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File: 90c74e2c6c004df⋯.png (2 MB, 1360x825, 272:165, 2017-09-03-195151_1360x865….png)


What are some good privacy respecting email providers?

I was gonna use ProtonMail, but in light of recent developments I've changed my mind.

How's openmailbox?



anything that allows tor is fine

guerrillamail, cockli, etc

use pgp if you're worried


All of the good, free, privacy-respecting internet services are very left-wing. I wonder why that is?



because rightists don't have any qualms about selling you out to Big Brother if they get a little extra cash



>privacy respecting

>requires phone or donation to register


Does anyone have any info on Autistici/Inventati?

Are they trustworthy?



openmailbox is dead. Registration has been disabled for years.


Good question. I think they have to pretend that they are being oppressed and are on the "good side of history". If they weren't the opposition, what would be the point of fighting? Plus the general faggotry and virtue signaling in the current IT industry, especially in Silicon Valley, eventually lead to SJWs hijacking various projects only to spread their agenda while contributing nothing useful at all. See Mozilla for example.


Don't bother with them. They are communist SJWs fueled by Asperger's. "Autistici" literally means "autists" in Italian. I tried to register a few years ago, but you have to make a request. After weeks of waiting, they will make a verdict. If you say you want to support demisexuals and you want avoid evil fascist Blumpfh, you might get lucky. They simply refused mine with no explanation given. Also literally this is the first thing you see when you want to register:

<This is absolutely reasonable, but our motivations go beyond privacy and anonymity -- Autistici/Inventati is a collective that recognizes and promotes anticapitalism, antiracism, antifascism, antisexism, antimililtarism, and the refusal of authoritarianism and hierarchies.



>I was gonna use ProtonMail, but in light of recent developments I've changed my mind.

Huh, what happened?


File: 1c4c3a6b0896c2a⋯.png (112.66 KB, 549x669, 183:223, NotThisShitAgain.png)


>pothead on Reddit uses his real name and a Protonmail mail account to sell drugs

>other Reddit users send Protonmail proof that the guy is using a Protonmail account to sell drugs

>Protonmail closes his account because it's a violation of ToS

>pothead on Reddit (and contrarian /g/ babbies) scream "Protonmail is compromised muh SJW cuck antiwhite freeze peach!!!111!1"

tl;dr, nothing happened. Retards being retarded.


I tried registering an openmailbox account, but the registration page required javascript from google's domains to work.

See for yourselves https://app.openmailbox.org/login





Drop this communist/leftist == corporate libshit who votes for dem party rhetoric. This is an abomination of clapper doublethink. If someone paints xir hair pink and changes their gender from fat sack of lard to cargo helicopter doesn't mean they're leftist either.


I guess, if you start hosting for nazi frogs, you'll get banned from the Internet pretty quickly, because most governments on this planet are either "no racism, no sexism, no religionism" in general or are brown niggers themselves, and won't tolerate your intolerance towards them, in rare occasions local hosters won't care, especially if they don't speak your language. They won't mind your serbian kebab-removal web forum on their servers, only until when shit hits the fan and Interpol raids them.

But if "right-wing" means something like "who exchanges service for profits", then Microsoft and Google pretty much fall under this description.

Rule of a thumb: e-mail is a non-secure communication medium and never meant to be. Use it as little as possible, find small providers from foreign countries that either don't serve ads, or won't be able to effectively datamine emails in your language. Use throwaway accounts for random shitposts if needed, compartmentalize your activities.

Use emails for casual pseudonymous activities without involving your political views, encrypt everything important with PGP, or better - use Jabber with OTR/OMEMO. Remember, every communication provider is a private entity and can kick/ban you without elaborating on reasons, because they don't like you personally for example. Consider using decentralized means of communication instead.


How's tutanota?



>forgeting to mention how Fag Anglings Fuck Shackthe daily stormer got banned from protonmail for racist and anti-semetic views. They aren't secure in any shape way or form if they can read emails to find out such things.



I've been using it for a few years. No issues. Allows Tor.


>I was gonna use ProtonMail, but in light of recent developments I've changed my mind.

Elaborate please.



If you send/receive emails to non-protonmail accounts without using inline pgp then they're going to be in cleartext. Also, citation needed.




Protonmail is either banning people based on heresay, or is banning people based on text in their emails. Either one doesn't look good for journalists like fag anglins fuck shack.




I believe Tutanota is underrated as fuck.


I use tutanota but I forgot why


File: 4be65a126682697⋯.png (33.73 KB, 730x443, 730:443, ProtonmailTOS.png)



Inciting violence in Switzerland is illegal and goes against Protonmail's Terms of Service.

You can't expect a third party (whether it's a private company, a person or a group) to go to a court and/or face the infamy that comes with aiding illegal activity because you want to spread stupid bullshit online.

Protonmail can't read your emails, the only banned people as of yet are either imbeciles whose misdeeds can be easily proven, or criminals whose email history has been requested by the authorities (in which case they provide the encrypted emails, since they can't be decrypted.)


File: ec7d0054e5e9657⋯.jpg (467.83 KB, 796x509, 796:509, apartment_living_room_ray_….jpg)

File: 7c56cc7087e989a⋯.jpg (481.64 KB, 793x506, 793:506, apartment_living_room_ray_….jpg)

File: a3407fde9232ddf⋯.jpg (472.9 KB, 813x506, 813:506, apartment_living_room_ray_….jpg)



>lol my TOS is secure and means that if I read your email and ban you for it then it is (((legal))).

>lol if (((heresay))) happens against someone (((they))) don't like I ban them because I have no proof of the hate speech having no access to their emails

Pick one and only one. Either way protonmail is compromised.



>the refusal of hierarchies

I... What? I'm sure even their autistic group of devs have some sort of hierarchy between them, that's just how humans work



Show me a case where they've banned someone for hearsay.

>(((le scary Jew quotes)))

Oh, I see. You're retarded.


I use openmailbox. I wouldn't recommend it as there are times that an email would take hours or even days to arrive. I tried to switch my email on craigslist to openmailbox, but it was impossible since the emails would never arrive withing the 1 hour limit before the email changing code expires. I had no idea that they now closed registration. The site is probably going to die since they can't even meet the donation goals.



I already did you faggot. The daily stormers journalists created accounts on protonmail to do God knows what. Then they were banned when liberals started pointing it out and spamming protonmail over it. See https://archive.fo/7WCgV .

If you argue, well they looked at the emails so they had proof then protonmail is compromised. If you say well they rightfully were banned by heresay then you lose the arguement. Either way protonmail is compromised by cucks.


O3, mail2tor, Lelantos. Sigaint is kill.


File: 805ebdf5106cebb⋯.gif (169.9 KB, 800x800, 1:1, YYSXFml.gif)

I mainly use cock.li tbh fam.

I mean, for professional shit I just use my school email and will use my government email next year, but for private shit I just fuck around with the cock.li email since you don't need to tie your name to it.



Not hearsay. He clearly was using it to promote his shit. Would you still be mad if they closed the account of a known ISIS member? Of course you wouldn't, because "freeze peach" only applies to yourself.



>Would you still be mad if they closed the account of a known ISIS member? Of course you wouldn't

First you are correct. I wouldn't be angry because (((they))) deserve privacy just as much as 8ch does.

>Not hearsay. He clearly was using it to promote his shit.

Second where is your fucking proof? Where is protonmails proof? If neither you nor they have proof it is heresay, the unaccounted slander of another based off feelings. No facts needed just what they feel. Hence why it is compromised by cucks.



Protonmail was compromised before that. They openly admit to routing traffic to Israel Mossad-linked telecom company in case od DDoS, meaning any time they feel like datamining some users. Go figure, it's on their site. https://protonmail.com/support/knowledge-base/protonmail-israel-radware/






lmao every time. This place is a /g/ level joke.



Instead of putting up his grown-up pants and talking with Protonmail directly, stating his issue with the ban and that he wants a personal account; he goes on a retarded "sarcastic" rant about Jews to score victim points.

That, and the fact that he was looking for a "privacy-oriented" mail provider to keep doing his BS. That's enough proof.


File: e27639a87a90487⋯.jpg (55.41 KB, 416x353, 416:353, 1503527106425-co.jpg)


>only encrypted packages are sent

Wow, it's fucking nothing.


>People here under the impression that Andrew Anglin advocated for violence

>Not just his website being banned at every level even to domain registrars because 'wrongthink' and Charlottesville hysteria pressure

>Cloudflare, which previously provided DDOS protection to _anyone_ says he woke up one day and banned Anglin 'because he's an asshole'

What he said wasn't illegal in the US, this was politically motivated censorship. No surprise ProtonMail folded, it seems any corporate entity will. Because evil Nazi KKK White Supremacists.


I think it's really great that semi-retarded, obnoxious extremists are now voluntarily choosing to avoid the best, most-reliable and secure internet services, basically because of paranoid delusions, butthurt, and stupidity. Note that CERN, who run Protonmail, are hard scientists, and hard scientists are overwhelmingly liberal (in the American sense of left-leaning) and democratic. The real reason that there aren't any good, free, secure right-wing services is because most rightwingers are too dumb and fucked-up to create them. That's the actual truth of the matter.



this is just an all round embarrassing post.

fucking nerve center posters.


File: e9e6436c5402127⋯.jpg (42.39 KB, 750x657, 250:219, GoodComebacks.jpg)




>142 le downboats

>he actually has a picture of this

congrats on your life decisions




>I think it's really great that semi-retarded, obnoxious extremists are now voluntarily choosing to demonstrate how all "most-reliable and secure internet services" are entirely cucked and compromised, and that basically free speech doesn't exist anywhere on earth.

fixed that for you


What is your opinion of teknik.io?



Kike owned botnet. Might actually be cianiggers but not 100% sure on that one. Still a fucking botnet.



What do you base that statement on?


File: f0884f283db07c5⋯.jpg (25.57 KB, 600x610, 60:61, WOW-at-this.jpg)


Not secret agent gtfo. Lurk two years and you might find out.



+ run by /g/ (pre-GamerGate)

+ first party scripts only

+ no ads

+ all-round useful: pastebin, file uploads, unlimited private git repos, blogs

- no indexing or search on blogs

I used it for years by now, and I don't have any qualms on their service.


File: 3251f554ba4dd63⋯.jpg (30.75 KB, 300x300, 1:1, crabdog in front of laptop.jpg)

If it's something not really important I use cock.li. There's a few non-vulgar domains that you can even put on job resumes if you want (firemail and airmail).

For any emails that I actually care about, I use my own self-hosted email. Postfix + Dovecot aren't that hard to set up. If you can find /tech/ then you can host your own email.



They seem to be running on really small donations.

I'm worried about the longevity of the service.



I'm not that Anon, but we've all clearly went wrong somewhere to end up here.


When is the Protonmail boogeyman going to end? I mean, at the end who cares what you retards believe, I guess; it'll remain a good alternative even when you're paranoid, because of some retard selling drugs.



supports IMAP/POP and webmail (without js)



What's wrong with Protonmail? I've been using them, did I fucked up?



Sorry, I didn't read the thread.





protonmail is shit you retard. /pol/ doesn't have anything to do with this. you should have figured this out when they listed "LE HOSTED IN ABANDONDED MILITARY BUNKERS" as a feature. using webshit to encrypt your mail for you is fucking retarded. trusting a website to send you the same script to encrypt your mail to you, every time you reload the page, is fucking retarded. requiring email,phone,or donation to sign up, is fucking retarded. having heavy JS turds is fucking retarded. using such a service when all you need to do is send some pre encrypted email, is retarded.

this thread is "what are privacy respecting email providers", but nobody cares about that bullshit. all that matters is the shit is usable and doesn't lock you out because your IP changes etc. cock.li is good for this.



I think either way it has merit, and I continue to use it so it'd hopefully have more recognition. It hasn't exactly been shilled much or grabbed any critical moments i.e when GamerGate or C+= was looking for a new git repo host.


Anyone recommend lavabit or posteo as replacements to protonmail or tutanota? I don't like that both protonmail and tutanota need JS and can't be used with something like thunderbird. I know protonmail has a tor service at least.





You're not making much sense. Take your meds and try to get some sleep. All that cortisol is really bad for your health.



I've used Openmailbox for everything mail-related for nearly 2 years.

They just totally switched over to that faggy, cancerous new UI, it's fucking insufferable. Their interface and default settings were absolutely comfy beforehand.

I really want to go back to Thunderbird, or just figure out how to do it myself with Emacs rmail.


No one is gonna use the goon honeypot that is cock.li you faggot shills


Is startmail secure? Is it also worth it?



>article clearly states that traffic is routed through Germany not Israel

>you link the article

>you still type that they route traffic through Israel in your post

Are you retarded, or baiting?



use http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/ it has clean UI


>No one is gonna use the goon honeypot that is cock.li you faggot shills

the cock.li honeypot limits amount of accounts they make in a day/hour etc, to make you use a single account for everything

compared to that on http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/ you can use unlimited accounts and can log to each account with new tor node and cookies


>Is startmail secure? Is it also worth it?

It's not.

email are not secure

you need to:

-encrypt emails when speaking to known people

-use throwaways (like http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/ ) when you just need to setup account on shit website or buy some stuff online



yes. and then the german server contacts with israel server and sends them everything



Absolutely. Don't trust the retards who say that because they're anti-capitalist and anti-fascist, they're not trustworthy.

I don't agree with their ideals, but if there's somebody I trust to keep my data away from prying eyes, it's a bunch of anticapitalist, anti-government, anti-military, anti-authoritarian autists who are obsessed with privacy and security.

Left-winger and right-winger authoritarians alike will sell you down the river and hand your data in a heartbeat over to their government/advertising/corporate interest of choice. I don't fully trust anybody with my data (which is what end-to-end encryption is for), but the people I trust most to not sell my data out are the anti-government, anti-centrist libertarians and anarchists on the left and right who are obsessed with liberty who equate freedom with privacy.

I'm sick of /pol/ and /leftypol/ turning this site into a retarded black-and-white battleground while ignoring all political nuance and rationality. It's a lot more complex than left-vs-right.


File: 0d244784e3c6a90⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 3319x2543, 3319:2543, OGvcyEt.jpg)



for great privacy links



>that pic

Floppy drives floating in the cyberspace woaaaah



Note that both Riseup and Autistici specifically state that you should only use their services if you are in agreement with their obviously very leftist political views. The idea of a bunch of rightwingers running to leftists for secure, competent services is comical at best, cynical at worst, and hypocritical in any case. If you're not opposed to fascism, racism, militarism, and corporatism, you have no business using their services.


Does tutanota support plus addressing or dot addressing?




you don't know, do you?



>I was gonna use ProtonMail, but in light of recent developments I've changed my mind.

what developments?



They nuked email accounts of people who didn't toe the line for communism, no one has trusted their CIAnigger shit since.



He gets paid per post



You just have to tell them that you're an anarcho-communist and that you are sick of capitalist email providers such as gmail.


>Riseup and Autistici specifically state that you should only use their services if you are in agreement with their obviously very leftist political views

>If you're not opposed to fascism, racism, militarism, and corporatism, you have no business using their services.

sounds good to me. too bad

A) I don't give a fuck about the ideology of an email host i use

B) I can't use either of those services because they're both shit



>in light of recent developments




>use kike tricks to try to get people to stop utilizing secure services so you kikes can read shit in cleartext

>oh no, goy, don't use TOR or VPNs, just give up and use cleartext!




2nd www.lavabit.com



What's the problem with cock.li? I mean, besides the raid?



If you hit a certain undisclosed limit of mails per time, you'll automatically get banned forever and Vincent will do nothing about it, even if you know him personally. But you can call him in the middle of the night if the server is down. 4/10 support.

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