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File: c8967a5b0666a03⋯.jpg (26.05 KB, 250x282, 125:141, claws-mail-logo.jpg)


What email client do you use?


File: 5e370c01089236d⋯.png (56.06 KB, 682x732, 341:366, Gnus-reading-news.png)


Gnus in emacs



any tips on how to make emacs more friendly?



Thunderbird. Looking to switch to mutt.



> thunderbird

one of the greatest issues with thunderbird I had it was some error with lock file that didn't allow me to open it.



Neomutt, and I hate it.


Thunderbird, but they are killing it in favor of js/mobile/web cancer so I'll have to switch at some point. Preferably something without a webengine but a GUI.



>Thunderbird, but they are killing it in favor of js/mobile/web cancer

source? What are they doing to my email client?!?




Yes. Read the GNU Emacs Manual.



There's not much you can do other than go through the tutorial and read the manual (C-h r). That's quite a few decent online guides that help you, this one: http://david.rothlis.net/emacs/tutorial.html looks pretty concise.

If you're used to vim bindings, there's viper-mode for changing the basic keybindings to vi-style. Or you could use cua-mode so you'll get standard C-z, C-c, C-v, etc, and you could just use the arrow keys to move around.

Although the learning curve is still pretty harsh, it's gotten easier for newbies, as they've gotten better at having sane defaults. Some of the terminology (frame rather than window, window rather than frame, yank instead of paste, kill instead of cut) is a big hurdle to some people, though. Also, user do essentially have to learn the basics of Elisp to do more than very basic configuration.




Can you have manu "accounts" easy way though?

Gnus seems reasonable.







I was going to suggest Fossamail (a thunderbird fork) by that furry that develops Pale Moon, but it's been discontinued




>Fresh UI, more platforms

>In addition to replicating the current Thunderbird UI, we should also experiment with new forms of UI, in parallel. For example, we should create a UI that's suitable for the new generation of users that never used a desktop email client before. These people do not feel at home with Thunderbird today, and we should create something for them.

>A lot of the new userbase is on mobile platforms and on tablets. That new UI should be "responsive" (automatically adapting to different screen sized) so that it runs well on tablets and smart phones as well.

>With Cordova and similar toolkits, we have a technological basis to quickly make a mobile app out it so that it installs like any other app.

>It would be a replacement for the system "email" app.

>The goal for the new UI are 1 billion users.

I can see this ending horribly.



Didn't thunderbird end already?


File: 293e7605c876b16⋯.jpg (224.39 KB, 768x768, 1:1, Richard_Stallman_by_gisleh….jpg)



>any tips on how to make emacs more friendly?

Yes, read the torah.


Mutt and thunderbird





cock.li. Needs JS but is _still_ less cancerous than the shit you have to put up with to use any other email service. Really if i need a piece of shit web browser to configure my email service i don't want to install some piece of shit email client as well.



I find it annoying when Emacs packages break my window setup and then revert to a single window upon closing. I could tolerate that if Gnus didn't support async. Mu4e not only has more functionality but is simpler to interface with and setup.




Do you perhaps know what client is? Cock.li uses roundsomething for it's web client.


File: e6a8d99ff91f094⋯.png (89.35 KB, 1906x1031, 1906:1031, mu4e.png)


I use mu4e + mbsync/isync too.


mutt and k9-mail




K-9 mail and Thunderbird. I hate Thunderbird, so I'm gonna try emacs at some point.



I actually can recommend Sylpheed.

So far it's awesome when it comes to doing anything!



Is there a way to easily ditch the internal editor for EDITOR? Also, a way to get passwords via commands (for password managers).

These are the only thing I lacked last time I tried.



as for the external editor - yes, I can't tell if you can change it or not, but you can use external editor if you wish.

Passwords are stored plaintext in the configuration file.




update, you can also choose external editor in gui settings


File: 4bbd59304f2d2e9⋯.jpg (45.87 KB, 412x627, 412:627, PIZZA.jpg)





Geary. Simple and integrates well into Gnome.


>using webmail only: your email is read by your email service provider

>using an email client: your email is read by your email service provider, and potentially also by your email client maker who could have backdoored the client

Why bother?



You fucking retard the same applies to the browser. I bet you use gmail on chrome. Webmail allows to track far more which is why they push it, like what buttons you click when, which emails you read, when and for how long, correlate that with what you do on other sites running obfuscated google scripts with tracking built in etc. Also my client is Free Software, so a backdoor is unlikely and even if there were one I or somebody else could create a version without it.

Go back to /g/.



Pozzilla thundercock and mail.com



There's a large number of open-source mail clients, so that's not much of an issue. If you're really paranoid, encrypt your message in your shell before loading it into the client.


>The Bat!

The best client in existence. Ok, it's payware, it's closed source, but fuck it, it's worth it.



It's amazing to think that there are posters on here that don't remember the personality that is Xah Lee.


File: 0ac55e7147794e3⋯.png (11.13 KB, 516x101, 516:101, ClipboardImage.png)


what the fuck



first, i like to say i'm thankful to FSF. No, i was a fanatic of rms, and has been ban'd in mailing lists (in early 2000s) for pro fsf/gnu/rms harsh opinions. People have called me a rms fanboy.

but, i don't like criticism of fsf/gnu/rms gets voted down for disagreement of opinion than lack of points.

as to appreciation, we, need to thank our mom. She gave birth to us. But we need to thank our dad too, else, we wouldn't exist. Then, we need to thank society, because mom and dad can't survive by themselves. And, we need to thank our firemen, for, he protects us, and soldiers. Thanks to our teachers and philosophers too, sans of which, i haven't clawed your eyeballs out yet.

there are 2 kinds of thanks. One is which they do by themselfs. The previous paragraph, are such. Your mom and dad no really need thanks from you because they'd birthed someone else anyway.

the other thanks, is person do because of you and for you sans necessity. If i give you a buck, or been kind to you, you thank me, a dear thank, because i don't have to. In this regard, the average parents, firemen, soldier, teacher, family, your church, school, company, government, don't qualify. But particular good persons, qualify. I have many people in emacs community am thankful to in this regard, too.

PS am not dissing your points. I think it's valid and you gave a very good support for your argument, and i agree FSF has gotten much better for accepting code contribution.



The irony of this is that Xah uses MS Windows almost exclusively.


File: e5dfc583d7593ff⋯.jpeg (25.32 KB, 320x240, 4:3, ku-medium.jpeg)


>>The Bat!

>The Bat! is a secure desktop email client for Windows,




Mac, actually.



He makes allusions to Windows constantly. Every screenshot on his site is Win7.



switch to vim



Really? I always thought it was for Wine.



I used The Bat! pre 2000.



>I bet you use gmail on chrome.

Not quite right.

>Webmail allows to track far more which is why they push it, like what buttons you click when, which emails you read, when and for how long, correlate that with what you do on other sites running obfuscated google scripts with tracking built in etc.

Point taken.

>Also my client is Free Software, so a backdoor is unlikely and even if there were one I or somebody else could create a version without it.

I heard suggestions akin to "Thunderbird is botnet, avoid it" before, what do I make out of this?

>You fucking retard

Why the agression?

>Go back to /g/

No comment.



>The Bat!

Does it still exist? From what I recall it was fairly popular even into the 2000s.





Also allows the sender to track you too. Assuming they are normalfags



Please elaborate.



html in emails can contain things to phone home, potentially sending an user agent



Ok, how to mitigate this? Use ASCII-only mode, no HTML? What else?



>no HTML

I'm pretty sure you only need to block loading images and iframes, but I could be missing something.


What about FREE email providers?



Apple Mail

it's full of shit but I have more important things to do with the limited amount of life

and email is shit anyway



im pretty sure you can make it so nothing will load in emails but text, links and attachments



Microcucks Netmail all the way


File: ce30500e71b3df9⋯.png (154.91 KB, 927x740, 927:740, Evolution_36_mail.png)

I would use thunderbird before, but Evolution proven itself to be a very decent software



Probably not good for a /pol/ack though, being based in Germany.


Mutt. It sucks like every email client sucks, but at least it satisfies my autism.



>"A rewrite in JavaScript makes sense now."

Just fucking kill me.


acme's upas/fs mail



Mutt, offlineimap, spamassassin, getmail, procmail.

I think that's all the components I use.



>What about FREE email providers?






wait what?

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