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File: 7ce1b8315786f9a⋯.jpg (130.35 KB, 1904x1064, 34:19, saddo deb.jpg)


Where are all the non-SJW friendly software companies? It seems like all my career prospects are for companies that would spit roast me as soon as someone came across a single one of my profiles or talked to me for more than a few hours, I'm not even some kind of /pol/ack. Even at college it feels like I'm walking on a tightrope the whole time. Even IBM is completely pozzed.



This might seem that way in college. However I can tell you that most of the people out there working at these companies feel the same way you do, well except for their HR departments who are filled with talent-less communication studies types who indeed tow the sjw line. The others will probably joke about different races, women etc; however always feel your audience and co-workers before saying something which might be perceived as insensitive, this sort of thing now requires some familiarity first. When you do get that connection and familiarity, that can be very powerful, you will have strong allies in the company that will help you get further.

If you are any good, recruitment companies will get in touch with you and will get you in any of the big ones, but I would avoid IBM, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Most of the receiving companies rely so much on these middle men that sjw specific questions are not asked.

There are good opportunities in data science and data engineering for the next few years with not enough people to fill all the places, companies cannot afford filling these seats up with no knowledge/sub-par diversity hires and they know they can't.

I would not worry too much.


File: d9d683cf0d96718⋯.webm (7.89 MB, 854x480, 427:240, work-on-the-pipeline.webm)


Nobody will fire you if you just behave yourself and don't sperg out. Just do your work and shut up.

>inb4 good goy don't speak about the "issues"

I find it hard to imagine that things are so bad that you have to actively avoid certain companies. Most of the time they'll put you in a cubicle and you'll bang on your keyboard for 8+ hours. There is nothing more to it. Nobody will interrogate you about your personal beliefs and if they try to do, just be smart and think of an excuse or play along.



> an excuse or play along.

In college I had only one insane specific SJW professor.

The way to deal with these assholes is indeed to play along, but you need to give them the feeling they won you over.

So meet with them and ask them about one of their lectures, provide a minor disagreement, they will try to explain and convince you, give another minor rebuttal that leans more to their position, after listening to the idiot more, agree with him/her by giving an example that corroborates their beliefs. You now got that idiot for the rest of the year, good grades are coming your way even if you half ass it.



>"I don't know how to act like a normal human being and not a chan-going retard"


File: a6ce5009f02fe33⋯.jpg (71.7 KB, 634x678, 317:339, serveimage.jpg)


>Nobody will fire you if you just behave yourself and don't sperg out.

Remember donglegate? Joking with a buddy got a guy fired because a SJW jew nigger was listening to their conversation. It's unlikely to happen to you, but it happens.



Why you worry about not being offensive? how can white people be so fucking brainwashed, if you are just a white male they are going to find anything to be offended about you, ANYTHING

how the fuck did that people get to that point seriously



Why are you so paranoid that this is a problem you'll run into everyday life? Protip: it's not a big problem, the instances you see in your /pol/ news is just an echo chamber


File: f49eaeadad60927⋯.jpg (37.11 KB, 472x608, 59:76, cnn.jpg)


>it's not a big problem

ok scholmo nothing is really wrong and its only /pol/ and /pol/

mainstream media? nah education on general? nah

fuck off



>"I don't know how to act like a normal human being and not a chan-going retard"

In all the places I've worked in America, I've never run into this problem. The key is to not act like a retard especially a white supremacy retard.



>anything that disagrees with them is a white supremacy retard

you are on the wrong board faggot

>>/leftypol/ is that way

lefties brainwashed retards are not welcome you are obvious



Donglegate was the moment many ironic niggerposting geeks turned full 1488. We had no problem with non-white males joining tech, despite revisionist jew narrative, until, as with all things, kikes began using their niggermonkey fodder to fuck with our hobby-turned-career-turned-cashcow. Now you faggots will swing from rope braided with 1's and 0's.


Found the nigger.



And then she got fired, too for creating drama and handling everything in a non-professional way.

Frankly, if you can't behave like a decent human being and want to make le epic jew nigger sjw dindu jokes everywhere you go, you won't be able to keep a job. Just stop being an edgelord and everything will be fine.



The world around you is exactly how you want it to be. If you enjoy conspiracy theories and talking about jews all the time then so be it. But keep in mind that everything is going to look like conspiracy and jews, if you only consume conspiracies and jews.






wtf i love kike trix now



>joking about big dongles with a friend is the same as making le epic jew nigger sjw dindu jokes

You're such a fucking faggot holy shit. You have no idea what you're talking about, and you equate simply not being a SJW with being a loud and proud white supremacist. You are in the wrong place. Protip, the SJWs and their cultural Marxist kin hate your noncommittal centrist ass just as much as they hate the far right, maybe more.



>joking about big dongles with a friend is the same as making le epic jew nigger sjw dindu jokes

When did I write that? I didn't. But nice strawman anyway.



You say stop being an edgelord and everything will be fine, in response to a guy who got fucked for joking about big dongles. Stop being such a cowardly fuck and playing semantic games.



That wasn't in response to that, you illiterate fuck. I clarified that the girl was also fired for being an unprofessional cunt and then said in a different paragraph (sentence, really) that if you're a fucking edgelord, you won't be able to keep a job.

Two separate ideas.



>The world around you is exactly how you want it to be

>If you enjoy conspiracy theories

>so be it


I didn't want backdoor in computers.



>decent human being == submissive PC drone

This is what subversion is. Soon "decent" will also include using the preferred pronouns of your trannythings colleagues.



No, being a decent human being means being someone people want to be around.

Surprise, nobody wants to be around conspiracy nuts or edgelords.



>decent human being

c-check your species privilege shitlord



wrong 99999 gender pronouns are conspiracy tier it seems



>want to make le epic jew nigger sjw dindu jokes everywhere you go

Ah ok, so if I just want to make them occasionally and when it's actually funny, instead of being obsessed with the thing like new/pol/ faggots, then it will be alright and I won't run into any problems? Good to know, I had a different impression.



>not acting like an asshole == "conforming"


>using the preferred pronouns of your trannythings colleagues

literally nothing wrong with this

off to your echo chamber retards: >>>/pol/


File: 20892277b01a1e5⋯.png (1001.29 KB, 955x957, 955:957, bait.png)


you are not even trying it seems


File: 96bd03571cbba48⋯.jpg (771.34 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1453546694688.jpg)

>it's a "SJWs try to label normal people as /pol/tards because they don't want to admit the majority of people have grown absolutely tired of their shit" episode



Do you have microphones in your house, anon? No? Then you can make all the off-color remarks you want there.

Just not on your workplace. Same way you don't open your futanari pics and shove a giant Bad Dragon up your ass in the workplace like you do at home.


File: 62451b5cf197bc3⋯.jpg (42.92 KB, 286x270, 143:135, 1443600164620.jpg)


>it's a "SJW tries to equate edgelords who want to make nigger jokes at work with normal people who believe there are two genders and that meritocracy should be the determining factor on who gets fired, and then shrilly scream at everyone for being nazis" episode


File: 6dc5cbb01c157d5⋯.jpg (43.13 KB, 638x377, 22:13, 1457992812876.jpg)


>it's a "SJW accuses a dude who voted for obama twice of being a /pol/tard" episode


File: 88775fe117e17f3⋯.png (32.81 KB, 205x252, 205:252, 1513142139012-co.png)


>>it's a "/pol/tard acting as if the entire world was this SJW transexual boogeyman out to get him" episode


File: 61fe2c8368949a7⋯.jpg (5.79 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1470646645130-0.jpg)


Oh I thought the mods banned you and deleted all your SJW shrieking. Too bad.



>sexually harassing women

>it's a bunch of nu-bearded nu-males

Who would have thought.


I've head European education is free as in beer even for foreigners and non-pozzed the same way as American. SJWs study their women studies in dedicated women studies colleges and the ones who study EE or CS have none of that shit. Am i being right here? Can euros confirm?


File: db8d6fc1a48f54f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.14 KB, 191x255, 191:255, selfie.jpg)

White males don't belong in the tech industry and if you think otherwise you're just a conspiracy tard.

By the way, where's the dislike button this thing?



Nobody. Because they did not do anything. Their only misstep was to not immediately sue for libel and slander.

BTW, that's the only way to react to sexual misconduct allegations. Don't squirm, don't apologize, don't try to negotiate. Just go to your lawyer and sue the shit out of those bitches. You can also make a public statement, stating, with clear words in simple language, that you believe (that's important) the allegations are libelous and slanderous and that you have engaged in legal actions against your accusers.



Nice red herring. You conveniently skipped over the fact that he did indeed get fired, which is literally getting fired over nothing, which was his point. The fact that she got fired as well doesn't mean he didn't get fired, saying that was pointless to the argument.

Also, the second sentence read like you were doubling down and not talking about a different idea.



Lockheed, General Dynamics, Teledyne Brown, Computer Science

For whatever reason, SJWs hate American troops and don't apply for jobs that help them live through their deployments and come home.


File: f9e3c4bf29760d9⋯.webm (10.02 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Demolition Man - Language….webm)


Decent human beans have made dick jokes since the beginning of time. If you can't take it it's you who should stay away from casual settings, not the whole world who should stop talking just in case it offends some snowflake.


It isn't free (maybe in some countries), but you can easily spend more in beer than in tuition (here it's 3 digits per year, not your soul like in the US). As for SJWs, I've only taught one colored-hair but she never gave me trouble, I know people who weren't so lucky but still it was just a few.



>trading working with socjus fags for bootlicking government cucks



Cools strawman bro


Companies like that exist. We usually keep our heads down though not to disrupt the current climate though.



why are union workers such angry bitter assholes



Yes I only had to pay 25€ enrollment fee at the beginning of each year. Then there is also monthly public transport ticket, for which you have to pay 35€/month and you occaisionally also have to buy a workbook. If you come from low to mid income family then there is also a great chance that state will pay you up to 150€/month, so even if you're poor as shit, but work hard, you can easilly make it. I'm in EE and there aren't any SJW courses available. Only science and engineering (there is a management and team leadership course, but it's optional, you can pick embedded systems, programmable control systems or low voltage electrical installations instead). One thing that I hate, is that normie to autist ratio is way too high. Forget about participating in hackathons or competitions if you don't have facebook account, all matters between students go through it. There is also this student organizaton that I really don't like - a bunch of pretentious assholes. In summary: courses and professors are good but students suck, it's best not to participate in their activities and just do, what course expects you to do.



The same way 8chan is nothing but angry bitter assholes who show high levels of self-importance but can show nothing for it.



>red herring

The entire thing is a red herring. This is not as common as you are trying to make it seem. It was an isolated incident were the girl also got fired for her bullshit.

>the second part read like you were doubling down

For the illiterate maybe.



When do they stop being drill instructors?

The video is kind of funny though.


File: 3ee6005838b3874⋯.jpeg (177.69 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, b451dfb467f8c4948b6227c01….jpeg)

File: ac5607286e28ee9⋯.mp4 (5.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, full-nigger-cattle-ultimat….mp4)


>conspiracy nuts

Found the birdbrain CIA nigger. Parrot much faggot?


>literally nothing wrong with this

If you're mentally ill. We indulged you sick fucks when you just wanted to live your life and be left alone. Now you're coming with force and you'll be dismembered and hung due to it. What you faggot leftists always get wrong is you mistake our kindness for weakness. No more AIDS vessel.


Easy on the trigger young anon. Those fine geeks were pre-nu-male nu-beard left-tech child rapist trend. Part of how you can tell the difference is they don't have psycho eyes like the lefties in pic related.


This. Enough being kind and decent. It's time to repay these bolsheviks with 10x what they were rubbing their hands for with us. Even if you lose a court case, bleeding someone dry with legal fees and fear is surprisingly satisfying.

>wtf i love litigious tactics et al now


Checking those dubs to say this, and also you're wasting your time with a mentally deranged leftist. They don't care about what's right, only about """winning""". If you know that, by all means, carry on.


While true, your coworkers will often not be bootlickers, and it's fertile land for building networks.


Because they aren't grown up men yet, as they still have the daddy of the union looking after them.




>vid related




You can hate Double Fine but you can't hate Brad Muir.



wow such red pills


if you're so intellectually and socially weak that you allowed yourself to be in a position where the s-jews have power and control over you, it is your own fault for letting them get higher up on the hierarchy than you, you deserve to be dominated by them


File: 680470cfad424e6⋯.png (290.23 KB, 268x589, 268:589, america in eu4.png)


give me the authority to print money and loan it to the government at interest and i will have these foreskin munchers sorted in 20 minutes flat


File: bc60362fae65cf9⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 1055x659, 1055:659, 15527-21816-4312.jpg)


take it yourself you lazy cunt, work harder at it if you want power and authority


File: 760bf1e92a4701f⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1089x1440, 121:160, (((Far Cry 5))).jpg)





You already have the power to print money and loan it to the government at interest. Your printed money will have zero value to the government and they won't accept it as money. The only money that a government recognizes is the money that is printed by the central banks.



Most governments have decided that bitcoin is money too though.


File: 906c54c2e7a8892⋯.jpg (57.55 KB, 516x344, 3:2, AKG2502248.jpg)


This. There are literally dick pics on cave walls.



Those Talmud quotes are complete falsifications.


File: 5357d1e433dd433⋯.jpg (84.21 KB, 400x581, 400:581, rsz_11rsz_workmakesfree.jpg)


>I'm so unskilled that I have to act like a terrorist to make ends meet

how can one achieve this unheard-of level of cuckery?



How can I be so unskilled as to quote the wrong post and yet I'm still less of a cuck?

The reply was intended for:



File: f1507beb64c7ae5⋯.png (94.22 KB, 506x584, 253:292, az37a.PNG)


Careful there.



SJW is an intrinsic trait of a corporation. A corporation's primary concern is to appease its clients, so if SJW crap is popular, corporations will pander to SJWs.


Yeah tell that to people living in Islamic jurisdictions where any form of blasphemy puts your life at risk.



you sound like part of the problem. if you say the word "nigger" (regardless of context), you're guarnteed to get fired from any modern company



If you compete with the kikes they simply make competition illegal then brand you a domestic terrorist and throw you in prison. (After stealing everything you own via forfeiture, of course).

Ask this guy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_von_NotHaus


File: d0eac2a9688ac4d⋯.png (50.2 KB, 699x770, 699:770, RemoveRust.png)



> This is not as common as you are trying to make it seem.

I'm not him. Also nice goalpost moving. You never talked about "commonness" before; you tried to argue his point with bullshit and now you got called out on it.

>For the illiterate maybe.

For anyone who doesn't sound like a programmer raped his wife, kids, mom, dad and wiped his dick with your sissy ass. The level of butthurt in your posts is one I've never seen from a supposed non-SJW making a point against anti-SJW.



What are you doing living in Islam? Are they holding you hostage there?



Competition in money isn't illegal.


I work for Google and even there you don't have to be an SJW, though you have to be careful when arguing with SJWs. I would generally say avoid email groups and other forums for debate and focus on converting your co-workers, or at least moving them closer to your position.

Liberals have been very strategic in targeting everything important, influential and valuable in our society (education, journalism, and now science and tech). They have invaded these spaces not because these fields are particularly amenable to SJW ideas, but in order use these fields to exert more influence and control the rest of society. E.g. they control academic debate, and then use that to make it seem like non-SJW ideas are anti-intellectual. They prevent certain ideas being expressed in the mainstream media and use that to make those ideas seem radical. And now they want to control tech to make it seem like they are the future. And they also want to prevent tech from providing venues for the free thought and free expression they stamped out of academia and the media.

So I would say join a company that aligns with your values (even if not 100%) where you think you can have a positive impact. Don't assume SJWs have already won, try to find ways to pursue your own agenda even if you have to be subtle.



Can you recommend any companies sympathetic to the establishment of a Fourth Reich and consequent subjugation of all nonwhites and women?



No, but given your sense of humor I would recommend applying for reddit.



Get a picture of a can of rust converter, wd40 doesn't do shit against rust



What about it was funny? It sounds like the only viable way forward.



The "defilement" is that one can not be defiled by the seminal emissions of a heathen girl less than 3 years and one day.



What gives you the idea that I don't really want to exterminate kikes?



>goalpost moving

It's not goalpost moving. He pointed that out as an example of something that supposedly happens all the time, according to OP and all the other triggered /pol/tards.

>For anyone who doesn't sound like a programmer raped his wife, kids, mom, dad and wiped his dick with your sissy ass. The level of butthurt in your posts is one I've never seen from a supposed non-SJW making a point against anti-SJW.

Keep projecting.


>shitty memes and buzzwords

Wow, you sure showed me.



>He pointed that out as an example of something that supposedly happens all the time,

He didn't. In fact, he specifically said it was unlikely here >>843939 . How many fallacies are you going to use up for this discussion where you're obviously grasping at straws?

>Keep projecting.

Wow, did I hit a nerve? Sorry. Hope at least your mom enjoyed it.



>according to OP and all the triggered /pol/tards

Holy shit you actually can't read.

>le epic cuck joke

No, u.



Unless you're the token affirmative action black guy that HR forced them to hire to fulfill a diversity quota, then you can say it all you like and everyone has to awkwardly go along with you and try to be friends with you so everyone know's they're not racist because they joke around with the cool black guy.



That doesn't even make sense, you dumb fuck. He literally said himself it wasn't that common, just that it was something to keep in mind, so he obviously wasn't making the same point OP was making.

>cuck joke

It was actually a rape joke, but seeing as how you fail to grasp the concept of an argument it doesn't surprise me you fail to interpret other concepts.



Obama is still a reactionary.

/pol/aks and liberals are indistinguishable from each other on economic terms.



>Where are all the non-SJW friendly software companies?

Where's yours?

It turns out having the hygiene of an indian rent-a-coder, the mental maturity of a school shooter and the work ethic of a nigger makes it hard to hire good talent.


Brave. The CEO was fired from Mozilla (a company he founded) for donating to a political fund that opposed gay marriage legalization.



That never happened.




Strictly speaking he was fired for having donated in the past.



Ok Mozilla nerd.




Yea just like president Nixon he was not impeached he just "resigned". lololo

>being this retarded



Not at all. Eich was welcome to stay within Mozilla. Eich was neither forced nor fired.



Yea he was so "welcome" that he just up and quits from the company he just become CEO of not even returning a technical position.

So "welcome" that multiple board members "coincidentally" resign at the same time he is appointed.



>shilling for Mozilla this blatantly

what's the point? Is this just a joke? Shouldn't you be avatar-posting at least when you do this?



He was forced out, roflmao



Note how leftists try to manufacture "facts" out of inherently ambiguous situations.

CEOs almost never are fired, they always "resign". As >>851092 points out there are plenty of reasons to thing Brendan Eich was forced out of Mozilla. But in spite of this evidence we get (((fact checks))) from >>845570 >>845626



Already a CRIMINAL offence not to do so in cucknada.



You have a problem with reading comprehension. It says there he was welcome to stay by the board. The others resigned because they already had plans to leave. That time was as good as any other time. Eich was not fired.


Eich was not fired.


This is false. CEOs are normal employees like everybody else. CEOs get fired. There is no manufacture of facts, the fact of the matter is that there is a difference between being fired and not being fired. Eich was not fired because he said so.



How much are you paid per post and where do I apply for such a position?



$30000 per post. Contact Donald Trump but he's busy at the moment tbh fam.


CEOs don't get fired like any old wage slave, they get asked to resign. Then they go down the road to another firm and get another executive position. They were still effectively forced out (because if they don't gracefully resign, they will get fired) but it's much less demeaning than being escorted out the building by security while carrying a cardboard box with your token plant and family pictures.

Thus, except in some rare cases where the guy just wants to give board members the finger, CEOs will always say they resigned on their own accord, for company PR reasons. So you can't just go by what he says, because they all say the same thing.



>You can't fire me I quit!

CEOs almost never get fired its always a "resignation". You are taking a PR news piece as the fact of the matter.

I bet you think when tech companies get hacked and then say "We have a state of the art security infrastructure" you say "well fuck nothing to do about it then".

> You have a problem with reading comprehension.

You fucked up with the "comprehension" part taking the writing as literal fact of the matter.

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