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September 2018 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: a1ad77d86e45d77⋯.png (164.35 KB, 600x250, 12:5, adblockers_suck.png)


The way adblockers work is: there is a list of regex rules and every request is compared against that list (or more than one). If it hits that request is blocked. If something is not on the list, it will be shown. The advertisers are trying their hardest to bypass those lists, creating a war between them and the list creators. But that is detrimental to the users, since they will see ads (or obnoxious "please turn off adblock" messages)

What's the solution? uMatrix. Now you don't rely on any lists. Just block all scripts and you won't see 99% of the ads (as well as all the tracking shit, etc). If a site doesn't work, just try to allow first party scripts, since most ads have their own domains. Adblockers are the newbie's tool, uMatrix is the hacker's tool.


but what if I am retarded and lurk /tech/ to try and learn by osmosis, then I should have an adblocker right?



>If a site doesn't work, just try to allow first party scripts, since most ads have their own domains.

At one point, when everybody uses uMatrix your ad scripts will move to the domain of the site owner and your allow first party script "hack" won't work. We need a solution where you first load the complete page including ads into a sandbox - showing the site owner you don't have any kind of adblock and whatnot - and then remove the ads. Would also be a good place to load some community created style sheets to customize look and feel of the site. Safer too.



Just learn uMatrix. It's not hard and will benefit you for all the time you spend browsing.



Yeah, but advertisers haven't learned this trick yet, so uMatrix works for now. And your idea would be very slow since the browser would have to download all the ads first.

Also, I doubt everybody will ever use uMatrix. It requires too much thinking for the average person. Normies prefer to install adblock and be done with it.


You're retarded. uMatrix can only block sources. Self served ads are just site images for uMatrix, for example.



Barely anyone uses self-served static images as ads these days, that's my point. And even then, there is usually a subdomain with them, so you can just block the subdomain in uMatrix.



>as well as all the tracking shit

>what is css media queries

>what is storing images on remote domains

>what is web 1.0 visit counters



You can block third party images and css and allow them as needed, though it takes more effort.



Lynx avoids all this stuff, and also frames, and cookies too (turn them off). So when you follow a link, it requests that link, and only that link.

But it's nothing special. You can easily make a similar browser, and there's already a number of them like this.



But you can make uMatrix work that way too. You choose the level of paranoia you want.


>not using both


uMatrix built into a simple webkit browser when



I'd use that browser. I think someone could earn some money, since this is an untapped market.



I did this for a while, just blocked everything that isn't text image or css. It wasn't too bad once I got a pretty significant list of exceptions.

One day I killed my install (not stable times) and I didn't feel like going back through and setting all my exceptions up again. I ended up switching to adnauseam because it seemed like it would have the most negative effect for people trying to track me or others.

uMatrix is a great tool if you aren't lazy, and you don't want some of the features provided by adnauseam or privacy badger.



yup, imo umatrix is all that's missing from qupzilla for me to jump ship


Just use both. That way, ublock origin is there to block anything that isn't immediately blocked by umatrix. Both of them are relatively lightweight so this discussion is pretty pointless.


The old Opera host list was nice and had no overhead. Then again, the JS menace was still nascent.

One thing that's always annoyed me since the switch from NoScript, was that there's no way to block individual scripts. It's just the scope's box with a number on it, that you either accept or deny.



Yeah, maybe it could show all the individual scripts if you right-click on the number.


File: 6b8fdb394c0a8c9⋯.png (24.25 KB, 1234x428, 617:214, ublock.png)


ublock origin has this feature. You can block specific scripts (any element not just scripts) or subdomains at various levels both dynamically or statically. ublock's documentation/wiki is pretty helpful if you want it discribed in a better way.


uMatrix is inefficient and useless. Save yourself the 100MB and block ads in the DNS.




Your dumb. I want to block domain x every time EXCEPT on site y and z. Default deny all is better anyway. Those hosts files can't catch everything and they have to make compromises anyway. uMatrix's resource usage is negligible




Blacklists leave holes in them. I like to use a whitelist based firewall system. By default, umatrix is a whitelist based system.


>duplicate thread

>thinly veiled shilling for umatrix

Fuck off.



>What's the solution? uMatrix.

well memed.

javascript.enabled 0


File: 1117f251c70532c⋯.png (329.23 KB, 480x720, 2:3, 1494538509000.png)






I hope you used the possessive version ironically anon


>What's the solution? uMadtrix.

>Now you don't rely on any lists. Just block all scripts and you won't see 99% of the ads (as well as all the tracking shit, etc)

>block all scripts

Oy, easy with the anti-Semitism there goy; there's nothing wrong with JavaScript, don't be a bigot:




Browsing with JavaScript is a sign of tolerance and love

https://www.enable-javascript.com/ to live life to its fullest.


>[shekel-grabbing intensifies]*

fuck off kike



lol wtf?



I like this post.



Not opening those links. Screencap or archive.



>X is the tool for noobs, Y is the tool for hackers.

Whelp, guess I gotta go use Y.


I just finished making a webextension so that all javascript requests are now redirected to a local directory so that my browser does not download nonfree javascript.



They're fake, don't bother.



I'm not here to cater to your autism, do it yourself


>uMatrix is the hacker's tool.

lmao, browser kiddies with their bloat talking about "hacker" tools



Most normies can't even adblock for fucksake. The scenario is pure despair.



If you're loading the ads at all they're making money off them and potentially tracking you (though not as much as if you weren't loading them into a sandbox). The reason shit like ublock and umatrix is good is because it prevents the connections from ever occurring in the first place.



i prefer the idea of adnauseam where advertisers pay money and receive nothing in return


File: 5cc68a956eb613d⋯.jpg (124.78 KB, 756x719, 756:719, 1273465834657.jpg)



> load the complete page including ads into a sandbox

yeah, and then this "hack" won't work when they start making scripts that can detect whether or not they're in a sandbox.

There's always going to be a race, if his solution works for now then it's fine.


File: 35b0d0e9249e948⋯.jpg (35.06 KB, 544x400, 34:25, spood.jpg)


>OP doesn't know hot to use ublock

>OP is shill for umatrix

either way OP is a fag and this thread deserves to get derailed



>There's always going to be a race

and since the extension will be loaded first, it can always win the race.

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