnering with Firefox is fake, you fell for the google propaganda. Pale Moon should have a star next to it for blocking AdNauseam, not firefox.


File: d3d7a532f726309⋯.jpg (193.42 KB, 802x854, 401:427, CIA-NIGGER.jpg)


It doesn't make sense, since we're certainly not go for proprietary browser. We're all going to chose "niche" browser that is only going to make free browser development more healthy and active.

About Palemoon, I thought they blocked it because they have ad revenue, but no, they literaly make a moral choice for all of us. This is definitively the most ridicule thing I've ever seen. That's not a faggot furrie who's gonna do any moral choice for me.



>I don't know why mod don't automatically ban every windows user from here. It needs to be some kind of user-agent autoban or something.

Because of false positives, because it's just impossible, and most of all because enforcing the Loonix circlejerk even more isn't going to improve the board.


>Can mode ban people changing subject? It's a thread about Web browser, about about emails. There is another one about emails.

No, this thread is just as much about email as it is about browsers. Please look at the OP.



You're right, my bad. I was too focus on the talking.

I don't want to enforce any linux circlejerk. But windows user have to go. They are just making us lose our time. I'm not talking about exploitation of exploit obv.








DuckDuckGo just claim they don't track you while using it, and it's US based, government can do anything they want with it...



>rewind to 30 minutes ago

>try compiling palememe


>hard reboot

>back to Links


File: 329c8038096c639⋯.png (84.26 KB, 743x512, 743:512, Screenshot_2017-09-01_19-3….png)

Goddammit Stallman, stop adding so many addons.



Install Heads, instead.



FF Klar >> FF Focus.




>Share YouTube videos without giving Google and its partners ad revenue or views. Bypass country blocks and age restrictions. Download YouTube videos and music. Deny Google your data.

<HOW: Just replace the domain in any YT link with hooktube.com and you get a slim page that loads YouTube's media files (mp4, webm, etc) directly into your browser's native media player. https://youtube.com/watch?v=S6bOkFLrsAc becomes https://hooktube.com/watch?v=S6bOkFLrsAc, etc. You can also embed with iframes: <iframe type="text/html" width="640" height="360" src="https://hooktube.com/embed/S6bOkFLrsAc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



>God tier: palemoon

what the fuck?


File: 85526928fbdc45a⋯.png (171.46 KB, 225x305, 45:61, no-fuck-given.png)



>The HookTube frontend now loads its data from hooktube.com/api JSON rather than inserting inline with serverside scripting, so it requires JavaScript. Please give the site permission to run hooktube.com JavaScript in your NoScript or similar plugin. The javascripts are purely for loading data from hooktube.com and enabling interface elements, not tracking or ads.

>Don't give your data to google, but give it to us.

Fuck off.



hooknosetube amirite



>T. butt hurt bravefag



Hooktube is an excellent service. Just discovered it the other day and started using it. Works well. I just wish there was an option to run it without javascript or have a webm with at least 720p resolution.









palememe is literally shit tho. it's only good compared to these other bullshit browsers



>it's only good compared to these other bullshit browsers.

Anything is better compared to modern web browsers.



Just checked the Hooktube FAQ:

>Why can I no longer use HookTube without javascript enabled?

<Maintaining both inline and javascript versions of the same app is a lot of work and I'd rather just focus on one until things are a bit more definite. Right now I'm constantly changing, adding, removing things.

<You can still hooktube videos with only pure html by using the embed url: https://hooktube.com/embed/S6bOkFLrsAc It just doesn't have any extra features.

So just put the part after "watch?v=" in a Jewtube link where the string after "/embed/" is and you're good.


File: 51204c906c8276b⋯.jpg (37.7 KB, 600x449, 600:449, hie-dog.jpg)


The goal is to use hooktube to search for videos.

I already have youtube-dl or even streamlink to look at youtube videos.

And I can't browse anything without javascript. So it's useless for me. Now, maybe the javascript is not harming, but I'm not good enough in javascript to go study the source code.


File: 8e5cd85bb791df7⋯.png (55.12 KB, 299x315, 299:315, confused anime girl.png)


Your two greentexts directly contradict each other, what the fuck are you going on about?



What about SMTube? Does that work for your needs?



I use mpsyt.



>Iridium phones home to Google

>Waterfox has no telemetry whatsoever

Iridium should be moved to Botnet, and Waterfox should be God tier. Fucking christ this isn't hard, people.



I can't get over the M.C. Escher USB drive Tails uses as a logo it fucks me up everytime.



Took me a while to see it, and now I can't unsee.

It's clearly not the way the logo was intended, though.



>runs in terminal

>has images

>has touch scrolling

>hit B to go back, oh look your cursor is on loliguro05, you don't have to remember which number you were on, you just up-arrow and hit enter to go to loliguro06. #1 best browser for reading novelupdates.com

>very intuitive and easy to learn vi-like interface

>is written in C but uses a garbage collector wtf alien space empire technology

>want tabs? want side-by-side webpages? use your terminal

>using browser extensions in non-w3m for security? enjoy your inevitable malicious upgrades

>no javascript

>stupid webnovel MTL fag has annoying 'watermarks' in the story? open rendered webpage in HTML and edit them out




No so good as people say. There are a lot of FREE messengers like Tox, Bitmessage.


ORLY? It nice browser but it still Chromopera.

>Yandex (Soviet Botnet)

Yep. Yandex=FSB. And Duckduckgo is a partner of Yandex.


Here's a question: Can I get past the sad panda in any browsers other than chrome and firefox?


File: 03cfaad64461862⋯.jpg (247.63 KB, 492x392, 123:98, CGiP6.jpg)


No, because the design for logging in is almost entirely serverside, with your computer basically being used as a relay.

The way it basically works is:

>you make account at shitty forum site

>you log into shitty forum site

>you go to sad panda hentai site

>log in with shitty forum credentials

>you now have a massive library of shitty hentai to sort through

The only thing your browser actually does is hold a cookie which contains info for your forum account, that the porn site then grabs and sends back to the mothership for verification.

Honestly, I just prefer to stick with booru sites for getting my wank on.



>Can I get past the sad panda in any browsers other than chrome and firefox?



he meant Yes. you just need to log in to the g.e forum. just delete all g.e/exh cookies, start with a fresh slate, log in, then go to exh



Some weeks back I decided to re-visit gahnoo icecat. Wondered why the fuck is it slow to load. Open the addons page, and saw that shit. Ok not a huge deal I can at least disable it and if they have ublock origin that's 80% of my total addon right there anyway.

>reeeee why are so many people pushing for ublock origin there must be malicious intent behind it I'll be damned if they let that shit anywhere near icecat it's all botnet reeeeeee

I swear to fuck sometimes stallmanites are their own worst enemies.



>he meant yes

I meant no, but I thought he was asking if he could bypass it completely with another browser. That's what I get for only sleeping a few hours a night.

The meat of my post was just that all browsers will do the exact same thing when confronted with that site.


Is there a program out there that scrapes Youtube URLs? I don't want to use web pages, like Hooktube. I just want the URLs so I can play the vid using mpv --ytdl.



Yeah, it's called youtube-dl



youtube-dl downloads videos/allows mpv to play them, when given a URL. What he's asking for is something that allows him to easily search for videos and get URLs without having to use a browser.




let's you youtube from the command line. I've been using it for about a year.

pip3 install youtube-dl
pip3 install mps-youtube

Boom. You're done.


What's some ok alternative to their translate?



Now THIS is something i'd like to know



It works fine with Tor, but you need JS. Yandex translate works fine for Russian, and acceptably for Chinese.


>Ctrl+F: maps

>0 matches found

Alright neckbeards, I know you never leave your home past your lawn and cornershop that sells pringles, but can someone give me an advise on mapping software for Linux and Android and where to download maps from?



openstreetmap. but if you want navigation, you are fucked.



OSM is a map provider, they don't make standalone software. I think, you still can download raw google, yandex and bing maps somewhat freely, but you need software to display them. I do remember a bunch of navigation softwares for CarPCs from 10 years ago. How's the situation today?



for mobile: maps.me and osmand



You can use OSM with marble.

That's the best solution I would say.

I'm look forward downloading the whole map, and try to make it pure offline.

I'm looking forward doing the same with wikipedia. No need for any search to appear online anymore.





This is probably the best browser if you're looking for one that has no connection to Firefox or Chromium. You can even make extensions for it, although as of right now you have to recompile the browser to add them.



>no connection to Firefox or Chromium

but it uses qtwebengine, so basicly blink from chromium



Except that QtWebEngine has the Google parts stripped out, and is verified to not open any unexpected connections (especially not to Google).



That's what I mean. No Jewgle botnet. Unfortunately right now, it also lacks a lot of features and extension stuff compared to other browsers (I think the only thing you really get is an adblocker), and is currently in the middle of a change into KDE Falkon. On the plus side, it supports just about every autistic OS you could imagine. If you look on the website, they even make versions for stuff like OS/2 and Haiku.

>Just wait, it'll get ported to Temple OS



know a good firewall and antivirus to replace comodo?


Alternatives to the Pixel 2 XL that isn't Apple or Samsung? I like the OLED 1440p Screen though.


File: 1d83e6e2e70280d⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 536x301, 536:301, 5f6c05d1e3e607a95bb66310a1….jpg)

I actually enjoy Opera





can it do nip?





Been using Brave for a couple weeks now. It's much more polished than it used to be on the desktop. I'll probably start using it as my main because it's so much easier to block scripts and ads without the use of addons.






I use it as my main currently. It's getting much better, but still needs some refinement. Mostly making further improvements on the script blocker, and finally getting Vimium support.





>Been using iridium for the last 30 or so hours with ublock, https and umatrix. Feels comfier than Opera's weirdness and Firefox's memory leak.

>How fucked am I and how do I check if Iridium actually phones home?



Totally fucked up my post.



Been using iridium for the last 30 or so hours with ublock, httpsEverywhere and umatrix. Feels comfier than Opera's weirdness and Firefox's memory leak.

How fucked am I and how do I check if Iridium actually phones home?

Yes I am THAT tech illiterate.



Use ungoogled-chromium, get the extensions from github.



Will try.

But what's the big difference if they are both "chrome-based" and i still don't have proof - or the tools to check - that any of the two actually phone home?



1. Read the project page.

2. Try Wireshark






Why though?


File: ff55cbcd65d264f⋯.webm (2.19 MB, 704x480, 22:15, Gondola_Autumn.webm)

As a semi-reformed shitposter, I thank the gentle-man OP who has started me down a path of decoupling from Google.

May long comfy days be ahead.





Kill yourself, SJW kike.


why is /tech/ run by kikes?


bump browser thread


Whats the best option for Firefox forks as far as addon compatibility is concerned? I'm using Cyberfox right now.



>not signing in on desktop

no, use hooktube


File: e002330437aacd4⋯.jpg (145.08 KB, 753x438, 251:146, DJ RACE MIXER.jpg)


To be fair, you *can* whitelist JavaScript selectively if you set this custom Adblock rule:



reddit general



what's with the duckduckgo whitelists on qupzilla's default adblocker? i certainly didn't add them


>There are people who don't use ungoogled chromium





>>I don't know why mod don't automatically ban every windows user from here. It needs to be some kind of user-agent autoban or something.

I've been a lurker here off and on /tech/ since gamergate, I don't remember if the original mod team has left but early on I remember the BO telling me in a thread where I asked this same question no, he wouldn't ban them for the reasons you guys have said but also because the BO is a windows user. This is of course assuming the BO hasn't changed and that my memory is right so keep that in mind.


File: b40312dbdbcc4ee⋯.mp4 (1.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, b40312dbdbcc4eefce94386b27….mp4)

>not s single good android browser

Life is suffering


The pic in the OP is terrible. IceCat and PaleMoon both have MANY privacy issues. Actually do the tests. Run a local proxy and see all the requests they make without your knowledge.


Which is better, un-googled chrome or Iridium?


>search engine?



firefox, might switch to netsurf but as it stands I need to be able to login to a webapp to submit assignment at university, I'm going to switch regardless just need to look around.


.edu from university, cock.li

>cloud storage?

rsync on my own server

>app store?





irc on my own server






RSS through a shell script I wrote



shut up faggot


Any phoneposters here use the SnowHaze browser before? Looks pretty nice, it's security/privacy based.


What's wrong with Signal?


>No status bar in Waterfox (still gonna use it tbh because PM a shit)




install statusbar4evar



I use Naked Browser



Its alright, have some issues on certain sites though that is a no go for me




Check your package manager. It's even in the Gentoo's repository.



Why is icecat in god-tier when every other firefox fork is down in placebo tier?



Takes out the nonfree blobs, adds anti-fingerprinting with librejs



what a work of autism

> Mozilla fights shitty Bre-memes news

> ugugu compromised

Go back to your mancave OP



Clearly preference. Pale Moon for example, is claimed to be possible unsecure, yet they had implemented Spectre/Meltdown countermeasures since October 2016, while the average /tech/ user didn't even know about them in the first place.


File: e3aa4a892fad479⋯.png (408.4 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2018-01-07-105424_1366x768….png)

The only correct way to browse YT is mps-youtube.



The fact that he even considered hosting in GERMANY of all places sets off alarm bells.


Peace and freedom from botnets to you anon.


Ungoogled Chromium sounds like bait. No way there's no telemetry fuckery going on there.



Ungoogled Chromium replaced all IPs and domains with gibberish, do you think Google built in a super sneaky fallback á la encrypted telemetry IPs?



Not him, but while there probably is no telemetry on its own, it does help all the spyware in the javascripts to collect data, just like chrome.



>do you think Google built in a super sneaky fallback á la encrypted telemetry IPs

I think Chromium is compromised in ways the average technically proficient software engineer could only imagine. Chromium is indirectly the fruit of google which is completely and totally compromised by several Advanced Persistent Threats with state actor resources at their disposal. It took decades to find an innocuous vulnerability in microprocessor hardware everyone had access to and functionally understood. When you're talking about pieces of software as large, complex and connected as a modern web browser trust is important; just because the source is available doesn't by itself make the software trustworthy.

It may be obfuscated telemetry, it may be other very subtle weaknesses or identifiers present.



What the fuck is a Bre-meme?


File: 736dd9e1f39ad8f⋯.jpg (61.37 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 7a39de3ba853999bf9240686d9….jpg)


Long time ago I installed their antivirus because it was the only antivirus installgentoo recommended, and despite turning off all the additional shit, it still changed my fucking search engine to Yahoo, and would redirect missing web pages to their fucking custom search engine. I would not use the browser of a company that pulls this kind of shit, and I can't believe this fucking shit is still recommended on installgentoo.



their shit was decent around 2010-11, iirc that shit started around 2012




That's nice. Thanks.



A/V was never good, especially not after the year 2000.



pale meme is made by a furry who won't let you install extensions because of his own insecurities



cool story bro



fuck off furfag



why the fuck would you ever use tails over wifi?

thats like putting 9 different locks on your door and leaving the windows open...


File: f9b797b94aa5434⋯.png (86.22 KB, 1200x1234, 600:617, 1200px-XMPP_logo.svg.png)


>What's wrong with Signal?

Not that Anon but I looked into it myself. Personal red flags:

>Signal relies on centralized servers that are maintained by Open Whisper Systems

>The servers store registered users' phone numbers, public key material and push tokens which are necessary for setting up calls and transmitting messages.

>In May 2016, Moxie Marlinspike wrote that federation with the CyanogenMod servers degraded the user experience and held back development, and that Open Whisper Systems' servers will probably not federate with other servers again

>In May 2016, Signal's lead developer Moxie Marlinspike requested that a third-party client called LibreSignal not use the Signal service or the Signal name.[89] As a result, on 24 May 2016 the LibreSignal project posted that the project was "abandoned".[90]

For me personally I don't want to use anything centralized, the only thing I would accept is components that rely on centralized servers for things like discovery or bootstrapping.

For me the choices I'm still looking at are XMPP and Matrix since you can host everything yourself and use whatever client you like. As long as that's the case you can rely on it existing as long as you or someone else is willing to host and if you don't trust 1 server you can always use another or your own.

I'm looking forward to seeing if anyone does anything interesting with IPFS for chat. The Orbit project is interesting but it and IPFS itself are still immature.

XMPP seems to be the way to go for at least the next few years. I see people pushing Matrix but I don't know enough about it to compare it with XMPP, the only thing I know so far is that I don't like any of the server or client software that exists right now, which doesn't help motivate me to learn more about it, if it turns out to only be marginally better than XMPP I'll still have to wait for people to write better implementations (I'm not doing it myself).

XMPP has a lot of choices for both servers, clients, and extensions. The age leads to maturity in all of those as well; optimized and fault tolerant on the servers, well integrated, platform native feeling clients.

If anyone wants to pitch matrix or something else to me, and compare it with XMPP, I'd like that.



I like this.



What do you think about tox?


File: 19fd2dcd5ecb7ec⋯.png (32.86 KB, 658x174, 329:87, linux built by heroes.PNG)

File: db7ca52e31c6f39⋯.png (135.77 KB, 859x418, 859:418, I'm aware.png)


Disregarded on the basis that it's a /g/ project where most contributors have my little pony avatars.

A serious answer is that it's immature and unfinished, their goals are about secure chat and they have numerous reports of leaking user data. It's simply too young and too unpopular at the moment, it requires more people banging on it to raise my confidence in the protocol and implementations of it, as well as more contributors.

In concept it's not bad, but it's really easy to have a good concept, it's another thing to implement that concept, and implement it correctly.

Tox seems like a possible good contender.


You autists really think using "GOD TIER" obsolete software is going make your computer any private?

How can people in this chan can be so pathetic!?

So you think you're elite because you use libre software and need to post your obsolete software icons in your favorite chan because no one else gives a fuck??

Want full blown security? How about don't connect to the internet, pussy!

Your libreboot thinkpads with libre software are memes

Anyone can rape your ass as shown on the recent hardware exploitable CPU for 20+ FUCKING YEARS


Of course meltdown/spectre are not the only vulnerabilities, NSA will be very happy to continue watching your while you struggle with slow outdated unmaintaned software and the illusion that you're secure!

Browsers such as Pale Moon, WaterFox, Vivaldi, IceCat canh be worse than using Chromium!

Yes! You heard that right!

You pieces of shit still living on your mom's basement really think the most maintained open-source browser in the whole fucking world by people that are much smarter and wiser than all you combined is worse than for instance IceCat which is maintained by one guy who doesn't give a fuck and has plenty of security holes that take ages to get patched after Firefox?

You have idea how pathetic you are, do you?

But yeh, go ahead and use the shitty IceCat browser to browser text based websites, all your manga, chans and waiting 10 hours to load Youtube

Also make sure to continue to use GNU/Linux and not compile from source or audit every piece of code that you use. I've got friends that inject linux exploits into packages, they will be happy to steal your passwords.

Security starts with the hardware. If you didn't build your own computer or don't know how every piece of technology in your system works, than you're already vulnerable. And no one will give a shit how much GOD TIER icons you use.

Close your browsers and go read some books instead of brag how secure your whole asshole



Wow, bait is getting complex these days.




>implying I don't download encrypted porn, transfer it to a USB running an obscure filesystem, go to a large faraday cage containing a laptop running gentoo with the wireless module, camera, and microphone removed, decrypt the porn, then jerk off before swallowing my semen to get rid of the evidence


File: ff7ef897ec96f27⋯.gif (865.42 KB, 335x482, 335:482, ff7ef897ec96f27dec99c6f1fa….gif)


Found the Jew




He has a point the only way to be secure is work for cash offline.


File: 8a6ab9cb94f3ad4⋯.gif (81.29 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 8a6ab9cb94f3ad48e91618c6d5….gif)


This smells like fresh pasta



>people that are much smarter and wiser than all you combined

Pajeet pls, learn how to use a western toilet and C before shittalking the elder wizards of 8chan.

>I've got friends that inject linux exploits into packages, they will be happy to steal your passwords.

You mean your friends work at Google?



Add Qwant and remove Yandex. Just remove Vivaldi (proprietary BS). Remove Yandex and Hotmail from email providers. Use Hooktube on desktop. No need for official website.


Is it crazy to think Google/Alphabet is nothing but a Jewish ploy to enslave the world by becoming g-d?



No, it just means you are a braindead roachpol.



I'm not sure that it's Jewish. It sure is terrible though.


>want to degoogle

>pajeets havent made a root/bootloader unlock method for your shitty budget phone yet

>not smart enough to do it yourself




>>I'm retarded





that's quite interesting, is there any material on how they do it for other phones?



not a whole lot, and hardly any on bootloader unlocking, and what there is is either outdated, way beyond my skill level, or usually both



you should have bought a device with unlocking in mind, but perhaps just contact the manufacturer





>the retarded chart

>anti-firefox shilling

Nice try, (((Eich)))


Save money for Librem 5. You have 1 year until it's released.



yeah this is what i'll do next phone i buy

this one was a last minute purchase due to my old one breaking


lol who gives a shit u fucken nerds


If you're changing emails do not use Openmailbox, it is the nigger of email services.

>shat up it's perfectly good old UI

>seems to no longer allow aliases

>has constant downtime and frequently takes ages to refresh/load mail

>paying customers dropping it in droves due to shitty service

Finally lost my temper today and jumped to Protonmail, good fucking riddance.



they dropped imap support too


Looking for an application/s. If one exists that fulfils all these requirements, awesome, but I suspect there'd be at least 2:

>calendar with support for multiple calanders/sorting, eg work/personal

>to-do list, including simple notifications/alarms

>syncing between computer (linux and winblows at work) and phone (android)

>privacy, either encryption on cloud server or data only temporarily stored on cloud for a period to allow syncing

Does such a thing exist? I suppose I could settle for a single application on my phone, but I like having things on my computer as phones irritate me.



Thanks for posting this, I use qutebrowser and it being placed in the concerning category had me concerned as well.



The issue with qutebrowser is that it doesn't have the extensibility options that the more robust browsers have. You don't have to deal with disabling inbuilt telemetry, but you can't add more privacy features yourself easily.



What's wrong with Brave?






whats wrong with midori?



Is a shit browser. Slow and buggy.



Last time I tried Midori it worked very well



>they’re all Jewish

Literally every fucking time.




didn't know about mps-youtube. Is there something similar for general youtube without a focus on music?



set search_music 0

set show_video 1



I quite like Midori




Am I the only one who can't play 60fps videos?

I feel that using direct youtube url with mpv/youtube-dl gives me far better quality...



Yes, not being able to choose the quality to stream to mpv with is the biggest gripe I have with mpsyt.



Thank you!


File: 69dcbf73f962bc1⋯.png (58.7 KB, 1163x647, 1163:647, oy_vey_pay_shekels_goyim.png)


pic related look at this latest use of botnet guys

oy vey why must you persecute us with your torrents?





You deserve it for going to yify-torrents.

user_pref("browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled", false);
user_pref("browser.safebrowsing.phishing.enabled", false);
user_pref("browser.safebrowsing.downloads.enabled", false);




I find it amazing how in all these threads, you take so much pride in yourselves for how much you've "de-googled" Firefox, yet it's never occurred to any of you to share things like gHacks' user.js, opting instead to share tiny snippits of user.js. What beautiful testament to what these threads mean, that you're willing to jerk eachother off about security while doing literally the least humanly possible to create the illusion of achieving your goal while in reality doing nothing at all out of sheer ignorance.



install qupzilla



absolutely this, qupzilla is the only browser i have installed between firefox, brave, chromium and it, that doesn't show connections to google, amazon, akamai or anything else when you open wireshark.

it just needs umatrix and it's perfect.


firefox is almost unusable with the full ghacks user.js, but you're right.



>implying everyone got their settings off of some fags github.

Honestely didn't even know about that until you posted that. In any case it has a load of settings that I would never care about since I'm going to use the current ESR until I can't do that anymore and then I'm going to switch to something probably webengine based. And like the anon ^ said its barely usable if you don't disable some of the settings in that file.



I try and keep all my programs Qt based to reduce the amount of dependencies




>I have to toggle a few options in a text file that I can save under version control, so I might as well not use it at all!

Sound logic.

>I'm going to use the current ESR

That literally changes nothing. Literally nothing. I don't know if you're stupid or just lazy.


File: 9236d4b5e8e7ec5⋯.jpg (86.96 KB, 588x647, 588:647, 1432689900335-0.jpg)


spotted the jew

in all seriousness tho, i won't trust anyone who has ties with soros



is textra ok?


for desktop, even better than not signing in is using hooktube.com, its a lightweight frontend, very useful for older computers too (i use an ancient thinkpad t60 because i'm one of those absolute autists) since it doesn't have all the JS bloat of youtube.



>remove yourself from botnet!

>here, use startpage, yandex, brave, hotmail, cloud storage, yalp store, signal

How retarded are you?



>yalp store, signal

these are okay



download spork_eh



Signal isn't because it needs SIM. yalp store also isn't. It's a fronted for the very botnet you're trying to escape, same as startpage.



>yalp store

literally who? if you're using something named "X store", you should probably just kill yourself



People always say this about Signal, but it‘s simply the easiest and fastest way to verifiy contacts. Signal‘s usecase isn‘t keeping up with anonymous online meme friends, but as a safe alternative to SMS and WhatsApp, that doesn‘t send in cleartext, steal your contacts and keep or leak metadata, while still being as easy to securely use.

At this point I‘m sure some of these posts are coordinated FUD and consensus cracking.



It‘s a FLOSS Android replacement for Google‘s Playstore that allows you access to their apks without Play Services or signing in.



Wire does the same except it allows email registration. And seeing how it has a desktop client it's a perfect alternative to WhatsApp/Viber.


File: 47301d559ee9f9f⋯.pdf (195.48 KB, Wire Privacy Whitepaper.pdf)



Wire stores metadata, profile information and contact lists on it’s servers. The only thing they keep secret is the actual message, which WhatsApp, Skype and many others do as well, but the money in datamining, tracking and surveillance lies in metadata and contacts.


File: 719081aac118af0⋯.png (33.85 KB, 1322x378, 661:189, 2018-02-24-174418_1322x378….png)


>it doesn't have all the JS bloat of youtube.

Nice shill bro :^)



>Wire stores metadata, profile information and contact lists on it’s servers

So does your SIM provider.



the site itself is shit, but the embeds on 8ch only need a media permission in umatrix to work



And 8ch javascript.



Your network provider only sees the unencrypted verification SMS and TLS encrypted connections to Amazon AWS, which are issues by themselves, but they cannot identify who you are contacting.

You can also keep the SIM in another phone or use a burner one, it’s simply a verification mechanism for anyone who wants to send you a message.



Don’t you trust this site? :^)



Trust me, they see your software and hardware info and can bypass root. SIM is a very bad and outdated verification method.



Bumping for this



I think nextcloud does this, but you have to run your own server or pay for someone else's.

For just android there are many calendars on f-droid that can export .ics files.


File: 8d0d602b8ef7715⋯.png (942.45 KB, 3342x2060, 1671:1030, qutebrowser.png)

I want to give a try to qutebrowser, and I wanted to know, is there any "privacy guideline"? I don't know, is it that good by default, or is there changes that we can do?

By the way, someone is coding a "new" conkeror, based on Qtwebengine, called webmacs. It works pretty well, in python too.

2018, year of qtwebengine?



Just use a hosts file/your own DNS server with a blocklist; but I don't think you can disable javascript which is unfortunate.



hosts file/DNS setup has nothing to do with a browser. I already have all of that setup.

I was talking about Qtwebengine. I don't know it.

I think you can disable javascript. Cookies need to be disabled too. That's like the basics.

Using javascript/cookies only from a dedicated enjailed browser.


>DeGoogle thread

>No mention of the smartphone question

Jailbroken iOS is in every imaginable way superior to degoogled Android, fight me.



>By the way, someone is coding a "new" conkeror, based on Qtwebengine, called webmacs.

That project is totally pointless since Emacs itself is a window manager and supports key passthrough. Why use a browser the reconstructs (poorly) the ux of Emacs in typical Unix fashion when I can literally just assimilate a better web browser into Emacs like a white man?



Never heard of what white mens use in sec, called compartmentalization? Must be a systemd user.

You seem to not even use emacs, to say such a thing.



I use startpage as I like good results but not the botnet


File: f9002236e57f97b⋯.png (97.83 KB, 520x499, 520:499, search.png)

I made a Google proxy https://chiru.no/a/search/

There's 4 people using it, including myself, and i'm running

while :; do curl "https://chiru.no/a/search/?search=$(shuf -n1 dictionary.txt)"; sleep 60; done
on it so that should be pretty good obfuscation, sauce code is on there so smoke grass go fast and eat ass folks


File: 41ccd263d31bff5⋯.png (153.76 KB, 654x767, 654:767, mail.png)

2018 was the year i managed to get away from gmail and google search, checkmate botnet




I find searx more comfy. It's nice being able to have a view websites through their proxy.



pretty good. How difficult would it be to get google images up & running?



This is pretty neat. It might help to randomize the sleep duration.


File: 8529bdb4722cf57⋯.webm (15.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pacman ghosts.webm)



not using it but cool.



>having anyone to call




Holy shit nice.



You're welcome, my child.



They dont use and of the blobs in chromium or at least they are not available by default.



Waterfox removes all the non free blobs ,drm and telemetery



The webmail is not working right now.



Try now. Login via webmail or imap chiru.no:993 (ssl)


Registering accounts will work right away now


touch('restart-postfix.txt'); // while :; do if [ -f /var/www/htdocs/chiru.no/a/mail/restart-postfix.txt ]; then rm /var/www/htdocs/chiru.no/a/mail/restart-postfix.txt && postmap /etc/postfix/vmailbox && rc-service postfix restart; fi; sleep 10; done


File: f21e82847df6170⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180306-073251.png)

Installed MicroG, works pretty well. Phone went from booting in a minute to booting in 10 actual seconds.


Only thing left google gor me is google docs. Its nice being able to open and edit docs in the cloud.


What browsers worth using at this point? I used pale moon for years but it's no longer functioning on a few websites. Just out of date messages.



Waterfox is really good. I think it's available as a snap package






The real solution, is to use text browser/rss for news. That's the direction.

Now there is still browser that could be use. You can use icecat, and replace the gnu noscript by the regular noscript. You could, if you're a programmer/power user, use qutebrowser, that allows you to do a lot of things, but it asks for a lot of configuration.

I don't see anything else. Run everything from a jail using firejail with the private flag.

Web browsers are the worste piece of shit ever. That's why I said that the direction is text browsing.



You can make Firefox more or less like icecat with a bit of tweaking your about:config.

The real issue is that once ESR 52 is gone we'll be stuck with pozzed Sorosfox. I plan on NOT updating beyond 52, and relying on hardening the browser. I hope somebody forks it.


File: e07114925a7f8aa⋯.jpg (131.7 KB, 500x378, 250:189, mexkh6qmDN1qicteeo1_500000.jpg)


>I've got friends that inject linux exploits into packages, they will be happy to steal your passwords

Is this the new "my dad works at Nintendo"?


Reminder that sdf.org is superior to other email providers and has been around for 30 years.

Cock.li is a honeypot.



Hahaha glowdarks are mad.



>I've got friends that inject linux exploits into packages, they will be happy to steal your passwords

Debian has reproduceable builds. I hope such things will be used more. Also, I never heard of anyone having such problems. Your friends might not be real, and you should go and see a theraphist.


File: 71e411028de548d⋯.jpg (5.29 KB, 182x276, 91:138, 71e411028de548dcc5544a805a….jpg)



>not a honeypot







after ESR Icecat updates to (((Quantum))) we'll only have qupzilla (Falkon), txt based browser, qutebrowser, surf and mostly obscure browsers :(

Iridium wasn't that bad but they stopped updating and stopped removing hardcore obsolete-bloat features




e p i n



This picture is excellent.



>soviet botnet

>being this high on mccarthyism



So Quantum is the new Australis? But everyone got over Australis eventually (otherwise they wouldn't be on 52 ESR now)?



If you have a publicly accessible haystack then what is easier, a) for one person to hide a needle in it, or b) for a thousand people to find it? Which takes much less time? Which is much more likely to happen?



No wonder, given it's based off FF 24 or somesuch



>(((Ilya Valentinovich Segalovich))) was co-founder of Russian search engine Yandex.

Categories: Russian Jews | Jewish Inventors | Jewish Scientists

Say that one again, faggot?



Why should this bunch of nameservers ran by what apparently is a bunch of random people be credible?



>"hurr ff 4 a shit, ff 3.6 forever"

>fast forward a few years

>"hurr australis a shit, ff 27 forever"

>fast forward a few years

>"hurr quantum a shit, ff 52esr forever"

every fucking time


File: e1fc6e2ac1304af⋯.jpg (134.98 KB, 602x1062, 301:531, duckduckgo.jpg)

File: 1020f978ad7a708⋯.png (498.18 KB, 803x655, 803:655, sotiresome.png)


literally created by a jew



It's not as bad as Google. And it's also American. It's really the only other search engine I can support at this point.

<inb4 Startpage

That's merely Google circumvention. It still uses Google results.



I still have 3.6 installed, it's just that extensions abandon old versions for no good reasons and new shit like HTML100500 and CSS9000 spread like wildfire. Also the TSL certificate problem isn't making life any easier, even if it's solvable.


New ju tube replacement, basically a federated bitchute


I hope this takes off and does not slowly falls into irrelevance because faggot "content producers" only care about ad money and stick to youtube.



but i got wpa2 and a long encryption key......


File: a89cf7dbb33bb08⋯.png (683.03 KB, 669x667, 669:667, 0b9991f8dfea786e958d90fe5a….png)






>what is KRACK



>if it ends in -berg it's Jew

Please someone tell this man one of the founders of Nazism was called Rosenberg.




iOS only




>Not chinese botnet tier





Speaking of gHacks, the article there about what browsers are used for different, separate things and its comment section reek of admitting to using Jewgle botnets.




I use qupzilla and its very good. It doesnt eat your memory like firefox.

Sometimes jpegs make a tab crash and you have to click reload.



is there any way to see all of the videos on a user's channel in upload order? It only goes up to 500 videos(10 pages) and only in popularity order. Playlists work fine and display the entire thing, even one with 2000+ videos contained within it.


File: ceaf8c764a5b452⋯.jpg (123.16 KB, 1099x1200, 1099:1200, DX-SIvbVwAA0aks.jpg)







nearly perfect yet unusable, no noscript.



KRACK was the easiest shit to patch, retard.



Only relatively recent hardware (like from the past few years) received any patches against KRACK, and to fully patch against it you need 1) updated firmware for both access point and end device 2) updated wlan controller drivers 3) OS patch. Older phones and laptops (like each and every "classic" Thinkpad) are mostly or entirely unpatched, and even the newer ones aren't all patched because the owners didn't patch them.

tl;dr >90% of wlan devices out there are vulnerable to KRACK



>Only relatively recent hardware

hardware level patching is not necessary. This is a flaw with the wpa protocol, software patches are sufficient.

>1) updated firmware for both access point and end device

only one of them needs to be patched, unless the AP is the vulnerable one AND is acting as a wireless client as well (e.g. a repeater)

>2) updated wlan controller drivers

>3) OS patch.

updated wpa_supplicant is literally ALL you need.

>tl;dr >90% of wlan devices out there are vulnerable to KRACK

nice made up numbers, 90% of normalfags use windows which wasn't vulnerable in the first place, the rest of desktop users are either a) mac users and will get automatic updates or b) linux autists and will have heard about this and updated wpa_supplicant. Which only leaves you with android and iOS, I'm unsure if these are patched through automatic updates, but either way you're unlikely to find unencrypted traffic coming from mobile devices.



I just created a business email using gmail like 4 days ago and I'm already locked out. I even saved the address & password on my computer but they don't fucking work. I was 99% certain that I had linked my phone number to the account precisely for this kind of situation YET when I try to use the recovery options google says, "sorry, cant verify this account is yours" and nothing happens.

I don't even expect to solve this issue, I'm just pissed that all the security measures companies like google have added actually make it HARDER to regain access to an account that has blocked you out for whatever reason. The same shit happened to me when my phone was stolen. I tried to log in via computer to get work shit done but it didn't recognize the device and refused to let me in.


File: dfd58bf55454734⋯.jpg (49.74 KB, 470x586, 235:293, 1468501323975-0-auschwitz.jpg)


Fuck off










I can already see you glowing..



>rebbitors samming TAD memes to try to fit in



Is it just me or has searx completely gone to shit today? I've tried a half dozen different instances and they're all throwing the same bullshit error.

>Error! Engines cannot retrieve results.

>google (unexpected crash: CAPTCHA required)

>Please, try again later or find another searx instance.



Use DuckDuckGo. Preferably with Brave.



lmfao kys



He'd be better off using Tor Browser with startpage. Though I do sometimes use DDG via the hidden service at http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/


File: bf4af74837220af⋯.png (157.32 KB, 981x808, 981:808, Screenshot_2018-04-27_22-3….png)


Google is being Google.



That deserves a ban.



Nice trips. What deserves a ban?



Are you ghetto rigging Google through Freenet? Nice.


File: bb003cfba3c7f23⋯.jpg (3.75 KB, 299x157, 299:157, th.jpg)


>Self Host, cock.li, Proton Mail, Hotmail (Still Botnet) Yandex (Soviet Botnet)

Where's tutanota? Does it have to do with google too?



I don't believe so.


File: 7628294ee62c5a3⋯.gif (483.24 KB, 250x167, 250:167, RUserious.gif)


>not signing in on desktop

<he thinks this works

<he thinks that google doesn't trace your ip, log your history, and set tracking cookies regardless of whether you are signed in or not

1/10 made me reply



You could use Feedly for RSS feed. They were the go to for everyone when Google stopped it's RSS feed service.


Yo dis google shit whack

ima tell my boiz to start usin iPhones



Protonmail-tier normalfag placebo botnet. It breaks all standard email protocols and relies on obfuscated javascript web client. No open soros or freeeeeeeeeeeee software standalone clients either.


torsocks youtube-dl, nigger



>what is spoofing user agents in about:config

>what is noscript/umatrix

WEW lad


i just want a browser that:

>open source

>wont call home/telemetry/location services, respects privacy


>works on most sites/media players

I tried IceCat years ago but it couldn't even play videos properly (I'll try a new version, hopefully that got fixed) and Pale Moon DOES have privacy issues.



Tor Browser might be ok, but can't access some sites.



While you can dodge artificial roadblocks put in your way, you can't avoid Pale Meme having an increasing number of sites work improperly in it because of it being based on now-ancient Firefox 24. What is needed now is Pale Meme NG forked off of Firefox 52.





The pale moon team is currently making a real effort to modernize the browser. I'm not sure how successful they'll be, but at least they're making an effort





They did it because the project lead considers AdNauseam to be a virus. I think he's retarded for thinking this, but it's not an act of censorship or a moral, it's just a really bad judgment call

I honestly find pale moon fascinating. It has a team of like five people, with one of them contributing the majority of the code, yet the browser somehow still works relatively decently. I honestly think if they had a larger team they could make something that would be a pretty serious threat to mozilla, but as it stands it's just kind of okay-ish


Isn't Palemoon anti-ad block and was banning people on the forums for some stupid reason?



>They did it because the project lead considers AdNauseam to be a virus

No, he stated how it is morally wrong and all.



Good luck with soldering your own cpus...


>You can calm down, first and foremost.

>The extension was blocked because it simply breaks the browser. The extension developer needs to fix it; in its current state, when installed, it not only can, but will, remove access to the application menu and in general cause UI issues of such severity that the browser becomes unusable. Yes, this was verified on a new installation and by several people.

>Once the extension developer publishes a new version with the current usability issues fixed, your installed copy can be reinstated.

>See also the description you yourself linked to.

>It's not absurd to block an extension when it breaks the browser. If you think it is, then you need to do a reality check.

>Also, if you had paid attention to anything in the release notes, then you would know that we have a convenient way for you to take your own fate into your own hands, see Options -> Security -> Add-on security level. If you MUST have this broken extension right now, then you need to switch it to "off". Remember to set it back to default once no longer needed, as we will not provide any support for configurations with known-problematic extensions installed/enabled.

-the guy who runs pale moon



Don't hide stuff, anon.

>Since proponents of this extension will likely be unhappy or have questions as to why, and likely want to be vocal about this addition:

>After investigating the AdNauseam extension's behavior and the results for web publishers, the extension has been added to the Pale Moon blocklist with a severity level of 2 (meaning you won't be able to enable it unless you increase the blocking level in about:config to 3). For those unfamiliar with this extension: it generates false ad "clicks" to ad servers in an attempt to generate "noise" for the ad networks in a protest against the advertising network system as a whole.

>While the premise behind this is similar to poisoning trackers with false fingerprints (which we are proponents of, ourselves), and we normally let users decide for themselves what they want to do with their browser, we are strictly against allowing extensions that cause direct damage (including damage to third parties). There is a subtle but important difference between blocking content and generating fake user interaction.

>As such, this decision to block was made because of the following reasons:

>Generating fake clicks on ads will flag publisher accounts with "invalid traffic". If this kind of traffic persists, it causes damage for the website owners who run ads:

>One facet of damage caused is direct devaluation of ad locations on any and all websites visited by people who have this extension active. This lowers the direct revenue website owners receive for legitimate clicks.

>Another facet of damage caused is direct punishment of publishers who generate more than a minimal amount of invalid traffic - ad networks will in response cull anything that can't be strictly verified as legitimate clicks (often in their sole discretion).

>In extreme cases, publisher accounts may even be shut down entirely.

>Generating this kind of traffic does not achieve its intended goal (providing protest against ad networks or causing advertising to fail for ad networks) since the ones punished are the publishers (those who rely on this revenue) and not the ad networks.

>While it is not considered "click fraud" (because the publisher isn't benefiting from users generating false clicks with AdNauseum -- the opposite, in fact), it is causing problems for the overall health of the Internet economy, especially those who need this kind of revenue to keep their sites and services free to the public.

>Because this extension causes direct and indirect economic damage to website owners, it is classified as malware, and as such blocked.

>This won't be reconsidered unless and until such time as the "ad click generation" feature has been removed from the extension




User Agent Switcher

this will trick the webpage you run a whitelisted browser


Why do people hate the furrymoon faggot for banning the jewish botnet that is Adnauseam? Why would you want to install that in your browser? You really think it the kikes made an add-on to harm the kikes?



>Isn't Palemoon anti-ad block

No. They just removed a malicious adblocker.



You mean they moralfagged >>912112






>The pale moon team is currently making a real effort to modernize the browser.

Sounds fucking horrifying. Luckily I think my hands will no longer work because of RSI by the time this happens anyway


>>It's not absurd to block an extension when it breaks the browser. If you think it is, then you need to do a reality check.

fuck that. there doesn't need to be a database of what extensions are "good". just let us install whatever we want. on that subject the web is full of other nonsense like HSTS preload list and some other list for policy about IDN. every time i go on the palememe forum the devs are saying some insufferable shit. the only reason i use this browser is because there's no other option


this is also gay






>and Pale Moon DOES have privacy issues.



I wish someone would make an icecat-esque fork of pale moon that removed proprietary code and removed the addon blocklist



>proprietary code

>in palemoon

Care to point out in the github tree where this shit is so when I compile it I can delete it?




Here you go, friend. Not as bad as the main cluster of browsers, but not great either.


File: d5bc8a7131bb438⋯.jpg (67.92 KB, 596x444, 149:111, apui tinfoil.jpg)

I switched off the cell radio module in one of my phones

recently it turned back on by itself



>the uncovered window

botnet as even if the blinds were metal energy can leak through it.


Why should I not switch my phone to LineageOS?


>reflecting radiowaves around your room

It's like they want to get mind-owned.



>Why should I not switch my phone to LineageOS?

I hear it breaks a lot of programs that rely on ARM Trustzone on a lot of modern devices that have dedicated security processors. So basically every modern flagship. Basically some apps that use login features will not work



> turning something off in modern system doesn't actually turn it off

You'll have to modify the circuit to add a physical switch. Either that or a switch before the antenna (that might be easier?)



I run LOS without gapps or microg, with Magisk for root, and my

>banking (and it's dedicated auth)

>fast food coupons and bonus account





>public transport tickets

>other mobile payment apps

>google maps

all work just fine.

And when I had microg, I could even play Pokemon Go.


guys what do you think of falcon browser?



Shit worked perfectly for weeks

today the radio was switched on again.



Is LineageOS with microG effectively DeGoogle'd?


File: 5f95f0f5cf9fa6e⋯.jpg (109.45 KB, 853x480, 853:480, ­.jpg)

is reCAPTCHA actually botnet?

can you use a website requiring reCAPTCHA without being tracked?


File: de75e4a27c1c52e⋯.png (19.54 KB, 150x200, 3:4, ted.png)


It's impossible to use any Google service without being tracked. Example: Some people recommend hooktube, but it still uses googlevideo. Check that URL, you'll see your IP clear as day. I also have another anecdote - I blackhole *all* google services using my DNS resolver - my search engine is searx/chiru.no. Guess what? When I search something innocuous (like "Scheme") I somehow get results pertaining to the programming language, even though the results are proxied AND my computer is unable to talk to Google. You need to live like Ted did if you want freedom.




What else would you get? Even if it is being specialized, it is being specialized to the searx node and not your personal identity.



i wouldn't know because it's blocked tor 99% of the time for the last 10 years



When you think of the word "Scheme" does the programming language take antecedance? Of course not. The same is true of "Lisp" - the first result should be the condition, not the family of programming languages.

>Even if it is being specialized, it is being specialized to the searx node and not your personal identity. True, but it's still bizarre.





Am I missing something here? is it surprising that they don't actually host any videos?




lineage dial gstatic a google metric site

you can block it with adaway

Then as far as i know you are truly free from the botnet.


File: be371213851aff1⋯.png (168.39 KB, 1242x932, 621:466, ddg.png)

File: d4a0dd2e734f470⋯.png (116.16 KB, 1243x1050, 1243:1050, searx.png)


It makes sense that most people using hipster open-source metasearch engines are /tech/ \ /g/ types, who would search things like programming languages.

Here are results from DuckDuckGo and Searx.me on my computer.


File: 2cc4cb60bb78c71⋯.jpg (50.77 KB, 480x480, 1:1, excited.jpg)


I am willing to test this if you are suspicious, because I would really like to know if there are Google tentacles getting through.

We can all do some searches and post results. Get a bunch of anons here to so the same search on searx.me and see if the results are the same for all of us.

I can suggest some search topics from my own interests that would theoretically have different ordered results to if a random anon searched it, if Google were tailoring results.



Would browser fingerprinting be effective?


File: 3d53be91e2fe302⋯.png (96.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, lisp.png)



Here's what I get for Lisp.


File: 31a846f2c6028d7⋯.png (115.1 KB, 1243x1050, 1243:1050, lisp firefox (up to date).png)

File: 76123744847bb19⋯.png (127.09 KB, 1242x1052, 621:526, lisp chrome.png)


Here's mine on on Firefox and on an old portable Chrome (ver ~55?).

I have to go eat but I'll be back with some other search suggestions


File: f238b0a5da2af4c⋯.png (435.5 KB, 1243x1050, 1243:1050, firefox google gumball.png)

File: e1ca9e1cb8d741c⋯.png (117.15 KB, 1243x1050, 1243:1050, firefox searx,me gumball.png)

File: dee4bf6f026ac60⋯.png (378.27 KB, 1243x1050, 1243:1050, firefox google opera.png)



A couple more search terms. These ones have implications that Google picks up on.

Two of these are logged in to my Google account (I haven't switched from gmail yet), the other two are in searx.me.


File: f238b0a5da2af4c⋯.png (435.5 KB, 1243x1050, 1243:1050, firefox google gumball.png)

File: e1ca9e1cb8d741c⋯.png (117.15 KB, 1243x1050, 1243:1050, firefox searx,me gumball.png)


I did a couple more searches for topics Google would display differently for my account. Two are logged in to Google (I haven't switched from gmail yet) and two are searx.me

There was one other search I did that I expected Google to absolutely fucking tailor to hell, but searching it seems to have only very minor changes compared to the same search on random web proxies (and basically none for searx.me vs random proxy).


File: 0c6e7c60d0d4fb5⋯.png (157.04 KB, 1243x1050, 1243:1050, firefox searx,me opera.png)


fuck, double-post won't delete.


le test



$$le test extrodinare$$


File: dcbcb0daa0f0add⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1206x678, 201:113, too salty.png)



Every mail system that isn't self hosted is a botnet.

>cloud storage

Encrypt before you upload and make sure your web browser maintains your privacy, and any cloud storage service isn't a botnet.


Any and every tube site with a built in player is botnet. If the website doesn't serve you a direct transport stream or muxer link, it's botnet.


All phones are botnet.


SAS = botnet. Use a local program.


Daily reminder European citizens can now tell Google to remove all of their personal data, and they're legally obliged to comply.


File: aa60069820b69df⋯.png (7.81 KB, 180x180, 1:1, gps.png)

anybody have a list or resource or anything so I can check if an app is Google Play Services aka Botnet dependant? Thank you.



wait a minute, so they only force you to use their botnet when you watch videos in "limited state"? lol





Fuck jewgle

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