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September 2018 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: 515d54e60786f8c⋯.jpg (27.99 KB, 619x453, 619:453, 1515597781835.jpg)


Ok, I think is time to give up on FOSS shit.

yeah, I guess is fun to use inferior software if you're a hobbyist.

but I am at the point where I want to make money off my hobby (gamedev), so is just not feasible to make something that people will give a fuck using inferior software.

And yes, I think FOSS is nice and all, but is like an empty promise (we'll become as good as Unity, Maya, UE4, zbrush, FL STudio, flash, adobe suite).

I've been waiting still for GIMP 2.10 since years ago, no response.

Godot 3.0 will be great, but at that point Unity is simply better.

I still use blender, but even the best FOSS software that is developed by a real company, is not enough and I think I'll move to maya.

It was fun while It lasted, but there's a reason why such software isn't used in the industry, and is because is inferior software for amateurs.




Every dumbass new dev wants to do gamedev. Enjoy your low salary while you compete with a shit ton of other people who all want to do it more than you.

You picked the theater major of programming.



>ZUN makes a quarter million dollar per waifu game (4 months of work)

>Toady makes 5k per month

>Flappy bird made 50k daily

>Crossy road made 7 million

>The guy that made that harvest moon clone made 30 million

>Notch made 2 billion

>Risk of rain made 1 million

>Eroico made 30k per month

>Monster island dev makes 35k per month

wow nigger, I guess I'll try my chance at making some waifu game for losers and make more than what I can make in my shithole.

Is not like "real programming" makes less than 1k with "real companies" here in a real job.

Fuck you.



>The 99.99th percentile are representative of the experience.

I bet you think everyone that plays the lottery is doing pretty well too


>Godot 3.0 will be great

What do you mean? It's already in beta. Just compile the master branch, fag.



>some shitty ass game made 15k which is a failure for steam

>still literally six time what "real engineers" doing "real work" in "real companies" make

nigger, I only need to make more than 500 bucks per month and I'll be making more than my sister who has a "real job"

literally the minimal wage here is 250USD bucks.


>uses opengl 3.0

I can't use it.



FOSS is great when you exclude women, trannies, and other mentally ill shitstains from the development process.



Yeah your game is definitely going to make it big unlike the literally 99% on there that fail



When you talk about those people you're just conveniently ignoring the 99% of people who are mediocre and don't make anything. Which group do you think you fall into?

>I still use blender

>Unity is simply better.

Tells me all I need to know. Blender + Unity "hobbyist game developers" are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality or just work done at all just because most of them don't even make past the first month, maybe they spend 3 weeks posting their "in progress player model" on /agdg/, before silently giving up and not posting anymore.

Besides that your OP is correct about FOSS having inferior software.




>make some rpg maker game with above average story about some tragical shit, original art, original music, enjoy six times or more what real engineers make in real jobs in your shithole




Try to replicate it faggot

See what happens




>My shithole did not teach me basic probability comprehension


File: 1324cce63a90da7⋯.png (19.26 KB, 640x350, 64:35, 134386-the-aethra-chronicl….png)

Make a retro style game in TempleOS and sell it as a bootable CD.



>literal meme trash making 10 times more than what my family makes in a year in a single day

wow, muh 99% failure rate.


>bitmap, video, 3D software and game engines

No surprise FOSS can't compete with commercial proprietary software. What programmer would want to spent their spare time developing this for no payment? 99% of the non-commercial FOSS projects are 1-2 person team. If you want to solve complex problems, money needs to be involved.


You are cherry picking. The best operating system, GNU/Linux, is FOSS. The best irc client is FOSS. The best ssh client is FOSS. The best text editor is FOSS. The best browser is FOSS. The best terminal is FOSS. The best email client is FOSS. The best rss feed reader is FOSS. The best torrent client is FOSS.

There are many other examples I can give where the FOSS is better than all the other proprietary options.

Additionally, the purpose of using FOSS is not exclusively about it being better than a proprietary counterpart. The fact that you have control over your computing experience and the philosophy behind FOSS is what makes it attractive to use.



>The best ssh client is FOSS


everything else is so right though



If it's just money you care about, use Ren'Py to make a Patreon porn game like a normal kike.




Poetthering and Stallmann re none of those, but they made shit FOSS software tho.



>>uses opengl 3.0

>I can't use it.

then you're a loser. sucks to be you tbqh.


There's no issue with the existence of proprietary software, especially games. DRM is cancer, though. The point is keeping important frameworks free and open in order to assure security and privacy, since everyone is trying sell your data these days.



good work rajeesh, have your 15 cents



FOSS is a meme, FLOSS is where it's at.



don't you have something to pick something from your foot to eat, you dirty commie?



what kind of shithole do you live in?



</agdg/ guy

<spent two years creating his own engine and finally finished developing his videogame, that is actually decent and a great 3d engine that's optimized

<at most 15,000 us dollars in the end

Sure, the next game's development will be extremely quick but it's a big risk with not much reward into it, depending on the circumstances.



>Executables can't collect your data if they have gaymur functionality

Back to /pol/, retard.



of course they can, but you're not forced to play games on your work machine you greasy manchild



Then go buy a console you bootlicker. It amounts to the same, but you are too low IQ to realise that. Go on and keep defending proprietary shit fuckface.


File: 6f5e5209a41bfba⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6f5.jpg)


>tfw too low iq to complain about muh proprietary hentai rpg botnet


This, Windows is better than Linux and you can even get them to pay you for saying this



Proprietary software considered harmful to freedom


File: 8813531d3846fc1⋯.gif (57.28 KB, 493x360, 493:360, fruityloops.gif)

I make music as a hobby, and I reckon that FOSS just can't compete in this area. Audacity is a nice alternative to Abode Audition, to edit soundfiles and all, but that's it.

I respect the work that have been done by Paul Davis on Ardour, but it crashed each time I tried to use it since 3.0, and its UI feels odd for some reason. LMMS is a throwback to the days when FL Studio was called Fruityloops. Not to mention, there are almost no free plugins that can compare to what you can have on Windows or MacOS, even freeware-wise.

I use Bitwig and linvst nowadays, so I get nice proprietary software to make me bleeps bloops without having to touch Windows ever again, and I'm pretty happy that way.

FOSS is great for the type of software developers (compilers, text editors...) or just everyone (OS, web browsers...) use, but for complex niche applications, it generally cannot compete with teams of 30 paid developers who are working full time on proprietary stuff.



Forget about the software, FOSS is stuck with PulseAudio. That's automatic instant disqualification.



Well thankfully we're getting a replacement with pipewire. see: >>850443



Vaporware, just like fucking Wayland that was supposed to replace X11.



>Wayland that was supposed to replace X11.

Are you rusing? Did you expect all existing applications to be converted magically? It's going slowly but surely; GNOMEware and KDE have already migrated.



It has in some cases. See Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian 10 when it comes out.


Yeah GTK and QT already support Wayland.



>FL Studio clones

I'm sorry you're such a retard that you need handholding DAWS and can't work in a tracker producing objectively superior music files.


>not doing engine dev

You're a retard and never going to make it. Kill yourself nigger.



>Well thankfully we're getting a replacement with another redhat garbage.

What's wrong with the 'sndio' ?


id love FOSS

but its so horrible to use in actual production

side effect of everyone doing whatever the fuck they want, is obscure and awkward elements pieced together to produce atrocious interfaces


File: 1876f68ac79993b⋯.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Terry_where_it_all_went_w….webm)


>awkward elements pieced together to produce atrocious interfaces

>atrocious interfaces


Found your problem, vid related.




The only good ssh clients are FOSS, let alone the best


File: 041555a0cb320d0⋯.png (143.91 KB, 830x415, 2:1, qjackctl_0.4.1.4.png)


You don't use PulseAudio to make music but JACK, which is roughly the equivalent of ASIO and CoreAudio for Linux. It's not as slick as them, but it has neat routing capabilities between applications.

If you are a bit serious about making music, you have an USB audio interface dedicated for JACK (or ASIO/CoreAudio), while your onboard soundcard handles PulseAudio stuff that doesn't require a low latency.


>a tracker producing objectively superior music files

You are a faggot with poor reading skills, but, to talk about trackers :

- Renoise is a neat piece of software, but it's proprietary.

- I have heard Radium is good and its PureData integration seems to be the perfect alternative to MaxForLive, but it is a mess to compile and its UI is unintuitive, so I haven't really bothered with it.

- All other free trackers are inferior to Renoise and Bitwig. The ones based on Jeskola Buzz are usually buggy and not maintained. The others are either toys to make MODs or chiptune. Very fun toys, but toys nonetheless.



Anything more than 4-channel MOD or simple sound chip is a waste for games. Modern studios are spending millions to make shitty games not even as fun as any random Sega Genesis title.




>Poetthering and Stallmann

I believe mental illness was one of the aforementioned criteria



>Then go buy a console you bootlicker.

Pretty sure everyone who owns a "Windows gaming machine" is fully aware that it's just a high spec console



Call some mustard race fags gaming PC a glorified Xbox, and see how assmad they get.



I won't deny that video game music in the 90s was great, I grew up with a SNES and will defend its little sampler chip over the FM synth of the Genesis anytime you want, and that Amiga cover of S-Express is fun too, but do you even know what an audio compressor is, and why is it useful when you are mixing songs ? Do you know the difference between a Yamaha DX7 and a Roland JP8080 ?

If you would have told me "dude just use SuperCollider lmao" I would have taken you more seriously.



>not doing engine dev


would rather end up like romero or like carmack?



He's right.


File: f5d192bb4a6a202⋯.png (93.94 KB, 220x294, 110:147, BrianJFox.png)



*blocks your path*



>what is survivorship bias



Agreed here, the economics of open source sometimes work and sometimes don't. Some people think that just because a particular company like RedHat can make money from FOSS, that for every product there exists a viable open source business model.

Right now almost all the software I write is FOSS, which is great. But I can do this because I write libraries for a (((big company))).


File: 4801470551fe392⋯.jpg (201.71 KB, 400x871, 400:871, Behind-the-Design-Chakan-1.jpg)


You don't understand. I'm not telling you what type of synth or software to use or what's objectively superior or whatever. I'm telling you what is *enough* to make a good game. You were saying MODs and old sound chips are shit, and yet tons of great games were made with those, much better games on average than today's.

You're focussing on sound the same way others focus on 3D graphics, and how many fucking polygons can be drawn with 100 Hz refresh at HD resolution, etc. It's all pure wankery in the end, that requires more and more beefy hardware (also botnet) and has endless bugs and other bullshit.

But, I can play nice old game on 7 MHz 68000 computer or console, and not deal with any of this bullshit. That's the difference. Games used to be fun because they were about the games instead of endless technical wanking. And also, they didn't hold your hand constantly like today.




Yep. One of my favorite games, which I have replayed dozens of times, is the original Zelda for NES. The NES used an 8-bit, MOS 6502-based CPU, and IIRC Zelda was programmed in 6502 assembly.



Well, he might be an exception to the rule.

Also, he's clearly mixed, his face has latino traits.


File: b743be09c2740d6⋯.png (213.14 KB, 1263x1163, 1263:1163, herbertfox.png)


this is his dad



>blogposting nigger that has made no games and admitted he struggled to even make pong because he couldn't comprehend basic trigonometry

>called touhous extremely complex games to make that would take him ten years to replicate

>comparing himself to the extreme outliers in indie development

>cuckchan timestamp files

Holy shit please just fucking kill yourself already so I stop having your shit threads infect /tech/. Every single one of your threads is whining and daydreaming and pity parties about how hard things are for you. You think switching from Godot to Unity is suddenly going to change your deposition from a whiny useless cunt into someone that spends fourteen hours a day getting shit done? The problem isn't the tools, it's you.


File: 40fa10a0c77921d⋯.webm (5.56 MB, 752x720, 47:45, Autechre - Fold4, Wrap5-S….webm)



I think I understand your perspective, but I believe Linux should be versatile enough to make good music that isn't video game music or chiptune.

I want to make weird sounds like Autechre, and we are getting more software every year to do this on Linux, like VCVRack, so that's great, but, yeah, music is a superset of video game music anon...

That said, your Amiga mix was great, thank you

I wanted to link 'c16 deep tread' instead, but I have to buy some cigarettes


File: 56fc41b1107fb58⋯.jpg (83.39 KB, 659x506, 659:506, 56fc41b1107fb58adcfa9e025f….jpg)

>tfw you have a normal programming job in a corpo and work on a game in free time (or even at work if it's a slow day) without worrying if it will make any money

feels damn good.



Jewish? Setting off a few alarms.



Yeah, audio production, 3D parametric design, any serious simulation software, specialized illustration and drafting tools, or even things like hardware debuggers with reasonable GUI.

It turns out paying people to come in at 8AM and work on a codebase produces better and more polished software for all of those applications and niches that do not attract autists with poor hygiene and no friends.



Maybe, didn't see anything, but oil-drillers are always suspect.



It's not about whether the person is an autist or not, it's about whether doing the work can be its own reward.

Things like Linux are their own reward because contributing to Linux will help your career. Programmer tools are a way to scratch your own itch. And big companies will pay you to work on open source libraries because they want some control over the ecosystem.

But doing grunt-work to make specialized software more polished doesn't come under any of these categories. It requires hard cash as motivation and FOSS doesn't provide this since there would be no reason for people to pay for software if they could just download a free version. Charging support doesn't work because you only get paid for the value of the support, the value of the software itself can't be recovered.



Looking into it now. Brian Fox seems pretty butthurt about the "shithole" incident.



File: 9c947dd0999f869⋯.jpg (24.69 KB, 350x237, 350:237, Herbert-Fox-student-_350 w….jpg)


All I could find. The high Jew IQ might be the reason he's a successful negro though.



>Some shit stick to the wall.Mine will sure as well do.

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